Mathu Vadalara (2019) Movie Script

[Telugu song playing in TV]
[Telugu song playing in TV]
[Chanting...][Watching TV]
Madam, take the blessings of the sacred fire.
Calm yourself, Ratna
Listen to me...
Lets go to the hospital.
Did you forget?
Did we ever leave this temple without having the
prashad served?
Tamarind rice.
I am making it.
[Radio] Welcome to the Subhodayam program.
Today we are going to talk about Hypersomnia...
Fatigue, Intolerance, Anger, Anxiety, Absent Mindedness
All these are the symptoms of Hypersomnia.
Ratna, You think Salt is a bit low?
Please leave some for me Ratna.
Oh lord!
Buddy, are you watching it?
Tell me the story in the evening.
Little BheemLittle Bheem
Every damn day!
you didnt give me the rent yet.
They didnt give me my salary yet.
What? Does that mean
you wont pay me until you get your salary?
Once they give me my salary,
I will give you the rent, aunty.
I didnt mean that you wont pay the rent but
I was just reminding you.
Please tell your son not to urinate on our doors.
Foolish kid!
How many times do I have to tell you
not to urinate when he is around?!
Leave the sleep behind, leave that grogginess behind.
Leave the sleep behind, leave that grogginess behind.
What? So, you are also working
in the same office as well?
And, you are wondering how I knew that?
Shouldnt you have woken me up
when you woke up in the morning?
Then you should have told me
to wake you up last night itself.
You were there when I set the alarm, werent you?
If that was the case, the alarm should
have woken you up. Why me?
-Who the hell is that?!
Sorry boss.
-Here, this is the delivery list.
What is this appearance?
You are looking worse by the day.
If you go out to deliver things with this attire,
they will surely think that you are out to rob them.
Yesu at least you can give him some advice?
Its a vow, boss.
-No, his mothers.
-For marriage.
Her marriage?
-No, his.
-Anyways, dont you worry, boss.
I will clean him up and make him shine like me.
Make him neat and clean
but not like you.
Useless piece of
Was that directed to me?
-Not you, boss. This fellow here.
-Directed at him, right?
No, at you.
What a joke, boss!
What a joke!
Are you laughing?
Shave that beard off.
Its impossible to know if you are laughing or crying.
Sign it.
We didnt wait this long for Bahubali movie tickets.
By any chance is he giving us a bonus?
It would be great if he gave us our salary first.
Bonus is asking a bit much.
Buddy, can you lends me some money?
Let me get my salary first, greedy bugger!
Come here, you shabby fellow!
Here. This is your salary.
Why is it only half the salary?
What do you mean half the salary?
Its your salary for one whole month.
Along with bonus.
Four thousand rupees only?
When I joined here, you told me
that the salary was 11,000 rupees.
And with all the deductions, I would get 8,000 in hand.
And then there will be tax cuts, right?
What are those deductions?
Last month, when your bike was repaired...
One thousand for that.
If you had got it repaired with mechanic near my house,
it would have costed only 300 rupees, sir.
In such places since they may steal genuine parts of the bike...
I gave it in the showroom.
What else did you deduct?
One thousand rupees for three late deliveries.
What else?
One thousand for the office fund.
Even with those deductions,
I should still be getting 5,000 rupees.
Did you forget?
One thousand was deducted last month
for your surprise birthday party.
Did I ask for it?
Did I want you to celebrate that?
Why would it be a surprise if you asked for it?
How would that cost a thousand, sir?
We bought the cake and candles from Swiss castle.
What? Didnt you get it from
Bangalore Iyengar bakery?
Did you see where I got it from?
Except for the piece that I cut,
You took the rest of it with you, sir.
Dont talk like a child.
I took it for my children.
What do you want me to do, now?
Just sign here.
Hello, boss.
This month, there is a slight raise in your salary.
This month its 3,500 alphabets.
3,500 are not alphabets boss.
They are numbers.
Take this.
Whats this?
Its my donation towards office renovation.
Sign here.
Sign in front of you?
Close your eyes.
Someones cooking chicken.
How much aunty?
3,000 rupees?
3,000 rupees?
Rent is only a thousand rupees, right?
Dont you have to pay the current bill?
How much?
One thousand.
One thousand for a fan that doesnt work
and a light that doesnt switch on?
Who knows?
You might have been using an AC.
Mom, its very cold inside.
Why is it cold?
-If you have no clothes on your body, You are going to feel cold.
I understood.
What did you understood?
The ones who has been using a one-star AC.
Five-star ACs are very costly.
We are the ones who have been
paying your bills, isnt it?
I am going to smash your face. Jerk!
Get inside.
She scolded me only.
Whats the other thousand for?
For your maintenance?
No, its for the apartments.
Tell this useless person to have a bath occasionally at least.
I am coming there.
-Anyways, whats with all this?
Would anyone call this an apartment?
I want to practice my dance every morning
But I am scared that the building would crumble.
If you find it that difficult to live here,
you can vacate the house and go away.
As if someone is begging them to stay here.
We will build our own house.
Horse faced woman!
Has he been this way since the morning?
Thank goodness!
What are you watching?
This is Shell lock.
What do we have to eat?
There is mango pickle in the jar.
I will tell my dad this joke.
Go on watch Sherlock.
Why are you that focused on that currency note since a while?
Did our boss give you a fake one?
What happened? Tell me.
I was wondering how should
I spend these thousand bucks.
Oh, that
Like this.
You.. fool!
Instead of going to these liquor parlours,
We would have set this up at home.
Consider this your home.
Feel free, buddy.
How can I feel comfortable?
Are the drinks here free?
I am stressed about the bill.
You have been harping on the bill for way too long.
It will reduce if you drink less.
Why do you always stress about everything?
Not just you. Even i got my salary today.
-First, have your drink.
I can feel myself getting fat.
I am going to hit the gym tomorrow, buddy.
Why does he laugh?
Did he think I was joking?
And this fellow here
What happened?
This useless life!
Ive worked hard for thirty whole days...
three.... and all of it went down the drain in three hours.
Why are you talking about salary
when we are on the topic of life?
After all that back breaking work,
He pays me just four thousand bucks.
Just Four thousand bucks.
Yes buddy. Its four fingers.
What does he think of himself?
Who do you mean?
No, brother. He wasnt talking about you.
Close your zip.
Such cheap fellow!
Such cheap fellow!
Yes. He is cheap.
Come this way.
Cheap fellow!
You are drunk and are creating a scene.
I cant take it anymore.
I cant take it anymore.
Just calm down buddy.
No. I wont calm down.
What else can you do if not shut up?
Are you going to kill yourself?
Yes. Kill myself.
Are you going to kill yourself for real?
I am going to go back to my village.
What are you going to do in the village?
Something or the other.
But I am going to quit this shitty job.
I am going to quit.
I am going to quit.
Whats wrong with him?
I am going to quit.
Will you quit?
-I will quit.
Will you quit?
-I will quit.
Shut it!
Is he going to quit alcohol?
Dumb wit!
Just hold him steady.
Excuse me.
Bro, could you give a lift to the slums of Jubilee Hills?
What do you mean?
Is he going to offer the three of us a ride?
Nope. I meant he would at least give me a ride.
Buddy, would you like to have Dosa?
There is the batter.
Make yourself one.
There is very little water.
Have a shower immediately.
Yes, mom.
I am fine.
Yes, I got it.
I will send it to you.
No, I dont need it.
I will call you back.
Its all burnt.
I will make it myself.
Dont I have to eat?
What? You didnt eat yet?
If you would let me eat then
Ok. Fine. Ill make them for you.
Go and get ready.
I told you I am going to quit from today, right?
I thought you said that in a
drunken stage yesterday night.
Are you really quitting?
What are you going to do after you quit?
Are you going to watch serials just like him?
I dont know. I didnt think that far.
Anyways, who was that on the phone?
What did she want?
I have to send her money.
How are you going to do that?
With a money order form.
If you order you will get Dosa...
but not money.
You speak as if I am getting paid in thousands on that job.
I worked like a dog for a month and got paid just 4,000 bucks.
If you dont work, you wouldnt even get that money.
I got 4,000 bucks at least.
You were paid 3,000 bucks.
Did you ever hold 5,000 rupees on you, ever?
The waiter in that bar yesterday,
gets more in tips than my monthly salary.
You think only they get tips?
Dont you think we could get them too?
Just looking at your face,
they dont even feel like paying you money.
Tips is really a far cry.
Tips are not given because of ones face.
Its because of the service provided.
I wonder what kind of service
it is that you are providing.
Come with me. Ill show you.
Never mind.
It doesnt matter.
Buddy, listen to me.
Just accompany me today.
If you still want to quit then its up to you.
Please, buddy. Come with me.
Go on. Accompany him.
He is eager to show himself off.
Alright, fine.
Ill show you the life.
Have your Dosas.
Wait a second...
What is this?
5,000 rupees.
You told me that I never saw that kind of money, right?
Where did you get this from?
I saved it.
Saving 5,000 rupees from the 3,000 that you earned as salary.
You must be truly outstanding!
Shut it!
And you take it.
Dont you have to send money to your mother?
No. I dont want it.
Swear on me, if you dont take it.
No. I dont want it.
Swear on you, if you dont take it.
Take it.
Anyways, what are you going to show me?
Before I show you something,
there are a few things I need to tell you.
There are five rules for customer service.
Rule number one:
Customer is god.
If the customer is god, we are the priests.
Our blessings are equal to the amount of praises
you heap upon those gods.
Even if the customer doesn't have any sense,
we must maintain decency.
Buddy, It doesn't matter even if we have ruffled hair...
we must always have a pleasant smile on our face.
Excuse me, sir.
Oh dear!
When the customer opens the door,
you must greet them with a good morning.
You should always treat them very warmly.
Last but not the least
Rule number five.
Customer is always right.
Customer is king.
You told me that they are gods a while ago.
Is that really important now?
Why are you focussing on that instead
of what all has been said?
Hi, maam.
A very good morning.
Hope you are having a great day.
I am Yesu Dasu
And this is my colleague, Babu Mohan.
We are here to give you the package.
Its an auspicious day
Your earrings are amazing, maam.
I don't think they are actual gold.
Madam, someone is at the door for you.
Ratna Madam...
[Watching TV]
Whats wrong with you?
Please hurry.
Dont be tensed Ratna.
Nothing will happen to me.
Oh goodness!
What happened...?
why did you stop?
You forgot to put your seat belt on, Ratna.
You love me so much my husband.
Who are looking for, young man?
Move aside lady.
Hey! Who are you people?
-Sorry, madam.
Hello, madam.
My name is Yesu Dasu.
We are here to deliver the package your ordered online.
This day is your day.
We didnt order anything.
Is this Ramesh Rajus house?
No, it isnt.
Its Rameez Rajas house.
This is apartment 403, right?
Then, Ramesh Rajus house must be in.
Go in and call him.
Have you gone insane?!
Dont you think I would know who lives in my house?
Wont Ramesh Raja stay here?
-Who the hell are you?
Who the hell let you in?
This watchman doesn't have any work.
It's Okay, Madam... Sorry Madam.
He lets in every Tom, Dick and Harry.
Its turning into a bloody market!
Ramesh Rajas house is apartment 503.
Hi, sir... A very good morning.
Hope you are having a great day.
I am Yesu Dasu.
Who wants to hear such nonsense?!
First, give me the package.
Sorry sir.
I was told that it would be delivered
the day before yesterday.
Whats the reason for delay?
You have provided the wrong apartment number.
That is why, it was delayed.
Did it really take you two days to
deliver it from one floor to another?
It took us two days to figure out your apartment, sir.
Never mind.
How much?
Its 7,500 Rupees.
Its 7,500 rupees only.
Isnt there a discount?
You bought the item when it was already on discount.
I like your smile.
Ok, I will get the money.
Old crook!
Customer is god.
-Not him.
Bloody old bugger.
Thank you, sir.
There is shortage of 500 rupees.
Is that so?
Yes sir.
If you want, you can count it.
Thats right.
Sir seems to be weak in mathematics.
Thank you, sir.
Lets go.
Why are you laughing?
You gave me so many big tips
on customer service, right?
I was just recollecting them.
What is this?
Its a 500 rupee note.
Its the tip.
When did he give it?
I took it.
So, you mean to say that
it isnt the customers who are giving you tips?
Why would I wait for them to give?
I am taking it myself.
That isnt called a tip.
That is a crime.
Drinking and driving is also a crime.
But, does that stop us?
If we are caught drinking and driving,
We can pay the fine and get out.
If we are caught stealing
We can get out on bail.
Does that mean you will steal?
The 500 rupees that I took is not called stealing.
What does it mean?
Its called pocketing.
What is the difference?
Stealing involves intimidation and robbing people.
Pocketing is just smartly slipping things into your pocket.
Dont play with words and cover a crime.
Buddy, dont go overboard.
Anyways, these people bought those items on discount.
Now think that they bought it when there was no discount.
What if you get caught?
There is no way I would get caught.
Look dude.
There are two kinds of payment.
One, card
Two, cash.
Card payment doesn't help us at all.
We need cash on delivery.
And we should pick those deliveries where
the net value is above 5,000 rupees.
The net value is inversely proportional to risk.
Generally, the customers who place the
order leave the house in the mornings on work.
The parents or grandparents are the ones
who take the delivery.
They are our main targets.
When we deliver the product,
they give us the money.
That could start from 1,000 Rs.50 even.
we should only take one note out of the bundle.
If you get too greedy and take a couple or more
we will surely get caught.
If we take only one single note, they would doubt themselves
and give us an extra note to compensate.
Sometimes if they dont,
You have to use their age to our advantage.
You will have to make them believe,
confuse them...
and take it from them.
Take a look.
If you are this clear about your strategy,
Since how long you have been at this?
Six months.
Six months?
Didnt you get caught at least once in those six months?
How much are you stealing per day?
-Why do you use the term stealing again?
Alright, fine. How much are you pocketing?
Three to four
No. Thousand.
That means its over a lakh a month.
Anyways, if you want to survive in a city like this,
We need to have that much at least, right?
Apart from that,
half of it goes to charity.
Since we are born as human beings,
We need to do at least some charity, buddy.
Is that why when boss gives you 3000 bucks
you just take it, without any questions asked?
Of course.
I give him a tip of 500 rupees from it.
And at times, I even lend him money.
If it was all about doing this, why do you spew silly philosophies
that the customer is the king, and as such?
Lets go.
In life, just remember that...
if you are about to embark upon a wrong path
and someone gives you the lecture on ethics,
at that point, your mind automatically
turns onto the wrong path.
Its human nature.
Didnt you get it?
Didnt you see,
they want a discount on the things
they have already ordered on discount?
How will these cheap kings afford
to give us any tips at all?
So, just listen to me.. just as you follow celebrities on twitter,
follow me in the same manner.
I dont want this kind of stolen money.
What kind of money do you think
I gave you in the morning?
Does that mean?
Its surely not the money I saved.
Its pocketed money.
Why do you keep calling it robbery?
Here. This is the note that we took from him
and this is the note that he gave us.
Brother, we are blind.
Could you please tell us if this note is valid or not?
Yes. It is valid.
What about this?
Oh no!
How dare you steal the note that I stole first?
Where is the note?
-Sorry, brother.
Get lost.
Do you think he payed attention
to how we earned the money?
He was concerned only with whether it is valid or not.
Everyone pays attention only to that.
Nowadays, if we see a rupee coin
on the road, People pocket it.
People themselves are not ethical.
How can the money we earn be
subject to criteria of ethics?
You talk as if with this one note their lives will get destroyed.
They are very well off.
This single note makes no difference to them.
But for us,
this is our need.
I thought that if I shared this with you,
you would salute my wisdom.
Instead, you are making me feel bad.
I showed you everything that was necessary
And told you every trick that was important
Buddy, despite all this, if you want to go back
to your village or stay here,
is your choice.
Alright... let's go.
We have a lot more deliveries to make.
You go on ahead.
What about you? How will you return?
Alright, fine.
Lets meet up in the evening.
Give it a thought once more.
Give it a thought once more.
Buddy, are you watching it?
Alright, Tell me the story in the evening.
He may pee again.
Delivery, huh?
How many?
Which village?
Why my village name?
I was just kidding.
Isnt the construction over yet?
Why? Are you interested in buying?
Where is the parking?
Its all vacant.
You can park anywhere.
What are you looking at?
I am so sorry.
Nothing happened to you, right?
-First, turn off the vehicle.
You arent hurt anywhere, right?
First, park your bike, madam.
I am so sorry, sir.
I have been telling my mechanic repeatedly
to set the gear wire.
That is gear less bike madam... right?
I mean the brake wire.
Can I help you with the bag?
I am extremely sorry.
Madam, its alright. Just go on.
I can actually help you with the bag.
No No
I didnt think that the bag was open.
I beg you, madam.
Please leave... I will take care of it.
Are you sure?
I can help you.
Thank you, madam.
I will take care of it.
Your envelope.
[Mobile Ringing]
I just came here for passport verification.
You mean Thomas?
He is useless!
He is a good for nothing fellow.
someone called Tejaswi.
I will be there in an hour.
No. No. I just got here.
You tell me.
They call it Mansion heights.
Its quite tall.
Its not Mansion house.
Its Mansion heights.
All you can think of is alcohol.
Its been a week since I ordered it.
Ravi, apartment 501.
When will it come?
How would I know sir?
What do you mean you dont know?
Arent you the one delivering it?
I am just a delivery boy, sir.
Please call the customer care and figure it out.
Okay, Just tell me the number.
The website that you ordered from
would have the number.
Why are you getting irritated?
Dont ever forget that customer is god.
and god is great.
Are you blind?
-Sorry uncle.
How dare you call me uncle?
Sorry Rascal.
God is great, huh?
Useless fellow.
Hi, sir... My name is Babu.
Good morning, sir.
My name is Babu Mohan.
Good morning, sir.
My name is Babu Mohan.
I am the delivery boy.
This is the product that you ordered online.
I am here to deliver the product.
If you say cancel now,
then what will happen to me, sir.
Sir Sir Sir
Why are you laughing like that?
Isnt there anyone else at home?
Oh! So.. that you can beat me up
and rob the entire place, is it?
You Idiot!
Oh no! Madam, I am a delivery boy.
What bhai (brother)?
Not bhai boy. Boy.
Oh Bye.
Who are you looking for?
Lady, I am the delivery
I am here to give this to you.
We dont want it. Absolutely not.
Lady, I am not selling it.
This is yours.
Huh? Ours?
Yes. You ordered it online.
I am here to deliver it to you.
What should we do with this?
You do whatever you want.
But pay me what you owe.
What? Money?
How shamelessly you ask for money!
During our time, even when we wanted
to give money, people never took it.
I am a poor old woman.
You are asking me without even understanding
how this old woman can have any money?
Here, take it.
What is this?
Didnt you ask for money?
Ten rupees?
I didnt have any change
that is why I gave you ten rupees.
If not, your face deserves only five rupees.
Madam, I gave you the package, right?
You have to pay money for that.
What? What?
Money for the package?
What is this nonsense?
I dont mean that package.
I meant the items packed inside the package.
You have to pay for those.
8,000 rupees.
Oh8,000 rupees.
You could have told that earlier?
My son told me that something would be delivered here
and asked me to pay 8,000 rupees.
Wait here.
I will get it.
I gave you ten rupees earlier, right?
Give it back.
Wait here. I will be back.
Madam, I gave you Rs.50 by mistake
Old hag!
I am a bit thirsty.
Could you give me some water?
I will cook a meal for you and serve you as well.
Why dont you come in and eat?
Why do you talk like that?
I just asked for a glass of water.
Yes, its my house.
Otherwise, are you thinking its your house, Idiot.
Here, drink it.
Madam, It is short by Rs. 500.
It is short by Rs. 500.
How is that possible?
My son counted it out and gave it.
Its true.
You really are short by 500 rupees.
You mean to say I am lying?
Oh no! I didnt mean it that way.
If you wish,
You could count it yourself.
So, you mean to say that I cant count?
8,000 means there should be 16 notes here.
But there are only 15 notes here.
When I went to get you some water,
you must have nabbed a note from the pile.
Look at that face.
Its like a thief.
What do you mean?
Why would I steal?
Why would I need to do that?
How would I know what your needs are?
Leave all that.
Hand over another 500 rupees.
You steal the money
and bulldoze me.
You Idiot!
You are going to die of worms.
Madam, mind your words.
What? Mind my words?
Why should I?
You rob me of money and trying to fool me.
-Madam, what is this? Let go off my collar.
Why should I?
Oh goodness!
You purposefully sent me inside
and are playing your tricks on me.
Let me go...I dont want the money.
You keep it.
Just because I am old
you think I am vulnerable.
What is this? You are going overboard.
Thank God!
I was tensed that you might have got caught.
But you put the money down and
got the package back.
That was excellent move, buddy.
Even then, he would be caught.
-Hey. Who is that?
I dare you to come and talk in front of me.
Tell him to think hard.
-Who is that?
Hey, Abhi.
-Hey, go away.
You got the package.
Thats all well and good.
But your skin is under her nails.
What about that?
Thats a valid point.
When the police come,
they will find her sprawled on the floor,
And then, the forensics would come in.
They are going to conduct post mortem
and remove the skin from her nails.
And they will check that
and then catch you.
My foot!
We are not worth that much effort.
But the crime still exists upstairs.
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
What should we do?
We need four plastic covers.
Oh! Coat?
Is it to cut that old lady into pieces
and pack her in them?
So that his finger prints are not found by the forensics.
Now, her fingernails have to be cut.
To do that an axe would be needed.
A nail cutter would do.
You should have said that first, donkey.
Today is Tuesday,
Is it alright to cut nails today?
Shut up!
Just cut it!
Looks like he might even paint her nails.
Hey, Make it fast.
There is no enough time.
If someone comes, it will become a huge problem.
Oh lord!
Everything is over.
It must be her son.
Until she opens the door,
he is going to keep banging on the door.
And after the door opens,
He is going to hit him.
Please do something.
Dont fret.
Check who that is from that peephole.
Who is it?
Is it Chiranjeevi or Balakrishna to recognise
And tell immediately?
Who is it?
Sir, paper bill.
Its just the paper boy.
He is just going to bang on the door a
few more times and go away.
If he stays any longer,
there are two things that are likely to happen.
One, the neighbours could get suspicious.
Two, he might go to the neighbours and ask them.
Third, the neighbours might be on vacation.
First, open the door.
No, dont do it.
If he sees you, Its going to be a huge problem.
Its only going to be a problem if he sees his face.
Not if its his hand.
If he gets caught, his photo will
be printed in the very same newspaper.
Because it's a murder.
How much is it?
Why do we care?
Just pay him from the pile of money
that old woman had.
If even a single note goes missing.
Its going to be a problem.
Just pay it with the cash you have.
Thats another dent in his pocket.
Thank goodness!
At last we have crossed one hurdle.
Whats the delay?
Lets head out.
If the body is here,
Someone or the other will get suspicious.
Do you want us to bury it in the burial ground?
Take her to the bedroom
and lay her like she is asleep.
Oh lord!
How would we know which room is hers?
Looking at her, I get the impression that she is eccentric.
Even though she is in such a well-maintained house,
She must have come with her old rickety stuff.
It must be this room for sure.
I need an energy drink.
[Song humming]
Where is the charger?
Whats that sound?
You man! the door must have shut because of the wind.
How can a door that is closed be shut due to the wind?
(Humming a tune)
Sir Sherlock Holmes?
Not you.
First, lay that body on the bed.
[Watching TV] Why this coconut water now?
Lets go to the hospital now.
You know its very sunny outside, right?
I cant take it if you get a sun stroke Ratna.
Drink Ratna.
Stop Ratna.
Did we ever throw away a coconut
without having the tender coconut pulp inside?
Whats that expression?
like a player winning a gold medal at the Olympics.
It appears that he has lost his stamina.
-Thats why I constantly advice him to hit the gym.
Oh no! They always end the episode with suspense.
Why dont you give her a facial as well?
How did the TV get switched on?
Because the electricity must have come back.
When did the power cut happen?
When he came by.
What do you mean?
When he came and rang the bell,
the bell worked, right?
But when the paperboy rang the bell
it didnt work, right?
But he banged on the door.
One knocks on the door only
when there is a power cut...right?
Oh my god!
Blood is red in colour.
The colour of ghosts blood is red.
Ghosts dont have a body.
How can they have blood?
Bloody fool.
If the saree that the ghost wears is white,
why cant their blood be white? Buffalo!
What is this?
Why do I smell toothpaste?
My grandma told me that if a dead body
is not cremated within half-an-hour, it will turn into a ghost.
Did she tell you this after she was dead or before?
Hey stop!
I think that old lady turned into a ghost.
Why is the ghost laughing
with the clarity like in Dolby Atmos?
This woman looks like a ghost herself
Why wouldnt she turn into a ghost after she died?
What do you say Mr. Sherlock?
Hey! we finished what we set out to do.
Lets go.
I appreciate it.
Hi, baby... I just woke up.
Have you had your breakfast?
What did you eat?
Why is it Upma all the time, baby?
You know what?
I am thinking of having steamed rice cakes
dipped in lentil vegetable stew.
Yes... Sambar- Idli.
It means, you did all of this while
there was another person in the house?
Do you think she saw him?
If she saw, she would be really shocked.
She wouldnt be talking on the phone calmly.
Come home as soon as the flight lands.
I will be waitin
Madam, did you call me?
I will call you back.
Instead of calling you,
I should fire you.
Funny girl.
Why are you laughing?
What I mean is.
The shower in the bathroom isnt working again.
Is it?
I will take a look.
At me?
No, madam.
At the shower.
Dont just look at it.
Learn to repair it.
Yes, madam.
I will do it.
Hey! what are you doing?
I am removing my shoes.
Dont... Your socks stink.
[Song humming]
Dont be tensed.
There is no chance he would come into the bathroom.
Fine, he wont come in.
What if she enters?
Then, we will think of a way to deal with it.
Deal with what? Her?
Cheap fellow!
Isnt grandma around?
Why do you care?
I was just making conversation.
Just look into your job.
This is the one, right?
Why are you acting like its your first time here?
Correct, madam.
He is coming into the bathroom.
There are so many rooms in the house.
Why should he come to the bathroom only?
By the time he reaches the bathroom door,
Just lock the bathroom from inside.
Go. Go.
He looks to be the jack of all trades.
He put it here, alright.
How is he going to take it?
He looks quite harmless
but is quite cunning.
Then that means
When he got in,
the camera must have recorded that, right?
Is it done?
Yes, its done.
Is it working?
Yes. Its working very well.
He means the camera.
That is what you say but within two days,
the shower doesnt work again.
If it doesnt work.
I will come back here again madam.
Yes, to change the SD card.
Alright.. Go.
Ok, madam.
Bloody pervert!
You are saved because the card
accidentally fell into the toilet.
(Singing a nursery rhyme)
What are you guys doing?
We are thinking about him
and he in turn is thinking about the girl.
He is very great.
(Singing a nursery rhyme)
I just got out of the shower.
Oh no!
You know that I have to bathe two times a day.
Just like us.
Ok, baby.
Got to go.
Bye. Love you.
I wonder what that old lady is up to.
Are you a sleep?
That means I can go out.
January February March April
Oh good... You are back.
Looks like that girl left.
Just take your bag, hurry up and leave.
Did you take the covers?
Buddy, dont touch anything with your fingers.
Pull Pull
do something
Hurry up and pull
Oh my god!
You pathetic person!
Thats it.
Over... Everythings over...
You cannot ever get out of here.
What's your situation now?
This shitty life.
Give either of us a call.
Yes... Call callcall.
-Hello I am Babu.
I thought my father.
Tell me.
Where are you?
-I cant hear you well.
Where are you?!
I am driving.
Come to Jubilee Hills immediately.
Banjara Hills?
All my deliveries are in Jubilee Hills.
Listen to me properly.
If you want me to listen carefully
I must be able to hear it properly.
Stop the vehicle and listen to me.
Not necessary.
They stopped me.
Hi, sir.
Call me immediately.
Put a message in our WhatsApp group.
Some one or the other will come.
Thunder guys! Thunder guys!
Damn! connect... connect..
(Message) [I am stuck in flat no.401, Mansion heights,
Jubilee Hills with one old dead lady]
[One of you come fast and open the door.]
Come. Come
Lets go.
Can you give me a glass of water?
The kitchen is that way.
Khichdi is there as well.
Do you want to have some?
Give me some water.
They look like they are going to get
really crazy in the bedroom.
You go to the grandmas room.
Is this the room?
Hey take it off youtake it off you.
-I will... Dont crumple it.
Do we have to watch their romance?
Then close your eyes.
Then, shut your mouth.
After all this, he opened a packet of curry powder.
Its not curry powder.
Its 'Veedaku' packet.
Its his packet of leaves.
I never said it was my packet of leaves.
'Veedaku' means Marijuana.
Does that mean they are going to enjoy themselves?
What is this? Do we have to mix it in
water like saffron stalks and drink it?
Saffron stalks are mixed in milk and consumed.
Oh dear! We dont have milk at home.
What is this? Why are you crushing them?
Do we have to put them under teeth like tobacco?
-Put in under your body!
Hurry up and put it somewhere or the other.
Tissue paper?
She wants to know everything.
Control yourself please.
Do I have to inhale it or blow on it?
You have to swallow it.
Hey. Take a drag and exhale.
Do you have a lighter?
Do I have to get everything?
Not so loud.
Grandma might wake up.
She wont get up.
I mixed the powder you gave me in
a bottle of water and gave it to her.
She is completely knocked.
Have you gone mad?
What if she accidentally dies?
She is already dead.
If she dies. She dies.
What happened?
He drank from the same bottle,
the grandmother drank from.
It must be because of the drugs in the water...
Reaction started in his mind
and thats why he is thinking we appeared here.
Oh, is that why hes become so sharp-minded?
I am getting high.
You are not the one getting high.
He is the one who is getting high.
Its really nice.
-My fate.
Buddy, dont fall asleep.
You sleep like a log anyways.
But now, if you sleep because of these drugs,
you will surely never wake up.
Please dont sleep.
Where have you been?
-I have been trying to reach you.
Where are you?
I am outside the apartment.
Stay right there.
-I am right there.
What happened?
You were joking with me, right?
Hey, Babu!
Little Bheem Little Bheem
Babu, what happened?
I am talking to you.
What happened?
Why are you behaving this way?
Why is he packing?
Oh my tumbler!
Did the boss say something?
If he did say something, tell me.
-I will take care of it.
Shut it!
Tell me what happened?
Babu tell me what happened?
-Its all your fault.
You, dumb!
Bag Bag
Where is the bag?
Where is the bag?
I asked you to pocket only a single note of money
Why did you get so many bundles of them?
Where did you get so much money from?
I know that you are at home.
Come out.
Come out.
You cant escape.
Come out.
Babu, you cannot escape.
Who is it?
Where is Babu?
I think Ive heard this voice somewhere.
Hey, Yesu.
You are at home as well?
Whats up man?
Whats with this look?
What movie is this from?
Take a guess.
Gauthami Putra Shatakarni?
That is a periodic movie.
Oh? Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.
Give me another chance.
Head constable Venkata Ramaiah?
Khaidi No. 150?
Yes. Boss is back.
Is it a big role?
I play a 60-year-old man.
So, what do you do?
Hmm So, I stand like this.
Put it here and .
Sheshu Sheshu
-This is the role.
How much longer will you take up these kinds of roles?
When will you become a hero?
Me? A hero?
You are going overboard.
I asked you to reprimand them.
Why are you indulging in a conversation?
Babu, If this repeats,
I am going to (Cheeresta) thrash you.
We will dress accordingly by wearing pants.
Wear a saree wear a pant.
Wear a saree wear a pant.
You are brilliant, Yesu.
-I am coming.
Yesu, just thrash lightly.
The boy is all swollen up.
And my wife is making a mess.
Alright. Alright.
Alright, fine.
-Go away.
Its time for my shoot.
I will meet you tomorrow.
Alright. Go away.
Twisted fellow!
-Be careful!
Dont blame me later.
What exactly happened?
How come you resorted to robbing?
Two people are dead there
and how come you are asking this kind of question.
Anyways, its not called robbery.
Its called pocketing.
Bloody Idiot!
Shut up!
How did you come from the bedroom into the hall?
I dont know.
Whose is the second dead body?
I dont know.
When I woke up, it was next to me.
How could you sleep with all that stress?
You idiot!
How many times do I have to tell you?
Something was mixed in the water.
So, I was drugged.
So, what should we do now?
What else?
Take these 50 lakhs and run away.
Have you gone mad?
Its 50 lakhs buddy.
We could all settle down comfortably.
Its 50 lakhs here. Not 50 crores.
How long can you survive on 50 lakhs?
Even if we spend a lakh a month,
we could live happily for three years.
And after that?
What will you do after that?
I have no clarity over what to do now
and you ask me questions regarding three years later.
Babu, this is what he will keep on telling you.
Listen to me once this time.
Its because I listened to you.
All of this happened.
So, what will you do now?
You have three problems right now.
One is camera.
Second is the bag,
Third is the bike.
Oh my! I forgot about the bike.
Thats not at all a big problem.
If you have the key, you can bring it.
The main thing that we require
is that camera footage, and delivery packages.
If either of them gets into the hands of the police
you will surely be caught.
If there is a camera in front of that house,
everything would be recorded in it.
So, the first thing we need to do is
get that footage.
If this bag is here,
your delivery packages must be somewhere there.
You must get your packages from there.
And once you do that, there will be no evidence
that you were ever at the crime scene.
No one will doubt you.
We can get out of this mess.
Is it?
Do you think its that easy?
This is not some English serial that you watch.
You must first give your details to the security guy there,
sign the register and then you are allowed into the apartments.
Even if you manage to spew some nonsense to that security guy,
do you think you can ring the apartments bell...
pick up your packages and the camera footage?
There are already two dead bodies there.
And as far I can tell, that place must be crawling
with both police and the people.
If we go into the apartments,
we will surely be caught.
If he follows my plan, he will just be a suspect.
If he follows your plan, he will be a convict.
If he proceeds with your plan, he will be caught right away.
And if he follows my plan, he can escape happily.
Is running away the solution to everything?
Is getting caught the solution for everything?
Why do you keep insisting that he would get caught?
If he gets his packages and the footage,
how will he get caught?
This isnt as easy as getting curries from a curry point.
Dont make illogical arguments.
Do you want me to come up with
twisted solutions like yours.
Babu, listen to me.
He will never listen to you.
Its because he listened to you,
there are two people dead.
You! If you talk too much,
you will die too.
Remove your hand.
I wont.
What will you do?
I will break your spine.
I will break your...
I will go to the police station.
What will you say at the police station?
I am going to tell them everything that has happened.
What do you think they would do
when you tell them all that?
What will they do?
Speak out...come on speak out..
-I dont know anything.
Sir I am innocent.
Why would they hit me if he is the culprit?
You are the one who gave him the idea, right?
Babu, please dont do that.
I beg you.
What do you want me to do?
We cant do what he suggests
and I cant do what you suggest either.
You said the same thing yesterday
and did it today anyway.
This is the same thing.
-Hey! Stop it!
[Mobile Ringing]
Whats wrong now?
The second dead body belongs to
the police officer who came for verification.
What are you talking?
How did he go there?
Even if he did go there,
how did he die?
We dont have a lot of time.
Before they begin the search for the constable,
we should do something.
So, listen to me.
Lets take this money and run away somewhere.
Even if you run away,
Where are you going to go and how are you going to live?
That is why I suggested we run away with the money.
You are right.
Thank god.
Finally, you understood.
Lets go and get those packages and the footage.
Listen to me guys.
If we go now, we will get caught.
We are going.
Will you come with us or not?
I get the feeling that we are on a final journey.
I wonder if there is any petrol or not.
Thats not necessary.
Lets go in a car.
Car? Where did you get a car from?
Its a friends car.
You mean you have friends who own a car?
Not everyone is like you.
Lets go.
Where is the money?
-Why do you need the money?
I dont need that kind of money.
I want that money.
Come lick an armpit!
-If I did, will you give me the money?
Just go and get the money!
Man must trust.
Who called you a man?
Lets go.
Didnt you hear him? Lets go.
How are we going to get in?
Mr. Sherlock Holmes. I am talking to you.
Go and sit in the back.
-No, I wont.
Does that expression mean that
I should be scared and get in the back seat?
I will sit in the back.
Make sure you hide yourself well.
Its better if people think there is only a single
person in the car rather than three people.
To make sure even if you get caught,
we can escape unscathed.
How can you go in without signing in?
I am talking to you.
What are you doing?
-Are you trying to hit the wall?
Oh mom!
How did you get in without signing?
They would ask the visitors to sign
not the residents.
I didn't get it.
Its human psychology.
Only the people who dont live in this apartment,
slow down at the gate.
So, the security stops them.
If its a resident,
they just honk and speed up to get in.
Security doesnt stop them.
If they did stop you and asked you to sign?
I would have spewed some nonsense
and signed and rushed off.
Lets go.
What about me?
Is that the flat?
How come there is no commotion around it?
I was wondering the same thing.
That means nobody knows that
there are dead bodies inside.
Shall we go?
-What man?
Where is the camera?
Buddy, tell me the truth.
You didnt dream this up, right?
I saw the camera.
Yeah and I am asking you if you saw it in a dream?
Would they ever listen to us if we told them?[Phone Talk]
Its up to them.
Goodness! This generation people
do not listen to persons like us.
Who is she?
How is she talking on the phone
when there are two dead bodies inside?
What happened?
That is the grandmother.
-You said that the grandmother was dead.
How is the dead person come alive?
I am asking you.
What do I know?
-So, what do you know?!
How did you know that the grandmother was dead?
Did you check her pulse?
I placed two fingers beneath her nostrils.
-You should have put it inside her nostrils!
Where is the constables body?
Its in the hall.
Why would she move around this freely
with a dead body in the hall?
To figure that out, we need to go in.
Goodness, inside?
No, I wont go in.
Do you think they would listen to us
just because we tell them? [Phone Talk]
They are educated, right?
Whats the worst that could happen if they
listened a bit to elders advice?
We only advise them so that they would
improve their lives.
Why did you kick that flower vessel?[On Tv]
Just calm down grandma.
They say such things. [Phone Talk]
But they never ever think to pay attention to
what the elders say because of their experience.
What happened?
What happened?
There is no dead body in the hall.
Babu, just close your eyes
and recollect everything that happened.
What are you looking at?
I kicked a flower vase.
I kicked a flower vase.
Babu, Mahesh Babu kicked it.
After I spoke to you and put the phone down,
I accidentally knocked off the flower vase.
If so, where is the flower vase?
Well, quite simply, as usual it will not be there.
Babu, just admit the truth at least now.
You must have dreamt all of this.
If I did dream of it,
how could that bag of money be real?
Oh Damn! Damn!
Holy crap!
Damn! Yes!
That is what I dont understand.[Phone Talk]
I came from this flat.
If you slept in the flat below,
How could you come out of this flat?
I dont know.
I am sure that I came out of this flat.
Lets go, then.
How can we go in if its locked?
Like this
What is it?
This is called an all-purpose knife.
If we dont have an opener to open the beer bottle
Just open the door.
Hurry. Hurry.
Do you think this is an all-purpose key?
all-purpose key knife
Get up. Move aside.
Not here... Just go and stand there
and watch if anyone is coming.
Careful with the knife.
Is it done?
Looks like someones heading this way.
Hurry up and open it. Hurry...
Someones coming.
They are coming... They are coming.
Come in.
-Oh, its done?
Did I not tell you?
Didnt I?
Here. There is the dead body.
You are the only person that I have seen
who is happy looking at a dead body.
Is he constable Banerjee?
He looks like Brahmaji from behind.
Dont touch anything unnecessarily
We would leave our finger prints.
Two hands?
How is it ok if only you wear them?
What about us?
Dont you have another pair?
Do I look like a salesman?
So, who should wear it now?
Both of you wear one each.
What I mean is
Whose house is this?
What business does this constable have here?
In the morning, I heard the constable saying he needs
to go to Tejaswis house for passport verification.
This must be the house.
How do you think he died?
That is not important.
The pertinent question is how did he get here.
If we take a look at the camera footage,
we could find out.
Just remember we are here to get your stuff.
Just look around that side
I will take this side.
What should I see?
-Look at his face.
Oh my!
My Image in the mirror.
What room is this?
Disgusting... It's a bathroom.
What happened?
Why do you put a face like a scare crow?
What happened?
There is something here.
Dumb fellow!
I told you not to touch anything, right?
What is all this?
I didnt knock any of this down?
The shelf did it.
What do you mean the shelf did it?
-I am telling you the truth.
If you dont believe me, take a look.
Who are you?
I am getting scared.
I have been hearing those sounds
for quite some time now.
This is a door?
Buddy, lets get out of here.
Why would you go in when I am suggesting that we get out?
Stop, buddy.
There must be a spirit trapped inside.
Lets get out of here.
Shut it!
There will always be someone like you
in every movie.
Open it.
What is this?
He looks like a nature lover.
He is growing plants in his house.
Is this rice or not?
Dont meddle.
What plant is this?
Holy Basil?
No. Its Marijuana.
Someone has put up a big set up here.
My packages.
What happened?
I was scared for nothing... Rat.
Our father in heaven.
I am in 501.
Who followed the heart by the name.
Save me superman.
Save me.
I know Jackie chan.
Madam Madam.
-Who is she?
She is Tejaswi.
Did the constable come for her?
Madam Madam
-Is she alive or not?
Just move.
What are you doing?
If we do this, she will cough and regain her consciousness.
I saw it yesterday in Ftv.
Just check her pulse.
What happened?
I cant seem to figure out.
-Just move.
Is she alive or dead?
Is she dead or alive?
Is she dead?
She is alive.
This seems to be a very big racket.
Slowly, we are getting stuck into this mess.
Listen to me please.
Lets just go away from here.
You mean we should leave her here?
The constable there is dead
and this girl here looks to be on the way to join him.
Do we need to be in this mess?
Lets just get out of here.
-Lets go.
That constable who died came for passport verification.
And, she is here.
Tejaswis flat number is 503.
This is 501.
That means this flat isnt hers.
So, who does this flat belong to?
I ordered it a week ago.
Ravi, apartment number 501.
When will it arrive?
This is Ravis flat.
Everything he only has done.
When I saw his face,
I suspected him right away.
Who is Ravi?
He is the one who smoked marijuana with
that girl Bujji.
If so, why is she here?
She must have seen Ravi killing the constable.
So, why did he trap you in this mess?
When he was smoking up with Bujji,
he must have seen him.
Ravi must have got him here, to make it look like
Babu killed the constable.
Ravi thought that he could escape.
So, why didnt he kill her then?
He didnt.
As soon as I escaped from here,
he must have planned something else.
He will definitely return.
So, lets get out of here before he returns.
What happened?
What happened?
Who is this?
We thought he would be the one to come here.
Before someone else comes here,
Lets get out of here.
I am talking to you.
Did you find the camera footage?
There isnt a single computer here.
To my knowledge, the camera must not have been working.
Camera footage isnt here.
And we found our packages.
Lets just get out of here.
How can we leave without knowing what went on here?
-What will you do even if you figure it out?
Buddy, the situation is getting very complicated.
We are looking for ways to solve and unwillingly
getting ourselves involved further into this mess.
This entire set up looks like there is a big gang behind it.
Kill two and put the blame on the both of you.
You stay here.
If that girl regains her consciousness,
find out what happened.
You come with me.
Where are you guys going?
Just stay here.
Stay here.
Where are you going?
To the watchman.
To see the footage.
-What footage?
When I hid in the bathroom, he fixed a camera in there.
Security camera?
Who fixes a security camera in the bathroom?
Its a spy camera.
Spy camera? For what?
To watch that girl Bujji.
What would you do looking at the girl?
I took the spy camera from the bathroom
and put it in my pocket.
So, take it out.
When I was high, I mistook the spy camera
for the phone and took it out.
Then, lets go to the watchmans room.
Show me the footage of the camera that
you fixed in Bujjis bathroom?
What camera?
What footage?
Who is this girl Bujji?
What are you doing here since morning?
Have you been giving the three deliveries till now?
Who is he?
He looks like a devils child.
What are you looking at?
And what have you two been
doing here since morning?
If the camera is there,
How can I show the footage here, sir?
Isn't that a live video?
No, sir. It only works with a memory card, sir.
And the memory card needs
to be changed every two days.
If we need to see the footage,
How can we?
I will change the memory card the day after tomorrow.
You can take it then.
Is there no other way?
To the outside?
You can go from here.
Shall I tell her that the plumber is here
and then get the memory card?
Cute boy.
Lets go.
That old lady might recognise you.
Why did you come at this time?
The shower?
-You checked it this morning, right?
I got the plumber.
Just in case there is a problem.
Why is the plumber here at this time?
You could have gotten him tomorrow morning, right?
Well, he was free so.
Shouldnt we be free?
Dumb girl!
What is he saying?
We wont take too long, madam.
Alright, fine. Get in.
Lets go.
Grandma, have you eaten?
No dear.
I was waiting for you.
Ah Grandma,
You joke way too much!
Really. Its true.
Listen, there are vegetables on the dining table
could you please chop them up?
Go away.
Who are these people?
They are plumbers.
They are here to repair the shower.
Where is the room?
You? Come here.
Me, Grandma?
Not you fool!
Tell him to come here.
She asking you.
Just manage is somehow.
Come here.
You You
Oh my god! Weve been caught.
Ah yes! You played the character of the
son in the TV serial Oh my son! Didnt you?
Thank god!
Yes. You are. You are.
Why do you keep torturing your wife like that?
You Idiot.
Its done grandma.
This is in the shower
that is why it wasnt working.
This was in the flower pot
thats why he has been coming.
Woman is not a property in the shop.
Why should this video ?
Just forward it.
He put you in the delivery bag
and took you upstairs.
Its not a new application.
I have already applied.
One second
Wait a second.
Ill tell you.
I tried tracking it online.
-Let's go.
Just wait.
But the server might be down.
Its not coming up.
Tejaswi Thota
T - E - J - A - S - W - I
Tejaswi Thota.
Flat number 503
Mansion Heights, Jubilee Hills.
The police verification has been carried out this morning.
Sir, I need this passport immediately.
When will I get it?
Please make sure its done immediately.
Please take a look.
Thank you.
If he is Tejaswi, who is that girl?
Who are you guys?
Who are you?
Why are you trying to kill me?
Why are you trying to kill him?
Please dont hurt him. Let him go.
Where is Ravi?
Why did you kill him?
You killed him and then trying to blame us?
What do you mean I killed him?
Who are you guys?
Why did you tie me up?
I am talking to you.
Who are you?
Cant you hear me?
I am talking to you!
If only I had gone to my village
You freaking faggot!
What are you looking at?
You filthy scum bag.
You bloody...
Shut up!
I dont have the patience to persuade you.
I am already very irritated.
Shut up and only answer my questions.
Who killed Ravi and the constable?
Who tried to set me up?
Who are you?
Hey, you!
Dont you understand what I am trying to explain?
Tell me.
Who are you?
Tell me
I will tell you
You pathetic fool!
-Why do you want to be beaten up?
I will tell you I will tell you
My name is Myra.
And I deal with Meth.
I am a drug dealer.
A few months ago,
I got acquainted with Ravi.
He told me that he cooked drugs
and that he was looking for a dealer.
He gave me a sample.
I liked his quality and gave him a small deal.
My clients liked his quality too
and so I started giving him bigger deals.
In the beginning, he was on time with delivery.
Later on he began to delay the deliveries.
Last month, I finalised a very big deal.
He took an advance and assured me that
he would deliver the product in fifteen days.
But even after a month, he didnt deliver.
And so, I came to meet him this morning.
That is when I met you.
Hey Myra.
How many times do I have to call you?
when ever the package is ready
I only would have given it to you.
Its not done yet?
Just chill man.
Its almost done.
Almost? Almost?
When did you say that you would deliver?
Its already been delayed by over fifteen days.
Just fifteen days, right?
Of course, that wont matter to you.
I am your only client.
But for me, there are a lot of clients.
Dont start again.
Do you want a joint?
I want my package.
The last batch is being cooked.
When its done, Ill only give it to you.
Ill wait.
I told you I will bring it to you.
I lost all my faith in you.
I will only leave after picking up my package.
Just because it got delayed once,
do you have to react like this?
In the beginning, you always gave on time.
What happened to you now?
Are you thinking no end of yourself.
Thats not the case Myra.
I was trying a new drug.
Thats the reason why its been delayed.
I gave you 80 lakhs and
you considering me to be a fool... Is it?
When did you give me 80 lakhs?
You gave me 30 lakhs only.
50 lakhs, huh?
You want your 50 lakhs?
I will give you.
Take it.
It looks you came here fully prepared.
You know what?
I am done with you.
This is our last deal.
Hey! Please.
I am sorry, okay?
I cant take another chance with you.
I am done.
Give me my packages soon and
I will leave immediately.
I said its cooking right?
-How long will that take?
Ten hours.
Ten hours?
Of course, ten hours.
Do you think its as easy as cooking rice?
Like put it on the stove and
take it off in 15 minutes.
Its meth. Do the math.
Why would you want try the same old thing?
This is my new drug.
Wanna give it a go?
Up to you.
One second.
Whats your name?
-Whats yours?
Do you live in this flat?
-No. I pitched a tent outside and live there.
How long have you been staying here?
Why do you want?
Have you gone mad?
Not really.
Do you know who I am?
You already told me that you are not an uncle.
You are a rascal.
You are thinking no end of yourself.
Kind of.
Oh, its an ID.
S. Banerjee.
Police cons...
So, why did you stop only with the word police?
You should also mention that you are a constable.
Can I come in?
Do you have a warrant?
For what?
-To come inside.
I came to the neighbouring flat for passport verification.
If you sign as a witness,
I will leave immediately.
Give it here. I will sign it.
You are going to sign it without
knowing any details, is it?
You told me just now that
you are police constable Banerjee.
Not about me.
About this file.
You told me just now its about my neighbours.
Alright, fine.
Lets go inside.
Lets go in and talk.
-I will sign it here.
Move aside.
Thank goodness.
Your full name?
-Ravi Teja
How long have been living here?
-Ever since I bought the flat.
From 6 months.
What do you do?
What will I do?
If you leave, I will have my lunch.
I am hungry.
Do you know Tejaswi?
I know, Sir.
How do you know that person?
Ever since that person moved into the flat beside mine.
What else do you know about that person?
She is a good person.
Whenever we meet she greets me.
When I get close, she hugs me.
For every festival, she sends me sweet.
That is all.
What else?
If I say anything else, I will be called
a pervert, perhaps even a stalker.
If you knew that much about that person,
didnt you know that Tejaswi is a boy.
Didnt you say Tejaswi?
Yes. Tejaswi Thota.
A guy.
Without knowing who Tejaswi is..
Why did you lie that you knew Tejaswi?
Well, I just thought it was one harmless signature
and told you casually.
You seem very twisted.
No, sir. I am straight.
No other flat here has a camera but your flat has one.
I put it up.
-Do you need that much security?
Well, I like horror movies.
Thats why I am cautious.
That's why.
Why are you rubbing your nose continuously?
Do you have a cold?
Dust allergy.
Let me take a look.
Why do you want to look into my nose?
Whats that powder?
I applied powder to the face.
It must have gone into my nose.
Do you think that I dont know the difference between
a face powder and the powder you sniff?
May be.
Is that what you think?
-Why do you hit me?
Why is this cocaine here?
What does cocaine mean?
Don't you know what cocaine means?
-Its a deodorant powder.
So why are you putting it in your nose?
What is this?
Injection, sir.
For what?
I suffer from Insulin
that is why I inject sugar.
Do you take me for a fool?
-No, sir.
How much cocaine do you have?
Do you just use it or do you supply it?
Sir, what do you mean supply?
When I am tensed I just use it sometimes
Take it out Take it out.
Sir, take this and please let me go.
-Take it out.
What? A hundred?
-I only have that much on me.
Do you think this is a traffic violation?
Take it out... Take the cocaine out.
-Take it out.
I only have this much sir.
Oh goodness!
Who is the supplier?
That John fellow.
Lets not discuss all that sir.
Lets get down to business.
Take this thousand and leave me alone, please.
What will I get with a thousand?
Ten beers at least.
Do you know how serious this matter is...?
Whats that sound?
Its from next door.
-Not next door. Next room.
Sir Sir
Are you trying to tell me stories?
Sir Sir
-Someones there.
Please stop, sir. Please.
You are spinning stories.
-Take this ten thousand, sir.
What is this?
-I am a book writer.
Did you write all this?
-Why is this out?
Hey take off your hand
-Plywood sir. Plywood.
-What is this door?
Sir, just storage sir.
Old stuff and all that.
Is it!
Lets go and clean that.
-Sir its a bathroom. Water
Oh my god!
What is this?
-Its a vegetable...
Lets talk while cutting them.
Sir its vegetables, right? So
Please, Sir.. sir...
This is urea, sir
And that is the soil there.
If you plant the seeds in the soil,
there you have the sprouts.
Its morning breakfast gives protein.
That's all, Sir.
You have such a big drug set up here
and you offer me 100 rupees.
Sir. I said a hundred first.
Right after that, I said ten thousand.
This isnt something that
can be solved with thousands.
Oh my goodness!
You want to do business without informing us.
Is this a legal business to inform you and do, Sir.
Please tell me how much do you want?
Lets sit down and have a chat.
As soon as I saw you, I had my doubts.
You and your attire.
How dare you?
You dare call me uncle?
Sir I was high.
And I didnt know what I was saying.
I am sorry, sir.
Who is your dealer?
-Some Tom, dick and Harry.
Who is it?
"Every night in my dreams
I see you; I feel you."
Who is this?
"I feel you"
"Every night in my dreams
I see you; I feel you."
Who is this?
You told me that there was no one here.
Is this a side business?
Sir No, sir.
She is my friend.
You and me are not friends.
Did she come here to give you company?
Or did she come from some company?
Company? Yes Infosys.
-Tell him to shut up.
Being a woman, dont you have any shame
resorting to this sort of work?
Sir Please understand....
Myra. Just keep quiet.
I am dealing with it, right?
Please... I beg you.
What did you say?
Ten lakhs... Final sir.
What ten lakhs?
I gave fifty.
Myra, just keep quiet.
So, is she Myra?
Yes. Thats me.
Sir. Ten lakh fifty thousand rupees.
10,50,000 rupees.
Oh my!
I wonder whose face I saw this morning.
How is it that I am getting so lucky today?
For catching you, I get money.
And for catching her, I get a promotion.
Sir, just give it a thought once again.
Why all this fuss?
Give me 30 lakhs.
I will let you go.
And she will be imprisoned.
Hey! What is he talking?
-Sir. Please think again.
No. Nothing doing.
-Please sir.
Do you want to take her place instead in the prison?
Yeah. Go ahead. Go on.
-Sir, please let her go as well.
I cannot let her go.
Do you know how long weve been searching for her?
-Please sir...Sir...
Freaking girl...
How dare you call me like that?
How dare you use cuss words on me?
Please sir
Sir Please sir SirSir
I am going to kill you.
How dare you?
How dare you use cuss words on me?
You knew that I was a policeman and
yet you stabbed me, right?
I will see your end.
I will show you the power of the police.
I will get the entire force with me.
How come you stabbed him like that?
What else should I do?
I was talking to him, right?
Did you not hear what he was saying?
I was talking to him
How dare he call me names?
I was talking to him
How dare he hit me up?
I was talking to him
What is that you were talking?
What if he goes and tells the entire police department?
He is already on his way.
Oh, Damn!
Sir Sir
What are you doing?
Cant you see?
What about him?
Why would you ask me that?
-What do you mean?
You are the one who lives here.
The one who cooks the drugs here, is you.
If the police come here,
You will be the one who will be caught.
How can you laugh like that?
Please say something, Myra.
That is not my problem.
If my package is ready.
I will take it and leave.
You deal with it.
Its none of my concern.
What are you doing?
Tell me, what do you want?
You told me that we could smoke some weed.
Its difficult now.
Come back later.
You say the same thing every time.
We have to do it today.
I told you we will do it later.
-Lets smoke the weed.
Lets smoke... Lets smoke... Lets smoke.
Don't you understand when
I say it is not possible now.
Why cant we do it now?
You already took money.
We have to smoke today.
Alright fine.
I will give you the weed.
You smoke it up.
I dont know how to smoke it.
If we cant do it at your place,
we will do it in my place.
Grandma is asleep.
Mad girl.
Please go.
Will you come with me, or should I come inside?
I will come. Wait.
Hey Myra
Get up. Get up.
Get up.
My bad time!
I want my package.
-Yeah.. yeah...I will give it.
You have been repeatedly harassing me over that package.
Sit here. Stay.
At this point of time I started getting into a trance...
At that time someone...
If I knew who it was.
I would have told you, right?
What happened next?
After that you guys came.
Then, who killed Ravi?
I dont know.
She must be the one who killed him.
And now, she is playing games.
Why will I kill Ravi?
Ravi is the only person
who witnessed you killing the constable.
So, if she kills Ravi as well.
She wont be a suspect anymore.
There would be absolutely no proof that
she was ever here.
Even if I did kill that guy,
why would I need to stay here?
I would have been long gone.
You are here for your drugs.
Then, why is this room door locked from the outside?
You must have locked it from the outside
and must have hid inside.
-Yes! Of course!
We cannot believe her.
Please believe me.
I really dont know who killed Ravi.
Whats the proof that you are telling us the truth?
If you dont believe, get lost.
Look at her. Look.
Look at her frustration.
I am going to kill her.
Hey Call the police.
Call the police.
Please.. I told you exactly what happened.
I dont have any problem with you guys.
If you let me go, I will take my package and leave.
The police will then imprison us instead.
Hey! If we can somehow set it up in a way that
the constable and Ravi killed each other,
we can all escape from this mess.
Why are you including us?
What is our connection to this crime?
If thats the case, you guys leave,
I will take care of the rest.
Really? So that you can take the drugs and escape?
What the hell is your problem?
You don't have a problem for any solution.
What do you want me to do?
Just confess that you killed both of them
and hand yourself over to the police.
What do you need? Money?
Tell me the amount.
I will give it.
No matter how much the amount will you give it?
In this situation, nothing is more important
than my life.
Even that?
Babu please. No.
Dont do anything to it.
I told you I will give you how much ever you want.
Babu What are you doing?
I am talking to you.
Listen to me and call the police.
Listen to me.
-They will take care of her.
Babu dont take any hasty decisions.
Listen to me.
Tell me how much do you want.
You tell me.
30 lakhs?
Have you gone mad?
Why are you hitting him?
He is the one responsible for everything.
Take a look.
Abhi, what is this?
What did you think?
You never thought that there would be a camera there, right?
If we didnt take the camera out of the bathroom,
we would have listened to him and would have been cheated.
what are you doing here?
Not like this...
Why did you do it?
Tell me.
Tell me.
-Tell me.
Tell me.
Why did you set me up?
I will tell you
I didnt do it on purpose.
Because of the situation I had to do like that.
What is your connection with Ravi?
I'll tell.
I'll tell.
Six months ago, Ravi and I started this business.
To ensure that people dont get suspicious,
we took a flat in this housing colony.
Cooking drugs was my job.
Selling them was Ravis.
I dont know anything about the dealer.
Thats why I dont know about Myra
and neither does she know about me.
Just like every other day, I came to this flat.
I saw Myra.
And then, I called Ravi.
Whats happening?
Where did you go?
I went to the flat downstairs.
To smoke weed.
How could you with a dead body here?
Who is he?
Ravi told me everything that happened.
So, thats our dealer Myra?
Yes... What did you do to her?
I didnt know who she was
so, I hit her hard on the head.
Oh.. Damn!
She is not dead.
I told you to give her package last week itself, right?
The thing is.
-What happened?
There was another party that wanted it.
So, I gave it to them.
Are you mad?
When you gave deadline to her,
why did you sell it to someone else?
They offered to pay twice the amount.
Thats why.
That is the reason why I ask you to get involved
with the dealing side of the business.
You won't... what could I do?
We set all of it up really well.
Now we have to start from scratch.
What shall we do now?
The one who is dead is a constable.
That too someone who came here for verification.
They will definitely come here searching for him.
What do we do now?
What if we dispose of the body?
What flat did you come from?
Did you find anyone there?
there was someone sleeping in the bedroom.
Is it him?
Yeah. He looks a little like him.
Alright, lets go.
What are you doing?
I am trying to set it up in such a way
that it looks like this guy murdered him.
What for?
An old lady died because of him.
If we can set it up in a way that looks
like he killed the constable...
the police would conclude that he came for a delivery,
tried to rob the place and killed the constable.
What are you doing?
Destroying the CCTV footage.
Because Myra killed the constable,
she cannot deal with us.
She also gave us the 50 lakhs.
Lets take it and get out.
Lets also take the drugs that we cooked for her.
What will we do with them?
If we sell them outside,
we could get 2 crores.
We can then set up things again somewhere else.
What should we do with this set up?
We should clean it up.
-Do you think its that easy?
However much we clean this,
its not hard to figure out that it was for cooking drugs.
If thats the case,
it would be better if we run away from here.
We dont have a lot of time.
We have a maximum of a day.
The police are sure to come searching for the constable here.
It looks like a decent idea
but everyone knows that I live in this flat.
If there is a delivery boy or a constable in here
it would mean that I opened the door.
Even if we escape anywhere,
they will track me.
We will then have murder
as well as drug charges on us.
What now?
Do you need some water?
One second.
Hey Hey
No one but us knows that
we are working alongside each other.
So, if you die, the drug charge will be on you as well.
As to the charge of the murder of the policeman here,
they will conclude as per their imagination.
That gap is enough...
I will escape in that confusion.
I wanted to leave with the drugs and the money.
But when you escaped, my plan got disturbed.
I thought you would be at home
and so, I came home.
I found out that you have the money.
But I didnt want to share that money with you guys.
Thats why I wanted to bring it back to the flat.
You said that you would go to the police.
But I got lucky when the mobile
I placed in the bag rang.
And when you got to know that dead
person is the constable...
You suggested that we go to the flat,
Then my job became easier.
Because I had Ravis car with me,
it was easy at the entrance...
The watchman did not stop us.
When we reached 401,
I knew for sure that you would have figured out that
you didnt come out of that flat.
That is exactly what happened.
But I never expected the old woman to be alive.
And then, you figured out this flat.
With the key I had, I opened this door.
I thought you would leave after you found your packages.
(My packages)
But you got busy solving the murder.
(How will we leave if we dont know what happened here?)
At that time, I tried really hard to divert you.
(Lets go.)
(It looks like there is a big gang behind this set up)
-Let's leave from here.
But you didn't listen.
And then you found her
and immediately you found him.
Because Myra didnt know who I was.
I wanted to frame her
I thought I could escape.
But that video
Buddy, nothing was pre planned.
I went with the flow.
I got swept away in the situation.
We lived together, roamed together...
How could you think of cheating us?
Just because we ate and spent time together
would you follow me to the prison.
No, right?
I didnt do all this to cheat anyone.
I did this to protect myself.
If you were in my place,
you would have done the same.
How dare you compare us with you?
Shut up!
You thief!
How dare you call me a thief?
-What else would you call a person who robs?
How many times do I have to tell you?
Thats not robbery. Thats called pocketing money.
Shut up!
You are just reasoning it all up
to make yourself feel better.
If what you did was not wrong,
neither what I did was wrong.
How can you talk like that?
After having done all this?
Dont you feel ashamed?
When you are not ashamed,
why would I be?
You tried to escape when you were under
the assumption that that old woman died.
I did the same thing.
That was an accident.
This is deliberate.
Even then, I wanted to go to the police station
when I realised my mistake.
But did you go?
You were scared and so you dismissed that idea.
I did the same thing because I was scared.
You mean to say that you would do anything
to save yourself?
Even frame us?
He doesnt know the value of friendship.
Oh really? Such great friends, huh?
I just lived with you guys in that dingy place
just to save some money.
Do you think people become friends
because they stay in the same house?
They become friends only when
they get to know each other.
I knew about your problems only today.
We knew about your drugs today as well.
Otherwise, you mean to say
we should pocket money like you?
This is all a product of my wisdom and hard work.
For whom? Huh?
Who will benefit from this?
Who benefits from a cigarette?
But they still manufacture it.
And people still smoke it.
This is the same thing.
So, are you suggesting that every one
takes drugs and get high?
I am not forcing anybody to take it.
And I am not selling it door to door.
Its because there is a demand,
I supply it.
Why are you still talking to him?
Just call the police.
And then?
Get me arrested, is it?
Do you think you will safe after they arrest me?
Do you think the police will believe you
if you say you knew nothing about it?
Then, I will tell them that the three of us are
in this together and I will make them believe it.
You will burn in hell.
You have no other choice but to
do as I tell you.
Let bygones be bygones.
Listen to me at least now...
Lets take the drugs and money, frame her
and we can all get out of this mess.
I made one mistake because I listened to him.
I will not make another mistake listening to you.
This is the reason why you did all this, right?
What will you do if this doesnt exist?
Babu, have you gone mad?
I'll kill you.
Hey, leave me.
Move a side.
Babu.. my
Leave me.
Tie him up.
Leave me.
Tie him up.
Babu, listen to me.
I'll kill you.
Hey... I thought the white powder
In our kitchen was salt all these days.
I got it now that is a drug.
Hey, that is not the drug
That is salt.
Hey, Dasu you go away.
Where will you run away?
Leave me.
Please answer my questions with a Yes or a No only.
What is your name?
Su... Yesu.
Do you know Abhi?
Do you know that Abhi makes drugs?
Sir, its a bit confusing to answer your questions this way.
We will tell you everything in detail.
That is what happened.
What is this?
There is a camera fixed in every room of that house.
Did you fix it?
Ravi did.
Abhi didnt know that?
I dont know about that.
Why? Didnt you interrogate him yet?
We cannot.
Because of drug overdose.
What about Myra
Does that mean only the both of us recovered?
Its a medical miracle.
To know that we recovered so quickly.
Wow... what a great body mine is.
How long ago do you think your incident happened?
Four days?
Four weeks.
This is 2016, right?
When you already know everything that has happened,
Then, why are you interrogating us, sir?
Just testing to see if you are telling the truth or not.
Sir, we did tell you, didnt we?
Can we leave?
No.... There is another question for you.
Tell me...
where is the money?
What Money?
That day we put the money in the bag and bring it.
Just check it, sir.
The bag is still there.
But there are only 5 lakhs in it.
What do you mean?
I opened the bag and saw the money myself.
There is money on the top
but its all newspapers underneath.
What did you do?
I told you to get all the money that day.
You have two options.
The first one...
keep the money with you
and go to the jail as criminals.
give the money to me
and walk away from this freely.
Choice is yours.
How can you imprison us with
so much evidence in against the others?
Do you know that there is an option called delete in it.
I put only 5 lakhs in the bag that day.
Take the twenty-five lakhs and let us go, sir.
What do you mean?
If there are only 5 lakhs in the bag...
there must be a total of 45 lakhs.
How would you come up with a figure of 25 lakhs?
I remember now sir.
I forgot it because I was high.
It is in the attic in my house.
Thats good.
We found the bag, Sir.
There is money in this bag...
what about my share?
Ok... ok.
What will you do with us now?
All of you are aware of the incident
that occurred at Mansion Heights.
The interrogation for the case is finished today.
Based on the information provided by two of
our informers who have just recovered...
we have concluded that Abhi and Myra are the culprits...
and we will be submitting the report for the same.
We have found the diary of the primary suspect Myra.
The diary contains the names of business tycoons,
Film celebrities and even politicians.
I promise that I will ensure each and everyone named in
this diary will be brought to face the law.
If he took so much money from us,
I wonder how much he would take from them.
Let it go, buddy.
At least, because of us the drug racket got exposed.
I never thought Abhi would do this.
I never thought you robbed people either.
I never thought even you would listen
to me and rob people.
Anyways, its called pocketing the money.
What did you understand from this?
Leave English serials
Telugu serials are the way forward.
Lets watch it.
Please sir. Nothing will happen to her.
Let me give you the first aid. [On TV]
No I dont want it. [On TV]
Doctor please tell me that nothing happened
to my Ratna
What happened to Ratna?
How will I know?
Due to severe injuries, her cerebellum was damaged.
She got a hole in heart also.
I am sorry.
These doctors are always like this.
Why are you so sad?
It isnt a big deal.
I am going to die in your arms as a married woman.
What could be greater than that?
Please dont say that Ratna.
Ratna Madam...
From today onwards Rs 500 and
Rs.1000 notes are not valid.
Ok.. Start Music...