Maximum Ride (2016) Movie Script

Max, it's me.
Max, I want you to come with me,
but I need you to be quiet.
And don't make a sound
no matter what happens,
do you understand?
Everyone okay?
Damn it.
No, dad.
All my life, I've been running.
It's all I've ever known.
And I've always found
one thing to be true.
It's the only thing
you have to remember.
The only thing
you need to believe.
No matter how bad things get,
there's always a way out.
Max, wake up.
I'm up.
Slow down.
I'm in a hurry.
Can I help you with something?
And clean up after yourself. You're
not the only one that lives here.
You got it, mom.
Good morning, sunshine.
Iggy wants to talk to you.
He's been calculating his
long-term projection all morning.
Yeah, I'm gonna need
breakfast first.
Good choice.
You're right. One cookie's
a snack, two is a meal.
Five miles away.
I can't wait
to leave this house.
I mean, you've had
some bad ideas,
but this is by far your worst.
Why? It's not like
anyone's gonna find out.
You're willing to put your
life in danger for a jacket?
I'll be back before
anyone knows I'm gone.
Are you kidding me?
Really, nudge?
You're up.
Don't play with me.
What do you mean?
I know.
Don't look at her.
Get out of my head,
you little rat.
Hey, leave angel alone,
it's not her fault
you're planning
something stupid.
Coming from the idiot making a
bomb at the breakfast table.
That's a bomb?
Like a real bomb?
Don't worry.
It's not dangerous.
As long as these two aren't
connected, it can't go off.
Oh, I see.
Never mind. Totally cool.
If they find us,
they'll send the erasers.
And those guys could rip down these
walls with their bare hands.
So excuse me for wanting
a little extra firepower.
Yeah, well, they're not gonna
have to send the erasers
if you do their job for them
and kill all of us first.
And you,
were you really gonna put us all
at risk just to go shopping?
Relax. What's the big deal?
I would have been back
before you even knew I was gone.
I'm just tired of being cooped
up in this house all the time.
And what was your plan
if you got caught?
I'm too fast to get caught.
You think you're fast?
Well, let me tell you
something, nudge.
I'm faster,
I'm bigger, I'm stronger
and if you ever even think about
leaving this house
on your own again,
I will take you down so hard
you won't know what hit you.
All right, John Wayne.
What are you looking at?
You don't have to
be so hard on them.
Someone has to be
in charge around here.
Sounds like that went well.
Eavesdropping again?
I might be blind,
but I can't help that my
hearing is better than yours.
You wanted to meet with me?
Well, uh, the verdict is
we won't starve tomorrow,
but between the food supply and
the money that Jeb left us,
we're looking at
six months tops.
Great. That gives us time
to come up with a plan.
Like what? Stealing?
Becoming farmers?
Okay, maybe it's time we leave.
We're not leaving.
We may not have a choice, Max.
Change is going to come whether
we're prepared or not.
Yeah, I'm with iggy on this.
I can't blame
nudge or the others
wanting to go out
and experience more.
These kids need things, Max.
Ordinary things, like making
friends or seeing more than just
the inside of this house.
Well, at least
they're not in cages.
We're not leaving.
Jeb put us here for a reason.
He knew we'd be safe.
You still think he's
coming back, don't you?
How am I supposed to
do this without you?
You're their leader, Max.
Show them the way,
they will follow.
I'm going upstairs.
All right.
Where'd she put it?
Fine. I don't need your help.
I'll find it myself.
Or I'll just make another one.
You okay?
I'm fine.
I know you think
Max doesn't care,
but she does.
I didn't ask for Max to be my mom.
I can take care of myself.
No. None of us can.
We all need each other.
I just want to be
a normal teenager.
I want to go out and have fun
and have a life.
We can't, nudge.
As much as we try, we can't.
We can't risk the exposure.
Max only cares about herself.
She has her own plan, and I'm
tired of sticking to it.
You're wrong if you think
Max doesn't care.
She does.
Look, I know she cares.
I just don't want to stay here
because we're afraid.
I'm tired of being afraid.
What are we waiting for?
Can they hear us?
Maintain position.
They don't want you
anymore, Max.
They just want your
sweet, precious angel.
Wanna play?
What you drawing?
This is where we're going
when we get out.
It looks cool.
Who are they?
That's my family.
Are they your parents?
We don't have parents.
It's just us.
Who's that guy?
That's Jeb.
Why would you draw my dad?
He takes care of us.
He takes care of everything.
He's working on
something really big.
He's gonna save the world.
His job is really important.
Do you see him much?
Every day.
I have to go.
This area is off limits.
But why?
You know the rules.
She's very special.
Do you understand? Now go.
Hello, Max.
Where is she?
We don't know.
Did you find them?
They must have had
some kind of aircraft.
How'd they find us?
Who cares?
We have to get her back.
Where are they taking her?
The school.
We have to go back there.
We don't even know
where that is.
Jeb did.
Hey, look at this.
What is it?
Look at this.
All right, he marked a path
ending at the house,
and starting in death valley.
There's nothing there.
Not according to Jeb.
I'm pretty sure that's it. I
remember us driving over sand.
If we leave now, we can be
there in a day and a half.
Here. There's campgrounds
off of lake mead.
That's the halfway point. We'll
stop there for the night.
Who knows what they'll
have done to her by then.
Angel's strong, she'll find a way
to hold on until we get there.
So what are we waiting for?
Let's go.
You're not coming.
What? Why?
You and nudge can't fly
as fast as us.
Not yet.
You'll just slow us down.
No way.
She's my sister.
I know. And I'm gonna get
her back, i promise, okay?
But I can't do that if I'm
worried about you, too.
I need you to stay here
where it's safe.
It's not safe, not anymore.
They know we're here.
And they left us here alive.
If they wanted to take us,
they could have.
They only wanted angel.
I'm sorry, but this is
how it has to be, guys.
This isn't fair.
I'll look after them.
But that does bring up
the obvious question.
Why angel?
Why not all of us?
Maybe they know what she can do.
Well, we always assumed they got Jeb.
So maybe they got him to talk.
Why would they wait this long?
Maybe that's how long it took
to break him.
You guys should get going.
I'll put together
some supplies for the road.
There's one other thing.
The guy who knocked
me out, it was Ari.
How is that even possible?
I know.
I barely recognized him, but...
I can't believe they
turned him into an eraser.
Well, they did. And we're
gonna have to deal with it.
Where's Ari?
What are you doing in here?
Ever wonder who
your parents are?
We're not
supposed to be in here.
Says who? Max?
I don't see her around.
there's all these documents,
medical records,
personal information.
I think they're about us.
There's no names, only numbers,
but we can match 'em up
by our ages.
I think this one's about me,
about where I came from.
What do you mean
where you came from?
I thought we were
test tube babies.
Not according to this.
Wait, seriously?
There's a name along with
an address in New York.
I think... I think
it might be my mother.
Over here.
You're getting warmer, iggy.
Who's there?
Where's Max?
What was that? Wait.
Now, where are you?
You want to play games?
Is everyone all right?
I think so.
Nudge? Nudge?
Whatever I said about making
a bomb, i take it back.
We need to find Max.
Come on.
We need more data. I recommend
we increase the voltage.
That's enough for now.
Let her rest.
We shouldn't have stopped yet.
We need to eat
and we need to rest.
We're no good
to angel otherwise.
I know. You're right.
I just keep thinking about
how she's all alone
and that they...
Imagining the worst won't
get us there any faster.
It's so quiet here.
It's weird.
It gives you time to think.
About what?
Anything you want.
Let go of me!
Just, stop!
- Get away!
- Hey, get back here!
We don't have time for this.
It's one guy. It'll take
five minutes, tops.
We're supposed to be keeping
a low profile,
not drawing attention
to ourselves, remember?
By the time he realizes what's
going on, we'll be long gone.
You don't know that. You can't
just jump in without thinking.
Not this time.
You need to choose, Max.
Us or them?
Well, I can't think like that.
You don't want to think like
that, but it's the truth.
I know you feel
helpless right now,
and I know you want to
do something,
but saving one random girl who could
probably take care of herself
is not gonna bring angel back.
Fine. You're right.
It's not our problem.
Let go of me! Stop it!
Get off!
Hey, get back here!
Jake, stop!
Jake, stop!
You shouldn't have done that!
Get off of me!
Stop! Get off!
Get off! Help!
You're dead.
Make sure you tell your friends
you were beat up by a girl.
What are you?
Oh, my god.
Oh, boy.
Oh, no, no, no.
Hang on, Max.
She needs to go to the hospital.
No hospital.
My mom's a doctor.
She can help her.
No one can know about us.
I understand.
It's only a few blocks.
Come on. Come on, hurry.
I'm gonna go get my mom.
It's gonna be okay.
Stay with me.
All right. What do we got?
Come on. Max?
Stay with me. Max?
Damn it.
You're so stupid.
Why do you not listen to me?
You're selfish.
It's gonna be okay. Come on.
We'll get you fixed up, Max.
Like nothing ever happened.
Damn it, Max.
- What's going on?
- Come in here.
Come on.
What's going on, Ella?
Just get in here, mom.
What happened to her?
She's been shot.
Mom, we have to help her.
But we can't call the police, and
we can't take her to the hospital.
That's not how this works.
Mom, she saved my life.
I don't know
what's going on here,
but I can tell you
i don't like it.
Not at all.
Is she gonna be okay?
Mom, she saved my life.
We're almost there.
What are you doing to me?
Her heart's beating too fast.
We need to slow it down.
Where's Jeb? Where is he?
I wanna see him.
Code purple.
She's starting to panic.
You need to calm down.
Please, you don't have to do this.
I'm sorry.
Please. It wasn't my fault.
He started it. Please!
A little help here, please?
What are you doing?
Stop! Please!
It's all going to be just fine.
When I get out of here,
you're going to be sorry!
You need to calm down.
Get off of me.
- Hold her down.
- I'm trying.
Calm down.
- No!
- Hurry!
going to be just fine.
Keep her immobile.
Now take deep breaths.
You need to calm her down.
Keep breathing.
Her heart rate is increasing.
Calm down.
We need a sedative.
Got it.
No! Get off of me!
Calm down.
That's it, deep breaths.
Everything will be just fine.
I just wanna be normal.
Um, I don't really know
what would have happened
if you weren't there.
At least stay for breakfast.
My mom really wants to meet you.
Okay, this one's, like, a little
well-done, but here you go.
Okay, I don't get it.
Where do you put it all?
I have a really fast metabolism.
Hey, girls. Laundry done.
Thank you, mom.
I washed your clothes.
The shirt was a loss, but you
and Ella are the same size.
Um, after breakfast, why don't
you go up and take a shower?
I'll meet you in the clinic
when you're done.
I need to have
another look at you.
They are stopping in lake mead,
we'll be right behind them.
There's a cabin
just north of there.
Pick up the pace so that we can
catch them before they leave.
It's a solid plan.
I don't see any
other alternative,
unless you got some bright idea.
She's gone.
Seriously, nudge?
Come on.
But I just...
Never, never do that again.
I was just looking.
We didn't know where you were.
You're right.
You do heal fast.
What do you mean?
As far as I can tell, your shoulder
is nearly fully recovered.
Did you know that was there?
No, what is it?
I would say it looks like
a tracking chip.
Like the kind
people put inside their pets.
Can you get it out?
It must have been put in
when you were very little.
Your muscles, nerves,
even your blood vessels, have
grown completely around it.
If I tried, I'm afraid you'd
lose use of your hand.
Then there's this.
You see this long, curved line?
It looks like bone.
Secondary skeletal system
underneath your muscle tissue.
Which just
doesn't make any sense.
The scar on your back.
That was recent.
Very recent.
Layered over and over again
in the exact same place.
Look, I don't know what
kind of trouble you're in.
I'm not sure
if I even want to know.
But you're a brave girl,
and we owe you.
And we'll always
be here for you.
No questions asked.
Thank you.
I don't feel very good. Do you
mind if I just go and rest?
Of course.
We can talk later.
This isn't gonna work.
You can hurry up.
Let's go. Come on.
I didn't mean for you
to walk ahead of me.
I just meant, like, you know,
you can walk next to me.
You say something?
Okay, I'm the one
that should be mad at you,
not you being mad at me.
Let's try to find some power.
Well, I got power outside,
but I don't have power inside.
I found some candles.
How's your shoulder?
It's fine.
That's all you're gonna say?
What do you want me to say?
Well, you're obviously
still mad at me.
Yeah, I am.
I have every right to be.
He caught me off guard.
I'm sorry for all the time
and trouble it cost us,
but I'm not sorry
that I helped her.
It was the right thing to do.
The right thing to do?
Max, we're beyond worrying
about the right thing to do.
They experimented
on us like lab rats.
And now we have to run,
hide and fight
every day just to stay alive.
And you're willing
to risk angel's life,
yourself, everything,
just because it's
the right thing to do?
Because if I don't, that
means I'm exactly like them.
Well, if we want to survive,
we have to be just as ruthless.
That doesn't work for me.
If I can't be better, then
I should just give up now.
Maybe you should.
You'd live a lot longer.
I almost lost you.
Do you understand that?
Do you understand
how that feels?
There's someone out there.
It's nice to see you, too.
why aren't you back at the house?
It's a long story.
The house is gone.
I kinda blew it up.
I guess it's not
that long of a story.
You have to be kidding me.
It's not his fault, Max.
There was an eraser.
Gazzy saved our lives.
We think it was Ari.
What did he want?
He was looking for you.
All right, let's get inside.
So far, her physical responses,
though extraordinary,
are no different
than the other subjects.
Since we took subject 11,
the others all have
increased levels of stress,
expected under
the circumstances.
But despite extensive testing
and a brain biopsy,
we're still unable to find
the source of the variance.
Here and here.
Then so be it.
We devise a new series of tests.
Yes. Of course, sir.
She said it was a tracking chip,
but I guess if he didn't
know where I was,
it must not work anymore.
Or it's not a tracking chip.
What else could it be?
Well, we can't worry
about it right now.
You said Ari came back?
He had that same scar.
Max is the one
that gave it to him.
He used to poke at her while
she was in the cage, but...
There was nothing I could do
to stop him.
Why didn't you tell Jeb?
Ari was Jeb's son,
and I was nobody. I didn't
think anyone would care.
So, how'd you give him the scar?
It doesn't matter.
She grabbed his arm,
pulled him up to the bars,
and then took the scissors he was
using and turned it around on him.
I think he hated all of us.
The only reason Ari came
to the lab was to see Jeb,
and he spent
all his time with us.
He spent all his time with you.
You were his favorite.
Maybe that's why
Ari became an eraser.
To be more like us.
Erasers are nothing like us.
They don't keep erasers
locked away in cages.
I hope he died in the blast.
Yeah, well, I don't think
we got that lucky.
We should all get some rest.
We have a big day ahead of us.
What are you doing here again?
Does it bother you?
I can't figure it out,
why dad likes you so much.
Because there's nothing
special about you.
You're just a bunch of chemicals
somebody cooked up in a lab.
If he wanted to,
he could make 100 of you.
The truth is, you're a mistake.
An experiment gone wrong.
You're not even human.
How does it feel
to be a monster?
Things would be so much better
if you would just go away.
Would you like that?
Then we would never have to
see each other again, right?
I mean I could leave you
in here with no hope.
Or I could just let you go.
Come and get it.
Come and get it.
I was wondering
when you'd show up.
I've been
looking forward to this.
Well, I wouldn't
want to disappoint you.
Well, I guess
if you still hate me,
you still have feelings, huh?
I was wondering about that. Are you
still a person or just an animal?
I didn't come here to talk.
Come on, Ari. Jeb wouldn't
want it to be like this.
You still don't get anything!
We're the good guys.
Come on, Ari. You should know better.
I'm never really alone.
Neither am I.
You chose to become a monster.
I didn't have that luxury.
And that's a decision
I'm gonna make you regret.
And I might even enjoy it.
Max, I just couldn't
quite hear you.
Max, I don't know if you can
hear me, but I can't hear you.
Don't worry, angel.
Your whole family
will be reunited soon enough.
Is everyone okay?
I'm fine.
I'm okay, Max.
Oh, my god. Angel.
Angel, it's me, Max.
Can you hear me?
Yeah. Yes, it's me. I'm right here.
Everything's okay.
Max, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay, it's okay.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Don't listen to him, Max.
Please don't listen to him.
Listen to who?
Somebody wants to
talk to you, Max.
Hello, Max.
Why don't you take a seat, Max?
We have a lot of
catching up to do.
I got you something to eat.
You must be starving.
Chocolate chip cookies.
Your favorite.
You're not hungry?
I'm trying really hard
to come up with a story
that would explain any of this.
And what have you
come up with so far?
That two years ago,
you were caught.
So to protect us, you
pretended that we were dead.
But you knew they'd
always be watching,
so you stopped
communicating with us.
But I'm guessing that's
just wishful thinking, huh?
Anything else?
Option two,
that it was all a lie.
You never really rescued us, and this
is all part of some master plan,
the experiments,
everything. It was you.
How am I doing, Jeb?
Warm? Cold?
Room temperature?
Both of those scenarios
are extremes.
Opposite extremes.
The truth usually lies
somewhere in the middle.
Like I'd believe anything you had
to say after what you did to angel.
That was unavoidable.
We've been monitoring your
physical health, all of you.
But angel
developed some anomalies
that required closer inspection.
She's just a kid.
No. She's not.
She's extraordinary.
All of you are.
Then why did you abandon us?
We kept you here until we knew
that your DNA was stable.
I brought you to
the house so you could
develop physically
and emotionally,
and then I left.
So you could learn independence.
It's the same process
that every child goes through.
God, you actually
believe that, don't you?
You really think that what
you did was for the best?
No, not for you, Max. No.
For everyone.
Why do you think you were
created in the first place?
I don't know. Maybe you were just
really, really bored one day.
Most scientists
serve a larger purpose.
To help people,
to better the world, to save it.
Their methods may differ, but
it's always for the greater good.
And what about the people
you hurt along the way?
They don't count?
There's only success or failure.
And you, Max, are a success.
Lucky me.
So what happens now?
Unfortunately, now that the
illusion has been shattered,
we will have to keep you here.
At least for now.
Home sweet home.
You really should
try the cookie, Max.
They're homemade.
I know you let Ari
become an eraser.
It was his choice.
You could have
stopped him if you tried.
There are some things in life
that are out of our control.
Accepting that is just
another part of growing up.
I don't like chocolate
chip cookies anymore.
I've outgrown them.
I'm done.
Come on!
Get in the cage.
Get in the cage.
Or what?
Yeah, that's what I thought.
I'm not afraid of you.
I don't care
what you've done to yourself.
You're still the same weak,
pathetic little boy
desperate for approval.
And you're not
gonna lay a hand on me.
You know why?
Because daddy wouldn't like it.
Get in the cage.
Get in the cage.
Is it true? Was it him?
Yeah, it's true.
Jeb's alive.
Alive and a traitor.
I'd rather he was dead.
So what do we do?
There's not much we can do.
They're out there
and we're locked in here.
So you have a plan, right?
No. I don't, actually.
And the thing is,
Jeb said some stuff about us,
why we're here, and it
sounded really important.
I think we should trust him.
- Trust him? We can't.
- Are you serious? No.
Are you out of your mind?
Max, he's gonna
turn us into an eraser.
What are you talking about?
You can't keep...
No, we can't...
No, Max, no.
After everything he's done.
Max! Max! This isn't fair.
We can't trust him.
There is no way!
Oh, my god.
Look where we are.
It makes no sense, Max.
Angel, can you hear me?
We're being watched.
And we can't trust Jeb.
We're getting out
of here tonight.
Tell the others.
How's Dr. batchelder
handling the reunion?
If you're not up to this...
I'm afraid he may be
losing his conviction.
What makes you say that?
His behavior indicates that
he's become emotional
with the subject.
He's grown attached.
Well, she'll never
trust him again after this.
And I'm not sure if he's
capable of following through.
He's always been soft.
That's what makes him good
at what he does.
What he doesn't understand
is that they're not human.
The most dangerous mistake is to
think of them as if they are.
They're expendable.
If this gets out of control,
we have other facilities, other products.
We pick up and move on.
Yes, madam.
If we fail here, we need to be
prepared to walk away from a loss.
I don't think
he sees it that way.
This program is a failure
if we can't control them.
Jeb seems to have forgotten
that they are weapons.
Very dangerous weapons.
What do you want?
Just enjoying the view.
You know, I don't think
you're supposed to be in here.
Why don't I just
scream and find out?
Oh, I wouldn't, if I were you.
Threatening a girl
while she's locked in a cage.
That's low, even for you.
You're such a coward.
Max, I could rip your throat
out with my bare hands.
So what's stopping you?
It's just you and me.
Prove it.
You think I'm gonna let you out?
How stupid do you think
i am, Max?
Pretty stupid.
Come on.
All right, we all know the plan?
Come on.
Nudge, you guys head
for the main power.
You know how to
shut it down, right?
Take my hand. I know
what I'm doing.
You know where this place is?
Don't worry. I know where
the chemical room is.
Come on, we gotta move fast.
There's been a breach in sector
five and sector three and four.
Send in the erasers.
Do you know which switch it is?
Come on, quickly, hurry.
You know what?
I guess I'll shut down
the entire power source.
Please hurry.
I know.
How we doing?
I'm done.
This is the end.
You're never
leaving this place alive.
There's no way out, Max.
There's always a way out.
Max. Don't.
You're not ready.
You don't understand
what's happening, Max.
Trust me.
Never again.
Max, please!
And don't bother looking for us, Jeb.
This experiment's over.
You came.
Of course, I came.
I'll always come for you
no matter what.
You scared me to death.
So what now?
I don't know. We'll figure it out.
We always do.
What's wrong? Max?
Hey, you're back.
What the hell happened?
I was gonna ask you
the same thing.
Are you okay?
I think so.
I thought I lost you again.
You got to stop
doing that to me.
I'll work on it.
I thought you were blind.
Your breathing changed.
What happened?
It looked like
you were having a seizure.
Yeah, you were shaking
and mumbling and stuff.
My head felt like it was gonna
explode, and then I saw things.
What kind of things?
Images, New York City.
There was this building
filled with files,
and one of them
had my name on it.
New York?
What do you think it means?
I don't know.
It was like a memory,
but I've never
been there before.
We should go.
Sounds like a trap.
No, she's right.
We need answers, and this is
the first clue we've ever had.
It couldn't hurt.
It's not like we have
anywhere else to go.
So, we're going to New York.
And don't bother looking for us, Jeb.
This experiment's over.
And don't bother looking for us, Jeb.
This experiment's over.
And don't bother looking for us, Jeb.
This experiment's over.
This experiment's over.