Mateo (2014) Movie Script

[ Piano: Light Jazz ]
[ Man ]
Snuck out the back
out of the party
To finally
find ourselves alone
Under the moonlight
The shimmery moonlight
Pants rolled up, barefoot
In the grass
Offer up my hand
And say, "May I have
this dance?"
Has anyone noticed
We didn't drink up?
Hey. Can you hear me?
So you got my e-mail
then, right?
Two Shirley Temples
Two empty chairs
We're out
in the moonlight
A sultry tune and
Doing the dipsy-do
- Hear distant laughter
- [ Meows ]
The clinking glasses
That old violin
Under the moonlight
The crazy,
crazy moonlight
Tenderly combing my hair
One final twirl
You curtsy
I take my bow
[ Ends ]
You know,
I'd like to move.
It's very--
Living here's
very unproductive.
But it's extremely cheap,
and I'm trying to, uh,
pay off my recording
and get back to Cuba.
But, you know,
it's not very conducive
to writing music here.
[ Piano ]
[ Latin Beat ]
[ Chattering ]
Okay, you can start
by telling us about
the new hairstyle.
[ Speaking Spanish ]
What's that for?
For tips,
or to get some women?
[ Spanish ]
To do what?
For the women.
Is it working or no?
Yeah, I'm working.
[ Laughing ]
Sing many parties yesterday?
Or no?
- Yes.
- Yeah? How many?
I sing two.
[ Phone Chiming ]
Did you work a lot
yesterday or no?
- Yeah.
- How many parties?
Stop lying.
Yeah! Goddamn it.
Five parties.
Don't even lie.
Without a car,
you did five parties.
Stop lying.
No. That's my time.
How many parties
did you do?
Stop lying.
I sing here for eight years.
Many times I am on television.
For example, one month before,
I am on "Wakeup America."
Oh, yeah?
"The Opinion," "LA Times."
Yeah, for a long time.
What are you doing?
Waiting for a party?
You get laid yet?
I get what yet?
I understand that.
You understand?
Yeah. Not for a while.
at 8:00.
No, you didn't.
[ Guitar ]
[ Singing In Spanish ]
Loneliness, if you see me
Bleeding from my wounds
Loneliness exists because
I suffer from love
If you see me
Crestfallen on
the counter in a bar
How you doin'?
Thank you. Gracias.
Would you like to hear my CD
I recorded in Cuba
with a full orchestra?
In Cuba,
with a couple of people from
Buena Vista Social Club?
You want me to sign it,
put my number in there
for a party?
Would you like to hear
my CD I recorded in Cuba?
No, thank you.
Or I also take tips,
if you like the singing.
Gracias. Gracias.
Thank you. Thank you.
- [ Bell Chiming ]
- [ Engine Revving ]
I don't know if I'll achieve
it, but I'd like to be
a great singer.
You know, someone who'd sing
with a lot of feeling.
So much depth.
Somebody like a Billie Holiday.
Something memorable.
So this is my storage
that I've had since, ooh, 1996.
And it has everything
I ever recorded.
It has--
Hold on.
Let me prop this open.
And these are
all newspaper articles
I've been in.
La Opinion.
[ Chuckling ]
It's been a little while
since I've been in here.
Let me get some of this stuff
out of the way.
Take this off of there.
This was, uh--
This was me,
like, about two days
out of prison.
You can tell
I'm all-- I'm buffed.
[ Laughing ]
Prison was a very
fruitful time for me.
I flowered, I grew.
I had all these Mexicans
teaching me songs,
teaching me
how to speak Spanish.
I was doing
what's called rancheros.
Oom-pah-pah, oom-pah-pah
[ Piano ]
[ Vocalizing ]
You know, and, you know,
I've always spent almost
all my money recording.
I'm like that today.
It's just maybe the difference
between now and then...
is that I'm earning my money
honestly these days.
Probably the main reason
I started stealing...
was because
I wanted money to record.
I don't know
if I enjoyed the stealing.
It got worse and worse.
And, you know, eventually
I went to prison.
This is my first Cuban CD
that I did
when I got out of prison.
Matthew becomes Mateo.
I've been going
back and forth to Cuba, oof,
since 2002.
I've been there
maybe 30 times,
and for years now,
I've been working
on the new record.
I'm calling it
Una Historia de Cuba.
A History of Cuba.
I've spent, oof, hundreds
of thousands of dollars.
I need at least 12,000
to do this next recording.
I got my schedule book here.
Got a lot of parties lined up.
So I'll do the parties
for May,
and then we've got...
parties for June,
and then I leave for Cuba
right here.
You know,
I'm gonna just work hard
and not spend any money...
and get it together.
[ Lock Clicking ]
[ Applause ]
Thank you.
Thank you.
I record a lot in Cuba.
I don't know if--
You've ever heard of
Buena Vista Social Club?
Anybody know what that--
with their bass player
and their--
I recorded that song
in Cuba.
actually, a long time--
back in '96,
I was, you know,
a really kind of
different person.
A little crazy.
And I committed robbery,
a couple robberies.
And I learned to sing in Spanish
while being incarcerated.
And it was the--
[ Chuckling ]
When I got out,
I applied for work
as a waiter first day,
and no luck.
So the second day,
I went to Olvera Street.
You know Olvera Street
down here?
The Mexican tourist street.
Put out a hat, started singing.
And it just took off for me.
But, uh, that's my story.
But this is one
that I wrote also.
It talks about, um, love,
how, like, when you first meet--
It compares it to colors.
When you first meet somebody,
it's like pink and then,
you know, you're hot
for each other, it's red.
And then you've been together
10 years, it's orange,
and then it turns to brown.
Like changing colors
of love.
[ Laughter ]
And it says,
"So many words left to say,
so many things left undone.
If flowers can bloom again,
then why can't we?"
[ Singing In Spanish ]
The color pink
Turns to the color violet
From red
To orange
And finally brown
So many words left to say
So many things
left undone
If flowers
can bloom again
Why can't we?
[ Singing In
Spanish Continues ]
[ Ends ]
[ Radio Chatter ]
[ Siren Wailing ]
[ Speaking Spanish ]
Do you like onion in your salad?
Is that heavy, Eric?
[ Woman ]
[ Mateo Speaking Spanish ]
Okay, Xiomara,
ready for new adventure?
I'm ready!
[ Man Speaking Spanish ]
Mateo is my mother's son.
I'm going crazy trying to find
a girlfriend for him,
so he can settle down.
We've know
each other a long time.
We love each other.
She wants
pizza with tunafish.
- I understand? Or no.
- Clearly.
- Yeah? You have it?
- Yeah, we have it.
Okay, go ahead.
Do you have tuna pizza?
Okay, one tuna pizza.
This... she...
she is my girlfriend.
Very pretty.
Listen to me.
No. She is my mother. See?
Yes. See? The same.
Just look at his skin.
I am an albino.
Something to drink?
[ Mateo ] Wait, what? Repeat.
Was that Russian?
Why-- Why--
No, no, Russian,
[ Laughing ]
[ Speaking Russian ]
So, what?
So, what? Because.
- I...
- She's getting better,
isn't she?
- alone.
- I'm practicing!
- She's practicing!
- We're taking practice.
- She's practicing
to go to the US!
- For the US.
We should move to America
and you move here
to our apartment.
- Okay. Fine.
- Yeah. You like that?
You have to marry
somebody else
or something.
Or take a boat.
Would you ever
do that or no?
But it's not so easy, Matthew.
It's not so easy
to marry anyone.
Would you ever
take a boat?
No. I...
I will never take a boat.
It's scary and it's dangerous
and many, many Cuban people
have lost their lives.
I love to go to America,
but I love my life.
[ Laughing ]
Okay, let's go.
[ Siren Wailing
In Distance ]
[ Mateo ]
The night was mighty dark,
so you could hardly see
For the moon
refused to shine
A couple sitting
underneath a willow tree
Tonight, we've been looking for
a girl that Mateo really likes.
But we haven't been able
to find her.
We went to a lot of clubs.
But, it's impossible...
to find a girl if you don't
know where she lives or what
places she goes to.
But, so goes.
He has faith that he'll
be able to find her.
His little tale of woe
When I'm in Cuba,
my feet get destroyed.
Can you see it?
Can you smell it?
[ Laughing ]
Now let's see some push-ups.
You want to watch?
Eight, nine...
I can't do it.
I think it was 37.
A lot of "damn" heat!
Do they use the word "damn" in
Cuba or just Mexico?
Okay, what do they say
in Cuba?
[ Shower Running ]
[ Laughing ]
[ Guitar ]
[ Singing In Spanish ]
How beautiful
is the morning
In which I come
to wake you up
Your presence
is requested.
Are you ready?
Can you help us?
Can you help me?
[ Man Singing
In Spanish ]
Now 15 years have passed
and I say to you
In my bicycle taxi
no longer with Fat Fefa
I go with my ballerina
and my "Cha Cha Cha"
Rolling through
the streets of my city
I go a little slower
because she weighs a lot
But six children later
doesn't make a difference
[ Vocalizing ]
Try it here--
Roll through
the streets of the city
I go with my ballerina
and my "Cha Cha Cha"
I'm always friendly
with everyone
Hi, little girl!
Manuel, how are you?
- At times
- No. No. No. Don't sing,
Hello, little girl!
Manuel, how are you?
No sing?
I would sing.
I think no.
Yeah. Th-The--
Let's hear.
[ Knocking ]
[ Man Speaks Spanish ]
Come in.
I'm early though. I'm early.
Should we come back?
- No, no, no, no. It's okay.
- Hey, Chicoy.
Should we just go to work?
That's it. Yeah.
I'm ready, man.
You like this?
Do that.
This is great, man.
Great. Sounds great.
All right. Let's start
calling people then, yeah?
[ Mateo Speaking Spanish ]
Fine. And you?
We'll start around 9 or 10 in
the morning and go to like 5, 6
or 7. No problem.
Would you like
to do one song--
I want to do,
"You Are Glorious."
What do you think?
For 300.
Okay. Talk to you later.
Do you think he's playing,
or for real he's coming?
You think
he's gonna turn down
a hundred dollars?
Come on.
How much sugar should I put in?
You know me. I'm a sugar addict.
A little bit.
You know, I never drink coffee
in the United States.
Just in Cuba.
No, man.
[ Piano, Orchestra:
Ballad ]
When the breeze blows
It makes your hair float
My head
Feels dizzy
But most of all,
when I look into your eyes
So full of light
So heartwarming
I admire you
To contemplate
the pleasure
And the pain
The virtue
Of Cuba
[ Man Speaking Spanish ]
Let's talk
about Mateo, Matthew,
he has something, an angel in
his voice, which is incredible.
Just the quality
of his voice alone!
[ Mateo Vocalizing ]
[ Man #2 Speaking Spanish ]
Recording here, for Mateo,
is the perfect situation.
Because he gets
exemplary musicians.
who, with their particular
skills, are the best in the
world at what they do.
And more importantly,
they are musicians that
he can hire on the cheap.
[ Man #3 Speaking Spanish ]
He is extremely creative.
- Because what he does,
no one else could do.
- Exactly!
He does his thing,
in his own way, with his own
interpretation and musicianship.
He makes it his own.
He doesn't care
about citizenship.
And he doesn't
care about location.
The only thing
he cares about is the music.
Extract it from me
Mateo is an amazing musician.
And he achieves what he wants
from a very fundamental level.
[ Woman ] And now, let's walk!
[ Trilling ]
[ All Laughing ]
He comes here to Cuba
to record with Cuban musicians.
It's really ideal.
It's what the best musicians do
from all around the world.
If you want to record
Cuban music, you have to come
and record with Cubans.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
[ Mateo Speaking Spanish ]
So, then Yanaisys,
what is your dream?
In five years?
I don't know.
I draw.
Do you want to live
in another country, or no?
Cuba permanently?
- I don't know.
- Not curious?
Yes, of course!
But for now, I'm fine.
What I'd really like
is one house here,
one house in the States.
I want to be like Hemingway.
Do you know Hemingway?
Twenty years here.
You don't know Hemingway?
He lived in Cuba for 20 years.
And now?
He died.
For a very long time.
For 50 years, he died.
Is this your neighborhood?
No. Just about a block away.
It's pretty here.
Matthew, my mother
is very nervous.
Things are
extremely complicated here.
Yeah. Yeah.
And my father might see us here!
Okay, okay.
I think police. Okay.
Say hi!
- You don't want to play?
- Yeah! Play!
Pick him up, yeah?
Come with mommy.
Can I hold him?
[ Chattering ]
[ Fussing ]
He doesn't want to.
One day
you found an insect
Crawling along your arm
The world is so
big it consumes you
Every day
is a new discovery
But I will
be here for you
When you get
home from school
I will be here for you
[ Horn Honking ]
Your mother loves you
very much
I'll call you, mommy.
[ Door Closes ]
[ Door Closes ]
Where are the most prostitutes?
It's early still.
No. No. But here?
Or Johnny's?
Here and Johnny's.
But who's got more,
Johnny's or here?
Ooh, look at that.
Look at that one.
There. Look.
This place, inside, there are
some really pretty ones.
Tell them you want
to take a look.
Yeah? OK.
- Tell them,
"I want to have a look."
- Okay.
Is it possible
to look for my friend?
Of course.
What's he look like?
Where is
your friend?
Possible he is inside.
Thank you.
Hi. I'd like to see
if my friend is here.
OK, thank you.
Yeah, let's go
to Johnny's.
This is another place.
This is...
This here is called, "The Home."
It is good?
It's filling up nicely.
Here, lots of people right now.
Lots of prostitutes?
It's... it's impossible.
Very... no light.
You think this place? Really?
You can meet some...
The prostitutes is--
Now, they're just
starting to go in.
All right.
All right. One moment.
He told me once
that he was married.
Not out of love,
but out of necessity.
who needed citizenship.
And they never lived together.
So really, it didn't have
anything to do with love
or genuine feelings
of affection.
And a person can't live
without these feelings.
Not having them
has its consequences.
It produces isolation,
...the feeling that you
don't belong anywhere.
And I think in the end,
that's what has happened to him.
The reason that I'm saying
all this right now
he has a relationship
with a girl.
And that girl has a baby.
And we don't know if
the baby is his or not.
The truth is, we really
want it to be his because
because it's something that
could change him.
It's something that could
give him a new life.
And that's important.
And it's good.
Sooner or later,
he'll find his place.
Because he has one.
He just needs to take
an honest look at himself.
[ Up-tempo ]
[ Vocalizing ]
[ Singing In Spanish ]
[ Chattering In Spanish ]
What's your name?
Mateo is a very
charismatic person.
A workaholic. I don't know.
What else can I tell you?
He loves the music he makes.
It's the most important
thing for him.
And he is a good musician.
[ Mateo Singing In Spanish:
Ballad ]
I don't want to be
I don't want to feel
Near the sea without you
Not even to think about
Strolling along
The promenade
If you're not there
Oh. I have dirt in my shoes.
[ Phone Line Ringing ]
Of course.
- I didn't say that.
- Of course, my love.
Oh, my God.
- Let's go to your bedroom!
- Yes...
- Of course, but later, OK?
- Why not?
I'm leaving now.
So... get some rest today.
And tomorrow,
we'll see each other.
Okay. All right.
- Did you hear me?
- Yes.
[ Mateo Singing
In Spanish ]
Strolling along
The promenade
Without you
[ Ends ]
[ Mateo ]
You know,
it's just very sad
because, uh, I hate leaving.
Every time I leave, you know,
it's very emotional because...
I gotta go back
to Los Angeles,
and I really, really don't like
my situation in Los Angeles,
my work.
You know,
now I just finished recording,
so I'm way in debt.
I'm gonna have to
work really hard,
put myself in situations
I don't want to be,
sing in situations
where they're not
really listening.
Just, um--
I don't know.
It's not where I want to be.
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
[ Man ]
We had no idea way back
where the music came from.
And the earliest thing
I know of music then--
I don't think it involved
a heck of a lot of music--
was I have a fife here.
[ Note ]
Each one is set
for a different tone.
[ Lower Note ]
[ Woman ]
Easter tenebrae services,
he must have sung.
He's got a choir robe on.
This one and this one.
I think the first summer
we were here,
I decided to teach the kids
piano lessons,
but I decided
that Matthew was too young.
So the others suffered
through it, and he was
a constant pest.
Wouldn't I please teach him?
Yes, he would practice.
Blah, blah, blah.
A child performer is cute,
but it doesn't do
the kid any good.
That's where he lived.
We pretty much
use it for storage.
Matthew got mad at me, uh,
after he got out of prison.
No, when he was in prison.
And I don't want to
discuss prison.
But he had asked me to
contact a music teacher...
that he had had many years ago
and try to get a tape.
And I wasn't about to call
that music teacher and say,
"Hey, my son's in prison.
Do you still have his tape?"
And Matthew did not
like that whatsoever.
And that's the last
we heard from Matthew
for many years.
Here's one that was his.
And then he doesn't
have any more after that.
But I know
he got taller.
[ Father ]
I don't think he'll ever
find the time or the money...
to come out here.
We were told that
there were a few times...
that he came out here...
and drove right past the road
down on Route 16...
and never came up here
to say hello.
I don't think
he probably wants to.
And I have the feeling,
and it's probably horrible,
if I died right now,
he wouldn't give two cents.
So there you have it.
Matthew is Matthew.
And if you say
what's it gonna be like
10 years from now,
I don't see anything changing.
He would never be
a family person...
because I don't think he could
share himself with the family.
You can feel
the uneven floors here.
Okay, right now
we're about to treat this
one bedroom for bedbugs.
We're gonna do a crack
and crevice treatment.
But as you can see,
there's a lot of debris here.
Stuff that's in the way.
So we might have to move
a couple things away
from the wall...
so I can get back there
and spray the chemical.
But the tenant wants
to just leave the room
the way it is.
He doesn't want me
to move anything,
so I'm just gonna do
the best I can.
This is where
he's sleeping right here.
Look at his pillow.
He's probably sleeping
right here.
[ Speaking Spanish ]
Today, a new goal has emerged.
And that goal is to construct
the foundation of a new life.
And this must be done
by both of you.
Not just one person, but both.
[ Applause ]
[ Guitar ]
[ Singing In Spanish ]
Like a flower, a caress
You gave me a kiss
Tell me,
will you be there?
And will you love me
In the garden when
the butterflies return?
[ Ends ]
Do you think there's ever
a chance that, um--
Do you ever need people
to do, you know, weddings,
Do they ever ask you
for a recommendation?
No, not to me.
I don't know the secretary.
But you got
any business card?
Come by the--
like in the weekday?
And go to the office?
And give it
to the office.
Okay, thank you.
Let me move the piano
back where it was.
You are--
Matthew. Mateo.
Mateo. That's right.
Yeah, the guy
that's singing.
And you're--
Okay, Raul.
I'm the best man, and I'll
be the MC for the--
Over at the hall.
Oh, okay.
I told her, you know--
Originally, they'd
booked me at 7:30.
And then I put
a party in between,
3:30 to 5:30.
And I talked to her
like two nights ago,
and she goes,
"No, we'd really
like you there
at, like, quarter to 6:00."
I drive fast,
but the quickest I can make it
over there is 6:00, 6:15.
Yeah. Be safe.
Do you guys have a CD you
can play till I get there?
Yeah, absolutely.
We have full entertainment.
We'll just squeeze you in there
whatever time you show up.
Raul, right?
Okay, Raul.
I always believe
in being early.
[ Chuckles ]
Make me do wrong
Make me do right
That song sounded good
with the harmony.
Your every wish
is my command
All you gotta do
Is wiggle your hand
I'm your puppet
I'm your puppet
Make me do right
Make me do wrong
I'm your puppet
I say, make me do right
Make me do wrong
I'm your puppet
I'm your puppet
All right.
[ Chuckles ]
Let's wait a minute.
We gotta let the applause
die down.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Man ]
Wow, you really are famous.
That's right.
No, I'm not famous,
but the entertainer
should not pay to park.
Did you charge the groom
and bride to valet park?
They're private.
[ Laughs ]
Let me show you something.
Sunday. LA Times.
Who's that?
Three pages.
That's pretty cool.
What does it say
about you?
It says
I'm the best-looking musician
in all of Los Angeles.
[ Man ]
Aw! That's bullshit, man!
Sir, after five minutes
it's gonna be six dollars.
Good luck collecting that.
[ Valets Chattering,
Laughing ]
[ Meowing ]
You know,
I-I'm sad because...
the neighbor--
[ Meows ]
the neighbor
trapped them.
Or he says he trapped them.
He put food in a cage.
And, um, took them away.
I don't know
what he did with them.
That's kind of evil,
but, um--
There's just
the one cat left.
Little kitten.
I get attached to them
and then, like, one week later,
they'll be gone.
[ Trombone: Lead ]
[ Orchestra ]
[ Continues ]
[ Ends ]
Right on! Right on!
[ Applauding, Laughing ]
[ Speaking Spanish ]
The problem is that he wants
it to be inconsistent.
- Spontaneous. Yeah.
- But there is one bad note
right there. Play it.
- This is good cruising music.
- It's good music.
There is a bad note!
- No! It's good!
- Nothing's bad!
I didn't hear anything!
- Impossible! Impossible!
- Your part is good.
It's obvious that it's perfect.
Everyone felt like
they played together.
With this crazy fucker,
it has to be!
What are you saying?
There's one bad note.
Yeah, it's bad.
- I didn't hear anything wrong.
- There was one bad note.
Yes! Play it again.
Play it again.
We can just save this take
and try another one.
Look! We work with him.
And we've been
working with him...
And he always wants
to try it again.
You work with who?
- With him.
- With him. With him.
And he always wants
more, more, more!
- So if he is happy, enough!
- I know he's happy, he's happy.
Fine. If he feels good.
- OK. We change the song.
- Change the song!
[ Chattering Continues,
Faint ]
[ Speaking Spanish ]
You're killing me!
[ Omar Laughing ]
Shoe. Come over here.
Let's continue reading. Come on!
Come on!
Let's continue reading.
Let's start reading.
Look. Let's start read...
[ Yells ]
What is this?
Goat. And this?
[ Salsa ]
[ Women Singing ]
Two dollars
Less than...
Two dollars
[ Continues ]
[ Speaking Spanish ]
My faithful friend!
Wh-Where'd your, uh--
Where's your child?
The child? He left.
Not necessary with you?
- With me? No.
- Yes.
He knows the street?
- Yes.
- Yeah?
I don't know him.
I don't know him.
How old is he?
He's probably...
six or seven.
I don't know how old he is?
- Six or seven?
- Yeah.
- He's your child, right?
- No!
- Yes!
- He's not my kid. No!
- He's not my son.
- No?
Where's your house? Close?
You don't remember?
A little farther down.
- OK.
- Just a little more.
Will you play for me?
No. Occupied!
[ Laughing ]
[ Chattering In Spanish ]
Play your guitar!
Go ahead and sing, Mateo!
Mateo is a musician!
He sings beautifully!
Want to hear?
[ Singing In Spanish ]
If you leave me
from my life
Just don't tell me
The truth
[ All Singing ]
I like the sun
and the city
And to bathe in the sea
you think you know
I never told you that!
I'm leaving
your sorrow behind!
I'm leaving
your sorrow behind!
- Where does he sing?
- In the United States.
You are my adoration
[ Chattering Continues ]
I am your sunset
My song of love
- Another song, or no?
- Do you want another?
Or are we done here?
[ Speakers: Hip-hop,
Man Rapping In Spanish ]
[ Thunder Rumbling ]
See, girls in America,
they don't have legs like that.
Her leg's, like, that thick.
Look at how beautiful
those are.
Brother. [ Whistles ]
I know that you can hear me.
What is this?
- Listen!
- What is your problem?
What are you doing here?
This is illegal.
Get out of here.
- "Outta here"?
- Let's go!
- Let's go!
- I'm going!
Let's go! Let's go!
Go fuck yourself!
Look, look.
I don't care about this.
I'm waiting for a woman, OK?
I don't want that.
That is nothing for me.
I'm done with Salon Rojo.
OK. Enough, enough.
Stupid motherfuckers.
[ Piano Tuning ]
[ Chattering ]
[ Tuning Continues ]
[ Salsa ]
[ Singing In Spanish ]
The moon shines
so beautifully today
And I feel
such intense emotion
It's intense light
Provokes passion in me
[ Bass Drum Thumping ]
[ Singing Continues ]
Do you think you could
pay us that 300 now?
You speak very fast.
I understand nothing.
Do you. Think.
That you. Could. Pay. Us.
Three hundred?
OK, look.
- Remember what
I said to Chicoy?
- Yes, of course.
I said 300 now,
and when I come back, more.
- But... but...
- It's not possible?
If I have money
before I leave... I pay.
- Now... no. Not now...
- No problem.
- OK, whatever.
- Thank you.
[ Mateo ]
Okay, let me, uh--
What happens is that when
he comes to record,
he spends his money elsewhere.
It doesn't work like that.
You come to work.
If you want to mess around,
you come without work.
He really likes Cuban women.
And that is where
the problem lies.
You can't expect to work
if you're spending
all your money on that.
Oh, my God.
It's so hard to work here.
[ Ballad ]
[ Mateo Singing
In Spanish ]
I will remember
[ Mateo ]
Los Angeles
is not really a city.
It's like you got
this area, this area,
and everybody
just goes in their house
and shuts their door.
Nobody knows anybody
and there's no community.
[ Man ]
You know what I mean?
Here, you all know each other.
All the musicians
know each other.
[ Man ]
Remember you said to me
this afternoon,
"Matthew, I look
in your session and...
some of these people,
they're only here for money."
[ Man ] It's the same
in Los Angeles.
It's worse in Los Angeles.
[ Man ] Okay.
Nobody puts
their heart into it.
And I've never
felt that from you.
You know?
[ Man ]
Well, because
I no interested in money.
The money is not
my-- my god. You know?
I am interesting
in the persons.
And I see you work
and work and work and work
and work and work.
You work more than you need.
You need sometimes to stop.
Stop in Los Angeles
have time for--
for you.
Have time
for make friends.
You can do a community.
You can do in Los Angeles.
I-I like being alone.
I enjoy it.
[ Stammers ]
You enjoy it.
But if you have--
I like a limited amount
of family and friends.
Most of the time,
I like to be alone. You know?
If you have friends,
you'd be...
more love.
[ Ballad Continues ]
[ Continues ]
[ Ends ]
Do you want some soda?
Yes. I am very thirsty.
- I'm very beautiful, right?
- Yes, yes.
Yes, of course.
When the moon
Shines over the sea
Hand in hand
- Thank you. Thank you.
- How beautiful. Oh, I like it.
Are you falling
in love with me, Mateo?
Huh? I haven't
played guitar in one week.
You're very dangerous.
Let me turn the air on.
[ Mateo Laughing ]
No, no, no!
[ Woman Speaking Spanish ]
No, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
No ms.
No ms, no ms. No ms.
[ Mateo ]
My time is now.
I mean, you have, uh--
All great a-artists,
you know--
Like Martin Scorsese.
He can look back
and he has this great
body of work and, um--
I don't mind getting older...
if I can look back and say,
I've done this, this and this.
That's very important to me.
There's a window of opportunity
for me to do something.
Do something special.
Something meaningful.
You know, like, you look
at Buena Vista Social Club
and how...
that was such an explosive--
Everyone going,
"Wow, Buena Vista"--
[ Muttering ]
And, um, I've got some
cool things of mine.
You know?
It's very gratifying
'cause the writing
and everything.
There's some
good songs on there.
All right.
[ Sighs ]
[ Orchestra Warming Up ]
[ Continues ]
[ Speaking Spanish ]
[ Humming ]
[ Speaking Spanish ]
He wants in slower.
There's no starting point.
[ Continues:
Full Orchestra ]
[ Continues ]
[ Continues ]
[ No Audio ]
[ No Audio ]
[ Continues ]
[ Continues ]
[ Speaking Spanish ]
[ Continues ]
[ Ends ]
[ Laughs ]
That's it. Yeah.
[ Man ]
That's some ending.
You like the ending
or no?
That's cool.
[ Man ] Pulling tricks
out of his bag.
[ Mateo ] Yeah, dude.
[ Speakers: Ballad ]
No, keep going.
You know all this.
[ Speakers:
Speaking Spanish ]
Where the musicians?
Matthew, the musicians
went to buy peanuts.
- What? "Pea..."
- Peanuts! Peanuts!
- What is that?
- Peanut!
This track came out
beautiful. Perfect.
[ Continues ]
It just went-- Beautiful.
[ Spanish ]
[ Off ]
Can you understand
the words?
I understand
everything great.
This is a hit.
I think it is.
Yeah, that's a classic.
You can play it
Hey, look, look.
You know?
Play this. Play this. Yeah.
So easy.
Yeah. Good song.
A-And the-the-the--
Yeah, the lyric--
The word is very for now.
You know what I mean?
This is a great song.
Great song for now.
You know? Now. So--
Yeah. Okay, let's
listen to the next.
One, two...
Dance like this
Dance like this
Don't miss the beat
Dance like this
Dance like this
So that you can enjoy it
Dance like this
Dance like this
Let yourself be free
Turn to the left,
turn the right, and little step
forward and another back
Dance like this
Dance like this
Don't miss the beat
[ CD: Fast-forwarding ]
[ Mateo Speaking Spanish ]
OK. Listen to the words here.
It says, now, uh--
Bewitch him... her
Help me
Get it out of me
Out of my bones
Rid it from me
From my blood
I want to hear it again
No. I want to exhale...
breathe again.
It says, uh-- um--
I will drink your venom
Brandy from
your evil roots
[ Man Singing
In Spanish ]
I will drink
From your venom
Brandy from
Your evil roots
[ Stops ]
You like it?
[ Laughing ]
Oh, it's so good!
[ Mateo ]
Okay, so which song
did you like the best?
For the music and everything,
I like the first one;
it's great.
And number three?
Number three, musically,
is also good.
- You like it?
- Yes.
I don't want you to
listen to it on the computer.
I want it on speakers.
No, Matthew.
It's too expensive for me.
[ Man ]
No, no, it's impossible.
[ Mateo ]
[ Blowing ]
Yeah, yeah.
People say to me
in Los Angeles, "Oh"--
When I let them hear
on the headphones, they say,
"Oh, did you clean
your headphones?"
"Oh, yeah, yeah.
I clean them every day.
Sure. Why not?"
Your what?
They say--
They say,
"You clean your headphones?"
Everyday I go, "Listen to my
CD," to the clients.
I tell them, "Yeah.
Yeah, I clean, I clean."
In five years, never.
So if there's an infection
going around, I did it.
Well, Matthew
When you come back?
I feel so sad
I feel so sad
Oh, well, Matthew
And when you go
to the United States
Oh, fare thee well
Oh, fare thee well
Okay, Xiomara.
Oh. Okay.
Matthew, good luck!
And remember,
try to organize your life,
try to communicate
with your parents.
- Good?
- Okay.
Yamila, don't listen
to these people. Okay?
[ Both Laughing ]
What do they say?
"Live your life."
"Live your life."
- It's correct.
- Yep.
See you
in two months.
Thank you.
[ Engine Starts ]
Look how pretty
that leaf is.
You know, usually
I bring back
a few leaves...
to California.
When I'm in Los Angeles, I
don't think about them at all.
Pretty much--
I mean, almost all of the time
I don't think about them.
But there are those times
I'll be--
I do a lot of parties,
and there will be a family--
a very special family party.
A, you know,
30th-year anniversary
or something.
And, you know, then
I'll think about my family.
[ Whispering ]
It's my mother.
[ Man Singing In Spanish ]
A rose for you
For you, for you
A rose!
On this very special day
[ Continues ]
[ Radio: Pop ]
[ Radio:
Men Speaking Japanese ]
[ People Chattering
In Japanese ]
[ Speaking Japanese ]
[ Clapping ]
[ Man ]
Matthew Stoneman.
Please welcome Matthew Stoneman.
[ Applause, Cheering ]
Thank you. Thank you.
Uh, thank you very much.
Thank you. Thank you.
[ Spanish ]
[ Continues In Spanish ]
[ Continues ]
Please welcome
Matthew Stoneman.
[ Whistling ]
[ Continues In Spanish ]
[ Ends ]
[ Applause ]
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
[ Cheering ]
- [ Mateo ]
Okay. Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
I see you
in the front row there.
[ Laughs ]
I am very moved.
I'm so moved.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
I can't wait
till your next gig.
I'll see you soon.
Thank you.
- We really love your music.
- Oh, thank you. Thank you.
I play it many times
on Japanese radio.
You did?
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
[ Weeping ]
Okay. Thank you.
Thank you. Okay.
All right.
Okay. Bye now.
Thank you.
Oh, picture, picture.
Okay. Sure.
[ Man ]
[ Jazz: Jingle ]
[ Woman Singing ]
Whole Earth Station
FM Cocolo
[ Speaking Japanese ]
Mateo Stoneman is from
New Hampshire, America.
He is a singer, songwriter.
I hope this is
the first of many trips.
And, uh, I hope I can
sing for everybody.
[ Laughs ]
I want to meet everybody.
And these are three
of his songs.
[ Audience Clapping ]
[ Clapping Continues ]
[ Clapping Continues ]
[ Japanese: PA Speaker ]
We are now cruising
at 10,000 feet.
[ Speaking Spanish ]
For me? For me?
Flowers for me?
No, thank you.
[ Laughing ]
[ Laughing ]
[ Speaking Spanish ]
There was a man from California.
He came to Cuba and
fell in love with a woman.
The woman rented out
her house to tourists.
So the man rented out her house.
And he fell in love
with the woman.
So, they stayed together.
And the man didn't want to
go back to the United States.
The man didn't want to go back
to the United States?
The Man? No.
He was in love.
[ Driver ]
[ Taxi Accelerating ]
[ Piano, Orchestra:
Latin Jazz ]
[ Ends ]
[ Guitars ]
[ Continues ]
[ Mateo Singing
In Spanish ]
[ Continues ]
[ Ends ]
[ Mateo ]
Okay, that's fine. Okay.
[ Spanish ]
Come on.