Mater (2017) Movie Script

What did you see?
A chubby one.
And dark skinned.
Dark skinned?
So he was yours.
Dark skin.
Were my tits big?
You saw the father?
No. I didn't see him.
What're we going to do?
We'll figure it out.
Come here.
Come on.
Let's play again.
All right.
"The Wind in a Violin"
Daro, get up, hurry.
Ma'am, get up.
What time is it?
It's 9:15, ma'am.
The alarm's gone off.
This piece of trash didn't go off!
Goddamn it!
-Hand me the phone.
-Here. There it is.
-I can't see a thing.
Here. Find Esteban.
There are many that say "Esteban."
Check on "Logistics."
Esteban, Logistics.
Daro is asleep.
Hello, Esteban?
One moment... One moment,
one moment.
Wake him. He has class
and can't skip it.
I'll wake him.
And he has therapy later.
Sorry. No, I've got a bad signal.
No. I'm running late
at the faculty, with Daro.
No, he fought with a teacher.
He's on edge.
I'm currently in a meeting
with the head of the program.
Still, everything's in the e-mail
I sent you last night.
I sent it to you last night.
That doesn't make sense.
No, no, no!
You know what I need, Esteban? Explain.
You understand?
Say I didn't skip it.
Can you explain to them?
You'll try?
Okay. So, you'll try.
Tell me something, Esteban,
why don't you try and go to hell as well?
Son of a bitch!
He says he'll try, he'll try.
Who is it?
Hey, Santiago. It's Daro.
Come on in.
Yes, yes, yes. I'm calm.
I'm focusing on my projects.
-Do you still smoke?
As usual, very little. Thing is,
the weed dried out, so...
I don't have pot left.
Don't have any.
Everything's coming together, right?
You have a job,
the weeds dried out...
All's better with Mom.
We just began yet you're already
talking about your mother.
This is therapy, isn't it?
It's normal to talk about mothers.
So, you're an expert?
Just a bit.
I always repeat myself.
And so do you.
I like the job you're doing.
I like it.
But I find it unfair having to pay you
when we're almost
on the same intellectual level.
Santiago, I...
I want you to feel comfortable
with me,
in case you need help
with patients.
I've been thinking.
We can get together at a bar.
And I can share my advice
with the toughest cases, especially.
Or you can record the session
on your phone
so we can hear it together.
Don't forget,
we have to think of the patient.
Think of his needs. You get me?
We can't both go on like this.
You say one thing,
and I have to correct you.
No, no, no.
We need to be a team,
and work together.
So, what do you think? Tell me.
I think...
that your mentality is very immature.
And I also think you still depend strongly
on your mother.
You also don't make use
of this space as you should.
And I strongly can't think
of how you could help me.
As a secretary?
Was I not clear?
In order to do this, Daro,
you require studies.
Yes? It requires effort.
Are we done?
Yes, we're done. Yes.
Can you hand me a big book?
-This one?
-No. Bigger than this one.
Like that.
What happened?
I just felt a little dizzy, that's all.
It's nothing. Nothing.
When's your checkup?
-I'll ask Norita.
-Yeah, ask her.
All right.
You got to look after this bump.
Got something in mind?
Seems there's an alumni reunion.
We could go.
-In a club.
A club?
Try first, it has very little salt.
You might want more.
I can't eat salt.
-Only a little.
-No, ma.
Else, it tastes bland.
It doesn't taste bland.
When's the checkup?
On Thursday.
I won't add salt on tomorrow's food.
I'm not cooking any more fried food.
All right.
Water, Nora?
I brought the Inspired
and flowery model.
I brought you flowers.
The Inspired model's over there
along with the flowery design.
All right.
Hi, honey.
-No, Mom, back off.
-Why are you here?
-Why wouldn't I be?
It's so hot.
Can't they set up a waiting room
with AC?
She's coming!
Look, look...
Courses with?
Not that son of a bitch!
Biggest son of a bitch.
I bet there's no one
who didn't retake that course,
-or at least three times. What a bastard.
-Only Germn.
What about Germn?
This is his first time under Sorrati.
Still dunno if he passed. Relax.
Did you send the planners?
Yes? There wasn't a problem?
Good. I'm glad.
I asked you for a project
and paid in advance.
And it was a hefty sum.
You didn't send a single one!
Not one!
-Lower your voice.
-No, I won't!
You had therapy?
Didn't I tell you?
-I won't go anymore.
I'm not going anymore! Come on.
I've been discharged.
"You're discharged"?
Did the therapist tell you that?
We came to that decision together.
Why should I explain to you?
Why tell you?
Look, look, look.
What joy!
-It's a...
-There he is! Look! There!
Go, honey, hit him!
Harder! Hit him!
What a waste!
What is it? Looking for something?
Something of Celeste's.
There's nothing there.
That's my drawer.
Tidy up and close it.
-I only want to see the results.
-They're not there. Why?
I want to know how she's doing.
She's doing fine.
Tell me where they are.
Do you understand those things?
No, not at all.
But I can show a doctor
and ask his opinion.
No, I take her to the doctor
'cause I'm her mother.
You won't do a thing.
Close that drawer.
Nora, I care for your daughter.
And want to help.
Who is it?
Mercedes Oliverti.
I'm Daro's mother.
-Yes. Eh...
-Remember me?
Right, I'm very busy at the moment.
What do you need?
Where's the divan?
-What divan?
-Your divan, doctor.
Hold, on. What do you need, ma'am?
Wait a minute...
To have a little chat.
I only have time now.
Chat about what?
He doesn't know it,
but there was a twin.
Daro? Does he have a brother?
Actually, during childbirth...
the other baby...
Actually, I call him Daro, too.
I don't know why, but...
I gave him the same name.
During birth, Daro came out first.
And he accidentally...
...tied the cord
around the other babe.
Around the brother.
He strangled him.
You think this is why he's stuck?
Is that why he can't move on?
I doubt it.
I never told him.
But that's it.
That's how he came to be.
Through murder.
Will you ask him to come back?
I doubt that's a good idea-- What?
Hi, honey!
-Don't say you're here.
-You're at the party?
No, no, no.
I'm having a drink with friends.
Yes, darling. What is it?
I get it, okay. That's fine.
No, don't worry, I won't butt in.
There's food if you feel hungry.
In the fridge.
There's a delicious squash pie
with onions.
Heat it a minute in the microwave.
-Or try it cold.
-Or eat it cold.
-He's an adult.
-Yes, you're an adult, Daro.
Take care, honey.
Should we have lunch tomorrow?
He hung up. No, no.
I forgot to tell you something.
Don't you have something here
to give Daro?
No. I don't do prescriptions.
Can't medicate him.
No, I don't mean a prescription, doctor.
Like a job.
A job? That thing with the job again?
Who do you think I am?
-Any job?
-Think about it.
-I won't.
-I work alone.
-We could reach an understanding.
What kind of understanding?
I give you the money for his salary.
And more, of course.
Think about it.
So cute, so cute.
You're wearing makeup?
Haven't seen you like that.
You will now.
It's all right. You're two faced.
-Where is it?
-But where?
-I'll take you.
How are we getting in?
With the guy from work.
He's going to the club.
-Did you tell him?
-No. What would I tell him?
Tell us, come on!
Were bricks and domes
used in the Byzantine Empire?
Seemed impossible. I didn't think so.
But I didn't know that answer.
I didn't study that part exactly.
So I drew a blank.
I didn't know what to do.
And right then, guys,
I remembered
that the night before, my father
had given me a penholder.
A fancy one, made of gold,
or it was golden, at least.
So I said: "Sorrati,
begging your pardon,
I'd like to give you this
for your dedication,
and love for architecture,
and blah, blah, blah,
as a gift."
So, I gave him the penholder
and he stares at me.
Looks me straight in the eye
and says: "So, architect Albert,
do you want a B+?"
Good move with that penholder.
-I saw that. He likes you.
-He likes me a lot apparently.
I didn't plan ahead.
Hold on, hold on.
So, you have him the penholder,
and what did he ask then?
No... What?
He didn't ask me anything.
He asked me
about the Byzantine Empire,
and I gave him the penholder.
He didn't ask anything.
Excuse me.
Excuse me,
could I have a gin and tonic?
One gin and tonic, please.
That one?
-Which one?
-That one. The tall one.
Tall and slim guy.
Him? No. Awful, don't like him.
No, no. Do you like him?
You like him?
I'll get him.
One, two, three.
You have a big house.
It's not mine. It's my mom's.
I'm making a few changes at home,
and I have my studio there...
What're you having?
-I'm not thirsty.
No drinks? Look what I got.
For you, for you, for you.
-No, thanks.
I'll have a drink.
Sure you won't drink?
Not even a little?
A small taste?
It's all right. Look it's fine, fine.
It's fine.
Come, come, come.
Come, come, come.
You sure?
-Let me.
-All right.
-Give it to me...
No, no. What is it? What is it?
-Stop. What is it?
-No condom.
No, I don't know you. No condom?
-Here, here, let me.
-Wait, wait, wait.
Love, are you all right?
Are you sure?
No, stop, stop, stop.
-I'm not leaving.
-Go now...
Fuck me! Please!
Go on, beat it.
-What are you doing?
-Fucking hell!
-You okay, darling?
Stay still or I'll kill you, okay?
-You okay, darling?
-You sure he didn't hurt you?
What do you want?
-Should we stay or go?
-Wanna stay?
Listen, here's the deal.
You're going to fuck her.
If you hurt her, I'll cut your throat,
you fucking asshole.
You'll fuck her and then we'll leave.
Are we clear?
-No, no!
I just said I would kill you.
Shall I repeat myself?
She'll take off your pants,
and you'll fuck her.
Yeah? Go, Celeste. Go.
It's flaccid.
Is it so difficult?
Don't you get it?
You brought her here.
You liked her and felt horny.
Go on.
Let me.
So, your girl's dating?
Something like that.
Hope it goes well.
I doubt it.
Why do you say that?
What's wrong?
I saw the last results
and they didn't look good.
I try to distract her,
take her to the movies.
I do what she likes,
I buy her things.
She will be fine!
On time.
And now she became a lesbian.
She has a partner.
She brought her home
and both live with me now.
I have to go, Nora.
I'm finally
getting somewhere with my son.
Daro, can you answer that?
-Hey, what's wrong?
-Go, Mom, just go.
No, I'm not leaving.
Turns out this is my home too
so I'm not leaving.
What's wrong?
Are you sad?
You think your life's sad?
You know what's sad?
Ask Nora
whose daughter is sick.
And to top it all, she's a lesbian.
Guess who called.
Your psychologist.
He left a message. Nora heard it.
What did he say?
Look, from what I could gather,
looks like
he'll offer you a job as his secretary.
And Nora says he sounded very excited.
I am so happy, so happy.
It must be him.
-I don't want to see him.
-Why not?
Something awful happened.
-It's the psychologist.
See him in.
-I don't want to see him!
-Mom, I said I don't want to.
-But, why?
Good afternoon. Come in, please.
-Excuse me.
-Of course.
How are you?
-How are you?
-How's everything?
Come in.
Something to drink?
-Coffee, please.
-Sure. Coffee for the doctor, Nora.
-Two coffees. One's for me.
-Ma'am, I have to leave already.
-Didn't you want to talk?
Well? Do it now that he's here.
Go make him a coffee.
Then we'll talk about your daughter.
Norita wanted to ask you something.
She's like family,
so you can settle things
with me later.
-There he is.
-Hey, Santiago.
-Thanks, Daro. How are you?
-I'm sorry this was unexpected.
-It's all right.
I don't know if...
I needed to talk to you.
Did you mother tell you?
Yes, I told him that Nora
heard the voice message.
Voice message?
It's fine. Mom, go.
It's fine, leave us.
Very well. Santiago, I'll go.
-See you. It was a pleasure.
-See you.
How are you doing?
I'm fine, fine.
I'm doing just swell. I'm fine.
You wanted to ask me something?
Yes, but I must go now.
All right, let's do this.
I'll give you my card then.
-All right.
-Call me
if you need anything.
Of course. I'll call you, doctor.
-I'll call.
-It's something personal, right?
This was between us.
-Nora, please go. Go.
-Yes, thank you.
-Excuse me.
What's up with your call
and some message?
Look, I was thinking
about our chat the other day,
when you showed interest
about working for me.
I think that could work.
Right now, I need an aide
and thought of you.
An aide?
Yes, do you have time?
What with college and all that.
I don't get why an aide, that's all.
Well, it's close
so you'll manage your schedule
and won't need to go far.
I need you to lend me a hand
with some things...
Excuse me. I was just passing.
I didn't hear what you just said.
I was telling Daro that I needed an aide
for the office.
-That's odd.
Because Nora said you wanted
a secretary, not an aide.
She most likely got confused,
because I don't need a secretary.
Right. Nora!
Come, please.
Yes, ma'am?
Tell me,
when you spoke to Santiago,
or when you heard his message,
did he say "secretary"
or "aide"?
I don't remember, ma'am.
You don't? Oh, well. Go, go.
-It's fine, Mom, go.
-No, but...
Leave us.
You think someone like him
should run errands?
Given Daro's strong personality?
And his background as well?
-Go, Mom, go.
-I don't see the issue.
I see. Smart of you.
So, you'll make my son run errands?
I believe
that you're not seeing the big picture.
May we speak a moment alone?
-Just a moment, in private.
-I don't understand.
No, no, no.
Daro, let's do this.
Think it through, then call me.
All right?
-What's wrong?
-I don't understand.
Look, Daro.
We want to help you.
It's for you, yes?
We believe that if you have a job
you'll fill your time
and it'll allow you...
to grow, too.
When your mother came
to my office...
-To the office?
I never went to your office.
I don't even know where it is.
I want to help you, Daro.
-I don't know what he means...
-Get out, go on.
-That's absurd.
-Get out, get out. Go.
-Completely absurd.
Didn't you hear him? Leave.
-Forgive me, Daro.
-It's done.
-Forgive me.
Go on, take your things.
Nice raincoat.
How much did it cost?
Did you buy it
with what we paid you?
Saying that I asked him.
There, there. Don't cry, don't cry.
-Mom, please...
-He's gone. It's over.
You don't need to get a job.
You must focus on your studies.
Wash your face. Come.
Come and wash your face.
-Let me wash you...
-No, Mom.
Some cool water.
Let me help you!
Let me help you!
Take a seat.
In a few minutes,
we'll call you for the ultrasound.
Thanks, doctor.
Want to sit here?
-Does it hurt?
See something?
Is it like a photograph?
What is it?
Well, there.
-That's the baby?
-Of course. Look there.
Six weeks old.
You see that little spot there?
That's the heart.
Is he a boy?
I don't know! There's still some time
before we can be sure.
Is the size right?
Is everything fine?
Yes, everything looks normal.
Now you must see an obstetrician.
He'll explain everything.
You feel calmer now?
All right.
I'll hand you some paper
to wipe yourself.
There you go.
I'll fetch the full report.
-All right, all right.
-Is that okay?
-You're welcome.
There's more paper here.
-Yes, Diego.
Choose one we'll both like.
Yes, I like Nicols.
-You know which one's good?
-Which one?
I like it. "Come here, Miguelito."
-An old man's name.
-I like it. And you?
He moved!
That's not possible!
-He liked it...
-You hungry?
-I am.
-And you?
All right.
All right, I'll start cooking.
You've earned your bread.
-I adore you!
-Me too.
I love you.
-Come here.
Need help, Nora?
Yes, peel those carrots
and chop them, please.
The long cold nights
Without your love
Felt like an eternity
Loneliness had frozen my heart
Until the day I finally met you
And now I want to tell you
You're all I see
When I close my eyes
I want you to know
That the world makes no sense
If you're not around
Without your kisses,
I lose it
I stop breathing
And die slowly
Without your laughter,
The light in me fades
Come on!
Take this one...
can you come on Saturday?
-We have to be present.
-What for?
A council vote.
We must pick a delegate,
spokesman, secretary, and so on.
I don't know much about that.
But it'd be nice if you come,
Elena, so we're many...
I'm Lena. Without the "e."
And after we could maybe go for a drink,
and have a beer...
You like dancing?
-Did you hear there's a new club?
-It's open some nights...
-I'll see if the truck is coming.
Norita, where are you?
The guests are almost here.
"Everything's ready"?
No, I asked you to come tonight!
Get that box there. Take those.
Come on, Norita, please!
You know I can't do it.
I don't even know
where the napkins are!
Where are the napkins?
All right.
Bring her! Go on, bring her too!
She can sleep in Daro's room.
Good. Place all there, please,
or it looks bad.
All right, take a cab.
Tell him to hurry.
He can take the highway,
or follow the river, wherever.
All right.
Yes, that was the bell.
Come on, hurry.
Look at this.
Isn't it fabulous?
Have a smoke.
Enjoy the party.
What a lovely piano, right?
It's a grand piano.
I believe it's an upright piano.
Upright, spinet, whatever Alberto.
Play, go on.
Let's see if it's tuned.
Just play!
It's tuned.
Meche's going to love
if you play something.
What's this?
Thank you, dear.
Sorry, how'd that go again?
The ending?
It's good, go on, go on.
Play something fun, Alberto.
Honey, will you do me a favor?
Could you buy more ice?
We've run out.
Do you like the party?
It's a drag.
Why a drag?
You heard Alberto play?
-That's exactly why.
-You'll like it.
Give me money.
Take it from the safe.
Hurry back.
Mariachi's on its way.
-What? Why a mariachi?
-You'll love it!
Come, Daro.
Give me a hand with my daughter?
I know you're not involved, that's clear.
But it was still a crime,
however you put it.
You know
there's security cameras here.
Besides, we have Daro's testimony.
And you know my lawyers are the best.
Both girls will be arrested.
Hello, Lena!
Is something wrong?
No, no.
Then get to work, please.
Yes, I'm on it.
Come back later, Daro.
Let us sleep.
You want me to go for a stroll?
This neighborhood scares me.
Celeste threw up all night.
-She's tired and needs rest.
-Hasn't she seen a doctor?
Which doctor? It's normal
for pregnant women to throw up.
I didn't know. I see.
I feel sick.
-What's wrong?
-Are you okay?
Want me to join you?
No, the bathroom's clogged.
-I see, I see.
-Do you know how to unclog it?
-No, I don't do that.
-Daro, come back later.
Quiet, Nora, please!
Hey, mind your tone!
I've known her all my life.
It's always been this way.
What do you want?
I want my child.
So you wielded the knife.
You're called Lena.
What's your name?
What's your real name?
It's Lena.
The dangerous one.
She needs to stay
'cause she feels sick.
Is that so?
And who'll look after her?
I will.
And who are you?
I am her partner.
But what are you to the child?
She'd be the other mother.
Very well.
-They'll raise him...
-Thank you, Daro.
When I need your opinion
I'll ask you to talk.
Genetically speaking, you have no value.
My grandson's inside that belly.
He's my son.
Well, it's already been proven
that this child was conceived
via criminal abuse.
The accused, you,
have confessed and will apologize.
And the victim...
I want the child.
No! Not yet.
If you apologize,
Daro won't denounce your actions
and you won't go to prison.
So, now we must talk about the child.
But Daro, we'd agreed
that you could visit him whenever.
-Of course.
-And you too.
No! No.
I don't think so, I don't think so.
I will not visit that neighborhood...
And I don't consider it
a fitting place for a baby.
What do you mean?
That house isn't appropriate.
Nor the neighborhood.
Still, it's my child
and he'll live in my house.
Your child?
It's our child, too.
Actually, you're nothing of his.
With her it's another story.
Who'll raise him?
You'll teach him to stab others?
We all want what's best
for the child.
Do we agree?
Now, we need to discuss the nursing.
At the beginning,
the child will need to be nursed.
You want to keep the child?
-That's it?
-She got it now.
Nora, you knew about this?
-And you didn't tell us?
Listen to me, honey.
You love this child, right?
-What is it you love?
Tell me. What do you love?
What you love
is your desire to have a child!
You don't love a real child.
-Don't listen to her...
-Quiet! Don't be selfish.
So no father figure?
And what about no mother?
That's my role.
-No! What?
They want him.
-Let's go.
-Let's go.
-Wait, girls.
-Let's go, let's go.
-Girls, wait.
-No, no.
-Clause 25087 of the criminal code!
You'll be arrested.
Do you understand?
Come back and sit down.
Don't take him from us.
Please, don't take him.
Girls, this baby's not a trophy.
Of course not, it's our child.
Mom, they don't want
to give him up.
I don't understand.
What're you saying?
Let's find a way for all of us
to raise the child together.
Tell me something, Daro.
Do you care about this baby or not?
-Yes, I do.
They care about him too.
I can't believe it.
As a mother,
how can't you understand?
-I can't believe it.
-I see.
What'd I get myself into?
What'd I get myself into?
Why do I even bother?
All of this doesn't matter to me.
Leave, girls. Keep the baby.
-Yes, keep him.
-Stop, Mom.
-Keep him, girls! Keep him.
Take him, too!
You're my burden, Daro.
You're a mother's worst nightmare!
You're the worst!
Go if that's what you want.
500 M UGARTE STREE -Hi, Nora!
-Hello, girls.
Come on, time to get up.
- Hey! What're you doing?
Don't you know how to knock?
Whatever, let me in!
If you knock, you'll know
when someone's inside.
Hand me the watch.
I need to go.
Tell me, did you use my shampoo?
-You used my shampoo?
You used my shampoo
in the orange bottle?
I'm going to mark it, just in case.
Morning! Morning! Morning!
Yes, yes, yes...
How are you?
How are you?
You like that?
You like paprika?
You know where I left Celeste's syrup?
It's in the fridge.
-You remember?
Good morning.
Sit down.
Mom's going to work.
Who's staying with you?
Hi, chubby cheeks.
My little chubby boy.
I'm going.
-You coming for lunch?
-In the afternoon.
-At what time?
-Dunno around 2 or 2:30...
By then, the food will be cold.
All right.
I'll go to the market.
Hi, hi, hi.
-You washed your hands?
-Yes, yes.
-With soap?
-Yes in the bathroom.
Okay. Here's Daddy.
Come here.
Come here.
What did you see?
A chubby one.
With puffy cheeks.
And his eyes were so, so dark.
Let's play again.
Subtitle translation by
Maria Jose Martinez Delfin