Masterpiece (2017) Movie Script

Aaah... Eh..
It was Deepan from Royal Warriors
who bashed him up at his home yesterday.
He doesn't have it in him to hit back"
that is accepted.
But then we do have big men amongst Real
What is the use!
Got to hit back"
Othenlvise you can't hold our heads high..
By the by... even though the issues were
between families".
It was Deepan of Royal Warriors
and Jithu of Real Fighters who faced one
They are coming in for seeking revenge"
If you lose against them"
No point you walking
around as captain of Royal Warriors
Boss.. what purpose in this?
A.... delight...
Hey Choriyan...
Choriyanlksome)" your Dad"
It is not me who called out Choriyan..
Hope you heard my mock!
Yes I heard"
It did not miss... Very Good..
Stop .. Stop.. Stop..
These cricket bats and hockey sticks
are not meant for fighting one another"
If one of the Real Fighters is touched
consider that as the end of Royal Warriors"
Sir aren't you moving to the class!
Shall inform about the need for
an ambulance if necessary..
Lets 90..
Ambulance is for Roshan, your son,
is what he meant.
Son, Rosha..
Did not stop at his own fathefs call!
He is going to get it today"
He does not have a history of taking.
Only giving"
Hey Boss.....
Move.. Aside..
Get in..
What is this! Hasn't started yet!
Hello.. Hello...
Stand aside"
Go and hit the guy who beat you..
Sh.. Didn't break his head!
Fight has started"
I am its producer..
These guys come here to study or to fight.
They aren't your aunt's kids! Let them fight.
Hey.. Whats going on here?
Dude.. The Greying Princi.. is coming"
Stop it..
I say stop it..
He spoilt it..
Whats happening here?
Sir's Whatsapp is gone I guess!
What is the problem?
My dear Sir.. Let them fight it out and settle".
Sir you come over...
Lets sit in the VIP Lounge and
witness the fight..a delight!
Shut up..
You Bloody".
Wasn't needed?
I will ensure he is beaten up...
All disperse..
Come on... Come on..
Didn't you hear?
All disperse..
Deepan, Muthu.. All disperse
Smita Madam. I am there"
My SankaranKutty"
Place that flower on your ear
and hold these books..
Good morning...Sit down.. Sit down..
Where did the boys go?
They are in Sunny Leone's class
Today we will be studying Modern American
Please open your books to Page 16
Drama in the United States of America was
incapable of keeping pace with progress
in other branches of literature.
Although by the 19th Century the political
against theatre had completely vanished..
What is it Sir?
Pointless blaming the students..
It is houseful!
Don't you need my class?
What guys? Lost your tongue!
Guys! Open your mouth and speak up..
Don't you want my class?
We don't wantl!
This teacher's class is sufficient.
Will need to use force..
Go to your respective classes"
Stand up.. Go..
Lost the flow
Don't you know, this class does not
have so many students?
Students love my class immensely".
What are you all standing and cringing?
Go to your classes.
What is this? A crown!
Put it on and start your day, is it?
Go to your class.
Just low class.
Did you see this Notice?
This lass is Kalathilakam Vedika..
The dance that brought her the Kalathilakam
is being performed on the stage again.
At, Mothers College, where she is studying...
Actually it was my Mummy who taught her
Oh.. You.. Are you Kalamandalam Vasanthi's
Come here and stand close to me..
Let me hug you and give you a kiss..
During my student days, this dame has been
cause for many of my sleepless nights"
Even I have lost a lot..
Get lost you..son of...
Go.. Go.. and make Parathas"
Parathas up your...
My dear Gokul...
If you had flirted and got this Kalathilakam
wouldn't it beena strength for
our group and smack on them"
What else.. Sitting here having spoiled
Mother taught her dance...
For that did I know she would become a
She was in my palms
This Kalathilkam is Goku | 's.
For that we, the Real Fighters,
got to stand united behind Goku | ..
To make Vedika his own
there is one and only one man in our campus.
That is this Roshan Cherian..
On the day of the program you are
going to Mother's College.
Witness the dance, congratulating her whole
Dude, that is a women's college.
No boys are allowed inside..
Stupid" What is the problem
for boys to step in Mothefs College!
If the boys get in to Mother's college
all the girls
there would become mothers"
Then what do we do?
I will create the chance..
The stage decoration there
is being handled by a friend of mine..
Through that means I will have you step inside..
Brother.. You are a piece by yourself".
Your satisfaction is my satisfaction, children!
Not coming would cause things not working
Is it so?
Oh no..
For your program, the availability of the
Education Minister,
Mrs. Seethalakshmi was your father's
Then what is the confusion?
District Secretary does not have those powers!
Listen.. if you say anything about my father"
We printed the banner and announced too..
And if the Minister does not come...
Mother" we had been to meet her..
At that time she wasn't there..
When dad also called, she did not respond..
Oh holy mother!
Excuse me..
What is it?
Ok .. Ok.. I will come..
Mother" this is my friend..
A reporter for an online Newspaper"
She knows where the Minister is..
All it needs is to visit her personally.
I assure you to get her..
So now can Mother be at peace"
Come.. Step out"
All file out in line..
I see.. Boss you are standing here..
Go and unload the vessels".
Oh I forgot about that.
Go and unload them"
Na..l am not...
Shirt will get damaged"
I will burn you completely...
On no.. not that...
Listen, the auditorium is filled with girls"
I will die flirting"
Now you can start service the way you want to..
Hadn't I told you that girls are enough for
My dear SistermThese are not males"
Got only the looks".
They are all the Chandpottus (LGBTIQ group)
Ch andpottu?
What is that?
Oh Sister..Do not know Chandpottu?
For example" Pluck mangoes.
stick it in slush (lines from an earlier movie)
What is this guy doing?
Chandpottu! (Name of an earlier movie)
Nothing is going to happen"
Oh.. You walked in earlier"
Yes we did.. Any issue?
Inform that these are students
of Travancore Maharaja's College.
If you inform, both the groups
will be picked up by the police.
If you can stay decent,
it would be good for both the groups"
Dear" Balan Teacher isn't keeping well..
As an alternative another person
has arrived to conduct the program,"
Do you know him?
I know.. He was my senior in school.
There is some issue between us..
This will not work..
How could you say that!
At this last hour who can we get?
He is enough"
He is here to avenge"
Give me the curtain piece..
Look.. there"
He is from our college"
Which group?
Our group!
Our Group?
"O sweet-spoken Radha
Krishna is slowly coming near"
"O sweet-spoken Radha
Krishna is slowly coming near"
"Now it is romantic midnight time"
"The tinkling of anklets is heard"
"To the tune of humming bamboos,
"You dance like a peacock"
"What are your anklets jingling
to the tune of divine dance telling with
"With golden folds of the garment moving,
this step by step dance is beautiful"
"A sweet tune will wake up in the heart
Krishna's flute is playing"
"Its golden waves are echoing in the heart"
"Yamuna is flowing again rapturously"
"O sweet-spoken Radha, Krishna is coming
"Now it is romantic midnight time"
"The tinkling of anklets is heard"
"To the tune of humming bamboos,
you dance like a peacock"
For the prize distribution,
we heartily welcome the honourable
Minister for Education, on to the stage
Thank you, Ma'am..
Hi Vedika..
I am Roshan.. Roshan Cherian..
Son of Prof. Cherian Philip..
Ah...Cherian Sir has taken tuition for me..
Fantastic performance"
Thank you..
Give me a minute. Will be back soon..
Ah.. Goku | ..
What are you doing here?
Came to see your programme"
- It was good..-Thank you".
Further" I would let your mother know one
That if you like..
For what?
I assumed to take vengeance , you..
All that is not possible for Balan Master's son.
In my flashback that you were the villain,
my innocent father is still unaware of ..
Wasn't the support of that father
also a cause for your Kalathilakam?
In school, Unnikrishnan was my senior..
That year in the Kalolsavam (youth festival) I
came first..
It was my father's political backing
that got me the Kalathilakam title,
found mention in a notice served by one
that became a controversy"
It was this Unnikrishnan, is what my father
The textbook kept under the desk was meant
for copying,
was the charge and Unnikrishnan was
suspended from school for a year..
Behind that was my fathefs wicked brain"
I got to realize that much later".
I wanted to apologize, but dad did not permit...
Ah.. who is this?
Vedika dear"
Come in dear...
Hi come..
What is special?
I came to meet Sir..
It was yesterday that I came to know
that Unnikrishnan is your son..
I have made an offering to dance at Guruvayoor
tem p | e..
I wish Unnikrishnan were there to conduct the
I will not come...
Please do not hold the past"
On a misunderstanding the wrong done
on you was by my father"
I was the one who lost"
A year"
Good morning"
Good morning Sir..
The usual strong tea for you Sir, isn't it?
Something to bite?
It is good to reduce on the bites"
Vedika had come home, didn't she?
She is my friend's daughter"
Ah.. Let me come to the matter..
Vedika had come to meet me.
Spoke a lot about Unni..
She regrets a lot..
She is adamant about you being
at the temple program"
I asked her,
if Unnikrishnan were not there
would the program not go on..
And she said No..
In a short time I read her mind..
She likes you..
Sir, taking tution for little children morning and
I support my family and studies
Amidst that...
Her heart is not of a girl from a rich
She will never be a burden for you..
Pass it... Pass it...
Hot news..Hot news.. Hot news..
Rosha.. Hot news in the campus.
Kalathilakam in love".
With whom..
With Unnikrishnan of Real Fighters
It is one way..
With that dim-wit"!
How could she?
She would have loved his percussion
Nipping it in the bud would have him withdraw"
Just frighten him a bit..
Hey.. kick it open..
Unnikrishnan is a member of Real Fighters
Dare place your hands on him..
You 4 we 10 and our place"
He will romance the Kalathilakam and marry
We will support him..
With our support.
Dare oppose us..
Unnikshnan is the star of the campus"
Unni, this is Vedika..
I am at Kozhikode Railway station now..
11.30 night I would reach Ko | | am..
I have left my vehicle at the station"
Before I leave for home want to see you, Unni..
I want to tell you something important".
Who was that?
Wants to meet me urgently"
Said would come to Beach Road at 12 night.
Night 12?
-Boss, I got a doubt..-What is it?
Why is it she is coming at 12 midnight to
Don't abuse" abuse"
Son of Paratha...
Not to catch" at the beach"
Catch or beach" means the same"
Look at this"
Did you see? Isn't that her?
Dude, tomorrow is her Birthday.
Night 12 and wanting to meet you...
What does all that mean?
Don't know that?
That is Love.
Little crook..
Tonight at 12, at Vedika's
birthday along with wishes..
Our Unnikrishanan expresses his love..
Oh No..
You are"
Fall out...
Did you get the stuff?
Whom are you waiting to roast?
Tear open to serve...
Which is my glass?
Your glass is what is hanging on your chest.
Isn't that for the eyes! One for the mouth
For that go home and ask"
You will not get one here...
Take" Take" Take" Take" Take" Take
In the name of those hardworking parents
who send us here to study"
And with a coquettish face drown it down..
Drown it..
Here hold...
Brother I... I don't drink..
Just a Sprite"
Take a shot.
Take a shot...
Will make you bright.
Is it bitter medicine?
Drink fast.
So then.. Cheers..
So the next...
This is a gift from us..
It is a ring..
This you are giving to Vedika like this"
I... Love... You..
Na.. I can't do this"
All that will not work..
You are giving this ring
And expressing your love to her..
Ya.. ya..
Do you know to ride a bike?
Ya.. I know all that.
In that case you are riding my bike.
That is awesome"
All the best.
What. Stealing helmet!
Boss.. Helmet.
I will kill you..
It is two large that I mixed in the Sprite..
Call" the SI you know..
Is it SI Ramendran Sir?
This is Maniyan here..
A guy drunk and inebriated is coming on the
Beach Road"
Bike No. KL 02 BA 99
Ok Sir..
This all ain't necessary.
Still let it be..
A delight...
Ok 90..
Ya Stop"
Have you taken drinks?
I don't drink..
Lets see your license".
Oh Udayan Sir..
Dude .. dude..
Leave the Sir..
Greetings Sir..
Sir, didn't you recognize me?
I am Ramendran" Angamaly Ramendran..
I have attempted to act in
about 3 or 4 movies of yours..
Oh Got you..
Which is the new movie, Sir?
Raja.. Raja 2..
Megastar Mam motty's!
Wow.. that would be a hit..
,AL' | Pokiri Raja will create waves"
So then shall I take leave".
Sure Sir. You may"
Sir, A VIP has come..
Oh.. what a sweet person!
Sweet person?
Once the movie starts,
will not pick up calls or recognize people..
Who was the VIP who just left?
Sir, didn't you recognize him?
The script writer of ,AL' | Pu | i Murugan,
He is so concerned about me..
If he had been asked to blow..
Then I would never have to cross his path"
In the next movie my character is
as the right hand man of Mamooty..
Do you need to work on things
that you are not good at?
Shhh.. how sad"
As if everyone does things that they know..
KL 02 BA 99.. yes"
Stop.. Stop.. Stop..
Climb down..
Greetings Sir..
Ya.. ya.. Greetings, Greetings.
Did you know that when you ride a two wheeler
a helmet needs to be used is a Government
Helmet. I forgot Sir..
So you have taken drinks?
Dude.. Have him blow at.
Ok.. Blow..
No Sir..
I have not taken drinks. I don't drink..
Oh.. so our machine must have complaint.
- Isn't it Dude?-Ya..
What is it, Ramendran?
Sir, he never drinks..
Today he has consumed and forgot his helmet
Where to are you going this night?
A friend of mine is waiting at Beach Road"
Friend.. boy or girl?
Girl Friend..
On Beach Road"
Who is this girl friend for you?
Studying in Mother's College.
Mother's College.
Daughter of party president.
Shi....Party President" Kalathilakam.
Drunk at midnight and soliciting girls"
You guys...
Go and Get all the papers...
Go and get them"
His mother's Kalathilakam!
Get them quick..
Sir. I am innocent, Sir..
I have not consumed liquor..
Allow me to pay a fine and leave me..
-Hey, Ramendran..-Yes..
He is in a hurry to leave".
Come..get in to the jeep..
Si r..Please..
Ah..Ha.. Got muscles".
Who are you? Suresh Gap!
Come and get in to the jeep..
Oh No...
What is the issue?
Over and above drunken driving,
manhandling police too..
No Sir..
I have not consumed liquor..
- Telling lies..-Sir..
He has set up some girl at the Beach Road"
No Sir..Sir, Please"
She is my lover".
Today is her Birthday.
On her birthday, you are giving me the gift"
Put him on the jeep..
Come this way..
You manhandle police".
Innocent guy I hope
Come on.. Walk...
Need not file any charges.
Just a college student.
After completing other formalities let him go..
Get in
Sir Please"
"In some tear filled lake.."
"a paper boat."
"Rowing through forest an..."
Dead Body...
Dead Body..
Stand aside guys"
Stand aside" aside. Guys..
Stand aside" aside. Guys
Stand aside" aside. Guys
Move back"
Who was the one who saw the body first?
Sir.. .it was me..
You stand aside"
What is it man?
Some girl has been murdered and put there.
Hasn't Roshan come?
No, he hasn't.
I had called" but.
Phone is out of range"
Turn the body..
Hey.. turn the body..
I know this girl..
You know this girl..
Yes I do..
This is Party President Sivanand Sifs daughter,
What..... Vedika?
Get that statement in writing"
Ya.. Proceed..
Unni.. Unnii..
Cool Down.. cool down..
Oh my...
Unnikrishna.. Unnikrishna..
My dear...
Sir.. Sir...
Sir..Please Sir..
Get down...
My dress..
Don't push sir..
Shut up man..
Stand aside here..
Sir.. leave my shoulder".
You.. have a look of an eve teaser....
No sir..
Why is this moustache down?
That for my dad's memory
my mother asked me to put on..Sirrr...
Shall give you one...if you howl..
Blackened it and...
Why now... Another police".
Sin. his name is Rein.
Works at the College Canteen"
He was one who saw the body first.
Isn't the canteen near to the hostel?
Then what made you go to the back of the
Speak P --
At the broken wall, there is a gap"
I use that gap to move in and out"
Sir.. he is the one who identified the body first.
Yes Sir.. Unknowingly I identified it..
Hereafter even if it is my own body
I shall not identify it..
Are you scared?
Man" Wasn't it the rig ht thing you did?
-Did you have anything?-Eh..?
No Sir..
Buy him what he needs...
I would have a Biriyani..
In that case for me Paratha and Beef Fry..
Who is this man?
I am Edapra Mathai's son..Kuttan
Right early in the morning he is totally tipsy"
He claims to have seen the person
who put the body there..
Speak up.. What did you see?
Di | ip's movie.. Second show..
Sir.. Haven't you played a role of crook in it?
Ha.. ah.. How was it?
Not good" Totally boring"
Sir.. You are a worldly disaster..Sir..
You.. son of a cur..
After seeing the cinema then...
Speak P --
| sha | | ..
Please do anything to me..
Did you recognize the person?
But the guy has a height as Amithabh
Amithabh Bachchan?
Sir, I was on leave.
Keep shut"
This bag was secured from Vedika's
car parked at the beach"
On verifying the call history
of the phone found in this bag"
We note that the last outgoing calls
were to one Unnikrishnan's number..
Sir, that is Balan Sir's son..
Two days back Vedika had visited
Unnikrishnan's house..
I was one who showed her the way".
Last night we had picked up
this Un nikrish nan for drunken driving"
When was that boy released?
As per your instructions we did not charge
After collecting the medical report we released
His bike has been kept here..
Had asked him to pay the fine and take it..
He hasn't come..
Sir..Postmortem report"
The girl has been murdered
between 4 and 5 in the early hours..
Has been brutally raped"
Reason for death is the hit on the head"
Unnikrishnan was released after 3 am..
So the accused has disposed
of the body after 5 AM..
5 AM early morning in which theatre
did you watch a second show?
OH.. no.. Sirr....Sirrrrr.....
Take their statements and allow them to 90..
Collect full details of Unnikrishnan..
Going by the height of 6 -I feet tall man
in connection with murder case
Film actor Captain Raj will be questioned.
News in detail
Ask SI Ramachandran to come..
What nonsense is all this!
Is it also on TV already?
I investigated in detail
Amitabh Bachchan is not the murderer..
Amitabh Bachchan is in London
in connection with a film shooting.
If one goes by the height,
The next possibility is Babu Antony.
However he is in Dubai now.
And Keerikkadan is in Chennai"
Then it is this Captain!
Captain Raju is in this vicinity.
He can be suspected
Stop it!
Hell with your acting and cinemal!
Call Varma
- Idiot! - Could it be Varm a?
Varma, arrest Unnikrishnan
Yes sir..
I'm the Vice Principal of this College
What is the problem?
In connection with Vedika's murder case,
have come to take the accused,
Unnikrishnan, into custody
Come dude
Move in.
Please don't harm me.
Not me.
I'm innocent.
Stop I 58V
Block all of them.
Block it.
Don't allow anyone.
Don't follow.
Not's not me.
I didn't kill Vedika
Don't take any hasty move
We can talk and resolve
-Don't come near - No..
If you do, I will jump and kill myself.
Don't come.
Person is above.
Sir, no...
Come here.
Oh my God!
I will jump
I'm Unnikrishnan's father.
My son is innocent
He will never cause any harm
Is it enough for you alone to decide?
Move away
Greetings sir
Isn't C.l there?
Yes sir, please come.
Please come.
Yes, please sit down.
I wish to meet the accused
I want to know, why did he kill my daughter!
Sir, please
ACP is questioning the accused
Unnikrishnan is my son
He is innocent
Could we get to see him?
Hey you!
You bastard! Is this the way
you raise your children?
What is this? Leave him.
I will finish him off
My son is truly innocent.
Can never cause any harm.
Sivanandan Sir..tell him...
Not to harm my son..
Cherian Sir, my son.. an innocent.
I know.
I know Unni is innocent
We will approach a good Advocate, come.
All of you disperse
I will meet the Advocate
and make arrangements forgetting bail
We are leaving for now, on your request
Until Unnikrishnan is out,
we would be seen in this vicinity only
Ok Sir
Commissioner had called forACP
Wants to meet him immediately
I'm going to the Court
Please convey the message to him
Okay sir
For everything they will be available".
Sir, Sivanandan sir..
Accused has not admitted to the crime.
Shall update you on the same.
Get food for the accused, Ramachandra...
The District President of the prime group
in the ruling coalition,
is the father of the murdered
There is heavy pressure from top.
What happened?
Did the accused confess?
No sir.
But evidences are all against the accused
Then, as the forensic report is yet to come in
If we could get some more time..
o my God!!
One minute, one minute one minute please
No point in creating a fuss here.
If you don't disperse,
Police will have to use force.
Unnikrishnan's suicide has nothing
to do with the police",
Oh my god! No..
Our son..
He left us
Our son..Oh Sir..Oh Sir....
For God's sake..Please listen"
all disperse from here.
After killing and hanging him,
you stand justifyingl!
Stone these dogs to death!
Accusing Unnikrishnan's death
as murder and not suicide...
Students Union have called for
an Education Bandh tomorrow.
Arrest Unnikrishnan's Killers.
No..No..He is not dead
Unnikrishnan is not dead"
Martyrs are immortal
Long Live Students Unity!
Kerala is now witness to
a never seen before students protest..
He still lives in us
Long live Students Unity!
Police, We want justice
Police Goondaism down down
What does CM have to say
about Unnikrishnan's murder?
Unnikrishnan's death is a suicide
Not a murder
The deceased, accused Unnikrishnan
was a mentally unstable person.
When this accused threatened
to jump off the College building,
The police used sheer daredevilry to subdue
Wasn't the negligence of the Police officer
on duty cause for his death?
Taking the gravity of the situation into
S.l Ramachandran and three Civil Police
have been suspended.
The order for further investigations
to be handed over to the Crime Branch is by
the Government
New investigation team will take charge
Good afternoon Mr.Thekkan.
Good afternoon
Bhavani Durga. This is my team
Dy.SP Martin, CI Stalin Joseph, CI Bharatraj
So how you feeling?
Not bad.
Will take sometime.
So Mr.Thekkan, in your opinion,
you think Unnikrishnan is the culprit?
This is the forensic report.
Finger prints on the body,
Were of the accused.
Accused after leaving the station at 4 a.m,
Where did he exactly commit the murder?
Was Vedika waiting at the Beach Road till then?
In waiting that long, if they were in love so
Why did the accused rape her?
Questions are countless Mr.Thekkan.
Suppose someone..
...else was also with the accused"
Anyways Mr.Thekkan,
Looking forward your cooperation
throughout the investigation
Sure, I will join as soon as possible.
Pavanai?!(Character Played in a film)
Some call me Pavanai
Some others call me Aringodar
(Character played in a film)
But I call myself as Captain.
Captain, what brings you here in this guise?
It's very hot outside, that is why I put it on..
By the way.. investigations around Vedika's
had led till me is what I came to know from T.V
Later no news
Expecting the arrival of Police,
I was sitting at home the last 2 weeks
Being innocent, could you not
arrest me for further investigation?
Why would the police arrest the innocent you?
I need publicity now.
Let a few from the Film fraternity
know that I'm not dead.
That in this health condition of yours
you cannot rape or kill
anyone can be determined by anyone!
What if I had done it using a dupe?
Eventually you will be the accused
But for that matter, ain't I innocent?
Captain, please
But I'm expecting my arrest.
Don't disappoint me.
Without wasting time, Captain please leave.
Yes madam
Ram achand ran..
Yeah Angamah; Ramachandran
Film actor, aren't you?
So you watch movies, madam?
Which film of mine did you like the most?
While in Service was acting your job?
Have you sought for Department's permission?
It's not like that, madam.
I act only when I am on leave.
Now you can have it full time
That you are under suspension.
What is this suspension, Madam!
To hoodwink the people, I was made the
That day, what actually transpired?
Yes, I will act and show you, madam
Our ACP Thekkan sir..
To act and show, it is not your shooting
Sorry madam
Here, have it.
I need some water.
Was the rope tied to his hands
long enough to hang himself?
Yes, madam"
Dude...there.. more is in store.!
You are the one who identified the body first?
Have told that several times"
So many times that even I have got bored of it...
Had you recorded it, you could've heard
it to your heart's content!
Oh.No.. My god" Amman.
Wasn't on me!
Answer only to the questions asked, Man!
I was one who identified the body
You are the one who saw the body first?
Oh my sirs, I'm just a worker in that Canteen.
It is my boss who is responsible for all this.
Even if a train runs over his father's head,
he gives a damn and will happily drinkjuice
That is his nature.
You reached so soon?
When we questioned this Reji,
he said you know all the truth.
Come over there, you swine..I'll..
What are the truth do you know?
It's a lie, sir..All he said are lies!
Then you tell the truth!
In college, Real fighters and Royal warriors,
fight daily.
Itry to unite them in between"
A delight.
The matter of who will seduce Kalathilakam
Of late was cause for the major problem
between the groups!
It was then, we came to know that
Vedika likes Unnikrishnan
On learning that, Roshan of Royal Warrior's
became furious.
It was at the behest of Roshan,
Boss mixed alcohol in Unnikrishnan's cola and
gave him
Is there such a story too?
But hiding of helmet was not deliberate.
Then, calling up the Police station
and informing an inebriated person
is coming along riding a bike
"Was done by my boss. Am I right, boss?
Why are you spilling out the truth?
A delight!
After that?
Roshan went out"
That is all what I know.
Submit your statement and leave
Need to appear whenever Police calls you.
O Kay
Head of Real Fighters is Mahesh
And Head of Royal Warriors,Roshan Cherian
That drunkard's statement also hints
about a man of 6 1 feet tall
This Roshan cherian's height is 6.3 feet
2 Criminal cases have also charged on his
Whoever you suspect,
take them into custody
And question them.
Yes Ma'am.
There is a new appointment in your department
One Mr.Edward..Edward Livingston.
Edward Livingston"
Sounds like the name of an action
hero in Hollywood fi | ms!!
Good morning, Sir.
Good morning.
Wait. Wait.
Who is this Roshan Cherian?
My son..What is the matter?
We are here to take him into custody,
in connection of Vedika murder case.
Roshan Cherian is on the corridor at the top.'
Come dude
There he is!
Police has come to arrest you
What is this Sir, Police inside the Cam pus?
If the accused is inside the Campus,
then Police got to enter.
As if the killing and hanging of
an innocent were not enough,
Police back in the Campus?
Bash them up
Hello Madam.
It's between Royal Warriors and the police
None of the students from our group need
Can't you see?
Walking around donning Cooling glassesl!
It is you.. who has eyes and yet can't see
I wear Cooling glass for my eyes protection"
And what people say is..
What foolishness are you doing there?
Is it by beating up an enraged group of
that you take an accused into custody?
Police must immediately leave the Campus
It's an order from the Home Minister
It's over, get the megaphone
Get back..Police get back.
Get back
May I come in, sir?
Good morning, sir
I'm Edward..Edward Livingston
Oh yes..Yes
-Hello sir.. - Hello
You can join now.
Thank you sir
Okay all the best
Good luck
Oh God! All the devils are walking
in here one after another!
Isn't he the new English Professor?
Yes, is after three punishment transfers
The 4th posting is over to here.
Also has two criminal cases against him..
For what?
Don't you carry a mobile?
Give a search on his name
Hmm..A Role mode Teacher! Isn't he?
Good morning
Good morning
Edward...Edward Livingston
Just joined as an Associate Professor in your
-Hi AI Hi
I'm Krishnakumar
-Hi, I'm Rajesh Menon - Kurian Thomas
-May I know your good name?-Smita
Nice name
Thank you.
What do you teach here?
The new professofs first steps are over my
-History of Literature-Ya" Phoenitics"
- Yes -Hello..Hello
Oh! Sol have class in the next hour?
It is unlikely for a class to take place today
Students are kind of enraged.
I will get to know those who are present
And the rest shall meet up later.
Did you get to know the new Professor?
He is a bit of a problem!
Be careful!
Come on, sir. He is a gentleman
Oh Gentlemanl!
He is accused in case of stabbing
his colleague professor
Why did he stab him?
For molesting a student
That case was dismissed!
No evidence
I wasn't aware of that.
I'm Edward Livingston
Your new English Professor
What Livingston!
Edward Livingston
Going by looks you appear like
Joseph Alex of Theviliparam bi | !
Oh as if! We are scared!
What is your name, son?
- Rom-Roshan Cherian
Sitting in the gallery hitting a goal is easy
As well as to watching a game!
If you want to play really well,
One must get on the ground.
First learn to play on the ground
It is after learning all such games, I am here.
Don't teach me the game! Understood..
Did you understand! You....!!
Being a government College,
and as no fees are paid,
that you can show of your whims,
let not anybody carry that fantasy here
For teaching you, Government pays me salary
Notjust from your parents and mine,
But also from the tax collected from common
that your Education is being taken care of.
So in my class you got to study"
Certainly study
Or I will have you study
Those not interested in my class may leave
And others can sit..
are not things I will say
Without my permission,
not a single soul will leave my class
Sit down.
Welcome to the World of English Language and
Since this is your 1st class,
Let's discuss about the origin of English
Which was the language prevalent
in England before 600 AD
Anyone of you can give me an answer
The Language spoken in English territory
before 500 AD was called Celtic
The most troublesome class of this College,
is what went quiet today
In the Arts Group a thunderous Professor has
is a talk among the students!
Though the HOD is Cherian Sir,
You are our leader now, Sir.
Troublesome soldiers are injected with
And made to stand in the front
was a policy during monarchy,
The enemies would be chopping their heads
Sir, I have a request
You are in charge as Warden of Hostel,
If a room could be allotted"
That has already been sanctioned!
Thank you, sir.
The saree is beautiful!
Beauty of the saree includes
the beauty of the wearer".
Oh! Even this too!
I respect women
The person seems to be a little flirt..!
Caution can help avoid regrets
What you played was with Students
Media and Channel have taken over the subject
This is not something that
impacts this College alone"
There are nearly 627 Colleges in Kerala
The votes of the new generation
decides the destiny of the government
So, sir, in your view how to handle
the accused in Vedika murder case?
Use your brains
Deal strategically.
Call the College Staff, Prominent Citizens,
Student Leaders
Sit around a Round Table and amicably resolve,
in absolute transperancy
Request for the criminals to be handed over to
the state
Till such time Police should not,
for any reason, enter the campus.
- It is an order.- Sir..
"In the peace of this night"
"get the percussions.."
Dropped in hearing the noise
If the noise could be reduced, could catch
some sleep
Which department are you from?
I'm the Canteen Department
Come here.
I will be back in a minute
What is it Sir?
You deal with Idukki Gold, don't you?
Blue Riband..First Quality
If available, don't forget me
Okay leave
Leave I say
May I come in?
Did my coming cause any hurdle, sir?
Not at all. Eddie.. sit.
We are supposed to set examples for the
What to do? Become a habit.
I only take 2 pegs
Do you drink?
What brings me here now is,
to tell you one thing"
...about Roshan
Sir, do not feel othenlvise"
I had been to his room on my way here.
That room is filled with smoke.
That smoke reeks of Ganja!
Weren't you mentioning just now
about being role model teachers for student..
I and my son live in the same hostel
He never speaks to me.
As a father I am a total failure
In front of my son, I am a wrong doer.
Are you a divorcee, sir?
People's perception is that I'm a Womaniser
But the real problem is".
My Ego
Your son is charged with a murder case
On the night when Vedika was killed,
he was with his mummy.
It was her birthday
But circumstantial evidences..
I know...
If it reaches the Police,
they will definitely make him confess the crime.
In tomorrow's meeting,
MLA, Commissioner, ACP Bhavani Durga,
And other prominent Citizens are participating.
Moves to indict him and arrest him
are taking place in the background
No one will support my son
The very moment police takes him,
I will resign from this college
Dear ones,
The death of that youngster
who had suicidal tendency,
is deeply regretted by the police,
Standing in that deep pain,
I say that the real culprit must be punished
Based on the circumstantial evidences,
allow us the custody of the accused for
To hand over Roshan Cherian,
we from Real Fighters have no objection.
I'm Edward Livingston
I don't belong to any group
Still I ask,
Wasn't Unnikrishnan, a member of your Real
In the name of hating Roshan,
Is it fair to forget Unnikrishnan?
Sir, one more doubt
Why did Police take the innocent Unnikrishnan
into custody?
Unnikrishnan's death that happened in Police
What explanation has Police to give?
Heart broken and craving desperately for
Unnikrishnan's Father Balan Master is amongst
us here.
What response can your police give that
Was Unnikrishnan an accused in Vedika murder
No answer
Based on what evidences was Unnikrishnan
Now based on what circumstantial evidences,
we got to handover Roshan Cherian?
Only when a detailed questioning is done,
solid evidences can be obtained.
On the basis of suspicion,
Police will have to question many.
Who are these "many"?
Eh.. Roshan Cherian, Binu, Deepan, Ashique...
then Mahesh Raman, Gokul Das, Jitu, Lalu,
Did you hear?
In the Police list,
there is no distinction between
Real Fighters or Royal Warriors
Sir, for clearing the doubts of the police,
If we got to handover
the students mentioned in your list,
then you will need to answer some of my
The girl was neither raped
nor killed in this Cam pus
is clear in your FIR
So the body was disposed here.
Who and How?
The examination by the Police dog,
revealed that the body was thrown
from across the com pound wall.
-Sir, do you know the height of that wall?
- 7 feet
Exactly 25mts towards the north,
there is a short cut to the College.
The wall collapsed.
For the last 4 to 5 years,
teachers and students also use
that for moving to and from the College.
When such an access exists,
What is the need of adventure,
for the accused to throw the body
down from a 7 feet high Wall?
So one thing is sure
The culprit is not inside the campus
But outside"
It's only your doubt
All other evidences are against the accused
Sorry sir
Without ample evidence or court order,
we cannot handover the students.
Ok..Ok..l will support this report to the C.M
Thank you.
Mr.Edward Livingston
But outside the campus
you cannot create this secured armour
Madam, please do not underestimate us.
Thank You Edy
You saved not only my son,
but also 34 years of my academic service
I'm just giving it a try, sir.
What could be in store!!
Leaders of the two groups
must be in your canteen within one hour.
I've worked in many
of the main Government colleges of Kerala
But a phenomena that I have not
seen anywhere else is here
Students divide
Form groups.
Only if the two groups stand together,
the matter we are dealing with
now can find a resolution"
Therefore, hereafter there is no Royal warriors,
or Real fighters
Only Students!
Students group!
What happened?
If it had been some other case,
I would've called you over to
the party office and enquired.
Unfortunately it's my daughter's case"
Culprits are all in your sight
First accused is Roshan Cherian is also
Still, why is the delay in arresting him?
Because not to enter the campus
and arrest is the order by your government,
Suspects do not step out of the campus!
Night in the Hostel and days in the College!!
If it is possible for you,
get them out of the campus.
By getting hit and and hitting...
using a little of goondaism, my party has
So getting the accused... here
at this Commissioner's office... also we know.
Hey..Who are you? What are you resorting to?
Hey what is this? What are you up to?
Good afternoon, ACP Bavani
Madam, this is Edward
Goons are playing havoc in our Campus
Assaulting our students
We need the help of Police
Sorry sir.
Better solve the Campus issues inside the
Police should not step into
college cam pus is the Government order.
After scratching the Real fighters,
don't ever think of leaving the campus alive!
Don't play with my students"
If you play, then I will teach you the game
Teach him boys!
Now this Cam pus stands as one
Only one group lives here.
Students Group!
If anybody is courageous, dare
Bash and drive them out boys!
Edward..Edward Livingston
Didn't I tell you to solve Campus
issue within the Campus?
The trouble that took place in the Campus
was solved within the Campus.
But while resolving the problem,
those who were the problems,
have minor casualities!
And how many of them are critical,
can't be said now..
Some have hands and legs broken
and some are seriously injured
if you could send few ambulances,
the necessary treatment can be given!
But on one condition
Police and Ambulance"
Outside the campus gate
He is not just a Sir
Athug Sir!!
He is a terror
Dear colleagues,
In today's meeting the
main point of discussion would be
The not so ordinary events that
took place in our college recently
Hooligan attack and the retaliation thereto
Commissioner had called
Among the injured, 2-3 hooligans
are in very critical condition
If anything happens to any one of them,
You all could be charged for murder case
and be arrested, he informed
So I urgently invite the attention
of the teachers to this subject
Dear ones,
Many renowned persons have
passed out from this College
Not only in Arts & Sports,
But also in academics we have
always been at the front
I used to be always proud of our campus
But now, to call myself a teacher
of this I am ashamed of.
During the last 2 months,
For the disgusting events
that took place in the campus and
for shielding the guilty students behind it,
And forjoining hands with them
and leading the hooliganism in the campus
Action must be taken against
Mr. Edward Livingstonejs my opinion.
If goondas barge into your house
and assault children,
Would you stand watching silently?
A school is a family,
is what I think and believe in.
Mother, Father, Teacher and God
is what we have learnt
And is what we too teach children.
Parents of these students send them
here believing us.
So the safety of the students
is our responsibility.
Barging into my campus if anyone
beats up my children,
I am not the one to stay quiet
with my hands tied
If I have done any wrong,
let the students say
Let any one student say I'm wrong
I'm ready to accept any punishment.
But there are many other important things
got to be discussed here.
Surroundings of this is totally untidy
Especially hostel area
It is completely forest like
During the night there are no lights
Behind the veil of darkness,
Anti-social elements walk freely
Through them, liqour and drugs enter the
Plumber, Watchman, Gardener , Electrician
these posts are still vacant
No moves have been made to
fill them up till date
Could some action be taken for that?
It's been 2 years since I gave the report
Giving report alone does not suffice,
Ensure work is got done.
Many prominent people in this State
are alumini of this college
If they will, it can be easily done.
In an environment of cleanliness and security
is what we need to develop disciplined
For that what is required is not groups.
But have them be aware we are
one and stand by them
And not my police case you need
to lose sleep about!
I have the wits and smartness to deal my case
You needn't worry about it.
That is all, sir.
Why you are clapping?
Sorry sir.
The victims of the conflict at the campus,
lying in the hospital are in critical condition
So has no case been charged against people,
who trespassed into the campus
with dangerous weapons?
That the police will take care.
No explanations need be given to you.
Sir, I had submitted a complaint about it.
Doesn't the complainant have the
right to get a response?
Right to Information.
To beat up the hooligans who gave you
the authority of the Police?
Police themselves.
This is a voice message from
Bhavani Madam's phone to my phone.
And nothing cooked up by me, Sir.
Good afternoon ACP Bhavani.
Madam, I'm Edward.
Goondas are playing havoc in the Campus
Assaulting our Students
We need the help of Police
Sorry, sir. Better solve Campus
issue within the cam pus
Police should not step into
college cam pus is the Govt order.
Did you hear, sir?
Permission was given by ACP Bavani Durga
The Government order for police
not to enter the Campus is what I abided to..
Man, if any one of the injured dies,
The very next moment I will have
you thrown into the cell.
Under which section?
Sir, to face 100 hooligans alone,
I'm no Super Hero like Ironman.
The truth is, it is about 500 students of our
who defended and chased them away.
Weren't you the one who led them?
Yes... me....
But, who sent them?
Did you take him into custody and interrogate?
If you play with a Party men,
you may lose your cap, won't you?
You are the cause for all this
Those who you hide in the campus are
How long would you be able to
hide them in the campus?
Who said I hid them?
I haven't hid any one.
In fact it is Roshan and team
who dropped me here now.
Mr. Edward, you can go now.
Thank you sir.
I do respect women
Hope you mind your words!
Hello madam!
If you don't mind, could you come
to the corridor?
Excuse me, sir. down..
Didn't I say it was your most sought
after students who dropped me here?
See, it's they who are picking me up too.
Look there.
Even the criminals sitting
right under the nose of the police
is unable to be caught by you, Madam
What a pity!
Yes m a'am
Follow him.
Hurry UP
Move fast and overtake.
Oh no!
Turn the Car!
They got to be arrested before
entering the campus.
Under any circumstance, do not let them in.
Yes m a'am
Fast..Be ready.
Edward Livingston.
We got into the Campus 10 minutes ago.
You bloody!
Not bloody... Eddie!!
Edward..Edward Livingston!
Tomorrow's 3rd hour, Miss please adjust
Good morning
Coming Saturday and Sunday, I and a few
As part of social service,
We have decided to clean the
surroundings of the Campus
All interested lecturers can join.
Later don't claim you've neither been
told nor did you hear!
If come wearing a Lungi and a half blouse,
we could have you jin, Madam!
Man, Learn to behave well with women!
I respect women!
,AL' | Higher and higher in the sky
,AL' | The star on the frontyard
fiuiWill reach the sky arid shine brightly
tom orrow,Al'.l
ALiToday when bright light shines on this
shore,,Ai |
Colours are changing totally"
"When the mind wakes up with wisdom"
"Given by the inner-eye,"
"Victory is ours anywhere in the world,"
"With new wings up to the boundary"
"You got to wake up, wake up now"
"Wake up now with one mind"
"You got to wake up, wake up now"
"Who is spreading on this earth"
"Unending light coming from the white star"
"Like the pearls strung on unseen golden
"Every heart is throbbing"
"Without any faltering step,"
"When he is guarding us like shadow"
"Victory is ours anywhere in the world,"
"With new wings up to the boundary"
"You got to wake up now, wake up now"
"Wake up now with dreams now"
"Will you give to our minds"
"Strength coveted by all"
"To touch the target, to go and touch the
"Is it possible for the sleeping mind?"
"We'll wake up fast now"
"We must have great longing in our hearts"
"Victory is ours anywhere in the world,"
"With new wings up to the boundary"
"You got to wake up, wake up now"
"Wake up now with one mind"
"You got to wake up, wake up now.."
"You got to wake up, wake up now"
"Wake up, wake up, wake up"
"You got to wake up now"
"Wake up, wake up, wake up"
"You got to wake up now."
-Smitha teacher, would you step out for a
moment? - For what?
Listen, I will show an awesome scene of
Edward sir.
Come quickly.
Look how he is all enveloped in smiles!
Must be his lover.
Look at the intimacy!
Bonding right to the hearts depth!!
Will never break!
Madam, saw!
Your exchanging of hearts with a woman!
For that..l got only one heart
Oh! not necessary!
Who would be interested in me?
I have interest.
Smitha, have you learnt Zoology?
How many chambers does a human heart
4 chambers
Of that only one I have opened there.
Rest of the three are vacant.
You are welcome.
Good morning sir.
Good morning.
Good morning, Sir.
Sir, those new appointments.
College's request is accepted by the
5 appointments
2 Securities, 1 Watchman, 1 Plumber and 1
2 Securities, 1 Watchman, 1 Plumber and 1
5 positions have been filled up today.
But in their appearances and body languages,
There is something odd!!
Note their hairstyle!
They are Police..Police!!
They must never know we recognized them!
Got to be careful, just that
For a few days, no one in the police list
should leave the campus for any reasons.
Who are you?
Who are you?
Greetings sir
How come you are here, sir?
What brings you here?
No..Goku | is having high fever
Ration....Roshan asked me to get medicine
This is medicine and this is Pepper powder
If I see you in this Cam pus henceforth,
You will kill me. I know.
No sir, hereafter he won't come.
Get away.
Do I need to debit this to your account?
If give you one..
Don't hit me, sir.
If you hit me, I will reform.
I shouldn't reform. I must be like this.
If I reform, I will be good for nothing..
Don't make drinking a habit.A little if fine
But this"... Never.
Where is Roshan?
Didn't you hear?
Roshan, Mahesh and Deepan have gone out,
Just a while ago
For what?
Mahesh's girlfriend, Ramlath is coming to
Polayathodu for a Henna function.
Went to meet her.
Don't you all know, if you go out
Police will catch?
Had you told me, wouldn't I have
brought Ramlath here?
Then you could have raped,
killed or done anything.
Is there some trouble?
Eddie, if Police...
You go and sleep, sir.
I will go and look
Sir, we will also come.
Not necessary
Not as Students, but as friends
I consider you guys
And still you didn't heed my words!
Give me the bike key
I will go alone.
"Speak sweetly girl, lovely like the crescent
"Beautiful girl, today is the marriage dear"
"Isn't your eyes like fish,
isn't it honey in your speech"
"Didn't the bed in the bridal
chamber tell something?"
"Isn't the night cool, didn't the jasmine bloom?"
"Didn't you move about like the moon?"
"Come away,
you need not give company anymore"
"Close the door,
I'll not be a stinging black ant"
"The groom is coming here.
what's there to be shy dear?"
Come away
Did you know?...
Our Ramachandran Sir is making a new film
Who is the Hero?
Mammotty, Mohanlal, Suresh Gopi, Dileep,
Fahadh Fazil, and Nivin Pauly"
Another 20-20
None of them are being cast!
It's suspense!
You will be shocked
Hey quiet female cat
Don't you want pot full of milk?
Smearing kohl, wearing bangles,
Come to the bridal chamber
That is what they said..
Hey, S.l Ram achand ran!
"Till dawn comes to this side of night,
Till dawn the groom is near you"
"if you sit together on the golden sheet"
"Won't he caress you putting flowers
on your left and right?"
"Won't the clouds in the sky move along?"
"Come away,
you need not give company anymore"
"Close the door,
I'll not be a stinging black ant"
"The groom is coming here.
what's there to be shy dear?"
"Come away"
Go Man.... Go...
Go away
if happen to kill him also,
I will do it and come ...You 90....
Returning after absence on time,
John Thekkan has turned into
a star of the Department
Sir, take the vehicle!
What happened?
There... John Thekkan taken our Roshan..
Martin, take him to the station now.
Yes ma'm
Sir, Roshan
Put it on speaker
Keeping him in our station
tonight will not be wise
His friends escaped
He being in our custody if known,
-A lightning strike by Eddie and
team is guaranteed.- Hmmm
Besides ourforce will be outnumbered four to
Just one night,
Only one night,
Need a safe hiding place.
One person can help,
who desperately wants to catch the accused.
Just him.
Get him into the car
Who is that person?
The accused in Vedika murder case,
will be presented before the media today,
is what the Police authorities have informed
At the Commissioner's Office,
Accused will be presented
before the media the police informs.
All are eager to have a look at the accused.
For further actions, the accused will be
presented before the magistrate today.
To get a look at the accused in
police custody the media is keenly waiting.
Madam, could you please say something"
Hey" Please..Please..
Don't create a fuss.
Accused is not here now.
On the other side, if he was here,
Students would've attacked the station by now
and attempted to rescue the accused.
Ain't it that way, Edward sir?
If it is for an attack,
Mr. Edward has reached here with
this students group"
Shouldn't we poor Policemen in khakhi
also need some caution?
Lets have a turn for the media
As you wish
Excuse me, Mr.John Thekkan
Let's bring out the accused
What happened, madam?
Though I'm not as brainy as the police,
still in my little brain,
Last night itself I found the person
desperately wanting to catch the accused.
District President Sivanandan!
Father of the murdered Vedika!
ACP madam said half an hour...
See, it is been an hour now.
They still haven't produced the accused
These are all pretence
The said Roshan Cherian is innocent.
He is in College Hostel right now.
I will show you.
It's Sir..
Hi Roshan
Hi Sir.
For the Media"
Show our Hostel board
Here it's!
This time too, we won.
I can read your lips, but still".
I respect you
"as a Woman
You..if we police charge a couple of
solid cases on you and put you in..
You will need to wait 5-8 years to step out.
Raja Ravi Varma! Awesome name, Sir!
But this name fiuiRajafiu] suits only Men!
Haven't you heard? Pazhassi Raja!
Is it clear now that the real culprit
cannot be found by the police!
But we can"
I and my Students group"
Give us 10 days time
Within 10 days,
we'll present the real culprit before the Police
On that day, we will open the College
gate for the Police!
10 daysl!
Within 10 days we will catch the culprit"
Within 10 days we will present to the police
Challenging the Police alone is not enough
Need to locate the culprit!
Real culprit is present amongst us.
Didn't you say, the guilty is outside
the cam pus and not inside?
That..... was a strategy I took on to
rescue you from the Police...
But the real culprit is inside the Campus only.
Intelligent Criminal!
That could be this Roshan,
...Goku | das..or anyone amongst you!
Can also be Maniyan who is
eavesdropping our conversation
Isn't it, Maniya?
How did he notice?
But Criminals never step forward
accepting the crime!
Keeps slipping away from the grasp!
In each of us,
An Investigating officer is hidden..
intruding into other's privacy"
That we are using for some productive
Can you make me also one among these
officers, Sir?
- Officer? You?-Yes.
Can you become a Cook?
Of course! Why not"
So then, we are locating the accused.
"We'll touch the bright light spread by the new
"We'll write our destiny"
"And to reach that, let us wake up now
"Without falling, in excitement
we'll wait with whole heart always"
"Like the sun, we'll shine
and go far against unseen foes"
"So what, we'll go till victory"
"We'll move bravely and win battles"
"With unity, we'll reach the target"
"Till the day when veil is lifted"
"Like one soul, with the strength of unity
we'll march ahead"
"We'll dissolve in excitement"
"Without falling, we'll hold our hands together"
"Endlessly, far away"
"Even when our eyes failing"
"we'll blow away like wind
the clouds covering truth and go"
"So what, we'll go till victory"
"We'll move bravely and win battles"
"With unity, we'll reach the target"
All are just about reaching
Greetings Sir..
Please come
My dear friends,
Too all my dear ones, who have come for
my Pooja ceremony I extend a hearty welcome
For my new film Pavanayi Shavamayi
I wouldn't get producers is
what my enemies considered.
However I got a terrific producer
I invite him with lots of
affection onto the stage.
Please come.
Dear friends!
Here stands an actor who is suffocating
within his Khaki uniform
Finally he threw away his Khaki,
Sold the estate in Munnar,
And wore the garb of a producer..
This is a crime investigation movie
Till the last minute, the identity of
the criminal remains in suspense
My Producer is the one who is donning
that ro | e AI Angamaly Ramachandran.
I myself am the Hero.
Stom ping over me, the multitalented genious,
many here went on become Superstars!
But one aspect that they all could not achieve what I am doing..!!
Ha.. ha.. Ha..
8 fights, 6 songs
And few scenes
Not for anything, but as requested for by the
honourable producer Ramachandran sir,
I invite myself for lighting the lamp.
I teach in Maharaja's college"
All the Best!
Thank you sir
I don't recognise you.
I'm one of your admirers.
For the attention of everybody,
I still have admirers
May Hake a same?
Please sir.
We have been hanging
behind this case for about 8 days
Till date we have been incapable to get any
If criminal is not found,
Roshan will be arrested
Circumstantial evidences are against Roshan
Isn't Roshan's papa and mummy's
wedding anniversary tomorrow?
Yes sir
How long now since they have been separated?
3 years
You must reunite them
If Roshan is arrested in this case,
They do not have any one to console each
So Roshan must reunite them
Only Roshan can do that.
Okay sir.
Eddie, there is a news...
Roshan spoke to me.
Invited me to join him for Dinner tonight
At Hotel All Seasons!
Eddie must come along"
For my happiness
I will surely come.
All his friends will also be there.
Happy Anniversary, sir
Thank you
Happy Anniversary sir
Thank you very much
Sir, Come
Well now it is them and their world
Let us move aside and have a drink
Don't worry, I will pay the bill.
Okay sir.
Hope you will join us later.
O Kay
Excuse me
What happened?
Ah! Roshan you returned"
It is all senti... scene over there
I quietly sneaked away
What is it dude? What happened?
Ramlath! Her marriage has been fixed.
She walked out of her house.
Ramlath! Fantastic!
Beautiful name!
Loving is not wrong.
But parents are anxious about their children!
Don't disregard that.
I'm helpless sir
She is walking out of her home trusting me.
I can't cheat her.
Don't worry.
We are there.
Where is she coming to?
How does she come?
Coming by Taxi.
Promised to wait on the Beach road.
You go, pick her up and bring her here.
Here....the bike key
We will take care of the rest of the
You carry on....
He has left after drinking
You call the police
For that, SI Ramachandran Sir is under
suspension now.
Doesn't matter.
He is the right person for trapping!
Inform that the 2nd named in the
accused list is coming.
Put him into the Jeep
For what reason?
So only if the reason is known,
you will get in.
Get in..
Leave me
Aren't you Ramlath?
Yes.. I am..
Will you please step out?
For what sir?
In connection with Vedika murder case,
We taken custody of Mahesh
Nothing to worry about.
He is innocent
Will be released immediately
after taking his statement
As Mahesh requested,
and on Bhavani madam's instructions
I came to take you to the station.
Shall we!
This is not the police station?
This is ACP madam's house
You get down
Isn't madam home?
Madam has gone out, will be back soon.
You may wait inside.
No, let madam come
Get down..
For what?
Get down I say
Leave m e.
YOU are one we want
For the last 3-4 months,
you are spoiling our sleep!
Get inside.
If you remain hiding did you think
we wouldn't find you?
No please
Aren't you the Policeman under Suspension?
Then why this uniform?
Which is that jeep standing outside?
On whose instructions did you bring this girl
Speak out"
In the Vedika murder case, the real culprit,
will be handed over to the
Police in the cam pus today
Is what Travancore Maharajas college
Associate Professor Edward Livingston has
Sir, it is close to handing
over moment of the Criminal to the Police
What do you have to say about it?
See, according to the Government order
Police are not allowed to step into the cam pus,
without the permission of the college.
So we have been waiting patiently.
They are just letting the criminal
out of the college. Thank you.
Officers, on being to the
Police station with the Complaint,
I learnt that the officers are here.
Look officers,
Since last night, my producer is missing.
We will find a solution for everything.
Please wait in the car.
Dixon, put on the AC in my car.
Okay sir.
The War between Police and Campus,
Is ending here today.
Who is the exact Criminal in Vedika's murder
Unnikrishnan's death, Suicide or murder?
The answer to these 2 questions
Today here on this 10th day is going to be
Ram lath!
Ramlath, like you, is a Journalist
When it was known that, Vedika's friend
was also Mahesh's girl friend,
Things became easier.
The events that took place before Vedika's
A similar drama"
I and my students were recreating it.
Their eloping is a part of our planned drama
Unaware of all our drama,
Canteen Maniyan stood with us.
So Boss you are trapped"
Our investigation finally landed
before a suspended Police officer.
Him..Was it him??
What happened?
My Prod ucer!
Oh my Pavanai!
Pavanai died".
For an ordinary Sub Inspector, Ramachandran,
To make a film with Captain Raju,
Where did he get the money from?
It's said that he sold estate in Munnar!
He owns no property in Munnar
Still in cooperative banks
spread across the length and breadth of Kerala,
he has Iakhs of money!
From where he acquired all this cash?
What is its source?
How is it relevant to Vedika murder case?
All that, Ramachandran will tell us..
Come on speak Ramachandran.
Let people listen.
Speak the truth as the truth,
Unlike yesterday
Campus is filled with Students
They will manhandle...
It was nothing for me.
It was all for..
Everything was for this man ..
Mr.Thekkan, you will need to cooperate
Students are all around.
Now speak Ramachandran
Born into a very poor hill side
farming family Thekkan,
climbed through student politics.
And while operating as the right
hand of Krishnadas sir,
was when I acquainted with him.
The orphan Thekkan was educated
and made an IPS Officer
by Krish nadas Si r..
12 years ago, in the name of political vendetta,
Krishnadas sir was killed.
Was Thekkan behind that murder too?
Speak the truth
Let that be..
How did District Party President Sivananda's
Daughter Vedika become your enemy?
About 2 months back,
that's on 27th of last October"
For attending a function in Mothers College,
Minister Seethalakshmi had camped
here in the guesthouse.
To discuss about the function,
Although Vedika and friends came twice to
Minister was not available there.
When the deceased Krishnadas became aware
of his
wife Seetha | akshmi's illicit affair with Thekkan
Thekkan meticulously planned and killed
And was able to turn the blame
on the opposition party!
Furthermore, Krishnadas's wife contests the
by-election, wins and becomes the Minister.
Through SeethalakshmPs benami transactions,
Thekkan and Ramachandran flourished.
Vedika, it's me.
I know where Minister Seethalakshmi is.
I will wait near the Ashram am Guest house.
You come alone, okay?
I will come.
You go and ask him about Minister madam.
- Ask the way I told you. - No, l..
I will be back now.
Sir, I would like to meet Seethalakshmi madam.
Seethalakshmi Madam?
She is not here.
I'm Vedika
Party President Sivanandan's daughter.
Madam had promised to attend our
college function today
But since morning, Madam's number
is been switched off
Meantime I came to know madam is here.
Here? Who told you?
My classmate! She lives somewhere close by.
This is ACP Thekkan sir's guesthouse.
To know whether Minister is here
you will need to call Minister's PS
PS also isn't aware .
Please call again and find out"
Where were you so long?
Let's move..move..
Tell me where were you?
I will tell you, first move
Party President Sivanandan's daughter
Vedika had come.
Asked for Madam!
I sent her away saying it's ACP Guest house.
I sensed something fishy!
Did she come alone?
Yes, she was alone
Okay, you leave
Wasn't alone!
You are 8 years younger to me
I'm the wife of Krishnadas who died of
a knife attack for the welfare of the party.
If public learns about this affair"
No, trust me.
Can we trust Ramachandran?
More than believing me!
If he betrays
The first bullet piercing his chest,
will be from my pistol.
I must have that video clipping
After finding this relationship
they must no longer be alive.
On October 27th evening,
Minister Seethalakshmi had arrived at
Mothers College to attend the function.
With the help of lip reading experts,
We learnt Minister's words!
Vedika, you had come in search of me to
Thekkan's guest house, isn't it?
Who was with you?
Vedika hasn't witnessed
anything inappropriate there!
Then they kept following Vedika
It was during those days,
Vedika and Ramlath met each other.
When I had been to ACP's guesthouse,
Who was with me was the subject!
ACP called me 3-4 times and threatened
Tell me the truth
What is that you saw over there?
No dear, better delete it
We don't need this.
You do not know the worth of these visuals!
It's not just an illicit affair
Through this what could get revealed
is Krishnadas's murder!
Let's conceal it for the time being.
Being a Journalist, it may be a
turning point in my career
Till such time, you got stand by me.
Vedika was restless that day
Probably to share everything with
She might have phoned him.
Maniyan informs Ramachandran about it.
It was after that for drunken driving,
Unni was taken into custody by the police.
ACP Thekkan's prompt arrival at the spot,
was on Ramachandran's directions
Will you please step out?
For the last few days,
I have been roaming about to get you alone.
Shall we move?
Put her in.
Lift her in...
Shut up..
Get in
-Help -Shut up...
Get down
Who was it along with you that day?
Who is your Burqa donning friend?
I had come alone
Ramachandramif you ask, she will speak
Make her speak
Please no.
Come here.
Leave me..
Leave me I say
She is not moving!
She wasn't dead"
Now she is dead.
Don't leave any evidences
Wash the body well
No finger prints must be present
During forensic examination,
there should not be a single evidence!
Let this death be a lesson.
For her burqa clad friend!
Dispose the body in the vacant area of the
Before that, give order
to the station to release Unnikrishnan
Unnikrishnan is the one who killed Vedika
Sir you know...
...who killed my Vedika?
The Light house Watchman told me
Sir, you taken Vedika in your car!
Witness's statement have to be watched for!
Beach Road Watchman.
Died after being hit by an unidentified vehicle
That must be...
The main news in the Channels
Next day, on being hit by an unidentified
the Watchman was killed.
Thereafter all evidences were
fabricated against Unnikrishnan
And Thekkan Sir charged a case
Sir, you've been called to Commissioner's
How did you kill Vedika?
It wasn't I who kill Vedika
It is you who did that.
If you plead guilty, I will save you.
Not necessary! It was not me.
It was you who did that.
This truth.. I will announce to the entire world
When you going to die,
How will you announce?
In half an hour's time,
I must get the news of Unnikrishnan's suicide
Death must look natural
Don't palpitate!
O my God!
Oh no!
Son Rosha!
Move aside
Move them
Protector of law, the Police,
When he becomes the law breaker,
Then the Society and the Police
no longer need him!!
Where is our Sir?
Release our sir
Let him off.
Until we see him, we won't go.
Release him..
No point in creating uproar here.
All disperse
Yes, What is the issue?
We want to meet Edward Livingston
Minister Seethalakshmi arrested
Education Minister Seethalakshmi is arrested
by Police
Vedika and Unnkrishnan's murders..
There he is standing... Edward Livingston!
Yes, I'm Edward Livingston
The arrest is the follow up of doubtless proofs
Professor of English
No Siblings, no relatives.
No family, no friends..
Nobody" I'm a bachelor".
That's why no dog came in search of me.
I came on a transfer to Tranvacore Maharaja
Unfortunately I have been under
their custody for the last 3 months.
Without any outside contacts,
in a dark room.
In unlawful custody!
What crime did I comm it?
Come on.
Police or Government, whoever it may be...
For detaining an innocent for 3 months,
I will make you answerable.
Even if it takes me to the Supreme Court
I will see to it that you are taken to task
I swear
Edward, please, one minute.
Then our Eddie, who is actually?
That Eddie was not your Professor
He is a Police Officer
A Special Investigating Officer from Central
A Daring"
A dynamic Police officer of Iconic stature"
..Anto Antony IPS