McDull: Me & My Mum (2014) Movie Script

I'm an experienced cop for over 30 years.
People don't like cops.
When my wife agreed to marry me
Her mom wept bitter tears
and threatened to hang herself.
Years have passed.
It was me and me alone who
cracked the Century Robbery.
Throw in the Century Kidnap
The Century Butcher.
And the Century Reaper, too.
But what does it mean?
At the custody case
My boy told the judge
My old man, he stinks!
All because I hid in a manhole
for three months to spy on the "suspect"
And the smell, it just wouldn't...
Three years and another three,
that'll be ten years soon.
Your honour, my old man has six tits.
That time, I was only saved
by wearing two bullet-proof vests.
Your honour, my old man has four butts.
Now what can that mean?
Oh, my God!
Over 30 years' time,
and people still don't like cops...
Until this smug chap appears.
Detective! Detective! I adore you!
A young detective who cracked
a series of stunning cases
In just a few years.
Sympathy, Empathy
Is what I called the sixth
sense in Criminology
Not only invited by the FBI
and Interpol to give training course...
Even the Cordon Bleu Chef Academy
Ridiculously honoured him.
You kidding me?
the toon which recounts his story...
He is now more popular than Sherlock.
Joy, attack!
The mystery is now solved!
A dragon? Really!
I've met him. More like a hog.
I'll grow up to be a detective!
Send me the cases!
I'll be THE detective! De-all-the-tect!
I'll be THE detective! Ha! Ha! Ha!
But, sonny, your old man
is a True Detective...
Honey, if we met today,
would you love me a bit more?
Sir, are you alright?
I was testing if the bed weren't tapered...
Any discovery?
I see this as another enclosed murder.
The victim, a big tycoon around town.
Murdered in an enclosed room
with the safe left open.
The victim, unsoiled as a new born baby...
The murderer is still here,
You keep grueling them!
Yes Sir!
Sir, it's bad.
The suspects are now wailing like hell.
Wail they might! More grueling.
But, sir... shouldn't we get him?
A bunch of us here
And we need an outsider to give help?
Time is short! The reporters're arriving!
And some of the suspects've
soiled their pants!
No matter!
The big shots've said
we'd always call him in!
- Sir, do it!
- Sir
I need a number...
Bobby Mak... what?
Bobby Mak, what's his birth name?
So you've valuables
at home that
you don't want intruders to find?
Wrap them up like this, then bundle it.
Now, who'd be interested in a dumpling?
Those household appliances,
They sure go spaced out at times.
Now, hit it sans mercy...
And they perform!
We can hit it some more.
And surely
Kids go spaced out at times too.
Hit them like this...
and this.
Let me tell you...
What magic a knife can do to a steak...
Jamie couldn't do better, huh?
An audience writes,
he has a job interview in town,
But as he has no long pants,
he is concerned about his hairy legs.
Would those legs be offensive?
Now, now... pick up your knife
move it over, and over, and over.
The victim, 1.6M,
56 kg, on his forehead...
Waist, 92cm.
Body fat percentage?
Say... 33.
Great, now turn him over.
Again... What do you see?
Awful stuff coming out.
The victim drank one
Cappuccino an hour ago.
Then he had a cake, and two tarts.
Turn him over.
Then he peed without washing his hands.
Head stand.
Body fat percentage should be 36.
He tried losing weight
But without much success
Turn him over again. Bad teeth.
The dentist did a bad job
Failed him when he ate fried chicken.
You don't know this!
Now give us a 180 degree turn and so on...
He loves potato chips, cheese flavour.
On train or plane, he
prefers a window seat.
Australian rice, not Thai.
So-so relationship with his parents;
Has a wife a year older.
His bowl of goldfish didn't last long.
Hasn't visited his homeland much.
Athlete's foot, size 7 shoes
Wants to dump whenever he hears Andy sings.
Hates ice-cream mooncake,
Lucky number 2 and 16, special number 33.
You kidding me?
The mystery is solved!
No way!
Fei, 4pm...
Let nobody touch him before 4pm.
Invoice will be sent. OK, let's go.
Let's go catch the killer.
What about the suspects outside?
Release them. They're innocent.
Bobby! Detective Bobby!
Our idol!
Bobby, we've questions for you!
Bobby, but you're fabulous!
Detective, what's your horoscope?
Who named you Bobby?
Who'd be qualified as your perfect mate?
Who fights better, you or Donnie Yen?
Now be good
And let the Detective go catch the killer.
Right, great! But we're not
going to catch the killer.
Not going to catch the killer!
But you said we'd wait till 4pm.
At 4pm, the mystery will solve itself.
What does that mean? I don't comprehend!
Sir, say something.
Hey, sir? Sir!
I'm an experienced cop
for over 30 years...
Experience can't be compared
to some filthy toon.
Everybody is charmed by this hog.
Sonny. You rather believe
this hog than your pop!
Mother-in-law, call me to join you
when you hang yourself again.
Sir, trust me for another hour, ok?
Trust a hog?
So, let's chat for this next hour.
No, I have a question.
Why are you called Flying Dragon?
Fly I can't, I just scurry.
It's just a toon.
Are your secret weapons
a hanger and nylon ropes'?
Well, that bit is true.
Who taught you that?
And who taught you to de-all-those-tect?
Do you really speak many languages?
Just a few words...
Where did you learn it?
I speak English too.
Me too.
And your brain is like a camera
that captures everything?
And how come you can
cook so well, Detective?
People say you're a great
plumber too, is it true?
Well, all this, I have to thank my mom.
Mrs. Mak?
I was born in a little
town with a population below 20,000.
It was a popular port
among fishermen living in villages nearby.
They came to shop, and bank.
My mom, she was no star...
That was before the time of internet.
Instead, we had community TV stations
to relate the latest happening.
Mom was the producer of one such station
cum writer, hostess and actress.
With three staff
they'd always welcome a hand
when I was on holiday.
"Willow at the river
accompanies the two of us"
"Birds in pairs sing a love-filled hint"
"My beating heart makes the river ripple"
"Alas, you pay no attention"
"Willow at the river
accompanies the two of us"
"Our shoulders rub a love-filled hint"
"My eyes beam a tender poem"
"Alas, you don't seem to notice"
"Sunny day, drizzling day"
"Willow keeps us company
in the springtime breeze"
"Love grows, love tangles"
Traffic on the South Road is smooth
Though beware that
fallen crabs are scurrying on Sea King Road
Next is market news
Pot King
Renowned for their pig liver
and meatball
They are offering panfried
duck intestines tonight.
You'd be a fool to miss it!
Next is weather report...
Take the laundry in! It's raining!
It's Household Genie!
Weather changes in an
instant, people don't.
An advice from the Household Genie
Always bring a hanger
and with a twist, and more twist...
Add a plastic bag, wear it like this...
Now who's afraid of rain?
Even better, a hanger is
also useful for plumbage
and massage
But I'll save that till we meet again!
"Willow keeps us company
in the springtime breeze."
"Love grows, love tangle"
Mom was brilliant, but as for me...
A bit to the left, left...
Not to the right...
Pray tell, which one is your left hand?
The one you wear your watch.
Where are you going?
To get my watch.
"I can only hope one day you will know..."
"How much I love you dear."
Next is special news
Due to popular demand
squid at Pot King is sold out today
Take note that squid is
sold out at Pot King.
Thank you, Chief.
Mom, I want chicken.
It's all on the menu, see what you want.
I want... chicken and chicken.
What chicken and chicken?
Here, you see, chicken and chicken.
You bloody idiot!
You can't have two dishes of chicken.
I can't? But chicken and chicken look good.
Make up your mind, the
left one or the right.
Where are you going?
To get my watch!
Black sheep
Why are you playing dead?
No more than a snake playing dead.
Ha, I say, this's the climate
for a pot of mutton.
I say, this's the climate
for a bowl of snake soup.
I believe if mom was educated
she'd well be awarded a Nobel prize.
Relentlessly, she tried her best
to offer me the opportunity
to learn the tricks of life
But then
Somehow I just managed to muddle things up.
It's Household Genie!
Take a hanger and work
it like this, add a book
Now your kids can read with a straight back
Me and mom, we love Household Genie best
But your mom is Household Genie!
No way! The Genie is a man
and mom is a woman
But I saw your mom wearing the Genie mask
with my own eyes
Mom is really Household Genie?
Aiya! And I always thought mom was a woman
Mom had a way of righting things
While I always did wrong
As you can imagine
It wasn't easy for her to
put me on the right track
Please, how did your mom smart you up?
Well... how should I put it?
Come on, just tell it as it was.
Right! Tell!
OK, I'll tell whatever comes to mind
But I don't guarantee that'd make sense
Our beloved Dr. Chen the Senior is dead.
The historically admired grandmaster
Dr. Chen the Senior, is dead.
From now on
the public hospital is your bet.
Because Dr. Chen the Senior is dead.
Having a cough? Go visit Dr. Ng the Senior
He is alive and kicking
Come on
Cut the price
The next stall is cheaper
One summer
mom designed an educational programme
Tailored to my needs
Turn around, once more...
you gained weight again
Kick and flip back
57 lbs no less.
Do a 180 degree rotation
Badass had fishball again
after school, right?
Hand... the other one.
Didn't wash hands after toilet
Do a 360 degree rotation.
Protein ratio 47
Head stand! Badass, only two dollars left
Now, the badmouth tactics.
Stuff at the vege stall is no good
Stuff at the vege stall is no good
How so?
Nah, better not badmouthing people!
Nah, better not badmouthing people!
Mrs. Mak, you going home or what?
Drop us at the market
I need to practise with the badass
Come on, sell it
Come on, sell it
It's not fresh. Cut the
loss and we all go home.
It's not fresh. Cut the
loss and we all go home.
The two of you're really something.
You're closing. Cut the loss.
Mom, how much we saved today?
One dollar for the pea,
20 cents for the vege.
The fish guy was no good,
1.8 dollar for the chicken wing.
All in all, three dollars.
What, that little?
Little? A dollar a day
And it'd be enough for
the Pot King in a year.
Wow! Hurray!
Mom, what if we save 3 dollars a day?
3 dollars a day and we'd have a buffet.
Wow! Buffet with oysters,
sushi, roast beef and dessert
With discounts for kids!
Now, don't start.
Shopping for your mom, Dull?
Right. Stuff at the fish stall is no good.
How so?
Nah, better not badmouthing people!
You're a well-trained son.
Next is local news.
Help me with this... what're you writing?
Oh right, mom... Are you a woman?
Of course, you idiot.
But Santa Claus is a man?
Huh? Right!
Good. I'm writing my wish
list to Santa Claus.
What's on your list?
A cam.
What cam?
A cam the TV station use.
I want to shoot something
but Chief wouldn't let me near it.
Now one mustn't be greedy.
Leave something for the old
guy for the graveyard.
But isn't Santa Claus very rich?
Rich! Working at a rotten TV station.
Say, mom will get you one.
A walking cam.
Let your eyes be the lens. Watch...
Are you focused? Now zoom in,
and give us a pan shot.
Good. Now we do a 70
30 profile. Now track...
Don't I look great?
Close-up... more...
Slitty eyes, slitty eyes...
Now fade to black... great. Cut!
Imagination. That was my
mom's gift to me. Imagination.
Now what? Stay still and go to sleep.
Watching a playback... oops!
Are you ok?
That was in my programme
Sleep diagonally and you get more space.
They have some theory for that
Pythagorean theorem.
More spacious, you're right.
Mom, you're the best.
Right. The best and look where it gets me.
I need you to be the best.
But I'm so not the best
Now go to sleep. There's work tomorrow.
Off, walking cam!
Where's the off button?
As our baby grows up
It's no good telling him off face to face
We can write down our teaching
On a paper...
Fold it up, like this, bundle it.
Kiddo, you want dumpling?
Today we'll prepare The
Meaty Vege Composite.
Take the cow stomach and
turn it into bamboo fungus.
And sea cucumber becomes mushroom.
Transform the material and
make it look like something
it isn't. Smart, huh?
Egg white is disguised as bean curd,
while this is actually fish.
Oyster sauce for final touch...
Voila! Your Meaty Vege Composite!
Kiddo, come try if the
vege dish doesn't taste great!
Vege dish actually tastes great!
With a very meaty touch!
Now you'll eat more vege
dishes and no complain!
But then...
One day when the baby discovers
there's no meaty touch in a vege dish...
What happens?
When that day comes, it'd be
time for them to trick us
Now, tune in for next episode.
The Road to Fortune with
Your Baby's Virgin hand!
Be sure don't miss it!
"Lonely night, lonely
light, a breeze comes by."
"An unmarried late-teenager
gasps at the youth."
"Some youth he is, delicate and dashing."
"My heart plays a tune but
am hesitant to approach."
Question, what is a Virgin Hand?
Oh... something related
to the Virgin of Fortune.
You mean another branch of Boy Scout.
I'm a Boy Scout.
I once practiced Virgin Fist.
And I know Tiger Paw!
But I've eaten a spring chicken.
I've eaten five.
I've eaten 700.
Detective, was there spring
chicken at Pot King?
Well, yes...
Please, can I have their
reservation number?
5171777. But Pot King closed down.
When did this happen?
Before you were born.
My Virgin Hand is itchy.
For what?
Urgent delivery.
Wow! Go deliver.
Any other virgins need to go deliver?
Me too.
A big parcel.
Follow one another.
But, Detective...
Can you wait for us before
you finish your story?
Sure, be quick.
Detective, I'm bored to death.
I'm so bored I want to puke.
Me too,
I have a serious headache.
Well, maybe I'll detour
to something inconsequential...
I'll tell you about my Uncle Cousin.
Uncle Cousin!
That time, mom said to me...
She had joined a space programme
and would be away for some time.
There're so many tests
becoming an astronaut.
And how long will you be away?
I'm not sure, you know,
those space ships...
Mom didn't have many friends,
And the TV station was closed...
Out of nowhere,
Mom had Uncle Cousin to take care of me.
This Uncle Cousin... he
was a strange character.
The reverse of mom, he
seldom talked and bored me.
The noodle he sold had only one flavour...
While his stall was located at a place
where nobody ever went by.
I don't remember even seeing a fly.
Uncle Cousin... I'm so bored
I think my head is going to burst.
Uncle Cousin, nobody comes here,
Let's move the stall to somewhere else.
Shall I cook you some noodle?
Tastes good?
Very good.
Somehow this tastes
Better than all the ones
I've eaten before, why?
You're bored.
People who come here might
be bothered, or lost...
Heartbroken, wearied... or just bored.
At such times,
to have a bowl of hot noodle...
To be able to smell the familiar smell...
People who arrived here
might want to turn back.
But aren't you bored yourself?
How come-
Every mountain has its own voice.
Every voice is nice to listen to.
I love listening to the voice they make.
At the end of the world,
a perfect bowl of instant noodle...
Delicate, aromatic, full-bodied, tender...
Then mom came back from space
and Uncle Cousin disappeared.
Never to be seen nor heard of again.
Just like an alien coming
to earth for a visit.
Be a good boy and love your mother more.
How nice...
If things could be stirred
Like a bowl of noodle...
And come together as one?
What is the lesson of the story?
No lesson.
No lesson?
A dull story, this one.
Excuse moi.
So, are all the virgins back?
All back.
Now comes the highlight,
Me and Mom Got Rich!
Today we join hands with our baby
and hit the jackpot!
Everyone knows Mark 6 is a big jackpot...
The problem is how to pick the six numbers.
We grownups believe in
the numbers 3 and 8...
As they're traditionally lucky numbers.
But such nonsense is like
betting straight from 1 to 6!
Now, our baby is not burdened
with such thinking.
Come, my baby...
Now use your Virgin of Fortune hand...
To draw us six numbers
and we shall be rich!
The first number, 3.
Mark 6 was then drawn once
a week; In order to win...
One has to bet on all the 6 numbers
drawn between 1 and 42.
The forth number, 18.
The fifth... 33.
The last number drawn
for over 20 weeks,
the numbers drawn with my virgin hand...
Trust me to muddle anything up
that could be muddled..
The stuff at the chicken stall is no good.
Not as good as your virgin hand, huh?
Religiously, mom bet on the numbers I drew.
Week after week, not a
single number came up.
Mom canned the programme
after a few months.
Use the nylon rope to tie some knots
Throw it in, and flush.
Helper, now pull!
Like this, nothing left to block
the plumage, all cleared up.
And who needs a plumber anymore?
Now we demonstrate how to get rid
of the flies with the nylon rope.
Everything appeared to return
t0 normal, and then...
A special news...
Pot King, renowned for their fresh material
and delicious hot pot...
Will be closing down in two months' time,
we thank all with gratitude.
Sister, don't mourn!
Grab your baby
and enjoy another meal at Pot King
In fact, our neighbourhood
had been changing
for the past two years.
Subscribers for the station had declined,
now with the closing down of Pot King...
We knew better and started
looking for a job.
Find me what's that poison...
And poison that bitch!
Great, thanks. Next.
Find me what's that called...
And poison her
That bitch!
May, do you think mine
are shitty hands?
Why are you so gross?
My hands, whatever number
they draw for Mark 6...
Not one number comes up.
You silly, if that's whatever
hands you call it...
Then we're all on the same boat.
Really, for many weeks,
not one number I drew came up.
Well, that can be very helpful.
What do you mean?
Simple take away all the numbers you draw,
bet on the rest.
Whatever you do, I do the reverse...
And I can't go wrong.
Kiddo, why are you pinching me from behind
for no reason?
White Brow! I'm attacking your death point
with my pop's Tiger Paw!
It'd be more like a massage.
This is it?
Mom, it's settled! We'll hit it this time!
Hit what? Hit your head?
Hit the Mark 6 jackpot!
Let's see... six tickets in one go?
These're leftovers, drawn
by my shitty hand.
Are you out of your mind?
No, six tickets, 36 numbers,
all drawn with my shitty hand.
Only six numbers left...
bet on it and we hit the jackpot.
Says who that you have shitty hands?
But it's true! With shit all over!
Bet on the numbers I didn't draw
and it's sure win.
Alright, alright, sure win.
Now go wash your shitty
hands and we'll eat.
So, you agreed!
Alright, sure win, I agree. Now go.
I hoped I'd help unload mom's burden...
I hoped she'd get rich!
Mom, we're rich!
We're R-I-C-H!
The result of today's draw
the 6 numbers I didn't draw
We're R-I-C-H! R-I-C-H!
Oh, sure, yes, right, rich. R-I-C-H!
At long last,
it was proven that mine are
really shitty hands...
But the outcome was a happy one.
It was my idea!
The point is, mom got rich.
That night, mom took me
to Pot King to celebrate.
There, we saw Chief and Miss Chan.
Pot King, we're renowned
for our fresh material...
Come to Pot King and give
our crispy eel a try.
Guaranteed to blow your mind out.
Chief! Miss Chan!
Oh, you're here?
Beef balls, meatballs,
duck intestines, crispy eel...
That night, mom and me were very happy
and we ate a whole lot.
She ordered a bottle of
beer, and I had a sip.
Bottoms up!
Wow... delicious.
"Yummy Yum, Yummy Yummy Yum..."
"This number gets me itchy."
"I can't stop but twist and twist."
"My unwholesome body
flows with the rhythm."
"My butt comes to life
with its ugly twist."
"This is a hard time to make a living."
"What little we make we lose in betting."
"But let us all be happy now."
"When the sky falls we say, Wow."
"Let us be happy and raise our cups,"
"Bottoms up!"
Pot King now closes down,
We hope to see you again.
Cut! Dismiss.
After Pot King,
the station followed and folded.
But mom and me were rich.
The following day, mom
bought me a new suit.
From now on, you must dress tidy.
And walk straight,
walk tall.
You're a rich kid now.
But play it cool,
we don't want people to know we're rich.
'K'. What about May?
Don't even tell May,
girls have a big mouth.
If the badass hears, they'd kidnap you.
Turn and let's have a look.
A bit tight.
Slim cut is in.
Be a good boy, learn hard...
Be a rich, orderly and smart kid.
Mom, will we be moving to a luxurious flat?
But we don't want to alert
people that we're rich!
Oh, right. Will we buy a nice doggie?
Have you seen a hog walking
around with a doggie in town?
Maybe we'd get one later.
But you can be my doggie
for the time being.
Bobby, Bobby, Come on! Bobby!
Don't go, Bobby.
How about go around the world?
People wouldn't see us if
we go around the world.
You want to go around the world?
I do. I want to visit Japan
to eat a lot of sushi...
To see Godzilla got beaten, and
to relax in the hot spring.
And to the North Pole to visit Santa Claus
to thank him for his presents.
And Korea too!
Do you know
what delicious dishes they serve...
Mom, do we still haggle
now that we're rich?
Of course! Ever heard of a miser?
That'll do! Come on! Cut the
loss and we all go home!
It's not fresh. Cut the
loss and we all go home.
The next stall is cheaper
Let's first pretend we're going abroad...
We'd do the real thing when all is quiet.
As with mom's Meaty Vege Composite...
I'd never be sure
which time we travelled for real...
Till now, I can hardly differentiate
a genuine vege dish from a fake one...
and that's me.
After kindergarten, I didn't go to Eton.
Most of my classmates'
families were fishermen,
mom said...
You don't say, they make big money.
Big-eyed fish comes with big eyes.
Yellow fish is dressed in yellow.
Finally the rebuilt arrived.
Our whole building was
reallocated to public housing.
Mom and me... we actually moved with them!
But mom had her way to turn it
into a luxurious flat.
Being at school all day,
I saw mom less and less.
Playing poor, she kept her job,
at times two...
She said that made it authentic.
As for traveling, we basically stopped.
Mustn't forget me if you win!
Of course I won't forget you!
Then, mom had to go to space again.
The doctor from the Space Centre came
and said something.
I'd tell it was nothing good.
I was worried,
and wondered that was no
way how rich guys live...
Finally, I said to mom...
Maybe I'd quit school...
Why? Are you bullied at school?
What have the mantis shrimps done?
No... if I quit school I'd
keep you company and go places.
I don't want you to play poor
and go to space all by yourself.
You silly hog, look how you have grown up.
What? You bet on the numbers I drew!
I'd always bet on your numbers.
Your hands, forever tender and soft
not shitty at all.
She said...
Even when the whole world doesn't trust you
I trust you.
Even when the whole world doesn't love you
I love you.
She said...
I love you with my intestines.
I trust you from head to toe.
What else can I say? I love my mom.
Question how do you trust
someone from head to toe?
It's a way of saying things.
Relax! He's waking up, you see.
He had a bite too much of
the cake and passed out.
But the safe...
The safe is where I put my cake.
What on earth happened
to the forensic people?
I called the forensic,
but they arrived in no time at all.
Where is he now?
What the...
Do we need an ambulance?
We're here already.
Ah... Mr. Mak...
No trouble. Fei, let's go.
Go? No way, Jose!
But you haven't got to the part
of becoming Detective Bobby yet!
Right! Finish it!
Finish! Finish!
Actually... I really
don't know how to tell.
Just tell it as it is!
Whatever you want to say!
Alright, maybe I'd start
with the Lemon King.
The Lemon King?
"Dried lemon, wonderful stuff."
"it turns your eyes round."
"Have a taste, it's so sour..."
After the station,
Chief moved on to sell
homemade dried lemon.
Alas, a pack of dried lemon lasts years...
So, business was slow.
Mom took up jobs and saved enough money...
She opened a mum-purpose barbershop
at our village house.
Done. Next.
Wingie, your hair needs a cut.
Wow, look at you, all down and out today...
Come on in and I'll give you a massage.
Mom, I'm on my way to school.
Study hard.
After that, mom sent me out for my haircut.
After the RICH bubble burst
nothing changed with our living.
But knowing that we weren't rich
That feeling... somehow
made things different
But how so? I couldn't tell.
Maybe that was why mom kept the secret
from me for so long.
Then mom sold the barbershop,
And invested in Lemon King.
But with mom,
you can bet it wouldn't
just be selling dried lemon.
Mum-purpose is the word,
Let's sell fishballs, ice-cream, etc. etc.
And plumbing too, why not?
In the name of Real Estate,
we can just throw in about
every kind of service.
We're here to serve,
who cares to specialize.
Forget about Mark 6. We'll get rich, silly.
After secondary school, I started working.
I didn't stay long for any job.
Yeah, right, just... like, do it...
Kiddo, you're making me very nervous.
At times I did wonder...
If mom loved me less,
Trusted me less...
And bet on the six numbers I didn't draw...
Would I be living in a better world?
I know, it's shitty of
me to think like that.
Unexpectedly, Miss Chan got
pregnant and took her leave.
Better than wandering around
I got recruited by mom.
Just like that, I officially
became shitty hand.
Another sewage job, Bobby?
At last, I took fly.
I hooked up with my classmates
and decided to follow their
trade and became a sailor.
Good, go and see the world.
Grab every chance to study,
that'd be useful.
I know.
Take care of your back.
Wait, here's a pack of mushroom.
"Yummy Yum, Yummy Yummy Yum..."
"This number gets me itchy."
"I can't stop but twist and twist."
"My unwholesome body
flows with the rhythm."
"My butt comes to life to its ugly twist."
"This is a hard time to make a living"
"What little we make we lose in betting"
"But let us all be happy now."
"When the sky falls we say, Wow."
"Let us be happy and raise our cups,"
"Bottoms up!"
"Yummy Yum, Yummy Yummy Yum"
From one to another, I jumped ship.
And went from one port to another.
Which port didn't matter
As time was on my side.
"Fishing gets me itchy."
"What little we make we lose in betting"
"But let us all be happy now"
"When the sky falls we say, Wow."
"Let us be happy and raise our cups,"
"Bottoms up!"
In the beginning, I phoned
home every other week.
Then it became less frequent.
As I grew UP.
I talked to mom less and less.
There was nothing to say.
"Fishing gets me itchy."
"What little we make we lose in betting"
"But let us all be happy now"
"When the sky falls we say, Wow."
"Let us be happy and raise our cups,"
"Bottoms up!"
"Bottoms up!"
That night.
I suddenly got a call from Chief.
Dull, where are you?
Earlier, your mom, she...
Come right back!
Question, what happened earlier?
Detective, I know!
Poo poo!
Not poo poo.
I know! Crippled!
Not crippled!
Did she... go to space again?
Right, to space.
After you left, your mom
worked even harder.
So hard
It was like she was bearing
you on her back unremittingly.
Business was alright
until two months ago when the rain came...
It rained nonstop for over a month.
Mom, it looks like we're a dead snake.
And then nobody won the
first prize of the Mark 6
for ten draws...
All of us were jobless and got red-eyed...
So everybody just bet every cent they had.
We're in for the killing! Yeah! Kill!
Of course gambling is a matter of luck.
But it was freaky that
For the six tickets we bought
The 36 numbers chosen by your mom
not even one number was drawn
All we need was another ticket, right?
No way! Over my dead body!
On that day, mom was sent to Space Centre.
She went into space before I got home.
Then I left. And walked on, and on.
I just walked on, without a destination.
I arrived at places
That mom and me pretended to visit.
Arriving at the real thing
I didn't think it mattered that much
I took the road for one?
Two? Or three years?
Until one day I arrived
at the End of the World.
I was faced with the ocean, and then
All of a sudden...
I really wanted to have a
bowl of noodle, really.
So I turned around
Cut your loss and we all go home.
It's my mom.
One day, I happened to
arrive at Chopin's old home.
I stood at the piano that
Chopin once played...
Suddenly, I really wanted to play a tune.
I dropped my first tear on that day...
Since the day mom went into space.
I said it was my talent
to muddle things up...
But after that day
For some reason...
The puzzle began to fall into place.
I started to work hard
on gaining my knowledge.
I specialized in Middle Ages
European Langauge and Symbology.
Based on some ancient
literature and hidden symbols...
I cracked a murder case
that had troubled historians
for few hundred years
My thesis, published by a
periodical few people read...
Drew attention from
specialists at Scotland Yard.
It was like that I became a detective.
My name is Mak, Bobby Mak!
I love this job
I love seeing myself capable.
Every time I feel I am clever...
Every time I feel smart...
Every time I feel brave...
I feel mom is truly there
Right beside me.
The mystery is now solved.
Confronting fate, mom
lost all she had to lose.
Confronting fate, mom
won all she could win.
What she won she left with me,
and keep her loss to herself.
Hence Detective Bobby was born.
Stop crying, go find your pop.
Pop, don't go into space.
Sonny, it's you?
Love your pop more, don't be like me.
Wait, Detective!
One more thing I want to know!
"I have never left. I just moved to live
in the heart of the one who loves me."
As the saying goes, we
all walk our melancholy way.
Single parent is a very common thing today
But certain question still
needs to be answered
Mom, where has pop gone?
When asked such question on a foul day...
lam prompt to answer...
The asshole is dead!
But that seems a bit vulgar
and ungenerous...
So, we can touch up and say...
The dumb-ass passed away.
The dumb-ass kicked the bucket.
Or, to put it mildly...
The asshole is in horizontal bliss.
A positive way of saying it...
The SOB is gone.
Or, we can say...
The asshole got himself a no return ticket.
A more simple way to put it would be...
Your awful pop is now six feet under
Simplified as...
He's six feet under.
A more sentimental way would be...
The badass is blowing in the wind.
Thank you
Mom, where has pop gone?
The asshole is dead.
Thank you for watching.