Master (2016) Movie Script

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill,
had an urgent meeting, so his
chauffeur was speeding.
A traffic policeman stopped the car.
The chauffeur said, "This is the
Prime Minister's car. Let us pass."
The policeman said,
"Even if the prime minister is
really sitting in this car,"
"that is not an excuse for
Churchill was impressed by the
policeman's attitude,
and ordered him to be promoted.
The police chief who received
the order replied,
"Mr. Prime Minister, in this
police station,"
"we do not promote officers
merely for doing their jobs."
The British police are deeply
because they do what they
should do.
We will close this case perfectly,
and cut off the head of corruption.
Once again, thank you to
members of One Network for
this memorable day.
Next, we finally come to our last event.
The man who has led our
difficult struggle over the past
3 years, CEO Jin Hyeon Pil.
Please give him a hand.
Please welcome the chairman
with our warm applause.
This morning, I had a dream.
I had a big family called
One Network,
and each of you were hugging me,
and were very happy.
The warmth is still in here.
Low interest rates in this
financial technology era,
with different ways of buying
goods and investment dividends.
When I first conceived this
revolutionary business model,
I established 3 principles.
First, accurate income distribution.
Second, aggressive investment.
Third, transparency and openness.
Third, transparency and openness.
That third one is probably the
most hated by every business person.
I would like to introduce
everyone to One Network's
reverse thinking,
which has yielded great results.
One Network.
Three years ago, CEO Jin Hyeon Pil,
Kim Mi Yeong, marketing director,
and Pak Jang Gun, IT section chief,
founded One Network together.
Interest on investments for each
and every member,
-=Jang Gun, let's talk.=-
deposited daily into relevant accounts.
Who is this again?
An internet banking enterprise
people can find reassuring.
Diamond mines, precious metals
and so on, our overseas resources,
Domestic and foreign real estate
investment in developing countries...
Is it a woman? Did you cause
trouble again?
Hey, Mother Kim.
As I recall, we already agreed
not to touch below the navel.
We expect to grow to lead
South Korea's cutting-edge
People's hearts are like this.
No matter how much someone
may be respected and trusted,
for some reason, many people
will criticize him,
and he will become the object
of social condemnation.
Then, even in his own heart,
trust will gradually disappear.
Pyramid marketing. Sociology.
This is what people say about me.
In this difficult situation,
through it all, you did not let
go of my hand.
Instead, you became my strength.
Because I'm a fool,
you have had to experience
countless misunderstandings
and condescending looks.
But when I think of all of you,
my heart becomes determined.
The misunderstanding of the
world will become understanding,
and turn the humiliation of my
members into envy.
For this, I must bear the
and take action.
Today, in the midst of the envy
of the world,
we have gathered together.
One Network.
A business to make all of our
members wealthy.
If I had this dream only for me,
then this business would just
be called "One."
But with the trust you have
given me,
with the dreams and hopes
we share,
we have joined into a Network.
One Network is a whole,
because the hopes and dreams
the chairman has given us,
have brought us together
as one.
Now, we must unfold a new dream.
Today we will challenge a
wider sea,
and an even greater, new world.
Pyramid marketing, financial
forget all that!
After the acquisition of a
savings bank,
we will be able to earn money
in a safe and dignified way.
Our One Network,
will become the world's first
investment company under the
Depositors Protection Act,
and usher in a new chapter!
Jin Hyeon Pil! Jin Hyeon Pil!
-=I know you saw my text,
Jang Gun. Let's talk.=-
-=I know you saw my text,
Jang Gun. Let's talk.=-
Jin Hyeon Pil! Jin Hyeon Pil!
Endless challenges.
Let us spread the word.
A global financial investment
company exists!
Jin Hyeon Pil! Jin Hyeon Pil!
=The chairman is moving to
his next destination.=
Not answering a text isn't a
good habit.
Ah, that text!
Who are you?
In Ji?... no...
Hae Mi?... also wrong.
You're a little too old for me.
I'm Officer Shin Gemma of the
Intellectual Crimes Investigation Unit.
We're investigating One Network.
We're hoping you will provide
some assistance to us.
You can drive there voluntarily,
or ride in that car with my
Which will it be?
I see you're empty-handed, so
I could refuse to go with your
That's true.
But then we can take you in for
obstruction of official business.
Then I'll drive.
=We're going ahead.=
Hey, Little Girl.
Could we go a little faster?
Hurry. It's too slow.
The money must leave quickly.
Is it right?
Bank account No. 1,
$1 million USD.
Bank account No. 2,
$500,000 USD.
=Pak Jang Gun is on his way up.=
Jin Hyeon Pil?
=Currently meeting with Kim
Gwan Mun and Bureau Chief
Han Sang Uk.=
The financial sector is very
I've been telling you, buying a
savings bank is not easy.
You can't buy it with money alone.
I finally brought it to the review
stage with great difficulty.
But after that, I have no control.
Aigoo. Two weeks ago you said
it was difficult to get a review.
If you run into any reporters
just say things are being
discussed with a positive tone.
That's all you need to say.
After that, I'll show you a
The members are going crazy.
They heard you're a loan shark.
Aren't you plucking those
feathers a little too hard?
I heard you don't have to pay
taxes on lottery tickets in Japan.
That means the dreams of
ordinary people can't be taxed.
While in my country, we must
pay tax on even a bottle of soju.
My members also pay tax on
interest and dividends.
You say I'm plucking?
Who's really doing the plucking?
Those with a hard life,
people living on the black keys,
I just want to give them one
sweet, beautiful dream.
My intentions are pure.
Don't you agree?
Dreams without taxes.
That phrase is very powerful.
Like poetry.
Will this take long?
Can I make a call?
If I say you can't, will you not?
=Mother, I might be a little late.=
If you don't hear from me in an
hour, just go by yourself.
My mom.
Tonight, we're having a family party.
What's the matter?
Never mind.
-=Civil Defense training begins
1 hour.=-
Aigoo. They've really been busy.
=Jin Hyeon Pil's meeting is over.=
=Mother Kim just left.=
This is civil defense training!
According to regulations, only
take contracts and hard disks.
Be calm. Do this carefully.
Chief Pak Jang Gun isn't here yet.
I am Intellectual Crimes
Investigation Unit leader,
Kim Jae Myeong.
You are One Network's IT
section chief, Pak Jang Gun.
Right now. Here. Us.
Why are we in front of each other?
I know. We're not an ordinary
The dividends for tens of
thousands of members
land in their bank accounts
without missing a single day.
Collecting money, making
money, paying out money isn't
illegal, is it?
It's not illegal.
If it's not illegal, then here's
my business card.
If it's not illegal, then here's
my business card.
Trying to recruit me?
Yes. This is what I do.
Are you familiar with our business?
Every bank account has $10
million and every day you pay
dividends of $20,000.
Yearly interest is $7.3 million.
For every member you recruit,
your incentive is $2 million.
You use 40% as a loan shark,
a total of $500 million, right?
Every month you earn $13
million without doing anything.
You've figured it out.
Once we acquire the savings
bank, our company will be
even more awesome.
I'll let you in the back door. As
a team leader, you'll earn pots
of it. How about it?
This isn't business, it's a rescue.
A rescue.
What is this?
Aren't you the right-hand man
of CEO Jin Hyeon Pil?
In doing that, you have
committed a substantial crime.
But because of this account
book, you could be set free.
One Network's data control
room location, Jin Hyeon Pil's
account book.
I only want these two things.
Per your statement, you're a
diamond member.
Because of the daily calculation
program you wrote,
fraud that should stop at $500
million will jump into the billions
by the end.
We don't investigate just anyone.
You must be punished for your crime.
But as long as you help us,
we can give you a break.
Help you? Right now?
Right here with all of you?
Jin Hyeon Pil, Mother Kim,
Pak Jang Gun.
You're all just my appetizer.
Those who accept bribes from
Jin Hyeon Pil,
and the people on top of them.
This time, I want to catch
them all in one swoop.
How much is your salary?
$1 million? $10 million?
No matter how much money
he promised you,
you're never going to get it.
It's the first I've heard of any
account book,
and the computer room location
is only known by the CEO.
That's how Chairman Jin is.
He says he trusts you, but he
doesn't really.
Hey, that rotten guy.
I mean, first you need a solid plan.
After that, then you can ask
for my help...
Is that my phone?
There are 5 minutes left.
It will be quite melodramatic if
all that data is really destroyed.
Hurry, turn the power on!
What? Did something really happen?
Don't try to fuck with us, Kid.
Spend your life rotting in prison,
or keep breathing the fresh air
with a suspended sentence.
or keep breathing the fresh air
with a suspended sentence.
Just consider the two.
=Everyone stop.=
Have you started?
=What's going on?=
=A traffic accident.=
We were taken to the police
station just in case.
I'll talk to you later.
He scared the crap out of me.
Chairman Jin has scary,
watchful eyes.
He can kill with those eyes.
This is your "magpie bridge."
Keep quiet until we contact you.
Just keep doing your job.
You trust me?
I only trust in myself.
-=Civil defense training starts
in 1 hour.
Mother Kim=-
These guys, they caused quite
a riot this time.
These guys, they caused quite
a riot this time.
=You saw the text, right?=
What happened?
Jang Gun was in the police
station because of a car accident.
As a precaution, he said.
Almost a full hour for his first time?
Yeah, first time.
Check into it.
Wow, he knows what car
to pick.
Will he not be a problem?
You're not afraid he'll run away?
Being a bit moody is expected.
Were you hurt?
Well, I have a good car.
I'm totally fine.
Wasn't that the police station?
No, no. It was Suseo-dong station.
That bastard insisted we had to
go to the police station.
Maybe he was jealous of my car.
It's me. One of our company
cars was rear-ended today.
You know someone in the
traffic division, right?
Your license plate number.
Sorry to trouble you, but it's
rather important.
Fine. Find out and call me back.
Mother Kim, are you doubting me?
No, I'm just confirming it.
Then just let the insurance
company handle it.
Fine. Thank you. Bye.
For what?
That's an apology?
Jang Gun, are your feelings hurt?
Not exactly hurt, but...
You're disappointed.
I have to wring out tears to
put on a show out there.
But you have a little rear-ender
and trigger civil defense training.
How much do you think we lost
during that time?
You think civil defense training
is a joke?
Mother Kim.
You take care of the members
like a real mother,
so why can't you get along
with this kid?
Your relationship has been so stiff.
How can you talk to tens of
thousands of people, huh?
I still remember the first time
we met.
It's been 3 years, so let's come
together again.
This a bit...
I really hate doing this.
Aren't you coming?
Join hands.
That hour you thought was
and because of that tiny
mistrust in your heart,
this might have shaken our
entire business.
Don't ever be like this again.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for the misunderstanding.
Me too.
Let's eat.
Scared me to death.
-=Shin Gemma: Did you
dodge? Just breathe deeply
and do as we discussed.=-
Mother (Eomma) Kim.
Shin Gemma.
My fate is tied to women with
"MA" in their names.
=He's here.=
=Pak Jang Gun is on his way
How many times?
Damn leaflets.
I'll get them later.
Gyeong Nam.
I'm dead.
You're dead, my ass.
I haven't seen you for a year
and that's what you say?
Hey, hey.
I'm really dead.
Gyeong Nam.
We're really dead.
Will you give up the data
control room and the book?
They don't know you're here,
This is really not fair.
It's $50 million, you jerk.
You've been squatting in here
eating ramen. Are you giving up
so easily?
What good is money if you're
in prison?
The police know everything.
They're about to make arrests.
So we have to think, think.
Use our brains.
The investment fund...
I've got $5 million. Don't you
have more than $10 million?
Shouldn't we pull it out?
You're crazy. If we do, CEO
Jin will know immediately.
Hold on.
What do we do?
Those are Chairman Jin's
overseas accounts, right?
Yeah, but I only know the
amounts, not the account info.
Then put a Trojan horse on
Chairman Jin's computer.
Get that information so we can
take money out.
You 2, me 3.
We get the $50 million we
were promised.
They get the computer room
and account information.
In addition, Chairman Jin goes
to jail and we go free.
How's that?
Wait, just wait.
We're only taking $50 million?
There should be hundreds of
millions in there.
My friend.
It won't be good if we're too
greedy, right?
People who are rotting jail
got there because of greed.
Just do it quietly.
Plain and simple.
- Okay, okay.
- $50 million, right?
Enough money for the rest
of our lives.
Just make a good Trojan horse
for us.
I'll handle the details, okay?
Be tough now.
This is finished.
Here. This is our magpie bridge.
What now?
I need a battery charger.
Look how many are here,
you idiot.
It's not enough.
Be tough, kid.
I'm going.
Hey, wait a second. Stop.
I have something for you.
I'm not taking it!
Take it!
I'm not taking it!
=Your fingerprint is not registered.=
I've been deleted again?
You must understand.
Hey! Isn't this too much?
Do you know how much it hurts
my pride when I come here?
Should I read the security
manual to you?
It's correct for you to follow
the manual.
But luckily, I'm the police
Jerk, you won't bend even a bit.
If I bent, there's no way I'd
have this position at my age.
Well, I'd have to agree.
Shall we begin the briefing?
So, did Pak Jang Gun take
the bait?
This damn honey.
I said I didn't want it.
- It's really good.
- I don't want it.
- Just take it.
- Seriously!
- It's really good.
- I won't.
It's delicious. You can put it
on anything.
You bastard!
Just take this fucking thing!
Pretty please.
Just try it once. It's really good.
Hold it.
Aigoo. Stop. Isn't he Jin Hyeon
Pil's think tank?
You're sure he's not an idiot?
I think he can act like an idiot.
Financial Services Commission
bureau chief, Han Sang Uk.
Friday 3 p.m., their 7th meeting.
Because of Jin Hyeon Pil's
savings bank project,
he is trying to arrange it.
Recently, Jin Hyeon Pil has
been dealing with the media.
There will surely be some news
tomorrow morning.
Using the government to his
advantage, their number of
members has soared.
Total losses are estimated to
reach about $1 billion.
Hey... how can they hide
1 billion?
Have you found the account book?
Bureau Chief Han has already
taken a $5 million bribe.
Break them tomorrow.
If it's tomorrow,
Jin Hyeon Pil can take his
account book and escape.
That's why we have to work
hard and catch him.
The prosecutors will drag it out.
After that, the court will release him.
Is it even once or twice?
Are you tired of it by now?
You're not, right?
If we can find the account book,
he's dead.
Jin Hyeon Pil is at the bottom
of the pyramid.
This is our opportunity to catch
the people at the top.
We spent 6 months getting
Pak Jang Gun.
Within one day, we found the
data control room.
Please give me another week.
This will be the biggest scandal
since this country was founded.
This team was set up so that
you could investigate,
and now you want to change
the world.
Crazy bastard.
South Korea needs a crazy
bastard like me.
Lots of first places. He also
passed the judicial exam.
I thought he was okay.
It turns out he's an asshole.
Level 1 security.
Police Chief?
Shit, everything seems fine.
=A new concept in financial
investment, One Network,=
=has gone to court to acquire
Sinseong Savings Bank,=
=and have submitted documents.=
=Whether or not One Network
has purchasing qualifications,=
=there are many opinions...=
So now, just say a few words.
=What will happen to Sinseong
deposit money?=
=Will the Sinseong Savings
Bank be acquired?=
Ask quickly, ask quickly.
Ask the question.
=Bureau Chief Han Sang Uk,
has the business audit ended?=
What's with that crazy woman?
=What are the odds that One
Network will acquire it?=
What is he doing?
=Please make a statement.=
=There will be a review, as well
as active research into a wide
range of possibilities.=
=The audit is ongoing.=
=That was Bureau Chief Han
Sang Uk's reply.=
Aigoo. That went very well!
=If One Network buys Sinseong
Savings Bank,=
=they will be the first financial
network to implement the
depositor protection law.=
=We can predict an increase
in their investors.=
Is that all there was?
Wasn't there too little after
spending $5 million for it?
No. That was worth at least
$4 billion.
$4 billion.
This is One Network, providing
your hopes and dreams.
Look at this!
Membership is growing even
faster than I expected.
You've worked hard.
You're working hard.
Good job.
That's okay.
That line is whizzing straight up.
Is it done?
It's in the most popular
Scandinavian style.
Confirm with the code.
Good work.
He's playing tricks.
As the greenest of the 3
largest cities in Brazil,
Curitiba is...
What's the rush?
Gyeong Nam, he took the bait.
I'm not sure when he will open
his account,
so when you take a dump,
don't forget to bring your laptop.
But... should we withdraw the
money right after he confirms?
Are you crazy? It's $50 million.
He'll catch it immediately, you idiot.
After Chairman Jin is arrested,
you're in hiding,
and my sentence is suspended,
then we take out the money
and go abroad. Bam!
1-2-3, okay?
How can you take a dump while
holding a laptop? Bastard.
=Okay, shall we get started?=
=He's here.=
That's my car.
Hold on! Hold on!
He pretended not to see me.
Bureau Chief Han Sang Uk,
you're under arrest for
suspicion of bribery.
I'd like to... make a call.
What? What?
Hey, Little Girl.
You must have needed sugar
to go pick up honey so early in
the morning.
Pak Jang Gun.
Do you want to go to jail?
Right now?
Thanks to you, we found the
location of the data control room.
We just need the account book.
I really don't know. Really.
If you don't know, smuggle it
on your body.
How can I smuggle it out?
How am I supposed to find it?
Starting now, Jin Hyeon Pil will
be using his account book.
You just... need to be by his side.
What is this?
A listening device?
Don't screw with me,
and I'll be totally honest with you.
One word from me and you
will be automatically excluded.
That's a word I haven't heard
for a long time.
The results of our last promotion
were amazing.
It was twice the expected value.
How about a bit of applause?
As I always say, we're a family.
But a family needs to live in
one house together,
so shouldn't this house be a
bit bigger?
This one is also a bit too small.
Could several million people
have a place to lie down?
Okay. Then how about this?
I have prepared a golden tower
for everyone.
A place where our family can
live forever.
This place is called...
One Island.
One Network fulfills everyone's
hopes and dreams.
The initial deposit promotion at
this time has reached more
than 1 billion.
One Island includes
full coverage with internet,
education, service network,
and so on.
The Golden Tower will provide a
full range of services.
=Bureau Chief Han Sang Uk's
interrogation has started.=
=Jin Hyeon Pil has departed.=
Start the operation.
=Pak Jang Gun is running.=
Wait, wait, wait!
You're going to the office, right?
My car is in for repairs. Let me
just squeeze in here.
Here we go.
How is it?
=There's no department like that,=
=and they never heard of this person.=
=His immediate supervisor is
the police chief.=
=He's wrapped pretty tightly,
so it's difficult.=
Huh, amazing.
Even Mother Kim can't find
How did they know about
Bureau Chief Han?
Don't you think there must be
a spy?
There's nothing to worry about.
Just see how much you can
dig up.
Turn the car around.
They're changing direction.
=Okay. We'll come up from
the right.=
Did something happen?
Why did you come home?
Come on. I want to show you
Shit. Can you hear me?
I'm right outside.
I can hear and see very clearly.
Don't worry and go to him.
Come on.
Isn't that fun?
I spent hundreds of thousands
to have this put in.
Let's see...
Sit down. My neck hurts.
=Yes, Chairman Jin.=
Yes, it's me.
You've been doing well, right?
There was nothing else.
=Did you have a little problem?=
=Financial Services Commission
Bureau Chief Han Sang Uk,=
he was arrested today.
He said he was being framed
and asked me to help him.
He keeps texting me and
It's really getting annoying.
A warrantless arrest?
=Of course they should have
had a warrant.=
=You know someone, don't you?=
I know. I know.
Then... there are 2 judges.
And we have 4 prosecutors.
Because of their level, giving
each of them 5 pieces will do, right?
=Well, that's why it would be
better to add one more piece.=
=You know Judge Lee's loan
account number, don't you?=
Yes, I know it.
I'll do it that way.
The price of this cabbage is
too high.
Power is being able to buy
these things.
=Turn to face the account book.=
Using this to continuously feed
them well,
Using this to continuously feed
them well,
money has become marijuana.
The ones I write in here are
my dogs.
When I call them, they bite.
If I tell them to bite, they will
swallow it whole.
Think about it.
Who I have behind me.
Who is in front of you.
There seems to be a traitor
among us.
A traitor?
Which bastard is it?
The traitor... I'll look for him.
=I'll take Pak Jang Gun.=
=Bureau Chief Han Sang Uk
is being released.=
=They didn't waste any time.=
Two times $6 million.
That was easy money.
Get away. Hyeong is busy.
-=The balance is over $10 million.=-
You do overseas work, right?
I'm a little anxious here.
The boys who were so good
that time...
Send them over.
No, no.
The unlimited special.
...Two judges, and we have 4
The evidence is conclusive.
Because Pak Jang Gun shot it,
it's not illegally obtained.
I'll apply for a warrant to get
the account book.
You won't get the warrant.
The prosecutor already called,
and wanted to know who was
in charge of the investigation.
Because of me, you get a lot
of those calls.
You can still laugh?
Han Sang Uk got out in less
than half a day.
That's a new record.
Jin Hyeon Pil, that bastard,
who do you think he called?
Whomever it was, it was
someone in that account book.
Kim Jae Myeong, are you
really sure about this?
Even without a warrant,
I have a way.
I will definitely have that
account book by tomorrow.
Goodbye to this place.
You've done good work.
No time to say hello.
Again? What, what, what?
It's me.
They say it's darkest under
the lamp.
Here you are right in front of me.
But why did you come alone?
I thought you'd want to throw
me a party.
Ah... that's a bad sign.
That look says you want me
to do something, right?
You're very sharp.
Tomorrow morning at 9:30,
get the account book after
Jin Hyeon Pil goes to work.
If it comes to me through you,
it will have evidentiary value.
Are you nuts?
You expect me to go there?
I did everything you asked,
so what now?
I did everything you asked,
so what now?
One Network will grow into the
billions because of your program.
Because of that, pitiful civilians
clapped while they were being
Don't you feel bad for the
Fuck this!
Aren't you only thinking about
that account book?
When did you ever care about
the victims?
Without that book, we can't
catch the people on top,
or help the victims.
Of course, there's no suspended
sentence for you.
I guess this is the level of
our country's elite.
Detective Kim Jae Myeong,
don't worry about me.
Tomorrow at 8 a.m.,
we will begin the operation.
By a court decree, FSC
Bureau Chief Han Sang Uk was
At around 5:50 this morning,
his body was discovered.
The body and personal items
were found after a car fire had
been extinguished.
On his cellphone,
he left behind a suicide note
saying he was innocent.
It has not been confirmed,
but speculation is that it was
the intense investigation
that led him to commit suicide.
Because of the urgent nature
of the investigation and arrest,
the official position is that it is
under investigation.
Now what?
Super emergency alert.
Get ready to escape.
...also said that Han had no
reason to commit suicide,
and suggested he possibly had
been killed.
Team Leader Kim!
Just stop!
The situation is terrible,
and we're going to be blamed!
Someone died!
Until now, it's always been
about money!
No one had been killed before.
These people crossed the line.
Should I not cross it, also?
What should we do now?
I'll ask for backup. The rest
of you can leave.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I don't know what Pak Jang
Gun is up to.
Surround Jin Hyeon Pil's house
so he can't get out.
Prepare to enter One Network
=Yes, I understand.=
How long until you get to the
data control room?
About 30 minutes.
Why are you here?
It's me...
the traitor.
They're not from the local
police station.
They'll be in here as soon as
they get a search warrant.
Then who are these bastards?
How great are these bastards
that you're running their errands?
I'm sorry.
My head was in the wrong place.
You can give me the $50
million you promised or not,
but please trust me once more.
If I trust you,
how will you fix this?
First, we give the members a
double incentive.
This way, the bank account
has to double.
At that time, we start civil
defense training.
With all the data control room
information deleted, there will
be confusion.
Then, according to plan, you
just go abroad secretly.
Even if there is a bit of a loss,
it all has to stop now.
It's possible to forgive you since
you returned.
If you had come later, you
would also have died.
I will use this to stall them.
You take the real account
book with you.
Are you sure the people out
there will believe you?
He must trust you in order
to take the bait.
I'll take over the account book.
Until I confirm it,
cut all existing CCTV around
that location.
They're impressive.
When did that little bastard
switch the books?
I'll hand over the book after
Chairman Jin has been arrested.
I'll send you a text.
Take out the money or we're
dead. Remember that.
Take out the money or we're
dead. Remember that.
Take out the money or we're
dead. Remember that.
Are you really going to give
them the book?
You need some insurance.
Copy it with your camera.
Okay. Bye.
How long have you been there?
Pak Jang Gun!
Team Leader Kim, what happened?
You bastard! Stop the car!
Stop the car! I said stop!
=Are you okay? What's going on?=
Pak Jang Gun has been kidnapped.
Send backup to my location.
We can catch them.
Did you confirm it's the real
account book?
=Could it be Jin Hyeon Pil
using a fake book as bait?=
=Could it be Jin Hyeon Pil
using a fake book as bait?=
Send the backup team after
Pak Jang Gun.
Enter the One Network data
control room.
I want to personally put
handcuffs on Jin Hyeon Pil.
This is to pay for the boat.
A 10% service fee is included.
Will that do?
- Yes, that's right.
- That's correct.
Who's going to feed all of you now?
No, no, no.
Come out, Kid!
We know you're in there!
It's finished.
We don't have a warrant.
We don't need a warrant.
Open the door.
I'll do it.
Stop! Stop!
Damn it. Why do they want me?
Are you okay?
The real account book.
They're going into the
headquarters right now.
It's not too late to get the
information from the data
control room.
Be strong.
We must find Pak Jang Gun.
=Team Leader.=
=We've found Pak Jang Gun's
=He's in a storage yard area
near the mountains.=
Take over here.
Data control room. Have you
taken the data control room?
Management information is
being downloaded.
The power to the server was
already cut off.
He was transferred here.
There are no witnesses and no
CCTV in the area.
Pak Jang Gun.
Damn it.
=There's been an explosion in
the data control room!=
The data control room exploded!
=Jun Su! Jun Su was inside!=
Call an ambulance quickly!
Say goodbye to South Korea.
Look how much I lost because
our plans changed.
Is that worth congratulations?
There's nobody in this world
you can really trust.
There's not a word wrong in
that old saying.
Jang Gun, that cheating bastard.
Yes, that saying isn't wrong.
The highly regarded founder
of a new concept in banking,
One Network, Chairman
Jin Hyeon Pil has absconded.
His business investment abroad
exceeded $200 million...
Investigation shows at least
40,000 people were victims.
The whereabouts of up to $3
billion of investment funds are
still unknown.
Because of an explosion in the
data control room,
one policeman is in critical condition.
You made one mistake.
You went too far and tried to
catch everyone.
Like I said,
it's impossible to change this
country by yourself.
It's all my fault.
I will take responsibility and
then resign.
You want to resign?
That's not a good idea.
Take care of yourself and wait
for the dust to settle.
What are you doing in this place?
-= 6 Months Later =-
During these few months you've
been resting,
the interest has suddenly risen
higher than the principal.
Because of your injuries,
we can't sell your organs.
What now, scumbag?
I'll start paying the interest first.
Please trust me.
You stabbed Chairman Jin in
the back,
and you expect me to trust you?
Then what do you want me to do?
I will pay you back.
I'm not just some fucking scumbag.
He's working very hard, but
it's not easy.
He can do it.
He will do it for sure.
It is speculated that conman,
Jin Hyeon Pil, made his escape
on a small fishing boat found in
the East China Sea.
Chairman Jin's fingerprints
were found on board,
as well as public relations
director, Kim Mi Yeong, also
known as Mother Kim.
A search team continues to
search for clues.
Victims' anger has been growing
with the slow investigation.
Victims' anger has been growing
with the slow investigation.
One victimized family even tried
to commit suicide together.
They are currently in critical
Over the past year,
what have the police done?
What have the financial lawyers
been doing?
Do you still not see it?
Using their hidden real estate,
they have transformed again
and run a dark warehouse operation.
I am a prosecutor with the
Special Investigations Dept.
Those involved in the special
investigation now are my juniors.
I ask all of you to trust me.
Please stamp your seal on the
power of attorney form.
Everyone's money will be recovered.
This is for you.
Read it carefully and sign your
name on the line.
Sign above "power of attorney"?
That's right.
What are you doing here?
How can you have the nerve?
I'm sorry.
IT section chief?
It's their IT section chief!
Go to hell, you bastard!
We invested because of you!
Give my money back to me!
Give it to me!
Where is Jin Hyeon Pil now?
Pak Jang Gun! Pak Jang Gun!
I ended up like this and you
can still appear here?
I ended up like this and you
can still appear here?
Do you think I'm being punished?
Is this the ending you promised me?
What is that look?
Am I pitiful?
Am I fucking pitiful?
The charred bodies of financial
con artists Jin Hyeon Pil and
Gim Mi Yeong,
were found 3 days ago in Vietnam.
Police said they had confirmed
the identity of the bodies...
Those damn people are dead,
so what can I do?
Come with me.
I have something to show you.
Am I an idiot?
So you can screw me again?
You don't trust me anyway.
It was you who left me to go
catch Chairman Jin.
Didn't you also have your
own scheme?
I already knew about it, but I
still worked to get you a
suspended sentence.
Why don't you understand?
I've been waiting for a year.
Do you really believe they're dead?
Do you believe in Jesus?
Within 4 days, he will rise from
the dead.
You have a house.
You're a civil servant.
And pretty good-looking.
Married?... You can't do it.
What is this?
During this time, he's been
touring through China under a
different identity.
Eventually, they let him get
away to Hainan.
This is a secret flight path in
Southeast Asia.
Then suddenly, they arrive in
Vietnam and die.
On the charred bodies, luckily
we found a passport.
You can smell it, right?
This is what you've been doing
all this time?
The real conman was here.
Now, you can't find the bastard?
His trail is different.
He was in Russia 6 months
ago, but his whereabouts are
unknown again.
Jin Hyeon Pil will definitely
reappear soon.
Hey, sexy geek.
Did you miss your eonni?
Jin Hyeon Pil and Kim Mi
Yeong's official cause of death.
Exempt from prosecution.
Search ends.
And there's this.
A gift from the Police Chief
before he retires.
Three months leave for
Inspector Kim Jae Myeong.
Fine. A long vacation.
What should we do?
=It's me. The case is closed.=
=You can relax.=
=You're dead. How can they
do anything to you?=
Aigoo. I'm very grateful to you.
Thanks to you, I can rise from
the dead.
=How is business over there?=
=I'm going to introduce you to
a whale.=
=This time you must do well.=
Please don't worry.
This time when the deal is
over, you will be amazed.
If your previous reaction was
this time so you can say "Wow",
I'll buy you a great dinner.
=Is that so?=
How are you?
Thank you. Thank you.
- Here.
Very, very cute.
When are they coming?
They're here.
Okay, here.
Take your present.
Curitiba, the eco city in Brazil.
Very, very big green area in
the city. The #1 in the world.
And the best eco-friendly traffic policy.
It's a dream city.
Your government is bad,
corrupt, you know?
Your people are poor.
Your city, many, many crimes.
I'm sorry, but true.
Senator, your city needs clean
Right education for the children.
The best green city in the world.
It was one mayor like you.
Very smart leader.
The miracle of Manila,
begins with you, the Senator,
and us, the Choe corporation.
We can build this together with
our $3 billion,
and your government's $3
Starting from here, the slum
town of Tondo
we guarantee the dream city
of eco-Manila.
What you've done for the
children makes me speechless.
A foreign couple from China,
has accomplished more things
than what we can do.
No, Senator.
But my one concern is...
Time-wise, it's hard to keep
this business.
I need to start this in my term.
Can you give $3 billion within
a month?
He must be crazy.
Within a month, how can we
get $3 billion?
Yeah, he must be.
I'd really like to see this vision
come true very soon.
The miracle of Manila.
Is one month possible for you?
is the 6th meeting for us.
Number 6 in China,
smooth working out.
Okay. Good.
1 month.
How can we raise that much
in one month?
We don't have any way.
Sir, they're in the kitchen.
It's really been a long time.
All of you are here?
You look pretty scruffy.
Pack everything, get ready
and we'll go hunting.
My headache needs to see
some blood.
Let's go.
This is the escape route?
You asshole.
I looked for you for so long.
Thanks to you, I ran to the
island and didn't dare go anywhere.
If not for these guys,
I'd probably be raising bees.
You're a lunatic. Why are you
so happy?
I really missed this guy.
I'm about to cry.
What will Jin Hyeon Pil do to
swallow $3 billion?
Since he's changed his identity
following his death,
could he have gone straight?
That person's temper relies on
fraud for photosynthesis.
If he tried to earn an honest
living, he'd wither and die.
I already have a plan.
I will take all responsibility.
Jin Hyeon Pil and all the
bastards who support him,
must be clearly caught this time.
This is the name on the
account we found so far.
He has transferred $2 billion
He has $1 billion hidden locally.
We have to find Jin Hyeon Pil's
trail from here.
Then we start from here...
the One Network bank account.
It's this.
Creditor accounts.
And this, too.
The money isn't visible, yet
money is always flowing out.
Wait a second.
That was my job.
After a success, I'd go to the
investors and start it again.
Real estate and money that
couldn't be hidden easily were
transferred abroad.
So you were planning to prey
on the victims again?
Really a bunch of bastards.
I am a real bastard.
Then it's simple.
We just need to find that
bastard's replacement.
Say, why is it so hard to
meet with Mrs. Shin?
This is a big deal.
We've already talked about it.
Why would you even come here?
You should leave.
Give us some time.
I will give you some time.
I have other contacts.
There are many ingredients
that can expose Mrs. Shin.
I'll be back.
Schedule a dinner with the
and prepare a gift for Mrs. Shin.
I understand.
Excuse me.
Pardon me,
but I seem to have lost my phone.
Could I borrow your phone to
make one call?
Your phone was probably shut
off long ago.
Since you've grown so tall and
pretty, you must think society
is warm.
If it was turned off,
I'll buy you a good meal.
=Yes, how's it going, Nunim?=
[older sister]
Thank goodness.
Yes. Where are you now?
=I'm in the bathroom.=
Who is Ye Rim?
Ye Rim.
What do you do?
business here and there.
I really have a lot of issues.
May I consult you about them?
My fee is very expensive.
In the office, it's expensive.
At home, free of charge.
How about it?
My house is very nice.
The sound-proofing is also
very good.
Bill, please.
How many rounds did you say?
Three, why?
Three, why?
Then this is our first round
for today.
Don't be in such a rush.
Since Jin Hyeon Pil is dead,
isn't it over?
This letter of proxy,
isn't this thing useless now?
It doesn't matter if Jin Hyeon
Pil is dead or alive.
I've done all I could to speed
up this process.
Don't be so worried.
=You've already been through
the worst of it.=
=It can only get better from here.=
=Then, we will just rely on you.=
=Of course.=
This troublesome guy has died again.
=Why don't you ever answer
your phone?=
=Have you met Mrs. Shin?=
=Not this again.=
=I told you to leave everything
regarding Mrs. Shin to me.=
=Just trust me, okay?=
=You're always so suspicious...=
How can I trust you?
You only transferred $70 million.
Within this month, you still
have to transfer $1 billion again.
Can't you hurry?
I even borrowed a helicopter
for this battle.
Are you sleeping well there?
You can still swallow your rice okay?
Someone told me I had
1 month with no problem.
=It was you, Chairman Jin.=
=That was $1 billion, $1 billion.=
=I have warned you repeatedly
to back off and not hassle me.=
Hey, fuck that. You...
- Hey, Mr. Choe!
- Do you just want to wait
there to die?
I just want you to settle all
these and I'll give you a convertible.
You'd better be good for this
I said the money...
Today, very, very nice weather!
Very good!
After you, Senator.
=Can't you control Chairman Jin?=
If you keep nagging me,
I can't concentrate on work.
You have to get hold of Mrs. Shin!
$3 billion is at stake.
=If we miss the deadline,
the deal falls apart!=
=You must get hold of her!
You must!=
=Okay, okay.=
Aigoo. That damn Mrs. Shin.
who is this Mrs. Shin they keep
talking about?
The originator of the Korean
underground economy.
You don't know?
The grandma who swept up
big businesses during the
economic downturn?
They have only one reason to
find Mrs. Shin.
They need to transfer a lot
of money.
One month. Mrs. Shin.
Domestic money laundering.
The answer is obvious.
I love this country, Senator.
Section Chief.
To be honest,
aren't you a perpetrator?
Or a major accomplice?
Ultimately, you assisted the
police investigation.
At this point, it's not very
This is difficult to forgive.
I know very well what I
have done.
But I had to survive.
If I live, I can make amends.
My debt has exceeded
$20 million.
My liver has already been
broken in half.
I'm finally barely able to walk.
As long as it will help settle my
debts, I will do all I can.
Please tell me and I'll do it.
How can I help you?
You heard, right?
=It seems he's reached the
end of the road.=
=Should we try?=
Using his brain, could we find
some way to raise the money?
Plus, he will be dragged down.
Why pick up cards that have
been discarded?
How was it?
Will they take the bait?
=You'll be grateful to me if
they do, right?=
=You'll be grateful to me if
they do, right?=
Now we're back on center stage.
The appearance of Pak Jang Gun.
It should be enough to sway him.
Aren't you going to answer?
Who in the world is spreading
these rumors?
=Does it matter who it is?=
=The fact is there is a problem
with funding.=
=We have been here a long
time and not received the
transferred funds.=
=Everyone is panicking that it
may happen again like last time.=
That's why I want to know who.
I'm asking.
=If you know who it is,=
=will you silence them like
Han Sang Uk?=
=Don't you know how hard it
is to clean up these messes?=
=How can I keep carrying you?=
=Do you hear me?=
So you've been the one
carrying me.
I thought I had been carrying
an old man.
You're nothing but a pig bastard
who only knows how to grab
How much have I spent to
carry you here?
Should we count the pennies?
You should just let me carry you.
I will give you a lot of money.
He hung up on me.
Son of a bitch!
Are you crazy?
How can you act so rashly?
Why am I like this?
Stop joking around.
Keep nagging Lawyer Hwang.
I never see that guy working.
=Hey, Chairman Jin that
bastard now wants to bite me?=
=If he's so rude to me, don't
expect me to clean up his mess!=
=That bastard actually dares...=
Besides dealing with affairs of
state, you also must take care
of Chairman Jin.
It must give you a headache.
=Do you want to overthrow him?=
=Can you do something like
that, Mother Kim?=
I'm not alone.
Here they only see money.
They can't see people.
Just leave it to me.
Relax and go to sleep.
The name is Peter Kim.
Graduate of Harvard Business
This is the bait we throw
to Chairman Jin.
How did you get this idea?
If you want to catch a con man
like Chairman Jin,
you need to have an even
Very scary.
Who is this?
You're here early.
Who did you come with?
A younger friend I know from
He's visiting Seoul, so we're
having dinner together.
I'm Hwang Myeong Jun.
I have a law firm.
The time difference makes me
really tired.
I will leave first.
See you later.
Okay. See you later.
What's his deal?
He's just fooling around.
He can fool around, but he
doesn't have to be rude.
He plays with money.
He's quite a famous lobbyist.
The scale is incredible.
Yes. He came to Seoul to
jiggle the stocks a bit.
He's a black-haired foreigner.
Yeah, the black-haired foreigner.
What's his name?
Peter Kim?
We haven't met.
Hwang Myeong Jun.
I have a law firm.
Did you want to ask something?
You know Ryan, right?
His father was dean of the
I hardly hear anything about
But Peter? "Wow, he's
incredible! Just incredible!"
we haven't been in contact
for a long time.
Oh, I see...
Then I guess it was nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Peter Kim?
Yeah. Peter Kim.
Patti Kim?
(older Korean singer)
A singer?
Not Patti Kim. Peter Kim.
Peter? Peter Kim?
You're sure this kid is okay?
This is amazing.
I pulled back since I was afraid
Mrs. Shin wouldn't like it.
Suddenly someone turns up
who is even more powerful.
=When I investigated his
background, I got goosebumps
all over.=
=He's called the Money-
Washing Machine. He's a
master of money laundering.=
=Because one of his juniors at
university was my classmate,=
=his identity info, graduation
yearbook, and shoe size are all
=I plan to arrange a meeting to
see how far we can go.=
You don't know how many
shameless liars are in this
world, do you?
=I do know.=
He's not counting himself.
If it were necessary, even
God could lie.
Watch his eyes closely.
=His eyes?=
=Why his eyes?=
A clever bastard can lie with
his mouth, but not his eyes.
Ah, is that so?
Let me see your gun.
You don't anything else?
I do.
If Chairman Jin and I
fell into the water,
If Chairman Jin and I
fell into the water,
whom would you save first?
=Report your situation.=
=Main entrance all clear.=
=Hallway is all clear.=
=Have you checked the equipment?=
=Yes, it was checked.=
=Okay, Hwang Myeong Jun is
=I'll send Pak Jang Gun inside.=
Aigoo, I'm sorry that I'm late.
You must have been waiting.
Sorry, there was a traffic jam.
You're late.
I really hate not being punctual.
In any case,
thank you for being able to free
up some time.
What's there to thank?
Anyway, meeting with people
is my job.
But you're not someone who
meets with people, right?
What do you mean?
I heard your nickname is
Money-Washing Machine.
I see your purpose is clear.
Let's get straight to the point.
In Korea or in foreign countries?
Aren't you looking for money
To turn on the money-washing
machine, I have to know how
much and the status.
You really cut to the chase.
Very direct.
I have some urgent business.
But now there is a problem
with the funds.
My client is very uneasy.
=First, why don't we hear about
your money-washing abilities?=
I have some urgent business.
Because of problems with the
funds, I wanted to consult you.
What can your money-washing
machine do?
Money washing.
Just like it sounds.
It's obvious.
Put in what you want to wash.
Add detergent,
select the cycle,
run until it's done.
Is it simple?
How could it be complicated?
That's why you're called the
Money-Washing Machine.
It's my client.
He's very cautious.
Can you please explain it in detail?
This is my trade secret.
Okay, I'll ask again.
How much and what is the
A master indeed.
Since it's a specialty wash,
I'm extremely grateful.
=Bearer bonds. One billion.=
=Is it possible?=
Bearer bonds. One billion.
That's enough to make your
head spin.
Three weeks at most.
A bit of a hurry.
I can.
Since it's urgent and quite a
large amount...
This is the business plan.
For more details, we'll talk
later at the law firm.
We can talk about specifics
at another time.
You're very meticulous.
It does indeed seem to be Manila.
Wouldn't it be better just to
arrest them?
Even the Philippine government
is involved.
It's too dangerous now.
If we arrest them now,
the victims lose.
Do you think he'll explain
everything clearly?
We didn't start again just to
catch Jin Hyeon Pil.
This is our last chance.
What's the problem?
I have a difficult favor to ask.
When was it ever easy?
Who is it this time?
I plan to raise someone from
the dead and then arrest him.
Jin Hyeon Pil?
I will give you 60.
Explain it to me.
So he can swallow $3 billion
from the Philippine government,
he has to put in $3 billion of
his own.
He has $2 billion abroad,
but there's still $1 billion in
this country.
You want me to turn $1 billion
of something into cash.
I intend to double it.
That's the only way my plan
will work.
In a nutshell, if you're willing
to lend me $3 billion,
all the money for the scam
victims will be immediately
$3 billion?
This is my money-washing machine.
Hong Kong.
I currently make use of 3
regions for money laundering.
What Lawyer Hwang wants
is the simplest course.
Number 1.
Create a joint account at
Singapore Paper Company.
Number 2.
Transfer $2 billion in bonds
over to me.
Number 3.
From inside the money-washing
machine, $2 billion in funds is
shipped to Singapore.
After that, it's done.
Money washing completed.
It's so simple?
Did you think the money was
washed piece by piece?
That the time needed would
match the size.
The details are important to
dictate compliance with
international law.
That's right.
But the person with the key
who can do this
is only me.
it's just a simple transaction.
-=Eco-Manila Project=-
This will eventually go bankrupt.
The eco-city is fake.
=Don't you just want to get
$3 billion from the Philippine
- What's with this guy?
- Hush!
=Since you're doing this, why
not twice as much?=
Are you satisfied with just
$3 billion?
Why the sudden turn-around?
This isn't something I can
decide on my own.
=I'm not asking you, Lawyer
Would you like to double the
size of this project?
Wow. I was using him to pour
water, but instead he poured
oil on the fire.
How do we double this?
You have a map of Manila, right?
Do you see a big lake, the size
of a sea?
What does it bring to mind?
Our specialty.
Cutting a canal.
Anyway, this project will
naturally go bankrupt.
Is there anything you can't do?
Build a theme park around
the canal.
Dig a little deeper.
=Even the shipping tolls will
be lumped together.=
=That would be enough, right?=
In that case,
what about the other $3 billion?
In South Korea, someone can
hand over $3 billion.
Who do you think?
Mrs. Shin.
Hyeong is really great.
He is great.
I used to think he was a great
pain in the ass.
But lately, he's been growing
on me.
It seems we all feel the same.
Have you looked it over?
What do the words and pictures
You can know the answer just
by looking at the numbers.
What are you doing, kid?
I'm a kid called Pak Jang Gun.
I'm a pretty good kid who
wants to catch a bastard named
Jin Hyeon Pil.
This. Is it your work?
Oh, that dish was made by
Kim Jae Myeong.
As for me, I helped with tasting
it and setting the table.
We're something like yin and yang.
If not done properly, half of
this property may be gone.
This can't be exchanged for lives.
compared to my life,
the life of a retiree like you is
more valuable, right?
Daft kid.
Why does that sound to my
ears like a threat?
You can hear it any way
you wish.
What is it?
What else? It's $3 billion.
Wow, how is it so easy?
Is it okay for you to hand this
money over so casually?
Don't you need a deposit
or something?
We also have business ethics.
Jin Hyeon Pil, that bastard, has
tried to swallow too much.
I set up the legal system, so
of course I must help protect it.
You alone are great one.
You must like bearing the
burdens of the whole world.
You're looking much better.
Imagine children,
playing on the grass.
Not playing in the trash.
Let's make a canal.
Clean water, you know?
Good environment for children.
You will see huge smiles on
their faces.
I hope that one thing.
Mr. Choe.
You are amazing.
No, I'm not.
Mr. Senator.
Let's go together.
Let the children live in a clean
area, clean water.
Why can't I get it out?
Ah, an old school telecom scam.
Yes, I'm ready to take your bait.
=You didn't change your
=Are you listening?=
=Are you scared?=
Shouldn't I be scared if a dead
person is calling me?
Where are you?
I managed to escape Korea,
so I must be in Heaven.
Let's meet.
Why should I?
The "why" can wait until we
meet again.
Think about it.
=I heard you already convinced
Mrs. Shin.=
=Begin the money laundering.=
The machine won't run before
meeting directly with clients.
=Hey. You must know that
party is in Manila.=
It doesn't matter to me.
Give your client a call.
Tell him we must meet
personally before the money
This meet... Hello?
This is a problem.
This money is good, but it
smells bad. It smells.
Take these two away.
Go and ask about a small boat.
The fastest kind.
Hey, come in!
-= Find something yet???=-
-- Is it unusual? Aren't you
Phone call!
=Send Peter over.=
I can't go there.
The documents are perfect. We
just need to transfer funds.
Is this necessary?
=You can't meet.=
=It's too risky.=
Quiet. Quiet.
Just send him here.
Are they playing hide and seek?
He says go and you go?
Mrs. Shin and the Philippine
government were bad enough.
You look for problems like this?
I can't provide assistance.
If there are any problems,
you'll have to settle it locally.
Don't worry.
I will personally catch him
and bring him back.
I'm not worried about you, Kid.
I only worry about myself.
Is he going?
Because of all the variables,
we need someone skilled.
He has to come with us.
-=Manila Cathedral 12:00=-
We can't predict what might
happen tomorrow.
If there are any problems, ask
for help through the local Police Chief.
=Command is transferred to
Officer Shin Gemma.=
Once the funds arrive, the
Eco-Manila account will be frozen.
If there's any danger, Pak Jang
Gun leaves immediately.
Remember that.
I won't forget since my life is
very important.
Don't worry.
Then let's check their work again.
What is it?
thinking about this and that.
As you know,
Chairman Jin is a sly fox.
Aren't you afraid?
If anything happens,
use your head.
If you came, you shouldn't
be afraid.
You know where Manila
Cathedral is, right?
Let's go. Go, go.
=The target has appeared.=
=Should we follow?=
Let him go.
This concept isn't too bad.
You're looking refreshed.
It's good to see you again.
Before things get mushy,
let's get to the point.
I've been promoting a project
and it's over tomorrow.
I've been promoting a project
and it's over tomorrow.
Chairman Jin's $3 billion and
and another $3 billion come
We can swallow it.
$3 billion? $3 billion?
How did you lure another $3 billion?
Next to Chairman Jin, someone
appeared who caused a headache.
As a result, I became a duck egg.
Men are bastards who never
pay attention.
I'm also a man. What should
we do?
May I borrow your brain?
If you find a way to grab that
money, I'll share it with you.
Oh, man.
How can I trust you?
I left my stamp behind in Seoul.
How can I prove it?
Account book.
Give me Chairman Jin's
account book.
At least I'll have that if I need it.
Account book plus 10%.
Will that be enough revenge
towards Chairman Jin?
I'm sure you'll give me 10%.
$3 billion plus $3 billion is
$6 billion.
Hold on.
$600 million?
Just think of it as the last time.
Can you trust me one last time?
=His guest just arrived, white
hair, wearing a silk shirt.=
Change of location.
2:00 Tadami.
Hurry. Don't be late.
Yes. We're acting now.
Mr. Kim.
=Team Leader! Where are you?=
=Team Leader! Are you there?=
You're sure he was kidnapped?
We can't contact him.
He's in danger.
Request support from the
Police Chief.
Report your situation every
5 minutes.
=I understand.=
=Law Firm MJ.=
I'm here to see Lawyer Hwang
Myeong Jun.
Why are you here?
I was just in the neighborhood.
I thought we could have coffee.
Police Chief, it's me.
There was an accident.
We need you to provide assistance.
Yes, I understand.
What do we do?
What should we do?
=I found a way.=
=Both of you meet. Enter the
account number on the spot.=
=At that time, I'll just connect
to both via computer.=
Within 50 meters, I just need
5 minutes.
Was it there yesterday?
What about the account book?
In my hands.
You're here?
What do you think you're doing?
There are a lot of eyes, so I
brought you to a quiet place.
Do you know who and what
kind of person I am?
Do I need to know that?
I did pretty well in South Korea,
but something happened, so I
came here temporarily.
How good could it have been
for you to end up like this?
How far is it?
Not far. Lend me your phone.
Why is this guy here?
Are you crazy?
I don't trust you.
Speed up.
We'll settle whatever grievance
you might have.
But first, let's finish this thing.
I can't possibly do business
this way.
There are a lot of people in
the world with money.
Take me back.
You're very particular.
Okay, okay.
I can see you're angry.
Come sit down.
Shouldn't you finish up and go?
Who keeps calling you?
You're disappointing someone.
I'm going.
=Are you ready?=
=Turn it on.=
Mrs. Shin's people are waiting at
the Junggye Station intersection.
The Sangil Building.
Upstairs, there is a church.
Demolish the wall inside of the
tower and there is a vault.
The password is fairly complex.
=Chairman Jin's bonds are
in hand.=
=They are authentic.=
=After the transaction is
completed, we will be in contact.=
=Begin the money laundering.=
=Deposit $1 billion from Mrs.
Shin into Eco-Manila account.=
Good. The money laundering
was completed.
I will put in 2, and you will
put in 3 from Mrs. Shin?
You don't trust me?
Because there are too many
con men.
Of course, I don't mean you.
Why is it empty?
We just got 2!
=Chairman Jin's money is in
the account.=
=Urgent request, do you want
to freeze the account?=
-=Check Kim's location=-
You haven't gone yet?
Lawyer Hwang Myeong Jun.
You're suspected of violating
the Special Money Laundering Act.
This is an urgent arrest.
Which office are you from?
Tell me and don't be reckless.
We'll talk after we get to
my office.
The money is all together.
Before the Philippine govt.
makes their transfer, this is
under my management.
This was Mrs. Shin's condition.
Can I go now?
You will stay here.
All together.
The money is together and
the people are together.
How is it?
Have you decided?
Hasn't Mother Kim asked you?
If we both fell into the water,
who would you save first?
What the hell?
Bunch of psychos.
Hey, get out.
Just for a few photos, I spent
hundreds of thousands.
Detective Kim Jae Myeong.
You assholes.
If you don't want innocent
people to die because of you,
then think carefully.
Transfer all of that into this
It's the general account.
I found their location.
Just to get this money,
I've been wrestling for several days.
I'm most grateful to you.
That canal plan was really
a masterpiece.
I mean, why didn't I think of it?
You're so smart,
why are you wasting it making
a civil servant's wages?
Then why do you use yours
for scams?
When you deal with petty cash,
it's called scamming.
When it reaches $10 million,
it's an economic crime.
when you deal with billions,
do you know what it's called?
Whatever you bastards call it,
you still end up in prison.
You mean,
someone's going to jail?
They will be pardoned.
That's the world.
You're looking thinner.
Has your knife wound healed?
As you can see, I'm fully
You should pick the right side.
Look what your morality is
worth now.
Here it is.
All this for one lousy account book.
Why? What?
Why? What?
Will staring at me change
What did you do, jumping from
this side to that side?
What did you do, jumping from
this side to that side?
Are you double-sided tape?
You two are alike.
But also... really different.
I'd rather look at his face.
What bullshit is that?
I don't understand much of
your bullshit either.
Bring it here.
The speedboat is ready, right?
=Team Leader, can you hear me?=
Start it up. I'll be right there.
=Reinforcements have arrived
at 4 o'clock.=
=Can they go in now?=
=Standby. Standby.=
Everyone came all the way
here, but it didn't turn out well.
But what can we do?
I have been waiting one year
for this day to come.
Do you think we'd come here
without being prepared?
Call Hwang Byeong Uk.
It must be a face-to-face transfer.
So you're being tough?
We let him have some photos.
Shouldn't I be a little tough?
Of course.
I hope mine look good.
Just give me time to hack into
Jin Hyeon Pil's computer.
About 5 minutes.
That should be easy to handle.
When he enters the account
number and password, it's over.
What's this?
What's wrong?
What happened?
Why? What?
Will staring at me change
Don't let him get away!
Catch him! Catch him!
=Team Leader, come back.=
=It's too dangerous!=
Gun! Gun!
Let's go!
Go quickly!
Go quickly!
You're laughing?
What's so funny?
Then should I cry?
You can't wait to kill me, right?
But if you kill me, you'll never
find all that money.
Shoot me, you bastard.
Shoot me!
Damn it!
It's that asshole!
Go faster!
Hit him! Hit him! Hit him!
Your gun!
Give me your gun!
Go catch Jin Hyeon Pil first.
Hurry and go.
Shut up.
It's all over.
Stop! Stop!
I can't miss all the excitement.
Damn it.
Where should I put this thing?
If you take me back, things
will turn upside down.
Can you handle the consequences?
You've made a big mistake.
I didn't come here just to
catch only you.
=I'm sorry. Your call has
been rejected. Please try again
Look carefully.
This is what your so-called
world has become.
Jin Hyeon Pil.
You are suspected of murder,
arson, and special financial
I hereby arrest you.
Fucking seriously.
It's really like a dream.
=Jin Hyeon Pil has been arrested.=
=Jin Hyeon Pil has been arrested.=
=The team leader and officers
are also fine.=
=But they're looking pretty
Jin Hyeon Pil has been arrested.
Good work!
The mat has been spread out.
How is it all going to end?
Jin Hyeon Pil!
Admit your crimes!
I'm Jin Hyeon Pil. I've been
wrongly accused!
Pyramid marketing conman,
Jin Hyeon Pil, has been arrested.
Where and how he was
whether the government
accepted bribes,
this news has been completely
blocked so far.
But whether Jin Hyeon Pil's
account book of bribes paid to
officials really exists,
is the focus of much national
Can you really do that?
Will you be able to keep your
If it goes through the national
restitution of victims will take
at least a year.
That is the torture of hope.
People can't afford to wait.
You want to do it yourself?
My hands shake. I can't.
It's how you untie the knot.
My life never went smoothly
and I was very depressed.
But you were the first to think
I was a good person.
It wasn't too bad.
Thank goodness.
Now do you trust me?
You drive me crazy.
How about we hug?
I'm going.
Expose it.
Let's go together.
I like it here.
Hey, but...
have all the payments gone out?
There's not a single dollar left?
Shut up. It hurts my heart.
Hey. Hey. Wait, wait.
Look into my eyes and answer.
You don't trust me.
You still don't know me.
I'm going.
Jerk. Treat me like your monkey.
=An Gyeong Nam. Your bank
account balance is... zero.=
Son of a bitch!
You bastard! Asshole!
The weather is really nice.
Is this really the only way?
It's been a few months.
The account book has been
Your network has completely
The President can't save you.
After the spotlight dims,
everyone else can go out,
but why can't I?
Because you're you.
If you leave, the victims will
kill you.
In prison, you'll be beaten
to death.
This is your best option.
Fuck that. Who says it's the
best? With all that I ate...
You must not waver.
Be consistent.
Just keep thinking "It hurts,
it hurts" and it really will hurt.
It's self-hypnotism.
Isn't that your specialty?
Now I have a headache.
- See, it really does hurt.
- Get lost!
He seems to be getting worse
and worse.
Maybe you should send him to
a big hospital.
Damn it. I shouldn't have gone
to the Philippines.
I should have gone to Thailand.