Me and Orson Welles (2008) Movie Script

In 1592 Shakespeare had already -
actor and playwright.
It is not known
how his career started.
However, we know that he was in 1594 -
joined a theater troupe,
called ...
Is there anyone who can remember?
I must not cry at once.
"The Lord Chamberlain's Men."
FRIDAY 5th November 1937
Peanuts, peanuts, peanuts!
Read the latest!
Japanese tanks in Shanghai!
Read the latest!
Estimates melody. They play the
with great empathy.
What a sad, is not it?
- They can then set the pace up a bit.
No. I allude to Gershwin's death
, and everything else.
They do not like that I
sitting here without buying something.
I feel very good about the song.
Richard Rodgers. The one in the world
who can write like that.
They are like lullabies.
- And he shakes them out of the sleeve.
He was Gassner radio program.
- Listening to the kind?
Occasionally I think that I'm the
Only in New York, listening to it.
Can you imagine finding in
tune to "There's a Small Hotel"?
I would sacrifice everything to be able to write
something as beautiful as it.
What signs do you ...?
What's your name?
Gretta. I have not written
anything of significance yet.
I'm writing a play.
- A drama?
How funny. I'm an actor.
- What have you played in?
It has often been
play at school.
So you are so writer?
I wish I could convince
The New Yorker about it.
And then my parents.
And then myself.
No, the principal would only be
to convince The New Yorker.
I had a writing teacher.
Whatever I delivered,
he said: "Opportunities".
Oh no.
I would so desire,
that there was one person who would ...
IAES anything I've written
and say: "They're fabulous."
They are fabulous.
- Yes, yes.
I have more ...
- Richard.
Could this not be
a nice scene of a story?
Two people who meet
in this way. Quite simple.
What do you think?
Fine. See you.
See you.
So we're ready!
Let us turn it!
Find Orson!
Say, here are some young ballerinas.
Then he'll come.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
We send to you directly -
from the abandoned theater on
West 41st Street!
There is no set a release date.
- At least it will be in November.
Is this the best drum roll,
The Mercury Theatre can offer?
I might do it.
I might play a drum roll.
All right. And who are you?
Gene Krupa. And you?
- Seriously speaking, my name is Cinna.
I am Cinna the poet.
I live by Capitoleum.
Where are you going?
- For Caesar's funeral.
His name is Cinna!
I'm ready to ignite it!
- Wait for Orson!
How, boy.
Damn Stupid animals that you! What is
now? Is all of that company toward me?
Is it a conspiracy
to destroy my idea?
It is utterly inadequate.
The worst thing I've ever seen.
We just got printed 50,000.
- So bad is it now too.
Could you play on ukulele?
Mr. Welles, you hardly find one,
who plays ukulele better than me.
Fresh guy. Want to work for free?
Quiet! I am about to negotiate.
Who else is so in love with his own
damn voice as Jack Gielgud?
His droll interpretations
of Shakespeare. They are far from -
contemporary violence, passion
and bloodshed.
Have you heard my version of Hamlet?
- Yes, the Columbia Workshop.
What do you think about it?
Given that you were short
Hamlet down to two radio broadcasts -
was excellent.
Correct. , I was criticized for
omitting "To be or not."
But it was the speech
could best be sacrificed in the whole piece.
It tells us nothing new.
Can you sing?
So wait a little!
Very well, Sir Gielgud.
Sing something for me. Baffles me.
have you tasted corn flakes?
it's all corn flakes
have you tasted corn flakes?
because the best of taste
they are crisp ...
You are employed.
Sam, turn it so!
Then there are the steaks to Mr Welles!
- I am also starving.
Try to keep them warm.
Vakhtangov, my pineapple juice.
There are sample clock 18:30.
The kid will play Lucius.
The second nitwit is fired.
We must set a release date.
- Thursday, I've said.
Take Tallulah have premiered on Wednesday
with its expensive "Antony and Cleopatra."
And then we premiere on Thursday.
A thin, tough Caesar.
Sonja, auxiliary jack. Teach it to me
is back, junior, or you smoke out.
My name is Sonja. It spelled with J
but pronounced like a Y. Sonja Jones.
have you met Miss Jones?
- The people have sung to me before.
Mercury. Yes, it's me.
Mr Ingram, Orson is just run.
He took an ambulance
to go faster.
According to Orson is no law on you
must be sick to ride in an ambulance.
But it is his word
which probably means -
that it is not entirely true
but it should be.
We premiered this week
but let's talk next week.
Wonderful. You're welcome. Goodbye.
Take it, Richard.
We must all fit your phone.
One moment, Mr
The Brooks Atkinson.
Mr A, it is Sonja.
I've got roses.
They are incredibly beautiful.
I've never seen
the color yellow before.
I'm sorry, we continue to
change the date, but Thursday is safe.
We change it at least not
within the next hour.
True. Yes, contemporary dress.
They march around -
in fascist military uniforms.
Orson have really surpassed themselves.
Fine, and once again
many thanks for the roses.
Atkinson has sent you flowers?
- I made him a little service.
Let us fresh makeup up until
phone chimeric ... Go ahead, Gielgud.
With my fine education
I make this.
If my father knew it,
they sent me home to Ohio.
I did not know existed Ohio.
- I wish we did not have to practice tonight.
Barbirolli must orientate
Do you love not just Tchaikovsky?
- I adore him.
A guy working for Jed Harris,
has begged me to take there.
Instead I sit here
and write small 11-metals ...
with none other than
a ukulele player.
"Mr. Welles, you will find it hard ..."
And how did you end up so
on Mercury, -
Miss "with Sonja J
but pronounced with a Y ".
By being completely honest?
According to John Houseman founded Mercury
on nonsense, and every day -
I am more agree with that. You can
probably not even spell 'ukulele'.
Y O U C A ...
- Funny, McGee.
Why is someone who will play
the ukulele in Julius Caesar?
It is disguised as a lyre.
Lucius, who are you -
sings a lullaby for Brutus.
Should I sing on stage?
- Yes.
Who plays Brutus?
- Orson.
Who played Lucius before me?
A boy whose personality did not go
under tension with Orson.
What does it mean?
- That he had personality.
Orson is a competitive person.
He is very selfish -
and very clever.
He has read everything. He knows everything.
The rule is that no
criticizes Orson. Never ever.
So, hoping to work for him again
Mon forgives every behavior.
Do you work for free?
- It is not about money.
I want to achieve something greater.
My girlfriend works for Harold Ross
on the almighty The New Yorker.
While there, you must fetch coffee and
laugh stupid, vulgar jokes.
If Mercury closes on Thursday,
and it may well be the case -
I know a dozen people
who could get me a job.
Do you know who John
will introduce me to?
David O. Selznick.
It is not just a time nonsense.
David O. Selznick.
Him to be to incorporate
"Gone with the Wind."
Does this mean
that you will not marry me?
I do not know. Late, I believe.
Mom, the librarian comes.
I must run.
Save a little spaghetti to me.
I love you too. Goodbye.
Well, you're in two real scenes.
Both are short.
Brutus, Orson, speaks with Portia,
played by Muriel Brassler.
A bitch, but nobody can say anything
because Orson has an affair with her.
Orson married.
Yes, definitely.
Little Virginia.
She is now much sex.
She is very pregnant.
They have a small apartment
in Greenwich Village, but ...
he has sent her to the
the other side of river.
And if someone shouts "Anna Stafford"
it is a code word for Virginia.
So she is there and Orson must save
Ballerina he is about to seduce.
Mercury sounds interesting.
If people ask,
are you a member of the associated -
and get 25 dollars a week.
- No.
You are not 25 dollars a week.
You get nothing more than -
possibility of being swamped
with Orson saliva.
Please stop.
Shall we get started?
Jack, you will soon realize
that the main job of Mercury -
is waiting for Orson.
Norman, you will see on your biographical
the program is correct?
Anything for you, my girl.
- Richard, thanks for dinner today.
Have you eaten dinner
with isdronningen?
Jack, all men in this
performance will in skirts at her.
It has not even Joe Cotten been
and he has otherwise been widely.
Just like that no longer Orson.
We have not even an executive.
You talk like a bureaucrat, Jacko.
A petty "disturb me for God's sake
no lunch break "bureaucrat.
That is why I left The Federal.
To tell the press that release date
still preliminary, is frivolous ...
And exactly!
- We have subscribers! We try to ...
There are released when we're ready.
- On Thursday, or we are finished!
I can not exercise,
when this man is in the theater!
This is ...
an infinitely rewarding partnership
Orson. They are destroying everything.
They treat friends
and supporters as bad -
and then I desperately
their case out.
It is I who must apologize, correct
mistakes and make phone calls!
I'm busy playing with in a
some fucking radio broadcasts -
just to post my money in this
damn theater that you should look!
As I should look? I slave away day
and night to try to manage it!
Have you seen the ancient creatures
on the cover of Time? Look.
Damn, Mr and Mrs Lunt!
Listen. Before the year is over,
I am ... We are on the cover of Time.
At this stage
signed to theater history.
With you and me, and with
all of us in the leading roles.
I'm exhausted
and will not let me mark of -
the arrogance and jealousy,
I can feel. You get your first.
All the meanness. I get choked.
- Thursday!
Speak of me as a man
who loved Mercury -
not wisely, but too high.
Anna Stafford!
It was shown Stanislavsky,
who said to Max Reinhardt ...
Ginny! What a surprise.
How goes it, my angel?
Now I do.
- Thank you.
It's great to see you.
I come back tonight.
I have bony
to get 100 liters of red paint.
I would like to speak with you
about the program. There is an error.
It is addressed.
- It says nothing about my contributions.
It is rough draft. Everything is fixed.
Ask even Sonja. Coulouris!
My pineapple juice! Forum scene.
Let us gather our forces.
Coulouris, so it is now!
Where is the wretched fool?
Say that Coulouris should get
his useless body out here.
Who leads this show?
- I would also like to know.
One comment more, Mr Lloyd,
and your loved Cinna-scene deleted.
But we should not exert
my beloved Cinna-scene?
Practicing? I thought
you were a champion to improvise.
The Federal Charles Chaplin.
Mr. Coulouris,
you look great beyond.
I thought we practiced with costumes.
But as you cut into the piece, -
could my role
equally well be written off.
Antony's funeral speech
play's climax. Everybody knows it.
The audience will whisper it
in chorus with you.
Yes, if they are still awake after
the numerous scenes with you and Gabel.
To every single scene with Cassius
be included with all dialogue preserved -
while the scenes with Anthony,
all of which you know has an important role -
be cut down to 40 lines
is something I do not understand.
But Gabel is the director's favorite.
Just as Olivier was -
when we played together at Elsie
Fogerty acting school in London.
George! The material in
"Friends, Romans, countrymen" -
is not the actual speech,
but its effect on the audience.
You listen.
You judge their reactions.
You end up. You control them.
- Orson.
Do you think that you can teach me something
I do not know?
They spoil my role, and now will you
kill us. What orchestration!
Contemporary clothing.
They can not afford costumes -
or a scene without holes.
Lemme in the floor is as old as
Shakespeare. This is not for children.
I thought you rehearsed your lines.
- I pity my good lines.
Go and close the door. Someone banks.
- Lord, Cassius stands at the door.
Is he one?
- There is someone with him.
Not "no" but "more".
The Shakespeare poetry.
Do you think you can change the world
greatest playwright words?
No I ...
- Rehearse your lines.
I can my lines.
- You must exert yourself "several" times.
This scene must humanize
whole piece historical procession.
We weep for Brutus dead
due to this scene.
The beautiful lullaby prisoners
all his unspeakable sadness.
A lullaby that I have taken from
Henry the Eighth, 3rd Act 1st scene.
Has he got ukulele? Sonja,
he must use music for the song.
Your mother is
very dissatisfied with you.
- Because you came home after midnight.
Jeez, however. All the meanness.
I get choked.
When he gets to the ladder top ...
- I have not heard of colorless light.
Where's the color filters?
- Muriel, the ones we take care of later.
Light pink is the only color
which effectively highlights -
my natural skin tone. Jeannie,
you'll be sweet to put these in?
Do whatever she says. I will
just do not hear more about the skin tones.
Understood? Me recite my soliloquy
in the foreground on the right.
But it is known,
that humility often is ...
Should you be there?
Will you instruct the play? We could indeed
throw a bright pink light over the audience.
I will not look like a giant
that hovers over you. People will laugh.
No. People will not even look at you.
- There you can see for yourself.
People will not look at you,
because they listen to you.
Hypnotized by poetry. Precisely the
is magic in the play, not skin tone.
I just want to have you come up here
before I come on stage.
Thank you.
- Anything for you, Muriel.
Can you make light down here?
When light hits correctly -
To a butterfly-shaped shadow
prove under the nose. We continue.
Be just patience!
Wait! I went too far when I
told. I fear that -
that I am doing injustice to the honest men
if daggers struck Caesar.
Then there was Jeanette Bradley. She was
me unfaithful, when she went to bed Orson.
But that evening I met Velma Lord
and later Muriel Brassler.
Let hear.
She would be like a gymnast.
Yes, she is flexible.
She took a good grip on the block flute?
What about Evelyn?
She has since style.
- I love her smile.
I love her buckle.
- And her ... smooth curves.
Here we have a beautiful girl.
- I love her face.
Hello, Richard. How have
my favorite member this?
Have not you got a new blouse?
- Yes. Thank you noticed.
If you read my favorite novel?
- I will discuss it with Selznick.
When do you see with him?
- He may come to the premiere.
Is it true? I must be on stage in
a completely inexperienced scene -
and then comes Selznick?
You big Chinaman
I put an end to my career
on Broadway and in Hollywood simultaneously.
Impressive, if you take him.
- I do.
Sonja, I have discovered a wonderful
little place in Greenwich Village.
May I take you there tonight
after the test? They keep long open.
It is an incredibly
generous offer, but -
I have an agreement with Richard.
It was just for fun.
- Welcome to the line shift.
What is it?
In a novel describes intimate cosiness not
as the book was not published.
So it becomes: "He held her close,
and threw himself on the bed. "Connect.
Line shift.
Yes, and in the next paragraph reads:
"The sun rises and the milkman
suggests milk bottles at each other. "
The good thing is there.
Fertilises hope his next 30 years
will be in line switch.
Have you ... with ...?
- No, unfortunately. But I've tried.
No line breaks?
- I've spent $ 30 on the slut.
A bet. Two dollars for him;
who first come in skirts on Sonja.
It is indescribably rough.
- It's sordid and degrading.
So when five U.S. dollars.
It is an agreement.
Tight lines.
- It does this increase is likely.
Here are a sick, who will talk to you.
- Higher!
It was better. Go out to the left.
Scene left side!
How did that?
- I got tears in his eyes.
Friends, Romans, countrymen,
lend me ear!
Let us listen to Antony.
- I come to bury Caesar.
This evil man has done,
it survives him.
The good earth, often with his legs.
It's Caesar's ticket.
I suffer from Mercury cold.
Do not come too close to me.
Try to watch this.
Dear Sonja Jones
John Houseman praise
Call me
Such a letter turns
up and down one's life.
Three sentences
and one's future is changed.
He has brought the prisoners back to Rome -
if ransom kingdom filled coffins.
How does it feel
to be a beautiful woman?
It must be nice
all fall on one knee.
You should just know.
I hate my appearance.
I have one long list of errors.
- Then board a mistake.
My left breast is
smaller than the right.
Do you have a ruler?
Could you hold the heavy eyes open
slightly and stir lyre to a little song?
If it pleases you, my lord.
- Slower. Certainly, my boy.
I bother you for much,
but you would like.
It is only my duty.
Not there. One step up.
I should not
make claim on your duty.
The young blood has urge to rest.
I have slept, my lord.
- Higher!
I have slept, my lord.
It was good
and you will soon be allowed to sleep more.
I do not long for you.
If I live, -
I will be good to you. Games.
when the lyre Orpheus Vocal
bent ...
Rehearse. Once you've learned it,
go out to the left.
Funeral scene.
Let us gather ...
Second Part. Stories.
A development period.
From 1594 -
to 1600.
Make sure it is in your notes
ladies and gentlemen. A small tip.
Hello, Richard.
- You always work, Sam.
It must be done the right case.
I live by an old proverb:
"At the theater celebrates
our human dignity.
Joe Ainley moved radio broadcast
to New York for my sake!
They are committed to Mercury.
- Come, we exert ourselves on the road.
Orson, we require that you inform
all your energy on site here!
Ind., junior. One hour. Ash can run
performance through with them.
- Trade, John.
If the whole town knows who I am,
I suppose it is not so bad for Mercury.
Madison Avenue 485th
It's Monday and we have not
been hit by the notorious incident.
What is it?
- Old superstition in theater.
If it occurs before the premiere,
will premiere the infamous accident.
Do you believe it?
- Well then.
It worries me. There are
an obstacle, we have not done.
Duthie fell through the hatch.
- No, bigger still. More damaging.
There is a malevolent spirit
to be expelled.
Let us pray
that it happens before the premiere.
Do you know Booth Tarkington
"Amberson family"?
Tarkington was a friend of the family.
Person Eugene, an inventor,
is based on my father -
who died when I was 15 years.
My mother died when I was nine years.
The book is about how everything
being torn away from one.
I have adapted it to radio.
Did you hear my "Les Miserables"?
It got sensational reviews,
but had predicted a cursed future.
Genuine American poetry.
"We have no idea
what awaits us, right?
Once I stood where we stand now,
when I had to take leave of one girl.
I loved her. We could not live
without each other, so we would marry us.
First she was traveling with his father,
and when we said goodbye -
we knew that we would not
see each other in almost a year.
I did not think I could survive
it. And she stood there and cried. "
Come up. You can learn
depending on the radio during one hour.
I am afraid, Mr Welles that ...
- Call me Orson.
Your friend will have to wait out here under
recording. Mr. Ainley is quite strict.
He's my biographer.
I have talked with Joe. What's your name?
Lorelei Lathrop.
- What a melodic perfect name.
They walk gracefully. Are you a dancer?
- I have gone to the ballet.
Have you seen Jack Holland
and June Hart at The Ritz-Carlton?
- If you love dance, you should see them.
Can I take you in there tonight?
Let's run it through.
How are you?
We have trained ourselves without you.
Shall we take your scene?
It is not necessary. Barbara.
- Great to see you again.
Mr. Tremayne.
- Orson.
A pleasure to work with you.
Nice to meet you again.
"Only the shadow of it."
- Great to see you.
What are we currently?
Love's evening edition.
Joe, how is Van Doren be?
Brusque and sharp as a front?
Yes, but a little compassionate.
- Yes.
A glass of water please.
- So like.
Take your seats.
Will you ask for a script?
- Yes. Is Les Tremayne?
Is the band ready?
Ro, thanks.
The entire Broadway waiting to hear
premiere of the spectacle -
there seems to be even
a success at The Little Theatre.
I need more time.
- You have a great story in front of you.
This is Marjorie. I work very,
so I fear she will leave me.
And then? Do not you think
you could forget her?
Look at us, Runyon. I stand outside
my story and you without your girl.
We have no idea
what awaits us, right?
Once I stood at the central station
when I had to take leave of one girl.
I loved her. We could not live
without each other, so we would marry us.
First she was traveling with his father,
and when we said goodbye -
we knew that we should not be seen
for nearly a year.
I did not think I could
survive it. And she stood and wept.
Now I do not even know where she lives,
or if she is alive.
If she thinks of me
imagine herself enough, I still -
dancer in a ballroom
Life and money behave both as
mercury into an already full of cracks.
We do not know where they disappear to.
Or what the heck we've done them.
Runyon, you must take
a decision. It is about -
how much a man will do
of love. How much would you do?
Everything that is needed.
What the hell was that?
- I improvised a little.
I thought it was somewhat famous.
No matter where you got it from, it was
the best there was in the piece.
They feel good, it was the best,
that was not present in the play.
Now I open the door for you to.
Tell the others
I come a little later.
Step forward.
And follow after me.
Well ...
Just hold 20-minute break.
Hopefully, when he saw
to come back. Good work.
Good work?
Good work? I think Mercury
is closed and turned off from on Friday.
People in 1937 will not pay two U.S. dollars
to see a tragedy.
My advice to you, dear fellow players ...
Shine your food descriptions.
Come in.
- Hey, Junior. How are you?
I'm waiting for Orson.
valiant defense in Shanghai
stands on the brink.
All day yesterday drove
Japanese tanks in the streets of Shanghai ...
It feels as if the whole world
is about to collapse.
We can reassure ourselves that we
in these times of doing something important.
We write lists of subscribers.
- Yes, it's crazy.
In such hard times continue public
their usual chores.
You have some beautiful eyes.
Tell who you are.
Who I am?
- Yes.
You must not talk about your
childhood love or parents.
Tell who you are.
What do you want?
- It's a difficult question.
What do you think?
Plays, films,
songs, lyrical works.
novels, radio.
Well, there's so much different.
Precisely. Life is about more
than just being an actor.
Why you flounce around on stage?
- Flounce?
You know what I mean.
All the vanity.
It's interesting.
Either close the theater, or
people remember the show for many years.
It may be either or, but we
do not know. That is interesting.
Where are you love.
You make everything look so romantic.
What shall we do later?
I will meet with John.
I'll be there in half an hour.
- Since no Houseman?
He gotta be 30? What will you
Such an old, half called man?
How old are you?
- 18
To December.
Prefer not a young, lively guy
rather than an old English man?
He leads an entire theater on your own
and has offered me a management position.
What can you offer?
- Prosperity, travel, fame.
I can take you into watching movies
which contains everything.
Orson is out of Virginia
tomorrow evening.
I spend the night in his apartment
when I'm working on.
So we can go out tomorrow evening.
We can go dancing? And go home
in Orson apartment and get a drink?
Does this sound too daunting?
Certainly not.
Are you married or a bachelor?
- Answer every man on the spot.
Yes, and maps.
- Yes, and sensible.
Yes, and sincerely.
- What's my name?
Where I should go? Where I live?
- Thank you! It is a worse time dirt.
Cinna is Shakespeare's indictment against the
intellectuals. He is a noble figure.
I absolutely disagree!
He is a street poet
and can not afford a cigarette.
He is unshaven,
and poems sticking out of his shoes -
but the crowd will see blood,
so they will kill him anyway.
What absurd interpretation. The
does not match the text.
However, there is perhaps something
, I can use.
Horace Braham
"Consequences", 1914
I am the wet poet Cinna!
Get the water off the switchboard!
- So close but the damn water!
There is a disconnect in the basement!
- So close when the water!
What a fucking shed! How should
be premiered on Thursday?
Welcome to the seaside festival.
Living told you, the light was too hot.
It should be lowered.
Then it's adjustment.
We will not be ready
at the premiere.
It was fucking time!
Come in here! Make this toilet clean!
I'll show you
what dictatorships are! Come in here!
Those who are not located on the floor with
a cloth for two minutes, is fired!
Wipe the seats first. We certainly do not
need critics with wet butts.
Get some more rags!
Matches here were on the floor
by sprinklers on top.
Not only that I did not get any
sleep and off my money in the theater!
Someone has deliberately tried
to destroy my idea.
I want to know who the culprit is.
Come up here now.
He can never again
work in New York.
I will check the fingerprints of
this box of matches!
I want a name!
And it must be right now!
We were all together
with the Cinna-scene.
It could have been anything.
- There are matches everywhere.
Living says it is light fault.
- What he knows about it? Sabotage!
Wait a minute.
Where did you go, junior?
You were not on stage.
It was you. Grant,
or I suggest you pick fish.
No, I was outside.
- Admit.
The infamous incident.
Maybe it was just
the notorious accident.
The infamous incident?
If they call back from school,
because you are not there ...
Mom, look at it as an investment in
my future as a kind of artist.
Just like your Uncle Frank?
He never had a permanent job.
This is different. One fine day
the whole town know who I am.
Well then. You will be known as him
not graduated.
"You undisturbed secrecy breaches -
you silence
and slow fetal baby.
A forest should be that at best can
recite a thriving story. "
Gretta? We met each other in the Gaiety.
You played Gershwin ...
Well, the actor.
- Yes.
Now I am a real actress.
I have had a role in Orson Welles'
setup of Julius Caesar.
No, it's true enough.
I play Lucius, Brutus' servant.
Makes you not fun?
- No, we will premiere on Thursday.
How nice.
- I can put a ticket for you.
I am only in a few scenes,
but it is fun.
Who quoted you?
- Keats.
"Ode to a Greek urn.
How can we avoid
think of the poem when you are here?
"When old age
ravaging this generation -
will still exist -
among second pain
than our own -
a friend of mankind. "
It is incredibly beautiful.
I should not even be here.
I should work on my piece.
I have not received written
my three pages today. Or yesterday.
According to my schedule
I am 48 pages behind.
But I wrote a short story finished yesterday.
O'clock twenty minutes over three tonight.
The envelope is stamped and the short story
is ready to be rejected.
What is it for?
About a museum.
It's called "hungry generations".
It's a fun story about a girl
taking thither when she is sad.
What happens then?
What do you think?
Nothing happens.
Should be done something?
- No, I asked ...
It is the story.
A sad girl goes to the museum -
and thinking about time and eternity -
and so she gets a little better.
There is no excitement in it.
But why should there be a plot?
All this melodramatic nonsense.
- Gretta I totally agree.
The story sounds fine.
- Oh no.
Is not it ridiculous? You look strange
and I think the story is incompetent.
It is certainly wonderful.
However, listen again. There is a girl at
at Mercury, who knows everybody.
She has a girlfriend
working for Harold Ross.
If I ask her, she can probably
get her friend to deliver it.
Do you think she will do it?
- I can try to ask.
Maybe she just put it
on his board.
And ... promises you
that you give it to her?
You throw it out?
Or open it and makes fun of me?
Give me the saw.
You know what?
I went here, because I thought
there was luck in this urn.
I would touch it with the envelope,
as is my short story accepted.
I should certainly be incarcerated.
If you believe in it,
so let's do it.
Do not touch it!
We must away.
- Running.
Have you seen ukulele? So, lyre?
- Sorry, kid.
Good night, my friend.
- Not bucks. Good night, my dear brother.
I like bent.
- Forget it. Lucius!
- Yes, my lord?
You are sleepy, poor ...?
Where is your ukulele, kid?
- A villain must have stolen.
Dear me, what is this
a try? Let us go to the end.
Girls and boys, now we are damned
Finally, by being there.
Then we have a single buck.
- You do not say? How nice of you.
Go ahead. Front row.
Fine. That is fine.
How long?
- 94 minutes.
For a long time. Look, folks!
The big scenes are good,
but the transitions are too long.
George Coulouris, speak not so loud.
Martin Gabel, then screw down
the pace of the tent scene.
We skates course through it.
Joe Holland, when you say "I am
motionless as north star ", -
be your voice reaching down the back.
This applies to all of you.
Step one step closer to the audience.
They must hate you.
Lloyd. Cinna scene is erased.
- What?
It does not work.
We make a mid-game.
Jeannie, we must change the light again.
We use the best effects
prematurely. Evelyn Allen.
You look enchanting out. But I can
not hear a word of what you say.
If you're not talking high on Thursday,
I can promise, your career is over.
Consonants, consonants.
And do not forget the vowels.
You thunderous drummer!
You drowns actors.
Here you go, a ticket. Orson said,
me to give everyone a ticket.
What are they for?
- I do not know.
Boys, get this costume
my ass to look big?
Oh no.
- Is it true?
Thank you. But there is so much substance.
- No, you're the fairest of all.
Do you know Titanic?
- Shut up.
Then I discovered a wonderful
little place in Greenwich Village.
There are only artists.
Just a place for you.
- Do you believe that?
They have shown a special court.
What is it now ...?
Something with lines.
Kids, listen up. We are almost there,
but we are still not as a family.
Fine, I hate my family.
- Uncle Orson wants us to play.
- Oh no.
I think it's a good idea.
Right now, before I go home to bed.
Everyone should invite one out of
a drink. I pay.
Five dollars per couple. The advantage of
radio work is cash.
We need it? I'm tired.
- Especially you need it!
If you refuse, you will be fired immediately.
In addition, it is quite voluntary.
There are not enough women
but we are unbiased.
All must have a ticket
including me. Well ...
I have a wallet
filled with fresh banknotes -
I am determined to ...
I'll begin.
If I prefer Lloyd
I say up.
It's me.
What a lovely couple.
May I draw on?
- You have benefited from a quiet evening, Joe.
I drink so no.
Let's get it over with.
Come on.
- Well. It is shown my number.
Thank God. One, I can talk to.
- I prefer, before women are gone.
Let me. I have to bed early.
- No alcohol for you, junior.
, I should know
hate to be called by your mother.
Come on.
- It's shown me.
Well, I should perhaps
have kept my number?
Do not worry about it.
I am surely a lucky potato.
- Luck?
I'm starving.
I have handed story.
My friend said -
we should not expect too much.
Does your girlfriend wrote it?
Which one?
- Dance, fjollerik.
I wonder why I feel so good
in your company?
I know you hardly enough.
Do you know what the best is here?
- That here is no heat?
That here is no telephone.
It is Orson small cave.
Here's freezing cold.
- I'll warm you.
How do your mother, you are?
I said that I, as train passengers
had won an overnight stay at the Plaza.
So, however! She believed you?
She is very happy, I'm alive
that she only doubt for tomorrow.
Then she can kill me.
I feel like a nightgown.
Have they not mind, we are here?
- I'm not saying anything. Do you?
We put it all in the laundry basket.
There will be one and clean every week.
I think I sleep on the couch.
- Come in here with you, Richard.
Preview at Caesars TODAY
At cheap prices
Well, comrades, after two bars.
It was fine.
- Well, the next connector node.
It goes too fast.
Rather it first.
We need more time.
- I are professionals.
One cross means a march.
Two crosses are a fanfare -
and three crosses is a drum roll.
A circle means a sad horn melody.
The dotted line means thunderclap.
Understood? Lloyd, not so uptight!
these warnings have validity
for all as to Caesar.
Die a beggar, see no miracle,
but heaven udblusser princes death.
A coward dies many times before his death.
The valiant tastes just
death once.
Of all strange, as I
've heard, I am curious ...
What are you doing?
- I did nothing.
Oh, forgive me
you bleeding lump of clay -
I am gentle against these butchers.
We demand an explanation!
An explanation!
Then follow the on me,
friends, listen to me!
Go back to the old.
What do you do against me?
Those who want to hear me
let them stay here.
Those that will follow Cassius,
go with him.
There is tears for his love -
joy for his fortune -
honor for his bravery -
and the death of his domineering.
Who is here so low
that he would be a slave?
Does anyone talk,
for him have I offended.
Who is here so vile,
that he does not love his country?
Does anyone talk,
for him have I offended.
I await a response.
John, we just look at music?
- We are waiting for Orson.
Go back to the old.
- Wait for Orson.
Are we practicing the play again tonight?
- We are waiting for Orson.
And how long
We intend to wait?
This is essentially
Orson Welles-moment, right?
The show is one big mess. We have
premiered on less than 24 hours.
The vessel is about to capsize.
The water crashing over the deck.
But wait! There is one
that can save us.
One with an imagination
and a vision ...
Anew! We practice the damned,
fucking idea from the beginning.
Once again to stand up!
Mr Welles, there is an error
be corrected immediately.
There is no
I have made the scenes ...
Apart from my sketches! Everything about
this show is my honor, Sam.
That is my concept.
It existed long before you arrived.
You have done a fine job
and your great help as a carpenter ...
Carpentry? Now you insult me
Mr Orson Welles!
Sam, we'll get it corrected.
- There is nothing to correct.
Fine, so I take my hammer
and ruin the scene remaining boards!
Your damned pig!
- Sam!
We'll fix it. I give you
my word on it. As a gentleman.
You are a gentleman!
He is an arrogant ...
I thought Orson Welles!
Each and every one of you
is my assistant!
If you want a career
in my setups -
you must remember one simple rule:
It's my store!
Crashing ye not concerning it, go.
Find someone else
who can make you stars.
We have premiere tomorrow.
I am proud of everyone in this company.
I have done all you brilliant.
You are a great company on a par with
all theater companies around the world.
After tomorrow, all cultured
people in town know who we are.
They will stand in line to see our work.
Let's run it through again!
Come on!
Sam. I know what you've done
for this setup. We do this all.
Even Orson about it.
But he is young, so bear with
him. I promise to do whatever I can.
Thank you.
Orson will be here until early morning.
I will stay here longer.
You should get some sleep. There are premieres
tomorrow and it's almost today.
The others can sleep all morning.
- I can indeed.
The school feels like another universe.
An insignificant universe.
And I invite you to breakfast
before anyone else. So you must not refuse.
We put a sign there. "Sold out".
We shall know the hall is filled.
I would go home and rest me.
- I envy you.
One can exert himself too much.
- A review of.
Will it make any difference now?
- Well then! This is when the magic begins.
We have heard the song bells play
at midnight, Mr Bullfinch.
Good night, Orson.
- Good night, Jack.
Thank you.
I know the young blood
the urge to rest.
I have slept, my lord.
- Good. You will soon be allowed to sleep more.
But I have it so good.
- Lucius, I love you so much.
You're the only one in the whole company,
there need to practice more.
You are what I call
"An actor created by God."
When you're on stage, you express yourself.
I look at you. Do you know what I see?
Splendid Pictures. See you tomorrow.
- See you.
Sonja, be sweet to come up with action.
- Yes, for a moment.
Orson will be together
with me at night.
Together with you? "
- I can not refuse.
What do you think?
- I must look after myself.
I take care of you.
- It can not.
Yes, I can.
- Get some sleep now.
Sonja ...
You do not win this time.
Sorry that I listened to.
Want some advice from someone
there are old farms in?
Fight for her.
That is what she wants.
I do not really
it is how I am.
And so, as you are,
is this how you want to be?
Good night, kid.
"Slow pace incapable forward
Edited and. Anthonius and Cleopatra ".
Anthonius with H.
Atkinson can not even spell!
"Anthonius and Cleopatra is a great
against the audience's patience. "
It's unspeakably funny.
Lucius, my good friend!
What brings you in these parts?
It will be a magical evening.
Can you feel it?
Get a taxi to us.
Sonja, let me see "The Post".
How are you doing here?
I did not
you would stay with him.
I had told you.
I do not regret anything.
You've only known me for a week. Is your
silence is not a little melodramatic?
Sometimes you will remember
one week for life.
So let us be thankful for
we had one week together.
Should I fight for you?
Is that what you want?
As I will do it.
Huge for me? Orson will
introduce me to Selznick.
Does he do it morally just?
- Moral fair?
I would never treat you like that.
- Are you really so self-righteous?
Come on, Junior! We are in a hurry.
We have interviews ...
My name is not "junior".
- What?
Or "Jack" or "Lucius".
My name is Richard.
I will be called.
- Put yourself.
This also concerns me.
- Sit so in!
What's your problem junior?
Do not make me angry today.
Sonja is my mistress.
- Your mistress?
She is my girlfriend.
- And you're mad at me?
Does not virgin Quickly
a part of the blame?
I ask you to withdraw them.
Your wife is pregnant! What ...?
To mention my wife again
I suggest you, you talentless shit.
Will you keep premiere without Lucius?
- I can write you out of the play.
Just do it.
You need not worry about
to speak up, because you're fired on the spot.
Remove your things immediately.
I hope you enjoyed your career
on Broadway, because now is the end.
Put it back.
Do not know Orson?
How he does before each performance.
He wants you to suck up to him.
Once he fired me
just before a premiere, -
because I was in bed with Henrietta
Kaye before him. It now only excuse.
You can not resign.
We still owe you five dollars.
We do not pay,
before we know the details.
Richard, himself sorry for him.
- He called me a talent shit.
It is not so bad. It's better
than an unemployed talent shit.
Shut up.
- This is how it hangs together.
Welles is the director.
Say everything he wants to hear.
Whether you believe it or not.
I beg you. Do it for my sake.
And because you love the show.
Richard, my good friend. Joe said
I probably could find you here.
What can I say?
That I regret?
That we need you? The word is
poor and insufficient to ...
Simply skip all the fuss about.
- As you like.
I would be treated with respect.
- It was also my intention, junior.
They will not call me "Junior"!
- It was kindly meant.
But it demeans me.
- So let me be.
You are really an actor created
of God. It was not just platitudes.
I could recognize his eyes.
The deep understanding that your life is
so utterly meaningless.
Just to survive
you need to play acting.
Because if people do not know
who you are -
they can not look bad on you.
If I can be Brutus in 90 minutes
tonight, that is really him -
from the inside out, -
so I get a wonderful break
90 minutes away from being myself.
It is what you see in the
every great actor's gaze.
Possibly like you is not about me,
Richard and I am actually indifferent.
Our common task is
to create the best art.
It is the only
that matters.
However, I pray thee
play tonight.
Then you can do as you please.
I need you.
You must not think about it. Say yes.
Say yes, right now.
Will you call my mom and say
I have a big role -
so I must be absent from school?
Of course.
Am I invited to the party tonight?
- Naturally.
Will Sam Living on reputation
he deserves?
What speculators. Will you also have
a post in Roosevelt's Ministers?
Do we have an agreement?
- Yes.
Two crosses are a fanfare.
For God's sake, can you not write
word "fanfare" in the manuscript?
Muriel, my own.
New Yorker-scene lighting.
Portia does not jewelry.
- Orson!
Coulouris said he has received an
heart attack. I think it's nerves.
What the hell?
- He is in your room.
Dear me! Lloyd,
Cinna scene is the same.
There must be several people.
Once they have surrounded you, then ran away.
It will look like you
disappear from the earth's surface.
Get total people. Everyone must be involved in
the scene and carrying an overcoat and hat.
Two steaks, a pineapple juice
and a bottle of whiskey.
Thanks, John.
- Thank you, Mr Welles.
Junior, take it here.
- It's Richard.
Be quiet! Have you voted ukulele?
- Yes, it's ready.
Good evening, Mercury benefactors.
How are you?
Enjoy the show. Let us see
what the hell it is about.
I can not!
It'll go, George.
It's just-premiered nerves.
Give me the bottle of whiskey.
Go outside, everybody.
I did not know
what to say.
Look at me.
Look at me. You must listen,
what I now say. Is that understood?
Do not force me to it!
- Look, George.
Calm now. Some actresses ...
Listen, George.
Some actors will practice
and work through life.
They are some
excellent actors.
Other actresses ... Listen.
Other actors are created by God.
No, no, no ... Not me.
Look at me. When I look up
in your eyes, you saw what I see?
I see wonderful pictures.
I'm ...
I'm an Antony,
who are writing theater history.
Come on. Have a sip of this here.
Now we do it.
I could not breathe.
- Drink.
Do not worry about it.
- I am ashamed that.
Come on, George.
Come on, George.
If someone comes late, so keep
them back until light goes out.
Is that understood? Do not rear doors
even be opened to Jesus Christ.
How many are there on the balcony?
- Around the 40th
Fine, let's give them an experience.
Jeannie, the show can begin.
High, comrades.
The Stupid animals that you must be aroused.
Last night it decided whether I should reach
to target, or completely destroyed go.
I must not play
before giving evidence. I count down.
Three ... two ... a ...
Get them to sweat.
And ... music, one, two.
Caesar! Caesar!
Quiet! Let din tie!
Who is it
as the crowd calls me?
Antonius, a voice cut
through music and shouts "Caesar".
Who is calling?
Figures for Caesar listens.
Beware the Ides Martii.
This is what he is striving for -
but when he gets to the ladder top,
then he turns it back -
look to the skies and contempt Now
the low stage, along which he grew up.
Maybe it makes Caesar.
It must be prevented.
Brutus, my husband.
- What do you, Portia?
So up early?
It's thoughtless to confide -
your weak health to
a rkold tomorrow.
And your own.
For unloving stole you from my bed.
One can clearly hear
that they have been in bed together.
... And pondered with arms folded,
and when I asked what you were wrong -
so you staring at me
with dark eyes.
You struck out irritated by hand
as you asked me to go.
Damn, I had asked him
not to stand there.
You were excellent.
- Was I really?
You are what I call
an actress created by God.
I think I love you.
Are you nervous?
- Only if people ask me about it.
Are you nervous?
Should it be later than eight o'clock?
- Yes, the very latest.
Here are a sick, who will talk to you.
- Caius Ligarius.
I fail nothing if only Brutus has
a deed to be done, the credit worthy.
A tu, Brute.
Fall then, Caesar.
Now you cry.
They feel enough of a plug of compassion.
It feels good to cry.
Good people. But how?
Crying, when you see only
our Caesar dress the wound?
Look, here.
Look, here himself.
Torn by traitor hands!
- Caesar!
Oh, how awful!
- Oh, the traitors!
Revenge! Revenge!
I dreamed
I sat down to eat with Caesar.
Scary thought fills me.
I lack desire
to go home -
but something drives me anyway.
What is your name?
Where are you going?
Where do you live?
His name is Cinna.
- I am writer Cinna.
Snderriv him for his bad verses.
I am not
the conspirators Cinna!
I am Cinna the poet!
Could you hold the heavy eyes open
slightly and stir lyre to a little song?
If it pleases you, my lord.
- Yes, my boy.
I bother you, but you would like.
- It's only my duty.
I should not
make claim on your duty.
The young blood has urge to rest.
- I have now slept, my lord.
It was good, and you will soon
allowed to sleep more.
I do not long for you.
If I live,
I will be good to you.
when the lyre Orpheus Vocal
bent by the string sound
tree top and ice cover mountain
herb and flower sprang from fertile
right as when the spring bid
tonens magic powers are strong
agony and heart work
listen in nap and die
He had the noblest of Romans. Each
of the conspirators, except him, -
committed the deed
of grudge to Caesar's greatness.
Only he was in honest thought -
on the common
and the whole nation good.
His life was gentle, and soul abilities
voted thus connected with him -
that nature could proudly say:
"This was a man".
So it is now.
Make sure people are ready.
It was fucking fantastic!
We made it.
We did it srme.
Good work, Jeannie.
They love us.
In places with you!
How the hell
I will be able to surpass this?
I will never forget it.
I had come down from the stage, -
when I heard gasps. Have heard
audience react this before?
- Once.
Orson has organized construction
for years. He has staged it before.
Have you greeted Martin Gabel?
He played Cassius.
Orson and I would remind so much
about each other.
I prefer to work with men.
Imagine playing with in "The Women".
40 roles, and all of them are women.
Oh god, I would shoot myself.
I knew with astonishing security
already from the first test -
it was a success.
Orson offered me to play
either Antony or Brutus.
I chose Antony for the reason
he is recognized everywhere ...
I see that the ladies
have taken my dublant.
How, boy. I thought
I had forgotten text -
until I sang.
The words came out of my mouth.
I was not aware
I still remember them.
Come here.
- Hello.
What is lynx, fertilize?
Is Evelyn cavalier? What a guy.
Orson has not told you that?
- What?
You're fired, Richard.
- What am I?
I'm sorry, I must tell.
Orson is a nitwit and a coward.
Are you kidding?
- He has never forgiven you.
He just wanted to have the premiere in house.
- Joe, it's not funny.
Did you see the blond guy on stage?
- He will replace you.
Is this a joke?
- He has already been recruited.
Do not make fun.
- That I do not.
No. It must not end like this.
What have I done?
- Do not make Orson clock.
I said one thing.
I said Sonja was my girlfriend.
I fought like you said.
- You should not fight against Orson.
Moreover, he said,
taking the practical application batch.
Fine, what should I do?
- I'm sorry, Richard.
Wait a minute. He gave me this.
Does it mean nothing?
We have all been
the same damn letter.
Is he here?
Is he here, Joe?
I will talk to him.
Where is he?
- He went. Everyone should go to the party.
What a beautiful hat.
It is good for your eyes.
Joe, wait!
- Richard.
He does not believe this evening.
- One can not dismiss people like that.
I'll talk your case.
- If now I was with at the party ...
Welles would change their minds
the whole company? You think?
Take home, kid.
This is my home.
I'm sorry, Richard.
I did what I could.
Orson is intractable.
It grieves me. I tried to talk
with him. Joe and John tried.
Are you going to party?
- My cavalier fetch me a moment.
Be sweet to say it was not Welles.
- No, not Orson.
It is David O. Selznick.
Good luck.
It do not I need.
I do not believe in luck.
- I do not anymore.
It is actually a relief,
is not it? Not believing in luck.
Well ... I can certainly not leave
Mr Selznick wait.
How do I look?
As a girl who is about to give me
a dazzling though farvelkys.
Plutarch writes and I quote:
"He dreaded not so well supplied,
wealthy gentlemen, -
but rather the pale, lean men
as Cassius and Brutus. "
Well, may be made from this passage
draw parallels -
to some important lines of
the text we talked about yesterday?
Mr. Samuels?
Do you really think you can find the answer
by looking out the window?
One can draw a parallel to Caesar
speak to Antony. It reads:
"The Cassius looks lean, hungry looking.
He thinks a lot.
The kind of people is dangerous. "
"He watched people.
He sees through obvious
what people are doing.
He likes not acting as you,
and does not music.
He rarely smiles, and smiles, then,
which mocked himself -
and mocked his mind because it could
moved into a smile of anything. "
Extremely impressive.
"Those people who he has never peace
in the heart when they see a superior, -
and therefore they are very dangerous. "
Beautiful, Richard.
41st Street Turn
- The Greek urn stands still here.
Like the poem.
- Yes.
Civil wars, plague. A thousand years have passed
and this vase is still there.
My goodness. I behave myself, as if
nothing has happened, but everything has changed.
Go ahead, read this.
I hoped so you would come.
"We hereby inform you, -
that we'd want to publish
Your short story "Hungry generations'.
It is entertaining,
truthful and touching. "
It is impossible to comprehend.
The New Yorker.
I'm so happy. This is my first
publishing, and it is because of you.
You found the course to your friend.
Unsolicited had never been read.
Thanks, Richard.
- Perhaps it was guilt vase.
Possibly. Everything I write
From now on, I rub against the vase.
My God, your imagination!
People are not talking about another.
Have you seen the newspapers?
- Naturally.
Think that I attended the premiere.
It was great.
Your scene in the end, where you sang ...
It was wonderful.
Thank you.
Look here ...
I will welcome you at lunch or
dinner, or what the heck time it is.
Thank you.
Who would have thought this
a week ago?
Now I am a writer,
and you're an actor.
Now I know not whether the idea
is something in the long term.
Is it true?
- Yes.
I wonder if I ever
can lead an actor lives.
All I know is
that whether there is -
acting, writing,
music or theater, I would ...
I want to be a part of it.
- I know, what you think.
The last time we were here ...
I thought: "Gretta, you have lived
here in town for half a year -
and you've tried to write
and meeting new people. "
Now I met a guy
I think about. I will not ...
Do not worry, I try not
to scare you.
It works just as if ...
we have much in common.
It's an exciting time
because it feels as if ...
As if the whole world is
the feet of us.
Hold the doors!
Yes, the whole world is
the feet of us.
What do you think?
Yes, options.
Translation: Henrietta C. Nielsen
Scandinavian Text Services 2010