Masterminds (2016) Movie Script

Really all I wanted was always adventure.
That's what got me into the business of armored cars.
With weapons, and money and concentrate violence.
It seemed an absolute dream.
But that's all it was.
Just a dream.
Because in reality my daily life was so boring as any dump,
Pick it up, hand it replenishes.
Pick it up, hand it replenishes.
Pick it up, hand it replenishes.
I used to fantasize about stealing in the line of duty.
Just to prove myself to be a man given the opportunity.
But I was denied even that simple pleasure.
I blame popular culture.
You see, I grew up watching spy movies.
It made it seem so much fun beating the bad guys and save the girl.
I wanted that life,
but do not turn out exactly like that.
So I agree.
And that's the worst thing you can do, if I'm honest.
I mean, until you take a risk in life
You never find out who you really are.
My name is David Ghantt.
In 1997 he was a quiet middle-aged man reaching 40.
But then the wind brought to Ms. Kelly Campbell.
After 4 decades of waiting, my adventure finally came knocking on my door.
What do you say you and I rob Loomis Fargo?
What? Come on! That guy did a month ago.
Does the bank guard? In Jacksonville?
- Phillip Johnson. - Yes, Phillip Johnson.
Behind this wall is a million dollars.
Tell me why we should not.
Well, first, we could fire, no?
- Taking! - Not bad.
You know what I would do with a million dollars?
Buy a shipment of CDs. Music is very important in my life.
What would you do with a million dollars?
You probably start my own business, you know?
Maybe pursue criminals and convicts.
Bounty hunter, treasure hunters, something.
- David! - That hurts!
- Let me see! - No, Kelly!
- Let me see! Let me see! - Get her out!
You're good. You're good.
These fine, but man, you really shot him in the anus.
Yes, just under the line.
If it seems that slipped between the cheeks. Not hurt either.
These right, man. Just a hole in his pants.
- Yes. - It's just a burn, you'll be fine.
You know what you should do? Go home and filled the tub of whole milk.
- What? - Filled whole milk bath.
- Whole milk? - If, by fat.
- Fat moisturizes the skin. - I dressing Rancho.
Maybe I can put a little Rancho.
I answer.
Well, if not the future Mrs. David Ghantt.
Shit, that's Jandice.
I'm late. Oh my God.
- Where are you going? - Photos of compromise.
- Cute. - Yes.
I'll walk back because I do not want you to look me back.
Well, I'm watching, I hate to tell you. Raya and everything.
Yes. maybe I can look at you the line one of these days to be evenly matched.
"Based on a true story"
Sorry I'm late, Jandice.
It's okay. I'm glad you came now.
I've been crying for hours.
- Oh yeah? - I had to get up three times
Well, third time lucky. You look fantastic.
Let's take some pictures.
God, Jandice!
I've been saving it for you.
You did right in my anus. It's like a fart transplant.
And how did you meet? I love the love stories.
Well, if you want to know,
a couple of chaos ago I was at a concert in the Church Youth Praise
and I saw the most handsome man I've seen around the world.
I was looking right at me.
We had an appointment and then we feel very very very much in love.
And then he died by a snake bite.
At his funeral I was very sad.
I could not control myself.
And I saw this other man,
a distant cousin of the deceased.
It was one of those who carried the coffin, and it was hard to hold his end.
I have trouble lifting.
In any case. We'll talk later
and I thought, "Well, that is dead This is alive..
I stay with the living. "
And here we are two years later.
That's quite a story.
Yes, we are happy and everything. Go away.
- I could not be happier. - Me neither.
And then one day things took a turn.
I guess I felt it coming.
The restless souls as Kelly not stay in places like Loomis.
Here are some macaroni.
Taco salad extra Rancho.
- David, thank you. - Eat.
Actually I have not really hungry. I am sorry.
What's going on? Come on, stop whining.
Well, Rodney and I broke up.
- Do not fuck! - Yes, last night.
What's going on here? We are far behind.
So Ghantt. I need you to take your ugly and bearded face out there right now.
What did you say to him?
You can not just talk to David Ghantt.
It is the only one around here with half a brain is smarter than you'll ever be.
- I better go .. - No, no, no.
What the hell is wrong with you today, Kelly?
You know what? I do not know, maybe I feel a little emotional.
Maybe I'm having a bad day. Does that fit into your schedule?
You know what I care about? Take that truck to South Bank immediately.
And if I do not do it?
You are fired.
Okay. Fire me, Ashley. Fire me.
- Kelly, I do not think ... - No, you know what?
I wanted to quit this job for a long time.
And if I get fired, I get unemployment pension.
It is a good point.
Well guess what. No're fired.
What about sexual harassment if one of your employees?
You get in trouble if you do not dismiss me.
My God, this is so illegal. They'll fire you
because I'm being so sexual.
Let go of that! Kelly!
Sexual Dance!
Okay, you're fired now.
Leave uniform.
Wait a second.
I clean it.
Will you give me your number, only to have it?
Yeah right.
I have no pen on top.
No, you have no pen.
You just have nothing on. You have a bra.
Looks good, I say the bra is cute and protects.
- I have a pencil right here. - Great.
Just do it on my arm.
- With a pencil? - Yes.
I have to push hard the skin to make it look.
There you go.
There are 10 numbers.
If the 143 at the end.
It's mine, I always do. It means "I love you".
Yes, I "1" is a letter, love are 4 letters. you are 3 letters.
I have always done it. It's my thing.
It is very tough.
It's okay.
Good see you later.
Kelly always made me feel special.
As if it could be anything, be anyone who would ...
See leave Loomis was like watching a rocket take off without thrusters.
The rocket is going to exciting places,
propellers only burn up in the atmosphere and sink into the ocean.
Nobody cares a damn thrusters.
Now, my positive influence, Kelly ended with bad people.
Weeks after resigning, I was going
all their time on the hard part of town.
In a double trailer that belonged to this man.
Steven Eugene Chambers.
I think it was Kelly neighbor or friend from high school. It could have been both.
Call Steve a snake dressed would be an insult for snakes.
And for clothes. It was a petty thief.
Known mostly for stealing small wheelchairs pediatric hospitals.
As for Kelly, and almost had forgotten about his days in Loomis Fargo
until the company was in the news.
"Police have reported that Phillip Johnson
a security guard Loomis Fargo
accused of stealing 20 million dollars, he has been arrested. "
"The theft was launched when Johnson stole a tank Loomis
in Jacksonville. Florida, before fleeing to Mexico. "
"The theft was the largest in the history of EL"
I guess you have to rob a bank if you want to get into the big show.
I suppose.
Kelly works in Loomis.
He worked. Renounce 9 weeks ago.
It is Hardi's now.
Speaking of work. I have to be there in an hour.
I leave you, lovely people.
See you, girl.
Kelly. really. What are we talking about? Security.
- Steve, get sober, serious. - I'm not drunk, come on.
How hard can it be?
Loads a truck and you long driving.
I've heard of that. Phillip Johnson did not?
Except for the part where you get caught.
We know each other since we were kids. I can tell when you're not happy.
Do you want to spend the rest of your life working on the car service Hardi's?
You want to be on the other side of the car service
buying lots of chips?
What I am saying is that it has to be an inside job.
Well, that's the thing, Steve, and I'm not in Loomis.
You must have made contacts. Flirt with each pair of pants
- Within 0 yards. - No, i do not do it.
I'm just saying you're a people person.
He likes people have that quality.
Well, there's a guy at work who likes me, I guess.
No flirting with him, but ...
My friend David.
Okay, that sounds promising.
And what were you so friendly and great must?
Practically it is married and is a good guy.
Yes, we are all good guys.
I just want to know we can trust this guy David
enough to have a conversation?
How you feel about yourself? He likes you,
or he likes you, he likes you?
Is your fiancee?
No no.
You smile a lot, man.
This here, is here. Just there.
It has roses. It has flowers.
It is perfect.
You buy these in the store.
Thanks, you're sweet.
They are very pretty.
Good. now they have something in common with her new owner.
It has a thorn.
The type of the store said they had not.
You look incredible, Kelly.
- Thank you. - Your hair looks good.
Yes. my friend Ricky cuts my hair, and I cut my bangs last week.
If, Ricky mine short me last time.
You have blood in the teat.
God thanks. That really came spine.
- I'll put a little pressure. - Yes.
Why no milk?
I think you have to have a baby for milk.
Sorry, I'm just nervous. I'm better gentleman than that.
David, I want to explain why I call.
It's okay.
There's a gentleman in the booth behind me.
Do not look, do not look.
This gentleman is my friend and has an idea that would like to share with you.
Can you hear me now? - I hear you.
I hear it all, David.
It's okay. As...
How should I call it, sir?
Nothing. You do not need me or know my name.
You can refer to me as Gieppetto.
- Gieppetto? - And Gieppetto.
Like Pinocchio, as if pulling the strings.
I think you mean to Stromboli. - What you call me?
Nothing, I just think you mean Stromboli.
Gieppetto was just a carpenter.
Stromboli was the puppeteer.
Although it does not matter.
Then, Ms. Campbell tells me they worked together in Loomis.
He said you were the best employee, right and clean.
Well, not about that but ...
He said you were so reliable you were the only other managers
to have a key to the vault.
I think that's an incredible honor.
I also think it's an incredible opportunity.
Do you see where I'm going with this?
- No you're asking me to just take the .. David, I saw you coming here.
You're a handsome guy.
Loads a weight on your chest and just ...
You have a powerful bill to end that. I think you deserve more.
Do not you realize that ...
The only thing is you can not do a job
so on your own. You need confederates, people with an interest in protecting
that booty until you come to Mexico.
Loomis may seem a large warehouse, but inside money belongs to the bank
And if you take it, technically speaking these robbing a bank.
And that's a federal crime.
94 months minimum.
David, just listen,
We're just talking, you know?
Solo pinsalo.
I love you, Mother.
I feel like a giant porcelain doll.
Mine is a little tight.
Especially around the waist.
I know it is very tight. He expects you to lose a few kilos motivated.
Good. then stop eating at Juggle Clusters as requested.
- Hello? - David?
Hello? Hi.
Yes. It is some of the work.
Kelly. What are you doing calling me here? It's not a good time.
Okay, I just felt a little lonely.
- Do you feel lonely? - Yes,
and I do not know, I think I miss just a little.
I hope it's okay to say it. I know you're committed.
No, please, do not censor.
Good. this will, this will be awesome, baby.
Just I do not know if I have the courage,
You know, to take all the money and go to Mexico,
and being on the run and who knows what else happened?
The truth is I'm a little disappointed that not trust me.
Kelly, trust you, just do not trust Gieppetto.
What if I were you?
Kelly. that would be the best thing ever happened to me.
If I can be honest.
I can do that, possibly, I say
not at first.
No. not at first. The timing would be bad.
You know, think about it.
Two lovers on the road in Mexico,
Bonnie and Clyde.
You know, we could jump to Brazil?
Have you ever been to Rio?
I've never been in an airport more than two hours in my life.
It is a truly magical place.
Yes, all those planes landing and taking off and such.
- No, Rio. - Ah, Rio! Yes Yes Yes.
You know, they say that the beaches are there as powdered sugar
and we could spend all our money on elegant luxury hotels,
and buy expensive food,
and just rub all day in coconut milk.
Putting rose petals on the bed, you know?
And I just sat there eating ham.
Hello? Dave, are you there?
Hello david?
Kelly, I'm in. Let's do Let's rob Loomis Fargo.
It will be amazing.
Okay, I have to run.
I have to go wash my underwear with my mouth.
- To what? - Goodbye, David.
There he is, the man of your dreams.
He will live here with us forever.
It's like if you marry the two, David.
Yo y mama.
Dave, you thinking about what you do honeymoon?
Yes, I have some plans, yes.
I'll tell you what we will not do if you do not lose weight.
This is a good Juggle cluster.
"Technical Manual FBI"
Where is the money and who else is involved?
We know you have money.
Come on!
Look, look.
No, he lifts the briefcase.
Now, when you're in Mexico you may have to live in the wild a while.
I brought a tarantula.
Is dead, do not worry. She's dead.
She's dead.
I was thinking that maybe you should try to immunize your system a bit.
Not bad. It is not too bad.
What the hell are you doing in my house ?!
Who do you think you are?
Are you sure that McKinney is well with you take your ID?
If, McKinney does not give importance to government documents like you and me.
There is Ghantt.
- Have a good weekend. - You too, man.
Tell your children to send greetings.
Come on, David. You got it.
Show time.
Dave, are you there?
Kelly, yes, but I'm very busy now.
What? What are you doing?
We are robbing Loomis Fargo.
David, I knew I could do it. I'm so proud of you!
- Yeah, it's pretty easy. It's just paper. - If paper to change our lives.
If two lovers a heart. As twin souls.
Okay, enough with the festival of love. I need to return the planet love
and focus on the theft.
Gieppetto, it turns out that this is a private conversation, okay?
No, this is not a private conversation!
It's a theft. I bought this walkie-talkie ...
David, comes someone. Again, you have company.
- David, is Ty. Is Ty, is coming back. - Dave, you copy?
Hey! Who's there?
What the hell is happening here?
I'm going to tell on your ass. Catch you.
Ty, listen, this is not what it seems, friend.
Fuck, Ty, Ty just do not include.
You said no to overtime this week.
You are not right. No overtime. I'm just picking up an extra sent.
- The next is mine. - The next is yours, yes.
Greet your children if?
I repeat, Ghantt, you need support?
What is your situation in there?
- You need ... - Yes, sorry, Gieppetto.
Cut communication. it's okay?
David, stay calm, you have it.
Just hear me out.
Kelly. I can hear it all day, but let me continue with the robbery, yes?
Ghantt. it's been two hours. Why are you taking so long?
Okay, that's everything but the cameras.
I got trapped!
Malditas hips.
What are you doing?
Tapate la way!
Damn, you idiot. What are you doing?
- Open the door. - I'm stuck!
Check the door there. moron!
Direct to You led the ditch!
This is also closed.
Says the other is also closed.
Do any of you geniuses, has proven the back?
Did you try?
- Sorry I know this is not comfortable for you - No, okay.
He achieved that passes through the airport.
They are like 90,000. Just to get you started.
90,000 is fine. Where I come from it is the salary of a year.
If, so, no?
We did it.
Well you did.
Taking. Gieppetto wanted to give you this.
It's a fake ID.
So now my name is Michael McKinney now?
McKinney, yes. It is a real person, he is a friend of Gieppetto.
I gave this birth certificate to give to you, so ...
Take it.
This is a costume I made for you, that you left the country or whatever.
Is it OK, ready to go?
Sorry for the costume again, LAN Niccone thought was man's name.
No, I like, it is a very good disguise.
It seems that Jesus and a cat had a baby.
Yeah true.
Which it is also a nice thought.
- Well, the cats did ... - Did cats.
Do not know why we would have a mean average cat Jesus.
I guess it's a "till death?
Remember that phone call every Tuesday and Thursday, do not forget.
Are those tears? Your eyes are all cloudy.
It has more to do with my heart than with my eyes, Kelly.
It's okay.
Thank you. Good kisser.
- Yes? - Yes, actually, yes.
Well, there will be more of that in Mexico, right?
143, Kelly Campbell.
Hold it right there, sir. Hold it right there.
Okay, you can go, sir.
Have a nice day.
16 dollars and 78 cents.
I thought I had it.
My fault.
I have cats.
What we have?
A van of the company is
disappeared. There are signs of violent exit
The suspect three films took surveillance. The fourth left behind.
What do we know of this David Ghantt?
- Does anyone? - A promised. Jandice Gartrell.
Well, let's talk to this Ms. Jandice.
Rock and roll.
"A fortune disappeared from a regional bank
and also the guard assigned to protect her. "
17 million.
"The police called one of the largest thefts of cash on American soil."
17 million!
"The authorities are now seeking this man."
"It 0 feet 9 inches long, medium build, blue eyes
a beard, bangs, hair and shoulders. "
Okay, you understand the matter.
Ms. Jandice, I'm sorry. I know it will take a long time to process all this,
of course I understand but,
that could give us any details about the whereabouts of her fiance or his motives.
It seems that fled the state, ma'am. Possibly the country.
I never liked David.
So, where are you staying?
I'm in the Swamp.
It is a five-star hotel mini bar.
It has cable TV, say, the whole package.
- You're a smart man. - You'll love this
You have to come. It's great. When are you coming?
Soon. Yes very soon.
It should arrive soon.
Well, I miss you very much. For real.
You know, Clyde Bonnie needs her.
Well, I have to go find some handkerchiefs for my grandmother.
- Goodbye, David. - Okay bye.
What do you do?
- I'll cut to David Ghantt team. - What? What are you talking about?
I'm talking about..,
- What? What are you going to deliver? - Yes, I will deliver.
If not find someone going to look for everyone, right?
- And there's a lot of extra ... - I will not let you do this.
- David Ghantt is my friend. - Is my friend too, Kelly.
I had to go through this process with. Do you think this is not hard for me?
My heart is breaking literally.
- You can not do this. Wrong - I'll tell you what's wrong.
David leaving the tape in the vault. That is wrong. He screwed up.
What if they catch him? It will say something. You'll end up talking about us.
What are you going to say? You've never seen my face, you do not know my name.
All he knows is Gieppetto.
He will not say anything about you, Kelly. The guy is at your feet.
And I know it makes you feel guilty, and I also feel guilty
but David is drowning and if we are not careful, carry us with him.
It is as if the three were on a yacht, right?
And ignores the captain, is very close to falling and is now drowning
and calls us and I try to keep you from going after him.
We will be three people drown.
We have to say goodbye and let it go,
knowing that we will find him,
as in 10 years, the duration of the sentence bank robbery.
Perhaps even we are talking about federal prison.
You have to think like a community college with a big fence around.
And maybe some snipers, but they are playing softball,
You write, you know? They are learning things.
I'm not kidding, that's how it is.
And it would not surprise me that David told us: "Thank God they did that."
This is best for the team, let me do it.
Give me a break!
How are you? The ice machine does not work.
The ice machine next to my room is not working.
Okay, thanks.
No, no, no, Michelle, we must follow the plan, okay?
What we can not do is start to get attention.
Yes, we did millions of dollars, I know,
but we agreed it go unnoticed.
Honey, I'm not asking for a whole new wardrobe.
I just want a small blouse and a skirt that combines small.
Think of all the people who scorn us life,
saying terrible things about us.
What we are dumber than a suitcase full of assholes.
- Who said that? - What our car is broken,
that our children are the ugliest park.
Damn, a blouse, but that's all!
- That is all! - Only one thing, honey.
Only one thing to celebrate And maybe just something small,
- Something for children. - No, Michelle, please.
Do not push me, I will not do anything for the children.
They have to learn that things do not come alone.
I would like to see that these two win 17
million dollars, with nothing to start.
- You feel it? - You know I do!
We'll take.
- Look at that phone and tell me what you see - Phone?
Do you know, but you're not doing?
Which probably means that our friend south of the border
It is being occupied by federal Mexicans now.
- Do you think it's okay? - Okay, okay.
It will be in a Mexican prison. It is not a hole, as everyone says.
You have good food, simple peasant food. Tortillas, tacos.
Would be lucky to get that food here, there is authentic.
If you, find out where he is.
But this time get your phone.
- Hello? - Hello Kelly.
David, are you okay!
I mean, how are you? You're good?
No good. Mexican police have behind me.
- No shit. - I had to buy a costume,
to look like Gene Shellet, the Today program.
Tell me how this happened.
So, where are you exactly?
In a post office. Hui through the coast.
Kelly, because they come from anyway?
My wallet is a little empty, I need a refill.
Good. if the Mexican police are after you should be careful.
There are probably lots of security and such.
Steven Eugene Chambers.
How do you know his name?
Steve Chambers.
Listen, just keep calling him Gieppetto, okay?
Is this Gieppetto?
Well, it looks like I thought it would.
It looks like a gay child.
Listen, I gotta go, okay?
Goodbye, David.
Kelly, wait a second. Kelly!
Damn it, said my name? He knows who I am?
- Kelly? - Yes.
- Kelly, you said my name? - I did not say anything
- So how do you know? - I do not know, something of a wallet,
it's not my fault!
So, who want to kill?
No, we'll talk about that later.
Not now, not in front of the ...
Oh I see.
Do you want to be them?
No, Mike!
Children, go upstairs now. Now!
Mike, you dropped something.
Forgive me.
Well, I think we can get to the point.
I do not think we have to wait to go to my office.
I'll give you a picture of the guy I want, so you know who you're looking for.
Do you think you can handle that?
Now, I do not know exactly where it is,
so you have to do a little research.
- I do not mind hunting. - I bet not.
And when you get there, just be patient, take your time.
Expected to have a clean shot.
Do I have to use a gun?
Yes because? It's a problem?
No, it's just ...
I prefer to use a knife.
A piece of rope rusty piano, to suffocate.
I like the fight.
I prefer it. When I take a life I like to take it.
It is no longer your life, it's mine.
It's my life.
How is this, Mr. Robinson?
- I'm with the FBI. It seems you were the WNBA.
- Sorry? - I told everyone,
I do not know why the boy took the money and did not know where he is.
Feel your ass!
17 million was lost! 17!
That's money from the feds! It's my money
And I will not steal, no. No sir.
Especially this guy here.
Look. It looks like Kenny Rogers and Kenny Logans had a retarded son.
And Kenny G appeared at his birthday party and started playing the flute,
and they traumatizing the boy.
I'm not getting any help.
And you know that, brother? Better start talking.
If we do not discover who stole that money, we lock you someone.
Do you know who?
This type of here. Nice picture.
We're going to put you in jail, brother.
What do you want of me?
I want to start talking
- Tell me who was close. - To nobody.
- Because I know you know. If you know. - No one.
Who was close? Man, I know you know!
Waiting for a girl. There was a girl. I resigned as a month ago.
- One month ago? Do not tell me. - Name of white, like ...
As Becky, Susie, Katie. Katie!
- Katie? Katie was definitely was Katie.
Katie Caramelo Corn. Katie Candy Corn. No.
- Katie Candy Cane?
- Katie Candy Cane.
- What is a stripper? - I do not know.
Katie Candy Cane, I'm coming for you baby.
For you and all your friends strippers.
I wondered if there was staying an American.
How do I describe it? Is...
have much hair, in short,
it looks like one of the 10 apostles.
Do you have three men staying there that fit the description?
Is it okay, I can leave a message for all three?
Thank you.
I would say. "Someone is trying to kill you"
Yes thank you very much.
What's that over there?
Is this weapon has secrets, right?
I do not speak Spanish. I'll take this, please.
Yes. my girl comes to Mexico. Let's get married.
I do not want to spoil the honeymoon, but ...
Are you OK, friend?
Are you going to run or what?
Steve does not want to chase you, but I prefer it.
Go! I said run!
Here we go.
Go Go
Do not stop!
Come on! Quick. come on!
Not so fast
Please slow down Caution!
Slower please! Watch out
Follow, follow, follow.
Follow rest, go straight.
Hi. Kelly thought I would not hear your voice
You're good?
Well there is a man trying to kill me
He chased me all the people, a big guy who looked like a pervert.
Trying to kill me thought they had finished
me, but I do not know what's going on.
David, look, I'm sorry, Steve just panicked.
It was not supposed to know his real name and ...
try to send a message and warn that would do something.
Wait, Steve said he would try to kill you.
Why do that if you know you are lovers? Has no sense!
Well, the truth is
I do not think Steve was sending money.
He's been cheating all the time.
I swear I never knew his intentions, I swear.
What were your intentions, Kelly?
I do not know.
I guess I just imagine that you would go to Mexico and would know some mommy
and you'd forget me.
But you did not.
No, Kelly, you were going to be my mommy. I do not know what to tell you.
David, you're a wonderful person. You have to know that I think that.
Just shut up, Kelly! Just shut up!
I always said you defend me.
Well, here it goes.
You are a manipulative human emotions
and I will never ever talk to you.
Wait, David
Here we go.
Look who's awake.
What's going on here?
I'm accessing drainage.
What's down there?
You mean here? Soon you'll be.
Listen to me, I can pay you.
Let's see what you got. Give me that.
Let's see what kind of leftovers we're talking about.
I can get more. It's okay? I have more
It will not be enough.
Yes, it hurts was open to negotiations.
Good. at this point, I'll do it the way I always dreamed of.
Listen, listen.
Where are you going? Calm.
Where do you think you are going?
Wherever you go, I will find you.
Now do not have to worry about passports, Sr.
Michael McKinney.
Your name is Michael McKinney?
Michael Edmin McKinney?
They never told me.
That's my name too.
Were you born on May 9, 1991?
Hospital of San Prancis, Tennessee? That's right?
Yes, all that.
Your name is Michael Edmin McKinney?
My name is Michael Edmin McKinney.
I do not know what that means,
but what if it is God or the Galaxy has brought us together.
Forgive me, Michael. You have to forgive me, please.
I do, I forgive you. Just so.
Have you ever seen The Pant Trap?
That Walt Disney, Halley Mills.
It is powerful, I remember that movie.
About two girls who grew apart,
and then they meet in the summer camp and fly them mind.
Yes Yes.
- That's how I feel now. - Yes Yes.
You know what I wonder?
As we were born in the same hospital on the same day
we have been together in the place of the babies, right?
It seems so, yes.
Well, maybe at some point I turn and look at you
and you gave you around and looked at me, our eyes with tears and such,
we made a promise, right at that moment.
That we would someday.
- Yes, I recognize that we did. - Yes.
I like you, Michael McKinney, and I'm glad we met.
Yes. I also. It has been very good.
Sleep well, little brother.
Ms. Campbell, long have known David Ghantt?
I do not know, like 4 months. Maybe 0.
And during the time they were teammates
He looked suspicious?
No, not that I remember.
I mean, do not know him very well, so ...
- Miss Campbell ... -. Look, I know you are just two good men
doing a difficult job but,
only work there for a short period of time and,
maybe they should talk to someone who worked in Loomis
at the time when David Ghantt committed his atrocities.
Well, that's what we did, and you know what he said?
He said. "They Talk with Kelly Campbell were close."
He even took us to believe that holding the torch for you.
What he was in love with you.
That's crazy. Please.
Miss. Kelly, okay?
If I have only some seasonal allergies.
I think I'm allergic to those flowers.
Plastic flowers?
Yes, it's crazy. Will you excuse me a moment?
My name is man.
Someone answers ...
Yes, is Steve Chambers?
How did you get this number?
Mike McKinney did.
Where is Mike McKinney?
That's none of your business.
- David. take it easy. - No, you take it easy.
I opened a Mexican bank account and this is what I hope.
- Wait a second. Wait friend - I hope 6 million
within two days from this second.
I'm starting to feel like a sausage in a park and summer
David. not what you think is happening, but I'm not your enemy. Listen to me.
The name of the bank is Banco Leal.
If there is 6 million dollars within two days,
I give the police and yours will be the first name I tell you.
Ghanttl Son of a ...
How you doing in there?
I'm fine thanks.
Good. watch this. This does not cover mine.
Sometimes we learn about the bad infections.
This small thread is like a train line carrying bacteria
from your vagina to your anus.
All aboard, next stop, City infection.
I do not want me down there.
And do not get me started with shaving.
Just in case, I always have a good female cream.
This is mine. It's prescription.
It is a large tube.
Your vagina is not carried.
Only the horrible itching.
Thank you, I will make sure to pack a little.
It's you.
- Jandice, - You're the lover of David, work.
I had a picture in his wallet.
That's not me.
Everything is alright?
No, not the vagamay, no!
No longer manufactured
Are you crazy!
I would like to make a withdrawal, please.
This empty, sir.
It's empty?
Would you mind checking again, please?
Hello, Interpol, agent Steve Chambers.
Good joke! Unlike you it is that I am a man of his word
and guess where I'm standing. Just opposite the police station.
And guess what I'm about to do. Introduce myself.
Good. You have to do what you have to do, Ghantt.
But before you go you can greet someone fast?
David. I'm, I'm fine. Do not say anything
I think you recognize that voice belongs to the lovely Kelly Campbell.
I'm not interested in talking to her.
Oh yeah?
I know all about your little escape.
Cut the crap, Ghantt. I just catch Kelly with bags packed,
slinking Mexico, had a ticket to Cancun,
- I was halfway to the door. - I was?
They will not see Kelly Campbell for a while,
because she will be living in my toolshed on my property.
Eating dog food and peeing in a can.
Kelly Put the phone right now!
Second thing, you bought a ticket to South America
because there's too hot down there.
Once you're gone and the heat has been cleared
Kelly let go.
If you hurt her I will be very upset!
You have my word, I not hurt to Kelly.
Have a nice day.
Are you scared, huh? Hi how are you?
Go. man. Look at that, your heart is beating very hard, Jesus.
- You're good? - I'm drowning.
Do you want me to bring a horchata?
No, it's okay just choke me with Mocholo
What are you doing?
You know, only returning to the United States, have another job.
- Do not tell me. What are you doing? - Tax preparation.
That's nice, yes.
I'm not kidding. They are more murders.
- I have to do what I do. - Yes.
The good news is that this will not be a turkey hunt.
- A woman. - Oh good
- The ladies are easier. - Much easier.
No to work hard.
- That's me. - Yes? It's okay.
- And where are you going? - I'm going to Rio.
The Central Big Butt.
If, Central Big Butt. Hear that women there have big asses.
Yeah, I guess women too, yes.
Good luck with the ...
- Killing for money? - Yes.
I appreciate. It is very cute.
Okay, have fun. Travel insurance.
Hey, buddy.
Wait, you know this woman? Do you know Kelly Campbell?
Yes, it's what I'm trying to tell you. Is my girlfriend.
- I can not kill your wife. - No, you can not kill my girlfriend.
You want to go to Rio de Janeiro?
You mean change places?
Como by a Halley Mills?
Listen to me. Be careful, okay?
That Steve is a problem.
Can I be my own problem sometimes, you know?
I'm sure, Steve, never got off the plane.
No, I'm with you now.
We've been watching Steve and Michelle Chambers for some time
in connection with the theft great Fargo.
We have evidence of crazy transactions banks,
- Overbought. - Do not tell me.
But what we have is a confession.
That's where you come in.
Since the day I moved I told Doug that there was no way
that these people consiguieran money legitimately.
Katie has always had a keen sense of who belongs and who does not.
Maybe it makes me a more than enough.
What makes you a patriot.
Now, listen all you talk to Steve
so try to give a kind of welcome, they know what I say?
Sweeten-it, do it feel a part of the clan.
- Make reveal its secrets. - Yes.
When you enter, if you could breathe through your nose and not your mouth
It would be great for recording.
I can do that.
Hello, they are Diffconsi
- How are you, boss? - Steve.
You're good?
What happens, that sounds like?
It is a snot whistle.
Its mucosa dries and forms a whistle.
- Seriously? - Yes.
Come on, let's go. I'll show you where is the bar.
Hi good day. Your welcome.
Hello neighbour. What a lovely basket.
Okay, enjoy the party.
I'll take that.
Wait a second. Please, do not shoot. I have kids.
Do your children know that you are a liar and a cheat sack of shit?
I have not found the right time to tell her.
- David, tell me. - I'm right here, sugar.
- Do not you worry about anything. - David, how did you find me?
where you always are.
God is a cheap door.
Okay wait!
Honey, you have to tell the next time.
I would like to welcome you to our welcome party.
We made a little montage to celebrate our wonderful months ...
Steven, what is ruining everything.
What are you doing? Are you high? Do you think that's funny?
- This here - Who is here?
- David Ghantt here! - Ronnie, shut up!
Hey, Steve, I guess you just got yourself with ...
Steve's BMW. Will kill you.
What I try.
- Not my Geo. - Go to hell!
My heart goes out to 900 miles per hour, but only 40 will.
David, be careful.
- Raise your tits. - What?
Sometimes the only way out
It is through.
I have you. Come here.
I pray to God because they do not have a concussion
because I want you to remember this house when beating.
- You owe me some respect! - Respect, why?
I mean, I'm the mastermind of the theft.
The master mind? Do you think you're the mastermind?
David, I want you to remember one thing.
You were never anything more than a dealer.
And if I had more time and enough cookies
I would have trained my dog to come and get the money.
Who invented the plan? I! Steve
Who wash my money? I Steve, again!
And who sent Mike McKinney to Mexico to murder?
- I i i. - I have you!
- I get it, Steve. loud and clear. - You're going to jail.
How you doing?
I'm fine, all things considered.
Our prison starts tomorrow.
Yeah, I heard.
I will be in the Federal Prison Colders.
You stole a bank for me.
Banks would steal a million for you, Kelly Campbell.
I would. He steals a funeral for you.
Probably does not have much money, but
It is very tough.
Let's make a promise.
If that?
While we are in prison. Stay bangs.
I am hoping you'd say something like that. I promise.
I'll miss you, Kelly Campbell.
I'll miss you.
Kelly wrote me every week.
I spent my birthday next 7 behind bars for my part in stealing Loomis Fargo.
Now, the old David Ghantt be afraid of going to prison.
Do many of these guys are here for murder, you know?
But the new David Ghantt was ready to be a man.
Fortunately, I never had to.
It turns out that I had stolen more money than any American in history.
He was a legend in the big house.
He was a legend in my city.
Is it true that almost 9 million dollars still missing?
Next question.
And I became a legend of the nation.
The suspects were arrested tonight,
one of the biggest robberies of armored cars in this country.
The FBI says it was a work of 17
million by a former driver
One of the biggest robberies in history, more than 17 million.
But listen to this, 2.6 million dollars remain unaccounted for.
Rob a bank and have a lot of money was not the key to happiness
but if I tell you that until you take a great risk in life
You never find out who you really are.
- Look at your hair! - I know, I know.
I hear a lot these days.
- Yeah, it looks good. - Thank you I appreciate it.
Is this your car? It's nice too.
Cardillac de 1974.
What the hell is that?
I never knew you his name, but I have all these teeth.
And so you do not run near prisons. Come on! Enters.
Is this right, Mr. McKinney, where are we going?
I would go see my girl Kelly.
I like that call just sex after prison.
"Theft of Loomis Pargo remains of the largest in US history"
"Steve Chambers spent 11 years behind bars. Now he owns a gym."
"David Ghantt turned 7 years. He now lives the good life in Florida."
"And occasionally he works as a film consultant."
"Of the stolen 17 million. About 2 million are still missing."
You can not do that with your eyes
You can not do that with your eyes
He came to kiss me and was like this.
I will not watch you do this.
You know. when you are in Mexico you may have to live in the wild a while.
I listen to everyone as ...
I'm not really sure that we are in this position.
Look under the hood.
Arrange the carburetor.
Find the error and fix it.
Okay, I learned my lesson.
How have you been?
- Good. - You've pelo is good.
Yes, my friend Ricky cuts my hair.
- Short bangs me last week. - Yes, Ricky wavering me last time.
If Mexicans trap Ghantt we can put your finger all
and I do not want David Ghantt put me finger, okay?
Entrusted ti.
You still are not rolling? Oh yeah?
I think I've been wrong about men all my life.
Until I met you.
No, Metella inside.
No, your tongue.