Mayday (2019) Movie Script

- Hi, welcome aboard.
- Okay.
- Welcome aboard.
- Thank you.
Hi, welcome aboard.
Good Lord, ladies,
we're looking fine today.
You two look good enough to
eat, and I'm always hungry.
All right.
Thank you, Smokey.
Always nice to see you.
Have a good flight.
- What takes you to London?
- It sure ain't the weather.
I've signed a new girl.
She don't hold a candle to you two.
- Maybe we can get together.
- Let's do it. We're staying at the Green Inn.
I was hoping you might have some
extra tickets for one of the shows.
I know I can
get them for you.
Nobody's riding for free.
Take your seat, Smokey.
- Hi, welcome aboard.
- Thank you.
Mr. Anderson.
I was hoping you'd be
on this flight.
nice to see you again.
Are you staying over
in London?
Yeah, I got a two-day layover.
How about you?
Three days.
Maybe we can get together.
Yeah, we'll talk while
we're in London.
- Okay.
- Cool.
Enjoy your flight.
Anyone else you want to hang
out with while we're in London?
- Crime of the century, and no, it wasn't.
- Hi, welcome aboard.
I don't think so.
Oh, of course.
Check for the markings
on the handle.
Of course.
- Hello, it's very nice to see you ladies.
- Nice to see you.
Hey. Hi, hi.
- Hello. Nice to see you.
- You too.
Stop it. Stop it.
What, am I supposed
to wait for eight hours?
We're on a plane.
What are you thinking?
What I'm thinking is we can
join the mile high club later.
What do you think?
The what?
My mother warned me
about marrying you.
I got it.
I got it, I got it.
I'm a pervert, right?
- Hey.
- Welcome aboard.
- Hello, sir, how you doing? Welcome.
- Evening.
Enjoy your flight.
Hello, sir, good to see you again.
How's everything?
- You are seat A16.
- Hi there.
Do you have that okay?
- Right behind you.
- Welcome aboard.
- Hi. Hello, miss, how's everything?
- Enjoy your flight.
- Thank you.
- Hello.
- Hi there.
- Hi.
And your backpack.
Mommy. Mommy.
So you and Aeryn
gonna hook up in London?
Nope, nope, no, man. That relationship
has run its course. Crash and burned.
Relationship? You didn't even
tell me you guys were dating.
How you taking it?
Are you sad or...
Knowing you, you're probably
banging some other chick.
You know what? Believe it or
not, I'm actually going solo.
I'm taking
a break from women.
Sure. Like that's
gonna last.
You know, juggling women gets
old, and I'm only getting older.
This coming from a guy
that has no gray hair.
Why don't you lend me some of yours?
You got a few to spare.
The stewardesses seem
to know you quite well.
Yeah, I fly this airline a lot,
take this route pretty often.
An international
business tycoon?
I do have business
in London,
but there's nothing
international or tycoon about me.
I didn't think so.
I did pick you for a
professional football player...
athlete, mmm...
or a cop maybe.
Damn, woman.
Aren't you that girl
from my rockabilly video?
No, sir, wrong girl.
Sweetheart, you damn sure
got to be in my next one.
With a body like that,
we can make
some serious money.
- What's your name, sir?
- I'm Clem Williams. My friends call me Smokey.
Well, Mr. Clem Williams,
you may find that life is just too short.
What the hell do you
mean by that?
I mean that.
Plane's getting ready
to take off.
Maybe you should take a seat.
I'm gonna need you
to stay in your seat.
Chivalry isn't dead.
Thank you for
standing up for me.
Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome aboard Falcon Air flight
88, nonstop service to London.
I am your captain,
Frank Perez,
flying along copilot
Michael David Esparza.
Expect a smooth ride
this evening
with a flight time
of just eight hours.
Sit back, relax,
and enjoy the flight.
Sir, I'm sorry, but your briefcase
needs to go either under the seat
or in
the overhead compartment.
It doesn't fit
underneath the seat.
Oh, that's no problem.
I can put it up for you.
No. I need it.
- He can put it right here between us. It's okay.
- I'm sorry, no, sir.
The case needs to be stored safely
in the overhead compartment.
I need it with me.
It stays with me, period.
Sorry, sir,
but until your case is safely
stored, the plane cannot take off.
Yeah, give her
the damn briefcase.
- Don't make me come back there.
- Not now, Smokey.
I promise, it will
be safe up there.
Huh. I guess he really wanted
to keep that briefcase.
I guess.
People are strange
these days.
It's interesting what humans
find important these days.
No one will bother it.
And keep your seat.
What is...
What is with you?
It's my honeymoon.
What's with you?
I'm not gonna play your
exhibitionist games on this plane.
We'll be in London in eight hours.
You can wait until then.
What happened to you?
We've been married for like two
hours, and you get all prudish on me.
I am not prudish.
I'm just not gonna
fulfill some weird,
you know, sex fantasy
that you have
in front of all these
passengers on the plane.
I know you want to show those two flight attendants
what kind of man you are.
That's right,
I saw you checking them out.
Let's not fight.
You know, hey.
I love you, okay?
I married you
and you're all that I want.
I love you.
Come here.
Why are you staring at me?
"Adam, why don't we
meet up in London?"
"Smokey, we're staying
at the Green."
What the hell is that
supposed to mean?
I thought it would be nice
to meet up with them.
Which one?
Or maybe you want both.
You know that I have a crush on Adam
since we starting working this route.
And yet you have to go
flirt with him first.
Yeah, and in that time,
you've been with David, Frank,
and that teeny barmaid
outside of London.
I have an idea.
Why don't you mark them?
That way I'll know who's not on your list.
Adam's out of your league.
And so is David
for that matter.
Why don't you go
talk to Smokey?
He seems to be
interested in you.
Out of my league?
Fuck off.
We have work to do.
We can pull each
other's hair out in London.
Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome aboard flight 88.
Sit back, relax, fasten your
seatbelt, and enjoy the ride.
Ready for takeoff.
Roger that.
- Would you like anything?
- Yeah, sure. Some peanuts.
Sure. And how about you?
- Just a water, please.
- Sure.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
- Can I get you anything?
- I'm fine, thank you.
- How about you?
- No, thank you.
Please put your seatbelt on.
Hello, ladies.
So you're not in
the rockabilly video.
What do you do?
I suppose you can call me
the eternal student.
And what do you study?
I study people
and their cultures,
but I really enjoy the study
of people under stress.
Very mysterious.
That's very attractive
in a beautiful woman.
You travel much?
I do travel quite a bit.
But you don't need to travel
to study them, really.
Are you gonna be
in London for a while?
The plot thickens.
Uh, what about
the stewardess?
She's a friend.
She's actually dating one of the pilots.
She has her sights set
on you. Trust me.
I don't even know.
Trust me.
Mark? Mark? Mark?
Shut the fuck up, bitch.
What the hell is wrong with you?
Ma'am, I'm the air marshal.
Calm down.
You want a drink?
Do you want a drink of water?
My husband is gone.
No. My husband...
Get me a drink of water
for her. Who's gone?
- My husband disappeared.
- Lower your voice.
My husband's gone.
My husband's gone.
- If your husband is gone...
- The lights went off and he disappeared.
Listen to me. Maybe your husband went
to the restroom or to get a drink.
No, no.
- Well, yeah, maybe he...
- No, he disappeared.
- No.
- I'll tell you what, sit down.
Sit down.
Sit down right now.
I'm gonna go look for him.
Here's a drink.
Here, take the water.
Are you stupid?
I said he's gone.
- Calm down.
- I'm a doctor.
Look, it's a doctor.
He's gonna help you, okay?
The doctor will help you.
Be right back.
Hey, I'm Dr. Singh, all right?
I'm gonna give you a little exam.
- My husband, Mark.
- I'm so sorry.
My husband's gone. He's gone, he's gone.
Please help me.
Did you see her get
on the plane with a man?
Sure, the lovebirds.
They couldn't even take their hands off
each other long enough to have a drink.
Yeah, I think I heard them say
something about being newlyweds.
Did the man get up and go to the
restroom or anything like that?
I didn't see him
leave his seat.
I only know that moments before
the lights flickered, he was there.
Okay. All right, um...
I need you to search the
plane, up and the bottom.
I'm gonna go talk
to the captain.
Okay, let's go.
Can I go on
your phone for a minute?
We got a little problem.
A passenger in first class,
Mark Tillman, might be missing.
Missing? I mean,
he's either missing or not. Which is it?
Well, unless Aeryn finds him in
the overhead bin, he's missing.
I'm gonna leave you
in charge up here.
Lock the door,
nobody gets in. Got it?
Yeah, okay, sure. Yeah.
So you're absolutely sure that
this Mr. Tillman is missing?
He's definitely
not on the plane.
- You're sure?
- I'm sure.
Look, Mrs. Tillman
was kissing her husband.
The lights flickered and went
dark, and then he disappeared.
And she claims he didn't
go to the restroom.
That's a little strange because if the
lights would have went off over here,
the alarm in the cockpit
would have went off.
Alarm or no alarm,
the lights flickered and went out.
Can we forget
about the alarm?
A man has disappeared.
We have no idea
where he is.
It's time to turn
the plane around.
- We'll get it on the ground and search it properly.
- I'll radio it in,
but they're not gonna allow us
to turn this plane back around.
- Why the hell not?
- Money.
Because they know that the
investigation could occur in London
- just as well from anywhere else.
- You're right.
- Come on, man.
- It's a money thing, I understand.
Lynn, you and Aeryn,
get in a position
where you can see every passenger
on the plane at all time...
all the way to London. Okay?
Got it. I'll inform Aeryn.
Is there any way he might have made
it into the luggage compartment?
No. Not from here.
Homeland Security, aircraft personnel,
they normally would have access,
but it's sealed off now.
Well, where the hell
could he be?
I mean, he doesn't
just disappear.
Any idea?
And you're positive that
this Mr. Tillman disappeared
when the lights
supposedly turned off?
We only have
the woman's word for it.
But he's gone.
All right.
Keep me posted.
How's the patient, Doc?
She's calmed
down quite a bit.
She should be all right.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
I'm here if you
need me, okay?
Mrs. Tillman, you know, the moments
before your husband disappeared...
Smokey, you need
to take your seat.
Is there anything unusual
happening there?
Nothing unusual.
Hell, you can watch. Honey, you can even
hold it, but I got to take a piss now.
Fine, you can use the restroom on the
left and I can watch you from here.
Tell me about the moment
just prior to his vanishing.
We were kissing.
You sure, sweetheart?
You don't know
what you're missing.
Mark kept trying to make me be
a part of the mile high club.
And I kept saying no.
So we got into
a little fight.
as usual Mark was about
to get his way.
And the, um...
the lights flickered.
And I thought we were spotted
and we were in trouble.
And the lights...
went black, and he was gone.
I should never have
got on this plane.
It's not safe here.
Now the moment that
he disappeared,
did you have a feeling of a pushing
or struggling, any kind of movement?
Uh, I think I...
heard him gasp.
Like a gasp of pain?
No, like a...
like a surprise.
There's something dangerous
on this plane.
What danger are you feeling?
It's an evil,
an evil kind of danger.
Did you ever get
a feeling like
there was someone around you?
What kind of evil?
An evil of the worst kind.
Adam, Adam.
Mr. Simms,
where's Mr. Chase?
My eyes were closed.
What? Somebody else is gone?
Yes, Mr. Chase.
The lights were flickering.
And then when they came back
on, he was gone.
I swear to God,
I was looking at him the entire time.
You didn't see anything?
Hey. Hey,
I'm talking to you.
Can you hear me?
I can hear you.
I don't know what
happened to him.
I didn't see what
happened to him.
And quite frankly,
I don't care what
happened to him.
Till it happens to you.
All right, Aeryn, you, Lynn,
search the plane again.
Search the plane again.
- Okay, what about Mr. Simms?
- Screw him.
Hi. If I could have you please
stay calm. Take your seats.
- This is so ridiculous.
- Please sit down.
- What's going on?
- Everyone, please calm down.
- Just stay in your seat.
- What's going on?
Would you all just
please stay calm?
The captain will be with you
in just a moment.
We've got everything
under control.
Smokey, where have you been?
I told you I had
to take a piss. Damn.
Just take a seat.
Guys, we got a real problem.
I can't even imagine what
happened to Tillman and Chase.
Just keep it cool
till we get to London.
We'll leave this problem
in their lap.
You're acting like
these are isolated incidents.
I don't think they are.
Are you suggesting this
will happen again?
Is that what
you're suggesting?
No, I'm not
suggesting anything.
I'm telling you this is
the only logical conclusion.
And I can't believe you guys
don't recognize that.
Look, I know that this event
and these events that are
going on seem very dramatic.
But as soon as we land,
we'll find a less dramatic reality.
Hey, if you think these two men
are somewhere safely on this plane,
get out of your chair
and find them yourself.
Whoa! Whoa!
Why so aggressive?
Two people have disappeared
into thin air.
You're acting like they're
hiding in the restroom.
What happened to them can happen to
anyone on this plane at any time,
including you two.
How's that for drama?
You can't be serious, Adam.
Oh, I'm serious.
I'm very serious.
And I wish you guys would get serious.
Excuse me.
Wow, you look frustrated.
I take it the conversation with
the pilots was very frustrating.
Yes, you could say that.
Ooh. How's the patient?
Well, Dr. Singh came by.
He said she's doing well.
As a matter of fact,
she wanted me to wake her up
so she can...
She remembered something.
Okay, wake her up.
- Hi, Penny.
- Hi.
I remembered something.
- Tell me.
- Just before Mark disappeared, I felt like we weren't alone.
I remember opening my eyes and
thinking, "We're being watched."
And the lights went out,
Mark gasped,
and I thought I heard his voice
trailing off as he disappeared.
And he was calling my name.
- He was calling me.
- Okay.
You didn't actually
see him, right?
You were just
hearing his voice?
Just his voice.
Great. That's new information.
That's very helpful, thank you.
Do you think it was real?
It's real.
Let's go have a word.
Go sit down with her,
keep an eye on her, all right?
- Okay.
- Thank you. Please.
By the way, I told you
you reminded me of a cop.
I'm an air marshal.
Not much difference, but...
So what's on your mind?
Well, have you actually
stopped to consider
that we're dealing with
something supernatural?
Um... I'd be lying
if I denied it, but...
I'm still trying to figure this
out in the real world, okay?
Would be completely
worth it.
- Do you mind if I make an observation?
- Please.
I believe that we're dealing
with something supernatural,
and honestly it scares
the hell out of me.
Why are you so sure?
Occam's Razor.
It's a problem-solving principle
that determines which
hypothesis is the right answer.
Come on, what is this, Occam's Razor?
What is that?
Okay, forget Occam's Razor.
Can you think of any other natural
reason for people to disappear like this?
There's too many
unanswered questions.
Adam, I don't know what your
belief is in the supernatural,
but I think this is
the only logical answer.
I understand your argument.
I'm just not there yet.
Well, thanks for listening.
You need to get
your act together, bitch.
Mmm. You can do this.
You need to relax...
and breathe.
You will get through this.
You okay?
I'm coming in.
You're gonna
get through this.
- Do you really think so?
- Yes.
I swear, Aeryn,
I have the most horrible feeling.
And I can't get it
out of my head.
Of course you do,
because you are a kind,
sweet, and emotional person.
And this is
a terrible situation.
But you're gonna make it.
I know you will.
Do you really think so?
Yes, I do.
Besides, you still have
to prove me wrong.
About Adam being
out of your league.
I'm sorry.
I was just... I was
just being jealous.
He's not.
- Promise.
- Yes, I promise.
I mean...
You do look absolutely
terrible though.
Oh, my God,
I look terrible.
You need to get yourself
together, okay?
Aeryn, I'm so sorry we fought.
I don't know what
I'd do without you.
So am I.
You have to get yourself cleaned up.
We have passengers.
- Will you get my makeup bag?
- Yes.
Oh, God.
Hey, man, what's in
that briefcase?
It's my personal business.
Don't worry about
what's in this briefcase.
Open the damn briefcase!
Leave me alone.
Leave me alone.
You open that briefcase or I'll
crack your fucking head open!
Leave me alone!
Somebody get this guy away from me.
Get your hands off me.
Hey. Hey, hey. Come on, you.
Smokey, don't make me cuff you.
You ask that bastard
what's in his briefcase.
What do you care
what's in the briefcase?
- He guards it like...
- It's no one's business what's in this briefcase.
Come on, come on,
get up. Get up.
Get up, get in your own seat,
and stay there.
Stay there.
No one's gonna take your
briefcase, Mr. Simms, okay?
Just want to make sure
you're gonna be all right now.
I can help myself.
You just mind
your own business.
Whatever you say.
Stay in your seat.
I got it, I got it.
Got it?
What's going on?
- This isn't good.
- I've got it, I've got it.
- Okay.
- I'm sorry.
- Is she okay?
- Oh, my God.
- It's coming for us too.
- No.
It won't stop until it gets us.
Shh. We're gonna be okay.
Okay? I promise you.
We're gonna be okay.
We're gonna make it out of here.
You promise?
You fucking promise?
- Your promises aren't worth shit.
- No.
We're going to be okay.
I swear to God, okay?
- You two are all right?
- Yeah.
She just had
a bit of a start.
Yeah, just had
a bit of a start.
Frank's gone.
I got to get back there.
Are you gonna be okay?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Let's get your makeup fixed,
okay? We got passengers.
Let's get my makeup fixed.
We got passengers.
You were right.
Any of us could have been taken next.
We were so focused on the plane
that I didn't take you serious,
- but I'm taking you serious now.
- Good.
You know, I'm sorry.
You look like a kid.
Are you sure you know
how to land a plane?
I'm a pilot too.
Trust me, I can.
But we got to discuss the possibility
that I if can't, or, I mean,
if I'm not here to land it.
Okay, let's go through this once
and repeat it back to me.
The plane is on autopilot,
and once we reach London,
they can take it into control
from there and land it if need be.
But you have to be here
to release the autopilot
and put into their control.
- Do you understand?
- I understand.
- But you're gonna show me how all this works, right?
- Yeah.
Sweetheart, try to focus.
I'm getting worried
about you, okay?
Try to focus.
Getting worried about you.
Okay, stop repeating everything I'm saying!
I need you right now.
Stop repeating what you're saying.
I'm really freaking you out.
What am I gonna do?
What is happening
here, Rochelle?
I don't know.
You think there's something
on this plane?
Like something real?
Something that has Mark
and the others?
Honestly, I don't know.
Do you think that Mark
could still be alive?
Of course. But we're not gonna
know until we get to London, okay?
London, yeah.
I forgot.
London was my idea
for a honeymoon.
Mark didn't want to fly.
He wanted to drive
to Florida.
If I would have listened to
him, he'd still be here with me.
I honestly don't think location
has anything to do with this.
Um, you ladies
doing all right?
Well, we're very confused,
and we have a lot of unanswered questions.
Could you do me a favor and come
up front to talk with Aeryn and I?
Of course.
- I'm bringing Aeryn.
- Okay.
What am I gonna do?
I can't just sit around waiting
for one of us to disappear.
I don't know
what the hell to do.
Anybody have any ideas?
I'm scared to death.
I don't know what to say,
but whatever this is, it's not human.
It's not natural. So...
I don't have any answers.
All I know is that me,
I'm just hoping and praying
'cause that's all that I've got.
I understand. And I agree that this
very well may not be human, but...
- What do you think, anything?
- Well, not human, not of this world,
it opens up a realm
of possibilities.
I mean, when I think of
mythological history
- or mysterious disappearances...
- Wait a minute.
How are you staying so calm?
Everybody's freaking out but you.
Which question do you
want an answer to?
Why I'm not a blithering
idiotic female,
or what might or might not
be happening here?
I'm sorry.
Go ahead, what's your theory?
I think we're dealing with an
evil spirit, a demonic presence,
or Death itself.
Do you really believe
these things?
I don't know what I believe.
I've studied extensively, but I'm not sure.
Okay, well...
I don't, okay?
And I... I just want this stuff,
this shit to stop, all right?
I just want to go
home right now.
- I want this to stop. I want to go home.
- Calm down, Aeryn.
Aeryn, take it easy.
Come here, come here.
You're gonna be okay.
You're gonna be okay.
Listen to me,
take a moment, all right?
Just take a moment
and breathe.
Go back and sit
with Lynn. All right?
Everything's gonna be
all right. Calm down.
Go on then, go ahead.
Go, go, go.
Hey, sweetheart,
can I get that drink?
She's freaking out.
Everybody's scared.
And I got to be honest, I don't
believe in this supernatural bullshit,
but I don't see
any other choice.
So, I'm listening.
What do you got?
I just want to be clear.
I'm not sure I believe this,
but it does remind me of something
I read about Death's sense of humor.
Death has a sense of humor?
What does that mean?
Well, about 500 years ago,
there was a ship in the Mediterranean.
It said it had about
60 men aboard.
Now, Death knew the ship was going
to be swallowed up by the storm
in three days' time.
So Death decided
to have a little fun
and torturously take
each soul one by one.
He laughed at the survivors as
they were searching for the dead.
Now, it's said that Death's laugh
can be heard by all the survivors
and it created such severe fear
that many of them jumped overboard.
This is a creepy story.
It's not finished.
See, Death made a mistake.
There was a survivor,
and he lived to tell the story.
Now, it's said he ran from Death's
wrath the rest of his life.
And you think that's what's
happening on this plane?
- I don't know.
- How do you run from Death?
Well, if the story's right,
Death makes mistakes.
But we're also on a plane, so I don't
think we can exactly jump overboard.
So the bottom line is,
whether it's a demon or Death itself,
we just have to wait it out.
That's a big help.
I feel so much better.
Death is here.
It's on board this plane,
and it's coming after
every one of us.
What are you talking about?
It swallows its victims.
It devours them.
And they live in
its hell forever.
Let go of me.
Your man knows
what I'm talking about.
Death destroyed his
perverted little soul.
And you, my little bitch,
are next.
I'm not your little bitch.
Stay the hell away from me.
That crazy bastard with the suitcase
told me Death's here and I'm next.
- I'm sorry.
- Asshole.
- Are you okay?
- I'm gonna talk to him.
No, no, I'm feeling much better.
I can take care of myself.
Well, I'm glad you're
feeling better.
Do you know what it wants yet?
No, that's what we were working on.
But you called it "it."
Do you have some idea
of what it is now?
Can I get a drink?
This is my damn honeymoon.
Marshal, you asked me
a question.
I think there's something
on this plane,
and I have a strong feeling
that it is laughing at us.
Well, what do you
feel it is, Penny?
I don't know exactly.
But when Mark was taken,
I could feel an evil.
And I felt an evil so strong,
it's still in my bones.
- Here you go, sweetie. Mm-hmm.
- Thank you.
And I still feel it.
Do you think maybe
the loss of your husband...
No, Marshal, I don't.
Drink up. You'll feel better.
Marshal, my father was
a very evil, sadistic man.
And I felt his evilness
my entire childhood.
This evil is so much worse.
how about that damn drink?
How's she doing?
She's doing fine,
Do me a favor.
Could you just sit with her?
Can I trust you to do that?
Yeah. I got her, I promise.
Why don't you have another drink
to take back to your seat?
- Okay, thank you. Thanks.
- Of course.
Can I make a suggestion?
I'm listening.
What do you got?
This is gonna sound
so stupid. Um...
Seatbelts. Everyone that was taken wasn't
wearing their seatbelt at the time.
I don't understand.
What is that gonna do?
I'm saying that the passengers
can belt themselves to the seat.
Again, I don't understand.
What's the point?
You think that
if they're belted in,
they can't be taken
or disappear? Is that it?
I'm just suggesting
that it's worth a try.
- I'm in.
- You're right.
You're right. It can't hurt.
Give it a try.
Get them all belted in.
Come on, come on, come on.
Oh, no.
- I'm talking to David.
- Fine.
It's okay.
I got you, kiddo.
Can you hear it?
What am I supposed to hear?
It's calling me.
It's calling my name.
Smokey, it's coming for me.
I can feel it coming for me.
- Listen to me. Listen to me.
- No. I can hear it calling my name.
Nothing is going to take you.
You're safe with me.
Promise? Smokey, I don't want to die.
Please don't let it have me.
You have my word, sweetheart.
Thank you.
Okay. I need you all to put
on your safety belts, please.
- What is going on here?
- Stay seated, please. Thank you.
I need you to put on your safety
belt, please, thank you.
What do you mean?
It's already...
- I need you to sit down, please.
- Hey, hey, relax.
Thank you. Please put your seat belt on.
Thank you.
The captain has asked for us
to all put on our safety belts.
- Well...
- Thank you. I need you to put your belt on and stay seated.
Okay, okay.
It'll be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Put your safety belt on.
I want her belted in.
Thank you.
Don't worry, you're safe with me.
Nothing's gonna take you.
Thank you.
All the way, all the way.
Put your belt on.
Thank you.
Thank you. Everyone, stay calm.
All right?
Aeryn, she has a theory
that if you stay buckled in,
you can't be taken
or disappear.
You think that's gonna work?
I have no fucking idea, man.
It's as good as any, huh?
I have never been through a situation
like this in my entire life.
I just wish Frank would have turned this
plane around when it first happened.
I know, but Frank's not here.
- And I got to talk to you about something pretty serious.
- Tell me.
I'm concerned about
one of the passengers.
This Nero Simms.
The guy has his briefcase
that he's just crazy about.
He holds on to it like
for dear life.
Now in general, he's paranoid,
but about this briefcase,
he's dangerously,
dangerously paranoid.
- Do you think he's hiding something?
- I know he is.
I just don't know if it applies
to our current situation.
Well, just open
the damn thing up.
I don't have the
authority to do that.
I need the captain's approval
to search a passenger.
Well, I'm the captain now,
and you have my approval.
And that man has no rights.
I'll take care of it.
Can you do me a favor?
Can you send in Aeryn?
I need a drink.
- Martini, right?
- Double.
Mr. Simms,
I want to talk to you.
Mr. Simms, open your eyes.
Mr. Simms, the captain has given me
authority to search your briefcase.
No, no, no, no.
I have to search your bag.
This is none of your business.
Let go!
No, I'm not gonna
calm down, okay?
Where is the captain?
I want to talk
to the captain.
Bring the captain out.
Get the captain out here now.
That was quick. I guess he
didn't put up much of a struggle.
No, he's gone.
I tried to take the briefcase from
him so I could search it, right?
And the lights started flickering, and...
pfft, he was gone.
I was really close to it.
It was... It creeped me out.
I could hear him scream.
Hey. Excuse me. Excuse me.
Everyone needs to put
their seatbelts on.
- Put your seatbelts on.
- You need to tell the pilot to land.
There's a screwdriver behind in
the bookshelf there if you look.
We are... We are all...
I know you're frustrated. So am I. Sit down.
What is it?
What the hell is it?
It's a book.
It's a goddamn book and a
crucifix, a ceremonial dagger.
The Grimoire of Pope Honorius.
What the hell
is going on?
- Everybody needs to stay calm.
- Calm down, guys.
Freaking out is not gonna
solve anything.
What are you reading, Greek?
No, that's not Greek, that's...
It's like Germanic
or English, Old English.
This is a book of magic.
- Just tell us what's going on.
- Sit down.
- We're landing.
- We want an explanation.
- Just tell us something.
- We're landing.
Just tell us something, please.
This is magic.
You think it has anything to do
with what's been going on?
Ma'am, listen, I'm sorry,
but we're scared to death.
- You need to tell us something, please.
- We're all scared.
- Penny!
- Mark!
Oh, God.
Sorry about that, folks.
I want everybody to remain seated.
Please put on your seatbelt, okay?
We just hit a bit of turbulence,
but we should be okay now.
Hey, Smokey.
I told you you'd be here.
Thank you. You've been so nice to me.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Thanks for being
so nice to me.
Hey, uh...
you know, I was thinking.
Is anyone else finding it odd that Adam
keeps going and talking to the pilots?
Does anyone else feel
like it's strange?
Not at all.
Well, last I'd seen,
Adam had his hands on Nero,
and suddenly he has
his briefcase and Nero's gone.
Personally, I'm concerned.
What was your name again?
- Rochelle?
- Yeah.
Excuse me.
Look, man, I've been
watching you this whole time.
It's your kind of people that
cause problems on planes like this.
I know what you're doing.
You gonna be like the rest of
those racists and stereotype me
- because I have a turban on my head?
- Yes.
Look, I've been subjugated all my life,
and I'm sure it will happen again.
It's most unfortunate.
If anything, I'll be
here to help you all.
And if I was a terrorist,
no one would be disappearing.
This plane would be blown
out of the sky.
What's he reading?
Some kind of magic book
he got in the briefcase.
He hasn't lifted his head
since he's been reading it.
Why don't you let Rochelle
look at that?
She seems to understand
all that supernatural stuff.
I don't need anyone
to read to me.
- Touchy much?
- I'm not touchy. I'm trying to read Old English and Germanic.
This might even be
magical text.
My God, is that how
we talk to each other now?
Look, the best
I can figure is this pope
learned how to conjure up demons
to do his bidding.
Demons? Are we really
talking about this garbage?
When you can come up with a better
idea, why don't you let us know?
The pope was conjuring up
a specific demon
that would dole out death
and destruction for him
named Choronzon.
But Choronzon...
He thought he could control him
because Choronzon would kill for him.
But there would be a lot of
collateral damage as well.
Do you think Mr. Simms called out a
demon to harm someone on the plane?
Okay, I'll play along
to this.
Now, if Simms called it up,
why would it kill him?
Maybe he lost control
of the demon.
Or he wanted to kill himself and
take everyone on board with him.
The real question is, could something
in that book somehow protect us?
What if the
book is meaningless?
I mean, after all,
it is a crazy guy's book.
- Well, that's the only thing that we have to go on.
- Aeryn, please.
I'm trying to find the answer
to these questions in the book.
So, Aeryn, please, go in the back and keep
an eye on all those people, all right,
while I continue to study this.
- Where's Adam?
- He's in the cockpit.
Simms had some kind
of book on magic.
Adam says that may be the key
to explaining what's going on.
What kind of magic?
I don't know.
Something about a pope.
I'll be a son of a bitch.
The Grimoire of Pope Honorius.
Yeah, he said it was a demon.
How do you even know this?
Sweetie, in my line of work,
you see all kinds of crazy shit.
I used to date a black
witch for two years.
Man, her heart was black as
tar, but boy, could she...
- Okay.
- We got the picture.
Um, okay.
So, I'm gonna take
you to Adam, okay?
You gonna be okay?
This is good.
Where did you say you met her?
A long, long time ago on tour.
Adam. Adam.
I brought an expert
on black magic.
I'm no expert.
But I might know something.
Can you read this stuff?
Tower control,
this is Falcon Air flight 88.
Do you copy?
Yeah. I remember this.
That makes you an expert.
Tower control, this is Falcon
Air flight 88. Do you copy?
Mayday, mayday.
You have the briefcase? Did you happen
to find a cross and a dagger in there?
How the hell would
you know that?
Lucky guess.
Give me a minute or two.
Oh, God.
Everybody put
your seatbelts on.
Mayday, mayday.
He's gone.
- David's gone.
- Oh, my God.
Aeryn, it skipped me.
It skipped me.
It didn't take me.
I'm sure it wanted me. I'm sure it was
coming for me, but it didn't take me.
The seatbelt, the seatbelt,
it worked.
David's gone.
No, not David.
He was such a good man.
He had such a good heart.
It's not fair.
Why would it take him?
I don't know. I don't know.
I'm sorry.
Listen to me.
This is very important.
Choronzon is very dangerous.
Aleister Crowley,
a famous magician,
damn near lost his life
trying to conjure him.
This fucking thing
is a shapeshifter.
It can appear as anything or anyone at any
given time. This thing controls its mind.
Wait a minute,
what exactly is a shapeshifter?
When Crowley tried to summon him,
this thing appeared as a woman,
a bird, all kinds of different
things, even Crowley himself.
Well, how the hell do I know
who I'm dealing with here?
Man, I suggest
that you trust nobody.
How do we kill it?
I think the best way to do it
is just to rid ourselves of it.
Okay, first thing we got to do is
get someone in this pilot seat.
- You want me to get Aeryn?
- No, no, no, I got someone else in mind.
- Oh, no, no, no, no.
- Not you, it's not you.
Gather this stuff up. Get in the back.
I'll meet you there in a little bit.
- But send Rochelle up.
- Why her?
She doesn't seem to be shaken up by
any of this disappearance, nothing.
She's like cool.
I trust her in
the pilot seat.
You got it.
- Rochelle.
- Yes?
Adam needs you in the cockpit.
I think we have a plan.
I know that this is bad timing,
but I have to use the restroom.
I'm coming with you.
So Smokey said
you needed to see me.
Are we alone at last?
- Take the pilot seat.
- Excuse me?
I need somebody with a steady
hand that I can depend on.
What do I need to do?
All right, now listen close.
The plane's on autopilot.
That's this switch here.
Now autopilot will get us to
London, but it won't land the plane.
- You understand?
- Yes.
Okay. Air control in London
is gonna contact you
when they're ready
to take control of the plane.
At that moment, you flick this
switch, and then this switch.
And that turns off
autopilot. Okay?
Such a simple task.
Why don't you just ask Aeryn?
It's simple but it
actually has to be done.
- Ahh.
- And you're the only one I trust to actually do it.
Everybody's very nervous
back there.
You don't seem so affected.
Somehow you're calm.
And I know I can rely on you.
I understand.
I won't let you down, I just...
Do you mind waiting with me
for a few minutes?
What, uh...
Let me ask,
what are you and Smokey doing?
Honestly, I'm not sure
what the hell we're doing.
- You're okay, right?
- Yeah.
Everything's gonna be okay.
I don't know why
this is happening.
I don't either.
Just hurry.
Oh, God.
Aeryn, are you there?
Aeryn, open this door right now!
What happened?
Aeryn. Aeryn's gone.
Don't let her go.
Don't let her go.
- I'm in the middle of something.
- I got her, I got her.
It's okay, don't worry.
I got you. I got you.
- Everything's good.
- It's not gonna be okay.
- It's all okay. It's gonna be okay.
- No, it's not.
I promise you. I promise.
Don't worry about a thing.
We got this.
I found an exorcism spell
for houses.
It's the best I could do.
You know, maybe
it's gonna work on a plane.
Give it a shot
and see what happens.
Let's hope it does.
What can we do
to help, Marshal?
Well, one thing,
we got to work together.
The only way we're gonna survive
is if we stick together.
- Good luck.
- You too.
- Stay in here.
- Okay.
Wait a minute,
you hold the crucifix.
Put it up, point it up, towards the
monster or whatever the fuck it is.
All right, I'll do
the incantation.
O thou puissant prince
...that do punish in thy
perpetual prison of perplexity...
...the disobedient demons
in hell...
I conjure, bind,
and charge thee,
in the name of Lucifer,
that thou should punish and
torment the disobedient Choronzon
until he comes
corporally to my sights
and obeys my commands
and charges
whatsoever I command
and charge him.
Fiat, fiat, fiat, amen.
It's her.
Fly the plane, Smokey.
Be careful.
God, I don't know
how to fly this damn thing.
Oh, Jesus.
In the name of the puissant
prince Rhadamanthus
that does punish
the disobedient demons in hell,
I command thee!
Fiat, fiat, fiat, amen.
Mayday, mayday, mayday!
This is Falcon 88.
I command thee,
leave this plane.
You can't command me.
I was summoned here to destroy
this plane and everyone on board.
You can't stop me.
Who summoned you?
Um, my master.
I summoned you.
I'm your master. I command you.
Choronzon, I command you now.
Choronzon, most disobedient
of demons, I command you now.
You still want me.
You wanted me
from the moment you met me.
Isn't that right?
You can have me, forever.
- You can be my king.
- Mayday, mayday!
This is Falcon Air requesting
an emergency landing.
I would rather die in peace
than serve in hell as thy slave.
But you would be my king.
And we will rule forever.
What's that book?
Don't read it.
Listen to me!
O Choronzon, by the virtue
and power of the Elder Gods,
leave this plane.
Smokey, you promise me.
Damn the promises!
Alga, On, Tetragrammaton,
I commend thee to the deepest
and darkest pit in hell
to be punished and tormented.
And by the Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ,
I cast thee into the fiery pit
of hell for all eternity.
In nomine Patris, Filii,
et Spiritus Sancti.
Smokey, let me do it,
let me do it.
Here, hold this,
hold the cross.
- We're going too fast.
- Well, slow it down.
Air brake, air brake,
air brake.
What can I do to help?
The landing gear, the landing gear.
Here, here, here, here, here.
Come on, baby.
- I did it.
- That was amazing.
Who's your hero now?