Master (2021) Movie Script

'Let's kill this boy also, partner'
If we burn all the evidence
we will be the prime suspects
'We need a witness
to speak in our favor'
All that is fine
Just like his father, what if he also
makes trouble insisting on being truthful?
Let's find out right away
Hey boy
What's your name?
- Bhavani
- Huh?
How did your parents die?
They were burnt to death
in a gas explosion
[loud laughter]
He sure knows to survive, I say
After we use him as a witness
...let us complain against him
for stealing our union funds
'His father is Lorry Union leader'
If we claim his son stole union cash
will anyone believe that story?
Sudden show of mercy, huh?
He's so young, that's why
Hey boy, listen
I'll send you to a place where boys
like you are well looked after
Will you go there?
'Govt Juvenile Observation Home
Nagercoil, Kallakurichi'
'That boy shouldn't sleep
even one night in peace'
I've given you more than
what you asked
Thank you, brother
If there's any kind of foul play
Esakki will hunt you down and kill you
- Keep an eye
- I'll take care, bro
'Hey! Come'
'What are you glaring at him for?'
Hey! You want the luxury of sleep, huh?
What are you looking at?
Wipe it
Wipe my boots
Pickle you to pieces, rascal!
'All of you, move aside'
Hey you! Can't hit you more than this
Standing so still
least bit affected!
You are hitting me mercilessly
because someone is paying you
I have to pay you much more
to make you stop hitting me
I am penniless
Hit me all you want
When I have the money
I'll call you then
[phone ringing]
- Who is this?
- 'Brother'
'That boy Bhavani has escaped from jail'
Scumbag! Is this why
I'm spending so lavishly?
I'll deal with you in person
Find him before daybreak
'Don't worry, Brother'
I won't harm you
'If I had wanted to, I could have easily
slit your neck when you were asleep'
But I can't be on the run
throughout my life
I came here to request you
to let me lead a normal life
I don't understand
Let me live my own life
What do I gain by releasing you, huh?
Give me a chance
for just this 1 week
I'll give you half of
what I earn this week
'Whichever week I don't pay you'
...stab me on that same day
at that same spot
Fine, I'll take a chance on you
This week is yours, go
How much do you usually pay for a lorry
to cross the check post without a permit?
Only if you cough up Rs 1000 per lorry
you'll be allowed to pass
I'll get the permit slip
Rs 1000 is yours to keep
I want Rs 100 per lorry
If the policemen hassle us?
That's my responsibility
What, I say?
What do you want?
Come, quick
Hey! Wait...wait
Hurry up
If you want the permit slip in your hand
I must get Rs 500 per lorry
Got it?
Whether I'm here or not
...ensure the boys get
their share of booze and fag
'Govt Reformatory'
In a way, only we are
responsible for all this, partner
When we killed his father
we should have burnt him to ashes too
Now he has the gall to contest as head
in the Lorry Drivers' Union Election
How did he amass
this much wealth, bro?
Logu, do you know how many
lorries run under his control?
On top of it, he owns a meat factory
He is into exports too
All this is common news, partner
These boys in the reformatory
for juvenile delinquents
'He uses them to do something
That's where the money flows in'
Some even say he plays proxy
to a minister to launder his money
If he wins this year's Union election
...he will stoop to any level
to avenge his father's murder
Doesn't make sense to spare him
beyond this stage, partner
Talk of the devil!
Close his chapter
Hello, my dear boy
Hindu, Muslim, Christian
You seem to have the charms
of all the Gods around your neck
Each sect endorses
a particular God
One God will save me
when I'm in danger
Minimum guarantee
Is this the same chap who pleaded
when he was 17 to spare his life?
We need to discuss something
very important with you
You were paying us
on a weekly basis all these years
You can stop it
Instead you can sell all your assets
'Go and earn a living
somewhere outside India'
I felt the same and
wanted to tell you next week
'For how long?
That too every week'
How can I pay tax to you
to ensure my life is not at risk?
That's why I've decided
to stop payment
That decision isn't
yours to take, scumbag!
'Just zip your lips
and obey our orders'
I will do only what I feel is right
I am well aware of
how dirty your hands are
Making those boys surrender
for the crimes you commit
'Instigating them to kill
We know about all your offenses'
Don't show off your temerity
Just tuck your tail and scoot
Otherwise you will meet your death
in our hands, watch it
[mocking laughter]
[imitating laughter]
Look around you
This is my area
'If I set my heart on it'
Only your lorry will move from here
Not you
I think you are unable to differentiate
working for money and for gratitude?
Shall I show you a sample?
Listen! We have an important
work to do, come here
'He is calling us, come'
- 'Bhavani, da
- Why is he calling us suddenly?'
Whoever kills these 3 men
in this spot will be rewarded
With a prize money
2 million
[burst of amused laughter]
'Do you realize where you are
and what you are blabbering?'
You think I work for brother
with money as motive?
We go back a long way, da
- 3 million
- If you raise it 50%?
- 'He is like my own brother'
- 4 million
Why are you keeping quiet
when he's so arrogant, bro?
Just say 'yes'
I'll kill him-
5 million!
- How dare you rattle off?
- 6 million
Hey! Kill him now
Wait...let us hear our brother out!!
7 million
Wait...wait, bro
I'll go up to the gate and
make sure no one enters this area
- 8 million
- What?
Move aside
Then shall we lock
the deal for 8 million?
- Okay, bro
- Are you ready?
We will divide 8 million equally
I'll deal with these 3 men
Now do you know the difference
between greed and gratitude?
Bro, chopper
I don't need this
I'll give you 2 minutes
Kill me if you can
And save yourself
These boys?
Yes, sir
Post mortem matches the crime scene?
They have done a neat job, sir
Not knowing to drive
they ran over a man
You expect me to buy this?
'Whom are you trying to trick?'
Sir, I'm not a professional driver
I thought I'll try my hand
But turned out fatal
- Right?
- Yes, sir
- 'Do they have a past history?'
- Yes, sir
Pickpocket case, 511
Then 6 months they were in
a Govt reformatory
Now they are in IPC 302
Punished for murder
Is this a reformatory?
Or a criminal training center?
Why do you need this reformatory
that turns a thief into a murderer?
- Call the Observation home staff
- Okay, sir
Sir, he's calling you
Good afternoon, sir
I am the superintendent here
Forget the introduction, when do you
intend employing a regular master?
The boys drive away
any master we appoint
Actually scared of them,
no teacher wants to take up this post
But how can you run a school?
'Not one teacher so far, huh?'
Shocking and shameful!
If there's no master to teach
or guide the students
' will they reform, huh?'
'I have personally seen
30-40 cases like this here'
'Superintendent, I'm passing a Govt order'
'Send it to all private, Govt schools
and colleges, to every single institution'
Whole of Tamil Nadu
'You'll find a master
for sure, understand?'
Type out the order
"They call me master
Changes will happen faster"
"His entry spells power"
"Who is our master?
'St Jeffery College is a truly renowned
educational institution in Chennai'
'Alumni of this college
have carved a name'
'In cinema, politics, advertising and
are celebrities in their own might'
This college has molded innumerable VIPs
'Students are very eager to make this
a very memorable reunion'
Do you want to know why?
Come along with me
- Hi, nice to meet you
- Same here
I've spoken to you over the phone
- Oh! That was you?
- Yeah
- What's your full name?
- Charulatha Prasad
Come, let me introduce you to everyone
- This college has a decorum
- Students are capable of doing it
Their plan is to ruin our image when
the minister arrives as our chief guest
'If this issue leaks,
your college reputation is at stake'
You want to take further action
- Do so after the minister leaves
- This is well planned
'Sri, stop this cat & mouse game'
- You had better confess the truth
- Trust me, sir
- Isn't JD responsible?
- No, sir
I swear, no, sir
Then who is the culprit?
Your father...?
Everyone knows about Savitha's trauma
I know how those 2 scumbags
sexually harassed her-
Hey! Mind your words
Spit that gum first
I said throw it out
I'll trash it as soon as
it loses its sweetness
Don't act smart
The two noble souls
who sexually harassed her
You suspended them for 1 week
Knowing it was inadequate
we even complained to the police
But they took us for a ride
without taking any action
Only then we knew Aadith's dad
is a rich businessman
I think he has planned
to send them off to Canada
That's why I took the boys
' his house
to find out his plan'
'Hello, sir, they haven't
left the house as yet'
'I think they are still inside'
'But it's evident they have
hatched a plot to escape'
'Strangers keep walking in to their house'
'Sir, I can hear their voices
I think they are coming out'
- 'Take care, son
- Don't worry, pa'
- Be safe
- I'll call as soon as I reach
'This is the duo'
'Call after you reach the airport'
Let's follow them
Both of them have left home, sir
Aadith and Rahul are in a taxi
They just crossed Ashok Nagar
'Along with our boys
I am following them, sir'
- Where are you, bro?
- 'At a signal'
- Which signal?
- Jafferkhanpet
Ask him the bus number
- Which bus?
- '70 V'
Bus number, bro?
70, V
It's coming close to you
Waiting at the signal now
'Bro...look this side'
I've spotted you Come on, hurry up
'Look, it's that bus'
- 'Get in'
- Move
Both of them got into
bus number 70 V, sir
'Bus number TN 01 AN 1184'
'Bus has crossed
Jafferkhanpet signa-'
Why did he cut my call?
"Got the man with the plan right here"
"Bringin' swag with the man right here"
[mobile ringing]
"Yeah, clap for me, man, right here"
"Got the man with the plan right here"
"Bringin' swag with the man right here"
"Livin' up and sippin on beer"
"Yeah, clap for me, man, right here"
"Hey! No matter what they say"
"Master the blaster"
"Hey! No matter what they do"
"Mr Master the Blaster"
"Hey! No matter what they say"
"Master the blaster"
"Yeah! Master the blaster"
"Hey! No matter what they do"
"Mr Master the Blaster"
"Got the man with the plan right here"
"Bringin' swag with the man right here"
Livin' up and sippin on beer"
"Yeah, clap for me man, right here"
"Got the man with the plan right here"
"Bringin' swag with the man right here"
Livin' up and sippin on beer"
"Yeah, clap for me, man, right here"
"Sound the alarm"
"Yeah! Give it up for my man JD
settin' fire to the screen"
No problem at all, bro
I've informed our boys
They are inside the airport
Don't worry at all
All loopholes covered
"His entry spells power"
"Who is our brother?
Come, let's go
Not you
Throw him out
Who is that?
'Bro, get up
Hurry up
'Hey driver, don't stop the bus'
Go...go...keep going
'Don't stop, keep moving'
[amused chuckle]
'Stop, man'
'Let's get off
Come soon'
'They got down from the bus and ran'
Thank god he came in his bike
- It wasn't him
- Sorry, sir, he came
Sir, come
'In all this confusion
they ran into the Metro station'
Give me the token
Come fast
'Get in, quick'
It's really good.
I never got a chance to take a Metro train
from when it started operating
Thanks, boys
I plan to stab a master here
Brave hearts, continue the ride
Fainthearted, alight
I'll collect it later
'If you move a bit,
I can go there and watch'
Thanks, sir
[smug chuckle]
How are college students and
'dhoti' clad politicians connected?
Airport is close by
Catch an auto or something and go
Don't wait here
Hurry up
They rushed out and
got into a share auto
Turned out to be our friend
brother Jameel's auto, I got in too
'Easy-peasy that's where they got caught'
- Escape to Canada, right?
- Yes, sir
'Friends encircled and took them
to the police station, right?'
Yes, sir
So you were responsible
for everything
- Yes, sir
- JD had nothing to do with this?
We swear, nothing at all, sir
Those 2 boys swear
your teacher JD was behind this
- These students are lying
- Of course I know, sir
JD is the culprit
- Who is JD?
- 'He is playing up with their support'
- I'll tell you, long story
- 'One day he'll get caught'
'That will be his doomsday'
Minister has arrived
If you are ready, we can
escort him to the auditorium
Sir, you please sit
- I'll be back in 10 minutes
- I'll wait
- Serve him tea
- Carry on
2 minutes, sir
I'll be right back
Not picking your call, huh?
It's ringing but he isn't picking
Same-same when student
and now as master also?
Shut up, da
Vanathi, didn't you try?
I asked the students
- What did they say?
- He has been suspended
If you had told us earlier, we could
have gone in person and brought him
He must be very busy, try again
'We relish the 'rajma' happil-'
[mobile ringing]
"Livin' up and sippin on beer"
"Yeah, clap for me, man, right here"
Uncle, he's our Principal
Anbiah Samuel
Welcome, sir
This is our vice principal
If that student is such a troublemaker
...why not just dismiss him?
Then he should have
got dismissed 20 years ago!
I don't get it
JD isn't a student, my dear
- What?
- Dean of student affairs
'First of all
we welcome you all'
'Good morning one and all present here'
'Our honorable chief guest
Manavai R Gauthaman'
'Respected dignitaries on the dais'
'What happened?'
Sir, students are refusing
to come from the back stage
It seems you said this function
won't go on without JD?
Then what, sir? We kept
telling you he is not to blame
'You've suspended him for 2 weeks'
Any other day it's fine, sir
This alumni meet is only for him
How can he not be here, sir?
Nothing will happen without him
Are you the human rights activist?
Just you wait!
Sir, the minister has been
waiting for a long time
- Please bear with us
- He cancelled so many appointments
- Start the program
- I'll talk to them and join you
Om Shanti! Om Shanti!
Peace in speech and spirit
- Call JD
- You suspended him and asking me to call?
- You call him
- I don't know his number
Call him, dude
Call before he changes his mind
[humming a song]
[mobile ringing]
"Livin' up and sippin on beer"
This is Principal...Samuel here
JD sir is fast asleep
Call later
Principal Anbiah Samuel
Anbu, your name can mean love but
he won't get up to hear your loving words
- Guzzled down 3 or 4 bottles
- 'Can you wake him up or not?'
Huh...? No chance, love
He's drunk
What can I do?
Will you ask your Education Minister
to wait for half an hour?
We'll go and get him
- What?
- Do it
- What, da?
- Not budging an inch
Is this how you drum-roll?
Getting paid right?
Bump it, fellows
Rock & roll, man
This is it
This is what we want
Ready, da
Come on, da
"Master is coming, move aside"
Hey stop...stop
Lift him
Speed up!!
- Sir, good morning
- Good morning
Tea, sir
"The moment our bro steps in
it's like an atom bomb exploding"
- Did they really invite me?
- Sir, why this doubt?
'I swear they asked you to come'
Bro, beat the drum
"Master coming!"
'Move aside!'
'Rock & roll!'
"Deliberately if you make trouble"
"It will boomerang on you centuple"
"If you jeer or sneer at us"
"Mind you, you'll be limbless"
"Tell topsy turvy
Yell curvy scurvy"
"Rock & roll
Heart & soul"
"Split their ears, no matter
Scare them to scatter"
'Move aside'
"The second our bro steps in
it's like an atom bomb exploding"
"Hit the drum harder
Scare them to scatter"
"Master, coming"
Bent double, sir?
- Where is the ID card?
- I have it, sir
- First wear it and go inside
- Done
'We are all soaked in celebration mode'
Let's go
Hey, JD, come.
- 'Sit with us, JD'
- Is he a professor?
Suspended professor
'What is his name?'
Start the program
Sir, 1 minute
Let me speak
'Wait, child'
- JD
-'I've attended many college functions'
- Wear your ID card
- 'Witnessed many gatherings'
'But I've never seen a crowd like this'
Because the entire crowd here
More than the anchor of the show
'They are celebrating
the man seated below'
'It is no mean achievement'
'If he is getting this kind of
reception among students'
'Then he must be a dedicated
and focused professor'
'If he himself is like this...'
- 'Imagine his students'
- Why try all these gimmicks?
'Must be good as gold'
'First give this man
a big round of applause'
To get a professor like him
You and your college
must be truly blessed
Your eyes are red
Wear this shade
'This most revered master'
'I would like him to come up
to the dais and say a few words'
'I am calling you, sir'
Please come
Come up and speak
Hey...! Where are you going?
Wait, let me tell a mini story
Did you look at your shoes?
Instead of being humiliated, sit down
If you get up once more-D
Please take your seat
JD is our-
Management and staff
are completely against JD
But students celebrate him
I don't get this
He has gone out of his way
for students' welfare
Students revere him as their true hero
Reason enough for
the management to dislike him
Secondly after 6:00 p.m
our hero will be totally sloshed!
Good morning, sir
Careful, sir
t- Sorry...sorry
- It's okay
Your classroom is at that end
Oh! Good morning
'What is his flashback sob story
to get sloshed every day?'
Don't ask him that alone
If he gets a gullible idiot, he'll reel off
a Mani Ratnam classic as his own!
Fell head over heels, chased her
in the college, bus, everywhere
She also reciprocated and one day
we were happily sitting in a coffee shop
Her father walked in!
- Aiyo! Did you get caught?
- Wait, sister
Her father's name
Mr Chandramouli!
We were both neighbors
in Rainbow Colony
I was in 8G
She was in 7G
India is here
America is right here
I took my guitar and left, my love for
Anjalai was as strong as 1000 elephants!
We climbed up straight to
the top of the mountain
We decided to jump
counting 1 to 5
My bad luck, I got stuck
in a tree and escaped death
What, da?
Her head hit a boulder and she died
- That's a Kamal classic...don't bug me
- Hey...listen
Too much filmy imagination
Okay, which department is he in?
He studied in this same college
He finished M.Phil Psychology here
'Now he teaches
Personality Development'
May I request you all to please stand up?
I said...stand...up
Now I intend checking
if your mind and body are focused
We are hearing
But not listening
Students don't listen to their teachers
Teachers don't listen to their students
Children don't listen to their parents
Parents don't listen to their children
And finally
The doesn't listen to the people!
Whatever I tell you now
repeat it verbatim
Do just the opposite
Jump in
Jump left
Jump right
Now on the starboard
Now close your bloody eyes and freeze
Class disperse
Getting late for my class
- We'll meet at lunch
- Okay, sure
'Let me repeat this'
That bloody Bhavani is
responsible for all this
He finished off his opponents contesting
in our Union election one by one
I know his history A to Z
Gurumurthy, whether these people
understand it or not, hope you do
I have been saying this
right from the beginning
Who endorsed my view?
With the help of juveniles
he is into all criminal activities
Has the cat got your tongue?!
- Tell them
- Yov! We know this alread-
Hello, brother
Damn you!
Are you such a big shot, huh?
If you kill him, will you get his post?
- Let me see
- No, bro
Why are you so mad at me?
I'm like a brother to you
Whatever it is
let's talk it over
Any need for me to talk to you?
I'll close your chapter!
Get the car ready
Bro, will a problem
be solved if we fight?
Will murder solve the problem?
Let's discuss it amicably
I'll use the same juvenile delinquents
you use as tool to finish you off!
Want to wait and watch?
I'm like one of them
You watched me grow
- Wait, bro
- You peed in your pants scared of me
You think you're my equal now?
Whatever it is, let's talk it over
I am much younger than you
But pay heed to my words
Don't go, br-
'Oh my God!'
Gone, brother?
Catch that lorry driver
So sad
You were eye witnesses
What did I do?
If I had walked out talking to him
I would've shared his fate
Impossible for a human
to time this so perfectly
I pray to all Gods thrice daily
So God has saved me
and punished him
'He was a good soul!'
To conduct Students' election
in our college this year
University Grants Commission has granted
permission, but I opposed it strictly
That's why for a mere formality
I need all your opinions
Why we don't want election
For the records
I somehow feel it is unnecessary, sir
'Semester is fast approaching'
'In the current scenario
why do we need an election?'
'Sir, if this is happening
some other issues will create'
r- I don't think they are fit for elections
- Exactly
'In my honest opinion, no'
'I have no issues with
the day college students'
'I am a little apprehensive
about the evening batch'
Thanks, Ramya
Charulatha, your opinion?
It's only been 2 weeks
since I joined, sir
So if I voice my opinion
I don't know if it will be right
Come on, what's there?
- No, sir
- Hey!
- Why is JD sir keeping quiet?
- That's right?
- He'll wait to get a good point
- 'I don't think election is a good idea'
Sir, to be on the safe side
ask JD his opinion
'JD, tell us your opinion'
What is your opinion, JD?
- What day was yesterday?
- Thursday
Thursday is his day off, da
- 'Professor JD'
- He would have been piss drunk
- Come...come
- Hey! Careful
Emergency, sir
What are you doing here?
Let me give this phone to Rosie madam
Her husband fell off his bike
'What the hell are you doing?'
I will expel you
- Let her just talk to him
- What happened, Abdul?
'Wake up, sir'
Don't switch off your phone
Talk to him
- Poor husband
- 1 minute, sir
They are objecting to elections
Support us, sir
- Sorry, sir
- Get out
- Useless fellow!
- Thank you, sir
JD, what is your opinion
about conducting elections?
Election is essential, that's all
- I thought as much
- 'He will say something meaningless, sir'
If we announce a students' election
all of them will be thinking of only that
Not one of them will study
nor will anyone attend any class
Correct, what will they learn
by conducting students' election?
Why encourage politics in college?
Matthew sir
What is 'politics', sir?
Sir, I don't wish to talk to you
Is that so?
But I wish to speak
I'm coming
First a student should know
'politics' means service
Only if our students learn about election,
canvassing, leadership in college
...they will have an awareness about
state, central elections for the future
College students are our first time voters
Only if (s)he is allowed to think
A new leader will emerge
for the next generation
To mould as a good leader
or to choose the right leader
...they will acquire
both tact and discretion
For someone to-
They will stick posters all over
and spoil the walls with graffiti
Then claim ownership
over the walls and fight
Doesn't all this happen
in normal elections?
Sit down, sir
Aren't these normal issues
that crop up in general elections?
So can we decide to
abolish elections in our country?
We have grown up with this culture of
poster, banner, fanfare, still follow it
If students should know
the do's and don'ts of poster etc
...we must conduct
elections in college
Only then he will be
a good example outside
'If our culture of bribing with 'biriyani'
booze and big bucks should change'
...students should know
the ins and outs of politics
Let's assume what you're saying is right
Who is responsible if students resort
to violence or damage college property?
Sir, nothing of that sort will happen
If you are proved wrong
will you leave this college?
Will you resign, huh?
We'll see if it happens
Then you be the presiding officer
And conduct this election
If any problem crops up
Sign an affidavit
you will leave this college
Coming June 25th
Students' elections
[loud cheering]
I haven't seen him conduct
an election as a master
'But I've seen him
do the same as a student'
Shake your hands
This is the wall of democracy
Your rules & regulations
'Gym facilities free for all students'
'Meat will be served for all in the hostel'
'Good orators have become able leaders'
You should speak up more boldly, Savi
'Instead of finding faults
with your rival and campaigning'
'...ask for votes
listing your reforms'
Tear every single poster, dude
Posters and banners should be stuck
or erected in their allocated places
'Even if there's a small brawl
among the students'
'...election will be canceled'
You pull back and fire
'Our total strength is 5500 students, sir'
We have divided them into 10 categories
What is this column?
That is religion & caste category
Let's avoid that
Only if we delete it here
It won't tag along with us terribly
Hey! How much longer do you intend
drinking like this and roaming around?
Why yell at me
for no reason?
Will I yell at you
if you are steady on your feet?
- I am sober
- Is that so?
Hit an arrow
anywhere on this board
I'll agree you are
sober and steady
Machi, aim for the bull's eye
Rs 1 lakh to students
in each department
'I have a fair amount of
experience in counselling'
If you can tell me the reason
I can do my level best to help you
Earlier on...when I was jobless
I was hanging around
in a tiles company in Rajasthan
- Oh!
- At that time
A girl lost her bag in the train
I found it and sent it to her
She liked me for the effort I took
She and I became pen pals and
we built a 'Fort of love' just for us
Then when she knew
I was in Rajasthan
For my sake that girl
took extra pains
Embroidered, knitted
a sweater and sent it to me
Sweater in Rajasthan!
True that?
'Tomorrow if you have a problem
and you come to me'
'Even if it's midnight
I'll be there for you'
Why should we create problems
and end up in the police station?
Beverages free in the canteen
Aqua training access free
You will have campus interviews
You'll leave the college with a job in hand
Above all give this serious thought
Do you want to be ruled by a girl?
Or revel in a boy's leadership?
Hey! That isn't even my glass
Some other chap has relished
a drink and gone, madcap!
How dare you!
'JD' please
'The third round of votes
have been counted...'
'We have started counting
for the fourth round...'
'4th round, sir'
Results are due any moment
I'm scared, sir
Are you Satyaraj acting
as Amavasai in 'Amaidhi Padai'?
4th round it seems
'Most awaiting election results
are going to be declared very soon'
'Fourth and final election results
are going to be declared'
Bhargav 2588 votes
'Savitha 2648 votes'
'Savitha won the election by 60 votes'
[loud cheering]
Congratulations, chairperson
Sir, I think they have already
started creating a ruckus there
Sir, what do we do now?
Why do you still ask me?
She's the captain of your ship
Chairman, tell us what to do?
To avoid all these unnecessary confusion
I'm thinking of talking to Bhargav directly
Look at that!
By all means go and talk
But go alone
Don't dilly-dally, scratch your head,
crack your knuckles and keep looking back
Don't dawdle and
do 'instalment' walk
Forward march!
Sir, will you give me your bracelet?
Please give, sir
'Dude, play that song'
"Look! We must lead a life like that bird
Without a care in the world"
"We should go on a dancing spree
like the waves here in glee"
"Under the same sky spacious
On the same land so precious"
"Under the same sky endless
On our Motherland peerless"
"Let's sing in unity our song
of what is our right all along"
I want to talk to you
If she comes offering a truce
I'll break the bones on her face
[song from 'Aayirathil Oruvan']
- Bro, tell me
- 'What happened?'
Your son lost, bro
I came to congratulate
Winning by just 60 votes
is no big victory at all there any rule in college
there should be only 1 chairman?
You take over day college
and I'll handle evening college
Okay, bye
I extended my hand
even on nomination day
You didn't want to shake hands
At least let it be truce now?
I don't think it's safe
for her to go alone
Shall I go and check, sir?
'Let's shake hands'
- Okay
- How ridiculous
He has patched up happily
'He is shaking hands
with that girl who won'
'Let me talk to him'
1 minute, bro
'Bhargav brother'
Dad, there's no problem
I spoke to that girl
She even asked me to be
the chairman for Day college, pa
'You got a sudden desire to
beg a post from her, huh?'
It isn't what you think, pa
I'll come in person and explain to you
- Bro
- 'Pack him home in our car now'
Okay, bro
'If he refuses to go, threaten him'
- 'Rough up that female who defeated him'
- I'll handle it
I'll explain to my dad
Please don't create a ruckus
He has given me permission
to scar even your face, bro
First get inside
But please don't hurt that girl
Sir, he wasn't nasty to me
I shook hands and he said okay
That's all
Celebrations are done
Hey! Catch
Wear these IDS
- Where's the booth?
- 1st floor, bro
'Hurry up'
Clear up all this mess
and then rock & roll
Sir, evening college students are
planning to burn down the booth
- Who is he?
- Professor, bro
- What, da?
- That wasn't a proper election
- We demand re-election or re-counting
- Election is over, that's all
- Burn down the booth
- Which department are you?
- Come here
- Stop this bloody idle talk
I'll kill you, son of a gun
I'll break all your teeth!
- Sri, quiet!
- 'Give that bottle'
- Wait
- Sir...!
- Sir, let go
- 'Shut up, all of you'
I'm trying to make peace-
Move aside
Evening college chairman candidate
Bhargav wants to talk to you, sir
'My dad didn't listen to me'
He has sent 50-60 Party riff-raffs
to bash up everyone in college
'They have merged with the students
Ensure our college students are safe, sir'
On the starboard!
- 'Why are all of them spinning?
- What are they doing?'
Now close your bloody eyes and freeze
'What is this?
Tell us, bro'
'Sticking to the wall like glue?'
Move forward
'They are doing just the opposite'
'Wait, don't go'
Send all the girls home safe
- Sir?
- Just do as I say
Hey! Take all of them
through the back door
'Go now'
Hey! That's the girl
'Grab her'
Are you okay?
Go in...quick
Sir, students are all out of control
Let me go
- Take your hands off
- Sir...sir
How dare you manhandle girls!
Nothing major, just a nail scratch
Dai! Meeting is being held in the library
Is everyone safe, da?
'I have checked all the groups'
They have texted me
The entire riot has been recorded
in our college CCTV cameras
Is he behaving like a professor?
Excuse me, ma'am, you are
talking about damage of property
Rowdies got together and
bashed up 4-5 of our girls
What could all the teachers do?
- No one came to stop them
- Stop it, Charu
It isn't even 1 month
since you joined this college
Just keep quiet
What the hell are they discussing?
I'll be back
I'll talk to JD
Then we will take a call
If he intends coming back
we are resigning, sir
'WTH is this meeting in aid of?'
Sir, I have already given
a commitment I'll resign
I'm just leaving this college
JD, just wait in the car
- 'I need to talk to you'
- Sir...?
I said 'wait'
'I understand'
If they need to know your worth
A gap is essential
Your decision is correct
You wanted a break for 3 months?
I have okayed it
When did I ask?
Isn't this your signature?
Carbon copy, sir
Oh! Come on, JD
Haven't you opted for a break
of 3 months, intending to teach?
Teach? In which college?
As you have mentioned
Observation Home
Sir, don't play the fool
What will I do there?
I didn't sign this
Maybe after 6:00 p.m?
After 6:00 p.m
Good chance
JD, you're losing control on yourself
If there's any issue in the election
didn't you agree to resign your job?
That means you have
something on your mind
Fine, sir, I'll go
Well...I have many 'well' wishers here
This must be their handiwork
It's okay, I need a change too, I'll go
'Inspector is waiting in your lodge
to explain the job you'll be undertaking'
'That means'
- Needhimani
- Bro?
You didn't pass on any information?
No, bro
Then whatever lawyer sir
and I spoke in the union office
- How did the police get to hear?
- That's what puzzles me, bro
You know this music director Anirudh?
He has composed a new film song
Shall we listen?
- Listen
- 'Bro'
'Bhavani has fixed the date
You are his next target'
'He has decided to kill you too
by framing it on those boys'
What do you say, bigamist?
At least is this your voice
or will you claim its mimicry?
- Bro
- Did you call me, Bhavani?
Make sure the boys are supplied
their regular dose of drinks and drugs
Whether they get
3 square meals a day or not
Booze and dope should flow steadily
Okay, Bhavani
I'll see to it
Where was I?
You got me married and how
can you make my wife a widow?
- Tell me, bro
- Wait
I'm choking with emotion
hearing your sentimental speech
Why are you jerking?
I had tucked the knife in my waist
What if it pierces me in the wrong place?
- Not that
- Suppose an enemy kills us
Doesn't matter if they say
'that's how Bhavani died a noble death'
If they say, 'he had tucked a knife
that stabbed him in a wrong spot'
Does that sound good?
- No
- No, right?
Won't sound good
- Lean back comfortably
- Don't, bro
- Is that a show of respect?
- Yes, bro
How is it over the phone
all this 'bro' kinship is missing?
What is this?
- Lean back
- No, bro
Won't you comply with
your bro's death wish for you?
Lean back...sit...sit...sit!
Dai Gopal!
- Hey
- 'Yes, bro'
Tell me, bro
Ask Das to pick 2 boys
10-15 years old to surrender
- Okay, bro
- Go
A new master has been recruited
for our reformatory it seems
- I don't know if you know
I thought I should inform you
A teacher is bound to be appointed
All of you are giving a build up
as if it is Breaking News!
Dispose this body and
ask someone to drive this truck
Okay, bro
"Creep like a lioness, make no sound"
"Slide like a snake, over sun baked ground"
[song 'Rise Up']
Sir, can we switch off that cacophony!
Then shall I wear my coolers?!
"Twist like a hurricane, bend and sway"
"Break like a wave, wash the filth away"
Sir, college students are bound by
certain protocols of parents and society
But those boys there
lack all that discipline
Their age and their activities
have no connection whatsoever
'Not even a single inmate
is human or humane'
'They know our law is lenient
to their habitual crimes'
'They use it to their advantage
breaking laws as reckless criminals'
'That's why, I'm telling you, sir'
Don't bend backwards to reform them
in those 3 months you are assigned there
Aren't you wondering
whether to go there or not?
'Is our hero in dream world?'
Sir, check if that's your phone?
'Wake up, bro'
Not mine
Oh! Brother's phone
That's no problem, sir
I don't mind going
- I can handle them
- Sir
So have you decided you're going?
That teacher will be here tomorrow
Despite knowing about this place
...if he is ready to set foot here
Don't underestimate him
First let him land up
After he steps in here
Let's see if he lasts here
even for half an hour
You should be in there by 10'o clock
If you freshen up
I can take you in my car
In that vehicle?
- Yes
- Okay, you go
- I'll take you safe-
- I'll shower and come
Okay, bro
Life is a pain, hmmm?
3 months
If he comes in and
starts taking a lesson
...ask all of them
to fling these at him
"Ooooh yeah
You know who it is!"
"If I'm doin' somethin"
"Boy...I like to do it well"
"And when I'm in the zone"
"Ain't nobody stoppin' me"
"You know who it is"
Das, look at his stride and beard!
Doesn't look like a master
Doesn't carry a book or a cane
He looks so local
Rough & tough
We'll provoke him and then pounce
"They call me...master"
"You know me...master"
"I'm master the blaster"
"They call me...master"
"You know me...master"
"I'm master the blaster"
"If you step foot in our place
it is trespassing into our space"
"We will hassle you to the root
Master, change your route"
"As juveniles we roam
in this Observation Home"
"Tears in our eyes ready
if you ask us to study"
"Don't take lessons in life
Or ask us to drop our knife"
"Your lame advice is of no use
We don't want your views"
"Sir, don't take lessons in life-"
Why did you stop singing?
It was such a peppy song
Looks like a bunch of talented boys
Not bad at all
Are you setting out to play?
What's wrong?
I don't interfere in the likes
or dislikes of anyone, boss
Whoever wants to play, go ahead
Want to sit here, be my guest
'I am allergic to the sun
I'll sit right here'
Should I teach now?
- We want to play
Very good
- 'I must catch up on Amazon, Netflix'
- Shall we give the letter now, brother?
'I hate the sight of
this classroom, bench'
- 'I will throw all this out'
- Not now, I'll tell you
Don't indulge in all this graffiti
on the board, bathroom walls
You focus on your work
and I'll stick to my job
We thought of chasing you away
if you started lessons today
You are unique, master
He seems to be one of us
Turned out I'm quite jobless
Why waste time sitting?
Why is this place so dirty
and stinking to high heaven?
We celebrate 10 festivals a year
and 20 birthdays of leaders
You don't clean up this place
and celebrate on any occasion?
'Celebrate' means?
That means-
Have a blast, huh?
Rock on
We have no idea of day or date
You and your ideas!
So simple
Some of you were singing
when I entered, right?
- Who were they?
- I sang
What the four of you just sang
If 40 of you sing in chorus
That's celebration
Come with me
I'll show you
Beat it
"Let me sing a 'kutti' story
Pay attention, listen to me"
Why singing in English, bro?
Just listen, bro
"Let me sing a short story
Pay attention, listen to me"
"If you want, take it or else
no need tension, leave it, baby"
"Life is very short, buddy
Always be happy"
"100s of problems will come & go"
"Chill a bit, bro"
Together, man
"Let me sing a mini story
Pay attention, listen to me"
"If you want, take it or else
no tension, leave it, baby"
"Life is very short, 'nanba'
Always be happy"
"Problems in many designs will come and go"
"Chillax and relax, bro"
No tension, baby
"If you race at a zip zap zoom speed
concentration is a must indeed"
"If you crawl at a slow pace
to be steady is a must always"
"Oh! Anger always misery, baby"
"Stand united as friends, powerful, buddy"
"Haters are gonna hate but ignore calmly"
"Delete negativity totally, baby"
"Focus on what you dream
and don't worry, mApi"
"Positivity will lift you, baby"
"Life is very short, buddy
Always be happy"
"Very many problems will come and go
Don't be tense, chill a bit, bro"
"Let me sing a 'kutti' story
Pay attention, listen to me"
"If you want, take it or else
no need tension, leave it, baby"
"Life is very short, buddy
Always be happy"
"Problems in many a hue will come and go"
"Take a break, bro"
No tension, baby
"Hard work too is necessary
Smart work also is compulsory"
"Self motivation
Isn't it your reflection?"
"You need education
Plus total dedication"
"Try self evaluation
for validation"
"Don't be the person spreading hatred, mApi"
"To talk behind one's back is so crappy"
"Always be polite and just don't be nasty"
"You be the reason to make someone happy"
"Life is very short, buddy
Always be happy"
"Many problems will come and go
Put your feet up, bro"
One last time
"Let me sing a 'kutti' story
Pay attention, listen to me"
"If you want, take it or else
no need tension, leave it, baby"
"Life is very short, buddy
Always be happy"
"Problems in many designs will come and go"
"Breathe a bit easy, bro"
"That was my 'kutti' story"
"How was my short story"
"That was my Lilliput story"
"How was my 'kutti' story?"
'He's asleep, da?'
Quick, wake him up
- Put the letter in his pocket
- He is sleeping, bro
Just do it
Who is that tickling me?
I can hear footsteps, we'll talk
to him over the phone tonight
Come away
We shouldn't get caught
Thank God, only another 89 days left
Go home
Hello, stop
I noticed just now
Don't know who played this prank
Why are you riding a cycle?
I can drop you in my car
That's alright
I can manag-
I was hoping at least
you will bring about a change
Why? It's all going smooth
The boys are having fun
We are submerged in problems
Half the boys are drowning
in a sea of drugs
Whatever they get
they readily use as weapons
Everyday some boy or the other
twists his arm or ankle
Why tell me all these tales?
Am I the police or what?
I'm just a teacher here
Sir, you don't understand
The police will nab the criminals
Court will punish them
To guide these boys
To sift and sieve right from wrong
We are not equipped, sir
They need a master like you
First understand this is
a reformatory for juvenile delinquents
'The boys have got into a fist-fight, sir'
'I am unable to control them
Whoever is out there, come in, sir'
Yov! Wait, man
I am coming in now
First close A block and
ensure outsiders don't enter
He isn't picking the phone, da
'What happened, bro?'
'I tried 10-15 times
He isn't picking my call'
'Try again, bro'
'He isn't picking our call'
'Do you remember sister Charu's number?'
'Call her, bro'
'Hurry up'
Manikandan speaking, sister
You saw me in the Observation Home
Someone is coming
- Switch off the phone
- 'Hello...hello?'
'Can you hear me, Mani?'
Go, brother
Enjoy the 'biriyani'
- We don't want
- Why?
Not hungry
Is that so?
He asked you to eat, right?
Half baked nutcase!
How much we have suffered,
starving in this same spot, moron
Get me some water
Bro, I'm scared-
Lucky to get a leg piece in a 'biriyani'
You can even kill someone
But not rob him of food
Go on, eat
They took my phone though
they knew very well it was mine
Whom did you call?
No one, bro
Don't know
Tell me the truth
I don't know, bro
Ma...master, bro
The master who joined duty
- Master, huh?
- He's a boozer, bro
You don't have to take him
seriously at all, bro
Why, 'master'?
My father died
when I was a kid
Couldn't bear the hunger
I stole and got caught
They piled cases on me
And sent me to this
Ju...Juvenile Home, bro
We are being released tomorrow
But he is asking me to surrender
for a murder case, bro
If my mother gets to know this
she will die of shock, bro
If you had called me
instead of calling that master
I'm emotional by nature you see
I would have assigned
someone else to surrender
Not wanting to surrender
isn't a mistake on your part
But you wanted to sneak
our internal information
Isn't that a grave mistake?
Grown-up boy, you tell me
What you did was wrong or not?
- Yes, it was wrong
- So I am right?
Enough of eating 'biriyani'
I'll take it
You've had enough
Here, take this
Aren't we both very young, bro?
Think of us as your younger brother
and please forgive us this time
My dear, only boys like you
should not be pardoned
They pardoned me
Look how it has shaped me
How do we deal with this?
We won't repeat this, bro
We won't snitch to anyone
Listen, you can be scared
of anyone in this world
But if death knocks at our door
...even if it is Lord Yama
you shouldn't be scared
I'll give you 2 minutes
Kill me and then save
your brother and yourself
What were you doing
when these kids stole your phone?
On top of it you have
this stuck up attitude!
- Go away
- I won't leave you
Listen to me
Just run away
- Run outside
- I won't go
Mess up all my orders
Only plus is your voice!
I won't go
You have only 1 minute left
Decide fast
Go away from here
I won't leave you alone
'What are you doing?'
'Don't, bro'
This is what I expected from you!
Clear out
I won't leave you
Wake up, bro
Get up
I'm constable Arumugam
Get up, bro
School starts only at 10'o clock
Why are you waking me-
We have a problem on hand
Inspector wants to see you
Why should I meet the inspector?
You have to get up now
Not realizing the gravity of the situ-
Okay, I'll get up
Don't shake me up like a rattle!
Go, I'll follow
'I will come'
"You say you heard a rumor"
"And it's time I let you know"
Start...make it quick
"You won't need, won't need no ruler"
"If delinquents like us lament in pain
will our voice be heard; or is it in vain?"
'Not too sure, sir'
'I think they were here
for less than a year'
"2 innocent boys here
Lost their lives so dear"
'I am in the crime spot, sir'
"To reside here or hang by a rope
One and the same without hope"
'What are you gawking at, huh?'
Yov! Who are you?
- Get out
- Sir...sir
He is our class master
Oh! You are that master, huh?
First I have to interrogate you
What did you do?
This has never happened before
Did you hit any of the boys?
Tell me
Can't you hear me?
Answer, man
Sir, what is this?
Not here, I need to
take him for inquiry
'Get him into our police jeep'
'Search all the rooms in case
they left any suicide note'
"We want to reform given a choice
We are good-for-nothing boys"
"If delinquents like us lament in pain
will our voice be heard; or is it in vain?"
"If good-for-nothing louts wail
will our voice make justice prevail?"
'N2 Police Station
Bhavani, can we come with you?
He has asked me to come
by myself, I can handle it
What about...that master
who is in police custody?
I came out of the reformatory 15 years ago
Reason I've been patient
for the past 5 years
I wanted to kill these 3 men and
become the president of the Drivers' union
2 men are dead and gone
This is the last one to go down
He has sent for me
Is he my priority?
Or is this master important?
He's only important
- What shall we do with this master?
- I'll handle him
- Sure?
- No problem
- Shall I go now?
- I'll go
Let's go
Come with me
Where are you going?
- 2 minutes, sir
- Quick, sir will be here anytime
'Are you the mother of
those 2 boys who died?'
- 'Yes, sir
- Is that so?'
'Give him all the details'
Boozed upto your brow, huh?
- 'Sit outside
- Okay, sir'
If someone is calling you
10 times from the same number
...won't it occur to you
it may be a serious problem?
No, Ch...Charu
Why are you staring so blankly?
I was a volunteer in an NGO
before I took up this post here
Based on a complaint I went
for inspection to that Observation Home
That's how I befriended those 2 boys
They told me about the injustice
in that reformatory
But I couldn't take
any legal action
So many vile threats
The only reason I shifted to Chennai
was to handle such cases myself
I needed to be financially secure
So I took up this lecturer's post
When you defended the students
my faith was recharged
I was convinced this flawed system
could be changed for the better
I forged your signature for this post
Even for your job
I was the one who applied
Even the founder is aware of this
Now I feel that was a big mistake
If you hadn't come here
at least those 2 boys would be alive
Now both of them have left us
How can you defend yourself, sir?
See, I had no idea whatsoever
No one told me anything
When have you been
sober enough to understand?
Have you ever realized anytime
who is talking to you?
I have my share of personal problems
I am unable to come out of it
I can't
I can't cry, I can't sleep
at night either, that's why
I drink
I swear I never thought
it would be this horrific
Oh! You can never cry, right?
'I can't understand
'Tell me without crying'
Charu, where are yo-
- Were your boys into drugs?
- I never thought I would see them dead
This is the lady who gave birth
to those boys who are dead now
I had reassured her
A master will come
'He will save your boys'
Both my sons are very fond of each other
They stick together like glue
My eldest told me
just last week
'Let my younger brother study
I'll find some job to support us'
'A master was coming he said'
He was sure they will be rescued
But no one came
'My entire lineage has snapped'
Yov! Where are you?
Hurry up
'Listen to him'
Bring your wife
- Yov! Come here
- You can go
'He has gone back to his old ways'
- Sir
- Who are they?
She is that master's colleague it seems
Pack them all off and
move that master to the cell
Okay, sir
Yov! Clear the other cases
out of the station
Okay, sir
'What will I do now?'
'How will I live without them?'
'Even now you're so hard hearted?'
Your eyes won't shed tears
till the day you die
Get even more sloshed
'Why are you lamenting here?
Shut up now'
I said shut up
Do I have to repeat myself?
Clear this place now, madam
Clear out
Come with me, sir
I swear-
Come along, sir
Standing rooted to the spot
I swear I didn't expect any of this
Don't forget you are also responsible
for the death of those 2 boys
Convey my apologies to their mother
You are taking undue advantage
of the respect I'm giving you
Don't make me lose my temper
Stand right there
I sacrificed my children
in such an awful unjust way
'Hey! Come here'
Go inside
- 'You want a mosquito repellent!
- Don't hit, it hurts'
Listen, Bhavani
Only you and I are left to contest
the Lorry Drivers' Union election
I have to win unopposed
'Looks like it may rain'
Can we have tea
and then discuss?
'Master, my name is Sabari'
'My elder brother is Manikandan'
'He stole from a bakery for my sake
because I was starving'
'But they foisted some other case
on us and brought us here'
'Everything is wrong here, master'
'They thrash us mercilessly'
'They stuff some powder into our mouths'
'Immediately even our teeth
start shivering, master'
'Don't know if it is day or night'
'We put up with all this
thinking it is for a short period'
'Now when we are
about to be released'
'...they want us to surrender
for some other murder case'
'Otherwise they are threatening
to kill our mother, master'
'Sister Charu assured us you will come
and be our savior, rescue us'
'Please save us, master'
'Our poor mother'
'She is all alone'
'Crying nonstop daily'
'I can't cry anymore, master'
'Please, brother
Rescue us from this hell'
'I am begging you, brother'
Go ahead
I told you, Bhavani
I want to win unopposed
I called you here
to arrive at a compromise
But still I can't trust you
You'll take any kind of cruel measure
using those juvenile delinquents
Should I step out of my house daily
with fear in every breath I exhale?
That is why-
Did you call me here
planning to kill me?
You call someone
with a plan to kill him
Treat him royally like a guest
and offer him hot tea
You're the only man who
asked me for permission to kill
Instead you could have-
Putting you on a pedestal, I wanted to
fix an auspicious day to finish you off
I need my brain examined!
'Hey! Wait'
I'll give you 2 minutes
Kill me and then save
your men and yourself
'Hurry up'
Do you need an army
to bash up 1 man?
Open the door first
Hey, he is a master
Watch your blows
You have only 10 minutes
Come out without too much damage
Turn the other way
Come, Murali
Switch it off and come
Even if you are reborn
pray I don't set eyes on you!
Don't, Bhavani
Wonder what their plan is!
Master, my boss has
given you a bus ticket
'Luxury bus
Air-condition sleeper'
Leave tonight, you'll reach
your hometown in the morning
Got it into your head?
'If you stubbornly refuse'
You saw the 2 boys
hanging from the roof?
You'll be next
I'm talking to you
Is that a love letter in your hand?
Sabari, Manikandan
[reading under his breath]
Refusing to surrender in the murder case
and ended up dead, those 2 tramps-
Sir, the noise is too loud
Ignore, we'll handle it
Sir, the noise is ear-splitting
- Go in and check
- Okay
'Stab him and rip him apart'
They may kill that master
Please come here, sir
Yov Soundar!
Open the damn door
- Tell me
The master-
Who are you?
Who is behind this?
What is your motive?
Why do you use these innocent boys?
I don't know any of this
But I will find out
'Hiding behind these boys and
framing them, neck deep in crime'
I will catch those sissy fellows
I'll hunt high and low, find you
and stand right in front of you
I will-
I will make you answer
for the death of those 2 boys
Whatever I'm about to say
is nothing new for you
Still I'll say it
and you listen
I'm waiting!
[confident laughter]
Wait, I say
I will meet you face to face
"He stands for powerful victory"
- "Who is he?
- Thalapathy...!"
'Das, I'm very scared'
'He is back again
Is there no one to save me?'
"Don't spoil for a fight unnecessarily"
"If you give us hell foolhardily
a stone will split your skull speedily"
Master, you've been staring
at the rope for a long time?
Want to play on it as a swing?
What is that famous song of his?
Let me tell a 'kutti' story
Hey chee chee!
Not short, da
Sad story!
"Let me tell a sad story"
"Zip lip, or slip
Skip and trip"
"Chillax, master!"
"Take a deep breath, master"
Hey master!
"Cheers to your beers!"
'Youths to the youngest ones
are doped day and night, bro'
'When they are intoxicated
they are not in control of their senses'
'Both have plenty of
criminal cases against them'
'2 boys who died are sheer poison'
'Both must have died
when totally tanked, sir'
'They won't toe the line with
their parents or with our rules'
They are arrogant boys
who insist their word is law
'There are 10-12 year olds
with all kinds of diseases in here'
All dazed and doped
Who told you they were
good-for-nothing boys?
Both are 24 carat gold, sir
Both those boys who died
They called a girl I know
on the night they died
You mean Charu?
Yes, Charu
I know Charu and I know
who killed those 2 boys too
We have tried our level best
But we are unable to stop
the dope and booze supply
How can drugs enter the premises
without your knowledge, sir?
They have so many routes to supply, sir
Without the wardens' support
'...nothing can be brought in, sir'
As per our rule book, no violence on
our boys who are all below 18 here
Using that as an excuse
they will bring the roof down!
Presuming others' fears are their plus
...these are riff-raffs
who rule the roost
Poor chaps! Trapped for life
caught in Bhavani's web
Who is Bhavani?
- Bhava...Bhavani?
- Don't know anyone by that name
Sir, don't simply keep asking questions
You got any other work,
carry on, okay?
See you, sir?
Let's go
'Teachers who came here earlier
to reform these boys'
...would have made a hasty retreat
thinking their family takes priority
But my story is completely different
I have no one to call my own, sir
'The day I saw those 2 boys
hang right in front of my eyes'
Their eyes bulging
Tongues sticking out
I died, sir
If you can help me
I will change this place and
bring order and fair play here
Whatever hardship comes my way
I don't care even if I lose my life
"My life's breath"
I have no problem, sir
If you stick to rules & regulations here,
even move heaven and earth legally
I will back you up 100%, sir
"High time I stop needing a high from you"
"Enough of (s)tumbling thanks to you!"
"Today my troubled times will heal anew"
"Enough of being sloshed night & day
Get it out of your system today"
"Enough of gifting yourself strife
Switch off this dizzying life"
"No more booze to give a kick
Quit now, double quick"
"Break the bottles, you surely should
Trash them for your own good"
"Enough of being drunk as a skunk
Get it out of your system as junk"
Forgive me, ma
"No more daily booze session
Quit this deadly addiction"
"Break this habit, begin life anew
Trash the bottles now, dude"
"Enough of this, night & day
Get it out of your system today"
"Enough of this dependence
Switch off without a fuss"
"Enough of being a slave to craving
Quit drinking; no more depraving"
"Break the bottles and the habit
Trash them for your own benefit"
You got me wrong, Bhavani
Ever since Gurumurthy died
...everyone is scared
to contest for that post
I've spoken to the district councilor
In another 10 days will be announced
you won unopposed
Come here
Bro, she is the one
putting a spoke in the wheel
She registered the case it seems
Our boys sent her photo just now
What should we do with her?
Can't you handle a female?
As if you need a priest to choose
an auspicious time! Get lost!
Bhavani, even if someone else
occupies this post as union leader
Anyway whatever you say will be law
Then why aspire for this post?
Fear stemming out of murder is short lived
But fear derived from a post of power
and authority lasts a lifetime, right?
After this I'm entering politics
Don't know how many heads will roll
to make that dream come true
I don't get it, Bhavani
Our boys will shoulder the sin
"They call me master
Changes will happen faster"
Hey master!
- 'Looking tip-top like a new groom?
- Correct, man'
He looks different, right?
'Master is in a mood
to teach us a lesson'
Do you think he's married?
'If he was married'
And if his wife looks hot
Soooper, no?!??
All of you stand height-wise
Shorter ones in front
Taller ones in the back
Come on, fast
If you come clean shaven and yell
you think we'll get scared?
- 'Move on to your next job
- At least pretend to be scared'
Poor master!
Let me repeat
Fall in line
Stand height-wise
Master, don't judge a book by its cover
Instead of height try weight as a measure
This chap like a buffalo here
'Pickpocket case
Real pipsqueak'
But our little black ant
had the guts to kill
Cut above the rest
Then isn't he the heaviest?
What is your name?
You heard me?
What is your name?
Master, you can't lay a finger on us
Know that, right?
Sir, you can't lay a finger on the boys
'Don't hit them and
get caught unnecessarily'
'Like a new starched shirt,
sir is all stiff and spruced up'
"Master's raid beginning"
"A-Aa-E-Ee, A-B-C-D
This is our time, buddy"
"Come, brother, welcome"
It is wrong only if I bash up the boys?
"World famous local master
will bash up any lowlife gangster"
"His cane will speak loud and clear
To reform a rowdy, law will persevere"
"If you come in to commit a crime
Master's raid will give you a hard time"
"Master's raid
Pain postpaid"
"Don't buy trouble for a fee
Turn your back and flee"
Why are you hitting us?
As master, think you can
get away hitting us?
'We are also wardens here'
We told you not to hit the boys
So why are you caning us?
"Don't run over him and look the other way"
"Don't get into his bad books, stay away"
"Master's raid, no warranty
Pain 100% guarantee"
It hurts, sir
Please don't hit
Sir, I'm going to Sabarimala
I have taken the 48 days vow
Why? What happened to your devotion
when you were peddling drugs?
"He'll even the score and more
His blows blast fireworks encore"
"Who is the master?
"24 carat gold is he
Lion king royalty"
"Move aside
Watch his stride"
"Shut the gate tight"
- Name?
- Bharath
- Sibi
- Karuppusami
- Dhanus
- 'Udaya'
- 'Venkatesh
- Stephen'
Inspection it seems
All of you line up to one side
"He will take law into his hand
When discipline fails to stand"
"Master's raid will be well planned"
"When he uses his soft voice
Obey his rules, dear boys"
"If you defy however slight
his cane will hug you tight"
"Don't create a ruckus
His warning smile is dangerous"
"Accept your mistake, bro
he will let you go"
Good boy!
"What was that noise, lad?
Your nose is bleeding bad"
"Wherever you hide, dude
master's eyes will find you"
"Listen to master's advice
you'll be wealthy and wise"
"If you act smart anymore
time to kneel on the floor"
"Don't stand and stare
Don't get caught again, beware"
"Hit him once, you are out cold
He will retaliate multifold"
"Don't turn a blind eye
to a crime on the roadside"
"Says 'Thirukkural' wisely
Don't chicken out and flee"
"My followers devotedly
Will be true wholeheartedly"
"Without discrimination
of caste, race, religion"
"Apple of our eye is our nation"
"We were patient till now; simply
But we will retaliate; world war 3"
"Continents will quake & quiver
Nonentities will shake & shiver"
"His entry spells power
Loud and clear"
"Who is he?
"24 carat gold is he
Lion king royalty"
"Move aside, dude
Beast mode"
'Master, my name is Sabari
My brother's name is Manikandan'
'My brother stole from
a bakery for my sake'
'But they foisted another case-'
'Bhavani, that master is
acting too big for his boots'
'He bashed up the wardens'
'He raided the premises and burnt
all the drugs, dopes and phones'
'What to do with him now?'
How did a master get to be so gutsy?
Find out who is backing him up
Let's get to work
"Don't stand and stare
Don't get caught again, beware"
"Hit him once, you are out cold
He will retaliate multifold"
"Won't turn a blind eye
to a crime on the roadside"
My dear angels!
Can you give us a hand?
"Without discrimination
of caste, race, religion"
Love, huh?
"Apple of our eye is our nation"
"We were patient till now; seriously
Reign of terror; world war 3"
"Continents will quake & quiver
Nonentities will shake & shiver"
"Master spells power"
Take your hands off
"24 carat gold is he
Lion king royalty"
"Move aside, dude
Beast mode"
Master, you had your way, eh?
You can trim my hair
or tonsure my head
Beware of my leader Undiyal
Try your tricks on him
'Undiyal, listen to me'
- Don't go there, go to your block
- Shut up, warden
- Vanakkam, boss
- Morning, bro
Who had the guts to
lay a finger on our hair?
Is there a rule on
the long and short of it?
Master, do you know the rules or not?
You are having a free hand
with everyone's heads
Let go of me, master
You don't know whom
you're pitting your wits against
You will regret what you're doing
"Master's raid
Pain post paid"
"Don't get into strife
Run for your life"
"When he uses his soft voice"
Gawd! You're scaring me!
- Hey Dheena
- 'Sir'
Let it be a close cut
"Master raid"
"Don't run over him and look the other way"
"Don't get into his bad books, stay away"
"Master's raid
All crimes waylaid"
"Master's raid, da!"
"A-Aa-E-Ee, A-B-C-D
This is our time, buddy"
"Bro, good morning
Master's raid in full swing"
Next week will be
back to square one
You can come back
and scrub it again, okay?
Bye, sweetheart
I've never seen such bad
nicotine stains at so young an age, JD
Prise open their mouth
it's like a cigarette shop!
'I have collected cavity samples
from the 6 boys you mentioned'
- How long will it take?
- I'll let you know in 1 or 2 days
Thanks, Madhi
He left me with a half shaved
moustache and beard
Such a disgrace!
I feel like I am naked!
I'm so mad I feel like sta-
'I feel like stabbing him right now'
When you get your hands dirty
enemies will come and go
If we rage like a mad bull against every
single enemy, our life will be ruined
Handle him with patience
'Make him run in all 4 directions'
Don't let him sleep
- Torture him mentally
- Fine
- 'Hey-'
- I'll tackle him
[overlap of angry voices]
Hey! Come out
'Listen to me
I'm telling you boys'
'Listen to me'
'Wait, da'
- What happened?
- Sir, I don't know
They just started a brawl
and hit each other
Back door is open in A block
What to do now?
Go look for the key
Hurry up
Quick, man
Don't let anyone out
Lock them up in the class
- Okay, bro
- Give me the torch
'You'll get bashed up'
Get lost!
Hello, bro
- 'Yes, tell me'
- None of our boys are missing I hope
Bro, head count is correct 63
'Not one of them is missing'
'They came from outside for sure'
'Aiyo! It's burning!'
You're hurting me
Aiyaiyo! Bala
'What happened to you?'
'You messed up my face, right?'
'Go, collect your mess'
'This is just the beginning, master'
'Hit them at least once, master'
Hey master! This is your fate
every single minute you are here
Don't think this is the end
There's more to come
We will escape from here tonight
Try to stop us if you can
'I was on my bike
sticking to the kerb side'
Whether he collided by mistake
or deliberately targeted me
'Only God knows'
'But his intention is to provoke you'
Only then you'll get angry and show
your fist power on a handful of boys
'They will use that as excuse
and pack you off from here'
'Don't act rashly on impulse'
Only his leg is fractured
Hand is intact, right?
Sorry, da
I couldn't do anything to help you
It's okay, forget it
What can you do?
My fear is those grown up boys are
waiting to pounce on us in kabaddi
And we have to play against
those beefy buffaloes it seems
In case we lose...
...we'll be 'alti'
this entire month
'Alti' means?
Being an errand boy
To be under their beck and call
Do all their dirty jobs like a slave
I'll anyway lose
'I am agreeable to being an 'alti'
but they insist I should play, master'
I snitched to you, right?
Using Kabaddi as an excuse
as if it's just a game
'...they plan to bash me up, master'
'Hey Undiyal...!'
Come, da
Look here
Look at me
'I am calling you...dai!'
Coming or shall I lift you
and bring you here to play?
More than the aches
from blows and kicks
Pain from fear hurts deeper!
Go with courage, da
Go and check what he's doing
Das, he is coming
Tell me, Madhi
You snitched about us
to the master, right?
- Face us now
- Hey!
I know very well, da
If Bala plays we will win for sure
So you got scared and
broke his hand, right?
Had he been here
would he have defeated us?
For sure then you would
have lost pathetically
Call whomever, how many ever boys
you want from here to play on your side
I'll call anyone I want but then
you can't go back on your word
Call, we won't send you back
without breaking all your teeth today!
"Clash of wills here"
"You are ready for your bier"
[song from 'Ghilli']
" hold your breath"
" show your strength"
- Tell me, Madhi
- 'I checked the results'
I am sure all 6 of them
are above 20 years of age
"On your mark, get set full gear
Sandalwood paste smeared"
"One foot in the grave, no fear
You are ready for your bier"
What are you saying?
Not one of them is less than 18?
100% sure, in those 6 boys
no one is younger than 18
"On your mark, get set, ready"
"Bash them up deadly"
Master,. at least do you know
the name of this game?
'This is not cricket or football'
You must hold your breath and
repeat 'kabaddi', you know?
Our rules are different
You can't just touch and run
You must toss your opponent
outside the line
What...still want to play?
Come on, da
You're out if you step out of the line
"On your mark, get set, full gear"
"Sandalwood paste smeared here"
Trying your tricks with us?
"You are ready for your bier"
"Your downfall is marked"
'He got a solid slap'
Knock him down
'He deserves it!'
- Soooper, master
- Come...face on
He is hitting us real hard
If you have the guts
show it now
Come...come on
Lift him
You dare lay a finger on us
Just you wait and watch!
How dare you break a boy's hand!
This is tit for tat time for you
[loud cheering]
"All set to knock you down"
"Lick your defeat with face on the ground"
"On your mark, get set, ready to lose"
"One step to defeat, time for the noose"
"Get set, sandalwood paste smeared"
"Clash of wills here
Be ready to lie on your bier"
Kabaddi...kabaddi...touch the line"
Watch the line
If you dare lay a finger
on these boys just once more
"Kabaddi...kabaddi...hold your breath"
"Kabaddi...touch to show your strength"
- What?
- Is it okay to talk frankly?
- Camera is recording everything
- Go on, doesn't matter
I'll tell you, master
My mother passed away
when I was born
My neighbor sister raised me
My father asked that sister
if she will sleep with him!
That's why
I threw the grinding stone on his head
Immediately the police put me in jail
'That's when I got
trapped with brother Das'
From then on I had to listen
only to what brother Das says
Brother Das will walk in
He will check who is addicted to drugs
Powder, smoke, booze
He will increase the dosage
Which one of you here
...has seen Bhavani?
Where have I heard this name?
'Somehow sounds familiar'
We have heard this name
But none of us have seen him
Brother Das is 'be all and end all' here
We must obey him implicitly
'If he asks us to surrender
we should do so with our eyes closed'
Otherwise we will be hanged
'They recently hanged 2 boys'
'Didn't you see that, master?'
Do you all want to go home
and live with your family?
Or do you want to surrender?
- Go home, master
- Be with our family
You have been here for 10 days
We haven't taken to drugs till now
Only now we know
our own selves
Somehow save us from here, master
If you follow what I say, you can
go home and live as you wish
Will you do as I say?
- Yes, master
- We will
Whatever you shared with me now
will you tell the same to the magistrate?
Of course we will, master
I'll arrange all the formalities
to get them out on parole
Thanks, sir
Let the video evidence
be with Charu till then
It will reach the magistrate
when you say so
Master, you shot some video
and cleverly made us confess
You haven't shared your story
Tell us
Let's listen
'Ask him, da'
Cat got your tongue, huh?
- Tell us
- Tell us, master
'Please share your story, master'
We are asking, right?
Please tell us
Don't ask for trouble
Trust my voice of experience!
Wait, they are very eager to hear
I'll be happy to share
Let them enjoy
I was in college then
'I think it was my final year'
A new teacher joined our college
Her name was Malar
Unbelievable one in a million 'Love'
All of a sudden that girl I loved
...met with an accident
'She forgot her past'
She didn't even know who I was
She even forgot my mad love for her
Fate made me attend her wedding
present a bouquet with my own hands!
After tha-
Dai! Why are all of you
sniffling and crying?
Now that girl has totally
forgotten our past
Master, isn't that teacher sister Charu?
Hey, this sister is teacher
working as my colleague now
That was my college time
Down memory lane
Malar teacher
Dai, don't you watch Malayalam movies?
If I don't understand the language
- I won't watch
- Okay
Getting late
All of you leave
Class tomorrow morning as usual
Okay, master
Bye, master
How much longer will you quote a film story
if someone asks you about your past life?
Fool yourself in the bargain
and trick others too?
Which is a film story?
Don't act
What you narrated was
Malayalam film 'Premam'
Copy cats! They stole my story
and it is released, huh?
One track mind
on plagiarism, huh?
Okay, what do you want to know?
Tell me
Why did you start drinking?
Every drunkard will have a story
Why go into it now?
If I tell you my reason
...a handful of them
will follow my footsteps
Is that necessary?
Isn't it wrong?
I won't tell you now
why I got into this habit
If you like I'll tell you
why I quit, shall I?
"When we see those eyes of his
won't love automatically bloom in us?"
"When we go close to him especially
won't our mind skip like a deer joyfully?"
"Residing in her heart all the time
His style, his stride so sublime"
"Featuring in her dreams always
24x7 is his charming dear face"
"He is Mr Handsome truly
He is our Master, one and only"
"His smile, not too much, not too less"
"His charisma beams through in excess"
"His heart is soft as a flower
Youthfulness is his signature"
"I pity our girls for sure"
"His smile is like a sparkler
He's good natured forever"
"This master with his class
covers one and all en masse"
"If his fire work-glance falls on you
even a failed heart will pass too"
"He is single, our news a fact
This is your chance to act"
"When we see those eyes of his
won't love naturally blossom in us?"
"When we go close to him especially
won't our mind skip like a deer joyfully?"
JD is an orphan
Just grew like a wild tree
Only after joining this college
'...he met a professor'
'His friendship and care
changed JD's life altogether'
But unfortunately he had a health issue
'He got admitted
in a hospital to get treated-'
That really shattered JD
After that he was unable to sleep
'That bloody alcohol took over him'
"Residing in her heart all the time
His style, his stride so divine"
"Featuring in her dreams always
24x7 is his endearing dear face"
"He is Mr Handsome truly
He is our Master, one and only"
"His smile, not too much, not too less"
"His charisma beams through in excess"
"Friendly gaze he sweeps
Calm and collected he speaks"
"No holds barred at all
All of them flip and fall"
"Magnetic personality
Quick & slick, sharp is he"
"Our master is always
Top in all ways"
"Some kind of innate power he displays
Endearing temerity always in place"
"If he stands solo; which Miss
won't yearn to be his Mrs?"
"When we see those eyes of his
won't love naturally blossom in us?"
Please move
Come on
[mobile ringing]
Tell me, Charu
Sir, don't know who they are
'2 or 3 boys are chasing me'
Charu, where are you?
Which area?
In Triplicane, Murugan temple
Road opposite Murugan temple
Follow me
'They started chasing me when I was
on my way to the magistrate's house'
I don't know what to do
or where to go
Charu, don't be scared
'I will send our boys'
Go inside some shop there
'Enter a shop to be safe'
'Thank you for calling, Parandhaman'
- I've come into a shop, sir
- Turn on the speaker
What do you need?
'Bro, 1 minute please
Listen to what I have to say'
'Let this girl hide
in your shop for a while'
I'll send my men, please
My business will get affected
Don't involve me, clear out
Aren't you a fiery blooded youth?
'Speak boldly'
Bro, I'll take care
- 'You don't worry'
- Thank you, brother
Come here, dear
- Did a girl come in here?
- No
"My dark and bold beau
why was he Uncle Scrooge?"
"He made my heart soft and cottony
quake with desire; explode in rhapsody"
"Tell me the auspicious time
when wedding bells will chime?"
[song from 'Pudhu Nellu Pudhu Naathu']
- Master, they are teasing m-
- Sshhhhhhhhhh!
"He made my heart soft and cottony
quake with desire; explode in rhapsody"
'I told you no one came in here'
'Bro, where are you going in?'
'He already told you no one is here'
Oldie, shut up
Give it of your own accord
Or else just 2 punches
I'll smash your face
If I have to grab it from you-
- Dai...dai
- Wait, master
This face looks familiar
'Turn your phone towards him'
Hey Undiyal...!
'Hey Button, my dear friend!'
Undiyal, da
What are you doing
in this video call?
Dai, the girl you are chasing is my sister
- 'Your sister?
- Yes'
I didn't know that
I was asked to finish her
That's way I chased her
But tell me, why are you chasing her?
- What is that?
- She has a camera
I believe she has a camera
Ask her to give it
and we'll leave
Sister, give him what he wants
We will deal with this differently
'Just give it, sister'
"My eyes can't close at night
without leaning on your chest in delight"
'Hey Button'
I told you she's my sister
I didn't hear your apology?
- Apologize to her
- Sorry, sister
'Hey! You boys too'
Sorry, sister
Glad you are that scared of me!
Master, end of incident
Sister safe from any accident
You talk to her
I'll wait there
Charu, leave that place immediately
"Trust us even if we are teeny
For you, we get our hands dirty"
"We can steal a weapon in jail
Chase you, hot on your trail"
"Chew a gum for flavor
Take the boys you favor"
Dai, who are all of you?
What are you doing?
What is this tattoo?
This branding?
When boys are sent to this Home
Brother Das will pick up
the sharp ones and train us
When we get released, he will tattoo
our hand with this Tamil letter 'pa'
If we show this tattoo in the Mess,
we can eat to our stomach's content
If you are older, you'll get
plenty of booze and cigarettes
You can get clothes for free
from their textile shop
They will even get you
dope from a pharmacy
But the hitch is
Every now and then, they will
make us surrender for a crime
Not to get back into the old
bad ways, I'm staying aloof
'We have heard this name
But none of us have seen him'
'Brother Das is 'be all and end all' here'
'We must obey him implicitly'
- Is it a newly released film?
- 'No one can defy him'
'He asks you to surrender
we should, with our eyes closed'
How did you lose track of her?
Don't know how, Bhavani
I sent only professionals
- Somehow they messed up-
- Shut up!
What do we do with this, bro?
It has a card inside which stores
whatever we shoot or click
Break that card alone and
keep the camera at my place
When are they announcing the results?
Heard it's Monday or Tuesday
You'll anyway win unopposed
Why should you be tense?
- I can enjoy, right?
- Yes, then what?
Sit here
Do you know this ostrich?
A bird with a long neck like this
Have you seen its egg?
It will be this big
So big in size
But only that ostrich will know
the pain of hatching such an egg!
Will you sit here even after
I've explained to you?
No, Bava
- Get lost!
- No, Bhavani
Bhavani, boys want a booze party
You won't anyway drink
At least for them-
Drink to dig your own grave
- Go ahead
- Thanks a lot, Bhavani
- 'Goodnight, Bava'
- Goodnight
Somehow you made me
show you this place
I was staying away
from this place
Let's go back, master
Wait, I have a good reason
We'll go soon
'Right, you haven't come here to eat'
- 'What happened to my chicken 'pakoda'?
- Narayana, serve him'
I thought you were inviting me
for a candle light dinner
Last time I came here,
there was no power
They had lit only candles
Okay, relax
Don't look at this place
I heard the food here is super
'Get a token for the meals'
'Madam, you too'
I thought we'll have some privacy
Close your eyes and
show me your right hand
- Why?
- Show, I'll tell you
You shouldn't open your eyes
till I tell you
'Open now'
That boy's hand in the salon
had this same mark
Show this over there
Ask for 'meals' token
Why should I-
All for a good reason
Go and show your hand
Who the hell is he?
'We don't differentiate or discriminate'
'Whoever has a Tamil letter 'pa'
tattooed on their hands...'
...we give them whatever they ask
Bhavani's boys will take care of the rest
What is this for?
Still some balance left
in my bucket list!
"Let the drums beat; no restraint
Let the party rock; no constraint"
"Let our army smash and slam
Our earth will quake with the wham"
"My hands will never miss a beat
when I beat the drum ever so neat"
"Even the dormant nerve will dance
hearing my drum's resonance"
'Beat it!'
"Till the sun rises to a new day
let the ground shake and sway"
"Till the game is won, job is done
slow down but have your fun"
"Even the Lord of Death Yama will die
if he glares with his razor sharp eye"
'Hey boy!'
"Light the camphor for our Lord
He is possessed by our demi-god"
"Look high and low diligently
Every nook & corner and alley"
"There is no other big gun to defy
Or create a ruckus and vilify"
That master is churning in my mind
Tell him to kill that master
tomorrow before day break
Why wait till tomorrow morning?
We can close his chapter right now
Shut your gob
Just do what I say
"Let the force of his punching fist
make the drumhead rip and split"
"Let 'sound' listen to the thump and lo!
Announce who struck the blow"
'You there!'
"Let the force of his punching fist
make the drumhead rip and split"
"Let 'sound' listen to the thump and lo!
Announce who struck the blow"
"Shaking his stupor, without a doubt
he is all set to rip your gut out"
"To hang you upside down
and skin you alive is his vow"
"Let the drums roll; no restraint
Let the party rock; no constraint"
"Let our army smash and slam
Our earth will quake with the wham"
"My hands will never miss a beat
when I beat the drum; it's a royal treat"
"Even the dormant nerve will dance
hearing my drum's resonance"
'Rock & roll'
"Till the sun rises to a new day
let the ground shake and sway"
Give me Dinkie Dow if you have
I don't stock drugs
"Even the Lord of Death Yama will die
if he glares with his razor sharp eye"
'Hey boy'
"Light the camphor for our Lord
He is possessed by our demi-god"
"Got the man with the plan right here"
"Bringin' swag with the man right here"
Forward all the videos
to the police department
I'll bring the boys
to the Magistrate directly
This is Bhavani brother's truck
I've heard he comes here often
Let's go there
Aiyaiyo! Are you joking, master?
I am not coming
You go if you want
"A whole night of merry-making"
"Day spent in sleep overtaking"
"This is the world we rejoice
Reveling in unforbidden joys"
"A whole night of merry-making
Day spent in sleep overtaking"
"This is the world we rejoice
Reveling in unforbidden joys"
"A whole night of partying"
[song from 'Navarathiri']
"This is our universe
for better or worse"
You move I'll stab you
Walk straight ahead
"What existed before birth"
Knock, da
"Even you can't unearth"
To top it all
a secret code!
"What happens after we die
Even I don't know the right reply"
If any hand reaches out to his weapon
He will end up a corpse
Kneel, man
- Kneel down
- Switch off the song
Damn, switch it off!
Who is Bhavani here?
Which one of you here
has seen Bhavani?
What kind of sissy name
is that...Bhavani?
Was he lying on his stomach
as a baby when he was named?
Let me make it clear once more
If any of you do something stupid
trying to retaliate
I'll sign on your man's
Adam's apple, got it?
'Try your luck flinging another bottle?'
That means
You know Bhavani very well
Will you go and repeat this
to him verbatim?
A man walked in right royally
knowing it is your den, Bhavani
Repeat, da
No, you tell me
I'll convey it
No, you are scared
'Listen, I might as well tell all of you'
The day you killed those 2 boys in
the Observation Home and hung them
I hung my head in guilt and died
I'm least bothered about myself hereafter
Branding those juveniles with a tattoo
and making them do your dirty work
I've put a full stop to it
From now on, anyone wants to do anything
using the boys as lambs for the slaughter
...has to kill me and then go ahead
but that has a slight hitch
I will kill minimum 10 of you
and only then breathe my last
Be it Bhavani
or Banumathi!!!
Will you go and tell him
word by word?
Come, get up
Close the door
Who threw that bottle at me, da?
Come here
No, Bhavani
I aimed it at him
The pen will fall down and
you can escape I thought
'But it missed and-'
Hey! Lazy lout
Open the door
- 'Open the door
- Madcap!'
- Open the door, da
- What false bravado!
Son of a scumbag!
Open it, damn you
Where did you go?
Open now, I'll kill you
'Hey! Open'
'How dare you lay a hand
on Bhavani when I'm here?'
- Kottamuthu
- Come now
- Hey Kottamuthu
- What did you think of us?
Bro is calling you
Come here
- What are you doing?
- He locked us in
He was holding a knife
to my neck for an hour
WTH were you doing then?
Bhavani, that wasn't a knife
- It was a pen
- You knew it, huh?
How will he open the door
if you yell after he has gone?
Shall we pen him a letter?
'Sir, please open the door'
Don't hit me, Bhavani
Who can draw very well here?
Master, he is our best artist
He's the madcap who doodles foul stuff
all over the toilet and the walls, master
'Hi master'
I believe you came to my den
Threatened a man with a pen and
conveyed an important message to Bhavani
I am that Bhavani
If you destroy all that I own,
textile shop, hotel, wine shop
What the hell will he do?
He is himself a criminal
'You assumed I won't
go to the police, right?'
Your assumption is 100% right
But thinking you'll make
a fool of me was wrong
'I enquired about you'
I believe you have a big gang
of ardent fan followers
'Which one of them can I finish off?
I asked my boys their choice'
They said we can have a jolly time
killing them all without discrimination
Let me give you a task
Take a pen and paper'
List out your favorites
in alphabetical order
Hey Bhavani!
Don't ignore girls and kids
thinking I'll be soft on them
Include their names too definitely
'Write and call each one of them'
And then...master?
Give me the phone
- Why did he hang up on me?
- 'Must have got scared'
Got very emotional I guess
Why do emotional men
get so hyper and angry?
Pick...pick...pick up my call
Pick up
- Hi, dude
- Where are you?
I'm just leaving my office
- You are safe?
- Yes, what's the problem?
'Listen to me
Don't step out'
What is the proble-
Come on, pick up
- Sir?
- Shut u-
- 'I hope you're safe?'
- 'Yes, sir, what happened?'
- Listen
Check if our batch students
are safe, okay?
'Madhi, where is Srinath?'
'He is here, JD'
- What is it?
- 'Stay at home, don't go out'
'Everything safe?'
JD called me
'He was so hassled'
'He told us not to step out'
Guys, don't step out of your house
Most important, avoid road travel
'In case you are out, go to any house
or shop nearby or any safe place'
'JD sir called just now
I think there's a major problem'
'If you are safe'
For heaven's sake
text our entire group
Park the bike
'Almost everyone in the group
texted they are safe'
But we couldn't reach
only Bhargav and Savitha, sir
Don't swerve too much to the right
I am safe-
Vanathi, where are you?
In a mall nearby
What happened?
- Is Prem with you?
- 'Yes, da'
He has gone to fetch
my purse from the car-
'What happened, Vanathi?'
What is it?
- 'Where are you, da?'
- Theater, why, sir?
- Are you alright?
- What happened?
Hey! Get out
- What happened?
- Savitha, go
Bhargav is dead, sir
"Got the man with the plan right here"
"Bringin' swag with the-"
How many wickets down?
'According to the News I got'
2 wickets down
2 retired hurt
If you are still stubborn enough
to hang out with that gang'll lose 4 wickets daily
'I have never forgiven anyone
who has crossed my path till now'
This is my first time
and I am forgiving you
Just quit your job, do an 'about turn'
and disappear from this town
'Otherwise one who escaped today
will die tomorrow and repeat'
It will go on repeat mode
They will keep falling like ninepins
Thank you and good bye
'The main reason I called you'
I didn't lie face down
when I was named it seems
I was on my back
it was clear as a bell!
- Hey
- 'Aahn'
- DAI!
- 'Hahn?'
I'll dice you, dry and
pickle you to pieces
Thank you
Take care of them just for today
I'll be back soon
Don't worry, you go
'I will ensure the safety of these boys'
- Aiyo! Let go of me, bro
- Shut up, get into the truck
- Bro, let go of me
- Hit you
Where are you taking me?
- I'm not coming, bro
- Das!
Hey! Come here
Das, he's throwing a tantrum
- Lift him
- Don't force me, bro
- Bloody well listen
Save me, warden
Don't do this, Das
Save us somehow, warden
- Don't take them
- Let me go, bro
Move it
'Hey Das! Where are you taking the boys?'
[mobile ringing]
"Bringin' swag with the man right here"
'Hello, sir
I'm Thulukanam speaking'
'Das and his boys have
locked us in here'
'He has taken the boys
who turned approvers'
'In a truck somewhere, sir'
'We don't know what to do
Please come soon, sir'
[mobile ringing]
Yes, Vanathi
'This is not the end of the world for us'
You have gone out of your way
for these boys, enough
'I have informed the higher authorities
They said they will be here soon'
"He was chewing betel leaves in bliss
I punched his nose without a miss"
"You should have seen blood gush out
This Amaran's heart is gold, no doubt"
[Singing a song from 'Amaran']
"Just utter the name 'Amaran', bro
soda bottles will fly at our foe"
I don't care two hoots
about the repercussion
I'll take full blame
Beat the hell out of them
Hold this
"It's a lilting tune anyone can hum"
"Amaran is a seasoned singer awesome"
"He was chewing betel leaves in bliss
I punched his nose without a miss"
"Should have seen his nose bleed
This Amaran's heart is gold indee-"
Master...master, da
Back again?
Plan to hit us?
Go ahead
Come here
Think you've achieved
something great in life
Shout all you want
He is dead, da
Bhargav created much more trouble
in college than all of you put together
He is dead now
If a real rowdy reforms and just when
he wants to lead a good life, if he dies-
Do you know it is
the height of cruelty?
The faith people around him have
to turn over a new leaf will vanish
Oh my gawd!
Master has started preaching to us
Ignore them, bro
Why do you treat them
on an equal footing with you?
These mongrels won't reform
even if they die!
Yov! Who will reform?
When have we treated him with respect?
Or given him time, place
or an opportunity to reform?
Undiyal, Odacha Kadalai, Bottle Mani,
Soda Sekar, what kind of names?
Then how will they remember
their family or tender love and care?
Family and society alienate them
If everybody has exiled him
how will he reform?
Come here, da
1st crime by many boys here
is based on emotion quotient
Affection, betrayal, anger,
or a rush of adrenalin
Each with a reason
But after the first time
You know what instigates you to commit
every crime you pile on to your account?
I can bet on this, da
All other crimes after your 1st was
committed losing control of your senses
Didn't you booze?
Didn't you have a ball?
Oh! Yes, sir
Open your warped mind!
Only a drunkard can talk
of how it ruined his family
Only because of my addiction
2 boys lost their lives
I got that into my thick head
I quit drinking
'Chee! Don't be a drama king, master!'
Am I brewing liquor at home?
Blaming the buyer
instead of the seller!
That's exactly what I'm saying
This intoxication is a political game
You are not yet 18 years
You can't watch this Adult film
A security guard stands out
to push you out, right?
Why is no one standing guard
outside a wine shop?
How do 10 -15 year olds get hold
of a booze bottle and cigarette?
Bhavani is moving his pawn
and playing this kind of politics
When the law is against child labor
...that beast is forcing the same boys
into nefarious activities unwillingly
What is this?
What is it?
Like bribing you to vote and
you end up with an inked finger
He gives you freebies and
brands you with a tattoo
He has bathed you in basic amenities
providing free food and clothing
Good lord!
Enough of this atrocity
You have packed those boys who believed
they have a good future into that truck
Don't know if they will hang from a fan
or be run over by a tyre
I will save them
Every single one of them
What did he say, da?
He will kill all those who like me?
[ironical laughter]
There are zillions outside who like me
Mind, body, heart and soul, da
Ask him to try his luck
'Bro, Bhavani has loaded the documents,
money bags of his 'benamis' in his lorries'
'He is planning to
cross the border tonight'
'The boys are in one of the trucks, bro'
All 40 lorries have crossed the border
Expected anytime now
Those boys?
Das is bringing them in the container
Finish her off!
Run over her
Vanathi, take the wheel
Bang his car and kill them
If those 15 boys turn approvers
whom will they point their fingers at?
Das of course
They have never met you, Bhavani
What if Das turns approver?
Your name, Bhavani
Then kill Das
Go, da
Do you want him to kill me
out of your sight?
Your words came to my mind
'I will give my life for you'
Give it now
I thought of you
as my own elder brother
I regarded you as my brother
Even I thought of you
as my very own younger brother
'What do you want me to do?'
Where are the boys?
Where are they, da?
Hey! Go and check the container
Go...move it
Let's see who wins
You or me?
Das, listen to me
Listen to me
Hear me out
Oral statement by all those boys
point fingers accusingly only at you
They don't even know the name Bhavani
Bhavani knows that too
Give it serious thought
Will he kill all the boys?
Or kill the one they are pointing
fingers at, which is YOU?
- You deserve to die
- In one swift blow, I'll-
That is not my intention
Let's stop with the lives already lost
I'm saying this like a broken record
Bhavani is clever
He won't kill the boys
His target is YOU
Listen to me once
Only this time
Ask him if you can bring the boys
in front of him he will say 'no'
Continue to ask repeatedly
You'll know the true colors of Bhavani
If this doesn't happen-
I am all yours to kill
"They call me...master"
"You know me...master"
"I am master the blaster"
"Oooh yeah!"
"They call me...master"
Welcome, master
This is the first time
we are meeting, right?
Loaded with emotion, huh?
My dear master
Bhavani isn't just a name
It's a kingdom I created for myself
You can't create a world record
with your overnight lesson
If he was sharing his pearls of wisdom
what about the mud between your ears?
You carried that boy on your waist?
Did you think they are kids?
They are killers of the worst kind
I've already given you too much time
Still I'll give you 2 minutes
If you can ki-
Master, why did you hit me in mid speech?
Didn't you ask for it?
Is this all the force you can muster?
[fired up laughter]
Job done and dusted
'Lord, pardon this sinner'
Hey! I am fighting here for your sake
So your hands don't grip
a knife once more
Your mind
Your mind should not
go back to its old way
I am fighting your cause
Not one of you
Not even one of you
should raise his hand
Step back
"O master, come to my den
If you don't, I'll force you then"
[singing a popular song from 'Bommalattam']
"In my own hot spot
you bet I'm a big shot"
'How was it?'
You're teaching a lesson
even when you're about to die
Is this your last lesson, master?
Shall we have it this way?
Show me your fist power
- Hey...hey
- Master
- Take the boys to the truck
- Okay, master
Hey Das
Bhavani! Bhavani!
"Come, my dear dude
Raw banana 'bajji' for you"
"I will tear your body to tatters
Fry and serve as golden fritters"
[song from the film 'Thangaikor Geetham']
"I will tear your body in a jiffy
Fry and serve as bajji"
Sit down
A problem won't be solved
by killing a person
I asked a man
when I was just 17
This is the same request
I'm asking you
Let me live
I will do anything for you
I won't harm those boys
You are the one who made
those innocent children criminals
Only 1 year
You were let into that Observation Home
and you've progressed so much in life
If you are punished and sent to jail
imagine what you'll do to this town
I'll get into politics
I'll start a party
Will you join me?
[satisfied laughter]
Job done...dunzo!
[triumphant laughter]
"Let me sing a 'kutti' story
Pay attention, listen to me"
"If you want, take it or else
no need tension, leave it, baby"
"Life is very short, nanba"
- Master
- Who is that?
The boys are in the truck, master
Come here
Sit down
Shall I surrender instead of you?
Won't you understand till the very end?
Each person has to endure
the punishment according to his crime
I feel I should do something for you
Tell me if you have a family
I'll take care of them till you're back
I overheard the children in the reformatory
saying you loved a girl it seems
A girl from an affluent family
Already engaged to someone
Shall I go and talk to her?
Maybe I can share my epic story!
Listen, my dear boy
My name was not JD then
Jack Daniels
People called me 'Jack'
I used to draw well
Good at a game of cards
In such a game we were lucky
My friend and I won 2 tickets
You would have seen everyone
run to catch a bus or train
But imagine we ran and caught a ship
about to leave the dock
That's where I set eyes on her
for the very 1st time
Her name was Rose
What did you say her name was?
Listen to my love story
After I fell head over heels
in love with her, I found out
...she's already engaged
After that, as we were sailing smoothly
The ship hit an iceberg on the way?
How do you know that?
I'll wait outside, master
- Listen to my full epic love story
- No need, it's okay, master
'Since manipulation of boys into crimes
by anti social elements was proved'
'With the aid of proper evidence'
'That specific Govt Reformatory
was shut down permanently'
'Of the 63 inmates, those above 18
were sent to Central Prison'
'And those below 18 were sent
to other Govt reformatories'
Your fingerprint over there
Go inside
What is the crime
you are serving term for?
Baby face, partner
Must be a gigolo
Look at his face
Like a parcel folded into four
Juveniles of Nagercoil
in that Bhavani case
I heard it was 7 of them
Only 6 are here
Baby face is here
Handsome face is missing
Where is your master?
Must have been sent to Vellore jail
It's even more convenient, partner
We go to Vellore in 10 days
We'll finish him there
Then we will meet your master in Vellore
Transfer only after 10 days, huh?
- Are you here till then?
- Why?
Drag that 'beedi'
deep into your lungs
This is the last 'beedi' you'll smoke
Over dramatic punch line!
You're teaching ME
about the 'prisoner'!!
You would have seen
notorious prisoners
But guess who is coming now
"Master coming!"
"Move aside!"
"Safe and safeguarded"
subtitled by rekhs
assisted by harini
"The second our commander steps in
it's like an atom bomb exploding"
"Master coming!"
"Move aside!"
"Deliberately if you make trouble"
"It will boomerang on you centuple"
"If you jeer or sneer at us"
"Mind you, you'll be limbless"
"Tell topsy turvy
Yell curvy scurvy"
"Tear them to tatters
Scare them to scatter"
"Tear them to tatters
Scare them to scatter"
"Master coming!"
"Make way"