Mayurakshi (2017) Movie Script

Youre so right.
Life is nothing but arrivals, departures and explorations.
It must have been inconvenient for you to come at such a short notice.
Getting leaves all of a sudden is difficult, you know.
That's true.
It's impossible to take sudden leaves at such a short notice in the US.
How did you manage to do so?
I had to put up an urgent request.
Just leave it there. Hell take care of it.
Hey, you don't need to do that. Take this.
Please stop thanking me.
Okay, then. I should take my leave now.
I'll call you in the evening.
Please dont...
Where is he?
He's in the veranda.
Hes been calling out a new name since yesterday.
Do you know who that is?
What has he been saying?
He's been asking for her.
When I lose even a jot of my possession
I lose all I have
I live with a little possession
So with a little loss, I lose it all
I desperately cling on
To the tides like a riverbank
I desperately cling on
To the tides like a riverbank
Where do the waves disappear
After having lashed at my heart One after the other?
I live with a little possession
So with a little loss, I lose it all...
How are you?
If I offer you all that I lose And all that remains...
When did you arrive?
Just now. I came right to you.
If I offer you all that I lose And all that remains
Nothing degenerates
But it remains ever wakeful
In your supreme benediction
In you, exist numerous moons and suns
And even the tiniest of atoms...
This place is warmer than Delhi.
Why are you sitting like that?
You did get some sleep, didn't you?
Talk to him, okay?
-Please sit. -Is he unwell?
I live with a little possession
So with a little loss, I lose it all
What's with the beard?
I grew it on purpose.
Dont you like it?
Sir, your coffee.
Hey, get the tea.
Will you be staying downstairs, sir?
Then I must get the room upstairs ready.
How long has he gone quiet?
He talks all right.
He's not always that mum.
Let me bring him here.
Ill get the room cleaned up.
In the meantime, please rest in another room.
Hey, come with me.
Im going up with the keys.
You never doze off in the morning.
Whats wrong with you today?
There you are.
-Its been the hottest summer in the US. -Eat something.
When I was on a Spring Boat tour last month,
I could hardly sit on the deck because of the heat.
The strategy is all wrong.
They shouldve sent you one down.
How could they send a player who cant play medium pace
on that slippery pitch in the third over?
I don't know what the coach was thinking.
And your beard is just horrible!
Ill get rid of it.
Your mom would be really upset to see you like this.
But then,
your mom is already dead.
When did she pass away?
Or 1997?
Its almost done. Ill email it to you.
Does he still read?
Sometimes he'd pick a book,
but cant concentrate.
He doesnt even read the newspaper.
And he gets angry if coaxed.
"Worthless news.
I wont read it."
He gets irritated by it.
He used to at least watch sports.
Now I only I put on the FM Radio in the morning.
He likes that.
His tummy is quite bloated.
Thats flatulence.
Hes taking antacids in the morning.
-Itll be all right. -Sir.
Please freshen up.
Youve been on the plane for so long.
You dont talk to him, am I right?
I believe his condition is due to acute loneliness.
He's an elderly man. If nobody talks to him,
or interacts with him, hes sure to have mental problems.
He used to talk to us.
Ravi can vouch for that.
He insisted on narrating a whole novel for us in a single sitting.
Yes. Right now, he wouldnt even eat.
And he'll get mad at us if we told him something.
He would say, "Ill finish the story, then I'll eat."
Now he has become somewhat different.
You saw how he didnt speak with you at first.
And then...
Have a seat.
I have something for you.
You can go upstairs when youre done here. The room is ready.
Is it your neck pain again?
Should I get you the hot water bag?
It has a light.
It's a macro lens for reading small letters. Here.
These letters are so small. Dont you have difficulty reading these?
Stop reading the newspaper.
It's all about violence, intolerance and mutual hatred.
Why should I spend money reading all these?
Do you know what I think?
Broken brick piece.
He got it from the pots in the balcony.
Who said this?
William Ewart Gladstone.
Can I see Dr. Ranjit Basu?
I was in the Bengal Ranji Trophy team.
I've played in Lucknow.
We lost to Delhi by 87 runs.
So, I called up my dad that night and told him everything.
I gave him all the intricate details.
That was what he insisted on.
We sent in Salil Ray as a nightwatchman...
So, your visit from Chicago is actually, your return from Lucknow for him?
Thats what it seems now.
When did your mom pass away?
It was 18 years ago.
-Do you have any siblings? -No.
Im the only and a late child.
So, was your dad absolutely alone?
No. There's someone with him since the last two years.
A housekeeper. But she has geriatric support experience.
What if he has to use the bathroom? Bathing?
Generally, he does that all by himself.
He doesnt go out alone.
But he fell a couple of times.
And he doesn't like
my beard at all.
Did you have it before?
I had a rash, so...
But thats cured, right?
How old is your dad? Is he 84 years old?
May I come in?
Let's keep both of them on.
Mosquitoes are a bother.
What about pest control?
It works only for a while. Then its back to square one.
Is the air conditioner working?
Just checking. It hasn't been used for a while.
Do you like it?
This piece is called The Human Mind.
It's a colleague, Daniel Gordys composition.
The book needs to be returned to the library.
Check the due date.
What book?
I dont know.
Our transition through
British colonialism to Independence
-and partition... -Get him the cottage cheese.
A child was born in this phase.
It was in 1947,
August 14
at midnight.
Take all of this away! I dont like it.
Remove all of them. I don't feel like eating.
But you like cottage cheese, dont you?
I wont eat today.
Are you talking about Midnights Children?
Do you mean if I've read it?
Yes. She must have lent it to you.
Will you ask Mayurakshi to drop by
on her way back from the university tomorrow?
Sir, please have some of it.
Please dont bother me. And dont even try to force me.
-Or Ill stop eating! -All right. Let it be. Clear the plates.
The child
had astonishing powers.
He can see the future.
It's true, you know.
My dad
wasnt told that his sister was dead.
Or that's what people thought.
Why would anyone tell bad news to an old man?
But Dad could sense it all.
He told me
a detailed description of his sisters death.
That's what happened.
It's just a wee bit small.
I didnt know that you would bring this.
Ive got other gifts for you too.
So, I won't give that to you. Okay?
Oh, what else? Okay, let it be a surprise.
Will you be coming tomorrow or on Thursday?
Your mom will go tomorrow. I'll come by in a few days after.
Please come during the weekend.
I have two exams next week.
Its late, go to sleep.
Its only 11, Dad.
During exams time, Im usually awake until 12 a.m.
This is a gift from Mom.
Has he put on the mosquito repellant in your room?
He was groaning in his sleep a few days ago.
I'm keeping an eye. If it recurs, we should let the doctor know.
But Dr. Sengupta is dead.
Yes. So now, we should consult Dr. Roy.
Since you have to look after him, you may sleep in his room.
Ravi can sleep there.
No one has told him about Dr. Sengupta death.
He wont be able to take it.
They had been friends for ages.
Just tell him. How long do you plan to hide it?
There's no use of telling bad news to an old man.
I told him that the doctor has left for Delhi.
Such moments strike a chord in our mind.
Moments lie hidden in the little corners of our mind.
It is those moments that we seek.
Just like the track of time that we lose or a person we lose,
or our sensitivity.
Perhaps it was the moment we had
that was once precious to us.
Those memories that have nearly faded away
are what we seek to explore today.
It could be something precious to you... me and share it with me.
Leave it to me.
That fish monger is something. He never turns up on time.
Nothing is ever lost in your universe...
Lift your chin.
O Lord!
We're fools, blinded by delusion
We're fools, blinded by delusion
We can only weep, O Lord!
What are you doing these days?
Why? The things I used to do.
You were so good
in explaining cloud computing to people.
Lets see if you can recall what you knew.
You are sad.
It isnt insanity, right?
Thats what I fear the most.
Its very common, you know.
He's living in the past.
A friend of mine's dad, who passed away last year,
suddenly told him to not go anywhere one day.
So, my friend asked, "Do you need me?"
He replied, "No. Its my wedding tomorrow.
You need to be around. Or else, wholl help me?"
Imagine that.
Can you pull up on the left?
-Here? -To the left, please.
Hari, please stop the car.
Dont mention it.
Ill call you in the evening.
Where's the way to house number six?
-Go straight down and turn left. -That way?
Bibhas Dutta?
-You must be Aryanil. -Yes.
Please come in. My brother told me about you yesterday. Come in.
This way, please.
You could have mailed it to me.
You don't have to be bothered.
My brother works with you, right? Please sit.
So, how can I help you?
I heard that there are many layoffs.
Things are in doldrums here.
The owners are in jail
and we agents have become paupers.
Didnt this chit fund business begin in the US?
What was that mans name? Charles Ponzi?
-I've got to push off and get to work. -No, wait.
Please, let me look at it.
It won't work. Do you have a knife or scissors?
Let me check.
-Will this be of any help? -No need, I got this.
Well, it's an American system after all.
You have to know the trick.
Please have a seat.
I wonder why he sent these things.
What a waste of money.
These bank transfers are a bother.
We have to show this receipt to the bank
and only then will they transfer the cash.
Would you like some tea?
He's your uncles boss. Go get some tea, quick.
No, not now.
Well, isnt your dad alone here?
Who looks after him?
We have a housekeeper.
So, she manages the house, money and everything else?
There are so many things a housekeeper must do nowadays.
Yet, we're so ignorant.
Hey, leave those alone.
Is it possible for you to find a job for her?
-Seek help from any agency-- -Hey, agency is nothing but pimping.
Then why don't you take her with you? You live alone anyway.
Shell do everything.
Being a dance teacher wont get her anywhere.
Her uncle isn't much of help. And I know that too well.
What happened?
Did you mind my words?
I'm sorry.
I'm really feeling low.
But how could you guess that, Dad?
You looked just like Michael Douglas from a distance! Come on.
But not anymore, right?
Up close, you look like my friend from the eighth grade.
We had possibilities to be together, but nothing worked out.
Okay, now sit.
What's with the beard?
So, do you think this Michael Douglas is fuzzy?
What are you talking about? Don't you know King of California?
Youre still the same.
Do you remember the noon show at Globe? Basic Instinct?
I feel like I got etched right here.
Come on.
So, tell me.
Why are you here in such a short notice?
It's Dad.
Whats wrong with him?
I guess some sort of disorientation. It appears to be neurological.
What a pity. He has a brilliant mind.
How old is he?
But thats common for those at that age.
How are you?
My daughter is in IIT Kanpur and my husband is busy with his business.
So, Im a free bird!
What about you? Are you dating anyone?
Are you kidding?
Not again.
You're sleeping with somebody, arent you?
Oh, stop it. What would you like to have?
You still blush at such things.
Youll get it from me. Let's go.
Let's go.
Do you want to sit in the caf?
How long will you be here?
I dont know.
Hows your son?
He's fine.
Do you want to sit here? Sit.
Fusion music these days
is quite good.
But you only listen to orchestras.
Royal Philharmonic, National Symphony.
When did you hear fusion?
No, actually
she came one day
and it seemed like she's interested in a wide variety of music.
She gave me a...
Mayurakshi brought it.
The composer was a young lad.
And I also heard a few Tamil songs.
It was excellent.
A fusion of our classical music and world music.
A. R. Rahman?
Listen, Nilu...
Sometimes I feel
that in certain moments of life,
you need background music.
Just like the movies?
Dad, listen to me. Dad.
Very nice. That was wonderful.
Shall we order coffee now?
Here's the menu. So, what will you have?
Would you like hot coffee?
What was that?
I was just putting my violin aside.
Ill have this one. This one right here.
Let me see.
May I come in?
These are the bills for the last two months.
The doctor visits, medicines, groceries and other expenses
are all mentioned in different pages.
Have you mailed this to me?
I have.
Please have a look at it since youre already at it.
it'd be good to get a full-time attendant for him now.
He cant hold in his pee anymore and he wetted his bed last few nights.
The maid refuses to wash his sheets.
Have you informed the doctor?
Yes. Many times.
He has prostate gland problem.
It's quite common for a man his age.
The damp sheets cause bedsores.
Just hire an attendant then.
Can your agency arrange for it?
No. There are other agencies for attendants' services.
I'll give them a call.
If I may ask,
can I go home for a couple of days?
What for?
Whos going to stay here then?
The attendant will come here tomorrow.
Besides, youre here now.
I cant stay for more than two days.
Ill have to visit my son in Dehradun.
You can go back home some other day.
You have nothing urgent there, right?
My sons exams begin next Monday.
I thought I could see him before that.
Its all right.
I wont hire a permanent attendant.
Ill discontinue her service
once my dad gets better.
Please don't bolt the toilet door
from now on.
Dont worry too much. Its absolutely fine.
Theres a new coffee shop near the bank.
Please take him there.
Do you like the Irish coffee you had this evening?
I dont know.
Hes forgotten.
Why would he? He just didn't hear me.
What coffee did you have when we went out earlier?
You ordered it yourself from the menu.
I cant remember.
Try to remember.
I know you can.
Whats the coffee called?
Ill give you a clue.
It has a link with a North Atlantic island--
I told you that I cant remember!
I dont like it.
I would've told you if I remembered it.
Its been drizzling since morning.
Normally, you would stand right here.
Old TV, CPU, radio or clock that anyone wants to sell?
Old TV, CPU, radio or clock that anyone wants to sell?
Sir, do you have anything old to sell?
Old TV, CPU, radio or clock that anyone wants to sell?
These are typical delusions.
The mind creates a world that disconnects them from the reality.
Six months ago,
our house physician ran a few tests.
Yes, I checked.
There are several factors.
Some of those ailments
are common for those at his age.
He used to have hypertension and cervical spondylosis.
But now with the neurological dysfunctions,
confusion, depression and dementia...
All of them affect his judgment.
This way, please.
And the path
Strewn with flowers
The spring had adorned itself With millions of colors
And had descended on the earth
But there was no news
And I remained waiting
Why are you standing here? Where do you want to go?
Where did you go?
I was right here.
Dont just leave me.
Or I'll I get scared.
I wont go anywhere. Come.
Should I switch off the radio?
The song is over. But doesnt it still linger in your head?
Have a seat.
Should I get your tea here?
I'll get it.
We feel the resonance in its many layers.
He remembers incidents of 25 years ago
in great detail.
That would be photographic memories.
But he wont be able to recall todays lunch menu.
Wasnt he commenting about your beard?
Not anymore. He has forgotten about it.
His dad will be admitted.
Besides routine tests, get MRI and EEG done.
For psychometry...
Whos the doctor
in the Geriatric Department?
See, I forget things too.
Whats his name?
-Dr. Sabir? -Right.
Get him admitted.
Give him your contact number.
Please coordinate with him. Hell arrange everything. Okay?
What a horrible phase.
A brilliant man like him,
getting disconnected
from everything.
Maybe one day,
everything will go blank.
Maybe he wont even recognize me on my next visit.
Will you take him with you?
Ravi, Mallika
and tomorrow's attendant...
With all of them there, Ill go bankrupt.
He might feel unsettled in a new place.
Is Mallika a nurse?
From the agency?
So, she handles the money, doctors and the rest.
May I ask you something?
Forget it.
My earning funds four establishments.
My dad here,
my son from my first marriage in Dehradun,
myself in Chicago,
and spousal support for my second divorce,
the alimony.
These can turn anyone speechless.
Your cell phone?
Oh, my.
Such a sweet boy.
How old is he?
He's 16.
The Doon School?
Does his mom visit him?
Did you meet her?
No. Shes been in Dubai.
It has been a few years.
And how do you discuss things about your son?
Over the phone?
Mostly email.
We'll call each other if it's urgent.
I sometimes wonder.
How can a sensitive person like you
have two
failed marriages?
Who told you sensitivity and marriage are related?
What a sweet child.
Are you dozing off?
Get up. Ill make some tea.
Get up!
Heres your cell phone. Ill get the tea ready.
Sir, she is...
-Whats your name? -Mili.
Mili. She's Mili.
Mili will stay with you from tonight onwards, okay?
Please come here.
For now, just fold these clothes. Later, I'll keep them in the wardrobe.
Shell be right here with you.
Ill call you for dinner soon.
May I come in?
These are the doctors prescriptions and reports.
I've arranged them date-wise.
Hell be in the hospital for two days.
You may go back home then.
How old is your son?
He's 11.
One moment, please.
Please give this to your son.
I brought it for my son.
I didnt know that his mom had already brought it for him. Here.
Hell be so happy. He loves watching birds.
Great, glad to hear that.
It has many functions.
You can read the manual and explain it to him.
Im going to serve your dad his dinner.
Please have one chapati at least.
What happened? Why wont you eat?
I'm not hungry.
Just eat whatever you like.
Have something, Dad.
Are you sending me off somewhere?
What are you saying?
Didnt I tell you?
Theyll just run a few tests.
Youll be admitted tomorrow afternoon and return home a day later.
Should I fry some flatbread for you?
-Would you have it? -No.
What are you looking for?
The keys are here.
Okay. Keep them with you. I don't want to lose them.
Returned the key to my house.
Forfeited my right to the home.
To all, I bid...
To all, I bid...
To all, I bid goodbye.
Why are you talking gibberish?
This is not gibberish.
Eat up.
Now, look. What did I want to tell you?
I keep forgetting because of all this fuss.
Well clear the room.
-Ravi? -Yes, what is it?
-Tell me. -Let's go out.
Why wont you eat?
Listen to me.
-Listen, sometimes... -Hey, come with us too.
I tend to forget sometimes.
Are these tests because of that?
They're just routine tests, Dad.
Listen to me.
But now...
I only have you before me.
Nothing else remains.
Can you really give somebody an "additional memory"?
Those are merely tests routinely done after a certain age.
Just a matter of one day, Dad.
The place where I am going...
Can you bring
her there too?
Who is she?
Can you at least try?
Ive been wanting to see her.
Ive never asked for anything.
I return home only for you.
And I dont know if Ill recognize anything.
Mayurakshi Mukherjee and Sushobhan Roy Chowdhury.
Heres another one, 1997.
But there is no address on the record.
Only the college address.
Did she stay in a hostel?
No. Her house was right behind the college.
I went there looking for her, but no one knows anything.
Well, it has been a long time.
Tracing her will be a little difficult.
How long did you stay here?
Six years.
-Did she live here then? -Yes.
Actually, I am looking for her current address.
Okay. I understand.
I still remember what your dad told me.
Especially if anyone was morose, he would say,
"Times will change."
-This was perhaps Gone With the Wind's-- -The last line of it.
I think someone can give you a lead.
Our former librarian, Mr. Shashank.
Of course. I know him.
Good. Go to him then.
But hes somewhat depressed.
They killed his granddaughter
because she got involved in a political mess.
She was shot dead in the market at 10 in the morning.
I dont know where will this get us.
The river has such crystal clear water
that you can see right to the bottom of it.
But it is horrific when it rains.
It floods its banks
and sweeps everything away.
She was...
She was such a nice girl.
Calm and well-mannered.
She had nobody but her mom.
When her mom passed away,
Mayurakshi too left for Kolkata to look for a job.
I wonder where she is now.
How is she doing?
Ill be off, then.
-Please come on time tomorrow. -Sure.
These are his watch and keys.
-Let's go. -I dont like sitting like this.
Can I walk?
Get up.
Please take this off.
Get up.
We wont be needing that.
What a beautiful view.
was terribly scared of hospitals.
I never got her admitted.
Mom spent the last three months of her life in a hospital.
I've never managed to get her admitted.
May I come in?
Can you tell them
not to close the curtains at night.
Otherwise, there'll be no light around here.
Ill tell them that.
Is your Dad going mad?
Whos saying all this rubbish?
After this hell get violent, shout
and roam the streets naked.
Just get rid of the attendant already.
She said stupid things. I dont like it.
Dont hire any more strange people.
"Even after knowing the address
one has to seek a direction."
You would say that so casually.
Hes fine.
Did he recognize you?
I think he did. He smiled.
He is still so regal.
What if one day,
just like him,
we'll get lost in the maze of our past memories?
What are you thinking about?
What if you go back by 25 years and I move 25 years ahead?
Shut up!
Youre too much.
No wonder youre like this.
-Who? -You. Who else?
With a self-centered daughter like mine,
Im sure to be thrown out.
Shell say, "Moms gone crazy."
And my husband will give up even way before that.
He'll say, "Shes gone crazy. Her treatment would be a bad investment."
He is a businessman, after all.
What are you up to now?
Camping here like this? Dont you have to return?
-The office called thrice yesterday. -What?
The annual convention is coming up.
You have no choice but to go back then.
Were all here.
Your cousin and whats her name...
-Mallika. -Mallika.
Give me their numbers. Ill keep in touch.
Lets see if the doctors here. Let's go.
Do you remember Mayurakshi?
-You mean your Dad's... -His student at Serampore College.
Yes. He was hell-bent on getting you two married.
He is looking for her, desperately.
Oh, God. Why?
Sushovan Roychowdhury?
Just a minute, I'll be back.
Sir, Dr. Bose is asking for you.
-This way, please. -I'll be back.
Your dad...
I chatted for a full hour with him yesterday.
I asked him everything from R. D. Burman to Ramchandra Guha.
He didnt have a grip on his memory and often confused.
But what he says ultimately, is so enlightening.
Hes a professor.
And he taught history.
He has stored a lifetime of data in his head.
His utilization of working memory is much superior than any ordinary man.
And on top of that, his varied interests
in literature, films, sports, music
are all stored in his head.
But now, suddenly, certain cells are not functioning.
Do you understand
how grave the crisis is?
After speaking to him, I realized
that you are the most important person in his life.
And you dont live here.
It's you.
How long have you kept me here?
Ive been lying here for months now.
It has only been a day.
What are you talking about? It has been so long now.
Ill take you home soon.
Dont forget.
I wont.
Hey! Are you still thinking?
It's lovely.
Fabulous, in fact.
Dont you have plenty of such open-air restaurants there?
But your idea is different.
Are you going to cover it up entirely or keep some spaces open?
Some spaces will be open.
Some people might appreciate the direct sunlight.
We have a rooftop lounge-bar there called the Epic Sky.
Youll get a lot of ideas when you see it with your own eyes. Just come over.
Okay, maybe next year.
My US visa is valid until 2018.
Tell me once you've fixed the date.
Sure. But if you pretend to be busy then, Ill break your head open.
Ive been doing nothing about this for a month now.
Ill just create a blueprint, then the transformation will begin.
I love the fact that you're taking a plunge with anything new.
Think of something new then take the plunge.
It's good if it clicks, or else, just go for the next one.
So, what's your next plan?
I'll contest the elections.
If I manage to get an election ticket, life is set.
Had this not been a public place, my hand would have touched your feet.
So what if we're in public? Whats stopping you?
Got it. Times up. Let me take my leave.
You're not supposed to.
Yes, I am.
And you know it.
Whos seeking Mayurakshi?
Is it your dad
or you?
Blurt it out.
If your election plan flops,
why don't you establish a detective agency?
You avoided the question.
I still want an answer.
-Hey, come on! -Hurry up!
Come on.
-Four! -Come on!
Catch it!
Sorry to bother you.
-Im looking for Mayurakshi Mukherjee-- -And you are?
My dad is Professor Sushovan Roychowdhury.
Come in.
Please, leave it open.
Have a seat.
How did you know Mayurakshi
lived here?
I found her letter to Dad.
This is the address. It's dated March 13, 2001.
That's 20 days after my accident.
Why search for Mayurakshi after so many years?
My dad wants to see her.
I see.
May I know what happened to you?
I fell from the first floor when I was drunk.
I have to suffer for six years now.
But she didnt let me die.
I mean
the one you came looking for.
Hows your dad?
He's suffering from a neurological problem.
He only remembers his past memories.
I know a lot
about you and your dad.
Your dad wanted you to marry Mayurakshi.
But you didnt want to.
That girl was strange.
Everyone was so self-centered.
But she took me on as her mission.
She cured me of my drug
and alcohol addiction.
Then I realized that unless I threw her out,
she would never have a life of her own.
So, I did just that.
I threw away
all of her belongings.
I didnt even open the door.
That window behind you...
I peeped out from there.
I saw her wept bitterly.
Then she picked up all of her belongings and left.
Your dad felt bad
after seeing her like that.
Thats why she stopped going to your house.
Where is she now?
With a patient like your dad,
the person who's looking after him
must live a miserable life.
Do you know what that means?
In this case, she could have been the ideal caregiver.
Shes in Baroda now.
She has a nice family,
a loving husband and a pretty daughter.
I often tell her,
"Had I not throw you out that day,
you wouldnt have had anything of your own."
Tea or coffee?
How are you now?
I see something ahead of me.
What more do I need?
Wait here.
Ill get you her address and phone number.
I dont know if I should say this.
But it's not like I can help it either.
Mayurakshi loved you
very much.
Ill get them.
Thank you, sir.
Ive decorated the whole house for you.
I got off at Howrah station
and I saw a flower market there.
The reports.
-Put them in a new file. -Sure.
Do you have something to say?
Do you want to rest in your room?
Let's go.
Please sit here.
How about some music?
Should I put the music on?
Okay. Ravi will bring the tea here. Please wait for it.
Heres a soft copy of my a curriculum vitae.
I mean
I dont want to make your baggage heavier than it is.
It has my system structures, project architectures. Everything's there.
Ill try.
I've never aspired to be in your company.
Even I didnt expect this.
But if there's any small company with bright prospects...
You don't need to worry about your dad.
Ill drop by every now and then to check on him.
Excuse me.
I'm afraid you have to get a new attendant tomorrow.
She says she wont work because the TV is not switched on.
Just imagine that.
The dinner will be served in a bit.
Your dad is asking for you.
You guys carry on. Ill be off now.
I'll call you later.
Come here.
Have you decided?
About what?
You see,
finding a pure soul
is not an easy task.
Those around you now,
they may be
more attractive.
But Mayurakshi...
She will hold you close.
Whenever youre feeling scared
and dodging around,
shell be with you.
You weep so much
I know about it. I heard everything.
You cant sleep at night.
Shell take away your sorrows.
Don't wait any longer.
You're running out of time.
Mayurakshi is dead.
She died this evening.
Right in front of my eyes.
Well, I was going to meet her from college.
She smiled when she saw me.
And she tried crossing the road while looking at me.
But then a bus...
We took her to the hospital. But nothing else could be done.
May I come in?
Im right here.
Is anything wrong?
Whats wrong?
What happened?
Whats wrong?
Is the tea ready?
Why don't you come with me?
I wouldnt know what to say.
You don't know what to say?
Just come with me. I'm scared.
Early this morning, your son...
Havent you told him?
Why are you dumping everything on me?
Your son left this morning.
Hell go back to the US from Dehradun.
Your son. Mr. Aryanil. Your son.
How did he come here?
He lives in...
Where does he live?
I cant remember.
Black Renaissance.
I'm all right.
Come downstairs.
Just come. Quick.
Because he is in the light of the eyes
There is such play of colors and forms
In the infinitude of white and black
Because he is with me, eternally
The southern breeze gladdens Every part of my being
Will these clouds bring rain?
It's for my boys art class.
Ive made
a window here.
He can sit there when hes homesick.
Hell be able to see me.
Do you want to sit here?
Mom, the man next to me is offering me the window seat. Can I?
All right.
Isnt it right, Dad?