Maya (2023) Movie Script

-Come on, slow pokes!
So what do you think?
It looks like us.
Except my cheeks
aren't that round.
Okay. We'll fix it tomorrow.
Don't worry.
-By the way,
my birthday's tomorrow.
And my foster dad
is taking me out to dinner
and he said
that you guys can come,
so you better be there.
You know I won't
miss your birthday.
Yeah. Like, seriously.
Of course, we're there.
All right. Gotta run.
Dinner night with Mom.
You know how it is.
- Bye.
- Bye.
-I think it's cute.
-No, seriously.
Do I look like that?
Hey, Zeke, what happened?
Your mom throw you out again?
She got someone in there?
One day you are gonna be
a big tech whiz.
None of this is gonna matter.
-Hello, Chiquita.
-Hey, the flowers.
-Why are you here?
He brought us some food, Mama.
We were having a good time.
Maya, here. I can do that.
Maya, I can just do that.
Hey, hey, hey.
Maya, I can just do that.
Here, why don't we just--
You know what?
What-- what-- Here. Why don't--
let's have dinner, you guys.
Mama. Here.
He brought...
Mama. Maya. Maya.
Maya! Hey.
Come on. Just give him a chance.
Look, he messed up,
but he's a good guy.
He broke your arm. Remember?
-Mom, please. Okay?
I can't keep
going into work for you.
-I have exams and homework.
-But he apologized.
-It's not gonna happen again.
You've been doing
really good, Mom.
You don't need him.
He's here.
He brought us some food.
He's a good guy.
-Hey, why is this picture here?
-Mom, can you stop?
-He's not even your--
-Can you stop saying that?
What are you painting?
Tell me. Show me.
I wanna see that.
Oh, Mama. I have to go.
What? Where?
I asked for an extra shift
'cause we have to pay the rent.
What about movie night?
-Someone's gotta work.
You know you're crazy?
You're actually crazy.
- Yeah, you are.
- You know what?
Don't call me crazy.
I'm done.
You're scaring her!
- Yeah? Yeah?
- Maya, hey. Hey. It's okay.
- Leave her!
- I have to go. Okay?
I have to go.
Alright? But you'll be fine.
It's gonna be okay. I'm done.
Maya, no. Let go.
- Yeah, because that's
what you always do, right?
- You just run away.
- I'm so sick of you.
Like you always do.
- Raul! Raul!
- Raul, where are you going?
It's okay.
I've got you, Maya.
-What you making?
-What are you doing?
I'm hungry.
-I'm not gonna tell your mom.
You're a creep. Get--
You wanna eat or not?
Tell her what? Get out my way!
Oh, so you're not hungry?
Maya. Maya.
Maya. Maya. Maita.
Maya, your door is stuck.
What's going on here?
- Maya?
- -I'm borrowing some money--
No, no, no.
You can't take that money.
- Come on. I told you--
- Diego, no! Give me my backpack.
You can't take that money.
That's for the rent.
I told you I'm gonna pay you back!
Don't you trust me?
- Diego, stop!
- What's wrong with you?
Diego, please stop!
You stop!
You stop! You stop!
- Stop!
- Mom?
- Stop!
- Mom!
Mom! Mom, are you okay?
-What did you do?
-Why you make me act like this?
I'm trying to change.
And you keep
doing the same stuff.
Mom. Mom. Everything's okay.
Everything is gonna be okay.
He didn't mean it.
Mom it's not your fault
- Maya...
- We need to get help.
We need to get help.
I'm gonna call an ambulance.
they'll take you away from me.
No, we have to. Okay? I'm sorry.
Maya, no! Maya!
Por favor. Maya, stop!
911. What's your emergency?
We need an ambulance
at 1471 South Atlantic, please.
- Okay.
Please, stop! Maya, please!
Mom, I'm sorry!
Can't you just arrest him?
Your mom told the police
that she just fell.
He keeps doing it
and getting away with it.
I know.
But we can't do anything
until she's willing
to press charges against him.
Try to convince her, Maya.
She needs
to protect herself and you.
Has he ever hurt you?
If you don't feel safe at home,
we can put you back in care.
No. No way. No.
Please can I--
can I just go see her?
She's gonna need
to stay here for a few days.
I need to take you
to the shelter
until your mom's ready
to go back home.
30 seconds
to finish your test.
All right, everybody,
please hand in your tests.
And if you didn't get me
your homework essay,
now is your last chance.
Thank you very much.
Thank you. Thank you.
Your test, please.
And I also need your homework.
I didn't do them.
What's going on, Maya?
Is everything okay at home?
You can talk to me, Maya.
My mom's in the hospital.
I'm sorry.
I know those things
can't be easy.
I'll tell you what, you can
retake the test next week
and do your
homework essay then, okay?
Are you still
thinking about art school?
Good, but you need to focus
and keep those grades up.
You are talented, Maya.
You could really have
a chance in life.
Oh. Hey, Maya.
Uh, do you wanna go
grab a milkshake?
Sorry, I have a lot of
homework to catch up on.
Thanks though.
If you need help, let me know
'cause I can--
Bro. Take a hint.
She's an eight.
You're a four.
Yeah, keep walking, Pizza Boy.
Back off. Okay? Leave him alone.
Yeah. He's always there.
Every corner is like
he's just right there.
He's like, "Maya--"
Is he trying
to hit on you again?
He's such a dweeb.
Where have you been?
You missed my birthday
and everything.
Did she report him this time?
-What do you think?
-I'm sorry.
Anyway, are you gonna go
to Amal's party on Saturday?
It's gonna be lit.
I am not sure.
I think I have a date.
Girl, you've been holding out on us?
Who with?
-He's cool, I guess.
Okay. Um, he looks like this.
Wow. He's hot.
Where'd you find him?
And can you get me one?
Oh, I've got to go. Bye!
"I can't wait
to actually meet you."
- "To actually meet you."
- Oh, shut it!
Hey, Mama!
What? Mom, I'm trying to clean.
The doctors wanted me
to press charges
and I told them no.
-I want no trouble.
From now on,
it's just you and me.
You keep saying that, Mom.
And each time it gets worse.
What if he kills you next?
- No, he's not
going to kill me, Maya.
What am I supposed to do? What?
Hold on. Hold on.
Oh, wait, I have to go to work.
Ms. Rosetti needs me.
Mom, you can't go anywhere
buzzed like that.
-Maya, we need the money, Maya.
-Stay, Ma--
I will go.
I will go for you, Mom.
I know her house. I'll go.
Okay. Alright.
Thank you, Maya. Thank you.
And you can't be drinking with--
You can't drink
with those pills, Mom!
It's gonna get better.
Oh, my God.
Hey, Maya.
It's me, Ray.
Oh, don-- don't go.
I-I thought
we'd made a real connection.
Why'd you use old photos?
They're not that old.
I mean, they were all I had.
Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Gimme a chance.
I came here for you.
You seem like
you needed a friend.
But you know what?
I'm used to no one caring.
So I'll just go.
-I'm sorry.
-No, it's fine.
I'm sorry.
I'm just oversensitive.
You wanna start over?
After you.
How's everything going
with your mom at home?
-Hanging in there.
It's hard, I know.
My dad was a drunk.
Used to beat my mom and me.
He put her
in the hospital a few times.
You know what?
No thanks to him,
I've done all right.
What about you?
Tell me something good.
How's your painting going?
It's pretty good, actually.
I, uh, I just started a new one.
Wow, you're really good.
Okay, well, that's--
that's all.
Oh, you know what?
You said that
your birthday just passed
and nobody got you anything?
I saw this on the way.
I thought it might cheer you up.
It's really pretty, Ray,
but, uh, you don't need
to get me anything.
No, it is just to cheer you up.
Yeah, just I would feel
weird accepting that.
Trust issues?
It's just a bracelet, Maya.
Take the bracelet.
It's so pretty. Thank you.
Told you I'd cheer you up.
Thank you.
Hey, where have you been?
Your dinner's cold.
Where did you get that?
-Cassie gave it to me.
-No, she didn't.
She doesn't have
that type of stuff.
-Why are you lying to me?
-I'm not.
Maya, whatever that came from,
you better put it back.
And we're not done
talking about this.
Mom, I didn't steal it.
-We're not--
-It was a gift.
-We're not--
-Cassie gave it--
Okay. Whatever.
Thank you.
You good with just a drink?
You want a burger too?
How's everything
going with your mom?
It's pretty bad right now.
Her boyfriend is...
stealing her money
and just beating on her.
What-- Does he hit you too?
No, no, no. Just her.
He gives me the creeps.
Well, what does she say
when you tell her that?
She just doesn't get it.
I mean...
when I was younger,
it was like
we were best friends.
But every time a new guy
comes into the picture,
it's like,
I don't even exist anymore.
Okay, well... you need to start
standing up to your mom more.
She's got enough of her own
stuff going on right now.
She's not looking out for you.
Easier said than done.
I keep thinking that
things are going to get better
and then they don't.
But I'm fine.
I'm okay.
Gimme your phone.
I'm gonna put
my number in, okay?
If you have any problems,
you call me.
What makes you happy, Maya?
I don't know.
Where are you?
Maya, I know you're there.
Are you here or what?
- Maya. Are you okay?
- Hi.
My mom's boyfriend's home
and he's drunk
and I-I'm really scared.
- I don't know what to do.
- Maita, Maita, Maita.
Come on, open the door.
Hold on. Hold on. Hold on.
Maya. Hey, open the door.
I know you're here.
Maya. Maya.
Maya, are you okay?
Maya, are you--
-What are you doing?
-Get outta my room more
or I will call the police.
-I'm serious.
-Do you want me
to call them for you?
- Give me my phone!
- Hello, police.
-Give me my phone!
No, please! Get off me!
Why are you--
-Get off me! Get off!
-What are you doing?
- Maya.
- Out of my room!
- I'm home.
- Mom!
Mom! Mom!
- Mom!
- What's going on?
Hi, baby. Hi, baby.
-Can I help?
-What's happening here?
She attacked me when I came in.
I think maybe she thought
it was somebody else.
I don't know.
Maya, what is he talking about?
You're not even seeing
what he's doing.
What is she talking about?
- What are you doing?
What-- what's going on?
- Nothing.
Nothing. She hates me.
She went crazy on me.
-Look at her.
-Guys, you know what?
I'm so tired.
Can you just try and get along?
-Come on. Please, Mama.
-I'm trying.
Come over here, please.
We're gonna shake hands.
Okay? Come over here.
You guys are gonna shake hands.
-No! No!
-I'm working all day.
-He deserves nothing!
-We're going to shake hands.
And you'll give him everything.
He's a liar.
He's a pathological liar
and a creep.
- I'm not touching
his freaking hand.
Okay? You always choose him.
Hey, hey, hey, hey. Come here.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here.
I'm trying. I'm trying.
I'll try harder okay?
With her. I'll try harder.
Yeah, you try harder.
Maya, what happened?
My mom's boyfriend.
He did this to you?
You can't stay there anymore,
you understand?
I can't leave. Okay?
-My mom need-- my mom needs me.
-Maya, what if you end up dead?
Is that what you want?
It's not safe.
You're too beautiful
to be covered in these bruises.
All right, so for Monday
morning essay is on
Byron, Shelly, or Wordsworth.
You pick your poet.
On my desk Monday morning.
Okay, everybody?
Someone been hurting you?
Uh, sorry, Miss Saunders.
I gotta go. I'm gonna be late.
I have to go.
Maya, something's going on.
Yes, I'm concerned about
one of our students,
Maya Garcia.
How's that ice cream?
You know,
I work with a modeling agency.
What? Seriously?
I'm gonna
talk to them about you.
Are you messing with me or what?
You're prettier
than any of these girls.
Gotta stop eating
all that ice cream though.
Cameras ain't kind.
They make you look fatter.
Well, then maybe
I will just take up painting.
When those bruises clear,
I'm gonna take my camera...
I'm gonna take
some pictures of you.
I'm gonna take 'em to them.
I think I can get you some work.
No way.
Enjoy that ice cream.
It's the last one you're gonna
be having for a little while.
You see,
this is how all the models are
in the magazines here.
You wanna see? They go.
-Yeah. Yeah.
And then
I can do the mouth thing.
You know when you go.
Little-- little pout.
I don't think you can do that
with your hands. No.
Mama, dinner's ready.
I'm not hungry.
-No. Mom?
Do you think I could be a model?
You're so pretty,
but you're too smart for that.
You are going to be
such a famous artist
and you're gonna make
so much money.
-Oh, my God.
Hey. What's that?
Ew. Mom, you reek of--
Mom, get out of my--
-Who hit you?
- Who hit--
- Maya!
I thought you said
he wasn't coming back anymore.
-Mom, are you serious?
-Don't change the subject.
-You promised me! Mom, really?
-I need to know who hit you.
-What do you mean?
Who do you think?
-You need to watch this.
Did you hit Maya?
Okay. Wait.
Did you hit Maya?
-Are you crazy?
-I'm asking you if you hit her.
Wait, wait, wait.
I wanna ask her.
Did you tell her I hit you?
-Diego, answer the question.
-What do you think I am?
- Did you hit my daughter?
- No, she's lying.
Yes or no? Yeah. You walk away?
You walk away 'cause
you can't answer the question?
No, I'm walking
away because I'm fed up.
Because you're crazy.
Because you are crazy.
Do not touch my daughter!
Try nothing
but to be the man you need
and be the dad she never had.
-Yeah. A dad?
-And you treat me--
You don't deserve this.
-Get out!
-You're a waste of--
You get out.
Get out of here.
Maya, I'm so sorry.
I'm-- I'm so sorry.
Oh, my God.
- Gorgeous. Gorgeous.
- Stop.
- A little like this.
- Yeah, okay.
Oh, my...
the camera loves you.
Glad I haven't
broken it yet.
Hey, try some with this one.
It's like The Bachelorette.
I choose you.
You're the-- you're the only--
Oh, yeah. Perfect. Perfect.
- Hey, Mom.
- Mm.
What are you doing here?
What, you thought
you were gonna get rid of me?
-Just like that?
-Where's my mom? Mom?
You look like a woman now, huh?
Look at you. Look at you.
Get out of my way! You freak!
Get off me! Get off me!
Get off me, please. Get off me.
Ray, get here
as fast as you can, okay?
I've had it with them.
I'll be waiting outside,
I just need to grab some stuff.
I'm on my way.
I'll be there in five minutes.
That bastard! I'll kill him!
No, Ray, please.
I just wanna go.
Let's get out of here.
Let's get out of here.
You got me
to take care of you from now on.
You understand?
I am gonna take you
on a little trip
that's gonna blow
your mind.
I called
every single one of her friends.
- Nobody knows anything.
- She's a teenager.
She's fine.
She's probably having fun.
Diego, she's never
done this before.
It's already so late.
I-- Oh, my God.
Okay. Okay. Relax. Relax.
Please, please, sit down.
You know
what we're gonna do?
I'm gonna give you
a special Diego massage.
Yes? Happy thoughts.
Breathe. Breathe.
-No, Diego. Come on.
We have to go look for her.
Come on.
Are you coming?
What if she comes back?
I'll-- I'll wait here.
Yeah. Call me right away.
Call me
if she comes back right away.
Miss Garcia, what's wrong?
Have you seen Maya?
Have you heard from her?
No. No.
I haven't seen her or heard her.
-You're telling me the truth.
-Yeah, I promise.
We have to call the police.
Are we going to Vegas?
You haven't lived
till you've seen it, baby.
-Oh, I thought
it might cheer you up.
What makes people, like, have
enough money to gamble all day?
They win. That's what
keeps 'em coming back.
Oh. Yeah.
My mom always said
she would take me.
And of course, she never did.
I gotta call her.
Phone's gotta be somewhere.
She's gotta be so worried.
She's probably
calling everybody.
-Oh, my God.
-Hey, chill. Chill.
If you forgot your phone,
I'll get you a new one
when we get there.
Al right?
-Where are we going?
-Where are we going?
- Where are we going?
- Vegas!
This is so cool.
I told you
I'd make it up to you.
-This is so cool, Ray!
Oh, my gosh.
-Is this special enough for you?
-Uh, yes. Obviously.
-There you go.
-What do you think, baby?
-I just think it's awesome.
Only the best for you.
Okay. This looks so good.
I just need
a little more blush, okay?
And then, um, these curls,
I need like a-- a bounce.
-I need a good healthy bounce.
You know what I mean?
-A bounce, yeah.
- Baby, you look
like a million bucks.
All right, perfect guys.
I think that looks good.
All right, thank you. All right.
All right. I'll see you later.
All right, let me take
a few photos of you.
Okay? You look so good.
My princess.
Oh, yeah. Oh, my God.
You look like a supermodel.
-Did you miss me?
-Who are those for?
What do you mean, baby?
They're for you.
- You are kidding.
- Go ahead, open it.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, Ray.
Seriously, thank you so much.
Thank you.
-Oh, my gosh.
-Anything for you, baby.
Hey, listen, I gotta handle some
business at my agency, okay?
- But this will keep you busy
for a little while?
- Mm-hmm.
-See you later.
-I'll be back.
Baby, you hungry?
Why did you do that?
It was a good picture.
Sorry. I'm sorry.
I just can't stand
to look at myself.
Hey, you should be
painting T-shirts anyway.
You can make
a lot more money doing that.
-You think so?
-Yeah. Why not?
Maya-Ray T-shirts.
I got some investors
I can talk to.
Is there anything you can't do?
I'm involved in a lot of things.
You gotta be nowadays.
All right.
-Now try all these on.
And I'll pick one out
for you tonight, okay?
We have some investors coming.
Oh, so should I just wear
the shirt I painted then
so I could show them?
No. Um...
the blue and the silver heels.
And we'll call you May.
It's a classy name.
Yeah, I don't
wanna be called May.
-I like Maya.
-No, May suits you better.
Hurry up.
They'll be here in five minutes.
You left me alone
in the room all day.
I'm starving.
Chill. Okay?
I got a new girl here,
still breaking her in.
Just don't put it on me
if she starts crying, okay?
-I can't deal with that today.
You have something for me
since I was so good today
all by myself?
Mm-hmm. Sure.
And I promise
we'll spend
more time together tomorrow.
Okay? I don't want
this new girl rattled.
-All right?
-I'll be nice.
-Thank you.
And hey, uh, our client tonight
likes a lady in red.
-Oh, yeah?
So I got you a new dress.
-You did?
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
-She's in there?
Knock, knock little one.
Um, hi.
This lipstick's
not right for you.
Um, you know, I-- I'm f--
-Now you look hot.
- Okay. How do you know Ray?
- I see you two have met.
This is Kayla.
She works with me.
She's gonna join us
for dinner too.
-Wow. Blue is your color.
You look stunning.
Get that dress on.
-They'll be here
in a few minutes.
-Yeah. Yeah.
- Here you go, honey.
- Thank you.
You boys having a good time?
- Yes.
Fellas, you want another
bottle of champagne?
So, uh, you're a bit
of a quiet one, huh?
May, honey, why don't you
tell Ed about yourself?
Open another champagne.
Go with them.
I'll meet you there in a minute.
Your little girl is going
to blow all of this for us, Ray.
I don't think so.
-Just handle it.
-It's cool.
May here needs
more loosening up.
God, you are so pretty.
God, you are beautiful.
What do you like to do for fun?
- I don't--
- Don't be shy.
That's a crime.
Playing hard to get?
-Do you see what he's doing?
-Relax, baby.
He's just being friendly.
Come on.
That champagne cost
a 1,000 dollars a bottle.
I mean, cheers, baby.
Now go sit back down
with Ed, okay?
Please, can we just go?
May, please,
I need you to do this for me.
I need Ed to invest
in our company, okay?
Go sit. Come on.
-Sit down.
-Sit right there.
So Ray says, uh,
you're new to town, huh?
We'll just have
a little fun first before.
-Please, don't leave me.
-What are you doing?
These past few days together
have been good, right?
Why are you trying
to ruin my business?
-Ray, you're hurting me. Ow.
-Okay. Come on.
You wanna do everything
we planned, right?
I'll be right outside. Okay?
Ray, she gonna do this or what?
I don't have all night.
Give me a sec.
- Here's your ten grand.
- Enjoy.
Hey, how are you?
This is so messed up.
This is so messed up.
Are you trying to blame me?
You should be grateful
that I'm even here
after what you did.
You led him on.
You flirted with him.
I watched you.
What are you talking about?
Boy, you got
a short-term memory?
What are you gonna do?
Go back to your mother
who let her drunken boyfriend
mess with you?
I treated you like a queen.
You-- you left me there.
I told you I was uncomfortable.
Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.
I forgive you. I forgive you.
We both gotta do
what we gotta do
to build a life together, okay?
Isn't that what you want?
And you're sure
she doesn't have a boyfriend?
No. No.
She-- she doesn't. I-- I'm sure.
Have you all been getting along?
-Had any fights?
Does she get along with him?
She's like my daughter.
Is there any reason
she would've run away?
I take really good care of Maya.
Just-- just-- just
please help me find Maya.
We just need
to look at all possibilities.
Does she have a computer
or any other device?
No, no,
but she uses mine sometimes.
-Can we take it?
-Yeah. Yeah, of course.
We'd like to check and see
if there's any unusual
social media activity.
The-- the password is Maya.
-Thank you.
Well, that's all for now.
We'll check the bus
and train stations
and we'll check back
when we have something.
Miss Garcia.
Did the research team
run the facial recognition tech
on the Garcia girl yet?
She's not showing up anywhere.
But the mom's boyfriend,
thought he was a douchebag
when we met him.
Checked with child services
and some domestic violence
going on.
But there's this other guy.
Calls himself Ray.
Was in contact with her
on social media.
I think it's an alias.
Started in February
with this crap
and then he DMs her back.
-And it always the way.
Trouble at home,
shoulder to cry on.
Makes me feel sick.
Also, one of her teachers
filed a report,
says she started
skipping school,
checking out,
bruises on her face.
Saw a dude in a black Jeep
picking her up
from school a couple times.
And guess what kind of car
shows up
on lovely Ray's social media?
This scumbag
went dark a few days ago.
Well, let's be there
when he goes live again.
Nice work.
I'll circulate this
to the rest of the team
and see if anything's sprung up.
one of the guys wants just you.
Okay, honey. Come on.
Let's go. Come on.
You're okay. I know, I know.
You gotta pull yourself
together, all right?
We gotta get you a drink. Okay?
And then it'll feel better,
I promise, okay?
We gotta clean up
your pretty face.
Get you cleaned up. Yeah.
Okay. Gotta stop crying.
If you don't, Ray is
gonna be mad at both of us.
And you don't want that.
We can just go out there.
We'll have a drink.
We'll pretend like
it's just you and me, okay?
And maybe afterwards we can--
we can go and get some ice cream
or some French fries.
How about that? Okay?
Come on. Let's go.
Come on. Let's go.
Please bring her back.
Just keep her safe
wherever she is.
Just please.
Bring her back.
-Where are we going?
-Wait and see.
You know I don't like surprises.
-Oh, it's a good one.
-It better be.
All right.
This will be our new home
for a little while.
Let's unpack
and celebrate.
You remember everything
I told you, right?
You always gotta make sure
you get the money first.
Some of these guys,
'cause you're new,
they'll try and take advantage,
but they'll listen.
Soon as they give it to you,
you go to the bathroom,
you say you gotta powder your
nose or something
and you count it, and you
make sure it's all there.
Uh, when does it--
when does it stop hurting?
Honey, you just gotta
do it a couple more times.
I promise it gets easier
and some of the guys
are even really sweet.
So, um, how did you meet Ray?
Ray and I have known each other
for a very, very long time.
We both grew up in
the foster care system together
and he was always
trying to hustle everybody.
So I had to keep him in line.
he takes really good care of me
or we take care
of each other, you know?
Do you think
he actually loves me?
Of course, he does.
We both love you, honey.
-You look beautiful.
-Thank you.
Okay. Let's go.
We don't wanna keep him waiting.
He gets so grumpy. Come on.
-What's taking her so long?
-I don't know.
What the f--
What happened? Are you okay?
Come here, baby.
I'm gonna take care of you.
Uh, are you okay?
What happened?
Just got a guy
who was a little rough.
I'll be all right.
Can you-- um,
can you hand me those.
Thank you.
I can get you some of these
if you want later
if you need 'em.
Oh, honey, it's okay.
It's okay.
I miss her.
I hope she's okay.
I've been praying for her.
It's so scary
how she just disappeared.
-I read an article about girls--
-No, don't go there.
Really gotta talk to Ray
about vetting these guys better.
Hate working like this.
Have you-- uh, have you
ever thought of leaving?
Why would I leave?
Look, Ray is really good to us.
You don't wanna mess with him.
You traitor!
You wanna leave me?
I do everything for you.
I didn't say that.
I would never leave you, I s--
-Say it louder!
-I'll never leave you.
Baby, I'm so sorry. Baby.
-It's me and you, May. Okay?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Hi. You've reached Maya.
Leave me a message
and I'll call you back.
Yeah! Cheers, girls.
You have no idea
the deal we closed today.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah. Yeah.
-No, I'm okay.
-Come on.
-Oh, you don't wanna party?
More for me.
Thank you. Don't mind if I do.
Get some of that, man.
Ah, you are missing out.
She's just a little shy.
All right, well,
maybe it's not her thing,
but I've got something here
you might like instead.
Some happy pills.
This is the good stuff.
You girls ready to get happy?
- Yes, please.
- You'll like this one.
There you go. One for you.
- Thank you.
- One for you.
-Give me one of those.
-And one for you.
Thank you, sir.
Cheers, gentlemen.
Oh, I love this.
What do you say?
- We dance?
- Yeah.
You doing okay?
You're a little shy, aren't you?
Hey, it's all right. Come on.
I'm not gonna bite.
It'll kick in in a minute.
You'll be feeling good.
Come on, let's dance. Come on.
Doing all right?
Come on. Don't be so shy.
We're having a good time.
It's a party.
It's a celebration.
We had big day. Come on.
-You want a drink? Huh?
You sure? You want a line?
-I'm sure.
-It'll make you feel good.
Look, your friend
definitely had enough line.
I'll be right back. Okay?
-You stay right here.
-All right.
Maybe a little too much fun.
Kayla. Kayla. Kayla, please!
Something's wrong with her.
Call 911!
Call 'em! Kayla.
Kayla, please.
No, man. Come on.
Let's get outta here. Come on.
Kayla, can you hear me?
Kayla. Kayla. Kayla. Kayla.
What did you idiots do
to make them run?
Did you at least get the money?
Ray, what do we do?
Please wake up. Kayla.
-Kayla, please. No!
-Move, move, move.
Kayla. Kayla, baby. Baby.
Ray, please do something.
Ray, please just wake her up.
-Quiet, quiet, quiet.
-Shh! Shh!
Stop! Stop!
Do you want to get arrested?
Let's go. Move it.
I told you
to burn Kayla's things.
Take these outside
and burn them!
Move it!
Let's go.
Sorry to disturb you,
we're just checking by
on an update
about your daughter.
Miss Garcia.
Miss Garcia, are you okay?
Oh. Oh, no.
We need a bus here immediately.
Yes. This is Warren.
Uh, we have a possible overdose
at 1471 South Atlantic.
-Come on. I've got her.
-They're on the way.
Glad you made it back to us.
This is Dr. Adams
and she's going to
take care of you.
You've been out
for a couple days.
How are you feeling?
You are at Mayview Hospital
in the detox unit.
You ODed on a mix
of benzos and alcohol.
After you leave here,
I'm gonna recommend
that you enter
a three-month treatment program.
Next time
you may not be so lucky.
Oh, yeah.
She's fresh as a daisy.
You wanna speak to her?
She's right here.
- Hello?
- Hello.
- Yeah.
- Are you a little girl?
Yeah, I can be
your daddy's girl.
Will you be my baby?
Yeah, I'd like that.
- Can you come over now?
- Yeah.
He's a freak, okay?
I don't wanna do this anymore.
-What did you say?
-Kayla's dead, Ray.
That's-- that's-- that's cute.
You're trying to blame me?
Running away
from a murder scene.
How do you think
that's gonna look to the cops?
Do you know how much money
I'm losing without her?
Never mind the three months'
rent I put down on that house?
There's no free rides, Maya.
You gotta do your part too.
Get dressed.
He'll be here in 15 minutes.
Have you thought any more
about going into treatment?
Well, you know,
there's an AA meeting
starting in just a few minutes
down the hall.
What do you say?
You just go check it out?
You know, I hear
that they have
really good cookies.
They have cookies?
I drove my husband away
and lost everything
because of my drinking.
The more I hurt inside,
the more I drank.
I ended up
in an abusive relationship.
Things went bad real quick.
I ended up
in the hospital a few times.
Social services
took my children.
They called me an unfit mother,
and I was.
They found out that he'd been
abusing one of them too.
And that killed me.
The more shame I felt,
the more I drank.
I missed my kids desperately,
but I still couldn't get sober.
Till one day, a neighbor
brought me to a meeting
and I-- I heard someone share,
and it was--
it was my story
except it had a happy ending.
That was the first time...
I felt hope.
I've been sober five years now.
And I finally got
my children back.
And it's all thanks
to this program.
I'm so grateful.
Hi, I'm Sandy.
No, thanks.
It's a gift.
Five years ago,
someone introduced me
to the program
and it changed my life.
Maybe it will help you.
-I'm Camilla.
-Do you have kids?
Yeah. Um, my daughter...
she went missing.
I'm so sorry.
Are the police helping?
They just think
she ran away with someone.
I'm sure you wanna get
your daughter back.
-Of course.
-Are you willing to get sober?
Because this may be
your best chance.
You talk to your doctor
about a three-month
treatment program.
And then when you get out...
you call me.
And I'll take you
to some really good meetings.
You're not alone anymore.
We'll do this together.
Thank you, Sandy.
And let them know
that I want you to help me.
Please help me.
I don't know how I am going to
ever repay you.
- Ah!
- Thank you so much.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
-It's okay.
-Thank you so much.
One day you'll meet someone
who needs your help.
That's how it works.
-All done.
That'll be $40.
I've got this.
New keys, new life.
You call me if you need me.
Thank you.
Hi, baby.
Just a few more of these
and we'll be
on our way to Miami.
You can pick out the furniture.
We'll get one of those fluffy,
white loveseats you like.
Big screen TV.
Everything's gonna get better.
We're gonna have...
beautiful children.
Hey, you're my girl.
I will never leave you.
I miss Kayla.
-And I miss my mom.
-I know.
You got me now.
And I'm gonna take care of you.
Let's take a shower.
Get something to eat, babe.
Maybe some ice cream. Hmm?
Okay. Good.
Come on.
What are you waiting for?
Grant me the strength.
Grant me the strength.
And I know you can help me.
Camila, what are you playing at?
You're here with me.
And I'm stronger.
I'm stronger than this.
Open this door!
I'm stronger.
And you're gonna
bring Maya back.
So this is
a very important client. Okay?
You can't afford
to mess this up.
Tell me
what you're gonna do again.
I don't look at anyone.
I walk straight to the elevators
and I press
the fifth floor button.
Like you own the place.
-Let's go.
See that young girl?
Guy following her.
Miss, are you a guest
in this hotel?
No, no, no, no. Please, no!
- Stop!
- No!
Please just open the door. Okay?
Open the door!
How much longer?
She's going crazy.
Just please
give me back my phone.
-You're not listening.
-I'm here.
Can you open the door?
Can you both step out?
I can take it from here.
this is just a mistake, okay?
My-- my boyfriend's
waiting for me outside,
and I just need you
to let me go.
I'm Jen Franks.
I'm with the Oakland Trafficking
Just let me go, please.
-Just let me--
-We found this photo.
Is this you?
It is you. Maya Garcia, right?
-We found Maya.
Oh, my God. Oh!
Oh, my God.
Oh, thank you so much.
Thank you.
Thank you. Oh, my God.
Is she okay?
Yes, she's okay.
She was found in Oakland
and they have her in care there.
Can-- can I go?
Can we go see her now?
No. Social services
needs to pay you a visit
to assess whether or not
you can take care of her.
Of course
I can take care of her.
You know
how social services works.
How much time you got now?
Five months and 18 days.
But there's something else
that you need to know.
And it's not going to be
easy for you to hear.
-We found out your daughter
had been trafficked.
Oh, my God!
She's in a good place.
We're taking care of her.
But when she comes out,
she's gonna need a lot of help.
I-- I'll do anything.
She's gonna really need you
to be strong.
I am strong.
And I-- I-- I will be
there for her.
Whatever it takes.
You wanna feel her?
Go ahead.
She's kicking right now.
Didn't want it at first.
She could be my pimp's.
One of my tricks.
I never had anything
that was just mine before.
How do you know it's a girl?
I just know.
I dreamt I had a baby
in the new house
my boyfriend and I
were gonna get in Miami.
Do you think
he's gonna find me here?
You better hope not.
You was pimped out
just like the rest of us.
How many a day
did he make you do, huh?
You got any of that money?
You don't know him.
You don't know
anything about him.
Get your head
out of your ass, girl.
You was his hoe
and he was your pimp.
Rochelle, lay off, okay?
Come on, girls.
It's time for daily meeting.
Come on. It'll help.
Used to cut myself before.
The crazy stuff works.
Or we can stay here,
and I'll be
in your case some more.
God, grant us the strength
to put the past behind us
and give us faith
in the infinite possibilities
of the future.
And amen.
Now, girls,
I want you to remember,
we are not alone
in the things
that have been done to us.
The beauty that is inside
each of us
is still there.
So find a partner.
Maya, Rochelle.
Sit across from your partner.
I want you
to look at your partner
in her eyes.
Just look at her
and really see your partner
and let your partner see you.
And when you're ready,
you'll say,
"You are beautiful."
You're beautiful, Grace.
You're beautiful,
You're beautiful, Grace.
You're beautiful, Rochelle.
You're beautiful, Maya.
You're beautiful, Rochelle.
Your beautiful, Maya.
You're beautiful, Amy.
Maya, it's hard.
I used to think that affirmation
stuff was so stupid.
But they say that
if you don't wanna be
stuck in misery, try gratitude.
Come on, walk with me.
You try that...
you start to see the beauty
in all the little things.
Like nature, for one.
Those leaves.
That flower.
Go on, try it.
It changes
all those crazy thoughts.
Maya, what happened to you,
that wasn't your choice.
But now we get to choose.
Choose our thoughts.
Block away the negativity.
I used to think what happened
to me was my fault.
But your past, my past,
that doesn't define us.
What you do now,
the choices you make now,
that's what really matters.
Hey, chin up.
It's okay.
Hey. Hey. Hey. What's going on?
Talk to me.
I don't know. I don't know.
Okay, we're gonna breath, okay?
Breath for me.
It is gonna be okay.
Your mom loves you,
and she cares about you,
and she's gonna
take care of you, okay?
It's safe in there.
And if you feel uncomfortable
at any point,
you have my number.
You ready to go inside?
It's okay Maya.
Oh, okay.
Oh, okay. Oh, it's okay.
Okay. Okay. Yeah. Yeah.
Maya. Thank you. Come-- come in.
You see, Mama.
It's all clean.
Do you like it?
Miss Garcia, um,
so I've been assigned
as Maya's caseworker.
I just want you
to be patient with her.
It's gonna take her some time
to settle in, okay?
-Sure. Sure.
-Here's my card.
And if you need anything,
please reach out.
-Okay? I'm here.
-Okay. Okay.
She'll need to come
and see me every week, too.
Every week. Yeah.
I-- I will be there with her.
-Okay. Yes.
-I'll take her every week.
-Thank you so much.
-Thank you. Thank you.
I-- I'm just gonna, um,
I'm just gonna
keep the food warm, okay?
In case you wanna eat later.
Here. Oh. Okay, Maya.
-Hey, Miss Garcia.
Hey, Maya.
It's good to see you home.
We all prayed for you.
Thank you so much.
If you ever need help
with anything,
I'm here for you.
Mama, Rachel seemed nice.
You should give her a chance.
-She wants to help you.
-I don't need help.
Okay? I need to see
my boyfriend.
You're keeping me
like a prisoner.
Maya, stop.
He's a bad person.
Look what he did to you.
I am so sick of all of you
telling me what to think, okay?
I really don't need advice
from somebody
whose boyfriend beat them.
Come on in, Maya.
How is it being home?
You settling in okay?
Maya, talk to me.
I feel like a prisoner.
She won't let me have a phone.
Like-- like nothing.
It's to keep you safe.
It's best for right now.
You're both full of it.
He loves me, okay?
And he's going to come find me.
I know that.
You know who loves you?
Your mom.
My pimp used to
tell me he loved me.
He'd made
all sorts of promises...
make me do all kinds of things.
He would get
violent too sometimes.
Was your boyfriend
ever violent with you?
Right now he's probably got
another girl working for him,
and he's telling her the same
exact things he told you.
-It's what they do, Maya.
-Stop it. Okay? Stop.
Maya, please. I only say this
because I care about you
and I want to help you.
You have a chance
at a good life now.
Maya, please.
It's okay. Just let her go.
-It's okay.
-I try so hard with her.
It just-- it just feels
like nothing is working.
I know, she's going
through so much right now.
You're strong woman, Camila.
-You can do this.
God is going to take care
of the both of you.
-I promise.
Go find her.
Maya! Maya! Mama!
Maya. Mama.
Cassie and Leila
are going to be here soon.
Come on.
Maya, they really want to
see you.
They're good girls.
They miss you.
Maya. Maya--
You can't just keep
hiding in your room.
-Why? Why?
-But you cannot--
'Cause you don't trust me, Mom.
That's what it is.
-No, it don't--
-You don't love me enough.
Maya, it's your safety.
I cannot give you your phone.
God, and you're not listening
to me about it.
I just want a phone.
You're not hearing me.
Fine. Here.
The password is "Chinita."
And if you're responsible...
when I get my next paycheck,
maybe I can get you a new one.
Now get ready.
Maya, they're here.
Look what
they brought you, Mama.
We made these for you.
We're really glad you're back.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry. I-- I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry, I--
I thought
you wanted to see your friends.
They love you, Mama.
We all do.
I love you so much.
Whose is that?
It's yours.
Thank you.
Here you go.
You're being so impatient.
Just stay.
-Okay. Let me see.
-No, it's not done.
-It's not done.
-Let me see. Let me see it.
Smells good.
All right.
Eh, good?
It's really good.
What are you doing here?
Are you crazy?
Crazy about you. Get outta here.
Ray, no. You got to go.
You can't be here.
Shh! No, no, no. Please, please.
My mom is going to go crazy
and she will call the cops
and you'll--
Get outta here, then.
I drove all this way.
Ray, please, I can't.
-I'm sorry.
-If you don't come, I'll just
know it was all a big lie.
Maybe I'll just drive
into another car.
Kill myself.
Maya. Maya?
Maya? Maya?
You came.
You always liked
when I did this.
May, I wanted to
come and get you.
I did.
But I was scared of the police
after everything happened
with Kayla.
I came as soon as I heard,
didn't I?
I-- I have missed you too,
-I-- I have to go back in.
-What are you talking about?
Come on, Ray.
Really, I'm serious.
I-- I have to go back.
Ray. Ray, come on, please.
Unlock the door.
Let me show you the house.
If you don't like it,
I'll take you back.
-Mom? Mom! No, no.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Maya!
Mom. No, no.
Please, Ray, turn around.
Maya! Maya!
Ma-- Ma-- Maya.
Stop, stop, stop. Stop.
Are you crazy?
I could have killed you.
Just drive. Drive.
Follow-- follow that car.
- Go, go!
- Should I call the police?
I got us a house too. Right?
We'll stay there
for a little bit.
Then we'll go to Miami.
Have the baby
just like we planned.
Yeah. Yeah.
It's that Ray guy. Yeah.
Yeah. Yeah. No, no, no.
We're-- we're following the car.
The license plate is 4PCI307.
Just-- just go, go!
Please, don't-- don't lose them.
- I'm not. I'm not. I'm not.
- Go. Maya.
No, no. He's turning right.
-He's turning right.
-Go, go!
They're going into a big house.
There's a party going on.
Lots of people.
They have security out front.
The address-- the address
is 3334, Woodrow Drive.
I mean it. Do not go in.
Wait until we get there.
They could be armed.
Ple-- please hurry.
Jesus. We got to get moving.
We'll call back up
and SWAT on the way.
Let's go.
I'm just going to take a look.
You stay here.
Just wait for the police.
Just stay here.
I'm just going to see.
- Just--
- Shh.
What do you see this house,
huh, babe?
Huh? What do you think?
This guy right here
is a big Hollywood executive.
It looks like fun. Huh?
This guy here has
his own fashion line.
He's big in crypto.
- They could have guns
or something.
They could have guns
or something.
We got to go back.
I told you to stay
and wait for the police.
Please. Please, just come back.
It's okay. Camila. Camila--
Oh, my God. Fuck.
Oh, my God.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Please. Hurry. Hurry.
She's gone in there.
- Guess we're playing
prison rules, huh?
-We-- we are playing
prison rules.
No, no, that's, like--
next-- next round is,
whoever wins...
-gets the gun.
-I'm down with that.
Okay. But no spinning.
It's not Russian Roulette.
Come on, let's start. Oh!
Ray. Did we forget to knock?
Introduce us to the lady.
Hello. I'm Stefan.
What is your name, my dear?
-Uh, I'm Maya.
-May. Her name is May.
May. What beautiful name. May.
What is your favorite
subject in school, May?
-Art. Very good choice.
-Sculptures or painting?
-She's a painter.
Who do you like more?
Dal, van Gogh, Paul Klee?
You know Paul Klee?
Oh, you're so beautiful.
Excuse me.
This is what I promised you
for the girls.
She's really young,
just like you said.
Throwing some extra for her.
But you need to
get me more like that.
And now,
just go work the party a bit.
Bring me the money and then
I'll set it up with you.
You got it.
Take her with you.
She's going to help you.
And dress her up a bit.
- You know the way I like it.
- Intruder back patio.
All right, gentlemen.
So, who's winning?
You are.
But it's on you, too.
Ray, we're not--
you're not doing this
to me anymore, okay?
-I don't--
Just have a good time. Okay?
Baby, where you been?
I've been looking for you
for hours.
-And who is she?
-This is Maya, baby.
I told you all about her.
Get to know each other. Okay?
- People are usually more welcome
if they come through the front.
I got to handle some business.
Okay? Don't do anything stupid.
We got security
all over the place.
-Ray is my boyfriend.
So if you get any ideas,
just back off, okay?
What are you talking about?
Ray is mine.
That's sweet.
Yeah, he said
you'd say something like that.
Ray and I have been dating
ever since he rescued me
from that situation back home.
You know, if you're gonna
come to these parties,
you really need to
dress up some more, okay?
Right now he's probably got
another girl working for him.
I hate all this stuff too.
But soon
we're going to move to Miami,
buy a big house by the ocean
and we're going to have a baby.
We'll go to Miami,
have a baby just we planned.
-Are you okay?
-No, we need to leave.
-Maya, let me-- let me go.
Okay, stop.
You're embarrassing me.
-Can you just trust me? Okay?
You're not enjoying the party?
See that guy over there?
They're heavy hitters
Who don't mess around, okay?
Just go back.
Have a good time.
I didn't do anything, baby.
She just grabbed me.
- Let me go!
- Mom.
- Mom! Mom!
- Let go of me! Maya!
Max, please be gentle.
Just-- just give me
my daughter, please.
-Your daughter?
You must be May's mother.
You look just like her.
Maybe there's work
for you here too.
-Stop! Maya. Maya.
-Relax. Relax.
- Calm down.
- Go over there.
- Go over there.
- Calm down.
- Come here, Ray.
- Calm down.
All good.
Go. Go.
What are you waiting for?
Go get them!
- He's taking the money!
- Ray!
Please, Mom.
Come on. Come on, Mom.
Mom. Mom.
You got to hurry.
They're going to get killed.
Please, they have guns.
They're shooting everywhere.
- Go, go.
- Hey. Hey!
I'm good.
It didn't go through the vest.
What are you waiting for? Move!
Get me out of here now. Drive!
Maya! Let her go.
I love you.
You're my baby.
We're going to start a new life.
-I'm your family.
-Maya! Maya!
My name's Maya.
Don't ever call me May again.
Police! Drop the gun.
Drop it! Get your hands up.
Drop the gun now!
Drop it.
Okay. Okay. Okay, Maya. Okay.
Okay. I got you.
I know where you live.
You're going to pay for this.
Maya. Maya.
I'm sorry.
Thank you so much.
Look, our journey
hasn't been easy.
And, well,
we have all made mistakes,
but hopefully,
we can use them to do...
some good in the world.
Hey, uh,
if you want out, we can help.
There's a safe house
two blocks over.
Oh, no. I'm okay.
Once me and my boyfriend
and I get enough money,
we're going to get
a house together.
Great. Well.
Uh, if you change your mind,
just call this number, okay?