Masters of the Universe (1987) Movie Script

At the center of the universe... the border between
the light and the dark...
...stands Castle Greyskull.
For countless ages
the Sorceress of Greyskull...
...has kept this universe in harmny...
...but the armies f darkness d nt rest...
...and the capture of Greyskull
is ever most in their minds.
For to those that control Greyskull
will come the power...
...the power to be supreme...
...the power to be almighty...
...the power to be...
...masters of the universe.
Report, Evil-Lyn. Speak!
We have sealed the gates to the city.
The castle is secure and we are closing in
on the Thenurian as we speak.
- Yes! Yes! And He-Man?
- He continues to lead the resistance.
I assure you,
we will have him before the day is out.
I want him kneeling at my feet.
After all this time...
...Greyskull is ours.
Someone is speaking to me.
My lovely prisoner.
My prisoner at last.
I've won!
I've won.
The darkness is rising to embrace you.
The dark can embrace the light,
but never eclipse it.
You have not won yet, Skeletor.
He-Man is still alive.
- I can feel it!
- Really?
How sensitive you are.
Can you feel...
Evil-Lyn, activate the holosphere.
People of Eternia...
...the war is over.
My frces are victrius.
The Sorceress of Greyskull is my prisoner...
...and her powers
are now joined with mine.
Let this be my first decree:
Thse wh d nt
pledge themselves t me...
...shall be destroyed.
The new age begins.
He-Man! Thank the Sorceress you're alive!
I've been looking for you!
It was terrible.
How many units are left?
Not many.
All of us were scattered.
Suddenly, they were everywhere.
Someone betrayed us.
- Get me out of this!
- It's all right.
Help! Somebody!
- Help!
- All right, we heard you.
- Pull the pole out.
- Careful!
- Thank the Sorceress.
- Here you come.
Who are you?
I am Gwildor of Thenur...
...locksmith and inventor.
Skeletor's forces were hunting me down.
A million blessings upon you
for saving my life.
No blessing is necessary.
Any foe of Skeletor is a friend of ours.
Now, why are you so important
to Skeletor?
Help me.
I'd better show you.
Please, come with me.
I remember the days
we didn't have to lock our doors.
Those days will come back. Oh, yes.
Enter, enter.
Come in. Come in.
Welcome to my home.
Come on.
Now, you ask...
...why Skeletor asks for me..
Because of my invention.
Because of this.
Now I wish I hadn't created it.
Skeletor wants me killed
so I can't make another one.
If he knew I had this prototype...
What is it?
What does it do?
I call it...
...the "Cosmic Key. "
It is the most unique key in the universe.
The tones it generates...
...can open a doorway to anywhere.
One simply computes gravitonic tones...
...for a specific destination...
...activates the energizer and-
And that's how Skeletor's troops
got into the city and surprised us.
I'm afraid so.
You little worm.
- Don't you realize what you've done?
- Easy, Teela.
He didn't know.
That's right. How could I know?
We Thenurians are a peaceful race.
Trusting in every way.
A woman came to see me.
Said she heard about my fame
as a locksmith.
She seemed interested in my work.
How could I know
she was from Snake Mountain?
- She was beautiful.
- That would be Evil-Lyn.
She tricked me. She stole the Key!
...can this device of yours
get us into Greyskull?
To the Sorceress?
Those were the first coordinates
I calculated before she came.
- Good!
- We can't, we can't.
If we disturb the gravitonic waves...
...Skeletor's key will locate us.
Sounds like he's already located us.
Warlord, to the point!
No, not that way.
This way, the secret passage.
- Hurry! Hurry!
- Look.
In the corner, there. Let's move.
Gwildor, where does this lead?
To the caverns underneath Greyskull.
Gwildor, hurry.
- Yes, yes.
- Come on!
I don't like adventures.
Secure the room!
Find the Key!
Tear this place apart!
He-Man, we made it! Look.
I know he's here waiting for us.
- You're right. It's too quiet.
- Look.
The Sorceress.
Come on!
Gwildor, hurry.
- Be careful.
- Quiet.
Sorceress, we'll free you.
Skeletor has imprisoned me
within this energy field...
...which only he can dissolve.
- You are in danger here. You must leave.
- We won't leave without you, Sorceress.
Gwildor, can your key open the door
to this force field?
- Of course.
- Then do it now.
- It'll take time.
- Let's get started then.
Gwildor, over here.
I have to take a reading...
...and compute the gravitonic tones.
He's taking your power.
I can withstand him until moonrise.
Until the Great Eye opens on the universe.
They're coming!
Gwildor, get back there. Keep working.
Come on! Come on!
Everything comes to he who waits.
And I have waited... very long for this moment.
Let her go.
I don't think so.
While she remains imprisoned
within this field...
...her powers increase my own...
...and when the moon reaches its zenith...
...the Great Eye will open...
...and all the powers of Greyskull...
...will be bestowed upon me.
Your wondrous Sorceress...
...will die!
You dare threaten her life!
I dare anything!
I am Skeletor.
Throw down your weapons...
...and pledge yourselves to me...
...or you will join her.
It's not her you want, it's me.
It's always been between us.
It's the locksmith.
- The little worm has another key!
- What?
Kill him!
Take cover, Gwildor!
Keep working!
...will that key get us out of here?
It will! But where?
Anywhere! Just do it fast!
Yes, yes.
It's working!
Teela! I did it!
The door! It's open! Let's go!
No! I won't leave her!
But you must.
Eternia needs you alive, He-Man.
You still have until moonrise.
He-Man, let's move!
Come on, go!
Come on, Gwildor!
Stop him!
Gwildor, come on!
The door! The door!
My Key!
The Key! Get the Key!
Find them.
Trace them!
I want them and the Key hunted down
and brought to me.
It looked as if he was punching the keys
at random.
- There's no way to tell where they went.
- Monitor the frequencies!
Wherever they are, they'll use it again.
When they do, lock it in.
He-Man lives and possesses that Key.
I must possess all, or I possess nothing!
Find them.
Are you all right?
Trust a Thenurian to find
a soft place to land.
Thank you.
I could have suffocated
in that loathsome stuff.
Stop complaining. It's only mud.
That's easy to say
when you don't have clogged gill slits.
I'm sorry.
We must get back to Eternia.
If you're through clearing your gill slits,
maybe you can tell us where we are?
We could be anywhere.
Any planet in the galaxy.
Any planet in a thousand galaxies.
I had no time to renominalize
my coordinates.
You got us here, you Thenurian wurbat,
now you get us home!
Calm down.
Now we're all in this together.
How can he get us home
if we don't know where we are?
I'm not a Torktum, you know.
I wouldn't build a device
that didn't store its home coordinates.
All we have to do... punch the energizer switch and...
Where is the Key?
Perimeter search.
Each of us take a sector.
What's that?
Scan the area.
Alien life form.
- Let me blast it.
- Wait.
It might be intelligent life.
By the Sorceress, it's ugly.
It seems harmless.
What a hideous cry.
Maybe I can communicate
with the poor creature.
Gwildor, we have very little time.
He-Man, I show. 84 chromons
until moonrise at Greyskull.
- We better find the Key and fast.
- What's your plan?
When we find the Key, Gwildor
will set the coordinates for Greyskull.
We'll use the element of surprise.
We'll drop right into the throne room...
...fight off 2,000 or 3,000
of Skeletor's crack troops...
...break into the force field
and free the Sorceress.
If we're going to split up...
...we'd better synchronize
our personal locators.
You both ready? And...
If you find the Key...
...activate the sourcing signal.
- Good journey.
- Good journey.
I'm going. I'm going.
Thanks. Come again.
Sure thing, ma'am.
Billy, get off that game
and get Daddy some napkins.
I never thought I'd feel sad
doing that for the very last time.
Don't worry, Julie.
They've got fast food in Jersey.
Thanks a lot.
I got a going-away present for you,
but it isn't wrapped.
- You didn't have to do that.
- It isn't even in a box.
It's a piece of advice,
and I pray to God you listen to it.
If you break up with Kevin Corrigan,
you will regret it for the rest of your life.
Monica, this is not the 7th grade anymore.
Kevin's changed. I've changed.
Everything's different now.
Fine. Except for two things.
you still love him
and B: he still loves you.
Kevin doesn't need me
or my problems right now.
I just feel if I stayed-
Julie, I know it's hard right now...
...but you don't have to move away.
- Yes, I do.
- Your folks would have wanted you to stay.
The best thing for me to do right now
is to get 3,000 miles away from Kevin... house, this town and everything,
and just start out fresh.
That's Kevin.
I'm going to miss you.
So, what time's your bus to the airport?
- Great.
You can make my sound check, right?
- Yes, I'll make your sound check.
- All right.
I brought us dinner.
Oh boy, Robby's Ribs.
I thought it was something different
for a change.
Yeah, well, it's not very romantic
for our last date.
Look, Julie,
why don't you take a later flight...
Kevin, don't start that again.
We decided.
Kevin, I'd like to go to the cemetery
to say goodbye to my parents.
Yeah, sure.
Don't ever sneak up on me like that.
This is my sector.
You're not supposed to be here.
An old soldier learns to follow his nose.
- Father, you're always hungry.
- I'm not always hungry.
During the Siege of Kreyf,
30 days without rations.
Father, the Sorceress.
We must find the Key!
We're not going to save Eternia
if we die of starvation.
Wait. Look.
I was doing that
before you were even born.
Not the natives, Father.
There, in the bushes.
Holding out on us, huh?
Just in time. I was going to share.
Sure you were.
Good food.
Yes, I've never tasted anything like it.
I wonder why they put the food
on these little white sticks.
Those are rib bones.
This used to be an animal?
What a barbaric world.
Never think while you're hungry.
I think we've wasted enough time.
We better get back to our sectors.
It tasted good.
I'm going. I'm going.
I never told anyone this before:
It's my fault they died.
Julie, come on.
It was a plane crash.
Those things just happen.
You don't understand.
We were all supposed to go
to the beach that day.
But I said I had to study because
I wanted to spend the day with you.
So they took the plane to Catalina instead.
Come on.
Your mom and dad wouldn't want you
to blame yourself all the rest of your life.
Would they?
I wish I could change things.
But you can't.
That only happens in fairy tales.
What is that?
- Julie, be careful!
- But, Kev, look at this thing.
That is incredible. What is it?
I don't know.
Someone must have dropped it.
Dropped it, are you kidding?
Look at the size of that hole!
It's like it fell out of the sky or something.
This is one of those
new Japanese synthesizers.
- Here, let me try it.
- Okay.
Listen to this!
This is hot.
We've got to turn this in to the caretaker.
No way, come on, are you kidding?
He'd just keep this for himself.
The Cosmic Key has been activated.
We have a bearing on them.
How accurate?
Within a parsec eon.
The next time they use the Key,
lock in the source and open a doorway.
Shall I prepare a full battalion?
No. It may be a trap.
We'll send an advance group.
Assemble the mercenaries.
Have faith, Sorceress.
You won't be lonely long.
Julie..., listen to this.
What do you think?
Sounds great.
I want to see what this thing can really do.
Test, test, test. Hell, test.
Here, hold that.
What are you going to do?
I'm going to amp this baby up.
See how it sounds.
All right, are you ready?
Hold on.
All right, here goes.
I can't believe it.
Override complete.
We're locking in
on the Key's source of origin.
Very good. Excellent.
You are too easily pleased, Evil-Lyn.
Have you forgotten time is of the essence?
Show me!
There! That's close enough.
Have you assembled the mercenaries?
Here, and awaiting your command.
I have selected your finest warriors.
The Beastman.
And Karg.
A curious quartet.
He-Man has slipped away from me.
I want him back.
This must happen before moonrise.
Now, you are to go through to this world
to where they are hiding.
Find the Key.
Do as you wish with the others,
but bring He-Man back alive.
- You do understand?
- Yes, Lord.
Open the door. Do not fail me.
I can't believe this thing!
I mean, did you see those lights?
Look, we've got to take this
down to Charlie.
- He's got to know what this is.
- No, you go ahead.
This sounds really strange,
but I want to spend some time here alone.
Say goodbye to the place.
I'm not going to be here for graduation.
Look, Julie. I'll just go by Charlie's later.
No, go ahead, I promise.
Are you sure?
Okay, all right.
I'll be gone 15 minutes tops, all right?
- Don't let anybody in here except Carl.
- All right.
You hear me?
- I'll guard this stuff for you.
- All right, 'bye.
Carl, is that you?
- Blade!
- Yes, sir, no sign of the Key.
Scan the perimeter!
No one in, no one out!
Kevin, if this is some kind of joke,
it's really not funny.
Listen, you kids can't just come in here.
Don't kill him yet!
Leave him alone!
Somebody help me!
No! No! Take her alive!
She may know where the Key is!
That way! Go around!
- I've got you, pretty!
- No!
Let go! Stay away from me!
Let go!
Get her!
She's mine!
Stop her!
Move, you animals! Go! Go!
Find her! Find her!
Help me!
Help me!
Somebody help me!
Oh God, help!
She's in there! This way!
She's in here somewhere! Find her!
Get away from me!
It's all right!
It's all right.
Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you.
What are you running from?
I'm running from these...
- ... monsters.
- Easy, easy.
- Creatures.
- I'll take care of it.
Look in there!
Look up that way.
Search over there!
- You! Over there!
- No!
Search in there! Hurry!
Here, take this.
Protect yourself.
She's over here.
This way.
I've waited a long time for this.
My sword!
Retreat! Retreat!
Follow them!
They must have a doorway to Eternia!
Are you all right?
They're gone now. You're safe.
You're safe. Do you understand?
I know you've been through a great deal,
but I need your help.
Kev, how are you?
Turn that down, turn that down.
Look, wait until you see this.
I heard you were good last night
at Club Zero.
Thanks. We're going to be better tonight.
I want you to take a look at this baby.
All right, here.
What do you think?
I've seen these before.
- You have?
- Yeah.
It's Japanese.
No, no, no.
I don't think so. Here, look.
Press a few of these buttons. Go ahead.
Now press that red button in the front.
Go ahead.
Far out. Fantastic.
You know, I guess if you've seen one,
you've seen them all, right?
Thanks a lot, Charlie. I'll talk to you later.
Come back here. Where'd you get that?
- Do you want to sell it?
- I don't want to sell it.
I found this at Laurelwood.
You would not believe it.
It was like, it was lying in this huge crater.
I was just hoping
you'd know something about it.
I never saw anything like it.
We've got to figure out-
What's that?
D sharp.
Mr. Perfect Pitch.
All hell's breaking loose out there.
Let's see what's up.
All units, Code 6.
Proceed to Central High School.
Fire and vandalism. Pssible arsn.
Repeat: All units, Cde 6.
Proceed to Central High School.
Fire and vandalism.
Julie's in there.
Our only hope of defeating Skeletor
is to find the Cosmic Key.
Now those creatures were after you
for a reason, Julie.
Have you seen it?
It's this large. It has lights on it.
Wait a minute, I have seen that.
My boyfriend and I found this thing
that had light and music coming out of it.
That's it. Where is it?
Kevin has it.
He's in terrible danger. Let's go.
- Carl, what happened?
- You don't never want to know.
Wait, listen to me. Carl, where is Julie?
What happened to Julie?
- Where you going?
- My girlfriend's in there.
We swept the place.
The only person we found in there
was the janitor.
You don't understand.
I just left her here 10 minutes ago.
We went through there with a police dog.
The only stuff we found in there
was right there.
Dear God, that's Julie's.
Where'd you find this?
Where do you think we found it?
We got vandalism, arson,
we have bad stuff going on around here.
- What do you know about it?
- I don't know anything about it.
You're the cop.
Why aren't you out looking for her?
What does she look like?
Look, she's about 5' 5"...
...she's got short, dark hair,
she was wearing a pink sweater.
Is that all you're going to do,
you're going to write?
Why aren't you out doing something?
I'll do something.
I'll take you for a little ride. Let's go.
- What are you doing, arresting me?
- We're going to go look for your girlfriend.
We'll try her house first.
I bet you know where that is.
Harry, do me a favor.
Take that down to properties,
give me a full report, okay?
Keep the coffee hot.
Looks like it's going to be a long night.
Come on, guys, let's pull it out.
He-Man, they got away.
Easy, Julie.
What happened?
These are friends of mine:
Teela and her father, Duncan.
- Man-At-Arms to Eternian High Command.
- This is Julie.
She knows who has the Key
and wants to help us.
- Did you have any luck?
- Not as much as you, apparently.
We tracked them spinward, 40 metrons.
And then they disappeared.
They're only a scouting party.
Let's find that Key
before they return in full force.
- Julie, which way?
- This way.
Take arms! Full power!
Native transportation.
A primitive land boat.
Enter, enter.
Well done, Gwildor.
It was an inefficient combustible system,
but I fixed it.
It runs on lucrenos now.
No hydrocarbons needed.
Why is there still resistance?
The people must know that I am Greyskull.
I depend upon you for these things.
You know that.
The people...
...wait for He-Man.
They believe that he will return
to lead them.
For you to rule completely...
...he must be destroyed.
If I kill him, I make him a martyr, a saint.
No, I want him broken.
Where is the Key?
...traced the Key's signal...
...but were unable to take possession of it.
Is that all?
We fought with the Eternians,
but we were outnumbered.
We thought it wise to return alive...
...and gather a larger force.
So, He-Man's free?
You are all aware of the penalty for failure?
Give me one more chance, Lord Skeletor,
and we will succeed!
I am not in the giving vein this day.
Get away!
He begs your forgiveness as do we all.
We live only to serve you.
It would be a pity to waste their talents.
Save your pity for yourself...
...if you fail!
Take them and whatever troops
and resources you need.
I was not suggesting that I go.
Then you should not have spoken.
Leave immediately.
When you find the Key,
send the sourcing signal...
...and an attack force will join you
or I will follow.
Maybe your girlfriend's here.
The lights are on.
No. They just leave that on
to scare off the burglars.
Let's go see.
Not so fast, kid.
Kevin, thank God it's you.
Julie's not here right now.
Kevin, this is Julie. What's going on?
It's good to hear your voice, too,
but I've been really worried about Julie.
Kevin, is someone there? Are you okay?
Yeah. That's what I thought, too.
This is important.
I know you can't talk, just say yes or no.
Do you still have that thing we found?
Thank God.
All right, listen. Don't do anything.
I have so much to explain to you.
Just stay there, we'll be right there.
Stay put, all right?
I love you.
- If you talk to Julie, could you tell her-
- Wait a minute.
This is the police, who is this?
Who is this?
- Who were you talking to?
- It was just a friend of Julie's.
- Say, are you hungry?
- No.
You were talking about this thing,
weren't you?
- What is this thing?
- It's a synthesizer.
- How does this thing work?
- Just press these buttons right here.
- Like this?
- Careful, careful!
Do you want to know something, kid?
I don't think this is any synthesizer.
This is where they ambushed us.
We didn't have a chance.
We'll see. Scanner.
I see only He-Man.
Where are the forces that you spoke of?
And a native girl.
It must have been she
who tipped the scales against you.
Outclassed is more like it.
The Key has been activated.
Lock onto the signal.
It's close. About 10 metrons.
You want to see what it does,
press the red button down at the bottom.
What? This one?
Holy smokes.
What are you, a magician?
How do you stop this?
What's a kid like you
doing with something like that?
Come on. It's my instrument.
Let me heat this up
and I'll show you, okay?
We're getting interference.
They're jamming the signal.
Locate the source of the jamming
and destroy it.
It's difficult, like nothing I've seen before.
Destroy it.
Watch out!
The source of interference is destroyed.
We have a clear signal from the Key.
Lock it in. We'll track it from the air.
You, turkey! Sit down!
- No more crapping around. What's this?
- I don't know.
I got vandalism and arson,
I got stuff blowing up in my face...
- You better know something.
- I found it, okay?
You found it?
You don't know who the owner is?
I was going to put a note
down in Charlie's music store.
You know what I'll do?
I'll take this to the station
and put it on the computer.
I'll check to see if it's reported stolen.
For the last time, kid,
where'd you find this?
Laurelwood Cemetery.
It was in a flowerbed.
Look, if you don't believe me,
go ask Charlie, all right?
- Go ahead, ask him.
- Boy...
...I just may do that.
You can't just take that.
You watch me.
Don't worry about your girlfriend.
We got an APB out on her.
She won't get far.
As far as this thing is concerned,
don't worry about it.
If your story checks out, you'll get it back.
Get out of here!
Get out of here! Get out of here!
What do you want from me?
Leave him.
You have the Cosmic Key.
Tell us where it is!
I don't know what you are talking about.
- Let me persuade him.
- No.
The collar.
Look, I don't know what you want.
Now... will answer my questions.
Have you seen...
...this object?
Where is it?
It was taken frm me.
Who took it?
A pliceman.
Where is he now?
I dn't knw.
He just left.
We should be able
to track the Key from the air.
Prepare the Transport immediately.
Wait! Evil-Lyn, I found this.
This is the native girl
who is helping He-Man.
This may prove useful.
Into the Transport. Move.
Move it out! Move!
- Fan out!
- Moving!
Looks like Skeletor got here before us.
- It's all clear over here.
- Stay ready.
My God, Kevin, are you all right?
He's bleeding.
What happened?
They asked me for the Key,
but I didn't have it.
The Cosmic Key.
Kevin, did they take it?
A pliceman tk it.
Where's he now?
What is this thing?
- What's the matter with him?
- Skeletor's work.
The Collar of Aldruber.
They were questioning him.
- I'll have it off in a moment.
- He'll be all right.
Who put this on you?
A woman.
- Strange eyes.
- Evil-Lyn. She's here.
From the looks of this place
she definitely wasn't alone.
Are you all right?
Julie, get out of here!
- Kevin, these are my friends!
- Your friends!
Will somebody tell me
what the hell is going on here?
These creatures come in
and start to beat the crap-
Kevin, listen to me!
These people are fighting
against the others.
- They saved my life, now trust me.
- Trust you?
Julie, I swear to God, these...
..."things" come in here...
I mean, look at this place!
Look. Look.
Native clothing.
Lots of it, all over the place.
If we dress like this,
no one will recognize us.
What the hell is that?
That's Gwildor.
Kevin, I'll explain to you as we go.
We've got to help these people
find the Key.
- Are you well enough to go with us?
- Go with you?
Tell us where that policeman was headed
and we'll take it from there.
Kevin, please.
I wish I'd never seen that damn thing.
Okay, look.
He said he was going
to Charlie's Music Store.
It's at Landmark Mall.
Can you show us the way?
- Of course!
- No!
Charlie, the kid said you know
about this kind of stuff.
You don't think this could be Russian?
What do you know?
The mountain comes to Mohammed.
How come I get this feeling
I've been looking for you all night?
I believe you have something
that belongs to us.
Let me guess. That music gizmo there?
Freeze! All of you!
Choice, really choice.
What's this, a circus act?
Someone give me some answers here.
- Let's start with you, Blondie.
- We 're not your enemies.
If you'd just give us that,
we would be very grateful.
You ain't getting nothing,
till I get some answers.
- He-Man, someone's following us!
- What the hell is that?
Neutrino Drive,
18 metrons and closing fast.
- It's them.
- At 10!
They've locked in on the Key.
Drop your weapons or I-
Gwildor, how long to calculate
the coordinates and take us home?
I don't know.
The keys have all been moved.
Boy, are you people in trouble.
He-Man,.61 chromons until moonrise.
Teela, take these people in the back.
- Let's go.
- You can't order me around.
If you'd rather stay and face
Evil-Lyn's commandos, that's fine with me.
Believe me, sir, you wouldn't.
Just as the signal indicated...
...the natives and the Key
are within the structure, but-
Yes, Karg?
The Eternians have already arrived.
full force attack at my command.
Karg, Blade...
...follow me.
How do you feel?
I'm feeling a little hungry.
- Gwildor, you've got to hurry.
- Yes, I'm working as fast as I can.
There's Greyskull, and that puts us...
...there, but we have to be...
Twenty metrons forward...
...if we want to break through...
...the barrier of the Sorceress's force field.
Wait a minute. I don't understand.
Now, what are you trying to do?
The universe is music, Kevin.
This is really weird, huh?
Reminds me of
Invasin f the Bdy Snatchers.
The part where the pods started taking
over people's bodies...
...and you don't know who are the pods
and who are the bodies.
Shut up.
They're psychos, Corrigan.
We've stumbled on some
loony fringe group, some kind of cult.
Our guests are arriving.
Gwildor, how much longer?
I don't know. I don't know.
I'd give all the chalconite in Fribillian...
...if I could only spend two units
with a master Songmaker.
- You think they don't like us?
- No, they're just lonely.
They miss us.
What the hell is going on out there?
World War lll?
Aren't those your buddies out there
getting their heads blown off?
Kevin, you know how to use one of these?
Don't let him out of sight.
Guard the Key with your life.
If anyone comes near, blast him.
Do you understand?
They're killing each other out there!
Is Gwildor ready?
Not yet. The room's secure.
Anyway, it sounded like you needed
a woman's touch out here.
Give me the gun, kid.
Come on, give me the gun.
Don't you get it, Lubic?
This is for real.
She meant what she said.
- I said, give me the gun.
- No!
Look, we've come this far.
We're not giving up until they get home!
Don't stop, Gwildor.
Don't say I didn't give you a chance.
When this is over, you're going to jail:
Accessory to assault, resisting arrest,
endangering lives.
I guarantee, you and all your buddies,
I'm going to put you away for 850 years!
What are you looking at, Shorty?
Mark my words, Corrigan,
you're going to jail, you hear me?
Yeah, Lubic, I hear you.
Lubic, listen to me.
Just relax, okay?
- Gwildor, you need anything?
- Give me that thing!
Kevin, stop it!
Watch that gun! You're going to get hurt!
Yes, darling, it's me.
But the plane...
I'm so sorry
you had to go through that, Julie...
...but we had to disappear.
We're doing very important,
very secret work.
Honey, I've missed you so much!
I don't believe it!
Listen, darling.
Your new friends are tied up
with the work we're doing...
...and they have something we want.
That shiny metal thing...
...with the blinking lights.
Will you get it for us?
You moron kid!
What's wrong with you?
I don't believe it!
I've got a lot of serious work to do!
You're acting like Torktums!
Julie. Where's Julie?
Kevin, you won't believe this.
They're alive!
What's the matter with you?
Where were you?
The Key! The Key!
Thank you, my darling.
Where are they going?
Teela! He-Man!
The Key.
- That way.
- Bring Gwildor!
Hold them!
- That woman took the Key!
- Let's move!
Gwildor, come on!
I'm going! I'm going!
Charlie, you got a gun in here?
A gun, a gun! For holdups.
- In the front room, under the counter.
- You got one? Go. Let's go.
Oh, my God.
My store... keyboards...
Look at this place. Look at those guys.
This is an invasion. Give me the gun.
Give me the gun!
Stay right there!
No problem.
Police! Nobody move!
Holy shit!
I think I'm going to need some backup.
Ready to transport.
I will send the signal to Skeletor.
What's happening?
Hurry, keep moving!
The Key. Someone's opening a door.
A very big door!
- Cover your eyes!
- What's that?
- This way, hurry!
- Into the alleyway, hurry!
- Let's go!
- By the Sorceress!
Come on!
It's him!
Contact Evil-Lyn.
Evil-Lyn, Skeletr demands a reprt.
I have the Key, my Lord.
The natives are fools.
Weak, and easily controlled.
- They are-
- And He-Man?
He has eluded us.
That will be all.
Air Centurians, find him!
Come on!
Air Centurians!
- Quick, he'll be back!
- All right, let's move! Come on!
- Come on!
- They're coming.
- This way!
- Hurry!
- On the roof!
- Hurry!
Go! Go!
- They're turning around to come back!
- Keep moving!
Gwildor, your grappler, give it to me.
There, on the roof!
Hurry! Go!
- Where's He-Man?
- There!
He must not use that Key.
Centurian, lead him to me.
What do you say, Gwildor?
Any signal from the Key?
There's got to be something!
Unfortunately, no.
He should be here by now.
I'm not worried about He-Man.
He knows how to take care of himself.
I'm more worried about
getting us out of here before they find us.
I only have two numbers left.
Once we get the Key back,
we'll be gone within two pretons.
I think not, Gwildor.
Not the way to treat your beloved ruler.
Throw down your weapons or you die.
Gwildor... minute minion.
I have you to thank for all these troubles.
I had such grand plans for you.
I would never knowingly serve
the Lord of Snake Mountain.
Wait till He-Man arrives.
He'll see to you!
I expect him at any moment.
Take them!
He-Man, no! It's a trap!
Stay where you are, He-Man!
One more move...
...and your friends will not live
to see another day.
It's going to be all right.
I give you a choice.
Return with me to Eternia as my slave...
...and save their despicable lives...
...or perish with them
on this primitive and tasteless planet.
Surrender your sword!
He-Man, no!
Teela, I have no choice.
This is our fight.
I don't want innocent people to die.
Well said, He-Man.
How noble.
Take care of them.
Good journey.
Good journey.
What about them, sir?
Leave them alone.
He-Man is my slave.
As long as I let them live
he is bound by his word.
Let them rot.
Let them rot.
Let me look at her, Kevin.
- What's wrong with her?
- This is Skeletor's particular gift.
- Gwildor, we need to get back to Eternia.
- Immediately.
There's little chance of that.
The power core's melted down.
The tones are erased
from the Key's memory.
There's no way home. No way.
...cover her with this.
She's burning up.
We've got to get her some water.
There's a fountain down below.
Okay, let's go!
- I'll 'take the west perimeter.
- Unit 3, keep coming from there!
Okay, Lubic.
- Where's the army?
- Will you shut up!
They were here I'm telling you.
It was the damnedest thing you ever saw.
- Everybody, follow me.
- Let's go, guys.
Let me see this.
Oh, my God.
- What's going to happen to her?
- The poison's already in her blood, Kevin.
- The wound will keep growing...
- Only our Sorceress can heal her now.
I'm sorry, Kevin.
Don't be sorry,
just find a way to get us back.
I mean, there's got to be a way.
Isn't there?
You see, Kevin...
...opening a dimensional door
is relatively easy.
But the tones, Kevin...
...the tones that were stored
in this Cosmic Key...
...were completely erased.
Skeletor knew what he was doing.
Even if I could fix it,
we could search for a thousand years...
...and never find the tones
that would take us home.
But wait a minute. The tones?
You mean the melody the Key played
every time we pressed the red button?
Wait a minute.
What is it, Kevin?
God, I wish that thing would shut up.
Wait a minute, I've got it. I've got it.
That's it! How did you do that?
If I hear a tune a couple of times,
I can usually remember it.
It had a good hook.
I was going to use it in one if my songs.
Why didn't you tell me
you were a Songmaker?
Are you a master?
Yes, you are. I know that.
That's why the Fates brought us here.
The final chord, Kevin.
Twenty metrons poleward.
Pull it out of the air for us.
You've got the wrong Songmaker.
I'm just a stupid keyboard player
in a high school band.
There's a million of me.
Only one of you, Kevin.
Only one of anybody.
Listen to me, boy.
In half a chromon...
...we're not going to have a sorceress
to go home to.
So if you know how to do something
with that thing, then you do it.
Gwildor, Kevin knows the tones.
Can you get us home or can't you?
Yes, I think I can.
I need a few things.
A bossonic tesseract.
Right here.
An octode rectifier.
I have an octode rectifier.
- And something to play the tones on.
- I'll get a keyboard from Charlie's.
- Take care of her.
- I will.
I win.
How long?
Half a preton until moonrise.
Do you hear, Sorceress?
The final moment has come.
All the forces of Greyskull...
...all the powers of the universe,
will be vested in me!
And you will cease to exist.
It is not too late to undo this madness.
I demand the destitution,
shame and loneliness of scorn.
It is my destiny. It is my right.
Nothing will deter me from it.
Men who crave power...
...look back over the mistakes
of their lives...
...pile them all together...
...and call it destiny.
Thank you for that bit of philosophy,
Here is my response.
Yes, Sorceress.
The sword of Greyskull.
Now, and forever!
Your champion.
Witness this moment, He-Man.
This moment
when the powers of Greyskull...
...will become mine for eternity.
Our lifelong battle is ending at last
in the only way it could.
Holosphere standing by.
When the Great Eye opens...
...the people of Eternia
shall see you kneeling to me...
...just before you die.
I'll never kneel to you!
Yes, you will! Yes, you will!
Or I shall reap
unforgettable harm upon you!
Lubic, let me drive you home
so you can get a little rest.
I was in Korea.
I never saw anything like this.
It's him! That's him!
Not again.
Come on, we're moving in.
I got it.
- How is she?
- The same, Kevin.
This should give us the tones we need.
Just press the keys.
Keys? What keys?
No, no, no. Here.
You never told me you had
sonic keys in this world.
I just hope it helps, Gwildor.
- Thank you, Kevin.
- It's okay.
I'll have this ready in a preton.
Kevin, please don't leave me.
I promise you, Julie...
...I'll never leave you.
I love you.
I love you.
Where is your strength?
Where has it gone?
Look at your precious Sorceress.
An old crone. Weak. Withering.
Are you ready to kneel now...
...proud warrior?
The moon rises to its apex.
Do you hear?
The alpha and the omega.
Death and rebirth...
...and as you die... will I be reborn!
What're they doing over there?
We've got to stop this fast.
Stay here and cover me. Spread out.
- And wait for my signal.
- Yes, sir.
These guys are mine.
Peple f Eternia!
I stand before the Great Eye
of the Galaxy...
...chosen by destiny... receive the powers of Greyskull.
This inevitable moment will transpire
before your eyes...
...even as He-Man himself
bears witness to it.
The Eye pens!
Now I, Skeletor... Master of the Universe!
I feel it.
The power fills me.
I feel the Universe...
...within me.
I am a part of the Cosmos.
Its energy flows...
...flows through me.
Of what consequence are you now?
This planet, these people...
...they are nothing to me!
The Universe is power!
Pure, unstoppable power!
And I am the force! I am that power!
Kneel before your master!
You are no longer my equal.
I am more than man.
More than life!
Now... will...
Are you ready, Kevin?
I'm going to set the power.
Now here goes.
Now, Kevin, now!
Freeze! Nobody move!
You're all under arrest!
Throw down your weapons,
place your hands on your heads!
- You have the right to remain silent-
- Lubic, you don't understand!
- We've got to get back.
- Nobody's going anywhere!
Where are they?
Where are your friends now?
Tell me about the loneliness of good,
Is it equal... the loneliness of evil?
Holy shit!
- We did it!
- Gwildor, get down!
Destroy them!
Take cover!
- You promised not to hurt them!
- I lied.
Farewell, He-Man.
Lock him!
Get him! Get him!
Give He-Man some cover action.
Kevin, watch the rear!
You! Watch the forward position!
Will somebody tell me
what the hell's going on around here?
I feel like I'm in the twilight zone.
Lubic, this is for real. Just get down!
Nobody takes pot shots at Lubic!
All right, freakos, you want to play games?
Then let's play!
Come on, you mother!
No! Don't kill him! I want him alive!
You cannot hide from me!
Karg, prepare the battle station.
Surely you won't leave
with Skeletor still...
Warlord, let's go.
Signal the retreat.
I have the power!
You will no longer stand
between me and my destiny!
But I will!
I told you it was always been between us.
I ache to smash you out of existence!
To drive your cursed face
from my memory forever!
- Enough talk!
- Yes! Let this be our final battle!
Skeletor...'s over.
For you!
He did it!
Lubic, look at you.
So you're really going to stay here?
Are you kidding?
What am I going back there for?
And look what I got here. I got a castle.
I got a view, I got clean air,
I got a beautiful woman.
Some kind of retirement, huh?
Julie, keep this with you...
...and Eternia will always be near.
Thank you.
I guess this is really goodbye?
...Teela, Man-At-Arms.
Don't. Don't say goodbye.
Say, "Good journey. "
There's an old Eternian saying:
"Live the journey...
"... for every destination
is but a doorway to another. "
Good journey.
Good journey.
Take care, Julie.
- You look after her, now.
- I will.
Activate the Doorway, Gwildor.
Are you sure you don't want to go back
in your planet's history?
I could take you back in time
to the past or future.
No. Look, Gwildor, that's okay.
Just send us home.
We better get home, Gwildor.
- Good journey, Julie.
- Good journey, Gwildor.
Good journey!
Gwildor! Wait! Send us back-
Mom! Dad!
- You're up bright and early.
- You're all right!
What's this all about?
I love you both so much.
I don't ever want to lose you.
We're just going away for the day.
We'll be back tonight.
I changed my mind. I really do want to go
to the beach with you today.
Don't go to Catalina, okay?
Don't be silly, honey.
Stay home and study.
Mom, Dad, please!
Don't get on that plane today.
I have a terrible feeling.
But Julie, your father's an excellent pilot.
It's a short trip.
Julie! Julie!
- Put those keys back.
- I love you.
Julie, where are you going?
Come back here.
- Don't let your parents get on that plane.
- I already stopped them.
Wait a minute.
You know?
We were there.
I have the power!
I'll be back.