Matching Hearts (2020) Movie Script

Take me on a date
I deserve a break
And don't forget the flowers
every anniversary
if you'll treat me right
I'll be the perfect wife
Buying groceries
Buy-buying what you need
You got that nine to five
But, baby, so do I
So don't be thinking
I'll be home and baking
apple pies
I never learned to cook
But I can write a hook
Sing along with me
Sing-sing along with me
You gotta know
How to treat me like a lady
Even when I'm acting crazy
Are any of us any good
at taking our own advice?
This is what I'm saying!
I'm great at my job
when it's for someone else.
The weddings I plan are fun,
they're emotional...
and at the end,
everyone dances.
And your own wedding?
Every decision, I think,
"is it fun enough
that my sister will enjoy it?
Is it emotional enough
for Aunt Karen?"
Aunt Karen
thrives on emotion, huh?
Oh! She does. This way?
-Yes! [laughs]
-We have to go see your friend.
Hi, pretty girl!
Do you want
to chase this ball?
Go get it!
Ohh! Just adopt the dog!
I would...
If I could...
You can!
We've run by this dog park
every Monday and Wednesday
for a month.
Head over heels,
that dog is in love with you.
Well, I am a big fan of hers.
Did your apartment building
say it was fine to get a dog?
They did. Yeah.
But I just--
I can't, I'm just--
I'm too busy.
I have clients,
and my head's full
of profiles of people...
and the Valentine's Day party.
When I was your client,
what was the thing that
you said to me all the time?
-"Don't put off--"
...Put off being happy. Right.
And then I took your advice,
went on that date
that you set up for me,
and I'm now planning a wedding
with that guy.
So now, as your friend,
I say...
don't put off being happy.
You're matchmaking me
with the dog?
Are any of us any good
at taking our own advice?
[both laughing]
Bye, sweet girl!
-Oh, look at that face!
-So cute!
[Gwen] Mr. "Stay Single"?
This guy is everywhere.
I wonder
if Julia has seen this.
Good morning, everyone.
What's going on?
Hi! Did you read the article
about this guy
who's telling people
to stay single
if they want to be successful?
What? Who would advise that?
Apparently, it helps you
"stay nimble,
move up the ladder
at work faster."
Well, that is terrible advice.
Don't leave that in the lobby.
So, let's get
some work done, shall we?
Two weeks until
Valentine's Day
and we have a whole backlog
of people we need to match.
This is Timothy Wong.
He'll be joining us,
helping us out in marketing.
Timothy, this is everyone.
-Welcome aboard, Timothy.
-Thank you.
Excited to get started.
This is Steph,
one of our match coordinators.
Gwen is in charge of I.T.
and computer algorithms.
And of course, this is Julia,
who is the number two
around here,
who will absolutely
take care of this business
when I retire
to some island one day.
[Julia] That's a lie.
She'll never retire.
She loves this too much.
Can you walk Timothy
through how it's done?
Okay. First thing we do
is meet the client.
We do a quick
in-person interview.
And today's client is--
Can I help you?
Yeah, hi,
I'm looking for Alexis.
I'm Julia Palmer.
Uh, okay... hi!
Um, hello.
You must be Julia.
I'm Alexis.
No, it's okay, I got this.
Thank you.
This is my associate,
Timothy Wong.
I hope you don't mind
if he joins us.
Oh, no. Not at all.
So, um, you said you wanted
to interview me
in a place that I love?
Yeah, we find it
helpful if you're comfortable
during the interview process.
Well, it's my kitchen.
Do you mind if I get some
prep work done while we talk?
Lead the way.
Great. Come.
Okay, so, first of all,
why matchmaking,
why now?
it's Portland.
It's a big city, but...
Kind of a small town?
I find it's easy to bump into
the same people over and over.
I thought maybe
if I tried something different,
it would get me
out of my routine.
I-I'm sorry.
What is...
Oh, it's pancake art.
Dizzy's is known for it.
It's her very own
signature dessert.
Oh. Thank you.
So, creativity
is clearly important to you.
How would you describe
your perfect date?
Oh, well, uh...
I guess he would be--
Oh, sorry.
I didn't mean a person.
I meant the date.
Where would it be?
So you don't want to know
what kind of man
I'm hoping to meet?
I find the more clients tell us
about their ideal person,
it makes dating
well, sort of like shopping,
and it isn't.
Dating is chemistry.
My perfect date
would be something
that's not food-related.
Don't get me wrong--
I love my job.
I love being in a restaurant.
Just not on a first date?
-I get that.
Mm. This is delicious,
by the way.
Thank you.
So just a few more questions
and then I'll email you
the online questionnaire.
All confidential,
and all goes into our system.
Sounds great.
First up--
the Valentine's Day party
is in two weeks
and I want to nail down
those RSVPs.
We mailed them a month ago,
so please reach out
to your client couples
who you've matched in the past,
make sure they got them.
And any notable couples,
mention to Timothy.
I'm pitching a piece
to Portland Monthly.
See if they want to know
what this party's--
I mean,
it's all success stories.
Plus, a reporter loves
a great party,
and ours is always
at The Clinton Hotel Ballroom,
the canaps
by Chez Martin,
long-stem roses.
Yeah, I had an idea
about that, actually.
There are some new caterers
in town.
I was wondering
if we might try them.
We've always had good feedback
on the food.
Has there been a complaint?
It's just The Clinton Hotel,
the canaps,
the long-stem roses--
it's been the same party
since you opened the place.
People might want
to try something new.
Something new,
like RSVP-ing?
No. People will never get tired
of not RSVPing to a party.
Well, the party's not broke,
so let's not fix it.
Let's just get more matches.
Alexis. 31 years old,
owner of Dizzy's Restaurant
in the Pearl District.
She's got a few matches
over 85%.
What do we think?
See, the algorithm gives us
our first batch of ideas,
and we rarely match anyone
under 85%.
But if we get any matches
over 95%,
we get an alert sent
to our phones.
Has anyone ever been 100%?
One time.
They're married now.
Why is it a sealed envelope?
Oh, people like mystery,
which is also why our first date
is always a blind date.
We don't want them
Googling each other,
we want them asking questions.
Here you go,
for tomorrow night.
Location and time inside.
His first name is Jeremy.
That's all I get?
[deep breath] Hoo!
Have fun!
Then, finally, we send somebody
they won't recognize
to watch their first date
from a distance.
You must be Jeremy.
Oh, I'm Alexis.
You've mentioned.
I have.
There was chemistry.
There didn't appear to be
any long lulls in conversation,
and he waited for her
while she got in her car.
No kiss,
but they both left smiling.
Alexis texted me this morning,
she said they're going
on a second date tonight.
[shutter snapping]
Can't wait to be there
Can't wait to be there
Won't have
the slightest care
I can't wait to...
Can't wait to be there
with you
[all singing]
Happy birthday to you
[laughter and applause]
Happy birthday, Gwen.
Make a wish.
A good one.
My wish is...
I want to be surprised.
Surprised by what?
Doesn't matter.
It's what I wish for when
I don't know what to wish for.
It always kinda works out.
-Do you want something?
-Yes, please!
Thank you.
-Julia! Hey!
Matt, nice to see you.
What are you two doing here?
We were having dinner
with my business partner.
We're just on our way out,
You are coming
to the engagement party
tomorrow night, right?
For the world's best clients?
I wouldn't miss it.
Oh, and my parents are thrilled
with the flower arrangements
you picked out.
Oh, they're beautiful.
See you tomorrow?
Yeah, I'll see you then.
Hi. Can I get two
house Cabernets, please?
Thank you.
[indistinct conversations]
[Daniel] Nice try, pal.
[Julia] Oh, wait.
Hold on.
He's doing okay.
[woman laughs]
Oh! Look at that.
Poor guy.
Well... the cards
were stacked against him,
but it was a nice approach.
Sometimes, it's harder
to connect with someone
when they're with
a group of friends.
A-And good for him
for at least doing it in person.
Unlike, say, those people,
who, I'm pretty sure,
are using their phones
to connect with those people.
Who are currently busy
connecting with other people,
somewhere else entirely.
Exactly. I mean,
whatever happened to people
just talking to each other?
It happens! I swear.
Just some people
need a little help.
-A friend, a matchmaker.
Well, matchmakers
are making a comeback.
-Oh, yeah?
-Yeah, my friends used one.
I didn't even know
they were still a thing.
I just thought they were
sweet little old ladies
who lived on the edge
of a village, in a musical.
Most of us
actually live in a sensible
one-bedroom apartment.
[chuckles] I'm sorry.
In case you need a little help.
Oh, you're assuming I'm single?
Aren't you?
Well, yeah, but I wouldn't
use a matchmaker.
Why not?
Well, um...
I don't know.
In case you change your mind,
you have my card.
I should join my friends.
Yeah, I was on my way out.
Thank you.
[laughs] Dad.
What are you doing?
They're, uh, opening
something new down the street.
[Mom sighs]
The Mayor of Hawthorne Street.
Art? Art.
Come away from there.
And... as discussed--
the flower arrangement
for Matt and Madison's
party tonight.
These are incredible,
thank you,
and especially for
the last-minute order.
I know you're so busy with
the Valentine's Day season,
and the Valentine's Day
party coming up.
So, your boss called yesterday.
We tried very hard
to talk her into something new.
She said
exactly the same as last year.
And the year before that
and the year before that.
Long-stem roses
and baby's breath.
Yeah. She really loves that.
It's a classic.
That whole party
is all "classics."
when you're in charge of it,
you will change everything
that you want.
And we will order the roses
in a few days.
And we'll get plenty of rest
and drink buckets of coffee
so we can get everything
done in time.
Are you sure you two don't
want to just bring in
some seasonal help?
you remember what happened
last time?
It was a disaster.
I mean, it takes
a certain kind of person,
and I don't think
that person exists.
Well, I wish I had more time
to help out,
but I'm trying to prove
to Elizabeth
that I will be perfect
at running that place.
We appreciate it, sweetheart,
but Dad and I are not afraid
of a little hard work, so.
[door bell chimes]
Hi. Can I help you?
Yeah. Hi, um, I'm Daniel.
I'm your new neighbor.
I'm opening up
a pet adoption center
down the street.
Wanted to introduce myself.
Ah. It's pet adoption!
Hi. I'm Art.
Come in, come in, come in.
-Uh, that's my wife Barbara.
And this
is our daughter, Julia.
[overlapping] Hi.
Oh. You know each other?
Well, we...
met at a party,
sort of.
I'm Julia, by the way.
So, pet adoption, huh?
Yeah, yeah, it's sort of
a pet project of mine.
Well, every time I say that,
I have to remind myself to call
it a "passion project."
Well, "pet project"
really works in this situation.
Well, Daniel, um,
maybe we should bring by
an arrangement later today?
On us.
Well, well, thank you, but--
Yeah, no, you know what?
They'll probably do it anyway,
no matter what you say.
-[Daniel laughs] Okay.
-Flowers bring luck.
Very nice to meet you.
Why don't, uh,
we go back to work?
[Daniel] Nice to meet you, too.
your folks own a flower shop
and you're a matchmaker?
Is there a correlation here?
Yeah, well, we can't stand
to see people alone.
Freaks us out.
The whole family.
Well, you hang out
in a place like this,
and matchmaking
just sort of fits.
But, you know,
not-- not for you, of course.
The other night,
I just meant to say
not quite my speed.
You're more of
a "meet in real life,
leave it up to serendipity"
Well, um, you have my card.
Tell your folks
I'll see them around.
[sighs deeply]
That was solid work
with Alexis and Jeremy.
Yeah, I'm really happy
for them.
Have you noticed a change
in the clientele?
I mean, like, we used
to market ourselves
as somewhat upscale--
...And that proved
to be somewhat limiting,
if I recall.
Still, I mean, we are
competing with apps
and online services.
I mean, whatever we can do
to help Timothy amp up PR
and attract
more appealing clients,
I think the better off we'll be.
Yes. And also, I think
you should consider
Gwen's proposal
on updating the algorithm.
Let's talk about that
after the party.
I'm open to it, I--
Hey. Are you busy?
I have something here
I want to show you.
"Start-ups boom in Portland."
There goes real estate.
Right. Uh,
this is what caught my eye.
They quote this guy here.
"If clients really
want to get ahead,
my advice
is to stay single."
Mr. "Stay Single."
We should definitely
get this guy a date.
Exactly. If we can match him up
with one of our clients,
the publicity alone would be--
Doesn't seem like
he wants a date.
But Timothy's got a point.
This is publicity
we can't buy.
We need to get on it.
[Elizabeth chuckles]
-Where's my beautiful wife?
You're more beautiful
than you were
when I woke up this morning.
Where are you two off to?
We are celebrating.
We are?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, we are.
I'll tell you all about it.
We'll see you.
Thank you!
[indistinct chatter
over background music]
Happy engagement!
Oh! Thank you!
-Thank you for coming.
-Of course.
Your parents did such
a great job on the flowers.
Well, they will be thrilled
to hear that.
And this space? Oh.
I have loved it for years.
How did you get it?
Matt and his business partner
own the building, actually.
What? You own
the Davenport building?
We do.
-[Matt laughs]
My entire life,
my parents have been doing
parties and weddings here.
I mean, it is a classic.
Oh, boy...
It's Aunt Karen.
The Aunt Karen?
Yeah, you know, she's great,
but this is
going to take forever.
We'll come find you.
hello again.
Well, well,
this is three times, now?
Are we calling this
serendipity yet?
Let's start
with plain, old coincidence.
Bride or groom?
Matt is my business partner.
Ah. So you're Matt's
business partner.
So you were at the dinner
the other night.
I read an article about you
today, actually.
Seems like you have
some business advice
for entrepreneurs?
-Ah, the "Stay Single" thing.
Yeah, I've gotten an email
or two about that,
telling me how wrong I am.
Well, you're a little wrong.
Only a little?
Well, I--
I get what you're saying,
I've stayed single myself
because I'm trying to focus
on my career.
You can be single
and be a matchmaker?
I had no idea.
[laughs] Well,
the shoemaker's children
always go barefoot.
The baker never has bread...
You know...
[Matt] Everybody?
Can we have your attention?
First of all,
Matt and I would
like to say thank you all
for being here.
[Matt] I love this woman
and getting to marry her
is an honor
that I hope to be worthy of.
[guests gushing and applauding]
You should be proud
of your work with those two.
They lived two blocks away
from each other
and went to the same coffee shop
and never met.
They had a 91% match
in our algorithm.
Oh, you two have met!
Daniel is my best man.
We got you a little gift.
Aw, you guys
don't have to do that.
Oh, we did.
This is a free consultation
with the woman
who got us together.
Julia, your newest client
Mr. "Stay Single."
[forced chuckle]
Oh. Hey.
Good morning, Elizabeth.
Is everything okay?
Paris is cold in February,
isn't it?
Last night,
Colin took me to dinner,
and shared
that he's gotten...
well, he's gotten his dream job,
teaching psychology
at the Sorbonne.
That's amazing.
Yes, it is, for him,
but I don't see
that I can go with him.
We've got so much going on.
Wait, go with him,
as in move there?
Well, maybe.
I was thinking I would go
and help him get settled.
And then I would figure out
a schedule
for when we could
visit each other, but--
You should go to Paris.
The party's on track.
Mr. "Stay Single"
was given a free consultation
by former clients.
I'm having a meeting
with him tonight.
Oh. Wow.
And if I play my cards right,
I will have him
at the Valentine's party
with a date.
Well, I guess I could
take a week or so,
call it a little vacation.
Uh, I'm sorry.
Could you say that
one more time?
I know.
I don't take vacations.
Yeah, seven years
I've worked here,
I've never heard you
say the word.
Well, we'd be back in time
for the Valentine's Day Party.
We're not gonna miss that,
of course.
But it's in ten days!
I've got it.
I absolutely have got it.
Oh, ho, ho. Wow!
Look at you and your shiny coat!
[gasps adoringly]
Hey! From my parents.
-Thank you.
-Of course.
[gasping] Hi, Luna!
Hi, girl!
What are you doing here?
You've met?
Yeah, Luna's almost always
at the park that I run by.
I didn't know
those were your volunteers.
Yeah, we needed 'em
after we scooped up some strays
from a local shelter
to set this place up.
[Luna barks for attention]
[laughs] She likes you.
Well, I'm sure you'll find her
an amazing forever home.
Any interest
in adopting a dog?
Yes, but no.
I mean, I'd love to,
I just...
I'm not ready right now.
Oh? So what's holding you back?
But let's not focus on me.
So, Matt and Madison,
they uploaded your name
and your photo
when they paid
for your consult,
but the whole process
includes an interview
and an online questionnaire--
Ah, see,
I've never really loved
filling those out.
You and Matt
had a software company,
but filling out an online form
is a bridge too far?
Well, surprisingly, yeah.
Well, in order to use
the service, we're gonna--
Well, I'm not entirely sure
I want to use your service yet.
Oh! Oh, well, then,
look, I don't want to--
I don't want to waste your time.
It's been
my professional experience,
if you don't feel like
you're ready to date,
then you're usually not.
Well, it's not
that I'm-I'm not ready.
I'm just,
I'm out of practice.
For a while now,
I've been...
Staying single?
Yeah, yeah,
something like that.
Well, now that you have
your pet-slash-passion project
up and running,
you think maybe you have
a little more room in your life?
Never really thought about it
like that.
Okay, so how about
you do the first interview?
We'll take you to some place
you love
and ask you questions.
I think some
of your other advice
is something about
conquering your--
Ah, yeah,
conquering your fears, yeah.
But I'm not afraid.
Then prove it.
[Julia] So, what is it
specifically about this place
that you love?
I just have always
felt productive here.
All of the start-up work
for the software company,
I did here.
And then,
when Matt and I sold it,
I finally had the resources
to help other people
get their projects
off the ground.
Businesses and non-profits,
new hobbies.
So your passion
is other people's passions?
Sound a little like your job?
The passion is up to them,
but I just...
I like helping people.
You know, like helping them
figure it out.
Thank you.
tell me
about the Pet Adoption Center.
Why that?
-Thank you.
Well, I figured,
since I was gonna
help everybody else out,
I might as well set up
a project that I love
and am passionate about,
and I love animals.
That's why the pet adoption.
Well, this is the part
where I normally ask
why would you want to go
on a few dates?
when I do think about it,
uh, I think about Matt.
I've never seen him
so happy before,
and I'm the only one
in my friend group
that's not coupled off.
So, is it
that you feel pressure?
No, I just think...
I think there are times
when I worry that maybe
I've gotten it wrong.
You know,
maybe I'm missing out.
Well, um, the next step
is for you to fill out
the online questionnaire,
which will put you
into the match algorithm.
How much do you trust
this algorithm?
Have you ever
plugged yourself into it?
I was one of first test cases
when we originally
started using it.
But you've never
matchmaker'd yourself?
[laughing] I'm not sure
that's actually a verb,
but, um, also, no.
No, we don't date clients.
Bad for business?
So we'll email you a link
with the questionnaire.
Just fill it out
when you're ready.
Elizabeth's taking a vacation?
She never
takes a vacation!
So, this is my chance to prove
that I've got this
in case
she decides to move there.
Which means we have
a lot of work to do.
First things first,
we're going to make
a few tiny changes to the party.
You mean the catering?
She seems to love
those canaps,
but definitely the flowers
and I was thinking
about changing the venue.
You want
to change the venue, too?
Ten days beforehand?
Yeah, how hard would it be
to create an email blast
to all the RSVPs?
So that we make sure
that everyone knows
that the venue has changed?
It'd take me,
like, ten minutes.
There is this spot
in the Davenport building
that is breathtaking.
Do you think
we can get that space?
I think I know how.
There they are.
Talk to me, Jules.
What's in your budget?
[laughing] What?
Just give us
a little security deposit,
the place is yours.
Wait, you-you can't
give me the space for free.
Why not?
You've done so much for us.
Let us return the favor.
Thank you so much.
It's nothing.
Now, we are gonna be late
for our dance class.
Oh. Excuse us.
Are either of you
coming with us? Huh?
-No. Mm-mm.
Next time.
Come on.
They look so happy.
Yeah, I think
they genuinely are.
All right.
So, say I fill out
this questionnaire.
Then what?
You'd plug me into the system,
match me with somebody,
and-and that's it?
Pretty much.
Are you afraid you're not
gonna be able to give
your "stay single" advice
How's it working out for you?
I'm not the one who was
provided free matchmaking.
But I also understand
being afraid, so...
I'm not afraid.
Well, I mean,
if you don't want to,
because you have
a reputation to keep...
I see what you're doing here.
Do you?
Because, really, it just
seems like a win-win.
I mean,
you get to go on a date,
and someone gets the benefit
of that thing
you do with your eyebrows.
[laughs] That thing I do
with my eyebrows?
Oh, yeah, you know.
All right.
Okay, I'll fill it out.
Great. Link's already
in your inbox.
Oh, hold on.
Let me help you with that.
[Art laughs]
All right, lift with the knees.
One, two, three!
Ahh. Thank you, honey.
Best one in the bucket.
The customers
get the nicest flowers, Dad,
not me and Mom.
No one deserves them more
than you and your mom.
Well, that's sweet,
but you're competing
with wholesalers
and online florists--
Would you stop
worrying about us?
We're plenty busy.
Maybe too busy.
What is that supposed to mean?
Ah, nothing.
Okay. [sighing]
Your mom is always
gonna be unstoppable,
but, uh, I've been thinking
about a change.
I thought the plan was--
No, no, the plan is intact.
We'll stay here
until we retire,
which won't be
for a few years yet.
Your mother loves this store,
you love this store,
and I'm gonna keep on doing it.
I'm just a little tired.
That's all.
Oh, Dad.
Oh. I didn't know
you were coming by.
Uh, well, yes,
actually, have you
ordered the flowers
that Elizabeth wanted
for the Valentine's party?
-I was just about to.
No long stems
and no baby's breath.
This year, I want
something more...
Ooh, I love that!
The reds and the whites
and all
these subtle, pretty pinks.
But a blend of tea roses
and large roses, all together.
Uh, won't Elizabeth have
something to say about this?
Well, she put me
in charge when she's gone,
so I say we mix things up.
You'd think the fact
that I'm marrying
a wedding planner
would make it easy,
but it's nuts.
I can only imagine.
Yeah, you think, "wedding,"
it's just a big party, right?
Then you realize,
it is a big party.
It's a party that's so big,
you have to have rehearsals.
Is that why Madison
keeps saying
I should take a dance class?
Yeah, Madison loves to dance.
And honestly,
the classes are pretty fun.
You should come sometime.
Bring one of
your matchmaking dates.
All right, so,
I finally filled out
that online questionnaire.
And there's a lot of
questions in there.
Yeah, that part
is scary.
No matter how tough
we think we are,
putting ourselves out there
can be pretty terrifying.
is too strong a word.
Why does everybody
keep saying I'm scared?
Well, in three years,
you've been out
with three women.
You bailed on all of them
by the fourth date.
We were selling the company,
we were working hard.
I was busy.
Yeah, you were busy
building a whole personality
around staying single.
If that doesn't point
to being scared,
I don't know what does.
It points to being focused
and driven.
[Matt laughs]
Sure, got it.
Come on, everyone,
let's get back to the hideout.
It's not a hideout!
I enter the information,
then I adjust the equations
that match the data sets
whenever we update
the questionnaire.
Have we ever publicized
the fact that we do both?
It's both online,
and it's personal?
We should definitely
consider messaging that more.
But, for now,
let's get started.
He's in his 30s.
Tech entrepreneur,
helps people with start-ups,
he loves animals,
and he's
an excellent conversationalist
and very charming.
Who do we have?
He got an 85% with Catherine,
and an 87% with Tam.
I thought we matched Tam
with someone already?
Oh, we did,
but they realized
they were better as friends,
and we put her
back into the system.
Okay, well,
I only met Tam once,
but I could see
why they would match.
She's quick and smart...
and, well,
Daniel does need somebody
who can keep up with him.
He's funny and really cute.
Uh... what about Sara?
Uh... uh, teaches
political science.
And I wouldn't describe her
as funny.
Mm, yeah.
Renee, she loves dogs,
writes poetry,
and does stand-up sometimes.
But they're only a 75% match.
I though Elizabeth said
never to dip below 80%.
Sure, but if we just
relied on the algorithm,
we're a glorified website.
And Elizabeth's in France,
so let's take a little risk.
Plus, it'll give us more data
to see if we should
lower the threshold.
Okay, so where is the date?
Boat museum on the river?
Stargazing class?
[gasps] Oh, hey, Luna!
Hi, girl! What's this?
Oh, you like this?
What is that?
Oh, yeah!
You're so cute!
Aww... yeah!
Go get it!
Go get it.
Always nice to see you.
Yeah. I have your information
for your date tonight.
Ahh. Well, who is she?
Her name is Renee
and that's all you get.
They're blind dates,
so you have something
to talk about.
But what does she do?
You'll have to ask her.
Well, how am I even
supposed to recognize her
if I don't even know
what she looks like?
Photos can be deceiving,
and surprise is very important.
Just show up.
She'll have an envelope.
It's a stargazing class
in Waterfront Park.
So, dress warm
and enjoy yourself.
It's easy for you to say.
You're not the one
going on a blind date.
I'm a little out of practice.
[chuckles] Oh!
Luna, tell him
it'll be fine.
[Julia laughs]
Well, I appreciate
the vote of confidence, ladies.
Anyway, what about you?
Friday night.
Don't worry about me.
Just go and have fun.
And be charming.
And the February sky
gives us
one of the most romantic
sets of constellations...
One of the brightest...
Hey. You must be Renee.
Daniel. Hi.
-Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
So, this is, uh...
It's a lot, yeah.
...And Cassiopeia,
in proximity
to this constellation there...
King Cepheus.
It's a love story
you should know.
Now, Cassiopeia,...
So, now that the venue is free
and the flowers are cheaper,
we have more money in the budget
for the party
than we did last year.
Which is great,
except I'm getting
a lot of RSVPs saying no,
and when I reach out
and ask why,
a lot of people are saying
it's the same old party
every year.
Some are--
I've been thinking about that.
We only invite
the success stories, right?
The couples.
What if we invite
all of the clients?
The single ones
as well as the matches?
You think Elizabeth
would go for that?
It's hard to say.
That is incredible.
You know,
this is a really fun way
to spend a Saturday afternoon.
Where did you find this place?
Well, Elizabeth's been saying
that we need to find
more interesting clients,
so I started looking
at various Instagram accounts
of local artists and found--
Wait, wait, wait.
Are we working right now?
Oh, wow!
This is nice.
I like that.
Thank you.
I took a painting class
in college.
I took zero painting classes.
Well, and we could always
use some new office art.
No, no.
We're not hanging mine.
You could totally hang that.
Where do you work?
Matchmaking service.
Yes, it's still a thing--
that's always the next question.
You know, I've thought
about that once or twice.
you are in luck.
Thank you.
Where to?
You want to get some noodles?
Oh, actually,
there's this chocolate tasting
I want to stop by,
see if I can get some
for the party.
You wanna go?
Uh... wait, is that--
Oh, Portland,
you big tiny town.
Daniel. Hi.
Uh, how was last night?
Uh, it was fine.
It was fun.
Renee is nice.
I just think
maybe we're not a match.
Oh, no. I'm sorry.
No, it totally made sense
on paper.
I see why
it should have worked.
You know, first dates
can be awkward.
Awkward how?
Well, you never know
what to talk about it.
It was still nice
to get out there.
So you're open
to another match?
Yeah, yeah.
I'll think about it.
What are you two up to?
Well, there's
this chocolate tasting.
I wanted to stop by
and try a few samples,
see if we can serve it
at our annual Valentine's party.
Which you should be
getting an invite to, soon,
by the way.
Well, I go where
the chocolate is,
as a general rule, so--
Right? Hard pass on any party
without chocolate.
Okay. Give me your painting,
I'll keep it with mine.
Oh, you don't want to go?
I have things to do,
but you two should go
to the chocolate tasting.
But the email said
they have extra spots?
For you two.
Have fun! Bye.
Bring on the chocolate.
Hi. Welcome.
Can I have your name?
Oh, yeah. Julia Palmer
and this is Daniel O'Connor.
He didn't sign up beforehand.
Is that okay?
Oh, absolutely.
Why don't we start you here,
with the chocolate-raspberry
Wow. I'm already glad I came.
[Julia laughs]
Well, hello, everyone,
and welcome to our Chocolate
Valentine experience,
on what we like to call
"The Romantic Ride."
"The Romantic Ride"?
Yeah, I think
that was in the email.
I just skimmed it, so...
[laughing] Okay.
We associate chocolate
with love
because, well, chocolate
works on our brains
the same way
that falling in love does.
So feel free to hold hands
as you walk to each station.
Happy tasting, everyone.
You asked me
all these questions about me,
but I know
hardly anything about you.
Mm. That's by design.
are like therapists,
except we're not licensed
and we tell of your secrets
to everyone.
Great. No. For real.
Go ahead to the next station.
Well, I grew up here,
in Portland.
I love
the rain and the bridges,
and the people are...
just earnest
and have a great sense of humor
about themselves.
And your parents'
adorable shop.
Oh, I love that shop.
I would watch people come in,
and try to buy bouquets
to say...
something as intangible as love
or how they felt
about somebody.
It was...
It was really amazing to watch.
Ah, so the matchmaking
is connected?
[host] Go ahead and move
to your next station, please.
Okay, sure, yeah, maybe.
I guess where
I use an algorithm,
my parents used marigolds.
But it's inspiring...
the way they can work together
and still be so in love.
My parents separated
when I was really young.
And now they just travel a lot
now that they're both retired.
I guess
it just took me a long time
to learn that some people
actually do stay together.
Well, it's more common
than you think.
And people assume
that if you're in love,
it's just bliss,
but it all takes work.
[host] You can move
to the next station.
Well, I-I know that now.
I probably ruined some
relationships in the process.
They all have their lessons,
don't they?
Yeah! What is that? Bergamot?
Powdered sugar--
[Daniel laughing]
-You've got a little--
-Oh, no.
[laughs] May I?
Did you get it?
[both laughing]
Well, if this is not enough
chocolate for your party,
then I will be shocked.
What, this?
This is all for me.
[man strumming guitar]
Do you want to...
Oh... no.
No, we shouldn't.
Yeah, I guess not.
In the street,
double no.
[song finishes]
I'm sorry
Renee didn't work out.
Oh, it's fine.
But if more dates
were like tonight,
dating would be
a lot more fun.
Not that tonight was a date.
No, I get what you mean.
People put a lot of pressure
on a first date,
and it's just best
to have no expectations.
This was fun.
[takes a deep breath]
So, Monday morning,
you could come by
and we'll try to find you
another match?
Yeah. All right.
I'll come by.
-Oh. [laughs]
-Thank you.
[keys clacking]
So, even Mr. "Stay Single"
can't resist.
I was hoping for someone--
-Hey! You're here.
I was just showing everyone
the idea I had over the weekend.
Elizabeth got so excited
about Mr. Stay Single, so--
Okay, well,
that's a little premature.
Let's not
get ahead of ourselves.
Oh, I was just trying
to get ahead of things
for when we eventually do
find him a match.
It's a solid effort, yeah,
but let's just focus on
getting through Valentine's Day,
shall we?
The party is coming up and--
Uh, excuse me.
Wait. Hold on.
Please, let me explain that.
Look, I understand
why your company would want
to use this as a--
That is not our company.
That was
an over-eager employee--
Doesn't matter.
Listen, I understand
if you feel used--
Look, I came here to tell you
that I don't need a matchmaker.
Thank you for trying.
I enjoyed it,
but no thank you.
And the bread... [chuckles]
If I could, I would ship you
entire boxes of Parisian bread.
[laughs] Well, I'm glad
you're having fun.
Is Colin enjoying himself?
Well, we looked at
a very small, little apartment
for him to live in
while classes are in session.
It was perfect.
It was perfect.
what am I gonna do here?
You'll figure it out.
How's the party planning going?
Everything still on track?
More on track
than you could imagine.
The venue confirmed?
The venue's fine.
Great. Flowers?
You will love them.
So, everything else is okay?
[breath catches] Yeah.
Yep, when you get back,
there'll be a few surprises,
Oh, Timothy emailed me
a mock-up of an ad?
I printed it...
Yeah. I wish
he hadn't done that.
So, have we found
Mr. "Stay Single" a date?
Oh, he's, uh...
you know what,
we're still working on it.
That should be priority one.
Let's get him to that party
with a date
so the press can make
a big deal out of it.
You want me to call him?
Oh, no, no, no, no.
I've got it.
Just enjoy your time off.
We've got this.
Okay. See you soon.
You're not gonna tell her
about all the changes
you're making?
Or about Daniel?
The party's gonna be better
than it's ever been,
and once she sees that,
she will realize it.
And, for Daniel...
well, I'm not done trying.
I hope you know
what you're doing.
I do.
You know what?
And let's do it.
Let's open the invite list
to everyone.
What's the worst
that can happen?
We get them all dates
with each other
and cause a big stir
for the bloggers
and press to report on?
We have the budget.
I say let's do it.
So you think they were trying
to use you for publicity?
I'd be a lot angrier about it
if I didn't recognize what
a good business move it was.
"Mr. 'Stay Single'
finds a match."
I see it.
But still, doesn't really
sound like Julia.
I didn't think so, either.
The funny thing is,
I was headed in that morning
to see her
because she and I had been out
together the night before--
You guys went on a date?
Well, not a--
we went to a chocolate tasting.
It was nice.
It was nicer than the date
she set me up on.
Right, so the problem here is
that you're beginning to have
feelings for your matchmaker
instead of the one
she's matching you with?
That's not at all what I said.
It's almost exactly
what you said.
Look, let's just get this team
back to the Adoption Center,
all right?
You really need to find
a better name for that place.
Oh, I got one.
Hey, did you know
in the last two weeks,
we've placed 12 dogs
in forever homes?
I've fallen pretty hard
for Ted, here.
And just last night,
Madison said we have
enough room in our lives.
[Daniel] That's very cool, man.
[Matt] Thank you.
Hey. Where's Dad?
At the bank.
You okay?
You look a little...
You two,
handing out flowers
to whoever comes through.
No, not just to everyone.
Hey, listen,
we changed the arrangements
like you asked,
bought the new flowers,
more of them,
and they're going
to look amazing.
I hope so.
I lost a big client
the other day,
who wasn't technically a client,
but was going to be.
Now Elizabeth is coming back
to a party
that she doesn't recognize,
which I thought was going to be
a good idea, but now--
You've always been invaluable
to that place,
and Elizabeth knows it.
Will you help me
with this, please?
Of course.
Are you okay?
Yeah, fine.
You know this season--
it's exhausting.
Neither of us
is young as we used to be.
Your father
loves this place so much,
but I would consider selling.
Well, have you
talked to Dad about that?
No, no.
No, no, no.
[Art] I'm back!
How was the bank?
Well, the books balanced.
We're ahead for the month,
all systems go.
Oh, honey, here.
Oh, yeah, Mom already tried.
I'm headed back to work.
I just wanted to stop in.
But, but, but, but--
flowers brighten a room.
A bright room brings happiness.
Happiness brings luck.
You're right.
Thanks, Dad.
Good, guys. Cool.
Well, so you're official.
Yeah, we finally have a name.
"Pet Project."
Nicely done.
Well, she's waitin'.
Nobody's swooped you up?
Thank you. Aw!
Hi, girl.
Well, she doesn't
seem to like anybody
as much as she likes you.
Well, I am terribly charming.
Listen, that image you saw
was something that one of
our new employees mocked up.
And in order to make up for it,
I'd like to offer you
more time with our service--
for free.
So you want Mr. Stay Single
to meet someone for publicity?
-Well, this is me being
perfectly honest,
that is what my boss would like,
but I'm just trying
to prove to her
that she can trust me
running her business.
That's a lot of honesty.
It's only fair.
You gave
a full interview of honesty.
The point is, I'm here to help,
and you said you thought
you were ready to start dating.
I can help.
And I would like to.
you want to take over
the whole place, huh?
Do you think you're ready?
Yeah, I really do.
Well, I help people
create things,
so if you wanted
to start your own business,
I could help--
Oh, no, no, no, no.
I don't want to compete
with what Elizabeth built.
I mean, I helped her build it.
If there's anything
I can do to help, let me know.
Come back.
Let me find you another match.
Plus, I throw a spectacular
Valentine's Day party.
Okay, I'll come back--
on two conditions--
the first is that
if I do meet someone
through your service,
that it's not part of
any advertising.
Okay, I can work with that.
What's the other?
The second is that
you at least consider
that you're just as ready
to adopt Luna
as I am to go on some dates.
Oh, I...
Just consider.
Just think about it.
How about this--
I will visit Luna every day
until Valentine's Day.
And then I'll decide.
And I will try to stay open
to the possibility of you
setting me up with someone.
And then you'll check in
at the hostess station,
he'll have a matching envelope,
and that's how you'll know
it's him.
Great. Sure.
Okay. Great.
Don't be nervous.
You've got this.
No. Yeah. I know.
You're sure I can't just see
a photo of him?
I promise you,
he is very handsome.
He's more handsome
than most people should
reasonably be allowed to be.
Oh, wow.
That's very handsome.
-And I can never tell
if he knows
he's that handsome?
If he does, he's not letting on
that he knows.
Anyway, I promise...
he's... he's great.
Time to get back in the game.
Yeah, you said
in your questionnaire
that it's been a while
since you've dated?
It just feels
like getting back out there
is kind of like...
setting yourself up
to feel all of that again.
It is.
And it's also very brave.
So enjoy yourself.
8:00 p.m. reservation.
Just in time.
I have your information
for your date tonight.
What is that?
Oh, Henry.
-Hi. Nice to meet you.
-You, too.
Henry came to me
after a photography class
inspired him to start
a photo booth business.
Listen, do whatever
this guy says
about opening
or expanding your business.
Well, I love--
I love a good photo booth.
It was Daniel
who asked me
all the right questions.
Of which there are, what...
Yeah, yeah.
The first is
"Why would you use the service
or thing that
you're working on?"
The second is "What resources
do you already have?"
Things like that.
[Henry] I wanted
to bring people together.
I'd taken
a few photography classes...
you get the idea.
And which rule
is the part
where you stay single?
It's not exactly
part of the method,
just advice
that I gave off the cuff.
I read that article, too!
I told him
it was terrible advice.
I get being dedicated, but--
All right, all right,
I will stop giving
that particular piece of advice.
Look, the point is,
now Henry does
weddings, events--
you name it.
I hired him to take pictures
of these goofs.
You want to give it a try?
Of course I do.
I remember hearing
sweet, sweet love songs
Sitting up, all alone
I remember wishing
waiting for someone
Someone to call my own
These are great shots.
You know what,
I'm throwing
a Valentine's Day party.
Are you free that night?
It would be great
to get more exposure,
and I could change
my background.
and we're always looking
for new clients
if you're interested.
Oh, matchmaking!
We could trade
free photo booth services
for matching?
Rule number six--
see if you can find
some way to trade services.
Okay, well, I'm in--
as long as Daniel here
brings a few of these
sweet puppies and kittens.
We can make it an extra drive
for pet adoption.
I'm in if Daniel
and the animals are in.
You came up with 10 questions,
all stated in the positive.
They're good to think about.
I'm impressed.
-Thank you.
So, that begs
the first question--
why would you use
a matchmaker service?
I wouldn't.
Ah! The plot thickens.
Well, I wouldn't right now.
You know...
I've been in
successful relationships.
I was actually
almost married once.
He asked, I said yes,
my parents threw
a big engagement party.
All of my friends came.
And he was late to it.
And then he was very late.
And then he missed it.
-Did he have an excuse?
His excuse was
that he didn't actually
want to get married.
Yeah, that hurt.
But, you know,
when the dust settled,
I just...
I wanted to know
that I could be happy
and be alone.
And can you?
And that's exactly what I mean.
Being single is great.
I get to make
my own plans for the holidays.
I can sit around
in my sweats all night
if I want.
Yeah, I like knowing
that I can be okay
on my own two feet.
But sometimes...
It's nice to hold
somebody's hand.
your date.
All the information is in here.
Her name is Chloe,
and that is all
I'm going to tell you.
First dates ever get
any easier?
But they--
thank you--
they get more fun
if you let them.
You get to learn
somebody else's story,
so enjoy yourself.
So who's going to be
spying on me tonight?
That guy from your office?
You saw him at the stargazing?
He's not very good
at keeping a low profile.
Seriously, though, is it going
to be you that's spying on me?
I have my own date
to secretly supervise,
thank you.
have fun.
My office called
for a table for two.
The Matchmakers, yes.
We have a table for two,
with a clear view
of another table for two.
And I'm not going to lie,
I'm living for the intrigue.
We hear that a lot.
Is your assistant coming?
No, but I do have
another employee coming.
Julia, hi.
-I made it.
I've always wanted to go
on one of these incognito dates,
see how they work. Hi.
Let's get you two spies
a table.
Thank you.
So, usually, how I do this
is wait for the couples
to arrive, and--
[Gwen] What?
What's wrong? What?
It's Daniel and Chloe.
-How is that possible?
-I don't know.
[Julia] Timothy.
Hello, Timothy?
Yeah, it seems like
we got the wrong restaurant.
I know. I'm sorry.
I gave you
the wrong assignment.
Should we swap?
No, no, no, no,
just stay there.
We'll figure it out.
So, it's kind of weird
meeting a stranger--
especially a stranger
you have a 91% match with.
Oh, well, I mean,
I like to think of it
as a fun, little mystery.
What should I know?
Well, I am a painter,
and I love dogs.
Ah, now, see,
there we're a match.
Everything okay over there?
Yeah, they look--
How do you normally tell
if it's going well?
Body language.
They're laughing,
so that's a good sign.
Looks like
they're hitting it off.
You know what,
do you think you can handle
the rest of this one
on your own?
Of course.
Everything okay?
Yeah, it's fine.
We're not going
to the dog park?
What? No. Not today.
Are you avoiding Daniel?
No. Why? No.
He's a client.
Reports indicate
he had a good date last night.
He's a client
that you've been spending
a lot of time with.
Matt told me
you guys have been hanging out.
He's been helping out
with a work thing.
What? He has.
It's okay to like him.
Even if he's a client.
Makes it more complicated, sure,
but, it's okay.
I'll admit that I do enjoy
hanging out with him.
And I'll admit that
maybe it's made me miss dating.
Which is fine.
But I am a professional
and I'm going to continue
being a professional about it.
Can we change this subject
to anything else, please?
Dance class?
Matt and I are going
again tonight.
I really think you'd like it.
Do you?
-I mean, I guess I...
I'm going to do it.
I'm going to once again
throw your advice back at you.
-Don't put off--
-Don't put off being happy.
Well, I do like dancing.
Okay, 7:00 p.m.
I'll text you the address.
Well, when I was sending out
the invites,
I noticed that
we hadn't updated
a lot of the people
in our system.
What do you mean updated?
-Well, we update
the questionnaire
every few years
with new questions,
new information,
except we never go back
and re-interview the clients
already in the system.
So some of the clients
have skewed results.
I can't believe
we haven't thought of that.
So, we could run a test
on a few clients.
Let's use me.
I'll answer the new questions,
we'll swap out
my old questionnaire
from years ago,
see if it changes the results.
Plus, it'll give you a chance
to see how
the interview process goes.
Wait, I get to interview you?
Tomorrow morning,
and at the place
I am the most happy--
my parents' flower shop.
Which I am headed
to now, actually,
to check
the final bouquets.
Do you want me
to come with you?
Oh, no, Timothy already asked
to tag along.
He wants to see
if there's another angle
on the party.
[text alert chimes]
What's happening?
The caterer.
Looks like they won't be able
to handle the new venue
or the larger guest list.
Looks like
we're back to square one.
The small roses,
and how the colors
complement each other.
I love the way
you mixed the different colors,
the sizes of the flowers,
the use of height,
Well, you certainly
have an eye for them.
I studied design.
Then film.
Briefly political science.
Then Marketing.
I've studied a lot of things.
And now you're a matchmaker?
No, no.
I just do the marketing.
Yeah, I don't think
I'm great at that, either,
Well, if we were
good at everything
the first time we tried,
we wouldn't know
what we really love,
Mom, these bouquets
look wonderful.
And we'll have
every one of them done on time
if we apply ourselves.
How's everything else going?
Know any good caterers
who can turn something around
real quick?
-[Daniel] Hey.
[Timothy] Oh, hi.
Timothy, you remember Daniel.
I was wondering
if I could maybe
get an interview--
You know what,
let's hold off on that one.
Can you take these
to the back,
to my dad?
-Timothy, this way.
I'm going to show you
some arranging techniques.
Sorry, I just--
I saw you through the window--
I was on my way
to the adoption center.
Listen, I just wanted
to say thanks
for setting me up
on a really excellent
and really rare date.
It was nice to meet somebody
that I could just talk to.
Well, you're welcome.
So you're going
to see her again?
Yeah, I know you let us
pick own second dates,
but do you have any suggestions?
The advice I normally give
is nothing too complicated.
Oh, and not a movie just yet.
You still want to be able
to talk to her on a second date.
How about if I cook for her?
That's a pretty nice date.
Well, I should get back
to planning.
The caterers canceled
last minute,
and now I'm not sure
how I'm going to fix it.
Any advice from
your magic start-up rule book?
Utilize resources
you already have.
Do you like pancakes?
Um, okay, so...
appetizers, a pancake station--
-And your take on canaps--
Elizabeth's favorite
party staple.
It's just really short notice.
I know,
but we are willing to pay you
15% above
your usual catering rate.
It's not about the money.
It's Valentine's Day,
and I have never really had
a reason
to celebrate that before,
but, well...
Well, bring him.
And we will buy you dinner.
At the restaurant
of your choosing.
The night after Valentine's Day.
And a guaranteed contract
for next year's party.
Okay. Deal.
You two are what,
some sort of
Portland power couple
who get what you need
by doing this adorable routine?
Oh, no.
We're not--
I am flattered
that you would think so,
but I'm just a client.
Yeah, well, sign me up.
As long as I can bring Jeremy
as my date.
Of course.
Thank you.
No problem.
Wow, we make a really good--
A really good team,
I know, I know.
Thank you so much.
You're welcome.
I should--
I should get going.
I have a thing
that I have to--
Yeah, me too.
You should come by
and see Luna.
I promised I would.
All right.
Great job, team.
Now let's take
a quick, little water break,
and continue on.
You made it!
I really didn't think you would.
Well, I can't promise
I'll learn all the dance moves,
but just wanted to stop in,
see what it was all about.
Yeah, that's what's
in the air tonight.
[dance teacher]
Now, and let's come to a circle.
Find your partners,
and come to the first position
we were in earlier.
What are you doing here?
This is all Madison.
Yeah, she's been telling me
to come here for a while now.
Julia loves to dance.
[dance teacher]
And here we go!
Watch and learn.
you ready for this?
-Want to do it anyways?
So, it looks like
we're all set up
for your next date.
Can we not talk about work?
Yes. Thank you.
-Let's just--
Yes. Yeah.
[dance instructor]
Okay, new partners, everyone!
Thanks for the dance.
[door bell jingles]
Whenever I'm in here,
I remember
how amazing this place is.
Especially first thing
in the morning.
The scents
all mingle together.
It just smells
so fresh and green.
I have us all set up over here.
So, from what I've seen--
that is usually
your first question--
why this place?
Well, when I was little,
I watched people come in here
and buy flowers
for all different occasions--
you know, Valentine's Day,
proms, weddings.
All for love.
What is it about the flowers?
I think the flowers do
the same thing that love does.
It just brings everything
to a halt.
You walk into a room,
this one little pop of color
just draws you right in.
It's kind of like
falling in love.
It does the same thing.
You can't think of
anything else but them.
Next question.
Why did you sign up
for this service?
Oh, well.
That's not applicable,
so let's just--
Come on.
Well, I did forget
how much I loved dancing.
The strength
of someone's shoulder
when you put your head
against it.
That would be nice again.
You know
that's possible, right?
-Of course,
I see it happen to our clients
over and over again.
For you, I mean.
Okay, all right,
next question, keep going.
What would be your ideal date?
Oh, wow...
Okay, Elizabeth
will be back tomorrow,
and the Valentine's Day Party
is all systems go
for tomorrow night.
So, we just have
a few more matches to make,
including... Henry.
He's a very nice guy.
Oh, I wanted to mention,
I did a little bit of
updating the algorithm,
and I found a way
to flag clients
who have dated in the past.
-Oh, great.
We've wanted to do that
for years.
How did you--
Wait. Are you--
Are you saying
that Photo-booth Henry
is Chloe's ex?
-Portland's a big city
but a small town.
Oh, correct,
but I hired Henry
to run the photo booth
for tomorrow night's party.
Well, I should probably warn--
-Warn potential clients
that they might be
at the same party
with their exes?
Elizabeth. Hi.
We thought
you were coming back tomorrow.
Caught an earlier flight.
And then this morning,
when I called the caterer
to ask a question,
I learned they're not coming.
We handled that--
And then found out
about a new venue.
And whoever this Henry here is,
is going to be confronted
by his ex-girlfriend.
Not necessarily.
Luckily, our team here
caught it in time
to avoid any issues.
What else have I missed?
So you took the opportunity
while I was gone
to redo the party?
Without asking?
Yes, but it's not that
I was trying to be sneaky,
I was just trying
to improve things.
And at zero cost.
The point is,
I put you in charge of something
I'd already handled.
And when we found out
that RSVPs were down
because people were tired
of the same thing,
we improvised.
Without asking.
I didn't want to bother you.
So, yes, I made some changes.
Different flowers,
a new place,
we opened up the guest list.
-To whom?
To all of our clients,
not just the successful couples.
So, we're just putting
everyone in a room now?
Our process involves
several steps.
We're giving them
an opportunity for serendipity,
kismet, to meet in person.
So we're saying
our process isn't necessary?
For some people, it isn't.
I see.
I think
if you give it a chance,
you'll see that it works.
I think you should probably
tell whoever it is
that tomorrow's photo booth...
is going to interfere
with a client's evening.
[Julia] Hey.
Where's Luna?
she's out on a walk, actually.
Are you avoiding me?
No, no, just busy.
The party, and work,
and yes.
Yes, I have been.
I'm sorry.
I also came to tell you
that I think we have to cancel
the photo booth.
Turns out that Henry is--
-Chloe's ex.
I know.
You do?
He called her,
and then he called me.
He's my client.
Anyway, he put
two and two together
and he just didn't want
everything to be awkward.
I see.
-Don't cancel him.
He'll bring the photo booth,
and the puppies,
and the kittens,
and a couple of volunteers
with info about pet adoption.
Well--well, then
everybody's being very adult,
so I guess I just--
can get going.
something I need to be
honest with you about.
The other day when I came in,
and I saw the ad
that you guys made
with my giant face?
Again, that was
a mistake, and--
I know, I know.
It's all right.
The reason that I was coming in
was that I wanted
to cancel my service.
I wanted to take you out.
And I chickened out,
but then you were
really insistent
about setting me up
with Chloe, so.
Well, you're a client,
and in order to keep
a professional level of--
-No, I know, I know.
Once it was clear
that you were serious about
setting me back up with her,
I just sort of took the hint.
Julia, hi!
Hi, baby. Hi.
Okay, well,
I guess we've got
everything in order...
I'll just...
Oh, did you tell her
about tomorrow night?
You know, actually,
I didn't get that far.
Chloe and I were thinking
that maybe because
it hasn't been so long,
and with all the pressure
of Valentine's Day,
maybe the party's
not our best move.
It just all seems like
a bit much.
I see.
Yeah. Well, I...
I totally get that.
Well, um, take care,
and, Luna,
I will see you tomorrow night.
[Chloe] Daniel.
Are you okay?
There you go, sir.
Thank you so much. Come again.
Hello, honey!
We made it.
Oh, wow.
These flowers--
they look incredible.
I was going to stop by
and help you guys finish up,
but you two look well-rested.
Now, Julia,
your mother tells me
that you told her that secret
I asked you not to mention.
Well, but the two of you--
-He's kidding.
Stop it, Art.
You were right.
We needed to be
a little more open than usual,
with each other.
Yeah, we were being
a little stubborn.
And needed to admit that
we needed help with the store.
Wait, are you saying that
you two finally
approved of someone?
Who is this unicorn?
Me, actually.
Yeah, I just called Elizabeth
about an hour ago.
She was really nice about it,
and I'm going to stay on
until we find
the next marketing person.
She even told me
to go to the party.
for someone
who doesn't like change,
she's full of surprises.
Yeah, I think
it was pretty clear
that I wasn't cut out
for that last job.
I just want
to work with my hands.
And he has a real eye for it.
[Timothy] Let me get these
out to the car.
Honey, you look...
is everything okay?
Let's just say
what I thought was going to be
one of my greatest successes
turned out to be
a series of mistakes.
Welcome to running a business.
[Art] You know, once you get
to the top of something,
sometimes, success and failure
can be
a bit of a high-wire act.
[Barbara] Everything has a way
of working itself out.
Yeah, until it doesn't.
That was, without a doubt,
the worst pep talk
I've ever gotten.
I'm sorry.
Look, the point is,
doing your best--
that's all you can do.
The rest of it is just
keeping your chin up.
All right, well,
I'll see you both tonight?
-See you then, honey.
-It's gonna be great.
-Bye, guys.
You all look
absolutely amazing.
Every workplace should clean up
as nicely as we do.
You look nice.
I don't even recognize
this party.
I haven't tasted the food yet,
but I am very impressed
with this space so far.
Listen, about Daniel--
I already spoke with Timothy.
He told me
the reporter
from the "Portland Weekly"
will just ask
one or two questions.
Daniel decided
not to join us this evening.
I see.
In my defense,
we did find him a match,
just coming to the party
seemed like a lot for them.
When I was in Paris,
I came to the conclusion
that I was ready
to take a step back,
and then I came back,
and everything was different.
I really was
just trying to prove
that we could change
for the better.
That's what I can't decide.
Whether or not it's hard
because it's different
or hard because it's better.
[text alert chimes]
I get that I moved too fast
and some things
got lost in the shuffle, but--
You may have just
gotten an alert, and--
Can we have a minute, Gwen?
[Gwen] It's about
your updated profile.
How did this happen?
We have a 100% match?
I was updating the algorithm,
and I--
You've made a match
with a client?
Do you have feelings for Daniel?
I do.
Elizabeth, it's perfect.
Oh, thank you.
[Colin] Julia.
Nice to get away
from the fray, huh?
Hi, Colin.
Congratulations on the new job.
-Oh, thank you.
This party is a bit different
than last year, isn't it?
Yeah, I guess I didn't...
I didn't know how much
those details
mattered to Elizabeth.
-They don't matter
to Elizabeth.
They matter to me.
Yeah, well...
We both worked
at the Clinton House Hotel,
all through college,
and more than 30 years ago,
we both
snuck out of our shifts,
and crept upstairs
into the party.
We worked different departments,
so I didn't know who she was...
...but when I saw her,
I just knew we were...
she was the only thing
I could see from then on.
You two seem so happy.
Couples like you,
couples like my parents--
it's why I wanted to make
the party bigger and better.
And that's what I think
Lizzie is feeling.
You see, that night,
we ate canaps
from Chez Martin,
and thought they were
the most delicious things
that we had ever eaten.
Afterwards, I sent her a bouquet
of long-stem roses and--
-Baby's breath.
It's not that she threw
a party every year.
-It's just that
she threw the same party.
Listen, don't beat yourself up.
Me and my wife are...
are learning to adapt
to new things.
You know what,
I think we are dressed
way too nicely
to be standing in a cloakroom,
so shall we?
I'll catch up.
Hello, everyone.
I'd like to welcome you
with a toast.
As you may have noticed,
this year, we've done
a few things differently.
None of us
would be here tonight,
in this room together,
if it weren't for the efforts
of Elizabeth Johnson.
For years, she's united
couples here in Portland,
and so, in her honor,
I would like to ask
all the couples in this room
to gather around,
and raise your glass.
Here's to you.
[Elizabeth] Julia, wait.
Happy Valentine's Day.
I hope putting you two
on the spot wasn't too much.
No, not at all.
I should have realized
you knew what you were doing,
or at the very least
told you
why I was being so rigid.
I should have run
all of this by you.
But look at it.
It's the best party
we've had in years.
We're a matchmaking service,
and we are making matches
at an exceptionally high rate.
I mean, just look around.
It's nice to see.
I would be honored
to appoint you
head of the firm.
Colin has supported me
in my dreams long enough.
It is time
that I went to Paris...
and supported his.
I would be honored
to take it on.
-We'll talk more on Monday.
Go find your match.
Hey, what ya
Hey, what ya
Hey, what ya waiting for?
Hey, what ya
Hey, what ya
Hey, what ya waiting for?
Let's go right now!
Are ya with me?
Let's go right now!
Stay here with me
Hey, what ya
Hey, what ya
Hey, what ya waiting for?
Hey, what ya
Hey, what ya
Hey, what ya waiting for?
Look at
this gorgeous, old lady.
She's so sweet.
I didn't take you
for a cat person, Gwen.
I'm just as surprised as you.
Look, I think I got my surprise.
[Luna barks]
Hi, Luna!
Hi, precious.
I think I got mine, too.
Who do I talk to
about adoption papers?
I can help with that.
Daniel. Hi.
Where's Chloe?
Uh, dance floor, I believe.
You know,
the more we talked,
the more we realized
we liked the idea of opening up
our lives to somebody new...
we just weren't
thinking about each other.
So you came tonight...
I came for you.
I couldn't stop
thinking about you,
what you're trying to do,
and what our score
with your algorithm would be
if you checked.
I ran it after your first date
with Renee.
Out of curiosity.
48% is brutal.
Turns out, though,
that was my profile
from five years ago.
What I wanted back then
was different.
I wanted so badly
to make a life
for myself alone
before I found somebody
that I could share it with.
Did you?
Oh, yeah.
Listen, Luna and I are going
to take the longest walks.
I have a life I love,
and I was afraid
if I added someone to it...
It would change it too much?
Yeah, me too.
I think we were both wrong.
100% wrong?
That was our score,
when I retook
the questionnaire--
so I'm scared.
Me too.
So, we're scared,
and let's do it anyway?
I want to be the one
you want
Oh, yeah, baby
I want to be the one
you want
I want to be
the one you want
I'm a lot less scared
than I was seconds ago.
Yeah, me too.
You're my strongest
In withdrawals
I need it
You're my secret fix...
You're my secret fix
Need you more than breathing
I was broke, you healed me
Ain't no drug like this
No, no drug like this
Don't you think it's time
we cross that lover's line?
Baby, say you'll be mine
If you're up for it
I'm all yours now
If you're up for it
I'm down
If you're up for it
I'm all yours now
If you're up for it