Mayabazaar (2006) Movie Script

'Lord Venkateshwara, who rules
over Andhra Pradesh..'
'..and resides in the millions
of the hearts across lndia..'
'..took birth as Srinivasa
in the modern era..'
'..and when wanted wealth for
marrying Mother Padmavati..'
'..lord Kubera (The
God of wealth)..'
'..showered wealth on saint
Narada's request.'
'And Srinivasa made a promise
with gratitude.'
Lord, I will never forget
your help till my death.
I will be paying you interest
for this till eternity.
'And to keep his promise Lord
Srinivasa has been giving..'
'..lord Kubera the offerings that
he receives from his devotees.'
'And not many of us know
that every Saturday..'
'..lord Kubera comes to Tirupati
and takes his share as interest.'
How unfortunate I am!
"No one understands His ways."
"No one understands His ways."
- Who's that?
"Our destiny is written by you."
Narada? You came here
at the right time.
Hail Narayana! Hail Narayana!
You are a fortunate one.
You are collecting interest
for the debt..
...that you gave many years ago.
Is there still space
left for this wealth?
Don't ask me about my
misfortune, saint!
I have enough space to keep all
the wealth of three worlds..
...but I don't have space for
this sack full of sins.
O Narayana! Why, Kubera?
What is wrong..
...with this wealth? You are
carrying the holy offerings..
...of lord Venkateshwara and calling
them a sack full of sins?
What was that, Kubera?
- Those are the sins..
...committed by humans. You
can see it by yourself.
Those evil humans are
collecting wealth..
...through their sinful deeds,
walking on immoral paths..
...and then offering a share
of their sins to lord.. the name of repentance.
I would not have cared about it..
...but I have to carry this
wealth every week..
...and I have to visit
planet earth every week.
He's an elder and he wished
to get married..
...and I gave him money
only on your request.
And when he said that he will
pay me interest I felt happy.
But my shoulders have started
aching and my heart..
...has got tired after carrying
this burden since so long.
I cannot carry this burden
anymore, saint.
You are so ignorant, Kubera. It
seems that while your wealth.. increasing, your
memory is decreasing.
What are you saying, saint!
- Did you forget the curse..
...that saint Gautam gave you?
Remember it once.
Greetings, Kubera.
- Yes, saint. What brought you here?
My only daughter Sukanya
is getting married.
The groom's family is a rich one.
I don't have as much wealth
to fulfill their wishes.
So I came here to ask you for help.
So you saints who never
valued wealth..
...realized Kubera's importance now!
The God of wealth, the dearest
friend of Lord Shiva..
...the master of Yakshakas, Kubera
doesn't help humans..
...and he doesn't have even a single
coin for a saint like you.
Cheti, liquor!
- What are you saying, Kubera!
Who else will need wealth
other than human beings!
Think about your existence
without humans.
Mind your language! You are talking
about the same humans..
...who can stop to any levels
for a handful of grains.
I cannot donate wealth
to a beggar like you.
It is impossible. Go to planet
earth and beg in front of..
...some emperor and take whatever
alms he gives you..
...and get your daughter
married with those alms.
That is not the right way to
send back someone, Kubera.
So you want me to send you
out in a different way?
- Yes, lord.
He wants to go out
in a different way.
Push him out of this chamber.
- Kubera!
O saint, forgive him.
He's high on spirit.
If you can come some other time..
- He's not high on spirit.
He has arrogance because
of his wealth.
Kubera, you will get
punished for this.
You will have to carry the
sins of the humans.. the form of offerings
in gold and silver..
...the sins of the same humans
whom you called evil..
...because of your arrogance
that you got due to your wealth.
O saint! O saint, have mercy
on me! Have mercy on me!
O saint, I was drunk
and offended you.
Your curse has woken me
up from intoxication.
I cannot bear that punishment.
Please tell me a remedy.
Arrogance is the biggest
sin, Kubera.
There is no way you can
escape this punishment.
Now since you apologized
for your mistake..
...I am showing you the path for
remedy. Listen to me carefully.
The humans whom you called
evil and sinful..
Among those humans you
will have to find out..
...a gem of a person and you
will to donate him wealth..
...and then you will
have to serve him..
Only after that you will
get rid of that curse.
Isn't there any other way, saint?
Poison in the answer to
some diseases, Kubera.
That is the punishment you
deserve for your arrogance.
Bear it!
- Kubera, did you remember it?
Yes, saint. I remembered it.
It was a matter of many eras
ago. So I forgot it.
And where will I get a gem of
a person on planet earth..
...where everyone is selfish and
greedy and how will I serve him!
What are you saying, Kubera!
There is a right time..
...for everything. We have
to keep on doing our duty..
...waiting for that right moment.
And where is your Pushpak(ride)?
What shall I tell you, saint!
Pushpak has started..
...some unique fasting on Saturdays.
Oh! Now I understood why he
does that only on Saturdays.
It adds to my misfortune.
I shall go now.
May you get a great human
being! You may go now.
Hail lord Narayana!
Hail lord Narayana!
If it was not for such
amusing things..
...a traveler like me would
have got bored by now.
"Have mercy on us!"
"Give us some boons,
lord Murali Mohan!"
May I come in, sir?
- Yes.
They are ready. Shall
I call them, sir?
Send them in one by one-
- Ok, sir.
- Hello! - Sit down.
I am Raghuram from Baweja
& Baweja company.
I heard a lot about
your company and you.
In a short time span you made
such a big name for yourself..
What's your company's annual
turnover? - 500 crores.
How much are you spending
on social welfare?
2%, maybe.
- Thank you. You may go now.
We will increase it
if you wish, sir.
I don't need people who would
raise it on my wish.
It must come from your
heart. Good day.
I am Murthy from Tata.
- What's your annual turnover?
It's in big numbers. We
heard a lot about you.
Social welfare?
- 5%. - Thank you.
After reading about
your immense success..
...I am surprised to see
you to be so humble, sir.
Annual turnover?
- 5,000 crores.
Social welfare?
- Social welfare? What's that?
I am ok with train-fare,
bus-fare, air-fare..
...but I am not ok with welfare.
- Get out of here!
Hello, sir! I am Steven from Bill
Gates and Melinda Foundation.
Annual turnover?
- Around billion crores.
Social welfare?
- Around 25%.
25%! Fantastic! I will join you.
Who's that! Can't you see there's
a meeting going on..
...over here!
- I think it's your boss.
My boss?
- Yes! It's me.
Rascal. Open the door.
- Boss.
I will break you into pieces.
Idiot. Scoundrel. Stupid.
Good morning, sir. - It might
be a good morning for you..
...but isn't that great for
me as you offended me.
Come in, sir. Please sit down, sir.
I didn't say those
words to you, sir.
A fool came into my dreams
and disturbed me.
And it's surprising that your
voice is similar to his voice.
Just a couple of minutes,
sir. Two minutes.
Just two minutes, sir.
What a foolish taste! My name
is Sundaram, but after..
...I appointed you as my driver
my life turned upside down.
At what time were you
supposed to pick me up?
At 7:30, sir. - And what's
the time now? - 9:30, sir.
For your convenience you
keep even car with you.
Now I had to travel 10 kilometers
to wake up my driver.
Who came into your dreams today?
There were a lot of people, sir,
but I liked Bill Gates the most.
Bill Gates! Why did he
come to your dreams?
I think he needs me. If
you hadn't disturbed me..
...I would've already joined
his company. - Shut up! Idiot.
If you wanted to drive the car..
...why did you make me
wear my uniform, sir?
It's my misfortune. If you had
dreamt of dancing with..
...Elyana or Genilia, it would've
been further trouble for me.
Anyway, read the paper for me.
I couldn't read the paper
in the auto rickshaw.
Farmer commits suicide due
to failed crops. - O lord!
Read some good news like India's
victory over Australia..
...or cure for Aids, or 100%
literacy rate in Andhra Pradesh.
Those are all dreams, sir.
This is the truth.
If I had wealth I would've not let
even a single person starve.
Stop it!
Don't talk about principles
so early in the morning.
When a person doesn't have
any money he speaks a lot..
...but the moment one
gets some money..
...he forgets his words
like a politician.
I am not like that, sir. - Fine.
Let's see when you get money.
Read some international news.
- As you wish, sir.
Siri, stay here. I'll make a call.
Sir. Sir, just a second.
Take it.
- So you still respect me.
Or else you won't pay me the salary.
- Shut up! Come.
Cut that crap and listen to me.
If the meeting is over early..
...I will be back by
the evening flight.
If you don't keep the cell
phone on switch-on mode..
...and receive my call and
pick me up on time..
...then you know what
I am going to do.
You'll hire an auto rickshaw.
Sir, if it's a good joke
you should laugh.
Laughing is good for health, sir.
That's how you fool me and trap me.
Idiot! Be here on time.
- Sir. Sir.
How many times will I have to tell
you that you look beautiful!
Now get back to your work, Padmaja.
- You!
Hail lord Venkataramana
of the seven hills!
Don't get upset.
- Hello, boss! What's the matter?
I'll tell you.
- Phataskhar, what happened?
Chitti Fund has removed the board.
- Chitti Fund?
Our buddy has a girlfriend.
Her name is Chitra.
But our friend used to call
her 'Chitti'. Right, baldy?
Leave me, Bhaskar. - It's not over.
That was just the first half.
The second half is that Chitti
used to collect funds..
...from our friends regularly.
She collected it everyday..
...and laughed with him and had
some good time with him..
...till she collected five
lakh rupees from him..
...and then she took him to
Tirupati to marry him..
...and when he returned
from the temple..
...after shaving his head, Chitti
was out of his life..
...along with the fund, leaving
him alone with his globe.
Why are you irritating him!
He's already upset.
Don't worry, dude.
It's just 5 lakhs.
You can earn it with
your left hand.
And you can give it to Kerala
Kutti with your right hand.
Let's go. - And yes, baldy,
they sell sandalwood paste.. Kerala.
Apply it on your bald head.
I don't know if you'll get wise,
but you will sure get some hair.
Let's go. Why are you troubling
him like that!
What else do you want me to do!
They study well, they
earn gold medals..
...they earn crores of rupees
for their companies..
...and when they see a
girl smiling at them..
...they go to temples and
shave their heads.
I am fed up of this love
and bullshit.
Excuse me.
- Hello!
Don't underestimate love.
It's a beautiful experience.
Yes, there's no doubt about it,
and at the end of it.. leaves a big hole
in your pocket.
You don't know anything about it.
So you are also searching for
your Chitti?
I need to go in search of her.
I think she will search me..
...and find me some day.
- Your dialogue sounds.. the lead to the heroine's
introduction. - it might be.
One second.
- What are you looking for?
I am searching for a special
effect to change the scene.
Yes, I got it.
"This is a dream that I never"
dreamt even in my dreams.
"The cuckoo came to me and
said it will come true."
"I am getting that vibe. I am sure
there are some great days ahead."
"The day that I have been waiting
for is not far away."
"There only fun and joy heard."
"This is a dream that I never
dreamt even in my dreams."
"The cuckoo came to me and
said it will come true."
"I am getting that vibe. I am sure
there are some great days ahead."
"I feel like dancing in the rain."
"I feel like climbing
the mountains."
"I feel like diving
into the ocean."
"I feel like flying in the sky."
"I feel like enjoying the
beauty of the nature."
"This place is filled
with happiness."
"This is a dream that I never
dreamt even in my dreams.
The cuckoo came to me and
said it will come true."
"I am getting that vibe. I am sure
there are some great days ahead."
"I am waiting for my
beloved one's arrival."
"I am keeping my eyes open"-"
"He will come to me and
sweep me off my feet."
"I am waiting for that day."
"I am dying to meet him."
"Sooner or later he will be mine."
"This is a dream that
I never dreamt even in my dreams.
The cuckoo came to me and
said it will come true."
"I am getting that vibe. I am sure
there are some great days ahead."
I'm in Mumbai airport. You are at
your home in Hyderabad, right?
What are you saying, sir! I'm
on the way to the airport.
Where do these people come from!
It seems that he's still learning
to drive. Are you injured?
Injured? What do you mean?
- Sorry!
I didn't ram into your car to get
injured, but I did it for thrill.
For thrill? - I did it to see how
thrilling it is to fall under a car.
I didn't know that even
such beautiful people..
...go to mental asylum in Erragadda.
Help me, please.
But colliding with this
car was most thrilling.
I didn't know that we can do social
service in this way as well.
If you really like ramming
into cars that much..
...then I will leave you
at Ameerpet or Abids.. 5'O' clock in the evening,
you can get as much thrill.. wish for, but let
me go for the time being.
Is my car fine?
Find out someone else.
How can a person collide
with a car for thrill?
Why do I come across such
people all the times!
The Mumbai flight is delayed, sir.
It will be an hour late.
Haven't you seen it on TV screen?
I asked it for confirmation, madam,
but not for thrill.
Excuse me.
- Yes, sir. - One cup of coffee.
What's your name, girl?
- Siri.
It's Siri! It's a nice name.
You are here since morning?
Where are your mom and dad?
Dad went to make a call.
He didn't return yet.
When did he go? - It's been
a long time since he left.
He left me before you waved at me.
- And your mom?
My mom is not there. She's
with God in Tirupati.
Dad said that he will take
me to her place some time.
Don't cry, dear. Your father
might be somewhere around.
Let's check it out.
It's alright, Siri.
I am your friend.
What! Since morning?
I asked her a couple of times.
She said that her..
...father will come
to take her back.
So that means you can
leave her alone?
Why are you getting so excited?
Just look at her. She's been
crying since he left her.
We must inform the airport police
about it.
Inform whomever you want to inform.
File a complaint and take
my name and address.
But I won't let you keep this
girl in a police station.
Mr. Mercy, let me do my duty.
A minister is about to arrive.
I am really very busy with
the security arrangements.
You can take her with you. Now
what's this new trouble!
Prasad, look into that matter-
- Ok, sir-.
Why did you park the car over here!
There they charge 200 rupees and
here they charge just 100 rupees.
Thanks for such a huge favor.
- That's a nice hairstyle.
Is it Mumbai cutting?
- He didn't cut my hair..
...but he gave a hole in my pocket.
Who's this girl?
- She's a small girl, sir.
I can see that. I asked who she is.
Her name is Siri. - The girl's sweet
and her name is also a sweet one.
But who is she?
Is she the result of a
past mistake of yours?
No, I am not that kind of
a person, sir. - Calm down.
Her father left her in the
airport and didn't return.
And she was crying, so..
- Where does she want to go?
To Tirupati.
- Have you informed the police?
I made all the arrangements, sir.
- What arrangements?
She will stay with me till
her father returns.
You can't look after yourself
and you are thinking of..
...helping others. Do you really
need this headache?
What's this, sir! Is it wrong
if a person has humanity!
As you wish.
- I know, sir, you have a big heart.
If required you can even keep
the girl in your house.
I went to attend a
meeting in Bombay..
...and while returning if
I bring a baby with me..
...wouldn't she assume that this
is my love child from Mumbai?
I didn't think that far, sir.
- Let's go now.
It's not that easy to
deal with ladies.
You are also a lady, right?
Wait a minute. I'm coming.
Siri, this is our house. Is it fine?
Tell me if you were having
affair with someone..
...and is she the result
of that affair?
Stop those idiotic questions
and see what she wants.
I will tell you about the rest
of the things later on.
Come with me, dear.
- Siri, his name is Bhaskar.
He's a stupid, but he's
my best friend.
There's no need to be scared of him.
I might look odd, but I am
also a human being. Come.
Go to him, dear.
- Come.
Siri, how's the milk?
No! I'll agree only
if it's one crore rupees.
Shreya? No. I want Elyana.
The title is 'Chakri'? It's fine.
I won't take 100 rupees.
I want one crore.
I said I won't take
less than one crore.
It seems that it was a costly dream.
You are right. It's a costly dream.
I became a superstar..
...and I asked for one
crore as remuneration.
The producer become red hot
and hit me on the head.
And when I opened my eyes
it was you. - Look at her.
She's only four years old,
but see how nice she is.
I was even nicer when
I was three years old.
And I met you when I
was four years old..
...and you spoil this Bhaskar.
Dear, Siri. What are you doing?
So you are offering
prayers to the God?
Siri, good morning.
- Good morning, uncle.
You can call me brother.
If you call me uncle..
...people will assume that
I am getting old.
You have already become
old. Now get ready.
Where are we going? - Idiot, didn't
I tell you that we need to..
...give ads in TV, newspapers
and radio for Siri.
You are right. I forgot it.
Siri, what would you like to eat?
- I don't want anything.
You are my best guest. How
can you not eat anything!
Is ldli- Vada ok for you?
- Ok-.
Good. I will go to the hotel
and come back running.
Idli-vada parcel!
- Remove that cup and saucer.
It's mine.
- It's mine. - Get lost.
It's mine.
- I saw it first.
It's mine.
- I saw it first.
Stun it! Hey. stop it!
Yes, Mahatma Srinu!
Shall I give them Tiffin
if you pay the bill?
You don't know what hunger is.
Serve them two plates of ldlis.
I don't know how much
money you have..
...but you don't have
any dearth of humanity.
The green notes won't
satiate the hunger.
If you add a drop of compassion
to those notes..
...we can feed a lot of people.
- You are right.
But turn your head around once.
So what does your compassionate
heart say now?
Does it say the same or
did it lose the spark?
I guess you don't have green notes.
If you do me a favor and..
- No credit here.
Excuse me.
How are you?
Please take it.
Buy them what they want.
- No, thanks.
I know that you have
a lot of self esteem.
You can take it as debt. You
can return it later on.
Are you doing this for thrill?
- Yes, of course.
Isn't it thrilling to help a
person who's helping others?
This uncle is really nice. He
got us Tiff in without asking.
These are brand new notes.
She's damn hot.
Is she your girlfriend, Srinu?
- Not really.
That's the only thing
missing in my life.
Siri, let's go inside.
You can have breakfast.
I don't want it.
- What happened?
Don't cry, dear.
Do you know the meaning
of your name?
Siri means Mother Lakshmi.
Do you know who Mother Lakshmi is?
She's the mother of all of us. That
means you are our mother.
That's right. Siri should
always smile like that.
She should shine like a pearl.
"When you smile and
shine like a pearl.."
"When you smile and
shine like a pearl.."
"..what else do we need?"
"..what else can be a more
fortunate thing for us?"
"Your smile is a boon to mankind."
"When you smile and
shine like a pearl.."
"When you smile and
shine like a pearl.."
"You are the cynosure of my eyes."
"You brought a new
happiness in my life."
"You are the melody of my life."
"Whenever I see you my
heart is filled with joy."
"When you laugh it's
as sweet as honey."
"When we see you it
gives us a new life."
"Your mischief also looks sweet."
"When you smile and
shine like a pearl.."
"You entered our lives and
filled it with happiness."
"You brought a new
meaning to our lives."
"Your eyes emit moonlight."
"You taught us a number
of new games."
"When you take a ride on my back.."
"..l feel like running like a horse.
I can do anything for you."
"When you smile and
shine like a pearl.."
"When you smile and
shine like a pearl.."
"..what else do we need?"
"..what else can be
a more fortunate thing for us?"
"Your smile is a boon to mankind."
Siri. Siri.
Siri. Siri, what happened?
Doctor, she's..
- What happened to her?
Bring her here.
I think it's congenital.
I think we should get an ECG
and echocardiogram.
What do you say?
- Do you think so?
- Doctor.
Are you the girl's father?
- No.
Are you her relative?
- No, doctor.
Her father left her in the airport..
...and I kept her with me
with police permission.
How's she, doctor? - The girl's
got a serious heart problem.
There are holes in her heart.
She needs an operation urgently.
Heart problem? How come, doctor?
- Congenital.
It might be since birth. I can't
explain everything right now.
It might take you at least 3 lakh
rupees for that operation.
3 lakhs!?
The sooner you arrange that
money the better for her.
You can see her.
How can such a young girl have..
I can't believe that such
a charming girl..
...has such a problem!
- That might be the reason that..
...that rascal left
her in the airport.
We must save that girl at any cost.
- Hey!
Srinu, where will we bring
so much money from?
We spent half of our
lives on the streets.
We have to save this girl
even if we have to die.
Three lakhs? I told you right
then not to get into..
...these useless things, but you
didn't listen to me. - Sir, please.
Don't talk like that about her.
Show some compassion.
If you really have compassion
then arrange that money.. yourself. Why
did you come to me?
Because I know that
you have a big heart.
Just having a big heart
isn't sufficient.
You should also have enough
money to help others.
You don't have a permanent job.
No bank will give you a loan.
I don't have that sort
of money right now.
Sir, you will have to do something.
Srinu, I am also a human being.
I too have a heart.
But in these circumstances
I can't do anything.
I can give you just 5,000 rupees.
Try somewhere else.
I will also try my best.
One second. I think
there's some scheme.. give free treatment
to such patients.
Why don't you give it a try?
Take my car. - Thank you, sir.
There are 177 patients
in the waiting list.
We can help you only after that.
- Madam, please.
Ours is an emergency case.
- These are also..
...emergency cases, sir. It will
take about two months..
...for your girl's turn.
What happened, sir?
- We don't have that sort of time.
Sir, I need your help urgently.
- I'll call you back.
Sir, I need your help urgently.
- What's it?
I need three lakh rupees.
- Three lakhs?
Have you gone mad!
- Please, sir.
I need to get a small
girl operated. Please.
Please leave me. Leave this
place before I die.
Uncle, I didn't like
that hospital at all.
It's alright, dear. We
won't go there again.
We will stay here. - Uncle, won't
you take me to Tirupati?
- Bhaskar, take Siri to bed. - Ok.
Come here, dear. - Uncle, we are
going to Tirupati, aren't we?
Definitely, dear.
What shall we do now?
- I don't know. My mind is blank.
Don't worry.
Come. Let's go.
What happened?
- I am not coming inside the temple.
What! - I came here for her,
but not to visit the temple.
Have you gone mad! After coming
here you're saying..
How can I call him God when
he can do such a thing.. an innocent girl like her?
- What rubbish are you talking!
So you want me to argue
with you here! - No.
Take Siri inside. Siri, go with
Bhaskar. I'll wait here.
Siri, shall we go?
Hail Lord Venkataramana!
I am sorry.
- Hello!
It's you?
- Yes, it's me. My name is Anupama.
Who are you and why
are you chasing me?
Is someone paying you to follow me?
I don't do such kind of
things for money. - Then?
For thrill. I do it for thrill.
Here in Tirumala.. and I bumped into each other.
Isn't it thrilling?
Madam, please leave me.
What are you saying!
Did I hold you!
You may go.
She has definitely gone mad.
He's such a timid person.
Why are you running!
I won't let you go so easily.
Run as far as you can.
"You have created
such beautiful things."
"I am amazed on seeing
the wonders you created."
"I am the fortunate
one to be your devotee."
"You have created such
beautiful things."
What are the beauties
that you created!
Where shall I see them? Do
you want me to see them.. the faces of the people
who are starving to death?
Shall I see them in the bellies
of those selfish crooks..
...who rob the poor off
their share of money?
Shall I see them in the terrorists..
...who are on a killing spree
for the sake of religion?
Where shall I see your wonders?
You are sitting peacefully
on this hilltop..
...adorning yourself with
golden ornaments..
...and enjoying the service
of your devotees.
But people out there are
dying with hunger.
You need their money as well?
You are right. You are
doing all this.. payback the debt that
you took for your marriage.
What was the need to spend
so much wealth..
...for your marriage? Why didn't
you get married in a simple way?
You took debt in lakhs of crores
for your marriage..
...and now to payback that debt
you are taking offerings..
...from every selfish person and
fulfilling their wishes. - Son!
What happened, son?
- Nothing happened yet.
What do you want?
- I have been observing you..
...since a long time. You've
been talking to yourself..
...and you were scolding someone.
- It wasn't you.
Is there a new rule in Tirupati
that one can't talk to oneself?
No, I was just wondering
what the problem is.
Why? Would you solve my problem?
If you share your sorrows
with others.. will give you some strength.
That's the only reason.
Who's that God who lent money
to lord Venkateshwara..
...for his marriage? I
saw him in some movie.
I don't remember his name.
- 'Venkateshwara Mahatyam.'
Starring NTR, Savitri, Narada.
- Yes, what was his name?
He's lord Kubera.
- Yes, it's Kubera.
He's the one who must be blamed.
When he wanted to get married..
...he started showering gold!
Was he mad at that time?
There are no rains on earth,
there are no crops..
People are dying with hunger.
Can't he see their problems?
If he can, he should shower
gold at those places.
These are our Gods? We
have to worship them?
But what's the matter, son?
- She's a little girl, sir.
She has got a hole in her heart.
We need to get her
operated urgently.
The doctor said that it will
cost us 3 lakh rupees.
I don't have even a single rupee.
She wanted to visit lord
Venkateshwara's temple.. Tirupati. That's why
I brought her to Tirupati.
What's her fault that God
punished her in that way!
Even if he gave her such illness..
...he could at least send us
a person who could help us.
Don't you have faith
in God that she has?
She's a young girl, sir. She
doesn't know anything.
Her parents might have told
her a few things about him..
...and she believes him. How
can we trust such a God!
'Her parents'? Isn't she your
daughter? - No, sir.
Is she your brother's daughter?
- No, sir.
Is she your sister's daughter?
- No, sir.
She lost her mother. And her father
left her at an airport.
I took her to my home and
then we came to know..
...about her ailment.
All these days I have been
coming to Tirupati..
...but I haven't seen a person
like you till now.
Please, sir. - All these days
I came across people..
...who wished ill for others, who
wished for others misfortune..
...who wished to get others'
wealth, but till now..
...I've never seen a person who
wishes for the welfare..
...of someone whom he
doesn't even know.
'Nuvvu Naku Nacchavu' (I
liked you). - Sorry, sir.
There's already a movie
with that title.
Don't get angry, son.
I really liked you.
I'll give you the money needed
for that girl's operation.
Who are you, sir, who decided
to help me within a minute?
I have a lot of money, but I don't
have a heart like yours.
Assume that what you are
doing for a little girl..
...has brought a change in me, but..
- What, sir?
What's the guaranty that
you will return my money?
Do you have anything to mortgage?
I've my head. I'm ready to give
it to you. Will you take it?
My salary is 2,000 rupees.
My savings are nil.
I have three pairs of dresses
and one pair of shoes..
...and there is a folded bed.
Will you take them?
Those are a lot of things.
I don't need any of those.
In return for my money I will
ask you for something I wish..
...whenever I feel like asking. Ok?
- As you wish, sir.
Then it's a deal.
Hold it.
Here is 5 lakh rupees.
But I asked for only 3 lakhs.
- It's alright.
You can start some business
with the remaining money.
You can earn a good living.
- Thank you, sir.
Thank you very much.
I misunderstood you.
Well, I forgot to ask your name.
- What's in the name!
Who are you?
- Me, son?
A while ago you were cursing
someone for helping..
...lord Venkateshwara financially.
I am that unfortunate one. My
name is Kubera. - Kubera?
One more time? That means I will
have to waste my powers.. more time for this
human being. Get up, son.
Kubera? You are the real Kubera?
- Yes, son.
I am the Kubera. Get up.
Thanks to Mr. N. T. Rama Rao's..
...I saw lord Rama, Krishna,
Venkateshwara on screen..
...but I never saw Kubera. That's
the reason I couldn't..
That's our misfortune.
He who gives money..
...always stays behind the screen.
Don't worry. They can't see us.
Lord, in the heat of the
moment I said a few..
...harsh things to you
and to lord Venkateshwara.
Please forgive me. I made a
mistake. I am sorry, lord!
It's alright, son. Get up. Get up.
Who else has the rights to scold
God other than humans?
You must scold us and
we must enjoy it.
Take that money and
get that girl cured.
Everything will be fine.
- I wonder if it's real or a dream.
Son, it's nothing but the truth.
But when I will come to
take back my wealth..
...don't say that it wasn't true
and that it was just a dream..
I won't accept those excuses.
- What are you saying, lord!
One more thing.
No one other than you and me
should know about this deal.
Especially the finance minister.
If they know about it
I will be in trouble.
You need not worry about it, lord.
I will be indebted to you for
the rest of my life. - Really!
You will have to payback the
debt in this birth itself.
I will make sure you pay back.
There's nothing to worry about.
Shall I go now?
Ok, sir- Thank you very much-.
What did you say? Thank
you very much?
I will use that when
the right time comes.
Shall I go now?
- Ok, lord-.
My blessings are with you.
Is this true? Bhaskar!
Bhaskar! Bhaskar, where
are you? Bhaskar!
Do you know what just happened?
- Yes, I know.
How come?
- What rubbish! How would I know..
...what happened unless you tell me!
See this. It's 5 lakh rupees.
- Did you rob a bank?
Where did you get
so much money from?
I just met a childhood friend.
I told him about Siri..
...and he lent me money immediately.
Who's that childhood friend
whom I don't know?
You really robbed
a bank, didn't you?
Stop those stupid doubts and
look after the arrangements.. go to Hyderabad. - These are
original notes, aren't they?
Let's go.
- Let's go to Hyderabad.
I still doubt him. I wonder
where he got that money from.
Sorry, God. I will personally
come here and thank you.
What happened to him! It's
the affect of the wealth.
"O lord, have mercy on me.."
"..and accept my prayers."
It's saint Narada?
- It's Kubera.
Greetings, saint. - Kubera,
what is happening on earth?
There is nothing special to mention.
Kubera, you are hiding
something from me.
It seems that you got
the human being.. were looking for.
Everything is fine, but what
was the twist in it, Kubera.
Twist? What are you
talking about, saint!
You told him that in return you
would ask him for something" wish whenever
you feel like asking.
I am talking about that twist.
- You are talking about that?
How can that be a twist, saint?
I am dealing with human beings.
I was just taking precaution.
You are right. You should
take precaution.
Thank you. I would like
to take leave now.
I bless you to get your wealth back.
Hail lord Narayana!
Hail lord Narayana!
"O lord, have mercy on me."
We cannot do anything
hiding it from Narada.
He pokes his nose into everything.
He troubles everyone.
Kubera, you think
I trouble everyone.
You have not seen anything yet.
The real trouble is ahead.
Hail lord Narayana! "O lord,
have mercy on me.."
Doctor. - The operation was
successful, Mr. Srinivas.
She is out of danger.
- Thank you, doctor.
Thank you so much. - You can see
the patient, but silently.
Let's go and see her.
Siri is God's gift to you.
That's the reason she survived
in spite of all the hurdles.
It's all because of lord
Venkateshwara's blessings.
That's it.
Srinu, your wish to feed
hundreds of people..
...started with this hotel. I
wish that you feed lakhs..
...of people in future. - Thank you,
sir. - My blessings are with you.
Everything's fine, but who's your
first customer? - It's me.
It's a good omen. Mother
Lakshmi with cash.
Now how did you come here?
- I came on my Scooty..
...up to the road and from
there I came by foot.
Look, Miss., I need to solve
the matters today.
Why are you chasing me!
- You are very innocent.
If you scold your first customer,
your business might.. into trouble. - Srinu,
she's right. Take the order.
Do you remember I owe
you 1000 rupees?
Yes, you owe me, but that's
a different account.
We can settle that
account later on.
What's the matter she's taking
about settling accounts!
Is she that sort of a girl?
- Shut up!
That's not the matter, Miss.
- If you give credit to the..
...first customer, then your
business will run into losses..
...on the second day itself.
Listen to her.
I am getting late to office.
I shall go now.
Siri, take it.
- Hi! Are you Siri?
And what's your name?
- Anupama.
Anu Upma?
Along with Upma we can also
serve Anu Upma! - Shut up!
It's not Anu Upma, but it's
Anupama. - Anupama.
That's right.
The Tiffin and coffee were
great. All the best.
Thank you-
- Ok, let's meet later on- Bye-.
Friends, it's one of
my childhood dreams.. sit in front
of you in this way.
I was born in the midst
of hunger and deaths.
It's surprising to you, isn't
it? But that's the truth.
My father was a farmer. After
a harvest failed..
...and when he didn't get
the right amount..
...for the remaining harvest
he gave poison.. mother, sister and me
and he too had it.
But it's strange that I'm
the only one who survived.
And that day itself I decided
that I won't let others..
...face the same injustice that
my family went through.
My ambition was to earn
a lot of money..
...and to kill the disease
called hunger.
I am happy that today I am going
to take the first step.. fulfill my ambition.
Thank you.
So I am ready to
see the blueprint..
...of any plans or schemes you
have to achieve this goal.
Come on, Vasu.
- Thank you, sir.
After months of hardwork
when a farmer..
...sells something at 5 rupees,
it becomes 20 rupees..
...when it comes to
the consumer. Why?
Because the middlemen are
eating the 15 rupees.
Because of the middlemen the farmer
as well as the consumer..
...both are bearing the burnt.
Our project will try to..
...solve this problem. We
will buy the products..
...directly from the farmer
at a rate that suits him..
...and without expecting
any profit and without..
...middlemen's involvement and
we'll give it to the consumer.. a price that suits him.
And with the profit that
we make we will fund..
...the healthcare in the villages..
...and we'll lend money to the
farmers at low interest rate.
But why would the farmers trust us?
What's the difference between
the middlemen and us?
As per Vasu's idea honestly,
sincerity and commonsense..
...should be our assets. If we
follow those three things..
...the farmers will believe
us, and if we don't..
...then neither will
the farmer trust us..
...nor will we have our jobs.
- You are absolutely right, sir.
Thanks, Vasu. I am okaying the
first phase of this project.
We'll start the project from my
native village, ok? - Done, sir.
What happened, sir?
- Nothing.
Earlier when you used to tell
me about your dreams..
...and your ambitions
I used to scold you.
Today you are making your
dreams come true..
...and you also made me a
part of this holy deed.
I am speechless. - Sir, the
day I started my canteen.. said that you
want to see the day..
...when I would help
lakhs of people.
It's all because
of those blessings.
I am proud of you. You
finally made it!
Excuse me.
- Hello! - Yes, Bhaskar.
Did you forget it? What's
the day today?
It's Siri's school's anniversary
day. - I forgot it.
Come here immediately, or
else she'll kill you.
"Hi, lovely! Hello! Hello!
Tell me who you are."
"Why are you following me?"
"I am the suspense part
of a Hitchcock movie.."
"My name is a shadow."
"Hi, lovely! Hello! Hello!
Tell me who you are."
"Why are you following me?"
"I am the suspense part
of a Hitchcock movie.."
"My name is a shadow."
"Do you need to do this?
Why are you targeting me?"
"Is this what you want?
Is this your way of torturing me?"
"Take it easy, dude."
"Hi, lovely! Hello! Hello!
Tell me who you are."
"Why are you following me?"
"Like a thunder without a cloud.."
" are giving me a
shocks without prior notice."
"These memories will stay
with us for a long time."
"This is the time we need to enjoy."
"O beauty, tell me what you want."
"Why are you puzzling me?"
"But I am enjoying it."
"Hi, lovely! Hello! Hello!
Tell me who you are."
"Why are you following me?"
"I am in love with your rosy
cheeks and tender lips."
"What's the need to take
any sort of risk?"
"This is the age to have some fun."
"Life will be spiceless
without any risk."
"There's a doll that
speaks with melody."
"it seems like an unsolved puzzle."
"You will have to solve that
puzzle to get the answer." - Oh God!
"Hi, lovely! Hello! Hello!
Tell me who you are."
"Why are you following me?"
"I am the suspense part
of a Hitchcock movie.."
"My name is a shadow."
- Siri. Fantastic.
Madam, who's the lady who
came down like a Goddess?
She's aunt Anupama.
- We know that, dear.
But how come she's here?
- She said that you sent her here.
She's the one who designed
the ballet..
...taught the steps to kids, she's
the one who did everything.
Siri, you naughty girl.
Why didn't you tell me..
...that aunty taught me ballet?
- She asked me not to tell you.
What's the address of that aunt?
She asked me not to tell you.
Thank you, madam. We shall go now.
- Ok. Bye bye.
Bhaskar, you have to find out all
the details about that girl.
Who she is, where she came from..
- You don't worry about it.
Leave that to me. I will
find out the details..
...of three generations
of her family.
Hello, sir! - Please, excuse me.
No conferences please.
Just a couple of questions, sir.
- Whatever publicity you want.. give me, please give it to
Siri Hearts Foundation instead.
Sir, what does Kubera
& company means?
It's one of my Indian friend's
company who lives in America.
He helped a great deal
to this company. Next.
Mr. Srinivas, you achieved
a lot in a short time span.
And then you are donating more
than half of your wealth.. the society. What's the
secret of your success, sir?
You are the one who's saying
that it's a secret..
...and then you are asking
me to reveal it.
Jokes apart, I am just an
instrument in this job.
The person who is making
me do all this..
...and the secret of my success
is this girl Siri.
This girl who entered
my life accidentally..
...has completely changed my life.
Siri gave life to my
dreams and ambitions.
She made me stand in front
of you with pride.
We are back here.
No. 46! It's the same house.
This place is like lord
lndra's palace.
I need the house, but not
the owner of the house.
The God of wealth, the dearest
friend of Lord Shiva..
...the master of Yakshas, Kubera.. need not do these things.
You will be in trouble if
that human being hears you.
Now you have to serve
a human being, Kubera?
Stay there.
That saint asked me
to serve that human..
...but he didn't mention how
that service should be.
He didn't tell me.
He didn't tell me! He didn't..
...tell me.
Ghost! There's a ghost!
Sir, there's a ghost.
- What!
Yes, sir. The ghost is
cleaning the utensils.
It's washing clothes.
- Did you have a nightmare!
That's not the thing, sir.
I am telling you the truth.
There's a ghost, sir.
Come with me, sir.
Wait a minute.
- Come with me, sir.
Come here, sir. Come with me.
See this, sir. The ghost
washed the utensils.
It washed the clothes.
See there, sir.
Trust me, sir, I saw the
ghost swaying on swing.
The ghost?
- Yes.
- Yes.
On the swing?
- Trust me, sir.
And how does the ghost look like?
- It's bulky.
Wearing golden ornaments.
- With a crown?
- With gold? - 24 carat.
It was bulky?
- Yes.
Was there a mace in its hands?
- A big one.
Does that mace look like this one?
- It was even bigger, sir.
Even bigger? You scoundrel!
Oh God! Oh God! Leave me! Leave me.
What happened? Why are you
looking at him like that?
He's becoming madder day by day.
But whatever I said is nothing
but true, sir. - Get lost.
Leave him. Why are
you troubling him!
Siri, finish your breakfast. We
are getting late to school.
You said that you will find
out about three generations..
...of Anupama. What
happened about it?
I'll drop Siri at school and then
I'll look into that matter. Ok?
Sir, there's someone for you.
- Coming.
Not for you. It's for sir.
Drop Siri at her school-
- Ok, you may go-.
Hey! - Sir. - Come here.
Where are you going?
- Greetings.
My name is Subbaraju. Aziz.
Narsimha! - Please sit down.
We didn't come here to sit.
- Will you drink something?
Because of you people see
us as blood suckers.
Because of me? - You started
programs like 'Food for poor'..
...'Helping hand', and
all those programs.
And commission agents like us,
in your words middlemen..
...have been exploiting
the poor farmers..
...and that the farmer and the
consumers are facing losses..
...and now you are buying for
more and selling for less.
How will we survive if you
do such a thing, sir!
What happened to you now!
- If you have a lot of wealth..
...invest in real estate
or Swiss bank..
...but what are the foolish
things that you are doing!
Listen to me and cancel
all your projects..
...or else join hands with us,
we can do business together.
What sort of business! The business
of exploiting people?
You are unable to
understand it, sir.
I understood it very well.
- Stay quiet.
I understood what you are saying.
But who told you that I
entered this business..
...because I have a lot of wealth.
The truth is that if people
like you join hands with me..
...we can do a better
service to society.
Then you can even take away
credit for everything.
We didn't come here
to listen to you.
If you don't listen to
us you will be trouble.
You are trying to threaten me?
Our enmity might not be good for
you. Think about it again.
Since you're worrying
about my welfare..
...let me tell you again,
I started this project.. save the poor farmers
from vultures like you.
My father also fell trap to the
brokers like you and died.
Not only you, but even if God
comes here asks me to stop it..
...I won't stop it.
- You are lecturing me?
Will you leave or shall I..
- Sir, you are making a big mistake.
I have already done the mistake.
Now get lost.
Are you injured?
"Is love a crime? Is love a sin?"
"Expressing it is so difficult."
"I have hidden you in my heart."
"Is love a crime? Is love a sin?"
"Expressing it is so difficult."
"You are the rising sun in my life."
"Your smile changes the environment."
"I want to be in your arms forever."
"I want to hold your hand forever."
"When we are alone.."
"When we are alone I feel like
crossing all the lines."
"Is love a crime? Is love a sin?"
"Expressing it is so difficult."
"I can't even survive for a second.."
"..if I am separated from you."
"My days turn into hell.."
"..when I don't see you."
"Your presence.."
"Your presence brings out
a different person in me."
"Is love a crime? Is love a sin?"
"Expressing it is so difficult."
"I have hidden you in my heart."
"Is love a crime? Is love a sin?"
"Expressing it is so difficult."
Come in.
- My name is Girija, sir.
Sit down. Why did you
apply for this job?
I am your fan, sir. You are
very smart and handsome.
I decided it that if I ever join
a job it will be in your company.
- Sir.
My name is Julie, sir. I will
jump out of the window..
--If you wish, sir-
- Ok, go ahead-.
My daddy asked me to
join your company..
...If I ever join a job.
- What are you saying!
But your daddy called me and
asked me not to hire you.
What! Daddy!
We have a lot of assets, sir.
I want this job to while away..
...some time.
- Next.
Next! Next! Next!
Next! - Good morning, sir.
- Yeah! Morning.
Why do you want this job?
- To have some meaning in life.
- It's me, Bhaskar.
Where are you talking from?
- My cell is over.
I am not getting that girl.
I got her.
Shut up and hang up the phone.
- Hi!
So this is also a part of
your thrill program or..
The real thrill is in having
a meaning in life.
It seems that you did a great
research to find that out.
Please sit down.
- Thank you.
So you came here in
search of meaning!
That means you don't need
a salary. Am I right?
I believe in sincerity of work.
At the same time I expect
a salary I deserve.
As far as I know you won't let
me work for free. Am I right?
May I check your qualifications?
MBA from Colombia University?
You are highly qualified. Didn't
you know that you are..
...over qualified for this post?
- I know.
The post is not important for me.
I want to make a contribution
in the social service..
...that you are doing. That's all.
It might sound strange to you,
but that's the truth.
I liked you. I am appointing
you as my PA.
If you don't mind may I
ask you something? - Yes.
What's the annual turnover
of your company?
I'm sorry, I mean only
if you don't mind it..
No. No. It's ok. It's 500 crores.
And how much do you spend
for social welfare?
What happened, sir?
- Nothing.
We spend up to 50% on it.
- Fantastic, sir.
I will also join you.
Thank you. I think you will be
a great asset to our company.
I want to be a great asset for
your company and for you.
That's the spirit. Please
come, Miss. Anupama.
I will introduce me to my staff.
- Sure. Sir.
There's a small request. Please
don't use any prefixes.
You can call me Anupama.
Anu will be even better.
Ok. Anu's fine. I'll call you Anu.
- Thank you.
What's this! You play up to
your stupid pranks again?
You will never play one.
That's why I did it.
I am famous for that.
- Meet my PA. Anu. - Fine.
And how come she is here. Anyhow,
glad to meet you.
Very glad to meet you.
- What happened?
- What happened!
Sorry. I didn't know
that you are so soft.
And I didn't know that you are
Karnam Malleshwari's sister.
Stop it- Ok, Anu, meet my
best friend Pathaskar.
Sorry, Bhaskar. He's always
up to something.
Very glad to meet you.
- It's alright.
I heard a lot about you, that
you're Mr. Srinivas' right hand.
The right hand's not there anymore.
It passed away a long away. Dude,
beware of this girl.
Will you stop that crap for a while?
I have to go shopping for Siri.
I asked for Anu's help.
Will you accompany us?
- You got the girl.
Why would you need us now?
- You are really very funny.
Anyway, nice meeting you.
- No, thanks.
We are Indians. We shall fold
hands and greet each other.
- Goodbye-
Let's go-
- Ok, see you soon- - Very soon-.
Anu, will you take Siri home!
I have got some work.
I will be back within an hour.
- Absolutely no problem.
But how will you return?
- Bhaskar will pick me up.
Bye, uncle.
- Bye. - Bye.
Mr. Vinod!
Sir. Sir.
How are you now?
- I am feeling better.
Daddy? - Yes, sir. I am Siri's
father. My name is Chalapati.
I never knew that I would
introduce myself to you.. this condition. I am
that unethical father..
...who left Siri in the airport. We
were already in financial crisis..
...when my wife passed
away due to cancer.
When I came to know that
my only daughter Siri..
...has got a heart problem,
I couldn't bear it.
With the hope that some
philanthropist like you..
...would save her life I
left Siri at the airport.
I am ready to accept
any punishment..
...for committing such a crime.
- Please don't say that.
I am the one who must thank you.
I can think about that
punishment later on.
Take rest for the time being.
- But who were those people..
...who tried to kill you.
I don't know.
- Good people have more enemies.
You must be careful.
- Such kind of enemies..
...can't harm him till he
has friends like you.
And what's that metal made of, sir?
Is it Vizag steel or Ambuja cement?
Keep quiet. You take rest.
- Let's go, dear.
What a fortune!
As you wish. I'll show you.
Pandu! What's this!
How dare you to slap me!
You human being!
Stop it, scoundrel!
Oh God!
O mother! O father! You killed me!
What happened, sir? Why are
you laughing like that?
What! - My body is aching.
Who did this to me, sir?
You don't know that it's me,
do you? - Right, sir.
I brought this item for you.
It will cure you in a moment.
Oh God! Help! Help!
"O lord, have mercy on me."
My teeth are aching. My
bones are cracking.
Evil human, how have I harmed you..
...that you have beaten
me in that way!
Hail lord Narayana!
Hail lord Narayana!
What's the matter, Kubera! it
seems that you are a bit upset.
The beginning of my bad days, saint.
This is the special
gift I received..
...for serving that human being.
That was bound to happen, Kubera.
You have to take pain
while serving him.
You can't use your magic
as your service.
Saint, how I can serve
him by taking pain.
How can I do that! Is
it possible for me?
You will get the result
only if you take pain.
And what about the service
that I did till now?
There's no use in it.
- That is not possible.
Saint Narada, what is going on!
What sort of justice is this!
Have I really done
such a big mistake!
You are the merciful. You
are the savior of dharma.
You will have to find out a path
to take me out of this trouble.
Or else I will have to sacrifice
my life. - No. No.
Kubera, why are you losing hope!
Even I can't bear it if
you go through such pain.
We need a solution for this trouble.
Alright, you carry on. I
will also think about it.
But you will have to serve him
till we find out a solution.
Or else you will never
get rid of that curse.
It's my misfortune, saint.
I shall go now.
- Hail lord Narayana!
Hail lord Narayana!
The story isn't over yet.
This is just the beginning.
"O lord, have mercy on me."
Greetings, sir.
- Greetings, sir.
May God give you 100 years to live!
Your blessings are enough for me.
Where are my colleagues?
- They are near that tree, sir.
If a person wishes he can
even change a dessert..
...into a garden. I didn't believe
in that saying till now..
...but now I started
believing in it now.
There is no one hungry in
this village anymore.
And the credit goes to you.
No. If I didn't have the support
of people like you..
...I couldn't have achieved
what I waned.
My parents hadn't expired.
They will keep on living in
their happiness. Thanks.
- You took so much trouble for me.
I can't take the credit for it.
To be honest I must thank you..
...who gave me such an opportunity.
There's a small wish. Don't call
me sir. Call me Srinvias.
Srinu will be even better.
And you never told me anything
about your family.
There's nothing special
about it, sir.
Sorry, Srinu.
It's the same old story.
- But still I know about them, Anu.
Will I have to?
Ok. My mother and father
live in America.
I am their only daughter.
They have a lot of wealth.
They wanted me to marry
someone from that place..
...after completing my MBA.
But didn't want that.
Then I came here and then I met you.
You know the rest of the story.
Aren't you scared to live
alone in such a big world?
You are there beside me. What
should I be scared of?
You're here?
- Siri.
I have been looking
for you everywhere.
Shall we go now? Let's go-
- Ok-.
Vasu, meet Mr. Chalapati
and this is Mahesh.
Nice meeting you, sir.
- Hello, sir. - Hello!
Mr. Chalapati, from today onwards.. are the boss of
this 'Pennidi' project.
Sir, what are you saying!
- Mr. Chalapati, you saved my life.
If you weren't there that day
I would've lost my life..
...and by ambitions. You deserve
it as you saved my life.
Sir, but I am..
- I have completely faith in you.
All the best, Mr. Chalapati.
- Thank you, sir.
It's all yours. Shall we go now?
- Sure.
All the best.
- Thank you, madam.
O lord of Yakshakas, you
are taking so much pain.. spite of being
the lord of wealth?
It's written in my destiny.
I have to serve that human.. order to get rid of my sins.
I have to bear the punishment.
Do not lose hope, lord. Your
good days will be back.
How? How will I get
my good days back?
How will I ever get
my golden days back..
...when the burden of my curse
is crushing me. I won't!
Shall I serve him in
your place, lord?
I appreciate your loyalty,
But I am the one who has been
cursed, it's not you.
I have to serve that human
to get rid of my curse.
How long will you
to serve him, lord?
Till that human being dies,
Virupaksha. - O lord!
Looking at the philanthropy
of that human being.. seems that he will live
at least of 100 years, lord.
That is what is called misfortune.
I thought he's a human being.
He won't live for too long.
But this human being is doing
charity for his life..
...and he is taking my life.
The problem is a big one. We
have to find a solution..
...even if it is a bit
unethical, lord.
What's the matter, Siri?
What are you doing?
They make a great pair. Come,
let's go to uncle..
...and ask him what
he thinks about it.
What's this? Is it a joke?
- It's not a joke.
It's Siri's idea. I also cast
my vote in its favor.
If you say yes, I will cast your
vote as well. What do you say!
It doesn't matter whatever we think.
She must also think the same way.
What if she too thinks the same way?
- Siri.
My opinion is the same. Now
the ball is in your court.
Siri, we shall go now.
Take care of my friend.
No shake hands please. Goodbye.
Did I hear it right?
- Do you have any doubt?
Later on you won't say that
you said it for a thrill, will you?
"You have a sexy waist.
You have a beautiful walk."
"How fortunate I am to get you!"
"You have a sexy waist.
You have a beautiful walk."
"How fortunate I am to get you!"
"You give me a thrill.
You make me laugh."
"Take me into your arms
and make my day."
"You have a sexy waist.
You have a beautiful walk."
"How fortunate I am to get you!"
"O my beloved one,
I am born for you."
"O my beloved one,
I am born for you."
"I fell in love with
your black eyes."
"I fell in love with
your honest smile."
"Your love is the most
precious thing for me."
"Your beauty will make
men envious of me."
"You are making me blush.
Stop singing like that."
"You have a sexy waist.
You have a beautiful walk."
"How fortunate I am to get you!"
"You give me a thrill.
You make me laugh."
"Take me into your arms
and make my day."
"Tie me the nuptial thread
and take me to your home."
"I'll come to your home
to take you away."
"I want to spend the rest
of my life with you."
"I am as eager as you are."
"I am fortunate to get you."
"He's my beloved one.
He has a kind heart."
"How fortunate I am to get you!"
"You have a sexy waist.
You have a beautiful walk."
"How fortunate I am to get you!"
"O my beloved one,
I am born for you."
"O my beloved one,
I am born for you."
Sir, it's you?
- You can see me, can't you?
Should I not come here?
- I didn't mean that.
How did you come here
all of a sudden!
I felt like surprising you. That's
why I came here in this way.
The vehicle is very comfortable.
Is it a costly one? - It's because
of your blessings, sir.
Just taking blessings
isn't sufficient.
You must also offer something.
Let's go home, sir. We can
have lunch at home. - Fine.
Yes, lord. - I thought you will
pretend to forget your promise..
...and that you will make
some excuse or other..
...but you remember it.
- What are you saying, lord!
How can I forget my promise! Tell
me what you want from me.
Will you give me anything
I will ask for?
You can test me if have any doubts.
I want your life.
My life? - Yes, human being.
I want your life.. return of the favor
that I did to you.
Human being, I did not crack a joke.
I am serious. Do you
think it is funny?
No, lord. I didn't mean that.
- Then what do you mean?
Now I understood the reason
why I am still alive..
...and why I didn't die after I
drank poison when I was a kid.
The God of wealth, the
lord of Yakshakas..
...the dear friend of lord Shiva,
Kubera needs my life.
What more can I ask for my life,
lord? You can take my life.
Every life has some purpose.
This might be the purpose..
...for you taking birth
on this planet.
But I have a small wish, lord.
Even if it's a small
wish or a big wish..'s dharma to fulfill
the last wish.
You can ask for anything you
wish except your life.
I need one week's time.
- That is what is the problem..
...with you humans. You put
conditions for everything.
Lord, please don't misunderstand me.
It's not a condition.
It's just a request.
I need to hand over that
girl to her father..
...who is alive because
of your mercy.
I need to hand over the
...of the organizations and projects
to a capable person.
I need to show a path to the
people who depend on me.
What will I do if I
die all of a sudden!
'You are a great human being.'
'Even at such moment you are
thinking about others' welfare.'
'You are really great.'
- Lord.
Can you finish everything in a week?
Definitely, sir. I'll finish
it off in one week.
Alright. - Thank you, lord.
Thank you very much.
But if you don't keep your promise.. will have to bear
the consequences.
You need not worry about it.
I will surrender myself..
...within a week. - Alright. And
I happy with your reception.
And what do you humans say!
Thank you very much.
The pleasure is mine, lord.
We will meet exactly
on the seventh day.
Hello! I am Srinivas
speaking, lawyer.
You will have to allot tomorrow
and the day after tomorrow.. me. Don't have any
other engagements.
Yes, it's very important. Ok?
- Srinu, there's a big trouble here.
What happened?
- Someone mixed poison.. the rice and oil
that we supply. - What!
A lot of people are admitted
in the hospital.
Two of them have already died.
- What are you saying!
It's true.
Come here immediately, or
else the people here..
...might do anything.
- Where is Chalapati?
I don't know. He isn't lifting
the phone as well.
Ok, I'll be coming there
Sir, the condition outside
is very critical.
You don't come out.
Please. Please. Calm down.
Hello! Please listen
to me. Listen to me.
We touched your feet when
you offered us food..
...but you came here to kill us.
- Listen to me.
My wife has died. I killed
her with my own hands.
Listen to me.
- They poisoned her.
Srinivas, come out. Srinivas
must come out!
Srinivas is here. Srinivas is here.
Stay there. Stay there.
Stay there. Stop!
Come in, sir.
- Move aside.
Come in, sir.
Listen to me. Please listen to me.
Come inside, sir.
Bring a bandage immediately.
How did it happen? Where is
Chalapati? - I don't know.
How can you not know! He
was supposed to be here.
I am accused of killing the poor.
Vasu, you must bring Chalapati
wherever he is.
We'll try.
- I don't care what you do.
I want him here immediately.
Move aside! Move aside!
Control them. Move aside. Go back.
Go back!
Sir, I don't have any doubts
over your sincerity.
But I am sorry. You are
under arrest. - Sir.
It's not his fault. You can
arrest me if you wish, sir.
Bhaskar, don't be stupid.
This is my project.
I have the complete
responsibilities of this project.
Srinu, what are you saying!
- Bhaskar, whatever is..
...destined to happen will
happen eventually.
Please, sir.
- Stop there!
Move aside. Go back. Go back.
I said go back.
Mr. Cl!
Who are you?
She's my personal secretary.
I want to show you something
before you arrest Srinvas..
...and put him in the lock up.
- What's that?
Mr. Srinivas handed over the
project 'Food for poor'.. Chalapati. And this is
the gift Chalapati gave him..
...for putting faith in him.
Chalapati tried to send Mr.
Srinivas to the jail..
...and to get his wealth
through his daughter.
Now tell me Mr. Cl, what's
Srinivas' fault in it?
How did you know about
all these things?
I didn't know it earlier,
but I doubted it.
Ever since the day Chalapati
joined this project..
...I had been keeping an eye on him.
Sorry, Srinu, I didn't
inform you about it.
I fixed secret cameras
in all the godowns.
I wanted to unmask him
at the right time.
But I didn't know that he would
do such a thing by then.
Once you threw garlands
on Mr. Srinu..
...but today you threw stones
on him and insulted him.
Tell me is that what
you call justice.
Forgive us, sir. We made a mistake.
- No, please.
It happened because of my
carelessness. I am sorry.
I assure you that such kind
of thing won't happen again.
Thanks, Anu.
- It's ok.
Sir, leave Chalapti to me.
Why do you always play
that arrow game?
Whatever we do we
have to make sure..
...that we don't leave
any clues behind?
Long live, Chalapati.
- How long will you clap for me!
You too learn it.
- That's what I came here for.
At the same time I will also
teach you a few things.
Shall we go now? Inspector.
Are you ok?
- I'm fine. Thanks.
If you leave we've some
formalities to complete.
See you, sir.
Chalapati is not Siri's
biological father.
You mean.. - Two years ago
Chalapati trapped a lady..
...called Lalita who was running
a small finance company.
Lalita was already married
by that time..
...and she lost her husband.
Siri was their child.
He fooled Lalita that he'd treat
Siri like his own daughter..
...and then they got married.
Then he killed her for her..
...wealth and made everyone
believe it to be a suicide.
And when he realized that that
girl has heart ailment..
...he left her at the airport
and fled to Dubai.
And when he came to
know that that girl.. the inheritor of crores
of rupees here came here..
...and did whatever he
did for your wealth.
You mean Siri..
- ..would've been an orphan.
But she is lucky to get
a guardian like you.
- Thank you. - Thank you.
Srinu, look what she has done!
- Uncle.
Oh! Siri.
- Siri, you naughty girl
Anu, I need to talk to you.
It's very important.
- I too want to talk to you.
Siri, go and play somewhere else.
I heard that you called
your lawyer yesterday.
I heard that you were
preparing you will.
I didn't get it. That's why
I too wanted to talk to you.
But not here. Let's go
to some other place..
...and talk privately.
- Sure.
Anu, it's not a joke.
- Srinu, you can say it clearly..
...that you don't like me. You
need not say such sort of lies.
Anu, what are you saying! You
asked me to tell the truth..
...and I told you the truth.
Do you promise me or not?
What do you think of me, Srinu?
Suddenly you come to me
one day and tell me..
...that you are about to die,
and then you ask me.. take the responsibility
of Siri.
Do you think I am going to
be happy and celebrate it?
I am telling you the truth
since you doubt me.
I came to know a week ago
that I have got cancer.. its advanced stage.
- What! You have got cancer?
Then why didn't you tell
me about it till now.
I am telling you now.
- You are not telling me the truth.
Oh! For God's sake, Anu, I'm dying.
How much more do I have
to convince you!
Let's keep it aside if it's true
or false, but I trust you.
After your death I will take
Siri's responsibilities. Ok!
But there is a condition.
You'll have to marry me.
- Anu!
What's the matter! Did you get
angry? - Have you gone mad?
I too felt the same when you said
that you're going to die.
But we have to lose a few
things to gain something.
Do you really know what
you are saying!
I know how great your love is,
but it's foolishness.
Srinu, listen to me very carefully.
Srinu, listen to me very carefully.
...but who knows what's going
to happen in future.
I might fall in love
with someone else..
...or I might marry the person
of my parents' choice.
That person might not love Siri
as much. And if you marry me..
What's the guaranty that
you won't fall in love..
...after being a widow.
- There's only one guaranty.
The respect I have for the
institution of marriage..
...and my love for your memories.
Anu, please.
- If the hearts don't unite..
...two people can't come
together even if..
...they live in the same house
for 100 years, Srinu.
But it's sufficient if a person
spends even one second.. the heart of his
or her beloved one.
That's the real bond.
That's what I want.
Anu, I..
- Don't say one more word, Srinu.
Now every moment I spend with
you is very precious.
What's the matter, Srinu?
- I am so lucky.
Do I look like a mad girl?
You don't look like a mad girl,
but you are a mad girl.
I knew it the moment you fell
under my car for thrill.
You must spend the rest of your
days happily and joyfully.
Your happiness must save me.
It must save Siri's life.
I love you.
"O beautiful eyes, you are
the melody of my life."
"This is the most beautiful
night of my life."
"O my beloved! You are my life.
- You are my life."
"Come to me.. - Let's fall
in love all over again."
"O beautiful eyes,
you are the melody of my life."
"This is the most
beautiful night of my life."
"My heart is dancing with joy.."
" you will be mine today."
"I am blushing behind the veil."
"I am enjoying this moment."
"We are about to get married."
"We will start our life together."
"O beautiful eyes, you are
the melody of my life."
"This is the most beautiful
night of my life."
"Our hearts have united forever."
"No one can break our bond."
"We are about to exchange garlands."
"We are about to walk
the nuptial rounds."
"Our bond was made in heaven."
"We were destined to
be each other's."
"O beautiful eyes, you are
the melody of my life."
"This is the most beautiful
night of my life."
"O my beloved! You are my life.
- You are my life."
"Come to me.. - Let's fall in
love all over again."
"O beautiful eyes, you are
the melody of my life."
"This is the most beautiful
night of my life."
Pandu, I ordered jackfruit
from Konaseema Ambajipet..
...for the curry.
- Ok. - Where are you going!
Let me finish it first.
Assign four people..
...and get it chopped closely.
Greetings. Please come in.
- Do you know me?
Even if I don't know you earlier
I can know you now.
You look like lord Kubera. But
still as the elder of this family..
...I have to invite one and all.
You look like a worldly wise person.
That's the reason they
handed me over..
...the responsibility
of the marriage.
It's really burdensome.
You seem to be from the groom's
side. - You are right.
And where's Srinivas?
- I will show you where he is.
You can count me on that.
Be careful. It's a
very risky affair.
Planet Earth is also very beautiful.
Sir. Sir.
Sir, there's someone for you.
What's the matter? You said that
you'll meet me in a week..
...but you are getting married here.
Lord, please come in.
Please come in.
He's a dear friend of mine.
You may go now.
I can see that. - Sir, beware
of him. - Thanks for that.
Subbu, I can't hear
the band's sound.
I won't pay even a single rupee
if the play it like that.
At last you proved it that
you are a human being.
That's not the thing, lord.
- What's not the thing!
You said that you will give
me anything and anywhere.
And when I gave you some time.. are getting ready
to get married.
What do you want to say?
- Lord, listen to me!
Don't raise your voice! Do you
know whom you are talking to?
Why are making accusations
without listening to me!
I was wondering how you humans..
...have an excuse ready
for almost everything.
But listen to me carefully,
whatever might happen..
...I will take away your life. No
matter whoever tries to stop me..
...I am not going to leave you.
I won't put you in
that trouble, lord.
Please listen to me once.
That's enough for me.
Sit here just one. - All I have
been doing is listening to you.
Please sit down.
- There will be some other excuse.
Tell me what it is.
I fell in love with a girl.
- Is it before or after..
...pledging me to give me your life?
- It happened before that.
Ok, tell me- If it was after
that I would've heard you-.
That girl also loved me back.
- I got it.
That's the reason you
are marrying her.
I told her about my condition.
What! You told her about our deal?
I told you so many times..
- I didn't tell her about our deal.
You rush into everything. I told
her that I am about to die..
...within a couple of days due
to some serious ailment.
What! On your planet there
are some ailments..
...that kill people within two days?
Lord, please listen to me.
This is not a joke.
It's a matter of my life and death.
It's a matter of my life
and death as well.
Ok, tell me what it is- - That girl
requested me to marry her. she said that it's enough
for her if she's my wife..
...even for a single day.
- What!
Even after knowing that you are
dying in a couple of days..
...a girl requested you to marry her?
And you accepted it without
any hesitation.
I know that planet earth
revolves around Sun.
But I didn't know that
the minds of humans..
...also revolve around stupidity.
A girl wants to marry a
man who is about to die.. a couple of days.
- Lord, I handed her over..
...the responsibilities of
looking after my girl Siri.
And this is what she
wanted in return.
What kind of a wish thing is that!
O human, you are not
an ordinary human.
You are the most cunning person.
What a great plan you made!
What a great conspiracy that is!
- Lord!
Just stop it! Tomorrow
after getting married.. will bring you wife to me
and make her cry in front of me.
And you will question
me that how can make..
...a newlywed bride a widow!
Or you will push that
girl on my feet..
...and make her weep in front of me.
But remember one thing though.
I am not the foolish
Yama Dharmaraja..
...who give up so easily when Sati
Savitri wept in front of him.
Even if the planets stop revolving..
...even if the sun stops
giving light..
...I will take away your life today.
No one can change my decision.
Take my life, lord.
Kill me right now.
My life is yours, lord,
I swear on my head.
You are giving me your life
and you are swearing..
...on your own head?
- Then I swear on you.
Don't put me into any
sort of trouble.
Lord, how do I explain this!
Assume what you want to.
Have some patience till
the marriage is over.
Srinu. Srinu. Srinu.
Srinu. What are you doing
in the room for so long!
The priest is shouting at
us to bring you down there.
Who's he? He seems to
be from a big family.
He's the one who gave money
for Siri's operation.
He's Mr. Kumara Swamy.
- Why didn't you tell me before!
Why did you keep him in this room!
Sir, you are the epitome of mercy.
You saved a little girl's life.
You should be sitting
in the marriage hall..
...and bless the couple.
- I was talking to him.
What can be more important
than marriage?
That's not the thing..
- Let's go.
You carry on. I'll bring
there with him.
And where did you get that priest?
He's so hot headed.
Come there immediately.
Yes, I'm coming.
Lord, wait for just two hours.
Ok, I won't take any blame.
After that the Yakshas will
come to take your life. Come.
Girl, separate the fruits
and the flowers.
Can't you do that as well?
What is that?
- Cold drinks.
What does that mean? - This is
Maaza and this is Thumbs up.
What are these things?
- That's what my master told me.
Can we drink that?
- So many people are drinking here.
But I am..
You want two drinks? Oh God!
I told you to be careful.
You were about to fall.
Someone mixed something
in this drink.
Nothing is mixed in the drink.
There is something wrong..
...with your eyes. Please sit down.
Be careful. Sit here.
He's a very colorful person.
Mr. Priest, the nuptial
thread is there with me.
Thank God I got you. We need
a favor from you urgently.
What is that? - You know that
Srinivas lost his parents.
So I am looking after everything
in this ceremony.
Everything was going fine,
but unfortunately..
...the plane got stuck somewhere.. which bride's parents
were coming.
What will we do now?
- That's why I want you to stand.. bride's father and
give her away. - Me?
Yes, we won't get more suitable
person than you.
What have I got myself into?
I cannot do that.
- What are you saying!
I promised them that I will
convince you. Come.
Then break your promise. You
humans are habituated.. break your promises.
- We humans?
So what are you? God? Or a Yaksha?
You must be kidding me.
- I can't.
Come on.
- I said I can't.
Keep a coconut in that plate.
Brother-in-law, he's the groom.
This is not right.
I won't sit there.
What's wrong with you! All
I am asking you to stand.. bride's father for
a couple of minutes..
...but I am not asking to
give your life, right?
Why are you forcing him
when he doesn't wish to..
You keep quiet. He already
accepted it. - When did I..
Keep quiet-
- Ok, now where is bride's mother?
I forgot it. Where will I bring
the bride's mother from?
I knew that you would
do something like that.
You are the most inefficient person.
That's why I already arranged
for bride's mother.
Where is he?
- There. - Beautiful.
She accepted the moment
I requested her.
That's how much she
respects my words.
She didn't show attitude like him.
And you! Are you standing as
bride's father here or not?
If you won't stand there I will
replace you. - Get lost!
If you stand here who will
look after the requisites?
There must be a copper plate here.
Where is it? - Go away!
I fear someone must've stolen it.
Please come here. Sit here.
Why are you still standing
here? Bring the bride.
I will be back in a moment.
- And listen!
Don't go anywhere else. I have
to attend another ceremony.
I'll also go with him.
You must sit properly. Why
are you moving like that?
Son, bring that jug. You pour
water and you wash his legs.
Why are you doing! Wash it properly.
O human being, you are
making me serve you..
...even minutes before I could
take your life. Great!
The bride's coming.
I wonder what sort of
marriage is this.
I told them that we should do
it according to our tradition..
...but she is coming in a veil
as per their tradition.
It's alright, Mr. Priest. What
is more important is marriage.
What's the big deal
about the traditions!
Girl, come and sit here.
Ok, blow the clarinets.
I asked him to stand there
for a couple of minutes..
...but look how much he got involved.
Congrats, idiot!
Daughter, the marriage
ceremony is over.
You can remove the veil now.
Mr. Priest is right. Remove
your veil, dear.
It's you?
- Yes.
You daughter Anupama.
It's a conspiracy. It's
complete injustice.
How can an evil human like
him be your husband!
If he is really an evil being
why did you help him?
Anupama, do you know how many Gods..
...are ready to marry you?
- I know that.
That's not important for me.
What is more important for me
is to get the person I love.
I loved Srinivas.
- Even though we are Yakshakas..
...we are as revered as Gods.
You are blessed with immortality.
He's a human who will
die sooner or later.
I knew that you would say that.
That's why I am ready to
give up my immortality.
- Yes, father.
I found humanity more
precious than divinity.
Which Gods are you taking
about, father!
Are you talking about Devendra..
...who can stop to any levels
to save his throne?
Or you are talking about yourself..
...who tried to take a human's
life to get rid of your curse?
Tell me, father. Name one
God who is as great as him.
Finally I had to face a day where.. own daughter and wife
are finding faults in me.
I will never do something that
will let you down, father.
That is not the thing, dear! I
fear how I can show my face.. your mother who is searching
the three worlds.. find a suitable groom for you.
- Father.
Show me the face that
you show me everyday.
Siri, you should go
to another place.
Vruddhi, it's you?
- Yes, it's me.
Are you upset that the lady on the
earth you were flirting with..
...turned out to be your wife?
I mean.. I was just..
I mean I was attracted to
her because it was you.
Cut that crap! You can get
attracted to a lady on earth..
...but my daughter can't fall in
love with someone on earth?
When did I object to it, Vruddhi?
If you accept it I have
no problem with it.
What happened, lord? You
are upset at the time..
...when we should celebrate?
All I am worried is about
facing that shrewd Narada.
If he knows this matter he will
spread it in the three worlds.
You need not worry about it.
I already did it a long ago.
Saint Narada.
I am tired of bringing everyone
back to senses.
Get up, sons. Get up!
Srinu, are you lord Venkateshwara?
Forgive me if I have
done something wrong.
And if there is anyone else
who has to transform..
...into Gods or Yakshakas,
do it right now.
We don't have the energy
to faint again and again.
Son, just a second. Hold this.
Why did he hand it over to me!
Oh God! Why is everyone
disappearing one by one!
Nirupaksha, you too fooled me?
Lord, one doesn't get a chance.. be a part of such
a holy deed every day.
That's why I thought of..
Saint Narada, what is going on!
Are you the one who is behind
all this? - Hail Narayana!
Sometimes we have to
do a few things..
...for the welfare of the world
and also for your welfare.
You mean you are the one
who made Anupama..
...attracted towards planet earth?
No, lord. The attraction was
there from the beginning.
I just showed her the path.
Once Anupama brought
an object to me.
She got that object
from the offerings.. brought from Tirupati.
I told her that like Pandavas
had the object called..
...Tolidarshini that showed
the people whom one loves..
...this object captures the moments.
I saw her curiosity to
find out a new thing..
...and I showed her this human
being on its screen.
Pushpaka, there!
After watching him
on screen Anupama..
...went to the planet earth,
but I didn't know..
...that she would fall in love
with him and marry him.
And you told me that..
- You human beings say..
...that everything is
fair in love and war.
Sir, the price of gold has risen.
Shall we ask him one kg golden
biscuits for each of us?
He is already scolding the humans..
...and if we ask him for biscuits
he will call us dogs.
We shouldn't mess
with the Yakshakas.
What shall we do then?
- Let's wait for the time..
...when the biscuits
fall from his pocket.
We might've expected that we would
ask for golden biscuits.
That's why he wore a dhoti. - I too
want a couple of biscuits, sir.
Let's go now.
- Lord, and what about them?
You need not worry. I am here.
We need to have meals first.
Carry on.
"O lord, have mercy on me."
- Yes. - Did I get rid of my curse?
What are you saying, Kubera!
The real service is in future.
- What did you say, saint!
Do you want to see?
Close your eyes once.
Kubera, you can't escape it.
These are the pleasures
of life on earth.
Do you call them pleasures?
Saint Nadara! Saint Nadara!
- I am not saint Nadara!
I am saint Narada.
- I just mispronounced it, sir.
The newlywed groom got upset.
It's not being upset, saint.
It's a part of the ceremony.
I was also saying the same.
- Now what, lord!
Sir, on planet earth the son-in-law's
are in a dangerous mood.. such times. If you don't
give them what they want..
...he won't accept your daughter.
Please don't lift your mace, sir.
Kubera, you must deal the
situation with patience.
Let's go there.
Just now you said that we
are going to have meals.
But what happened in a moment?
- Let's see what it is.
What's the matter, son-in-law?
Are you upset?
Forget it, father-in-law.
We are mere mortals.
Son-in-law, how can you
leave my daughter..
...who loves you so much!
- Are you saying that..
...or did you daughter
ask you to say so?
Those are my words. I am
the God of the wealth.
I am the king of Yakshakas. I
am Kubera. I said those words.
Your daughter kept me
in dark and married me.
You will have to pay the price
for that. - My daughter?
She's a young girl. She did it
by mistake. - I can't help it.
Dear, tell your uncle
to forgive her.
Uncle, aunt Anupama is very nice.
Ok, I accept it because she's
asking me to forgive her-.
But there is a condition.
- What do you want, son-in-law?
Gold! Diamonds! I am even ready
to give you my palace.
He's ready to give everything.
Take everything. Take it.
I don't need any of those things.
- What!
You must give the humans the
offerings that you collect..
...from Tirupati, and the interest
that you receive from there.
Yes, father-in-law.
I was born in hunger.
If I am able to remove hunger
from this world..
...lord Venkateshwara
will be the happiest.
Hail Lord Narayana!
Have you seen it, Kubera, how
you got rid of your curse!
From now onwards you need not
carry the burden of the sins.
He can use that money for the
welfare of human beings.
Great! It's great, saint.
Son, you proved that humanity
is greater than divinity.
You opened my eyes.
Not just seven hills, but I
will give you everything..
...along with my dear
daughter Anupama.
Lord, Anupama is the greatest
boon that you gave me.
I will always be indebted
to you for that.
But there is something
else I want from you.
Please don't tell anyone that
you have given me Tirupati.
Especially lord Venkateshwara
shouldn't know about it.
Kubera, do you think that
lord Venkateshwara..
...won't know about the deal
between Srinivasa and you.
He's omniscient. He's all knowing.