Massacre (1956) Movie Script

(carts rattling)
(men chattering softly)
(carts rattling)
(carts rattling)
(box crashing)
(man groans)
(thrilling orchestral music)
- Come on, hurry up!
(boxes rattling)
(handle pounding)
- All right, Pablo.
Last one.
(horse hooves pattering)
- Miguel!
The Rurales!
- How far?
- Several miles, but
they're coming this way.
- Get the huavos out,
get the mules started!
- Get going!
Let's go!
(carts rattling)
(objects clattering)
- Delay them as long as you can.
You have time to hide our trail.
- You must hurry.
(lips smacking)
(men chattering)
(horse hooves pattering)
(horse hooves pattering)
- Hello.
(Esparza sighs)
- Good morning.
- [Man] Senora.
- Good morning.
- Welcome, gentlemen.
- Thank you, senorita.
- Senora, not senorita.
Senora Angelica Chavez.
- I am Captain Velez.
- Lieutenant Esparza.
- You are the owner of this post?
- Yes, my husband and I.
- I'd like to speak to him.
- Oh, I'm sorry, he's away.
I'm all alone.
- It is very dangerous
for a woman to be alone.
Especially a beautiful woman.
- All the more reason
you're welcome, gentlemen.
- Unfortunately, we must move on
after we've finished our business here.
- Oh, business?
- Our orders are to
inspect all trading posts.
- A mere formality, of course.
- Won't you come in, please.
- You'll stand and see that
the horses are watered and fed.
And have Sergeant Vincent take
a few men and look around.
- Yes, Captain.
(somber instrumental music)
- If I knew what you were looking for
perhaps I could help you.
- Guns.
- We don't sell guns.
- Somebody does.
- I don't think I understand.
- Someone is selling
smuggled rifles to the Yaqui.
- And you suspect me?
- I suspect everyone.
(trumpet blaring)
(horse hooves pattering)
- We've got company.
(somber music)
- Friends of yours?
- They trade with us sometimes.
(somber music)
(horses snorting)
- Rurales are far from their home.
- We are here on a mission of importance.
It can be made easier by our friends.
- White man great friends with rifles?
- The Red man also carries guns.
- No good.
No shoot.
(rifle cocking)
- Where did you get this?
- We find them on the
trail of the big wagons.
- How far from here?
- One day.
- This could be what we're looking for.
They've got several of them.
- You come here for ammunition?
- No, we have come for the trader.
- The trader is not here.
(shouting in foreign language)
- They're not permitted
inside the building!
- They want to know if
we're telling the truth.
- Why should they doubt my word?
- I guess they have their reasons.
What do you want with the trader?
- We have come to kill him.
- Why do you wish to kill him?
- My people have a sickness of the eyes.
He sold us this medicine,
exchanged for gold, much gold.
Look at it.
- This stuff is not for the eyes.
- My husband is not a doctor, Captain.
We do not sell medicines in--
- The trader sold it!
Our children and many of
our men have gone blind!
- Whom do you wish to believe?
The Indian or me?
- Go back to your village.
Tell your people I will find this man,
and if he is guilty, he will be punished
according to the law.
- Our law says he must die!
(speaking foreign language)
- We spoke the truth.
The trader is not here,
go back to your village.
- We wait for the trader!
- You have your orders.
Go back to the village!
- We will kill the trader.
The Rurales will not stop us.
- Lieutenant!
(speaking foreign language)
(horse hooves pattering)
- Well, Captain, what's your order?
- We'll wait a little while,
until I can find out--
(man shouts)
Where is your husband?
- He's away on business.
- Better start praying
he doesn't come back now.
(somber music)
(men chanting)
(buckles rattling)
- This is a very peculiar thing, Captain.
There are tracks of three wagons here
where there is no road.
Who drives a wagon into the trees
unless there is something to hide?
- Woodcutters.
- Well, I don't see any cut tree, sir.
The wagons were heavy when they came in.
Come with me.
They stopped here and many
men are busy there, you see?
The wagons are very light when they leave.
And there are many mule tracks
there leading to the North.
- The Yaquis live to the North.
- That's what I was thinking.
What do you think, Captain?
- I think I'll have another
talk with the Senora.
How many wagons do you have?
- One.
- We found the tracks of
many wagons in the trees.
- I know nothing about that.
- And what do you know about this?
- It's a trick.
That's the bottle you got from the Indian.
- A trick?
(bottles thudding)
No, Senora.
- All right.
My husband did sell them the medicines,
but they did not tell
us it was for the eyes.
- And it didn't occur to you to ask?
- I'm sorry that anyone was hurt.
(somber music)
- Cattle running is a profitable business.
It could explain your
perfumes and your wardrobe.
- You're wrong!
- You lied about the medicine, Senora.
I think you're lying about the guns, too.
- Maybe she didn't know about the guns.
- I doubt that.
How long was your husband been gone?
Where was he supposed to meet the Yaqui?
Where is the meeting place?
Listen, you little fool.
Hundreds of people may die
unless I find those guns!
Where is the meeting place?
- I don't know what you mean!
- Captain!
You come!
- Keep her here.
- Captain, we have found a
way to peace without war.
- It is the way of an old woman.
(speaking foreign language)
- To many of your people, gold
is more important than life.
It would be true of this trader?
- If it would be true of anybody.
- If he lost his way of making gold,
it would be worse punishment than death.
We will burn his place with all his goods.
He will be forced to live on land.
The trader is on the route of death.
- You say you found the guns
on the trail of the big wagons?
Where did the trail lead?
- There, in the trees.
- Vincent.
- Yes, Captain.
- Tell the troops that what
is to happen is my decision.
Burn it down!
- I apologize for the Captain.
- You stood by and let him hurt me.
- What can I do?
He's my commanding officer.
- He's a stupid fool.
- He's still my commanding officer.
- Senora, choose the things
you will need for traveling.
You're coming with us.
- Coming with you?
- We should join Sandoval
and his men in two days,
then we can spare her an
escort back to Durango.
- But my husband.
- We'll tell him where
you are when we catch him.
- I refuse to go.
- I'm afraid you haven't any choice.
- Are you threatening
me with force, Captain?
- If necessary, Senora.
- It will be.
- Very well.
Esparza, get some clothes
she can ride in and hurry!
- Put me down, put me down!
Let me go!
(cries) Let me go!
(man shouting in foreign language)
(men shouting)
(suspenseful music)
Stop them, let me go!
(dramatic music)
(men shouting)
(torches whooshing)
(dramatic music)
(men shouting)
(men shouting)
(flames roaring)
(flames crackling)
(flames roaring)
(horse neighing)
(bird chirping)
- The trader will not come again.
We go back to our village in peace.
- There can be no peace anywhere
as long as the Yaquis make war.
- They are not my people, I
cannot stop their fighting.
- You can help.
- What way?
- The trader you came to kill
is furnishing guns to the Yaqui.
Help us to find those guns.
Give me a guide into the
stronghold of the Yaqui
and perhaps there will be peace.
- You will guide the white man
into the country of the Yaquis.
- Let the white man find
the Yaquis for himself.
- You will guide the white man
into the country of the Yaquis!
(speaking foreign language)
(horse hooves pattering)
- What is your name?
- Juan Pedro.
- You will be paid the
same as the troopers.
- I do not want your money.
I go to obey my father, that is all.
- As you wish.
You ready, Senora?
(men laughing)
Run up, men.
- Why didn't he leave
with the rest of them?
- [Captain] He's going with us.
- Are you crazy?
- Maybe, but I'm still
your superior officer.
We're leaving, Senora.
- Someday, Captain,
somehow I shall kill you.
- It's quite possible.
You've helped kill quite
a few people already.
Get on your horse, Senora.
All right!
(adventurous music)
(horse hooves pattering)
(men shouting)
(men laughing)
(men shouting)
(men laughing)
- When we rendezvous
with Lieutenant Sandoval,
the Senora will no longer be with us.
- Well, I think that is a very good thing.
- But the Lieutenant likes her.
- Well, the Lieutenant likes all women.
(water splashing)
- If we are lucky, we might
be sent back as her escort.
- Do you think she will
look at a mere corporal?
- Well, I can always look at her.
- Oh, that's all you have
done since we left the post.
- You admit it is better
than looking at you.
- What.
(water splashing)
(man shouts)
(somber music)
- Thank you, Lieutenant.
- Mount up!
(horse hooves pattering)
(horses snorting)
- This is the valley you show me on map.
- We must be here ahead of
Sandoval, I don't see his camp.
- This could be the wrong valley.
- The white man has poor eyes.
I see horses there.
(horse hooves pattering)
(horse hooves pattering)
(ominous music)
- What do you think?
- Have somebody unsaddle these horses.
I'll take half the men for a search party.
You make camp and wait for me here.
- Good luck.
- Sounds funny coming from you.
- I was thinking of Sandoval.
- Juan Pedro, come with me.
- No, I guide white man,
let him find his own death.
- Well, Capitan, what
do you do about that?
- That's his privilege.
Come on.
- You plan to kill my husband, don't you?
- Yes.
- The land is big.
He will be hard to find.
- The trail is plain.
- But he is far ahead.
- One day mules are slow,
they go the long way.
- The trail is easy to lose.
I will pay you well to lose it.
You have traded with me many times.
I've always been fair to you.
A long time ago, your sister was sick.
I nursed her back to health.
- That is why I do not kill you also.
- I need your help.
These men are no friends of yours,
why should you guide them?
- I will lead them into
the country of the Yaquis.
(dramatic music)
(people chattering)
(somber music)
- Senora.
Was that Indian threatening you?
- No, he didn't threaten me,
but I'm afraid of him, Lieutenant.
I've known him for a long time.
I don't trust him.
He'll lead us into some sort of a trap.
I would get rid of him.
- Wait here.
You want to bring every Indian
in the territory down on us?
Put that fire out.
- There is no danger.
- Put that fire out, that's an order!
- I guide the white man.
I do not take his orders.
(boot smashing)
(suspenseful music)
The Lieutenant is a fool.
(somber music)
(horse hooves pattering)
- Unsaddle him.
(somber music)
(animal howling)
(animal howling)
(somber music)
- Find anything?
- Nothing, they just disappeared.
- Unsaddle, get some rest.
- Lieutenant!
The Captain has not returned?
- Not yet.
- Are you worried about him, Lieutenant?
- Well, he's been gone a long time.
Too long.
- I hope he doesn't come back.
- You don't mean that.
- I thought you didn't like him.
- I don't, but there's a limit to it.
- If the Captain shouldn't come back
then you will be in command.
I would like that better.
- Why?
- Perhaps you wouldn't
treat me like a criminal.
- Perhaps.
- Lieutenant, if they did catch
my husband with some guns,
what would happen?
- Then you admit he has them.
- I admit nothing.
(chuckles) I was just
curious to what would happen.
- They would put him in jail,
providing they didn't hang
him or shoot him first.
- And what would happen to me?
- Put you in jail too.
- Would you like that, Lieutenant?
(dramatic music)
- Lieutenant.
(somber music)
(suspenseful music)
- Sandoval.
- He was alive when we found him.
He died on the way back.
- Indians?
- No, gun runners.
- He told you that?
- He didn't have to,
Indians don't wear boots.
There are also the tracks of many mules.
- What about the others?
- Thrown into the Canyon
where we couldn't reach 'em.
Take care of him.
- You better get some sleep, Ramon.
We can get a day's rest
before we start back.
- We aren't going back.
- You can't take a handful of
men against the Yaqui Nation.
It's suicide.
- The Yaquis haven't got the guns yet.
They're not going to get them.
- Captain.
You think my husband killed those men?
- Is there another way to think, Senora?
- I know Miguel, he would not kill anyone.
- A man who would sell guns to the Indians
wouldn't hesitate to ambush Rurales.
- You have no proof of that.
- Esparza, get her out of here
before I forget she's a woman.
- You can't frighten me, Captain.
- I'm not trying to fight you, Senora.
I'm trying to save your
life, now get away from me!
- You better leave, Senora.
Well, what are you going to do with her?
- She's coming with us.
- You can't do that!
- Why can't I?
- Well, think of the danger.
- Danger?
You made love to her, didn't you?
- What's that got to do with it?
- Sandoval was a friend
of yours, wasn't he?
- She didn't kill him.
- She didn't pull the trigger,
if that's what you mean.
- Well, what do you want to do?
Hang here for something
her husband's done?
- No, I don't want to hang her,
but I want her to be there
when I hang her husband!
(dramatic music)
(horse hooves pattering)
(somber music)
(horse hooves pattering)
(somber music)
- Yaqui Country.
(bright music)
- Looks pretty rough.
- Mules go up the long way.
We shall take across mountain.
- Is there a way down?
- Wait here.
- Take a few minutes' rest.
- Take a rest!
(somber music)
(Senora groans)
- You all right, Senora?
- After a day and a night without sleep.
- We'll make camp soon.
The horses can't take it much longer.
- It's fortunate the captain
has such consideration for animals.
He has none for people.
- I've seen him on forced marches before.
- To get nowhere, like this one?
The Indian is leading us wrong.
- How do you know?
- I traveled North once with my husband.
The trail was not like this.
If I had a map, I'd show you.
- I have a map.
- Tonight when we make camp,
I'll show you the right trail.
- Esparza!
- The master's calling.
- Do you want me, Captain?
- Sit down.
I understand you had a
run in with the Indian.
- He refused to obey orders.
- As a civilian, he doesn't
have to take our orders.
Stay away from him.
- He'd better stay away from me.
- I said stay away from
him, that's an order.
- I still think he's
leading us into a trap.
The Senora says--
- Stay away from the Senora.
- Is that an order?
- No, that's just good advice.
- How many people pay attention to advice?
- Very few, but you're going
to be one of the exceptions.
- Maybe you'd like to
have her for yourself.
- Yes.
I'd like to have her for mys...
(gun blasting)
At ease, men!
No cause for alarm!
- That's something I owe you, Captain.
- You don't owe me anything,
just remember what I told you.
- Lieutenant, what was the shooting?
- The captain just saved my life.
- Now, you owe him a great obligation.
- He doesn't seem to think so.
- A woman is no good on a trip.
- Well, all depends on the kind of a trip.
I remember once when I was in San Javier--
- Yes, I remember.
And once in Malki, Maria.
- That's right.
- And once in San Andres.
- Yeah.
How do you know all of these things?
- Oh, you told me about 20 times.
(man laughs)
- You talked to him for a long time.
What did you talk about?
- You.
- What did the captain say about me?
- That you were an evil
woman and will destroy me.
- I would like to destroy the captain.
What else?
- That I should stay away from you.
- You're disobeying an order.
- It wasn't an order, it was advice.
- So, I will not see you again?
- I don't know.
- Suppose I were to tell you I love you.
- I wouldn't believe you.
- It's true, tonight I'll prove it to you.
- [Captain] Mount up!
Mount up!
- (whispers) Tonight.
(tense music)
(horse hooves pattering)
(tense music)
- [Man] Halt!
(suspenseful music)
- What's wrong with her?
- She's fainted.
- One of her tricks, get
her back on her horse.
(arrow whooshes)
(man screams)
(suspenseful music)
(arrow whooshing)
(man groans)
Take cover!
(tense music)
Juan Pedro, how many Indians?
- Two arrows, two Indians.
Tomorrow many Indians.
- What about tonight?
- Indian village, one day travel.
No more Indian till the
scout get back to village.
- You're not gonna take
his word for it, are you?
- Take care of the wounded.
- [Vincent] Yes, sir.
- We made camp here.
You two men, come with me.
- Yes, Captain. (shouts)
(horse hooves pattering)
(man groans)
- Give me a knife.
(man groans)
- The Lieutenant is still a fool.
Let the arrow stay.
There will be less blood.
(fist smashing)
(dramatic music)
- Ah, so this is how
you want to fight, huh?
(men grunting)
(tense music)
A knife!
Diablo, your knife!
(weapons whooshing)
Your knife!
(knife whooshing)
(men grunting)
(weapons whacking)
(men grunting)
(suspenseful music)
(men grunting)
(tense music)
(men grunting)
(tense music)
(men grunting)
(weapons clanging)
(tense music)
- Juan Pedro!
(Juan Pedro grunts)
Put your knife away.
- I give you back your life.
I have no use for it.
(boot smashing)
(pistol rattling)
- You call yourself an officer.
When the fighting starts, give
the Lieutenant back his gun.
- Yes, Captain.
(men singing in foreign language)
(knife thumping)
(men singing in foreign language)
- Hey boys, have I ever told you the story
of the girl I met in San Rafael?
- Again?
- Yeah, I never get tired of hearing it.
And so the first time I--
(sombrero whacking)
(men laughing)
- Go on, Vincent.
(men singing in foreign language)
You must eat something.
- Why?
- It's customary.
- Your concern touches me.
- It is not a matter of concern.
I don't want you falling
off your horse again.
- You are very gallant.
- Take it.
- The condemned woman ate a hearty meal.
- Who wants to die on an empty stomach?
- Who wants to die?
- That's a good question, too.
- You seem very cheerful,
Captain, you and your men.
- For the present.
- But tomorrow the Yaquis will come.
- I'll be surprised if they don't.
- Then why not leave
while there's still time?
- Because I haven't found the guns yet.
- Guns, guns.
What difference do a few guns
make in this ugly, filthy wilderness?
- There are people in this
ugly, filthy wilderness,
and people can be hurt.
- A one-man crusade to save Mexico?
- Senora.
Have you ever seen an Indian
raid on a farm or on a village?
- No, I haven't.
- I have.
My whole family was wiped out by Indians.
Indians with guns.
- I'm sorry to hear that,
Captain, truly sorry.
- Then help me, Senora.
Help me to find those guns.
- But how can I help you?
- Please, Senora,
let's be honest with
each other just for once.
- What if my husband and
I were connected in this
gun smuggling, as you call it?
Would the smuggling stop if we stopped?
There would be others to sell guns.
- They would be stopped to.
- (laughs) Don't be naive, Captain.
No one has ever stopped
people from making money.
Personally, I see no evil in
wanting to better one's lot.
It's natural to want
possessions and comfort,
a real home in a civilized community.
Instead of living a life of
drudgery in this horrible place.
- That would require the sale
of a lot of guns, wouldn't it?
- You know, Captain, up to
a point I find you amusing.
Then you become a bore.
And now if I have your
permission, I'll say good night.
- Good night, Senora.
Sleep well.
(spurs rattling)
(insects chirping)
(frogs croaking)
- The Captain's asleep, it's time to go.
- Go where?
- I'll show you.
First, you must get the horses.
- I'd be a deserter.
They'd hunt me for the rest of my life.
- Who would be left to hunt you?
The Yaquis will get them all.
(somber music)
Are you thinking of the men?
Are they friends of yours to turn
on you the way they did?
You owe them nothing.
Besides, they'll die even if you stay.
Please, darling, I don't want to die.
Take me away.
(somber music)
(lips smacking)
There's only one sentry with the horses,
and there are two saddles right there.
(lips smacking)
- Wait here.
(tense music)
(leaves crunching)
(tense music)
(horse snorting)
- Can't you sleep, Lieutenant?
- No, it's a long night.
- Yes, sir, I understand.
- You got a match?
- Sorry, sir, I have no matches.
(hand whacking)
(dramatic music)
(tense music)
(dramatic music)
(tense music)
(rifle cocking)
(tense music)
- Oh, not now, we must hurry.
(tense music)
(horse hooves pattering)
(sentry groaning)
- Captain, Lieutenant
Esparza and the woman--
- I know, I know, I saw them leave.
- Oh, I don't understand this, Captain.
- They'll lead us where we want to go.
I'm going ahead, you follow with the men.
(tense music)
(horse hooves pattering)
(tense music)
- We'd better take a rest.
(Esparza exhales)
(map rustling)
Let's see, that's North.
Now we should be about right here.
We travel West--
- No, we travel North to
there, it's only a few miles.
- But that takes us deeper
into the Yaqui country.
- Of course, that's where the
rifles are being delivered.
- Wait, wait, let me explain.
Please believe me.
This is the only place we'll
be safe from the Yaqui.
With my husband.
- Your husband?
- Yes, as soon as the guns are delivered
and we have the money I
will never see him again.
I swear it.
As soon as we have the money.
We'd better go.
- Yeah.
- Look!
(tense music)
- Get back.
(tense music)
(rifle cocking)
(tense music)
- Why don't you shoot?
Kill him, you have to kill him.
Give me the gun!
You fool, you're a deserter now.
They'll shoot you for that, you hear me?
They'll shoot you.
- I know.
- What are you going to do now?
- Wait for Ramon.
- What happens to me?
- I guess you'll have to wait, too.
(dramatic music)
(tense music)
(dramatic music)
(horse hooves pattering)
(tense music)
(horse hooves pattering)
- Put the gun away,
Sergeant, you don't need it.
- Where's the Captain?
- Follow that woman.
- Here, get on that horse.
(tense music)
(men shouting)
(tense music)
(men shouting)
(men shouting)
(tribal war shouting)
(belt rattling)
(men shouting)
(men shouting)
- Why don't you run, Senora?
(Yaqui man shouts)
(Angelica gasps)
(Angelica sobs)
(Yaqui man shouts)
Take a look, Senora.
- (whimpers) No!
- Take a look.
- No!
- Take a good look.
- No!
- And remember.
For the rest of your life remember.
(Yaqui man screaming)
Cut him down.
(man groans)
Hurry, hurry!
(man groans)
Bring him over here.
(man groans)
Can you hear me?
Where is Chavez and the ammunition, where?
- In.
In the old ruins.
- In the old ruins.
- Five.
- Five miles, yes.
- To the West.
- We've got to get to that
ammunition before the Indians.
(tense music)
(horse hooves pattering)
- There.
The ruins.
You need no guide from here, I go back.
- Juan Pedro.
(somber music)
- If I were a man of any brains,
I would go back with him.
(man shouts)
(tense music)
- Chavez!
Look, Rurales.
(tense music)
- Vincent, bring the woman up here.
Ride ahead of me, Senora, slowly.
And don't make a false move.
- We must stop them, like the others.
(tense music)
- Miguel!
- Angelica.
- Miguel!
- Hold your fire.
Captain, your men are covered!
Let the Senora come to us!
- If you want the Senora alive,
have your men throw out their guns, now!
- Do as he says, Miguel, please!
- You heard the Captain.
Throw out your guns.
- Get 'em all inside and hold 'em there!
(men shouting)
(horse hooves pattering)
- [Man] Get in there!
(man shouts)
Hold it, Manuel!
- Vincent, get the pack
animals out of here.
Post sentries, hurry!
(men shouting in foreign language)
Stay with me!
- Captain, if the Indians see the mules
they will know we're here.
- They already know.
- They killed Alfredo and
Diego, I saw them die.
- Then they will be here soon!
- Very soon, where's the ammunition?
Where is it?
- In the small house, outside.
- Blow it up.
- No!
It is the only chance we have.
The Indians need it, we
can bargain with them.
- Why should they bargain
for something they can get for nothing?
Blow it up.
- Yes, Captain.
- You don't know what you're doing.
They will kill us all!
- You should have thought of
that before you came here.
- He came here knowing he would be killed?
- Yes.
(arrow whooshing)
(man screaming)
(dramatic music)
- Vincent!
(arrow whooshing)
(tense music)
(somber music)
(gunshots blasting)
(arrow whooshing)
(tense music)
(dramatic music)
(Esparza grunts)
(tense music)
(men grunting)
(tense music)
(men grunting)
(fist smashing)
(tense music)
(dagger whooshes)
(Esparza groans)
(Esparza grunts)
(tense music)
Get outta there!
Come on, Esparza, run!
Come on, run!
(arrows whooshing)
(gunshots blasting)
(Esparza groaning)
(tense music)
(gunshots blasting)
All right, Lieutenant.
I'm giving you back your gun.
(explosion blasting)
Anybody else want to leave?
All right, get in the chapel!
- Captain.
My men would like to have their rifles.
- Why?
- They want to protect themselves.
(gunshots blasting)
- Were the farmers who were
killed with the rifles you
sold the Indians able
to protect themselves?
- Who are you to decide?
Who are you to deny a man
the right to defend himself?
- All right, go on and defend yourself
the way the farmers did,
with your bare hands.
(gunshots blasting)
(birds chirping)
Sit down.
Everything's quiet.
- Too quiet.
Ah, this I do not like.
I personally am a man of action.
- You'll get plenty of
action in the morning.
- (chuckles) By that time I may change
and become a man of peace.
Have I ever told you the story of Lupita,
the girl from San Rafael?
- No, you haven't.
- I told it to Munoz 50 or 60 times.
Maybe he got tired of hearing it.
- I'm sorry about Munoz.
- What difference does it make, Captain?
It's only a matter of a few hours.
- Tell me about Lupita, Vincent.
- Well, sir, she was a
very pretty girl, she...
(war drums banging)
- Listen.
- War drums.
- Did you hear that, Captain?
It's a war dance.
- The dance will last
longer than the war itself.
- I think so.
(hand patting)
- This is the time, Miguel.
- The time for what?
- The Indians will be
having their war dance now.
- Not all of them.
- Enough of them.
We can hide from them, Miguel.
In the brush along the river.
Tomorrow they will kill the
rest, then they will leave.
- But the sentries.
- You know where the
Rurales put your guns.
They are unguarded.
I will talk to the captain to
keep his eyes away from them.
Go very carefully, Miguel.
(war drums banging)
- You're up late, Senora.
- I felt restless.
- And your husband?
- Asleep.
- A man with a clear conscience.
- In that case, you should be asleep, too.
- I'm not that fortunate.
- At least we can talk now, Captain.
- For the last time.
- A fact I'm sure neither
of us will regret.
- I'm sure of that.
- Since this is the last time,
I would like to tell you something.
I loathe you.
It would be almost a pleasure to die
knowing that you'll be dead, too.
- Thank you, Senora.
You've expressed my own
feelings very clearly.
- You're surprised, aren't you, Captain?
- At what?
- That I haven't asked
forgiveness for my sins.
- I'd be very disappointed
in you if you had.
- [Miguel] Raise your hands, Captain.
I have a gun.
- Put the gun down, it isn't loaded.
(men grunting)
(fists smashing)
(rifle cocking)
Good night, Senora.
The sun will soon be rising.
- Good night, Captain.
A pleasant journey.
- Thank you, and the same to both of you.
(birds chirping)
(gunshot blasting)
(warrior groaning)
(animal calling)
(Yaqui shouting)
(suspenseful music)
(gunshots blasting)
(Yaqui shouting)
(warrior shouts)
(Yaqui shouting)
(gunshots blasting)
(man groaning)
(Yaqui shouting)
(gunshots blasting)
(Yaqui shouting)
(Angelica screaming)
(Yaqui shouting)
(gunshots blasting)
(tense music)
(gunshots blasting)
(Yaqui shouting)
(tense music)
(Yaqui shouting)
(tense music)
(arrow whooshing)
(Angelica screaming)
(man shouting in foreign language)
(triumphant orchestral music)