Me And You Vs The World (2014) Movie Script

Let's keep moving.
Team spirit, everyone!
Hello, bro.
This is not the right time.
That is insane!
That's very heroic.
You are such a macho man!
I saw what you did on YouTube.
That's very brave.
I was a bit hesitant initially...
... but now I'm going to let you do
this "Conquer the World" program.
- Thank you, sir.
- I will wait for the budget.
You'll have it.
I'm coming with you, yeah?
Come on, please.
Let's go out of town this weekend, honey.
What do you think, Sera?
Let's go out of town with mom and dad.
Sera? I'm talking to you.
Why don't you answer me?
She must be thinking about her exams.
- Good morning, Mr Madun.
- Good morning.
Hold it! Come over here.
Where are you going?
We have an appointment
with the principal.
Yes, we do.
What business do you have with him?
We have made the appointment long ago.
- Okay, then...
- Good morning Mr Madun.
Good morning, Sera.
You look very beautiful today.
You are just not like every other girls.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Sera, this is your book. Thanks.
- Sure.
- Sera.
These are the poems
that you have to choose...
... for the bulletin board.
- What? Seriously?
- Ouw, Shifa.
- Hey, Ser. This is for you.
- Thank you.
For this week,
we have to start preparing...
... for the English
speech county competition...
... and the scientific work competition.
- Are you ready?
- Yes, I am.
Hey, come with me to the toilet.
Seir, can I borrow your math notebook?
Math? Here it is.
Thank you.
Why we got so unlucky?
All we have is a good intention.
What? Do you want my gel?
Just use it.
This kind of hair might get you a date
with these school girls.
You are crazy.
We are here to present our proposal
to the principal.
Just hurry up! I'll wait outside.
Just let me look nice first.
Oh, gosh! Sorry.
We are here for work.
Not to find school girls.
What's wrong Sera?
Everything's fine, principal.
- It's just...
- We were just looking for you, sir.
- That's right, sir.
- Are you here for the teacher's position?
No, we are not here for that.
We sent you the email regarding
"Conquer the World" program, sir.
- About rafting?
- That's the one.
As the principal of this school,
I have to...
... decline.
Since it's very dangerous.
Don't worry, sir. It's not dangerous.
We guarantee, everyone in the program
is prohibited to bring any weapon.
That's right, sir. We are here
to explain everything in detail.
No need. What's safe for you,
might not be safe for my students.
Let's ask Sera, our top honor student
in this school.
Sera, will you be interested
in the rafting program?
As an honor student, you will be setting
the right example for all.
No, Sir. I'm not interested.
You guys heard that?
Don't try this at school. Very dangerous.
Try to find other adventure
which is safer.
Maybe a sack race. It's much safer.
Where did those two bastards go?
Hey, over here.
Hey, Dude, can you pass the ball?
Do you guys know what can make you
become better in playing basketball?
- An adventure.
- So, what do you mean?
If you have the guts,
we will wait in the cafeteria
This is your coffee.
Why are you guys here?
We are alumni of this school.
What year? I have been here
since the school was built.
Before you came here then.
That doesn't make sense.
Just drink the coffee.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
- Can I help you?
- Give me the milk.
- Mineral water, please.
- What is this? A pastry?
- Hey.
- What?
It looks good.
She is the honor student. The smart ones.
Thank you.
Let me talk to her.
It's no point.
Nerds are not into adventures.
They only like to study and read.
Their only aim in life is to beat Google.
But the other two girls
don't look that smart.
They must be average students.
Let me, Baron, talk to them.
Good afternoon.
Can I talk to you all?
Is that your uncle?
I don't know him
Uncle? Do I look that old?
Sorry, we are not interested
in your offers.
We are not selling products.
See this.
There you go, just read this first.
- Hello, Bro.
- Hello, Bro.
Come here, guys.
I want to talk to you
about "Conquer the World" program.
It's packed with adrenaline adventures.
You can look at the brochures.
- Take it home.
- Shifa, Putri, I'm going first.
- Don't leave me.
- Wait a minute.
Where are you going?
Your friend is a nerd.
All day she reads and studies.
Aren't you bored with that?
Look at this. Open it.
This promises you a fun filled adventure.
Is that true?
Well, it looks interesting.
- Let's try it.
- Come
This programs will teach you
about nature as well.
If you are interested,
we will wait for you very early tomorrow
behind the school.
Sounds fun. What do you think?
- Sounds fun.
- Let's try this.
He's back! Help!
Don't run from me!
Hey, you haven't paid yet. What a punk!
Tell Sera, we are going tomorrow.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
Thank you, sir.
We did it!
Wait, both of you!
I can't do this.
They're too fast.
Didn't you guys see the sign?
You are not allowed to turn around.
I saw the sign.
It's you that I didn't see.
Bro, is that Officer Eka's friend?
She's cute.
"Conquer the World?"
Team spirit, everyone!
Let's keep moving.
Where is Shifa and Putri?
I can't reach them.
"Wait for me tomorrow in school."
Why is it so empty?
Are you sure about this?
Maybe, they are not here yet, Mom.
It starts at 8.
What should we do, honey?
There's nobody here.
She likes to be punctual.
It's all right. Let's just leave.
I wish you could come
to the resort with us.
Well, because it's a school matter,
so it's okay.
Bye, Mom. Bye, Dad.
Bye, have fun.
Have any of you guys done rafting before?
- Seir...
- Shifa!
Are you coming with us?
Why are you dressed up like this?
Your mom let you go?
- There's something I need to tell you...
- That's good.
We needed one more person, come on!
What's going on?
Let's go. We have to leave now
to get an early start. Let's go.
- Let's go.
- Move!
Let's go, Driver.
Guys, call me Jere.
And this is Baron.
- Hello, everyone!
- Hello.
We are first going to conquer
the Citarik River first.
Guys, this activity is not safe.
Last night, I saw on YouTube,
someone fell and drowned.
I came early to school
to warn you all about this.
We already know about it, Sera.
But you don't know what happened
to that kid who drowned?
Sera, that kid was saved by Jere.
All right, you guys ready for this?
Be careful everyone.
Everyone ready?
We are missing one person.
Sera, come.
I'm here to take care of you
so that you don't drown...
... just like that kid in YouTube.
Don't worry, it's safe.
Let's go, come with us.
We need one more person to start this.
Come on, Sera.
Come on, Sera.
You have to come with us, Seir.
Let's go, Seir.
Just come with us.
Come on, Sera. We need you to help row.
Everybody focus and concentrate.
Keep rowing.
Soon, we will go come to the big dip.
Everybody raise their oars.
My hair is messed up.
Do you always have to comb your hair?
It's very important.
When I was born, my hair was very neat.
Everybody, let's play some games.
Truth or dare.
It's very simple.
This will teach us about honesty.
Let me start by asking Jere.
Did you just break up, Jere?
Do you have five ex-girlfriends?
No, no, no...
Is it six or seven exes?
Maybe 10 exes?
You're crazy.
Do you want to answer that?
Okay, lets start with you.
You keep asking too many questions.
Do you have a girlfriend?
Don't ask me. Ask her.
She needs some distraction from her book.
Hmm, Sera, are you happy here?
Hey, Nerd.
It's your turn now.
Did you guys get permission
from your parents for this trip?
Come on, let's sing. Let's dance.
Come on, stand up.
All right, let's party now.
Just sing and dance, yeah?
Move your body, left to right.
Shake it everywhere.
Follow my steps.
No matter what, just follow me, okay?
You know I'm good.
I'm going to sing a song now.
All right, face to that direction.
One, two, three, four.
Sera... Come on, join us.
Ser, come on, Sera.
Come on.
Hold on to this.
One, two, three.
All right.
So this is what makes you
a brilliant student.
You have never been to a place like this?
Never, sir.
Don't call me sir.
I'm not that old.
Just call me Jere.
Brother Jere?
Just Jere.
Is there something wrong Sera?
I thought we were going home
straight after rafting.
Don't worry. We will leave for Jakarta
tomorrow morning.
What's wrong? It's not hygienic?
Since when did you like
camping and rafting?
Since high school,
I always liked nature and adventure.
My work always interferes with my hobby.
What do you mean?
My office handles concerts and art events.
This adventure program is their first.
... must be boring doing the same thing.
I never knew you were a poet.
What do you mean?
You can actually talk to a young girl.
Sera, Putri, wake up.
Wake up, everyone.
Wake up, everyone.
Good morning.
Good morning, everyone.
Rising early is the way to success.
Is there hot water?
I'm boiling it.
Let me look good first.
Shifa, where is Sera?
Where is she?
Do you have permission to do this event?
- Calm down.
- Do you have permission for this?
- Do you?
- Calm down.
- Who are you?
- I'm Baron.
Baron! Are you responsible for all this?
- Yes.
- You should know...
... that a child needs a parents permission
to go out of town.
- Don't you know about that?
- I know that.
Do they all have permission
from the parents?
Calm down. I can explain.
- This has gone too far.
- Mom, Dad.
Gosh, Sera.
I'm sure none of them
have permissions from the parents.
- Let's just leave now.
- Sera, get your stuff and lets leave.
I'm not done with you, Baron.
Jer, this is bad.
- What's up?
- Jere.
Sera's mom and dad were here.
They are very upset.
You understand what you did is wrong?
You really disappoint us. You lied to us.
I'm really surprised at your behavior.
But Mom...
... this is the first time I have lied.
I'm here to take care of you
so that you don't drown...
... like that kid in YouTube.
Don't worry.
Let's go.
We need one more to start.
Come on.
One, two, three.
You have never been to a place like this?
Never, sir.
Don't call me sir.
I'm not that old.
Just call me Jere.
Brother Jere?
Just Jere.
Hi, Mom.
Yes, Mom.
I will come back tomorrow.
It's only been a week.
Definitely, Mom.
Mom, I'm driving now.
I will call you later, okay?
Okay, see you, Mom. Love you.
Jer, you are just like the girl
who got picked up today.
Who? Sera?
What do you mean?
You are both scared of your mom.
I'm different from Sera.
The only difference...
... is that you are more experienced
in the dating scene.
You have so many girlfriend, everywhere.
With status or not.
Whereas Sera has never dated anyone.
What about you?
You have never dated a girl.
I have.
Only one time.
The blonde from the village.
I'm sure you picked her
from some sleazy bar.
- No.
- Don't lie.
But we became friends after that.
- Morning, sir.
- Morning, Jer.
I came here to give you the proposal,
so I can get your approval.
So, this is it.
This program is something new
for me and the office.
I'm sure this will be a success.
It's new breakthrough.
I like your passion.
All right, I will give you the budget.
Remember, you have to know
the consequences as well.
If you fail, you're fired.
Thank you, sir. Take care.
Okay. Who can solve this problem?
Come up Sera.
I'm sorry, I can't do it.
All right, finish this problem at home.
Good afternoon.
Seir, you can't solve that?
I don't know.
- What are you thinking about?
- Must be a guy.
Look at her smile.
There is something.
There's nothing, Shifa.
- You are blushing.
- What?
Stop it.
Hello, Dude, where are you?
I just met our boss.
He approved our budget.
Hello, Dude.
Happy birthday, my ex-boyfriend.
Thank you, Astrid. How did you come in?
Happy Birthday, Dude.
What's all the surprise for?
Come on, make a wish.
Wish for the both of us...
I never celebrate my birthday.
You should be happy as you get older.
Come on, you should be happy.
With every birthday, I feel older.
- And after our breakup...
- You never change.
You're so selfish and annoying.
Thanks for the cake.
- Do you want this?
- Eat it.
Yes, Mom.
Thank you, Mom.
Yes, Mom.
I'm 26 and I don't want to celebrate it.
All right.
Thanks, Mom.
Okay, Mom, bye.
- Hey.
- What?
I spoke with the manager...
... and he has agreed to give this place
as part of our program.
Now we have four sports arena,
including rafting, camping,
hiking, and go-kart.
Let's go back to office.
Why don't you go first?
Why should I go first?
- Hi, Jere.
- Hey, you guys.
You didn't skip school, right?
Okay, the gas pedal is on the right
and the brakes on the left.
Try not to make steep turns
and don't bump into each other.
Three, two, one, go!
Are you ready?
Three, two, one. Go!
Where have you been, Sera?
... I was doing my homework
in Shifa's house.
Shifa's mom called and said
that Shifa is not back from school.
Well, what happened was...
... we actually worked
in the library first...
... and then we went to Shifa's house.
Did you eat your dinner?
Dad, I'm going to my room.
Sera, why did you come back so late?
Your father wants to take us out
for dinner.
Mom, Dad.
Is it okay if I don't come for dinner?
Where are you going?
I'll be home.
I have a lot of homework.
- Are you ready for the presentation?
- Yes.
It's all set.
I have already spent a lot of money
for this.
Don't worry, sir.
It will be as we promised.
What's wrong?
It's coming out very slow.
Drink a lot of water.
- I will see you later.
- Yes, sir.
This tasted sour.
- Peace be unto you.
- And unto you peace.
Where have you been?
I've been trying to call you.
Sorry, I was driving.
Jer, this program is your idea.
Why am I being scrutinized by the boss?
The office has spent a lot of money
on this program.
Now they want to see the results.
They have to wait. I'm trying my best.
He wants to see his money back fast.
I have sent the proposals...
... to several schools and companies.
To the young girls too?
When you first made
the "Conquer The World" concept...
... and all the adventures events,
you know I have always supported you
from the beginning.
I don't want this to fail.
In the end...
... we will get fired and end up jobless.
Where are you going with this?
Jer, I know I'm not smart.
But I'm not dumb as well.
- I get it.
- What?
You are talking about those school girls.
Why are you bringing up
those girls again?
One day...
... when...
... you grow old...
... you will miss your childhood.
What do you mean?
My mom used to say
that when you grow old...
... you will always remember
your childhood days.
Health problems?
You mean impotent?
I'm sure this program
is going to amazing.
Every adult will want to try
this adventure.
Did you get close to Sera...
... just to find out what the teenagers
are up to these days?
Come with me.
You are good!
Where are we going?
- Dude.
- Yeah?
Because you know my intention,
let me borrow your motorbike.
But I just came here.
Why don't you wash the fire truck?
- This one?
- Yes.
And if you're hungry,
there's food upstairs.
Can I use this fire truck
to drive around the block?
- Sure?
- Yes, but be careful.
All right.
Is this manual or automatic?
Dinner is ready, miss.
Has mom and dad gone?
Yes, Miss Sera.
Hey, put the helmet on.
We will get a tickets if the cops see us.
But my hair will get messy.
You will still look nice.
Come, Sera.
- Nice flag.
- I stole it.
It's very beautiful.
You are very smart, Sera.
You got GPS 4.1.
I can't even achieve a 3.0.
But you are different.
You can live your life
the way you like it.
Aren't you happy with your life now?
Well, I am happy.
I'm sorry my parents messed up
everything during the camp.
So, that's how you live your life.
It's not as bright
as these Jakarta lights.
Teenagers always like things
that are bright.
You are now a frog.
Are you sure everyone's gone home?
There are still some students inside.
That was fun right?
Lot of fun.
We can actually go diving
in Wakatobi Island if you want.
But I don't know if I will get permission
from my parents.
Well, maybe when you
are a bit older then...
Do I still look like a child?
Are you upset?
Jere, it's cold. Stop it.
You look cute when you are angry.
Shifa, have you seen Sera?
I don't know. I'm also looking for her.
She needs to choose these poems
for the bulletin board.
Is that so?
- I'm gonna head out with Putri.
- Okay.
All right.
Let's wait here.
What time is it?
Are you waiting for your driver?
Why don't you play chess with me?
I need an opponent.
Come here.
Let's start.
Wait, wait, sir.
Thanks Jer.
Thanks, sir.
Have you seen Sera?
Are you looking for me?
Sera, where have you been?
Aren't you joining the extra classes?
I'll tell you everything tomorrow.
See you.
She looks very happy.
Wait, we have to get a ride from her.
- Seir!
- Miss...
- Hello, Baron.
- Where have you been?
Where are you? It's very noisy.
Our hangout place. Come here.
Let's party, Bro.
There are girls that you like in here.
I will wait for you.
I can't. I'm preparing
for the presentation tomorrow.
That's good.
Work hard and finish the presentation.
Don't go out. Do it all night.
This is for our future, bro, okay?
I'll be here.
See you.
Please try to finish
the bulletin board today.
When are we going to hangout again?
Soon, Shifa. Soon.
You are not allowed to turn on
your cellphone during class.
Whose phone is that?
It's not mine.
That's my phone.
Why is it on?
I'm sorry, ma'am.
What's wrong with you?
This is important, Shif.
I can't turn off my phone.
Shifa, you are my best friend, right?
- Yes.
- Right?
You have to help me out.
Just say yes to everything. Understand?
Please tell mom and dad
that I have to do my homework with Shifa.
She will drop me back later.
- Right, Shif?
- Yes.
Don't you think
you should come home first?
But we are already late.
- Right, Shifa?
- Yes.
But, but...
That was easy.
- Don't go home until I call you.
- Yes.
- Remember, I'm with you.
- Yes.
You're so funny. Bye.
Where are you going Sera?
Sera, let's eat.
Honey, don't you find Sera
different these past few weeks?
Maybe she's busy studying.
Studying? She's never like this.
Let me see her.
My daughter is so pretty.
Why do you want to grow up so fast?
I know, you are falling in love.
- What are you talking about?
- Isn't it true?
It's all messed up now.
So, that is true.
What's different today?
I know what happens.
Stop it, Mom.
Sera is falling in love.
Mom, stop making things up. Stop it.
Is it your make up?
- She's becoming a woman.
- I'm just learning.
Dad, aren't you eating?
It's already cold.
We just want to know what happens?
- Afternoon.
- Afternoon, Sera
What happened?
A complete transformation.
Indonesia is an open ground
for all sports.
"Conquer the World" is intended for people
to get close to nature as well...
... as opening up new horizons
in their lives.
We have done our research on teenagers
about their world...
... so that this program will have
that same level of energy.
My friend Jeremy has actually
gotten close...
... to one teenager for the purpose
of this research.
What do you all think of this program?
Thank you, ladies and gentleman.
Excuse me.
Seir, Sera, Sera, Sera.
I'm surprised. You look different.
Why? 'Cause I don't look like
one of your research teens?
You look different as well.
Not like the usual Jere.
This is your department.
What's wrong, Sera?
Why are you so upset?
Some school work you don't understand?
You haven't done your homework?
Your grades are not good?
There is someone who is smarter than you?
Her friend, Jeremy.
Sera, you have a friend called...
Who is it?
He's waiting for you outside.
You look very different today.
Not like the old Sera.
You look different too.
- I actually thoughts we were having fun...
- I'm sorry.
Because you used me?
This is the truth.
Initially, it was for my research.
Nothing more.
But you know that the heart
is an organ that can never lie.
What's your point?
You are really fun.
Most of the girls I know are...
... materialistic,...
... annoying,...
... and boring.
If that was a compliment,
it's not working.
No, it's nothing like that.
I just want us to be like before.
Is that okay?
We'll see tomorrow.
It's late now.
I have to study.
All right, I will go now.
- I will just say bye to your parents.
- You don't have to.
It's fine.
She's coming back.
I just won the lottery.
Why didn't you tell me before.
I was busy.
Let's go for dinner then. Your treat.
No problem at all.
Hold on one minute.
Please, be patient.
Someone wants to book
for our program detail.
He wants to know all the details.
Why don't you handle it?
Why me?
I'm busy right now.
But Jer...
Just one minute.
I'll try again.
Where's Sera?
The poems are due on the bulletin board.
I can't for her anymore.
What's wrong?
Sera has not chosen the poem
for the board.
So, we can't publish the bulletin board.
I need to talk to you about Sera.
Lately, Sera has been missing a lot
of her classes.
All right. I will call her parents.
I have been hearing the same thing
from her friends.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
- Have a nice day.
- Thank you.
Can you...
... still do it?
Don't look down.
Just look at me.
It's spicy.
Here's the ball.
Are you all right, Sera?
Dude, give our ball back.
- Is this your ball?
- Yes, it is.
Why did you do that?
- We haven't paid it.
- You haven't paid the noodle soup.
This way, Sera.
- Where they are?
- Pay first.
Can you still run?
This is called me and you
versus the world.
Pay your soup. Hey, pay it.
Hey, pay it!
Since this is all because of you three,
I want you to pay.
- Hurry up.
- What the hell.
Why I'm the one that got beaten?
You look worried.
Do you want me to come in and talk
to your parents for coming home late?
It will make me feel better.
It's all right.
That was fun.
Just go home.
- Bye.
- See you.
You should always remember to say...
"peace be unto you."
Peace be unto you, Dad.
And unto you peace.
Where's mom?
Sit here.
Your mom has not been feeling well.
What happened?
Your mom got a call
from your principal today.
I'm sorry, Dad.
I didn't mean to upset her.
Talk to your mom and apologize to her.
All right, I'll go see her.
Forgive me, Mom.
What mistake have I done to you?
You have been lying to me
and your father.
You have been skipping school.
Education is the one foundation
which we can give to you.
Once you've graduated...
... and you're older...
... you can do whatever you want.
I'm not trying to come
in between your happiness.
But I want you
to focus on your school...
... and achieve your dreams.
Nothing more.
This is for you.
Not for me or your father.
I understand, Mom.
I love you very much, Sera.
This past few weeks,
I have fallen in love with a guy.
But at the same time, I hurt my parents.
Especially my mom.
Since then, I promised
not to disappoint them again.
And since that night,
I became the old Sera again.
Sera who only knows how to study.
I'm in the cheerleader now.
- Yes.
- Is it fun?
It's totally fun.
I have the thing on top.
- The pom-poms?
- Yes.
Do you throw it around?
- I call you tonight.
- Okay.
I'm going first.
Seir, isn't that...
Sera. Sera. Sera. Seir.
Shifa, what's going on?
So, according to your proposal.
Our employee is fit to be
"Conquer The World" participant.
He is a client.
Our program has rafting,...
... wall climbing as you can see,
and one more, Jer...
- What?
- What else?
Rafting, go-kart, and sack race.
- Sack race?
- He's kidding.
Forget it.
Wait, wait. Where are you going?
What's wrong with you?
We just lost a big client.
He is actually, a very big client.
There goes our client.
Are you all right?
Help me up.
Help you up?
Hurry up.
Madam, do you still need me today?
You can leave.
- All right, I can go home then.
- Yes.
- Excuse me.
- Yeah.
How's your school, Sera?
Your exams are coming up?
Eat properly, so you can study better.
The maid came back?
Are you expecting a guest?
Sera is our only child.
She's still very young.
... also still studying.
Everything was fine.
She's a good student.
She has...
... never broken the house rules.
We have brought her up...
... to be a good...
... and responsible child.
And then you came into her life.
You brought her...
... into your world.
Which is fine.
But it's not the right time.
Give us a chance...
... to take care...
... of Sera.
To guide her until she becomes an adult
After that, you are welcome
to come here again.
What do you think?
I understand, sir.
When you have a child,...
... you will know how it feels
to be a parent.
Sir, I'll take my leave.
Since that night,
I never saw Jeremy again.
I went back to my world.
Jeremy went back to his world,
full of adventure.
How was your exam?
I'm sure you did well.
Are you going to study abroad?
Hopefully, Shifa.
All the best for both of you.
Someday I wish I could see him again.
Maybe one day...
... after I have made
my parents happy.
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
See you.
I understand about the company's loss.
Now, I'm at his home.
Please give us more time.
This is all Jeremy's fault.
I have nothing to do with it.
You can fire him...
... not me.
Hello, hello.
Are you tired of playing
with teenagers?
Which is more complicated?
A teenager...
... or an adult like me?
I always thought you were cool.
A real man.
What's wrong with you?
A teenager has turned you into a wimp.
Shame on you!
Okay, I get it.
Is that the reason...
... you live
in the fire brigade housing...
... because you can't forget your father
who died at work?
You don't have to bring up my father.
Shit. Asshole, our careers are ruined
because of you.
Honey, come up.
It's so fun!
I remember the time with Sera.
Hurry up, come up.
This is a bit complicated.
It's hard, you know.
Hold on, let me help you.
- Shifa?
- Baron.
- Baron, what are you doing here?
- I run this place.
- I see.
- How are you?
I'm fine. How's your friend?
- Who's your best friend.
- Jeremy.
Yes, how is he?
It's a long story.
After their breakup, Jeremy left?
He left?
You know how he is.
He is an adventurer.
He has been moving...
... from one place to another.
Jeremy's ex girlfriends...
... were all very beautiful.
But you know
that the heart can never lie.
"Thank you."
"Thank you."
"Eat a lot."
"Thank you."
So, Jeremy was really in love with Sera?
I guess so.
His life was shattered after the breakup.
He didn't know what to do.
All because of Sera.
But Sera taught Jeremy to be brave.
- Brave?
- Sera went back to her world.
Jeremy never had the guts
to follow his dreams.
His adventure.
Now, he has found his passion.
He is traveling everywhere.
Where to?
He's been to America.
Trinidad and Tobago.
- Maldives.
- That's cool.
Last I heard, he went to Uzbekistan.
It's beautiful there.
He's a photographer.
He take picture of everything.
He has made money from his passion.
That's fantastic.
How's your friend?
- You mean Sera?
- Yes.
After their split,
Sera went back to her books.
She's always an honor student.
And beautiful.
She must be prettier now.
Yes, beautiful and smart.
- Like a model?
- She is a model now.
That's amazing.
Did you ever thought
your shoot will go this far?
The photographer is from Indonesia.
- Is that so?
- Yes.
"Are you the photographer?"
"Yes, I am."
"The client is already waiting for you."
- Hello.
- Hello.
- You're from Indonesia?
- Yes.
- This is the manager.
- Jeremy.
This is the wardrobe person.
Here's our model.
So you are a model now?
So you are a photographer now?
How did this happened?
It's a long story.
How's your mom and dad?
They're fine.
They must be proud of you now?
They're happy.
Are you happy?
Are you happy?
But it doesn't feel perfect.
Finally in Taj Mahal...
... I reunited
with my world again.