Master of the Shadowless Kick: Wong Kei-Ying (2016) Movie Script

China in the mid-19th century
was riddled with corruption,
beset by threats of foreign incursion,
opium imports,
a series of natural catastrophes
and times of hardship.
Physician Wong,
there was drought this year.
I can only pay you this much.
Pay me next time.
Your child is malnourished.
Buy him some nutritious food.
What is it, Fei-Hung?
- Pa, Ma is looking for you.
- Oh.
- What does your mother want?
- Hurry, Pa!
Hey. Hey, slow down!
- Come on!
- Hey. Wait up!
- Fei-Hung, watch your step.
- Ma, Pa is here!
All right, Fei-Hung.
Practice your kung fu.
Take it easy. You have just recovered.
Don't strain yourself.
I'm fine. I can manage.
All right, all right, don't push yourself.
Look at you, you need more rest.
Leave the housework to Ah Jin.
Don't make me worry.
I'll be careful.
You should pay more attention to Fei-Hung.
That'll be a load off my mind.
I will, I will.
My teacher will be here tonight.
He can talk to Fei-Hung tonight.
Oh, no! I forgot about it!
Master Lok usually visits us
at this time of the year.
We are running out of rice and meat.
I'll go buy some more.
Lok Ah Choi, it's been a while.
Who are you?
Lok Ah Choi,
you've been a rebel for years.
You are our most wanted fugitive.
With the help of Heaven,
I finally found you.
Oh, lackeys from the imperial court.
Fine, catch me if you can.
I'm so sorry. I got the wrong person.
You're getting old, Lok!
So it's you! Traitor!
You persecute the innocent!
I'll get rid of you today!
Money makes the world go round.
You're just too dumb to acknowledge it.
General Wei, loads of refugees
have swamped Guangzhou city.
Some are even camping on our doorstep.
I have just taken up this post
and disaster strikes Guangzhou.
This is inauspicious.
Well, give the refugees some food
from our stockpile.
General, the quantity of food
we ration out is based on headcount.
We don't have any to spare.
I have my plans.
Go ahead and distribute the food.
Yes, General.
I have another matter to report.
I have gathered some information
on the opium dens
that you asked me to investigate.
Most of the opium dens
are controlled by the Ma gang.
The gang leader, Ma Mo,
is a powerful man in Guangzhou.
We'll strike where it hurts.
Our first target is the Ma gang.
We serve Wei Mo-Gik, the general
who defends Guangzhou.
You're under suspicion of smuggling opium.
We want to inspect your warehouses,
so step aside
if you know what's good for you.
I've never heard of any general
who defends Guangzhou.
This city belongs to the Ma gang.
We run the place. You are nothing here.
If you stop us from carrying out
our duties, I'll have you arrested.
I dare you!
- Where's the physician? Get him!
- No, no, no.
Get us the physician! Where is he?
Go and get him! Where's the physician?
- Physician Wong is out.
- Where is he?
- Go and get him! Where is he?
- Not here...
Is there no resident physician here?
This is a medical hall?
- You're useless! Get the physician!
- Stop it!
I am Wong Kei-Ying,
the medical hall's physician.
If you are willing to let me try,
I will do my best to heal him.
Hurry up! Get on with it!
Save him! Come on!
Get over there and save him!
Give me a towel, Ah-Gum. Hurry!
Ah-Gum, get the ointment.
I'm Hong Sum.
Thank you for saving my life.
Don't mention it, Hong Sum.
I owe my life to you.
Till we meet again.
Lok Ah Choi, since we are
fellow disciples, I will let you off
if you hand over our teacher's
martial arts manual.
If I gave you the instruction manual,
you'd use the skills to harm
even more people.
You can forget about it.
You've been a rebel for years.
What good has it done?
The government is corrupt.
The innocent are killed.
We should overthrow it!
You stubborn mule!
We'll wear you down soon.
Excuse me, young lady.
Are you here for a consultation?
Take a seat.
Is this Wong Kei-Ying's medical hall?
That's right. This medical hall
belongs to Physician Wong.
I want to meet your resident Physician,
Wong Kei-Ying, now.
Master Wong is busy at the moment.
Please wait a while.
Okay. I'm looking for his wife.
I'm looking for Wong Kei-Ying's wife.
- You... You're looking for his wife?
- That's right.
I'm looking for Wong Kei-Ying's wife,
You are Snow? 13th Aunt?
Brother-in-law, where's my sister?
Where's my sister?
My sister married you
without any hesitation.
Why didn't you take good care of her?
You're a physician!
How could you let her die?
I failed to save her.
Give me back my sister!
Give her back to me!
Give my sister back to me! Give her back!
Why are you hitting him? Don't hit him.
My ma died from an illness.
- General Wei is truly our savior!
- That's right!
May heaven bless him!
Hope his leg recovers soon.
The drought this year
has affected many people.
Since you have sought refuge in my city,
I will not turn a blind eye.
I have decided to distribute
food rations as of today.
As long as I'm around,
no one will go hungry.
He truly is our savior! A great man!
Opium will ruin us.
I'm shutting down the dens.
- Brother!
- Brother!
- Chief!
- Oh, my,
our hero has finally returned.
You usually return in triumph.
What happened this time?
Were you wounded?
You're just a lousy wench!
Don't be cocky.
Hong Sum!
Don't you forget where you are now!
Watch your mouth! Stop talking nonsense.
Let me tell you
where we are.
This is our base which my men
and I fought for with our blood.
You didn't win it for us
with your seductions.
If the chief didn't like you,
I'd kill you right now!
Stop it!
What is going on between the two of you?
Why are you fighting again?
General, Wong Kei-Ying is here to see you.
He says he can treat your leg
and would like to meet you.
Wong Kei-Ying?
- Hmm. Let him in.
- Yes, General.
Please don't stand up.
My respects to you, General.
So you are Wong Kei-Ying.
I've heard of your
remarkable medical skills.
- Please have a seat.
- Thank you, General.
Bring us some tea.
Physician Wong, have some tea.
Where are you from, Physician Wong?
I was born in Foshan, Nanhai.
Ah, Physician Wong is from Foshan?
Foshan is a famous ancient city.
The birthplace of many famous people.
Not at all. You flatter me.
When you were distributing rations,
I noticed that you were limping.
That's why I'm here to offer my help.
I injured my leg during the crackdown
on the Ma gang's opium dens.
I've seen a few physicians
but my condition did not improve.
By shutting down opium dens,
you are helping the people.
You are a true hero.
I have experience in treating muscles
and bones injury.
Please let me try.
Ah. I would be grateful, Physician Wong.
You're welcome.
Is there something wrong, Physician Wong?
Uh, no. Nothing, General.
Your injury requires
more than just medicine.
You will need acupuncture
to boost circulation.
Try putting some weight on it now.
All right.
Physician Wong, you're a marvelous healer!
What was that treatment you used?
It's called, "Nine Phoenixes Sing Thrice,"
where the nine acupuncture needles
are set to resonate thrice.
- Oh.
- It's an esoteric technique.
Huh. Nine Phoenixes...
General, I'll be taking my leave now.
Wait, let me pay you for your service.
No, General.
It's an honor to tend to your injury.
I appreciate the gesture,
but I couldn't possibly
accept your silver.
Uh-huh. In that case,
I will not insist on it.
I may need your services again someday.
I'm always glad to help.
Hmm. I have to go out, too.
Shall I give you a lift?
If it's not out of your way.
Who were those people, General?
How dare they attack a court official!
Oh... They were probably rebels.
I didn't know you're such
a skilled pugilist.
I should be calling you "Master Wong."
That was Shaolin kung fu you wielded.
Is your master a Shaolin monk?
My master was just
an old street performer.
I took up martial arts
just to strengthen my body.
Those moves I learned could hardly
qualify as proper kung fu.
What? Not qualify as proper kung fu?
You're a formidable fighter!
Master Wong,
you're from Foshan.
It is home to several bands of rebels.
Do you know anything of them?
General, I am a humble physician.
I steer clear of these affairs.
I'm afraid I know nothing of rebels
and the like.
How could this happen, you fools!
You outnumbered Wei Mo-Gik,
yet he got away unscathed!
Am I right, Hong Sum? Right, Fong-Sin?
Hong Sum sounded the retreat!
- Otherwise we would have killed Wei!
- That's nonsense!
We've been keeping tabs on Wei Mo-Gik,
he should have been alone today.
Who knew Wong Kei-Ying would be with him?
Wong is highly-skilled.
We had no choice but to beat a retreat.
Hong Sum, calm down.
Fong-Sin, is that what happened?
I exchanged blows with Wong Kei-Ying.
He isn't all that powerful.
Hong Sum,
go and get rid of Wong Kei-Ying.
I'll do it.
It's you? Brother Hong,
why are you doing this?
You thwarted our attempt
on Wei Mo-Gik's life today.
Enough chit-chat! Just kill him!
This is preposterous!
How dare you, Hong Sum!
How dare you turn against me
and side with Wong Kei-Ying!
Have you turned against me? Have you, huh?
Chief, he really is highly skilled
in martial arts. We're no match for him.
We could have defeated Wong Kei-Ying
if we'd joined forces against him.
- It's his fault that we lost!
- Stay the hell out of it!
You stay out of it!
Wong Kei-Ying was struck
by the poisoned dart.
He won't live past tonight.
Fei-Hung, what is this?
- It's round.
- I know.
But what is it?
- It's a round biscuit.
- Right, a round biscuit.
Take a bite.
- No, I don't want it.
- Go on, take a bite.
13th Aunt, you should go home.
I offended the Ma gang.
They'll be back for revenge.
If anything should happen to you,
I would be letting your sister down.
Well, that's all the more reason
for me to stay.
Sister would be mad
if I were to abandon you.
Besides, Fei-Hung,
do you want me to leave?
No, I don't.
You don't? You don't, but your father
wants me to go home.
Pa, please let Auntie stay with us.
I don't want Auntie to leave.
All right.
If anything should happen to me,
please take care of Fei-Hung.
Kei-Ying, please don't say that.
Pugilists have their own code of honor.
They wouldn't harm your family,
would they?
Wong Kei-Ying isn't dead.
He's alive and well.
That's impossible!
- Leave us.
- Yes, sir.
No victim of my poison
could have survived the night.
Mmm. That means, he has the antidote.
Only three people have it. You, me,
and Hong Sum.
I wouldn't give him the antidote.
Neither would you.
You're asking for it!
Hong Sum!
Brother Hong, you are badly injured.
You must rest.
Master Wong, please let me leave.
You haven't recovered.
Where are you going?
Wait here for your friends.
I'm no longer with the Ma gang.
What happened?
Did they find out
that you gave me the antidote?
Ma Mo is hell-bent on killing you.
I'll be a burden to you
if I stay here.
Let me leave.
Brother Hong.
You're in my medical hall now.
That makes you my patient.
I'm duty-bound to save you.
You're free to go once you've recovered.
But you are under my charge now.
Even my blood brother
won't do so much for me.
Why are you so good to me?
Excuse me. I'll take my leave.
Physician Wong, you don't have to leave.
Master Wong, how is my leg now?
Sir, your injury is almost healed.
I will be going to Ma Mo's feast.
Sir! It's obviously a trap!
The Ma gang is powerful in Guangzhou.
Ma Mo is elusive.
If I bring along my soldiers,
he will not show himself.
He's laying a trap?
Then I'll catch him red-handed.
Sir! You intend to go alone?
It's a risk, but it's worth it.
You're laying down your life
for the sake of the people.
I have the utmost respect
for what you're doing.
Please allow me
to attend the feast with you.
Master Wong, you're a true hero.
Oh, oh!
Oh, my, General, you have arrived!
I'm so honored to meet you.
General, this way.
Take a seat.
Please be seated.
General Wei,
you do me great honor by coming here.
Your presence has lit up my humble abode.
I invited you over today
for no reason other than the fact
that I have great admiration
for you, General.
I hope that you and I can become friends.
Let me play host to you.
To show my sincerity,
I've prepared a little something for you.
I hope you will like it.
I will not beat around the bush.
General, you have shut down
half of my opium dens in Guangzhou.
If you would just turn a blind eye
to my activities
and let me make my living,
I'll be greatly indebted to you, General.
These ledgers here detail
all of my business dealings in Guangzhou.
If you could just let me run my business,
from now on, I will give you
a cut of my total profits.
Say, 30%.
Just how much do you...
Here, General Wei.
All I want is your life!
Wei Mo-Gik!
I'll show you
I'm not someone to be trifled with!
We've subdued everyone, General.
All except a woman
highly-skilled in martial arts
got away after injuring our men.
Have mercy on me, Master Wong!
Let me go home!
My son can't live without his mother.
If I'm put under arrest, I'm doomed.
Please spare my life.
- Take her away.
- Move it! Move!
Please don't hurt us.
Don't be afraid.
We're not going to hurt you.
My grandson is ill.
- He can't be moved!
- Please wait outside.
Madam, you can trust me.
I'm a physician.
Will you let me take a look?
Don't worry, I can treat him.
Madam, don't worry. He will be fine.
Why is this medicinal paste so thick?
It's a new idea I came up with, General.
I had the herbal essences extracted,
distilled and concentrated.
This will make the medicinal paste
much more effective.
Master Wong, you're a genius.
It's only a simple idea.
You flatter me, General.
The Westerners have no regard for the law!
The opium dens were just shut down.
How could they reopen the dens?
Ma Mo has been arrested.
Who has the power to take over Ma's dens
from the court officials?
Running opium dens is a lucrative trade.
Everyone wants a slice of that pie.
You can be sure the Westerners
have found someone to take over Ma's dens
to keep the money flowing in.
Hmm. If I can figure out a cure
for opium addiction,
the opium dens would go
out of business, wouldn't they?
Is Master Wong in?
Officer, what brings you here today?
The General needs your help urgently.
Please grab your medicine chest
and come with me.
I'll go right away.
Ah, Master Wong, a prisoner under my charge
is in critical condition.
Please be sure to save him.
Otherwise, I won't be able
to answer to my superiors.
Don't worry, General. I will do my best.
I'm counting on you.
This way.
Master Wong, this is the man.
Master Wong, is he all right?
General. He is seriously injured.
He will need treatment
in order to survive.
Ah, Master Wong, I'm counting on your help.
He must not die on my watch.
Of course.
Healing the sick is a physician's duty.
General, what was this man's crime?
He is Lok Ah Choi.
He is the court's most wanted fugitive.
General, can you unchain him
so that I can treat him?
- Unchain him.
- Yes, General.
- Open the door.
- Yes, officer.
Get up. Come on!
Get up and drink your medicine!
Get up and take the medicine!
You... Why are...
Get lost! I'm not taking your medicine!
What are you doing here?
I'm here on General Wei Mo-Gik's command.
Just do as you're told.
What did you say?
Wei Mo-Gik? How did you get to know him?
I noticed his injury
when he was distributing rations.
I thought he was an honest official,
so I offered to treat him.
Teacher, how did you become a fugitive?
I became a fugitive
ever since the traitorous Wei Mo-Gik
left Southern Shaolin temple in ruins.
I kept it from you
in order not to implicate you.
Teacher, how did you get captured?
He waylaid me last month
when I was on my way
to your medical hall.
No wonder the shape of his wound
looked so familiar
when I was treating him.
Kei-Ying, give me some.
- Just one mouthful! Give it to me!
- Teacher!
- Teacher! Teacher!
- Just one mouthful!
You inside! Time's up!
Come out now!
Give me some!
- Stop it!
- Just one mouthful!
Let go of me!
Just give me one mouthful!
Give it to me!
Master Wong!
Thank you, Master Wong!
Stop that!
How could you attack our benefactor?
Wong Kei-Ying is my enemy.
He put me behind bars.
You deserve punishment
for all the crimes you committed.
Master Wong saved Ling
despite the evil you did.
Did you know that?
Ling! You can walk again!
- That's great!
- Ma!
Uncle Wong saved my life.
My child suffered because of me.
Ling, kneel down.
Master Wong, I was wrong.
Miss Lam, please get up.
I saved your child because
that was my duty as a physician.
Fortunately, Ling didn't drink
the medicine that was brewed today.
If he did, it would be difficult
to cure him of his opium addiction.
In fact, I was instigated by Wei Mo-Gik
to poison your medicine.
It was him?
Can you get me out of here?
On the condition
that you complete a task for me.
I'm willing to do anything
as long as I can get out of here.
Wong Kei-Ying's crusade
to cure opium addiction
has affected our bottom line.
You have to find a way
to undermine his cure.
Wei Mo-Gik has taken control
of all the opium dens.
There is no one left to oppose him.
How despicable of him!
He built a good reputation
by helping the refugees.
No one would expect him to be
the villain behind the scene!
General, Wong Kei-Ying is here.
He can't take it lying down any longer.
If he attempts to save Lok Ah Choi,
- we'll get him.
- Yes, General.
Something doesn't feel right today.
Leave now and don't ever come back again.
Teacher, just do as I say.
Let's go.
Lok Ah Choi, wake up! Lok Ah Choi,
you can't die! Lok Ah Choi!
Wake up, Lok Ah Choi!
Lok Ah Choi, don't die! Lok Ah Choi!
General, I'm so sorry.
I wasn't able to save
Lok Ah Choi's life.
Guards! Take Wong Kei-Ying into custody.
- And get rid of Lok Ah Choi's body.
- Yes, General.
Don't be so rude. Release Master Wong.
- Leave us.
- Yes, General.
Master Wong, take a seat.
Thank you, General.
Wong Kei-Ying, Lok Ah Choi
was the court's most wanted fugitive.
But he died on your watch.
Surely you're aware of the consequences.
I don't understand
what you're trying to say, General.
If you can help me do something,
I won't hold you responsible
for Lok Ah Choi's death.
General, I'm just a physician.
What could I possibly do for you?
It's a simple task.
I was inspired by the medicine
you used to treat my leg.
I want you to use your method
to refine opium paste for me.
The quality of the opium paste
that's available in the market now
is inferior.
There's barely a kick when you smoke it.
If I know the method to refine it,
I can gain the upper hand
when cutting a deal with the Westerners.
We'll be rich in no time.
I thought you were a good official.
I had such high hopes of you.
I never expected you to be so greedy.
You are despicable!
I will never help you do
something so evil.
Wong Kei-Ying,
haven't you figured it out yet?
I've been spying on you and Lok Ah Choi.
Everything points to the fact
that you know him.
Fearing that he would rat you out,
you decided to silence him
once and for all.
Lok Ah Choi was the court's
most wanted fugitive.
I could have you executed
for what you did.
Lok Ah Choi's death only proves
that I'm a mediocre physician.
You have no choice
but to cooperate with me.
Let's go!
- Master Wong!
- Keep your cool.
Master Wong, were we too late?
No, as long as we remove the needle
within two hours.
Then why isn't he waking up yet?
- Teacher!
- Master Lok!
Master Wong, we will provide you
with all the opium paste you need.
Don't keep the General waiting.
I'll work as fast as I can. Don't worry.
Kei-Ying, you're not really going to help
Wei Mo-Gik, are you?
I went along with him in order
to come back to save my teacher.
Also I was worried about you and Fei-Hung.
Don't worry.
I would never cooperate
with such a villain.
Hmm. Master Wong,
what are we going to do now?
Teacher's opium addiction
is already deep-rooted.
If we don't help him kick the habit,
he won't have long to live.
We'll use Wei Mo-Gik's opium paste
to formulate the cure.
I'll start working on it today.
Nothing works!
This is hopeless!
Brother has locked himself away.
Things are falling apart here.
You'll be fine.
I've brought some money to tide you over.
Don't worry. I'm almost fully recovered.
Soon, I'll be able to find a job.
I can't depend on a woman to support me.
Is Master Wong in?
Is Master Wong in?
The General wants to see him right away.
I'm sorry. Master Wong is busy.
He isn't receiving guests.
He won't even see the General?
He's not going to see anyone.
Is he hiding or did he run away?
We'll take his son as hostage, then.
Grab the boy.
- Let's go.
- Stop!
I'll go with you.
You've taken loads of opium paste from me.
Have you managed to refine it?
the process is more difficult
than I expected.
I need more time to work on it.
Master Wong,
I am running out of patience.
You have to work faster.
General, I will go home
and work on it immediately.
Looks like he smoked opium.
Follow him
and check if he is really addicted.
Yes, General.
Kei-Ying, aren't you developing
a cure for opium addicts?
Why are you smoking opium then?
I'm useless! It's my fault!
My teacher's health is deteriorating.
I wanted to pit poison against poison,
but to find the right poisonous herb,
I need to test each of them
against the opium.
I can't experiment on my teacher,
so I have to experiment on myself.
Let me smoke some more!
Step aside!
- Kei-Ying!
- Step aside! Let me smoke some more!
I know you blame yourself for this,
but you have to stop smoking the opium.
You cannot carry on doing this.
Do you understand?
Get out of my way. Get out of my way!
Kei-Ying, you have to stop smoking opium.
- Pa!
- You have to stop it!
Get out of my way!
Are you crazy?
Don't you know who they are?
I never expected you to smoke opium!
Kei-Ying was trying to develop a cure
for opium addicts,
that's why he had to try it.
Wei Mo-Gik is causing trouble.
Lok Ah Choi is dying.
And you're just giving up?
Look at what I've become.
What can I do now?
Look at me!
Look at me! Wong Kei-Ying, look at me!
Wake up!
I've always respected you
as a hero with great compassion.
I turned over a new leaf because of you.
Look at you now.
Are you the Wong Kei-Ying I used to know?
The medicine that I developed didn't work.
I can't kick the habit.
Teacher, I have failed you.
I'm so useless.
I couldn't develop a cure
for opium addicts.
I was going to
kill myself with this knife.
until I rid the world of Wei Mo-Gik,
I cannot die.
Teacher! Teacher!
This is the Northern
Shaolin martial arts manual.
Wei Mo-Gik is bent on getting it.
That's why he captured and tortured me.
I wanted you to have it,
but it would bring you trouble,
so I changed my mind.
Wei Mo-Gik is from Southern Shaolin.
His footwork is his Achilles heel.
This manual
contains the key to his defeat.
I cannot go in peace
if that traitor Wei Mo-Gik is still alive.
Please don't say that, Teacher. Please.
Wei Mo-Gik!
I swear...
I will take Wei Mo-Gik's life
to avenge my teacher!
We have 100,000 kilos of opium.
Are you sure you can guarantee safe
delivery to every part of the country?
Don't you worry, Mr. Jack.
We are using the navy.
100,000 kilos is nothing.
We can even ship 800,000 kilos!
Then let us drink to our success.
- We'll have tea instead of wine.
- Of course.
Both you and Wei Mo-Gik use
the Southern Shaolin boxing technique.
You're evenly matched.
If you can master the footwork
to augment your boxing skills,
you can defeat Wei Mo-Gik.
The Shaolin kick technique
is indeed powerful.
Amazing kung fu!
Master Wong,
your footwork was incredible,
lethal and fast as lightning.
What type of Kung fu was that?
I combined the Tiger Crane boxing moves
with the kick technique
mentioned in the manual.
Master Wong,
Wei Mo-Gik cut a deal with the Westerners
to use the naval ship
to transport 100,000 kilos of opium
throughout the country.
If we don't find a way to stop them,
millions of people will suffer.
We have to suss out the situation,
- and come up with a foolproof plan.
- All right.
The warehouses are heavily guarded
by Wei Mo-Gik's men.
There are at least 200 of them.
Hmm. We would be on the losing end
if we forced our way through.
We can press charges against Wei Mo-Gik.
It won't work.
We have not gathered enough evidence
to make the charges stick.
officials protect their own people.
Nobody will take action
even if charges are pressed.
These corrupt officials
fear the Westerners.
Then we'll use the Westerners
to turn the tables on them.
Wei Mo-Gik is helping the Westerners
sell their opium.
Why would the Westerners
turn on Wei Mo-Gik?
The bandits in this city attacked us.
If General Wei cannot get rid
of a few measly robbers,
how can I trust you with
such a huge consignment of opium?
Uh, Mr. Jack, looks like
the recent opium theft cases
were well planned.
- It's the work of the rebels.
- Rebels?
Didn't you assure us
that you'd killed them all?
Not to worry, Mr. Jack.
I'll settle this right away.
You'd better do so. Get my opium back.
Don't give me empty promises.
Just because I'm pleasant,
you think you can bully me!
How dare you crawl back to me!
General, I'll let you know the address
of Ma Mo's secret opium warehouse.
Please take me off the court's
most wanted fugitive list.
How much opium are you talking about?
It's worth more than 10,000 silver pieces.
General, it's more than the shipment
stolen from the Westerners.
This will plug the gap.
Sir, we are colleagues serving the court.
Can you tell me who sabotaged me?
Well, I really shouldn't tell you this.
The Westerners pressurized us.
They want us to punish you.
What? The Westerners?
But I have never offended them.
All I know is that his name is Jack.
Why did you stab me in the back?
You're the one
who stole my company's opium!
When did I ever steal your opium?
I witnessed it myself that night.
You transported all the opium we lost
to your own warehouse.
Was it Wong Kei-Ying
who brought you there?
How did you know?
Could it be a trap set up
by Wong Kei-Ying and Lam Fong-Sin?
Where is Wong Kei-Ying?
I don't know.
What are you doing? Let me go! Let me go!
Quit struggling!
Take them away.
Stop right there!
Hong Sum!
Pa! Pa, save me!
Please save me!
I'm scared!
Pa! Save me, Pa!
You're a bad person!
Don't bully my auntie!
Don't you dare make a sound.
One squeak out of you and the boy dies.
Who are you?
Why are you hiding your face?
Shall we play a game?
Look around.
You have to get through three trials.
If you can defeat all three of us,
not only will I reveal my identity,
I'll also give you
all the answers you want.
You will be condemned for doing this!
Who will punish me? I hold all the cards!
If I defeat all of you,
keep your promise to me, release them!
Good luck to you!
If your hand touches the ground,
I'll break your good friend's arm.
If it's your leg, then I'll break his leg.
If your head touches the ground...
I'll smash his skull.
Hong Sum!
Pa, I'm scared!
Let go of my pa!
Never mind about me, Pa!
Pa! Pa!
Stop hitting my father!
You awful man! You're horrible!
Pa, get up!
Get up and kill that bad person!
Pa, you have to get up!
Pa! Beat him up!
Beat up that cruel man! Beat him!
Be careful, Pa!
If you can master footwork
to augment your boxing skills,
you can defeat Wei Mo-Gik.
Auntie! Auntie! Please get up!
Wake up, Auntie!
13th Aunt, where is Fei-Hung?
There he is.
Pa, I'm over here!
Wong Fei-Hung inherited
his father's martial arts and medical skills.
He continued his work as a physician
as well as upheld justice
in the community.