Matchmaker Christmas (2019) Movie Script

[whimsical holiday music]
Since I was a kid, I
always felt awkward
and uneasy with myself.
Through learning to drive,
acne, doing laundry,
going to college,
each was unbearable
because I was incomplete.
I hadn't met Linda.
But now that I
have her in my life
I don't ever want to let her go.
I am so grateful for you.
I love you.
I love you too.
So cute.
Oh, and we can't
forget the reason
that we're all here tonight
and that is our
dear friend Maggie.
That's right.
She brought us together.
Thank you, Maggie.
Thank you.
To Maggie.
[glasses clinking]
[whimsical music]
This is all because of you.
Oh I'm just so happy
that it worked out.
You're coming to
the wedding, right?
Yeah of course.
Oh, Linda.
We need a picture.
Maggie, can you take it?
Yeah, definitely.
Okay, thank you.
All right, ready?
One, two, three.
Don't tell me,
another happy couple.
Yup, went to their
engagement party last night.
I wish they could get married
in time for Christmas.
I guess it would be a lot to
plan but it would be romantic.
Come on, this isn't a victory.
It has to be a lucky guess.
Don't say guess, all right?
You don't have this track
record by mere guesses.
And yet I don't see
your photo up there.
That's because I'm too
busy helping other people
fall in love.
How do you even know
this many people?
I moved around a lot.
Oh, yeah.
So yeah I finished the edit
on the Wilmington
Heights manuscript.
Book three?
Uh huh, and Dale's
supposed to have
an outline to me for book four
by the end of the month.
Between you and me, I think
he's gonna need a break.
Don't we all?
I heard we're about
to sign a new author
and I'm leaning towards
assigning him to you.
Okay, yeah, fine. I think
I could take on one more.
Good, I'll have more details
as soon as it's finalized.
Company Christmas party.
Oh, yeah, when is it?
The 20th.
I hate these.
I thought everybody
looked forward to them.
Trust me, compared to
all the other companies
I've worked for, this
one is top notch.
On the surface maybe,
but I hate having to get a date.
You don't have to bring a date.
People notice when I don't.
That awkward conversation is
they introduce their dates
and look around like
hey, where's your date?
Last year, I went
with my brother.
It wasn't any better.
[gasps] I could
find you somebody.
A setup?
That's worse.
No, really, it's kind of
become a hobby of mine.
I just paired up two friends,
they're getting married.
And then earlier this year
was Allie from reception
and then before that was
Stewart in the mail room.
And I also paired up a neighbor
with the daughter of the
VP of our nonfiction.
Really, Bruce's daughter?
She's super tricky
but I totally did it.
Oh, it's not important.
Excuse me, Amanda, hey.
A couple questions for
you on the expense report?
Which ones?
Well, this one.
Dinner to smooth things
over with Thea Greensboro.
You know what, go for it.
And this one?
Company Christmas gifts
for the fiction authors.
Wait, wait, you want
me to pair you up
for the Christmas party?
And this one.
And please, whatever you
do, make it painless.
Oh yeah.
Yeah yeah, of course.
Oh, that one I don't remember.
Don't you have notes on
these, or can't you call?
That's fine, I'll
think of something.
[Maggie giggling]
Uh oh, what?
You're gonna hate it,
you're gonna hate it.
I'm bracing myself.
Amanda wants me
to find her a date
for the Christmas party.
Haven't you met your
quota for the year?
No, you can't have too
much of a good thing.
Yes you can.
You think you can find her
a soulmate by Christmas?
You wanna bet on it?
No, no, no.
And listen, I don't
need your negative vibes
on this one, okay?
[whimsical Christmas music]
Oh, I have no idea what to
get mom and dad this year.
Dad says slippers, no
books, and good children.
He says that every year, Nicole.
Now when is he gonna
realize we're adults?
Although Andrew and I are
hanging on to that for our kids.
Oh yeah, what is it they want?
Sawyer wants board
games and Tammy wants
superhero action figures.
Any hints for mom?
She says she wants
a massage table.
Oh yeah, well, she'll
never use that.
I'm gonna claim that one then.
I don't care if
she doesn't use it
as long as I have
something from her list.
Great, so you're gonna
make me be creative?
Yup, you're good at it.
Okay so help me brainstorm.
I just gave you a
whole bunch of ideas.
No, no , no, I'm not
talking about presents.
I'm talking about men.
I'm trying to find
a date for my boss
for the Christmas party.
I don't know.
Come on, cough up all
the friends that we know.
I'll even consider
Oh, the dental hygienist
from Andrew's office?
Yeah, Andrew thinks
he's a good worker.
Well I guess I was thinking
somebody more
distinguished and settled.
You must be kissing
up to your boss.
No, it's not that at all.
She's just, she's a really
good person, all right?
The boss part, that's
not even a factor.
Come on, who do we know?
Oh, Marvin.
He owns a cafe
around the corner.
Oh yeah, you love that place.
Do you know him that well?
Oh he is super sweet.
He's divorced but he's
a really hard worker.
Do you realize you always fixate
on setting other people
up but never yourself?
Well, not since Jaxson.
Hey, don't, no, don't.
Don't say his name, all right?
[phone beeping]
Oh wait, you know what?
I think I gotta go.
Hey, you wanna go in
on something for Dad?
Yes, I do.
Can you just tell me what
you end up getting him?
Thank you.
See ya.
Oh hey, did you hear?
Christmas book I designed
is flying off the shelf,
the ebook too.
And it's all because
of your cover design,
it has nothing to do with
what the author wrote?
I'm just saying.
Uh huh.
I feel a sense of pride here.
Well, that is great.
Oh, Amanda's looking for you.
Probably so you two can
plan her romantic future.
I think you'll be
happy with the editor.
Here she is.
Maggie, I'd like to introduce
you to Jaxson Jones,
I'm sure you've heard of him.
Jackson's been looking
for a change in publisher
and we are delighted
he's chosen us.
You'll be his editor.
Oh that's great news.
Yes it is.
It's nice to meet you.
Yeah it's nice to meet you too.
I've heard so much about you.
I look forward to
hearing thoughts
about your next book.
I have time right now.
Right now?
Okay, sure.
All right, yeah, I'll go see
if the conference
room is available.
This is great.
What's wrong?
Nothing, nothing.
Wow, I almost believe you.
Jaxson Jones.
I thought that was him!
You can never tell because
the book jacket photo
is always too glammed
up to be recognizable
or it's in black and white.
Well, he's my new
author so there's that.
Oh, well lucky you.
Not really.
'Cause I almost married him.
Mr. Jones, have a seat.
It's been a long time.
It's good to see you.
Yeah, yeah.
You look good.
How you been?
How about we just
talk about you?
All right, what is it that
you're wanting to do next?
Well, I'm kind of
tired of the mysteries
and thrillers I've been writing.
So I wanna dabble in
some other genres.
Hmm, that's risky.
Well it doesn't mean
I'm gonna stop writing
my bread and butter.
But I think I've earned the
right to do what I want.
All right, yeah no,
I'm gonna have to
run that by Amanda
and maybe a couple others.
Why is that?
Oh you know, I
don't know the terms
of your contract
but I can imagine
it's a pretty lucrative one
here at Red Lake Publishing.
It's fair.
I just think that they're
gonna want to, you know,
make sure that they
recoup whatever it is
that they're paying you.
And writing in a different
genre would jeopardize that?
Oh, it's a precaution.
Is that why you were shopping
around for other publishers?
Oh, you know, I'm just asking.
Did they not like the
whole new genre thing?
No, that's, that's
not why I left.
Could you just stop
note taking for a sec?
It's a meeting, it's my job.
Yeah but you don't,
why don't I collect my
thoughts a bit more?
Is there a way I can reach you?
Oh yeah.
There you go.
Thank you.
My info.
Well it was good to see you.
You know, I was wondering
what it would be like
if we ran into each other again.
And I have to admit,
it's pretty much
as awkward as I imagined.
Yeah, so now that we've
gotten that out of the way,
I think it's best if we
just get back to work.
Sounds good.
He seems nice, he's
your type, right?
No, no.
So what happened with you guys?
I guess not.
When were you engaged?
It was my second
year of college.
Was he a jerk or something?
It's complicated.
So why didn't you marry him?
There were so many obstacles.
Okay, like what?
For starters I got the
scholarship to Oxford
and I really wanted to go for it
and he got upset
and so we broke up
and I mean, you know.
Yeah, yeah, it sounds like
it wasn't meant to be.
And then was it my parents?
No, actually, my whole family,
they had issues
with his aspirations
to become an author.
That's funny, considering.
Yeah so there was the age thing,
and there's the
scholarship thing.
We were just too
young to be in love.
Like Romeo and Juliet?
Or Bella and Edward.
Wesley and Buttercup.
Except for the fact that
all those people you listed
were actually in love.
Like Samson and Delilah.
[Dean laughing]
What are you doing here?
I'm waiting for you.
Well, I want to talk about,
listen, if we're gonna
be working together,
it can't be like that.
I don't know what you mean.
Yes you do.
But we're not
handling this right
and if we don't address
it, it's gonna get worse.
Look, Mr. Jones, I
really appreciate you
Mr. Jones?
Come on.
Jaxson, I can't just pretend
that this isn't weird.
Fine, let's just
admit that it's weird.
I don't know how
that's any better.
Well, we're grown up now, right?
We can say the past is in the
past and we'll move forward.
I think that's a lot
easier said than done.
I think we're strong
enough to try.
So what do you say?
Can we start over?
So, why don't we try all
this again another day.
I'll bring my story notes
and we can look them over.
Yeah, okay.
How about tomorrow?
Yeah, that's fine.
Good night, Maggie.
[light piano music]
Date options for Amanda.
Who else?
Oh, shoot.
Hey, Amanda.
Oh hey, you cycling today?
No, actually I was
gonna stay for a run
but I was hoping to
catch you on a break
because I have a list of 11 guys
that I think will
be great for you.
I don't think I
have time to meet
that many guys before Christmas.
Well no, I brought you pictures.
You have random men's pictures?
They're not random, okay?
I know each of these
guys, and besides,
you know, photos, those
aren't really hard to get.
I'm surprised you went
through all this hassle.
Oh it wasn't a hassle at all.
There you are.
Okay, so I know that
there's more to a person
than a photo.
So think of this sort of like a,
A sampling, okay.
And I can tell you a
little bit about each one.
Do you have a pen?
Yeah I do.
Where'd it go, there.
There you go.
Wait, don't you wanna
know about, okay.
How's that?
Well, I'm actually
surprised there's any left.
Let's keep it reasonable.
Okay so what I'll
do is I'll go ahead
and set up a time for
you to meet each of them.
Meet them?
Yeah like one on one, but yeah.
Okay, something
quick, a coffee date.
Coffee, really?
There's not really
potential there
to have like a
deep conversation.
I don't really have
time for these things.
Is there any way you could set
them all up on the same day?
Well that's not really romantic.
You know, you're
like oh my gosh,
it's so nice to meet you,
I love your eyes, next!
Have I mentioned that
I don't enjoy dating?
Have I mentioned I
think it's 'cause
you haven't met
the right guy yet?
Of course.
Okay, so I'll go ahead
and I'll set you up.
Thank you.
[R&B music]
We wish you a
Merry Christmas
Hi, Maggie.
Listen, I have somebody
that I want you to meet.
Oh, you always threaten that.
Marvin, you're gonna
really like her.
Okay, just text me the details.
I will, okay.
Here we go.
Still got that flair.
Social butterfly charm?
Friends with everybody.
Oh I mean, yeah,
I mean I guess so.
All right, so, shall we?
And I wasn't kidding
about new genres for me.
Okay, what are you thinking?
Christmas book.
Obviously not for this year,
but could be fun, right?
Yeah, I mean, Christmas,
that seems to be a genre
that other successful
authors have crossed over to
and done pretty well in
so that'd be great.
But you know, I think we're
gonna need something else
other than just Christmas.
Oh, don't worry.
I got more.
Period piece.
Character driven,
one person struggle
through the civil war.
Ooh, and I also have a mystery
that's set with a
scientific background.
Oh no.
Don't like it?
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Sorry to interrupt.
I'm Nicole.
Oh, I remember you just fine.
This is Jaxson.
What are you doing here?
I'm working with Maggie's
publishing house.
Oh, that's interesting.
Doing what?
He's an author, Nicole.
Wow, pulled that
one off after all.
You been writing long?
He's a bestselling author.
I've been writing for a while.
Good for you.
Hey so we really need to
get back to our meeting.
Sure, I'll call you later.
It's good to see you again.
So, where were we?
Scientific background.
He's still just as
smug as I remember him.
I mean really, does
15 years or whatever
do nothing to improve a person?
He wasn't smug,
it was just work.
I'm just glad you
listened to mom and dad
and left him behind.
Are you listening?
Yes, yes Nicole.
He's still no good.
Look, you guys always
love to say that
but Jaxson never
did anything wrong.
He was trying to hold you back.
By marrying me, really?
All I'm saying is don't
do that wistful thing
and look back at all
of the good memories
and forget the bad.
Okay and I'm just
saying there really were
no bad memories.
You guys just never approved of,
okay you know what,
just forget it okay?
He's an author, I'm an editor.
It was just work.
I'm gonna hold you to that.
Good night, Nicole.
Good night.
[light Christmas music]
Please tell me he's
not in a red suit.
No, you're meeting him
at the coffee shop.
There he is.
Yeah, better than
his picture, right?
Which one is he?
Alan, okay.
Yup, all right, go ahead.
Wait, aren't you
gonna introduce me?
[laughing] no.
No, if I get dragged in there
you'll use me as a crutch.
Come on, go ahead,
you'll be fine.
Um, Alan?
Nice to meet you.
Hi, nice to meet you.
Thank you for
coming. Have a seat.
Oh, I forgot about
the height difference.
It's not gonna work.
It was great to meet you.
Yes, no, thanks for
your time, really.
It was awesome.
Hopefully we do this again.
No, I'll just.
All right.
Thank you.
Take care.
Right, so how did it go?
He's nice.
Okay, look, that was my fault.
I didn't really think
through Alan as an option
or if you liked
a certain height.
We were in two different
atmospheric levels.
Look, don't worry
about it, all right?
Look, Steven is next.
He's super nice.
He loves books, he
reads all the time.
You guys are gonna have
a lot to talk about.
[sighs] Fine.
I've been looking
forward to this.
Yeah, I devour books.
And Maggie had a lot of great
things to say about you.
Oh, thank you.
She says you're an avid reader.
That's putting it mildly.
Any favorites?
Well, my favorites,
I'm sorry to admit
are actually from
another publisher
but I'm sure you've
heard about them.
HalfBlood Fiend, Galaxy Feud,
Rise of the Orcs, and
Into the Black of Space.
Science fiction.
And fantasy.
What are you doing here?
I'm supervising, I guess.
Amanda's meeting somebody
so I'm just making
sure it's all okay.
And does she know you're
here watching her?
I'm not crazy.
I'm actually, I'm
setting her up.
It's kind of this hobby of mine.
Huh, that's new.
At least in the last 15 years.
Yeah I like pairing up friends
that I think will get along.
Yeah it's kind of fun.
Any of them work out?
Yeah, actually six
couples are married.
Yeah. A few of them
are still dating, so.
Any breakups?
One or two.
So how are they doing?
So Maggie tells me
that you're over
the whole fiction department.
Any chance that your
company might be getting
into the scifi
and fantasy room?
It's not our specialty.
We do have a few titles
that have an element
of science fiction.
But nothing quite as
concentrated as what you like.
You know what, I wanted to
show you some of the figures
from the genre's readership.
We're a devout group.
And I mean just look at
what Rise of the Orcs
did in sales.
I think they're doing okay.
That doesn't look good.
Yeah it doesn't look promising.
Yeah, I should go save her.
Better luck next time.
Thank you.
It was good to see you.
You too.
Maybe we should get
in line and tell Santa
I need a date for Christmas.
Okay look, I think
if you just looked
at some of these guys that you
crossed out without meeting,
No offense, but, how
did any of your friends
ever get together?
Sometimes it's a little bit of a
you know, learning curve.
Oh hey, here's Marvin.
Okay, so he owns the cafe
around the corner from work.
He's super nice.
Maybe, start with the bad
and then I can be
pleasantly surprised.
So Maggie tells me
that you work together.
And how did the two of
you know each other?
Oh well, she just kept
coming into the cafe
and well over time,
we started talking.
She's a good soul.
She's bolder than I am.
I'm not one to talk
easily with strangers.
Ah, that's those childhood
warnings from your mom.
Stranger danger!
It's always been hard for me
to strike up a conversation
with someone I don't know.
Well I think you're
doing just fine.
They're exchanging numbers.
This is good.
It's really good.
So you set up a second date?
Okay, that's excellent.
Isn't he nice?
He's so nice.
Okay, don't get too crazy.
Yes, Marvin is
nice, and handsome.
And I can respect him, unlike,
Steven, I know, I know.
Okay so what can I do to help?
Marvin suggested a couple
of options for dinner.
Italian, a boutique
Chinese place, or,
Or he offered to make
me dinner at his cafe.
Is that weird?
No, it's not weird.
That's romantic.
None of those iffy waiters in
loud, overcrowded restaurants.
It's perfect, what time?
Right, so the cafe
closes at eight
so it'll just be the two of you.
He'll be cooking.
Oh, pick that one.
What if it gets awkward?
Oh it won't, no.
Marvin's really good at
making people feel welcome
and cared for.
Okay, if you're sure.
Totally sure.
Posters for Marguerite
Van Kelly's book signing
are in the conference room.
Okay, yeah great,
I'll pick them up in the
morning before the event.
You want me to stick around?
I can wait to go to lunch.
No, I'm fine, thanks.
I wasn't expecting you.
Well, I finished the
preliminary outline
for my Christmas book.
Ready for your feedback.
Oh well, you could
have emailed it.
Yeah, I guess I could have.
Okay great yeah, I'll
take a look at it.
Hey do you wanna get
out for a little bit?
I got a lot of work.
You can take a break.
There's something
I want to check out
for the Christmas book.
It's kind of like research.
Yeah, I don't,
Come on, don't you
wanna make sure it works
for the book?
Yeah I guess I can fit it in.
[light music]
So a sleigh ride?
You really had to research this?
Well, you ever been on one?
Well a hay ride.
That counts, right?
No it does not.
I'm all about authenticity.
Oh right.
And all of your novels about
world domination schemes
really highlights that.
You never rode one
of these in New York?
Didn't have much need
for a sleigh ride
in any of my action novels.
So why'd you decide to
leave the Big Apple?
I got tired of it.
And when was that?
About two months ago.
So you decided to
move back home.
I'm surprised you
decided to move home.
Work's taken me a
bunch of places, so,
Yeah, Junior Copy
Editor at the Herald,
writer and editor at
that magazine company,
Health Magazine?
The Lifestyle Magazine, sadly.
What happened next?
There was the Technical Editor
at that textbook publisher
and then well there was
just a few in between there.
Oh, riveting.
Took a while jumping around.
Maybe I was trying to
flesh out my resume.
Sure you were.
Okay, and your career,
really, the book that
makes your career,
A Tiger's Burden?
Yes, please, tease
me about that.
Okay, I will.
I'm strangely proud of it.
Wait, does that
mean you read it?
Yes, I did.
Please tell me you've read some
of my better stuff since then.
What, you've had better stuff?
I walked into that one.
You did.
So Nicole's married.
Noticed the ring.
Yeah actually, she
has two kids too.
That sounds great.
I'm really sorry
about the other day.
She still hates me.
No, I mean, it's not that she,
she doesn't hate you.
She just,
yeah she hates you. [laughing]
She hates you, I'm sorry.
I can never figure out what
I did to get on her bad side.
And you?
What about, you know,
your relationships?
A few, but, nothing special.
I've been really busy with work
so there's that, you know.
Yeah, I find it kind of hard
to really get to know
anyone these days,
what with the author persona.
It's all anybody sees.
Oh yeah, it's the price of fame.
I guess so.
I'm so sad.
But it is nice to talk to
someone who knew me before.
There you go.
Thank you.
So Marvin's making a raspberry
bread pudding Thursday.
Oh, I don't think I've ever
had that in his cafe before.
Well he asked me my
favorite dessert,
my favorite fruit, and voila.
He's doing a lot to prepare.
It seems like he
wants to impress me.
Well that's a good
thing, isn't it?
I don't want him to be
disappointed though.
In you?
No, never, don't
worry about that.
Or if it doesn't work out,
I don't want this all
to be a waste of time.
Well why would it be?
I don't know.
Maybe I'm just nervous.
Yeah, well don't be, all right?
Just enjoy it.
Dating can be risky
but it can also be
kind of fun too.
Oh, Marguerite needs me.
Okay, I'm gonna head
back to the office.
Okay, Amanda, look,
you deserve to find
somebody that you love.
Just give Marvin a chance.
[light music]
[sentimental music]
[chimes ringing]
I hope you're hungry.
Oh, I hope you can
save the leftovers.
Please make yourself
Oh, you look nice.
Thank you.
What can I get for you? How
can I get you started here?
It all looks good.
Favorite bread.
Asiago cheese, rye, sourdough?
All righty.
What is that?
That is a special
house blend of mayo.
Secret recipe?
Of course, yeah, yeah.
Okay meat, and cheese.
Turkey and that one.
That one, good choice.
Thank you.
There we go.
So how long have
you had your cafe?
Oh, seven years.
I don't normally make sandwiches
but if they all look like that,
You'd eat them every night.
Oh, soup?
Do you ever get tired of it?
Of food?
And cooking.
Let me ask you this.
If you get a few
minutes to yourself,
do you still like to read?
Uh huh, well, same here.
You know back when I
first opened the place,
it was actually
really stressful.
It took over almost
everything else in my life.
Maggie mentioned
you were married.
Did that happen before the cafe?
Actually, I got a little
too caught up in the cafe
and things unraveled.
I'm sorry.
Well, I can see now that
the cafe is something
that I can enjoy.
I love to cook
and meet the people
that come here.
You have it all figured out.
Ah, well, it's not
that I haven't made
my share of mistakes,
but yeah I mean,
there's a balance now.
I look forward to it all.
That sounds nice
and free of regret.
I wish, no.
But you know, you learn
from regrets, right?
You gonna try that soup?
Well, load up, you
need the energy.
Gonna have you help me
make the dessert later.
Oh, I'm not a good cook.
Oh that's okay, I am.
And I'll be right
there to help you.
[upbeat Christmas music]
So how was your date?
It was good.
Yes, are you surprised?
I'm delighted.
I want you to tell
me all about it.
Marvin is a great cook,
and reassuring and someone
I feel I can trust.
Yeah, good.
So do you have another date
before the Christmas party, or,
Are you just gonna go to
the Christmas party then or?
You were right about him
being so nice and thoughtful.
He's a great friend.
But I can't see him as
anything more than that.
Are you sure?
I mean it really was just
the first date, right?
Some of the best relationships
are built on friendship.
Isn't that a line from one
of our selfhelp books?
Yeah but it's true.
I guess.
Still, I was honest with him.
I didn't wanna hurt him
and I didn't wanna
waste his time.
How did he take it?
Exactly as I thought he would.
Completely understanding
and supportive.
Well I'm sorry that
it didn't work out.
No, don't worry about it.
If nothing else, it's
flattering that you thought
I could match up with
someone as good as he is.
It's like Amanda's giving up
on the idea of being set up.
That's kind of
strange when she had
a good date with Marvin?
That's plenty of icing, honey.
Maybe it's an attraction thing.
It's no big deal,
just try again.
Well I could, but,
it's like her heart's
not in it anymore.
Do you think she's disappointed
with the suggestions I made,
that they didn't pan out?
Maybe she just
wants a simple date.
I mean you always
promise everlasting love.
Think of the pressure.
She goes into it
looking at long term
but barely knows the
guy on the surface.
That's surprisingly insightful.
Although, if she did
just want a date,
then she would have
gone with Marvin.
I mean she said that she liked
him, just not romantically.
So maybe she does want
someone she can truly love.
Okay, so then do I keep looking
for a date for her or not?
Ask her.
Although I'm more curious
if you are taking a date.
I haven't even
thought about that.
Wow, what is this place?
We're having the Christmas
party here this year.
There are some aspects
about the party
that we need help with,
so I nominated you
to be on the party committee.
Hey, what?
Yeah, lucky me.
You know how important it is.
It's not about employee morale.
It's not just about
employee morale.
It's a chance for us to
wine and dine our authors
and keep them happy.
Let me show you guys around.
Food will be setup over here.
We have the catering arranged,
but there are some
holes that we need
the committee to handle.
There's decorating
the day of the party,
handling the coat
check which will be
by the entrance of course,
and handling the
toy drive donations.
Oh there's a toy drive?
Yeah, every year.
Now Tori, you don't
mind decorating
so you and I can handle that.
Good, anyone else
wanna help out there?
You know what, I'll go ahead
and take the toy drive.
Perfect, thanks.
Jim, that leaves you to
handle the coat check.
Now there are some decorations
that need to be prepared
before the party.
Wait, I'm sorry, when
you say prepared,
what exactly do you mean?
Yeah, sorry.
I'll let you all know
what that entails.
So what job are you gonna have
on the party committee?
Well the perk and
curse of being a VP
is that I have to
entertain the authors.
Sorry to spring the
committee thing on you
but I know you're reliable.
No it's fine, it's probably
good to have a purpose
at the party so I don't have
to stand around and look busy.
That's the spirit.
Oh, oh, speaking of.
I have been rethinking
the guys that I know
for your date.
And I think that
Oh, that.
Maybe let me look over
your list again, okay?
Okay, yeah, sure.
Here's some messages.
Thank you.
What did you get
roped into doing?
Oh, the toy donation table.
Yeah, the secret is
to act really stressed
this time of year
and then you don't get picked
to be on the committee.
It's all work anyway
though, right?
Yeah well next year have
at least one meltdown.
November's a
logical time for it.
[laughing] That's a good tip.
Still trying to pair up Amanda?
What about Chester?
Well I'm just saying, I mean.
I think there could
be something there.
He's an accountant.
So he's incapable of love?
No, I just,
Okay, thanks.
I don't think they
make a good match.
All right.
This is becoming a habit.
Ah, I was in the neighborhood
again. How was your day?
I survived.
Sounds like you
could use a break.
I have just the thing in mind.
You do?
Remember this place?
I tripped and
gashed my knee here.
I did try to stop your fall.
No, if I remember correctly
you were the one
that caused the fall.
Come on.
No, it's been like,
it had to have been at least
10 years since I skated last.
Eh, you'll pick it up.
Come on.
That's what you said last time.
You gotta trust yourself.
Oh I trust myself, I
just don't trust my feet
in these skates.
Come on.
I'm good.
Relax, I will not
let you fall again.
That's it.
That's good.
Just loosen up.
Okay, I'm loose, I'm
loose, totally loose.
So, question for you.
Do you think back then
that I'd ever end up here?
Back then?
I thought we agreed that
we'd leave the past alone?
Yeah, but humor me. I
know it's one thing to say
you wanna be an author
when you grow up.
Careful, don't lock your knees.
Oh, right, okay.
Yeah, I knew you'd make it.
You did?
Yeah but I believed
a lot back then.
All right.
All right, fair enough.
I always admired that you knew
what you wanted to do.
I had no idea what
I was gonna be.
I just knew what I was good at.
Grammar, reading , writing.
Question is, are you happy?
In work?
It's just that it's,
you know it's become
more work lately.
So not happy.
No I didn't say that.
So that's why you
keep moving around
from job to job.
How about you?
Are you happy?
I love writing,
I have some fame,
a little fortune.
So modest.
So why Red Lake Publishing?
I mean the fortune part,
I can't imagine
that we can compete
with what you're used to.
Yeah, but money's not
everything, right?
Come on, why?
It just stopped being fun.
It got to be too much with
the deadlines, the machine.
Everything got bigger,
more timeconsuming,
that's just not where
I want to be anymore.
Then why Red Lake?
Well they're not the
only ones I met with.
I spent several months meeting
with various publishers,
and well I liked Red Lake.
It felt like a good fit.
And that's the only reason
that you picked them?
You're wondering if
I came back for you.
Of course not.
What if I did?
My feet really hurt.
You're a wimp.
Come on.
Do you want me to carry you?
No, don't.
Don't carry me.
Sounds like you're
rekindling things.
No, I just really, I
don't wanna hurt him.
Yeah, that makes sense.
I mean it was so bad before.
You regret it.
No, I mean yes, of course.
I regret hurting him.
But not breaking things
off with him years ago.
You do regret not
marrying him though.
I just, I really wish
things were different.
Like what?
Like I wish that
we would have met
when I was at
Oxford, or you know,
when we were just
a little older,
not when we were so young.
How is that
different from today?
I'm just saying that I wish
that the timing was different.
So you let him go all those
years ago because you had to?
And now, couldn't
the timing be right?
No, no.
Because you don't
love him anymore?
I don't know how I feel
about Jaxson, okay?
I just know that jumping
into a relationship
with Jaxson right now,
that feels wrong.
Okay, why?
Because nothing's changed.
All right. Based on what
little pieces you've told me
about why you broke up,
none of them had to do
with you not loving him.
If nothing's changed, then
you still care about him.
I should get back to work.
I should have been a shrink.
I'd be rich by now.
The Great Dr. Dean.
[light music]
[keys clacking]
Sorry to interrupt your
gingerbread obsession.
It's for work.
They're Christmas decorations
for the Christmas party.
Or at least they will
be when I'm done.
Want some help?
Yeah sure, come on in.
What is it, like a creative
mind thing or something?
Just your propensity for
artistic perfection over there.
I mean I'm still
working on this roof.
Well I made one of these
every year growing up.
Until college.
My roommates would
make fun of me.
How did you know you
would still be good at it?
Well how do you know I don't
make five of these a year?
Okay, just for that, you're
gonna make another one.
Okay, hold on.
It's not.
What do we got going
on, okay, let's see.
Now, the trick is.
Mm, pretty good.
Not to use too much.
Just enough.
Now, put it on.
That's it, and just hold
it for a few seconds.
And that's it.
That's it?
All right, wow.
You know growing up,
I thought it'd be cool
to live in one of these.
A gingerbread house?
Okay, maybe it's just the candy.
Or a Hansel and Gretel thing?
Yeah, maybe when I was little.
No, I think I just like
what it represents.
Warmth, comfort, home.
Someplace to call my own.
You know, everything
you care about's inside.
I think it's a little tiny
to have everything
you care about inside.
It's true.
I need a place to
put all my books.
Thank you.
You can definitely tell
which ones are yours
and which ones are mine.
I wouldn't worry about it.
No one at the party will.
Thank you for your help.
You're welcome.
Oh, hey.
I have something for you.
Oh, a manuscript.
I was hoping I could
get your take on it.
Wait, is this that
Christmas one?
That was really fast.
No, no, this is an older story.
I just never
finished it till now.
Oh well are you sure
it's not under contract
with your old publisher?
No, I wrote this well
before my career took off.
Probably still needs a polish.
Well, I've got one other
author in the queue, but yeah.
Oh, that's fine.
Tell you will read it?
Of course.
I'm hearing next year's
budget will be cut
in most departments
with the exception of marketing.
So with Jaxson Jones on board,
we wanna push that even more.
All right, well with
what his books could do
for our company, it makes sense
that we'd want to
capitalize on his name.
Chester has the
departmental budgets.
Thank you.
Please please review these.
Nobody in accounting appreciates
ticked off phone
calls and emails
accusing us of
cutting their budget
that they had already
spent by June.
It wasn't me.
I know, I know, I
was just saying that
because I'm trying
to keep myself
from pointing out the
audiobook division.
Okay, that should do it.
Thanks, everyone.
So how are things
going with Jaxson?
What do you mean?
Is he playing nice,
or being all ego?
Oh, yeah no, he's
not like that at all.
He's very nice.
What do you think about him?
I mean, you know, as a date.
For who?
For me?
I was thinking
maybe he makes sense
as my date to the
Christmas party.
Oh, well, is he your type?
He's handsome.
I suppose so.
The good thing is, work can
be my excuse for asking.
It gives me a
chance to explore if
maybe something
more could happen.
That's a good strategy.
When's he coming in next?
I really don't, I don't know.
Do you think maybe you
can invent a reason
for him to come by again?
I could probably
think of something.
Okay, thank you Maggie.
Sure, yeah.
Hey, Maggie.
I thought you might
want to see this.
It's the sales reports
for your authors' books.
Oh great, yeah, thank you.
Hey, do you have anything
for Jaxson Jones,
anything that he needs to sign?
No, that'd be the
legal department.
Oh, yeah, right.
Yeah, I'm sorry, sorry
about that, thanks.
Did you need something?
Oh it's just Amanda.
Just, you know we're
looking for a reason
for him to drop by the office.
Oh, we did give
him a signing bonus
but it hasn't gone
out in the mail yet.
Oh yeah.
Yeah, that'd be
perfect, thank you.
Hey, Jaxson.
Yeah, this is Maggie.
Listen, accounting has
your signing bonus here.
Thought maybe you
could just swing by
and pick it up instead of
us sticking it in the mail.
It might be safer.
Okay, great.
Yeah, thanks.
The mail, might be safer, oh my.
I guess I got here a
little late, Maggie
I have your check for you.
Oh, thank you.
Look, I know Maggie's
taking care of you
but I would love
to hear firsthand
what you've got in the works.
So would you like to
grab a bite to eat?
Sounds good.
All right.
I don't know why it bothers you.
You both moved on years ago.
Who cares if he goes
out with your boss?
Well, it's just that it's
inappropriate, isn't it?
I don't know.
I mean Amanda's my boss
and she's my friend
and if she and
Jaxson were an item,
I mean wouldn't that be weird?
It'll only be weird for you.
And only if you still,
do you still care about him?
No, there's just, you
know, there's history.
Does Amanda know about it?
No, why would she?
Well I say you could
warn her off from Jaxson
if she's your friend.
He wasn't anything
to brag about before
and he's probably
more shallow now.
No he's not.
Look, he'd actually be
pretty good for her.
Then what's the problem?
I need more sugar.
Maggie, hey.
I'm just reminding everyone to
RSVP for the Christmas party.
We're finalizing things with
caterers, I need numbers.
Oh yeah, yep, okay.
I will do that, thanks.
You can just tell me now.
Yeah, I'm going.
Are you bringing a guest?
No, no.
Okay, got it, thanks.
So how did it go with Jaxson?
He's easy to talk to.
Oh, that's great.
I'm surprised he's not married.
Seems like he'd be taken
but I guess that's good for me.
What'd you guys end up doing?
Just dinner.
The work connection helped,
gave me something to talk about.
Oh, I mean to remind you
that I have that list of guys
if you wanted to ever
go back through it.
I think I'd like to see if
it works out with Jaxson.
So why don't we
put that on hold?
Oh yeah.
Yeah, okay.
You guys gonna go to the
Christmas party then?
You don't think that's
a mistake, do you?
No, it's great.
Okay, good.
[light whimsical music]
Hey, everything okay?
Yeah, yeah I'm
good, how about you?
How you doing, Marvin?
Good, good, yeah.
Look, I'm really
sorry about Amanda.
Yeah, me too.
Yeah she seemed nice.
But maybe, not really
sure what she wants.
Yeah, yeah.
How's the reading?
Oh, you know, I haven't
really decided yet.
That bad?
Yeah I can't really
put my finger on it.
What's it about?
Well, supposedly it's a romance
but I'm already on what, page 30
and they've broken up.
Not much of a romance.
Something about it seems really
familiar though, you know?
I think the characters, the
characters remind me of,
oh you've gotta be kidding me.
Is everything okay?
Is your book a joke?
I haven't heard that about
my writing in a while.
You had to have known
that I would have seen
right through this.
Maggie, calm down.
The story about a boy who
falls in love with a girl
until her family convinces
her to push him away?
Yes, it is that.
I don't appreciate
your rewrite of history
nor do I want to be a
subject of one of your books.
I changed the names.
Oh right, like Regina
who's obviously Nicole.
That doesn't make her
any less of a villain.
Have you met her?
Or Sarah, any less me
or my parents from
being my parents.
You write what you know.
It's the number one
rule of writing.
Yeah it's also the number
one way of alienating people.
Needless to say, we won't
be publishing your book.
Well I'm sorry
you feel that way.
So much for letting the past go.
[door slamming]
Yeah, it's bad enough how
he writes me, but you, ugh.
My character is mean.
I wasn't like that.
I just, you know, I never
saw this side of him before.
I thought that he,
you know, no, this settles it.
I had my doubts but
no, this is done.
You had doubts?
I never did.
And I was totally right to
warn mom and dad about Jaxson.
Wait, what?
You warned mom and
dad about Jaxson?
They were concerned anyway,
with both of you barely
being out of high school.
I was older than that, Nicole.
By a year, maybe.
Either way, it just
wasn't right for you.
What, the marriage or Jaxson?
Especially since he
didn't have any real plan
of how to take care of
you besides writing.
Like I couldn't fend for myself?
Doesn't matter now.
This proves that mom,
dad and I were right.
Yeah I just don't know
how I'm gonna deal
with him at work.
Well, like you said.
Maybe it's time to move on.
Hey, hey.
You ever notice
how often he comes
and talks with Amanda?
Well, yeah, yeah,
why wouldn't he?
He's the head of accounting
and he goes over credit
card charges with her?
He has a whole department.
Well he.
You think that he's making
up reasons to see her?
Interesting huh?
I hate to see you go.
Would it help if I
shuffled your workload?
No, it's not that.
It's just, I think it's
time for me to move on.
I am a bit concerned about
some of your deadlines.
Oh well the Wilmington
Heights manuscript
is nearly finalized, but I'll
make sure of it before I go.
And the others
aren't gonna suffer
by being passed off
to other editors.
[phone buzzing]
He's offering to pick me
up for the Christmas party.
That's kind of sweet.
Yeah it's good.
Is there any way I can
convince you to stay?
No, but I'm not leaving
till the end of the month
so I won't leave you in a lurch.
Logic told Dana that the robbery
wasn't aimed at Russo.
Logic was also the first
thing Dana ignored.
Perhaps it was a
lapse in the calm
and collective mask
she'd normally maintain.
But a hostage situation
had that effect on her.
Is Baker one of your authors?
He's good.
Are you gonna finish
reading my manuscript?
[sighs] Probably not.
I'm not your editor anymore.
Listen, can you
just let me explain?
I'm leaving Red Lake Publishing.
It doesn't matter.
What if I told you I
did switch publishers
when I found out you
were at Red Lake?
I would say I hope you
didn't lose a lot of money
on your prior contract.
I wanted to be near you again.
All this time, I never
stopped thinking about you.
Yeah that's pretty obvious.
Did you come back to vilify me?
To rub the past in my face?
And now you're dating Amanda,
I mean is that supposed
to make me jealous?
That's what you think?
I see what you're doing, Jaxson.
And your Untitled book,
frankly, it says it all.
Yes it does.
But if that's what you're
choosing to believe
I guess there's no
convincing you otherwise.
You know what, this
is all so familiar.
You've always been so quick
to think the worst of me.
I guess whatever's
easier, right?
At least this time
it's your choice,
not your family's.
[clears throat]
I'm sorry, continue.
The words were oddly quiet,
yet Russo's ears were roaring.
Hey Marvin.
You know, world famous
Christmas chowder.
Thank you, that
looks really good.
You'll love it.
Hey, Chester.
Hey Maggie.
Mind if I sit with you?
You okay?
You just look like
you've had a rough day.
Not just today.
What do you mean?
Christmas is just, it's
a hard time for me.
Well let me tell you a story.
I mean you're an editor,
right, you can tell me if this
would be a good book, right?
Okay, so.
Christmas time, six years ago.
There's a man named Lester.
And he's dating the
love of his life
and his career's on the rise
with promise of promotion
and stability to
come like any day.
And then the woman that he loves
who we'll call Miranda,
well she gets this
huge promotion
while his doesn't materialize
for quite some time.
And foolishly, Lester
blames her for it.
So much so that it drives a
wedge between him and her.
It's like he blames her
for his circumstance
and then he breaks up with her.
Broke her heart.
So what happened to them?
Well she thrived in her new job
and you know, he eventually
got everything he wanted
with his career, but,
he always remembers
this time of year
what he did to her,
wonders what could have been,
is doomed to wonder
till the end of time.
Doesn't sound like
a very happy ending.
No, no, not a good book, huh?
I'm sorry.
Poor Lester, huh?
Yeah, poor Lester.
Hey, HR dropped off
tickets for the party.
Oh great, thanks.
So how's the editor
shuffle going?
It'll be fine.
I haven't told everyone yet
but after Christmas I will.
You all set with Jaxson?
Yeah, we're all set
for Friday night.
No, I meant with the new editor.
Oh, sorry.
So I'm debating between
Brooks and David.
David for sure, he'll
be a much better fit.
You think so?
Oh hey.
I am really glad
that you found a date
for the Christmas party.
I'm sorry it didn't work
out with one of your guys.
Oh no, no, it's fine.
I do appreciate
you trying though.
It was really nice of you.
[knocking] Hey.
I have the updated
numbers for November.
Oh great, just set them there.
So did it always bother
you getting dates
for Christmas parties?
Or did that start
a few years ago?
You think he regrets it?
Whether he does or not,
it's not my problem.
[light music]
His hands felt clammy.
After years of wanting to
see her again, here she was.
And he feared more than anything
that he would ruin this chance.
They held a common
hope between them
one neither would
or could admit yet.
The hope for a chance without
the interference of outsiders.
Just two hearts yearning
for the love of the other.
She held her breath as
he stood before her.
"I never stopped loving you.
"It didn't matter to me what
I might give up or risk.
"I had to take the leap
and ask you one question."
She waited, not daring to hope
he was feeling what she felt.
"Could you love me again?"
Relief, euphoria, joy,
and certainly love
filled her soul.
She pulled him towards
her, embracing him
like she never meant
to let him go again.
And as they kissed, he
felt her lips against his
and she whispered one
sweet word, "Yes."
Our Christmas gift to dad.
A hammock stand.
You owe me 40 bucks.
Wait, that's what you chose?
You know that old
hammock he's had forever?
Yeah, the one he's never used?
Because he didn't
have a way to hang it.
You couldn't think of
anything, so zip it.
On Friday, Andrew and
I are taking the kids
on a Christmas train ride.
You wanna go?
That's really sweet, thanks
but I have that company
Christmas party, you know?
You going with anyone?
No, I'm manning the
toy donation table,
the one for charity.
I thought you might ask Jaxson.
It's a little late for that.
He and Amanda are
going together.
So you wanted to ask him.
Can we just not talk about this?
I don't need
another conversation
where you tell me about
how horrible he is
and how you were right.
Are you okay?
I just, I can't.
I know that there were reasons
that you disapproved of him
and I can remember excuses
and that's why I gave in
but there had to
be something else.
That couldn't have just been it.
Maggie, it's done.
Just don't drive yourself
crazy rehashing it.
Yeah, that's easy
for you to say.
You already have everything
that really matters.
Please, can you just tell me?
I really need some
closure on this.
You know, looking
back on it now,
my objection to Jaxson and him
wanting to be an
author was an excuse.
The whole age thing, I mean,
I mean mom and dad
were concerned,
but maybe the age
thing bothered me.
I'm a big sister after all.
Wait, what do you mean?
There you were, all
ready to be grown up
and marry someone.
I was embarrassed, like
it should be me first.
I had no one back then.
Why didn't you
just tell me that?
It's hard to admit
your own insecurities.
With me being concerned too,
I guess it was easy
for mom, dad, and me
to gang up on you and
convince you to turn him down.
So you're saying
there's no good reason
why you disapproved of him?
Well, I don't know
if I'd say that.
It's not that I didn't
want you to be happy,
I didn't think of it like that.
I just, I was only thinking
about how it would affect me.
I was jealous.
I'm so sorry, Maggie.
What do you think of
Jaxson now that he's,
now that he's back?
I didn't wanna be
wrong about him
but maybe I am.
You must think I'm horrible.
I'm more worried about
what he thinks of me.
[gentle music]
Hey, you know that
story that Jaxson wrote,
the one that I let you read?
Where I'm portrayed as the
wicked witch of the west?
Right, yeah that one.
I thought he was being cruel
but it turns out if
you get to the ending,
I think he was
trying to help me see
how he really feels.
You still care for him too.
Then tell him that.
Look, he and Amanda are going
to the Christmas party together.
I can't do that to her.
She deserves a nice
guy and he is one.
If he's loved you
all these years,
don't you think he deserves
to know how you feel?
What do I even say?
I don't even know
where to start.
[grand holiday music]
Thank you.
A pleasure.
Annette, good to see you.
Have you met Jaxson Jones?
Hi, nice to meet you.
Hi, you too.
[whimsical music]
Here you go.
Oh great, thank you.
This is perfect.
Good to see where it goes.
Eventually, another month,
we should have something fun.
Here we go.
Thank you for your generosity.
It's some matchbox cars.
Not sure it's that generous.
But I didn't wanna
be the only one
who didn't bring something.
Well, it's the thought
that counts, right?
I thought so.
Have you tried the food?
No, I'm not really that hungry.
Well, I am.
No, save, stop, no, no, no.
Put it.
Ah, I see Amanda found a date.
So much for your
matchmaking streak.
Yeah, I'm beginning to doubt
I have any real mojo there.
Well, you still tried.
As you said, it's the
thought that counts.
Maybe you should set Chester up.
Oh no.
No, I think that's one match
I'm not gonna be able to force.
Ah, I see.
Why don't you go dance?
No, no one's dancing yet.
Mingle then, get a drink
and all that stuff.
No, I need to stay here
and take the gifts.
It's my job.
Yeah well, you're
a real critical cog
in the machine there, Maggie.
Go on, I'll make sure
the whole operation
doesn't fall apart.
Go, you can get me one of
those little cream puff things.
Are you really excited
about a cream puff?
Okay, all right.
One cream puff coming up.
Oh, it's great to meet you.
Let me know if you have
any problems with Red Lake.
I know how to keep
those guys in line.
Very funny, Mr.
Gordon. [laughing]
Nice party.
Thank you.
We try.
Are you having a good time?
Yes, thank you.
Marguerite, come
meet Jaxson Jones.
Oh hi.
[gentle piano music]
Oh, hi.
How's the toy drive going?
Oh it's fine.
You know, Dean's covering
the table for me.
Good, good.
Make sure you get a
chance to enjoy the party.
Are you?
I think it's just
business with Jaxson.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I can't pretend there's
any chemistry between us.
It's all right, though.
You know, for all my
supposed matchmaking skills,
I failed to see the chemistry
that you already
have with Chester.
That's long gone.
Is it?
You know that he's sorry, right?
I do.
So why do you keep
making him suffer?
That's not what I'm doing.
Do you know what you're doing?
Look, if the situation
was reversed,
what would you want him to do?
You met all these other guys
and you went out with Marvin
and I kept thinking to myself,
what was it that I'm missing?
Is there some kind of quality
or character trait that
you're looking for in a guy?
But you didn't think that you
could find a perfect match
because you already had one.
I thought I had.
And you think that
doesn't happen twice.
Maybe it doesn't.
That's all the more reason
not to turn your back on it.
Come on.
[energetic music]
Hey Chester, merry Christmas.
Hey, merry Christmas.
Do you still like to dance?
No, not really.
I never really felt comfortable
with anyone except you.
You wanna dance with me then?
I'd like that.
So do I get credit for that one?
Oh yeah, you
definitely called that.
I'm really happy for her.
You know I got this under
control here, right?
I have to run.
It was a pleasure
meeting you guys.
Pleasure meeting you, take care.
Yeah, thanks.
Go back inside.
Party's still going strong.
Yeah, I saw that you
were leaving already.
Not much reason to stay.
Hey look, I wanted to
run something by you.
Does it matter?
I mean, you're leaving your job.
I'll just run whatever
by the next editor.
No, this isn't about work.
Can you just listen?
I never stopped loving you.
It didn't matter to me what
I might give up or risk.
I had to take the leap
and I had to ask
you one question.
Could you love me again?
It's good writing.
I borrowed it from this
halfdecent author that I know.
I thought you didn't
like his writing.
Well you gotta get to the end
to really appreciate
the whole story, right?
Is that?
The only thing that my
sister and my parents
got right about us
is that I was too young.
I was too young to know how
to stand up for what I knew.
And that was that
you were everything
that I always wanted.
And somehow I let
myself be persuaded
thinking that I
couldn't marry you
and that was a horrible mistake.
But the real mistake
was letting you go.
You say that now.
And I would be lying if I said
that wasn't what I
wanted to hear, but,
your family, they hate
me for some reason.
And are you really gonna
choose me over them?
Yeah, if that's what
it came down to, yes.
We've changed, right?
And now they see
what makes me happy.
I haven't been happy
since then, Jaxson.
Every couple of years I would,
I would move around looking
for a different job,
looking for that thing
that would fill that void,
and nothing worked.
I still miss you.
You must be freezing.
It's not really the cold.
Sure it's not.
No I'm just really nervous
about what you're going to say.
Are you really?
How could I not be?
After how I acted.
Could you really love me again?
[uplifting music]
[energetic Christmas music]
I love it.
It's such a unique
spin for you too,
I mean I kept waiting
for the mystery
or the action to kick
in, like some bad guy
jumping out behind
the Christmas tree.
But you know what,
totally worked without it.
Well, I'm really
glad you liked it.
Thanks so much.
Thank you.
Okay, oh just a
sec, all right here,
replenishments and refreshments.
Thank you.
Careful now.
Some of your fans
are gonna be crushed.
I am not apologizing
for loving my editor.
Yeah, you say that
until your sales tank.
Eh, couldn't care less.
Hey, do you ever wonder if
we would be here right now
if we got married years ago?
You mean like a published
author and editor?
I think you'll be the same.
Why not, nothing
else has changed.
I loved you then
and I love you now.
I love you too.
[joyful Christmas music]
[light whimsical music]