Matchmaker Mysteries: A Fatal Romance (2020) Movie Script

Thanks, fellas.
Oh, and um, remember
what I said.
Three keys to a great
first date.
Pick a restaurant
with amazing desserts,
leave your phone on silent,
and most importantly,
just be yourself.
Thank you so much
for coming.
Oolong, two tea bags.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Um, I will go get some.
Don't bother, I'll do it myself.
Oh, uh, sorry everyone,
Miss Penn's autograph
session has ended.
No, but she is one of
the featured guests
in the Romance Writer's
Roundtable in Hall H
so we hope to see you there.
We'll see you there.
Bring this, will you?
Oh, yeah.
So sorry.
I know.
Thanks, guys!
Miss Dove.
Welcome to our
little convention.
I can't thank you enough
for agreeing to participate.
We're all such big fans of
the Matchmaker here
at Written in the Stars.
I am flattered you thought
of me.
Well, who better to moderate
a romance writer's panel
than Philadelphia's
foremost authority on love?
I'd like you to meet-
Angie Dove.
Oh, you watch my show?
I recognized you
from the standee.
- Ah.
- This is my assistant, Margaret.
I read your blog post last
month about finding love
in the digital age.
It was wonderful.
Margaret's a bit of
a hopeless romantic.
Well, hopeful.
Uh, do I have time to freshen up
a bit before the panel starts?
30 minutes?
And can you please have someone
bring those gifts up to my room?
Of course.
That's quite a haul.
Well, Bea has a very passionate
fan base.
That's certainly one way
to describe them.
My mother happens to be among
your most devoted.
She is first in line the day
your books come out.
If it's not too much trouble I
would love to get an autograph.
It's her birthday next week.
Of course.
First edition.
Was that hard to find?
Oh, um, funny story, actually.
I tried a few bookstores,
a few dealers,
a yard sale I tried on a hunch.
No book, of course.
But I did get a set of
vintage candlesticks
for a very reasonable price.
But finally I-
Well, I admire
your persistence.
I'm sorry, I have to take this.
I'll make sure that
she signs it for you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Don't come and see me.
Stop calling.
I have nothing more
to say to you.
You're gonna wear a hole
in that carpet.
It's been a long time, Ange.
You look good.
You too.
Oh, uh... I- I just
wasn't uh...
I wasn't expecting
so many people.
Well, your show does reach
over a million viewers a week.
Yes, but I can't see
any of them.
So you're here with Evergreen?
You're looking at the new editor
and CEO.
You never expressed any interest
in publishing.
In fact, last I checked
you were off working at a
consulting firm in Seattle.
Not that I was checking up
on you,
it was just, you know,
run of the mill grapevine.
It was important to my mother
that it stay in the family.
She uh, passed recently.
I'm so sorry.
The transition's been
a little bumpy.
Most of the authors
have been supportive.
Others... less so.
How could you blindside me
like this?
What good are you if you can't
get me out of these commitments?
Did you even try?
My mother did say Beatrice Penn
had a way with words.
It's just too bad she couldn't
repeat any of them
in polite company.
Would you like to have dinner
sometime this week?
I don't know
if that's such a good idea.
Just two old friends
catching up.
You know what?
Just think about it.
I know that look.
I've written four novels
on that look.
So all you got out of the split
was heartbreak?
Helen Travers.
Angie Dove.
I know.
You've seen the standee.
- I watch your show.
- Oh.
Showtime, ladies!
Here are some prepared
trivia questions
should you run into
any lulls, alright?
I know you're gonna be great.
I thought we were waiting
for one more author?
Sylvia Donner?
Our third author is a no-show.
And there's another panel right
after this so we can't stall.
We're just gonna have to
make do.
What an unpleasant surprise
seeing your name on the poster.
I thought it was time to bury
the hatchet.
And just where were you planning
on burying it?
Hello, Philadelphia,
and welcome to
the Written in the Stars Romance
Writer's Panel.
Thank you so much
for coming out.
Before we get to your burning
questions in the Q & A segment,
our writers will share selected
readings from their work.
First up, it is my honour
to introduce
two-time award-winning author,
Beatrice Penn.
Thank you.
I'd like to begin by uh, reading
a passage from "Hearts on Fire",
the first of my Gilded Hearts Trilogy.
I know many of you here
might be anticipating
an announcement today regarding
the final book in the series,
but I'm afraid there- there are
no updates on that front.
While you're waiting you
can pick up "Autumn of
Lonely Hearts",
available now wherever
books are sold.
I do appreciate the enthusiasm
around the book.
You've all been very loyal and
for that I am so truly grateful.
That's a lie.
I'm sorry?
You claim to care
about your fans
but the truth is you don't care
about us at all.
That's not true.
You'll happily take our money
and our time
but you will never return it.
Why don't you answer my letters?
You're nothing but a fraud.
Karma's coming for you!
Uh, I see here that
we are supposed to do
a round of romance trivia next.
That sounds fun.
We don't have to wait,
we can do that now.
No, it's quite alright.
I can continue.
"Thomas knew from
the moment he saw her,
"Dominique was the woman
of his dreams.
"Her chestnut hair, swept into a
delicate braid that seemed to-"
Excuse me.
Here, take her this.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Ah, there we go.
Let's try this again, shall we?
"Her appearance had awoken
something in his heart."
"Something he never knew
existed there.
"closed his... eyes and...
he closed his-"
Are you alright?
I'm fine, I just uh, I think
I need a moment.
Do- do you need help?
Should I get someone?
I think I need to lie down.
Ok, come on.
It was so strange.
One minute she was fine
and the next
she looked like she
was gonna faint.
Stage fright?
She's done book tours
all over the country.
I mean, public speaking should
be a walk in the park for her.
They even took her to the
hospital just to be safe.
Then she's in good hands.
You're right.
I'm sure she's fine.
Ok, ready to meet
our bachelorette?
My name is Nancy Upton,
I'm 35 years old
and I'm ready to be swept off
my feet by Prince Charming.
What's been your biggest
hurdle to finding love?
My schedule.
Between my law practise
and volunteer work
I don't have much time
to date.
What kind of volunteer work
do you do?
I mentor student athletes.
What're you looking for
in a partner?
Well, Angie, I have worked hard
to get to where I'm at today,
so I want someone who shares
my commitment to success.
I won't settle
for anything less.
She gave me this
before she left.
Everyone has an idea
of their perfect match, huh?
It's double-sided.
You know, I'm not sure
about this one.
She seems too hard to please.
Ah, you know what?
I like a good challenge.
She wants Prince Charming?
I'm gonna find him.
Well, I hope so,
because I'm pretty sure she'd
turn down an actual prince.
Uh, number 44.
No complicated
family commitments.
Miss Columba.
Like she had some bad take-out
and will be fine in a few days?
I'm afraid Beatrice Penn
is dead.
We'll know more
after the autopsy
but that's the preliminary
determination from the coroner.
You're talking about murder.
When did she die?
Yesterday, shortly after
she arrived at the hospital.
I know this isn't a good time
but I just want to ask you
a few questions about the
convention and what you saw.
I'd be happy to help
in any way I can.
You were moderating
a writer's panel?
I was supposed to.
We didn't get very far
past introductions
before Beatrice
started having trouble.
Was she exhibiting confusion,
slurred speech?
Well, she seemed rattled,
but I thought it was because she
was heckled by that fan.
She had an altercation
with a fan?
Yes, and it really threw her.
She couldn't concentrate so
they brought her something
to drink...
Who did?
Uh, the coordinator, Beth.
I'm afraid that bottle
could be anywhere.
Our staff cleaned the hall
top to bottom last night,
of course not realizing that it
was going to be a crime scene.
Do you guys still have the trash
from the convention?
In the dumpsters.
They collect it at the end
of the week.
Ok, and those are what,
in the parking lot?
Although, I should warn you
they aren't exclusively used
by the convention centre.
It's waste disposal
for the whole hotel.
Uh, what kind of security
measures did you have in place
for the convention?
Well, we had security guards
on site,
bags were checked
at the front entrance.
And cameras?
Uh, cameras were in the lobby
and the convention rooms.
Ok. I'm gonna need a list of
all the vendors, staff,
anybody that set foot
in this place.
Of course.
Appreciate your help.
Thank you.
Detective Carter?
I may not know where
the bottle ended up
but I do know
where it came from.
Miss Dove?
This is Margaret Vincent.
Um, Beth gave me your number,
I hope that's ok.
Oh, of course.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
I want you to know I'm
cooperating with the police.
I'll do whatever I can to help.
I appreciate that.
Um, but it's not why
I'm calling.
I have your book.
Bea signed it for you.
Here we go.
Is this Beatrice?
It is.
And um, that one's me.
You've known each other
a long time.
Well, since the day I was born.
We're sisters.
I- I thought that-
That I was her assistant.
Well, I suppose I am that, too.
Bea, she loved to dance.
Our mother used to say
she came into the world
with ballet slippers on.
She was accepted to Juilliard
off of a single audition.
She must have been
over the moon.
Well, except she um,
she never made it.
The summer before she was set
to leave
she had an unfortunate accident.
She was at a rock quarry
swimming with friends and...
she was navigating a ledge.
It was slippery.
She shattered her hip.
It was a dream dashed
in the blink of an eye.
Well, it looks like she found
a new one.
Silver lining.
Uh, Ted.
That's Beatrice's ex-husband.
They separated um,
six months ago but uh,
the divorce papers
were as good as signed.
I'm not so sure.
If he's not out of
her picture frames
he's probably not
out of her heart.
So after 15 years of marriage
you agreed to a trial
Yeah, that's right.
We had decided that we needed
some time apart.
Was that Ms. Penn's suggestion?
No, it was mine.
We had both been under a lot
of strain for quite a while.
Our jobs were very demanding
and, well, I thought we needed
some space.
You work at um... uh,
Amore Trattoria?
I own it, yeah.
When's the last time
you saw your wife?
I haven't had any contact
with Beatrice in months.
Margaret made sure of that.
That's her sister?
Yeah, Margaret could be very
protective of Beatrice.
She didn't even tell me
that Beatrice had died.
I had to hear about it
from one of my waitresses
who read about it online.
Where were you on the day
of Ms. Penn's death?
I was working.
Do you have anybody that can
corroborate that?
My kitchen staff.
If you need anything at all,
please let me know.
You have my number.
Thank you.
Yeah, it's been a really hard
few days.
I mean, the only thing
I really need
is to see Ethan Plume
behind bars.
You think he has something
to do with Beatrice's murder?
Well, I know he did.
Why would he want to hurt
your sister?
For what?
Well, he holds Bea responsible
for his mother's death.
I'm sorry.
I need to take this.
Can you show yourself out?
Uh, just the cheque, please.
Since when does Angie Columba
turn down dessert?
It's been a long time.
People change.
Like your name,
Angie Dove.
Well, it's for TV.
No, no. I- I like it.
You still twirl your hair
when you've got something
on your mind, though.
Uh, I went to see
Margaret Vincent today.
How is she?
Uh, overwhelmed, I think.
And uh, she seems to think
that you had something to do
with Beatrice's murder.
You don't look surprised.
I'm not.
Maybe you misunderstood me.
She thinks you killed
her sister.
With poison.
Oh, he didn't do it.
No, of course not.
Ok, so why does she think you
had a vendetta against Beatrice?
Because I told her so.
Beatrice was planning to leave
Evergreen Publishing.
It would be a big blow financially.
Sales were down, my mother had
already downsized the offices.
This could be the death now.
It became contentious.
Beatrice owed my mother
her career.
The first manuscripts
she submitted,
they were terrible.
Other publishing houses wouldn't
even give her the time of day.
But my mother took
a chance on her
and this is how she repaid her?
Anyway, last week when she came
into the office,
Beatrice and I had words.
You threatened her?
I may have let my temper
get the best of me.
I know.
I know it was a mistake.
And Margaret heard you?
The whole office heard.
But I promise you, I had nothing
to do with her death.
Ange, in the two years we were
together did I ever lie to you?
Our senior year of college
when you pretended
you weren't gonna make it
to my birthday dinner.
I wanted to surprise you.
But when I showed up
at the restaurant
you already had a drink
waiting for me.
That fake cough wasn't gonna
win you any Academy Awards.
I could never get anything
past you.
Uh, excuse me.
On second thought, uh...
we'll have the double
chocolate mousse.
There she is.
You know what? You better
make it two spoons, yeah.
Ethan Plume?
I'm gonna need you to come
with me, please.
Is there a problem?
You're under arrest for
the murder of Beatrice Penn.
Kyle, please. He's innocent.
Any updates?
Oh, not since you asked...
five minutes ago.
You know, the old Chief
of Detectives is on his way.
Oh, cool.
Say hi for me.
Dad, thanks for coming.
I'm being stonewalled.
Where's Ethan?
They hauled him into
an interrogation room
over an hour ago and I haven't
heard anything since.
You should probably head home.
Your date's being processed.
He's gonna have to spend
the night in county.
He's not my date.
But, more importantly,
he is not a killer.
Hey, good to have you back
on the old stomping grounds.
Dad, tell him.
Uh, what've you got?
Off the record.
Well, we have one witness that
links Ethan to the water bottle
and three witnesses to Ethan's
very public threat
against the victim.
Circumstantial, right?
That'll be for a judge
to decide.
It's good to see you, Nick.
Sorry for ruining your dessert.
You don't look it!
Isn't there something we can do?
Not tonight, sweetheart.
Come on, let's go home, huh?
I've cleared a few times
with Nancy for the dates,
now we just need to settle
on our suitors.
The matches?
Right- actually, I have
narrowed down
the eligible candidates to two.
We have Thomas,
investment banker,
MBA from Harvard, likes high
stakes poker and wind surfing.
He's perfect.
And we have Peter.
His photo alone violates
six of our rules.
Yes, but he has
a lot of qualities
that will make them
very compatible.
She's expecting a shark.
She's not gonna be happy
when we bring her a guppy.
Expectations can be like
a blindfold.
We can get so caught up in
what we think we should have
in a partner that we close
ourselves off to opportunities.
Well, a blindfold might
come in handy.
That sweater is really busy.
He's not gonna wear it
on the date, Paige.
We just need to show Nancy
what she's missing.
It's a conditional release.
I have to be back in court
in three weeks.
What're you gonna do?
I wanna find the girl
who confronted Beatrice
at the panel.
The fan?
Yeah, I recognized her.
It took me a moment to place her
but she came by the publishing
house last week
looking for Beatrice.
She refused to leave the lobby.
We had her escorted out
by security.
She had a VIP lanyard.
She would have had
access backstage.
Yeah, I can't be sure but I
think I saw her lurking around
before the panel.
We should talk to Beth
at the convention centre.
Yeah, about those conditions
of my release?
I'm not allowed in the hotel.
Over 80 people ordered
VIP passes.
But you'd have receipts, right?
Order forms, or...
For online sales, yes,
but they were also available
for cash purchase day of.
Did security confiscate
her pass?
Oh, you are awesome.
Hold that hug.
We have a teensy set-back.
Caroline what?
I don't know.
And since it's written
in Sharpie that means
she didn't pre-order it
so there's no paper trail.
So we're back to square one.
Well, not exactly.
Caroline complained that
Beatrice hadn't responded
to her letters, which means
she must have written fan mail.
So if we could find
those letters...
We'd have a name and address.
I'll take that hug now.
No, it's fine.
I'm just excited.
Is that you in the blue?
What're you doing in my office?
I was told to wait for you
in here.
By who?
I just had a few follow-up
questions, if you don't mind.
I do, actually.
Well, I was promised
your full cooperation.
That was before
you arrested Ethan.
I just wanna find the truth, ok?
Wherever that leads me.
Now, you were with Mr. Plume
before the panel began, right?
I was.
And after, did you uh,
The panel was cut short.
I didn't see him again that day.
Well, that doesn't
mean anything.
It was a big convention.
You really find it suspicious
that I didn't see Ethan
after the panel?
No, but I do find it suspicious
that no one did.
I have to admit, it seems
a little far-fetched.
I mean, Bea's fans could be
passionate, but murder?
There seemed to be more
behind Caroline's anger
than just a missed deadline.
It felt personal, you know?
What are the odds you still
have those letters?
Well, we usually toss everything
after Bea opens it
but she had boxes of letters
that she never got to.
I thought I locked this.
How could I be so careless?
Maybe you weren't.
That says "disarmed".
Someone was in here.
Was anything taken?
I don't know.
It looks like they were
searching for something.
Hold on... Margaret...
We should call the police.
The motion sensors!
The motion detectors in
the backyard were tripped,
but we didn't see anyone.
Two crime scenes
in four days, huh?
I know what you're gonna say.
Is that so?
Angie, so nice to see you.
I couldn't ask for a better
witness in these trying times.
Is that a new dress?
It really suits you.
But that is a nice dress.
Thank you.
I got it on sale.
Just an impulse buy.
We checked the entire perimeter,
there were no signs
of forced entry.
So according to
the security company
the alarm was never triggered.
Are you sure that you set it
before you left?
Well, it's like second nature.
I wouldn't forget.
Who else has access to the code?
Besides me and Bea?
Well, only one other person.
Margaret claimed that you called
her multiple times
the day after Beatrice's death.
That's right.
I wanted to offer her
my condolences.
She said that you wanted
to meet up.
Well, it seemed like the kind
of thing that you do in person.
And she offered to meet you here
at the restaurant
but you insisted on meeting
at Ms. Penn's estate.
She just lost her sister, ok?
I wasn't gonna make her come
to me.
No other reason?
No loose ends to tie up
at the house?
I took everything that I needed
to when I left six months ago.
Where were you last night
at 8:00 pm?
I was at home.
Catching up on some
much-needed sleep.
I usually vacation in Milan.
With access to a private jet.
It's really a crime not to.
Do you travel much?
Well, I spent
last summer in L.A.
with the youth Olympics.
I started working with student
athletes a few years ago.
It's been really life-changing
helping them reach their goals.
I volunteered at the Girls
and Boys Club of America
for two months.
- Ok.
- Mmmhmm.
So you understand
how rewarding it can be.
It uh, looked fantastic
on the resume.
Prince Charming came to play.
He's totally winning her over.
Her non-verbals are telling
another story.
She's smiling.
Her lips are pressed together.
Look. It's a classic sign
of discomfort.
Look how her body is angled
away from his.
She wants to like him more
than she does.
For a swing and a miss
you seem pretty pleased.
I don't think they're a match.
Well, if you didn't think
they would hit it off
why are we here?
Because sometimes we need to get
what we think what we want
in order to realize
what we really need.
You sound like a fortune cookie.
- Hey.
- Hi.
What do you think so far?
He's um, everything I asked for.
Uh, can I see that?
Hi, I'm uh, looking for
Ethan Plume.
The receptionist said it was ok
to come right in.
What's going on?
Are you leaving?
I thought it'd be best for
the company if I stepped down,
so this is my last week.
I can't let this investigation
destroy something
that my mother built
from nothing.
Ok, this is just temporary,
You said it yourself.
I never really had the stomach
for publishing so...
That's not what I said-
Close enough.
It was a long time ago, we-
I got what you meant.
I don't...
I don't know why I thought I
could step into her shoes.
Ethan, you can't give up.
We can fix this.
I think it's too late, Ange.
You made a promise to her.
I- I know things are hard
right now but if you walk
away from this
it'll be the biggest regret
of your life.
That wouldn't be
the biggest regret.
It's me.
Wh... What's all this?
Oh, I've been taking
some painting classes
down at the community centre.
I never knew you were interested
in art.
Well, I went down to sign up
for Zoomba but it was full
so I figured why not
try something
out of my comfort zone?
Zoomba's in your comfort zone?
What do you think?
I'm gonna surprise your mother
for her birthday.
That's really sweet.
Uh, no but.
Maybe a tiny "however".
An "although" at most.
It's just, dad, I thought
you and mom were taking time
to figure things out.
What does something
like this say?
I think it says I'm still
thinking about her.
Seems like a good place
to start.
Well, I like it.
Yeah. Look at that sunrise.
Maybe add some, like, rays
shooting out of it?
That's a banana.
It's a fruit bowl.
You know, I see it.
I see it now.
Yeah, well, I've got a few
more classes left to go.
Why don't you sit down here?
Um, have you heard from Ethan?
He made bail but he's worried
that he's the only one
on the police's radar.
Well, if they think
he's their guy
they'll be building a case
against him.
He um, he asked me to help him.
Angie, I don't think you
should be meddling
in an active investigation.
I'm not meddling.
You can never say no
to that young man.
Are you forgetting that
I'm the one who ended things?
And it broke your heart.
Well, what was I supposed to do?
I had my life here
in Philadelphia
and he wanted to go off
and see the world.
I wasn't gonna hold him back.
He's in trouble, Dad.
And he doesn't have anyone else.
Are you sure that's all this is?
Yes, I'm sure.
Besides, right now
is not exactly
the best time for romance.
But you're the one
that's always saying
romance can happen at any time.
There's an asterisk
for murder investigations.
I just don't want you
to get hurt.
I won't.
Toxicology report
on the Penn murder.
They found strychnine
in her system.
Have them run it again.
A witness has Penn collapsing
shortly after receiving
the water bottle from
Ethan Plume, right?
Now, strychnine, it takes
a minimum of 20 minutes
before it even starts
even manifesting symptoms.
So if this is our poison then...
It had to have been consumed
much earlier.
There you go. Very good.
You're good.
Hi. I'm Detective Carter.
I'm looking for Sylvia Donner.
Oh, look no further.
Come on in.
It's a pen name.
No one wants to read a book
about romance
from someone named
Neil Garfunkle.
Do you have a minute to answer
some questions
about Beatrice Penn?
Of course.
We were just about to sit down
for tea.
Of course.
So, I understand you were
supposed to be
on this romance writer's panel
with uh, Ms. Penn?
What happened?
Um, alternator.
Car conked out on me before
I could make it three blocks.
My wife's been telling me to get
it checked out but I...
I put it off.
That- that's the car
that's in the driveway now?
No, our SUV.
We should probably sell it
but I've had it so long
I'm kind of attached to it.
So you didn't make it
to the hotel at all?
Got the call to Triple A
and a bruised ego to prove it.
Historical romance,
sword and sandals,
something with a...
a brooding male lead.
I think that'll be
right up your alley.
"Seduction in the Arena"?
Three weeks on the best
seller list.
Thank you, but uh,
I prefer mysteries.
Oh. I write those, too.
I got a new one coming out
next fall.
I'll get you an advance copy.
Can we get back to
Beatrice Penn, please?
Oh, right.
Uh, have you spoken with
Helen Travers?
The other writer there
on the panel?
A lot of bad blood there.
The two of them could
barely stand being
in the same room together.
I'm actually surprised they
both agreed to do the panel.
And she told you this?
It's a small community.
Everyone knows everything
about everyone.
Do you know how
the feud started?
Uh, yeah.
A couple years ago
there was a big dust up
at a writer's retreat.
What kind of dust up?
Helen was set to headline
a workshop, very prestigious,
and a huge boon coming
off her first book.
Then Beatrice's schedule
opened up at the last minute
and she bumped Helen
right off the poster.
Things got quite heated,
Helen was asked to leave.
After it happened Helen
started telling anyone
that would listen
that Beatrice used
a ghost writer
for her books.
Did she?
Personally I think it was
sour grapes,
but it infuriated Beatrice,
and they've been trading blows
in the press ever since.
I didn't realize we had guests.
This is my wife, Rebecca.
Rebecca, this is uh-
Angie Dove.
You never told me you know
Angie Dove.
Stick with me.
It's nice to meet you.
The pleasure is all mine.
"Angie Dove.
"She'll find you love."
Oh, I'm sorry.
You must be her assistant?
No, I'm Detective Carter, ma'am.
They're here about
Beatrice Penn.
Oh. Such a tragedy.
My heart goes out to her family.
So it looks like you got
those car troubles fixed.
Car troubles?
Yeah, you remember, honey.
It stalled out on me the day
of the convention?
I... I told you that.
Oh, of course.
You have to forgive my wife,
I think she's a little
star struck.
Honey, you should have used
the good china.
Oh, no, no.
Everything's been wonderful.
You have a lovely home,
by the way.
I just love your show so much.
I never miss it.
You know, we're filming
an episode later this week.
You should come to the set.
Oh, no. No, I couldn't.
You would be my guest.
Say yes.
Wow. Thank you.
He's hiding something.
Yeah, everyone is.
Did you notice how he shifted
in his seat
when he talked about the car?
Well, it is an intimidating situation.
A police interrogation?
No, tea time with the great
Angie Dove.
So I guess we should talk
to Helen Travers next.
Helen was on stage
when the murder happened.
She wasn't even in the bottle's
chain of possession.
The bottle wasn't
poisoned backstage.
What do you mean?
Well, it couldn't have been.
Strychnine takes at least
20 minutes to take effect.
How do you know that?
No, how do you know what kind
of poison was used?
Oh, it was in today's paper.
Well, the afternoon update
of the online edition
of today's paper.
I have alerts on my phone.
The coroner was supposed
to have redacted that report.
I don't know what to tell you.
Beatrice was a high-profile
There's a lot of public interest.
Oh, I know.
So we should talk to Helen.
But you know, it was such
a big window of opportunity.
I mean, everyone at the
convention is a suspect.
Everyone, huh?
Including you?
I'm not gonna dignify that
with an answer.
Are those next week's matches?
Oh, no.
Possible murder suspects.
You know what?
It's probably better
that I don't ask.
I'll come back later.
Do you know how we could find
Helen Travers?
When I spoke to her
at the convention
she mentioned getting
away to write.
Did she say where?
No, but I could ask around.
Maybe her manager knows.
She's probably holed up
in a hotel room somewhere.
Hotel room?
Beatrice said she was going back
to her hotel room
to freshen up before the panel.
I wonder if something in that
room could tell us more about
how she spent the final hour
of her life.
Checking in?
I was hoping you might be able
to help me.
Well, I'll certainly try.
I misplaced my room key and
I'd love to get another one.
No problem.
Your room number?
I'm sorry, there are no current
reservations for room 721.
I- normally I don't like doing
this but uh...
I'm Angie Dove.
From The Matchmaker
with Angie Dove.
It's on Saturday evenings,
7:30 to 8:00?
I prefer cooking shows.
It's just really time sensitive
that I get up there.
Oh, wait.
Right here.
See? Written in
the Stars Philadelphia
welcomes special guest,
Angie Dove.
I'm sorry, I don't see it.
I thought it was a pretty
good likeness.
Is there anything else I can
help you with today?
Excuse me.
Can I please get some
extra towels in here?
Oh, I'm not- I'm- I will be
right with you.
Towels are on the rack.
I also refilled your shampoos.
I noticed you were out.
Oh, thank you.
First date?
That obvious?
To me.
I'm meeting someone for dinner.
Went to high school together
but I never had the guts
to ask her out.
I really wanna make a good
first impression.
Second first impression?
Try the blue.
It brings out your eyes.
Before you go down there
just take a few deep breaths
and relax.
You're gonna do great.
Thank you.
Oh, wait.
Uh, your tip.
Oh, no, no, no.
I couldn't possibly-
Please. I insist.
E.P. Ethan Plume.
What am I looking at?
I think.
I found that cufflink
in Beatrice's hotel room.
Is it yours?
It's monogrammed E.P.
It's not mine, Angie.
You think it belongs to the
person who murdered Beatrice?
If the cufflink fits...
We'll know more once the police
run tests for fingerprints or-
No, you can't show the police.
But if it's not yours-
It has my initials on it.
According to you it has someone
else's initials on it.
Well, how do I prove that?
By showing them the receipt
from when I didn't buy them?
Well, I-
Look, we- we just can't give
the police another reason
to look my way.
Ethan, we're gonna figure out
who really did this.
There's no reason to hide
from the truth, right?
So uh, what's the secret?
Of "Lover's Lane"?
Oh, I have no idea.
I'm only on the first chapter.
- It's research.
- Oh.
What can I do for you, Angie?
I uh, I have a tip for you.
If this is about my hairstyle
again, I'm good.
No, it looks great.
Oh, thanks.
Beatrice had a room
at the hotel.
I know. 721.
We did a sweep.
Well, you may want
to sweep again.
Call it a hunch.
Ted Penn.
He works at Amore Trattoria?
That's awfully close
to the convention site.
Thank you for your hunch, Angie,
I really appreciate it.
Is there anything else
I can do for you today?
Just um, let me know
when you find it.
You know I can't share details
about an ongoing investigation
with you.
I meant "The Secret
of Lover's Lane".
You'll be the first to know.
You know, she's taller
in person.
What've you got for me?
Uh, background
on Neil Garfunkle.
Nabbed for a DUI
a couple years back
but otherwise
he's squeaky clean.
Ok, what about the uh,
disgruntled fan?
We asked convention staff,
guests, but uh, still no name.
Well, keep asking. Thanks.
You got it.
I got your message.
What was so important I had
to come right over?
I found the perfect place
for Nancy and Peter's date.
Amore Trattoria.
A restaurant?
Yeah. What better way
for two people to connect
than over some wine and tapas?
We put Nancy and Thomas
in a hot air balloon.
It'll be great.
Trust me.
Anyway, we have a meeting
with the head chef and owner,
Ted Penn.
Penn, as in Beatrice Penn?
There may be a tangential connection.
How tangential?
Are you using the show
as a cover
for a rogue murder
No, I'm- I'm multitasking.
So, what's his story?
Ok, alright.
So according to Margaret,
Ted and Beatrice were separated
but divorce was imminent.
I mean, Beatrice
was very wealthy.
What did Ted stand to lose
in a divorce?
Where was he on the day
she was murdered?
He claims he was working.
And we're here to confirm
his alibi?
And to try the crab cakes.
If those are good,
everything will be good.
Miss Dove, let me just tell you
that I am thrilled
you would consider my restaurant
for your show.
I am curious how you chose us.
Oh, um, I saw a write-up.
Ah, I see.
Well, now I'm thinking
that we offer a menu
that's fun and flirty, one that
really promotes conversation.
Now, these- these are some
of the things we can do.
For example, we could start
with a lovely amuse bouche.
We do a warm goat cheese tart.
Um, bad breath.
It's not...
Well, it's just a jumping
off point,
we have a very diverse menu.
You might actually want
to consider
some of the specials
that we've had.
Now, we've had some tremendous
feedback on social media.
For example, this is our tomato
pie and it is a show-stopper.
And we have delicious
crab cakes.
Uh, may I?
Thank you.
Wow, these look wonderful.
So many choices.
You know, it might take me
a minute to just,
um, you know, narrow it down.
Oh, um, Mr. Penn.
Um, would it be possible to see
back of the house operations
for logistical purposes?
Cameras, lighting.
Of course.
In fact, you can sample
some of our dishes.
Um, I'll uh, catch up with you.
I'll just- just- kind of...
I read his text messages
with Beatrice
and she wanted to meet with him
the night before
she was murdered.
Well, did they meet up?
I don't know, the texts
stop after that.
But she wanted to talk about
something important.
Well, maybe she was finally
serving him with divorce papers.
I don't know.
Hey, those crab cakes were good,
though, right?
Yeah, yeah.
You sure this is the place?
Yeah, 304 Birch.
We could just knock on her door.
I guess.
Hi, can I help you folks?
Uh, we're looking
for Caroline Higgins.
How do you know Caroline?
- We're friends.
- We're family.
We're friends of the family.
Uh, do you know when
she might be back?
Caroline doesn't
live here anymore.
When did she move?
Last week.
Very abruptly.
Zero notice.
Um, if you do see her, would
you ask her to contact me?
- Ok.
- Thanks.
Uh, who breaks a lease
with no notice?
Someone who doesn't wanna
be found.
So I reviewed the surveillance footage
from the break-in
like you asked.
This SUV passes the gate
three times in 20 minutes.
Almost as if the driver's
circling the block.
About an hour
before the break-in.
I mean, they could be lost.
Or they could be making sure
the coast is clear.
Did you manage to pull
the plate?
I tried, but uh, this is
the best footage we have.
There's no better angle.
Ok, well send it down
to forensics,
see if they have any luck.
Good work.
Caroline Higgins brings
our suspect list up to four.
Well, every Sherlock
needs a Watson.
I thought I was here
for a production meeting.
We have Neil, alright?
He was the third author in the
panel where Beatrice collapsed.
Did he do something to raise
your suspicions?
At the panel?
He never showed.
How could he have done it,
Just because no one saw him
doesn't mean he wasn't there.
He claimed to have car trouble.
You think he was lying.
Well, he says he has proof
but the timing was convenient.
Then there's Helen Travers.
She has a history of bad blood
with Beatrice.
I mean, a lot of
animosity there.
And she was backstage
at the panel
and would have access
to Beatrice's drink.
Well, that wouldn't imply guilt
because the drink wasn't
poisoned backstage.
How do you know that?
But Helen's VIP status
would have allowed more access
to the drink before then,
if that's even how Beatrice
was poisoned.
And then there's Ted Penn,
Beatrice's ex.
Beatrice was contemplating divorce.
As her husband he likely stood
to inherit the fortune.
If she divorced him,
not so much.
But I think she was still
in love with him.
Aren't you missing someone?
Ethan Plume?
No, no, I'm trying to prove
that he didn't do it.
Oh. He must have had
a compelling motive.
He was arrested, after all.
Well, I- I don't have
a picture of him.
This is Ethan?
You sure do have a type.
Tall, dark, and brooding.
Ok, one ex does not make a type.
What about Detective Carter.
I don't- that is not a thing.
I'm not- I'm- that's not-
It's Ethan.
Hey. I found Helen Travers.
Great! What's the address?
I'll text it to Kyle.
Hey. Sorry, I'm late.
Traffic was a nightmare.
What're you doing here?
What do you mean?
I'm the one who sent you
the address.
Yeah, but I assumed that's where
your involvement ended.
Well, you know what they say
about assumptions.
Um... I...
Oh... uh...
Thank you. Thank you.
When Ethan said Helen
was on a writer's retreat
I thought it'd be a little
more day spa,
a little less cabin
in the woods.
I don't know. It's not
too late to turn back.
Nice try.
But we should have
a strategy going in.
I'm thinking good cop, bad cop.
Do you have a preference?
Angie, look-
I could go either way, but
you do have a natural scowl
that would lend itself
to bad cop.
That's the one.
Oh, good. We go straight.
It's a blaze. It marks
the trail for hikers.
Yeah, I know what it is,
I'm just surprised you do.
My mom's an avid hiker.
I tagged along on all sorts
of trails growing up.
I never would have taken you
for the outdoorsy type.
And why is that?
I'm just surprised, that's all.
I love nature.
My heels, not so much.
I used to go camping with
my brothers all the time.
We made it into this
uh, tradition.
Oh, would you look at that?
Common ground.
Huh, who'd have thunk?
I mean, we're not
that different.
Yeah? How do you figure?
Well, we're both
public servants.
People trust you to solve
their murders
and they trust me to solve
their love lives.
I think it's a little bit different,
I mean, I'm dealing
with life and death.
So you've never been to a
single's mixer in the city.
No, I-
Oh, oh, I got you.
I got you.
Thank you.
Uh, we made it.
Oh, we did.
Miss Travers?
What is she doing?
Finding her centre?
45 minutes of daily meditation
helps the muse.
But I suppose five will
have to do for today.
Well, sorry for
the interruption,
but we just had a few questions
about Beatrice Penn.
Like why just days
after her murder
you're hiding out in
the middle of nowhere.
Uh, we never settled on bad cop
so I just ran with it.
Was that ok?
I'm on a deadline.
I come up here to block out
the outside world
and to get away
from distractions.
What was your relationship
with Beatrice Penn?
Professional acquaintances.
We've heard "bitter rivals" is
a better way to describe you.
I'm sorry, I thought you were
a matchmaker.
Oh, I do that, too.
It's no secret she and I
have a rocky past.
Is it true that you started
the rumour
that she didn't write
her own books?
I used to admire Beatrice.
But after a few conversations
it was clear that she wasn't
who she presented herself to be.
How's that?
I read the Gilded Hearts books
and let's just say
I'm not sure she has.
But if you ask me if you wanna
know who killed Beatrice Penn
there's only one person
you should be looking at.
Margaret Vincent.
Her sister?
They seem so close.
Margaret has always been
in Beatrice's shadow.
It's not a nice place to be.
Speaking from experience?
Sure, she had better book sales.
But there's no accounting
for taste.
Beatrice had a bad temper
and Margaret was usually
on the receiving end.
She would blow up
about the tiniest thing.
A person can only take so much,
you know?
But you think she could actually
hurt her own sister?
It wouldn't be the first time.
What do you mean?
Rumour has it, that
so-called "accident"
that left Beatrice with a cane
wasn't an accident at all.
Margaret said Beatrice slipped
on some rocks.
I'm sure she did.
I got the plate of that SUV
circling the Penn estate
the night of the break-in.
Alright, did you pull
the registration?
Sure did.
It belongs to Ted Penn.
I surprised my father
with third row seats,
right on the first base line.
- Mmmhmm.
Almost caught a line drive.
Do you like baseball?
Not really. No.
This isn't going well.
She'll warm up to him.
Just give it some time.
He's a catch.
She looks like she wants
to throw him back.
Sorry, you have um...
Oh, uh, I think it's just
finger paint.
One of my kids must have got me
the other day.
How many kids do you have?
I'm a teacher.
Second grade.
You know, I never saw myself
going into education
but there's something about
working with kids
that's really inspiring.
Yeah, there is.
It's like you get to be a part
of someone's biggest moments,
share in their little victories.
I'm probably boring you.
No, you're not.
I know exactly what you mean.
I mentor student athletes.
And that is why you should never
judge a book by its cover.
You were right.
Told ya.
From here on out,
smooth sailing.
Ted: You can't just come
into my place of work like this.
I'm telling you, this is
some kind of mistake.
I haven't done anything wrong!
Well, that date will certainly
be a memorable one.
You said you were at home
the night of the break-in.
I was.
You mind explaining what you
were doing at Beatrice's house?
Technically, it's still
my house, too.
Ok. We weren't divorced.
Then why all the subterfuge?
Why'd you circle the block
three times?
Why didn't you
just walk right in?
Look, it's no secret
that Margaret
wasn't exactly my biggest fan.
I hoped to slip in and out
of the house unnoticed
to avoid a confrontation.
What were you doing in the den?
There were some items I wanted
to retrieve,
they held some value to me.
Sentimental or monetary?
It still doesn't explain
why you felt the need
to break in.
Beatrice's will left everything
to Margaret.
If I had waited for her to sort
through the possessions
of the home,
she'd contest my claim.
I just wanted what was mine.
This yours?
Long story.
What's this?
Our production schedule.
Are you planning any arrests
at these dates or locations?
Not at the moment, but...
That's the second dessert
you torpedoed.
Guess that means
I owe you one.
I- I may hold you to that.
I'll- I'll leave this with you,
here, just in case.
That's uh... that's good.
Then I'll know where you're at.
It- relax.
Just send me all the footage
we have,
I'm sure there's enough
to salvage the episode.
We playing in the uh, charity
basketball game next weekend?
11-43's got a new big boy,
about 6'-9",
I think uh, he's a ringer.
No, I'm actually gonna head out
to uh, Deep Creek with Lucy.
Oh, I bet she'll love that.
I took your advice, I had
the conversation with Paul
to see where the relationship
was going.
Thank you so much.
Ok, you. Let's go.
Where you're going you're
not gonna be dating anyone
for a while.
Why is my name on this
very colourful board?
My landlord gave me your card.
He asked why I never mentioned
I was close personal friends
with Angie Dove.
I... I may have slightly
exaggerated our relationship.
Because I wanted to ask you
about Beatrice Penn.
I have nothing to do with her.
You mean aside from
some pretty angry letters
and a trip to Evergreen
You think I had something
to do with her death
because of some fan mail?
I'm not accusing you
of anything,
I just- I want to know what
she did to make you so upset.
My grandmother bought me
the Gilded Hearts books
a few years ago.
They're her favourite.
She wanted to share
them with me.
So she'd make us tea
and we'd talk about
the characters for hours.
It brought her so much joy,
you know?
And then she got sick.
I'm sorry.
The books mean so much to her.
I know it would mean the world
if she could finish the trilogy.
It's been two years since
the last book was announced,
I thought if Beatrice knew
how little time she had...
But she never responded.
I would have accepted a "no".
I understand it was
a lot to ask.
But to ignore my letters?
It just made me really mad.
But why did you leave your
apartment so suddenly?
I moved in with my grandmother.
Her health's declined.
She needed me.
Is this a good time?
Um, please excuse the mess.
The uh, movers are due tomorrow.
I still have so much packing
left to do.
You're- you're selling
the house?
Yeah, I had an interested buyer
as soon as I listed it.
Well, it must be hard.
I'm sure it holds a lot of
memories for you.
Well, that um, is exactly what
I'm hoping to get away from.
I spoke to Caroline Higgins.
You found her.
She found me.
It turns out her grandmother
is very sick
and she had hoped Beatrice
might share an early manuscript
of the third book in the series.
And she was angry when
her letters went unanswered.
I can understand that.
The series has come to mean
a lot to many people.
What is the status
of the last book?
Well, it's uh... it's finished.
Well, why hasn't it come out?
Well, the situation
is complicated.
With Evergreen Publishing?
Among other things, yeah.
You're a writer?
Uh, no.
Uh... there's only one writer
in the family.
It- it wasn't me.
I was gonna make some tea,
did you want some?
Uh, sure.
It was right there,
in one of the boxes.
And it was open.
There are harmless applications
to rat poison,
like vermin control.
Tell that to the rats.
Look, Angie.
It's a piece of the puzzle.
It's not the whole puzzle.
I- I just- I- I just can't
believe that Margaret
would kill her own sister.
Sweetheart, your instincts
are usually right.
What do you think?
It's really nice.
Somebody else painted it, right?
It's ok.
Thank you guys so much
for coming by.
We're excited to be here.
Oh, we can take those
for you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Here is our set where Angie
will tape
the final decision
on today's couple.
These cameras feed
to a monitor over there
so you'll be able to watch it
as it happens.
Wow, exciting.
So, Peter, how was your date
with Nancy?
Before or after the police raid?
It was nice.
I felt like we really connected.
Me too.
That's why I asked you
here today.
I believe that Peter is Nancy's
perfect match.
Now, Peter, would you like
to see Nancy again?
I'd love to, yeah.
Well, I spoke with Nancy
before the show
and now the choice is hers.
If she'd like to go on a second
date she'll join us here on set.
It's the moment of truth.
Do you agree that Peter
is your perfect match?
It was so moving.
Oh, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
I admit, I was a little worried
that Nancy might not come out
on stage.
Well, that's just
for the cameras.
I would never set
Peter up like that
if I didn't know Nancy
was a yes.
I appreciate a dramatic reveal.
Would you like to meet
the happy couple?
We'd love to.
Of course.
Thank you, Angie.
This has made her whole year.
Oh, my pleasure.
It's been hard, you know,
with the book tour
and release schedule.
We haven't seen a lot
of each other.
She means a lot to you, huh?
The love of my life.
Goodnight, Carl.
You have a good night,
Miss Dove.
Can we talk?
Is everything alright?
I don't know what to do.
Bea always knew what to do and,
well, now she's gone.
Why don't you sit down
and tell me what's wrong?
I never meant to hurt her,
you have to believe me.
What do you mean?
I haven't been honest with you.
Is- is this-
It's the final book
in the trilogy.
I don't understand.
Did you have something to do
with Beatrice's death?
No, of course not.
Then... the accident?
She was everything
that I wasn't.
She was pretty, popular...
I idolized her.
That day at the quarry I
followed her onto that ledge.
I wanted everyone to believe
that I was just as brave
as my big sister.
She got mad at me
for tagging after her.
We argued.
She was trying to get away
from me when she slipped.
And then she never
danced again.
Her dream was gone
in an instant.
I stole that from her.
So you gave her yours.
Well, fame and fortune
were always meant for her.
So I wrote the books and uh,
let her have the spotlight.
I could never hurt my sister.
Not when I've already taken
so much from her.
Margaret, you were a kid.
You can't carry
this burden forever.
I just don't know what to do.
I have an idea on where
to start.
Hi, Caroline.
Is your grandmother home?
Come in.
Burning the midnight oil,
hey, Miss Dove?
Yeah, I have some things
to wrap up.
Oh, you can head home.
I'll be fine.
Forensics just came out
on the cufflink.
Hey, hold on.
We got a hit.
Partial print.
I'm- I'm sorry, I didn't mean
to scare you,
I uh, I think I left
my scarf here.
Uh, that's fine,
I'll help you find it.
It's blue.
It was a gift from my wife.
I've turned the whole
house over looking for it.
I'm sure we can track it down.
Oh, uh, before I forget, I uh,
I brought you an advance copy of
my new book as a thank you.
Oh, the mystery.
I hope you like it.
"Deadly By Surprise".
I just optioned it
as a TV movie.
I uh... I thought your pen name
was Sylvia Donner.
Oh, that's only for
the romance stuff.
I go by Eli Price
for everything else.
Is everything alright?
Um, you know what?
We should split up,
cover more ground.
Good idea.
I'll go this way.
Detective Carter, I'm on
the Matchmaker set with Neil.
I think he killed Beatrice.
I got all the way to the garage,
forgot my keys.
I am so happy to see you.
Well, what's wrong?
Neil, you don't wanna do this.
What gave me away?
The cufflink.
In Beatrice's room.
It had the initials E.P.
A gift from a fan.
Hadn't realized I lost one.
A lot can be overlooked
in the heat of the moment.
Why did you do it?
Beatrice forced my hand.
She was gonna tell my wife
about our affair.
I couldn't let that happen.
You and Beatrice?
Book tours get lonely.
We both regretted it.
But Beatrice, she wanted a fresh
start with her husband,
insisted on coming clean but
in order to save her marriage
she'd be destroying mine!
So you went to her hotel room
before the panel.
Yeah. I wanted to try
and convince her.
And when you couldn't
you slipped something
into her drink?
That was a contingency plan, ok?
All of this ugliness
could have been avoided
if she had just listened
to reason.
You know, I- I could help you.
Well, your wife.
She respects me.
I could talk to her.
What would you say?
Well, relationships can
bounce back from hardships,
they do all the time.
In fact, they just become
more battle tested.
You really think she'd listen?
On second thought,
I'll tell her to move on.
You gonna be alright?
Yeah, thanks to you.
Stay out of trouble, would ya?
Hey, I got a question for you.
What would possess you to throw
a rack of clothing on to him?
I- I thought you wanted me to.
You- you gave me a look, like...
No, the look I gave you
was get the heck out of there.
That's an entirely
different look.
That'd be like...
Don't beat yourself up about it
but just try to remember
for next time?
No, no.
There's not gonna be
a next time.
How'd you get here so fast?
Oh, I was on my way to see you.
You were?
Forensics came back
on the cufflink,
Neil's wife told me
I can find him here.
Well, thank you for the save.
You're welcome.
Hey, Neil.
Found it.
Let's go.
I can't thank you enough.
You really came through for me.
I'm just glad justice
was served.
When you get a minute,
swing by the office.
I wanna talk to you about
writing a book for us.
Does this mean you're staying
in Evergreen Publishing?
A promise is a promise.
And it's what my mother
would have wanted.
Ok, maybe it's what I want, too.
That's so great.
I guess this means
we're neighbours.
See you around, Angie.
- Hey there, hi.
- Come here, come here.
What are you doing?
- Hey.
- Hey.
What're you doing here?
Oh, I- I was just meeting
a friend.
Yeah? Small world.
I didn't know you had a dog.
Oh yeah.
Yeah, there's a lot of stuff
you don't know about me.
What's her name?
Her name is Lucy.
Huh, Luce?
That's a pretty name.
Is there a story behind that?
Oh yeah, a very long story.
So, you uh...
Duty calls.
Off to save another damsel with
a distressing social calendar.
Good luck with that.
Uh, I guess I'll see you around.
I still owe you that dessert.
Yeah, you do.
Go get it!