Mayerling (1968) Movie Script

We arrived at this point.
Austrian dragonoi
beat compatriots.
Sir Count, order the
Police to be strict.
The people I should know.
You are not me
capture. I am Slovak.
No matter
your nationality.
As nationals of Austria
Empire prison.
Name, maps.
Maurice Ephram Zeps.
What a surprise!
An issuer to police!
Police state we have.
It is not my first time.
What do you like the student riots;
Random endured.
The police caused the riot.
Without you, we would
fewer riots.
As a Jew and left
to be more careful.
Be available to us
for additional questioning.
I have nothing to hide.
But I have it.
Paper? Name?
Rudolph, Francis Charles.
Choose the name you.
Paperless difficult
will xemplexeis.
Your Highness, you know you better.
Excuse me.
If you forgive friends
me and left.
Your Highness, you wait
Why GIALIZEI to the army
the buttons with varnish?
Three centuries shone
with chalk.
It is more efficient
a long campaign.
Good changes, but not
when it is unjustified.
You remember your
told to sit down.
When you were small, in
punishment for your insolence.
May still be your
impose punishment.
Six years, you had
leave out in the snow.
In a real you are consistent.
By constantly disappointed.
You do not know good riding,
either shooting.
Instead of my guards,
led the crowd.
I found your Spanish
And you rejected
thanks for a Belgian.
I know that it is opposed
in my policy.
Gets together liberals,
Anarchists and Jews.
And now this.
The spies are you
very effective.
And to inform you.
Maurice Zeps happened to
as bystanders.
He saw the Hussar to
hitting students.
Stepping outside the classroom with
motivate socialists.
I wanted to talk to you about
the private life.
Only me.
Your life belongs to the people.
Are you five years married.
Anything but standard
My marriage looks like
with yours.
The Empress travels constantly.
What the removed
you, father?
Your mother and I love
on our way.
I wish I was fortunate enough and you '
the same with the crown.
Efchesthe rather give
succession of Habsburg.
If you suffer an you something, you have
Archduke Ferdinand.
The nephew I do not
for empire.
Neither I, believes.
Why we automatically splits the wall?
You know, you have to build.
Up to you to destroy the,
How did the GYMNASIA?
Th'analaveis a corps?
I took the Second Chamber.
The General von Lentenmpourgk
is too old.
But the Viennese arriving
to an incredible age.
If you mean my father,
is just sixty.
Do gymnastics, eating
and drink in moderation.
In the age will have
made empress, Stephanie.
What jewelry will wear
the dance of our anniversary?
Does it matter?
Your mother will appear
in black, with no jewelry.
All eyes will
is up to.
We do not know if it will come.
Is hunting for the Agg miles.
You lose opportunities to
pose as the perfect mother.
Careful how you speak
the empress.
Finally, I am son.
Did you remember to.
S'EHO seen looks at her funny.
In addition to prude
and stupid ...
I see that you are and evil.
If so talk again,
I'll fold the head.
You know the girl?
Is the Marinka, the Gypsies.
Dancer. Understand.
Very hot here.
I need n'allaxo air.
You need a change.
You will be here tomorrow?
If a call.
In cable me.
Marinka, I come immediately.
Or Roma do in the bathroom.
Meanwhile, IF IT IS ...
I am the most loyal
and your obedient citizen.
If you are so obedient,
be completely undressed.
Done too.
And now, jumping quickly
in bed.
Done too.
Now what?
Now ...
So HSH hits!
And much so.
Many would like to plague
the gorgeous Mitsis.
You blame the Mitsis,
blame the system.
Be there Archduke,
Succession, willing women.
Yesterday I told you to set up
s'ekeini the Polish.
But, I discovered that I had
already lodging with her.
She reminded you?
Pointer DIPLOMACY ...
And my father proud.
My father was born old.
You should be govern
the old.
IF IT IS, and tonight, you want
we go abroad?
Our fun boredom
with policy, beverage, paper.
What is left to try?
There's always been innocent.
Is very close to ignorance.
I fear that I will continue
attacking too.
I attended?
They missed it. Where is
Prince Johann;
Maybe it could n'apofygei
Read my
the student demonstrations.
I hope not to be forced
To temper again.
Read it carefully.
Writing important things.
He came here in uniform.
We meet him.
Not. The sneak think
that is still in Zacher.
I want to see
King your father.
Why, noble knight?
To tell him that you love.
Want to drink
something with me?
Allow me, you do not know.
The main accompanied.
Excuse me, I did not know
that you are with her.
You are best
from it. Lying.
That accompanies it.
Did you know? Ashamed
to wear my glasses.
I assure you that
we are totally strangers.
Then it is inappropriate to speak of.
However, thank you.
I am the devil and
I came to get you.
Love him, who should not
and therefore I will psiso.
Do not ask me to be sorry.
He was punished because he had fallen in love.
Sure that it
Your face ...
Look, what beautiful swans!
If you get swan,
it won a prize.
Now it's me.
Give us two and not
know if they will arrive.
The lack of confidence you
with wounds. You'll see.
Missed. Well
I predicted.
The thing becomes monotonous.
Defeated ...
Mr. Bishop won
Gkrintzingk a bottle.
You want to attract attention.
Thirsty ...
Too bad we let the wine.
We walked by holding
A bottle of wine?
Now I believe that he was thirsty.
My mother says that
I have ways car.
When necessary,
I have wonderful ways.
I spent seven
DIAVOLAKI should you be!
Are your parents
show understanding;
Is so funny?
As long as parents,
Children are misunderstood.
Mine will not be.
I suppose I will not
you are either engaged.
I am besieged.
Nobody will break the siege?
This believes someone
but it is awkward.
Want to dance?
I'll ask, but
I know that is rude.
You are the best dancers.
I gotta go.
No, Mary will not come here.
Johann was shocked to be GNORISO
without the beard you.
Until I changed six carriages
ATTEND AP'TI Budapest.
This is the Earl Charles.
I look forward n'akouso the new you.
Charles was elected leader
the Hungarian uprising.
For n'anatrepsoume
the regime in Hungary ...
In addition to students, intellectuals
and officers ...
We need support
the people, the bourgeoisie.
I have to return to
Archduke Johann.
As your cousin,
will have great authority.
We can say that
our support?
Please tell your friends,
Budapest ...
That supports the
empowerment of Hungary ...
Provided that you will
within the empire.
I hope for something better.
Hungary must
remain in the empire.
I want to save the empire,
not to dissolution.
Let us thank God
for one more day of life.
The daily program will:
Host your mother
the palace of Sch?nbrunn.
Reception of PRIGKIPA
Wales in the station.
Evening dinner with him,
and tennis tomorrow.
I would wear the medal
of Queen Victoria.
Received the mandate ...
And you sneak Count
Buried? By spying?
Old is the migraine.
By torturing the fear of pain.
Your mother does not want
to inject.
It is dangerous.
We see it today.
To honor the rest ...
Here's Rudolf Succession.
Where is my mother?
In the winter garden.
Please wait.
Do not upset.
The British are beautiful
camellias. You know what they are doing?
Put tea leaves to roots.
They will do so,
In Vienna, however, drink
coffee, not tea.
We can ask
AP'TI British Embassy.
Glad to see me?
You could n'anangeileis
your presence immediately.
I wanted to s'akouso and
n'anatrichiaso, mother.
What wonderful surprise!
Coming your consolation
for five terrible years of marriage.
Let's go, Is it hot in here.
It will meet again tomorrow.
You look tired.
I learned that clubbing in Zacher.
How are you available?
If you insist to know,
I still get morphine.
But not often ...
In your honor, I did not get far.
Even my mother
him to spy on!
You know I love you,
the Lotsek and me.
And my father thinks
that love.
But shows the love of
in strange ways.
As shown in ESI and yours.
However, I am very
to see you.
The monotony of this sentence
has the grace.
Why disappear constantly?
Without our goodbye.
When I say''and''goodbye.
It is terrible final word.
How is my grandson?
And that word I hate.
Charming. Fortunately not
resembled the parents.
Depression jumps a
generation, such as insanity.
In our family, self
and LEGETAI nor gi'asteio.
My dear Edward.
How pleased I am to see you again!
Yours, that ours?
The National Anthem.
It singles out melodies.
The honor guard is
ready to inspection.
How is Queen Victoria?
Healthy ...
Your own mother?
You see it more often.
Congratulations, Staff Sergeant.
The Buffalo Bills are
still in London?
Went to Germany. The Kaiser
will take him to cavalry.
Poor William!
He did not suffer, even
though it is my cousin.
Fortunately We do not
we are relatives.
British ...
Very nice!
I could quite easily
I was your father.
I was in love with
Elizabeth. It is still nice.
But I could never
to xemonachiaso.
He bought her two lovely
Really, why pave
always red carpet?
If it is murder, blood
it appears in red.
Where do this?
Hungarian gypsies.
The British Empire
We have all the races ...
But traveling and
I found neither a Hungarian ...
Where to dance so beautifully.
When a king,
to annex Hungary.
When? My mother
is just 85 years.
The Empire is only 60.
We are successors or wait
someone to die.
Must be reconciled with
life, the pleasure.
'll TRELANI disappointment
endless waiting.
My life, they say, is releasing
and akolasti. Indeed.
I know the experience
Happiness of the people before the King.
But why is it so
enviable this post?
My father would you say ...
That from birth you become
King and of God.
Do not be so cynical
and non-mocking.
Your father is a monarch
and U.S. diplomat.
Stubbornly resists
to all new ideas.
The students are full
enthusiasm and ideas.
For my father is
traitors because I disagree.
Beautiful woman.
Too bad there is Agg lida.
Today dressed modest
to honor you.
She likes the 'Agg All?
He asked her.
I am ashamed.
But as he looked at her,
the more I become impertinent.
You need not talk.
Edward, be s'afiso.
Too bad.
The blue door leads
in a secret staircase.
Sit down, young fella.
The prince and Count Johann
Charles avoided the police ...
And arrived safely
in Budapest.
They want to make
more fully.
They want to become an king.
Difficult ...
This is treason.
Instead, it is the only way
, to avoid bloodshed.
You mistake, my friend. Forget
that there is my father.
Prefers to destroy the
Empire only be divided.
Tell them to be patient.
And the people there? ...
The poor who have no land? ...
Journalists censor
Dai, students who are persecuted?
Political prisoners;
The Jews?
Should do and they
patience; For how long?
I said, have to be patient.
I learned I do patience!
To learn that!
They went upstairs.
Very well, Your Highness.
Finally, they left.
Not now.
Let us show that at least
We're busy.
Half an hour for your eyes
Otherwise, you HASO my reputation.
Have you ever felt that ...
That in use?
What question?
Edward, played very well.
I do not know if I'm a good or
All m'afinoun them wins.
You want a lesson to us
beat last year in Durban.
If again,
will find brass.
I saw your sister and
both anepsioules you.
Grew longer. Embarrassed
Is it not to experience.
Do not leave. Just relaxing,
I want to see them.
This will refresh you, Your Highness.
Who is your friend?
Brother of Helen Vetsera.
I have not heard of.
Widow of Baron Vetsera.
There has never been courtiers.
But I made him a member
Equestrian Club.
The good thing with you when
are you friend, are you friend.
Let me meet him.
After the game.
The other is what?
Austria has many.
This will be the succession.
I do not see his wife.
GI'AYTO rumored.
My dear Baroness.
Cute devil.
How grown up.
How pleased I am to see you again!
Present to you the Duke
Michael Bragkantsa.
I know your uncle. Fished
together in Portugal.
Maria, come on. I need YOU to
me a little conspiracy.
I have heard that it accept
your family in the yard.
We are the old
class of nobles.
It is an insult to me.
I will recommend to his successor.
Great price, but I
pleasure ...
I would say the experience
to meet the Archduke.
But I want to be the
convey something.
It is unfortunate, say
to be confirmed ...
What we learned
at school.
Do not trust
the princes.
Who smile so sweet?
The nice Larry.
Why call it rattles?
Why STAZEI poison.
It warns of the victims.
What are you smiling Teresa! Fake the
teeth, such as the pearl!
Wallpaper is
in this time?
Appears to be rather a flag.
But this daughter of
The Lizl, is very beautiful.
Stupid as the father of
wants to be ambassador.
If you fall asleep, I hope
wake me in a way.
I think he will be interested
for this girl.
Very nice.
Very nice to wake up.
What bowed;
Caterina Srat naturally.
This and the Empire ...?
Of course it is his mistress.
Everybody knows.
What to do
How to explain it?
Remember the Pompantour?
Say that the Emperor
Louis is ...
And Srat is Pompantour.
My Favorites beautiful creatures ...
Teresa is not here?
Went to see a friend.
We heard if enthousiasthei
What I intend to do.
Will present its Lizl
in the imperial gallery.
Come on, before finishing
the break.
Some color, here ... and
When to tell the Empire
Dad and the Embassy?
Not immediately. I will recommend
first to his successor.
To say his successor?
There are times to them.
The woman, as much stupid
What if ...
I better not say anything.
Some women are more
attractive when silent.
Here we go ...
To see you ...
In the Balkans, always
beware of the Turks ...
Excuse me, Your Excellency.
Dear cousin!
Thank you for m'esoses
From the Balkan question.
The young Baroness Stokaou.
Daughter of Baron Stokaou.
The''Giselle''is not in
I like the ballets.
Has something sophisticated.
Go, honey. Opposite
is in your gallery.
Do not need intermediaries.
Not yet.
Do not move, please.
Keep your horse.
Only half you go ...
centimeter left over ...
Enough is not cut!
Now cautious about a do
creases as gallop.
Good morning, mother.
What a nice surprise!
How was it?
The dress I mean.
This is unbelievable!
The dress riding
st'alogo tested.
How beautiful you are
onto the horse!
The only money I
never won fair ...
When I was little,
Your grandfather and I ...
Dress like
performers of the circus ...
And in some villages
we threw money.
What wonderful days! ...
We were so happy!
It you happy
as a child?
When you were near me.
Because I had n'apomakryntho
they considered a consumptive.
You were always present in
Important moments me.
In the first Communion, the
adulthood in my marriage.
There had to be s'afiso
marry the string is all.
Forget that I was ...
At a time when even
more important.
At the time of your birth.
The last day
playing the same melody.
Is when the dancers
lifts the''Giselle.''
We are exhausted.
Lifted up hundreds of times.
The Countess Larry.
Thank God you're here.
What a pleasant surprise!
Do not stop, Mary.
You play so beautifully.
It's so cute.
And what a nice dress.
Walking soothes
nerves and weakens.
Have you seen the Diana Metternich;
Like the fattening
the air we breathe.
Yesterday the Opera, the gallery of
From the weight would fall in!
Not being noticed, of course.
All looked at your daughter.
Mary caused a sensation.
Everybody asked.
Continued to play
and listen to me.
O my cousin Rudolf
wants to see you.
Watch with ...
Play will follow you!
Full hour
I spoke to you.
So go!
It plays louder.
He wants to see you.
I'll go. Will you?
He left the all to me ...
Unfortunately, I have to go.
Sew dress for the reception
Prince Philip.
Very boring, but what can we do?
We need to hurry.
I have an idea.
Coming Mary help me?
Has such good taste!
But it's too late.
Lending me the Maria for two
hours. You want to be alone.
Hurry, go n'allaxeis,
Does not object, Mom?
No, but not late.
Can I come too?
You are very small. Ever.
Do not worry.
Maria is in good hands.
I have so many work
these days!
There is no reason to have stage fright.
Let me see ... You do not
ENOUGH putting powder.
Your eyes do whatever you want.
It is wonderful.
Do not have this serious tone.
Does afraid?
Not at all.
Has a beautiful smile.
Do the shows more often.
Rudolf does not love
the moody people.
It has many of these around.
The Bratfis and the car.
The Countess Larry.
This was years ago.
Have fun, sweetheart.
You get great opportunities.
She understands the future
may have?
And who knows?
Maybe acquisitions and''past''.
This way, please, Froulain!
Follow me, please.
''Do not ever empistefesthe
the princes.''
Edward sent me
your message.
I began to think ...
How the last minute
afraid to come.
What's to fear?
I do not know ...
This dismal palace, me ...
Near will not be afraid of anything.
So this means you live.
I guess I'll SA a large, foul ARMCHAIR ...
In the office and write ...
Is the ring of Louis
9th, Saint.
Not gold nor silver ... ...
And it has value as
and marriage.
The fingers were
small as mine.
The ring of a saint!
Always have this
real close to you?
Me the gift that my cousin
Louis ...
For me comfort, he said,
that I am alive.
The King of Bavaria;
What was ...
Lies all these stories!
It was just ...
It was just weird.
It was crazy.
Nobody knows how he died.
It will remove the hat
and coat?
Where is the mirror?
In the next room.
This is the Prince's bed?
Does not sleep much.
The Countess Larry put me
powder. I make myself miserable.
Is something wrong?
I thought you would be
No, not true.
I hope you would ALLIOTIKI.
It would be much simpler.
I do not understand.
So many come here
together AP'TIN Countess.
The same principle things, the end
always the same ... and in between ...
But not with you.
This finding.
Glad to see this.
Thank you, Your Highness.
Thanks, Rodolfo.
And when I see you again?
Tomorrow. We find a way.
What a shame to go to waste
caviar, champagne.
Make sure to be eaten
just turn my back!
Are you serious that there
the princes trust?
Tell that Brantfis
Baroness leaves.
Good night, darling!
What's nice what you said!
Good night, darling.
Go, Jolla.
So it always?
For now, it is good,
but later ...
If you were Habsburgs
Prince ...
They themselves wanted to
dethroned the Habsburgs.
Is Austrian. For these
The monarchy is an institution.
Francis Joseph
became an institution!
This uprising of Hungarians ...
I hope not violent.
There is rarely a revolution
without bloodshed.
Long live EMPEROR
This episode ...
I was worried ...
Thanks, Rodolfo. It
unexpected interest you.
I am service today. Ve
that would make any Habsburg.
First time the behavior
you were worthy successor.
Thank you, my dear,
for the wonderful gift.
My thanks to Rodolfo.
That lecture.
He thanked the daughter
for your letter of ...
Even though they have not drawn word.
Rudolph, not leaving yet.
I want to be s'efcharistiso
the current gesture you.
Know little.
Let's talk about you.
Benefited from the visit
of Edward;
You gave friendly advice?
Earl buried with spying
and entertainment.
Your friend, Edward I
spoken. Very concerned about you.
Not able to judge.
I do not mean to your privacy.
Neither I have no objection to
actress friend.
Neither I have no objection
For your own bottle actress!
I meant public life.
The public life of me!
Impressions and a
DUMMY can do.
Should participate
in the cabinet.
When are your views
become moderate.
Such progress!
As a father to advise
Do not trust the people.
There are spirits lightened,
but the people are crowd.
The crowd at the Palace inrush
these as a kid.
He killed my aunt
Marie Antoinette.
And want to give him
right to govern themselves.
In America, France,
any change?
Democracies make war.
The poor MENOUN poor
the rich richer.
The police and the judiciary
them are poor.
Listen but do not agree.
The conservation of power
assumes responsibility.
You refuse to share
power. On Set aside.
Would you like to become
Inspector General;
The only hope was
to command the 2nd House.
The buried ensure the
Your promotion in general.
You will be Inspector of all
forces of the Empire.
First time I have not
nothing to say.
Will travel to inspect
the different units.
Are you going to be in Prague
representation in high schools.
Father ...
Are you happy?
And grateful.
Not in a State other. In waiting
n'anoixeis dance.
Tell Earl buried that
I want to talk to him.
Is so different from
the other is the girl?
A lot. We also arrange the
married to Michael Duke.
Portugal are my obligations.
You know this family.
The Vetsera rich
and poly taxidemenoi.
We need to arrange.
Otherwise we will have to tell them
to resume travel.
The standard is impressive
when making a noise.
What is the greatest
shooting in height;
What is the greatest
We built this
the gun and call ...
To know the possibilities
by one sergeant.
Then, the sergeant or be promoted
Or you can study.
The rifle and the wishes GREASE
soldiers learn to use.
Make sure you take care
better horses.
A utility has been
the wrong maps.
Into enemy hands, can
to mislead.
The maps of border
n'anatheorithoun areas.
And the officers to be examined
reading the paper!
His Imperial Highness,
The Crown Prince Rudolf.
Buy me, Your Highness!
Upset, dear cousin.
I need help. I am leaving for
the parade in Leeds.
I need to see Maria.
Is out and skate.
You know, in the pond.
To leave now.
The train is leaving me
In a few hours.
Please, do a little bit patience.
This girl is different
from all others.
I would not like to suffer
Because of this bond.
Will prevent finding
happiness with another man.
Who told you my
tell them? Count buried?
I thought this time
I had a secret.
Therefore, he knows and my father.
GI'AYTO m'ekane ...
And I thought it asked me
a responsibility. And grateful.
Until I started
to like him.
He said he would travel a lot.
You said this to you because
I asked in the burials.
For one be sure,
not want to hurt you.
Not surprised with that saw.
Last night I had a
intuition that we s'evlepa.
Hot chocolate.
Wine for me.
Have to watch my brother.
It is with friends.
What has there away,
para YOU HERE! Vanity!
Honey, you look slim.
I lost weight.
Worried about you. You want
s'afino be alone in Vienna.
You jealous, if you
tell you what happens.
The Duke Michael Bragkantza
she asked in marriage ...
But through his uncle,
the king of Portugal.
Count buried will appoint
my uncle ambassador to Brazil.
I believed I was stupid
that would leave us alone.
The Emperor is the most
large ears in Europe.
Me too, the more red nose!
Few hours. I'm passersby.
I was getting my letters?
Every day.
Now think ...
We will send t'anoigoun
copies in the burials.
Why? We do
no harm.
But you wife and child ...
And you will become the Empire ...
What is it, Maria?
There is nothing ...
hope ... This is ...
There is no hope ...
Look at me.
To look.
I 'm leaving now. It is
the boring parade in Leeds.
But until xanaidothoume,
one to remember.
Maybe take time, but
we are one day be together ...
And I will never HORISOUME.
Well now meet ...
in public places ...
Indifference, if they see it. And neither
even avoids my men.
More easily stop a war
only two madly in love.
If my own children did
scandal will thigomoun just me.
But here discredit the name
the Habsburg around Europe.
The throne became a joke on
taverns and the foreign press.
You may proceed under
unless told by you.
We do what
would the Emperor.
This would make any father,
if you had the power.
Or maybe ...
If I had the power, you will not
I needed an immediate injunction.
There are ways and means ...
It is empowered me.
Tell me the truth.
Why would I lie?
You think him to write and
not dare to sign?
It is true that these
say? true!
You lover and you meet
Go shopping for allegedly ...
some small tours ...
What's his name?
Mother, not as you think.
By loves.
What's his name?
I can tell you.
It is a disgrace!
Besides AP'TON correspondence
Who else knows?
Answer me!
Mother, if I told you ...
It should not ... can I ...
Very well ... this miserable
gives good advice.
''We have your daughter
AP'TI country to leave.''
This will do that! Who is he?
I can not tell you!
Then will go instrumental house!
Prepare your suitcases!
Not much to satisfy the
Inspector General duties.
Not at all. I have no power.
Prigkipasandreikelo I am!
The issue is elsewhere. Will resign
just returned to Vienna.
And do not ask why.
In asking why.
Where to appoint General
Inspector, kolakefthika.
I thought I assign
an important task.
Is important.
Now I see how important!
If you travel a lot, let
send me a foreign mission.
In China or Japan
which is very long.
But the problem was
that would leave it alone.
Let us bless God
Your day, Your Highness.
I returned late last night?
Dawn. For this reason we
I let you sleep.
Tour clothes now ...
And tell the Brantfis
to bear the Baroness Vetsera.
Outside waiting for the Countess Larry.
At this hour? ... To pass.
In your bedroom?
Why not? Has passed
several nights here.
Your Highness, sorry.
There must be reasons.
You fault that brings bad news.
Tell me what happens.
Mary ... Its own
sent her away.
Has learned that her lover.
We know who they are.
Make sure thus the Earl buried.
With the consent of my father?
It is stupid to act
without permission.
Which sent?
I do not know ... it hurts.
Its own was very
afraid. They did nothing.
I can not do
anything ... Trust me ...
I want immediate hearing
AP'TON Empire.
Today it is impossible.
Not accept anyone, nor you.
You will not accept any
the next day.
Please, let me bear
someone a little water.
Drink and another ... and left
this silly gun.
No more ... The PIOTO
m'empodizei the shooting.
Francis, you're dead.
Rudolph, you're dead.
Carroll, Joseph
You are all dead.
Fill it up, Alex, please.
Your Highness, you are tired.
Let everyone go home.
I waited forty-eight hours
to see my father.
You wait for both
To see your father?
No, Your Highness. Never
I learned who was my father.
My father adopted a ...
You know that?
And I to approve of Mitsis.
And I can prove it!
That's it, Your Highness!
Give me that.
An Inspector General is not
separated when the gun.
Like all great musicians,
playing with my eyes closed.
Now I sleep like good children.
I woke up with, although with
ask my father.
Rest assured, will not sleep.
Do not extinguish all.
The Mitsis talking. Remember?
Forgive me ...
The behavior I sucked.
I forgive you.
Lie down beside me.
It crushed the dress.
I'll buy another tomorrow.
You do not need to do this.
I just want to sleep now.
Forgive me ...
Sent her away ...
Did you know that?
Leave ...
Yes, I am leaving!
Your Highness, are you going?
The ring of St. Louis.
Read what he writes.
13 January 1 889 ...
That is, today.
United in Love
To death.
Funny ...
I never imagined
Venice to rain.
Henceforth, we LATREVO
MONAHA this time.
You 're children
the sun, happy.
Yet the rain is not
melancholy. Dance.
You would say that.
They say the snow flakes
dancing like ballet.
For me, the snow means sleep.
The rain with live ...
Listen to ...
Maria Vetsera, sleep
and snow, S'AGAPO.
I love you and me.
I think just take you.
I told you a few nights
forebode we will see you.
Yesterday evening, I was sure.
Put a little light, please.
... Frankly I am ashamed.
I want some light ...
I fear the dark.
Never again will not feel shame!
Who gave permission to leave?
Nobody. I have a passport.
Not entitled to go.
Has resigned before I leave.
Rejected. Danger to
passed by a military court.
Call martial!
Wrote to the Pope
cancellation of your wedding.
A marriage that makes m'echei
The letter to the Pope
just me!
The pope and bishops are
servants of our family!
Intolerant TO HANDLE
that effect our own affairs.
Rome rejected the application for you.
We humiliation.
You instigated the refusal?
Did not have. Decides.
And let me know.
You would never tolerate to get
And this will not Vetsera
gone before the Empire.
The stamp you?
Can enjoy the sacred
Your empire!
This month to resign
From the titles to me ...
and will leave
the country forever.
And if I decline the waiver;
If you get you a passport?
You can make
The prisons were filled, but will
find space for one more!
S'afino in crisis
of your girlfriend ...
And the family of
which has destroyed!
You do ... illegitimate children!
It humiliated everywhere!
It is Habsburgs
by blood, but illegitimate.
We will supplant less
which have a higher thanks ...
The grace of marriage.
And the crisis of daughter
probably have forgotten.
Will grow up knowing that
Her father was adulterer ...
And a traitor to his country!
The soldiers are my
different nationalities.
Croatia, Slovenia,
Czech, Hungarian.
Kakoplironontai, is
them away from home.
But if I gave order, everyone
would die for me.
Mean what you said?
Mary will not come back when?
You want evil, nor
the evil of her family.
From you depends on whether
hurt or not!
So that would allow
spend a few days together ...
If I was sure that after
will be broken forever.
You do not believe the love.
This does not matter.
Let me stay with
as the end of the month.
Without a monitor.
If you give me your word.
You have my word.
I slept all night.
Who are we?
In Magerlingk.
Do not fly straight as in Scotland.
Maybe in Scotland marks
Blame the vigil and wine,
instead of whiskey and reasonable hours.
It's horrible!
I hate it!
Never th'anechto them
the killing!
The father scoffed because only
see and studying animals.
Now kill them.
There, right, Your Highness!
No, please ...
It's so cute.
You facilitators of a
hunters at work.
I do not intend to do.
What do you do?
You do not need
to agree on everything.
friends, unexpectedly.
Charles and I COME
AP'TIN Hungary.
Tomorrow will be required major
demonstration in Budapest.
You know what they write
The flags and more?
The''Crown Prince Rudolph
Austria, our king.''
It is time to occur
Jolla, you are Hungarian ...
Tell him what that means.
Only then will go to Hungary
the empire.
You must act immediately.
And if the Emperor send
troops in Hungary?
Civil war ...
But if you are king
or regent ...
Who are they?
They are friends.
Whose friends?
Let's introduce them,
them shake hands.
To say that you're here.
What is your name?
Will one day join us.
I just hope not
it's too late.
I killed most large wild boar
which appeared in these parts!
Well done, Edward.
I'm going to see my father.
Mary waiting for me
in Senmpoum.
But view is dance
Prince of Wales.
Invite and Vetsera.
He complained that it will not be
admitted to the courtyard.
But tonight will be there.
It is stark staring mad,
like all the Habsburgs.
What are you doing?
Is the fawn
has adopted.
So beautiful
so serene ...
Remember what I told you
the snow?
Deep sleep ...
While the mean rain dance.
What why?
Why sighed so deeply?
Is the thought of Vienna ...
And despite the presence of my mother ... go back to Court.
Did I do I unhappy?
The opposite.
I was not ever
so happy.
If I were God, the first
I would be blessing ...
N'agapoun people.
And the second?
To reciprocates the love.
Do you want and another tea?
The cookies were delicious,
but only cause harm to the silhouette.
You do not want anything else?
Just tell me. How long
you are near the Archduke?
Since he was twelve years old.
You're lucky.
The twelve were
dreadful and terrible.
You love him too.
If I may, as much
you love him and you.
Nice what you said.
Thanks, Lotsek.
Lotsek will be announced by
to His Highness?
Went to see the emperor.
Tell him how it was
to see how it is.
Put these in water, please.
One that I am here, you
allow him a note.
Excuse me ... you bother ...
Lotsek, had to say.
He left us now.
I wanted to hear from the
my son. Rarely see him.
How is it?
A little anxious, Your Majesty.
And tired.
The poor Rudolph!
Not withstanding the life
requiring them to live.
I wonder if the stand
For the first time that
see you. I go out rarely.
But I know that his son
I love you.
Sit down, please.
Be much more beautiful
than I was told.
So new ...
How old are you?
I am twenty.
At twenty I was already unhappy ...
But I was young, did not die ...
Vienna is not for young people.
Prefer the countryside.
Me too.
And Rudolf.
Like his father.
Who we are ...
But we must be self
that others want to be.
Common children play
kings ....
We shepherds, and perhaps
performers of the circus.
Listen ... If you wait
enough, and you th'akousete ...
A door that closes,
a spoon falling.
When absolute silence ...
and when absolute solitude ...
However, everything is
nobody alone.
You know what I said
the wedding day?
''Mother, do a
prayer for me.''
''Asked God to
do not ever fall in love.''
Let me give you a kiss,
Are you very close to my heart.
Baroness Vetsera is nervous.
The first time comes in the yard.
Know why?
The mothers always to learn
Keep it a secret to your arrival.
Very hesitant to come.
Not like you to observe.
I know, they say that I have grown old.
Everyone will say they saw tonight
the most beautiful empress.
We have not much left.
Let's distract
them, let us start dancing.
Buried ... music, please.
If you open you dance ...
I would like the second dance
the evening with my mother.
We have to discuss.
Sure you can get
the position of Emperor.
As dancers can '
Whenever you replace.
My dear ...
I really want to discuss.
Other matters which
not discussed publicly.
I ask
your daughter Maria ...
To do my price
n'anoixoume dance?
I have your permission?
If your Highness Insists the ...
Your Majesty, not ...
Be calm.
Remember that you are
the archduchess of Austria.
How long yet?
Mary, look at me.
To smile. I want to
we see.
That's it.
Now say something.
Good evening, Your Highness.
Good evening, darling.
Go away with,
I beg you.
You will not last long that, you
my word. You will not allow it.
Let me tell you
Baroness Maria Vetsera ...
For the fate of which
shown great interest.
You are very beautiful, Baroness.
And NIOTI entitles you
you require to AP'TI life.
Sire ... your kindness.
We met with the barons.
And I think it is
the mutual sympathy.
Great your kindness.
Th'aposyrtho now.
Maybe you come to see me before
go ... but not too late.
I am proud of you, Maria.
Very proud.
I hope our children
is proud of you.
Be m'afiseis
to come to England.
I am pleased to visit us.
Not for official visit
I stay there forever.
For you that England is a country
and later an old lady ...
As if you do not like the
Queen politically ...
But you will become king sometime ...
Even then.
England will not be my house
cable where I want.
Where can I go?
What to do?
Will you do that I will do
EGO and tomorrow night.
We get back to my wife.
Showed it around the world.
And that was crazy!
I did it on purpose,
for everyone to learn.
To not try
to hide anymore.
Now your father
is very peismosei.
Yet the girl is
really wonderful.
Computes therein.
That the father will see how
separate is Maria!
I might found a solution.
Be accommodated as the father
the Srat? Do I miss.
I want marriage and children.
Not a secret romance.
I brought in the Srat
life of your father.
Were the acts of compassion
and humility ...
Since I did not want to stay in
Vienna, and in his bed.
I had no right to let
unnatural in a solitary life.
I know how do you want marriage,
even morganatiko ...
And we will have!
You will deprive me
the right to ...
Becoming a child, where talk like that.
Believe me, mother.
M'exothoun edges.
You say that your father
does not know what I do?
What do evil to himself;
The arrogance and stubbornness,
you two look like.
If you think that only those
blame, you're wrong.
And close the window
before dying of pneumonia.
What would you say
I will not say to another.
There is a hope, Hungary.
They want the king to Happiness ...
Listen to ...
Send the girl abroad.
It closed in the convent
from where it will never come.
With their madness that runs in this
the family everything is possible!
I see ...
I gotta go now ...
Thank you for the effort.
Tell the little that I love ...
Because she s'agapaei too.
Remember, once I told you
I did not want to fall in love.
Now fell in love ...
And I am lucky man ...
We're lucky man,
but you're good.
Good night, mother.
Goodbye, son.
Your Highness.
Sorry to come here,
but have to leave tonight.
Have the n'anavalete
uprising in Budapest ...
For a week, until
come over there.
Accept the throne of Hungary?
To stay in the empire.
Justify treason so.
Charles insists SIGN
this Declaration.
And as proof, to my
give the ring.
Signed in pencil case?
To see the Charles only.
No longer trust the floor
me ... And they complained ...
Scat. I want to be there
to lead the insurgency.
The decision you took?
The issue is very serious.
Suddenly, everything
been very serious.
Bon voyage to Jolla
and you.
In Budapest.
I will be happy to find themselves
in Magerlingk.
It was a horrible night.
We did everything for me?
Yes ... And you?
As soon as I did.
Are you trying to kill us?
Get out of there!
We are free to go?
Yes, for now.
By the way ...
Give this ring
So the left you buried?
Why not?
The uprising in Budapest
Then we know that it
I have left nothing else to do.
What happened?
The buried sent six battalions ...
With heavy weapons and
non-Hungarian officers.
It was not just failure,
was slaughter.
Prince Johann;
None of the new.
The buried my returns
the ring, not the documents.
The custody.
Is valid signature
a pencil?
Too bad, you'll never know.
What was said then, Charles?
''One day, maybe join us.''
Now waiting to come back.
It is a long time ...
Impossible to expect ...
Even better,
will go with you.
And if this is impossible;
How impossible?
It will follow you anywhere.
It will allow the ...
I can ...
Another, Brantfis.
Lotsek, call NHS and cup ...
I want to drink with me ...
After asking me to drink together
your giving me the permission ...
Do you talk like a man to
husband rather than as servants.
Many years of close, you never
and you saw so happy.
With your permission, Your Highness,
I do toast to ...
Many years of close my Lotsek,
the first time something breaks.
Monday. I throw a razor
once and break the mirror.
Something to try my
say, but not all.
I will say it for you.
If left off and not
never returns ...
You think about what th'apogino me?
Would return to the world ...
World unknown and lonely ...
Since you will be there.
I can be.
M'afinoun not live with you.
And I do not want to ZISO
without you.
I understand, darling.
We want to tell you.
Would not you know when
S'AGAPO amount too.
Good night, my friends.
And God be your guard
until xanaidothoume.
Only the dark I fear
Nothing else.
How are you?
It is AP'TI warm.
My eyes closed.
Sleep now.
You want to sleep yet.
But I can ...
If you regret, no
still time.
Without you, I would not like
to live.
For one thing
I'll ask.
You want to know when this will happen.
I'm afraid.
Not much ... but I am afraid ...
Me too.
It should.
I am near you.
I will always be near you.
You want to s'afiso
all alone in the dark.
I was the most unfortunate man,
and became the luckiest.
We are both lucky
barely real.
Can not say,
S'AGAPO''will forever''...
And we know that is true.
Just take you love.
You were my first love.
I wish I could see you
one last time ...
Remember what I told you?
Sometimes that forebode
the next will see you again.
Yes, I know I will see you again.
As tomorrow others.
I just wanted to sleep ...
Good night, darling.
Maria Vetsera ...
Always S'AGAPO ...
Excuse me, Your Highness.
I thought I heard shooting.
Very likely. We shot
someone Ranger.
You are right, I apologize.
''Farewell, my dear sister.''
In''I thought so
the last minute.''