MCA Middle Class Abbayi (2017) Movie Script

Keep checking dehydration regularly
Ok madam
I will come back and check again
Doctor, did you find anything?
How many times shall I say?
Not just me but no Doctor in the world can say
when would a patient in Coma is back to consciousness.
We really are doing our best
Son, you are worried so much about this patient.
What is your relation with her?
If breathe stops there,
life will be gone here
To which table would that drink go?
Table number 2,
Table number 5!
I got hit, man
What next?
Whoever comes from the entrance now,
we will see just for once
We would say anything asked about their appearance
It is not me saying, but him
Hey, why are four coming at once?
Oh no!
What is the belt color of fourth girl?
How many are the bangles to the hand of first girl?
Total three
One, two and three... Count is perfect
small tattoo on the body for a girl...
4 inches below the neck...
Butterfly tattoo...
Super dude....
It is correctly right there...
Move dude.
One tequila to sir... In our account
Why did you order for him in our account?
We got 30000 right?
Think a bit, why do you cry for after all 600?
How did you say so perfectly bro?
Oh that! Matter is that our fellow has a God gift.
Anything seen or heard for once,
he will never forget in lifetime.
His eyes are camera and ears are recorder
Enough now, they will not believe anymore
Having so much talent, you should be
somewhere but why here bro?
No relation to talent boss. We just keep going in our flow
We means?
We means we... MCA batch
Is MCA, a qualification?
No, mindset
Have you ever manage with pin when shirt button is gone?
Have you ever showcased normal jeans
as torn jeans cutting it with a blade?
Shall we say in clarity?
There is a tea shop at the street corner
Tea we sip there is 1/2
Only one is the Jeans pant on the body
We often change the T-shirt on the top
If our favourite hero cinema is hit
We too change to same hair cut
We are silent with Kaveri of our colony
But we sing duet with kajal in the
Though they give at half rate in Aashadam sales
We ask for the other half as discount
We are middle class boys MCA
We are middle class boys MCA
We are middle class boys MCA
We are middle middle
Middle class Boys
Hey picture is mine and pop corn is yours
Drink is mine and munching is yours
Bike is mine and petrol is yours
Hey, cigarette is mine and Killi is yours
We spend so making shares
We accumulate every single pie
We finally invest in chits and get cheated
We try lottery again thinking to get luck
We are middle class boys MCA
We are middle class boys MCA
We are middle class boys MCA
We are middle middle
Middle class Boys
We have more friends on face book
than money in pass book
Pickles from neighbours are more than cooked curries
News gossips are more that news from papers
Kick is more while selling empty bottles
than drinking beer from them
We are middle class boys MCA
We are middle class boys MCA
We are middle class boys MCA
We are middle middle
Middle class Boys
Get up Nani...
Get up Nani, we should start
Come on uncle, what meetings early in the morning at 11?
Brother is called and should start urgently
To Medak
Say that there is still no clarity on career
You get clarity when there is responsibility in life.
You have no responsibility and how will you get clarity?
Hey, arrange his clothes
Oh no, I just soaked all his clothes hubby
Oh no, it would now take minimum
three weeks for them to dry and me to iron them
How? What aunty?
I will bring them once they dry, you start
I will leave seeing sister once after back from school
Ok son, for sure
Chitti, Bujji
What daddy?
Hey, have you not been to school today?
Today is Sunday brother
That is the matter, understood?
I am going after so long to meet my brother
As I lost parents in childhood,
brother took up all my responsibilities
Instead to say brother,
It is correct to say that he is everything for me.
Movie on Friday and drink on Sunday
Our life became a bachelor party
Into our life advancing like a super hit mega serial,
wife of my brother gave an entry
They say life changes after marriage.
No idea why but my life changed after my brother got married
Eat, it tastes good
I know that my place
and her life are different in the life of my brother
As he gave more importance to her than me,
insecure feeling started in me
Thus I could not stay there and thought to
leave to the house of my uncle in Hyderabad
I felt my brother would say why, if I say to leave?
When bro?
I am coming home after very long
and no idea how brother would receive me now
This is the happy song of the hearts then
That is the autumn blossoming in the eyes
Sentimental fellow!
Why so late, uncle said you started in the morning?
The thoughts have tumbled down, he is upset...
Are you fine Nani?
Hey, why I called you is...
Will you start immediately as I came
when you called? Let me get fresh
Hey, why I called....
I am hungry. I had nothing from morning, let me eat
Hey, you look like tired, take rest and we will talk later
Hey, what is this time waste
without saying the matter after calling?
I have so many works there
Sister in law got transferred to Warangal
Sister in law got transferred to Warangal
Why do you say such a good news so late?
Our golden days are back to us again.
Friday film and Saturday drink, let us rock...
I should say this news urgently to aunt
Hey, listen completely to what I am saying
Say brother, I will listen to whatever you say now
You along with your sister in law
Along with
Should go to Warangal
Hey... What is wrong?
Is this why you called me?
Damn it, I will not go
Not that bro, your friend Darsi is in Warangal right?
All gets set if you go
I will not go even if earth blasts
or the Third World War takes place
Not that bro, I have training in Delhi and once I finish...
Even then, I will not go with her
Hey, I did not ask you anything till date from childhood.
I am asking for the first time as brother.
Go along with your sister in law, brother
All elder brothers in the world are so
you blackmail younger brothers emotionally and use
I should help you now, right?
Ok, you do not cry now...
I will go
Sentimental fellow
Come sister in law
Dude, you came after so long
Darsi, I had no way out
Hey, give it here
Take this dude
Is he Chatak?
How do you my name?
Leave that, what is that wound on your face?
Oh that! This fellow tried for a girl
Father, brother?
Yes, his girlfriend
He flirted with another girl when
she was by his side and hit him in anger.
He and his idiotic stories...
Dude, do you not have a girlfriend?
Girlfriend and him?
He never proposes any girl,
he says to think when some girl comes and proposes
When should that happen?
Hey, listen to me dude
Love of boys is like water in tank
and pours down when the tap is opened.
Love of girls is not like that, it is like the water underground
It does not come out unless drawn putting
a bore for feet together
All that is for you and not me
Hey Chatak, take it out
We too thought the same
Bring it down
Hey, get it...
Vehicle is good bro
I saw long back as a child and is still the same,
no improvement at all
Hello madam
Please come
Good morning madam
Good morning, please move
Best of luck madam
Thank you
Ravikiran madam, hello
Yes Jyothi, how are you?
One minute hubby... Nani...
Come on pour...
Say hubby
Is Nani fine?
Your nest is shattered, your heart is broken
Hey little Dove,
who hit you? Who hit you?
You should come in time in the mornings.
If we like your performance we will pay 200 extra per month
Ok ..
Who is it?
Maid... You come here
She waters the plants, cuts vegetables
and even brings the grocery.
We are just two and why a maid for us?
Send her away
Her feeling is why two servants for one person
Nani, clothes are in the washing machine. Dry them upstairs
200 it seems... You keep that 200
Clothes are shining white, what are you using bro?
Huh, XXX a soap with manners
We too are using the same
I use even my brain
What happened son?
She is torturing not even considering that I am a small kid aunty
What is she doing son?
Say what she is not doing. She is making me do everything
My condition is become like the new daughter in law
in the hands of a hardcore mother in law
Is she making you do every work?
I am the washing machine, vacuum cleaner,
dish cleaner and everything in the house aunty
What is the bad luck for you to take so much trouble, son
Come on, do not stay there even for a second
I am starting
Good bye
Say dude
What dude, going to Hyderabad?
Not able...
What, unable to listen?
I am asking, are you going to Hyderabad
Hey, talk something
Not something dude, are you going to Hyderabad?
Oh that side, in Warangal.. Yes...
Excuse me
Excuse me
I like you very much, when do we marry?
She came running, called waving the hands
She came running, called waving the hands
She saw from corner of the eye and gave a naughty smile
She saw from corner of the eye and gave a naughty smile
She is caught like gel and disturbed his life
She is caught like gel and disturbed his life
Stop it...
Who set that girl, guys?
Open the phone parts right away and show galleries
When the refugee gets food packet,
will he share it to the others?
We are depressed not getting a girl and do we set for you again?
If not am I a celebrity or legend to come
and propose seeing me on the road?
though few girls look good their taste
will be bad like this. Maybe she is of that genre
Cool down boss. See your phone is ringing
What son, you have not come still?
While coming, cool breeze touched,
got a gold fever and took a U turn aunty
Oh my son, have you been to the Doctor?
Has he given any medicines?
I am taking aunty
Take Metacin and it goes down fast
It seems that is not there. He gave some MC
and even this is working good, aunty
Careful son
Ok aunty
See you
Bye aunty
Who is that girl dude?
Hey, that girl is over him and drink will not affect him now
It is locked, she locked
All this is because of him...
Hey brother... a brother from same mother...
What happened?
What happened... One peg dude, it is this time
by the time I took one peg and came home
What is she thinking?
She is in and I am outside and house is locked.
I do not have the key too
What now? Should I knock the door and become an idiot?
You call her right now. Ask her to come and open the door
I came home safely brother.
You sleep carefully brother. Ok brother
Bye brother
She is Sivagami and all should fear
when she comes walking in slow motion
House key...
8801670774, my number...
You remember listening for once right?
Training is for the servant job and application now for Police job?
Will you not need that application for anything?
Why not? It will be of use
Take that waste and throw it out
Why not marry,
you will not have these troubles
You do not give waste advises.
Already one fellow married at home
and gave me the troubles.
Marriage it seems
Marriage means bus stop
Let her come, I should blow her away
Who are you? Where would you be and what will you do?
What do you know about me to say to marry me?
Huh, she should get shaken
What have you done about our marriage?
This Friday is my College holiday,
shall we marry then?
Say fast, bus is going
Hello, who are you and what is the matter?
Give your number, I will call in the evening. Come on give
Come fast..
I will call you.
Will anybody come to the tower for signal? You...
Your issue is all like going to Rome for Roman letters
Why are you cutting the signal in between, move aside idiot?
Hey Quintal, move aside man.
Our fellow already is in a worry
Come... Hot air is coming, but is the signal coming?
You do not say so Bujji, life is all going upside down
You understand dear, I did not switch off
New phone and I promise to have called
you for the first time. Understand
Bujji... Bujji
Slowly dude
Oh no
What happened madam?
I thought of taking flowers for worship and forgot
Give money madam, I will bring
Your duty time is over and still this is not office work. Go
No problem madam, just flowers right? I will bring
No, you leave Mallaiah.
Nani is there and he will bring
Ok madam
Here are the files
Hello, who is it?
Pallavi means...
That Pallavi, for whose phone you are waiting
Ok, what do you know about me that
you came directly and proposed?
I liked once I saw and said it. Love at first sight
Love at first sight?
Why, only you boys have love at first sight?
We, girls too have it
What is she talking like knowing well about our demands?
Ok, where do you stay?
Kasturbai hostel, room number 104,
Reddy colony, Hanmakonda
Can we believe?
Say what to do for you to believe?
Come out urgently from hostel
Oh no, now?..No outing after seven
from hostel. No chance to come
Oh, then it is all a bluff.
Hey, no it is true
Then, I will be before the hostel in 10 minutes. See you
Hey, please do not come. Hello... Hello
I will not come
You asked to come and I came.
Will you believe at least now?
What more should I do?
Jump the same wall again and go in
Is it to go inside that I got ready so much
and jumped over the wall?
No... Move
Hey, go... This town is new to me
I will take you, move...
I will not... Huh...
Move it fast, warden will see
Come, sit
This is all true, right?
I will not again get up from sleep suddenly
and get disappointed right?
I will not let you get disappointed, right?
I see, will you come close if I say?
Will you come further close if I asked?
Will you allow if I ask to kiss you?
What, ok
I will kiss
I am kissing
Actually, I did not expect
you will allow and I would kiss...
I did not properly kiss well in confusion...
If there is another chance, this time... a bit more properly
Shut your mouth and kiss
I do not know what happened
I do not know what happened
Your name is become song for lips
I do not know what happened
I do not know what happened
Every rain drop falling on me
For drowning you in this magic,
do not boast I am a noon and kill
I do not know what happened
I do not know what happened
Your name is become song for lips
Any flower I see, your smile is being seen
If anyone is plucking, it is getting into a fight
Any path I am walking,
feel like you are coming opposite to me
If anybody comes in the way,
it is becoming a fight
Wherever we are individual, this problem is a must
If we are together, no fight would come
I do not know what happened
I do not know what happened
Your name is become song for lips
I came to know what happened to
I came to know
I will not say that detail at all to you
There are two eye balls and two tender lips
Will you be my side like my second heart?
So many are the ways, my thoughts are so many
Will you come with me like the dreams coming true?
I saw so many steps my feet walked
Forgetting walk,
I am coming to you from front
I do not know what happened
I do not know what happened
Your name is become song for lips
I came to know what happened to
I came to know
I will not say that detail at all to you
My son Shiva... At an age of 12 years
With an anger to have defeated in game,
he hit his friend with bat and killed him
He grew up all at the juvenile home
Six years of punishment did not bring in any change in him
He wears the same type of dress
He goes only in Mini bus, though there are so many cars
No idea how is he at what time,
what is he, what his mentality is being his own mother
He thinks to win even by killing the opposite
when a problem of victory and defeat comes
If this zeal to win goes,
taking all good and bad in life and is happy marrying like all,
wishing to see is my wish Swamy...
When our wishes are not selfish,
all five elements come together and fulfill those
As a mother your wish is unselfish
and your wish would be fulfilled for sure dear
I know
I know what you are and I even know why you came
Sivashakti travels owner and 100 busses...
No single bus has a proper license...
Many busses move with the same number,
you will not pay road taxes
You run busses with heavy luggage and heavy load
You hike bus charges as and when you wish to.
You buy the officer coming in your way
if there is a chance with money
Else, you get them transferred
You know everything about me
You can write my life history
Yes right?
Then, why do you think I came to you?
40 died three months when your bus met with fire accident
Diesel tank leakage!
Brake failure...
Emergency exit did not work
You became reason for their death
running busses without fitness
I have the proofs in that relation. You came for those
No way out uncle, business!
You should overlook at such small mistakes and let go
How will I? Who lost lives in that are not 40
but 400 lives like me waiting for that bus
I have just one daughter.
She went for an interview
and was returning home attending that happily
taking the appointment order...But...
You know the pain of a father searching for daughter
amongst the burning corpses?
Very sad...
Hey, I too am feeling sad listening to what uncle said
Do not bargain, give what he asks and take the proofs
Ok brother
I am the soldier fighting without
compromise in war even when I lost a leg
I will fight...
I will fight till I win the case
Do not hurt my ego talking about
these victory and defeat unnecessarily
Me not doing what I thought,
losing a game has not happened till now
Hey, will I win if I die?
You will not win bro
What if uncle dies?
You will win bro
Burn all the proofs, nothing should be left
More complaints are coming on Chinni at hostel
I brought her here thinking she would spoil still being there
There are more complaints even our warden
Say, what are there, Chinni?
That she know nothing than to complain
This is my fear with her
and I will be in courage if she is with you
She will finish final year this year.
Our responsibility will finish getting
her married to a guy with job
You do not worry about Chinni, uncle
I will take care of her
Many thanks dear
What dear, it is been four years since
you married and have you not planned about kids?
You stay quiet with a smile for everything.
You have not changed at all
What Nani, have you looked for a job or still wandering free?
Why i am free sir?
Yesterday i set a girlfriend.
At present, very busy
You and girlfriend?
Sarada, joke is good and we will laugh sitting in the car
Nani, my sister Chinni too will be here with us from today
That means I should cut 2 onions, 4 chilies
and 6 lady fingers extra, right?
That is it! She is so means how would her sister be now?
Why to us about other ladies?
How do I tease this fellow?
All into the container...
What are you doing?
One minute
Say now
Looks like you are very busy?
In some important work
Ok, shall we go out like that
Hello... Hello
What happened?
Nothing, warden came for checking
I was almost caught
You are not caught, right?
I will be waiting at the wall,
you jump over and come
Warden is still in rounds and no chance to come
What happened?
Even our warden came for rounds
Has sister come?
Sister in law for you means sister for me right
Oh...Is it..!
My warden is moving here around and I will talk tomorrow
Even our Suryakantham is moving around, bye
Someone robbed my sandals
Those new sandals are for you. Madam bought for you
I know that they give clothes to servants for festivals
and maybe they are giving sandals these days
Still, there are no festivals now...
Nani... Nani
Nani, Nani, Nani...
You should drop my sister daily at college
and pick her back again
Driver duty too now along with servant duties... Damn!
Go and study well...
I should not get even one small complaint from College
Chinni madam, get down... Get down...
I felt it was accidental when hand touched once.
But you repeatedly are touch purposefully
I do not encourage such at all.
How far can I go when you keep pinching so?
Shall I sit on the handle and drive?
Please do not cry. Sorry!
It is common for you to get tempted seeing a guy like me.
But I already have a girlfriend.
I even changed the status in Face book. Go and check
Please be right there... Please...
I cannot cheat my Pallavi... Climb on...
Our journey goes smooth
if you maintain minimum half feet distance
No, not ahead but half feet back.
Keep that bag behind in between
Our ladies College...
Where are you?
Where will I be? In the College
Where are you?
Outside your College
What work do you have here?
Come on say, we shall see
Hey, say
I came just for you
Is it?
Then, be in College canteen and I will come
Who is that girl?
Which girl?
I saw
Have you seen?
She is very beautiful.
Is she beautiful?
Then, have you not seen?
I have not seen, promise on you
Wow, you are acting great.
What is she to you?
Where does she stay?
In my house
Cousin and you stay in the same house
and I should believe that you have not seen her
Hey go...Why do you not believe when I said did not see?
I will not believe
Come and check if you do not believe
I talked about all the matters.
They have no objections.
If you and the bigger guy talk and say ok, I will say them ok
You know everything, you talk and set that father in law
Ok dear, I will come to Warangal once everything is set
Ok father in law
Yes, one vegetable cutter on time delivery...
Discipline is very important
Have you not been to hostel? Deli...
Hey, why are you here?
Will you come till the house following me?
What is so much doubt?
Come, come this way...
Oh no...
My cousin is inside
Yes, I came to see about the matter of that cousin
Do you still not believe me?
If she sees us together, she would say to her sister
I think she is hurt a lot for saying
to be having a girlfriend yesterday
Oh no, why are you feeling more that her?
Looks like you both are into a good understanding?
Come on, call that girl
Hey, cousin of Nani... Come out
She will hear... Please you move
Have you kept her in so much control?
She is not coming at all however I call
If needed, we will have this mess
tomorrow at the College, please
Telebrands delivery, online...
What happened?
Mr. Nani is asking how to order in Telebrand, sister
Mr. Nani is asking how to order in Telebrand, sister
Elder sister
Younger sister
Brother in law?
Oh no
You.... Wait...
That means...
You played with me making me an innocent all these days
I gave so many hints at home and on the bike.
But, you missed them out
When you were enjoying like a kid
with dhoti like a Big man.
I saw for the first time right then and I liked
This dhoti... It is slipping
I have been following you from then.
I used to come to your house every year for you in holidays
And you were at this uncle
I unnecessarily wasted four years then
No problem, we will cover in these four months
Let us cover
We do not have so much time
No time at all
Shall I keep the bag in between?
No way, not at all
Like to have got wings newly,
let us live second as a minute, come on
Like some magic done strangely,
let us live a minute as hour, come on
Shall I increase speed a bit?
Shall I bundle day parts per every hour in count?
Shall I distribute as so many days for the day part?
Shall I change the walk saying a week per day?
Shall I beat you in sharing the love?
Either in Sun or in rain will our behavior change?
Either yesterday or tomorrow,
it is just half a second now
Like to have got wings newly,
let us live second as a minute, come on
Like some magic done strangely,
let us live a minute as hour, come on
Thinking about where is the girl I would like
Thinking when would she like and come to me
Shall I take you and show
wherever the time I had thought so is?
What will be my first thought seeing you?
What is the pain I went through unable to see you?
Shall I pull you into that time saying cannot say and show?
Shall I count all the times could not meet?
Shall I link that to the fingers?
Shall I put aside getting tired?
Shall I float in knowing you?
Either in Sun or in rain will our behavior change?
Either yesterday or tomorrow, it is just half a second now
If I see anything just one time..
It will capture that.
I should see Sunrise being by your side
I should touch Moonlight listening to you
Instead of wasting time bringing Sun and Moon adjacent
I should see you opening my eyes
You should sing lullaby when it gets night
Tie night and day at a place and no separation now
Shall I steal the time of even the others?
Shall I fulfill the dreams kept in stock at once?
Instead shall I make the time stand still all over?
Shall I fill the deficint of love all these days?
Either in Sun or in rain will our behavior change?
Either yesterday or tomorrow, it is just half a second now
Stop that bus
Stop... Stop..
Take that bus to a side
Hey, why did you stop that bus bro?
RTO checking
Hey, sister
Sister, who fears?
Should I fold the hands and shiver seeing her?
RTO has stopped the bus, all of you get down
Why are you here?
Bike broke down, got into the bus and...
Say Chinni madam
Yes sister, waste bike broke down
Shall I go in your car?
No need
Go in auto
Come Mr. Nani
You move
Madam, how will you make the
passengers get down without seeing the papers?
What is the bus number?
Can you not see?
What is the bus number?
If this is 2844, what is that then?
Yes madam
Handover the papers and seize these two busses
Ok madam
you know whose busses are these?
Shiva bro of Shivashakti travels
Check all the busses of that travels in the city.
Madam, can you not understand when said?
Showing power as you came new?
You do not know about my brother.
Accidents will happen breaks getting failed
What did you say the name?
Shiva bro
You heard right?
Send the notices on that name
Ok madam
Lady RTO coming newly is seizing all our busses bro
No bus will be left in our travels if left like this
She should know what happens messing with us bro
Lawyer sir, make Commissioner say
Ok Shiva
Good morning sir
What is your nuisance?
It seems you are doing a mess stopping the
busses going on roads in whole Warangal?
Hey, where is that Chilli?
Bringing Sir
Sir, three months back 40 members died
in fire accident on Bombay highway
I checked total history of that travels
and it has a complete bad report
It will be,
Shiva busses will be so.
He is a crack guy and
none knows how he would be at what time
We should adjust and go.
No sir,
this is an issue about the lives of public.
This is the problem with you ladies.
It would be so if you get jobs
Sir, I am just trying to do my duty
What is your duty?
Duty of Government employee is to do what higher official says
Sir, what I say is...
Hey, enough of your nonsense
Busses of Shiva should be on roads by tomorrow morning.
Go, go and look into that work
Hey, where is the Tea?
Good evening madam,
what shall we do?
First, send the busses seized to godown.
Attach photos of the two busses with same number
and file the case
Okay Madam.
Whoever calls you on this issue, ask them to talk with me
Hey, she is right here
Hey, what if your sister comes?
Let her come
Is it? Then...
Has the current come?
Your sister came
She... me...
Thought me as pillar in darkness and...
Do not search more...
I sent her to village
Not on such waste matters,
better you focus on matters useful
What you have to do now is...
Are you fine?
What son, did you get up so early in the morning?
I am so happy like no traffic in Hyderabad seeing you so
None other than your sister in law could change you.
Here, your aunt wanted me to give you this
You come in father in law
Why The Police are came?
It seems that RTO is not listening even
when Commissioner said.
She filed the case
I think warrant is issued.
I will look about the Police, you take care of that RTO
We tried by all means,
it seems she is very strict bro
Ladies dude... Sensitive...
We should deal careful
That is the problem,
these ladies do not listen to even husband at home
and what will they listen to us?
I will deal
Ok dear, I will leave
Father in law, you can go tomorrow. Stay back
No dear, I should handover these papers. See you
See you dear
Ok father in law
Why are you so dear?
Excuse me madam
Come in
Shiva, Shivashakti travels
Be seated
Thank you
What will you take? Tea, coffee
Anything that is ready
See you dear
I too will come uncle
How if you come?
Will your sister in law get alone?
Why do I need if she gets alone or whatever happens to her?
Why are you talking so, what happened to you?
She is a demon, uncle
She separated me and brother after marriage.
She made me a servant bringing me here
Now, she is taking even Pallavi away from me
She is a big sadist uncle
She would ruin my whole life if I am still here
I can't
I too will come, uncle
Say what are you expecting to let go the busses.
Run the busses paying tax and following the rules.
Following rules is not my style.
I have not requested anybody till now.
I am requesting for the first time
I am saying for the last time, I will not leave the busses
Madam, you are unnecessarily testing my patience.
You purposefully are wasting my time
All in the city fear about Shiva.
It would not look good if I lose in the hands of an RTO
All in the office respect Jyothi.
It in no way is good if she compromises.
No problem if you do not understand a person,
but it is wrong to misunderstand
You and your brother grew together from birth.
Your sister in law said me long back that you would feel
the same whoever comes in between you both
She did not send you away after marriage
not because she does not like you
It was for you to get better doing
something coming to Hyderabad
She did not give you works bringing
you here not to make you a servant
At least with a thought that you may get
to know of some responsibility like this
She did not send Pallavi to separate you,
but to make you one forever
Do you know why did she call me so urgently?
She wanted to urgently sell the land given
by her father even at lesser rate,
settle you and that I should talk to father of Pallavi
Ours are middle class families
and expenses shoot up even
if one person grows in the house
When asked why did she not have kids even
after four years of marriage,
she said not to have kids till our Nani settles
She is not ruining your life.
But she is getting away from
all joys in her life to make your life better
Few bonds are like cut threads
and stay separate if left so
They mingle up if tied up son
Do not frustrate, I cannot do what you asked for
Not doing what I think
and losing after starting the game has not happened till now
Hey, will I win dying?
Are you any crazy?
You die if you shoot and how will you win?
Yes, right?
Will I win if you die then?
What did you say?
I am saying will I win if this dirty lady dies?
Whom are you saying dirty lady, you rascal?
My sister in law!
Hello Madam
Hello Madam
I am frightened thinking about what happened madam.
It went fine as your brother in law came in time. If not?
He aimed gun for messing with his busses
and now he manhandled him.
He will not leave
I know well about that idiot Shiva.
Before he does anything to Nani, ask him to be careful
Will some idiot come and raise his hand on Warangal Shiva?
What were you all doing? Were you watching a film?
Go, go and bring him
Come on guys
what happened there was my professional issue.
It is wrong for you to hit him there.
Go and say him sorry.
Ours is middle class bro.
We feel happy for small things
and also feel sad for the smallest of things
Some auto guy dashes in traffic and scolds using filthy language
Our prestige goes to dogs
We feel like to react but cannot react.
We will have a family behind
With a fear that something may happen to them,
we go back home silently bro
And if some problem comes for them,
brain goes blank for one second
As gun was aimed at sister in law,
I did not know what I was doing
I hit
Sorry bro
Please forgive me
Hitting us there among all and now if you say sorry here,
will we leave?
Hey Subbu
I think this fight is over with this.
There should not be any problem further
Come Nani
Why did you leave so bro? You say yes
This whole state should know how the death would be
for the guy putting hands on Warangal Shiva
It is not the whole state to know...
But him
What happened?
I think keys fell somewhere inside sister in law.
I will just bring them
How will he know if he dies?
He won hitting me before all just for aiming gun at her, right?
He will know when we kill her.
I will win.
One minute
Nothing bro,
there was no link at all for your action and reaction just before
Not even in the face of anyone here,
expression to leave me was seen.
See how this fellow is seeing me
I understood that you are fixed
Even if you leave me now, you will finish me later
You correctly guessed it.
But not you, your sister in law
When I hit, why sister in law?
Fight started with your sister in law
I have never lost till now.
You sister in law should die if I am to win
I just before said that we are middle class guys,
go back silently and all that
That is correct.
but there is another angle in us bro.
Instead of reacting after the problem comes,
we will be prepared even before the problem comes
We buy four kilos in advance
if price of onion is growing by 2 rupees
We keep the tickets ready from now
for going to some place after 3 months
If the Petrol rate is hiking by 50 paisa,
we stand in half Kilometer queue in the midnight at petrol bunk
If we take care so much for such small things,
how much more care will we take messing with our family?
I understood that you anyways will be into your plans
I will be in my plans.
You try and I will save
Will you save,
how many days will you save?
Right, you fix some time period.
I am giving you 20 days time
Do we need so many days?
Ok 10 days?
it is like I won if your sister in law dies in these 10 days
and you won if she is alive
I will leave permanently
Will you kill?
Will you kill?
20th of this month is a good day it seems, is it ok for you?
Good day for what?
For our marriage
Why, you thought I left as sister sent me away?
No way,
I said the total matter to my father and
brought him to talk about our marriage.
They grow plantain tree in the backyard,
they grow coconut tree.
Will anyone grow a Banyan tree?
When we do not grow a tree without income in the backyard,
how do I make a guy without income as son in law? Say dear...
These fathers are always the same, they do not change.
You do not take any tension
Even if my dad says no, sister objects and
even if you say no, I will marry only you
My B Tech completes next year.
I will do a job and he cooks at home.
What is wrong?
You heard her answer right?
She is been cross talking the same.
I did a big mistake by giving great freedom to a girl.
They say to have given freedom and feel so when that is used
How if a man has so much of temper?
He is gone and hit Warangal Shiva directly
What, you did a fight?
Daddy, your daughter is very lucky.
A husband to fight along with cooking is come
Safe in all the ways
That fight is finished right then uncle.
Nani is not of a type to go into fights
Fight is like the fire raging in a forest.
It does not stop till it burns down into ashes
No, not that uncle...
Come on, Enough dear
When I kept my daughter in your hands to take good care,
you kept her in his hands without any sense
and now are supporting her
Would I be in such a situation if you were correct?
One word...
If you say another word about sister in law,
you will lose your respect
I do not need you or your daughter.
Get out of the house
Nani please
What dear, you said he never gets into fights?
He brought a screw driver even when the talks were still on?
Will he do murders then?
You heard it right? Did you get into senses?
Move now shutting your mouth
gas smell is coming bro
Yes bro
I know in advance that you guys will come, idiot
And thus I was in my preparations
He leaked the total gas bro
I have already taken my decision.
I am giving you 10 more seconds time for taking a decision
It is not as easy to give a warning.
Not just us but even you and
your sister in law will die if the cylinder blasts
Sister in law is safe.
I already planned
And about me...
I always was into spending money given by brother,
eating food served by sister in law but never did anything for them
I am fixed to give today if needed
My life...
Hey, what happened to three and four in between?
I am getting sleep guys
Bro, he is doing too much
Once the cylinder blasts temperature here grows by 100 times
and third degree burns for everyone
and will get to know about the skin burnt dropping
We will get to know the blood evaporating
Body of every guy will be like dipped into the acid and taken out
Dying is different and to die horribly is different
Your bad luck, six...
By the way, I forgot to say.
There are rings and chains on your bodies right?
They will be of use later for your families to identify your bodies
If not who would expect you to be here at this time?
They would think orphan corpses and let go
Will he do murders then?
What will we say to bro?
We can say something if alive
Bro, we will turn the autos and keep them ready
You come on dude
Move on... Move
What happened?
Gas has leaked sister in law
To be on safe side,
I switched off power and opened all the doors
You go and sleep
Bro, he seems to be a great rascal.
He is ready to kill or die for sister in law
It is difficult to kill her when that fellow is there bro
Match will not complete just by playing
defence on one ball, Subbu
We will have to play many balls to score a century
One ball is enough to take a wicket
Bowl the perfect ball seeing for a time when he is not there
Enough to sign on this application...
You can join in the training
Yes, you
Money from selling the land to this fellow...
I mean to sir...
This job for me now...
Seeing face of this fellow...
I see full risk just seeing face of sir.
What if he closes the company taking all our money?
No sister in law,
let us keep our money with us
and they will have their job with them
Sir is joking...
This is not a chit fund company
to close down taking money, but a software company
We will return this deposit to you if you do not get a job
But if he does not come to office, we will turn
this money into fixed deposit in our company
Three months training and weekly five days
Oh no sister in law, I forgot...
Today is Tuesday and not a good day
Today is an auspicious day
there was no better time than this in recent times
Great auspicious time madam, actually today is my marriage day
Will this fellow fix timing s or training...
I am saying whether Sir fixes timings or does job?
Nani, sign it
Now for my job, the only property in hand...
That property is not important to me than your future
Sign it
This is your desk
All the best
Bye madam.
You should go that way
All facilities along with wifi are here,
you can ask for anything you need
I need leave for ten days
No chance
Move on...
Hey, our fellow has come
Is everything ok?
All is fine but what is that tag?
Have you joined in job by chance or what?
What to join now,
it is already 24 hours since I joined
Sister in law is my job!
These nine days, day and night on duty...
Hey, has he not come?
No sir
He joined just yesterday right?
What is this question paper, are you conducting any exam?
Not a question paper, but daily program
What is this secret mission,
it is done if the present matter is said to sister in law right?
She made me say sorry just for fighting just once.
Now knowing all these matters,
she would directly send me away from Warangal
It is more danger then.
This is the office of my sister
Is it?
Ok, meet and come fast
Let us park the bike right here
That road is near by Hunt road.
I will just come
Then comes the bridge
Where is Nani?
He does not give reply when texted and does not lift when called
Ask him to immediately come
to hostel and meet me
Why me to say, you said it right?
Hey, what is this get up?
That means, have you joined in hob for me
and to convince my dad?
Oh no, I am sorry.
I unnecessarily misunderstood you
and scolded about you within
Why did you not tell this matter to me?
You wanted to give me a surprise?
Yes, that was the idea
To surprise you and guessed that right
Then what are you doing here having the office?
Idiot is dead now
Actually, that is...
Why not you guess even this for fun?
Office was over early and you came here for sister
Finish early even the day after and we will celebrate
Our love anniversary...
Marriage anniversary of sister and brother in law...
I saw you for the first time then right?
Hey, congrats dude...
Marriage anniversary?
He is kept the luggage right?
Yes S2!
Why me to Delhi, so suddenly?
Not that sister in law, day after is your marriage day
If you are seen suddenly to brother,
how surprised would he feel?
Please sister in law, please
It is tough to get ticket all of a sudden now
I did not bring the luggage too.
Still, how will I go without applying leave for office?
Ticket and luggage, we already kept them in your seat.
And the leave letter...
Hey, have you brought the paper?
Give it here
Hey, give the pen guys...
Hey bend
Give dude
You just put one signature and I will fill the rest,
take Mallaiah and submit it. That is all
Hey, what is this Nani like a kid?
What sister in law,
I am daily waking up early, tucking my shirt in, hanging the tag
am going to office as you said though I do not have a habit
Can you not apply four days leave for me?
Still, I felt to see brother and sister in law
to be happy for that one day.
Is it my mistake?
You say dude
I beg you sister in law, you sign
He made me bend in a wrong position.
Sign fast..
Say guys.
Sign sister in law please, fast
Please sister in law
Sister in law,
once brother sees you shoot that expression
and send it to me in WhatsApp
Ok..You be careful.
Put rice in the cooker and get curries from outside
You do not think anything and enjoy happily.
Bye sister in law
Bye sister in law
Bye Nani
None should know that sister in law is been to Delhi.
Let us write Hyderabad even in the leave letter
Hey, sister in law did not know till she got in
and we did not know till it moved and who would know?
Still, she will be back in four days right?
What will you do then?
I already set up such that sister in law will not step back in
Warangal again for the next eight days
Super dude
Said great but look there first
Hey Jyothi...
Hey Nani
Where did he come from?
What are you suddenly?
What a pleasant surprise,
how do you know that I am coming?
He thought of sending me to Delhi for our marriage day
and wished to give you a surprise.
Thank God, good that you saw me.
If not we should have celebrated
marriage day you in Delhi and I here in Warangal
What a timing from you, man?
You will never do at least one work well right?
Why dude?
What wherever Nani,
you wanted us to celebrate together right?
Do not get disappointed
Ok sister in law
Sister in law?
May God give long life
and great kids fast...
Be happy forever with children
Hey, where is the party dude?
It is a family party...
No need of light settings and no need of mike set
Let us make our house itself as discotheque
No need to think about night, no need to go out
If we club so, will the house not become pub?
To spend happily, should we go abroad?
Place we are at is Ooty and Shimla, no need to cross the door
This is enough baby, why is this life for us
Who will stop or question us, come on let us enjoy
It is a family party
It is a family party
It is a family party
It is a family party
Either you play fast beat or a romance song
Why shy, come on dance all around are our people
Either you roll down or jump in the air
Show all your craze, it is all our house
Wearing a Jeans pant, do rumble dance.
Do a mass song if in a silk sari
It is a family party
It is a family party
It is a family party
It is a family party
Liquor is ready to share a kick for you
Come in a shorts as the house is your bar
Either salt is more or spice is less
Can Five Star hotels compete with home food?
Love this bond with no boundaries
Take good care of your own sharing heart full of love
It is a family party
It is a family party
It is a family party
It is a family party
I have none other than you and Jyothi.
I had a pain all these days seeing
the disturbance in between you two
But, now I do not have that pain.
I am happy.
I am going happily.
You married sister in law and brought into our life
You sent me here even when I objected
and made me understand what sister in law is.
Thanks bro.
Go dude, it is time now.
Go, go on..
Hey, come on... Come
Will you make me cry or what?
Go dude, time is up now...
Say dude
Hey, sister in law is starting to office.
You come fast
I am coming.. we will meet in market.
Bro, he is not being single without leaving her even for a minute
Yesterday his brother, uncle and relatives came
They had a party and even sang a song bro.
What song?
That was some family party bro
Family party!
My dad is searching for another match for me.
You react now.
If not, you all may have to suffer if I react.
I know that you are a rebel,
but do not be in a hurry
I will look for time and will speak myself to your dad
It is me to feel happier than all if you both become one
My good sister...
Thank you... Thank you...
What market is this sister in law, it is not at all good.
All the vegetables are either rotten or ripe
Our Mangalnarayan shop is better than this.
Hey, here for you
Sister, your training is working out.
It will be of great use in future for me.
Ok, how is your training?
Which training?
Oh, training?
Say dude
What to say?
About that training
Which training?
Oh, that one? Training is on great sister in law.
Our fellow is dashing like the ISRO rocket
Clicking that CC++ with looks and scanning that
SAP and drinking Java like juice and...
Seeing this they are saying why training for him
and requesting to immediately join the job sister in law
Yes sister in law
Your Manager has hundred years
Is it?
He looks so but has not that much age sister in law
Kishore Sir
Kishore Sir...
Oh God, are you found? Madam...
What meetings with such at places
like this sister in law, not at all good.
Let us go from here, come on..
What is it?
How if you do not wish when the
Manager giving job is seen?
Yes, I will go wish and come, you be here
He will go
Hey, Tea is good there and you take him there
Hello Sir...
About you...
one minute...
Brinjal is that side
Sister in law is there
Madam, I called you so many times. I was trying to talk to you.
You know what has your guy done?
I know
You know?
Darsi has just said
What did you say Darsi?
He said the same you wanted to call and say
How do he know what I wanted to say?
I know sir
You wanted to say the same matter
we said to sister in law right?
Who are in between without any link?
My friend
Whatever but important thing is to convey the
matter either he says, you say or I say right?
Madam, matter is conveyed to you right?
Yes done
Hey, move fast due
Sister in law, shall we start now?
Madam, are you not feeling even after the matter is conveyed?
I felt very happy
Why is the reaction coming in reverse?
I too felt very happy
and should urgently say this matter to my dad.
She is felling happy without any sync, who is she?
Fiancee of my friend
She should feel more, it is your future right?
Madam, what actually happened is Nani and office...
You are the reason for Nani to be so today
Why are you blaming me?
This is not fair. Why do you blame me for what your guy did?
You are the main reason for all this
Have you seen sister in law?
When you are giving the total credit to him,
he in return is giving it all to you
Is this credit?
Is this credit?
Why are you so much irritated?
This fellow is so, irritating face
I am saying sir is so and irritating face
Saying sir means ok
Ok sir, thank you. Start now
Start now sir
Hey, do not touch...
Hey Darshan, you bring lady fingers and come.
Sister in law, shall we leave, we may not get autos again
Hey Darsi, wait.
Is the matter conveyed to her?
It is correctly conveyed to them.
There is one matter which needs to be conveyed to you.
What is that?
Do you know Warnagal Shiva?
Days to fear about Warangal Shiva are gone.
It seems somebody hit him recently right?
It is our friend who hit
This fellow?
Is it Sir?
we need to give importance to more pollution control both
Is meeting of madam only today or is it here even tomorrow?
Here just today
and our place from tomorrow, RTO office
Thank you
Men of some Shiva bro it seems,
they put a knife and said to call you
Nothing, knife is sharp.
Shall I find out where did they buy it?
It would be convenient for you to cut vegetables
Hey, to have last look of her you come here urgently.
If not, I will cut her neck
Come on guys...
Hey, I break rules but will not miss target.
My target is always your sister in law and thus I diverted you
For you to come down to your sister in law,
it takes minimum 20 minutes of time
Five minutes is enough for me.
I am already on my way.
Still, why did you leave your sister in law and go like that?
Sir, you should immediately leave from here.
We got information about an attack on you
Who has the guts to attack on me in Warangal?
Please cooperate sir, if something happens to you
law and order problem arises in the whole city, please
Our duty is to give you protection
Who gave the wrong information?
All mobile units alert!
We got information that someone is going to do
a murder attempt on Warangal Shiva
Location is Pollution control board of Hanmakonda
I repeat, location is Pollution control board of Hanmakonda
All units in and around that location approach immediately
You were before in 5 minutes distance to sister in law
and now in five seconds distance
Take one step forward idiot, let us see
Sir, please get into the car
Nani, why are you here?
Sister in law, that is...
Have you not been to office?
The work they give me takes just half an hour for me
and I came completing that already
Yes, I know.
You will achieve anything if you focus
Nani, how do you know that I am here?
I called Mallaiah, sister in law.
He said you are going to temple in the evening
and thus came to come along
Shall we leave sister in law?
Where is Darsi?
At the counter
Hey Vijay, you take sister in law and arrange Darshan
I will go, pay money at the counter and come sister in law
Pallavi, that is...
I liked as and when I saw you
I proposed the first time I met.
I wontedly came to your house
Am I cheap to you because of that?
By the time I wanted to say you...
They put the knife here...
Still, I did not fear
You left from there without caring about me...
Then I really felt frightened
I like you more than my life.
But I now understood how much you like me
I felt mine was love at first sight.
But did not expect it would become one side love
Not that... Pallavi...
Hitting him is not as easy as to hit the coin bro
Not that Yakub bro, need it fast
Hey, it seems would take two days for the bike to get ready
Bike should be at home before sister in law gets a doubt
I should speak a minute with you
My name is Narayana, friend of Military Srinivas
Srinivas tried to file a case collecting
evidences about Shiva travels
All know that Shiva killed him
and made the dead body disappear
But none has the courage to say that
Why are you saying all this time now?
You are the first person opposing him.
My confidence is that Srinivas has kept all
those evidences safe somewhere
They would be either at home or at office for sure
Finding those, Shiva can permanently put inside
I should lock you first to finish your sister in law.
Thus I put the focus on you
It was me who sent that Narayana, idiot
I killed that Military fellow for the evidences
How did you think that I would let go those evidences?
What, logic right?
Now, I am directly going to your sister in law
Come on, switch on...
Darsi, lift the phone...
Hey, where is madam?
She is been for checking in Khammam road sir
Breaking news...
video of Shivashakti travels owner Shiva alias Warangal
Shiva shooting a person with gun is
making rounds in Social Media
The person you are seeing now,
Shiva shooting is Ex-Military officer Srinivas
Police at present are searching for Shiva
You urgently leave city go somewhere.
It is difficult to come out if you are caught.
Police are searching for you
Shiva, arrest warrant is issued on you.
We are taking you into our custody
Why respect to that fellow?
Hey Shiva
Just two minutes sir, a small matter
He fell in his own dug ditch dude...
You killed a Military officer
You killed him for proofs
and he died making his death as a proof
I said before itself right,
we feel happy for just the small things...
We all have a private channel called Face book,
if we get any interesting video in that we share,
share and share that
Hey, will I win by saving sister in law just for these 10 days?
It is like safe for present, but will not win
What if I send him to jail for lifelong?
Then, it is like you won
All my prestige and power are gone because of you.
Along with that I lost even the fear
I have nothing to lose with me.
But with you...
Family, friends, your middle class emotions, all are there
Game is still not finished.
There is still three days time.
His story is like finished and will not come out any soon.
What next?
I did the duty for sister in law till now
and now I will do the duty said by sister in law
There is another work before that
Why did you not say all this before?
I could not say and you did not give the chance to say
Did they arrest?
Yes, they did
Chinni madam
Say Nani sir
You should do me a small favor.
I said you then right?
My girlfriend Pallavi...
If you somehow speak to your sister and set our marriage...
Why me, your sister in law right? You talk to her
Chinni madam...
Chinni madam say to your sister, Iam crazy about Pallavi
She feels only hers is love at first sight,
even mine is love at first sight
First time seeing at the bus stop, I even
imagined a family photo too with two, three children
I am going to the job today and that too is for her
After all expenses, about six thousand will be saved per month
I will bring that and keep in her hands.
You say her to spend it as she wants to
I will not marry anyone other than Pallavi
Chinni madam, that is it? Ok, your wish
Hey Chinni, you stopped my breathe with your curly hairs...
My dear Chinni
Hey Nani, you made me turn like
top with those dazzling eyes...
My dear Nani
You blindfolded me with ribbons of your two plaits
You come into my dreams whole day with few poses
When you say so, my body sounded like a guitar like this
Hello Mr. Nani
Yes, say Madam Chinni
Hello Mr. Nani
Yes, say Madam Chinni
Hello Mr. Nani
Yes, say Madam Chinni
Hello Mr. Nani
Yes, say once more
Either at milk booth, playing volleyball
I am seeing you on the way up and down
Saying clothes on the roof, vegetables in street with
some reason I am searching for you in house
I sang a love song in bathroom and made a trial to make you flat
I named kid next door after you and kissed his cheeks hard
Hello Mr. Nani
Yes, say Madam Chinni
Hello Mr. Nani
Yes, say Madam Chinni
Hello Mr. Nani
Yes, say Madam Chinni
Hey you look very cute like the marigold flower,
show place I got to kiss you
You are like gun powder and I am match stick,
if lit today is the crackers festival
Love train is on tracks of my heart, hoist your sari flag
Have the picture putting your house keys in my waist
Hello Mr. Nani
Yes, say Madam Chinni
Hello Mr. Nani
Yes, say Madam Chinni
Hello Mr. Nani
Yes, say Madam Chinni
Hello Mr. Nani
Yes, say once more
Evidences are very strong Shiva. It is tough to get a bail
It is sure that you get punishment
if the case comes for hearing
I at any cost should come out from here tomorrow
and I do not know what you do
Hey... Sorry
Sir, actually I thought not to come for ten days.
See, I came in seven days itself
Fight with that Shiva and not coming to office...
Your sister in law
Sister in law does not know
She should not know, no need to know
No need to know
You proudly got saying to see that
your brother in law is doing a job
Is this it?
Is it for him that you paid money selling the properties?
I said early itself to you that these fights will not stop here
It is a risk to all around him along with him
I do not need this risk for my daughter
Wait for one minute sir
Sister in law, what exactly happened was...
I felt very happy that you were settling in life.
You made all that happiness into a lie
You acted so great like you were
daily dressing up and going to office
No sister in law, listen...
Do not talk
You made me believe and cheated.
You killed my faith.
How will you get better now?
Never show your face again to me
Sir, need two days leave extension...
None of you come with me
Thinking how the guy to be in did come out?
I do not miss the target.
Where are you when your sister in law is with me?
Come on...
Where is sister in law?
I said right idiot that game is still not finished
All these days, I tried to kill your
sister in law even if I get a minute
Now even when I got, I am not still killing her
If she dies, you may cry for a month and then forget.
That is not enough for me
I will not kill,
but will make you kill
You should feel bad thinking everyday you are alive
that your sister in law died because of you
This story ends at the same place where it started
I hid your sister in law at a place
No idea how many more days would
she live leaving her right there
Your sister in law dies just because you cannot save her
None other than me now knows where your sister in law is
You will any how find out if I am alive.
Will I win if I die now?
I will win
Hey Shiva...
Hey Shiva...
As bullet hit behind the head,
blood is all floated into the brain
As the reticular activating system completely
got damaged, patient is gone into coma
You urgently give a Police complaint
I hid your sister in law at a place
No idea how many more days would
she live leaving her right there
Your sister in law dies just because you cannot save her
Sorry dude... Sorry
Your sister in law dies just because you cannot save her
Hey, we searched all places and Sister in law is not seen
Search rehydration regularly and
continue the fluids,
I will come again and check
Ok madam
Doctor, did you find anything?
Not just me but no Doctor in the world can say
when a patient in coma would come back to conscious state
Hey, Shiva has come out from Coma
Hello sir, please do not disturb.
Shiva, say idiot
where sister in law is, say...
He cannot say whatever you ask,
it is retro grade amnesia and he cannot remember anything
I will make him remember everything even by killing him.
None other than him knows where sister in law is
Will you say or shall I kill?
No dear.. no...
No son, do not harm him.
I am begging you.
Please leave my son
Damn it, we lost even the only hope left.
We filtered the whole city for five days and...
Is sister in law really alive or dead or...
Hey, nothing will happen to sister in law
Nothing will happen to sister in law
How will you say dude?
My confidence,
My confidence
That Shiva, your friends, I and none can become a help for you.
Maybe only you can be a help for yourself
Nani, whatever you see or listen to once, you will never forget.
Remember... Think...
Maybe you could find some clue in regards with sister
Hey, will I win if she dies....
This story ends at the same place where it started
Where did this story start?
Where did this story start?
Yes, bus...
The bus seized by sister in law...
That bus now...
Send the seized busses to godown
RTA godown...
RTA godown...
Attach those two busses with the same number
and file the case
Second bus...
second bus...
Second bus is not here,
where is it then?
You know...
You know it man, think...
Warangal new route...
Shivashakti parking ground...
I misunderstand you..
Sorry Nani...
Sister in law can say sorry,
but mother cannot say
We will have a maid at least from now sister in law
Come on Subbareddy sir, hello.
My son in law has job in software office,
very big post and draws 50000 per month
Where is the groom?
Yes, that edge... Leave it so
Perfect, that is it...
Why all these for you Shiva?
My mom said you are the reason for me to be like this.
Can I not do this much for you?
I think they are calling, move
Our fellow is looking great in the marriage attire.
Yes uncle
Do you know my son in law before itself?
Who do you think is he?
Software Engineer, very big job
My daughter is lucky girl
Joining duty from tomorrow?
I put leave for two weeks
Not that duty Nani sir, duty at home
That means milk packets
and vegetables early morning to start again?
Hey, they are common in middle class dude
Stop sir, what is the hurry?
shall I tie?
It is a family party...
No need of light settings and no need of mike set
Let us make our house itself as discotheque
No need to think about night, no need to go out
If we club so, will the house not become pub?
To spend happily, should we go abroad?
Place we are at is Ooty and Shimla, no need to cross the door
This is enough baby, why is this life for us
Who will stop or question us, come on let us enjoy
It is a family party
It is a family party
It is a family party
It is a family party