Mathimaran (2023) Movie Script

I am Nedumaran. My height is...
3 feet 8 inches.
Just like I am, my world is also small
but beautiful at the same time.
Though initially this society mocked
at me calling me shorty, dwarf...
my family ensured that
it never impacted me.
I too never felt that being short
was a short coming.
But it was all just until few days ago.
That day dawned upon me
like a huge storm.
That day; which made me regret
that I am short!
That day; when I cried
and confronted God...
for giving happiness
and snatching it away.
Everybody has a strong reason to live.
But for me...
'even if we are not around, you must take
care of Mathi till your last breath'
What are you doing here,
so early in the morning?
-Where is Mathi?
-I don't know.
-You know! Tell me!
-Why are you hitting me?
-Answer me! Speak!
-I don't know!
-I said, tell me!
-I don't know!
I know! But I won't tell!
I'll fall at your feet. Please tell me.
A girl who went fishing
in Kaikaan Kuppam lake...
found a gold ring inside
one of the fishes she caught.
To put the letters together and
read them is quite exhausting!
are you free for a ride?
-Where to?
-K K Nagar Police station.
This is OLA auto. You have
to book it in the app.
Fine, I'll come.
I'll go by the pay meter but you must
pay me extra 50 rupees on top of it.
Later don't tell me "I'm, myself shorter
than meter then why on top of that?"
Got it?
Hop on!
Are you able to climb?
You look like a school kid.
Why are you going to police station?
I wonder what problem you're facing.
Drink malt drinks. It's
very good for the health.
Sir, similar death.
Nailed on forehead. A small
would on side of her forehead.
Also, she was raped. Weapon
of murder is still unknown.
Sir, to prevent from getting
caught by semen traces...
the murderer poured
acid on her genitals.
Must be the same killer...
Sudharshan, talk like a
responsible officer!
Don't talk like a press reporter!
When you can find so much
about these murders...
then what's stopping you from
finding out the murderer?
Sir, sorry. We tracked the
phone calls and CCTV...
but we got nothing.
If not for phones and CCTV,
the plight police department
would be sorry today!
I don't want your 'Sorry!'
Six murders like this!
All of the victims are ladies!
One clue! Didn't you find one clue?
Learn to investigate
the suspects properly.
Sudharshan, all these murders
are serial killings.
The press and public
might not know this.
But we both know it, right?
The press has started
sniffing it out now.
We must do something before
this matter becomes a wildfire.
This is your last chance! Mind It!
-Yes, sir.
-Get lost!
-Since when are you guys married?
-Four months, ma'am.
Just four months and you left
your wife alone? What was so important?
Do you doubt anybody?
-I actually doubt my wife.
Yes, ma'am.
I told her to stay with my parents but
she asked for an individual flat.
That is why I arranged this one.
Every time I call her,
the line will be engaged.
We checked her call records and she was
talking to your mother all the time!
Whatever, ma'am. Can I leave tomorrow?
What's the hurry? You may leave
once the formalities are over!
Greetings, sir.
-Your name!
-Karuppusamy, sir.
You better tell me everything
that happened that night.
Your tone sounds to me like you're
looking at me as the suspect.
Better tell the truth. Nothing would've
happened without your knowledge!
How dare you sit in front of me? Get up!
Dear, you must be what, my son's age?
And you talk like that to me?
Watchman is my profession.
That's all. In a way,
we both do the same job.
You better show some respect!
You're a watchdog and you
want respect?
You tell me that the police and
watchmen are the same?
Do I look like your son? Get out!
We have arrived K K Nagar
police station. Get down.
Greetings viewers.
Today in our "Kolai petchu" show,
we'll be talking about Homicides.
We know what is a suicide.
A few words about Homicides.
Homicides means committing
a murder inside the house.
Women, especially married ones, are
targetted, raped and killed brutally.
Already such murders
have taken place in...
Valasaravakkam, K K Nagar,
Thiruvanmiyur, Nungambakkam etc.
Yes and in today's news...
a woman was raped and murdered
in an apartments in Kotturpuram.
The wonder here is that the police, who
are suppose to nab the murderer...
are more focused on ensuring that this
news doesn't reach the press or people!
Why so, sir?
Sir... sir...
Yes? What do you want?
I'm Nedumaran.
-I wanna meet SI Prabhavathy.
-Is it?
Madam isn't here yet. She'll
arrive any minute. Please wait.
The only one left for me
in this world...
is Mathi, my elder sister.
We both are twins.
But I still address her
as my elder sister.
You deliver letters
to the whole village,
and God has delivered you
twin babies, postman.
My dear.
"This world has become a heaven now"
"Everyday has turned into a melody"
"There are two new birds in our nest
which is built in a garden called life"
"There are new eyes in our love nest
that will also live with same vision"
"Now this is our new world"
"This world has become a heaven now"
"Everyday has turned into a melody"
Why did you wanna become a postman, dad?
What's so exciting about this job?
Tell me.
Post man is like a messenger.
The letter that we deliver...
could be happy or sad messages
that could change people's life.
Not just that, there's a kick in
finding addresses!
-Is it?
Vanthiyathevan did this in horse
and I'm doing it in cycle.
Yes, brother. This is
our father's horse.
Then go fast, dad! Faster!
-Dwarf! Dwarf!
-Get lost! Run!
Sundaran, your son is very short.
Give him Pirandai herb mix.
Your work here is done, right?
Then just shut up and leave.
Or else you'll get an earful from me!
I know how to raise my child.
I saw your son smoking by the pond, when
I was on my way here in the morning.
Doctor, both of them are twins
but why he is not getting tall?
Sundaram sir, out of the
twins, your son is a dwarf.
So he'll grow tall only in the
range of 120-142 cms tall.
Is that all, doctor? I was worried you'd
say he had some serious condition.
Doctor, what's the big deal with height?
Life is what matters the most.
Both my kids are my life.
Sundaram sir, nobody in our village
has a basic knowledge about dwarfism.
They are used to mock short people
and look at them as buffoons.
He will definitely have an inferiority
complex that his sister is growing tall.
You must somehow handle it.
If possible, raise them separately.
Doctor sir, you are a reputed man.
I don't have to tell you this.
If one of our eyes is slightly different,
doesn't mean we must poke it out.
We value both the same, right.
Both my kids are the apple of my eyes.
I will raise them together.
-Yes, dad?
You must never fight with your brother.
Okay, dad.
even if we aren't around, you must take
care of Mathi till your last breath
"The sun blesses us as it is now
the holy lamp of our house"
"Feels like the sun rises first for us"
"The sun blesses us as it is now
the holy lamp of our house"
"Feels like the sun rises first for us"
"The flowers might worn out
but not it's fragrance"
"The moon might diminish but
not our love for each other"
"We can even pluck the clouds from our
roof because our home in in heaven"
"We might fight but it'll
only thicken our bond"
"We bloom like the
colours of the rainbow"
Go home!
I said, go!
"The letters at home
formed a bond with us"
"It made our home, built by our father,
even more beautiful
"We now realize the form of pure souls"
"We understood it's a gift
from our parents"
"The waves may fall and vanish,
but the shore doesn't disappear"
"A river might dry but
an ocean will not"
"Even the breeze will love
to breathe into our life"
"The whole village appreciates
but looks at my shape"
"Yet we walk in the path taught by the God"
Failed in all subjects!
"Looks beautiful but studies awful"
Nedumaran. Nedumaran!
How many times do I tell you? Why do
you keep sitting in the last bench?
Well miss, he want all of us to
look back at him. That's why.
Sad thing is that we can't look back
at him but only look down on him!
Fine! Once again
Nedumaran is the topper.
Every time you prove that "What might
look small can do mighty wonders!"
What's the link between a
person's size and work?
Didn't you teachers teach
you body shaming is wrong?
Don't judge a book by its cover!
See you, dad.
-Apply some powder.
-No need, mom.
Why do you keep refusing
it all the time?
Dear, what's your mom saying?
Yeah, question her about me! Ask her
why won't she apply talcum powder?
Why won't you, dear?
I won't apply talcum powder hereafter.
I won't even stand in front
of mirror along with him.
Why do you say so?
He'll feel bad that he is short.
Still not done getting ready? Come fast!
-Hey dwarf! Hey shorty!
-Mr. Four feet!
Nedumara, come here.
This is my brother - Nedumaran! I warn
you all! Dare you body shame him!
Mind you!
If any still mocks you, punch them!
"Oh baby, I'm your hero. Come to me"
-Dwarf is coming. Let's pull his leg.
-You dwarf!
So your feet can reach the pedals?
Come here.
Go, find out what he wants.
-What's your name?
Don't you know?
We know it, you jerk!
Just answer him.
His name is Nedumaran.
What's your problem?
'Nedu' means tall. 'Kullam" means short.
So, your name must be Kullamaran!
Now buzz off you dwarf!
Come here, I'll tell you.
I dare you guys!
Call me a dwarf and I'll...
If anyone calls him dwarf
and mocks at him...
you'll get bashed!
Let's go.
People speak without thinking twice. You
can not ask him to hit people for that.
Dear, violence
is not the solution.
Don't hit anyone just
because she asked you to.
You hit the boy so hard that his mom
came to complain that his broken nose.
Okay father. Don't you
have any delivery today?
No dear.
Every villagers has got
access to cellphones now.
Nobody writes letters anymore.
I was getting few passports and ATM
cards to deliver. But today I got none.
In the near future...
I doubt the existence
of Postal department.
Will they shut down your
department in the future?
Why do you worry?
I was worried because he said
he wants to be a Postman like you.
Do you speak for him?
There are other professions
like Doctor and Engineer.
Listen, I am off to uncles house
in Seevalaperi. You go home now.
-Dear, take this with you.
-I am coming.
-You came early today
-Yes, so what?
What Mathi said was true. I will
become a Postman like you in future.
Didn't you tell me about the kick
you get from finding addresses?
I want the excitement too.
No one can talk me out of it.
Okay, dad?
What did you say your name was?
-Sir, it's Nedumaran.
Madam will be late I guess.
Why don't you call her?
Sir, I don't have a phone.
Why, did you lose it?
No sir. I don't use phones.
Really? Sounds great!
Fine, wait for a while. She'll come.
Good morning.
Greetings, Madam!
He is here to see you.
Prabha, I need your help.
Mathi is here somewhere...
Sir, your phone is ringing.
Why don't you pick it up?
Ticket! Ticket!
Buy your tickets.
Why are you upset about
this? I will return by evening.
You could have joined my college too.
My marks were not sufficient
to get into your college.
Palay bus stand.
-Mathi, see you.
-Take care
My name is Hasan. I am from Tenkasi.
My name is Silambarasan.
I come from Muthuoor.
My name is Vinodhini.
I come from Devakottai.
-I want to become a teacher.
My name is Prabavathi. I
come from Sankarankovil.
-I want to become a Police officer.
-One from the last bench.
I am Guna, from Seevalaperi. I
have not decided on my future.
Nice to hear.
You tell me.
My name is Nedumaran.
I come from Sivanthipatti.
I want to become a postman.
Why don't you stand up
like everyone else to answer?
Sir, he is standing up alright.
Didn't you go?
Everyone proposed to me.
I agreed to accept the proposal
of whoever lifts that rock.
Hence the competition is on.
Are you not interested?
Nedumaran, are
you not going there?
I should like you first.
Finally, I met a man!
Hi Nedumaran, I am Prabha.
Hi Prabha, I am Nedumaran.
Apart from my parents and
my sister, I finally met someone...
who looks at me
as a normal person
After all, you too are a human being.
Life matters not height!
'Doctor, what's the big deal with
height? Life is what matters the most'
-Mathi, please wait.
-Yes, dad.
Take this.
What is the need for cellphone
for a college going kid?
-It is a luxury for us.
-Thanks, dad.
You are pampering her too much. I don't
like her going to college and now this.
-This does not sound good.
-Can you be quiet?
Why do you keep scolding her?
When all her friends have it.
She would want one for herself too.
You may keep it, dear.
Get lost. No one listens
to me in this house.
Let's go.
-Don't you want one?
-No, I don't.
-Are you not going to college?
-I am leaving now.
-Mom, I am hungry.
-Wait! Let me finish cooking.
Father and son keeps torturing me
I thought of asking you this.
Why do you want to be a postman?
There is no future in the department.
No future? We have swiggy
and Zomato which delivers food.
Postal department
can do that too.
It'll be huge if the postal department
takes up food delivery through out India.
You don't know about it.
Alright. Forgive me.
Hello everyone.
We are at the cultural week to celebrate
the 25th anniversary of our college.
Mr.Guna is the first participant
in the dance competition.
('Tirunelveli halwada' song
from the movie 'Saamy')
('Dia dia dole' song
from the movie 'Avan Ivan')
('Malai malai' song
from the movie 'Chocolate')
('Naakka Mukka' song
from the movie 'Kadhalil vizhuthen')
The next participant in the
dance competition is...
Mr. Nedumaran!
Lillyput! Lillyput!
Dance! Dance!
('Muqabala Muqabala' song
from the movie 'Kadhalan')
You all must be excited
to know who the winner is.
Mr Nedumaran is the winner of
the dance competition...
It is surprising...
to know that a bundle of
talent is hidden in a small figure.
He has proven that, size doesn't
matter to prove yourself!
Get lost!
Yesterday, former MLA Nellaiappan
during his evening walk...
was killed by unknown men after
cutting the power down in the locality.
He was bleeding and admitted to the
Palay Government hospital...
He has passed away sometime before.
Tense situation has
developed Nellai...
Holiday has been declared
for schools and colleges.
A special team has been formed
under Kattabomman, SP of Nellai...
to investigate the
murder, says Police...
Come on. Get inside.
-Was there any problem?
They left us early.
Our father knows
the deceased person.
I have spoken to
him a couple of times.
Pity on him. He was
chopped to pieces, they said.
-Your name?
-Perumalsamy, sir.
-When was the power outage?
-Around 10 'O clock.
-When did you reach there?
-Within five minutes.
Come on people. Get down.
Come on. Start moving.
What math are you doing?
Mathi, don't disturb me.
Alright, I won't. You have
missed your stop. Get down.
-Who was that?
-It was me. I will get down now.
Half person, why
do you jump like this?
How dare you?
Mathi, look what your brother did.
Didn't you tease him first?
We have taught and raised him
to hit people when they tease him.
You taught him alright.
But don't tell you raised him!
There is nothing wrong in hitting you.
Driver, look how he hit me.
Genius, what are you doing
here bunking your classes?
-Why are you not in class?
-I just came from NCC. What's this?
-You won't understand.
-Then make me understand.
I am thinking about the
murder that happened that day.
Why are you so interested in this?
I know the victim.
I have been following the
case since he got murdered.
Nedumaran, you know what?
My father wants to see
me become a police officer.
Is it? Then why don't
you attend your classes.
We will meet in bus.
Don't you worry. I will
find out the murderers.
If you suspect anyone...
Sir was supposed to
contest the elections right?
How long is the driver
employed with us?
Ten years.
Who are you investigating
like a police officer? Who is he?
He is the son of postman Sundaram.
Sir, I overheard your
investigations in the market.
They say he was killed during
power outage, isn't it?
When you were investigating
electrician Perumalsamy...
The power went out by 9.30
and I learnt about it by 10 O clock...
He said he got to the
spot in five minutes time.
But he lives in V M Chathiram.
He can never reach the
spot in five minutes.
I suspected him,
so I followed him.
I came to know that this is a
problem inside the political party
Current MLA Ayyappan was denied
the seat in upcoming elections
The party had decided to announce
Nellaiappan as the candidate.
This irked MLA Ayyappan...
He bribed Perumalsamy to cut the power
line so that he can carry out murder.
This is the telephone
bill of Perumalsamy.
He has been talking with
Pechimuthu, the PA of Ayyappan
Notice from bank, asking him to repay
the jewel loan he took 5 years ago.
Perumalsamy repaid the jewel
loans yesterday. This is the receipt.
They had bribed the driver to
know the whereabouts of Nellaiappan.
It is a planned political murder.
The motive was to prevent him from
contesting in the upcoming elections.
Why are you so interested in this case?
Just like his father, he knows
all the addresses of this locality
-That is why?
-Forget that?
People linked to this murder...
Driver Ravi, Electrician Perumalsamy,
MLA's PA Pechimuthu, MLA Ayyappan.
Please arrest everyone
and punish them.
See you, sir.
Regarding the violent murder
that happened two days ago...
police were investigating
through various angles...
An arts college student Nedumaran
had helped Police nab the murderers.
Public and police department appreciated
Nedumaran, son of Postman Sundaram.
-Are you back from meeting?
-Tell me!
My son is in Singapore.
He is earning well.
I am waiting for your response.
I don't think so.
Mathi is too young to get married.
She is in her second
year at college.
Don't be mad at me.
Sundaram if you decline the marriage
offer it would end the ties between us.
My daughter's life is more
important to me than our ties.
Let's say I get her married
now. What will become of her life?
She will give birth to a child
and be confined to kitchen.
Then another child. Isn't it?
I don't want her to lead that life.
Let her get educated.
Let the girls decide what they want to
do in their life. That's my principle.
Alright, I will leave now.
As you wish.
Sundaram what is
it with your principle?
Being a communist you pray to
God. Now, isn't that wrong?
Do you know how many staunch
communists were pious too?
1000 years ago, when low caste people
were forbidden to enter the temple...
Ramanujam is the one
who took them inside.
Siva Vaakkiyar is the one who
asked if the meat is numbered?
Pattanathar asked "Why are the future
corpses are fighting over today's corpses?"
The principle of communist
is to treat everyone equally
They proved it back then, so
they must be communists too
Real communist and a God
are the same according to me.
Without judging based
on the differences...
I deliver letters to everyone
ranging from collectors to peons.
So I am a communist too. There
is nothing wrong if I am pious.
Who came in your dream to preach
that communists should not be pious?
Go mind your business, you idiot.
What did he just say?
'I agreed to accept the proposal
of whoever lifts that rock'
Where did you guys show up from?
"I'm floating in love!
I'm vibing! Vibing!"
"I'm flying high in love
I'm vibing! Vibing!"
"I feel like I'm lost in space
I'm vibing! Vibing!"
"My hearts racing like
a horse in a race"
"The beast inside me is now
enjoying the music of love"
"My world was very small
before I saw her"
"But when she laid her eyes on me,
I felt I could conquer this whole world"
"I feel like I'm floating,
I'm on cloud nine"
"I feel like I'm flying,
I feel so light"
"I feel like I'm lost in space"
"My hearts racing like
a horse in a race"
"The beast inside me is now
enjoying the music of love"
The one standing in between those two.
Her name?
You get up and go.
Who is she?
-My elder sister.
-Elder sister?
-Hope you're doing good.
-Yes, I am.
Good choice. Good!
"You're a star and I'm a firefly"
"Can I hold hands with you?"
"You are the space and I'm the lawn"
"Will you ever see my dreams about us"
-He left early morning.
-Is it?
"I don't know why am I nervous"
"I am scared to confess my love for you"
"O love, do you hear my
soul melting in your love"
"I'm floating in love!
I'm vibing! Vibing!"
"I'm flying high in love
I'm vibing! Vibing!"
"I feel like I'm lost in space
I'm vibing! Vibing!"
do I deserve to fall in love?
Why would you ask such a question?
Well, even if so, shouldn't I fall in
love with someone same height as mine?
Who said so? Love never asks our
permission. There's no logic in love.
Love is a magic.
Nothing wrong in falling in love
with the person who also loves you.
Remember this. Girls like smart guys
than handsome guys.
Brians over beauty!
Go and confess at once.
"I'm floating in love!
I'm vibing! Vibing!"
"I'm flying high in love
I'm vibing! Vibing!"
"I feel like I'm lost in space
I'm vibing! Vibing!"
"My hearts racing like
a horse in a race"
"The beast inside me is now
enjoying the music of love"
"There's a new rainbow in my sky"
"And I see you as a new colour in it"
"Your smile is an energy"
"And that energy shines bright in me"
"Your love is the sun
that dries up my heart"
"When you come closer, I can
feel an adrenaline rush in me"
"O love, do you hear my
soul melting in your love"
"I'm floating in love!
I'm vibing! Vibing!"
"I'm flying high in love
I'm vibing! Vibing!"
"I feel like I'm lost in space
I'm vibing! Vibing!"
Why do you look dull, Kalai?
You're on the wrong track. Mind you!
-What do you mean?
-That dwarf!
I slipper you!
Fine, Nedumaran. Happy!
Why do you have a soft corner for him?
Do you really need to know?
Then hear me out!
I'm in love with him.
Look at your heights.
Please talk with some logic!
Forget all the logic!
Kalai, I like him. You and people may
bother about his height but I don't.
I always love brains over beauty.
Are you going to propose to him?
I won't. Let him propose to me.
-Tell me, Prabha.
-Do you have anything to tell me?
-Then say it.
Do you have anything to tell me?
Yes, I do but I'll only
tell after you tell me.
Looks like you already know
what I want to tell you.
-I do.
-You do?
-Then should I tell it?
-Yes, I wanna hear you say it.
I see.
Shall I say it tomorrow?
-Where's Mathi?
I didn't see her. Looks like you
are returning late these days.
Why have you all crowded here?
Why are everyone here, mom?
Dad, she and Selvi would have...
Selvi, where is Mathi?
I've no idea. I didn't attend
college today.
Your sister eloped with
her college professor it seems.
-Out! Get out all of you!
-Run! He's out of control!
Will you all wait for
some fresh gossips?
Out! I said out!
Out! Out you old lady! Out!
Get lost!
Wonder what more is left to happen?
Our lives have been destroyed!
What are you weeping for?
I want to talk to my daughter.
your grandpa was
an illegal liquor seller.
Actually that was the profession of
every ancestors of this village.
There were no schools.
They used to sell liquor packets.
If caught, then they'd be in prison.
Like I said, it was the
profession of everybody here.
Back then, I won't go
to school properly.
Selling one packet would
earn a profit of 50 paise.
In greed, I'd steal two packets and
sell them without anybody's knowledge.
An officer caught me,
took me to police station...
and asked where was all the stuff?
I was so innocent that
I brought the officer along...
and showed him all the liquor your
grandpa has made and stacked up.
The villagers insulted me saying I
I turned my own father to the police.
Your grandpa came to me and said "Forget
the lost liquor! It's no big deal"
"Didn't I send you to school to study
but instead why did you do this?"
He asked me that and said...
"Fine, let me tell you"
"You are the most
educated in our family"
I was studying in the
3rd grade back then.
He said "It isn't enough"
"You must study higher because
education is very important"
He said he didn't want his
business to affect my education...
and quit making liquor.
He sold provision, dry
fish and did labour job...
to educate me!
"You must explore the
world that I couldn't"
"You must get all that I didn't"
He used to say all that and
motivate me to go to school.
That's how I became educated in this
village where nobody is educated.
My dad, who got me educated didn't
let my sister get educated.
After so many generations, finally now
people are educating their daughters.
Being in a village where
no girls are educated,
I wanted you to get
You're the first girl in our legacy
to study a degree course, dear.
But your education isn't completed.
Few days ago, one of our relative
came asking your hand in marriage.
I refused.
Even your mom fought with me
asking me to marry you off soon.
I paid heed to nobody.
For me...
my daughter matters the most, isn't it?
There is no fault of yours, dear.
It's all my fault.
If I had raised you saying
all that I said now...
you wouldn't have done this.
Tell me you'll be back
in two days, dear.
Why? Why are you so innocent and naive?
She wasn't just in a relationship...
at this age of studying, she got
pregnant and eloped in embarrassment.
What are you wondering?
Yes, she is pregnant!
Dad! Dad!
Mom! Dad!
"Is this fair? O God!"
"Please descend and answer me"
"Is this fair? O God!"
"Why did you make me like this"
"Disability of the heart..."
"is the mistake of the bearer"
"Disability of the body..."
"is the mistake of the creator"
"Is this fair?"
"Is this fair?"
Why did you hide all
this from me, Kalai?
Sorry, Prabha. I just did what your
mother would've done if she was alive.
I hid it from you, for your welfare.
-That's why I didn't tell you...
-Hang up!
Acts oversmart!
Nedumaran, stop!
Nedumaran, sorry.
Until now, I didn't know what had
happened. Kalai just told me.
Can you do me a favour?
Tell me, Nedumaran.
Mathi is here in Chennai.
Her husband name is Chandran Manickavel.
He's some kinda professor
in CIT college.
Can I get his address?
Vijay, name is Chandran Manickavel.
He's a professor in CIT college.
Can I please get his address?
Yes, Vijay. Tell me.
#18, Agathiyar street,
Thanks Vijay.
Nedumaran, here's the address.
Nedumaran, my duty gets over
at 4 'O clock.
Can you wait? I'll take you there.
No Prabha. It's okay.
I'll manage. Thanks.
Open the door!
We have been together since
we were in our mother's womb.
Have I ever hid
anything from you?
Why did you do it?
If we grow up together, I might get
inferiority complex they said...
People advised our parents
to raise us separately.
But our father did not do that.
He wanted us to be together always.
Why did you go away
without telling anyone?
Our parents, relations...
Forget about them.
Did you even think about me?
Mathi you are my everything.
I made a mistake.
I made the decision in haste...
I killed our parents.
How am I going to ask for forgiveness?
What are you looking at?
I will be here for few days
You got a spare room?
Sir, the homicide
started last February.
First it was in
Tiruvanmiyur on Feb 27.
Madhavaram on April 18th.
Porur on April 29th.
Kodambakkam on May 18th.
Anna Nagar on June 20th.
The last one in
Kotturpuram on July 15th.
It took us so long to find out
these were done by one person.
He knows our investigation
process and plays intelligently.
When we tried to match the finger
prints other than family members...
there were no matches.
There is only one reason
for him not getting caught.
He is very wise in
choosing his victims.
Women without a male companion
or women without male attention...
sexually deprived
women and divorcees...
are the easy targets for him.
-Please give me some more time. I will.
It was a normal murder case at first.
You found out the
mystery behind it all.
I handed over this case to you after
understanding how interested you were.
I know your efficiency. So...
You don't have to say
anything to pacify me.
He is not a regular murderer to
identify him through crime history.
And looking at
his perfect plans...
He is always in his senses.
He does not have to be a psycho.
Within two days, we should
find a way to move forward.
Let there be no murders
in the city hereafter.
Do what you need to achieve that.
We have to find him as soon as possible.
-Prove yourself.
-Yes, sir.
He is Professor Chandran, my husband.
So what?
He wants to talk to you.
Nedumaran we are
extremely sorry for your loss.
It is an irreconcilable loss.
I am sorry.
Who are you? Why should I forgive you?
Even my sister did
not think about me.
-What could you do?
-I am the one to be blamed.
Love between a professor
and a student...
is unacceptable in our society.
Before marriage...
You are brave enough to love.
If you are not brave enough to confess
to our parents, why do you fall in love?
She is innocent but you
are a professor, aren't you?
You should have come
forward to initiate the talks.
-Mathi, he is right.
Nedumaran, you have
the rights to blame me.
But when your mother came
to know about her pregnancy,
Mathi was not sure what
to do and left the house.
Before I could convince
her and come to your house.
Lot has happened by then.
She has been guilt ridden
since then and cries daily.
The most favourite
person to her in the world...
is you.
She likes you more than me and my
parents. That is why she came to you.
People become selfish
when they fall in love.
Don't rekindle the past. I am
not in the mood to forgive anyone now.
Sir, the search is on.
-We will call you when we find out.
-When will you?
Sir, if you call us regularly we
won't we be able to do other jobs
My daughter's marriage
is planned for next week.
I am not sure what
to tell the in-laws.
Sir, it is your problem.
You have to solve it.
You keep doing this.
Why did you appoint
me as a maid?
-It's okay.
-Why do you trouble yourself?
Sundari dear!
I got your grandfather's job.
I am going to become a postman.
Come on dear!
You keep telling that you want
to become a postman like father.
When are you joining?
In ten days.
I need to leave in two days.
Nedumaran, don't be upset.
Do you know why father did
not want you to be a postman?
You might have to meet
new people everyday.
He thought their attitude towards
you might break your heart.
If you stay with me...
When everyone do what they
want. Can't I take up what I wish for?
What's with the new
found love for father?
I won't be here.
Tell your mother that.
Nedumaran, did you
say you are leaving?
Yes, sir. I got my father's job.
Congratulations Nedumaran. I thought
you will stay here with your sister.
You don't know about
it. It is his childhood dream.
Let him go. Let him
take up his dream job.
Sorry Nedumaran.
Only after you came
here, I saw her smile.
That is why I asked you
so. Please don't be upset.
Please eat and go.
-See you, sir.
-Hello sir.
-Hello Nedumaran.
Sir, I got my father's job.
I came here to inform
Prabha about that.
-Isn't she here yet?
-Call that dwarf here.
-Sir is calling you.
Hey Lillyput!
You look like a criminal.
Why are you here?
Are you staring at me?
Lower your eyes.
Sir! Sir!
Is there a problem?
-He is Nedumaran, my college mate.
I was just interrogating him.
-Is he your friend?
-Yes, sir.
-Ask him not to come here again! Go.
-Thank you sir.
Don't look at him.
Nedumaran, what did you do to him?
He said he can detect a
criminal in one look!
How can you judge a
person by his stature?
-He called me a dwarf! So I punched him.
-Did you punch him?
Does an accused have to look
short and with messy hair like me?
Fair skinned people
can't be a criminal, is it?
Is he an higher official?
Will this cause any trouble to you?
Nedumaran, you
have not changed at all.
I remember our college days.
I was expecting you that day.
When you came here,
I felt like killing you.
Fate! Everything
happened on its own.
I can see a brightness in your face.
"Their eyes met each other,
and now they're in love"
-Hey you!
-Yes, madam.
-Don't you want love song?
-I will thrash you down. Get in
How is Mathi?
Will you be here hereafter?
I have a lot to talk to you.
It's been so long since we spoke.
Why are you so quiet?
Will you be staying here?
Prabha, I got my father's job.
I am going back home in two days.
I came here to inform you that. And...
-Please look after Mathi.
-You don't have to say that.
You don't speak about me at all.
I mean. About us.
You only care about your
sister. What about me?
You said you will
be back the next day.
I keep looking forward to that day.
We will meet tomorrow.
Prabha called. She is
coming here it seems.
Why don't you use a phone?
I have two phones.
Shall I give you one?
Why do you want me
to run away like you?
I don't need a phone.
Alright, where is the
baby? I don't see her at all.
She is sleeping. This
is her sleeping time.
Madam. Are you police?
Yes, madam. What is the matter?
Mathi, Banu daughter of
Ramalingam from third street.
She is missing for a week. Her
marriage was scheduled next week.
They hid the fact
from the groom's family.
They came to know about this...
'Why do you arrange the
marriage when the girl has eloped?'
They asked the marriage
expenses back from them.
They scolded the girl's
parents thus and left.
The parents are so upset.
Prabha madam, I suspect Banu.
She shows off with
her make up all the time.
She is on phone all the time.
She eloped away with someone
without letting anyone know.
You must find out that girl soon.
Dear, this is not our jurisdiction.
Other police team is on it already.
I will ask them to hurry up. Okay?
Sir, why do you take
so long to get ready?
Let's go.
-Okay, Mathi. We will leave now.
Please try to calm him down.
He is still angry.
I will take care.
Shall I tell you tomorrow?
"I can't keep my eyes off you"
"It took a year to feel confident
and prepare to confess my love"
Where is Nedumaran?
I don't know. Listen to the class.
"Back then I was in a sorrow that
drained out even my last tear"
"Time was also not on my side"
Kalai will you take me to his house?
Try to understand. They
have moved away.
I will take you there.
Will you believe then?
You will never learn.
"I was completely lost"
"A lot of unanswered
questions in my heart"
"Ruined and destroyed..."
"were the dreams that
I had for my family"
"I made a doll out of clay"
"I called it Love"
"You're the one who
gave life to that doll"
"It was too late when I wanted
to confess my love for you"
"You were like the train I missed"
"With fear and pain, like a lost kid"
"I was lost in thoughts and
living thinking of you"
"Times when we could see or talk..."
"our love still sung lullaby to me"
"Sometimes the rock is a shelter"
"So don't see your burdens
as burden, O dear"
"The storm can be hard on the grass"
"But the grass will get back up"
"When the river gushes,
the fishes find it hard"
"But they still keeping swimming
without getting exhausted"
"I was stranded like one wing
and you showed up as the second one"
"But before we could set flight,
you left me"
"I was lost in sadness because of the
events unfolded during tough times"
"But when I saw you again, I
flourished like the river"
"So many battles and so many callings
yet the love for each other is strong"
Prabha. Bye.
Are you leaving tomorrow?
Why don't you speak
to me like before?
I feel like talking to you.
You don't let me speak at all.
You promised to
be back the next day.
If you had come back, what
would you have told me?
I would have told
what was in your mind.
If you had told that, do you know
what my reply would have been?
I know.
Are you leaving tomorrow?
You are the only one keeping up this
tradition in this city. Come back soon.
The baby might cry.
Why have you come
back with only one box?
No one opened the door
at Ramalingam sir's house.
I was there this morning.
They must be inside.
I heard people inside too.
Why don't you give
this when you go?
Since Banu left, the
parents were so broken.
They kept crying all night.
What are you doing?
Sir! Sir!
Sir, Ramalingam sir!
There is no way there
to get inside!
Stop gawking and help!
So what if your girl eloped?
Ain't I, your son, here?
You did not think about me.
My daughter did
not elope anywhere.
She is not someone who would elope.
My daughter will never
hide anything from us.
We gave her lot of freedom.
Something has happened to her.
I will find out your daughter.
I will bring her back.
Brother, did you not say
you are going home today?
Keep quiet sister.
Don't you worry, uncle.
He will bring back our Banu.
You should not try
anything like this again.
Guys I can't do anything
without your help!
Sir there is only one clue from the
murder in my area of all the murders.
The paperboy said
that he saw a blue car.
I believe that if we track the
car, we might find something
Vijay, can cyber crime
help us with this?
Sir, we checked the recent calls
from the victim's phone numbers.
No use. We need some extra
information or at least an exact number.
Check all the stations from now
for homicide and missing cases.
There are twelve missing
cases this month alone.
I think we have not
connected several cases yet.
Even a small clue would do.
What about your postman job?
My job is not important than
saving a life.
If I ask you why, you
will say you know them...
So, you made the decision. Tell
me what do you want me to do.
This is Banu's friend's house.
After giving the invitation,
she left here late at night.
Nedumaran! Nedumaran!
On Friday, the 18th
around the same time...
did you see anyone dragging a girl?
10 Rs for ordinary.
20 Rs for Special one...
On Friday, the 18th
around the same time...
did you see anyone dragging a girl?
No one was dragging her.
She left with someone in a car.
Did you see the person?
No sir. He was black. I couldn't
recognise him in the dark.
The car...
was blue in color
-He was dark and as tall as me.
I did not note the
number. It was a blue car
You roam the streets at night...
Why did you not inform
this in the station earlier?
Why are you disturbing
me during business hours?
-Let me do my work.
-I don't know Hindi!
See you, madam.
Don't get angry.
What will he do?
Nedumaran I have a feeling
this case will get more serious.
Few days ago, a homicide
happened in this area.
The same car was
involved in that too.
I guess Banu's missing case is
related to the murders in the apartment.
Can I hear the details of the case
or any statements regarding it?
This is the voice
record you asked for.
The voice record of all
the victims are in here.
Handle this carefully.
Do you know where
his husband is?
The husband is abroad.
The girl is here alone.
I live in the neighboring apartment.
The girl won't talk with anyone.
You sound like you guys are doubting me!
Sir, they are in the
neighboring flat.
I reside in the same flat for 15 years.
No such thing has happened before.
The CCTV camera
does not function.
-When did they move here?
-Ten days before.
They moved in here a month ago.
They moved in here, ten days before.
They moved in here last month.
-Too much pressure from commissioner.
-Nedumaran, how are you?
-Sir, is Prabha here?
-No. She is not here yet.
What are you doing here?
Why did you let him in?
Sir, he is friend of Prabha's.
Let them meet at their
house. This is my office.
Midget, take a walk.
I need to speak to you
about the homicide cases.
About the case?
Sir, did I not apologize to you
for what happened that day?
Prabha, I didn't mean to hurt him.
But he wants to speak
about the case it seems.
I don't like him at all.
Look at his size.
Nedumaran is interested...
Prabha do you think high of yourself
because commissioner speaks to you.
Are you trying to run a
James bond movie here?
-Ask him to leave?
-Sir, please.
Alright. What do you want me to do?
Tell me what do you want?
The watchman of the apartment from
the last murder has to be investigated.
The one with the attitude...
He speaks like he is related
to Che Guevara.. It is of no use.
Let's do one thing. Why
don't you investigate?
Let's see what you can crack!
Come on Prabha. Let's go.
Let's see what
this buffoon is up-to.
Come on. Move.
Sir, what about us?
No need.
-He is the one.
-Okay sir.
My name is Nedumaran. I need to
speak to you about the apartment case.
I am not in the mood. Come tomorrow.
Told you! He wants us to come tomorrow
it seems.
Watchman sir, we will come tomorrow.
Nedumaran. Come here.
Sit down.
Thank you, sir.
Sir, can you tell me what
happened in the apartment that day?
Did you address me as 'Sir'?
Do you know who I am?
-No sir.
-I passed fifth standard long back.
But I speak twelve languages.
A man should not be
judged on his appearances.
Why didn't you say
anything at the interrogation?
He dealt me the
wrong way that day.
That is why I refused
to speak that day.
I mentioned that he was like my son.
Do you know how
badly he abused me?
One must judge a person by
his personality not his color.
He slapped me.
But I like you very much.
I will tell you whatever
you need to know.
Sir, can you tell me
what happened that night?
It must be around
10 O clock at night.
I was on duty for
two days straight.
So, I was tired and I fell asleep.
I heard the sound of a car.
When I woke up, I saw
someone who might by my height.
He was swift like a cat and got in.
I followed him. He got into F1 flat.
I rang the calling bell.
The lady opened the door.
Told me that she knew
him and she will take care.
Idiot. She tipped me
hundred rupees after that.
'I don't want the money'
'Be safe dear' I said
You know what happened after that.
-Do you remember the vehicle's number?
-Of course I remember.
TN 01 BC 8888.
It was a brand new blue car.
Do you want to know
anything else from me?
-No sir. Thank you.
-Okay, see you dear.
What are you doing at this hour?
Nedumaran, Sudharshan is an egomaniac.
He was not interested
in the car so far.
Now he alerted the
entire department.
Now they have located the
car near Kaikaan kuppam tolgate.
-What area did you say?
-Kaikaan kuppam.
Kaikaan kuppam.
A girl who went fishing
in Kaikaan Kuppam lake...
found a gold ring inside
one of the fishes she caught.
Prabha did you
come in your bike?
Nedumaran are you going
to tell me what happened?
There was a news few days ago...
A girl who went fishing in lake
got a ring from a fish's stomach!
So what?
It is the same Kaikaan kuppam lake.
I don't understand at all.
You don't bother. Bring some
swimmers from nearby area.
Call your senior officers too.
Sir, there's nothing here.
Sir, there is nothing to find out here.
Sir, please move out. The
officers are about to come.
-Control them.
Who gave you
orders? Why am I here?
What are you doing here
James bond? Get lost!
Lenin sir, get rid of this midget.
I should not see him at all.
Come on.
I will kill you if you get down.
Prabha, have you lost your mind?
Don't you know that
we maintain secrecy?
Why did you inform the press?
I did not inform the press. There was
a reporter in the area who called them.
Whatever? What did
you accomplish with him?
Why don't you accomplish
something then?
-Watch your mouth, Prabha.
-Sorry, sir. With all due respect...
We aren't getting anywhere.
He is at least trying something.
Why are you getting jealous?
Nedumaran believes that there
is something under water.
Bull shit! There is nothing.
I don't know which one is my daughter!
You were supposed to
get married this week.
Who did this to you?
God, how can you turn
a blind eye to this?
Please forgive me.
What can you do?
Didn't I tell the other day?
I told them that something
happened to my daughter.
You are the reason for everything.
Who told you about these bodies?
How come you know everything?
You are my first suspect.
Keep him in custody.
-Come on.
-Clear the crowd.
-What did he do?
-Prabha, that's the limit. Go.
-Have you identified the bodies?
-Not yet, sir.
Finally we got a break
through in the case.
But you made the same mistake
in handling the media again.
Sir, it was not me. It
was an amateur's work.
Who was that?
-Where is he?
He is here.
When did you come to Chennai?
Sir my parents passed away.
I came in search of my sister.
So, you got into the case
for the neighboring girl.
Yes, sir.
You could have joined the police force.
Your height might have stopped you.
Department is not just muscles. Brains
are required in the department too.
Anyway, I am happy you
are involved in this case.
Why do you have
to do it secretly?
I will permit you to
assist in this case. Okay?
Let Nedumaran help you in this case.
Father, are you mad?
Speak like a commissioner.
I would have respected you if
you behaved like a commissioner.
What qualities does
he have to help me?
Am I running a circus
to employ midgets?
Nedumaran, Sudharshan is my son.
Very sincere but he is a bit possessive.
Let me handle this.
-Let me go.
-Why are you so angry?
When everything in is falling
in place, don't spoil it.
Haven't I told you about
a case in Tirunelveli?
You told me that
was your inspiration.
He is the Nedumaran
who helped me in the case.
He was a hero to you then. Does his
appearance stop you from accepting him?
Police needs to nab
the killer somehow.
No matter who helps us.
First let go of your ego.
Why don't you add
him as your witness?
Better than the
players of the game...
The spectators will have a
winning approach to the game.
For tough cases like this...
More than our police
mind and technicalities...
we need a different perspective.
You must use people like
him if you are intelligent.
Listen to me. Come on now.
What happened?
It went that way.
Change the sofa. It is filled with rats.
This shop has offers
on sofas. Try this.
We finish all the cases with
the call records of victims.
But in this case, victim never
spoke to the murderer over phone.
That is the problem in the case.
But in this case, victim never
spoke to the murderer over phone.
I have two phones with
me. Shall I give you one?
There were six murders in the apartment
and several bodies in the lakes too.
The car was the only clue
we had about our murderer.
We located the
car near the lake too.
To help us proceed with this case,
we have a special talent in the house.
Now, let me introduce
you to the genius.
He might be short...
but his name is Nedumaran.
So, lets welcome Mr. Nedumaran.
Nedumaran, you may proceed.
After hearing the voice records
of victims, I understand one thing...
Every victim has recently
moved to the houses.
For example, they all moved in before
one month, ten days, a week before etc.
What will the new
tenants buy for their houses?
These are the photos that have
been taken at the victims houses.
If you look closely...
There is a new furniture
in all the houses.
Mainly sofa...
All the sofas you seen in the murder
photos are made of same material.
While asking around,
I found out that it was from a sofa
manufacturing company in Guduvanchery.
The sofas arrive at the Subam
furniture shop in Ramapuram for sales.
I started suspecting Anuman, the
owner of the Subam furnitures shop.
Anuman has the habit of delivering
the sofas to the houses himself.
Not everyone he delivers
to become his victims.
He chooses his victims
carefully like four out of ten.
While completing the delivery,
he learns the details about them.
He makes sure that if
they are possible victim...
He plants his mobile phone
like he left it there mistakenly.
Then he calls the number and
promises to pick it up from them later.
He chooses a perfect time to pick
up the cellphones and did his job.
He has used the same
technique for all the girls.
-Hello, ma'am.
Who is this?
-It's me, the guy who delivered the sofa.
-Yes, tell me.
He knows that police track the
victims through the phone calls.
So he made this smart play.
There are no traces of call history
between his and his victims numbers.
He rapes and kills them
without any evidence.
He continues with his murder.
After the last murder, both
his numbers are switched off.
After two days, his current number
is switched on at Triplicane area.
-According to my plan
-Call Vijay from cyber crime immediately
We need to track Anuman's location
through GPS and arrest him today itself.
Okay, sir.
Lenin sir!
We will assemble as a team at
his Ramapuram furniture shop.
-He must come there eventually.
-Yes, sir.
He won't come there. Sofa...
Nedumaran, you have
helped me so much.
Thanks, you have
almost finished this case.
You may leave now.
We will catch him today.
-Get down! Come!
-Hands off my shirt!
-Sir, leave me!
-Go meet the officer.
-We were looking for you!
You filthy mongrel! Arent you Anuman?
No, sir. I am Marimuthu
What are you doing in this vehicle?
-I'm the driver, sir.
Whose phone is that?
This is my owner's phone.
Guess he forgot it.
Where is your owner now?
-He said he had to go for a delivery.
Valasaravakkam I think. Let
me check the ledger book.
Do it! Now!
#18, Agathiyar street, Valasaravakkam,
Chennai 87.
A sofa was booked under the name "Mathi"
That's Nedumaran's sister, sir.
Oh shit!
Bill, ma'am.
You said the delivery was tomorrow.
Yes, ma'am. We always
deliver fast to our...
beautiful customers.
What do you mean?
Nothing. Can I get some water?
Sir, Mathi isn't picking the call.
Shit! Shit! Then try reaching Nedumaran.
Sir, Nedumaran doesn't use a phone.
Thank you.
Nobody's home? Are you home alone?
You! Get up!
Out! You got the money, right? Leave!
Asking unnecessary details!
-I said, get out!
-Sorry... sorry...
Anuman sir...
you forgot this.
Isn't this very important to you?
Nail gun.
You use this to nail on sofa
and on women's head, isn't it?
Damn, I'm a fool. Why am
I running away from you?
You dwarf! You're short and
you wanna play gangster?
You mongrel!
Come on... come on...
Bring it on!
His name is Anuman.
Every time he delivers sofa to
women customers' house,
he analysis their situation...
then rapes and murders them.
-Then remember those missing cases?
The same mongrel is involved in it.
No use taking him to
the court and judge.
We will deal him our usual way.
I'll convince the commissioner.
We'll take care of it.
Do you confess?
Okay, sir.
Sir, I want to meet Anuman. Can I?
-You got 10 minutes. Go.
-Thank you.
Nedumaran, they've planned-
Make it fast.
you found what the police
couldn't find all these days.
"Trust a guy who falls short
but not a short guy"
You proved it right!
No crow ever regretted for being black!
No crane ever showed off
for being white!
It's only humans who play
politics with size and colour.
Forget that.
What do you take women for?
Tissue paper?
You have ruined so many lives!
To hell with women!
As if they are pure souls!
I am not saying all women are wrong.
It's so easy these days, that...
a guys comes to deliver sofa...
a stranger...
but they share everything
with him in detail.
All it requires is 10 minutes. They
will even share the bedroom secrets.
Get to know them for two days and...
Forcing and snatching it from
them is a different kick!
You'd never know about it.
Then I hear you found out each
and everything about the cases.
What else you want?
You want to know the
reason behind my lust?
Who needs that?
I know one thing and that is
you didn't do all this alone.
I know that you got nothing to do
with the corpses found in the lake.
There's another guy hiding
behind your shadows.
Who is he?
Actions are mine but he's the brains.
You were right!
I'm responsible for apartment murders
but corpses from lake; not me!
My partner is responsible
for those murders.
Fine, who is your partner?
You think I'll give away
his name so easily?
By the way, who is she? Your sister?
I didn't harm her at all.
Then why are you so angry?
I know how to handle this case.
You may leave.
It's not like they
will hang me to death.
Get going!
You don't look like you're
someone who's afraid of death.
Let me know if you have any last wishes.
You think they will kill me for this
silly thing. They must follow the law!
-Inspector sir! Sir!
-You! Leave now.
Just a moment.
Nedumaran sir...
'Psycho killer Anuman who
was arrested yesterday...'
'was found dead under mysterious
condition in prison'
'Police informed us that he bit an
electric wire and electrocuted himself'
Let me tell you a small story.
Sit down.
I said, sit down!
There were two wolves in a forest.
A gigantic wolf and
it's smart friend, this wolf.
Both wolves hunted on
many beautiful vixens.
They both were very happy
as nobody could catch them.
Now, a beautiful deer fell
in this smart wolf's trap.
Vixen and deer are two separate things.
So, that beautiful deer fell
in this smart wolf's trap.
If this wolf can murder vixens, imagine
how easy it is for it to kill the deer?
But it didn't kill it. Why?
that wolf and deer were so deep in love.
So one day, that deer left it's forest
and came with that wolf to it's forest.
the wolf and deer had a
beautiful deer baby.
But the wolf still didn't reform.
Every now and then it
stepped out to hunt.
Without knowing any of this, the deer
loved the wolf without any limits.
The smart wolf wanted to take
care of innocent deer forever.
So, it didn't even tell it's friend wolf
about deer and led a happy family life.
So, when the wolf and deer
were happy with their baby,
where did you rat pop up from!
You jerk!
what's the big deal now?
The case is solved, right?
You turned him in, right?
Let go of me!
I didn't do you any wrong.
Fine. Forgive me when it
comes to Banu's case.
She was disturbing me from the opposite
house, everyday! And that's why...
Isn't it her fault?
But okay. You just forgive me.
Forget everything.
Let's forget and forgive.
I am not...
a psycho.
This is a kind of complex.
You feel you're short.
That's a kind of complex.
Similarly, this a complex in mind.
A superior complex.
I feel it!
How'd you feel if you get to drive a
new car everyday? This is similar!
Why am I explaining you all this?
Go back to your village.
Mind your work!
You've no other option!
Understood? Got it?
Get lost! Leave at once!
The complex I've isn't
a disability at all.
But you?
You've got a complex here...
and there's no cure
for it in this world.
don't worry and go back to your village.
I won't harm your sister, okay?
Bye, dear.
"Oh my dear, are the
red ants biting you?"
You rat!
Don't rat me out to the police in haste.
I know you won't because your sister's
life is important to you. Isn't it?
You don't know Maara,
how much I loved him.
For his sake...
I even threw away our parents,
you and eloped with him.
But this mongrel?
Remember what you said?
The complex you've isn't
a disability at all...
and there's no cure
for his complex.
This is the cure for it!
Let him die!
Look, how my foolish decision...
ruined my life.
If I hadn't fallen in love with him...
at least our parents
would've been alive.
I've sinned!
I got cheated!
I got cheated!
cheating is the worst sin in this world.
Getting cheated isn't a sin.
I am here for you!
If you take care of everything,
then what are we here for, sir?
You could've told me.
I am not a hero like you, sir.
I'm a postman.
We've certain principles.
We must deliver the message
only to the right address, isn't it?
"As I sing this lullaby to you, my dear"
"Don't you cry, O dear"
"O my dear! O Darling"
"Don't you worry, my dear life"
"Like a father, I'll bear
all your burdens"
"When you smile, I see motherhood in it"
"As I sing this lullaby to you, my dear"
I am Nedumaran.
I'm here to join as the postman.
See that? He isn't even tall as the
post box and he's here for postman job.
-Is it, little fellow?
-Madam, see this.
Mr. Lillyput, come here.
Come on.
So your name is Nedumaran?
Here to take up the postman job?
You can start the delivery from today.
Before that you have to
meet the chief post master.
Please go, wait there.
Don't worry, dear.
This world will mock at people like you.
You must not feel bad for it.
Do you know cricketer Sachin Tendulkar?
He is only this tall.
But he scored 100 centuries.
Arignar Anna, Ilaiyaraaja,
A R Rahman, Vijay...
In fact we live in a society
that body shammed Ajith Kumar.
Later when they reached heights...
didn't the same society
accept and celebrate them?
If you also reach heights and achieve,
then people will accept you too.
So go ahead and achieve something!
Why should I, sir?
Tell me, why must I achieve?
For these people to accept me?
Fine, you'll accept us
only if we achieve...
but what about Ilaiyaraajas, Sachins,
Ajiths and Vijays who couldn't achieve?
There are many such like us.
What about our plight?
Forget about others.
What did you achieve in your life, sir?
I am just another human being
like them and you.
I've no special abilities.
When others achieve something,
they are achievers...
but if you'll accept us as ordinary
human being only after we achieve...
then I don't need that, sir!
Let the world call me shorty, dwarf...
lillyput... or anything.
I don't give a damn about it, sir.
I shall be myself.
"Our heart lives in our own land"
"That is where our Gods talk to us"
"If you smile even
during the tough times"
"Then you are a real human"
Father! I will become a Postman
like you in future
No one can talk me out of it!
Okay, father?
The worst violence in this world
is body shaming.
To all my friends who live
here with a complex like mine,
I just want to tell you this.
The world is not going to shut up!
But we can ignore, right?
Sir, post!
"Keep moving like the
ever flowing river"
"Break all the barriers that
show up in front of you"
"The trails left by everyone
who travelled before you..."
"will become your journey"
"As I sing this lullaby to you, my dear"