Mayerling (1936) Movie Script

His Excellency the prime minister,
Count Taaffe.
I`ve been waiting five minutes.
Forgive me, Your Majesty,
but I was detained.
Fine. Proceed.
The wedding preparations
are all in order:.
procession, carriages,
accolades, police.
Next matter.
I must draw
Your Majesty`s attention
to the intolerable student
With greater frequency
and violence by the day.
I`d point out in particular
the campaign that Mr. Szeps
continues to wage
in his notorious liberal rag.
He knows exactly how far he can go
and stops there.
I cannot touch him
unless I bend the law slightly.
He`d be less brazen
without his friends in high places.
Meaning what? You know
I like things stated clearly.
It`s just my impression,
but I believe
that Szeps is a rather too frequent
visitor to the prince`s apartments.
- Albert.
- Your Majesty?
These croissants don`t taste the same.
Did we change bakers?
I`m sorry, Your Majesty,
but our baker is ill.
When he`s ill,
breakfast is inedible.
My illnesses entail less consequence.
Where were we?
Szeps and his frequent visits.
We were, in fact, discussing the students.
What do you intend to do?
Do I have permission
to use force?
It`s strength that commands respect,
my dear Taaffe.
Your passports, quickly.
- Czech.
- Croat.
We recognize neither Czechs nor Croats,
only faithful subjects of His Majesty.
Subjects, yes.
Faithful is another matter.
- If you believe what passports say -
- Take them away!
Send in the next ten
to see the inspector.
Take off your hats!
- Your name and papers.
- Here they are, sir.
I was just attending classes
and knew nothing about it. My father -
Fine, fine. Let him go.
Szeps, managing editor
of the new paper in Vienna?
How did you get
mixed up in this brawl?
I was merely passing by.
You will kindly remain
at the disposal of the police.
Have him sign the form.
Next. Papers?
- I have none.
No papers. Name?
This is no place for jokes.
Rudolf who?
- Of Hapsburg.
- What?
Rudolf of Habsburg?
The archduke?
But Your Excellency...
The heir to the Austrian throne
rounded up with this Szeps by the police.
You mix with scoundrels
and side with the rabble.
You have friends who would bring down
the monarchy, even destroy the empire.
You, the emperor`s son.
- Spare me the lecture, Father.
I`m learning to rule my people
by listening to them.
Let others listen for you.
You have secretaries, ministers, police.
You should be devoting yourself to your
soon-to-be bride rather than this Szeps.
Please don`t expect me to play the lover.
This marriage was your idea.
To ensure the crown
and your happiness.
The two are unfortunately
I`ve seen that in my mother`s eyes
since I was a child.
Does she complain?
No more than l.
I`ve agreed to marry Stephanie,
but don`t expect a show of joy.
Rudolf, is there a woman
in your life?
A woman? There are ten.
A hundred.
All the ones I want,
and even those I don`t.
But let us say no more. I will marry
the princess and produce an heir.
The interests of the state will be served.
Ask no more of me than that.
A magnificent spectacle.
No one escapes
his destiny, my son.
God grant
that you learn that with time.
God grant that I never meet
the great love of my life.
I`m soaked to the skin.
The more it rains out here,
the more they live it up inside.
What a rotten job!
At least we have the honor of being
attached to His Highness in person.
Look, a new arrival.
That`s Count Hoyos getting out.
- They`re drinking companions.
Like you and me.
Who`s the other one?
Colonel of the 4th Hussars,
Baron Cravet.
Hold on.
I`ll write that down.
Start a new page.
It`s after midnight.
You`re right.
It`s May 10th now.
Hey, isn`t that funny?
- What?
- May 10th.
- What about it?
He was married five years ago.
You`re right.
Exactly five years ago.
Well, if / dared go out
on our anniversary,
Mimi would give me hell.
- We`ll be here till dawn.
- Or until they`re done.
Let us drink
So tomorrow we`// be brave
Let us sing
And our father/and we`// save
Let us march
On to victory`s brink
But first fa// in /ove
/t makes you bo/der than you think
And so my friends, /et`s drink
Tired, Your Highness?
Bored, Josef.
Bored to death.
Won`t you drink with us,
Your Highness?
This is your wedding anniversary.
Thank you, Josef!
Gentlemen, it seems that today
is my wedding anniversary.
You ask for a toast?
Here it is:.
to the health
of the happy couple.
Well? Won`t you drink
to my happiness?
To Their Highnesses` health.
Marinka, won`t you sing
in honor of the occasion?
Your Highness has only to ask.
Is Szeps here?
- Not yet, Your Highness.
He is, as always, with Hoyos,
Prince Philipp, and the rest.
- And Marinka?
- Marinka too, of course.
My agents report to me
every 1 5 minutes.
- Still no Szeps?
- No.
Are you sure he`ll go
to Sacher`s?
Absolutely. He still needs
the documents for his article tomorrow.
- Our agents never leave his side.
- So he hasn`t seen the archduke yet.
If I could just prove
they`re working together.
I must have those papers
at any cost!
Rest assured, Your Excellency.
They may be crafty, but I know my job.
Why do I love you?
/s it your beautifu/ eyes,
your hair
The tender sound of your voice
Oh, why?
Y es, why?
For dinner?
For your money?
Your crue/ ways?
The prestige of your name?
No, not at a//
Why do / /ove you?
Ask not the reason
for my /ove
As /ong as / know
And / /ike you, that`s enough
Why do / /ove you?
There `s no reason / shou/d say
But in my arms
your cares wi// fade away
You`re dreaming, my dear -
of me, I trust.
You`ll forsake me soon,
like all the rest.
Who can know these things?
Trust to destiny as I trust you.
- She`s jealous, Your Highness.
- Gypsy blood.
She denies it, but she`s madly
in love with Your Highness.
Madly in love...
- Well?
- He isn`t here yet.
I must know the moment he arrives,
or you`ll pay.
- Will you wait here?
- However long it takes.
I want to arrest Szeps myself.
- I understand.
Congratulations, Marinka.
You sing even more sweetly
for the police.
You play the paramour,
but you`re really a parasite.
Bill yourself as
""the gypsy policewoman,``
with your new orchestra
leader here.
- Who sent you?
- Your Highness -
What ""highness``!
You treat me like your prey,
like a thief, a common criminal.
Who sent you?
Tell me!
Tell me,
or l`ll wring it out of you!
Your Majesty, please -
Afraid of the prime minister, are you?
Taaffe sent you, didn`t he?
Your Majesty...
Too cowardly even to confess.
You disgust me.
Here, Marinka. I`d hate you to lose
the money you sold me for.
After last night,
my patience is at an end.
- Forget all that.
- No, l`ve had enough.
Sometimes I just want to disappear.
I`m constantly watched.
Without even looking, I can tell you
that two detectives are following us now.
They`re finally sitting down.
We can rest a bit.
What`s the fun in walking
when he has all those carriages?
These places are
the only diversion left for me.
What about women?
They disgust and bore me.
They pursue me
out of vanity or self-interest.
It`s too easy.
Their own husbands
push them into my bed.
Let`s do an experiment.
What if I went after your daughter?
- My daughter?
- Why not? She`s pretty and young.
Far too young.
Besides, she`s not your type.
She has glasses
and thick ankles.
Don`t worry.
I was only kidding.
Szeps, look at that girl.
She`s gorgeous.
Wait for me here.
All alone, poor darling?
Don`t be frightened, my pet.
I`m really very nice.
How dare you pester
this young lady.
I thought she was alone -
- She`s with me. Is that enough?
- Yes, certainly.
I just thought -
Excuse me.
Please forgive me.
How could you? You don`t even
know me. You told a lie.
Isn`t a little lie better
than a grave impertinence?
- Yes, he was awful.
- See?
- Thank you.
- No, you mustn`t.
You are very young to be
wandering alone in this crowd.
I wasn`t alone,
but I lost my mother, sister
and cousin in the crowd so -
- So we`ll look for them.
- You and me?
If you like.
It`s odd, but I have
the feeling I know you.
Against the wishes
of my father, the king,
I have come to you,
prince of my heart.
Oh, my angel!
Oh, my treasure!
I`ll don my silver armor.
To do what, my lion?
To tell the king of our love.
- God save you.
- God save our love.
Oh, Lord!
Who is this terrible man?
I am the devil,
and I have come for you.
To roast and toast you,
broil and boil you.
Mr. Devil,
please do not take me.
Such happiness was to be mine.
- All the better!
Happy souls are
all the nicer to torment!
Have mercy, Mr. Devil!
No, no pity!
How sad.
She loved
and she was punished for it.
- It doesn`t seem fair to me.
- No, not very.
Who is it that you remind me of?
Look, they`re so pretty.
- That one looks like you.
- I only wish.
I`ll try to ring it.
Give me some rings.
Three rings for 20 sous.
- You`ll never do it.
- Just wait.
You missed.
Missed again.
He did it!
Sir, you won this taffy.
Thank you.
What luck.
Wait. We`ll divide it equally.
Here - for you.
- Thank you. I love it.
My mother!
She mustn`t see me with a stranger.
- Don`t go. She didn`t see you.
- No, I mustn`t stay. Good-bye.
I realized,
once you weren`t looking at me,
that it`s Archduke Rudolf
that you remind me of.
- Does that bother you?
- Not at all.
Since when is Your Majesty
fond of taffy?
/t must have been
another /ate night, Your Highness.
/t`s not my fau/t, Loschek.
/ must have some re/ief
from the boredom of my days.
I understand, Your Highness.
Life is no carnival.
Your voice sounds very strange.
Bad news?
Mr. Szeps was here earlier,
before dawn.
Why didn `t you show him in?
I didn`t want to wake you, and he was
very rushed. They closed down his paper.
There`s a warrant out for his arrest.
- Szeps arrested?
No, he managed to escape.
He`s safe.
He said to assure Your Highness
there`s no need to worry.
How dare they?
This time they`ve gone too far.
Come in.
What is it?
His Excellency the prime minister,
Count Taaffe.
- His Highness is not ready -
- Show him in.
You hear me?
Show Count Taaffe in.
His Highness is in the bathroom.
My respects, Your Highness.
To what do I owe this honor?
I`ve come this early
only because I wished to inform you
personally of the measures
ordered by His Majesty
to deal with Szeps and his paper.
I know.
Your Highness is well-informed.
That`s unfortunate for me,
since l`d hoped to demonstrate
my sincerity and devotion.
Never use words
beyond your comprehension.
Your Highness is unfair.
I came in hopes
of reaching an understanding.
Our common goal
is the national interest.
Do you spy on me
in the national interest?
I simply wish to ensure
that Your Highness is protected.
Against what or whom?
I need protection only against you.
Listen carefully:.
I insist that the measures taken
against Szeps be rescinded immediately.
That is beyond my power.
Only His Majesty -
This is not His Majesty`s doing,
but yours.
Let me explain -
- Will you rescind those orders?
- I cannot.
Loschek, my jacket.
Yes or no?
You know that
that`s impossible.
We`ll see about that.
The prince seems on edge.
Lack of sleep, no doubt.
His Highness
gets plenty of sleep.
you know him better than l.
Do you think
I should wait for him?
I think not, Your Excellency.
Tell His Majesty
I must speak to him at once.
- The archduke seems upset today.
- He`s high-strung, like his mother.
How can someone so high-strung
be a dreamer too?
Well? I`m in a hurry.
His Majesty is too busy at present,
Your Highness.
What`s that?
It will be 48 hours
before he can grant an audience.
No audience for 48 hours?
I can`t see my own father?
No audience for 48 hours...
for me, his son.
Your Highness, please.
Loschek, this can`t go on.
These people are killing me.
But what does it really matter,
with my life what it is?
I can`t go where I choose,
see whom I will.
Locked up in a uniform
at the age of eight.
My friend is arrested.
I ask my father for help,
and he replies
through his aide-de-camp.
Etiquette, intrigue, deceit!
Your Highness, my poor prince,
don`t torment yourself so.
There`s no one in the world
I can turn to,
someone without ambition or treachery
who`d look beyond my position
and accept me for myself,
a simple human being.
That`s what I need.
Tell me:.
Am I not a man like any other?
Don`t I too have the right
to a little happiness?
I must be mad.
You can do nothing for me,
my poor old friend.
No one can, not even myself.
Now what?
His Majesty requests your presence
at a gala at the Opera tonight.
The entire court will attend.
His Majesty insists
upon your presence in the royal box.
A gala? The entire court?
They found the answer, Loschek.
A gala at the Opera!
Princess Stephanie
is with the emperor, as usual.
While the archduke -
Who`s that smile for, Edwige?
The archduke`s cousin,
Countess Larisch.
They call her ""the Rattlesnake.``
She`s lethal.
Edwige shouldn`t smile.
Her teeth are as false as her pearls.
What a crowd!
Look, someone new
in the third box to the left.
In white?
That`s Baroness Vetsera`s daughter.
The whole family`s there.
The young lieutenant is her brother.
I must take
the child under my wing.
If she`s not spoken for,
l`ll see to her future.
You can sit down now, Maria.
Georges, the officer
sitting beside the emperor -
That`s Archduke Rudolf,
of course.
Hello, everyone.
No, don`t get up.
I just popped in for a second
before the curtain.
- The countess is so kind.
- A charming dress, as always.
Hello, Georges, Hanna.
And your little cousin.
And Maria, a real lady!
I know that a secluded life
is a happy one,
but this child is much too adorable
for you to hide away.
She must come
to my next reception.
Wouldn`t you like that, Maria?
- Well, Maria?
- What are you dreaming of?
The curtain`s going up.
I must fly.
- Have you kept me in mind, Countess?
- You? Why should l?
Oh yes, of course.
I never forget a thing.
Good-bye for now.
- Did you enjoy it?
- Yes, very much.
She`s wonderful.
What`s her name?
- Who?
- The ballerina.
Ah, the - I don`t know.
Georges, come with me to pay
your respects to Princess Emilie.
Wait for me here.
Look! It`s the Schratt woman
with the emperor.
- Where?
- In the middle of the box.
Who`s she?
You`ve heard of La Pompadour?
The emperor`s like Louis XV.
Did you see the archduke
bow to Madame Bischoff?
I hear he`s left her for a Frenchwoman,
Madame de Langeais.
It seems he`s keeping both.
- They say he has a gypsy too.
- Every man I know has a gypsy.
If the Turkish solution didn`t involve
the Balkan question, and St. Petersburg -
The girl in white in the sixth box -
striking, isn`t she?
Probably a debutante.
I`ve never met her.
I believe she`s Baroness Vetsera`s
youngest daughter.
I`ve heard a thing or two
about her - Maria Vetsera.
Vetsera, you say?
I`d be glad to know
Your Highness`s opinion.
Your Majesty.
I saw your performance two days ago.
You were more adorable than ever.
Good evening, Count.
Having a good time?
Good evening, my dear cousin.
Your Excellency.
Busy with affairs of state?
No, that requires
a vast knowledge of men,
and in Vienna you alone
can lay claim to that.
Except that like you,
I enjoy solitude, Your Highness.
There you are, cousin.
You`re as rarely seen these days
as a smile on your father`s face.
I haven`t seen you for ages,
and I suspect you aren`t even
Iistening to me now.
I was going to do you a favor.
That`s right. An opportunity
to demonstrate your generosity.
Ask what you will, cousin, but -
Oh, never mind.
I know what those ""buts`` mean.
I`d intended to mention
the Vetsera boy, but l`ll be going.
- Did you say Vetsera?
- I did indeed.
He dreams
of serving in your regiment.
Wasn`t a Vetsera
our ambassador in Constantinople?
Indeed. Your Highness has
a remarkable memory.
This Vetsera has a son?
And a daughter too.
You are incorrigible.
So when may he
introduce himself?
My darlings, what a crowd!
I thought l`d never get back
before the curtain.
Then she got up
on her toes, Nanny,
and whirled around and around,
faster and faster.
But he didn`t even see her.
He was looking
at our box the whole time.
Nanny, listen!
- I am listening, my love.
It was so lovely.
The lights,
the music, the jewels -
all for him.
- For whom?
Didn`t you understand a word I said?
For the prince.
The one I met at the Prater,
where he ringed the swan.
You know,
I think he recognized me.
The theater got you much too excited.
Go to sleep now.
I`ll never be able to sleep again.
He`s so handsome, Nanny,
with such sad eyes
and such a gentle smile.
Just thinking of him
will take up every hour of the day.
Please listen to me.
Don`t be afraid. Don`t move.
Is it really you?
This is wrong, I know,
but I had to speak to you,
and it was the only way.
Please, Your Highness.
I tried to resist, but I couldn`t.
You`ve haunted me night and day.
Your Highness...
I see you so rarely,
but even that fills me with joy,
such emotion,
but also such anguish.
Just one moment.
I must see you again.
Don`t say no.
Don`t make me suffer.
But how? I`m never alone.
- I must see you.
- Really, Your Highness?
For you I have no title.
Promise me.
- But it`s impossible.
- Everything`s possible if you really want it.
Here`s Nanny. Good-bye.
- Where have you been?
- Here, waiting for you.
Nanny, do you think
a prince can be unhappy?
Just like anyone else, Maria.
Maria, you realize you`ve been playing
the same piece for two days now?
It`s so pretty, Mother.
- /s the baroness in?
- Yes, Countess.
Hello, my dear friend.
Hello, my child.
No, do go on. I love that song.
How can we ever thank you?
My son is ecstatic,
and it`s such an honor for the family.
- Don`t mention it.
- Please have a seat.
No, I like to keep moving.
It`s good for the nerves
and the figure.
May l?
Speaking of which, have you seen how
much weight Marquise Perutti has put on?
It`s as natural
as breathing to her.
You`d think she never ate at home.
These are delicious.
At the gala she looked
like a fat old ewe on her hind legs.
But no one noticed.
They only had eyes for your daughter.
Maria was
a tremendous success.
Everyone asked me about her.
She was the sensation of the evening.
You`ll make her vain.
Maria isn`t vain... are you?
Play louder
and listen carefully.
Princess Koralyi -
there`s a vain woman,
though she looks like a monkey
who scrambled down her family tree.
My cousin wants to see you.
Don`t tremble.
She went on and on
about her ancestors.
Keep calm, for heaven`s sake.
Don`t stop playing.
When she sighed
the other night,
she killed a butterfly.
Rudolf spoke of you for an hour.
You`ve quite bewitched him.
Play louder!
Oh, you`re invited
to old Princess Ursula`s
next Saturday.
How kind!
We`d be honored.
Not so loud, Maria.
It`s not a military march.
Your compliments
must have turned her head.
Few women would be unmoved.
Do you like my dress?
I`ve discovered a little dressmaker.
The craftsmanship of Berlin
and the elegance of Paris.
6:.00 already!
I have a fitting.
You wouldn`t refuse me
a little favor, will you?
Promise me.
- Anything you wish, Countess.
I want to borrow Maria
for an hour.
Two heads are better
than one at fittings.
Besides, I get so bored alone.
You wouldn`t mind?
- Not at all.
Get ready quickly, Maria.
Yes, Countess.
Such a lovely child, your Maria.
See you soon.
Have no fear, my dear.
Bratfisch, the cabman,
is devoted to Rudolf,
and no one at the palace will see you.
It`s as discreet as can be.
Look at me, child.
You`re not wearing any powder -
or not enough, anyway.
That`s better.
Your eyes are perfect.
Just lower them now and then to dazzle him
all the more later.
Hair back a little.
Very nice.
Forgive me,
but at your age one only knows
one`s faults and not one`s charms.
Thank you.
What a face!
Aren`t you happy?
Oh, I really am.
I just can`t believe l`m going,
that he really wants to see me.
/`m not in for anyone.
/ want to be undisturbed for an hour.
- Someone new, Your Highness?
- You guessed it, Loschek.
An actress?
A married woman?
- A young maiden.
- A real one?
So they say. In these times,
I wouldn`t fret for her virtue.
I saw her once,
I spun the usual yarn,
and she`ll be here
in a few minutes.
- That`s Bratfisch`s cab.
- Delivering the prince`s prey.
Who was that
with Countess Larisch?
- No idea. She`s new.
- We`ll need her name.
I`ll be back for you in an hour.
Kind/y fo//ow me, miss.
This way, miss.
My /itt/e Maria, at /ast.
Oh dear, am I so late?
But right up to the last moment,
I thought you might not come.
That you`d be afraid.
- Of what?
I don`t know.
This palace...
this gloomy room... me.
On the contrary.
When l`m with you,
l`m not afraid of anything.
How awful!
You keep that around
all the time? Why?
To make life bearable.
But life is so wonderful.
You`re right.
I`m talking nonsense.
Won`t you take off your hat?
Yes, but how can l?
There`s no mirror.
There`s one in the next room.
That`s where you sleep?
I imagined a prince`s bed -
It suffices.
I sleep so little.
The mirror is to the left.
My hair`s a mess.
You`re not going to like me.
I like you too much.
I`m so happy.
What is it?
What`s the matter?
Come along.
Don`t stay in here.
Ever since I met you,
nothing makes sense.
You come here
and speak to me
like no one ever has before.
Don`t you have some request?
What do you mean?
People usually want something:
position, advancement, honors, money.
What about you?
Think about it.
Is there really nothing you want?
- Don`t I have all I want now?
All right, Loschek.
Don`t be afraid.
It`s just a signal.
We must part.
Promise you`ll come back.
You don`t know what you mean to me,
how good you are for me.
You make me feel years younger -
and what years l`ve lived!
Go now. Quickly.
- So they last met on Friday?
- Yes, between 6:.00 and 7::00 p.m.
- At the palace?
- As usual, Your Excellency.
This is serious - far too serious -
and just as His Majesty thought.
With a girl of good family,
it could mean scandal.
His Majesty made it clear this affair
must be terminated... discreetly.
Leave it to me, Your Excellency.
- But how?
I have some experience
in these matters.
To Baroness Vetsera,
Sa/ezianer Gasse 14.
""Dear Baroness...
A we//-meaning friend...
concerned for the honor
of your family...
feels that it his duty
to warn you...
that your esteemed
daughter Maria...
has, for several weeks now...``
Good evening, my love.
Did I scare you?
Admit it:
You didn`t hear me coming.
- How fresh you look.
- My hair`s soaking wet.
I had to find some excuse for not
going out with Mother tonight.
She thought not going to the theater
would be a punishment,
so we have
two whole hours together.
We`ve never had
such wealth before.
What`s wrong?
- Look over there.
It`s just branches moving.
You see spies everywhere.
They lost you tonight.
- They`re just better hidden, that`s all.
Forget them. I love you.
They`ll never leave me alone.
You don`t know them.
They want to separate us.
- But can they, my darling?
- What faith you have, what strength.
I love you.
And we have two hours.
Two hours!
These fleeting rendezvous,
this constant separation.
For once l`m proud of my love.
Why should I hide it?
Two hours...
when I long to spend
my whole life with you.
- Mother!
- Where have you been?
I just wanted -
I demand to know
where you`ve been. For shame!
Now I see why you pretended
not to be ready this evening.
I see now that what
this awful letter says is true.
Don`t lie to me!
I have no intention of lying.
You mean
this dreadful thing is true?
You have a lover?
Who is it?
Mother dear,
don`t talk like that.
You`re mistaken.
I swear we`ve done nothing wrong.
He loves and respects me.
- What is his name?
I can`t tell you.
I am your mother.
I absolutely must know.
I beg of you.
- No, I won`t tell you.
Careful, Maria.
I can force you.
Threats are of no use.
Very well.
You`ll leave tomorrow for your uncle`s
in Trieste for six weeks.
That should cure you
of your folly.
Do with me what you will,
but please let me stay in Vienna!
It`s you?
What`s wrong? Is Maria ill?
Say something!
Let me catch my breath.
She`s gone.
An anonymous letter.
The girl was brave
and wouldn`t talk.
Her mother was furious
and packed her off
to her uncle`s near Trieste.
- Trieste?
- That`s right.
Don`t look so glum.
After all, what`s a month?
A month?
A month without her?
You don`t realize
what this means.
My life will be like before.
Alone once again,
up against all those people.
They know their business,
all right.
He entered Sacher`s
at 12:10 a.m.
and staggered out
around 3:00 a.m.
He arrived at the A/cazar
at 3 : 15..
Exact/y the same routine as every day
for the past six weeks.
It`s despair over the little lady`s
departure, so I hear.
- Is he alone?
- What does Your Excellency mean?
No women with him?
Oh yes, a different one every night.
Sometimes several.
He wouldn`t even notice
if it were the same one every night.
His Highness hasn`t been sober
in six weeks.
Leave me alone!
Faster, for God`s sake!
Here, l`ll cool you off!
- He hasn`t been like this in a long time.
- He`s out of practice.
- There`s not enough rum!
- Another bottle!
Put out the lights!
Here, drink!
Let`s drink our fi//
and savor /ove`s thri//
Tomorrow in batt/e
we`// be victorious
Some hearts wi// break
but triumph we `// taste
The enemy is hatefu/
Women are g/orious
Let us drink
So tomorrow we `// be brave
Let us sing
And our father/and we `// save
Let us march
On to victory`s brink
But first fa// in /ove
/t makes you bo/der than you think
And so my friends, /et`s drink
- Whose face is that?
- Where?
It`s you, sweetheart.
Out of my sight!
You hear me?
Out of my sight!
Still there, are you?
Just wait a minute.
Take that.
And that!
Your Highness.
What do you want?
A lady downstairs
is asking for Your Highness.
- Pretty?
- Very, Your Highness.
I`ll go get her
and bring her back by force,
if necessary.
You here?
I got back today
and just had to see you.
I sneaked out
and managed to find Bratfisch.
Kiss me.
- You`re mad. No one must see you.
- Rudolf.
- Let me go. I stink of wine.
You`re bleeding.
Are you hurt?
- Where?
- There.
It`s lipstick from lrma,
a whore.
Yes, I kissed a whore!
I`m still free, aren`t l?
Of course, darling.
What are you doing here?
Can`t you leave me alone
when l`m having fun?
Are you spying on me too?
Is Taaffe paying you?
What do you want from me?
Just to see you.
Well, have a good look.
A pretty sight, aren`t l?
Happy now?
Never seen a man drunk before?
I just want to be left alone.
I`ll drink all I please and sleep
with every woman in Vienna.
You can`t stop me!
Don`t look at me like that.
Why don`t you say something?
I don`t deserve a reply,
is that it?
I disgust you too much?
Say something,
for God`s sake!
Speak or I won`t be responsible
for what I do!
My poor darling,
how you`re suffering.
Maria, l`m so ashamed.
Why, my darling?
I love you so much.
How can you still?
Forgive me.
You don`t know how I suffer.
I know.
No, you can`t know.
Maria, my dear child.
Save me.
I`m afraid l`ll go mad.
I`m afraid without you.
What will I do tonight
after you leave?
I`m not going to leave you.
Am I not yours, my love?
- Good evening, Mr. Bratfisch.
- Good evening.
Tell me...
He`s here.
Ah, thanks. If anyone wants me,
l`ll be over there.
Very well, Mr. Bratfisch.
Life is starting, Maria.
Soon we`ll no longer need to hide.
I`ll be free
and we`ll be together always.
Always? But -
- l`ve written to Rome.
- What about your father?
He doesn`t know yet,
but he`ll have to accept the annulment.
You did that for me?
Listen, Rudolf...
whatever happens,
l`ll never be unhappy again.
What`s that?
A wedding ring?
It`s so beautiful.
There`s a date on it.
- November 13th.
That night at Sacher`s.
There are letters:
""United in love unto death.``
How lovely.
Thank you.
You must put it on my finger yourself.
- Why?
Because then I can make a wish.
What did you wish for?
To die before you.
- You know who`s here?
- Who?
The archduke.
Right over there.
- The archduke, here?
- I swear - and with a woman!
- Did you recognize her?
- I couldn`t quite see.
- Can`t you guess?
- Who else but the Vetsera girl?
- What`s that?
- Oh, you`re here?
I forbid you to trifle
with my sister`s name.
Who are you
to forbid me anything, boy?
- l`ll show you.
- I doubt that.
My brother!
Calm down, Vetsera. This is
a public establishment. Apologize.
- You`re unworthy of being an officer.
- You`re no judge.
- How brave, insulting a girl!
- And you`re a brave talker!
Take her home,
then come back for me.
- What`s going on?
- Officers coming to blows.
It`s a disgrace!
You may change your tune
when my seconds call!
- Brave men don`t brag!
- l`ll slay you like a dog!
Lieutenant Vetsera, I think
you`ve had too much to drink.
Come here.
- Your Highness.
I don`t need anyone
to defend my name,
and I will tolerate
no interference from my officers
in a matter
that concerns only myself.
You are confined to barracks
for ten days. Report to your colonel.
You are dismissed.
And you, Captain Schonberg, will report
to regiment headquarters tomorrow.
I`m afraid my regiment is too coarse
for a man of your sensitivity.
Well, gentlemen?
Don`t let a pair of idiots stop the party.
Give me a glass.
He`s so handsome
when he`s angry.
To the regiment.
To Your Highness!
Aren`t you going to dance?
Maestro, give us a nice waltz!
May I have the pleasure of this waltz?
- Your Highness!
I will never forget this.
I`ll speak of this all my life,
Your Highness.
Rudolf, you must save Georges.
I know him.
He won`t relent.
He`ll want the truth.
He`ll insist on a duel.
He`ll be wounded, perhaps even killed.
Calm down, Maria.
I`ll speak to him, I promise.
Your Highness is awaited
in the audience room.
Duty calls. I`ll be just 15 minutes.
Wait for me here.
I`d suggest you keep
your coat on, miss.
If you caught cold in this drafty palace,
His Highness would never forgive me.
You`re very kind, Loschek.
Kind? Me?
You don`t know much.
Loschek, where are you?
I looked everywhere.
Forgive me.
I had to conduct His Highness
to an audience.
- Will he be long?
- I fear so, Your Majesty.
Tell him I came
to inquire about his health.
He will be touched.
In fact, l`ll just leave
a note on his desk.
Sorry to disturb you, miss.
You should have told me.
Leave us.
I came to see how my son is doing.
Is he well?
He seemed a bit tired, madam...
Your Majesty.
Poor Rudolf.
He`s not suited to this life.
You and I have never met,
but I know he loves you.
Please sit down.
You`re even lovelier
than l`d heard,
and so young.
How old are you?
- Seventeen, madam.
At 17 I was already unhappy.
But I was young...
and I didn`t suffer too terribly.
One really should die young.
I`m sorry.
Living in solitude
sets one to musing out loud.
This palace is an unhappy place.
Do not return.
Let me kiss you, my child.
You are very dear to my heart.
Your Highness!
I must talk to you, Vetsera.
I mean to prevent this duel.
- lmpossible, sir.
He slandered my sister,
and such lies -
Vetsera, suppose Schonberg
was telling the truth?
I don`t understand,
Your Highness.
It can`t be.
Sit down, Georges.
And now, as an older comrade,
I beg you
to try to listen calmly.
Will you promise me that?
- Yes, Your Highness.
No one in the world
loves Maria more than I do.
No, not even you.
Before she came along -
You couldn`t understand
all l`d have to say.
She set me free
with her gaiety, her youth, her love.
Was I to refuse all that?
Think about it.
Nothing in this world
is really mine, not even myself.
Like everyone, you think
I have everything I could desire.
Or perhaps you think
that being the emperor`s son
means I have no right
to the woman I love.
Be fair:
What was I to do?
Georges, Maria is my love,
and soon all will know.
As soon as l`m free, l`ll marry her.
She knows that.
If you want my oath -
I believe you, sire.
You`ve /ost your head.
You flaunt yourself in public,
Iet our name be bandied about
by drunken officers,
all for a little thing -
- Who will soon be my wife.
- I know.
You even asked the pope
to annul your marriage.
Here`s the Holy Father`s reply.
- You spy on my personal matters too?
- This concerns me as well.
If you`ve forgotten,
the Holy Father hasn`t.
What`s the answer?
Negative, naturally.
You`re having an affair -
- Am I the only one?
No, and when you`re emperor,
you may do as you please.
Meanwhile, you will end this.
- lmpossible.
- If I order you?
- I won`t obey.
- You`d dare?
- l`ll abdicate.
I care nothing for power,
and I won`t sacrifice Maria to it.
You have no right to speak this way.
You have obligations.
The people of two nations
have placed their hope in you.
Consider your honor.
I love her.
If you really love her,
you`ll give her up.
What are you going to do?
There are convents
from which women never leave.
- You would dare?
- This liaison must end!
I beg you, Father.
It`s my life you`re asking of me.
- A passing fancy.
It`s life or death to us.
Leave her or she goes to a convent.
There`s no other solution.
Yes, there is.
What do you mean?
- It wouldn`t interest you.
- Will you obey?
If I may see her once more.
You will,
at the ball tonight.
I want to see her alone.
Very well.
I`ll give you 24 hours,
and that will be the end of it.
Do I have your word?
Mother, do I look
too awful tonight?
For the tenth time, no!
You`re just silly.
Don`t listen to her.
She was the same way
at her first ball two years ago.
- Any news of the lovebirds?
- What lovebirds?
Oh, I have absolutely no idea.
- The Vetsera girl at a court ball!
- The archduke has gone too far!
They can meet in private,
after all.
- Do you think she`s so attractive?
- Everyone has their charm at 17.
Here comes the court.
- Where`s the empress?
- She doesn`t come to galas anymore.
What is it, Maria?
The archduke`s
a bit glum tonight.
We`re not amused, having just been
forced to give up the girl.
Will Your Highness open the ball?
It has to be me?
If such be
Your Highness`s pleasure.
My pleasure?
Very well.
- lt`s going to start.
- Look! He`s coming this way.
Will you do me the honor
of opening the ball with me?
-Your Majesty.
- Keep calm.
Don`t forget that you`re
the archduchess of Austria.
Good evening, Your Highness...
my love.
How is it that you look
so beautiful tonight?
I`m wonderfully happy, that`s all.
Wait here.
May I have the honor of this waltz,
Your Highness?
How did I ever live
before I met you?
I knew nothing, felt nothing.
I didn`t exist.
Thank you, Rudolf.
- Don`t, please.
- What`s wrong?
Listen, Maria.
Suppose I were suddenly
forced to go away?
I`d wait for you.
No, very far away,
for a very long time.
I`d follow you.
Suppose that were impossible?
I`d follow you anywhere.
Even... to the land of no return?
With you, yes.
How he looks at her!
It`s indecent, dancing so close!
- Such impertinence!
- Unheard of in our day!
Those three witches
are talking about us.
It isn`t pleasant growing old.
Allow me to introduce you
to my father.
I want him to see you tonight.
He`s presenting her
to the emperor!
May I present
Baroness Maria Vetsera,
whose fate
Your Majesty has sealed.
Your youth and beauty
promise fulfillment
of all your hopes, young lady.
Your Majesty is too gracious.
You have the stronger hand.
They`ll never meet again.
Bratfisch will be waiting
in the usual spot.
He knows where to take you.
Yes, Your Highness.
Maria, my dear, what an honor!
You may be proud of yourself.
The emperor spoke to you.
What did he say?
I don`t know.
What do you mean?
You don`t realize how lucky you are.
- Hoyos.
- Your Highness.
Have Bratfisch come to the cloakroom,
then come back here. I need you.
I request Your Majesty`s
permission to retire.
- There`s going to be a scandal.
- A scandal?
Well, I had nothing to do with it!
Curtsy nicely.
What`s gotten into you?
Luckily she overlooked it.
I need an excuse
to leave Vienna for 24 hours.
Arrange a hunting party,
but I want only you and Philipp.
Your Majesty can count on me.
Till tomorrow.
At Mayerling?
At Mayerling.
Going off in the middle of the night.
I should never have helped you.
Don`t worry, Nanny, and don`t scold,
especially tonight.
You don`t know it, but it`s
the most wonderful day of my life.
Believe me.
Here we are.
Good evening, Bratfisch.
Evening, miss.
Good-bye, Nanny.
I have something else
to ask of you.
Give this letter to Mother...
but not until
the day after tomorrow.
You`re frightening me, my child.
You won`t do anything bad, will you?
Oh no, quite the opposite.
You swear?
Everything I do
will be right and proper.
I swear.
Good-bye, Nanny.
Here / come.
Be sure you find
a good hiding spot.
- You call that a good hiding spot?
- You started before I was ready.
- I didn`t know.
- You always cheat. It`s not fair.
I`d have found you anyway.
I know every corner of Mayerling.
It sounds like a name
in a fairy tale.
Cold, darling?
I want to ask you a favor.
What is it?
You decide when it`s time for us...
for us to go.
You know, it`s simple.
It takes only a moment.
- I don`t need reassurance.
All I want is not to know when.
You`ll know nothing.
Set your mind at ease.
Leave it to me.
You must do something at once.
My daughter disappeared /ast night,
and we `ve heard nothing since.
If you wish, I `ll have the police
make thorough inquiries.
We already went to the police.
They`ve been no help.
I come to you,
Your Excellency,
because l`ve learned things
I was unaware of yesterday.
I think His Highness the archduke
may know where she is.
I`m certain he knows!
You must know
where the archduke is.
I wish I could help, but I fear
I have no precise information.
The prince is so impulsive.
Nevertheless, I believe
he went hunting near Laxenburg.
Oh, thank you!
Please excuse us.
There`s no time to lose.
JANUARY 30, 1889
You don`t miss your gypsies?
No, Bratfisch plays better
than the whole bunch.
Who was it, Loschek?
A courier from Vienna,
Your Highness.
His Majesty reminds you that you are
to return tomorrow morning without fail.
- Tomorrow morning?
- I vouched for your return.
You did well.
No, stay, Loschek.
You too, Bratfisch. Come have a glass.
Rudolf, I really like you tonight -
and it`s the first time.
That`s a great consolation.
To your health, my friends.
To Your Highness`s health!
Wait. That won`t do.
I have a real toast to propose.
Here it is:
To the best
and most devoted of lovers,
joy, happiness and long life.
What are you doing?
Nothing, darling.
All done.
I feel so good...
but my eyelids are heavy.
I wish I could stay awake.
Give me a kiss, Rudolf,
to last me the whole night.
May your sleep be
light and gentle.
Not yet, please.
I`m afraid of the dark.
I love the light so.
I wish I were already waking up
to see the sun.
You will see it.
you remember
that first time at the Prater?
Remember what the devil said?
""Happy souls
are all the nicer to torment.``
Until tomorrow, my love.
Until tomorrow.
What is it, Loschek?
Forgive me, Your Highness...
but I thought I heard a shot.
That`s odd.
I didn`t hear anything.
It was probably
out in the forest.
What time is it?
About half past 7::00,
Your Highness.
All right.
I`ll be down in half an hour.
Very good, Your Highness,
and please forgive me.