Matthew 18 (2014) Movie Script

What is it?
We need to pray.
We need to pray now.
Our Father who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done, on earth
as it is in heaven.
Give us this day
our daily bread,
and forgive us
our trespasses...
Michelle, turn that music down.
It's too loud.
I can't hear myself think.
That's what you got me for.
Michelle, please.
Mom, come on!
That was my song.
You can't hear your phone ring.
What are you...
Michelle, you got another one.
Angela, I'm gonna call you back.
You have applied at five.
Got accepted at all five.
I am so proud of you.
And now Georgetown.
Thanks, mom, but I actually
applied to four,
fifth one recruited me.
- Are you still trying to go to
Minneapolis for school?
- Yes, mom.
Why don't you wanna stay here?
In DC? Where you have family?
Look, they're only
offering me two years.
The University of Minnesota
offered me a full four year
pre-med scholarship.
None of the other schools have
even came close to that, mom.
Come on. They recruited me.
I didn't even apply there.
Aunt Jessie lives out there.
Aunt Jessie?
She's family.
My little girl wants to
go to Minnesota?
She got accepted
at Georgetown, Harris.
Well, Georgetown is
a great school.
I know, dad, but so is
the University of Minnesota.
And they have the best medical
and research program there.
Well, what's
Georgetown offering?
Georgetown? Two years.
Minnesota, little bit lighter
on the pocket.
Leave it to Mr. Practicality.
Do you really want our daughter
to go away to college?
No, I don't want my daughter
to go away to college.
But you know what?
She's a big girl.
Besides, Aunt Jessie's there
and she thinks the world
of Michelle.
Where's she gonna stay?
Scholarship or no scholarship,
you know it's more expensive
to go to school out of state.
Besides, Jessie's little
apartment can barely hold her.
That's the only problem
right now.
That's the only problem
and let's just not think
about that for right now.
You know what?
Whatever our
li'l girl decides,
it's fine with me.
We're behind you, 100 percent.
Thanks, dad.
And you?
I guess.
All right, well,
I'm gonna go upstairs
and think about this.
- Okay.
- Goodnight.
Good night.
Don't give me that look.
- Sleeping?
- No.
It seems like a lot is on
my li'l girl's mind.
What else is new?
What's up?
So you really wanna go away
to Minneapolis to school?
Yes, yes, mom.
And the more that I think
about it, the more that
I want to go.
It's not that I don't want
to be near my family.
I just always dreamed of
going away to college.
And the university is
a good school with full
four years scholarship.
- Yes.
- I know.
And I think it would be
the perfect opportunity except
for this residency problem.
Decisions, decisions, decisions.
I think I can help
with that one.
Well, I spoke to your
aunt Jessie this morning.
I never mentioned it to you
'cause I really didn't feel
it was necessary to
mention it to you.
But many years ago,
your great grandfather
was left a property.
And we own it with
another family.
And the last I heard,
the property was
difficult to rent.
And with the consent of
our family, the other owner
tried to sell the property.
And that didn't work out.
So, I had your aunt Jessie
go over there and talk to the
family's heir, Mrs. Hillshire,
and tell her about you
coming there to stay.
And she said you could
stay there as long as you
agree to pay the utilities.
- Really?
- Yes.
So just the utilities?
Uh, Michelle,
the utilities add up.
Gas and lights are not cheap.
Mom, I do pay my fair share
of utilities here.
What utilities?
Do credit card bills
count as utility?
Girl, no.
Just kidding.
Oh, my God!
I'm so excited!
Thank you!
- Understand...
- This is so great!
The reason why I'm doing this
is 'cause I trust that you
will work just as hard there,
as you do here.
Of course.
And Michelle,
if you have any problems...
I mean any...
I need you to call.
And we'll get you back here
on the next flight.
Okay, mom. Thank you,
but I'm gonna be fine
anywhere that I go,
so you don't have to worry.
I promise.
I know you will.
I know you will.
Are you gonna see
your grandfather?
First thing in the morning.
That's my girl.
Hey, mom, you're gonna let
Michelle go away to college?
Hey, munchkin,
what do you...
That's what she wants
to do, baby girl.
You're gonna let me
go away to college?
We'll cross that bridge
when I get to it.
What you doing still up, hmm?
Don't you have school
in the morning?
Where you going, Michelle?
- Minneapolis.
- Minneapolis?
Hey! How are you?
How's my favorite guy?
How you feeling?
Lemme check you out.
Blood pressure?
Holding and steady. 140/90.
Blood sugar?
Stabilizing at 190.
EKG readings within
normal limits?
Within normal limits.
Is that everything, Doctor?
Yes. Thanks, Anne.
Okay, I'll leave you to
your patient.
So how are you?
We miss you.
Why would you go and
have a stroke on us, huh?
All our walks in the park,
our chess matches.
Oh, by the way,
I'm still one up on you.
On our best of five series.
We still have so much
to do together.
And I know great granddad
moved the family around a lot,
but you've always been
the stabilizer for us.
So you have to
get better, okay?
Family needs you.
I need you.
Oh, um...
And I decided to
go away to college.
Got accepted by
the University of Minnesota.
Excited? I'm gonna miss you.
I need to stick him.
Checking his level?
- You got it.
- All right.
Grandpa, I gotta go.
I love you.
I'll see you soon, okay?
Okay, let's try and
make a fist, all right?
So you gonna be
good in school?
Do all your homework
and you can come stay
with me in college.
- There she is!
- Hi!
The college girl.
All right, you guys.
Aw, this is so nice.
Wait a minute. Oh!
Oh. Doctor, can you come
over here and help me?
I'm not a doctor yet,
aunt Liz.
Well, honey, can you at least
come over here and examine
this pain I'm having?
I'm just teasing with you, baby.
We're just all so proud of you.
My niece going to college
to become a doctor.
She's gonna come back
in a few years, y'all.
She gonna heal us all.
Now, now, Liz.
You know there's only one
that can heal, and that's
the Lord Almighty!
Now my baby girl might be
the Lord's helper,
but when it's your time to go,
there's not a doctor on Earth
that can do anything about it.
That's right!
Yes, mom. But that does not
mean that we sit around
and wait for the Lord
to call our number.
The Lord did not mean
for us to neglect ourselves.
If you're sick,
you go to the doctor.
If the doctor can't do anything,
then you leave it in
the Lord's hands.
A lot of people have died,
on their knees,
waiting for the Lord.
All they had to do was
use their feet and
go to the doctor.
Sounds like a
med student to me.
On your knees or on your feet,
when it's your time to go,
you are going.
The doctor told uncle Davis
that he was fit as a bird.
The next week,
he dropped dead.
The doctor told
missionary Hamlin, that
she'd be dead in a month.
She went home,
got on her knees
and haven't been
to the doctor since.
That's right.
And that was just
eight years ago.
Doctors to this day
can't explain that.
That's so true.
In this world,
there is good
and there is evil.
Oh, yes.
There are things that
can be explained...
...and there's things
that cannot.
That's right.
But there are signs.
When death is chasing you,
the young shall dream dreams
and the old shall see visions.
Oh, yes. Oh, yes.
Well, I believe that in time,
science will have an explanation
for everything.
Almost does, just about.
I'll agree with you on that,
just about.
But there are some things
in the spiritual world,
that's beyond our ability
to comprehend.
That is right.
As granddad used to say,
if it's something you
don't understand,
it's healthier if
you leave it alone.
Oh, that's right!
And why is that?
Girl, I don't know.
Go ask your great grandpa
when you see him yourself.
See, that's my point.
We've been told things
for generations and we just
believe them without question.
How long did we believe that
the Earth was flat?
Without question?
We were just scared to go
and travel, because we thought
we were gonna fall off
the edge of the Earth.
I'm just saying,
ignorance will hold you on fear.
to the philosopher.
This philosopher
will live and learn.
Let's get this table finished.
Hmm. All right.
- Oh, my God!
- What?
I thought she was
through with him.
I did too.
What do you want?
So today's the day, huh?
I thought you knew.
Look, I know we've had
our problems, Michelle, but...
Nathan, just don't even
go there, okay?
All right, well,
all I'm trying to say is
I'm proud of you,
I still think of you as my girl
and when you come back,
I'm gonna be waiting.
Is that so?
Yeah, right, Nathan.
Okay, whatever.
You gonna let me write to you?
You're gonna write to me?
Yeah and call if you want.
You gonna give me
your number and address?
I'll give it to you
when I get there.
You know I'm gonna
miss you, right?
I don't know if I believe that.
Anyways, I gotta go.
All right. Can I get a hug?
I'll give it to you
when I get back.
Move, dog, move!
Move, move.
Oh, my God!
What the...
Are you okay?
That crazy dog almost killed me.
- Where did he...
Are you okay?
- I don't know. No...
It must have sensed fear,
because I thought someone
was following me and then
I see him and I don't know.
I was just like what the...
He can't...
Was there someone following you?
No, I didn't see anyone but...
God! That was crazy!
Are you okay?
Oh, my God!
I'm getting there...
You need anything?
Yes, for you to step away
and give us a minute.
Is that okay?
Wow. Who hired her?
That's the owner's daughter.
- Oh, okay.
- Mmm-hmm.
So how's my girl?
We haven't talked in a while.
Good. Really good.
Preparing for my exodus
out of here.
Still hell bent on
going away to school, huh?
Hell bound, if my parents tell.
No, you'll be fine.
Your parents, like me,
your best friend,
just wants you near by.
But you seem so determined
to get out of here
or get somewhere.
India, we've talked
about this, okay?
I just have this
strong desire
to go away for college.
Just been under
my parent's tutelage
and direction my whole life.
I mean, I love them, yes,
and they do a strong system
of beliefs that I do respect,
but I just need to step out
of their world,
and just follow my own emerging
principles and convictions.
And just see things different.
You are different.
So smart and headstrong.
To them, you're their angel.
Your parents are so protective
of you, everybody is.
Even I'm that way towards you.
If that dog would have come
through that door, I would have
killed it without hesitation.
Anybody else, bite him.
I don't care, bite him.
Listen, Michelle,
you can study philosophy
and belief systems
the world over,
and all the knowledge that
pretty head of yours can contain
but at the end of the day,
it's about family
and loved ones.
"Give me my flowers
while I yet live,"
the spiritual says.
I'll do it for you.
Even the dead are real.
Excuse me?
I don't know.
Figure it out.
Okay, grandpa,
let's get you propped up.
Oh, you're so cold.
Hi. Welcome aboard.
I'm Melissa and I'm gonna
be your flight attendant.
Hi, Melissa, I'm Michelle.
Is this your
first flight, Michelle?
No. I actually travel
a lot with family.
You know, vacations and stuff.
Oh, let me guess.
You're going to Minneapolis
to attend college.
How'd you know?
Girl, when you've been flying
for as long as I have,
you just know.
Besides, why would a young lady
like you be traveling
with a backpack at
this time of the year?
It ain't to meet Romeo.
No. You ever been
to Minneapolis?
Oh, name a place that
I haven't been to.
But it's a nice place.
It's a good city.
Um, you should check out
the mall.
Yes. I heard it's pretty big.
So, what college are
you going to?
The University of Minnesota.
Oh, that's a great school.
Have you picked out a major yet?
What? I bet your parents grin
ear to ear every time
your name is mentioned.
Yeah, they're pretty proud.
They're pretty proud.
Well, Michelle, sit back
and enjoy the trip.
And if you need anything,
just hit that button up there.
All right. Thanks.
- Thanks. Bye.
- Yup.
- Hey!
- New kid in town, huh?
Yeah. Just got in.
- Yeah?
- I'm Michelle.
Lifton Tyler.
Nice to meet you.
Pleasure's all mine.
So you stay here?
I just moved here
about four days ago.
- Oh, you just moved in too.
- Yeah.
How do you like it so far?
It's good. I mean...
There's an old lady in there
who refuses to die.
Think she was here when...
But you know.
Oh, where are my manners?
I guess my wife got that
in settlement. Let me help you.
- Thank you.
- Oh, yeah.
Let me help you with this.
So where are you from?
Washington D.C.
Oh, the big city.
The big city.
You know the black guy there
who was the President?
That's what I say. "Yeah?"
- I'm like, "yeah"
- New kid...
Oh. So, you're the
Jamieson kid, huh?
Yeah, hi. How are you?
Your family and mine go back
a very long way.
Yes. So I've heard.
So, did you know that
it took a lot of convincing me
to allow you to come
and stay here?
But I do understand the
importance of one's education.
Even though you're
entitled to stay here,
that does not mean
that you will just
move into my place,
and destroy it.
First things first,
you can see I've worked
very hard
to maintain the place.
And I'll have no one tenant
or heir destroying it.
Now, there will be no drugs,
- no drinking, no smoking...
- Come on...
- What did you say?
- Hmm?
- Nothing.
- No loud rape music.
Are you talking about rap music?
Rap. Rape.
What's the difference?
I just know that I have
friendly neighbors around here,
and they will have none of it.
Now, also, you will be
paying all the utilities.
And if you don't,
they will be shut off.
Do you understand?
- Now...
- Yeah?
Let me give you a tour.
Right this way.
This here is
Lifton Tyler's place.
I like Lifton. He's nice.
This is the kitchen.
Can we use the kitchen?
I'd like you to ask my
permission first, please.
This will be your room.
Ah, this looks so great.
Oh, my God!
Whoo, all right, then.
So, yeah, now...
I'm gonna go see
my aunt Jessie, so...
I'll take those,
but I'll see you later.
Thank you.
Oh, man.
That plane food was terrible.
So thank you for making this.
This is delicious.
You like my baked chicken?
You know I make the
best baked chicken at church.
Oh, Sister Dickenson,
she used to think
she can out-chicken me
but she can't out-chicken me.
She really can't
out-chicken me no more.
She couldn't out-chicken me
when she was living,
and she passed away last week.
Aunt Jessie!
I'm sorry, Lord!
It's the truth.
And your uncle Ellis
used to love my chicken.
- I know I'm a chicken baking
something girl.
- Mmm-hmm.
Mmm, and thank you for saving me
from that woman earlier.
Oh, don't worry about that.
She's just old and crabby
and ain't had any in 50 years.
- All dried up.
- I know.
Well, listen, who am I fooling?
I haven't had any in
four years since your
uncle Ellis passed away.
So I'm going through
a bit of a dry spell myself.
Weren't you talking
to that one guy?
- Charles Dixen?
- Yeah!
That weasel!
What happened with him?
He can't handle
all this, honey.
He can't take it.
You know, some men just can't
handle an aggressive woman.
That is true. Yes.
I agree with that.
Sometimes aggressive women make
a man all insecure and nervous.
And then li'l Johnny
want to run and hide.
And when li'l Johnny
run and hide, they wanna
run and hide with it.
Oh, my God!
And I say good, go.
Oh, my God. You are too much.
You are too much.
I know.
So, look um...
What do your um,
mother and father
think about the fact that
you came out here to
Minneapolis to go to school?
They're coming around, I guess.
But, you know,
they'd still rather have me
out there with them, so...
Well, I can understand that.
You know they love you a lot.
But, um, it is good that
you got out and...
You know, see the world
and get some independence,
you know?
That's what I told them.
Well, speaking of independence,
I have a little
present for you.
A little gift.
Not much. Just a li'l something.
What's this?
Aunt Jessie, you don't have
to give me this.
No, I want you to have it.
They raised $2500 for me
before I came out here.
So let me borrow $50 then.
Listen, you keep it anyway.
Just, you know,
some pocket change.
Thank you, thank you,
thank you, but...
I promise you I will be
getting a part time job
while I'm out here.
I'm glad to hear that.
How do you plan on
getting back and forth
to this part time job?
I haven't figured it out yet,
but the bus line
is pretty easy, right?
No. The bus system is rat shit.
No niece of mine is
gonna ride the bus
if I can help it,
and I can help it,
so why don't you drive...
The car!
Aunt Jessie, really?
Thank you!
- Well, that's just a...
- Oh, my God!
Ever since your uncle Ellis
passed away, I've been
driving his car,
which is now mine.
That car has been
sitting here collecting dust,
so it's yours to drive
while you're here.
Oh, thank you so much.
- Mmm-hmm
- Aw!
It's all good.
Thank you.
When do we get to see it?
Well, let's clear
the dishes first.
- All right.
- Okay.
And then I'm gonna need you to
go help wash my clothes,
and make up my bed,
clean the bathroom.
No, I'm kidding. Come on!
Yes, I know what I'm doing.
It's Michelle's choice.
Michelle's choice?
What are you talking about?
You know.
Jessie will be there.
She'll be fine.
Jessie? You know
Jessie's not fit, right?
She drove herself off
the side of the road.
Jessie? Man, no!
You know that was an accident.
An accident?
Have you spoken to her?
What is wrong with you?
And Harris.
Michelle needs to be here
in seminary school.
That was the plan.
That child needs to
remain in D.C.
and you need to
get her back here, now.
Claire, this is not good.
We're gonna have
to get together and
go into prayer on this.
Because you are not
following the plan.
What plan?
Claire, you know what
we're talking about.
Claire, who you talking to
this time of the night?
I got to go.
Claire Eugene, don't you
hang up that phone.
I got to go.
You know who it is.
Oh, my God!
What the hell?
You scared the shit out of me.
You scared me.
What the hell is wrong with you?
Oh, my God! I'm sorry.
Have you seen an old lady
walk around here?
You mean other than
the grateful dead?
Yes, an additional old lady.
Not Miss Hillshire.
An additional old lady.
Like Tyler Perry?
You're not doing any drugs?
Stop it.
No, I'm not on anything.
Oh, my God. Okay.
You know what?
It's all in my head probably.
I'm probably just making more
out of this than I should.
I tell you what?
If the bitch come around again,
knock on my door and
I'll cold-knock the bitch out.
- Right.
- Okay.
- You good? All right.
- All right, Lifton. Yes.
Yes, I will.
Probably some ghost...
Fat Kung Fu.
- You all right? Deal?
- Okay, Lifton.
- All right. Bye.
- Thank you.
- Let me know if you see anyone.
- Okay.
You must be Michelle Jamieson.
Yes. Hi, how are you?
Good. It's so nice to finally
put a face to the name.
Um, how was your flight?
It was great.
- Have a seat.
- Thank you.
Michelle, you have been
one of the top recruits
for our pre-med program,
and we are thrilled
to have you here.
Thank you.
And I've done my research and
I'm equally impressed with
the program and the scholarship.
Oh, good.
Coming from D.C.,
we know that Georgetown is
one of our biggest competitors.
Now, I've seen your SAT scores.
Pretty impressive.
Thanks, but I'm sure you have
quite a range of applicants
around here that you could
have chosen from.
Yes, we do.
Michelle, the university
attracts and enjoys,
a broad range of diversity
among it's student-body.
We pull students from
all over the country,
to all over the world.
It's something that
we're quite proud of.
Have you settled in to
your new place yet?
It's coming along.
Hmm. I love that neighborhood.
Well now, as part of
the pre-med program,
there are a lot
of pre-requisites.
So we'll have to plan your
class schedule very carefully.
- And classes fill up fast,
so we better get started.
- Okay, great.
Oh, and before you leave
you'll want to visit
the university bookstore.
Books are always
the first things to go.
Okay, perfect.
Now we've got to
get you into Biology.
I think here it looks like...
God, this is gonna take forever!
Girl, it's like this
every quarter.
So you've been here before?
This is my second year.
It's your first, huh?
Okay. Picked a major yet?
Ah. Okay, my girl's gonna
be a doctor, huh?
How about yourself?
Still undecided.
I was thinking
about law school but...
Honestly, I'm not trying to
be up in this motherfucker
for that long.
I'm not trying to deal
with these lines for
the next eight years, girl.
Right. This is terrible.
- So where you from?
- D.C.
Oh, okay. I got family
that live there.
- Really?
- Mmm-hmm.
Terry Richardson? His team took
State basketball last year.
Yeah. I was up at
a couple of his games.
- Really?
- He's really good.
- Yeah.
- Really good.
So did he end up getting
picked up by Georgetown?
Mmm-hmm. That boy
know he can ball.
Oh, man.
Look, you wanna get out
of here real quick?
Girl, these books will be here
when we get back, trust me.
Come on.
So what made you come
all the way to Minneapolis
from Washington D.C.?
You got relatives here?
Yeah, actually, I have
an aunt that lives here.
And the university gave me
a full four year scholarship.
What? Four year?
Damn, girl. What did you do?
Get a 2400 on your SAT?
No. I liked their
pre-med program too.
Oh, I heard about that.
They have
a really good program.
Yeah. So you from here?
Yeah, kinda. I've been here
since I was six.
- You live with your parents?
- Hell, no.
I could not wait to get away
from the house.
I know. I know.
That's why I came here
because I had to get
some distance from my family.
Yeah, I hear you.
So you stay on campus, right?
No, I actually have
my own place. Rent free.
Oh, rent free.
How did you manage that?
My mom, like,
had some property.
I guess her family had
some property and
she made some calls and
set it all up.
All I gotta do is pay utilities.
Damn. You're set, girl.
We should go get
those books though. I think
the line might have died.
Fine. We'll go get the books.
Yes, let's go.
Then after that, I'm gonna
show you around the city.
- Aunt Jessie.
- Hi, baby.
What you playing?
Supposed to be solitaire
but I don't really
know what I'm doing.
All right, there's
no joker in Solitaire.
Silly girl.
He isn't mine.
So, Aunt Jessie, how long
have you known about
this property that we have?
Maybe about ten years.
They didn't talk about it much.
I don't know much about it
or how your mother's
grandfather got it.
But I know that
old lady Hillshire
is sitting on a ton of it.
Ton of money.
So the property is
done that well a price?
Yeah, I guess. Like I said,
we don't really discuss it much.
Why didn't I know about that?
Girl, you and
that mind of yours.
Are you sure you're not
going to school to be a lawyer?
I'm just curious, okay?
- I've been like that
all my life, okay?
- Yeah.
Just like I'm curious
about this.
There's an old lady that's been
coming around the house.
Old lady?
Yeah, there's
been this old lady
just showing up at my house.
Like a couple of days ago,
there was this old lady that
just showed up at my house
out of nowhere,
and I looked back
for one second
and she's gone.
Out of nowhere.
Must have spooked you, huh?
Yeah, it was weird.
And then I went up to
Lifton Tyler's place to
ask him if he knew.
Who's that?
He just moved in
a couple of weeks ago,
but anyways,
I went over there,
to ask him if
he had seen her,
and he said no.
So, how old is he?
Like late forties,
early fifties maybe.
Oh, he's around my age.
Is he single?
Oh, my God.
Aunt Jessie.
Okay, I'm just teasing.
Now listen, if that woman
comes around again,
don't worry about her,
'cause she's probably
just a homeless,
or a or something,
got mad at you got her spot.
You know, she'll probably
find some other place to
go lay down up under a bridge
or something like that.
A homeless person?
I dunno about that.
Yeah, we got
homeless people, honey.
We got homeless people
in Minneapolis just like
you do in D.C.
Yeah, but don't they usually
live closer to the inner cities
because of the shelters and
the food shelves and all that?
Michelle, your mind.
That's how it is in D.C.
Well, homeless will
pop up anywhere.
You'd be surprised
where they show up.
Just like, you know,
there's going to be homeless
in the White House.
In the White House?
Every four to eight years,
somebody's homeless.
Even my beloved Obama
gonna be homeless one day.
He can come stay with me.
So don't worry about it, okay?
If that lady turns up again,
listen, you just call me.
Because have you ever
heard that song...
Aunt Jessie's got a gun?
Yeah, well. I got one.
It's a big one too.
So don't you worry about her.
Okay, I won't.
- Hey.
- Hmm?
That guy.
Is he single? Is he straight?
Is he single first?
Okay, he's getting a divorce
and I'll let him know
that you're interested since
you ain't had none in a while.
All right, um,
can I call my mom?
Sure, you know, go ahead.
Oh, and if you talk to her
please don't tell her anything
about the creepy lady,
because you know
she worries and stuff.
All right, Aunt Jessie.
All right, thanks.
- I'll see you later.
- All right, baby.
I had none.
Girl, you are trippin' for real.
I get it in. That boy
at the grocery store
gives me free meat
and everything.
But ask somebody about your...
Open this piece of meat.
This looks good.
Pork, veggies.
Let's see here. New...
Damn, I'm a genius.
Dude, I was just
thinking about you.
I got the text
she sent about...
About her shoe alliance.
Allowance. I'm not gonna...
No, I'm not cool
signing for that.
She never had a shoe allowance.
Okay? We're just
hard working people.
This is her way to
kinda hang on, whatever.
No. No.
Everything's good.
I've moved in a new place,
you know, old creaky house.
Goes bumping at night,
but it's cool.
Whoa! 20 year old girl moved in.
Tits just poking your eyes out.
Trust me, I'm too old for her.
I can be her daddy's daddy.
Yeah, yeah, yeah...
She said she saw...
Oh. That's my sandwich.
I made a sandwich.
I'm making vegetables.
No, no. Something caught my eye.
Let me call you right back.
Yeah, yeah. No shoe allowance.
Good morning,
my sisters and brothers.
Good morning, pastor.
My flock,
the children of
the Almighty living God.
We are all blessed
to be gathered here
on this glorious day.
To be yet and still
in the land of the living.
Enjoying the company
of our loved ones.
But this much I know,
that if I don't wake
with you tomorrow,
I will still be all right.
Because to be absent
from this body,
is to be present with the Lord.
Look at old man Wilson
sitting over there.
He better back up
off that horse, he won't
last throughout the night.
And the Brandon,
look at him.
He's sitting over there
like he about to burst.
In a minute, his gut gonna
burst wide open.
Listen to you,
Miss health conscious.
Michelle's starting to
wear off on you?
No. Your body is a temple.
You got to follow the body.
God will destroy.
Read your Bible.
Listen to Claire, the preacher.
Claire, look at that
woman over there.
Why is she staring at you?
Girl, I don't know.
She must have heard you
talking about old man Wilson.
You know this is flame, girl.
She better send that
heat somewhere else.
She don't want me to
catch her case up in here.
Praise the Lord.
Praise ye the Lord!
Lift up your hands in
his house today
to God's praise!
So you got all your classes yet?
Yeah, got my books too.
Good. Uh, there's my girl.
- Hey, Julia!
- Hi, Tammy.
How are you girl?
Have you got all
your classes in yet?
Yes. Got it all
taken care of.
Oh, this is my roommate, Julia.
Julia, this is Michelle.
Hi! Nice to meet you!
I think I saw you registering
for my French class.
Yeah, it's a requirement
for my major.
See, I've been trying to get
Tammy to take it for
the past two years, but
she wants to stick to Spanish.
Fuck French, okay?
You know, Edward likes it
when you say his name in French.
Fuck Edward too.
All right, ladies, I gotta go.
Michelle, do you wanna
get together and
study some time?
Yeah, let's do that.
Sounds good.
Get my number from Tammy.
All right. Cool.
- See you later.
- Bye.
She seems cool.
Yeah, she is.
Except for that witch stuff
she be tossing around.
- Witch stuff?
- Yeah.
Hey, you guys, whats up?
- Hey!
- What took you so long?
What's the matter?
You missed me, baby?
- Yeah, something like that.
- Something like that?
Michelle, this is Keela,
Renfro and Edward.
So, you guys go here too?
Keela does. Me and Edward
just come down here every once
in a while to chill.
You know, check on the girls.
Where you trying to
go with that? You know
I'm not your girl.
Not after last night.
I wouldn't have your ass anyway.
You know you've been
trying to get on, since
the moment you met me.
- Bitch, please!
- Bitch?
- Yes!
- - Hold up!
Is this how you all
introduce yourselves?
Baby, you know they all
got no sense.
No sense of change.
Who you saying got no sense?
Lock boy.
Yeah. Edward gonna be
a locksmith,
just like his daddy.
Is that right.
Yeah, I can get in
and out of anything.
Oh, I know.
Boy, please!
In and out.
Keela, go check yourself.
Yes, Keela. Check yourself.
You better check yourself.
Your breath smelling
like a bag of asses.
Well, you better check
with the doctor 'cause
I heard some rumors about you.
Renfro, you ain't nothing
but a scrub.
Michelle was just telling me
about her brand new crib
she got all to herself...
So I figured we'd go
check it out if that's
okay with you.
Yeah, let's go.
Own pad.
Keely, ride with us.
Renfro, Edward.
Renfro, Edward.
Really? Really then?
Girl's like that?
Damn, Michelle, you really
got it going on up in here.
Don't she, y'all?
You got it goin'.
Yeah, nice crib yo!
I think it's pretty nice.
I'm just saying.
Own crib, rent free, furniture.
If life put me here,
I'm trying to get like you.
It's kinda big though,
isn't it?
Takes a li'l getting used to.
And you stay here by yourself?
Well, just me and the li'l lady
that comes and knocks on my door
every now and then.
Old lady?
There's this weird lady
that keeps coming around.
She's like creepy,
creepy looking.
Creepiest woman
I've ever seen, like,
big black eyes like
clammy, clammy skin,
hair's all muddy and knotted.
Honestly, she scares
the shit out of me.
Yes, I'm scared.
Well, from the looks
of this house,
she probably was a ghost.
I know, right?
No. Don't play it like that.
I highly doubt it.
My aunt said that
she might be
a homeless person.
And she probably used to
sleep outside the door
or something,
and now that I moved in here,
she has nowhere to go.
Kick her out.
It seems like it's
set up like a duplex.
Don't somebody stay
down the hall?
Uh-huh. This guy named Lifton.
He just moved in a week ago.
I asked him about the lady too.
He said he hasn't seen her.
- Is he a brother?
- Mmm-hmm.
What? You wanna pick and
see what he got?
- Shut up, Keela. Shut up.
- Be nice. Be nice.
Hey, so Michelle,
was this lady walking?
Or was she floating?
You never know.
You never know.
When you move into a new place,
my grandma always said
when you move into a new house,
you should always anoint
the walls with blessed oil.
Protect yourself from the demons
that maybe are here.
Here we go with
the grandparent's
tall tales again.
This one time when I
used to live in this house,
every night at a certain time,
we'd always hear
this weird noise
in the basement.
Never knew where
it was coming from.
Until my mom went down
anointed the walls...
It stopped.
Keela, stop lying.
You know them your pet wood rats.
Yeah, and they were
calling your name.
"Renfro, Renfro."
Y'all stupid, man.
Wait a minute though.
Haven't you all ever heard that
if wild birds fly into your home
that means someone
gonna die in your family.
Yeah, but you believe that?
I've never heard of that.
Yes, I do.
Shit, it happened to me.
I mean, one day we were
all at the house,
watching TV with
the windows open.
Some stupid old birds
must have flew in,
so my dad started
going crazy trying
to wave them out,
scare 'em out.
Next thing I know, my mom
and my aunt start crying
and I didn't know
what was going on.
Supposedly they
said I was gonna
lose someone in the family,
You know, I didn't believe it.
Next thing I know,
a week later, my grandma died.
Oh, man. I bet everybody was
waiting around for a week
saying "Well, it wasn't me."
"Anybody dead yet?"
I'm celebrating.
That's just not funny.
I'm just playin', baby.
I'm just playin'.
You know when you get
goosebumps for no reason?
Just out of the blue.
No draft. No wind.
That's a spirit passing by.
Hey, no shit.
Happened to me before.
No, not to you, Renfro.
It happened when
you saw yourself in the mirror.
Have you all ever just been
laying there and felt like
you couldn't get up?
Girl, that's the spirit
holding you down.
It's the weirdest
fucking feeling though,
isn't it?
- Yeah.
- Mmm-hmm.
How about this?
So you just been sitting there,
talking with someone, right?
And then snap!
All of a sudden you feel like
you've been at the same place,
same exact time.
That's a vision.
You're re-living a moment
in the past, y'all.
Come on, you guys.
Like seriously?
People fall victims to
their illusions and
exaggerated imaginations
all the time
because they're not
set in reality.
So they just like listen to
whatever people say,
about the things in order
to justify what they
themselves cannot explain.
I mean, I'm saying,
if you did your research,
on all these little stories
that you're telling me,
I'm pretty sure
there's a perfectly logical
explanation for it.
I mean it just takes
some research and common sense.
Nobody got common sense.
Listen, true story.
Straight up. Yeah, I know.
All right. Once I was walking
down a dark alley, right?
All of a sudden,
I start to hear some noise.
I looked around
and I see this huge dude,
who had to be like 6'6".
You know exactly what
I'm talking about.
- And you were scared.
- Hell, yeah, I was scared.
I know you were.
So anyway, I look,
there was a shadow
and then it just disappeared.
I looked again...
Oh dude, you is about
to get jacked.
That's exactly
what I was thinking.
You know I know
when somebody's
gonna jack me, right?
No, no, no.
Are busted in the boobies.
That's what was about
to happen, yeah.
Mm hm.
Keela, go check it out.
Yeah, go ahead.
You're the manliest
among all of us.
I'll check it out.
It's your place.
You go check it out.
Damn. Y'all better call 911.
- Surprise!
Ha ha ha! Very funny!
- It's okay.
- Very funny.
Got ya, girl.
What the hell are
you doing here?
Oh. I'm coming by to
check on things.
And apparently it's a good idea
that I did because
you've had guests.
The drinking kind.
Now I've told you,
I maintain this place
and I will have no one person...
Look, Miss Hillsham...
The name is Mrs Hillshire.
Whatever. We're gonna get
one thing straight right now.
I beg your pardon.
No. I'm about to beg for yours.
I do not appreciate you
coming into my apartment
and snooping around.
Or are you sending any of
your creepy little friends
to do it for you?
You know, this is...
No. I'm not done.
I'm not done.
Nor will I have you
dictating to me
what or who or
what kind of friends
I will be having in here.
Miss Hillsham, you need
to understand, I am grown, okay?
I am grown.
And I am here on my own.
My parents, they're in D.C.
I am here because
of my decisions. Me. Okay?
And I did not fly all the way
out here to be dictated to
by you or anyone else.
We got that clear?
Hey, Michelle, have you
figured out the syntax structure
for the words...
Look at all this homework.
Oh, my God.
How are we gonna do this?
Hey, you're pre-med.
You can handle it, right?
Don't worry.
You'll get used to it.
Homework on the brain.
You never get used to that.
So anyways, how do you
like Minneapolis so far?
Hm. It's nice. I like it.
- It's cold.
- Yeah.
But I guess you have to
get used to that, right?
Like shit.
It also has its weirdos.
Up here.
Yeah, weirdos.
Like, for example,
I was putting up
my mirror the other day
and right through the mirror
you could see this doorway
which was open.
So once I put it up, like,
you could see this lady
just standing there.
Like just looking at me.
She looked like
a homeless person, but...
Not sure what she was
or what she was
doing here.
Or a spy from Ms Hillshire.
She's the caretaker
of this place.
And she takes care of it
with her life.
She's so strange.
You know, I can't imagine
there being any homeless
creepy people around here.
There's a beautiful golf course
like five or six blocks
from here.
And, I mean,
they wouldn't let any
homeless people
hang around there.
I mean, these houses,
have you seen them around here?
They're super nice.
These people have got money.
And they probably have
the police patrol on here
all the time.
You're right.
So it's probably just a creepy,
nosy neighbor or something.
Or a spy from Ms Hillshire.
You know a lot about properties.
My dad's a real estate investor.
If I remember correctly,
he once told me
there was mad scramble
for property on this area.
Around the Great Depression
or something like that.
- Scramble?
- Yeah, mad scramble.
Mad scramble.
Yeah. Because of the demand,
I mean,
prices like shot way
the hell up or something
and people started
networking and
taking sides to get in.
Building contractors to
investment bankers all the way
down to factory workers.
He said it was crazy.
Yeah. I can only imagine.
Before the calm,
comes the storm.
See it's so peaceful
around here,
another storm maybe brewing.
Okay, you trying to
creep me out?
No, I'm just interpreting
what it says here in French.
Well, interpret something else,
okay, bitch?
Just kidding.
Michelle, are you okay?
I dunno. There's too much
like creepy drama
going around here.
Wats's so creepy about
an old nosy neighbor?
Okay, nosy neighbor or not,
she was scary looking.
She was smelly,
like smelt like dead.
She looked like dead.
Like her eyes
were crazy unnatural.
- It was... Yes.
- Unnatural.
It was really creepy.
I don't know.
I can't describe it.
It's just...
I dunno, just like...
It was like she was
looking right through me.
Like she couldn't even see me.
She been back since?
See then, it's that
li'l imagination of yours
running wild again.
She hasn't been back since.
Everybody that I tell
this story to,
says the same thing.
I swear, everybody is starting
to sound like me,
and I've become like this
spiritual and ghost person.
Okay, listen,
I know this lady,
and she's like into
ancient witchery and all that.
Okay, see,
I'm gonna stop you right there
because I'm not gonna do that.
Okay, well...
I'm not gonna call
your witch lady, Julie.
Okay. In case your creepy,
you know, neighbors and stuff
come back, that's the number.
No, thank you.
But I appreciate it,
I love you still.
You know, Tammy and them
are going out tonight.
You should just go kick it.
Hey, what's up, man?
How you doing?
- How are you guys?
- Hello!
Nothing nothing.
I'm just tired.
Hey! What can I get you guys?
Um. I'll have a coke.
A coke?
I got it. I got it.
Coke and rum for the lady.
No, no, no.
I can speak for my own.
Thank you and it'll be a coke.
Yeah, thank you.
You can give mine too.
You know what I want.
Can we get
a strawberry daiquiri?
Thank you.
Uh, let me get a...
Girl, get a man.
I've got a man.
- Sure you do.
- No, no. For real.
She does. She does.
She really does.
He told me that he was
getting out next summer.
He told me to tell you too that
this time get that Vaseline
Petroleum Jelly Intensive Care.
I mean, sexy or not,
you're gonna care.
Wait, hell no.
You're ass gonna be
the one to dance all night.
No disrespect,
but is this your woman?
Yeah, this is my woman.
What are you...
What you doing, man?
He's just gonna take her?
Stop it!
He's just being nice, so what?
You're not dancing.
Hold on, let Washington do it.
He's all up on her!
- Stop hating.
- I'm just sayin'...
I can dance better...
You can't dance either.
I'll show you.
Come on, baby, let's go dance.
No. You gotta pay
for these drinks.
Let's show them how to do it.
Come on.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
Tammy, I don't even want it.
Why don't you tell 'em
how we did it last night...
Or should I tell 'em?
Right, look at your hand.
You must be sober.
Looks like you gave it the clap,
Mr Wagonmaster.
Hey, whatever, you need to
get that mustache off your lip!
You guys miss me?
No. But rhythm did.
Look, whatever.
Girl, he was all over you.
Why didn't you let him
buy you a drink?
Live it up. It's Minnesota.
These things are all right.
Yeah, I know.
Not my type.
Must be holding up
for your man back home.
What, you got a man?
Yes. I mean, no.
- Girl, you sound like me.
- No, I don't have man.
- Sound like who?
- I'm kidding.
Nah. She's not kidding.
I saw it. I saw
how you were looking.
Forget it.
Baby, let's go do this.
Come on, let's go.
Let's go do this.
Let's go.
Yeah. No!
You guys really
sound cute together.
So you really want to?
You had me jealous
for a quick second.
Just a quick second.
Party at my house, y'all.
I'll tell you what.
I'll meet you all there.
I got something to do
real quick.
I'll meet y'all there.
Don't worry about it.
I got you. All right?
Don't worry about it?
- Right, let's go.
- Anyway...
Just a minute.
He's weakening.
I would notify his family.
He was fine an hour ago.
May I help you?
No. But I can help you.
How is that?
May I come in?
Why have you come?
How's your father?
He's fine. He's progressing.
How's old man Wilson?
Will you tell me
why you're here?
God has endowed us with gifts.
Since I was a child,
I knew my gift.
Do you know yours?
I see
what others cannot see.
When we was in church
that Sunday,
I saw what others did not.
What did you see?
Sitting on top of your head,
was the decapitated head
of a goat.
Somebody in your family
is about to be cut off.
Honey, I'm home.
This bitch is a bit.
Oh, shit.
I'm gonna do that shit.
Damn, baby.
Yeah, yeah, shit.
Where you from?
What's happening?
Guess who got in?
I gotta bathe, girl.
Look what you've done to me!
Michelle, baby, how you doing?
Hey, Mom!
I'm okay. I'm fine.
You said you were
gonna call me.
I know. I know.
Sorry, I was sleeping.
Are you sure
you're all right?
Yes. I'm fine, Mom.
Well, I had a strange dream
last night.
What did you dream about?
I dreamed that someone
was following you.
I couldn't tell whether
they were male or female.
But the were trying
to harm you, baby.
Nobody's following me.
I promise you I'm fine.
Everything's fine, okay?
Well, I have some bad news.
I tried to call you earlier
but I couldn't get through.
Granddad is not doing well.
He's taken a turn
for the worst.
What you talking about?
Last time I went over there,
he was fine.
Baby, we have got to pray.
Okay, Mom. Calm down, okay.
I'm gonna call the hospital
and find out what's going on.
I don't know, Michelle.
I think you should come home.
I have a bad feeling
about this whole
Minneapolis situation.
Everything's fine out here.
You don't have to worry.
I'm okay.
Okay, baby.
Call me back. I love you.
I love you too. Bye.
Dear God,
I know I don't come
to you often,
I have to leave...
...leaving Granddad...
Please just don't take him.
Have you ever been sitting
somewhere, talking
and snap
you feel like you've been
at the exact same place
at the exact same time before.
That's a vision.
You're re-living a moment
in the past life.
Hey, Lifton.
Patching things up
with the wife?
Look, look, listen to me.
I don't know what the fuck
is going on here
there's something going on
in this house.
This is not about my divorce.
I'm not freaking out.
I'm not having high anxiety.
This house is creepy.
That old bitch is creepy.
I'm telling you...
you should follow suit.
- What you talking about?
- Listen to me.
- Follow suit.
- What you talking about?
There's something going on here
and I'm not waiting to find out.
Lifton. What are you
talking about?
You should follow suit.
- You're freaking me out.
- Because this is freaky.
Oh, my...
Do what I'm doing.
Michelle, what the hell
is going on?
What you talking about?
I just got off the phone
with Edward's mom.
She told me he just
got released from jail.
Said he got picked up
for indecent exposure.
Oh, shit. Shit!
And according to
the police report,
he was found three blocks
from your house.
Butt naked, asking some
woman for a ride.
So you don't know
what I'm talking about?
Michelle, what the fuck are
his clothes doing here?
I don't know how his clothes...
You don't know how
his clothes got here?
- I was at your place, remember?
- But for how long, God dammit?
Are you serious?
Don't nobody want
your weak-ass man.
Weak-ass man.
Your weak-ass man.
Whatever problems you and him
are having,
are between you and him.
Apparently, whatever problems
we are having,
has got something
to do with you.
You know exactly what
I'm talking about. You know how
the fuck his clothes got here.
- Are you serious?
- Please stop playing with me.
How come every time
I come over here,
something's falling?
What the hell?
I can't calm down.
I can't calm down.
I just looked into
the eyes of death, Michelle.
You understand that? Death.
Tammy, ghosts don't smell, okay?
No, no, Michelle. Dead ones do.
Some weird shit is going on.
She looked really dead.
What if she is a ghost?
Oh, so now you're
a believer now?
How did you even manage
to get in there rent free?
It's Ms Hillshire.
Hillshire? She's the owner?
Who is she?
She's fucking with me.
Because I'm not paying rent.
No, no, no, no.
We need to go to the cops.
That way we'll have
some type of protection.
And you can file some type
of charge against that bitch.
Tammy, honestly,
what I just saw was crazy.
I don't know what to believe
right now but I know I need
some answers right now.
She has some
medieval instructor like lady
that could help us out
with stuff like this.
Stuff? What stuff?
The ghost, Tammy. The ghost.
Let's go get Julia.
- Shit! And she tried to
kill you?
- Yes!
She probably would have
if we didn't get the hell
up out of there.
- Out of where?
- My house.
Your house?
How did she even get in?
I don't know. I don't know.
Wasn't the door locked
when we tried to leave?
Yeah, they were.
Did you lock it
when you came in?
You remember that instructor
you were telling us about?
Yeah. Angelica Minerin.
We need to get to her asap.
Why? Shouldn't you guys
call the police or something?
I think that bitch is a ghost.
Because she locked the doors
when we were trying to get out.
From across the room, Julia.
Okay, calm down.
I'll get my coat. Let's go.
Thank you.
Miss Minerin.
Please call me Angelica.
Sorry, Angelica.
There's something weird
going on at my friend
Michelle's place.
Yes? What is it?
Well, I just moved out here
a couple of weeks ago from
Washington D.C on a scholarship.
But I was allowed to stay
at this place, rent free.
And shortly after I moved in,
this mysterious old lady
came by, right?
And ever since,
weird stuff has been happening.
I've been hearing weird noises.
Like things have been
falling off the wall.
This lady didn't
even look alive.
Go on.
Well, Tammy and I
were back at my place
and she shows up again
with that same, like,
she had this weird smell
I don't know. I feel like
I'm being hunted for no reason.
We tried to leave and
she locked the door.
From across the room.
Who owns this place?
It's a long story.
I think you'd better
tell me the story.
Okay well, my mom said that
my great granddad got
joint ownership in the property.
Like years back.
Go on.
My great granddad moved
from here to Georgia and
then my granddad moved
his family to D.C.
But I guess the whole time the
property stayed in the family.
But it's been run by the
other family, the Hillshires.
I think there might be
something here.
Michelle, remember when I told
you that my dad said there was
mad scramble for property
around this area?
Yes, but what does that have
anything to do with me
or the property
or anything that's going on?
Many times, a ghost,
if that's what this is,
cannot rest until
a certain conflict
has been resolved.
This can go on for years
and years until
the conflict is resolved.
Or the cause absolved.
Okay, this is...
I've heard this all before.
Maybe I should just
go get the cops.
Maybe you should get your stuff
and get the hell out
of that house.
Maybe I should confront
that witch, Ms Hillshire,
with the cops and get to
the bottom of this whole thing.
Girl. Didn't your mom ever
tell you there are some things
you should leave alone?
Angelica, what do you think?
You do have a choice.
You can walk away.
Or you can confront the problem
in an attempt to resolve it.
Whether you use police officers
or someone else.
It's up to you.
But let me warn you...
Once confronted, they may not
wish to resolve the conflict
but to absolve it.
And when I say absolve it,
I mean remove it.
And when I say remove it,
I mean death.
Something happened
maybe long ago,
that you know nothing about.
Someone was wronged.
And these things can
linger for generations.
You maybe more involved
than you even know.
Okay, you guys, see.
This shit is weird.
What the hell? Really?
And it goes against my beliefs,
which is that
there are no ghosts
or spirits hunting people.
Then who was that?
Look honestly, I don't know
but I'm going to find out.
Thank you, again.
We appreciate it,
but we gotta go.
I hope you'll be all right.
Are you sure you don't want
to go to the police?
No. I really have to go
see my aunt Jessie.
It's your daughter.
She's in danger.
I can't reach her.
We will.
Again, I say unto thee...
...that if two of you
shall agree
on Earth as touching
any thing that they shall ask,
it shall be done for them...
For where are two agreed...
She must die.
In my name...
Angelica, how did you
get in here?
I'm sorry, Michelle,
I didn't mean to startle you,
but I have something important
to tell you.
Upon further research,
I've discovered something.
In 1936,
two women of Russian descent
came here.
With their money,
they ventured into real estate.
This is going to be our house.
We paid good money
for this house and we are
going to keep it.
No, you're not.
It was during the
Great Depression and
times were hard.
Many properties fell
to the open market.
It's been in my family forever.
It's going to stay in my family.
It's not going to stay
in your family. We paid money.
Conflicts would arise
because different parties
would lay claim
to the title deed
of a property.
- I don't care.
- You have no right.
It's not up to you.
It's up to him.
Please. You need to help us.
We need your help. Please!
There's been no evidence
presented that would allow me
to over ride the rule.
The deed is yours.
Thank you. Thank you.
And what does that have
to do with me?
The Russian women suddenly
vanished without a trace.
It's all done. It is ours now to
do what we will with it.
You see.
Avenge us now...
No. Take the child.
You see, Michelle,
I too speak to the dead.
I know what your family did.
How the women were butchered
and buried in the basement.
We hear the pounding
beneath the basement,
so cold,
very cold.
Miss Hillshire now
knows it.
And soon you will too.
In ancient times,
a goat were sacrificed with
the sins of its people.
It's heads decapitated.
Why did you come here?
You're the goat.
The sacrifice for the sins
of your people.
You would run.
Move from place to place.
Hillshires wouldn't run.
He doesn't run anywhere.
We waited a long time,
for both families to be here.
The University didn't
recruit you.
Bring her to
hell with us.
It was me who
recruited you.
- Police!
It is done.
This is crazy.
Where's my aunt Jessie?
Jessie Robertson?
Yes. The lady that
called you here.
- That was your aunt?
- Yes.
Aunt Jessie?
Aunt Jessie, where are you?
I'm sorry, Michelle.
I knew your aunt.
She was killed months ago
in a car accident.
What you talking about?
I've been with Aunt Jessie
the whole time.
Michelle, your aunt's
been killed.
What is he talking about?
I don't get it.
I don't understand.
She was not here with us.
I was with her
this whole time.
No, Michelle, I'm sorry.
She's dead.
Even the dead are real.
Oh, hey, it's Michelle, right?
- Yeah.
- You heading back already?
Yes. I have to go.
It's time to go.
Why so soon?
There are ghosts in Minneapolis.
Oh, girl, tell me about it.
I know exactly what you mean.
There are some things
in the spiritual world
that's beyond our ability
to comprehend.
And as Granddad used to say,
"if it's something
you don't understand,
it's healthier if
you leave it alone."