Masquerade Night (2021) Movie Script

Please let me take your luggage
Do you have a reservation?
Please check in at the middle counter
Welcome, please enjoy your stay
This is your room, Akiyama-sama
Please enjoy your stay
Everyone from the Metropolitan Police Department,
I am here to provide you with information
The other day, the person murdered at the
neo room Nerima apartment in room 604 was
Nerima District Female Murder Case
Izumi Haruna, 28 years old
profession was a pet stylist,
or in other words a pet groomer
The autopsy report shows
there were no external wounds,
and the cause of death was electrocution
The culprit used two electrical wires
attached to the unconscious
victim's chest and back
and then used a timer to send
an electrical shock to the heart
One more thing
that was important,
was discovered through the autopsy
the victim was pregnant
It is speculated
the culprit killed her
knowing she was pregnant
This was a very cruel murder
Yes, this couldn't have
been done by a normal person
I know the murderer of the murder case in
room 604 of the neo room Nerima apartment
Excuse me
I'm a concierge at this hotel,
my name is Yamagishi
What is going on at this hotel?
When I made my reservation
things like portrait paintings
and pictures of people's faces
I said I wanted a room
with those things not in my view
Were any of those things
anywhere in this room?
Ask him
It's that
I went out of my way to reserve
a room with a view of Tokyo Tower
We were not through enough, I'm very sorry
Do something about that billboard
I have clearly received your complaint
I want to indulge with you tonight
The murderer will appear in the following places
at the following times, please be sure to arrest him
The father of the child?
The victim was single
We believe there was a brief partner
but we have yet to find that person
What about forensics?
We have not discovered
any fingerprints from the victim's room
and her cell phone has yet to be found
We believe the culprit removed the evidence
So what you mean is we have no leads
Is there no other information?
Cortesia Hotel Tokyo Countdown Party
December 31st at 11 o'clock
It's no good
A room with a view of Tokyo Tower
without the billboard
There's no such convenient room
What about the billboard company?
They said tell the person
to stop being ridiculous
It's impossible as expected
What did you just say?
Weren't you taught by Manager Fujiki
Even if a hotel staff
accidentally says something
they should never use the word impossible
Don't run
Look what happened
This way
Is it really is okay
Yes, I believe you will like it
A little to the right
Did you arrange it specially?
What do you think?
Considering the season
It kind of looks like snow
piled up and blocked the view
That was the idea
There are people where ever you go
That's why I wanted to
cherish my time at the hotel
I apologize for the inconvenience
It's very pretty
Thank you
I hope you enjoy the view to
your expectations this evening
You're very good
We are
Director Ozaki
It's amazing there's no
hesitation with your footwork
My dad was very annoying about how
the lead male role is
all about the footwork
Someone has provided us with
information using the anonymous tip hotline
I have some information for the
Metropolitan Police Department
I know who the murder culprit was
At the neo room Nerima
apartment in room 604
The killer will be in the following
place at the following time
Please be sure to arrest the culprit at the
Hotel Cortesia Tokyo countdown party venue
on December 31 at 11 pm
Are you going to be
working on New Year's Eve?
I just finished a big case
So, it seems like I'll be able
to comfortably relax this year
We need him
I'm also planning on comfortably relaxing
By myself
Call him
I'm also be by myself
Good work
Good work
Why is it today?
It's a case
I know that but
Chief Inagaki called you
I was planning on having a
wonderful time in a long time
I understand, let's go
A wonderful time
Which way?
This way
Here you go
I'm really thankful
Please be careful and take care
Welcome back, Kusakabe-sama
I'm back
Yes, this is Yamagishi
Excuse me
Hurry up
Yes sir
Nitta-san this is
You think I was going to
say you good or something
I'm sorry
I'm Yamagishi
Messy hair means service chaos
Los Angeles Hotel Cortesia
is going to reopen next year
and they are looking for someone talented
With what was said, you should
be able understand the rest
From this hotel, I've suggested
Ujihara-kun and Yamagishi-kun
I believe this will be a chance
to get promoted for you both
However, only one person will be chosen
Me or Yamagishi-san?
Ujihara-san and me?
That's right
And one more thing
It happened again
That's right
What do you mean again?
You lost a light blue earring, correct?
If we find it, we'll send it to your home
I'm so relieved, that's so helpful
Please think nothing of it
Have a safe return back
Thank you very much
It's not, please think nothing of it
The correct response
would be it's no trouble
I should be the one saying that
To be honest, I would have liked to be
reunited under different circumstances
That's what I want to say
As I said, those eyes
There's nothing I can do about
my eyes, it's a habit, it's impossible
Nitta-san, please
don't forget at least this
The word impossible
is taboo for hotel staff
Here we go again
What does the murder in Nerima
have to do with this hotel?
This case started four days ago and the
information is from the anonymous tip hotline
What is the anonymous tip hotline?
is a separate civil department
commissioned by the police
so even the police don't know
who the anonymous tipper is
Anonymous tip hotline
The report was
investigate room 604 in the
neo room of the Nerima apartment
there might be a female corpse
There might be?
The police took a look just in case and
it turned out there actually was a body
This time the police
received another by fax
The police believe the report and
fax were sent by the same person
Is there a possibility
that this report is prank?
The police never disclosed
any information about room 604
The anonymous tipper probably really
knows the true identity of the murderer
In that case, why didn't the anonymous
tipper explain this to the police?
I mean
We know nothing about the
anonymous tipper and the killer yet
The only clue is
the murderer will
appear at this hotel today
but there's something in our favor
hotel staff are able to notice
abnormalities that happen in a hotel
No matter how small it is
please let me know if you notice anything
I understand
but please understand that
hotels also have hotel rules
The customer is number one
Nitta-san, it's not customer
Ah, I meant guest
Also, Ujihara-san will be
in charge this time
What about you then?
I have been transferred to the concierge
Yes, he is a very good front desk clerk
By the way, what happened
to that countdown party?
About 500 people will attend the event
The event requires everyone
to be in costume wearing a mask
The party is called Masquerade Night
Masquerade Night?
please tell me the name
you used for the appointment
Thank you for visiting our hotel
My last name is Endo
Please register here
Event information countdown
party reservation for two
This is your ticket to the countdown party
Please enjoy your stay
Excuse me
Is this eel shop not far from here?
It takes about 5 minutes to walk from here
5 minutes?
Let me make an appointment for you
It's here
The photo is here
How is it?
I'll confirm
If the any of the party participants
show up on any of the cameras
from the victim's apartment or company
it will be a big clue
Be sure to not miss it
Once the masquerade party starts at 11 pm
we won't be able to identify faces anymore
Be sure to get it in these 8 hours
There are 500 participants in total,
all of them should be regarded as suspects
Welcome, I will take you to the front desk
I'll help you with your luggage
So beautiful
I have something to ask for your help
What's the matter
Hi, welcome to Hotel Cortesia Tokyo
My name is Sono
Sono Masaaki-sama, thank
you for your continued patronage
Welcome, Sono-sama
You have a deluxe double
room with three people, correct?
That's correct
Thank you
Please register here
Please enjoy your stay
Thank you
I heard you have experience
but you're not different than an amateur
What's wrong with saying thank you
for your patronage to a regular guest
What's wrong
When you look at his check-in
record, did you notice anything?
Check-in record
Sono-sama always stays only during the day
which means he never
stays overnight at the hotel
And only on Monday
An affair?
There's no mistake the
woman he came with is his wife
and it's the first time she is staying here
But you still said thank you
for your patronage to that couple
Do you think it is appropriate?
Guests who come to the hotel wear masks
Our job is to protect their mask for them
You will not receive guests from now on
How will I search?
Don't stand behind the counter
and don't answer the phone
Don't casually talk to guests
This is the ticket to
today's countdown party
We are more than capable of
confirming guests coming to the party
This is the ticket for today's party
I understand
Excuse me
If you are not feeling well,
then you can rest on this sofa
Here you go
Are you checking in?
Yes, I am
If that's so, then I'll do it for you
Thank you for your kindness
May I ask your name?
My name is Aoyama
Aoyama-sama, I understand, excuse me
I want you to make a road of roses
and make sure my girlfriend
doesn't find out until I propose
What time is the restaurant reservation?
6 o'clock
That elderly woman is checking in
Kusakabe-sama, today is New Year's Eve
and many other guests at that time
even if your girlfriend doesn't notice
It will definitely be
noticed by the other guests
that's why I'm here for your help
Surely, it can't be impossible for
this first class hotel
to satisfy my wishes?
I will somehow find a way
It doesn't matter how much it costs
Well then
The person just now
Has that guest stayed before?
yes, he is Kusakabe-sama
staying in room 1015
Excuse me
Event information countdown party
reservation for two
What does he want
I'm sorry
It's against hotel policy to discuss conversations
between the concierge and guests to outsiders
But, all party participants are
all being watched by the police
Even still
Our priority is to protect
the privacy of our guests
That part of you
still hasn't changed at all
Your partner is back
I'm glad to see the two of
you healthy more than anything
Thank you for your hard work
I didn't expect to see you
again as a hotel employee
It really does look good on you
Let's get to the point
I heard something strange
from the victim's parents
The truth is, she had a complex about an
injury on her leg from when she was a child
and never wore skirts because of it
But the victim
It's weird she was wearing
lolita clothes, isn't it?
This case is full of mysteries
What is the anonymous tipper's goal?
Why did the culprit choose
to kill by electrocution?
And why come to this hotel
The only thing that is certain now is
the culprit didn't just come
to just attend some party
I'm going
What if, she was influenced by the partner?
You mean Izumi Haruna-san
wanted to match the man's preferences
I think there's more than that
She might have been forced to wear lolita
Kusakabe-sama, sorry to keep you waiting
Do you have any good ideas
Can you change your meal time to 5:00
but the restaurant opens at 6:00
You can have the entire
restaurant to yourselves for one hour
and we will do the rose road,
so your girlfriend will not find out
I see
Then, let's do that
I'm looking forward to it
Excuse me
What did the man request to you just now?
Sorry, but I can't answer your question
I will be dining with
Kusakabe at this hotel tonight
I'm very sorry
Because it is related to
the privacy of the guests
Please understand
He is planning to propose to me, right?
I am going to reject his proposal
please this way
My husband who made the
reservation will be here later
How are you going to pay?
with a credit card please
I see
Thank you for the card
Please enjoy your stay
May I?
For us
Marriage does not mean
maintaining the current relationship
What do you mean?
He lives in America
If I get married I have to
quit my job as a teacher
Midori Nakane
but I really want to
continue my current job
Thank you for waiting,
here is your credit card
Thank you for registering
I don't want to have bad
memories for our last night
Do you have any good ideas?
Can you give me some time
Please enjoy your stay
Address is 5-27 Toyokita-cho,
Owari City, Aichi Prefecture
How is it?
It seems that today is
Nakane Shinichiro's birthday
Nitta, it was a hit
Nakane Midori is a false name
They might be pretending to
be a couple for some reason
I want to change to the
my room to a higher floor
Kusakabe-samsa, I'm very sorry
Today, the top 26th floor is fully booked
I want to show my fiancee
the highest floor in this hotel
That's the woman
Sono-sama's affair partner
the one who stepped on your foot
I guess it's not possible
I will think of a way
This is the ticket to
tonight's countdown party
It must be a love affair
Love affair?
it's jargon for affairs
Kaizuka-sama reserved a room for two people
She's probably planning
to meet with Sono-sama
Then, I'll leave it to you
My name is Yamada Takashi,
I have a reservation
Hey, the party doesn't start until 11:00
There are many guests who arrive in costume
The hotel doesn't seem to care
as long as the payment is confirmed
How do investigate if we
can't confirm their identity?
What do we do about that clown?
We can only identity by name
It meaningless if they
check in with a false name
Then there's no way
Calm down everyone
I will try to negotiate with the hotel
to confirm the identity of costumed guests
There's not enough time
Please continue to verify the
identity of the party attendees
If the search inside the hotel is like this
isn't it better to find the anonymous
tipper who knows the culprit instead
No news from colleagues outside
The anonymous tipper is an
anonymous, so there are no leads anyway
This says there may be a female body
Not there is female body
but may be
Don't you think it's strange?
That true
Why did the anonymous tipper
use such a vague statement
Chief , we just checked
the identities of party attendees
we found a guest who
might be using a false name
Who is it?
That's him
There are more suspicious guests arriving
Just being suspicious is
better than anything else
Guests usually wear a
invisible masks when they come
but this time, they are
actually wearing physical masks
This is difficult
I'm going
Why are you here
Can't I come
Welcome, I will help you with your luggage
No, thank you
May I ask your name?
It's Urabe
I did a search in the national
driver's license database
for the name Kusakabe Atsuya
None of the pictures match him
It's possible Kusakabe
is using a false name
Maybe he just doesn't have
a Japanese driver's license
I don't think it is necessary to doubt him
why don't you just tell him what she said
How can I tell him
I think it's better than being a rejected
Kano-sama said she wanted
to answer him in person
51 minutes left, it's impossible
it's taboo, but if you
can't do it, you can't do it
We do more than we are told to do
What's important is
to take guests feelings into consideration
and help them have a pleasant stay
Let us take your luggage over here
No, thank you
What's the matter?
We often have golf
guests staying at our hotel
but it's rare for guests to
bring golf bags into the room
I'm going back to the front desk
Please fill in your name,
address, and phone number here
It doesn't seem like
Urabe-sama is attending the party
How did you deal with that incident
Kusakabe-sama wanted
the highest room in this hotel
He was satisfied with using
the entire bar on the top floor
I want to confirm the view
from the bar in advance
I'll show you
I'll be going
I've kept you waiting
Thank you
Thank you
It's heavy, be careful
You might as well give up
Let's go
I'll hold it
Are you still doubting Kusakabe-sama?
there are other suspicious persons
like the man and woman
in their 50s who were talking
You mean Sono-sama?
The truth is, those two are
Love affair
Did you already know
Hotel staff should
remember the faces of guests
What did those two talk about?
Sono-sama and Kaizuka-sama
are regulars of our hotel
I don't think they are related to the case
You never know
Maybe the man is up to something
maybe he didn't want anyone to
know he was coming to the party
so he give the ticket to
his affair partner in advance
As usual, you view everyone as a criminal
I don't know the specifics
but they were surprised when they met
I think it just happened by chance
and they didn't plan to meet here
But can it really be a coincidence?
If it wasn't a coincidence?
Or they playing hard
to get to force a divorce?
Hard to get?
You can't convey your true
feelings if your trying to be hard to get
Yamagishi-san, when did
you become a detective?
When did Ujihara-san start working here?
a year ago
From Hotel Cortesia Yokohama
Did something happen with Yamagishi-san?
I feel there is some tension between them
I think he doesn't want to
acknowledge Yamagishi-san
Truth is, next year
There are plans to send an employee
to the Cortesia Hotel Los Angeles
and the two have been
selected as candidates
We have negotiated with
the hotel on guests in costume
We told the police this
Guests who go out of their
way to dress up for their pleasure
and showing their identity
is just unreasonable
Please wait
If they stay in costume we
can't figure out the culprit
Trust everyone
After all, the hotel staff is only
thinking about entertaining guests
Doubt everyone
In the end, all the police think
about is how to catch criminals
Among our guests
there might be a murderer
Even if there is a murderer
Today is the same as
ever, nothing will change
If there is a murderer, no
one knows what will happen
Today is different from the any other day
Why don't they understand
You don't have to make
things so complicated
Guests do not know that
our hotel is assisting the police
No matter what, we have until 11 pm tonight
You can serve as usual
Do you understand?
You must find the culprit no matter what
Welcome, do you have a reservation?
I will take you to the front desk
Excuse me
I want to pick up my
boyfriend at the station
Can you help me get my luggage to my room?
What are you doing?
108 roses have a special meaning
If you don't know, I hope you check it now
Have you come up with a good idea?
Kind of
Please begin
By the way, your watch is slow
If your job requires you to be on time
shouldn't you make sure it's accurate
It's okay like this
This watch is often inaccurate,
and I don't usually look at it
Please marry me?
Why would wear a watch like that?
It's my grandmother's heirloom
look behind
This rose path
This is not a rose but a sweet pea
Sweet pea?
Do you know what sweet
pea means in flower language?
If you don't know, check it now
It should also mean to start a new life
It's Yamagishi's suggestion
she advised me not to play hard
and should tell you my honest feelings
Thank you
Please have a safe return
I really admire your service spirit
No one can compare to you in this hotel
I heard you have a
chance to go to Los Angeles
But I don't think I will be selected
I'm not as good as Ujihara-san
Do you mean he is better than you?
Yamagishi-san, there is a
customer waiting at the counter
Did you get rejected?
What do you mean?
About the victim's partner
We couldn't find any clues
What about the victim's phone?
We couldn't figure out which mobile carrier
Izumi Haruna was using for her phone
I would assume
her partner gave her the cell phone
If he is the murderer
then it makes sense for
the murder to take the phone
The culprit seems to be very cautious
Not so much cautious
but seems more skilled
like killing using electrocution
or not leaving any traces
Don't you think the culprit
is too familiar with murder?
You mean
it wasn't the first time the
murderer killed someone?
The culprit is very abnormal
It is not surprising to think so
I'll check immediately to see if there is a similar
criminal method in the unsolved murder cases
please do
There's something I can't figure it out
If the culprit is so skilled
Why did he leave such
important evidence as the child
in her belly?
Then 10:00
What did you guys talk about
Long time no see
Something is not quite
right about Nakane Midori
As I told you before, I can't tell you
about conversations between guests
That's true, but
Hello, sir
I have something else to ask you
What's the matter?
I want to go to a countdown party with her
Who do you mean by her?
the beauty who was just here
New Year's Eve is a
special day for everyone
The guest probably
already has an arrangement
I'm going to talk to her anyway
it seems that this request
is impossible for you
Then how about this
I'll find a place for you to talk alone
You're saying you can do it?
I will try to figure out a way
then please
What's with that man?
and what's with you too
There is no need to
agree to that kind of request
Hotel staff can't tell
guests that they can't do it
then what are you going to do this time
Nakane Midori is not in her room, right?
She seems to be going
shopping with her husband
then let's go to her room
We can investigate her identity
It won't hurt you to find out who she is
Entering a guest's room without permission
is out of the question for the hotel
Of course I know
But, I'm asking even though I know
then please give up this idea
Excuse me
The lady in room 920 complained to us that
the contents of her luggage
have traces of being touched by someone
Maybe she's just imagining
The lady is very particular
she has specific positions
for the items in her bag
We have explained to her
was because the bellboy
accidentally dropped the luggage
but please don't do
this again in the future
then please allow us to confirm
the identity of guests in costume
We have already rejected that
then can you at least
let us investigate the guest
rooms without their permission?
It seems you still don't understand
what it means to be a hotel
even if it is an investigation
We can't let our guests have
an unpleasant experience
If it's just a murderer visiting
We are still obliged to
provide services as usual
Did you just say it's
just a murderer visiting?
Do you really think
the murderer is just enjoying the new year
by coming to this hotel?
It's not just a criminal is
coming to this hotel today
it's a vicious murderer
What are you trying to say?
It's possible the murderer will
kill someone today at this hotel
Please help us
It can't be helped
I'll allow you to search guest
rooms without permission
General Manager
but you can't make any mistakes again
you can't touch any of
the guests belongings
A hotel staff must accompany the search
There are my conditions
It can't be helped
Please enter
Has Nakane Shinichiro already checked in?
Do you notice anything?
Nothing in particular
I would assume they wanted to
experience the feeling of being married
Welcome back
She really is alone
There were cigarettes
and lighters in the room
usually you take them with when you go out
The ash tray was also clean
It seemed like the room was
hardly touched and really clean
What are you trying to say?
Nakane Shinichiro hasn't
come to the hotel yet
Nakane Midori may be
pretending to be staying together
I don't think so
A moment ago, I received a
request from Nakane Midori-sama
to prepare a cake like
the one in this photo
Today is Nakane Shinichiro-sama's birthday
They seem to be celebrating together
That may also be a lie for the hotel
You really have to doubt anything
No one has seen Nakane Shinichiro yet
It's more strange if you don't doubt it
What's the matter
Can I really accept this?
It's being given as a limited
time gift on New Year's Eve to
guests who order the special
dinner through room service
Thank you very much
Can the cake I ordered
be delivered by ten o'clock?
It's being made right now
I apologize for the sudden
request on such short notice
It's okay
Please enjoy your time
Excuse me
We have figured out the location of
where the anonymous tip was sent
It was sent from a convenience
store by fax in the Nerima district
Does that mean the anonymous
tipper lived near the victim?
Maybe the informant was peeping?
The victim died while laying on her bed
But, from far away, it's difficult to tell
and that's why the report was so vague
If you report to the police,
the peeping would be exposed
so they reported it
anonymously using the hotline
How was the window when
the body of the victim was found?
I'll confirm it right away
The curtain was half open
then please do
What were you doing?
Is this your plan for Nakane
Midori and Kusakabe to meet alone?
This matter has nothing to do with the case
You should cancel it
Not just Nakane Midori, but
Kusakabe may be dangerous
No matter what I think, I don't
think Kusakabe-sama is the murderer
I'm not just saying the he is the murderer
but, I'm sure he must be scheming something
His goal, for example
might be you
A package for Urabe Miyuki has arrived
I don't care if you continue with your plan
but as a condition, I will also help
I understand
Then at 8:30
Urabe-sama, your package has arrived
I'll put it in your room for you
Go ahead
Excuse me
leave the package anywhere there
Excuse me
you said
There seems to be a countdown party at 11
Everyone is participating in costume
It turned out to be a masquerade
Do you want to join
I'm just asking
then we will be on our way
Excuse me
Asking about a party
you're not going to attend
is kind of suspicious, right?
One more thing
This dog or cat hair was stuck to his coat
means he has pets
How is that suspicious?
Did you forget
The victim Izumi Haruna was a pet groomer
in other words a pet stylist
Check the victim's apartment
and company cameras
and see if Urabe show up on them
If you don't mind, please use this
Thank you
you don't want to get older
You know someone with
the police in Aichi prefecture?
I want you to investigate Nakane Shinichiro
I don't want to owe them favors
I admit I made a mistake,
but it turned out fine
then thanks for your help
You are late
Isn't it exactly half past eight?
but you are actually five minutes late
Strict punctuality is
the iron law of hotel staff
So, what are you planning to do?
Daddy Long Legs
First, from the hotel
we'll give a special
service gift to Nakane Midori
and then
we'll reveal it's actually from
someone who wants to meet her
that's why it's called Daddy Long Legs
If you don't know the other person
everyone would be curious,
and would like to meet them
You might be right
but that's only if Nakane Midori
is just an innocent guest
Yamagishi-san, I can go alone
If you, a concierge, keeps visiting rooms
then it will make her suspicious
You might be right
and trust the customer, sorry
I meant guest, trust too much
and have no sense of danger
we still don't know who the murderer is yet
anyway, just leave it to me
Be sure to tell her at the door
I know I will never go in
then contact me when you are ready
Excuse me, Nakane-sama
Excuse me for a moment
I heard that today is
your husband's birthday
so the hotel has
prepared a gift
Is your husband here?
He's out right now
Is that so
Then, I'll come back when you both are here
You can just tell me
Please sit in front of this window
Please take a seat
Allow me to dim the lights in the room
We are ready
Nitta-san, if you don't
follow the rules then
What do I need to do?
You don't need to do anything
Good work
How does it feel to be a hotel
employee after a long time
I'm still constantly being scolded
I was just scolded for
being five minutes late
After all, strict punctuality
is the iron law of hotel staff
there are some employees
who wear inaccurate watches
so it's a little strange
I often teach my staff
Don't rely too much on the watch
The hotel is a special space
A different time flows
from the outside world
If hotel staff keep looking at their watch
Guests can't really relax
You don't miss any details
All staff here
are all working hard to protect
the happy time of the guests
This is the service provided by this hotel
then please
Thank you for your hard work
Hey, Nitta
It was a hit
It's a unsolved murder that
happened three and a half years ago
The victim was a 26 year old woman
living alone in Saitama prefecture
The culprit used a timer
to electrocute the victim
and the victim was wearing when she died
was lolita fashion
There's no doubt
the culprit has killed two people including
this time and three and a half years ago
Administrator Ozaki
The culprit might be wanting
to commit a third murder here
How long until the party starts
There are only two hours left
Nose-san, look for clues about the culprit from the
case three and a half years ago as soon as possible
Also, the undercover team
right now we can only rely on your eyes
Please be sure to find the culprit
It's not just you in disguise
The culprit is also in disguise
Don't be fooled
by informant
Come on, you got to be kidding
Maybe it's too late
When you went to deliver the room service
was Nakane Shinichiro-sama in the room?
No, it was just Nakane Midori
Is that so
Naomi, the cake is ready
Did you drop ths?
Thank you
No, that's not mine
Do you have business with the concierge?
Please prepare a costume
for me, the size is written here
Kawamoto-san, please prepare
costume for Kusakabe-sama
It's like everyone seems
like a criminal to you
What you said is exactly
the same as Yamagishi-san
I am different from her
I will never
Disregard rules because
of personal feelings
She is indeed more emotional
Especially when it
comes to guests, but I think
she's a good hotel employee
Nitta, it's Inagaki
Go to the lounge right now
We might be able to find the informant
Did you find something?
About 20 minutes ago,
we received a new report tip
I will read
If there's police on standby,
then follow my instructions
In the golden wine glass
held by Madam Masquerade
put a flower
that means
The informant will
also appear at this hotel
When we checked the home
addresses of party attendees
with the address of the victim in Nerima
we found people who live
within 500 meters radius
Sono Masaaki
When we investigated hs credit card history
We found out he bought a
super telephoto camera in October
Keep your eye on him
He will definitely go see Madam Masquerade
Hey Yuri
That's Kaizuka Yuri
What a coincidence
Come on, they actually know each other
Would you like to join
us for New Year's Eve
It's rude to invite people
like that all of a sudden
It doesn't matter
It would be rude to bother your husband
Michiko, have a wonderful New Year's Eve
We don't have enough blueberries and mint
Almost done
Please make it the same as the photo
It's the request of the guest
Let's go
Yuri, see you later
On the move
I'll leaving for a bit
If the informant wants
to just catch the culprit
then there's no reason to
come all the way to the hotel
What is the informant thinking
Maybe they want to make a deal
A deal?
the informant was
peeping at the victim's home
knew the identity of the culprit by
coincidence and demanded money
They are dealing with a
murderer, isn't it too dangerous
that's why they made the deal
location a masquerade party
If you are here, you won't
need to see the culprit's face
then after the informant receives the money
it's probably their plan to
let the police arrest the culprit
that's the venue
Excuse me
Sono went straight back to the room
but he might
inquire about Madam Masquerade
from his family
Understood, Sekine
continue to monitor from there
What's the matter?
Urabe was captured on
camera at the pet grooming shop
It's two days after the victim was murdered
What about the victim's apartment?
The camera over there
didn't capture anything
That's for you
He might have had some kind
of relationship with the victim
Go to check with the pet groomer
Nitta, there was news from
the Aichi Prefectural Police
Nakane Shinichiro is already dead
Kawamoto-san, where is Yamagishi-san?
She went to the guest's
room to deliver the cake
I'm getting on
What do you think?
The cake is wonderful
My husband will be happy too
I'm glad we made it in time
It was okay to be a little late
It's amazing
I promised by 10 o'clock
Nakane-sama, I have something to tell you
What's the matter?
In fact, the previous
gift and floor projection
weren't services from the hotel
Excuse me, can you be faster?
sorry, please hurry
Why did Kusakabe-san do that?
I don't know the specific reason
He just said he wanted to
meet and chat with both of you
What do you think?
of course I understand that you may
need to discuss with your husband first
But that person
Do you really think he wanted
to meet with the both of us?
If so
Where did he see the both of us?
After all, I've always been alone
There's no way I'll be able
to finish such a big cake
Please excuse me
Why are you here?
Why am I here, Yamagishi-san, listen to me
Her husband Nakagenshin
How perfect
I was inappropriate in front you
and I was trying to explain to you too
What about Nitta-san?
last year on his birthday, New Year's Eve
We decided to hold our
wedding in this church
I always
I sincerely look forward to
walking this holy road with him
have a birthday cake prepared
dance at the masquerade party
dreaming of welcoming the new year together
He suddenly disappeared from my side
It was cancer
I made a reservation at this hotel
to forget about him
I wanted to spend our last time here
and then cut off my feelings for him
it would be great if this time
could continue forever
while I'm at the hotel
It was as if he was actually by my side
When watching the projection just now
I clearly realized
as I was looking at
my reflection on the window glass
that I was
already alone
It's very lively everywhere today
but only here is very quiet
I'm really glad to be at this hotel again
Thank you for bringing me this happy time
Was this
really good?
As a result, I've revealed
Nakane Midori's mask
I think it was okay how you handled it
The reason why she is satisfied
with the service of this hotel
Because you are persistent like a fool
and believed everything she said
Persistent like a fool?
even hotel staff
don't think all the guests
are good people but
I understand
In order to create a happy time for guests
you have to trust all guests
That's what hotel staff do, right?
It's not like police
like to suspect everyone
I understand
In order to find the bad guys,
we have to suspect everyone
That's what the police do, right?
The two of us really chose
very troublesome jobs
I think so too
The lady who just went out
is really a beauty
Oops, did I bother you?
If you want to talk about work,
I will leave first
Do you want to hear too?
The cases involve both sexes
so I also want to hear
Yamagishi-san's thoughts
Two people have been killed
Three and a half years ago
A woman named Murase Ami
was found dead in her home
Cause of death was electrocution
and she was killed wearing lolita clothes
just like this case
There's no mistake it's the same killer
So, as I was looking through
the investigation data again
I found that Murase Ami-san was also dating
Then, her lolita fasion was
influenced by her boyfriend?
I was also very curious,
so I contacted him immediately
to confirm with him
but he didn't know anything about lolita
He said he didn't even know
Murase-san's home address
Wait a momont, they were dating, right?
I heard they just started dating,
even if he said he wanted to go to her house
she always said the home was mess
and she didn't want him to see
and rejected him every time
Then her partner
is innocent
He couldn't have killed
Murase-san at her home
What if
she was already in a relationship
The mess at home was just an excuse
the truth is
she didn't want him to
see traces of the other man
Murase-san had another partner
The two men found out and killed her
It's possible
Urabe is a false name as expected,
his real name is Uchiyama Mikio
He is also connected with Izumi Haruna
Understood, I'll go right now
What's the matter?
Urabe was a false name as expected
and he seems to have a
connection with Izumi Haruna-san
Please don't forget that
Urabe-san is also our guest
A highball whisky strong
Huh, Uchiyama-san?
Oh, what a coincidence, to meet you here
It's me, Motomiya
You know, the other day, in the
Nerima's pet grooming shop waiting room
Did you hear that the pet
groomer was killed there
if I remember correctly,
she took care of your pet
Sorry, I drank too much,
I'm going back to my room
Please register your name
and room number here
Thank you very much
he might be the murderer like we thought
Urabe definitely has
something to do with the case
He was captured on surveillance
camera at the pet grooming shop
Someone meticulous wouldn't
have made such a mistake
The old Nitta
would have wanted to reveal the true
identity of the guest any way possible
He has also changed
But, Nitta-san must
follow the rules of the police
and I have to follow the rules of the hotel
We are inseparable
I think that's why
You can be the best partner
People are interesting
If you live within the rules
eventually following the rules
ends up being their only goal
Why do you think rules exist for police?
They're for catching criminals, isn't it?
that's part of it
Nitta-san suspecting people
and uncovering people's masks
and even going to Nakane Midori-san's room
it was to fulfill an important purpose
The most important purpose?
He wanted to protect you
is here to protect the lives
of everyone at this hotel
That's the same for you too, right?
Ladies and gentlemen
Welcome to Masquerade Night
There is less than an hour left this year
Please raise your glasses
Everyone listen carefully
It's 11 o'clock and it's the last hour
Although we couldn't
identify the costumed guests
Don't lose track of Sono
and Urabe no matter what
The informant might be
blackmailing the culprit
If this is the case, the murderer
won't leave the informant alone
they will try to kill them for sure
Don't relax for a moment
until the party is over
be sure to watch both
the murderer and informant
and then let's all welcome
a wonderful new year
Urabe just left his room,
he's disguised as a penguin
What about the money?
He is carrying a golf bag
The money might be inside
It's Sekine, Sono has also started to move
He's leaving the bar soon
we don't know where he'll put
on the mask, keep an eye on him
if they are trying to hand over the money,
then it's most likely at the party venue
Once they meet, catch them
This is the 27th floor,
he's about to take the elevator
Thank you
Which floor do you go to?
This is the 3rd floor, I don't see Urabe
Urabe got off the elevator on the 2nd floor
2nd floor
Motomiya and Nitta,
go to the 2nd floor immediately
You go to the 3rd floor
This might work
I'll go inside
Thank you
I'm going to a convenience store
Where is Sono?
He just left the hotel
I'll follow him just in case
Sono may not be the informant
but he lives near the victim's home
and even a super telephoto camera
What happened to Urabe?
He is at the wedding shop
on the phone
Damn, what's going on
October 13
there's record of Sono-san's
credit card being used
He bought a super telephoto camera
He also order gift wrapping
Gift wrapping?
Thank you
It's really diffuclt
What's the matter?
Is it a good time?
The identity of the
informant has been confirmed
The one who discovered Izumi Haruna's body
and reported it to the
anonymous tip hotline
was Sono's son
Where is your mother?
It was Eita
I don't know
at the time, he discussed
it with his mother
The informant is
Sono Machiko
Where is Sono Machiko right now?
We are still searching
She should be somewhere in the hotel
She might contact Urabe
continue monitoring him
We have confirmed the
informant is Sono Machiko
The culprit might be watching her
If you see her please
contact me immediately
I understand
What's the matter?
Is it really her?
I don't think Sono Machiko who is
staying at this hotel for the first time
would pick here as the deal meeting place
Urabe is coming
Chief, Urabe is out
He left the golf bag inside
Got it
Let's follow
I found someone who looks like Sono Machiko
Where is she?
In the lobby
She dressed as a witch with a snake staff
I'll go right there, please
keep an eye on her
You still don't seem to understand
The most important thing now
for a hotel employee is to
provide the same service as usual
This is the hotel policy
The culprit may be trying
to kill someone in the hotel
and Nitta-san is trying
to protect these people
I want to protect the guests too
Sono Machiko disguised as a witch
with a snake staff and is in the lobby
Okay everyone, just now
Sorry, please put on a mask
Please give a warm applause
Thank you
The party goes on
Let me introduce the next performers
Nitta, where is Sono Machiko?
Where is Sono Machiko?
I can't find her
How about the wedding shop?
No one appeared
Motomiya, where is Urabe now?
He is drinking in front
of the champagne tower
Where is Sono Machiko?
I'm sorry, I lost her
Where are you now?
I was with Machiko-san just now
Hello? Hello?
Sorry, I'll call you back later
I have one last thing to ask you
I want you to help me find a dance partner
Nakane Midori kindly rejected me
I don't want to spend a bleak night alone
You can try to find a partner by yourself
don't you understand
I don't want to be rejected anymore
Hurry up, the dance is about to start
I'm sorry
I cannot meet your request
Are you trying to say that you can't do it?
You are a concierge
It's your duty to think about
the happiness of guests
You're right
but tonight is masquerade night
You can wear a costume
and dance all night as much as you want
and we can't interfere with that
Please have a wonderful night, sir
It must be a love affair
The identity of the
informant has been confirmed
the two of them know each other
About 20 minutes ago,
we received a new tip report
It's okay
Tonight's main event
The dance party is about to begin
Sono Machiko has been confirmed
at the dance party and can be arrested
Okay, let's capture Urabe too
We may be mistaken
Are you Urabe, please come with us
What's going on?
Are you Sono Machiko, please come with us
wait a minute
let me go
Chief Urabe is not the
murderer, he is the bait
What do you mean?
So far the police have
only been watching Urabe
We have been tricked by the real culprit
Are you okay?
Are you okay? Are you okay?
Why did you come to this hotel?
I was threatened
By who?
I don't know
I suddenly received this email
If you don't want your relationship
with Izumi Haruna to be exposed,
then follow these instructions
If Urabe is the bait, then
what's the culprit's goal?
It's must be to kill the informant
But we already caught Sono Machiko
She didn't book the
countdown party in advance
but was still able to attend the dance
because someone else gave her the ticket
It's Kaizuka Yuri
As long as you give me
money, I won't tell anyone
I'll call again
Kaizuka Yuri is a regular
and knows the hotel very well
She has two tickets
it was for both of the informants
Please put on a mask
Please put on a mask
Not a drink, give me that
Where is Kaizuka Yuri?
I don't know
How is that possible?
I really don't know anything
I just
gave the peeping photos my son took to Yuri
Blackmail, preparing
the plan and everything
Fine, what kind of costume is she wearing?
You must know at least
about Kaizuka Yuri's costume
She is wearing green lolita clothes
in a moment, only 10 minutes remaining
Kaizuka Yuri is wearing
green lolita clothes
Everyone search every part of this hotel
Can you tell me your name?
Time is up
Ladies and gentlemen, let's dance
together this last evening of the year
Do you have any clues about
the murderer of Izumi Haruna?
Then, let me ask you a different question
Have you been to her home?
She said her room was too
messy and didn't want to show me
I'm really sorry
please, please be sure
to save Yuri
You should stop with the bad acting
Isn't this what you really wanted
Someone to kill the hateful
woman who took your husband
That's not true
If you are really are
worried about Kaizuka Yuri
Why did you hesitate when I
asked you about her costome
Wasn't she
dating other people besides you?
What do you mean?
What I mean is
If you mean
When she met me
someone would always call her
she said it was someone from
work, and not to worry about it
Do you know their name?
I think it was
Morizawa Hikaru
Morizawa Hikaru
Morizawa Hikaru
Morizawa Hikaru
The police will find out the truth
If you are hiding anything else
it's best to tell us now
The murderer's name is Morisawa Hikaru
This name is not on
the list of the participants
It's probably a false name
Captain, any other information?
That's all
The murderer must be at this party
We let Sono Eita
Help me identify the
photos of the participants
But Morizawa doesn't seem to be among them
Are you alone?
It is said that two men can
also dance Argentine Tango
was shrewd woman since high school
The one who came up with
the idea of threatening the culprit
was actually her idea, but
When I found she was going
use the Cortesia Hotel Tokyo
I had an intuition
That Yuri is my husband's affair partner
since I already knew
my husband was using
this hotel for his affair
That woman
didn't have any guilt towards me
I was shaking with rage
It was then
Is this Sono Machiko-san?
I am Morisawa Hikaru
How do you have my number?
You look good in the red coat
For intimidation
We sent the candid photos to Morisawa
I guess
He probably found out
about us from those photos
What does Morisawa Hikaru want?
He wanted me to tell him
everything about the plan
I knew I was going to
be watched by the police
and told him everything
Then why didn't you stop the deal?
He threatened me back
Let Kaizuka Yuri continue the deal
then I'll save your life
How could I reject such a good proposal?
I'm going to get the money now
Then what should I do
The murderer is now
at the party hall, disguised as a penguin
You keep watch just in
case something goes wrong
Yuri, I wish you a wonderful New Year's Eve
You dance well
Your steps have no hesitation, your amazing
You are the murderer, right?
I would never forget those
eyes even after seeing them once
your eyes are very attractive
Nakane Midori-sama?
or should I say Morizawa Hikaru?
Where is Kaizuka Yuri?
What are you talking about?
even though you are a woman
you did a great job with the lead role
That's because
You usually live as a man
You came to this hotel specially as a guest
also to check the
security level of our police
but a woman coming to the
hotel alone at the end of the year
It would be too suspicious for the police
so you come up with a way
if you're going to be suspected, then you
wanted the police be completely confused
The police surrounded by countless suspects
Once the doubt is solved,
no one will suspect you
that's why you
made up a sad love story
Where is Kaizuka Yuri?
Go ask your precious partner
Officer Nitta
What do you mean?
20 seconds left
After 20 seconds, you lose
When the New Year's Eve countdown ends
Kaizuka Yuri and the hotel
woman will fall into eternal sleep
It's very lively everywhere today
Only here is very quiet
Chief, Kaizuka Yuri is at the chapel
Morizawa Hikaru is disguised
as The Phantom of the Opera
Arrest immediately
Happy New Year
What is your motive?
to silence people, you
don't even need to ask
That's not what I'm asking about
I'm asking about your
motive for killing Izumi Haruna
then again
I also don't mind if you
tell me for Murase Ami
I have no reason to tell you
you can listen to my imagination
Morizawa Hikaru is biologically female
but usually living as a male
Her twin sister, Sera,
is her most important person
when they lost their parents in their teens
The two have been relying
on each other to get by
Her sister
was raped and committed suicide at age 21
and died in front of Morisawa
We speculate
the reason Morizawa used a timer was to
not watch the moment someone died
ever again
You lost the most important
person in an unfortunate way
In order to fill the void in your heart,
you were looking for a replacement for your sister
You made the victims wear lolita clothes
to turn them into your sister
but no one could replace your sister
You choose the method
of killing by electrocution
because you didn't want to hurt the bodies
of those you thought of as your sister
Are you satisfied?
They call that being a sore loser
You seem to be obsessed
with winning and losing
Of course
For me this case is also revenge
To avenge the police who killed my sister
her sister, Sera
appears to have been severely
humiliated during police questioning
also known as second rape
She committed suicide
shortly after being questioned
Morizawa must have hated the police
If she murdered with
complete police security
then it would have ruined
the reputation of the police
That might have been
what Morizawa was planning
Please enter
Excuse me
General Manager Fujiki
You are
I didn't expect it to be like this
I thought of my sister's
feeling of regretfulness
Every day was miserable
that's what lead to this
I thought this was a great
opportunity to avenge my sister
I saw you not working
at all at the front desk
I knew right away that you were a detective
what happened afterward was really fun
But, in the end
You still couldn't stop
me from committing crimes
Countdown to failure
It's was a good performance, wasn't it?
The way you guys were panicing was great
Although your tango was really good
it's unfortunate
Your revenge failed
Kaizuka Yuri and the hotel employee,
Naomi Yamagishi, are not dead
How come?
There is no clock in the chapel
set the timer with
Yamagishi-san's watch, didn't you?
So what?
Her watch
is about 5 minutes slow
Call an ambulance
She's alive, still alive
Kawamura, call an ambulance
I will call
Can you hear?
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Can you hear me?
All right?
I'm glad you are a hotel employee, really
What are you saying?
which means the timer
was actually set to 12:05
so the electrical device
didn't turn on at 12:00
The hotel staff here don't rely on clocks
because if you rely on clocks
it is impossible to provide
special time for guests
This is the service spirit of this hotel
Don't be so full of yourself
That's just a coincidence
I won
I beat the police
You may have won the battle
we didn't come here
to compete with you!
After coming here, your words and actions
were full of lies
except one thing
mixed with the truth
December 31 is actually
your birthday, right?
that is to say
It's also your sister's birthday
She chose suicide on her birthday
Your tears
were they real?
I learned a lot through this incident
You too
I'm really sorry this time
Everyone, you did very well this time
Thank you for your hard work
Return to the station
It's so cold
Happy New Year
Oh, that's right
after all events like New Year's
Eve have nothing to do with us
Let's go have a drink
Let's go
No restaruants are open right now
Then let's go back
Let's go back
Yamagishi-san, how are you?
Are you okay?
How was it?
The doctor said there was no problem
Sorry for the inconvenience
Why did you do something so dangerous?
You are not a police
officer but a hotel employee
The hotel has the rules of the hotel
As a police officer, you're not
qualified to tell me what to do
Well, everything turned out
okay, so it doesn't matter now
Once again
the hotel staff was put in danger
I'm very sorry
Nitta-san, please don't apologize
The action she took
may have indeed been
impulsive and dangerous
But as a hotel employee
it was the obvious action to
protect the most important things
The ones who put her in danger
might have been
actually us
This is Kosaka-kun from
Cortesia Los Angeles
I apologize
I promised with the general
manager to come after the new year
but I wanted to see how
you two work normally
It was a slightly early test
Then that proposal was
she is my assistant
Even if you didn't do that
can't you tell who is a good hotel employee
I may have gone a little too far
but now I'm sure
when it's something
related to guests for you
you get overly emotional
I won't become like that
It's not me who should go to Los Angeles
but a hotel employee like you
I'm planning on reporting
that to Los Angeles
It's really difficult
Hotel Cortesia Tokyo
will lose a capable staff member
I heard from the police
The reason why the murderer
noticed Nitta-san's identity
was because of my poor managing
no, that's not true
I will be careful next time
No, I don't think
there wil be a next time
People who come to the hotel wear masks
this place
isn't just about being glamorous
even still, hotel staff try to let
the guests enjoy a happy time
by guarding everyone's masks
A hotel really is
troublesome place
I also want to be able to
enjoy such good service
as a guest
I wish you all a prosperous new year
Thanks for your help
Please have a safe trip back
Please have a safe trip back
Happy New Year
I look forward to working
with you this year too
Thank you, we look
forward to seeing you again
I'll show you the way
Thank you very much
Good bye
Be sure to come back
Please have a safe trip
I will go and be back
I heard you are leaving today
What's the matter?
No, you came because of that?
I have something to ask you
I was wondering if you could
make a dinner reservation for two
Understood, what day?
The day you came back from Los Angeles
But if after you come back from Los Angeles,
you will want to eat Japanese food, right?
But the Teppanyaki
here is famous, isn't it?
What I'm trying to say
then a table that can enjoy the night view
I'll leave the time up to you
Not that
I wouldn't mind French food again
and toast with red wine
It's impossible
You said it's impossible?
I have properly received
your request as a guest
Then please
I will definitely become a good
hotel employee and come back
I will also try to become
a better detective
Have a safe trip
Have a safe trip