Mastemah (2022) Movie Script

You will slowly regain
consciousness of your body...
and come out of this state.
I will count from three to zero.
Three... You're with me.
Right here, right now.
Follow the sound of my voice.
You will open your eyes.
All right?
Well done, Louise.
That was absolutely perfect.
Guillaume makes a great guinea pig.
All right, kids...
Let's debrief all this.
Good job.
Honestly, the mornings are the hardest.
When they open the blinds
and I see it all in front of me...
The footpaths, the mountain...
At night, with your fucking pills,
I forget it all.
I wake up, I think I'm normal,
then I'm like this.
I know I'll never walk again.
I wanted to be
a mountain guide or something.
A mountaineer.
Dunno... A ski instructor...
That's good for scoring chicks.
What use am I now?
Everything I loved is dead.
Everything you loved? Perhaps.
There are still things to love.
Look at yourself, Elias.
You're still alive.
Yeah, great.
I shit on myself in a poop bag.
That's also part of the life
you'll reinvent, a different life.
A life where I'd never have
a boner again?
Each day, you rebuild yourself.
That's a path as well.
It's a brave ascent.
- Believe me...
- Blah blah blah.
OK... I won't bother you further.
See you next Wednesday.
Tell me if you want to see me before.
No, that's fine.
Wednesday is kid's day.
For all the lifelong virgins.
Oh, come on...
Elias' mood shifts
between distress and serenity.
Just like we all do, I think.
Memories of the trauma
are no longer spontaneous.
The nurses have noted
fewer panic attacks
when he wakes up and goes to bed.
Still, he remain reactive.
He can't stand
the noise in the road.
He's had to change rooms several times.
Things that return him to the accident,
such as sounds, smells, images,
immediately trigger
neurovegetative hyper reactivity
and a deep sense of powerlessness,
leaving Elias helpless for hours.
We gave ourselves a month
and the process has run its course.
His hypervigilance and sleep problems
should fade away little by little.
And if they don't?
- What if there's no improvement?
- There will be.
I wanted to tell you...
We wanted to tell you...
Thanks for coming to this hospital.
Having a new face is good for everyone.
It's a new way of working...
You got the Doctor Loubire's office,
it seems.
He retired, like, 1000 years ago.
We never thought
he'd find a replacement.
How's the move going?
- It's coming along.
- Call if you want.
I know this region can be a bit tough,
especially for a girl your age.
- It's OK. I didn't come here to party.
- Sure.
Hey, Laurence?
Thanks. It's kind of you.
So you're the new shrink?
I've got a problem, Doctor.
I don't want to talk about it,
but I'd like you to examine me...
Know what I mean?
This your personal number?
It's for a vet. It will suit you better.
C'mon, Francky, can't you see
that she pretends to be another one?
Hello, you have two new messages.
Louise, it's De Maistre.
Bad luck has struck me twice.
Since you moved, I've lost
a brilliant assistant and a friend.
Call me when you can.
Hello? Hello, Doctor Wilmens?
Anyone there?
I... I'll try again later then.
My name is Liblis.
I want to see you.
Franois, it's Louise.
How's the move going up there?
Well, it's all right.
At least I don't have to put up
with whispering behind my back.
I can focus on my work.
You could've done that here.
You pay too much attention to rumours.
Louise... I'll keep telling you this.
You performed
that hypnosis session perfectly.
- What happened was...
- It was my responsibility.
Franois, you promised
to visit me, right?
Think you can manage a four-hour drive?
Keep in mind my schedule, Louise.
Do you really think that I...
All our teams are busy.
Leave a message with your address.
We'll call back immediately.
Hello, I don't have electricity.
Can you come by immediately?
My name is Louise Wilmens.
I live in the last house
on the Place des Ftes,
next to the fountain. Thank you.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Sorry, the electricity
came back during the night...
I'm not an electrician.
I left a message on your answer phone.
For a consultation.
Mr. Liblis, right?
I'm sorry, but I only receive people
by appointment.
Call this afternoon, OK?
I need this. Now.
All right.
But this is an exception.
- Give me a few minutes?
- No problem.
Mr. Liblis?
It's not dry-rot, so don't worry.
Might be saltpetre if there's a leak.
Might be that...
Mr. Liblis, follow me.
I come from a land on the high mountains.
Pierres Plantes. Know it?
I know, there's no way you would.
It's harsh up there.
But for me, there, I'm...
It suited me...
Wait, Mr. Liblis.
One thing at a time.
Thank you.
As I said, I live in Pierres Plantes.
My parents' farm.
Well, they're dead.
It's just me up there.
But being alone with the animals,
I like that.
It's when there's other people that...
People stress me out.
For some time now...
I've been afraid. I've had nightmares.
I think.
Stuff happens at night.
When I wake, it's like I haven't slept.
I've got zero energy.
Then, I see images in my head.
Horrible images.
I've got, like...
I've got schizophrenia.
It's "hebe", "hibi"...
- "Hebephrenic"?
- That's it! Hebephrenic!
Have you seen
other therapists before me?
My predecessor, perhaps?
Dr. Loubire?
No, another one, in town.
Doctor Graven, her name was.
- But she didn't want to see me no more.
- What do you mean?
She never got back to me.
Like she didn't want to see me again.
Like I scared her, after hypnosis...
- After a hypnosis session?
- Yep.
Mr. Liblis, who referred you to me?
I'd like this treatment again.
It relieves me.
Cause after hypnosis,
I can sleep at night.
- Sorry, hypnosis resolves nothing.
- That so?
It's merely a tool.
In psychiatry, it's controversial.
You'll always find practitioners
using hypnoanesthesia before surgery
or hypnoanalgesia for physical pain...
Right! I'm in pain! Only hypnosis
stops it. If things carry on like this,
I'm going to fuck up myself.
Hypnosis makes the images go away.
- End of.
- All right.
Let's proceed step by step.
With words.
I'm a psychiatrist, not a magician.
I suggest we meet next week.
- Same day, same time?
- That's fine.
All right?
We'll see what we can do about...
these images.
Doctor, see you Friday.
My mother doesn't understand
I need more time with my husband.
She's a kind woman, but...
And then, we ended up in bed...
- She can be invasive...
- When it was time to leave...
- He doesn't want me.
- I just stood there.
- My mother told me so.
- When I go, he doesn't recognise me...
- I can't do it...
- He died...
So what do I tell him?
"Hi Dad, it's me"...
I'm so empty. You can't imagine.
She left a big hole in my life...
She left... emptiness...
Doctor, can you understand emptiness?
Hello, this is Dr. Graven's clinic.
Please leave your contact details.
I'll call back later.
Dr. Graven?
This is Louise Wilmens.
Sorry, I should've called you back.
After our session,
everything was a bit muddled.
Now I'm calling
as a colleague and therapist.
One of your former patients
came to my office.
And I'd like to discuss him with you.
Can you call me back, please?
Thank you.
Hello, Louise Wilmens again.
I left an urgent message last night
due to a power outage.
I haven't heard from you.
So try to call me back, or...
Shit... Just do something!
- Good evening.
- Good evening, Doctor.
I'll pay at the till.
Are they all right? The crazies?
- Excuse me?
- "Those" people.
The loonies who see you.
We see them here.
My husband and I wondered
if they tell you everything.
I can't tell you. You'd be terrified.
Holy shit...
Why are you here, Franois?
I thought you couldn't come.
It's good to see you.
Tell me, Louise...
Getting back to your new patient.
Given the lack of therapists here,
aren't you surprised that Tho...
- Liblis.
- seeing the same shrink as you?
It's pure coincidence that
you're discussing Mr. Liblis' case.
However, I'm worried
you're no longer attending
Graven's sessions.
Concerning my patient
requesting hypnosis sessions,
what do you advise? This guy
is borderline, exhibiting outbreaks.
Can you really foresee using hypnosis,
anxiety drugs, stimulants,
without even beginning therapy?
Be careful.
Guillaume's death
is distorting your judgement.
As a therapist, you have skill, Louise.
Don't ever doubt that.
Thank you, Professor.
Time flies!
I'll be late meeting your chief.
And you know him well.
You see, Doctor...
In this region, getting the driving
licence is a celebration.
We did it at the Apotheose night-club.
It's in the valley.
We go there on weekends with friends.
I got boozed up. And I mean, wasted.
Just like that,
Clara was out like a light.
She fell asleep in her chair.
Come closing time,
they wanted to chuck us out.
So I got her into my car.
And you know what?
I even thought about
putting on her seatbelt.
Then I woke up in the hospital.
I couldn't feel my arms.
I couldn't feel my legs.
I couldn't feel anything.
Just my head.
When they told me about Clara...
I didn't even cry.
Even that didn't work.
I only wanted to die instead of her.
But that's not what happened.
Clara is dead, but you're alive.
The only question is,
what will you do with it?
What will I do with what?
Can't you see I'm a fucking vegetable?
Try walking in my shoes for a sec!
You make me laugh.
Look, in a few months, you have regained
the use of your upper limbs.
- Anything is possible.
- Whatever.
Go fuck yourself. Go to hell.
I'd like to. But I ain't got its number.
Bet you can get any number you want.
For real, Doctor.
If I had died...
- Would I be in heaven or hell?
- I don't know.
But if you're asking that question,
that means you're still alive.
But between us...
Heaven sounds boring, right?
Girls like you don't end up there.
All right, Doctor.
See you next Wednesday
for my tea time break.
It's working!
And your men? Do you wear them out
as quickly as your batteries?
Not every day you smile.
I must seem very sinister.
No, not sinister...
But not far off.
Fancy coming to dinner one evening?
It won't be the event of the century.
My family would love to meet you.
It takes your mind off things a bit.
- Yeah, okay.
- Cool.
One condition.
Find me a real wine merchant.
- I can't take any more cheap plonk.
- OK.
- If he does it again, I'll castrate him.
- OK.
I've a place up in the mountains.
Pierres Plantes. Know it?
If things carry on like this,
I'm going to do myself in.
24H Breakdowns, good evening.
Louise Wilmens again.
Do you know what "emergency" means?
The circuit breaker.
You need to switch it "on".
Do you think I'm that stupid?
That's the first thing I checked.
Here, for you.
- Thank you, Miss Wilmens.
- You're welcome, Mr...
Just Guillaume.
Thank you, Guillaume.
I must be cursed.
Tell me, Doctor... Why spy on my house?
- What do you want?
- Who the fuck are you?
That's not the right question.
- You should ask who you are!
- Let me out, you psycho!
- Yes?
- Mr. Liblis. This is Doctor Wilmens.
- Doctor?
- Hope this is OK.
I had some cancellations.
Could we bring forward our meeting?
- For my hypnosis session?
- You're obsessed...
- Well, yeah.
- Good. Obsessions are my job.
- We'll discuss this tomorrow.
- Perfect.
- Louise! I was starting to worry.
- Can you call back? I have a patient.
I'm betting that
it's your hypnosis patient.
- Am I wrong?
- I have to go now.
I'll keep you in the loop.
- Mr. Liblis, you scared me!
- Why's that, Doctor?
We have an appointment.
How are you this morning?
Every night, it's worse.
The nightmares... I really see them.
I'm in agony.
Real agony.
You mean, there's no boundary
between the nightmares and reality?
- The pain is permanent?
- I want my hypnosis session!
I'm a psychiatrist. I can't.
Do you know what pain is?
Do you?
If you could briefly escape it...
you'd do anything.
Mr. Liblis,
why did you come to me exactly?
Are you afraid?
Let me tell you, I'm afraid too.
But you won't kill me.
I don't understand.
Why would I kill you?
Leaving me like this will kill me.
With all these images,
I have one desire.
To take my gun and...
No image can withstand
a 12-gauge shotgun shell!
I see.
Lay down.
Go on, lay down.
Today, let's see
if you're already receptive.
Let go.
Close your eyes.
Become aware of every inch of your body.
I'm going to count down
from three to zero.
Three... Your eyelids are heavy.
Breathe in.
Let your thoughts flow.
Breathe out.
Your body is slowly
sinking into the couch.
You are entering deeply into yourself.
You are in a new state.
A pleasant state. Let yourself float...
Tho? Tho, wake up.
Come back to me.
Did you see them too?
See what?
What did you see, Tho?
Was it a nightmare?
You should know. You were with me.
You were with me, and it was worse.
Yes, I was with you, here.
If you don't tell me more, I can't help.
All right.
I'll tell you about it tomorrow.
Tomorrow, I'll be back.
No, Mr. Liblis.
After this session, you need time.
And so do I.
So come back next week.
Same day, same time.
You should deal with this too.
Thanks for calling. Good to see you!
You worried me this morning.
How did the session go
with this Liblis guy?
Doesn't talk much. Invasive fears.
This incapacitate him.
Suicidal tendencies.
Certainly exacerbated by
social and emotional isolation.
Whoa... What protocol do you suggest?
You sure I'm not doing this
just so I can keep practising?
Louise, I'm never far away.
I call your chief every week.
He's kept me informed of you.
If I had doubts, I'd share them.
I'm your ally.
If you have any doubts, talk to me.
I promise.
This is enough for a horse.
Trying to kill a patient?
I'm the horse.
- Don't worry.
- Sorry, Doctor. I didn't see anything.
Never mind, Malika. Thanks a lot.
- Found it easily?
- Nope.
When all's said and done,
I feel good at home.
I see the kids, I read,
I can find myself.
I can breathe.
Depression also has its positives.
Reconnecting with life and loved ones
aren't the positives of depression.
It's the light at the end of the tunnel.
If that's so, my love,
things wouldn't be so dark.
Poor Louise...
We try to take your mind off things,
but your work never seems to end.
It could've been worse.
Since there are so few shrinks here,
he could've ended up as your patient.
Can I smoke?
Thank you.
And you?
What are you scared of?
Now that's a dirty little lie.
You'll take your dose very carefully
then transform into a vegetable.
No more suffering.
Maybe the illusion of pleasure.
Better to die right away.
I love my little pills.
They're like little helpers,
keeping me balanced.
I don't want to throw
my life into the abyss.
I don't have your strength.
Or your madness.
That is the abyss.
Let the spirits invade us.
After all, they might have
something to tell me as well.
Coffee? Tea?
Stay the night, if you want.
Then you won't have to drive home.
That's kind, but I'll leave you to it.
I think your husband needs to talk.
Thank you so much.
Laurence hospital
Thanks for a lovely evening
You feel comfortable.
Now, Tho, tell me...
What did you see
during our last session?
Mr. Liblis, did you study Latin
when you were younger?
Not even the local dialect?
Your case is surprising,
to say the least.
- Does that mean it's serious?
- No, don't worry.
It just means
I wasn't expecting to meet you...
I'm exhausted, Franois.
Death is everywhere, stalking me.
Guillaume last year.
Now, this family.
I was the last person to see them alive.
I know, Louise.
The hospital told me.
The director asked me to run
a psych unit to support his team.
I'll be staying a few days.
The husband seemingly had depression.
A typical case of "acting out".
You had nothing to do with this.
It wasn't you who pulled
the trigger of that gun.
I mean...
Want to keep your patients?
Then stay on track.
- How did you get on today?
- I managed.
Are you mad at me, Louise?
You're a shrink, aren't you?
The people I had dinner with
ended up in a bloodbath.
I don't feel like going to a restaurant.
All right.
Perhaps this was insensitive of me.
I'm here a few days.
Let's try to talk to each other.
You were exceptional.
Do you think that I'm happy
- seeing you rot here?
- Now stop.
Four people were killed with a rifle.
- Why bring this up?
- You've lost faith.
- Faith?
- Yes, faith. Call it what you want.
Your mission, your vocation.
That's our job, to confront pain.
Get back to basics, for God's sake.
- Talking, listening.
- What if it's not enough?
What if blind faith
in science and progress
is just a substitute for faith?
We could talk about
waves, energies, spirits...
What are you getting at?
Maybe it's better to talk about
schizophrenia, epilepsy
and bipolarity, problems that manifest
in symptoms once associated with...
What are you even talking about?
Are you having a bout of mysticism?
You should know that
the existence of a thing,
whether it's God or science,
doesn't preclude
the existence of their opposite.
No need for an anti-God
or irrational odds-and-ends.
Ah, so you're going mad!
Benzos? In those quantities?
I'm trying not to go completely mad.
Sorry, Franois, but I'm leaving.
I need to be alone.
I don't even recognise you.
- I can't leave you like this.
- You can, Franois.
You weren't wrong, Doc.
Free yourself from the demons...
so you can find peace.
Yes, I'm just calling
to reschedule our next meeting.
Thanks, Laura. Again, my apologies.
Excuse me.
Would you happen to be a lost sheep?
No, I'm a psychiatrist.
We're in the same line of work.
You seek to ease souls
using your words,
and I with the help of the Lord.
What can I do for you, my child?
Father, I'm preparing for a conference.
I need help translating some phrases
which I believe are in Latin.
Of course.
I once taught Latin at the seminary.
But to tell the truth,
we don't see many new authors, you know?
Let's have a look.
I'll see what I can do for you.
My apologies for insisting,
but this is very important to me.
I'll handle it.
Here's my card.
- Thank you.
- Call me when you can.
I wanted to let you know.
The nurses say
Elias was very agitated last night.
According to them, he was screaming.
- He had nightmares...
- Typical of post-traumatic stress.
- And?
- I've a colleague at La Conception.
They have a spot for him.
- In Marseilles?
- There, or elsewhere.
But a hospital like ours
can't treat a case like his.
With everything else going on,
we might implode.
We're not up to it, Louise.
Neither you nor I.
Hello, Elias.
All right?
Having a tough day?
You know, Elias, meditation can help.
Just sitting there doesn't.
It's on days like these
that our work is most meaningful.
What do you want me to say?
That you scared me last night?
Happy with yourself?
"Scared you"? I don't understand.
Do you have amnesia?
The bullshit you did...
"I'd go to Heaven
since I've already gone to Hell."
Not so clever now, eh?
You're usually more chatty.
Go on, get out.
You're the one
who should be getting treatment.
- Mr. Liblis, now's not a good time.
- Doctor...
I'm know what you're doing for me.
That it's complicated.
I wanted to thank you. I carved it.
It's a skull.
It'd look good on a shrink's desk.
- Thanks, that's kind.
- No, it's nothing.
By the way, I started engraving
some words into a rock on my lands.
When it's finished,
I'll take you there, you'll see.
I shan't keep you.
Fucking shit...
I thought of that already.
Why else would I have called?
You're so dumb!
What are you looking for?
- For you.
- For me?
I'll show you...
It's always me scaring you.
Oh fuck!
Something is weighing on you.
This morning, I found my livestock dead.
Their throats slit.
I don't know who did it.
Nobody'd do that for no reason.
Have you reported this to the police?
Shall we reschedule our session?
This morning, when I saw them outside,
there was blood everywhere,
and it made me...
I mean...
It's like my nightmare didn't end.
And worst of all...
is what happens at night with you.
At the start, I enjoyed it.
A lot, even. So did you, I think.
It's was nice, feeling you.
Really knowing you.
Now, those dreams hurt me the most.
What we do in those dreams...
It's not pleasure.
It's not even really human.
OK, let's get started.
You feel comfortable.
Close your eyes, Tho.
You are in a calm, warm place.
You are safe.
Breathe in.
I'll count from three...
to zero.
- Hello?
- This is Father Sylvain.
You gave me a translation, remember?
I need to meet with you.
Could you come by tomorrow morning?
We can discuss my findings.
- My child, are you there?
- Yes, I'm here.
Thank you for coming, Doctor.
Please, follow me.
We'll be more comfortable upstairs.
I managed to translate, more or less,
some of the phrases you gave me.
But before we go further,
I'd like to know their precise origin.
You know, there are too many books
on which my research is based.
Yes, I got it, but...
Which ones?
Father, medical confidentiality
is much like confessional, isn't it?
But when it's a matter
of general interest,
either party has to be willing
to accommodate a few infringements...
Am I wrong?
Not in this case.
Sorry, but I can't tell you more.
Come in.
That's my comic book collection.
To entertain the boy scouts.
Now, let's see.
I must admit, decrypting those lines
was no small feat.
It's an ancient form of Latin
which is no longer even taught
at the Biblical Institute.
The first word in your notes...
Mastemah was one of the many names
attributed to the devil,
such as Lucifer or Beelzebub.
And in the Book of Jubilees,
in Hebrew,
it is translated as "Hatred"...
"Hostility", or even...
And in the Book of Enoch...
The translation of Mastemah would be...
"He Who Becomes Wrathful...
Because He Denies Himself."
According to these texts,
this evil being would one day raise
an army of demons
to wipe out humanity.
The apocalypse?
In a sense...
In other words, this Mastemah
would work on behalf of Satan,
with the sole ambition
of testing humanity's faith.
Listen, I... I think that...
This text is unprecedented.
So I ask you once again, Doctor.
Where do these notes come from?
What does it say next?
Appropinquavit finis.
"The end is near".
Visceribus terrae.
"The depths of the world".
Lorem ipsum.
"I shall return".
Contact hospital immediately
Doctor... Do you believe in God?
I... I don't know.
In any case, not in the way
that's taught in church.
But God is different
for each of His children.
And you, Father?
Do you believe in the Devil?
You know...
If white color exists...
it can be supposed
that black exists too.
And if God exists...
the same goes for the Devil.
In the middle of the night,
Elias' neighbours alerted the nurse.
They heard a violence struggle,
and then nothing.
Nobody can understand it.
He was hung by the cord
from the window blinds.
How was he able to get up there?
Did you notice anything unusual?
Any changes in his treatment?
You had a session yesterday.
You didn't see it coming, Louise...
Damn it! They never let up.
Go on ahead, Louise.
Hello? Now what?
Not at all!
Hello, Doctor.
We were told you'd be coming.
We brought him here,
before the autopsy.
What a sad story.
So young.
What did you make me do?
Something's wrong, Doctor?
Good evening, Louise.
Were you looking for me?
And tonight...
What wound have you reopened in me?
Just like on that day. I trusted you.
You knew exactly what you were doing
during that session.
What did you want to get revenge for?
You think you know suffering?
You're still alive.
Even death is nothing.
My torment is never-ending pain.
Come on! Come here!
Doctor! Can you hear me?
Hello? This is Father Sylvain.
I got the info I was waiting for.
I fear that you don't fully grasp
the unique nature of these findings.
So please, let me insist.
How did you come to possess this text?
I practise psychiatry, not bartering.
I need to understand, Doctor.
To be honest,
your finding is bigger than us.
Both you and I.
Hold on, Father, I'll call back.
I need to see you, now.
I'm at the hospital.
Give me an hour or so.
All right.
Thanks for waiting for me.
Are you hurt?
It's nothing. I'm a little clumsy.
So, Tho...
Nightmares again?
No more nightmares!
No sleep, no nightmares.
Since our last session,
I haven't shut my eyes.
I've never felt this before.
This energy, I mean.
How do you use this... energy?
I don't know, I...
There are gaps in my mind.
My illness is getting worse.
It has to be. Ever since I met you,
it's gotten worse.
I can't leave you like this.
Let me find you a place
in a specialist establishment.
- I'll prescribe sleeping pills...
- I told you! I need hypnosis.
Mr. Liblis...
That would be madness.
And your promises?
Laying on your couch
while you put shit in my brain?
Are you still promising me bullshit?
When? When did I promise anything?
Your pulse is dropping.
Your breathing is slow.
Let go, Tho.
Detach your body from your mind.
- Now, Tho, tell me...
- Always.
I always did as you told me.
- He has returned.
- Who has returned?
Tho, I'm your therapist.
You will now leave this state.
You'll forget this whole session.
Listen to my voice and come back.
I am not a part of your
dreams or fantasies.
One. Exit this state.
We never met outside this clinic.
Two. Hear my voice.
Open your eyes.
I'm right here.
Look at me, Tho. Three.
I'm with you, you're with me.
Right here, right now.
Tho, you're with me.
Right here, right now!
It's not my fault I do bad things!
Tho, I'm your therapist.
You will now leave this state...
Listen to my voice and come back.
I am not a part of your dreams
or fantasies...
Hell is empty because
the demons are among us.
I'm with you, you're with me.
Right here, right now...
- Yes?
- Father? I need to see you, now.
Please, come over.
I doubt that
your kind invitation for a nightcap
was what motived your call.
I confess it, Father.
Would you happen to know
one of your parishioners, Tho Liblis?
Liblis? Liblis...
Wait, yes...
Oh yes, that's it.
I knew the Liblis family,
up in the highlands.
Very pious people.
Strong hearted. Why?
Well, Tho is their son.
He's also one of my patients.
He came to see me,
asking for hypnosis sessions.
Yes, that's all well and good,
but I don't understand.
How exactly can I be of use to you?
I need to show you something.
I'm your therapist.
You will now leave this state.
You'll forget this whole session.
Listen to my voice and come back.
I am not a part of your dreams...
Hell is empty because
the demons are among us.
I believe...
This is called delirium tremens, no?
If that were so,
I wouldn't have got you out of bed.
Have you ever performed...
for possessions...
an exorcism?
Listen, Louise...
I can call you Louise, right?
I think that very often,
exorcism is a symbolic response
to a mental illness.
And a symbol can sometimes,
even often,
be more effective
than any form of treatment.
- In this particular case...
- Father.
This isn't mental illness.
I must consult with my higher-ups.
Have you informed...
I don't know, the hospital?
The police?
No, Father.
Don't tell anyone. And neither will I.
And what would you tell them?
An unstable man visited a therapist?
Crime of the century!
I'm just like you.
I'm trying to understand first.
Are you testing my faith...
by confronting me
with the ultimate test?
What did you say, Father?
Nothing. Nothing, my child.
I'm praying.
"I saw coming down
out of heaven from God,
the Holy City,
the new Jerusalem, prepared as a bride
beautifully dressed for her husband."
- Only three coffins?
- "I fell at his feet...
What about Bruno?
The family refused
to let him lie in the same crypt.
" Death.
He held out his hand..."
Louise, when death knocks repeatedly
around someone as disturbed as you,
it raises a few questions.
"Every eye shall see him..."
I'm stunned the police
aren't interested.
A single call from me would be enough.
"...the voice speaking to me."
You seem to use psychiatric tools
against everything we stand for.
- "From His mouth, a sharp sword..."
- What are you scheming?
"And his face was like
the sun shining..."
I trained you to calm minds,
not to play Sabbath like a half-witch...
Silence, please.
Have some respect for the dead.
"Behold, I make
all things new.
I am the Alpha and the Omega.
The Beginning...
- And the End."
- I came to help you, but I'm sorry.
I won't let you do whatever you want
in your thoughtlessness.
"Whoever is thirsty, I give to drink
from the spring of the water of life.
I give you the keys
of the kingdom of heaven.
Whatever you bind on earth...
shall be bound in heaven."
Are you all right?
Are you unwell?
Tho Liblis.
IBLIS: from the greek "diablos"
"He Who Denies Himself".
Hebephrenic schizophrenia
Dissociative identity
Is someone there?
Twenty-five years earlier
Oh look, Louise.
You'll have a friend to play with.