Matchmaker Mysteries: A Killer Engagement (2019) Movie Script


"My bounty is as boundless
as the sea, and my love as deep.
The more I give to thee,
the more I have,
for both are infinite."
Will you marry me?
That was beautiful
and the Shakespeare
quote was perfect.
Well, I'm not surprised.
It was your idea.
It's what I do.
Now, let's get Emma out here
before I say yes to you myself.
Our Romeo is ready.
And our Juliet has
no idea what's coming.
Angie, this could be our
best on air proposal ever.
Places, everyone.
Welcome to
a very special episode.
I met Aaron Scheller
when we served together
on the board of a local charity.
Aaron was the high bidder
at the charity's auction,
winning a chance to
be on The MatchMaker,
and his match
with Emma was perfect.
So perfect, that just six months
later he's back to propose.
Emma thinks she's here to
update us on their relationship,
no idea that Aaron
plans to pop the question.
Let's see what Emma's answer
will be, right after the break.
All my life, I've had
the ability to pair people
with their perfect match
from all over my home town
of Philadelphia.
Now, I'm taking
my skills to you at home.
I'm Angie Dove,
and I'll find you love
right here on The MatchMaker.
"The more I give to thee,
the more I have,
for both are infinite."
Will you marry me?
Yes. Yes.
It's a match!
Angie, this was
the most awesome episode ever.
Thanks, Violet,
and I meant to tell you,
on adopting a rescue.
How did you know?
I haven't told anyone yet.
The tennis ball in your purse
and the plastic baggie
in your pocket were a hint,
and that smile on your face
and the little white hairs
on your shirt either mean
a new canine
or an old boyfriend.
Okay, I see how you
got the canine part,
but how did you know
Ziggy was a rescue?
The biggest clue of all.
Your heart.
I knew you'd want to
help a dog without a home.
Thanks, Angie.
A wildly successful commercial
developer and one of the city's
most eligible
bachelors finds love with
a North Philly hair stylist.
On behalf of singles everywhere,
I commend you.
Compliment acknowledged
and appreciated.
How did you know this
couple was meant to be?
Shared values,
in sync personality types,
plus compatible lip shapes,
similar sense of humor.
Whoa, back up, sensei.
Lip shape?
Yes, it's just one of
many personality indicators.
So, a full upper lip
suggests a giving person.
Thin lips correspond
with self-reliance,
and a pronounced
Cupid's bow often correlates
with creativity.
There they are.
Than you both so much.
Without you, Aaron and I
would have never even met,
let alone fallen in love.
After my divorce, the last thing
I thought I'd ever want to do is
get married again.
Emma changed all that.
Angie, you've given
me another chance
and this time
I'm gonna get it right.
We are throwing
a small engagement party
at Aaron's place.
Sunday, at 2:00.
We'd love if
both of you could come.
We wouldn't miss it.
We have a party to plan.
Sorry, they just look
like regular lips to me.
Shouldn't you be restoring
that thing in the garage?
It's cooler in here.
How's my Angela?
Great. I came over to
make you a nice steak.
Well, it's great timing.
I'm out of leftovers.
What's the occasion?
We had another successful
proposal on the show today.
Hey, congrats!
Still, I gotta say, I wish
you'd use the family name on TV.
Dad, the English translation
of Colomba is "dove,"
which just so happens
to rhyme with love.
"Angie Dove, I'll find you love."
I get it. I get it.
To me, you will always
be my Angela Colomba.
To me, too.
What's with all the old files?
Well, I asked the chief if
I could take a look at some
open cases from back in the day.
Dad, you're retired.
You should be relaxing.
You sound like your mother.
How is she anyway?
Did she find herself yet?
As a matter of fact,
this week she's presenting
a paper at a psychiatry
conference in Dallas.
Well, that's as good
a place to look as any.
When are you two
gonna work things out?
What things?
We're very happily married.
Living 1,500 miles apart?
That's why we're so happy.
What's up with what's his name?
Isaac. We broke up.
I thought his name was Alec.
Alec was before Isaac,
and we broke up, too.
I seem to be better at fixing
other people than myself.
It may take two to tango,
but it's also fine
to dance on your own.

This is their idea
of a small party.
So, when you first met Aaron,
it never occurred to you
to fix him up with your
partner in crime, Paige?
Bad lip fit.
Oh, canapes, thank you.
Mm, thank you.
Another perfect match.
Peach and prosciutto.
What are you...
What are you doing?
Capturing the ambience for
our social media presence.
You know what they say.
We don't want to intrude.
A quick walkthrough.
I'll be right back.
Emma, you look incredible.
I kind of do, don't I?
And where's the groom-to-be
so I can remind him
how lucky he is?
He's working if
you can believe it,
but he's promised
to join us very soon.
Now, can I ask a favor?
Aaron and I are
writing our own vows,
and I would love to get
the Angie Dove seal of approval.
"A match made in heaven,
where one becomes two,
and two become one."
Emma, these are lovely.
I was also hoping to get
your advice on something
that happened earlier.
I'm at a loss a...
Oh, Angie, this is my cousin,
Piper, and partner at my salon.
Thanks for everything
you've done for Emma.
Can we talk for a minute?
Yeah. Um, we can talk later?
Yeah. Absolutely.
Angie Dove, the one person
able to get Aaron Scheller
back to the altar.
Well, I mean, it's not
gonna be me up there.
I just made the introduction.
Yes, Emma.
Right place, right time?
Right woman.
I'm Rachel Turner,
Chief Operating Officer of
Scheller Development,
and this is Phillip Price,
Chief Financial Officer.
Pleasure to meet you.
We've never seen Aaron so happy.
On behalf of those
who love him, thank you.
(all laughing)
Where is he, anyway?
Emma said he was working
but that he'll be here soon.
His assistant told me he
was meeting with Rose Clarke.
The attorney?
The one and only.
She represented
Aaron in his divorce.
And my ex in mine.
I'm still recovering.
Why is he seeing
a divorce attorney right
before his engagement party?
Obviously, he's having her
draw up a prenuptial agreement.
A prenup? I wouldn't think so.
Aaron's not the type.
He's rich, isn't he?
Then he's the type.
There goes your week.
A prenup requires an assessment
of all premarital assets,
which means someone
from Clarke's office
will be going over our
books in excruciating detail.
I need a drink.
I'll join you.
Paige, that's enough ambiance.
Here, have a seared scallop.
Declan, right? Hi, I'm...
Angie Dove. I know.
I've got you to
thank for all this.
Let's hope my dad has more
success with his second family
than his first.
Uh, Paige, this is Declan,
Aaron's son.
Look, I've got to go.
Wait, what just happened?
Declan's had a few rough years.
Aaron's been trying to
help him get back on his feet.
He doesn't seem too
happy for dear old Dad.
(loud popping)
(both gasping)
Our cue.
Shall we?
To a match made in heaven.
There she is!
(guests gasping)
Call 911.
There's no pulse.
Yes, just waiting
to be interviewed.
I'm fine, just shaken.
Thanks, Dad.
I'll keep you posted.
Okay, love you, too.
You're Angie Dove, aren't you?
Oh, boy.
My wife loves your show.
Thank you.
Officer Lowry.
You're next.
Right this way, please.
Thank you for your patience.
I'm Detective Carter.
Don't you know who this is?
Angie Dove.
The MatchMaker from TV.
The only thing I watch
on TV are the Eagles,
so unless you're
their new wide receiver,
I'm gonna have to
plead ignorance.
So, what did you see?
Well, nothing, really.
When I got here,
Emma seemed happy,
except she did mention wanting
advice about something that
had happened earlier.
Did she tell you
what that something was?
We were interrupted,
then, the next time I saw her
was right before
she went upstairs.
You know, she was checking her
phone and looked troubled.
What makes you think
she was troubled?
Well, she slumped a little,
and her brow tensed,
and she reached up to the back
of her neck and shook her head
looking down, oh,
and she bit her lip, like this.
Anything else?
No, sorry. It was just
for a second or two.
Um, this was found at
the top of the stairs.
Do you recognize that as Emma's?
I mean, a phone is a phone,
but it's an easy
enough thing to check.
(phone ringing)
A-ha. One mystery solved.
You wouldn't happen to know
her security code, would you?
One more thing.
When I reached Emma at
the bottom of the stairs,
she wasn't wearing
her engagement ring.
was she wearing
the ring earlier?
I can't say I saw it.
It's more like
I didn't not see it,
which I would
have if she wasn't.
Wearing it, that is.
What can you tell me about
her fianc, Aaron Scheller?
Emma said he was working
but would be here shortly.
And how would you
describe their relationship?
I'm not sure
I understand the question.
How did they feel
about each other?
Were they getting along?
It was an engagement party,
as in, they'd gotten engaged,
and were celebrating
with a party.
I get the concept, but it's
not unusual for engaged couples
to fight or argue, is it?
Are you suggesting Aaron
had something to do with
Emma's death?
I'm not suggesting anything.
I'm investigating.
Then let me be
as clear as possible.
Emma and Aaron
were deeply in love
and couldn't have been happier.
Despite her being troubled,
taking off her engagement ring,
and Mr. Scheller not
being at the party at all.
I stand by my answer.
Okay. One more thing,
did you take any
photos at the party?
My friend Paige got some video.
I'll make sure
she turns it over.
Paige. Okay, well,
thank you, Ms. Dove.
You have been
exceedingly helpful.
You'll need to turn in
the video of the party,
but could you
first send a copy to-
(phone pinging)
Officer Lowry:
Tons of media coverage on the murder,
but so far no mention
of you or the show.
Someone will
make the connection.
It's just a matter of time.
This is awful! Really awful!
Hi, Benjamin.
My first year with the network,
your first season,
and this happens.
We were a lock to be renewed,
but this could kill us!
Shouldn't we be a little
more concerned about Emma?
Totally, absolutely.
Our only chance is to lay low
and hope no one notices,
stay as far away
from this as possible!
Benjamin missed his true calling
as a motivational speaker.
Time to meet
this week's match-to-be.
Angie Dove.
Nice to meet you.
This is what I'm looking for.
That was my
first official match.
Robin, my college roommate,
and Jeremy,
who I met in
Behavioral Psychology.
Still together
after all these years.
So, she's not available?
We tape over five days.
First, I sit down with you
to get a sense of who you are
and what you're looking
for in a relationship.
Then, in a series
of speed dates,
you meet our candidates
and they meet you.
You and Angie consult again,
Angie picks the top prospect
and sets up an ideal date
for the two of you.
This isn't a dating show.
My mission is to find your
one and only soulmate.
Well, I'm a chef at
a new restaurant in town,
Taverna Cielo,
so I work most nights,
and I'm just looking
for someone who'll share
my love for folk-dancing
and the accordion.
Violet, let's get
a touch up on Reynaldo.
He's looking a little moist.
"Folk-dancing and the accordion?"
This will test my theory
that for every single sock,
there's another sock out there
just waiting to be found.
I fear we've got ourselves
one permanently lost sock.
And Kristen's with us now.
That was a funny moment
but this is a serious matter.
Police have issued a warrant
for "person of interest"
Aaron Scheller in
the stabbing death
of Emma Patterson.
Dad, you are not gonna believe
what that rookie detective
on Emma's case did.
I'm sorry, dear,
I didn't hear you.
I was talking to this rookie
detective about Emma's case.
Wha... what is he doing here?
I was Detective Carter's
training officer
when he first joined the force.
He used to call me
on some of his cases.
This is your daughter?
She doesn't look like you.
Can you imagine if she did?
I was adopted, as if
it's any of your business.
But I was told her
name was Angie Dove.
That's her TV name.
What's wrong with Colomba?
That's what I tell her.
Both of you, stop.
If you have something to say,
say it to me!
I'm sorry. Go ahead with what
you were telling your dad.
Something about
a rookie detective?
How can you issue
a warrant for Aaron?
He wasn't even there!
Emma said he was working.
Well, yes, he was working,
but he wasn't in the office.
He was actually
upstairs in his study,
and he seems to have
left in quite a hurry
because the caterers said that
they saw his car in the garage
before Emma's death,
but not after.
In addition, they have it on
very good authority that Emma
looked troubled
when she went upstairs.
That's the exact word
that was used, "troubled."
And why haven't
heard from Mr. Scheller
since his fianc's death?
That doesn't make
him a murderer.
No, but it does make him
a "person of interest,"
which gives us probable
cause for a warrant.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
this rookie detective,
who's actually been solving
cases for fifteen years,
has gotta get back to work.
You are not going
to drop this are you?
Even if this old
detective begs you?
How can I, Dad? I know
something that he doesn't.
Emma was Aaron's perfect match,
and you don't kill
your perfect match.
Now, where would you start?
That's easy.
Where everything starts.
The scene of the crime.

Angie Dove!
So good to see you again,
Officer Lowry.
How is everything?
To be honest, not so great,
For our twentieth,
I got my wife this extremely
nice vacuum cleaner, which turns
out wasn't the ideal gift.
Listen, I was hoping to get
into the house for a moment.
Oh, I'm afraid
that can't happen.
See, I left my purse,
with my phone, somewhere inside,
and I simply cannot
function without them.
Sorry, Ms. Dove,
the place is off-limits,
it's an active crime scene.
I understand.
For your twentieth,
consider emeralds.
Oh, there's a jeweler
in Center City.
He makes the most beautiful
and surprisingly
affordable earrings.
I, uh... Wait, what's his name?
Let me check.
My phone is inside the house.
Oh, well. Bye, officer.
Uh, Ms. Dove.

Looking for this?
Ah, there it is! Thank you!
You know, you really are
good at this detective stuff.
You know, it's funny
finding your purse here,
after an entire forensic team
failed to come across it.
Yeah, funny.
Okay, fine, the purse was
just an excuse to get in
and look around.
I thought I could offer
a different perspective.
You know, if I was so inclined,
I could charge you with
interfering in
a police investigation.
C'mon, I'm the daughter
of Nick Colomba.
I know enough
not to touch anything.
I see.
Care to share with me?
Well, since you ask, you might
consider combing your hair back
and using a little product
for a more contemporary look.
I meant about the case.
Find anything interesting?
Well, it's what I didn't
find that's interesting.
Let me show you.
Okay, so, an envelope from
the Law Office of Rose Clarke.
It's sliced open, but...
No letter.
And no letter opener,
clearly missing from
this matching desk set,
which means that it could
be the weapon used on Emma.
Anything else?
Yes, this tissue in
the waste basket.
It appears to be
smudged with make-up.
It certainly does.
You have a good eye,
Ms. Colomba.
Thank you.
But we already knew all that.
The letter opener isn't missing.
The refrigerator in the garage
was rattling slightly,
so we looked behind it
and we found the letter opener.
It appears somebody
tried to wipe it clean,
So, we're gonna have
it checked for prints
and analyze the blood,
but it's worth noting
that the letter opener was only
a few feet away from where
Mr. Scheller parks his car.
That doesn't prove anything.
In isolation, no,
but the elements together
paint a pretty damning picture.
A troubled woman goes upstairs,
her fianc there,
having just met
with his attorney.
She wipes away her tears
she takes off her ring.
Then soon after, she is
stabbed with a letter opener
in what appears to be
a crime of passion.
Then the killer
leaves by the same route
and at the same
time as Mr. Scheller.
How about we make
a deal, Ms. Colomba?
I'll leave
the matchmaking to you,
and you leave the murder
investigation to me, huh?
Thank you for your kind offer,
but you should know you have
two problems with
your damning picture.
First, if Emma
had wiped away tears,
then the tissue would also
show signs of mascara,
which it doesn't.
Second, Emma couldn't have
taken off her ring upstairs.
Because at some point
she took it off downstairs.
Did you watch the video?
See you later, Detective.
Thank you, Officer.
You'll find the earrings
at Sol's on Jewelers' Row,
and, for an extra 20% off,
tell him Angie Dove sent you.
Much obliged.
Easy there, Chuck Norris.
We're here for the exercise,
not to take down the mob.
Sorry, I'm just so frustrated.
I want to help, you know,
but so far the evidence against
Aaron looks terrible,
and where is he, anyway?
Plus, I keep thinking
about what Benjamin said.
"Stay as far away
from this as possible."
Forget Benjamin.
What would Emma want?

Angie D. Welcome.
Are you here to get
a new 'do in honor of Emma?
Well, actually, I was ho...
Don't worry,
I'll be gentle. Come.
Isn't that The MatchMaker?
Yeah, that's Angie Dove.
Angie, I never miss your show.
Oh, thank you.
Hairdresser 1:
Piper hasn't been in since it happened.
There was tension
between those two.
Piper was afraid
that the marriage meant
the end of the salon.
Emma's ex, Bo, that bouncer
over at Infinity Lounge,
claimed he was
still in love with her.
I heard Bo got in a fight with
Aaron the day before the party.
That ring was over $25,000.
Of course, and a new wife means
less inheritance for Declan.
Aaron's son treated Emma
like she was some sort of
Hairdresser 2:
As if she was only into him
because of his dad's money...
Emma's ex, Bo, that bouncer
over at Infinity Lounge...
That ring was over $25,000...
Of course, and a new wife means
less inheritance for Declan...
(phone ringing)
Stylings By Emma.
For the third time,
I don't know.
Piper hasn't been in.
Yes, I will tell her that
Larry G has her cash. Got it.
Almost done? I should probably
get back to the studio.
Just finishing now.
That is really something.
Just text me the address.
Oh, gotta go. Bye.
Hi. It's Angie Dove.
I'm so sorry about Emma.
I still can't
believe it happened.
Are you coming to the salon?
It looks like you
could use something.
Uh, it's for a thing.
Listen, I wanted to ask you
about Emma at the party.
Did she seem troubled to you?
Troubled? No, not at all.
Did she say
anything about her ring?
Was she wearing it
when you two spoke?
She said something about
needing to have it resized.
Well, I should get to work.
Good to see you, Angie.
Oh, one more thing.
I understand Larry G has
been trying to reach you.
Something about
having your cash?
Paige, just got back from Emma's
salon and I learned so much!
What happened to your hair?
Violet, help!
That place was like
a tsunami of information.
For one thing, I ran
into Emma's cousin, Piper,
who became quite nervous when I
brought up the engagement ring,
which she claims Emma
said was being resized.
But it was a perfect fit.
Also, it seems that
Emma's former boyfriend,
some bouncer named Bo,
confronted Aaron
the day before the party,
saying he still loved her.
Hang on, so that gives
"Bo the Bouncer"
a motive for murder, too.
Maybe, but it's all second-hand.
I want to hear it straight
from the bouncer's mouth.
Wait! Leave the hair!
Angie, no. Bad idea!
I'm going undercover.
That's an even worse idea!

This is embarrassing.
So, why did you
insist on coming?
I was worried about you.
I can handle Bo.
Here to pick up your kids?
I beg your pardon?
We're here to talk
about our friend, Emma.
No comment.
Well, you were pretty vocal
the day before Emma died,
when you harassed her fianc.
Like I said,
I've got nothing to say.
Yeah, no, you're right.
Don't talk to us.
Save it for the police.
Well, you're obviously
a prime suspect.
How do you figure that?
You're the clich jealous ex.
I was no ex, and it was her
so-called fianc that was
jealous after I told him
that I was still seeing Emma.
Emma would never cheat on Aaron,
and definitely not with you.
Yeah, why are you lying?
Angry that she
loved him and not you?
And I'm done.
Alright, move along, ladies.
Hey, we have just as much
right to be here as anyone else.
Yeah, leave them alone!
What are you gonna do about it?
Remind me to never go
clubbing with you again!
Don't worry. It's fine.
Exactly like before.
Hair crisis averted.
Now, about tomorrow,
you still haven't picked
Reynaldo's speed dates.
I can't stop thinking about Bo.
I don't see him
as a viable match.
Look, Bo claims he was
still seeing Emma, right?
But if he did still love her,
then where's the grief?
And if he wasn't in love,
why confront Aaron?
Good points, all.
Now, back to the speed dates.
Another thing, you know that
smudged make-up on the tissue
in Aaron's study? If it
wasn't Emma's, then whose?
I think someone's in the house.
What did you say?
Angie. Hello?

Angie. Angie.
Angie, Angie, Angie.
Aaron, what are you
doing in my kitchen?
Well, I was afraid I'd be seen,
so I went around the side of
the house and found
the door was unlocked, so.
No, I didn't mean why
are you in kitchen,
I meant, why are you here,
and where have you been?
I needed you to know that
I loved Emma with all my heart.
I would never hurt her.
I believe you, but then why run?
I didn't run. I left be...
Before it happened.
But it was your
engagement party.
She called it off.
The party?
The engagement.
My gosh, what happened
to your eye?
Oh, Emma's former boyfriend
sucker-punched me the day
before the party.
And Emma gave you some
concealer to cover it up?
That explains
the tissue with makeup.
Why did Emma
call off the engagement?
She didn't say. She just
said it was for the best.
(sirens in the distance)
The police?
I was on the phone
when I heard the noise.
My friend must've called.
Aaron, please, running
only makes you look guilty.
What would you have me do?
Stay and go to prison for
a murder I didn't commit?
No, stay and fight
to prove your innocence.
We don't have a lot of time
and I need some answers.
Where did you go
when you left the party?
I drove.
I needed to clear my mind.
I have a friend who has
a cottage up near Hawk Mountain.
I knew he wasn't using it,
so I went there.
Listen, I didn't know Emma was
killed until I heard about it
on the radio this morning.
Did Bo tell you
he was still seeing Emma?
Yeah, I knew he was lying.
'Cause I know Emma.
Tell me about Rose Clarke.
Why did you meet
with her before the party?
(pounding at the door)
And what's the significance
of the number "117,500?"
Police. Open the door!
Ms. Dove, I'm Rose Clarke.
Thank you for convincing
Aaron to surrender.
He's much safer here
than out there with a warrant
hanging over his head.
Ms. Clarke, the meeting
you had with Aaron the day of
the party. Was that to discuss
a prenuptial agreement?
That information is privileged.
Without a waiver from my client,
I'm not at liberty to answer.
Were you and Aaron ever
more than "attorney-client"?
I won't answer that, either.
Privileged information?
Just none of your business.
That's fair, but you might
want to check your make-up.
It looks like you've been
crying over the arrest
of a certain client.
Thank you again, Ms. Dove.
We've booked
Mr. Scheller for murder.
You're making a mistake.
Well, that's for
the D.A. to decide.
I'm interested in all evidence,
whether it points to
guilt or innocence,
and since you're clearly not
gonna stay away from the case,
you want to tell me
what you know?
Bo sucker-punched Aaron
the day before the party,
explaining the smudged tissue.
It could be extortion or
blackmail and that's why
Emma got rid of her ring.
Plus Piper received several
calls from someone named
"Larry G" saying
"I've got your cash."
All of this is very helpful
but it's not gonna
clear Mr. Scheller.
What about this?
Whatever this text Emma
is getting here might have
convinced her to
call off the engagement.
Well, we've subpoenaed
all of Emma's phone records,
but all that's gonna tell us is
the number the text came from.
So, to see the actual messages
we need to unlock her phone,
and to unlock the phone we have
to guess her security code?
Should we give it a try?
After three failed attempts
we're locked out for 24 hours.
After six,
we're locked out permanently.
Let's try ten-twenty-four,
her birthday.
No go.
the street address of her salon?
Strike two.
What's that?
The date Emma met
Aaron on my show.
It was a long shot,
good news is we get
three more guesses,
try again in 24 hours.
I'll do more
research before then.
Angie, any comment
on what's being called
The Matchmaker Murder?
Watch out.
Coming through. Excuse me.
Aaron Scheller turned himself
in to none other than
Angie Dove aka
"The MatchMaker," who had
set up the suspect and victim
on her popular TV show.
We caught Dove leaving
the Philadelphia police
department last night
in a media circus.
Angie, any comment
on what's being called
The MatchMaker Murder?
Why did I say?
Stay away. What did you do?
Arrange for the surrender
of the prime suspect.
Does anyone listen to me?
You get upset so often,
it's hard to tell...
That was a rhetorical question.
Now there's no chance that
the network will renew us.
I'm going update my resume,
and I suggest you do the same.
Angie, I'm so sorry
I called the police.
No, you were just
trying to protect me.
I'm sorry
I put the show at risk.
No, you had to.
It was the right thing to do.
This blew up so fast.
Do you have any
idea how many mentions
you've gotten on social media?
You know I don't
care about that. How many?
Yeah. Wow.
Look, we've got a show to do.
At least for the time being.
So, let's go make a match.
My father was a rancher,
but I wasn't able to follow in
his footsteps due to my asthma.
I collect tapes of great
soccer matches, like, uh,
like USA vs. Argentina 1999.
Have you seen that one?
No? Keller won the ball
from Ibarra who then
passed to Fraser. He found Moore
and Moore just took it all
the way down to the end.
He had three guys on him
and he took one and he took
the other and he was like
right in front of
the goal and then he shot it
and it just went in and
we all just screamed "Goal!"
It was fun.
Uh, let's go with
one more button.
He's not too good at small talk.
Or medium or large talk, either.
We still haven't
seen that spark.
Spark may be asking too much.
Tepid ember
may be more realistic.
Let's not give up on
our single sock just yet.
Ange, have you picked
Reynaldo's match yet?
A murder board? That's kind of
crazy and awesome.
So, who are the top suspects?
Okay, so far, Bo the bouncer,
Piper, the cousin
who's hiding something,
and Declan, the resentful
would-be stepson.
What about Aaron,
the recently dumped fianc?
It seems like we're
missing something.
I mean,
Aaron was one of Philly's
most eligible men, right?
So maybe one of his exes
acted out of jealousy, or...
like a certain attorney
I recently ran into.
And don't forget about
Aaron's ex of exes,
his first wife.
Maybe she wasn't too happy
about a new Mrs. Scheller
May I speak
to Dr. Warren, please?
Do you have an appointment?
She's only
seeing patients today.
You're lucky we had
a cancelation.
Where's your pain?
Actually, I'm here to talk
about your ex-husband.
I meant your pain, not mine.
I mean, you don't want
Aaron convicted
of a murder he didn't commit,
do you?
And you're so sure
he's innocent.
Maybe he's not the man
you think he is.
Do you know he cheated on me
when we were married?
I can't believe that.
Neither could I.
Open, please.
We don't ha... Okay.
I just couldn't
ignore the evidence.
Sudden hang-ups,
suggestive notes
in coat pockets.
Lipstick print
on a handkerchief?
It's all in a box in the attic.
When we split,
he discovered he was a very rich
and eligible bachelor.
Then how did you feel
about Emma?
What about your son Declan?
How did he feel
about his father remarrying?
You are being very bold asking
under the circumstances.
Ah! Ah!
Yes, Declan... Agh!
...has had his issues.
He's stuck with
a self-involved father.
But he's doing his best
to put his life back together.
Anything else you can tell me?
You have a cavity in
your lower right second molar.
Won't take more than
a few minutes to fill.
(device whirring)
Thanks for seeing me.
I'm trying to help Aaron
in any way I can.
Oh, well we appreciate it.
What's happening to him
is absurd.
Please sit.
Unfortunately, there's a lot
of circumstantial evidence
against him.
I'm looking to see if anyone
else might've had a motive.
Such as?
Jealousy, for one.
Are either of you familiar
with any women
Aaron might have dated
after his divorce?
There were a few.
Let's see...
The architect
from the Benton project,
a cellist with the philharmonic,
and an actual Greek heiress.
And let's not forget about me.
But it was nothing serious.
We can write out a list
if you like?
Thank you.
Uh, what about
when he was married?
He ex-wife accused him
of cheating.
No, he's too much
of a straight shooter.
Absolutely not the type.
May I ask what's happening
with Ms. Clarke's
Oh, that. Um...
False alarm.
After Emma's death
there's no need for a prenup,
so no need to review the books.
That's lucky.
For you.
Is there anything else
you can tell me?
Thank you for your time.
One more thing.
Does the number 117,500
mean anything to you?
(phone ringing)
Paige, I know, I'm sorry.
I told you I'd have
Reynaldo's match by now
but I just can't stop
thinking about this case.
Yeah, I know.
I'm having the same problem.
Wha... who is this?
Detective Carter.
Detective Carter?
Uh, why are you calling me?
Because we had a date, remember?
We're trying to access
Emma's phone?
Of course. You know,
I thought you meant...
Instead, of course you meant...
Lemme get my notes.
Okay, so let's... let's try 4177.
Emma's street number growing up.
Nope. Sorry.
Um... how 'bout 6831?
The last four digits of
her social security number?
No, that didn't work either.
We have one last guess left.
Darn, darn, darn.
Do we go with 1979,
the year she was born, or...
Final score of...
Super Bowl 52, Eagles beat
the Patriots. Now we're talkin'!
Or maybe...
we should take more time.
Not rush into anything.
Yeah. Agreed.
Lemme know if you think
of anything else
and uh, we can talk later.
Take care.
Allen Wrench.
And now that
the show's connection
to Emma and Aaron is out,
we'll probably be cancelled.
Oh, that's rough, honey.
What's worse is I'm beginning
to question my judgment.
You know, if I could be
so wrong about Aaron,
I could be wrong
about everything.
Piper, Bo, even Emma?
What does your gut tell you?
Aaron is innocent!
Then keep doin'
what you're doin'!
I'd trust that gut of yours
over anyone's.
Thanks, Dad.
I can't help you Aaron,
unless you tell me the truth.
I've never lied to you.
Yeah, but you also haven't
told me everything you know.
Why you met with Rose Clarke
on the day of the party?
And... and what was in
the envelope she gave you?
Why don't you just ask her?
I did.
She couldn't answer because
of attorney-client privilege.
Just trust me.
None of that has anything to do
with Emma's death.
Why are you holding back?
Are you trying
to protect someone?
You know, your ex-wife doesn't
think too highly of you.
I don't blame her.
She said you cheated on her.
That part is not true.
It doesn't matter.
Listen, I was...
I was always focusing on myself.
I was never much
of a husband for her
or a father to Declan
but that I'm trying
to make up for.
And... and...
I just hope it's not too late.
It's never too late
to do the right thing.
I need you to go talk to my son
and get him to come
visit me here.
Of course.
Can I give this to him?
Emma's vows.
"A match made in heaven.
Where one becomes two.
And two becomes one."
I'm gonna give you permission
to speak with Rose Clarke.
That may getcha outta here.
Rose Clarke: Miss Dove.
I've spoken to my client.
What would you like to know?
Why did you and Aaron meet
on the day of the murder?
Was it to... (stammering)
A little up on the left.
Was it to prepare
a prenuptial agreement?
No. I advised he get one
but he wouldn't hear of it.
'Cause marriage
is for life, he said.
Then why?
Aaron thought that someone was
embezzling from his company.
He hired my firm
to conduct an audit.
Smidge more on the right.
Wouldn't Phillip Price
handle that
as Chief Financial Officer?
No, Aaron wanted to keep it
off the records
because of who he suspected.
He even had my auditors
come at night
so that no one would know.
So the amount 117,500,
is that what Declan stole?
Declan took 17,500 sloppily
and easy to detect.
The other 100,000 was skimmed
using false invoice and
off-shore bank accounts.
A very sophisticated scheme.
How's this?
Do... do you mind if I...
Just... okay.
But what could all of this
have to do with Emma's death?
That I don't know.
Thank you for your help,
Miss Dove.
If there's nothing else?
Were you in love with Aaron?
I was.
I still am, actually.
We dated for a while
and it didn't last.
I don't know why.
How did you feel about Emma?
wondering what he saw in her
that he didn't see in me.
It's hard, Miss, Dove,
when the man you're meant to
be with doesn't feel the same.
Angie Dove
for Declan Scheller again?
Uh, just have him call me
when he gets in.
I learned so much
about the case today!
I can't wait
to hear about it later.
Taverna Cielo
or whatever it's called
moved Reynaldo's shift and he's
gotta leave in 20 minutes.
Uh... no problem.
I hope that means you made a
decision on his date?
Well... (sighing)
You've gotta pick someone,
unless this is gonna be our
first "man dates self" episode
and I don't think our audience
is ready for that.
(dog whining)
Oh. Violet's dog-walker
and I told her she could
bring Ziggy to work.
Now, who's it gonna be?
So, after meeting
your potential matches,
how do you feel?
They were all wonderful,
but did I feel
what you call a spark?
Miss Dove,
I know I'm not a big success
or the best talker.
What I have to offer
is my heart.
I'm hoping that's enough.
I have your ideal match.
It's our makeup artist, Violet.
During very speed date,
you were... anxious.
(chuckling) But on breaks
I saw you relax
and just be yourself
with Violet,
and I saw the same from her.
So what do you both say?
Okay, now, for your perfect date
tomorrow night,
it is...
a surprise!
But trust me, it'll be amazing.
You have no idea
about their date, do you?
Not a one.
Well, where are you going now?
I promised I'd do a favor
for a friend.
Declan's still not in.
Okay. I will wait.
Hi, Mom.
Yes, I RSVP'd to Joan's wedding.
Because I'm not
bringing anybody.
'Cause I'm not dating anybody.
Stephanie and I broke up.
I know, Mom.
I liked her, too, it's...
Mom, I gotta go. I love you.
I'll call you later.

Rachel: Angie Dove?
What are you doing here?
I'm, uh... I'm just waiting
to talk to Declan.
Well, it might be a long wait.
He's not the most reliable
of employees.
Well, uh...
Since I'm already here,
I wondered if I could ask
the two of you
some follow-up questions.
I've been reviewing video
of the party
and I can't seem to place
either of you
at the time of Emma's death.
What do you mean?
We were there.
You spoke to us.
Earlier, yes.
But there's no sign of you
when Emma died
or afterwards, during
the police interviews.
There's one other thing.
Your bottle of scotch never
made it to the gift table.
Are you suggesting
we had something to do
with Emma's death?
No! No, no,
I'm not suggesting anything.
I'm, uh... investigating.
Well, Miss Dove,
as it turns out, you're right.
We opted to leave early
and enjoy the scotch ourselves.
At Phillip's.
I had no idea.
Good, because it's
none of your business.
Now, if you'll excuse us.
When Declan arrives,
please give him this,
and tell him it's urgent.


What's going on here, Piper?
Come here, come here.
It's not what you think.
How was I supposed to know
a major police investigation
was underway?
May the love of God
bless and console us,
and gently wipe away every tear
from our eyes. Amen.
See you at the studio.

It was considerate of you
to give Aaron a chance to mourn.
Well, innocent till
proven guilty, right?
Right. Still, I...
I don't think a lot
of detectives would've done it.
We both know one.
And he just so happens
to be the guy that trained me.
What about Piper?
Was that money from her
pawning Emma's ring?
Yes, according to Piper,
Emma said that Declan
needed cash desperately,
so she arranged
for Piper to pawn the ring
and then give Declan
the proceeds.
Her own engagement ring?
After Emma's death,
Piper wasn't sure what to do.
Then she decided
to honor her cousin's request
and sell the ring
to help Declan.
That about sums it up.
Let me know when you wanna
take the last guess
at Emma's security code.

It's all my fault.

I lost control.
And things...
they kept getting
worse and worse.
I never meant
for any of this to happen.
What did Declan have to say?
A lot.
He started gambling again,
racking up losses.
He was skimming from his
dad's firm to pay them off.
Declan stole $17,500.
Aaron kept it quiet.
Maybe he was afraid
it would implicate Declan
in Emma's death.
Did you know that he tried
to steal Emma's ring
and she caught him in the act?
I bet Declan assumed
Emma told his dad
and they got in a fight.
And he didn't want to say
anything after Emma's death
for fear of showing
that his dad had a motive.
So heartbreaking.
Aaron covering for his son,
Declan covering for his dad.
Save your sympathy.
The kid had a motive for murder.
Oh, you don't think Declan?
Well, I would have
considered him,
except he's got
a credit card receipt
from an off-track betting parlor
just a few miles away
at the time of the killing.
Well, that's one bet
that paid off.
So what's gonna happen to him?
Well, nothing.
That's one of
the beautiful things
about stealing from your father.
By the way,
if embezzling is
a valid motive for murder,
you should know
that Rose Clarke found out
someone else also was stealing
from Scheller Development,
to the tune of 100,000 grand.
Remember that number, 117,500?
It covers two separate crimes.
Also you should know that
Rose used to date Aaron,
as did Rachel Turner.
Rose admitted to still
being in love with him,
which I wouldn't be surprised
applied to a few other women,
but not his ex-wife,
who hates his guts.
Anything else?
Just that I see
you took my advice
about using product
in your hair.
I like it.
I mean, it looks better.
Thank you.
(phone notification dinging)
(phone buzzing)
It's from my dad.
Yeah, mine too.
"Hey Detectives,
I have some info
you might find interesting."
Your car or mine?
Fast Lou.
Want you to meet my daughter.
Oh! Enchant!
And Detective Carter.
Ah. Well, please.
When I heard about Emma's ex,
I put the word out
to my contacts,
asking for intel.
Fast Lou here got in touch.
Go ahead, Lou.
You see, in my former life
I was what you might consider
a facilitator
in the uh, second-hand
automobile market.
A car thief.
Comme ci, comme ca.
Anyway, I still have friends...
acquaintances... in the trade,
one of whom had told me
that this Bo
had contacted him.
He wanted to get
a '69 classic Chevy Corvette.
Now, my acquaintance was dubious
that Bo could afford such a get,
but Bo told him
he had a benefactor
who had recently paid him
an enormous um of money
to, quote, "ruin a relationship",
close quote.
Thanks, Lou.
Oh, no.
That is not necessary.
No, no, it is reward enough
just to meet
the great Angie Dove.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I will, however,
take a ride downtown
if you would be so kind.
From captain to cabby.
How the mighty have fallen.
By the way, how's the old
Alfa Romeo doin'?
So, what now?
Well, now we bring Bo in
for questioning.
Mind I ride along?
Seeing as how you are my ride.
(imitating Fast Lou)
Uh, how could I turn down
the great Angie Dove, huh?
Come on. He's quite
the character, huh?
No kidding.
So, this is a stakeout. Hm.
You know, you and I are kinda
in the same line of work.
I don't think so.
Well, we both make observations,
make connections.
You know, evaluate character?
Yeah, but police work
is serious business.
And matchmaking isn't?
What could be more important
than finding the person
you're meant to be with?
Well, for starters,
I don't buy into the whole
"there's only one, one and only"
theory of relationships.
In reality, there are plenty of
women that I could be happy with
that would be
perfectly happy with me.
Meeting someone is more
of a matter of chance
than anything else.
Before I answer,
what's the penalty
for assaulting a police officer?
Okay, if what I do is so easy,
then tell me, uh,
that couple right there.
Good match or not?
Okay, fine.
I'll play.
The gentleman's
posture and bearing
indicates somebody
that is forthright.
Her frequent glances at him
indicate a deep attraction.
I would say that they are
definitely in love.
Oh, yeah?
Did you also notice
how he never looks at her,
even when she's talking,
and how they're walking
side by side
but they never quite touch?
Yeah. Meet Mr. Dating
for Four Years
and Taking it for Granted
for Three.
Well, I guess we'll have to
agree to disagree on that one.
Since there's no way to tell
who's actually right and who's...
Wanna play again?
Best two out of three?
No, I'm probably
just gonna focus.
Catch some bad guys.
No, um...
No, no, no. I'm good.
I'm good.
(music coming from club)
Officer over radio:
We got a visual on the suspect.
Ah, it's go time.
Ah, and by that,
I mean it's go time for me.
It's stay time for you.
Oh, come on!
Don't leave this car.


Hey, Bo.
(Bo groaning)
I never left the car,
just like you said.

(keys clacking)
And there you go.
This is so awesome.
Well, don't get used to it.
I'm letting you observe this
once because you're...
I took down the perp.
Yes, I did.
In your face, perp!
Okay, let's not do that.
Taunting is very frowned upon
in our business.
I ain't say nothin'.
Oh, that's a double negative.
You might wanna watch that.
It makes for a messy transcript
at the sentencing.
I'm not gonna play games
with you, Bo.
I know you killed Emma.
I didn't kill nobody.
"Anybody", and we have evidence
to prove the contrary.
You were dating Emma and
she was marrying someone else.
So what was it?
Jealousy? Revenge?
No, you got it all wrong.
I was lying about that.
Oh! I knew it!
I knew you were lying!
Someone hired me
to make it look that way
to break up their engagement.
But it didn't work because
her fianc didn't believe me.
He trusted her.
If what you're tellin' me
is true,
what's the name
of the person that hired you?
See, that's the thing.
All right?
It was all done in secret.
All the texts, the wired money.
(clearing throat)
Look, no name was attached.
I don't know who set it up.
Bo knows more than he's saying.
What makes you think that?
The way he hunched over,
and shuffled his feet
and then the way
he kept working his hands
and covered his mouth.
Well, that is very impressive,
Miss Colombo.
Unfortunately, we're not
gonna be able to hold him
for very much longer.
There's no law
against pretending
to be in a relationship.
Otherwise our prisons
would be even more crowded.
What if we could
search his phone?
Without a warrant?
Not happening.
Okay, but, let's say that
somebody found a phone.
Just lying on the ground,
and uh, I mean,
wouldn't that person
be able to search the phone
to figure out
who it belonged to?
You know, you remind me
more and more of your father.
Yes, someone could
search the phone
if someone could guess
what the security code was
which someone has not been able...
I figured Bo wasn't too imaginative.
Well, here's a text
to Bo's benefactor,
saying that he'll expose him
unless he gets "a fat cash bonus".
Without Bo actually knowing
who his benefactor is?
What a liar!
Seems to have worked out.
The payoff is scheduled
tomorrow at noon
in front of 582 Marshall Street.
I that area.
That's where I used to take
the Norristown bus to Villanova.
Okay. If...
if we release Bo
and then we keep an eye on him,
couldn't we catch him
in the act?
You know what?
That is a fine idea.
Except for the "we" part.
Things could get dangerous
You have to promise me
that you'll stay away.

Aren't you Angie Dove,
the MatchMaker from TV?
No. No, no, no, no.
You look just like her,
it's uncanny!
You could be twins.
I get that a lot, but...
Okay, fine.
It's me,
but I'm undercover right now.
I'm trying to help catch
a criminal.
I'd really appreciate it if
you'd pretend that I'm not me.
By the way, you might wanna
consider switching
to a cooler color palette
to better highlight
those gorgeous eyes of yours.
Thank you!

Stay down. Stay down.
(engine roaring)
Don't move.
Oh. It's really me.
You know, you promised
you'd stay away.
I know.
How 'bout I make it up to you
with the license plate number
of that van?
This is huge.
I mean, this is big.
This shows that somebody
was willing to kill
in order to keep the truth
from coming out.
I mean...
So, your daughter's down here...
For me?
Say hello.
Hi, Dad.
No, I... He's right.
I know it's dangerous, but I...
Okay. I'll be more careful
in the future.
I can't believe you told on me!
There it is, the solution!
You think you solved the case?
No, no, the solution
to Reynaldo and Violet's date!
Oh, it's perfect!
Welcome to Taverna Cielo,
a touch of old Argentina.
This might be our last episode.
So let's make it our best.
Here we serve both
the sizzle and the steak.
Who knew our sock
could be so charming?
He's in his element.
(knocking at door)
Phillip Price?
What's this?
Oh, that's a search warrant.
(romantic music playing)
You're gonna love this.

It's a match!
We did it again.
I love this show!
Me too.
Let's hope we can keep doing it.
Did you know "cielo"
in Spanish means heaven?
That makes this a literal
"match made in heaven".
"A match made in heaven".
Paige, you're a genius!
I think I know the code
to Emma's phone.
It's from Emma's vows.
"One becomes two
and two become one."
We're in.
I am checking the last text
that Emma received at the party.
"Stop the marriage
or Declan goes to jail."
So Emma called off the
engagement to protect Declan.
Who else knew about
Declan's theft at the time?
Besides Aaron?
Rose Clarke,
because of her audit.
Which would suggest
at least one other person knew.
The CFO.
Yep. The text to Emma
came from the same number
used to contact Bo.
It's from a burner phone
that we recovered
from Phillip Price's desk
when we searched it.
alongside a keys to a white van
that was owned
by Scheller Development.
Thanks to you, we arrested
Price an hour ago.
But why would Phillip...
To cover his own embezzlement.
The 100,000.
Well, the 100,000 was this year
but he's been running
the same scam for a while.
He's stolen over $500,000.
Yeah, but still,
why kill Emma?
Well, he probably panicked
at the idea
of a possible prenup,
decided to kill Emma
to stop the audit.
Okay, but what about Rachel?
She said
that she was with Phillip
when Emma was murdered.
They're a couple, right?
She lied to cover for him.
It was all about money?
No crime of passion?
Given the attempt on Bo's life,
and the arrest of Price,
we no longer have probable cause
to hold Aaron,
so the good news is
your friend is gonna be out
within the hour.
A crime of passion.
(phone ringing)
Dr. Maureen Warren here.
Hi, Doctor.
Angie Dove?
Remember when you said
you had a box of evidence
that Aaron was cheating?
I need to see it.
(chuckling) I'd be happy
to show it to you.
Oh, no, no... uh no.
It can't wait till Monday.
I need to see it right away.
Miss Dove, I'm in the middle
of a date right now,
and I'd rather not be disturbed,
if you catch my drift.
Uh, I... I do.
And I'm sorry.
But this is extremely important.
It could be... life or death.
The box is in the attic.
I'd have to crawl around up
there and it's very dusty.
I empathize completely
which is why that I
absolutely 100% must insist.
Also, um,
make sure he listens to you
and pay attention to how
he describes his mother.
Thought you could use
a ride home.
Thank you.
You have no idea how important...

(breathing quickly)
It's a match.
First you have nothing to say,
now you wanna talk.
So talk.
Automated voice:
The person you are trying to reach
is not accepting calls
at this ti...
(call ending)
I admit I might've...
misappropriated some funds but the rest...
(phone buzzing)
I'm telling you, I was set up.
This is Detective Carter.
Leave a message,
I'll get back to you. Thanks.
I know who the real killer is.
And it's not Phillip.
If I'm right,
Aaron is in danger.
Please call me.
Welcome home, Dad.
Thank you, Son.
I'll uh,
lock up and get the lights?
(dog barking outside)
(door creaking)

(clatter downstairs)
If I'm right, Aaron is in danger.
Please call me.

(door slamming loudly)

What are you doing here?
I was worried.
I tried to reach you.
Well, I turned off my phone.
I was getting too many calls
from reporters.
Uh, are you okay?
I'm fine.
I'm just tired.
Please, go.
I'll give you a call
in the morning.
Well, good night, Aaron.
(door opening, closing)

I had to warn you.
I know who killed Emma.
It was...
What gave me away, Miss Dove?
I... I had a hunch when you claimed
that you and Phillip were a couple.
Clearly there was
no "there there".
No, such a weak and inconsequential man.
I only gave him an
alibi to give myself one.
And... and then,
the more I thought
about Emma's death,
the more I realized it only made
sense as a crime of passion.
Calling off the engagement
gave everyone what they wanted.
No audit for Phillip,
No second family for Declan.
Bo paid by his benefactor.
Only you couldn't get
what she wanted.
Aaron's love.
I had no idea.
I knew the moment you and I met
that we were meant to be.
Aaron was married at the time
but that was no obstacle.
You just simply planted
the evidence of an affair
so Maureen would leave him.
I did you a favor!
Only someone unworthy would
think you capable of infidelity.
And then when we finally
did start going out,
we were perfect together.
We had an understanding!
An understanding?
That involved you going on
some reality TV show
to meet your match?
Do you know that I was there
the night of the auction?
People applauded when he
was declared the high bidder.
With me, his date,
standing right by his side.
And then to be thrown over
by that hair stylist?
I mean I assumed in time
you'd come to your senses,
which is why I was so stunned
to hear about the proposal.
I thought paying Bo
to break it up would work, but...
But it didn't.
Because Aaron trusted Emma.
So you threatened
to take down Declan instead,
unless Emma called off
the engagement.
That fool Phillip told me
what your son had done.
But you got what you wanted.
Emma did call it off.
So, why kill her?
I was there to watch.
Across the hall
when she called off
the engagement.
But then I saw
how you looked at her.
And in that instant,
I knew you could never
feel the same for me.
So you killed Emma out of spite.
Actually, in that moment I would
have preferred to kill you.
But you left.
And she just happened to see me.
But now I'm grateful.
Grateful for the second chance
at a true crime of passion.
Angie! Where are you?
Get up.
Are you okay?
You're gonna be okay, Declan.
Nice collar,
Ms. Colomba.
Thank you, Detective.
Of course, I couldn't have done
it without your timely backup.
Yeah, well you're welcome.
I must say,
you're lucky
there's so little traffic
'cause one more red light...
I'd rather not think about it.
Well, I'm just thinking
about the reaction
your dad's gonna have
when I tell him what happened.
You're gonna snitch on me again?
Oh, 100%.
What kind of friend is that?
A friend that cares?
And wants to see him
laugh his butt off.
I'm glad you're okay.
Me too.
This all looks amazing.
So, what was the key piece
of evidence for you?
Well, when I realized
that Phillip was framed.
You're talking
to your daughter. Okay.
I knew that Aaron
wouldn't cheat on Maureen,
which meant that somebody
went to a lot of effort
to make it look like he did,
the same way somebody worked
hard to end the engagement.
I don't know,
the events seemed linked.
Then when I saw the lip-print
on the handkerchief...
...I was sure.
And how did you know
that Aaron didn't cheat?
A man can hide many things,
but his true character
will always shine through.
(phone vibrating)
It's Benjamin from the network.
This is it.
Yeah. Okay.
The MatchMaker was just
renewed for another season!
Plus, Angie's blowing up
on the internet right now!
"MatchMaker solves murder"?
Hey, you were exceedingly helpful.
(others chuckling)
Let's dig in.
Yes, yes. This is gluten-free, and um...
Pass those eggs...