Matchbox (2017) Movie Script

Hey, Ambu.
Oh, I am tired of this fellow.
Don't you have anything
else to do?
There is no point in calling him.
He's our son after all,
isn't he?
He won't wake up
until he feels like getting up.
By then, lunch will be ready.
You are the one who pampered
and spoiled him.
It's a Sunday.
Let him sleep.
'Smoking is injurious to health.'
TIMEIN: 00:02:22:12DURATION: 00:84TIMEOUT: 00:02:22:96
She won't let me sleep
a little more on a Sunday.
Red salute, comrade.
- Red salute. - How are you?
Go. - Shall we.. - Yes, go on..
- He must be sleeping.
He hasn't woken up.
It's okay.
I will call him. - Whom?
TIMEIN: 00:03:01:92DURATION: 01:04TIMEOUT: 00:03:02:96
He isn't picking up.
Let's see.
- Look at him sleeping.
Pandi, you scoundrel.
- How dare you hang up on me?
Get up!
What? - Get up! - Everyone's here.
- What are you smiling at?
Do you know what time it is?
- Get up now.
Come on, man.
He is such a lazy guy.
We will go there later.
- Go
Why in the morning?
- Brush your teeth.
Enough for now.
Does it have enough sugar?
- It's good.
Won't you ride the bike?
- You are riding it.
What is it, man?
Go on.
Hurry up.
Oh, God.
- I am leaving, Mom.
Move your leg.
- Okay.
TIMEIN: 00:04:00:36DURATION: 03:24TIMEOUT: 00:04:03:60
"Listen to this
long forgotten song."
"A song which captures
a land drenched in music."
"We have all the delicacies."
"All you have to do is
just come over."
"Everything is as sweet as Halwa
if love is your language."
"Something as beautiful
as the love.."
"As holy as the sacred month.."
"As beautiful as a Ghazal
that lingers to your soul.."
"As cool as the breeze
that flows past Mananchira"
"which opens the closed windows
of my heart."
"Listen to this
long forgotten song."
TIMEIN: 00:04:57:64DURATION: 03:16TIMEOUT: 00:05:00:80
"Listen to this
long forgotten song."
"A song which captures
a land drenched in music."
"We have all the delicacies."
"All you have to do is
just come over."
"The waves of Kallai beach,
let it pamper you."
"Don't stand on the shore
like a lost child anymore."
"The threads of dreams will unite"
"people of different
"Sing, oh, instrument
played by the Gods."
"The flowing river of love."
TIMEIN: 00:05:58:52DURATION: 01:52TIMEOUT: 00:06:00:04
"The flowing river of love."
"Listen to this
long forgotten song."
"A song which captures
a land drenched in music."
"We have all the delicacies."
"All you have to do is
just come over."
T A M I L R O C K E R S . C O M
What is it?
- Where is my grey tee?
It would be there.
Look properly.
I can't find it.
Then it must be on the chair.
On the chair?
Don't you know that college
reopens today?
TIMEIN: 00:07:59:96DURATION: 01:16TIMEOUT: 00:08:01:12
I want to fuel my bike.
To fuel your bike?
- Yes.
I won't give you anything.
- What?
You may go on a bus
if there is no fuel in your bike.
When I was your age, I used to go
to college on a bus..
Do you know that?
Those days..
- Don't start.
It's okay if you don't
give me Rs. 100.
But I don't want to listen
to this story of yours.
Red salute.
- Oh, whatever. - Correct.
Buy a kilo of chicken
on the way back. - Grandma!
You look busy.
- Here.
You dad shouldn't know about it.
- Grandma.
A grandma like you
is everyone's dream.
I will go then.
- Don't say so.
'I will be back', right?
I will be back then.
What is wrong with it?
Mom, I'm leaving.
Let me just shake him up.
TIMEIN: 00:09:09:16DURATION: 00:96TIMEOUT: 00:09:10:12
- Nothing.
There will be buses.
You can take it.
Yes, tell me.
Hey, where are you?
- I am still at home.
At home?
What are you doing there?
Hurry up.
Freshers will come today.
We must get there on time.
- There is no fuel in my bike.
Do one thing.
Get some petrol in a bottle.
I will do one thing then.
I will go with Buck.
Fuel your bike
and come whenever you please.
- Hey.
Pandi, you rascal.
Chakrapani, I heard that Vinod
has come back from Saudi Arabia.
Yes, he's back. - I heard that
he isn't going back.
Yes, he isn't.
- Why?
It's a mess back there.
- Really?
Terrorism, bombs, guns..
It's a mess.
There was a recent explosion.
- What?
A bomb.
TIMEIN: 00:09:59:08DURATION: 01:16TIMEOUT: 00:10:00:24
A bomb.
On top of everything,
they introduced Nitaqat.
What is it?
- Nitaqat.
It facilitates employment
only for their citizens.
Oh, I see.
As soon as it was introduced,
he abandoned everything.
He is planning to start
a new business here.
Whatever it is, his return is going
to affect Chakrapani.
How will it affect me?
His house, of which you were
the caretaker..
You used to rent it for birthday
and bachelor parties.
It was your golden goose.
Now it's all gone.
Hey, cut it out.
Don't laugh.
Koya, tell me.
If Mr. Vinod starts a business
who will be his go-to man?
It would be you.
- Right?
Did you hear him?
- Yes.
The wanderer is here.
Shut up.
Muthappan will thrash you.
Get a plantain leaf for him.
What about my role?
- Yes.
TIMEIN: 00:10:59:48DURATION: 01:96TIMEOUT: 00:11:01:44
What about my role?
- Yes.
Don't give my role to anyone else.
I am building my body for it.
Don't forget.
I am beefing it up.
'A squad to catch beggars.'
'Prohibition of beggars
is on the cards.'
'Those who break the law
and continue to beg'
'will be arrested by
the newly-formed squad.'
Koya, there won't be any beggars
left in this place.
All of them will be screwed.
Muthappan, stop wandering
and get away from this place.
Or else, something terrible
will happen.
It's hot!
Get lost, you madman!
Such a crazy guy.
- You got what you asked for.
Didn't I ask you to shut up?
- Koya!
Aren't you happy now?
What happened, Koya?
What was the ruckus all about?
It was Chakrapani.
The guy doesn't know when to stop.
Anyway, what do you want?
- A cup of tea. - Sure.
TIMEIN: 00:12:01:00DURATION: 01:72TIMEOUT: 00:12:02:72
I hope you are doing great.
Oh, it's Idli again.
This is enough.
You may eat.
Oh, the outsiders are here.
- Haven't seen you in a while.
Where were you?
- We had gone to Cochin.
What is it, Jolly?
- Eat slowly.
The 'Puttu' you are eating
might get stuck in your throat.
We went to narrate the script.
- Oh, I see.
Did you narrate it?
- No.
We roamed around Cochin
till we went broke.
That's all. - Here.
- Getting into movies is tough.
Isn't it, Mr. Raju?
Yes, you are right.
- Everything will fall into place.
Your names would adorn
the silver screen very soon.
Do you want anything else?
- Some more 'Puttu'. - No.
Ambu, are you going to college?
- Yes.
Where is your bike?
- It was out of fuel.
I thought I would go
on the bus today.
Would 'Taj Mahal' arrive anytime
soon? - Yes, it will be here soon.
TIMEIN: 00:13:10:68DURATION: 01:96TIMEOUT: 00:13:12:64
John? - Yes?
- Who is that girl?
- I haven't seen her around.
Who is that, Koya?
- Which one? - That girl.
She is Vinod's daughter.
The one who came back
from Saudi Arabia.
It's his daughter.
Pokkunnu, Mankavu,
Guruvayurappan College.
Hurry up..
Get in.
Ambu, take your books!
TIMEIN: 00:13:59:28DURATION: 03:28TIMEOUT: 00:14:02:56
Ambu, take your books!
Let's go.
Keep some change ready.
Tickets. - One to Mankavu.
- Mankavu?
It's Rs. 9.
Please give me change.
Ambu. - Yes, Mr. Sunny.
- Why are you on the bus?
Did your bike betray you?
- Yes.
What? - Yes.
- Are you going to your college?
- It's arts, right?
It's arts, isn't it?
- What?
It's arts, right?
- Yes..
TIMEIN: 00:14:59:24DURATION: 01:36TIMEOUT: 00:15:00:60
It's arts, right?
- Yes..
Here. Rs. 100?
I don't have change with me.
I will give the balance later.
There are empty seats, Ambu.
Sit there.
No need, Mr. Sunny.
I am good.
Who is she?
- I don't know.
Don't overdo it.
Who hasn't bought a ticket yet?
- Kennimukku..
Get down.. Pokkunnu, Mankavu,
Guruvayurappan College.
Let's go.
Move forward..
Those who have a pass,
keep it ready.
Move aside.
Show your pass.
Ambu, move.
Where to?
- A ticket to Mankavu. - Okay.
Here is your balance.
Hello. - Yes?
- Who all didn't get the balance?
You have to give me Rs. 3.
Move aside.
Make some way.
TIMEIN: 00:16:00:64DURATION: 02:12TIMEOUT: 00:16:02:76
Let me go.
- What are you doing?
Who all didn't get the balance?
Those who need to get down
at the arts college, come on.
Arts college..
We have reached the arts college.
Come on, hurry up.
- So you study here!
Quickly.. - Looks good.
- Your salwar is beautiful.
Arts college..
Ambu, aren't you getting down?
I.. No, later.
Don't just stand there.
Let's go.
Guruvayurappan College..
Those who must get down here,
get ready..
Come on.
"They are on their way,
one by one."
"One by one.."
Let's go..
TIMEIN: 00:16:58:04DURATION: 02:72TIMEOUT: 00:17:00:76
Let's go..
Watch the ball.
Square-cut. - Howzat!
No, missed it..
Come on, everyone. - Mister.
- Isn't that a wide? - Not at all.
Get lost! - Where should I stand?
- Over there, go straight.
Don't let the ball go
into the bushes. - Okay.
Bowl faster.
Solid defence.
Replace that guy.
- Can't you just bat properly?
Won't score a run
and won't even get out!
How long have you been playing?
He doesn't even know
how to hold the bat.
Pity! - He will hit the next ball
for six.
Oh, really?
Will you just get out?
I will show you.
- John, do something about him.
Hurry up. - How much more
to win? - 20 runs in 14 balls.
Jolly, come on.
- Let's see.
I shall..
- Catch it.
Yes, he is out!
TIMEIN: 00:17:58:20DURATION: 01:84TIMEOUT: 00:18:00:04
Yes, he is out!
Give it here. - That's it.
- It's my third wicket.
Yes? - I tried M.S. Dhoni's
helicopter shot.
Helicopter shot?
It was superb.
I didn't see you in college today.
What is it?
There was no fuel in my bike.
So, I went to Koya's
to board the bus.
Oh, do you travel by bus?
- Hear me out. - Okay.
So, while I waited at Koya's..
- What did he serve today?
Was it 'Puttu'?
Was it 'Pathiri'?
I am telling you something serious.
I will thrash you.
Okay. Tell me..
So, while I was waiting
at Koya's..
She came to the stop.
- Who is she?
A girl.
- Really?
How is the item?
Is she hot?
Kaka is out..
Get out..
- Damn!
TIMEIN: 00:18:59:92DURATION: 02:64TIMEOUT: 00:19:02:56
Get out..
- Damn!
Get out.
Four 'Citi Tsunami's, Koya.
- Okay.
On the way, boys.
Pandi, why do you look so dull?
Koya, add some extra chilli
in mine. - Me too.
Is something wrong with the bat?
Drink up.
- There is something wrong.
I felt so.
When I was checking it..
- Shall we buy a new one?
Here. - We will see to it
after the next game.
Ma'am, one cigarette.
- Where are the boys?
I didn't see them.
- They are coming.
Keep it there.
- Do you want a cigarette?
Koya, give me a matchbox.
- Here.
Give it here.
- That makes it three.
Koya, my drink.
- Here, four.
TIMEIN: 00:20:01:68DURATION: 01:36TIMEOUT: 00:20:03:04
Sorry, man.
Leave it, man. I said something.
You didn't like it.
I got what I deserved.
That's all.
Forget it.
- Here, take it.
Don't smoke a lot, boys.
Light it up.
There is no point in advising.
So, how's the girl?
Is she beautiful?
- Yes.
Why did you create a fuss?
What is her name?
- Just come with me. - Yes.
I don't know.
Is she a Christian?
I said I don't know what
her name is. - Oh, I see.
But I liked her.
- Really?
Her eyes are big.
Pretty nose.
- Okay.
Her lips are small.
- Small lips..
Her smile is beautiful.
TIMEIN: 00:24:00:40DURATION: 02:44TIMEOUT: 00:24:02:84
Isn't it Geethu from our college?
- Yes.
Is she the one?
- No.
What about her?
Oh, you are early today.
Not her.
Definitely not her.
She looks nice though old,
doesn't she?
I said it isn't her.
Why are you angry?
So, she is the one.
- Yes.
She is okay.
She is good enough.
Oh, really?
I don't need your approval.
All right.
TIMEIN: 00:25:00:08DURATION: 03:04TIMEOUT: 00:25:03:12
Come.. - Dude, my hand.
- Hey..
Give my glass back.
It's hot.
My hand!
The bus will be here soon.
- What is the time now?
It's 8:35 a.m.
I can't afford to be late today.
I have English for the first hour.
It's Mr. Shaji.
He is trouble.
- The bus comes on time.
'Taj Mahal' is on service, right?
Or would it be late?
It will reach on time.
- If it doesn't..
There is no need to go.
- What else?
Well.. Where did you study?
- My schooling was in Saudi Arabia.
The city of Jeddah.
- So, this is your first time here?
No, this is our hometown.
Now, we have settled here.
She doesn't want it.
- Who?
Stop the bus..
Pokkunnu, Mankavu, Guruvayurappan
College, Panthirankavu..
TIMEIN: 00:26:00:32DURATION: 01:16TIMEOUT: 00:26:01:48
Get in.. - But our bike
is over there.
We will get it later. - You chose
the girl over your bike.
Get in, Ambu.
- Get in.
Let's go. - Mr. Sunny,
he will pay for my ticket.
Shall I sit there?
- What? - Let me sit.
Let me sit.
- Not yet.
They have to come back..
My dad wanted to enrol me
at another college.
But I got an admit
at this college.
Okay, now you tell me, Geethu.
Where did you study?
Go and sit in the front when
the bus stops at the next stop.
I got through somehow.
- Really?
Get down here..
TIMEIN: 00:26:58:84DURATION: 02:12TIMEOUT: 00:27:00:96
Get down here..
Ladies, go to the front.
Sit in the front.
Let's go.
There is an empty seat.
- Aren't you sitting?
Such guys somehow make their way
into this bus.
- Now it's okay.
- Where to, mister?
Hello. - Where are you going
with that glass in hand?
- Where are you going with it?
I am going to the toilet.
Are you coming?
Let's go together.
Pandi. - What?
- I have an idea.
There is only one guy
in that seat.
Where? - I will go there.
- No, I will sit in that seat.
Get down..
- We have reached the stop.
TIMEIN: 00:28:07:52DURATION: 02:28TIMEOUT: 00:28:09:80
Where to?
- A Rs. 10 ticket.
Hey, move aside.
- Sit there.
I don't sit.
Move your hand.
- Didn't you like it?
You look good.
Handsome. I like you.
How dare you do that on a bus?
Pandi, hit him.
Riyas, open the door.
Stop the bus.
I will teach you a lesson today.
What happened?
- Do I look good now? - Hit him.
Pandi, thrash him.
- Do you feel good now?
We can't delay it anymore.
Let's go.
What are they doing?
- Start the bus..
Let's go.
Come on, let's go..
TIMEIN: 00:28:58:60DURATION: 02:04TIMEOUT: 00:29:00:64
Come on, let's go..
Pandi, hit him.
What did you do?
- What is it?
What is it?
- Dude.
The bike stopped.
- Just yell at him, he will start.
Give me the shoe.
- Here.
- Damn.
- What?
Don't we, as the natives
of Kozhikode, ensure that
a meal fills not just his stomach
but also his heart?
Our own Kozhikode.
It's raining..
- Even if it's someone who we know.
It will stop soon.
It doesn't matter if we know
this guy or not.
We, the natives of Kozhikode,
love everyone a lot.
'Our own Kozhikode'.
- Yes.
Even though it is like that
some sons of bitches..
Note the point. Sons of bitches.
Sons of bitches, did you note it?
- Noted.
TIMEIN: 00:29:58:72DURATION: 01:44TIMEOUT: 00:30:00:16
Sons of bitches, did you note it?
- Noted.
Yes, they think..
Come here.
- Yes.
They think that men of Kozhikode
are gay. - Let it go!
They are sons of bitches.
- Yes.
Do you think she thinks I'm gay?
My girl, Pandi.
Oh, the girl.
I'm sure she wouldn't.
You don't think so, do you?
- No way.
Then again, she might.
- Excuse me?
So what?
Are you gay?
- Pandi!
Well, it's okay even if you are.
There's nothing wrong with it.
But I..
I'm not gay.
Then why are you worried?
- What? - Yes.
Ambu, I give you my word.
- Okay.
I, Pandi..
I mean, I, Ashok Raj, give you
my word that I will get you married
to your girl. Is that enough?
- Yes.
Are you happy?
- Yes. - Okay.
That's enough.
That's all I want to hear.
I'm positive about this
as you mentioned your name.
TIMEIN: 00:30:57:80DURATION: 02:52TIMEOUT: 00:31:00:32
I'm positive about this
as you mentioned your name.
Didn't I tell you that
it'd start? - Wear your shoes.
Shall we go?
- Stop!
Let me explain..
- You need not!
You could've called me
at least after you reached.
But no..
It's no wonder they say most
relationships fade away with time.
I am sorry that it happened.
Please forgive me. - Okay.
When do you plan
to visit me?
It's a Sunday tomorrow.
I shall come tomorrow. - Okay.
We have an offering to make
at the temple in the morning.
I'll head straight to
your place after that.
Won't that do? - Okay.
Please bring your family too.
Of course. Why not?
- Will you turn up for sure?
Yes, I will.
Okay, I will see you tomorrow.
Red salute. - Okay.
Red salute. - Okay.
Haven't I told you
about Narendran?
A friend who married a Muslim
girl that he loved in college.
Comrade Narendran.
Don't you have
anything else to do? - Hey.
Our friendship is 35 years old.
Do you know that?
TIMEIN: 00:31:59:08DURATION: 02:16TIMEOUT: 00:32:01:24
Our friendship is 35 years old.
Do you know that?
I'm not interested.
We will be visiting
him tomorrow.
Don't expect me.
You may go by yourself.
Let me make this clear.
We will be heading to his place
straight from temple.
By 'we', I mean my wife,
my kids and I.
Stay right here.
We badly need a ladder here.
TIMEIN: 00:33:35:52DURATION: 02:32TIMEOUT: 00:33:37:84
Is Ambu back? - That's
why I turned off the lights.
It's true!
This isn't the best part.
- Tell us.
He wasn't in town when he was
supposed to elope with her.
There was a political
assembly in Madras.
He'd only arrive by the
morning Mangalore Mail.
We also had to get
Ummu out of her house.
In the end, Ullas and I managed
to climb the walls of her house
TIMEIN: 00:33:59:76DURATION: 04:40TIMEOUT: 00:34:04:16
In the end, Ullas and I managed
to climb the walls of her house
and got her out.. - Mom!
...without anyone knowing.
Mom, where is the tea?
That's my younger son.
- It's my son.
Has he grown so much?
Oh, damn!
- Hold it right there.
What on earth is this?
This is Nidhi, my daughter.
- Hi. - Hi.
That's Gokul, my son.
- Hello.
This is Vimala, my wife.
Hello. - Now, do you know
who I am?
- It's him.
Don't tell him!
- Who is it? - It's him.
Let me see if your son
recognises me.
Well, I..
I am Vinod,
an old friend of your dad.
Oh, yes!
I have heard about you.
- What is your name?
- Right here!
What is your name?
- Ambu.
That.. - Ambu.
- That's his nickname.
His real name is Ernesto Narendran.
- Dad!
Is that your name?
Who named you that?
- He ruined it..
I'm sure it's your work,
- What's wrong with the name?
TIMEIN: 00:35:00:36DURATION: 01:56TIMEOUT: 00:35:01:92
It's the name
of Comrade Che Guevara.
No matter whose name it is,
why would you name your kid that?
What's your elder son's name?
Go on..
Fidel Narendran.
There's another one.
- Damn! - You are insane.
In that case, Che Guevera's dad
is insane too.
Oh, God!
- Okay, then. - See you.
Let it be then.
Didn't you say we'll get toddy?
- That's true.
But I've got something
even better for you.
Go on then..
Try to meet with Ullas.
Or else, he'll drive me nuts.
- I'd given him a call. - Okay.
I'll visit him.
Be careful at the side.
TIMEIN: 00:36:09:96DURATION: 03:24TIMEOUT: 00:36:13:20
I like her.
Her big eyes.
Her long nose.
Pretty nose.
Her small lips and
beautiful smile.
'Nidhi V. Pillai.'
'Studies MA English at
Guruvayurappan College.'
'Went to International Indian
School, Jeddah.' - How did you..
'Lives in Kozhikode, India.'
Pursuing a master's degree would
mean she's older than you.
He is obviously older than her.
He had failed
kindergarten twice. - Pandi!
That's enough.
- Ambu..
Send her a friend request.
No more..
- Geez.
Stop gawking at her and send it.
But isn't this your phone?
Oh. Then use your phone.
But Facebook?
TIMEIN: 00:37:01:16DURATION: 01:24TIMEOUT: 00:37:02:40
Will she think I'm cheap?
That's bound to happen anyway.
- What do we do?
If I get her number
will you call her?
- Stop it, Vaka! - I can try.
For whom?
- No, I will call her.
For sure?
- Yes.
Then I can try something.
- What?
Like what?
- Trust me.
- There is a way. - Really?
Hello, Shaji. Hello, ma'am.
I hope you are well.
How is he?
Isn't he too good? - What?
Tea would be fine for us, ma'am.
You may skip the snacks.
We don't have milk.
We know.
Black tea would be fine.
Just make it strong
with extra sugar, ma'am.
What the..
- Maybe add some cardamom.
What the..
- Yeah, right.
Can we have a minute, Shaji?
- What?
Just come.
Come on now.
What is it?
- How have you been?
Take your hands off me.
It's already late.
Shaji, we need your help.
Tell me what the matter is.
- Go on.
- Yes.
Nidhi V. Pillai.
First year, MA, English. - Okay..
TIMEIN: 00:37:59:68DURATION: 03:04TIMEOUT: 00:38:02:72
Nidhi V. Pillai.
First year, MA, English. - Okay..
Guruvayurappan College.
- Yes, I know her.
She is in first year.
My student.
What is it?
- I wanted her phone number.
Get up.
- Oh, damn..
Get up!
What do you think of me?
Being the teacher and student..
So what?
I am a teacher in that college
and not a pimp!
Get out!
- So you won't help us.
Get the hell out of here!
This won't work. - Are you sure?
Get the hell out of here!
All right. - Pandi is leaving.
Let's leave too.
What was the name of
your ex-girlfriend?
Does she know about her?
Look at that.
- Blackmailing?
It's not going to work.
She knows it all.
- Does she know that both of you
had gone to Ooty without
anyone's knowledge?
Does she know about it?
- I don't think so.
And you both..
So, she doesn't know that.
TIMEIN: 00:38:59:28DURATION: 02:00TIMEOUT: 00:39:01:28
Don't you dare!
- Ma'am! - Ma'am!
Ma'am! - Ma'am!
- Are you trying to screw me?
Please don't.
What do you want?
The number, right?
I will do something about it.
Don't just say it.
You must find a way.
You must get the number
tomorrow. If you don't..
No, I will get it.
It's my word.
Hello, ma'am.
- What's the noise here?
- It's settled then.
Have some tea. - For me as well.
- Ma'am..
We have a small drinking
party at his place.
We just came to invite Shaji.
He was saying
that you are quite strict
and won't agree.
When you get to know..
- Enough already.
I spoke for you saying
that you'd agree. Won't you?
Why not?
He will definitely join you.
Won't you join them?
- Should I?
There is no cardamom
in this one. - Didn't you?
Probably tomorrow.
- Okay.
TIMEIN: 00:39:59:84DURATION: 01:24TIMEOUT: 00:40:01:08
Probably tomorrow.
- Okay.
Are you done?
Shall we leave?
As discussed, Shaji.
- Yes. - See you tomorrow.
Okay. - Will you be there, or
should we pick you up? - No!
Are you sure?
- Yes. - Okay.
- See you then. Bye, ma'am
Oh, yes. - Goodnight. - Okay.
- Be there, Shaji!
Is it over, dear?
Oh, my forehead!
'And I love his body'
'without shame.'
- Yes.
What happened to your forehead?
Did your wife design it
to ward off evil eyes?
Shut up!
Stand up!
You also!
TIMEIN: 00:41:02:16DURATION: 02:84TIMEOUT: 00:41:05:00
Have you already started
to act over smart?
Sir, but I didn't..
- Shut up!
Give me your ID cards.
Come on, fast!
You may collect them
from the staff room. - Okay.
Oh, God!
Didn't you have a girlfriend
in school? - Yes.
- What's she up to now?
She's married.
- Okay.
Doesn't she have a child?
- Yes. - What about the new one?
Whom? - What?
- Leave it!
Whom? - Look at that.
- Pandi!
Give me your phone.
- No.
Give it here!
Hey. - Go on..
Your phone would be long gone.
- Probably out of phone balance.
TIMEIN: 00:42:01:24DURATION: 01:64TIMEOUT: 00:42:02:88
Mom, my display picture
has earned 500 likes!
To hell with the likes! What's
your score in Mathematics?
85. - 85 it seems! What
happened to the rest? - Hello?
Who is this?
- Damn it!
What's wrong?
- It was her father.
Why did you hang up?
- What do I tell her dad?
Wouldn't he try to call back?
- Maybe..
This is my phone!
I expected such consequences..
Answer the call.
- What? - Answer it!
- Answer the call!
But... - Isn't that your phone?
Answer it! - Answer it!
Go on..
- Answer it.
Hello, who is this?
- Hello. I had received a call.
- It's her. - What? - Yes!
Who is this?
Hey! - I shouldn't..
- No.
Stay here, okay?
Hello? Hello, who is this?
TIMEIN: 00:43:00:08DURATION: 02:36TIMEOUT: 00:43:02:44
Hello, Nidhi. - Who is this?
I don't recognise the number.
I am someone whom you know
and someone who knows you.
- I don't understand.
Tell me who this is.
"I have seen a million
faces with these eyes."
"But none has
stolen my heart like yours."
"I sensed a million
aromas in this wind."
"But none has caught my
attention unlike yours."
"I have submerged
myself into them."
"Like the beginning
of a blossoming love."
"I'm here on this path.."
TIMEIN: 00:43:58:44DURATION: 04:12TIMEOUT: 00:44:02:56
"I'm here on this path.."
"This journey won't end."
"You have turned
into my every song."
"With the lyrics devoted
to your holiness."
"It's been a long wait."
"I'll come, listen to you
early in the morning."
"I am swimming in the
quench of your love"
"without a touch.."
"I'm here on this path.."
"This journey won't end."
TIMEIN: 00:45:16:96DURATION: 03:80TIMEOUT: 00:45:20:76
"You've been a mystery
all the while."
"Like one of the many shadows"
"with hundreds of colours"
"I stood there in
awe staring at you."
"Can I go a million
miles from you"
"without seeing you once?"
"I'm here on this path.."
"This journey won't end."
"I have seen a million
faces with these eyes."
"But none has
stolen my heart like yours."
TIMEIN: 00:46:58:92DURATION: 01:40TIMEOUT: 00:47:00:32
What plan?
- Kaka!
Don't you have to tell her?
- Six balls and 16 runs.
Well, yes.
- Don't bother to argue!
- Come on!
The ball!
- What are you looking at?
It went right past you.
You need not raise your voice.
It's not a bye, is it? - Damn!
We will win for sure.
- I will go and get it.
What are you doing, Pandi?
- 16 for 3 balls?
Go and check, Ambu.
- Okay.
Look for it rather than
just sitting there.
Not too much.
It's almost dusk.
We win if the ball is lost.
- Hurry up!
Get the ball, Vaka!
- Don't I have to find it first?
Have a look if you want to!
Hurry up!
- What on earth are they doing?
Look behind him!
- Check if it there?
Should I get another ball?
- Can I bat next? - And then?
Vaka.. - When are
you going to tell her?
I don't..
- Tomorrow.
What? Tomorrow?
- Yes.
What the..
It's almost dusk!
Vaka, I can't find the ball.
Let's look for it tomorrow.
Forfeit the game.
TIMEIN: 00:47:59:96DURATION: 01:24TIMEOUT: 00:48:01:20
What on earth is this then?
No wonder your dad is dead..
Hold this. - Are you going
to thrash me again?
Your dead father..
- Oh, God! You dog!
Separate them!
Get off me!
Sorry, bro..
- Who is your damn bro!
I am sorry, bro.
It just happened.
Let it go..
It's okay, bro.
- Sorry.
We are like that.
It's okay.
John.. - Go on.
- Aren't you coming?
Okay. - Okay.
- Matchbox..
Go home!
- Ambu. - Ambu.
Bye, Koya. - Bye.
- Are you tense?
Are you leaving? - We are.
- No. - But I am tense.
What's wrong?
- Bottle..
What if she says
that she likes you?
Let's not get in trouble..
- How is that a problem?
We won't be able
to see you anymore.
TIMEIN: 00:48:57:52DURATION: 02:60TIMEOUT: 00:49:00:12
We won't be able
to see you anymore.
- Am I not right? - Take it.
Will you be able to come here
and chat with us? - Just take it.
Yes, I will.
- No way.
You won't even come
to play with us.
You won't reply to our texts, your
phone will be busy all the time.
And no bike rides either.
We don't know.
We won't even get to see you.
- A matchbox?
That's how women work.
Hold this. - Shut up, that's not..
- Give me a light, friend.
That won't happen.
- It must not.
That's why I said so.
- Fine.
Let's get going.
Thank you.
Hold it there..
- Yes, what's wrong?
Come on now.
Pandi.. - Are you playing dumb
after acting smart?
Give that here.
Did you understand
what's this for? - Yes.
Leave now.
Let's go.
Koya.. He left?
- They are asking for you, Koya.
TIMEIN: 00:49:58:52DURATION: 02:72TIMEOUT: 00:50:01:24
Koya.. He left?
- They are asking for you, Koya.
Let's go. - So how
are you going to tell her?
- Damn.
Mom. - The signal is too weak!
- Mom, you aren't clear!
Can you hear me?
- I can't see you.
Go to a place where the signal is
strong. - It's not clear, Appu!
Shall I go outside?
- ..where the signal is strong!
I can't see you! - Wait..
Let me get outside.
Oh, God!
One minute.
- Damn!
There goes my Rs. 8!
- Damn! It's gone.
What's wrong?
It was a video call with Appu.
- Okay.
His flight is on the day
after tomorrow. - Okay.
But he will be arriving
at Cochin Airport.
In spite of all the
airports in Kerala
there's no space
to land a plane. - What?
Well, how does he plan
to come here?
We'll get Ambu to pick him up.
Where is he?
- He is in his room.
He is preparing for
an exam tomorrow.
TIMEIN: 00:50:58:76DURATION: 02:12TIMEOUT: 00:51:00:88
He is preparing for
an exam tomorrow.
Our son?
- Yes.
'Like the verses from
the Song of Songs.'
'Let us lodge in the villages.'
'Let us wake up early
and go to the vineyards.'
'Let us see whether
the vine hath budded'
'and the pomegranates..'
The pomegranates?
'And the pomegranates
be in flower..'
'There will I give thee my love.'
'There will I give thee my love.'
'Like the verses from
the Song of Songs.'
'Let us lodge..'
Oh, it was you, Dad.
Are your exams going on?
- Yes.
Where are the notes?
The notes..
They are E-notes, Dad.
- Oh, E-notes.
TIMEIN: 00:52:00:64DURATION: 01:28TIMEOUT: 00:52:01:92
It's on my phone.
- What is the subject?
- What is the subject?
Well.. It is Cooperative
Theory and Practices.
Oh, Cooperative
Theory and Practices. - Yes.
Okay then.
How are your preparations?
Will you pass?
- It's okay, Dad.
I am studying, but I can't
get a hold of the subject.
Certain papers are like that.
That's because of the
theory of the subject.
Our own theories are better
for tests such as these.
Our own theories.
We need not waste our time
farming grapes
or waiting for pomegranates
to flower.
What do you say?
- Yes, Dad. - Okay.
You don't need to prepare
for this, right? - No.
Then come on,
let's eat something.
Let things turn the wheel.
Let things?
Turn the wheel.
- Exactly. Let's go.
What is your Facebook ID?
- What?
Facebook ID.
- Ajay Babu Kurian.
What business do you do in Calicut?
- I've sent a request.
TIMEIN: 00:52:56:80DURATION: 03:68TIMEOUT: 00:53:00:48
What business do you do in Calicut?
- I've sent a request.
Please accept it.
My name is Gokul.
- What is his Facebook ID?
- Hello.
Is everything okay?
- Yes.
TIMEIN: 00:54:33:52DURATION: 01:68TIMEOUT: 00:54:35:20
Are you heading to the college?
Shall I drop you?
No, thank you.
The bus will come soon.
Halt the bus.
- I shall hold it.
I shall hold it.
Pokkunnu, Mankavu..
- Please.
Guruvayurappan College,
Panthirankavu.. - I'm right here.
Let's go!
- Ambu, aren't you coming?
TIMEIN: 00:55:00:44DURATION: 01:64TIMEOUT: 00:55:02:08
I am going.
I took my leaves during this
season because I love rain.
Do you think it'll rain?
- It looks clouded.
It might rain when
we reach Kozhikode.
It's so hot. Turn on the AC.
- It's on.
It's not cold.
- Give it some time.
I see that you can't do
without tissues and AC.
He is from Dubai, isn't he?
- Cut it out.
how has it been here?
It's all the same here,
Brother Appu.
Frequent fires at SM Market,
dog menace..
Nothing new.
- That's just great.
TIMEIN: 00:56:00:48DURATION: 01:36TIMEOUT: 00:56:01:84
Aren't you in your
senior year, Pandi?
What's your next plan?
Oh, God! The same old questions.
- Head straight to Dubai.
A job that pays me lakhs.
With food and accommodation.
A salary in lakhs with
food and accommodation.
That's great.
And then?
I want to marry a girl.
A girl?
- Don't underestimate him.
He has someone in mind.
Pandi? - Isn't that right, Pandi?
- Nothing like that, Appu.
He's kidding. - I see.
- I have approached her.
It might work out.
- What's her name?
Her name is Geethu. - Hey!
- Geethu. - No, Appu.
It's Nidhi. - Nidhi?
- Pandi?
Who is that? - Go on, tell him.
- Tell me! Is it serious?
Yes. - Yeah, right.
It's just one-way.
He hasn't even presented it to her.
Hopeless romantic.
- When did this happen and how?
There's nothing much to it, Appu.
- Seriously?
Shall I tell him?
- That's enough, Pandi.
Ummu! - Yes!
- He is here! Come out!
I am coming!
TIMEIN: 00:56:59:96DURATION: 01:12TIMEOUT: 00:57:01:08
- We reached. - Okay.
Hello? - Kaka.
- Where are you?
At Ambu's place. Why?
- Come with him to Koya's place.
Ask him to come.
- Vaka and I are here.
What's the matter? - What?
- It's huge.
We'll talk after you reach.
It's serious.
- It is serious.
That's it. - Don't be late.
- No, I won't.
- Bye.
- Yes.
It's Kaka. Something serious.
We need to be at Koya's.
Mom, we're going to Koya's.
Eat something first!
- We'll be back soon.
"After I saw you that day"
"I came to know what love was."
"I came to know
what pain was."
TIMEIN: 00:57:57:96DURATION: 04:72TIMEOUT: 00:58:02:68
"I came to know
what pain was."
"After we saw each
other that day"
"I got to know my
soul's happiness."
"I came to know.."
- Will you stop that music?
What? Okay.
- "I got to know."
What do we do now?
- What can we?
Ambu, let her go.
We'll find you another one.
- Vakka, cut it out!
Ambu, why are you
getting depressed?
She's not yet married.
A guy just came and saw her.
That's it.
What if she ends up liking him?
It'll all be over!
What if he didn't approve of her?
- Exactly.
Who wouldn't?
- I didn't approve of her.
- I didn't like her.
Ambu, don't think
of negative things.
First, confess your
feelings to her.
Then we shall take
care of the rest.
What if she says she likes him
and not me? - That's for later!
TIMEIN: 00:58:57:88DURATION: 02:92TIMEOUT: 00:59:00:80
What if she says she likes him
and not me? - That's for later!
Put the glass down.
You took one from here recently.
No wonder love
makes people crazy.
Turn on the music, Koya!
That'd be better.
- 'My dear citizens..'
'I hope..'
Shall we ring the bell?
- Go on.
You are sure about this, right?
- Of course.
- Hi.
Hi, Nidhi.
- Who is at the door, dear?
Dad, it's..
- Hello, sir.
Look who is here.
Please come in.
Remove your shoes!
Such decency.
Please sit.
- Thank you.
Take a seat.
Who is your friend?
- This is Pandi..
Ashok Raj.
That's an awesome name.
TIMEIN: 01:00:59:72DURATION: 02:00TIMEOUT: 01:01:01:72
After all, she's studying.
- You're right, sir.
Better wait until she completes
her studies. - Right.
Where's your mother?
- She has a headache.
A headache?
- Yes.
Please wait.
I'll be back in a minute. - Okay.
Thank you.
It's good!
- Kiddo, what's your name?
Why do you want to know?
Nidhi.. - Just to know, dear.
- Dear, my foot!
Is this how you behave
with elders? Say sorry. - No.
It's okay.
Isn't it?
No. - What?
- It isn't okay.
Leave it, buddy.
You can say that.
I was the one humiliated.
It's nothing. - Vimala has
a headache. - Oh.
She's resting.
That's why she didn't show up.
Let her get some rest.
We ought to come back here.
We'll meet her later.
- Sure.
TIMEIN: 01:02:00:00DURATION: 01:80TIMEOUT: 01:02:01:80
Your girl and her father are fine.
But her brother, that shorty..
Be wary of him. - Are you still
thinking about that?
And I doubt if her mother
really has a headache.
Don't just doubt it.
She had no headache.
She just didn't like our visit.
You felt that too, didn't you?
- Yes. - Same here.
We will change her gradually.
- Yes, we'll try.
Aren't you happy?
- Yes.
I am delighted.
- Attaboy. Come.
- Thank you.
Shall we go?
- Yes?
Shall we get going?
Shall we?
- Yes.
We have reached
Guruvayurappan College..
Get down, everyone.
Hurry up..
- Careful.
TIMEIN: 01:02:58:80DURATION: 02:04TIMEOUT: 01:03:00:84
Hurry up..
- Careful.
Hurry up.
- Be careful.
Let's go.
- N-Nidhi..
Move a bit.
Let's go.
Wait, I'll be back in a minute.
Ambu, do you have
anything to tell me?
- Yes?
When I stand
before the girl I love
my legs will tremble.
I'll have a lump in my throat.
My heart will start pounding.
That isn't for lack of courage.
I am just worried.
I'm worried
that you'd reject my love.
- Nidhi. - Yes?
- Yes?
I love you.
In fact, a lot.
TIMEIN: 01:04:00:44DURATION: 01:76TIMEOUT: 01:04:02:20
I have lots and lots of love
for you.
Nidhi, come on!
It's time.
I'll get going.
TIMEIN: 01:05:00:92DURATION: 04:24TIMEOUT: 01:05:05:16
"Who was the first one to smile?"
"Blooms of laziness
blossomed in me."
"Like petals, we floated
amongst the clouds under the sun."
"And we ended up in the hands
of a distant garden."
"Who was the first one to smile?"
"Blooms of laziness
blossomed in me."
"Clouds gathered around.."
"And painted the sky black."
"The tears started pouring down."
TIMEIN: 01:05:58:00DURATION: 02:64TIMEOUT: 01:06:00:64
"The tears started pouring down."
"I swam across the torrent and
reached the shore of my dreams."
"By the shore,
I found shelter under you."
"Rays of hope glimmered
amongst the dark clouds."
"In the crowd,
I searched for your heart."
"I became a cuckoo.."
"And your songs echoed
across the silence."
"I became waves.."
"I chased those waves and
searched for unseen footsteps."
"His songs kept me company."
"He left me with a heavy heart."
"I embraced your ray of hope."
TIMEIN: 01:06:59:72DURATION: 04:40TIMEOUT: 01:07:04:12
"I embraced your ray of hope."
"Who was the first one to smile?"
"Blooms of laziness
blossomed in me."
"Like petals, we floated
amongst the clouds under the sun."
"And we ended up in the hands
of a distant garden."
"Who was the first one to smile?"
"Blooms of laziness
blossomed in me."
Mr. Vinod, after meeting
your daughter
that guy is adamant
about marrying her.
She's still pursuing her studies,
Chakrapani. How can we..
Let her. They just want
to get them engaged.
We can demand that the wedding be
conducted after a couple of years.
That's not the only issue.
That guy is almost 12 years
older than her. What about..
Is that even a problem?
Ms. Vimala, their horoscopes
are almost a perfect match.
TIMEIN: 01:07:59:80DURATION: 04:28TIMEOUT: 01:08:04:08
Ms. Vimala, their horoscopes
are almost a perfect match.
If you let go of this
great opportunity
I will definitely blame you.
Vinod, they are a high-caste
family. They are affluent too.
That boy isn't half bad.
I think this is a good
marriage alliance.
What should I tell them, Vinod?
- That I didn't like him. - Nidhi!
Mom, I didn't like him.
- Nobody asked you!
How dare you speak
before elders!
Get back inside. - This is my life.
I have a say in it.
Chakrapani, you're responsible
for everything.
Don't you have better things to do?
Did I ask you to play matchmaker?
I'll get going.
Make a decision and inform me.
I'll tell you when I am ready
to get married.
Or I will marry the man I like.
Nobody needs to put their nose
in it. - Bye, sir.
What the heck!
I'll come back soon.
Are you supporting this, Dad?
- They don't let me earn
a few pennies. - Impossible.
- How dare you talk back!
TIMEIN: 01:09:04:68DURATION: 01:92TIMEOUT: 01:09:06:60
Shucks! Move!
It's just the alarm.
Times have changed.
Well, it was for the better.
Don't forget. It's the 12th
of next month. - Sure.
Everyone should come.
- We'll be there. - Tell Ambu too.
I couldn't meet the expat.
Tell him. - Sure.
See you. - Red salute.
- Red salute.
Be careful with the car.
Maybe.. - Mom.
Mom. - Won't you be
going to college?
I will.
Why did you go to Vinod's house?
He was here. He just left.
What was it?
- Did he come to tell you that?
Don't you know Nidhi,
Vinod's daughter? - Yes, Nidhi.
She's getting engaged
on the 12th of next month.
Vinod was here to invite us.
- Yes?
The groom is working in Chennai
as a software engineer.
TIMEIN: 01:09:59:76DURATION: 03:28TIMEOUT: 01:10:03:04
The groom is working in Chennai
as a software engineer.
They're settled here in Kozhikode.
I've served breakfast.
She's getting engaged
on the 12th of next month.
The groom is working in Chennai..
What happened?
How are things?
- Brother Appu. - Yes?
Dad will ask for me.
- Don't worry. Leave that to me.
You may need this.
Here. - Hey, keep it!
- Vakkan has some money.
We're leaving. - Pandi, I'll ride.
- I'm at Ambu's.
Sure. Okay.
Vakkan is waiting at Koya's.
- Let's go.
Ride slowly.
- Okay.
Call me.
- Sure, Appu.
TIMEIN: 01:10:57:32DURATION: 04:00TIMEOUT: 01:11:01:32
Ms. Daisy said he's in a meeting.
We can't meet him.
Who is Ms. Daisy?
- From the front desk.
What will we do now?
We'll wait. What else?
TIMEIN: 01:12:39:08DURATION: 03:16TIMEOUT: 01:12:42:24
Today's meeting was
stretched out, right? - Yes. - Hey!
Hey, he's the guy.
- What?
Are you sure? - He's the guy.
- Hop on the bike. - Come.
Get the bag.
I think the shop will be closed.
Vakkan, speed up. - Hurry.
- This is the maximum speed.
Ambu, speed up.
- Overtake him.
He's so fast.
- Be careful. This guy is too fast!
He's mad. - Calm down.
- Pandi, catch up with them.
Buddy, look in the mirror.
Two bikes are tailing us. - Where?
TIMEIN: 01:12:59:36DURATION: 03:08TIMEOUT: 01:13:02:44
Buddy, look in the mirror.
Two bikes are tailing us. - Where?
Turn around.
- Pandi, ask Ambu to speed up.
Hey, pull over.
- Okay.
- They stopped.
Buddy, something
doesn't feel right.
Give me a minute.
- Let's go. Go..
What the hell is he doing?
- Hop on.. Hurry up.
Speed up.
- Why are they riding so fast?
I think it's the group
I mentioned.
Hey, take a U-turn.
Vakkan, overtake him.
Speed up!
Accelerate a bit.
Come here.
- Vakkan, come on.
Speed up. They're close.
Come on, buddy.
Vakkan, come on.
He's speeding up.
Go faster. - Vakkan, come on!
I am coming!
- It's the police.
Give them way. Hey..
Take them to the police station.
- Hurry up.
TIMEIN: 01:15:00:24DURATION: 01:28TIMEOUT: 01:15:01:52
Why are you scorning?
Aren't you scared?
- I am not, sir.
I didn't commit any crimes.
- Stop!
Why should I be scared when
I've committed no crime! - Wow!
Mr. Kumaran.
- Yes?
He's saying punchlines!
You're indeed brave.
That guy in a tie..
Mr. Kumaran, what's his name?
Vijay Babu.
- Yes, Mr. Vijay Babu.
You followed him
and tried to murder him.
Wasn't that wrong?
- We tried to murder no one.
Vijay Babu was lying.
Did you find weapons
such as chains, hockey sticks,
daggers, pistols
or even a nail cutter on us?
You didn't, did you?
What evidence do you have
to interrogate us?
We're doomed! - He's talking about
interrogation and evidence.
He's using such big words.
- Shut up, you moron!
What should we do, Mr. Kumaran?
- Let's hear their side.
Oh, yes. You are correct.
Okay, go on.
What's the matter?
Actually, we did it for Ambu.
- Oh, did you?
Who amongst you is Ambu?
- Sir.
TIMEIN: 01:16:00:28DURATION: 02:48TIMEOUT: 01:16:02:76
Oh, Mr. Ambu,
are you the main antagonist?
Okay, tell me what the matter is.
Come on, tell me.
Buddy, I can't stand our MD.
He's sanctioning long leaves
just for women.
What will he get
if he sanctions it for you?
He's there.
- What..
What happened, sir?
- He isn't picking up, sir.
Keep on trying
until he picks up. - Okay.
Ambu. - Sir?
- I have some doubts.
The hero liked the heroine.
But what about the heroine?
What are you saying?
Did you forget the last scene?
Listen, the hero professed
his love to the heroine.
After taking a few steps
she turned around and smiled
at the hero, right? - Yes.
That proves heroine's love
for the hero, doesn't it? - Yes..
TIMEIN: 01:16:56:92DURATION: 03:76TIMEOUT: 01:17:00:68
That proves heroine's love
for the hero, doesn't it? - Yes..
That's correct.
- Hello?
Hello, Vijay here.
I'm Head Constable Kumaran
from Thiruvanmiyur Police Station.
Yes, sir? - SI Thala Rasikan
wants to meet you.
Get here soon.
- Sir, I can't.
I'll come tomorrow.
- What?
I'll try to make it by morning.
Ask him to wait. - Hey, wait! Hey..
What happened?
- He hung up.
What did he say?
- He asked the SI to wait.
It seems he's busy and he'll
try to make it by tomorrow morning.
Oh, is he so arrogant!
Hey, go and answer the door.
Costly liquor!
- The guy in the blue T-shirt.
Imported cigarettes.
What's happening here?
TIMEIN: 01:18:03:56DURATION: 02:56TIMEOUT: 01:18:06:12
What is that? Chicken or mutton?
- Mutton, sir.
I can't, sir..
Mr. Kumaran, try tasting it.
- Sir, I am fasting.
Yes.. You're correct.
There isn't enough onion.
Try adding more onion.
It'll be tasty.
Hey, man with the chain.
- Sir?
Catch it.
What are you doing?
Dice it finely.
Okay? - Okay.
- Dice it.
What are you waiting for?
- I will do it, sir.
Sir, what's happening here?
What's going on?
Then you must be Vijay Babu.
- Yes, sir.
You seem to be a busy man.
You won't come
to the police station
and you want me to stay back
at the station.
Isn't that right?
- Yes, sir.
I took it to my heart.
Vijay, there's a thin line
separating my two lives.
TIMEIN: 01:18:57:64DURATION: 03:08TIMEOUT: 01:19:00:72
Vijay, there's a thin line
separating my two lives.
On that side of the line,
I am a good guy.
But on this side,
I am a demon.
Got it? - That was great!
- Sir, what do you want?
These four guys are coming from..
Ko.. - Which is that place?
- Kozhikode. - Yes.
They came from Kozhikode
to tell you something important.
Isn't that right, Pandi?
- It is, sir.
You should give them an ear,
shouldn't you?
Ambu, go and talk things out
with him.
Okay, sir.
Go with him.
- Sir..
Don't hesitate, sir.
Hey, man with the chain.
- Sir..
What are you staring at?
Dice it. - I will, sir.
What's the matter? - Aren't you
getting engaged next month, man?
Yes, what about it?
- It's not going to happen, man.
Really? Why would that be?
Actually, man..
Isn't your fiancee's name Nidhi?
Yes, it's Nidhi.
TIMEIN: 01:20:00:04DURATION: 01:40TIMEOUT: 01:20:01:44
Mr. Vinod is Nidhi's father.
Mr. Vinod's best friend,
Mr. Narendran, is Ambu's father.
Don't beat around the bush.
Sir, I love Nidhi.
Oh, Vinod, it's you.
You've brought Chakrapani along.
Please come in.
- No.
You seem to be at unease.
Well, I am at unease. My daughter's
wedding was called off.
Cancelled would be a better word.
Your son, Ambu, and his friends
told the groom's family
that Mr. Vinod's daughter
is in love with him.
They asked them to back out.
There's a limit to everything.
How dare they gamble
with a girl's life!
TIMEIN: 01:20:58:48DURATION: 02:20TIMEOUT: 01:21:00:68
How dare they gamble
with a girl's life!
Vinod, things have turned out
like this.
Don't worry.
We can think about it and..
- What's there to think about?
I didn't ask your opinion.
Vinod, hear me out.
My son and your daughter.
Isn't it good to be a family?
Your son is a wrong choice
for my daughter.
You're cunning.
What good quality
can your son claim of?
He has a few idiotic friends,
and his ironic name, Ernesto.
He's studying commerce
at an arts college.
Who wants him?
Forget all that. What's his
caste? What about religion?
Do you expect me to marry my girl
off to a vagrant with no identity?
Vinod, don't talk nonsense.
There's no use getting angry.
You should've known that your
children would get no respect
when you married someone without
considering religion and caste.
Such nuisances.
Appu, kick him out!
You bloody..
- Let go of me.
I will..
- Get off..
TIMEIN: 01:22:00:24DURATION: 02:72TIMEOUT: 01:22:02:96
Oh, God! - How dare you
speak ill of my family!
Get in.
I'm leaving.
I sever all the ties between us
right now.
Everything ends today.
I'll get my hands
on your brother.
We will see that.
What the..
- Oh, God!
What's wrong with you?
- Hello. - Gosh!
Yes, Brother Appu.
We don't know the exact place.
It'll take a few more hours.
"Droplets of.."
"Drizzling like.."
TIMEIN: 01:22:58:28DURATION: 02:56TIMEOUT: 01:23:00:84
"Drizzling like.."
Sure, Brother.
"Dear bird, come and.."
- What is it?
Hey, we're in for trouble.
Come and sit down.
Here, have it.
Sit down, will you?
Come on.
Go ahead and eat.
I brought shame to this family.
TIMEIN: 01:24:00:72DURATION: 01:16TIMEOUT: 01:24:01:88
I am sorry.
- Hey!
I never bothered
to ask my sons.
I never had to.
But I think I should ask you now.
It's not a mere thought.
I must ask you.
What is it, comrade?
Appu, Ambu
we didn't raise you as per
any religious or caste doctrine.
We have never felt it was wrong.
Have you?
- No.
Have you ever felt
that it was wrong?
Comrade, are you emotional?
I'm just asking.
You'll never feel so.
I know my kids well.
TIMEIN: 01:24:58:12DURATION: 02:80TIMEOUT: 01:25:00:92
You'll never feel so.
I know my kids well.
But in the future, if you feel we
brought you up without an identity
and that it was a bad thing to do
if you get angry at us
that'll be saddening.
That will make me emotional.
bringing us up
without religion and caste
was the best thing you did for us.
Isn't that so, Ambu?
- Yes.
The sons of comrade Narendran
and Ummu.
That's our identity.
- Yes.
We have no existence without you.
We can't wish
for a better identity, Dad.
Did you hear him?
You moron.
Did you hear my sons?
- Yes.
Are you happy now?
- I see!
So mom was behind
this drama, wasn't she?
Stop it!
Then give me some sugar.
TIMEIN: 01:25:58:80DURATION: 01:76TIMEOUT: 01:26:00:56
Then give me some sugar.
Don't take it. Your blood sugar
level is on the border.
Am I going to fight a war
at the border? Give it here.
Give it to him.
Are you late?
- Shall we go?
It's not time yet.
Will it happen anytime soon?
Get the buckets.
- We will see.
Hey, let's reach home somehow.
You father-in-law-to-be
shouldn't have spoken ill
of the commerce degree.
Is that the only problem?
You aren't concerned
about him abusing my family.
I know. Even you are casteist.
You, too, will abuse us soon.
Don't go too far, Ambu!
I'll hurl abuses at you.
You'll find Englishmen in England
and the French in France.
But in India, you will find Tamils,
Telugus, Punjabis and Bengalis
and Hindus, Muslims and Christians.
You'll find no Indian here.
I've heard it somewhere.
This is Mammootty's line
from the movie 'Vartha'.
TIMEIN: 01:26:57:68DURATION: 03:24TIMEOUT: 01:27:00:92
This is Mammootty's line
from the movie 'Vartha'.
So what?
Isn't that the truth?
So you need not worry about
what he said about your parents.
This land is cursed that way.
But is it comparable to what he
said about the commerce degree?
Consider the case of this state,
this country or the world.
Which is the most
sought-after course ever?
Which is it?
- The commerce degree.
Who has the most number of kids?
Again, commerce graduates.
Even engineering graduates
are working in banks.
Who is that job meant to go to?
Commerce graduates.
Aren't commerce graduates needed to
evade tax and make illegal money?
Of course, they're needed.
This country will be in shambles
without commerce graduates.
And yet, he dared to shame
commerce graduates.
Do you expect me to stay silent?
Tell me.
Answer me.
- Had enough?
Yes. - Then shut up
for a while.
What a bore!
After all, her wedding
got cancelled.
Thank goodness.
TIMEIN: 01:28:01:44DURATION: 02:72TIMEOUT: 01:28:04:16
Give it to me. I'll light it.
- No, I'll do it myself.
It's time. Come on.
Even that went out!
Here, right here.
- Here.
T A M I L R O C K E R S . C O M
Be careful while you jump.
Are lovers expected
to jump over walls?
Shut up!
You really had to come
in the rain!
No one will notice us
when it's raining.
Where do you learn these things?
Push me up!
TIMEIN: 01:29:21:20DURATION: 01:68TIMEOUT: 01:29:22:88
- What is it?
This guy..
Hey, they'll wake up!
Oh, God!
TIMEIN: 01:30:05:20DURATION: 02:24TIMEOUT: 01:30:07:44
You deserve a slap!
You would've spoilt everything now!
What did she say? - Nothing.
It was her mother who woke up.
What about her?
- She was sleeping.
- Let her sleep.
Hey, then why did we come here?
- What?
No reason.
Just to see her once.
It's been three days
since I saw her.
What would happen if you
don't see her for three days?
Did you get me drenched in the rain
for this? Scoundrel!
I am a lover boy, dear!
Why should I suffer for that?
You didn't say anything, dear.
I will. But before that, I want
to speak to Nidhi.
Do you have a problem with that?
No problem.
I'll call her. - Okay.
Nidhi.. - It's okay, ma'am.
You don't have to call her down.
I'll go and meet her.
It's the first room to the right,
upstairs. - Okay.
TIMEIN: 01:30:59:56DURATION: 02:40TIMEOUT: 01:31:01:96
It's the first room to the right,
upstairs. - Okay.
Thank you.
- Okay.
Oh, God!
- Yes?
May I come in?
It's a nice room.
He didn't tell me the matter.
He just asked me
if we could meet.
Let him come.
We'll wait.
Hey! Hey, Ambu.
Have you been waiting for long?
- No.
Since you asked us to be here
at 4 p.m., we arrived at 3:30 p.m.
Now, the time is 5:30 p.m.
It's just been two hours.
That's all.
Sorry, guys.
I was a bit busy.
My wedding got fixed in haste.
- So, I was held up.
- Is your wedding already fixed?
TIMEIN: 01:31:59:36DURATION: 01:44TIMEOUT: 01:32:00:80
- Is your wedding already fixed?
Yes. - Congrats!
- Thank you.
Because of you all,
I came to know everything.
Or else, things wouldn't have
happened this fast.
Thank you, Ambu. - It's okay.
- Thanks a lot.
So, when is your wedding?
- 12th of this month.
Hey, that means, just ten
more days! - Yes.
Wow! Awesome! - Aren't you
inviting us to your wedding?
I came here to invite you all.
- Oh!
Hey, get me the wedding card.
What is wrong with you, Pandi?
Just for food.
- We'll get free food!
So cheap! - You need not come.
We'll go.
All of you must come.
- Wow!
Beautiful card, isn't it?
- Yes. - It looks brilliant.
Very nice.
Nidhi V. Pillai.
Ambu's father is Narendran.
Narendran's best friend
is Vinod, right?
Nidhi is Mr. Vinod's daughter.
I saw many girls.
TIMEIN: 01:33:00:56DURATION: 02:40TIMEOUT: 01:33:02:96
In the end, when I found
an apt girl to marry
you came in as a troublemaker.
What else could I have done?
Hey, just think about it.
Don't you pity me?
She doesn't want you.
She agreed to marry me.
Why do you need a girl
who doesn't like you?
Forget her!
Nidhi.. She is a smart girl.
When she had to choose
she just chose the better guy.
Just consider it that way.
Dear, if one love fails,
find another one.
If that also fails, find another
one. So, just move on.
But don't try to return
and create more problems again.
Is that clear?
Well, see you at my wedding.
- Hey, no! - Hey..
He got upset.
Shall we leave? - Yes.
Hey, Ambu!
Hey, Ambu, listen to me.
Don't drive now.
- Move aside, Pandi.
TIMEIN: 01:33:59:32DURATION: 01:40TIMEOUT: 01:34:00:72
Don't drive now.
- Move aside, Pandi.
Hey, don't drive now.
Hey, where are you going?
- Ambu, stop.
Stop there, Ambu..
- Hey, listen!
TIMEIN: 01:35:15:00DURATION: 01:60TIMEOUT: 01:35:16:60
Why didn't you answer my call?
- Okay.
Everyone will be at the ground now.
Get ready soon.
We'll leave.
- I'm not coming.
What is this?
It's not fun without you.
It's so boring.
Nobody is enthusiastic
about anything!
Get on the ground,
play a game
and you will be fine. - Hey,
I don't want to come, Pandi!
Don't irritate me!
Leave me alone.
Am I irritating you?
So, that's what I mean to you.
I am happy to hear that.
Hey, try to understand
my situation.
I can't do it.
TIMEIN: 01:36:00:92DURATION: 01:28TIMEOUT: 01:36:02:20
I don't feel good.
If you sit here alone,
how will you feel good?
Just listen to me.
At least for my sake.
Come on.
Hey, what's the matter?
Look at him, Appu.
He is not even agreeing
to play a game.
Convince him.
- Hey, what happened?
I'm not feeling well, Brother.
- What's wrong with you?
Everything is fine.
Hey, get ready. I'll also join
you today. - Are you sure?
Why? Won't you include me?
- Of course!
Come on! We'll have a good
time today.
Get up. Come!
Come on!
- Come.
We'll definitely have
a tiff today.
Hey, why are you standing here?
Let's go.
There is another gang
playing on the ground.
It's better we don't play today.
Are you kidding? I tried so hard
to convince and bring him here!
And you say that we cannot play?
No way! - Hey, leave it.
Let's not play today.
- We must play!
TIMEIN: 01:36:58:52DURATION: 02:08TIMEOUT: 01:37:00:60
Let's not play today.
- We must play!
By the way, who gave them
permission to use our playground?
What's the problem, Pandi?
Some other people
are playing on our ground.
So what? Let's play together.
- Okay.
Ask them if they're willing
to play a match. - Yes.
I don't think they'll be ready
to play with us.
You just think so.
I'll go and ask them.
- Okay.
Pandi, stop there!
Listen to me.
Wait. I'll come back
and listen to you.
Hey, wait.
Be patient.
Hey, are you willing
to play a match with us?
Oh, it was them..
That's the reason I tried
to stop you.
- Hey, home wreckers!
Don't you want us to play
a game with you?
We are ready for the match.
Not for the kids' game
but for football!
We are ready for the match.
Come on!
TIMEIN: 01:39:56:88DURATION: 03:84TIMEOUT: 01:40:00:72
"for every unforgiven situation."
"We all unite here as one"
"with a single goal."
"Let's confront each other!"
"We'll beat you black and blue!"
"We will fight with no regrets."
"We stepped in with grit
to confront!"
"We are ready to face the challenge
in the battlefield."
"Let's watch out
for the upcoming battle."
"Who is brave enough to confront
us all alone?"
"Come on! Come on.."
"To endure the pain.."
Ambu! - How dare you
snatch away my girl?
TIMEIN: 01:41:11:28DURATION: 02:44TIMEOUT: 01:41:13:72
Are you sure you don't want
to come inside? - Yes. - Come.
Will you sit here alone
till we come? - That's okay.
I'll be here itself. - Okay
- Carry on. - Come.
The arrangement looks brilliant,
doesn't it?
Raji, where is our son? - It's
Chakrapani. - He's over there.
Oh, my God!
Hello, Chakrapani.
- Did you have dinner? - Yes.
Ms. Nidhi looks so beautiful!
- Walk carefully, dears.
Sir, did you see Mr. Vinod?
- He would be there.
Go and look over there,
A while ago..
- "When will you come over?"
TIMEIN: 01:41:59:32DURATION: 02:20TIMEOUT: 01:42:01:52
A while ago..
- "When will you come over?"
"Oh, damsel!
When will you come over?"
"Come over now.."
When did you reach?
I'll be right back. - Okay.
It's Mr. Vinod's daughter's
It's like a wedding
in our family!
It's okay. Have it, Mr. Vinod.
- Mr. Vinod. - Yes?
Come with me. - What is it?
- Just a minute.
I need to tell you something.
- Chakrapani, have a drink. Go on!
Hey, what's the matter?
- Hey, I can't understand English.
What happened? - Come here.
- I'll tell you in Malayalam.
Narendran and his wife
are here.
- They are standing there.
Where are they?
- There.
"Oh, girl of my dreams!
When will you come over?"
"Oh, beauty!
When will you come over?"
TIMEIN: 01:42:57:64DURATION: 03:80TIMEOUT: 01:43:01:44
"Oh, beauty!
When will you come over?"
"When will you come over,
my damsel?"
"Come over now.."
We are your unexpected guests.
We had decided to not come.
But when I thought about
my best friend's happiness
I wanted to be a part of it.
So, I came.
Can I come inside?
Come. Come in, Ummu.
- Come.
I'm glad that you came.
- How could I not have come?
Well, Chakrapani.
- Yes?
What about tomorrow's feast?
- Everything is ready.
I've made all the arrangements.
We can expect a lot of people.
- Yes.
TIMEIN: 01:43:59:68DURATION: 01:68TIMEOUT: 01:44:01:36
We can expect a lot of people.
- Yes.
So, don't wait for the auspicious
time to start the feast. - Okay.
Let people eat and leave.
- You seem to be very busy.
Sit down. - Okay.
Carry on.
Shall I leave? - Wait there.
- Okay.
Mr. Chakrapani, move aside.
- These kids are such a nuisance!
This is my uncle, Suresh.
Dad.. Greet them, Dad.
- Hi!
I'll be right back. - I'll show you
one more person. - Vimala!
Yes? - Where are you
taking all this?
Give me the wardrobe keys.
- Why?
I need some cash. - Listen.
- Did I say anything wrong?
Lock the wardrobe and keep
the keys with you. - Okay.
Show me that. That one..
- Dear!
There it is. - What is it, Mom?
- Keep this in your room.
Dear, be careful. - Okay, Mom.
I'll be right back.
Ma'am, please look here.
- Your selection is really good.
- I'll come in a while.
Where is she?
She was here just now.
- She is in the kitchen. - Yes.
"When will you come over?"
Where is she? - "Oh, beauty!
When will you come over?"
TIMEIN: 01:44:59:64DURATION: 03:80TIMEOUT: 01:45:03:44
Where is she? - "Oh, beauty!
When will you come over?"
"Oh, damsel!
When will you come over?"
"Come over now.."
"Oh, girl of my dreams!
When will you come over?"
"Oh, beauty!
When will you come over?"
"Oh, damsel!
When will you come over?"
"Come over now.."
"Come over now.."
"Come over now.."
Keep quiet. - Ambu. - Come.
- What are you doing here?
You'll be in trouble if someone
sees you.
Leave me! - Nobody is going
to see us. Come.
Ambu, leave me!
Everyone said
that if you'd really loved me
TIMEIN: 01:45:58:36DURATION: 02:40TIMEOUT: 01:46:00:76
that if you'd really loved me
you wouldn't have agreed
to this wedding.
You didn't love me.
You don't love me.
Everything was my imagination.
Why did you make me
imagine things?
When I told you that I love you
why did you walk away
without replying?
Why did you turn back
and smile at me?
- Nidhi..
He had come to meet me.
- Nidhi!
To tell me that you don't want
me anymore.
To tell me that you chose a better
option than me.
Who the hell is he to tell me
all this?
I want to hear from you.
Don't you want me?
Is it enough if I tell you
that I don't like you?
Tell me.
Then listen to me carefully.
TIMEIN: 01:48:03:28DURATION: 01:52TIMEOUT: 01:48:04:80
It's just because of you, Ambu.
TIMEIN: 01:49:23:40DURATION: 01:84TIMEOUT: 01:49:25:24
Ambu! Hey, what happened?
- Give me the keys.
I don't have it.
Did you lose it too?
- Yes, I lost it!
I lost it!
I lost everything!
Are you all happy now?
Be happy..
- Hey, Ambu!
TIMEIN: 01:50:35:72DURATION: 00:80TIMEOUT: 01:50:36:52
What's up, dear?
It's her mom.
Hello. Hello, ma'am.
What is it?
Why did you call?
Well.. Can you pass the phone
to Nidhi? - Okay.
It was lying here!
TIMEIN: 01:51:17:32DURATION: 02:56TIMEOUT: 01:51:19:88
Did you see Nidhi?
What is he up to?
Can't you answer me
when I am calling for you?
Why are you sitting
here all alone?
It's nothing. - Here. It's Vijay.
- I don't want to talk to him.
Talk to him.
Come on.
Hold it.
TIMEIN: 01:51:59:52DURATION: 00:84TIMEOUT: 01:52:00:36
They expect me to be
there for everything..
Buddy.. - What?
- Pandi fell down. - What?
Hey.. - Let me go.
- Where?
He needs help. - Stay here.
- We'll go together.. - Vakka.
Vakka. Don't ruin it.
Stay here.
Hey. No one has
noticed anything there yet.
Don't go there and create a mess.
Call Ambu..
- What?
Call Ambu!
- Okay.. - Make it quick.
'The subscriber you are calling..'
- I can't reach him. - Stay here.
- Let me go and look for him.
We shall go this way.
- Okay..
TIMEIN: 01:53:16:88DURATION: 01:28TIMEOUT: 01:53:18:16
Wash it.
What is it? - Don't shout.
- What are you doing here?
I came to see someone.
I came to see you.
- What? - Yes.
Here? - I'll come
to your house tomorrow.
- It's me, Chakrapani.
I'll find you
wherever you hide.
Leave me.
A rod.
- Yes? - Aren't you coming?
I'm on my way.
TIMEIN: 01:53:59:96DURATION: 01:68TIMEOUT: 01:54:01:64
Come soon, comrade.
- Okay.
Come soon.
Pandi has been trapped.
- Geethu.
How can I go out?
What? - How can I go out?
- How would I know that?
Why do you ask me?
I don't know.
Neither do I.
- I said, neither do I know.
Come here.
Move over.
Sasi, come soon.
Let's go.
- Did mom get in the car? - Yes.
It's good that we came here.
Why are they going there?
Who is it? - I checked if it was
my friend from Dubai.
TIMEIN: 01:55:00:76DURATION: 00:84TIMEOUT: 01:55:01:60
What is it? - I had submitted
an application. - What?
A-A love letter.
So what? - You didn't
give me your reply. - Now?
Did you say 'Yes'?
Geethu.. Thanks.
- Move!
Why did you say 'Yes'?
- Oh, it's not that.
I found a way to get you out.
Oh! Yes.
- Yes.
- What is your plan?
Those lights will
be turned off now.
What are you looking at?
You said that the lights
will go off.
I meant that I will turn them off.
Will you turn them off?
- Do you want to get out?
I feel like leaving.
But now, I feel like staying.
Just listen to me.
TIMEIN: 01:55:59:12DURATION: 01:32TIMEOUT: 01:56:00:44
Just listen to me.
These lights will
be turned off now.
You must get out then.
Did you understand anything?
What? - Did you understand
Next is the kitchen.
Where are you going, Son?
- Mom, live..
Did you have supper?
- No.
You are always playing
with this mobile. - Mom!
Come here.
Have something.
Come and have
something to eat. Come.
I haven't stopped the video, Mom.
- "With a ravishing attire.."
"the pretty bird will fly away."
"Everyone's beloved.."
Did you have anything?
- Can I have my phone, Mom?
Come here. - I don't need anything.
- What is it, dear?
What happened?
Talk to me.
Can you call off this wedding?
TIMEIN: 01:57:01:28DURATION: 01:20TIMEOUT: 01:57:02:48
I don't want him.
I don't like him.
I won't be happy.
That is just your imagination.
When you start living with him
everything will be fine.
- No, Dad.
When I love someone
with all my heart
how can I live with someone else?
I can't do it.
Dad, it's Ambu.
I love him, Dad.
I love him.
Please, Dad.
Ambu! Nonsense!
You better forget him.
That will be good for everyone.
He doesn't deserve you.
He has no caste, religion or money.
If I marry you off
to someone like him
what will I say to our
family and the townsfolk?
Is that more important
than my life?
I don't want to hear anything.
Even after all this, that idiot
Vijay is still willing to marry you.
Please marry him.
My honour is of great
importance to me.
TIMEIN: 01:57:58:64DURATION: 02:08TIMEOUT: 01:58:00:72
My honour is of great
importance to me.
I have already spent
a lot for this.
I am ready to spend more.
I will get you married to him.
Sir, I'm not here
to cause any trouble.. - Hey!
What are you doing here?
I'm not here to cause trouble.
Hear me out.
- You happen to be Narendran's son.
I'm not here to cause trouble.
I will kill you.
- Hear me out, sir.
Someone has switched it off!
I'm not here to..
- I won't spare you.
I will.. - I'm not here
to cause trouble.
Oh! Ambu.
Sir, this is Ambu.
Don't hit him.
Listen to me, sir.
- Move! - Please.
Leave me.
He must be the one
who jumped on me.
TIMEIN: 01:59:01:64DURATION: 01:20TIMEOUT: 01:59:02:84
Don't hit me.
He and his friends have been
bothering me. - Hear me out.
He has come to cause trouble.
- What is this, Mr. Vinod?
People are noticing you.
What are they doing
on this occasion?
Hello. - Hello. This is
Aunt Revathy's nephew
Gireesh's brother
Sumesh's wife's brother.
Sathyan from Dubai.
What is it?
- What's the problem there?
What are you saying?
I heard that you were forcing
your daughter to get married.
Who told you this?
This is a lie. - You just went
live a moment ago.
What are you saying?
Look at your son.
Look at his mobile phone.
Everyone is watching you.
TIMEIN: 02:00:07:44DURATION: 01:68TIMEOUT: 02:00:09:12
This is my sister's party.
All of our relatives are here.
Say 'Hi', Dad.
- Hi.
Buddy, look here.
- "It's the wedding.." - Move over.
The bride's family have
started a live video.
Doesn't he know
how to hold a phone?
Like this..
He is running around.
Kuttan. - Yes?
- Did you have anything?
No. - You are always playing
with this phone.
Mom. - Come and have something
to eat.
Come. You are loitering
around with this.
How can you starve all the time?
A stupid selfie stick!
Let it stay here.
Did you have something?
Dad. - Can I have
my phone, Mom?
Come. - I don't need anything.
- What is it, dear? - Buddy.
She has come.
- Yes..
Can you call off this wedding?
TIMEIN: 02:01:00:36DURATION: 01:44TIMEOUT: 02:01:01:80
- I don't want him.
I don't like him.
I won't be happy.
When I love someone
with all my heart
how can I live with someone else?
I can't do it.
Dad, it's Ambu.
I love him, Dad.
I love him.
I don't want to hear anything.
Even after all this, that idiot
Vijay is still willing to marry you.
Please marry him.
This was fixed once.
This is the second..
I don't think this will happen.
Even after all this, that idiot
Vijay is still willing to marry you.
Pity. Increase the volume.
I don't want him.
No one can be
trusted these days.
TIMEIN: 02:02:02:64DURATION: 01:16TIMEOUT: 02:02:03:80
Don't make fun.
Shall we share it?
If she likes him
we should let them live together.
Share the link with me.
- I don't want him.
Come and have something to eat.
- Mom.
Did you have anything to eat?
I won't be happy.
I don't want him.
Did you get it?
Hey.. - Where?
- Let me see.
What is it?
Look. - I'll watch it.
- Facebook live.
Let's see what they will decide.
I can't hear anything.
TIMEIN: 02:03:13:56DURATION: 01:48TIMEOUT: 02:03:15:04
Damn. I have lost my high.
She'll say it now.
I love him, Dad.
- Did you hear that?
I love him.
Once more.
I love him, Dad.
If you lose, you should try again.
You should try till you succeed.
You should keep marching forward.
TIMEIN: 02:03:57:24DURATION: 03:80TIMEOUT: 02:04:01:04
You should keep marching forward.
Hello. - Vijay. - Hello.
Enough. - Kishore.
Come. - Give us
a moment.
What all have you done?
Football matches.
Punchlines at the beach.
At least when I came to know
that she reads a lot of books..
Why are you taking so long?
- I should've stepped back. - Come.
One moment!
Are you leaving or not?
It's my father's mistake.
I won't interfere henceforth.
- Okay.
I hope to see you guys soon.
- Okay. - We'll meet at the ground.
Play it once more.
- Enough. Shall we leave?
Shall we leave?
Come. I'm very hungry.
Shall we have 'Puttu'?
That's a nice idea.
'After a few days..'
We're running out
of time, Mr. Sunny.
Wait for some time.
Let everyone come. - Nonsense.
- The bus is here. Come..
TIMEIN: 02:04:57:32DURATION: 02:72TIMEOUT: 02:05:00:04
Let everyone come. - Nonsense.
- The bus is here. Come..
Okay, dear.
- Sir. Pray for us.
This time you will succeed.
God will help you.
Shall we leave?
- Okay. - Hey.
- See you.
What is this?
You are very restless.
Hey. Are you angry?
Did you sit already?
- Smile.
Smile, please.
Get lost.
Will you take the ticket?
Will it rain?