Maxine (2023) Movie Script

["Girls Make Me Wanna Die"
by The Aces playing]
On the Internet
We make up things
A different story
Every person we see
I don't know when I fell
[friend laughs] Beautiful.
- Me, or the pizza?
- [laughs] Both.
So, I was thinking this weekend
we could go to that outdoor movie.
I can't this weekend.
I, uh, have a family thing.
Can I know what it is?
You tell me so little about your family.
Yeah, sorry.
Uh, it's the Hungry Ghost Festival
this weekend.
It's the night
when the spirits of our ancestors
can come back to this realm.
It's my parents' favorite holiday
back in Singapore,
so they try to do this whole thing
here with us.
- Oh, sounds like Da de los Muertos.
- Yeah.
Uh, we make this whole big feast,
and we leave it out all night
for our spirit ancestors.
It's very Chinese, actually,
having to cook for your relatives,
even after they're dead. [laughs]
Maybe I could help?
I'm not a bad sous-chef.
I'm not sure that's a good idea.
Um [sighs]
I'm sorry.
I just need to find the right time
to tell my family about you.
I get it. You don't have to be sorry.
But you do want me to meet them, right?
- Eventually?
- Of course I do. It's just...
It's only been a few months
since I came out,
and they couldn't even talk to me
normally for a while, and I...
It's okay.
It took my parents a while, too.
- There. Good, good.
- [spouse sighs]
Seven, eight, nine, ten. [mutters]
It's not enough chairs.
What about the kitchen stools?
You think the spirit
of your 87-year-old father
can sit in the stool?
I don't mind standing
if there aren't enough chairs.
You get sick if you eat standing up.
Ah! No, those are for tomorrow, Allie.
- They're coming.
- [all laughing]
[parent gasps] Okay.
We leave out the pictures of the relatives
who are invited to eat with us.
- No pictures, no dinner.
- [parent chuckles]
We made up that rule so I don't have to
feed all of Molly's relatives.
- Tsk.
- [laughing]
Ah, okay. Great-Grandma Ying.
Oh, here's Auntie Fey.
Ah, I found Grandpa.
- Who's this?
- [sibling chuckles]
Oh. She looks...
Right? She looks kinda gay.
[clicks tongue] Don't be rude. [chuckles]
Not everyone's gay, Allie.
- [Allie] Maxine.
- What?
Where did you get this?
It was stuck to the back of another photo.
Who is she?
Didn't you have a-a cousin named Maxine?
Your, uh, your biu ze.
I think that's everybody, right?
Okay, all the other photos
back in the box, please.
Uh, I-is there anything I can
bring tomorrow? Maybe, uh, flowers?
Uh, no, no, no. No need.
Just don't wear red. It attracts spirits
that may want to possess your body.
Oh, and don't kill any bugs.
- They may be our ancestors.
- Okay.
[wind whistling]
[electric humming]
[wind chimes tinkling]
- [packet rustling]
- [crunching]
Who are you? How did you get in here?
[gasps] Sorry! I don't know!
You have my picture!
That's you? In the photo?
Yeah! I'm Maxine.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
You're here for the festival?
You're... You're dead?
Bummer, I know.
But nobody's ever invited me
to the feast before.
Did you invite me? I don't even know you.
I'm Allie.
I think you may have been related
to my mom, Molly?
Oh, you're little Molly's kid!
[door opens]
Did you take my blue shirt?
Are these shrimp chips all over the floor?
- Look, Mom says she needs help.
- God, Julie. Ever knock?
Why? Worried I'll find out
about your secret girlfriend? [scoffs]
What? How...
- [sighs]
- Don't tell.
Oh, please.
Look, unlike you, I can keep a secret.
I won't tell Mom and Dad.
[inhales sharply]
What's her deal?
Wait. Am I the only one who can see you?
Do you need my help with something?
Unfinished business maybe?
[laughs] No, I'm just here
for the festivities and the food.
Uh, and speaking of food
Ah, there you are. I need you
to go to the market for me, okay?
I need egg tofu, dark soy sauce
and toilet cleaner.
- Um, Mom?
- Mm-hmm?
Have you ever, um, seen a spirit?
[oven timer dings]
I don't have time for this, Allie. Okay?
The market's gonna be really busy today.
- Just go, okay?
- [sighs]
["Kokomo, In" by Japanese Breakfast
playing on radio]
If I could throw my arms around you
The future.
For just another day
[phone buzzing]
What is that? Is that a phone?
Is that a picture inside your phone?
- Who is that?
- Uh, it's nothing. No one. [chuckles]
Phones have pictures now.
It's pretty cool.
Is that your secret girlfriend?
I'm sorry.
Sorry? Why are you sorry? [laughs]
Wow, I never thought I would meet
another person in my family
who's also gay!
Wha... You're gay too?
[scoffs] I knew it!
This is incredible. Does your family know?
Can I meet her? Can she come tonight?
Uh, no. Maya is busy tonight.
She can't come.
And, yeah, my family knows.
They're still getting used to it, though.
- Dang.
- Did your family know?
About you?
I think they did know,
but, uh, it was easier for them
to pretend that they didn't.
[rock music playing]
Maxine, wait!
Hey, we gotta pay for those!
[music stops]
No way! I'm an old man?
He's wearing red!
I thought it was just a superstition!
Wait, no!
["Magic" by the Linda Lindas playing]
[music continues through headphones]
If I was invisible
Whoa, that is loud!
No one would judge me
Oh, my gosh!
But I'm already invisible enough
Without anybody else's help
What if magic was real?
What if magic revealed?
[cell phone dings]
Maybe reality is better
Maxine! Stop!
[staff member speaking on PA]
You can't just do that!
[laughs] Why not? It's fun!
Oh, and that kid taught me about texting,
and I texted Maya.
She can totally come tonight.
- I can't believe you can just text...
- You what?
I'm sorry! You said she was busy.
I didn't realize
it was gonna be such a big deal.
[scoffs] I just don't know why
your family can't meet Maya.
My parents don't even like hearing
the word "gay"!
How do you think they'll handle
seeing me with her?
And Maya is, like, perfect.
[grunts] You don't get it!
They aren't ready for this.
I'm not ready for this.
Allie, trust me. I get it.
But life is short.
You can't spend it hiding who you are.
What if they can never be happy for me?
Well, maybe you can be happy for you.
Ah, thank you, thank you, thank you.
Ah, thank you.
- Uh, Mom?
- Mmm?
- Is it all right if I invite
- Mmm?
[chattering, laughing]
We definitely don't have enough chairs.
You're sitting on my uncle, Tristan.
Oh! I'm so sorry.
[chuckles] Maxine, look...
[door opens]
There you are.
- What are you doing?
- My parents are here.
Oh. Let's go say, "Hi"?
I can't.
What do you mean? Why not?
You know,
I left home when I was about your age.
[sighs] I knew that I could never be
what my parents wanted me to be.
They said the world would be unkind,
that my life would be really hard.
And sure, things were hard, but
they weren't like my mom
thought they were gonna be.
I led an amazing life.
I have few regrets.
And I always thought that I would go back
and tell my parents, but I
I waited too long.
I mean, you didn't even know who I was,
and I'm family.
I'm so sorry, Maxine.
But, maybe you can tell them now.
I can't. And they probably
wouldn't even remember me.
[sighs] It's okay. Go ahead.
I'm okay.
- Okay.
- [Julie chuckles]
- Let's eat.
- Mmm.
You're gonna love this. My favorite soup.
[Julie] Try this.
[Molly] Tristan, give me your bowl.
[Dad] So good.
- [doorbell rings]
- [chattering stops]
I forgot to tell you,
but I invited someone.
Her name is Maya.
Oh. A friend from school?
[exhales] Maya is my girlfriend.
And I want you all to meet her.
I didn't know what to bring,
so I just brought these.
It's great. [chuckles]
I'm glad you're here.
[door closes]
Everyone, this is Maya, my girlfriend.
Thank you for inviting me
to your lovely home.
It's nice to meet you all.
Hi, Maya. It's nice to meet you.
Welcome. Come join us.
Make some room for her.
She got to bring flowers?
Just eat your food.
I hope you're hungry.
[door closes]
I can't.
I'll go with you.
[electric humming, chiming]
[traditional Chinese music plays]
[Julie] I know it's your favorite.
I know. The biggest one for you.
- [laughing]
- [Julie] ever. There we go.
[Dad] Careful, that's spicy.
- [Molly] Give me your plate.
- These look so tasty.
That's... Yeah, that's my bad.
[Molly] Maya, don't be shy.
Have as much as you want.
Okay. [chuckles]
Want some of this?
[speaking Cantonese]
Oh, pass me the sha chao.
Cha shao.
[Allie] You have to try this.
This is my favorite.
[Molly] Good, right?
[Allie] Oh, my gosh.