Mea culpa (2014) Movie Script

I thought I'd give you a lift.
What happened to you?
A rough night. Tell you later.
You okay?
Yeah, fine.
And the job?
And your son...
Got him this weekend?
I don't know.
You're a real chatterbox.
We might take the kids
for the weekend.
I don't know what I'm doing Saturday.
I'll quit inviting you.
What's he doing?
Move it!
Where's my coffee?
It's on its way.
About these night hours...
I can't stay.
You'll have to.
The extra is out sick.
- I need all hands.
- And my son?
Do like me, ask your wife.
Is the coffee walking in?
Get off me with your coffee.
Not working nights?
Great. We can team up now.
Hey buddy.
What's that?
Sorry, not mine.
Why are you sorry then?
Pick 'em up.
You deaf or something?
Pick 'em up.
That's a good boy.
Good little security car driver.
Hurry up.
Get lost.
Get lost, I said.
It rains every day...
Manon, darling.
Auntie says you were a pain.
It's not true. I'm real nice.
You're nice.
So auntie's a liar?
Listen, dear. I miss you too
but three days isn't long.
You know your daddy
really loves you.
I love you too.
Auntie's taking me to a movie.
A movie? Wow!
I have to hang up, honey.
I'll call you back.
- Where are you, daddy?
- At work.
I'll call again.
Be good to auntie.
A big kiss. I love you.
First, explain the dealers
in the parking lot.
will that do?
Sure. The court lawyer is suing for
assault and battery. Will that do?
Let him. What can I say?
Another mess like this
and I report you.
Is that clear?
What do we have here?
Marc Cipriani. Criminal record.
No trace of shells.
Scour the area.
See if you can find a witness.
Get to work.
Here we go again.
Damn it!
Forget about your party.
Then I'll run away.
If you do, I'll kill you.
If I leave a message about your son,
you might at least call back.
I was going to.
I managed for tonight
but what will you do tomorrow?
I'll pick him up after judo.
He told you. It's his first match.
You have to be there.
I'll be there.
I hope so.
He's counting on you.
How's it going?
It's at 11 o'clock. See you tomorrow.
Wake up.
We make the arrest of the century
and that jerk takes credit.
He's telling it in our place.
- Where you going?
- Home. Alice is waiting.
Stay a while.
So long, guys.
- Coming?
- Be right out.
Go on and party, asshole.
Let's go.
Shit! I forgot Manon's gift.
- Be right back.
- No, wait.
Was he drinking?
He'll be struck off
the police force.
Three dead, including a child.
If he tests positive,
he goes down.
Can you hear me?
That is a simple class exercise?
Was my dad really like you?
What do you mean like you?
A cop.
It's true. Why not?
It doesn't look like it.
I can assure you
he was a great cop.
Did you know
the people he killed?
But you know,
that wasn't his fault.
Then why did he go to jail?
It's not always your fault
when you go to prison.
Did your wife really die
when Manon was born?
Who's the cop, you or me?
Let's cut the questions
and exercise!
I won't do everything either.
Gabriel Hachour, drug dealer.
Same modus operandi
as this morning.
No cartridges but the same guys.
Where were you?
What about her?
His daughter, age 14.
What else do we have?
The guardian heard a shot.
He saw a black car.
We're trying to trace tire tracks.
Look at yourself.
You're just a ghost.
We've been waiting two years
for you.
Right out of prison,
and you want to leave.
What did you expect?
Will this bring them back?
We're alive.
We're alive! We're here!
Fight back.
Say something.
I'm sorry.
He's the one who's sorry.
Are you happy?
I swear, it was terrific.
- Make sure you get him home.
- I know. 8...
Came in first?
No, second.
Second place is good too.
Let's go.
Aqualand would be nice.
We've been there.
You used to love the dolphins.
I was only six then.
Aqualand is for babies.
There's a match Sunday.
We've never done one.
Jean-Marc has a surprise for us.
Who's Jean-Marc?
A friend of mom's.
What's his surprise?
I don't know. It's a surprise.
I hope it's not Aqualand.
See you Saturday.
It's me.
What is it?
You're beautiful.
It's on the table.
Maybe we could
get together for real.
For real?
I mean
go eat.
I don't eat.
It explains your perfect figure.
What about a restaurant?
At the worst, you spend a great night
with a swell guy.
How do you like it?
Nice surprise.
Not for a child.
There are lots of kids.
And colors, music, animals.
Just like the circus.
Where are you going?
To the toilet.
Stay here. Not alone.
You'll miss the execution.
Go to the toilet.
Tell him to wait.
And now?
Should I go?
You have to stand up.
Look at him good.
Are you okay, honey?
Let's go.
We're not finished.
He's seen them all twice.
Wait a second.
We won't find his picture.
These guys killed 5 people.
First, he gets rest.
He's the only witness...
He's my son, he's ten,
and he's going to rest.
First thing in the morning.
Do you know
where those guys come from?
Susini, what are you doing?
What do you do
for their protection?
Get a team together.
I'm the one who decides that.
Now get lost,
and let the police work.
I didn't hear that.
Don't touch me.
Fuck off, dickhead!
Fuck off where?
Close the door.
Get off me too.
I'll take you home.
- No, we'll manage.
- I'll take you home.
I said, no.
Your son needs rest
and not hollering.
So calm down
and with dignity for once.
I want you to rest.
Let's go.
come on.
Don't move!
Get down!
Tho, duck!
Tho, run for it!
Don't move!
We'll get out of here.
Don't worry.
Stop it, Simon!
Stop it, for chrissake!
Come on.
You okay?
Where's your son?
We're in the old market.
Are you okay?
Frank, come here.
Find a safe place for the night.
We can't take any risks.
I'll take them to my place.
I want Jacquet with you
all the time.
Jacquet, you watch the witnesses.
I want to see him
as soon as he can talk.
You're not hurt?
He's okay.
Will you sleep with me?
Yes, but not right now.
Daddy's gone?
He's still here.
Don't worry. He'll come to see you.
Good night.
He's waiting for you.
Where's your daughter?
At my sister's in Paris.
She left for a week.
It's your longest separation.
What's wrong?
Better you don't stay here.
I'll call you.
I'm sorry.
Why would they hurt me?
You saw something
you shouldn't have.
Think they'll come back?
They won't come again.
Get some sleep.
Did you also practice judo?
But a long time ago.
Good night.
- Sure you won't stay here?
- No, I'm going.
Take care of them.
I'm counting on you.
Working nights now?
What do you want?
What the hell are you doing here?
Get in.
I'm coming with you.
We'll take 'em on
like we used to.
Why are you doing all this?
All this what?
Being here for me.
I'm going it alone this time.
What's your game?
You're under arrest.
You won't make it on your own.
Nice of you to visit.
Pastor sent me.
I have better things to do
than keep you company.
Is he awake?
And what with your pal gave him
he'll be sleeping a while.
I have time to buy you coffee.
We're up for a coffee.
- You're on duty till when?
- 6:00.
I hate nights.
Make mine a short coffee.
- It's no good.
- It rarely is.
See this bubble?
When it reaches your brain,
you're done for.
Watch out.
You hit the "soup" button.
Coffee makes me edgy at night.
Why are you and your friends here?
Why did you come here?
We came to do business.
What kind?
Heroine and girls.
And my son?
Still in danger?
He saw us. Milan never takes risks.
Where can I find Milan?
I don't know.
Where can I find Milan?
I don't know.
They meet tonight in a club.
Which club?
The Why Not.
I mean it, I'm not lying.
Milan will realize
that I talked.
Protect me or I'm dead.
You're dead.
To your health.
Here, I doubt it.
Sure, hospital... health...
That was a good one.
- I knew you'd like it.
- Funny cop.
It's my cell.
I'm so sorry.
It's scalding hot.
Sure, it is.
You should take it off.
Look, it's all red.
Don't spread it.
Now you burned me.
- I'll pay for the cleaning.
- Even a shirt.
I wouldn't go so far.
- Sure, it's a nice shirt.
- A nice make over.
What's this club?
It's also a brothel.
Is that them?
Looks like them.
Stay in the car.
Why is it always me?
Because I'm your big brother.
- I'm coming along tonight.
- No.
I have a bullet-proof vest.
Fuck you.
You stupid turd.
Come with me.
Stay here and watch the door.
Sit down.
Can't you serve drinks?
I'm busy with the gentleman. Later.
I'm not available.
Shit, they're cops.
I know that guy.
Are they yours?
Take a look.
Move it!
I'm okay.
Go ahead.
Drop your gun!
Drop your gun.
Shut up and drop it.
Drop it!
Drop your gun!
Let's get outta here.
My brother.
Pastor's no genius,
but he'll make the connections.
You have to lie low.
We have to find them.
Not with Pastor on your back.
Alice and Tho have to leave town.
And the jerk at your place?
I forgot about Jacquet.
I said, go easy.
You're crazy.
It's the right thing to do.
My sister can take you in,
you have to leave.
You have to leave now.
Trust me.
Why don't you come with us?
Because I am.
I won't leave you alone.
We've been alone for years.
I'll get Tho ready.
Why kill the kid now?
Everybody's seen us.
Screw the kid.
It's them I want.
I brought you
but I won't be involved.
Get rid of her.
Be right back.
Where you going?
To get a bite to eat.
This is Simon's voice-mail...
Can you call that TGV?
Can you call the train?
With the tunnels,
not before 10 minutes.
- The next stop?
- Aix.
You let them beat you up?
Where are they now?
At his sister's.
You know the sister?
You don't?
No network available
I got you a coffee.
What's this mess at the Why Not?
There are more important things.
Get your ass down here now...
You listen!
Send a team to block the TGV Aix...
- No, you listen.
- Shut up!
Simon's family is on board
along with the killers.
For once in your life,
do your job, asshole.
Look downstairs,
we'll look up here.
You all right, mister?
Get out, please.
Tickets, please.
Sorry, no tickets.
That will be two fines.
2 adults, plus 58 euros per person.
For a total of 286 euros.
You're lucky
I put you in second class.
Simon, they're on the train.
Get down.
What's that?
Come on.
Get him out!
Get down.
Our train has stopped on the tracks.
Please don't open the doors.
Come on,
climb over.
Come out.
It's open, follow me.
Get out!
Run, Tho!
You okay, Simon?
Look at me. You okay?
Alice and Tho, run for it.
Let go!
Everything's all right.
Let go!
What are you doing?
If you don't let go, you'll die too.
What the fuck are you doing?
You'll get us both killed.
You're gonna die!
It will be all right.
I'm sorry.
Let's go.
Shit, I forgot Manon's gift.
- Be right back.
- No, wait.
I thought you were dead.
I'm sorry.
Frank Vasseur
has joined the long list
of officers killed on duty.
Men like you and me.
We choose to serve and protect
without worrying about the risks.
We don't become policemen by chance
but by conviction.
Today we honor the man,
the colleague
and most of all the friend.
Those who knew him
will tell his daughter
about the policeman of valor,
the man of conviction,
and most of all the model father.
Goodbye, Frank.