Master of the Flying Guillotine (1976) Movie Script

In the year 1730, during the reign of
the Emperor Yung Cheng,
one of the early emperors of the
Manchu Ching Dynasty,
many kung fu experts were
recruited by the Emperor
to suppress and kill the supporters
of the former Ming Dynasty.
These experts were trained to use
the fearsome weapon
the Flying Guillotine.
Many fell to this new weapon.
Those who escaped...went into hiding.
Seeking these remaining rebels out
to kill them was the reason the
Manchu government sent a noted
Master of the Flying Guillotine,
Fung Sheng Wu Chi,
to keep surveillance of
all Han revolutionists
and kill them if appropriate.
Fung, who was blind,
disguised himself as a Buddhist Lama
and lived in a mountain
retreat with his two disciples.
Chow-Lung. Chow-Fu.
One-armed man!
Master Fung-Sheng,
if you receive this message
it will mean that both of us are dead.
Carved on the tile is an image of
a one-armed man.
Teacher, he will have killed us and he
is a Ming revolutionary.
We are now setting out to kill him,
but because of his great skill,
we fear that he may kill us.
If you receive this message,
then please avenge your two disciples.
Chow-Lung, Chow-Fu...
You'll be avenged!
You sacrificed your lives for
the great Ching Dynasty
I swear that I will kill that
One-Armed Man and avenge you both!
All bow.
Go out and practice!
-Dhirng Yung
Come here!
Today I'm going to teach you something
new. The technique of jumping.
Now you show us.
Now that is the basic step.
Then follows the second step.
This involves the control of breath
so as to lighten your weight.
All right, empty out the stones.
Breathe much deeper. Alright!
Now then, know why you failed?
Not concentrating on your breathing.
As you can see,
you've a long way to go.
Now when you can do that,
walking around the edge,
you've passed the second stage.
The third step is jumping up to the roof.
Follow me.
That's all I will show you today.
Patience and endurance is all that you need.
-Keep on practicing!
Good news! Good news!
What's all the excitement about?
The Eagle Claw school is
holding a tournament,
no restrictions on age or area!
Great! Let's enter then.
Teacher, are you going to enter?
Teacher, if you enter you're bound to win!
Eveyone knows of the One-Armed Boxer!
Show them your kung fu
and we shall share in your victory.
Right! Yes, please go!
We study kung fu for spiritual health,
not to gain fame or fortune.
Besides, we have our own objectives.
The Ching Government is
on the look-out for us.
I hope none of you will risk entering.
There will be many experts,
we could learn from them.
Please let's go!
There's truth in what you say...
we could learn a lot.
We mustn't draw attention
from the government,
but I have no objection to
just observing the tournament.
Shields and Clubs!
Are you the President of
this tournament?
Yes that's right.
I am Wu Chang Sheng
and President of
this tournament.
If you're the president, then
I'd like to ask you why is it
that I can't enter the tournament?
The rules are quite specific.
Though there is no territorial restriction,
the fact is that you are a foreigner.
Therefore, one must obey the rules.
Sorry, my ass.
Eveyone entering has to sign
a life contract.
Since you're a foreigner,
if anything happens to you,
then I can't be held responsible!
I have come a long way
just to fight here.
I don't give a damn about
any life contracts!
Right! If you can demonstrate to me
that you have some degree of skill,
then there should be no problems.
You kick well!
I want to see Eagle Claw's kung fu!
Shields and clubs!
Hold it!
Let me see now!
Daughter, you're not good enough!
Father, don't worry.
I can take care of myself!
Hold it!
Save your energy,
you'll need it all tomorrow.
I suggest you rest now.
-Take our guest to his room!
This way!
Japanese tournament contestant:
"Win-Without-a-Knife Y. Yakuma"
your room is on the second floor.
-Porter, take him up.
When the Government received news
of the tournament
they were afraid that
the rebel Ming supporters
might choose the opportunity
to stage an uprising.
So they ordered Fung Sheng to investigate
and to kill any rebels he discovered there.
Fung enlisted the aid of
some of the foreign contestants.
It was clear that
the tournament was destined
to be a bloody affair.
Give me some more bottles of wine!
Yes Sir!
I'm hungry, get me some food!
Come this way!
Just step in Sir!
-Jasmine tea! Sir. Coming! Sorry!
Please, this way Sir.
What would you like?
Vegetarian noodles.
A bowl of vegetarian noodles!
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
Killed seven with one blow! Ha!!
Hey waiter, bring me some more
wine and food!
Here you are!
Hey! What's this? Are you leaving
without paying your bill?
And what if I haven't paid?
Do you know who I am?
Who are you?
Damn you,
you don't know who I am?
Listen, I happen to be the famous
One-Armed Boxer!
I killed seven!
You fool, isn't this proof enough!
Today I killed seven with one blow!
Did you ever hear of anyone doing that?
Alright, where's the seven men
that you killed?
Ha! Those men were more like
flies than real men!
Oh no! Someone's been murdered!
Was he the One-Armed Boxer?
No, he was just a bum!
I don't care who he was!
I intend to kill every one-armed man
that I come across here!
Daddy, are you looking for me?
Sit down!
There are some foreigners in
this tournament
and I have no clue about
their kung fu!
Theres no mercy in the ring...
I fear that you will lose to
a stronger opponent!
That's something I can't live with.
Why do you resist!?
Shao-Tieh, if I hadn't stopped that Thai
his kicks would have destroyed you!
If you are chosen to fight with him,
take extra care!
You always put me down!!!
I have been in the fighting world
for many years.
OK, I'll take your advice!
I'll let you do as you wish.
You know I love you,
but I'm a big girl now!
Is the One-Armed Boxer coming?
Is he invited?
He had an invitation.
But till now I've had no reply!
But still, that's not conclusive.
I think he will come,
even if just to watch.
Eveyone knows the One-Armed Boxer.
And it would be great if he comes!
Just to show himself here.
Master, everything is ready for
the tournament now.
Good! Pass the word around.
Tell them we shall start tomorrow.
The tournament begins!
Contestants ready!
Contestants ready!
Fight one!
The contestants are:
On my left -
Long spear Chang Chia Yu!
On my right -
Long Stick Ho Po Wei!
First Drum!
Second Drum!
Third Drum!
Chang Chia Yu wins!
Take the loser away!
Now on my left -
Fast Sword Wang Chiang!
On my right,
Win-Without-a-Knife Y. Yakuma!
Nice jumping!
Beat the drum!
A knife, eh?
So how about that?
So he has a knife after all! Very smart.
Yakuma wins!
Take the loser away!
On my left -
Braised Hair Cheung Shung Vee
And on my right -
The Mongolian Tieh Cheng!
Cheung Shung Vee wins!
And so has Tieh Cheng,
take those two away!
On my left -
Daredevil Lee Sen!
and on my right -
Iron Skin Niu Sze!
Sound the drum!
Brother! How?
His spirit protected him until...
he lost his sight, that's
when his defense was broken!
Daredevil Lee Sen wins!
Now on my left -
Eagle Claw's Wu Shao Tieh!
And on my right -
Money Boxer Ma Wa Kung!
Sound the drum!
Eagle Claw's Wu Shao Tieh wins!
On my left -
from Java, So Leong!
Sword Formation!
Arrange the swords!
And on my right -
Flying Rope Chao Wu!
Chao Wu has won!
Take him away!
On my left -
Tornado Knives Lei Kung!
On my right -
Yoga Tro La Seng!
A letter from my master.
Sir, your accomplishments and
reputation are greatly admired!
It would be an honor if you participate in
this tournament and demonstrate your skill.
Brother, are you entering?
No, I said I wouldn't come here to fight.
I am going back to the school now.
Return after it is over.
Yoga expert Tro La Seng wins
On my left is -
Tiger and Crane Fists, Lee Kun Man!
On my right from Thailand -
Nai Men!
Sound the drum!
Nai Men has won!
And from my left -
One-Armed Snake fist, Hsien Hsing!
On my right -
Praying Mantis, Tung Erh!
Sound the drum!
The One-Armed Snake fist
Hsien Hsing wins!
Are you one of the Ching Killers?
Yes! Flying Guillotine Fung Sheng Wu Chi!
Good! I finally get to see
the notorious Flying Guillotine!
You've killed recklessly!
Did your masters tell you to do this?
Yes, they did. Now listen...
The One-Armed Boxer killed my disciples,
and I've come here for my revenge!
You are a vicious bastard!
You've killed innocent people
in this tournament for no reason!
I intend to make sure that
you won't do it again.
Get out of my way, you old has-been!
I want the One-Armed Boxer and
nobody will stop me!
Gather around!
I'm sorry...even though
we're a new school
we must close, temporarily.
Teacher, why should we close?
Can't you guess!?
You saw that senseless killing!
Saw it, his head was ripped clean off!!!
The man with the guillotine,
he was sent here by the Chings
to murder all the kung fu experts here.
Pay attention! I suspect that he may
pay a visit to our school very soon.
In that case, a great many of you could be
killed. And I wouldn't want that to happen.
Teacher, he has to be stopped!
Teacher! We must defeat him!
Listen here, I have something to say.
Let me tell you something about that man.
Until recently, he had two assistants -
both tough men.
They were both ruthless killers.
A few months ago, the two of them tried to
kill me. However, it didn't quite work out.
Ever since I killed those two disciples,
I've expected this.
But I never expected their master
to show up at the tournament.
When he killed that one-armed
Hsien Hsing after the fight,
I believe that he was after me, but
got the wrong man!
Brother, were learning kung fu!
We can't hide for the rest of our lives.
Anyway, you're the One-Armed Boxer!
Who says we have to hide?
A man who always escapes
is a weak-minded coward!
A man who depends on kung fu
is a foolish warrior!
These kinds of men are not our idols.
The main fundamental of kung fu
is to act wise and brave.
Since we have not yet found a good plan,
we must see to avoid being
killed and wounded!
The only solution is to protect ourselves.
There's nothing else to do here.
Go back to the main school and
tell them to evacuate.
l have heard of your name for a long time,
but you never entered the tournament
so I had to come here to find you.
You've come at the wrong time.
I've just closed the school down.
That so?
Trying to escape?
The Flying Guillotine will not let you go,
for I found somebody to bring
the blind man here.
In fact, he should be here any minute.
You bastard, I'll fix you!
Brother, you get them out of here!
That's him!
The one who was talking!
Does he think he can escape?
Who are you?
I'm "Win-Without-a-Knife Y. Yakuma".
The roof fell down upon us.
I saved your life.
So you saved me?
But my father?
Those who are dead can never return
so there's no point in crying.
Think of something else.
l already have.
And l can think of nothing else.
All I want to do is to take revenge
on that blind man.
Well don't bother...
You aren't good enough.
Better come with me.
We'll go to Japan.
Go with you, why should I?
You fight quite well.
I could teach you my kung fu.
You shall be my first female student!
You've got potential.
You must be joking!
This isn't what I want! I won't go!
You might not have a choice.
Get some rest.
I'm going to get some food.
Miss Wu!
Who's there?
Don't be frightened!
It's me, the Teacher Yu Tieh Lun!
-The One-Armed B...
Just outside Clearwater Town is a cave.
If you go through the cave,
theres a house in the clearing.
Go and hide there.
After I get my students away
from this place I'll meet you there.
Pay your respects to Saint Kwan.
The enemy will be here soon.
You go now.
As soon as l have a plan,
I will get in touch.
-You better leave by the back gate.
I guess you've come here to fight.
I'm sorry, it's not a convenient time.
The One-Armed Boxer is a One-Winged
Chicken! When is it convenient, eh?
Theres a Chinese saying:
To kill a coward is easier
than trying to find a way to insult him.
You're going to be sorry you did that!
I smell blood.
The Indian...he's dead.
He can't escape. Hes somewhere
around this area, I know it.
Miss Wu? My brother is back!
Brother, how bad is it?
Nothing serious, I'll be alright.
But that Indian gave me
quite a bit of trouble.
I nearly got caught.
Miss Wu, are you alright?
Yes, thanks.
I feel much better now!
Good. You stay here as long as you want.
Hsieh Yung, did the students
get away alright?
Sure. I saw them off.
They should be clear by now.
Good. Come inside and
we'll have a talk.
Brother Yu, what are you
thinking about?
I was thinking that
bamboo is very tough
and even an axe can break
while chopping it!
Why are you thinking about that?
Inside the flying guillotine is
a ring of knives that can't be
thicker than an axe. That's
how we will destroy it.
Yes! Let's gather my disciples
to discuss a plan!
Blacksmith, do you have
my order ready?
Yes Sir!
Good day. Do you want a
large coffin or a small one?
I don't want either. No,
I want to hire this place.
Hire a coffin shop?
I think I've got the answer,
that's why I called you here.
But still, whether my plan can stop
the flying guillotine remains to be seen.
The strength of the
guillotine lies in its impetus.
Once that spinning force develops,
it's almost impossible to stop it.
The first part of the plan is to get rid of
that foreign Killer Nai Men.
Then, we can tackle the Guillotine.
And that's where I expect
you men to come in.
Somehow you've got to
get him to come to this place.
Hey, he's coming now!
Come on!
Go to the inn and
you'll find a blind man.
Bring him out to the cave.
Light it!
Hope you got thick skin on your feet.
Open up!
Teacher, were you hurt?
I'm alright! But my feet couldn't
have stood much more.
-Take the body away.
I don't want any of you killed.
So get on the other side of
the hills and just wait there. Go!
Yu, I won't go! I want to
stay here with you!
I want to see you avenge
my father's death!
No, if you stay here I won't be
able to concentrate on the fight.
Both of us may be killed together!
Alright then, let's settle it.
Let's see who's the best.
I guessed that you might come.
But I'm afraid you've chosen
an inconvenient time.
I saved her life.
If she comes with me,
then I'll leave right away.
But otherwise -
Before the blind man comes,
I'll have killed you!
You did save me and I owe you my life.
But I'm not coming.
That's that!
Miss Wu. It's no use trying to
reason with him. Get back.
We're nearly there!
Get inside! I'll use the bamboo!
Come on! I've waited long
enough for this!