Mayapetika (2023) Movie Script

[VO]: Hello sir.
Please keep your phone on silent.
You too Madam.
What bro, do I tell you specially?
Everyone please keep your mobile
phones aside for sometime.
Mobile phone...
Sun rises in the morning and
the moon comes in the night...
This concept is forgotten by humans
once the mobile phones came into market.
Whatever one does, sees, hides or
steals... everything is on the phone.
Damn it! The world has forgotten
how to look straight.
God has given us a life that we lose...
But this mobile phone is a
life we can't live without.
Though humans have
their fate on their hands...
They have their heads in their phones!
A man without a phone has a story.
But what if a phone
has a story of its own?
You might have watched the
bio-pics of humans till now.
Now watch the bio-pic
of a mobile phone now.
[vehicle approaching]
[door creaking]
[door creaking]
[vehicle departs]
New stock has arrived, take
out a phone and out it on display.
Okay, sir.
-Namaste, sir.
-Hi, sir.
Hi! I need a cell phone.
-Your budget, sir?
-Show me the best,
See the latest, sir.
This is a latest phone.
64 mega pixel camera, 5000 Mah battery...
AMOLED display and
snapdragon 8th gen processor--
All this stuff is a routine.
Tell me in one line. Why
should I buy this phone?
I will take it.
Yes sir. This phone is more beautiful than
a girl and more updated than a guy.
Oh! Let's see.
This is good. I will take it.
-Prepare the bill.
-Okay, sir.
How much commission
will you get on this phone?
Sir. Shall I tell the truth or
shall I say something interesting?
Say something interesting.
It's less than the good that comes
your way after buying this phone.
Good one!
Congratulations, sir!
Sorry. You like it interesting, right?
Happy addiction, sir.
Giri! Bring that stand.
-Sir, water?
-No, thanks.
-Cut the shadow.
-Come above like this...
-pan it to the right and bring it down...
-Okay, sir.
-As simple as that. Okay?
-Okay, sir.
No... no... How can
you do it so simply, sir?
Who do you think my ma'am is?
She should look tall, bright and white.
-Hey, Devadas...
And for that to happen, your ma'am
should appear in the camera first...
Get out of the way.
-Start camera.
-Rolling, sir.
Cut. Okay.
-Careful, ma'am.
-Yeah, it's too hot.
-Where is this Devadas?
-Yes ma'am...
-Great job, Payal.
-Thank you.
-Sai, is the next shot ready?
-What's up Devadas?
-Well, ma'am.
-Hold this.
Don't you know that you should
be next to me after the shot is over?
I told them that I'd be
along with you in the shot...
but the director did not agree.
Ma'am, everyone laughs at
my jokes, but why don't you do?
They don't laugh at your jokes,
they laugh thinking... Is this a joke?
Alright ma'am, let's go.
Hey where are you going?
Vanity van is this side.
Ma'am, the producer came.
-The producer?
-Yes, ma'am.
-Hello, sir. How are you?
-Hi, Payal. I am doing good.
-You look so pretty today.
-Thank you.
Actually, director asked
for a natural location...
but, for your comfort
we came up with this set.
Oh! Umm.
We know very well why
you came up with this idea.
-Tea, sir. Have some tea.
-Please have it.
-Bugger off.
-This is for you.
Oh. What is it, sir?
I heard that your phone is
broke, so this is a new one for you.
Oh why sir?
That's why.
Sir, I mean, for ma'am's comfort.
Is so beautiful. How much sir?
It's less than the good that comes
your way after buying this phone.
Huh. Looks like he stole
the line from someone.
-Good one.
-Thank you so much for this.
-Let's take a selfie.
Alright. Here we go.
-Hold this.
-How is it?
Why me sir? It's okay.
Don't act smart, take the phone
and take a good picture of us.
Hey phone, look at that, to put
his hand around her shoulder...
he bought you from the showroom.
A little closer, sir.
Excuse me ma'am, shot is ready.
-Okay. I have to go sir.
-It's alright.
-Thank you once again for the phone. Bye.
-It's okay.
Setting up a new phone
is like fixing a first drink.
This is a great phone. All set...
Don't know which lucky
guy will call first?
[mobile ringing]
As expected 'my love'.
-Gosh! Devadas, give the phone to ma'am.
She is in the middle off the shoot, sir.
I will inform her.
She said her phone is broken.
Tell her I bought her anew phone.
Before the word reached you,
she has got a new phone, sir.
-What? She bought a new phone?
-No. The producer gifted her a phone.
You called on that phone,
you are the first caller.
But she took first
selfie with the producer.
They even posed for a
normal picture, I clicked it.
The producer has put his hand
across her shoulder and ma'am smiled.
64 MP camera right,
the images are very clear.
I will send you those images on WhatsApp.
But, why did she take the phone from him?
Huh. That's how it is.
We can't let go even if we want to. We
can't back down knowing it was a mistake.
I will tell her to call
you in a short while.
No need of that.
Hello... Hello--
I think he is jealous.
A guy must have bad
habits to be spoiled...
But it is enough if one
girl goes into ten people...
There she is, ask her if you want.
Hey, why are you moody?
After knowing how you
are, I am like this.
-What happened?
-Please, stop acting...
You said you love me and want to
marry be. But what are you up to?
Huh. What did I do?
In the name of profession
how many affairs have you had?
Shut up, to love is to
understand, not to doubt.
Many people try to mislead
the one who is in lead.
But remember one thing...
Where there is doubt
there is no love. That's it.
Cut it.
[indistinct chatter]
-Sir, the last dialogue was superb.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-Sai! What next?
-Take their close up shots and we're done.
-God! This guy.
It's so funny.
We have to change the
location for the next scene, sir.
-He is too smart, right?
Hello all...!
-Aunty, how are you?
-High five!
-Namaste uncle.
-It's okay... it's okay.
-Give me a moment, I will be right back.
-Yeah sure.
No mom, it's okay.
Have a seat, she will be back in a moment.
Tell her to come along, we
will take her home right away.
He became a celebrity
in our neighbourhood...
knowing that the heroine
will be his daughter-in-law.
Yes, those who didn't even smile
before are taking selfies directly.
Why you dear? They will give.
For them it's a job,
but for her it's her duty.
[English rap in background]
[rap continues]
Pranay has come...
-Hello aunty. Hello uncle.
-Wow! Made for each other!
-Isn't it?
No. Mad for each other!
Mad for each other!
[mobile ringing]
Hello sir. Yeah, I've
been waiting for your call...
Yes, absolutely...
OMG! That's really nice.
Pranay! Why are you dull?
-Okay, no problem.
-I am fine.
Yes. Thank you so much for caring...
Okay sir. Take care. Bye.
Producer Sharath. He is so cool...
actually, there is a shoot on
the next day of our marriage...
Huge combination. still
he postponed it for me.
Yes, for you only.
Ah. What is this?
Huh. By the the way I
forgot to tell you...
Ta Da!
New phone, producer Sharath
gifted it to me. How is it?
-It's nice.
-That's it?
Hold it and see. Come on.
Pranay! why are you so careless?
No. I think I am foolish.
Well, from childhood.
Just kidding. This phone
is unbreakable like our love.
What's wrong?
Nothing, I remembered something.
Look at your face, smile man. Come on.
Aah! That's like my boy!
Any ways, friends are asking for a
bachelors party, have to plan for it.
Yet to plan? My friends
have fixed it tonight.
Gosh! You guys are speed.
No. We are fast!
"Sayonara! To the solo days of yesteryear"
"Sayonara! Says Bachelor
life wholeheartedly"
"Today for the last
time in our single hood..."
"let's experience all the
joys and taste the sweetness"
"Let's fall in for freedom"
"Let's freek out one last time"
"I never ever ever, kissed in the shower"
"Never ever ever, set whisky on the rocks"
"I never ever ever, kissed in the shower"
"Never ever ever, set whisky on the rocks"
"Let's freek out one last time"
"Come on, let's give a
send off to the solo selfies"
"Delightfully spend this
one day with me, come on"
"Let's think dirty, let's
do something naughty..."
"Let's do some magic in
madness, let's cross the limits..."
"Let's fall in for freedom"
-"Let's freek out one last time"
-"I never ever ever, kissed in the shower"
"Never ever ever, set whisky on the rocks"
"I never ever ever, kissed in the shower"
"Never ever ever, set whisky on the rocks"
"Let's freek out one last time"
[mobile ringing]
-Done partying?
Not yet, sir.
Ma'am is still in party mood.
Thank God! Every time you answered her
phone I used to get pissed off Devadas...
But for the first time I felt good because
that shitty phone is not in her hands.
Nothing like that sir, till now ma'am
has been dancing like a rock star...
Sir. Do you know who her pair is?
Who is that? It's the producer, right?
No sir. It's the phone
which he gifted to her.
Damn it! It's okay, at least now
she gave you that piece of crap.
She did, but after saying
'be careful' at least ten times.
She never liked any phone
as much as she likes this one.
-Damn that phone.
-May be the phone is stylish...
or because the producer gifted it?
This one man is enough to ruin my life.
Ravi! A phone is disturbing me very much.
-Who is that annoying caller?
-Not the caller, it's the phone itself.
You said you were disturbed?
Yet you have hit a perfect shot?
That disturbance is not a
disturbance at all. Leave it man.
-You say so?
Now I am relaxed.
-Pranay! I will tell you something.
-What is it dude?
We should be more careful when
times are good than when times are bad.
You mean my time is good or is it not?
It's on a all time high.
-Hey. What's up guys?
Marrying a top heroine is not a joke.
This is the best moment of your life.
Hello, even I am the best.
Don't forget she proposed to me first.
Bro, I am nothing less. From
zero I became a manager.
I make two lakhs a month.
Devadas is making three
lakhs a month it seems.
Hey. Sorry boss.
A manager in our field
is always on the top...
But a manager in the movie field
is the one who is below the heroine.
Great men like you are the
ones who hold umbrellas there.
-No... no... no.
-Hey, Pranay.
Mind your words. Be polite.
Why should I be polite to you?
Are you marrying a virtuous woman?
You are marrying a movie star.
-Hey, shut up man. What are you talking?
-This is how the public would talk.
How dare you hit me? Whom you
are marrying is desired by every man.
-Forget her.
-Get lost man. Take him away.
Come on man.
Ask your president Reddy how many times
he wanted her while watching her movie.
-Go away man.
-Come man.
-One who marries her in a movie is a hero,
The one who marries her in the
real world becomes a comedian man.
-Take him man.
-Let's go dude.
Thank you. This is my favourite.
-Thank you.
-So, how about the shopping tomorrow?
[mobile ringing]
Excuse me for a second.
Hello. Hi sir. How are you?
Yeah I am free, tell me.
Trust me sir. I am free.
Tell me sir, it's okay.
OK, done.
Yeah cool. Bye... bye.
That's producer Sharath. Tomorrow--
[Payal gasps]
Hey. That's heroine Payal.
I think that's her boyfriend.
Record it, let's put it as status.
Pranay! What's wrong?
The sight of that phone
is making me go crazy. Look.
Pranay! Just cool down.
I accepted your proposal because
you fell behind me in college.
You wanted to become a
heroine I encouraged you...
You said we will get married
I convinced our parents...
Why did I do all this?
Because I love you.
I did it because of your love towards me.
But now, that love is busy...
with the phone and the one
who gifted you that phone.
Payal! Tell me one thing...
Are you marrying me to be beside you...
or else to keep aside like
the phone I bought for you?
-A photo please.
Here we go.
Thank you, sister.
No... I don't like it.
Oh God! Are you doubting me?
Pranay! I am angry with you this moment...
But... I love you more than that.
-Please, don't think negative...
Trust me...
No body means more than you to me.
I love you and you know that, right?
Is it? So let go off the movies.
Pranay! You seem annoyed,
let's talk about this later...
-Let's just--
-No... No need.
First you decide. Is it me or the movies?
'The sight of that phone
is making me go crazy.'
Ma'am, coffee.
Keep it there.
I thought you would drink,
but you want to put it aside?
Ma'am, I was kidding.
Really ma'am, I was kidding.
Ma'am, first time you laughed
at my joke! I will give you a treat!
No need, I will give
you a gift for this joke.
Ma'am, would there be a
greater gift than your smile?
Here, take this phone.
-Ma'am, is this for me?
-Really, this is for me?
Thank you ma'am.
Thank you so much ma'am.
Nice phone.
Ma'am, did you give this to
me because you liked my joke?
Or you gave it to me
because you don't like it?
I gave it because of Pranay.
Who cares, I got a phone.
Call me if you need something ma'am.
[song playing]
Open up.
Open up, why are you here?
He means, 'say it'.
It is about my land I
already said you on call, right?
Oh, that one?
It isn't a big thing which
is done taking money.
Nor a small thing to do it for free.
Don't say like that, brother. If needed
I will give whatever you ask for.
Open up, open up...
Tell me, what you want to give?
Fine, shall I open up?
The woman who acts as
mother-in-law in evening daily soap,
-ask her to come.
I already told you, right?
That these things won't work.
It's not like I want only her.
Anyone is fine.
You work in film industry only, right?
Come on, call someone.
Come on, do it, man.
Set something up.
-Is it a new phone?
-Uh-huh! It's madam's phone.
She gave it to me to use.
-It's Ms. Payal Rajput.
Payal Rajput?
Did Payal used you?
She might have talk to you, right?
She might have kiss you too.
She might have kept you in her pocket too.
-Hey, Devadas...
-Yes, brother.
-Will you give this phone to me?
-Take it, brother.
But what about my work...
-It will be done.
My sim is in it, brother.
Here, I removed yours.
-I will put mine inside, okay?
I shall leave, brother.
-Hey, Devadas.
-Yes, brother.
This time bring your
madam's used clothes while coming.
It's okay even if they are inners.
The phone which touched Payal's cheeks.
It looks sexy like her.
Payal is making me crazy.
Oh God! I love you, Payal.
Open it, open everything.
[all laughing]
What is this Kameshwar Rao
you are proposing the phone?
I didn't proposed your wife, right.
-Hey, mind your words.
-My dialogue is also same.
Why do you care to what I propose?
She gained weight
after becoming the Mayor.
I couldn't get her but she is beautiful.
Please sit.
It is said that a human's
intellect is known by his eyes.
If their look isn't right, then we
need to teach them a good lesson.
What is this? If you have
something to say, tell it directly.
I can't talk crooked words,
I come straight to the point.
Don't underestimate me because
I am sitting in row of chairs.
If she doesn't get in a way, then I
would have sat directly in that chair.
She made the ministers support
her and became the princess.
Shut up!
[voice echos]
First learn to respect women.
Listen Kameshwar Rao,
I talk with patience one or two times.
If no one listens,
then I will talk with my slipper.
What is this?
Does democracy exist or is it destroyed?
Won't any members respond when a
mayor tells a senior corporator,
that she will hit him with slipper?
Respond to this. Respond!
I swear on my phone.
I will not step into this hall
until I take your post off.
-Brother, some Padmavathi...
Don't take name of women,
I am getting irritated.
-How dare they insult me this much?
-How much did they insult you?
Is this gold to know checking it's weight?
I forgot about my strength
because of my weakness.
-I must keep a comma for my lust.
Who is she?
I can see everything even
when she isn't showing anything.
You just said that you
kept a comma for your lust.
I must use something to decrease my lust.
-Shall we go to the doctor?
Let me use her.
Please move aside.
I don't know to move, I just
know how to sneak sideways.
Are you new here?
He is Corporator Mr. Kanne Kameshwar Rao.
If his eye falls on someone,
it means that your life will change.
I don't understand what you are talking.
Stay in touch you will
understand everything.
Here is my number.
Just call me once, let's commit.
I am not such woman.
Then, it will be more fun.
Do you think she will workout?
Some will come without asking.
Some will come if we insist.
And some will come only if we beg.
We need more power to make a women
agree rather than to make her satisfied.
Is she watching us or
she turned the other side?
She is doing her work
turning the other side.
I too need that.
Oh God! Her figure is superb.
[music video playing over mobile]
They say Lord Brahma
writes everyone's fate.
But Cupid might have written RGV's fate.
Those girls and that happiness.
Brother, I have a good news for you.
Did the office sweeper lady say yes?
It's not about the girls, brother.
What else would be the
good news other than girls?
Good morning.
Wish me the same in the morning.
I am talking about the Good
Morning episodes from Youtube.
Search it on your mobile immediately.
I can't search such things
on my phone, you explain it.
The MLA of Dharmavaram is doing
a program called 'Good Morning'.
He has become famous by
knowing peoples problems
and solving them by going to their house.
He did, so what now?
Do you want me to roam behind him?
I am asking you to roam like him.
If you also go to people's houses,
know their problems and solve them,
you will become famous. And you will
become an MLA in the coming elections.
Then that sweeper lady
will fall for me easily.
Do you always think about girls?
You are forgetting
about the insult you faced.
Yes, what shall I do now?
Brother, this mobile didn't
come to you just like that.
It came to you from a film star
and will make you a political star.
You go to each and
every house from tomorrow.
I will record the program in your
mobile and upload it to Youtube.
The idea is very nice, Anji.
-Shall I tell you one?
-What is that?
They are visiting every
house in the morning.
We will name it 'Good
Night' and roam in the nights.
-Aunties look good at night in nighties.
-No need.
Let's do it in the morning.
Corporator Kanne Kameshwar Rao.
[temple bell rings]
[people hailing]: Long live
corporator Kanne Kameshwar Rao.
[people hailing]: Long live Corporator!
[people hailing]: Kanne Kameshwara
Rao's leadership should flourish.
[people hailing]: Long live
corporator Kanne Kameshwar Rao.
[people hailing]:
Corporator Kanne Kameshwar Rao.
Hey, is this a house or a district?
-I will get you a loan to build a house.
-Okay, sir.
Open up your wife.
Ah! He meant send her.
-Fine, sir.
I will give a loan in
woman welfare scheme.
-"Open up!"
-Thank you, sir.
Not to me, I will put it on you.
"Open up! Open up!"
-Keep coming.
-Okay, sir.
[people hailing]: Long live Corporator!
Corporator Kanne Kameshwar Rao, who proves
that his eyes aren't just on the votes,
of the people but on their problems too.
Open up without further thought.
-What is this, man?
He means open up your problems.
I had met with an accident underwent spine
surgery from then I couldn't do any work.
-You are unable to do any work?
-Call your wife.
-Hey, come out.
Greetings, sir.
She is nice. I mean, she looks upset.
I will get you pension and
some work to your wife.
A wife needs help when
a husband can't work.
-As you say, sir.
-I will help you...
And do justice to your lives.
-I will do justice...
He is going forward with the theory
that leadership isn't shown,
sitting in air conditioned rooms,
it's done by going to the people.
I will do justice.
[people hailing]:
Long live Kameshwar Rao!
Wow! This water doesn't taste
like water, it tastes like nector.
Open up your problem.
Dogs, sir. The stray dogs, are onto
me whenever they see me alone.
You come with me.
I will send a dog van every 15 days.
[dog barking]
Greetings. Greetings.
"Open up! Open up!"
-Take a close shot.
-"Open up! Open up!"
"Open up! Open up!"
-"Open up! Open up!"
-I don't have anyone.
Huh! Stop it, man.
It seems that old man has no
one, what do we do with him?
There wouldn't be women every where.
Tell him something.
Listen, you don't worry,
from today I am adopting this old man.
-God bless you, sir.
-I will do justice.
He is going to every house
solving their problems.
No matter what the problem is, he is
asking people to open up in his own style.
Wow! Open up!
People are falling in
love with Kanne Kameswar Rao.
[mobile captures]
Let's listen to what our analysts
who are waiting in the studio,
say about Kanne
Kameshwar Rao who says,
politics isn't just about
planning but it's about doing it.
I feel like another great person is born.
Open up...
Open up...
Open up...
He is solving our
problems like our own father.
There were many corporators,
but the corporator who took
a place in women's hearts.
His catchphrase is 'open up'.
It's so great that...
Why is this Ravana acting up like a Rama?
He is expecting an MLA ticket
in the upcoming elections.
Let's see.
Hey, Anji...
My stars have changed after this
Film star's phone came in my life.
-Hey, stop the car...
-Stop it.
Look how vast this site is, just like
the back of a woman after shower, Anji.
I need this site.
I will build a mall here and on
top of that I will build a palace.
I must place a queen there everyday.
-It's not possible.
Already Malleshwari is eyeing this site.
-Huh! Is she born to oppose me?
-Looks like it.
I left the Mayor's position.
But I won't leave this site.
-You are our next MLA.
-You are our next minister too.
Ah, I have an call to attend.
-Please come with me. Come.
If our sir becomes a minister...
Don't desire everything you see.
If I keep an eye on
anything they will fall for me
and it will take anything.
What you want to take is under my foot.
I won't let you get that land.
Huh, I left the position for the seat, but
don't think that I will leave that land.
I will take it by removing your leg.
I am the Mayor.
I have my position to support me.
I am not a minor, I
have people behind me.
Let's see.
Yeah, let us see.
Listen... how many days should I wait?
Won't you understand me?
If you accept my offer once,
your life will take a turn.
First go from here.
It won't be nice if someone sees us.
Even I am saying the same thing.
Call me once.
Let's open up everything
when no one is watching.
Hello, Kanchupeta Saroja?
[music playing over mobile]
[mobile rings]
-Who is this?
-It's me, sweeper Lakshmi.
You asked me to give you a call, right?
I was waiting for your call.
Did you have your dinner?
I did. And you?
I don't feel like eating
anything since I saw you.
Talk to me.
Why did you ask me to call?
Wow! As if you don't know anything.
I like you so much.
I love you. [kisses]
I am scared of talking
to you on call, sir.
I am going slow just not to scare you.
Or else I would have hugged
you from behind when I saw you.
I will hang up.
Why do you say you will hang up
when I am saying I will hug you?
Listen, apply for a leave and come
to my guest house one day.
Do you have any work for me, sir?
Don't talk as if you don't know anything.
I am coming straight to the point.
You must satisfy me.
-Shall I ask you something?
I am applying for a loan from a
corporation, if you tell them a word...
Corporator Kanne Kameswara's phone
conversations with a sweeper,
working in the corporation office to
please him sexually have come to light.
I like you so much.
I love you. [kisses]
I am scared of talking
to you on call, sir.
I am going slow just not to scare you.
Or else I would have hugged
you from behind when I saw you.
I will hang up, sir.
Why do you say you will hang up
when I am saying I will hug you?
I am coming straight to the point.
You must satisfy me.
Come to my guest house,
let's talk with open hearts and clothes.
Is he a human?
We must hang such a
person before everyone.
To the word which is 'tell me'
that disgust fellow calls it 'open up'.
Keechaka is born again.
Where is the SI?
Greetings, madam.
We are filing the case, madam.
This is about the life of a woman.
It won't workout if you do it taking time.
I am there for her.
If you surrender to his politics...
They won't stay quiet.
Why didn't you arrest him yet?
Well, Madam... The case...
What case, sir?
On one side his voice records are
being telecasted on all the channels.
Are you thinking they are low
caste people what can they do?
She has a husband.
She would have a brother.
She has relatives around.
Do you think they will stay
calm till you provide justice?
The police, laws,
jail won't stand in front of their rage.
Madam, please...
Let's follow the rule book.
We know about the rules
being government officials.
But do you want rules to
punish the person who did wrong?
Come let's see his end.
[indistinct voices]
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Who are you?
Hey, come out.
-Sir leave him.
Oh no!
Kanne Kameshwar Rao who tried to
assault the sweeper has been arrested.
Mayor has assured that she will
do justice to that sweeper.
It's a sad thing that sweeper
Lakshmi had to face such injustice.
I seek to suspend Kameshwar
Rao from his corporator post
and I assure her that I
will do justice to her.
45 KM
Ali... look, a vehicle is here.
Namasthe. Please tell me sir.
The vehicle needs a wash.
But why do you look
dirtier than the vehicle?
[laughing] Am I the owner
of the car to look tidy?
I wash cars for a living, sir.
The vehicle is in bad shape.
Has the servicing been done long back?
Yes. How much do
you charge for servicing?
The tyres don't just have mud on
them but chunks of the road too.
It would cost you 800 bucks sir.
How much time would it take?
I'll present the car as good
as new before you in an hour.
Well... let's see that!
I'll have lunch by then. Where
can I find a good hotel around here?
You'll find a flag post after
crossing two lanes this way...
My friends said you get
good Hyderabadi Biryani there.
They said the biryani
there is delicious. Try it.
Is it far?
Nay, you'd reach there by the time
you complete smoking your cigarette.
Whoa! Too much pun for a car washer!
-Fine start working.
-OK, sir.
-Listen Ali... before you wash...
...and before they come back, I'll
pierce a couple of punctures to the car.
Damn you!
I'll shove this in oldie!
Mind your business. Leave the rest to me.
Allah will give you what is yours.
[both scoff]
-What is it?
-Its a phone.
Maybe its the driver's.
It would have been in
his pocket if it was his.
Maybe it slipped.
Why would a driver's phone
slip under the rear seat?
What do you mean?
Take it.
You just told me that Allah
will give you what is yours.
Err... why do I care!
Listen, if you return it,
you'd remain a good man.
But if you keep it, you'd be a lucky man.
-Ali... The driver is coming.
What are you looking at, oldie?
Nothing sire! It's a large puncture. Yeah.
-Done sir.
Your work is far better than
the biryani you specified.
Thank you sir.
Hey man, come here.
Why is it missing from here?
Why is the air purifier missing from here?
Why are you giving me the phone instead?
That air purifier was spoilt.
-I'll give you another.
-Here you go sir.
How much do I pay?
You paid for the wash.
This is complimentary.
You said it right.
-This phone doesn't belong to him.
-[old man laughing]
Luck is on your side sonny.
Do you think its right
that I keep this phone?
Don't worry son.
Luck doesn't favor you when you want it
and doesn't stay for long if you want it.
You should grab it when you get it.
Put your doubts aside.
-Hey oldie...
I put a picture of my mother
as wallpaper. Is it good?
You are a fine son.
Its very good.
But, click a picture of
mine in that new phone.
Ah, the first pcture I'd click
in this would be of the moon.
[camera clicks]
The camera quality is awesome.
I'm unable to believe my own eyes.
She is more beautiful than the moon!
I came to see you, but you
showed me Chandni (moonlight) itself.
Hey oldie...
What is it, son?
You said it right.
This phone brought me luck.
What is it?
Did you see the moon?
No, oldie...
It showed me Chandni (moonlight).
Chandni (moonlight)?
Whos is Chandni?
Ah... its a girl.
-A girl?
Oh! The girl's name is Chandni?
-No, oldie.
I call her with that name.
I'm sleepy. I'll go to sleep.
Chandni! You're my Chandni!
Chandni! Oh my Chandni!
-You're my Chandni!
-Shut up!
'Chandni! Oh my Chandni!',
why do you repeat that?
Sing the rest of it!
I just know till there oldie.
I don't know the rest.
I don't need it either.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
You drenched me!
What did you juts do, sir?
That's what I'm asking.
Why are you washing me instead of my car?
It's you I'm asking!
Sorry, sir.
-[groans] What about my car?
-It's already done, sir.
Why are you going there
when it's done? Your payment?
I don't want it, sir. Let me go.
I don't need a freebie. Take this money.
Absent minded guy!
Drenched me completely.
What Ali? I've heard that
you have fallen in love.
Is that true? You know, the oldie is
giving the news to everyone.
I saw Chandni on that building once.
Just once?
I saw her in the rain too!
I didn't see her again.
Is that a new phone, Ali?
-No, I found it.
-It's very good!
I saw the girl on the day I found this.
-On that day--
-Don't start over dude.
I'm feeling giddy as I'm fasting.
Are you fasting too?
I'm on a daily fast.
Don't feel the urge to eat or sleep.
As someone said 'You always
feel out of body whrn you are in love'
-Done talking?
-OK then.
Lets eat some good biryani. Come.
The biryani part is OK,
but give me the phone.
She disappeared after
a couple of appearances.
[clearing throat]
She looks as radiant as the moon.
-Wait, I'll show her to you.
-Listen, that girl didn't see you.
The name you call her with isn't her's.
You don't even know if
you will see her again.
With so many loopholes,
how can you call it love?
Are you out of your mind?
Chicken or Lamb?
Get two good Chicken Biryani.
Boy! Get two Chicken Biryani ready.
Ali... there are two
kinds of men in the world.
The ones who are in love...
And the ones who are happy.
As far as I know, it's good you
stay happy. Take my advice.
Its about to rain.
Mom had put some chillies to
dry upstairs. Get them down.
The biryani is awesome.
-Then have it.
What are you looking at!
[clearing throat]
-Excuse me.
That's not a wiping cloth!
-Gilani! Remove that curtain!
Every random fellow is
wiping their wet hands with it.
-How much is the bill?
-300 Rupees.
I just have a hundred.
-Do you have an online payment app?
-Dude... that's OK, I'll pay.
That's fine. You eat peacefully. I'll pay.
Alright then.
Uncle, tell me the number to pay.
-I don't have an online payment app.
Make the payment to this number.
-9866... 353...
-Yeah, it's done, uncle.
Child... have you received the payment?
Oh my god!
You're the real friend.
You're just awesome!
But what happened?
-Thanks, dude.
-I should thank you for paying the bill.
You made me meet what I was longing for.
-Didn't you get it?
-The girl I named Chandni with love...
Her name is Aasra.
Its the very girl we
saw while eating biryani.
-Is it?
Awesome my Shah Rukh!
Come on!
[message beep]
[message beep]
[message beep]
[message beep]
He says the biryani was delicious.
[message beep]
Well you paid for it.
[message beep]
[message beep]
[message beep]
[message beep]
Did you see me in the hotel?
-[message beep]
[message beep]
[message beep]
Oh you've seen me!
[message beep]
-[message beep]
Yeah, tell me.
Yeah, I'm at home.
OK, stay connected, I'll tell you.
-[message beep]
Thank you.
[message beep]
[message beep]
[message beep]
[message beep]
[message beep]
[message beep]
[message beep]
[message beep]
[three message beeps]
[message beep]
[message beep]
"My love! Oh my love!"
"I was alright till yesterday"
"But today there is
something magical because of you"
"I have become crazy"
"My love! Oh my love!"
"I was alright till yesterday"
"I have stopped eating,
drinking and sleeping"
"I have become crazy"
"Beautiful poetries and the poems,"
"this mobile has given me many things"
"Your words sprinkle
like the rose perfume"
"This life says your love is enough"
"I thought you are moon"
"But I got to know that it's you"
The same girl who we saw
while eating biryani.
Wow! My boy!
"How did you meet me, my first love?"
"My love! Oh my love!"
"I was alright till yesterday"
"But today there is
something magical because of you"
"I have become crazy"
"This isn't a dream, it's the truth"
"This is the tune which couldn't be heard"
"My bangles are suppressing the tune"
"But they explained it to my heart"
Songs sung by the lips clearly in Sufi"
"And the heart dances in the snow"
"Your shadow is with me and the
heart burns under the moonlight"
"Many happiness pair up"
"Infinite silence, still my life"
"Chats endlessly with my love"
"My love! Oh my love!"
"I was alright till yesterday"
"But today there is
something magical because of you"
"I have become crazy"
"I have become crazy"
-"I have become crazy"
-"I have become crazy"
[birds chirping]
[message beep]
What for?
[mobile keypad taps]
[mobile notification rings]
'It's risky?'
[doorbell rings]
[door creaks open]
Come in, Aasra.
Please sit.
One minute.
Are you nervous?
Even I am tensed.
Though we became close texting each other,
it's our first time to meet, right?
I think that is why we feel like this.
Isn't it?
I love you!
I thought of telling this and
lifting you up when you came in.
But don't know, I am out of words.
Isn't it?
One minute.
Abu's mother sent me
milk pudding because I like it.
I brought it for you.
Have it.
Here, eat it.
Aasra, you don't have to be scared.
Ah... Water?
Abu is at the entrance,
he will not let anybody in.
Let us talk for a while and leave.
What is this? Only I am talking here
and you aren't talking anything.
[mobile notification rings]
What is this? You are
messaging me when I asked you to talk.
[expressing in sign language]
My mother,
died when I was 8 years old.
She loves me so much.
But, she never said her love in words,
because she couldn't talk.
She was also mute.
I thought this mobile brought
a beautiful girl in my life.
But I never thought it would
bring a girl like my mother.
When you messaged me that you
can't talk, I remembered my mother.
I remembered my childhood.
I am still a kid, Aasra.
You must take care of me.
You must take care of me as much
as the love I can see in your eyes.
If I see Allah this moment
and asks you 'what do you want?'
I feel like telling I don't want anything
I want to give you whatever you want.
true love cannot be expressed in
words but it is what we show.
It's enough if we
have a heart for that,
words are not required.
Let's get married, Aasra.
[door opens]
Sir, listen to me, we both are in love.
You bring a girl to
lodge and call it love?
No, sir... We really love each other.
Check our messages if you want.
Take him.
They criticised me for playing cards...
They said cricket betting was wrong...
And when I am finally investing in shares
these idiots are calling me a mad man...
They are like that, they
don't let any idiot prosper...
They call a person an idiot
because he is prospering...
we must not feel sad
because they said something...
All that we did was for money, right?
-Absolutely man.
-Can we make money through shares?
One hundred percent.
[man laughing]
By the way... Should we buy shares
when they are high or when they are down?
Damn it man...
I feel like luck is
standing at my feet...
staring at me and asking me to take it.
Aright, I will look for good
shares and WhatsApp you the list...
add them to your watch list.
We have news that Pakistan
has made international terrorist...
Syed Habib as it's ally and
discretely released him from jail...
to eliminate the terrorist organisations
which are against it's government.
-Sonu stop, I am coming.
-Come fast.
Hey... Thank God!
-Why are you riding so fast?
- [indistinct chatter]
-It's a boundary.
-Damn, you missed the catch.
I am done.
Did I kill it?
Ah!Talking like you are a man?
-Finished in a jiffy... Give me my money.
-It will be like that.
I don't have money dear... tomorrow I
will come at the same time and pay you up.
Trying to play games?
-Give me the money...
-I don't have money, dear...
-Where is the money?
-Check me...
I swear I don't have money.
Get lost... I slept with you
without taking money first...
I must hit myself with a shoe.
Don't do it, instead say that old is gold.
Listen pay me up and then take your phone,
Idiot! If you don't pay me
tomorrow, I will sell your phone.
Sell it off dear... sell it.
I will give you 500 bucks.
-500 for me, then what about the phone?
I will return it if
you give me 2000 bucks.
2000 bucks? I am not buying
a vote I bought head ache.
However the phone is broke, so
I will give 1500, take it and leave.
-Tell me...
second hand stock of
cell phones has arrived.
Who do you send the stock with?
Kittu will catch Rajahmundry
bus this evening.
-He'll bring the stock, take it from him.
[kids mimicking a train]
Kids, why are you playing train game here?
I will kick you.
Are you warning the
train? I will ram into you.
Huh! Are you children at all?
[kids mimicking a train]
You went crazy because I
didn't glance at you, is that right?
This is my phone, I won't show you.
The movie playing in it is
Pushpa, that's my name.
Ravi please, show it to me.
I won't, ask your father
to buy you a phone.
He won't buy, daily you must show us.
-Daily why should I show you?
-Yes, you must.
I won't. What will you do?
Shall I give one more pan cake?
No need this is enough.
[metal clanks]
Dear, give me one more pan cake.
Just now you said you don't
want? You ate it already?
I didn't eat, Pushpa crashed
in and the girl stepped on it.
-Girl, put that in the dustbin.
-You put it.
What are you telling the kids about me?
They are not listening at all.
They won't listen to you just like that...
If you buy them all that they
want, only then they will listen.
Damn you, you link
every thing to my earnings.
Give me some chutney.
The problem is your
income is not enough. Eat.
Damn these kids.
-Put that in the dustbin.
-Doing the same.
I said the same.
Narayana... Narayana!
-Did Pushpa hit you?
Pushpa! Come out.
He said he won't/
-I will trash him.
-Wait, I will bring him.
Narayana! Your son has not just hit
my kid, he even snatched his cell phone.
-What is this?
-Always bringing trouble.
Dude! You brought your father?
Pushpa! I lost my patience, give them
their cell phone and say sorry to uncle.
-I won't.
-I will kill you, Pushpa.
I won't bow down to anyone.
Won't you obey my word?
-How dare you?
-Don't beat him. Hey.
-I want this phone.
-Girl, you go and get the phone.
-Dad, phone.
-I want that phone.
-Listen to me, son.
-Narayana listen...
-I'll complain to the cops if this repeats
-I want that cell phone...
-Come on, son.
-Calm down.
Did you see that? I had do listen to
that idiots nonsense because of you.
Because you didn't buy me a phone I
had to snatch it from random guys. Go!
Shall we buy him a phone?
-I said, let's buy a phone.
-No need.
-Get lost.
Sir, I want a cell phone.
Second hand here, new there.
Second hand is okay for me.
Why second hand? Let's take a new one.
No need to buy a phone now, let's go.
No... no, wait. Let's take it.
Okay, take a look.
All these are second hand.
This one.
This one is good, we will take it.
This one, right? 64MP
camera, 5000MAH battery...
snap dragon 8th gen one processor,
12GB ram, 256GB internal storage.
We don't want all those,
we will just buy the phone.
-Yeah, we don't need them. This is fine.
All of them are in the phone itself
-[both] Where?
Did you ever use a smart phone?
-No. This is the first time.
-No... How much for this?
12,000 bucks!
12,000? Show me something cheaper.
So don't look at this.
What's your budget?
You can't buy a phone in 2000 rupees...
-In 3000?
After three there is four, right?
You will get this one, take a look.
-Ma'am! Stop looking at that phone...
that one is out of your budget.
-Can't you give it for 5000?
-You can if you want to, bro.
-I can't sister.
I will pay 6000 that's final.
Why staring at me? After 5 it's 6, right?
You won't even get it's battery for 6000.
7000 final. 7 means God Venkateshwara...
No more talking, give it.
Don't even bother, let's go home.
We will go with the phone, talk to him.
You said this phone
has many features, right?
-Keep some and give it for 8000.
-Keep some?
Okay, take it.
Well... is it not possible to give it at
the same price with all the features?
I won't remove any features,
take the charger.
And the ear phones?
You will have to buy new ones if you want.
Brother, please don't say that...
we paid 8k right. Even old
ones are okay, we will adjust.
Check inside, we will
wait if you want us to.
Gosh! They are taking my
life for buying one phone.
Take it.
Thank you bro.
Only one is working
right ear phone won't work.
It's okay, I cannot hear
through my right ear.
Is this why you are turning
your head this side and listening?
[woman chanting prayers]
[continues to chant]
It should be good.
Here, break the coconut.
Mom told you to break the coconut.
Dear God...
I bought this cell phone with the
money which I saved for my hearing aid.
This should last for long,
be like a family member...
let my daughter listen to music,
Teaching my wife how to cook...
show me movies and let
Pushpa play games...
It should be cool.
-For it to be cool?
-We must keep it in the fridge.
It should be well taken
care of. I will take it.
First I will take Gods photo.
-Image is good.
-Dad, let's take a selfie.
-Dad, show it to me.
-Wait I will show.
-Stop it.
-Wait I will show.
This phone came into
our house today, right?
Which means it's younger than your sister.
How do we carry little kids?
-No, I will snatch it.
-Pushpa wait.
Let them go, they will
play for a while and come.
-I said, let them play for a while.
I sacrificed my ear for your eyes. Don't
know what Pushpa will do to the phone.
-Hey stop.
-Hurray! My dad bought a phone for me...
Show it to me.
Look it's better than
your phone and it's black.
What curry are you cooking?
Small fish and tamarind...
We recently bought a phone, right?
I am watching our Mega star
cook on YouTube and cooking it.
Is it?
Pushpa! Pushpa wait.
I am in the middle of
a game, I won't show you.
Pushpa, please let me see.
-I won't get lost.
-Please Pushpa let me see...
-Go away, don't disturb me.
You are hitting nails on the wall again?
Owner told not to, right?
Wait I will tell him.
-Please don't tell him.
Give me the phone then.
-Take it.
Okay, we will go to bed.
-Get up kid.
-Hey, it's 10PM, come on sleep.
[boy mimicking a bike]
[man clears throat]
-[man coughing]
Go ahead.
-You think it's okay? I am scared.
Initially you will be scared,
but it would be good.
[Necklace golusu song playing]
[song continues to play]
Where do I search for you?
Our son and our daughter are playing near
by, have your food and feed them as well.
Narayana! Have you gone mad?
Why are you posting your
wife's dance videos on YouTube?
Dear, you don't want
to live a decent life?
Hi uncle! I watched
your reel, you rocked it.
Aunty was fantastic.
You guys are rock stars, keep it
up one day you will become famous.
Famous? My foot.
-This is the trend, you keep going.
-Yes, you guys must continue.
[music playing]
[Telugu song playing]
[Telugu song playing]
[Telugu song playing]
We watched your video. You both did good.
-Dear, did Pushpa hit her as well?
-No Narayana...
You guys are the special guests at our
daughter's birthday party in the evening.
You must perform in the party.
But in front of the crowd?
Nothing doing. You are coming that's it.
[kids singing birthday song]
Narayana! Please can you
perform on a song for us?
They are requesting. Shall we?
-Please sister don't say no.
[music playing]
[mobile phone ringing]
Dad, your phone is ringing.
-Your phone is ringing.
[mobile ringing]
-Is this Mr. Necklace Narayana?
We are from GK YouTube channel...
-We saw your videos, they are good.
called you to speak about that...
Your wife and husband combo is ultimate.
Thank you so much.
If you shoot the videos and
send it to us, we will upload them...
we will give you a share from
whatever money we make.
We will send some money
as advance on Google Pay...
-Is that okay?
Thank you so much, sir. Thank you.
[notification tone]
[music playing]
[Tamil song playing]
He is Necklace Narayana,
he is very famous.
[song continues]
[Telugu song playing from
the movie Bobbili Raja]
[Telugu song playing]
[song continues]
[Telugu rustic song playing]
[Telugu song playing]
Welcome Mr. Necklace
Narayana, please have a seat.
-Hello sir.
-Hello sir.
I've seen your videos,
I am a fan of your style.
I am so happy that you are
acting in our 'Mop and Glow' add.
-Without bending your body...
-Your floor can be cleaned...
[both] Mop and Glow.
-This is for you.
-Thank you sir.
You acted well.
-This hearing machine is for you.
-Thank you sir.
[Meenakshi Meenakshi song playing]
-Something is wrong. You come here.
-What happened?
[song continues]
-Damn, something's not right. Come closer.
-What is it again?
Something is fishy.
Now watch...
[song continues]
Now watch...
[Meenakshi Meenakshi song playing]
-This is good, right?
-You always keep saying about it.
-Hey Pushpa!
-Pushpa stop.
-I won't give it.
-Hey Pushpa!
Hey, stop right there.
Pushpa I will kill you... Hey.
[siren wailing]
It fell in the water, please check it.
Sir, you are Necklace Narayana, right?
-You bought this phone from us, right?
[both] Yes.
-Your reels are superb.
-Thank you...
Fix the phone first. Do something.
Doesn't matter how
much it costs just fix it.
-What is this sir?
Like getting emotional about
a patient with the doctor?
-Let me check.
-Please do.
[beeping rapidly]
You are Necklace Narayana, right?
- [both] Sir, one selfie sir...
Please sir.
[machine whirring and beeping]
Hold on a minute.
Click now.
What is this sir? You are
energetic only while making reels?
[both] Smile sir.
-Thank you sir.
-What happened?
-Is the phone okay?
I dried it. Why are you so
worried? This is waterproof.
-It's waterproof.
-You mean it's alright?
-Try and switch it on. It will work.
Come on, switch it on.
[mobile ringing]
-Is this Necklace Narayana?
-Yes sir.
-This is Co-director Sai Surendra speaking
Our director said that it would be
great if you both act in our movie.
Are you up for it?
Yes, it's a yes.
-Is that okay with you?
-I said it's okay.
Speak louder man, you are not audible.
-Okay sir.
My manager will arrange for train
tickets and advance, you come down.
Okay sir.
What is it? What happened?
Both of us got a chance to act in a movie.
-Start camera.
-Rolling sir.
We are not alone here Shailu...
Somebody else is watching us. I am scared.
What happened Payal?
Hey, who are you? Give me that phone...
Why are you recording the shoot?
Why is he recording on his cell phone?
Who are you? Get out.
-Devdas, he is Necklace Narayana.
-So what? Let's go.
-Yes sir.
-Send them to me.
Sir come, they came to act in
our movie. Sir, please come.
Ma'am. I deleted the video, switched
off the phone and gave it back.
Don't over act. Get lost.
Umm. You are Necklace Narayana, right?
Yes ma'am, I am pretty famous.
I know, sir has told me.
You must not record the
shoot on your cell phone, right?
I mean the shoot is
going on. That's not right.
Sorry ma'am...
This is the first time I am
looking at such huge shoot.
And we thought of taking
a selfie with you.
What photo? You are
actually acting with her.
It's okay. A selfie?
-Selfie. So cute.
I switched it off ma'am.
Okay. Are you ready?
Come closer.
Nice meeting you and you
are doing a fabulous job.
Thank you ma'am.
-See you ma'am.
-Thank you ma'am.
[indistinct chatter]
Production manager...
[indistinct voice]
Sir, coming.
Come fast, man.
Some shooting is going on.
A monkey!
[indistinct voices]
Wow! I look great in even a broken mirror.
[Jyothi squeals]
Hey, Jyothi... Where did you go?
I am asking you, speak up.
Hey, Jyothi... Where did you go?
By the way,
how does this red sari looks on me?
[singing a Telugu song]
A mobile?
Did you steal it?
Give it to me.
You monkey!
Hey! It was me who named you Jyothi.
I am the one who feeds you.
I am the one who carries you around.
I am the one who taught you how
to rob and then how to escape.
And you don't give me
the phone when I ask?
Behave like a monkey that you are, if you
learn human behaviour you'll be destroyed.
Don't think that this saree will
restrict-- [autorickshaw honking]
Oh... the autorickshaw is here.
He won't wait for long, let's go.
It doesn't matter if you don't give
me the mobile, keep it inside and come.
What? Don't you want to come for work?
Ah? Do you know what it is,
that you are loving it?
[autorickshaw honking]
Can't you hear he is honking? Come!
I don't want your stupid mobile,
keep it there and come.
Why would you walk, you are a queen...
I'm your chariot.
You climb on me and I climb in the auto.
-There is no place for us but...
still we are adjusting,
upon that you bring your monkey.
You gained so much weight without
giving a break and you are talking, move!
Why are you talking about my food?
First throw that monkey out.
I will kick you if you
call it monkey again.
She is Jyothi, man! Jyothi!
This is why he was angry?
Even he named himself as Jyothi.
Shut up! She is Golden Jyothi
and he is Fat Jyothi, move!
[music mutes voices]
He is smoking cigarettes,
he is eating tobacco
and he's talking to his girlfriend--
No, I don't want.
Did she recognize me in this?
[music mutes voices]
-We haven't received any payment yet.
-Is it?
[music mutes voices]
-Take the cash.
-Nice customer.
Now you received the payment, right?
Give me what I want.
[music mutes voices]
[indistinct voices]
Come on, give me the money.
[indistinct voices]
Hey, look how he is getting
money through a monkey.
-I will see his end.
-Hey, stop!
-Always hurrying.
-You are right.
I will see his end when he
comes for his count in the evening.
-Oh God!
-[indistinct voices]
Today's collection is good.
We got couple of hundreds too.
[indistinct voices]
Oh no! This monkey won't
stand still if it smells money.
-Look how she is jumping.
-[Jyothi squeals]
Take it.
today's collection is rupees 10,000.
-Thank God.
-We got good amount.
If we deduct rupees 1000
for the autorickshaw...
You will get rupees two thousand.
You will get rupees two thousand.
You will get rupees two thousand.
Here, rupees thousand for you.
This is not fair, why am I getting less?
You must pay me rupees two thousand.
I won't accept this.
-You don't even deserve this.
-Why do you snatch?
-Give it.
You are clapping with us.
But she is silently
picking everyone's pockets.
Add the money which
that monkey stole then,
we will give your count equally,
what do you say, Jyothi?
Look she is escaping. It is very smart.
-It is all his training.
Listen Srinu, you and your monkey
shouldn't come with us here after.
No, don't say that, please...
I will be as you want.
I will take whatever you give me.
-Get lost.
-Forgive me for this time.
Even now you gave less,
you won't keep up taking my money.
I will see that too.
You who do pickpocketing tell us proverbs
to us who fill their stomach by begging.
-Get lost!
-The monkey did it,
-why are you cursing me for that?
-Shut up and leave!
-Fine, Jyothi!
Why are you responding? You are
Fatso Jyothi, I called my Dear Jyothi.
I will earn making my Jyothi dance
rather than roaming with you guys.
Hey, Jyothi...
How many times should I tell you?
Stealing isn't just snatching somehow.
Its sneaking it out
without anyone's notice.
Huh? Oh you silly!
You gave me all the wallets
and hiding the mobile?
What will you do with it?
Will you call your husband?
You stupid, give it to me.
Ah? Won't you? Oh!
I know it very well how to
take the mobile from you.
Ta... Da!
By the way Jyothi,
what is this relation between us?
If we look back once...
You stupid! I meant to look
into our past not to your back.
We struggled a lot and cried.
We starved,
we got cursed many times.
From begging for a bread we came to a
stage where we maintain bank balance.
I only have a angst.
Is this how one should live?
That's the only sadness.
Don't think about all of this.
Sleep now. Huh?
This mobile is nice.
We shouldn't sell this, let's keep.
Ah? Camera?
I need a shampoo.
-This one?
Give me whatever you want to.
How much?
I will give you my Google
Pay number pay to that.
Why? There is a scanner, I will scan it.
I told you I will give you
my Google Pay number, right?
Oh, tell me.
It's 9849143... 73.
Come on guys, come.
Come in groups and watch
opening your eyes wide.
There is no magic or any mystery.
But there is illusion...
This is not a monkey but it's Jyothi.
Look at her beauty.
She smokes cigarette.
She will also booze.
If she sees a handsome
boy she will winks at him.
-She winked at you.
-Don't joke.
Will you go till any
extent for your boyfriend?
How will you go?
Watch this guys, watch it!
Applause for her.
Look what is this?
[audience]: It's a mobile.
-[audience]: It's a mobile.
It is a mobile if this is with you,
it is a magical box.
Ask anything which your mobile doesn't
have or which won't work in your mobile,
This magical box will give you.
Rupees 100 for asking.
Pay hundred bucks and take what you ask.
But clap first.
Yeah, come and gift some to my Jyothi too.
-Listen, Old man...
-What do you want?
-I want a biryani.
Download Swiggy app on
your mobile and order it.
What do you want?
Get my girlfriend who is in
her home town in front of me.
Then make a video call from
your mobile you will get her.
Make me a film actor.
Is it? Download Mojo app on your mobile...
and record a good reel.
Become a reel actor.
I want a girl secretly
without anyone's knowledge.
Is it? Download a good dating app,
not just girls but you
will even get boys too.
I need a big house.
A wish must be like this.
Go to your mobile's banking app and click
on loan, like that you can build one.
This is a magical box, ask anything
which isn't in your mobile it will give.
What won't be in this?
Everything will be in this mobile.
That is why I named it as magical box.
There comes a car let's ask for a lift.
Brother, please...
Please brother, please stop for once.
will you give me a lift till check post.
Lift? This is Ola cab.
You shouldn't give life
if this is Ola cab?
You shouldn't ask for lift.
-Hey, Jyothi. [Jyothi screams]
-Hey, what's that?
I perform with monkey, brother.
If you help me and drop me till
their I will go to my home.
-Please, brother. Just give me lift.
-Fine, come.
Get in.
-What is your name?
-Jyothi, brother.
I mean,
her name is Jyothi and my name is Srinu.
Still who will watch monkey
performing tricks in these days?
No one is watching brother.
Then, how will you earn?
That's what I don't understand brother.
Give me alms, sir.
-Please give alms...
-No, I don't have.
I am hungry, sir...
-I don't have please leave.
-Balloons, lighting balloon.
Sir, do you want lighting balloons?
Lighting balloons, sir.
-How much?
-Rupees 150.
-Will you give it for hundred bucks?
-Take it, sir.
Hey, no!
Sir, take them.
-Balloons, balloons with lights.
-Aren't they nice?
Hey, shh!
Jyothi, no! Sit silently.
[Jyothi squeals annoyingly]
What happened?
It seems she is hungry, brother.
Didn't it eat?
She ate fully, brother.
Still she stays in drought.
Jyothi, shut up!
[Jyothi squeals]
What is it, brother?
Let's us take biryani and go.
Yeah, okay.
Shall I bring it for you, brother?
-No, Jyothi!
It is the drum I play when it performs.
What is all this? What is this, huh?
You scoundrel!
-How dare you steal my wallet?
-Let me explain it, I am not a thief.
-Get down.
-Please listen to me, brother.
-How dare you steal it?
-I beg you, brother.
Please hear me out
brother, I am not a thief.
-I am sorry, I did a mistake.
-What sorry? Let's go to police station.
-Brother, don't take me to police station.
-Come to police station!
I am not a thief,
I live honestly in the village.
I came to the city as no
one there is helping me.
Are you stealing wallets
coming to the city, huh?
-No, please hear me out, brother.
-Aren't you ashamed?
-You are fit can't you do any job?
Look, please see...
-Look, I do makeup like this and beg.
-Hey, get up!
-I will beg you please, brother.
-Hey, get up!
-Please don't take me to cops.
-Get up, man.
I beg you please, brother.
-Brother, I didn't take any money.
-Come get in.
No, brother... We will go walking.
Hey, get in, man!
Sorry, brother.
Where are we going brother?
Are you taking me to police station?
Please, brother.
No... But...
Seeing you I remember seeing myself,
I didn't study and I don't know any work.
And I don't have money.
But I used to have hunger daily.
Fine, leave it.
Just remember one thing...
One who goes to prison once is
not considered a normal human again.
He will be called a thief forever.
We can live taking loans but we
shouldn't live doing such wrong things.
I am not telling you to change right away.
Just change like a human, that's it.
I don't know whether you
purchased that mobile or stole it.
But start the lift with it again.
Buy a car in finance like I did.
There is Ola app you can
download it in the mobile.
Start driving you will earn a lot.
Huh? Change yourself.
"Oh human, why this anxiety?"
-"You don't have any destination ever"
-Brother please stop here.
-"All the dreams you dreamt aren't yours"
-Get down.
How much do I pay brother?
It's okay, I just gave you a lift.
It isn't just a lift brother, you got me
in a right path and lifted my life up.
I will go in your path from now on.
I mean working hard for a living.
That's it, brother.
-Bye, brother.
"They aren't yours"
Just like that brother said,
we will also buy a car and live happily.
-What do you say?
-[Jyothi squeals]
Oh, you're okay?
This isn't a mobile guys
it's magical box.
You can download apps in it.
It will give me whatever I ask for.
Huh? Oh my God!
There are many cars here.
There are so many.
Jyothi, select one among them.
Oh! You liked the same car that I did.
But it cost 4 lakhs and 50 thousand.
Check this out, it's 2 lakhs 50 thousand.
I can't help, even if you see the
same car. We must buy this only.
There is a contact number...
How much is the final price for
the car add you posted on OLX?
It costs 2 lakhs 50 thousand.
-How much?
-It costs 2 lakhs 50 thousand.
Oh no! It's too much, sir.
Our budget is only 2 lakhs.
People are asking for 2
lakhs 20 thousand to me.
They just ask, sir...
But I am here to buy it.
If you like our price tell me,
I will come tomorrow inspect it
and buy the car if I like it.
Are you sure? Can I trust you?
I promise, sir. I swear of my Jyothi.
Fine, send 10 thousand advance,
I am sending you the QR
code, send money to it.
our car deal get final for 2 lakhs.
Are you happy?
I sent him the advance.
-Sir, did you receive the money?
-Thank God.
-Pay the balance and take the car.
This is magical box,
it will give whatever we ask for.
From tomorrow our lives
are going to change.
Oh God!
Strange, we got this mobile in our lives.
Tomorrow we are getting the car.
After that we will get a home.
After that I will get a wife.
You will get a girl or a boy child
will come into the world to play.
There is no magic or cheating,
everything will be happy.
Sleep now, we need to go and
get the car in the morning.
Oh, you got up so early?
I have slept very well last night.
Let me message that car owner a
'Good morning' text.
Oh, why did I get so many messages?
Jyothi, all the money got deducted.
My account is empty,
we just sent him 10 thousand last night.
Ah? What do I do now?
The complaint is,
I thought of
purchasing a used car in an app.
We did messages after talking to
that person, these are the messages.
He said that he will
send me a QR code, sir.
One moment,
this is the QR code, sir.
He asked me to send 10 thousand
and I have transferred them.
Till morning all the
money from my account got nil.
If I had thought to take
that car like Jyothi said...
-Who is Jyothi? Is she your wife?
-No, sir.
It's my monkey.
We got few complaints stating a man making
monkey play and doing pickpocketing...
-It might be this guy.
-Yes, you are right.
Come let's deal with him.
-He cheated me, sir...
Are you the one who is doing pickpocketing
along with the monkey, right?
What do you mean, sir?
I live making this monkey play.
-Please sir...
-Stop it, man.
Please wait, sir.
I know about him very well.
-I am not such a person.
-I went to watch his program near X road,
-he stole my wallet.
-Yes, sir.
-It wasn't me, sir.
-You won't accept if I ask you nicely.
-If I bash you behind the bars you'll say.
-Please, sir. It wasn't me.
-Open the cell.
Sir, I beg you please... Hear me out.
-Get up!
-Lock that monkey too.
-Tell me how much you had, I will give.
-Sir, please don't hurt my monkey.
-Hey, move!
Sir, sir... My Jyothi is hungry, it seems.
What do you want me to do?
Listen Guru Murthi. Guru Murthi, wake up!
-Sir? Good morning.
-Get up and come fast.
Why are you here so early, sir?
I got an information that the new SP is
coming to inspect our station.
You go fast,
get fresh up and keep pending files ready.
-Come hurry up, go.
-Okay, sir.
-Why is this monkey inside the station?
That's a pet monkey, sir.
We took him into custody doubting that he
is pickpocketing with the help of this.
-Who filed the case?
-Did you file any FIR?
-No, sir.
When there is no FIR filed on him,
why did you locked him up?
It seems he tried to buy a used
car from online, he got cheated...
and came here to complain.
-Do you have any proofs?
-I have them, sir.
When I showed all
messages and QR code to him,
without seeing anything he locked me up,
Remember one thing,
though he is a criminal, we will have
to proceed according to the law.
Don't you know this?
Go release him first.
Sir, thank you.
If you do such things again with
the monkey because I left you,
I will encounter you, careful.
Sir, the money which are lost,
how can I...
That's the money which you stole, right?
You will lose it like this.
Go, out!
-Let's go.
-Goddess Bhavani.
"Oh human"
We will lose everything in life.
But not the hunger.
Isn't it, Jyothi?
Huh? Even I am hungry.
What can we do? I don't have any money.
We should survive
drinking water, that's it.
Hey, Jyothi...
It better if we beg and fill our
stomach but we shouldn't do robbing.
I got to know how the pain
would be after losing our money.
We got to know what isn't ours
wouldn't stay with us, right?
From now on we aren't stealing anything.
Understood? Let's go.
I don't have money, sir.
At least give a small piece to the monkey.
There's nothing here, get going.
I see many people like you, get lost.
The water is only for the people who
had tiffin. We are buying that too.
Brother, look at that monkey.
Hey, man!
-Is that a pet monkey?
-Yes, sir.
Come here.
Will it listen to whatever you say?
Yeah, it will do anything you say, sir.
We need a monkey which
follows our commands in shootings.
My Jyothi does whatever you say, sir.
Will you give her to us?
Take her, sir.
How much?
I can't sell her.
In the same way I can't feed her.
Do something, sir.
Feed her well and take care
of her without hitting her.
I don't want any money.
Just take care of her, that's enough.
Listen, go with them.
[Jyothi squeals]
Hey, listen to me.
You being alive is more
important than us being together.
Rather than dying in the hands of
this useless fellow, go with them.
Hey, listen to me.
Can't you understand what I am saying?
Just listen to me.
Go with them, I am telling you.
What relation do we both have?
I am in this position because of you.
Hunger, robbing, jail and now death.
I might do well if you go.
Go away. Take her, sir.
-Take her, sir. Take her.
-Brother, hold her.
Come... Hey, pull it. Open the door.
"All the dreams you dreamt aren't yours"
"The faith is written by the God"
"They aren't yours"
-"They aren't your"
-This isn't a monkey! This is Jyothi!
-"All the dreams you dreamt aren't yours"
-Our lives will change from tomorrow.
[Jyothi squealing]
"They aren't yours, they aren't yours"
-Hey, Jyothi...
-What is all this?
We won't sell this, we will keep it.
A boy or girl child will be
born whom you can play with.
Sir... Sir...
-My Jyothi can't stay without me, sir.
-Please return my Jyothi to me.
-Hey, are you playing with us?
If you want I will give money take that.
I don't want any money, sir.
I can't live without her.
Please, sir.
She is crying, sir...
-She's ours, pay us a 1000 and take her.
Why should I give you money, sir?
-Please leave her.
-That's how it is. Give money if you want,
-or else leave.
-I have this mobile, sir.
-Who wants your mobile?
-Please take it, sir.
-Please don't talk like that. Please...
-Give money and take the monkey.
Please give me 5 minutes, I will beg you.
-Go and get the money first.
-I'll be back in 5 minutes, sir.
Jyothi, stay here, don't cry.
I will take you with me.
I will be back.
Sir, the mobile is in good condition,
pay me something and take it.
Sir, the mobile is in good
condition, pay me something and take it.
-No need.
-Sir... Sir.
Sir, the mobile is in good
condition, pay me something and take it.
-Please help me, sir.
-Is it working?
-How much?
-Give me whatever you can.
-I will give 2 thousand for this.
Thank you, sir.
This is a good mobile. Strange!
-Do you think he will give it?
Why are you so late, man?
Sir, here is the money you asked.
Take her.
-You wasted our time.
Come Jyothi, come to me.
You aren't going anywhere.
[Jyothi squeals]
We are living together, Jyothi.
"Rebel... Rebel... in the dark,
You can run but not too far"
"Rebel... Rebel... in the dark,
You can run but not too far"
"I've been watching you...
everything in silence"
Damn it...
Another batch is here.
To die...
Salaam walekum.
He is a new recruit.
A very sharp guy.
Chief has asked for him
to get trained under you.
Sit down.
I'll take leave.
-What is your name?
-Know a mobile phone bomb?
-I know.
I've studied all the theory about it.
I'm here for the practical knowledge.
What's your qualification?
-Mechanical Engineering.
-Oh... hence such arrogance.
Listen kid... to finish any task in this
world, you need just experience.
Oh I've been doing the same
work since the past 15 years.
Yet, I don't even know
how to read a news paper.
I can get this job done
even with my eyes closed.
But you watch with your eyes wide open.
Give me a phone I'll try to do as you do.
First watch it.
No, I'll do it.
Are you sure?
Take this.
This phone is here to be
transformed as a bomb.
But its saved being in your hands.
-What do you mean?
-Any job is fails in the first attempt.
Ain't this your first attempt?
This will blast.
But that will fail.
How can you say that?
I followed exactly what you did!
But its not made in my hands!
[beeping fast]
Bloody thing!
Its not a success.
Where did I go wrong?
[beeping slowly]
Check this once.
[groaning impatiently]
Check it, Bhai.
[bomb beeping]
I thought this phone survived
by coming in to your hands.
But you did rock in the first shot.
Its time for this phone's...
[bomb buzzing off]
[heart beating fast]
[namaz recital on loudspeaker]
Why did you stop here?
What happened?
-You're going to set it?
Do it then.
How much more time would you take?
You can take forever to make a bomb.
But not for setting it.
Give it to me.
[mobile ringing]
-Check who is calling.
That's your phone, Bhai.
I know... But I'm working!
Answer it.
-Salaam, Chief.
-Walekum Assalam.
-Take the bomb setting easy.
I'm telling you the plan is cancelled.
Get the phone and bomb away from there.
OK Chief.
He says the plan is cancelled.
He asked us to come back.
Yes Chief. We already set the bomb.
I'm telling you the plan is cancelled.
Get the phone and bomb away from there.
Damn it!
Looks like the person about
to die is blessed. He escaped.
You disconnect the bomb and get it.
[phone rings]
We diffused the bomb, Chief.
Wait... wait... I'll tell you.
Err... listen, place the bomb once again.
What crap?
He asks me to place it and then remove it.
Bhai, what happened?
He's asking us to place the bomb again.
Who is the one who is going to die?
Its that phone!
Is it done?
Let's go then!
Ever seen a bomb going off?
It would go off in the next five minutes.
Watch it carefully.
Now, with a simple call,
the bomb would blast!
Bhai! There is no one inside.
OK. Let's leave.
[timer beeping]
[phone beeping]
There is no signal here! Damn it!
What do we do now?
Bhai! He is coming.
Damn it! I told you.
One of them is really lucky.
An educated guy like me
doesn't believe in luck.
What else can you do?
There is no signal here.
But I'm intelligent.
I've set an alarm exactly at 8 in the phone
in case an unfortunate situation arises.
[alarm blips]
[indistinctive talk]
The phone bomb would go
off in the next 10 seconds.
-The slogan of our future!
-Allah O Akbar!
-The slogan of our future!
-Allah O Akbar!
[people sloganeering]
[phone alarm beeps]
'I promise on my phone!'
'This is our magic box!'
[indistinctive past talk]
[indistinctive past talk]
[phone alarm beeping]
'Bomb blast!'
[alarm long beep]
[VO]: This is the story of this magic box.
It was born somewhere in China, roamed
around India and was blasted in Pakistan.
Payal left the magic box and is
living happily along with Pranay.
Kameswara Rao misused
it and went to prison.
After buying the magic box...
Security guard Narayana became
famous as 'Necklace Narayana'.
After selling it, Seenu started living
happily as a Cabbie along with Jyothi.
What happened to Ali and Asra's love
that bloomed because of this magic box?
They were united.
Love is something which will surely
win if you overcome hardships.
Every story has an end.
Similarly, the story of this
mobile phone came to an end.