Mayday Relay (2016) Movie Script

Mediterranean Sea
37 38.42 N 18 38.91 E.
(Radio) ...Mayday... Mayday...
(Radio) We're on the sea, without motor...'s not working...
...water... boat...
We need your position.
Boat in distress we need your position.
Mayday Relay. Mayday Relay. Mayday Relay.
All ships, this is sailing boat Antares.
Our position is 37 38.42 North
18 38.91 East.
We received a mayday-call.
Antares, Antares.
This is cargo ship Ocean 2.
Our position is 37 57.50 North
18 28.99 East. Copy?
Yes we copy.
We are two people on a sailing boat me and
my daughter. We received a mayday-call.
Do you have the position, Sir?
We don't have their position yet.
Do you have more information?
What kind of boat is it?
How many people are on board? Over.
We don't have any further information.
I understand. We maintain our course
to Brindisi and keep a sharp look out.
We stay on channel 16
for further information. Over.
We stay on channel 16. Over.
The freighter is 31,5 miles north from us.
If they don't pick up the mayday,
the boat has to be somewhere in the south.
I'm changing course
to the south.
If you get a better connection,
try to get a more exact position.
And can you tell me, how big your boat is?
Please repeat, I do not understand.
How big is your boat?
Perhaps 40 foot long.
Please come, you have to help us! Fast!
Here are women and children!
Please keep calm.
We already involved other ships
and we changed our course.
Do you have the position?
Max, there are more than
100 people on board.
Boat in distress, boat in distress.
This is sailing boat Antares.
Do you have a display on your radio?
On the box of your radio?
Just tell us the numbers.
- 16
Yes! There are many small numbers.
Tell us all the small numbers!
Ok... 3... 7... 1... 9... 5... 5...
N... 1... 8... 3... 3... 4... 7... E...
You have to be fast!
Please stay calm.
We do what we can.
At 4 knots against the waves
we'll be there in 5 hours.
Ocean 2, Ocean 2, Ocean 2 for Antares.
This is Ocean 2 for Antares. Over.
This is sailing boat Antares. We now
have the position of the boat in distress.
The position is:
37 19.55 North 18 33.47 East.
37 19.55 North 18 33.47 East.
Do you have any more information
on the situation?
It is a motor vessel. 40 foot long
About 100 people on board.
Can you repeat?
A 40 foot long motor vessel.
100 people on board.
We already changed our course.
We send out a mayday relay
to involve other ships...
...and I get permission
to change our course.
Stay on channel 16.
We stay on channel 16. Over.
How fast is a freighter like that?
15 knots?
Then they'll be there in 3 hours.
By the time we get there the freighter
will have most of them on board.
And if not?
Then we'll circle around the boat.
We can't go to them directly.
We'll send them a dinghy on a tow line and
try to get them on board a few at a time.
If they panic we'll pull back
until the situation calms down.
I'll listen to see
if there's something new.
Ocean 2 for Antares.
Do you hear me?
Ocean 2 for Antares. Can you read me?
How many can we fit on board?
Maybe 20. At most 30.
And the life raft?
No one is going there.
The freighter has not responded again.
Ocean 2, Ocean 2, Ocean 2 for Antares.
Can you read me?
Ocean 2, Ocean 2. Can you hear me?
Max? Turn on the engine again.
We're not going there!
We've got to.
Not alone.
100 people are panicked about drowning.
You said we could send
a dinghy on a tow line.
5 people fit on it! Do you
know what's going on there?
They'll kill each other
to get on board.
We could throw them everything we have,
the life vests, the life boat, the buoys...
Emily, no one is coming. It's the middle
of night. We're not trained for this!
You're going to let them drown.
I'm making sure that
we don't drown.
100 people on the open
oceanthat's suicide!
You said that 30 people would be
no problem at all for the ship.
And you think they're
going to let us...
...sail away when their families
are going to drown?
I'm doing that to protect you.
Boat in distress. Can you read me?
We will arrive in about 2 hours...