Me and Me (2020) Movie Script

Jin-kyu, what is it?
You didn't go home?
I forgot something.
What'd you forget?
Must be important, you're
out of breath from running.
I didn't run, I rode my bike.
What is it? Want me to look?
No. I have a right to privacy.
Well, I don't want to
impede on your privacy,
but I'll give you some advice.
You should organize your locker.
It's my locker, I'll take care of it.
Jung Jin-kyu
So nice.
This one?
On the right.
- The right?
- Yeah.
- This one? Okay.
- Yeah.
It's falling!
All right!
It's so good.
Not bitter?
Not at all.
Shall we pull these
down, leaving a few?
Why leave a few?
The magpies. They need to eat, too.
Sure. You're so kind.
These days, deer coming
down from the mountain
are causing much damage.
Therefore please clear
away harvested food...
The days are getting short.
Everything's so regular here.
It's fun.
These wild mushrooms
used to be so expensive.
When I was young, we
got these once as a gift.
You need to take a big bite out
of them to get the fragrance.
But Mom cut them in tiny pieces,
to make them last longer.
Oh no!
We really struggled back then, after
Dad co-signed a friend's loan.
I couldn't even shower at home.
Mom wanted to save on the water bill.
Then where did you shower?
Well, at school in the summer.
And in winter?
My friend's house.
You poor thing.
Now it's just a memory,
but I was so upset then.
Your mom must've felt even worse.
I fought with her all the time,
only thinking of myself.
I was a bad son.
But I didn't say sorry.
When she was alive.
Yes, it's me.
I'm sorry.
I was too immature back then.
It's okay.
I'm the one who feels sorry.
Must've been hard on a kid like you.
Green light... red light!
Green light... red...
I'm so envious!
Honey, kids need to
live like this, in nature.
Hey, schoolteachers here are
all dying to move to Seoul.
Why go the opposite way?
What's so great about Seoul?
Rents going up every year...
What if you have kids?
What about their education?
You think kids from
here go to university?
Actually the quality of
education here is higher.
You poor thing, marrying
a weirdo like this.
Is it really okay living here?
I like it here.
She appreciates
nature. You're the weirdo.
You're the weird one!
You're really cold-hearted, you know?
Not putting us up for the night?
I'm sorry, it's a schedule clash.
We've been planning this for ages.
I don't know what to say.
Honey, let's go.
Should we go?
I'm heading that way,
so let's say bye here.
Okay then.
Have a good life!
See you next time!
I'm sorry.
You have to lie to your friends.
Putting on an act with
an empty suitcase.
It's all right.
If I hadn't, they would
have refused to go home.
Oh my, if you do it that way
the yarn gets tangled.
Try it like this.
What's the point of making these dolls?
I just want to knit sweaters,
how long will we do this?
After this, the intermediate
level is easier.
People do fine without
making these things.
If you want an ordinary sweater,
no need to spend time learning.
Investing time and effort
will get you a great result.
What? I'm not done yet.
All right, all right.
Teacher, I need to go early.
My husband wants me to
work in the greenhouse.
He could have just told
me in the morning.
It's so annoying.
Have a nice evening.
Doing a class is hard.
Everyone's so busy.
They might cancel the class,
with so few students.
English conversation and
computer classes are popular.
But knitting...
Can't be helped.
Even if the class is canceled,
keep knitting. You have talent.
It's just that you teach so well.
What do you mean?
You picked it up quickly.
No, I'm really clumsy.
Did you suddenly get possessed
by a knitting master?
You're really good at it.
It's pretty! When you finish,
who will you give it to?
Don't tell me you want it?
I wouldn't mind.
If we had a daughter,
I bet she'd love it.
Don't say things like that.
There's no reason we can't have kids.
Then there's no reason
for us to come live here.
Won't you regret it if there's
no product of our love?
The fertility god won't be happy.
I was so exhausted
today. All night long...
Stop it!
Nice pitch! Strike!
Strike two! You pitch well!
Listen to you.
You should've been a
comedian, not a teacher.
In college I almost tried
out for a comedy group.
I'm serious. Watch.
"Even if the sea's full of cola,
you still need a cup to drink!
Dah dah dah!
Dah dah dah!"
Hey, punk!
Who's gonna laugh
at those crappy jokes?
This is how you do comedy, punk!
Who are you?
I'm the king of comedy!
Sorry for my ugly face.
Are you Lee Joo-il, the
legendary comedian?
Repeat after me, punk!
So how many times does 0.1 go into 4.5?
45 times!
Right. How about 1.9?
19 times!
Easy, right?
Do you understand this?
I understand.
Then can you solve this on the board?
Jin-kyu can't do it!
Jin-kyu needs a little time,
so let's not rush him.
Each of you solve it at your desks.
Jin-kyu, what don't you understand?
Teacher, are you a strange person?
My dad asked me if you're strange.
But who's Lee Joo-il?
Why are you pushing your bike?
Seems I got a flat tire.
A flat?
That's not good.
I'll have my husband take it
to the bike shop for a patch.
Then you're gonna walk
all the way home?
I'll just think of it as exercise.
Careful, then.
I'm going downtown in a
bit, I'll get that tire patched.
Probably won't fit in your
husband's car anyway.
Oh, Teacher!
Oh, hello.
What are you doing here?
We had a school dinner.
I see.
Oh, your wife's bike is in my car.
She got a flat, so
I told her I'd fix it.
Sorry to trouble you.
It's no trouble.
A bit later I'll leave
it at your house.
No, it'll be late. Just come tomorrow.
I'll just leave it in
front of your place.
No one will steal it in this town.
No, bring it tomorrow!
All right, then.
Did you come to our house last night?
Okay, see you.
What's going on?
Honey, stop!
Damn it!
What the hell?
Wait, don't go!
Out of the way!
Please let me explain.
Get out of the way!
No, don't go like this!
Wait, please!
Let me explain.
It's a good thing I studied judo.
If it were you, you'd be
hospitalized with a broken back.
You studied judo, and
she still beat you up?
Last night she was possessed by
Rikidozan, the king of wrestling!
It's hard to believe.
You think I'd make this up?
I thought it was strange for people
from Seoul to move down here.
But how can Soo-hyuk live with her?
Here she comes!
Such a gentle woman,
with a wicked illness like that.
Teacher begged me to keep it secret,
I'm just telling you since
you're village foreman.
Let's keep it between us.
No need to let it spread through town.
But can we really ignore it?
If it happens every night,
then every night she's insane.
Not insane, she's possessed.
Same thing.
Years ago a shaman lived here,
and there was no problem.
That's because she told
fortunes and performed rites.
She was scary during the rites,
but otherwise she was fine.
Then what's the difference?
Will she tell fortunes?
My son's marriage
plans keep falling apart.
Don't go around talking about this.
Anyway, this is our secret.
I think we should...
Hello, Teacher.
The word got out.
Thanks for your efforts.
Please don't thank us...
Anyway, it's done.
Aren't you curious?
About what?
How I turned out this way.
Not at all! You must feel awkward.
Goodbye, then!
The villagers said it
would ease their fears.
Well, then...
Teacher, I'm leaving the key!
Do I have to do this every day?
Who was I last night?
Was it hard on you?
It's never hard.
No matter what happens.
Then I'll be back early in the morning.
Just a minute.
Lock it, then unlock it tomorrow.
But Teacher, how could I...?
Honey, don't do this.
You'll unlock it in the morning.
What good deeds did I do in my
past life to meet a man like you?
What good deeds did I do in my
past life to meet a woman like you?
It wasn't good deeds
that brought you to me,
it must have been bad deeds.
No, I must have done something
incredibly good, I'm sure.
Let's have a baby.
Sure, I'm doing wonderful.
No, no need for that. We're very happy.
I envy them.
They're lucky.
Nothing special, I just thought of you.
Where's your husband?
Oh, really?
Shall we have a drink?
Just one drink, only one.
That's not it!
Where the hell have you been?
What happened to them?
They took away the bodies.
The whole mountain
almost caught on fire.
Oh my god!
I had the key with me!
The key? Throw it away!
No passing this line!
Passing through.
- Detective Jo?
- Hello, sir!
What happened?
A short circuit, apparently.
When the rescue team arrived,
they had suffocated to death.
Why couldn't they get out?
Sir, the doors and windows
had steel grates on them.
The rescue workers cut their way in.
Strange, huh?
Cut their way in...
That's pretty bizarre.
Cut their way in...
What'll we do about this?
Even if the fire was an accident,
we locked up two people who died!
That's no ordinary crime.
We'll say we don't know anything.
We didn't know.
Otherwise we'll go to jail!
You had the key.
And you built it.
It was your idea to cage them in!
I never said that!
Then who else? You're
the village foreman!
I can't believe it.
I'm innocent, really!
I just said we should
all gather to discuss it.
I never suggested any cage.
Then who? Who mentioned it first?
Who said it?
Wasn't it you?
What? I just agreed when
someone suggested it.
It wasn't you?
Have you ever seen me speak up first?
- But you were the first...
- Everyone denies it!
- You said more than anyone!
- You're the most likely one!
It's such a shame.
You said it.
I told him to find a house downtown,
but he picked that old
one in the outskirts...
Speaking of that, do you
know why he lived there?
I'm not sure.
After we hired him at this school,
he spent time looking...
Why, anything suspicious about it?
A number of things.
You think it was arson?
No, I don't think so. But it's odd...
That deceased couple...
Was there anything strange about them?
Well, to be specific...
in a sexual way,
were they perverted in any way?
I think I need to ask a bit
more about that teacher.
If I can meet with his
students, talk to them...
That won't be possible.
It's not good for their education.
Not good for their
education, give me a break.
How good is their education anyway?
Everyone goes on about human rights...
They treat cops like
some kind of gangsters.
Really gets me going. Oh my, Teacher...
What's that?
Look at those two.
Right, they have something
to fight about.
You're hopping mad, huh?
Just raging!
Way to go, boys.
Go at it!
That's right, great!
That's what I like.
Nowhere to park.
Damn it...
There's one!
Sir, can you talk?
Go ahead.
One guy in the photo is
named Jung Hae-gyun.
He was the last one
to call the deceased.
And the other?
Park Doo-hee, the village foreman.
Park Doo-hee, the village foreman!
Oh, shit!
- No, it's nothing.
- Are you okay?
I'm fine. I'll call you back soon.
Why is it parked like that?
Where? How could...
I can't believe this.
That isn't one of our residents cars.
I got angry when I saw it parked
crooked in the afternoon.
Ma'am, this...
It's okay, I didn't see you
scratch that car, Mr. Park.
Hey, what are you talking about?
Who do you take me for?
I'm a cop.
I'm home!
You're back?
How's Ji-sung's asthma?
You went to the doctor?
His asthma improved,
but his skin is acting up.
You want dinner?
No, I'm fine.
Didn't think you'd be back tonight.
I guess it's a simple case?
Not simple, but not too complicated.
My boys! Daddy's home.
- You're not making sense.
- Look at them.
There are all kinds of leads,
but I'm not sure how it will end.
What do we have here?
My boy was awarded again!
Don't investigate too hard.
Or you'll turn ordinary
people into criminals.
Don't invent stories, just
go with what you see.
Ji-hyun, are you a cop?
I'm saying don't overdo it!
You can't retire early
with that salary.
So work a long time, get a big pension.
I'll peel you some fruit.
Eat that before bed.
You married a cop, why
go on about the salary?
What did you say?
I didn't say anything.
You need to stop talking to yourself.
Criminals will all figure
out what you're thinking.
I don't do that!
I never do.
Of course you do.
Even when I'm here, you
mutter on to yourself.
Like I'm not standing in front of you.
It annoys me. Like
you forgot I existed.
Why get annoyed over that?
Everything sets you off.
There you go again!
No, I didn't say anything.
I see from the phone records,
you were the last to call him.
It was a consultation about my son.
A 15-second consultation?
Why do you keep asking?
I didn't start that fire.
Right, you say you didn't even know.
Where did you go off to on that night?
That's my private business.
I'm asking because
you're the prime suspect.
Why am I a suspect?
I wasn't even in the village!
That's the perfect alibi.
Isn't that interesting?
It was a short circuit!
But what if it was planned?
It's okay, come on in.
He is a good person.
Exactly. He is a good person.
Now if a good person
makes a mistake, then
everything starts to get worse.
But Hae-gyun didn't start the fire!
No, not a fire.
He didn't start the fire, but
he did something, right?
What did he do?
He didn't do anything!
Why'd you fight with him yesterday?
I didn't fight with him.
What? I saw it myself,
why are you lying?
Then I have no choice
but to suspect you.
Why me?
If you lie to a cop
during an investigation,
it's evidence that you
did something wrong!
Detective, we did nothing wrong!
It's not us, it was those
people who were strange!
We just tried to help them!
I never speak up first.
I didn't do anything!
Here it is.
You expect me to believe all that?
It's the truth, really.
You saw all the villagers.
You could have all agreed to lie.
How could we all match our stories?
Let's stay calm.
All right.
- Hae-gyun.
- Yes?
Where were you on
the night of the fire?
Kilimanjaro Motel.
Kilimanjaro Motel.
Very specific. Where is it located?
In Jecheon.
That's quite a trip.
Were you alone, or with someone else?
With a woman.
So, which woman?
Sir, please...
Look, you're acting suspicious!
Act like this and you'll be
charged with murder and arson!
Why are you doing this? I'm innocent.
Okay then, continue.
Answer the question!
A former classmate.
From our school?
Park Mi-kyung.
You're insane.
Give me her number and address.
Sir, I really...
Tell me! You think I'm joking?
About her...
She's the wife of the chief
at your police station.
And my first love.
You've really gone mad.
She's really the wife of the chief?
Okay then. No, no need.
I'll stop by the station later.
Who are you?
What about you?
This is my house.
You're home, Jin-kyu?
Hi, Dad.
Who is this man?
He's Dad's friend.
There's a kid at home,
let's talk somewhere else.
That key...
Can't you say you had it?
No way! I didn't have it.
But that would make things simpler.
Shut up!
What are you going on about?
You're all plotting!
Want to go to jail?
I can't believe anything
you guys tell me.
This whole village
is like a mafia family.
Anyway, I'm going to find
out everything, just you wait!
All right.
Just as you requested, the
whole village is gathering.
Let's go.
So is everyone...?
What is this?
If we're going to talk
it'll take a while,
so let's do it over dinner.
A policeman can't accept
meals from suspects.
Clear this away, okay?
Today's my birthday.
So don't misunderstand,
and come sit here.
Don't be so inflexible!
But I'm investigating.
We're not stopping you,
we're just saying, eat first.
Then all of you eat.
I'll collect your personal data.
- Everyone's here?
- Yes.
Then later I'll summon you all...
Oh sir, sorry.
This isn't... oh my.
- Come this way.
- I really can't.
- No, I can't.
- Please come.
You can sit here.
Clear some space.
Anyway, everyone's here?
This is your party, so
please say a few words.
With the recent misfortune,
I wasn't going to
celebrate my birthday.
But since it seems we'll
all be dragged off soon,
I wanted to eat together one last time.
From tomorrow I guess
I'll be eating in jail.
Since I'm the one who
suggested the iron grates.
I'm the only one who needs to go.
I lived my life without
doing bad deeds,
but I'll live out my life in jail.
Now, everyone pour a glass.
No, I can't drink on the job.
I made this drink myself
out of pine needles.
Please accept it for my sake.
Just one glass.
Then I'll just have a taste.
Just a bit... that's enough!
Here... happy birthday, sir.
You may not see me
for a while, so drink up!
Many happy returns!
Many happy returns!
I can't drink, really.
Our village elder is waiting.
Just one drink.
Okay, just one drink.
Wow, what is this?
We'll talk details at
the station tomorrow.
Today let's drink our fill.
Today, let's drink our fill!
When you need me, just
call, and I'll come running
Day or night, any
time, I'll come running
If other people call me,
I'll have to think it over,
But if you call me,
I'll go no matter what
Cha chara chara cha cha cha!
What am I doing?
What is this?
My god.
Cha chara chara cha cha cha
Has everyone gone crazy?
Does this make sense?
You two tell me how
you died that day, okay?
Tell me.
It's true!
I'm serious!
We were happy here.
We understand.
I drank too much.
Teacher, why aren't you at school?
Are you sick?
Who is this?
It's me, the principal.
Oh hello. How can I help you?
What do you mean? Look at the time.
I'm calling because
you're not at school.
I think you've got the
wrong number, I'm...
Isn't this Teacher Park Hyung-gu?
Yes, I'm Park Hyung-gu.
Are you playing some kind of prank?
If you've time for that, get to school!
What are you talking
about? Calling me in the...
Why'd he hang up?
What is this?
Oh Teacher, I'm sorry!
I drank so much
last night, I dozed off.
My apologies.
What's wrong?
Teacher, are you okay?
What did you put in that liquor?
What do you mean?
Pine needle liquor is strong.
We all drank too much.
You drank a lot yesterday, too.
Go on.
Okay then.
The number you have
dialed is not in service.
Please check the number and dial again.
Hey, Ji-hyun!
What is this... Ji-hyun!
Ma'am, where did my wife go?
Who are you?
You don't know me?
What are you doing there?
What do you mean?
You're my neighbor. Where...
Ji-hyun! Hey!
Hey, Ji-hyun!
Where is she?
Hey, Ji-sung, your Daddy's here.
What's all this racket
about? What's going on?
Why are you in my home?
Get out!
Ji-hyun, I'm home!
What are you doing in here?
Where is she?
Get out! Who are you? Where is my wife?
He may have to come
to the station again.
Someone can mistake his home,
but causing such a fuss isn't right.
I'm letting him go since
his ID checks out.
I can overlook an
absence without leave,
but if you cause trouble
outside it can be a problem.
What has gotten into you?
Teacher Park!
Teacher, we don't have
a student with that name.
That can't be.
I attended the entrance ceremony.
Did someone steal his school records?
As I'm sure you know,
with computerized
records that's impossible.
And it's illegal to give
data to a third party.
Since you're a teacher I made an...
What do you mean, third
party? I came for my kid!
I'm looking for my kid. I
came to the ceremony.
Please check again.
Just one more time, check.
Park Hyung-gu
Teacher, I heard you
didn't go to school.
What's the matter?
Teacher, are you okay?
All right.
All right.
Explain to me what happened.
Why am I the teacher?
Who else would be? You live here.
Not Teacher Kim Soo-hyuk?
Kim Soo-hyuk?
Who is that?
All right, what happened
to Yun Yi-young?
The teacher's wife!
Teacher, you're not married.
You said it's because
of a wicked illness.
It never ends...
You insisted on being
locked up every night.
Teacher, it's time for you to go in.
Go away.
Kangshin Village Hall
Teacher, are you okay?
Are you coming to school today?
You're Jung Hae-gyun's son?
Yes, I am.
Come here.
You're my teacher. How can you ask why?
I'm not your teacher.
Why not?
I'm not your teacher.
How can you ask why?
Why copy me?
What do you mean, copy?
Don't talk back to your elders!
Fuck, why are you crying? Don't cry.
That's enough!
Come here. Come over here.
Come to your teacher. Don't cry.
Why are you crying? Sit down.
Look at me.
It's okay.
Don't cry.
Put that out. I might
catch cancer and die.
What crap is that?
Dad said you seemed sick.
I guess you are really sick.
Hey, your dad is a total liar.
Look how I'm talking to this kid.
What'll we do if you
don't come to school?
Hello, Teacher!
Teacher's here!
What subject is it?
Math class!
Let's do phys ed.
Run out and play.
Teacher, why are the
students going out?
Won't you teach?
Shall we talk a moment?
Teacher Park!
Teacher, kick us the ball!
Hello Teacher!
What brings you here?
I just thought we might share a drink.
Have a glass.
Teacher, let me!
Thank you.
I was just hoping
you might listen to my story.
What I'm saying is, in my head,
there's a me that I remember.
So, my name is Park Hyung-gu,
I'm a cop, I have a family.
But all that disappeared.
What do you think?
I'm not sure what to say.
Scraping by on a cop's salary,
my wife and two sons.
Jun Ji-hyun, and my sons Park
Ji-sung and Park Joo-young.
They're all gone.
Jun Ji-hyun, Park Ji-sung...
Aren't they celebrities?
It's true!
Sorry, it's really true.
I see.
It's okay.
I'm thinking it's all a dream.
But this dream is lasting so, so long!
I think maybe... sorry for saying this,
but I think mentally
things are a bit tough...
I've got a mental problem!
No, I'm not saying you're crazy.
With too much stress...
So I need to wake up!
But you never know it
when you're dreaming.
Especially with nightmares,
you need to be so scared
you piss yourself to wake up.
Thank you.
you wake up at the
scariest moment, right?
Sure, that's right!
The scariest moment...
At the scariest moment, you wake up!
Mister, what is that? Is someone hurt?
Yes, well...
What is it?
It's a deer.
How could this happen?
Where have you been?
You're lucky the whole
mountain didn't burn.
What? Why did my greenhouse burn down?
What is this mess?
Why did a deer go in there and die?
I told you to be careful of deer.
Teaching Certification Park Hyung-gu
Who's there?
Teacher? It's so late.
I know I killed you today.
But you're still alive.
What the hell are you?
You did what to me?
I burned you to death!
Teacher, please stop this!
It's a hard day for me, too!
Is it Teacher?
Over here.
Come this way.
Teacher, why are you doing this?
Tomorrow, let's go see a doctor.
You win.
I'll do whatever you ask me to.
Okay, bring it all back. Bring it back!
I've got a family. I
need to see my kids!
You love your family?
I really love mine!
I can't take any more.
Please bring it back, please!
- All right.
- I'll do what you want!
All right then, all right.
Please help me!
Bring it back!
Hae-gyun, really.
All right, all right.
Please calm down.
The doctor here is a big success
among our former classmates.
He was good at school, and
we called him a genius,
but he had a crazy side too.
Ms. Yoon, you can go home now.
Hi, Hae-gyun.
Wow, how long has it been?
Here is the teacher.
Just think of it as having
a cup of tea with me.
Don't be nervous!
It's good you came.
I'm meeting some of our
old classmates for dinner.
- Oh really?
- Yeah.
Who's coming?
Well, Mi-kyung, Jae-chul, Eun-ja...
We're meeting here.
But I should take Teacher home.
Haven't seen them
for ages, it's a shame.
No, I can go back on my own.
Please join them for dinner.
If you don't mind,
how about joining us?
Sure, come along.
No, that's okay.
Let's do the consultation.
So according to you, everything
is just my delusion?
Everyone has dreams.
You can even have a dream
of killing someone, like you.
But a dream is no problem at all.
A dream is like incinerating the
unneeded trash in our memory.
Burn, burn...
But as I told you before,
it's not a dream,
it's all so realistic.
Dreams incinerate desires
in our unconscious mind,
but the desire in our conscious
mind is burned by our imagination.
You really don't need to worry.
Thank you.
You're here?
You've been waiting long?
We had a lot to discuss.
It's fine.
Eun-ja will be late, she'll
meet us at the restaurant.
It annoys me. Like
you forgot I existed.
She always runs around in a frenzy,
but in the end she's always late!
Then I'm sorry Teacher,
but I'll head off with them.
It's a short taxi ride to the
bus terminal, and from there...
Can I join you for dinner?
- Cheers!
- It's great to see you all!
How long has it been?
It's nice coming out by our
village. Being able to see you all.
It feels good at first, but
you'll get bored soon.
But if my husband gets transferred
we'll have to move anyway.
The life of a public
servant is like a nomad.
A police chief's wife, faking
modesty. So obnoxious!
Sorry for being obnoxious!
It's okay.
And your kids?
Just curious how many you have.
Two sons.
Doing well?
The boys.
He's a teacher, so
he's interested in kids.
Teacher, no need to worry
about Mi-kyung's kids.
They're the opposite of
Jin-kyu, smart and studious.
They're not just smart,
the older one's an athlete.
What's it called? Baseball for kids?
Little League.
Right, Little League.
He's on the national team.
The national team?
I saw it on TV!
The older one's a bit weak,
he won't be good at that.
Guess he's healthy there?
And the younger?
He had asthma, is he okay?
Our younger son is perfectly healthy.
That's a relief.
Bring them up well.
Yes... thank you.
Pour me a drink.
A little bit is fine. Pour him a glass.
All right.
Let the wife of the police chief pour.
Give it.
Teacher, I hope you recover,
and teach our little ones well
to be pillars of the nation.
Thank you.
Hey, cheers everyone!
Good to see you all!
He didn't drink much,
what got into him?
Teacher, we're home now.
Oh, right.
Oh my god.
Going on about the salary...
Now you're the police chief's wife.
Are you okay, Teacher?
I'm fine.
Want some medicine?
I said I'm fine!
Goodnight, then.
Wait a minute! Wait!
That pine needle
liquor is pretty strong.
Sometimes people never get sober.
That's why you made me drink it?
Me? Why?
How would I know?
I don't know why all
of you did this to me.
People don't know much in life.
I've lived without knowing anything.
I just want to know one thing, okay?
Why do I have to live
as another person?
Today was the memorial
rite for my wife.
I'll pack you some food
and liquor to take home.
Don't drink too much!
This pine needle liquor...
This is the key.
Need to drink more.
Drink more.
That's the song.
Chara chara cha cha cha!
Chara chara cha cha cha!
No matter what...
Cha chara chara cha cha cha!
Teacher, get up!
Dad said you might still be sleeping,
so I should wake you
up and go together.
Okay, let's have class.
What subject is it?
Math class!
Math again. Is that all you do?
Korean... Your Korean textbook.
Let's do Korean.
What page did you do last time?
Page 59.
Then open to page 60.
Write to Express Your Feelings
Shall we read it? Let's go.
Words to give us strength each day.
A word to soothe a broken
heart and ask forgiveness.
A word to lay a bridge
between the world and me.
A word to make joy flow
from one heart to another.
A word to cherish each
other like a treasure.
A word to make you feel as happy as me.
A word to beautifully
end our time together.
"So nice"
A word that gives us
strength over and over.
What a relief. That you
don't need this anymore.
Thanks for your efforts.
Oh my!
It's no effort.
I always welcome an effort like this.
How are you these days?
Well, same as always.
Are you still meeting that woman?
Park Mi-kyung. The chief's wife.
Be careful.
Careful? We're just
friends, old classmates!
Kilimanjaro Motel!
You went there with her.
Ah, we were drunk, it was a slip-up.
A slip-up?
Park Mi-kyung...
seems like a nice person.
Don't cause her any trouble.
One slip-up...
A dream... you can
think of it as a dream.
But not a second time.
If you do, I won't ignore it.
I guess winter's coming.
The seasons are so regular, right?
When it's time, a new season comes.
And when it's time, it goes away.
How'd he find out about me and her?
So tell me, what will you
be when you grow up?
A cop.
A cop? Why?
It's cool. You get to arrest bad guys.
Sure, cops are cool.
But look, if you want to be a cop,
you need to study more. There's a test.
They say it's not hard.
The police academy is hard,
but the general test is easy.
No, it's quite hard.
You just need to study 6 months.
Says who?
Some people study
for years and don't pass.
It's really hard.
Why would you study years
just to become a cop?
Better to take the bar exam.
How do you know that? Who told you?
It's all on the internet.
You read that?
Still, it's really hard.
Go on home.
Go ahead.
The internet will ruin everything...
Hey, take this.
Put it in the recycling bin.
You drank it.
What is that?
I told you last time.
I have a right to privacy.
Privacy? Right.
Okay, bye now.
I used to be a cop.
You miss your past, just like me.
What time is the shuttle bus?
It leaves every 30 minutes.
I have a reservation.
Sure, your name?
Lee Cho-hee.
Just a moment.
I didn't think I'd see you
again, what a coincidence.
The class was canceled
after you stopped coming.
Did I work hard?
Not sure if you worked hard,
but you came regularly.
So I didn't teach, and
studied knitting instead.
It's like you're talking
about someone else.
You came in the afternoon after class.
So I did.
You've got talent for it.
Ah, knitting...
The leaves are so nice.
Are you very sick?
Just a little.
Still, to take a semester off...
If I rest a bit, I'll be fine.
What's going on?
What are they doing to it?
Why renovate it?
So it doesn't fall down.
That would be more natural.
I don't know how it'll
look when they're done,
but it won't have that old feeling.
It used to be so cool.
Historic renovations are better
these days, it'll be fine.
Still, it won't be authentic.
I brought you all the
way here, what is this?
I enjoyed it.
'For my family'
What are you doing?
This is my old phone number.
So this number just
popped into your head?
That's an obvious lie.
That's all I can say.
That number's two years old,
so you've known me at least that long.
After I changed it,
you tracked me down and got
a job in the village where I teach.
You casually start
taking my knitting class,
and then follow me to my favorite spa!
That's it!
Are you ill?
Why invent stories? You're not a cop.
Cops don't invent
stories, novelists do!
That was...
my old number.
I have a past that vanished.
One day, suddenly,
my past vanished,
and this is all that's left.
You make terrible stories.
So you're a stalker in love with me.
Aren't I a bit young for you?
No, that's not it.
I'm really confused,
why I'm living like this.
Sometimes I think I
should just kill myself.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I must be drunk.
I don't think of you as a stalker.
That was a joke.
Did you get this number
after I changed mine?
When did you start using it?
About two years ago.
That must be it.
Still, we have some odd connection.
What connection? Just drink.
I've had that number for 15 years.
What did you say?
You just said something.
Me? I did?
You've got an odd
habit. Talking to yourself.
You've done it several times today.
Really? I'm sorry.
It's nothing to apologize for.
I couldn't shower at home as a kid.
Mom wanted to save on the water bill.
Then where did you shower?
At school in the summer.
And in winter?
My friend's house.
Poor thing.
It's all ready.
You're a great cook!
No, I'm just learning from a cookbook.
Not sure how it'll taste.
Hold on, I'll get some water.
You have talent, like with knitting.
Thanks for always complimenting me.
I really mean it!
You're quite detailed and considerate.
I'm not sure why you never married.
Are women so blind?
Or are you too picky?
I was married.
I see.
Then, were you divorced? Or widowed?
That's enough. Let's eat.
You're still attractive, you can
start over with someone nice.
I wish you luck.
Then why don't you have a boyfriend?
I don't need a partner.
And I'll always live alone.
Why? What for?
This is getting personal.
You don't have to answer
if you don't want.
I'll tell you.
As thanks for this invitation.
And I think you can keep a secret.
I've got a sickness.
That no one knows about.
Everyone's got a sickness.
Late at night,
I become a different person.
I start each day wondering
who I was the previous night.
And I cherish each day.
Since it's the only time
I have when I'm myself.
Hard to understand? Let's just eat.
I know about that.
It's painful, right?
It's really painful.
It's painful for everyone.
Don't cry. You're not the only one.
So nice.