Maternity Blues (2011) Movie Script

Mrs Micheli! Mrs Micheli!
Clara, say something!
Just one question!
This way.
Is she already here?
I'll be right there.
Put that cigarette out, Eloisa.
You can't smoke here.
Stop nagging, Vincenza!
Enzo said I could.
I don't care. Enzo lets you do
whatever you want, we all know why.
Smoke outside
or I'll call Mrs Stregari.
You'll be in a room
with other patients.
They'll tell you how the centre works.
You'll have activities to do
and have visits once a week.
Twice a week, we'll have sessions,
sometimes in groups.
This is Lucia,
she'll look after you.
Do you feel okay?
You're seriously anaemic...
just want to die.
You're in abstinence, you're menopausal.
Stop winding her up.
One of these days, she'll react...
And do what?
Let her try.
You know something, Eloisa?
- You're the only one here who's not...
- Desperate?
Because I'm not a hypocrite,
I don't want to be branded like you.
Which brand?
You've all got a G
stamped on your foreheads.
- I don't.
- Rina leave her alone.
You've got it too
and so will the new girl.
G for what?
- Guilt?
- Shut up.
- What kind of family did you have?
- Family!
Rina, my family sucks
like all families.
But it's not their fault that I shoved
my kid's head in a plastic bag.
Right, Vincey?
Clara, we will help you.
You'll follow rehabilitation
and recreational programmes.
I'll explain the regulations here,
your room-mates will help you too.
You'll all receive 5 euros a week.
Rooms are vacated at 7:00, you return
there between 13:00 and 15:00 to rest
and then at 20:00.
Lunch is at 12:00...
It's always hard to sleep
the first few nights.
Beats a prison cell though.
I think I never slept there.
I was in prison for 6 months
before coming here too.
You're Clara, right?
I'm Vincenza.
How long have you been here?
Nearly six years.
Do you feel better?
You get used to it...
you get used to everything.
Do you believe in God?
You'll find it harder.
This is not good.
Get up.
Do you want to be alone?
I'll bring you something to read
if you like.
Where are you from?
Near Udine.
Everyone said you were foreign.
I've been in Udine for ten years.
I don't know that part of Italy.
My cousin did military service there.
This is for emergencies.
Do you like wine?
You have great wine.
Friulians are big drinkers, right?
- They're all drunkards.
- Really?
I was joking.
My name's Caterina,
but everyone calls me Rina.
Nice to meet you.
- What time is it?
- Midday.
Dr Scalia said you needed to rest.
- Has it been snowing long?
- Yes, five centimetres already.
There'll be loads of it soon.
I came to get a sweater,
it's really cold today.
You're sure you don't need anything?
If you need anything,
if you want to talk...
You can count on me.
Call someone, I don't feel well.
For years my mother...
took me to the hairdresser's
to have the front of my hair...
cut really short.
If I complained...
I'd get slapped.
And kicked.
When I grew up
and could stand up for myself...
one day... I nearly...
strangled her...
I pinned her up against the wall...
and squeezed her neck with my hands.
my father...
And he pushed me...
on to the floor.
Did you become an idiot
after that fall, Trudy?
When I fell pregnant,
I was 16.
I didn't have a clue.
My mother said I was a whore,
an embarrassment...
My father instead said I should
have an abortion.
- What happened?
- Good morning, Clara.
How are you feeling?
Yesterday you fainted.
Hadn't you eaten?
You'll see...
you'll feel better in a few days.
When they moved her,
I wanted to visit her.
But I couldn't make it.
I don't know what I was feeling.
I know it's tough, Luigi.
But you have to get through this.
By reflecting on your mistakes maybe,
because we all make them.
I'm not saying this as your lawyer
but as your friend.
I know I'm to blame too.
We're not talking about blaming.
I see many dramatic family situations
in my work.
Many aren't aware...
they pretend everything's okay,
when it's not.
Are they to blame for that?
Even the papers accuse me.
Where was her husband?
How many lies!
We're not how they described.
They even published
the note she'd left.
They interviewed the guy
who saved her.
Forget about the papers.
They write about people's sorrows
because that's what sells.
- Will she do the whole eight years?
- That's what the judge decided.
But if her mental health improves
it could be less.
How are you?
How's work going?
I don't know!
I have to see.
I like my work.
Once I've sorted things out,
maybe I'll feel better.
I've still got to move everything.
The judge signed the papers.
I can go ahead and sell the house.
I'm on my way.
I'll be there in five minutes.
I've got to start going to the gym,
I'm out of breath.
She's obsessed with that diary!
I don't think her kids give a damn
about what she does in here!
She didn't even write a shopping list
at home, now she wants to be a writer.
Lucia's nice though.
I get on better with her
than with Dr. Scalia.
She's pregnant, you know.
She's the only one who understands me.
I don't get on with the others.
People here have done all kinds
of things.
The bravest one is Elsa, over there.
She stabbed her husband
18 times while he slept.
He went straight from sleeping
to the afterlife.
Why don't you get on with the others?
They say I'm arrogant, selfish...
But I accept criticism too.
You won't believe what they said
about my son.
What was he like?
His eye's were like Max's...
his father. Yellow!
Yellow like a cat's eyes.
I love cats, I only trust them.
Maybe I'm an animal too.
There's a Charlie Brown cartoon strip
where he's camping with Linus
under a starry sky and Linus
is going on about how
each galaxy contains
billions of stars.
Then Charlie gets irritated
and says: "l miss my dog".
I miss my son.
Even if the first sensation I had
when they told me he was dead
a sense of relief.
I don't know about you, but "mother"
wasn't exactly my character.
The world thinks we're crazy.
But no one thinks it's crazy
to bring a child into the world.
- Good morning, Clara.
- Good morning.
Have a seat.
How are you feeling?
You seem better.
I'm glad to see that.
How are you getting on
with your room-mates?
Okay. You've started
a hairdressing course.
How's it going?
It was my childhood dream.
You said you suffered
serious depression
after the birth of your second child
and that you remember
what happened well.
I should've died with them.
Did your family
visit you in prison?
- My mother.
- Your mother.
What about your husband?
He wrote me letters, but...
I didn't read them.
Tell me about him.
He's a good person.
He was a salesman.
I didn't see him often.
He was always away for work.
His car was his real home.
My mother always said:
That's life! Women bring up
the kids and husbands work.
Your children were born
three years apart.
Yes, three years after Marco,
Giulio was born.
I wanted another child.
But the situation got worse.
I wasn't sleeping, I never washed.
He wouldn't stop crying.
At night, I'd lie in bed
staring at the wall.
I was tired.
Tired of everything.
Did anyone ever notice
how tired you were?
It was my fault.
Good morning, are you Mr Micheli?
We meet at last.
I thought it'd be more complicated.
You want to get rid of everything?
You've got some new stuff here.
- Giovanni, can you come here?
- Excuse me.
Mom, it's me!
- How was your trip?
- Fine.
- How are you?
- Not bad.
How's the bar going?
Are you enjoying it?
You're being too hasty,
all your savings...
I don't have to pay any fees
for my kids anymore.
Money always comes in handy.
Are you staying for a while?
No, I have to get back.
The mountains close the valley
towards the West.
The sky is red and purple...
I saw your friend Fr. Mario at mass
last Sunday.
He said to say hello.
He'd like to see you,
if you want.
How many times have I told you?
You don't have to be that smart
to understand.
I've told you a hundred times.
And what's more, with all my stuff.
- I didn't do it on purpose.
- Just as well!
Just get lost, will you?
- lemon and...
- sugar.
If you put some vodka in,
I'll get it in too!
Come on Rina, you did the right thing.
I'll do it with the sheets too,
I'll make the beds pink.
- What happened?
- Nothing, a red top.
Yes, with my whites.
You'd better fix it,
I want it to be white for tomorrow.
You give these to Eloisa.
She won't sing your praises!
I wish she would sing,
Miss Golden Voice.
- I wonder if she can still sing.
- Why "Golden Voice"?
Eloisa Baratta, a promising
pop star in '95.
- In '96.
- She came 2nd at Castrocaro.
- Atwo-year career.
- Yes, on her back.
On local TV channels, not Sanremo!
She sang with this sad Emilian band.
For a period, she even worked
as an actress.
She played Serena Grandi's friend
in a thriller, a B-movie.
She's had more men than
Vivian Leigh.
You know the nympho
in "Gone With the Wind"?
- Scarlet O'Hara was a nympho?
- Yes, I read it somewhere.
Anyway, Eloisa tells loads of lies.
She had plenty of men before Max,
that's for sure.
But she had a kid with Max.
They were always splitting up.
- He was a penniless musician.
- A cocaine addict.
And married too!
When they found Lucio, her kid,
she was in a bar, wearing a lame dress
and drinking a gin and tonic.
She said she didn't know anything.
Then she confessed.
Then she withdrew it.
Finished your session
with Dr. Scalia?
- It wasn't a session.
- Another warning?
Maybe he just wants to see me.
I was chatting with some girls
about Ray Charles and his wife.
- Have you ever seen her?
- No.
Neither has he!
- That's a good one.
- Good? It's brilliant!
- See what you're like?
- Tell me.
Listen Eloisa, I screwed up.
In the wash, your white shorts...
I prefer them like this.
Thanks, Rina.
Thanks, sweetie.
You're here!
- When did you arrive?
- Yesterday.
Shall we go inside?
How are you?
It's tough.
- It's tough, Mario.
- Luigi...
I thought about it a lot.
I think that God
has a big problem.
I don't think He's been able
to fully separate...
good from evil.
So, to express His torment
He makes us experience...
this condition.
And through prayer...
we can...
share this problem with Him.
It's not easy to separate good
from evil, this is why...
you are unable to forgive her,
but that's precisely how
compassion can lead us...
to forgive that which
we should have the right to punish.
This doesn't mean forgetting
the offence, the sin,
it means processing the hatred felt,
and the resentment.
She too will have to learn
how to forgive herself.
I can't even pray.
You have to learn to accept
that evil lies within us too.
But we can change,
even if we are fragile.
Very fragile.
- You've learnt how to make coffee?
- I chucked eight away.
Less than usual, great!
- What is it?
- The Christmas party.
Every year we prepare it together.
The hospital's big social event.
This beats Neapolitan coffee.
A lot of local people come.
You have nice hands.
Are you married?
I don't know.
What about you?
I had a boyfriend.
- Can I read you a letter later?
- Who wrote it?
I did, I haven't sent it yet.
He started writing to me last year
after seeing me on TV.
He'd read the articles on me,
he knew everything about me.
About everything that happened
to me.
- Have you met him?
- No, he's in Abruzzo.
He's an electrician.
Want to see a photo?
- He looks very young.
- I know.
Is that a problem?
- I don't know, how old is he?
- 19.
Four years younger than me.
What does he write?
He tells me he plays pool,
he wins lots of tournaments.
And he writes nice, sweet things.
I think he finds me attractive.
- Do the others know?
- Something.
Dr Scalia says there's no harm in it,
that everything's going well.
After all, he decides everything.
Read it to me.
Dear Michele,
the things you write
are really nice.
I didn't know what I was doing
and you understood that.
It's nice when someone
understands you
and isn't just pointing their finger
at you.
My friend Vincenza
says God isn't mad at me
and that people's minds
are very complicated.
Take suicides for example,
the person seems really happy
then one day
they turn the gas on and bang!
They're gone.
Thank you for your letters,
you make me have nice thoughts,
sweet thoughts that I've missed.
And I like this.
I think that making love with you
will be like making love with angels.
I don't know if we'll ever make love
but imagining it is better
than nothing.
I'm making progress,
I may get out before I'm wrinkly,
with saggy tits, or pessimistic tits,
as Vincenza says,
that look down.
I do lots of exercise and it's been
seven months since I had a relapse.
Write and tell me if it's too soon
to call you my darling and so on.
After all, we don't know each other.
I'll wait for you.
I won't be going anywhere!
Love, Caterina.
It's beautiful, Rina.
Thanks, you're a friend.
Don't get your hopes up though.
Where's the harm?
It's what you could do to yourself.
I don't understand.
Sorry... I don't know.
I'm just thinking about you.
Let's not talk about this.
I didn't want to talk about this.
All right, we won't then.
- So, about Michele...
- There, I knew it...
What am I supposed to do?
I'm not thirty yet,
can't I have other memories?
Can't I have them?
Must I live with the ones I have?
I hate the ones I have!
Of course you can have them.
What lies ahead for me? Tell me!
No love for me?
Don't I deserve it?
Can't I have any more?
I haven't had any!
Yes, I have.
From my daughter!
I loved her more than I loved myself.
I never left the house without
making sure everything was okay.
That the gas was off,
and that she was okay.
She was okay!
The one who wasn't okay was me.
When I pushed her under the water
as I bathed her,
don't you see...
I didn't know what I was doing.
Don't you see?
I didn't know what I was doing,
I didn't know!
Calm down, it's all over now.
What's wrong?
Help, Enzo!
Let go of her legs, leave her.
You didn't know.
Exactly, you should've told me!
It hasn't happened for months.
How much did she drink?
I don't know.
The things we said about Eloisa...
me and her often argue.
I'm not interested.
Everyone here has a story.
You told me that.
I laughed when I read in the paper
She murdered her...
A murderer, me?
They're crazy, I thought.
How dare they write
something like that?
The others were murderers perhaps,
not me!
You don't need to tell me this.
I know, but I want to.
You believe in God, I don't.
The only judge I have is myself.
And that suffices, I can assure you.
Luigi, can I leave him here
while I pop to the chemist's?
Give him a croissant
and nothing to the dog!
Come over here.
Put your bag over there.
Good boy.
Eat it all up.
Your mum's always rushing around!
But you...
relax and eat.
Take it easy, you're early.
"Dad, my friend Francesco,
has got a big dog,
he says he's called Great Dane."
"But his sister called him
"I think Great Dane's better."
"When we get one, I'll choose
the name. Musket or Bandit."
A mother doesn't always
kill her child
because of a serious
mental illness.
The causes can be various ones.
The maternal spirit isn't something
that is instinctive
but rather, it depends on the model
of mother one is trying to be.
Often these people act
as if in a trance,
dismayed by a deep sense
of solitude.
All the same, it is a crime which
in our society is unacceptable
to normal people who have no
knowledge of mental illness.
today still,
there are so many questions
one must ask about why
a mother kills her own child.
You could at least tidy your stuff,
this room's a mess
I like mess, it makes me feel good,
it's my aquarium.
What about the other fish?
Don't even think about bringing
that blind cat here.
- Dr. Stregari said I can keep it.
- I'm allergic to cats.
Did you hear that? Rina's allergic
and I don't like cats.
Especially black cats.
It's not true that they're unlucky,
that's just a saying.
I'll tell you for the last time,
bring it here and I'll poison it.
And I'll burn your damn diaries!
It'll be a good fight.
We'll see who wins.
You know how much a cat
that's been poisoned suffers?
You know what? You've won,
you've already won.
I wouldn't force anyone,
let alone a superior being like a cat,
adored like a God by the Egyptians,
to live with you!
Great, we're agreed then.
The Egyptians! They were only good
at mummifying themselves.
I hope you come face to face with
Osiris in the kingdom of the dead.
- Who is Osiris?
- She can keep that dirty cat.
As long as it stays off my bed.
I don't want to spend my time
picking hairs up.
Yes, but cats make me sneeze,
it's not my fault I'm allergic.
Eloisa can move room.
All right, we'd better sleep.
Merry Christmas!
- Hi.
- Have dinner with me, don't say no.
- Dinner?
- No excuses.
- Don't play hard to get.
- Thanks, but I can't.
- Why? Are you busy?
- No, we're closing at six!
- Don't you start!
- Perfect.
I'll get everything ready,
see you here later.
- Merry Christmas, Gianni.
- Merry Christmas, Giulia.
We all want to impress them, right?
Remember that every recipe
needs the flavours to be balanced.
But it's not always the main
ingredients that do that,
without the added help
of flavourings,
the English say:
garbage in, garbage out.
Regardless of one's skill,
if you cook a terrible dish,
the result is a terrible dish.
You don't say!
There are lots of types of extensions.
Not just straight hair like this.
But curly hair, plaits,
and now dreadlocks are in fashion.
Laura has kindly volunteered,
I'll give her a Rasta hairdo.
No, don't worry. I'm joking.
So, Rina will do Clara's hair,
and Barbara...
will do Laura's.
Did you get a postcard, Elo?
Yes, a singer friend from Rome.
- Lucky him.
- Why?
I miss singing.
But you're always acting.
You could've sung something tonight.
Yes, La Traviata!
No, I just want to have fun tonight.
My own way.
We know, we're not stupid.
You don't even respect Christmas.
I'm telling you,
we need to live in the present,
we don't have much time.
Life's a quickie.
That's great, well done.
How's it going?
I wish my tummy as flat as yours!
I didn't even look pregnant
at 7 months.
I was like a whale during
my pregnancies, with swollen legs!
My boobs were the only thing that
got big, my boyfriend was happy!
My husband didn't care,
he'd substituted me.
He re-married, men can't be
on their own.
It's their downfall and their fortune.
Do you know her?
Do you think your kids
get on with her?
I know who she is, I hope
she's a good mum to them.
- You're generous.
- Generous?
Rina, you know who you are.
I've not known who I am
for six years.
- I thought I was a nice person.
- You are.
I would be if I disappeared
off the face of the earth.
Don't joke like that.
Come on, get dressed.
I'm taking you dancing.
And Merry Christmas.
- Are you allergic to anything?
- No.
- Why, what have you made?
- It's a surprise!
Good evening.
Good evening to you all.
I'd just like to say a few things
before we start the party.
For some of us, it'll be your
first Christmas here.
So my best wishes go to you
in particular.
I'd like to thank the cooks,
they've made some delicious dishes.
With the help of Maurizio, the chef.
I'd like to thank Rosa, who
with her hairdressing course
continues to do a great job
with the girls. Thank you.
And now, Merry Christmas
to you all.
Merry Christmas.
What kind of a party is it
without any wine?
Can I have this dance?
- Everything okay?
- Yes.
Where are you going?
To the toilet.
What's happened?
He never answers,
he's never there.
Or the monster, as I call him.
But what do you know?
I'd better go back inside.
Those are with Colonnata Lard,
they make it here.
- There's so much food!
- Do you know it?
Of course! Where I come from
we say...
- What does that mean?
- It's like...
I love it.
- Well, Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
Sorry, I have to keep my phone
in view because of my son.
- Where is he?
- Up north, with his grandparents.
In Trieste.
He likes being with them,
it's his dad he doesn't get on with.
I know how he feels!
Well, we all make mistakes.
Do you like being in Massa?
- I don't know yet.
- It can be hard at first.
You mustn't take any notice
about what people say.
They said all sorts about me too.
Why, what do you know?
They watch a lot of TV here,
they get influenced.
They know who you are, or at least
what they've been told.
So they look at you with fear
or pity.
What do you think of me?
I see part of myself in you.
I don't know, in your solitude...
Starting over isn't easy.
I've learnt a lot about myself
since I came here.
- Why did you come to Massa?
- I needed a change.
I asked to be transferred.
My husband was jealous
and violent.
But it happens to lots of people.
You just need to read the papers.
I like it here.
I'll try to start afresh.
Do you still love your wife?
If you do, you have to tell her.
She has to know,
even if she took away
the most beautiful things you had.
When you love someone...
something, maybe not everything,
can be resolved.
You can't be in the dark all the time.
You have to take it for what it is.
- What?
- The party.
It's obvious you don't want to be here
but it's part of our therapy.
Even if they don't tell you.
Sorry about before,
I was always at war with him.
He never wanted me to be right,
I was the same.
He'd rather have died than
tell me he loved me.
- How's it going, ladies?
- Great.
Seen what a lovely dress
Vincenza's wearing?
Well, it is a bit dated.
A bit?
Not even my grandma
would wear that.
Enjoy yourselves. Eloisa,
no more alcohol.
It's finished anyway!
There were six bottles of wine
for thirty people.
How many did you drink?
Eloisa's friends have requested
that she sing a song.
- Where's Eloisa?
- What?
They'll pay for this.
I wrote this song for my son.
# I'll leave my footprints
# To bring light
in the mornings
# That are too dark and obscure
# That make you feel alone
# Stop time passing, it's precious
Take a deep breath
# Listen to me
# I'll be your voice and your eyes
You'll be my eyes
# On a whole new world
# I'll be the love
that will accompany you in life
# In which there'll be no solitude
# Open your eyes, my sweet
# Towards the day
when you'll discover
# That so many things,
even if they're dark and obscure
# Will never cause you any sorrow
# I'll be the light
that will accompany you in life
# In which there'll be no solitude
# And it's from you
# That I'd like to start again
# With you, I want to live again
# And from here
# I'll understand, with you
# The way things should be
The things that I'll live
# With you
Here we are.
- This is it.
- I know.
- Shame.
- Why?
With everything we ate,
I could do with a nice walk.
You can make an exception
at Christmas.
Thanks for the company.
Thank you.
Merry Christmas.
Is that you?
Keep still!
Open your mouth!
What did Dr. Scalia say?
The hospital sewed hertongue back on,
they're bringing her here.
I think Trudy and Elsa
are in isolation.
For life I hope!
Psychopathic bitches.
What else did he say?
He said I was better,
he gave me permission to do
work experience with Rosa, in town.
That's wonderful, Rina.
- I'm scared.
- Don't be, everything will be fine.
- When will it be?
- In a few days.
Clara, Dr. Scalia wants to see you.
- I don't have a session today.
- Follow me.
If you don't feel up to it,
there's no problem.
We'll tell him, I'll do it.
- I don't feel up to it.
- All right, I understand.
I can't,
I don't know what to do.
First of all, don't worry,
we'll follow your wishes.
Maybe it's still to soon.
How are you?
Why did you come here?
Because I chose to.
You wanted to still be the husband
of a monster?
To have everyone stare and point
their fingers at you in the street.
I acted wrongly with you too.
I was caught up in my work,
in my own things.
I thought: "It'll pass.
She's just a bit down.
That wasn't true.
I've felt afraid of opening my eyes
too, at times.
Don't come near me.
You have to rebuild a life
for yourself, far away from me.
I destroy everything.
I left my job.
I sold the house.
I bought one in Massa.
Remember Versilia?
And the Apuan Alps?
You said it would be a dream
to live there.
In the morning, it's beautiful,
the house...
is filled with sunlight.
I run a small bar which is
how I get by.
I'm happy for you,
but I'm not part of this dream.
I have no dreams anymore.
You can't go in.
It's just to say hello, for a moment.
I'm sorry, the doctor
said no visits.
Mara, I won't stay long.
I'm sorry, you can't.
I'm sorry.
Tell her that
we came to see her.
All of us.
I'll come too, wait.
- Want a coffee?
- No, thanks.
Okay, all done.
I had one at the bar that guy runs,
the one whose kids drowned.
To know you lived with a murderer
who drowned your kids...
The excuse is always depression.
Every time it happens,
the excuse is depression.
These women are murderers,
that's what they are.
I don't know where I've been,
what I did.
Even if it's your child that...
and a mother should...
A mother is a mother...
Vincenza, what is a mother?
Someone who can never fail?
Maternal instinct, you say.
When Marco was born,
my mother said:
It'll come naturally to you.
I thought...
all women are the same,
it'll come naturally when I see him.
That didn't happen.
No one's to blame for what I did.
No one's to blame for what I did.
No one's to blame for what I did.
No one's to blame for what I did.
No one's to blame for what I did.
No one's to blame for what I did...
except for me.
What do you want?
I can't take it anymore,
you're an irresponsible wretch.
I hate you, bastard!
Everything has to go, take the lot.
Then disappear.
- You're an idiot.
- You're an idiot
I said you are!
- Mom, Luca hit me!
- That's enough, stop it!
One more peep out of you
and I'll take your toys away!
My darlings,
I gave you all the love I could
It might not have been enough
but it was all I could give.
Raising you was the best thing ever.
Now it seems like we had
such little time together.
There is no excuse, I know,
for what I did to you
Hate me, but let me love you.
You can't live without calling
someone your darling.
So that's what I call you:
my darlings.
Whether you like it or not,
I don't care,
I know that God will protect
all three of you
and that one day, if it's: "His will",
I'll embrace you again.
Good morning.
- You're Rina, right?
- Yes.
-Auntie, Rina's here!
- Bring her down!
Here you are, at last
Have you had breakfast?
- Not yet.
- Great, join us then!
This is Sara and this is Giovanna.
- Want some coffee?
- Yes, with milk please.
Put your stuffhere,
we'll take care of it.
Some days are calm here,
and we don't talk.
We work, we do what
they tell us to do.
Some days,
we're tired and serious.
Our faces are drawn
and our heads empty
We walk past each other,
almost as if irritated,
filled with turmoil
we cannot express
There are those who shout,
and those whose voices
I've never heard.
There are ones who
are affectionate,
who make you feel warm
and who smell nice.
I look at the tired faces,
the bags under the eyes,
the hands of women so fragile
I feel in awe.
But they are,
all of them,
the best friends
I've ever had
I look at them and think
there's no rock in this world
that won't crumble one day,
inside or outside.
Whether you can see it or not.
And it still surprises me
how determined and resistant
a woman's heart can be.