Max Manus: Man of War (2008) Movie Script

German Economy In Ruins
Adolf Hitler Gives Hopes
To The German People
Nazis Come To Power
Hindenburg leave Parliament to Adolf Hitler
Austria Annexed To Nazi Germany
Vienna celebrate
Agreement reached In Mnich
Poland Feels The Immediate Threat
Poland Invaded
German troops crossed the border.
Great Britain And France
Declare War On Germany
Hitler And Stalin Divide Poland
Stalin Attacks Finland
Russian Bombers Fly Over Helsinki's Sky
Norwegian Volunteers
To Help Finns
Get down!
- Speak Norwegian!
- Pull back!
Cover me!
I am often awakened
by memories of Finland,
Like I have been many times before,
but not like now.
Lie still.
- This time it's different.
- You are in hospital.
You fell. You have a concussion.
The Russians only got 150 km into Finland.
We let Germany take over
Norway in 2 months.
- I was embarrassed to be Norwegian.
- Kolbein! Thanks!
- Gunnar!
- Hi.
- Kolbein meet Gunnar.
- Hi.
- Snsteby.
- Kolbein Lauring.
- Have you contacted many people?
- Yes, some.
Where are we meeting?
We gathered in small groups,
around the country.
People who won't give up the fight
and still believe we can beat them.
- Hi.
- Good to see you again.
Hi, Tallak.
- Edvard Tallaksen.
- Max Manus.
- This is Kolbein Lauring.
- Welcome.
- Celebrating already?
- More like a wake.
- Max Manus.
- Gregers Gram.
- You're the Finland volunteers.
- You volunteered to fight in Finland?
Was that exciting?
- This seems hopeless.
- The Government gave up on our defence.
- We'll build our own army.
- We don't have men or weapons.
- It isn't about that.
- Then what is it about?
It's about sending a message. Millions
of Norwegians are thinking the same.
This war has only just begun.
We must show them the fight isn't over,
that someone is willing to fight.
We really wanted to fight, to retaliate.
We just waited for someone to start it.
Someone has to be first.
That's the smartest thing
I've heard since the invasion.
Did you go to college or something?
We wanted to do something.
Anything. Whatever.
- What is that for?
- Making a newspaper.
- Making a newspaper?
- Yes! Propaganda!
The Germans took over our newspapers
and filled them with propaganda.
I'm a school dropout and can hardly write.
Now we're making a newspaper.
- Coffee, boys?
- The first free paper in the country.
We fought our battle. For king and country.
We became careless.
- I became careless.
- Who is from Hovseter?
Do you know where that is?
OK! Say they're from Max Manus.
That package is for Stein Glemming.
We were just amateurs.
I didn't think of consequences back then.
Holy shit! What is this? Gnat's piss?
Maybe the Minister can send
some real whiskey from England.
I'll ask the King what he thinks.
Don't close both eyes, Tallak.
- Damnit, this gun sight is off.
- Close the blackout curtains.
- Why do you want to leave now?
- They've got an organised resistance there.
- We're organising like crazy here!
- Blow up Colosseum Cinema? Smart.
- Yes.
- It isn't.
Imagine if we could collapse the roof
on Quisling and his entire retinue.
We could take out hundreds of traitors.
- Maybe even the Gestapo chief himself.
- Liquidate the Gestapo chief?
Many civilians would be shot in retaliation.
We can't win this war
by printing newspapers, boys!
- We have to take action!
- The time will come.
- Listen to this... Django Reinhardt!
- Enjoy it while you can.
- You know jazz has been banned?
- It's been banned?
All music and literature
that isn't ideologically correct.
Is Jens Book-Jenssen ideologically correct?
It's always ideologically incorrect
to listen to him.
Damnit, boys, it's Saturday!
I should be out dancing with some girl
whose name I don't know.
- You could have killed me!
- With an air gun?
- I have a courier waiting.
- I'll miss you, Gregers!
- Sure you don't want to stay?
- Sure you don't want to come?
It's tempting right now.
- See you later!
- Bye!
- He bites like a girl!
- Help me out.
- Tickle him.
- I'll help him.
- No!
- Shit!
Here it is.
Nice find!
6 months into the war
things got more organised.
We were to receive orders.
Jens Christian Hauge was
in contact with London.
We used to play war together as kids.
- Edvardsen.
- That was a long time ago.
- What is your alias?
- Tollef.
I thought you were going to be
an attorney, earn a lot of money.
Is everyone here?
Edvard has been in touch
with our Government in London.
They are in charge.
The Government and the King.
There will be no actions
without their approval.
I've established a messenger route
to London via Sweden.
Erling will be my contact between
the different parts of the network.
We are many, but mainly amateurs.
More need training in England.
- I don't need training, Jens Christian.
- Neither do I.
We aren't in Finland,
we aren't in some trench.
Keeping a low profile doesn't mean
distributing flyers in public,
collecting weapons
from people you don't know,
planning the liquidation of prominent Nazis.
- Have you ever been in battle?
- This isn't about experience.
At least I know how to hold a gun.
The Gestapo can find you
through one member of your network.
If you continue like this
you will get caught.
The Government
has asked me to assemble...
- See you tomorrow.
- Depends on the weather!
"We Want Our Country"? What kind
of a country is that, Max Manus?
I have to go to the bathroom.
I've had to all night.
Want me to do it right here?
Can I take a piss in my own apartment?
I should have acted differently.
Shouldn't have gotten caught.
Not now. Not like this.
Captain! What kind of an idiot
hides explosives under his bed?
Conspiracy against the German State?
You want to test the new death penalty?
No! Stop! Shoot!
Max, don't do it!
Max, don't!
Pull back!
Don't move.
Jumping out that window is
the smartest thing I've ever done.
You're at Ullevl hospital. You fell.
- I had a new chance.
- You have a concussion...
- I wasn't about to blow it.
- many?
- What are you trying to say?
- How many guards outside?
5. They are armed.
What's your name?
- Where are you from, Liv?
- Eivindvik.
- Where is that?
- In Sogn.
- I've never been there.
- Not many have.
Are there many patriots there?
Can you get a message out for me?
I think the doctor can...maybe.
He is a threat to national security.
He will be questioned.
We need to keep him for 4 weeks.
If you move him, he could die.
I have orders to bring him
to police headquarters immediately.
No, you don't understand.
The patient has internal bleeding.
- The doctor brought us some time.
- And Max?
Max knows too much. If they transfer him
to security police headquarters...
He wants to avoid torture.
He'd rather we shoot him.
- What about Kolbein?
- He won't get the death penalty, Max will.
He's worth the risk.
Get a car and a good driver.
Kolbein was sent to Grini last night.
4am, outside the window.
Can you take that outside?
You can leave. I'll do this myself.
No. He'll just come back.
- Hit me.
- What?
- You have to hit me.
- No.
If you don't, they'll think I was in on it.
So after he hit you, he climbed out the
window, and jumped into a waiting car?
- What about the girl?
- She was an accomplice.
Arrest her and the doctor. Send out a
photo of this cowboy to all control posts.
But I'm sure he's already in Sweden,
if not in England.
Max Manus...
Captain Linge?
- Who are you?
- Second Lieutenant Manus.
- Manus?
- Yes.
Manus... Are you the one
who jumped out that window?
- Yes.
- Fantastic spirit.
Welcome to Scotland. How was the trip?
- Long.
- Right.
Volunteer in Finland,
reported for service in London...
And now you want to serve
in Norwegian Independent Company?
Yes, if that means
I can finally fight in my own country.
If there's anything we can do...
- The last time I didn't get much done.
- No one has.
You've led some successful raids.
After our last raid
the Germans shot 18 men,
torched the entire town, and sent
60 civilians to concentration camps.
So I don't know if "successful"
is the right word.
Come here!
We haven't won a single town
since we pulled out of Narvik.
That was 18 months ago. The Allies
have suffered defeat everywhere.
The Germans are right outside Moscow,
and London is practically bombed to hell.
It's only a matter of time, Manus,
before we'll all have to learn German.
But those who are here,
have decided to fight no matter what.
Have a seat. The odds of survival
in my company are minimal.
Everyone here is either stupid or crazy.
So if you are crazy or stupid,
you are most welcome.
You are stupid.
Welcome to our company! I look
forward to working with you, Manus.
Report to Corporal Gram.
- Corporal Gram?
- He will show you around.
Without the support of the locals,
we stand no chance.
That is a big problem.
And if the locals don't trust us,
they won't be able to forgive...
Excuse me.
- Second Lieutenant.
- Corporal and instructor already?
Hang on. Write 2,000 words
about...propaganda. OK?
I heard about your escape from Ullevl.
You're quite the hero.
No, don't help me.
How hard can this be?
Out the window, and you're...
Fine, help me. Help me!
- Have you heard from Kolbein?
- He's at Grini Prison Camp.
He's head of his unit. He helped
some prisoners escape recently.
Helped? Didn't he get out?
He unlocked all the doors, and when the
last man was out, he locked himself in.
- What? Why?
- He felt guilty.
Felt the resistance work inside the prison
was too important to run away from.
What a character!
You don't take it seriously.
I don't want to get caught
for making newspapers.
Propaganda is much more
than newspapers.
It's about encouraging resistance
among the civilians.
And it creates national unity.
We can create national unity by blowing
up everything German on Norwegian soil.
There! That should do it.
- Next time.
- And you'll call yourself a teacher?
Yes, of propaganda.
Aren't we going?
- Why not?
- You get to go.
- I don't.
- Nonsense!
- Have you talked to Linge about this?
- No, I can't find him. He isn't here.
Is this too much to ask?
Close contact with Norwegian nature,
I see?
- What about the containers?
- I've located 3 of them.
Make that 4.
- Want a sip?
- Yes, please.
Thank you! Oslo Harbour.
50 guards at night, 200 during the day.
Why don't we have
Norwegian flags on our uniforms?
- Not yet.
- When?
When we have won the war.
Are you ready?
- Yes.
- Good.
Our targets are the Ortelsburg,
3,000 tons, Von Knipprode, 7,000 tons,
and Tuguela, 5,000 tons.
Sigurd is our insider at Aker Wharf.
He will attach limpets
to 2 other ships in the docks.
Tollef, I was just wondering...
What about reprisals?
Won't the Germans execute
shipyard workers if they...
That is why we will be wearing
English uniforms, in case we are seen.
- But what if no one sees us?
- We'll leave behind some English effects.
Don't worry.
This is a limpet.
It contains a kilo of plastic explosives,
and is magnetic.
We will attach them
to the side of the ships.
Your job is to keep our boats
somewhat stable next to the ships.
Thanks to the AC delay and cortex fuse,
the bombs will detonate 8 hours later.
At 9am. Questions?
This is your last chance.
If you want to back out, now is the time.
Operation Mardonius
Oslo Harbour, 27 April, 1943
Take this bloody dog away
and get it something to eat!
The night shift is starting.
- We can't cross without being seen!
- It's too late to turn back now.
What the...?
- How will you get to Sweden?
- We thought we'd paddle...
We'll hike across the border
and take a train from Arvika.
Let me see!
Look at that!
Look at that! Holy shit!
The order came directly
from Reichskommissar Terboven.
He can no longer tolerate this.
He expects reprisals.
If English commandos were behind this,
they must have had help.
I've arrested 5 workers.
Make them talk.
Are you new here?
My name is Siegfried.
- Solveig.
- Solveig? What a lovely Norwegian name.
Promise to let me know
if you need anything.
I can assure you, I don't bite.
I just want to do my job.
I'm sure you'll do it excellently.
If you need anything, ask for...?
- Siegfried?
- Correct.
We must be in Sweden by now?
Can't you tell how the nature is slowly
changing and becoming more Swedish?
- Where are we going to stay?
- Tikken takes care of that.
- Haven't I told you about Tikken?
- Your new Swedish girlfriend?
- No, she's Norwegian. She's our boss.
- I see...
- You see what?
- She's ugly.
No, she isn't ugly. It's more like...
we have a brother-sister relationship.
- So, she's available?
- No.
- So you're interested in her?
- No!
That, my friend, is Sweden!
- I'll see if I can find Tikken.
- I'll take care of this.
Excuse me, I need some equipment.
- Who are you?
- Mr In-a-hurry.
We need 2 diving suits, 20 kilos
of coffee, 8 limpets... Write it down!
Let me see:
60 cartons of cigarettes, 15 bottles
of whiskey... What is this nonsense?
- I don't have time to discuss it.
- Oh, you don't, Mr In-a-hurry?
- Don't cross anything out!
- I have 20 refugees from Trndelag,
and I have 300 cartons
of cigarettes to distribute
among the same number
of saboteurs, couriers and refugees.
So get in line like everyone else.
And take off that cap indoors.
Don't wear yourself out.
- Hi!
- You look lovely, as always.
- Can we steal you for a moment?
- We?
- Max and I.
- Max Manus?
- From the Ullevl escape? Is he here?
- Yes.
- Is that...?
- Max meet Tikken.
- Is that Tikken?
- Yes.
- What does Tikken stand for?
- Ida Nikoline Lie Lindebrkke Bernardes.
Holy shit! That's a long name.
It was cold and dark,
and I was so distracted
by his crazy paddling
that I didn't notice him come.
Suddenly he was standing over me, and
I felt warm, German urine down my neck.
No way!
Yes, and afterward he gave me
a nice, warm hug.
- I'm sure you deserved it.
- Speaking of urine...
- Are you about finished?
- With what?
Acting like that.
- First impressions aren't always right.
- They usually are.
So you're a self-absorbed,
superficial bitch?
You're getting better acquainted, I hear?
This has been a very long day.
- Gregers...
- Tikken.
Talk to you later.
What are you doing?
Corporal Gregers Gram!
Second Lieutenant Max Manus!
I will never forget you for this.
You are an inspiration to us all,
Your Majesty.
You are the inspiration,
Second Lieutenant Manus.
You are facing difficult times.
I do not doubt your courage.
But I ask you not to underestimate
the enemy the way he underestimated us.
Please express my gratitude
to all those who could not be here today.
Your contribution to Norway is
both decisive and historic.
Just seeing you here today fills
a King with enormous pride.
God be with you all!
I stood too far from him.
Did I look stupid?
Not at all.
He knew my name.
The Captain called it out!
- Heard anything?
- Yes, we leave in 2 days.
- And with more equipment this time.
- Of course, now that you know the King.
- Mr Fehmer...
- Excuse me.
Mrs Jacobsen would like a word with you.
Please sit.
What can I do for you?
Her son, Sigurd Jacobsen, was arrested
in connection with
the incident at the harbour.
Sigurd is a good boy.
I swear he has nothing to do with this.
His uncle has been
a Nazi party member for years.
I'm considering joining the party myself.
My dear, you don't have
to join the party to convince me.
He is all I have.
I'll look into it, Mrs Jacobsen.
Shall I withdraw the order?
- How the hell did they find Sigurd?
- It wasn't your fault, Max.
- He died for the cause.
- For the cause?
Look at that! The ships we took out
were dinghies compared to that.
The Donau carries soldiers and weapons.
And they have tripled security.
- How can we beat that?
- They make mistakes, we don't.
Because we're so damned professional?
This isn't a game, Max.
What if they got your name?
- They didn't.
- No?
That's why he's dead, and I'm alive.
Solveig, do I look like a Norwegian now?
I quit at the end of the week.
- My dear, what is the matter?
- Why did you lie to that woman?
- What do you mean?
- About her son.
You must understand, Solveig.
It's not easy to be in my position.
These hopeless terrorist
attacks serve no purpose.
Civilian lives are at risk
if we don't stop them now.
Sometimes difficult decisions
must be made for the common good.
What would you have done?
I want to live in peace.
Do you?
I am here because I love this country.
I want to build a future here.
The resistance will end once people realise
we only want what's best for them.
You plan on shooting me?
Still as reckless?
- When did you get out?
- Just now.
3 whole years!
How did you get out?
The Germans must have figured out
that I had nothing to do with you.
- Want some real coffee?
- Yes, please.
Can we take it outside?
I've had enough of small, dark rooms.
- What are you going to do now?
- Get back at them.
- You can't wait to get locked up again?
- They'll never catch me.
Why not enjoy your freedom?
Can't round a corner without
encountering a checkpoint.
Mr Bugge, Mr Brun, have a nice day.
Mr Blue...
- Did he say what he wanted?
- Just to meet us here.
Jens Christian sure looks serious.
- What was that about?
- Haven't you heard?
Quisling's latest notion
of a National Work Service?
He won't get anywhere with that. Only
retards and unemployed will volunteer.
- He's making it compulsory.
- He can't do that!
He wants to send Norwegians
to the Eastern Front.
- Entire classes. Boys between 18 and 20.
- How many are we talking?
70,000-80,000 men. The summonses go
out tomorrow. Show up, or be arrested.
- What can we do?
- Damn!
Who is it? The Gestapo?
Gunnar, who is it?
- My mother.
- Your mother?
She thinks I'm in Sweden.
She'll have a breakdown if she sees me.
They have archives around town
with all the names.
- Where?
- We'll hit 2 of them:
The archives are at police major Kielland's
and the Employment Office downtown.
- After you. Have a nice day!
- Thank you.
Everyone out!
Get out! Hurry!
- What took you so long?
- It wasn't our fault!
- Who is it?
- Hi, it's Karl Johan!
I have an important message
for Major Kielland.
Quiet... Are you sure you are alone?
- Where are the archives?
- Found them!
There's a lot here.
Sit here. Don't worry.
We won't hurt you.
Should we blow them up?
- No, let's burn them in the fireplace.
- What? He could be back any minute.
- Dick will ring the doorbell.
- Why not just blow them up?
Listen to me. People are sleeping
in the apartments next door.
It will take all night!
- Are you done yet?
- How is she doing?
Not great.
- How many, Dick?
- I don't know.
- Germans or police?
- Police.
- Where is Timo?
- Church Street.
OK, Per? That way!
Lars Emil, you come with me.
- The rest, go that way.
- Come on, run, Max. Come on, Gregers!
- Up there.
- Huh?
Don't move!
Hands up!
Turn around. Turn around!
Raise your hands higher.
Come this way. Slowly!
Lars Emil!
You were lucky. You'll be fine.
- Who is here?
- Max and Kolbein!
- Where is Lars Emil?
- He didn't make it.
- And Dick and Timo?
- We think they made it.
Should have blown up
the whole damn thing.
- What about Per?
- No, unfortunately.
You had 50 men at your disposal.
We hit him. In the neck.
We will find him.
Why do I have to work
with such incompetents?
You had him surrounded,
but you idiots let him get away?
That's enough. This is unacceptable!
I want you to stay away from
my investigation from now on.
- Is that clear?
- Yes.
- Is that clear?
- Yes, that is clear!
Where is Max Manus?
Take him away.
Let's continue this tonight.
- Are you all right?
- Yes.
I packed your things. We leave in an hour.
3 TERRORISTS SHO There are 2 sides to every story.
And the winner decides who is
the terrorist and who is the patriot?
Do we need the propaganda?
It's so risky, along with everything else.
It's a necessary risk.
- I just don't want anything to happen.
- Please shed a tear for me if it does.
And make sure my statue
is placed somewhere flattering.
- Here you go.
- What is this?
- A summer gift, from us to you.
- From Scotland.
- Open it!
- OK...
- What have you come up with now?
- Wait and see.
That's the British royal family's
hunting lodge.
It's true. We thought
we broke into a regular cabin.
But it was full of rococo furniture
and a wine cellar and...
Have you no manners?
- Ask this conservative politician.
- You two stay away from my son!
- You have a son?
- Yes. George. He is 5.
The world's greatest boy.
- Where is he now?
- At boarding school. It's safer there.
Of course.
It may look harmless,
but this spark can set everything on fire.
Maximo Manus.
Escaped from captivity 3 years ago.
We have tried to infiltrate them.
- But he is very careful.
- Careful, yes. But also ambitious.
- He's lucky to have you.
- Yes.
He fell asleep on a tram once,
and the Gestapo came in.
His pockets were full of illegal fliers.
The Gestapo didn't have
the heart to wake him up...
He looked so damned serene.
Poor thing.
Sometimes I long for Finland.
Why is that?
There you could at least
look the enemy in the eye.
It was us or them.
Now the enemy is
behind you, around you.
They torture and kill my friends
to get their hands on me.
Someone has to lead.
I've led them into something
from which there is no way out.
- Are you laughing?
- Yes, I'm sorry.
- I just poured my heart out.
- I'm sorry.
I had no idea you were so...sentimental.
What's wrong with that?
Boys get like that when they drink.
Gregers said you cried when you watched
"Gone with the wind".
- Christ! And I consider him a brother!
- I thought he was kidding.
What did you think when you heard it?
That I had cried.
Nothing to be ashamed of.
- I'm not ashamed. Are you?
- No. Should I be ashamed of something?
I don't know... You're drinking with
2 Norwegians boozers until the wee hours.
- What does your husband think?
- He's in England.
We're still married, yes...
But we aren't exactly "married",
if you know what I mean.
- What are you doing?
- Pulling my foot back out.
- You have a lousy sense of humour.
- But you're laughing!
Hitler, Goebbels
and Hitler came into a bar...
- Hitler and Hitler?
- Himmler! Don't spoil the joke.
- What is it?
- Sabotage.
- No.
- It's sabotage...
Now what?
Is it safe? Are you sure?
Yes, sir!
Who taught you to dance?
- A prostitute in Havana.
- Right.
I was 14.
She was like a mother to me.
- Have you been to Havana?
- Yes.
Dad sent me to an uncle in Cuba
to make a man of me.
Mission failed.
Did you leave home at 14?
It's a long story.
- Let's see if you can dance.
- No way!
All right.
Come on.
See? I just needed you to balance me.
I have to go.
You don't have to do anything.
See you later.
Mrs. ynebrten's Apartment
2 Frich Street, Oslo
- Why doesn't it have a hammer?
- It's hidden.
So you can fire through your pocket
without it getting stuck.
Cover girl?!
Let me see.
No reward?
Olav will be joining you from now on.
- We don't need any more men.
- Of course we do!
- Hi. Olav.
- Welcome.
I'm serious. Be careful, Max.
Half of my network is gone.
I sleep in a different place every night.
Take all necessary precautions.
I'll just stay with the boys.
If you need me, ask for a Turkish pretzel
at Andersen Bakers in Grnland.
What if we just get a Turkish pretzel?
- There's no such thing.
- I'm sure I've had a Turkish pretzel!
- No, I think that was a Turkish pastry.
- Forget about the pretzel!
Be careful, Max. You can't dive
through a window every time.
- What happened?
- He dropped the gun.
- I'm dead. My heart...
- Call an ambulance!
- He's wanted! He can't go to hospital!
- My dad is a doctor.
- Get him!
- I'm sorry.
- Shit...Gregers, Tallak...
- Be quiet.
- Brothers, the King... Damn...
- He's shot through the leg, too!
- In 2 places.
- It went through the leg first...
- What?
- Christ!
- I can see the bullet.
- You can?
It's just a little fragment.
Damn, you scared me!
It still hurts like hell!
I couldn't get all the pieces out
and I can't operate.
- You have to get to a hospital.
- I can't go to a hospital.
Then get to Sweden as fast as you can.
It could get infected.
I can't leave the boys.
Hell, what do I know?
I've only been a doctor for 30 years.
Does he need any more bandages,
doctor, or pills...?
- I can't leave now. You understand that?
- You're no good with an amputated leg.
- Come with me to Sweden.
- No.
One of us has to stay here, Max.
Make sure the boys don't
blow up the Palace or something.
- It's wrong to split up now.
- You'll be back soon.
So you don't forget what we're going
to do when you come home.
I'm such an idiot!
You know what?
You're absolutely right.
Are you sure about this?
They are Germans.
They must have realised
which way the war is turning.
- You don't have to do this.
- No, I'm fine.
- There you are.
- This is a friend of mine.
Excellent. Have a seat.
I have ordered coffee. Ersatz coffee.
- Could you please sit there?
- Sure.
I am so glad you contacted me.
We are always interested
in information on the Gestapo.
But I need to make sure
you are on our side.
This is a...
This is a dangerous...
Keep calm!
Don't shoot!
This one is still alive.
- There. Take it easy for a few days.
- Thank you.
- They haven't taken Kolbein have they?
- No.
That can't be.
That doesn't make any sense.
- When did you find out?
- This morning.
That can't be right!
Tikken, that doesn't make any sense!
He was at a caf. An ambush.
I knew it. I knew it.
I should never have left!
- Max... You can't blame yourself.
- Was anyone else there?
Tallak. He has been arrested.
- When is the next train to the border?
- Max. You can't leave now.
They'll catch you too!
You can't save everyone, Max!
I can save him!
How can you leave now?
Don't you understand?
You're safe here.
Right here! Don't leave now.
How can you ask me to stay?
I don't know who you think I am.
I'm just an errand boy.
I don't know anything!
Don't make this hard for yourself,
Mr Tallaksen.
Could you play some other music?
Take it easy. We have plenty of time.
Torture, like a symphony,
consists of several movements.
This is the first.
You can die quickly and without pain...
..once you have told us everything.
Merry Christmas.
Are you going home to celebrate?
- I'm visiting a friend.
- I don't understand Norwegian.
To a friend.
I have a daughter her age.
I hope I'll be home next year.
You want to go home?
Cheers, my friend! Enough of this war.
Here, cigarettes.
Thank you.
You have no idea how happy I am.
You may be one of the men I kill
when we sink the Donau.
Perhaps you'll lie there in the ice-cold
water screaming for your mother.
We are both going to die.
But I can die with a smile on my lips
because I know we are going to win.
Gregers knew that.
Tallak smiled as he unbuttoned his shirt.
He knew we'd win, with or without him.
Just like we know we're going to die...
Just like we know...
This is where I get off.
The offensive on the Western Front
will break through the western lines.
- And then we'll take Antwerp.
- I don't see that happening.
And once we have Antwerp,
we can negotiate for peace.
- Then move our troops to the East.
- I don't believe in negotiating.
And I don't think this "total war", in
which we find ourselves, will allow for it.
Fortunately we will never
have to negotiate over Norway.
- Here's to good old Fortress Norway.
- To Norway.
Take it apart, then clean...and oil it...
so it is lubricated... Then you have...
- Where is Max?
- In there.
The Germans have broken through
in the Ardennes.
- Where?
- On the Western Front.
- Hitler will empty Norway of troops.
- Good.
- 300,000 rested soldiers to the front?
- What's that got to do with us?
We have to make sure
not a single German leaves Norway.
We've been fighting to get rid of them
and now you want us to keep them here?
Don't you get it?
This could mean they'll win the war!
Max! Gunnar and the others are
blowing up the railroads.
Then there's the Donau.
That no one has done anything with.
- She's still in service.
- English planes can handle it.
The Donau has shot down half the RAF!
We have to do this now.
Roy! I'm still in command here.
Who the hell are all these people?
Get the hell out of here!
- Get out!
- Max...
What are you doing, Max?
- You can't take the Donau alone!
- I'm sick of people dying around me.
- Don't be stupid!
- Didn't you hear Roy?
The Donau has 5 companies,
tons of weapons and equipment.
- One man is worth it!
- No.
- However we do it, we do it together.
- Have you been down there?
We have one chance.
And the price is one life.
- It's my turn.
- Your turn to what?
- Out.
- Your turn to what, Max?
Gregers and Tallak weren't just your
friends! Why do you need to die too?
Listen to Roy!
We're the only ones left.
We're doing this together,
and we're getting out of it alive!
- Should we wait?
- I ate some bad eggs.
It's slippery here!
- Hello. We're the electricians.
- Electricians? I haven't been told.
Damnit, Jonna!
I told you to report this.
They're probably going to fix
that connection in the control room.
OK. Go through.
That's new.
May we please enter?
We have a job to do.
- Of course.
- Thank you.
Please use the exit
on the other side.
Here. Roy!
Hold it steady!
- Did they see us?
- No, I don't think so!
Hey, have you been swimming?
- What's that?
- So it looks like we fixed something.
- Is everything OK?
- We need some more tools.
- We'll be back tomorrow.
- Make sure your documents are in order!
- All right. Excuse me.
- Don't mention it.
One moment.
- Who are they?
- Electricians.
Haven't I seen you before?
I don't know. I live nearby.
Do you play football?
Just wait until sunrise,
and the bombs will go off.
- Careful across the border.
- Likewise.
The bombs were most likely planted
before the Donau left the harbour.
Get me a casualty list.
My God...
They have sabotaged all the railway lines.
They have blown up the lines
Kongsvinger, Drammen, Moss...
- Not one line left.
- In one night?
This can't be happening.
Isn't it time we used harsher measures?
We are being tested, Hhler.
Now, more than ever,
it is essential that we show strength.
Find the addresses
of everyone under suspicion.
We must crush them, once and for all.
- Max?
- Hi!
Where have you been?
- Don't do...
- Can we...
- Can we go somewhere?
- No, not now, Max.
I leave tomorrow.
We received a telegram
that the Donau sank outside Drbak.
That's fantastic.
Is there anything I can help you with?
Anything you need?
Don't do this. Please?
Our primary target is here.
2 Frich Street.
4 identified individuals.
2 unknown.
All are heavily armed
and prepared to resist.
Yes. Yes. Yes. No. No.
I take full responsibility.
Yes. We strike tomorrow.
Yes. Heil Hitler.
No, wait! Wait! Wait!
You have to get out now.
They're striking all over town.
- Where?
- At Kolbein's. He shot his way out.
- Where is he?
- He's fine..
- They probably took Mrs ynebrten.
- Probably? What are you talking about?
If they know about Kolbein's,
they know about Mrs ynebrten's.
You have to go to Sweden.
I have to get everyone out.
You have to go to Sweden.
Not without the boys.
Dear countrymen,
once again we can celebrate our freedom!
Tens of thousands
of people are gathered...
Norwegian flags have been raised
on all the buildings...
Norwegian seamen,
Norway welcomes you home!
Thank you to the Norwegian people!
Do you recognise me?
My name is Manus.
Are you Max Manus?
Allow me to congratulate you.
You have much to be proud of.
You don't look that dangerous in real life.
Neither do you.
If only you knew how hard we tried,
Max Manus.
But you always got away.
Time after time.
I don't believe in luck.
You have it in you.
You can't get caught.
English cigarettes.
The only good thing
to come out of that country.
So, do you feel any better?
Now that the Big Bad Wolf
is behind bars?
I have wanted you dead for so many years.
And now?
I'm glad I got to meet you, Max Manus.
Where are you going?
Grand Hotel have free beer!
That's nice.
- I'm going to Trondheim. Care to join me?
- I think I'll stay here.
- Are you all right?
- Sure.
- You have to celebrate!
- I am.
I hung a flag in the living room.
This bottle has been buried since
the invasion. You'd better enjoy it!
Does everyone have some?
I would like to propose a toast.
- To freedom!
- To the King!
To Max.
To Max!
Is anyone here?
What are you doing?
How long have you been here?
Gunnar hasn't seen you in days.
You could have called.
I'm celebrating.
But there's no one to celebrate with.
I'm no longer your responsibility, Tikken.
That isn't how it works.
Look at that.
I thought that was...God.
And then I asked Him
why He took Gregers...
instead of me.
Is that too much to ask?
Nothing is as pathetic as a soldier
that no one needs anymore.
A drunk. With frayed nerves.
Max, peace has come.
You don't have to hide anymore.
You can be whatever you want.
They're dead, Tikken!
All of them. And for what?
No, they aren't all dead.
I have no money, no education, no job!
And I don't have you.
My life was set.
I married a diplomat.
Got a nice apartment in Stockholm.
Just what my parents wanted.
Yet here I am, with you.
- Sorry.
- And you drink...
You feel sorry for yourself...
Still...I have never met
a man like you, Max.
- Let's go for a walk!
- No way.
If you can blow up the Donau,
you can walk down the stairs with me.
Things tend to work out
for the best, Manus.
Gregers Gram and Edvard Tallaksen both
received the posthumous Cross of War.
Siegfried Fahmer was sentenced to death
for war crimes
and shot at Akershus Fortress in 1948.
Jens Christian Hauge became
the youngest Minister of Defence.
He later became Minister of Justice
and was a prominent member
of the labour movement
until his death in 2006.
Kolbein Lauring worked for Max Manus'
office supply business after the war
and lived a quiet family life
until he died in 1987.
Gunnar Snsteby is now a retired
business man and gives talks
to pupils about the Norwegian
resistance movement during the war.
He is the most decorated Norwegian citizen.
Tikken and Max moved in together
after the war.
After she divorced George Bernardes
in 1947 they married.
They were married by Harald Gram -
Gregers' father.
Max Manus was awarded
the Distinguished Service Order,
the Military Cross
and War Cross with 2 swords.
He wrote books about the war
and started an office supplies business.
He had phycological and alcoholic problems,
but managed to live a good life with Tikken.
Max Manus died in 1996,
at the age of 81.