Meagamann (2014) Movie Script

This movie's story
was based in Goa and Mumbai.
The character in this movie
converse only in Tamil
for the convenience of viewers.
One who give pain, deserves pain.
Sir, six bodies have been found
in Aguada beach.
It looks like they were killed and
dumped in the beach, two days ago.
The thumbs of all six corpses
have been cut off.
Whoever seemed suspicious,
have been killed, Jothi.
But I have a strong feeling that
the actual thief is still missing.
Where's David?
- He's with us.
You should've been careful.
We trusted you with the stash.
You should've been careful
the first time there was a theft.
Another one within just
one and a half months.
David, Jothi called for you.
We're on our way.
- And David? - Him too.
What happened, sir?
We didn't see it coming, Jothi.
In a matter of seconds,
he shot himself.
How many children does he have?
- Two.
His son is eight and
daughter is five.
Don't worry.
We can give them some money.
I've been thinking about them too..
- Kill them.
Don't spare a soul in his family.
He thinks he can make mistakes and
escape by shooting himself, is it?
Nobody should be that courageous.
We lost more than half
of the drugs.
We're in trouble if we
don't receive a new supply.
Ask Mr. Battani.
- He says it will take two months.
I have to know
who's behind the theft
of our stash.
You've still not perfected
the footwork and the spin.
The culturals are two weeks away.
If we lose to St. Mary's
again, it would be humiliating.
Enough with the snacks.
You don't want acidity trouble.
Please leave. See you tomorrow.
Don't show your frustrations on me.
- Go..
Your dad is bringing the water can
upstairs. Give him a hand.
Don't disturb me till
the culturals are over, Mom.
How many times have I told you
not to dance
in outfits like these on the
terrace? - Fine, I'll take it off.
Oh, great. I've raised you well.
Suvin, come here!
Who's the new guy
staying in your terrace?
He's the tenant.
We've rented the place out.
Is he a bachelor?
- Yes.
Doesn't your dad ask anyone
before renting the house out
to bachelors?
He's barely ever here.
Did you do a background check
on him?
Where is he from?
Answer me.
- He's from America.
- Yes.
What does he do? - He's checking
you out from the terrace.
No, idiot!
I'm asking about his job..
He's checking me out
from the terrace? - Yes.
Get inside!
Come, buddy.
This is not fair.
Oh, dear.
- Mom, is that you?
Oh, no.
You can't lift it alone.
Ask Usha for help.
I was carrying a crate.
I'm really tired.
- Lean on me.
Don't worry. It's no big deal.
He's staying on Suvin's terrace.
No wonder he looks familiar.
Hand over the stool to me, please.
No, leave it. I'll take care of it.
It's fine.
- Thank you, his leg hurts.
It's just a sprain.
All you need is two days' rest.
- We're basically from Bangalore.
We've been here for 20 years.
Why didn't you call me?
How can dad
do everything on his own?
This is my only daughter, sir.
I've named my hotel after her.
It's called Usha Bahvan.
Drop by sometime
if you're ever in Yaari Road.
It's written in my stars
that I'll settle abroad
after I get married.
Apparently, he was
constantly staring at me.
For a long time that too.
But you know me.
I didn't bother..
- Hey..
Looking at him..
- Focus on the riding.. - Careful.
- Why are you abusing him
after he has left?
You can learn to ride
and then take your scooter out.
What exactly happened?
It's fine, tell me.
I'm in a good mood.
In the past three days
since I took my scooter out
have we ever fallen anywhere?
I guess I proved my point then.
So shut it.
He's good-looking and charismatic.
His eyes show
that he's sweet and sensitive.
He's a Libran for sure.
- What's his job?
Isn't it obvious?
Based on the qualities
I just mentioned..
He's from the US.
He must be a techie for sure.
'Alcohol consumption and
smoking is injurious to health.'
Are you ready?
Yes. - What about you?
- Yes.
Great job, Guru!
Siva, catch this!
Guru is going to win again.
Wait and watch.
Where did it go?
Great, Siva aimed at the board.
That's great.
- I told you!
I told you Siva can't take
more than two bottles!
Do you want the bracelet
or the watch?
Good job, Guru..
- Siva, we need to talk.
All right, boys, you can leave.
David said something
before he died.
I don't know how far it's true.
But it's been bothering me.
What did he say?
- One of our men is a traitor.
I'm telling the truth.
I shifted the stash to the godown
just yesterday.
No outsider knows this.
I didn't believe him then.
But it's constantly on my mind.
Which of our men knew
about the stash in the godown?
During the theft, where were they?
Find out.
- Only three men knew about it.
Chandra, Siva and myself.
Chandru and I
were at the yard that night.
All of our men know that.
Nobody knows where Siva was that
night. - What's your point, Guru?
What's my point?
I was saying that nobody knows
about your whereabouts that night.
Start the car!
Where were you that night, Siva?
I met a woman that night.
- Who was she?
A policeman's wife.
He works in Mapusa Police Station.
You're under the misconception
that cops are our friends.
Hey, 'Prince Charming'.
Don't mess with him.
He is a policeman.
They might stand by you
in the beginning
but they'll betray you in the end.
Here, take this.
Lock the door on your way out.
You better leave. Okay, Uncle.
He was with a
cop's wife, apparently.
Your uncle is
brushing you off, Guru.
He's giving Siva a lot of room.
Watch out.
I have a strong feeling
that there's a connection between
him and the theft of the stash.
Follow Siva for two days.
Tell me what he's up to.
My uncle doesn't have to know this.
Where is he?
He's waiting outside
the Sub-Inspector's house.
Guru, Siva was right.
Something's up with him
and the Sub-Inspector's wife.
In my opinion, drug traffic
is mainly because
of Goa's Jothi and his gang.
He has a yearly turnover
of Rs. 500 crore.
But there's nothing on paper.
The entire organisation
is functioning by word of mouth
and cash.
It's hard to trust anyone
within the department too.
I am starting to taste fear
for the first time.
- Saparna.
I forgot my file. Open the gate.
Is it urgent?
- No.
Can you take it later?
Well, Siva is here.
Fine. I'll take it later.
Never mind where Jothi is.
Nobody even knows
what he looks like.
We don't even have
a passport size photo of him.
Never mind us.
Apart from a few people
many of Jothi's men themselves
have never seen him.
Nobody knows where he would be,
not even his henchmen.
He doesn't use the same phone
for more than a day.
Nobody knows how he gets around.
Women and luxury are
not his interests.
He doesn't even spend
the money he earns.
The man leaves no trace.
He's a ghost.
Is he there?
He is in the corner of the street.
Black Duster. 8374.
Things are not what they
used to be six years ago.
I had faith then.
That we could defeat Jothi.
Now he's huge. And we aren't.
If you ask me, this operation was
done and dusted long ago.
Your stubbornness
is all that's keeping it alive.
Even your commissioner doesn't seem
too interested in this operation,
In-house politics, Vas.
Where do you not see politics?
Is anyone in your department
aware of what Arul does?
Nobody apart from two of my
Arul is my last shot at this.
Until he's dead, I'm not
going to call off this operation.
For how long has Arul been
in Jothi's group?
Four years.
- Has he seen Jothi?
Our situation is weak right now,
The new home minister
is important to Jothi.
We started this operation thinking
it would finish in two years.
But it has been six years.
We're still in the same state.
Jothi has evolved into
a killer whale.
He has gone so deep
that we can't find him.
We're trying to catch fish
at the surface.
I've devised a plan
to trap the killer whale.
I got a crucial tip-off
three months ago.
We've received a huge
drug consignment here.
Not just one or two.
We've received 1,000 kilograms.
A consignment of this size
is a first in India.
There's no such
stash in our country.
It's that pure.
The consignment
was supposed to go to Europe.
There was a problem
in the Helsinki's ship.
So, they brought it here.
Karthik and I are from
the same IPS batch.
I was posted in Mumbai
and Karthik was posted in Gujarat.
Karthik is working under cover,
In Gujarat.
The leader of the gang is Sharma.
Sharma is actually
a suspended police officer.
So, what's your plan?
- It's very simple, sir.
We have Jothi,
who urgently needs cocaine.
His stash is safe with me.
He doesn't have stash
to provide to the buyers.
And then we have Sharma.
He has 1,000 kilograms of cocaine.
Buyers are searching for him.
I'm going to shut down
these two groups.
If Jothi finds out that there's
1,000 kilograms of A grade cocaine
in the market
Jothi won't let it go.
I'm going to use the same
as bait and lure Jothi.
The minute he's out, we arrest him.
It's as simple as that.
Does anyone else know this plan?
- You, Karthik, ma'am and myself.
Nobody apart from us knows.
What happened, sir?
- Sir..
We usually speak over the phone.
But you were hell-bent on
seeing me in person this time.
- Yes, that's me.
I've heard just your voice.
I've never seen you in person.
The last time you'd called me up
was last Christmas.
You'd called me up from
your daughter's place in Gurgaon.
It's really me Jothi. Don't worry.
A team of police is targeting you.
That's impossible.
Nothing happens
in the police department
without my knowledge.
I wasn't talking about
the Goa police.
I was talking about
the Maharashtra police.
Right now,
there's a traitor in your group.
Who is that? - I don't know.
We're investigating.
I'll find him soon.
Please stay careful until then.
Sounds good. This plan may work.
Let the game begin.
"Who is he?"
"One this world doesn't know."
"His face is a mask."
"If he is found,
there will be an uproar."
"He's a demon full of secrets."
"Is this man the one
who knows his secrets?"
"May the battle begin."
"You're the ruler of the seas."
"Are you your biggest enemy?"
"You're the captain of the ship."
"Let's take a chance."
"You're the ruler of the seas."
"You make women swoon."
"You're the captain of the ship."
"Let's take a chance."
"The captain of the ship."
"The captain of the ship."
"This search beyond boundaries"
"I'm here with confidence."
"This land is left helpless."
"I'll cross all obstacles
in my way."
"This is a puzzle to solve."
"It is worth
more than your presence."
"Let's take a chance."
"You're the ruler of the seas."
"Are you your biggest enemy?"
"You're the captain of the ship."
"Let's take a chance."
"You're the ruler of the seas."
"You make women swoon."
"You're the captain of the ship."
"Let's take a chance."
"None of this is real."
"Your serenity isn't real."
"Tell us where the storm lies
behind the calm seas."
"This is the biggest rivalry
of all time."
"The courtship between these two
is brewing."
"The gambler plays his cards."
"This demon is immortal."
Your path to destiny is unknown."
"It is hidden."
"Defeat is not
even in the picture."
"You're the ruler of the seas."
"Are you your biggest enemy?"
"You're the captain of the ship."
"Let's take a chance."
"You're the ruler of the seas."
"You make women swoon."
"You're the captain of the ship."
"Let's take a chance."
"You're the captain of the ship."
"You're the captain of the ship."
Yes, Mr. Bhote.
Leave immediately and come
where I ask you to.
'Consumption of drugs
is harmful to health.'
I've never come across
stash this pure.
They've brought down
1,000 kilos of this to our town.
Are you serious?
- Yes.
It's from Hong Kong.
- Buyers here are searching for it.
1,000 kilos, is it?
Do you have any idea
how enormous that consignment is?
That's equivalent to a tonne.
It's not a joke.
A consignment that huge
can't be brought down
over here without my knowledge,
Well it has been brought down.
They've brought it through Gujarat.
As of now, nobody knows about it.
You're the first person to know.
How did you find out about it?
He's a Bollywood actor, right?
- Yes.
A rave party is going on.
All the guests are big shots.
About seven women
were lying there naked.
There was a huge press meet
before the tip-off.
This man was stuck in there too.
He requested me to save him
so I brought him here secretly.
I helped him out two years ago.
He's been reporting important
things to me since then.
He told me about the 1,000 kilos
of stash and gave it to me.
He doesn't know where
his pants are.
So I wrapped a curtain around him.
This is Mr. Chitti from J Company.
Don't be afraid. - How did you
get your hands on this?
A dealer gave it to me.
Who's the dealer?
- Malik.
I am Malik.
Where's Mr. Sharma?
He was supposed to come too, right?
Yes, you can come.
Usually, Mr. Sharma doesn't
meet anyone in person.
He sends me.
Because you're from the J Company,
he's willing to meet you.
We don't have a habit
of collecting packaged cash.
We'll take it as a single payment.
- Done.
We'll bring the
stash down to Pernum.
After that, it's in your hands.
- Okay.
When we're handing it over,
Mr. Jothi should be present.
I've heard a lot about him.
You would've heard a lot about me.
But we've never done
business together.
trusting you, I'm handing over
1,000 kilos of drugs.
Trusting me,
Mr. Jothi should be here.
That's what's safe for both of us.
Get in.
I'm really sick.
I was hospitalised for a month
after your previous trip.
Ask him to return my money.
It's for my child's fees.
Return my money, please!
I'll disclose some useful
What information?
Mr. Sharma will finish the deal
only in your presence.
The stash is A grade.
It's 10 times purer
than our stash.
Whoever gets their hands
on the 1,000 kilos
will be ruling the drug world
for the next 10 years, in Goa.
I'm suspicious
about Sharma.
I've done a background check.
He was a cop
but he can be trusted now.
Repeat the chain, please.
It starts with the Bollywood actor.
And I'm linked to him.
Chitti is linked to me.
Malik is linked through the actor.
And Sharma is linked to Malik.
Ignore Chitti and yourself.
Then there's just three links.
The Bollywood actor, who's linked
to Malik, who's linked to Sharma.
Can we trust Malik?
Malik is Sharma's right hand, sir.
We can trust him
because we trust Sharma.
I've enquired about him anyway.
He's been associated with Sharma
for four years.
What about the actor?
- He's insignificant.
I've known him since
his budding stage as an actor.
Those 1,000 kilos of stash should
not go to anyone else's hands.
- Yes.
Ask them to hand over
100 kilos first.
If everything goes well,
I'll come for the next meeting.
Ma'am, we have a problem.
Jothi won't be
coming for the meeting.
He wants 100 kilos
to be handed over first.
If everything goes well,
he'll attend the next meeting.
And when's that?
- Within the next two days.
Okay. Let's play along.
The 100 kilos should be
handed over without any difficulty.
- Are you sure?
You and I are not in the good books
of the commissioner.
You'll face
problems in the department.
No, Arul.
We've got this chance
after five years.
I'm not going to miss it.
- Okay, ma'am.
Arul, be careful from now on.
The game is getting deadlier.
Nothing should go wrong.
I know.
- Where are you now?
I'm in my safe house.
Do Chitti's men
know about your place?
Nobody knows.
- Good, let it be that way.
Take care.
Hey, who are you?
What do you want?
Hey, let go of me. Don't hit me.
I work for Jothi.
- Have you seen him?
I've known him since we were kids.
We ate from the same plate.
We raped the same girl
when we were 13 years old.
We killed someone
for the first time together.
He made me like this.
I heard about Jothi's
1,000 kilos cocaine deal.
Who's the dealer?
- I don't know.
- No.
What about his phone number?
- No.
His address.
- I don't know.
His wife's address.
- I don't know.
Mistress' address?
- No.
We've come this far.
Give us some information.
I swear, I've no clue.
You'll die in 15 minutes.
Who should we catch
to find out about the dealer?
Who knows?
If you tell me, I'll let you go.
You can possibly
save yourself.
Otherwise, you're a dead man.
Only Chitti and Siva know
who the dealer is.
Approaching Chitti is a task, sir.
Who is Siva?
I still think
he could be a software engineer.
He never said that he's
a software engineer, don't assume.
Hey, watch out for the slope!
You could've taken the usual route.
Do you know how many Indians
are taxi drivers in the US?
- Hey, careful.
Something's not right about him.
He looks like a criminal..
- Hey!
Last night,
when I went to bring down
the clothes from the terrace
He was waving and smiling at me.
I freaked out.
I'm scared
to step out of the house.
Usha, there's a hump! Careful.
Let go of me. - Careful, Usha.
Pavithra, don't annoy me.
Instead of sending you in a bus
I'm taking you on the scooter.
Have we crashed in the past week
since I took the scooter out?
- Careful..
I told you to practice well
before riding on the road.
And you told me that you're letting
me ride pillion on your bike.
I told you I'll take the bus.
Did you listen to me at all?
Can you at least ride a bicycle?
Enough already! Crazy woman!
The other day, you told me
his eyes show that he's sensitive.
But today,
you told me something else.
The other day, you told me
that he's a software engineer.
But you told me today
that he's a criminal.
Do you know what your problem is?
You're too shallow.
Get lost..
What did you say?
- Get lost.
Before I kill you.
You've killed me enough.
Get lost.
- Go away.
I've bet on you losing
the culturals for Rs. 1,000.
You're going to embarrass yourself
by not perfecting the spin.
Big mouth!
- Colourless freak!
Don't think you're really smart
because you read 'Cosmopolitan'
and 'Fifty Shades of Grey'.
- What do I do now?
Oh, God. Not him!
Becoming a software engineer
was actually my ambition.
There were problems at home
so I became a criminal.
He heard the full conversation.
- Usha Bhavan!
Usha Bhavan!
Usha Bhavan.
My name is Usha.
Just Usha.
Usha Bhavan
is my dad's hotel's name.
Don't pretend like
you didn't know that.
Stupid boy from America..
- Listen to me.
And he didn't know that..
- Let me help you.
We can drop off your bike at home.
It's in bits and pieces.
If people come and steal the parts,
nothing will be left.
What will you tell your
dad if he asks you?
Come.. Come fast!
Let's take one piece each.
Let me reduce the weight.
It will be more convenient now
to carry the parts.
No, it's fine. I can manage.
Come fast!
- Oh, God!
They're finding a man for me
from America.
My horoscope says that I'll
settle down in a foreign country.
Afghanistan is a
foreign country too.
What do you do?
You come home twice a week.
Where do you go
the rest of the week?
- On what?
I have an idea
of starting a chain of restaurants.
Like McDonald's and KFC.
Wait and watch.
Many hotel owners
will run out of business soon.
Hold this for a second.
Bye, take care.
- Hello!
Hey.. My house is
half a kilometre away!
Leave soon then.
This road is unsafe at night.
What the.. Why is he running?
Hey.. Why are you going back
in the same direction?
J Company!
You've got me in trouble with them!
I'm dead man..
Here's your air ticket.
Leave tonight itself.
Even your friends and family
shouldn't know where you are
for three months. For your safety.
There will be a press release
in your name
that you've gone to Switzerland
for a treatment.
You told me to mention
Malik's name to Bhote and I did.
Where are the photos?
Give me the memory card.
- It's safe with me.
My career has just
begun to flourish.
If this video comes out,
my future will be ruined.
She's the minister's daughter.
If this video is out
your life will be ruined.
You gave the cops a tip-off after
sending me to the party, right?
Bharathi, stop this operation.
Why, sir?
Under Jothi's leadership,
we're going to supply
100 kilos of cocaine to the public.
Are you crazy?
I'd be a moron if I agree to this.
Sir, they have 1,000 kilos
of cocaine in hand.
These 100 kilos are a
small portion of that, that's it.
How they brought it in India and
where they stored it, nobody knows.
Seizing the 100 kilos
isn't a big deal.
But after that, we might as well
forget about the remaining 900.
Sir, if we're patient
for a little longer
we can find out about their
routes and draw points.
Do you know
where the 100 kilos of stash is?
I do, sir. I've written it
in the report in detail.
Seize it.
If we do that
two undercover agents
will be in trouble.
One of them works for us
and the other, the Gujarat Police.
Call up your secret agent.
- I can't do that.
I can only receive calls from him.
That's not my problem.
- Please.
With due respect.
All the arrangements
have been made.
In two days, they're going
to hand over 100 kilos of cocaine.
Stopping this operation now
will put two agents' lives at risk.
You should've thought about this
before you made any decisions.
If anything
happens to the two agents
you're responsible, not me.
You can open the bar.
- Yes, sir.
If Bharathi makes
this operation successful
she'll step on us and move on.
I'm just contemplating the effect
of this on the agents.
I'm just thinking about it.
- She's just making a scene.
Even if so, what's the big deal?
When it comes to his duty,
a cop shouldn't fear death.
Drop me here, sir.
My place is nearby.
I'll go on my own.
I'll drop you home, sit.
- No, it's fine, sir.
My son's alone at home.
I fainted because I hadn't eaten
since morning.
I'm fine now.
- No, sir.
I don't even know you.
You bought food for me.
And parcelled some for my son.
This is more than enough.
I had money with me, sir.
I'm really broke.
Last night, they took me
to the station and took my money..
You are Siva, right?
I heard about Jothi's deal
involving 1,000 kilos of cocaine.
I've also been told
that you know who the dealer is.
Hey, throw him in the car!
No, he has nothing to do with it.
- Run..
Remove your hand.
What if he doesn't?
He won't have one.
Let him go.
What about mine?
Please, let him go.
Don't do this.
Who is he?
- He's my husband.
He's the reason
I chose this profession.
His name is Rane.
The guy wearing the orange shirt
is his younger brother.
Jothi and Rane were close
at a point.
They had a fight.
Jothi wanted him dead,
10 years ago.
Surprisingly, he survived.
But he lost half his face.
Only I know
that Rane's still alive.
He meets me occasionally
and takes away my money.
Do you want to see a doctor?
Did you tell him
about the 1,000 kilos of stash?
How did you find out about it?
- Chandra.
We've interrogated from all ends.
We've no clue who's behind this.
Be careful, sir.
Rane is very dangerous.
He'll come back in search of you.
If he can't find you,
he'll search for me.
I'm scared to go home.
they're seizing the 100 kilos!
The commissioner threatened me!
Calm down, Bharathi.
It's happening right now.
The report has been on his table
for eight days now.
He has purposely waited till now
to make this decision.
If we don't notify Arul
immediately, his life is in danger.
Do you know where he is right now?
- I have no idea.
You told me that he
stays in a safe house, right?
Where he has stored the cocaine.
Where's the safe house?
- Arul didn't tell me.
For security reasons.
We have nothing to do but wait
until Arul calls you, Bharathi.
Arul is on his own as of now.
Stay here tonight.
I'll find another place
for you tomorrow, come.
He's a dead man.
You have to do me a favour.
I'll do anything.
- I'll give you my number.
If you find out where Rane is
call me up.
- Okay, sir.
Hi, sir. I was waiting for you.
Shall we go?
You told me that Chitti's men
will reach Dabolim by 10:00p.m.
We should've left by now.
There's been a raid in our yard.
- Just now.
They've seized the
entire 100 kilos.
There's an undercover agent
amongst us.
That's impossible, sir.
They've found out
about the 100 kilos
of stash in Goa.
The remaining 900 kilos
and that the stash
is from Hong Kong.
Yes, I'm under suspension.
But I'm still a cop.
My network in the
Gujarat department is strong.
I've been told that there's
another secret agent with you.
Who is he?
- Go to hell, Sharma.
What? You'll tell me.
But I won't lay a finger on you.
You're a cop.
There might be an enquiry.
I don't want to get in trouble.
But fate will find you.
And we'll find out who
the other cop is.
You'll definitely
open your mouth then, in pain.
They dropped him off a van
all of a sudden.
Malik is a cop.
There's one in your group too.
Find him first.
Business is secondary.
Guru, call for all our men.
- Yes. Shall we inform Mr. Jothi?
We'll inform him once we've
caught the other one as well.
Tell us who your partner is.
If you don't, you're a dead man.
You will face a terrifying death.
What's the point?
You'll receive a medal from
the government, posthumously.
Your photo will be framed
and hung on a wall in your house.
And five years later,
someone will sleep with your wife.
Your children will start
seeing a father in him.
10 years later, they'll dump
your photo in the attic.
Tell us.
Who's your partner?
- Uncle.
He's in your hands now.
Deal with him.
You can't keep mum for long.
- Yes.
- Okay.
Guru, do they train these guys
to bear bashing?
Screw the training.
Cops are humans too.
Our friend will be here soon.
We can observe his training
after that.
Hello, sir.
Guru had asked me to come.
Sit down.
Hi, CC.
- Sit.
It's your decision to make.
Which one of the two do you choose?
- What?
I meant your ears, moron.
Which one?
- Guru, you decide.
Remove the left one.
This is just the beginning.
Did you think that I was kidding?
Tell me.
Who's your partner? Well!
Patrick, untie him.
Which of the two do you choose?
Let's remove the left one.
Is it?
Okay, it's your choice.
Buddy, take your watch off.
Hey, it's an expensive watch.
I'll return it
on success of this operation, okay?
Until then, keep this.
It's made of platinum.
Platinum, right!
- This looks better on me.
Hi, Siva.
Hi, Siva.
- You'd called for me urgently.
There's no end to this.
It won't stop until you tell us
who your partner is.
Patrick, the right one!
Hey, who?
Lift him.. What did you say?
Lift him!
Whose name did you say?
His real name is Arul.
Mumbai police.
IPS, 2006 batch.
Hi, Siva.
Get up!
Sir, game!
- You won.
Siva, shuffle the cards.
I've bought a new holster.
After watching many movies
people get influenced by stars
and they
shove their guns everywhere.
- Sir.
What happened to Prakash?
- Well.
That night, he had
shoved his gun in his pants.
He was hitting on a girl
for six months.
The receptionist, right?
- Yes.
The one
who stays in Vasco Da Gama Street.
Two weeks ago,
he fell at her feet
and begged her to come out.
Since a girl was beside him
he was distracted.
And proud.
He clicked a selfie with her
and has been passing it around
through WhatsApp.
His is a Chinese model.
After the night show, he made her
sit in the back seat of his car.
Together, they consumed
a dozen beer bottles!
He was drunk
and wanted
to take advantage of her.
She didn't object.
She took advantage and shot him.
Prakash has just
his elder brother now.
Siva, show me your gun.
Walther P88 Compact.
This is the gun
that the Mumbai boys use.
I'm planning to buy this model
for all our boys.
What say?
- Okay.
I want it done within two days.
- Okay, sir.
As far as I know
majority of guys are made
for right-handed men.
But not this one.
It can be used by right-handed
and left-handed people.
Anybody can handle
any gun of their wish.
But if a left-hander
uses a model designed
for right-handers
His speed
and efficiency will reduce.
German technology is the best.
It won't get jammed that easily.
It's the best gun
for our protection.
Guru, I got him! Guru..
I got him! He's right here!
Come fast! I caught him, Guru!
What happened to Karthik?
Where is he?
I'm sorry, buddy.
You better run.
Save yourself.
We can't defeat Jothi.
This is wrong.
You're going to regret this.
Wherever you go
Jothi will hunt you down
and kill you.
Look at his choice.
The last thing you captured
was them entering the house.
Couldn't you tape anything more?
- I tried, but I couldn't.
I'm going to show this to
Suvin's dad and get this man
thrown out of his house.
You fought with him last week
that their creepers
were touching your wall.
I don't think
that they'd remember that now.
Maybe you've forgotten, not them.
- Why?
You told him he's as
fat as a mango.
- It's just the two of us here.
Why the drama?
You're an innocent lamb, is it?
It's abusive!
Didn't you know that?
College-going girls are
stressed out these days.
Being mean when
you're stressed out is normal.
I can't be responsible for that.
Leave me alone.
Is this what you called me for?
Delete that.
Wait and watch.
I'm going to kill him someday.
What's his name?
- Siva.
Did you notice his fighting skills?
He killed six men in 30 seconds.
He hasn't budged.
Something's missing.
He has a gun.
I want a gun.
- Fine, sir.
I want Siva
to beg and plead to be shot.
Find out where he is.
Karthik is dead, sir.
Everyone is dead.
I didn't spare anyone.
Where are you now?
Gokul, I'm heading to my office.
- Okay.
Hello, sir.
- I want to speak with Mr. Jothi.
Sir, Mr. Bhote's on the line.
There's been a shoot-out, sir.
In your Panchang cold storage.
A shoot-out!
- Yes.
I couldn't believe it myself.
Not even my men would
enter this cold storage.
I've found around 15 corpses.
What about Chitti?
He's dead. And so is Guru.
Who shot them?
- I don't know.
But something has
happened here for sure.
Sharma's accomplice's body
has been found in the basement.
I didn't get you.
Sharma's accomplice, is it?
- Yes, Malik.
Do you know why he came here?
- I don't.
The body is a mess.
I've never seen such a
brutal murder in my entire career.
It looks like your gang members
have brutally murdered him.
Following which, your men
were murdered by a single man.
What makes you say that?
I found gunshot wounds
on all of the corpses.
But on Malik's body,
I didn't find a gunshot wound.
Most importantly, sir.
Someone in your gang, a single man
has left this place alive.
Who's that?
- Siva.
He's always with Chitti.
He was here during the shoot-out.
- How can you be so sure?
It's just a matter of time, ma'am.
I left my bike there though.
They might be able to trace me.
His bike is right here.
I found everyone's bodies
in the cold storage.
Except for Siva's.
I have three questions.
Why did Malik come there?
Secondly, why did our men kill him,
considering they did?
who killed my men?
Siva will have the answers.
We've to catch him.
If your henchmen have his picture,
send it to me right away.
- What's up, Bharathi?
Arul got caught.
- What are you saying?
Karthik is dead!
There's been a shoot-out
in the cold storage in Panchang.
Arul is alone!
- Where is he now?
Isaac? Yakub?
Jothi's henchmen
shouldn't find him, got it?
our cops shouldn't find him.
Siva has to be saved somehow.
Okay, sir..
- Sir..
We have to find this guy.
Pass this picture around
to every cop.
Okay, sir.
Call up every man in our gang.
I want Siva.
Arul, I've spoken to Vas.
He's going to send
two cops to protect you.. - Ma'am.
Don't worry. They'll pick you up.
Wait at 7th Avenue.
That's not possible, ma'am.
The cops have blocked
every road possible.
Nobody can come in or go out.
I'm stuck.
Cold storage's backyard.
We couldn't find anyone in there.
Did you receive the picture?
- Yes, sir.
He's the one in brown.
- His name is Siva.
He works for Jothi.
- Okay, sir.
Arrest him when you find him.
And call me immediately.
- Okay, sir.
- He's a henchman of Jothi's.
We have to arrest him at sight.
He was here during the shoot-out.
He told me that the J Company
matter should be kept under wraps.
Come here.
Siva has been found.
I just got a call, Bharathi.
I'm so sorry.
Arul has been found.
Bring him.
- Okay, sir.
Are you Siva? - Yes.. - I was asked
to take you to Mr Jothi.
Game over, Vas.
It's over.
A week ago
Mr. Nair had come down to see me.
He told me that
there's a traitor in our group.
And that cops are constantly
getting information about us.
Before Siva reaches here
I want all details about him.
About his family.
The school he went to.
His friends.
I want his entire bio data.
Give me your cell phone.
Blindfold him.
Something doesn't make sense.
I devised a solid plan.
How did Karthik get caught?
I'll tell you what went wrong.
- Ma'am, what is it?
I was frantically trying to
reach you for 24 hours!
What happened?
Seize it.
Karthik had no interest
in this operation.
I forced him.
- I can't do this.
Look at my hand.
It's constantly unsteady.
Being an undercover agent
for six months itself is a task.
We've been involved in this
for years now.
I can't take this anymore.
I've given this order
after a year of him asking me.
I'm going home tomorrow.
Our only way to defeat Jothi
is through Sharma.
Please cooperate with me.
We just need two months
to trap Jothi.
If I hadn't compelled him that day
he'd be alive today.
I'm so sorry.
- I've been in Jothi's gang
for four years. Before that, I was
monitoring them for three years.
Seven bloody years!
We were so close! Who's that man
to come in the way?
How can we mess this up
just because of his ego?
I'm just relieved that
you're alive.
That's enough.
We'll deal with the rest later.
You better come here.
If I do, Jothi will change his
entire organisational set up.
We won't stand a chance.
There's nothing we can do now,
The battle has ended.
And we lost.
We have to accept it.
Arul, are you there?
All our opportunities
have been shattered.
But there's a small ray of hope.
Whether we win or lose
there's just one chance left.
One final battle.
- What is that?
I've to re-join Jothi's gang,
What? Are you crazy?
You've killed 18 of his henchmen.
Everyone in town
is searching for you.
And you want to re-join the gang.
They'll kill you at sight, Arul.
Arul, this operation is over.
- No, ma'am.
I've to re-join his gang somehow.
If I can do that,
the operation is still on.
I have Chitti's cell phone.
The last call received on
his number was from Guru.
But there were no outgoing calls
made in the last four hours.
- That's enough for me.
Guys, come here.
I have received Siva's picture.
The J Company matter..
- Okay, sir.
Are you serious?
- Yes, Vas.
Arul has dug his own grave.
They'll kill you at sight.
I've to re-join his gang somehow.
If I can do that,
the operation is still on.
This is a suicidal game, Arul.
It's a game worth playing.
nobody should come inside.
Nobody should be let in.
- Okay, sir.
Close every shutter.
If he gets out alone, shoot him.
Close the shutters.
Only a handful of people have seen
and can recognise Jothi.
For the rest of them
Even if Jothi is an inch away
they won't be able
to recognise him.
Whoever it is, they have to be
blindfolded in his presence.
Even if he's a senior official
or a politician
if he removes the blindfold
he's dead meat.
You must be Siva.
Before you say anything,
remember this.
In two days,
I will find out
what happened
in the cold storage today.
If there's any difference
between what you'll say now
and what I will find out
your brain will be shattered
on the wall behind you.
All of a sudden, I got a call..
- Start from the beginning.
Chitti called me up and asked me to
go to the cold storage right away.
I went there.
He took me to the basement.
They had tied Malik up.
Guru told me he's a cop..
- Who killed Malik?
It looks like
he killed your henchmen.
We heard a gunshot
and ran upstairs.
I was confused.
There was smoke everywhere.
Chitti and Guru were lying dead
on the floor.
I noticed someone with a gun
while I was hiding behind a window.
Did you see him?
- Who was it?
It wasn't just one man, sir.
There were two shooters.
Only the forensic experts
can give us clear information.
With my experience
I can say
that by looking at the bullet marks
he's telling the truth.
There are two different types
of bullet marks, sir.
The two calibres of the guns
were different too.
So, there were two shooters.
Did you see their faces?
- Yes, sir.
Do you know them?
- Yes, sir.
Who were they?
Your ex-henchman,
Rane and his younger brother.
Rane, is it?
- There's no way that's possible.
He died 10 years ago.
No, sir. He's very much alive.
He's waiting to beat you to death.
He attacked me one day.
I informed Chitti
about it immediately.
Chitti was his next target.
I interrogated Chitti's family.
Siva's basically from Batim.
He did his schooling up to grade 12
in that school.
His name is in the school register.
He got into trouble with cops
immediately after college.
He and his friends would've been
into ganja business back then.
He was behind bars for four years.
That'll be your name.
There once was a boy
in Batim named Siva.
He's probably as old as you are.
We have used these basic details
to create an identity for you.
Please be thorough with these.
Chitti is in Aguada Central Jail.
He was involved in a civil case.
I have made arrangements for you
to go to the same cell
based on trumped-up charges.
- Which is where he met Chitti.
He bailed Chitti out.
He took two bullets for Chitti.
He had saved his life twice
during the shoot-out with the cops.
From that point onwards,
you're on your own.
Chitti has treated him
like his own son.
Chitti's wife truly believes
that Siva would give
his life for Chitti
and would do nothing to betray him.
He's genuine, sir.
We can trust him.
How did you escape
when nobody else could?
Nobody else escaped?
I didn't know this.
I noticed everyone running
in different directions.
But I have no idea
about who escaped and who didn't.
How did you escape?
They tried catching me alive.
Rane's plan was to torture me and
make me disclose the dealer's name.
I tried escaping but
they hacked me.
I heard a police vehicle's siren.
I used the opportunity
and jumped through a window.
I fainted. I don't know how long
I was lying there for.
I opened my eyes to see
cops standing in front of me.
Instead of wasting two days
to find out whether you're
telling the truth or lying
I'd rather kill you.
I have nothing to lose.
If so, nobody can save me.
It's up to you.
But yes, Rane will come
in search of me.
I've told this to many.
Give me two days' time.
I'll bring Rane to you.
Just like each human's
DNA is unique
each gun is unique too.
Which is what gives
life to the gun.
No two guns
can be the same.
Got it?
Try your level best
to catch Rane alive.
If you can't
I want his gun.
If I get my hands on his gun
I can use that
to find out
if it was Rane or someone else
who killed our henchmen.
Siva has two days.
By which, he should bring Rane.
If he clears this test
we can trust him.
Otherwise, finish him.
Forget that you're a cop.
Become the enemy.
That's the only way.
Read his mind.
Think like him.
Use the same weapons
that he does.
Did Mr. Jothi agree
to bring Siva back?
He's halfway there.
He'll re-join once we confirm
that Rane killed Chitti.
Otherwise, I've been told
to kill him.
What happened?
- It's a matter of life and death.
Leave me alone.
What? Whose life is in danger?
I'm trying to help you.
Tell me.
The thought of it is annoying me.
The culturals are happening
day after tomorrow.
I haven't perfected the spin yet.
I should've just chosen
simple choreography.
I had too much pride
and chose a Latin dance.
I'm such an idiot.
St Mary's are going to win
this year too.
If I lose
my friends and peers will
laugh at my face and torture me.
There are debts to clear too.
- Your dad's?
No, mine.
Approximately Rs. 5,000.
For my stupid friends
I've spent so much.
I wanted them to applaud
my performance for the culturals
and so I took them to movies
and bought them lunch.
It's of no use.
Get up.
You're struggling with the spin,
It's a piece of cake.
You're going to perfect it now.
The girls from St. Mary's
are going to be left helpless.
Let me see the spin.
Over here?
Right now?
You want me to dance without music.
You would've heard that song
100 times, right?
Way more than that.
- What more do you want?
The music in your head is enough.
By the way, that was my
favourite song in college.
I've listened to it many times
when you've practiced.
Close your eyes.
Close your eyes and
listen to the music in your heart.
I can't hear anything.
What happened?
I can hear it now.
Loosen your hips.
Remember, with Latin dances,
it's all about footwork.
"Check this out."
You told me you were
struggling with the spin.
It's as simple as that.
You just did it.
It was a piece of cake, right?
All the best.
I found Rane's address.
Note it down.
I've asked Siva to come home
at 11:00 a.m.
Inform Rane.
Rane will be home at 11:00 a.m.
This is the address that Siva gave.
There's a street on the right.
It's the last house there.
Did you call Siva up?
- Yes, he's on his way.
Ask Dinakar to get in the car.
- Get in the car.
Call Siva up.
'The number is not reachable.
Please try again later.'
It's not reachable.
Check for people in the house.
- Okay, sir.
There's nobody in the house.
The door is locked.
Come, guys.
This is the only way in and out
of this house.
Search the entire house.
Sir, come here.
It's our stash.
That's all of it.
Everything that was stolen.
Rane has stolen the stash
that went missing.
That's Rane!
Those are Jothi's henchmen Rane.
Come, cover Mr. Rane!
Rane is escaping! Kill him!
I have Rane's gun.
Bring it to me.
I'll take it to the lab myself.
Sorry, I'm in a fix.
I need your help.
What should I do?
You're wet and you look so great.
I got carried away.
I'm really sorry.
Oh, God!
You should've seen their faces!
I had no idea you'd win.
How did you finally
perfect the spin?
"Why is he here?"
"He told me to keep quiet."
"I told him to go away"
"But he came closer."
"He brought me to life."
"Every part of me."
"He does the smallest things."
"And arouses me."
"He makes honey"
"before the flowers secrete it."
"He excites me"
"even before
showering me with love."
I think you should leave.
For your safety.
- I think so too.
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
He didn't even hit on you.
Plus he's
interested in other women.
Why aren't you thinking straight?
You're going crazy! Damn.
He's not even here.
It's all your imagination.
"Why is he here.."
"He told me to keep quiet.."
"I told him to go away.."
"But he came closer.."
I think you've been bitten.
By what?
- It's a curse.
What? - The same thing
happened to my neighbour.
She had to perform a ritual
to make it go.
Careful. This isn't
supposed to happen to girls.
It's extremely dangerous.
Get lost.
"He slowly drew my attention."
"And my anger went away."
"He wiped my tears away."
"Whether it's day or night"
"I see him everywhere."
"He makes my heart ache"
"in the deadliest ways possible."
"Why is he here.."
"He told me to keep quiet.."
"I told him to go away.."
"But he came closer.."
"As I walk in the light"
"he follows me like a shadow."
"As I turn off the lights"
"he finds me in the dark."
"He has come
and taken away my freedom."
"My room is suddenly so full."
"How is this fair?"
"He has captivated me."
"He gave me wings to fly."
"He took me to a place
where dreams met reality."
"Why is he here.."
"He told me to keep quiet.."
"I told him to go away.."
"But he came closer.."
Hey, Suvin! Hold up.
Where's your tenant?
Where is he?
- Why do you ask?
Have you seen a pig
being slaughtered upside down?
She's talking about you.
Yes, twice.
- Go!
I'm back in the game.
You carry on Sanjay,
I'll call you later.
Thank God.
We didn't know if you were alive.
They've taken those two guns
to the labs.
They're going to match the bullets
with those that killed Chitti.
The results will be out tonight.
We're safe after that.
Arul, the Commissioner
has called off the operation.
The department
won't help you, henceforth.
Jothi is really close.
I won't return without him.
Did you find out where Sharma is?
Nobody knows.
I asked everyone
in Gujarat.
He's hiding from the police.
Those 900 kilos are ours.
Nobody else should
get their hands on them.
I need to know where
he's hidden the stash.
I've spoken to Nair
from the Intelligence team.
He needs time.
Rs. five and 35 paise.
For such a small amount
I attacked him.
When I was 13.
A single rupee.
Two, two rupee coins.
Three 10 paise coins.
And a five paise coin.
That is all
that our foreman had.
He came out intoxicated.
Rane spoke to him.
And that's when I attacked him.
Tell Nair.
900 kilos of coke.
Would Nair
be of any use to me?
Ask him.
Jothi had asked me repeatedly.
I was sure that
Malik could be trusted.
I'm scared.
I have to impress him somehow.
When will we find out
about the guns?
After the result, Bhote
has said that he'll call us up.
I have to see Rane's body.
Ask Bhote to arrange it.
Hello, sir.
I'm going home
to visit my family..
Remember the Prakash story?
This is Prakash.
What are you staring at us for?
Mind your own business.
The ladies seem to like you.
Yes, sir.
Girls are finally interested in me.
Interested, is it?
During the India-China War
my father killed six men.
That sin has avenged me
in the form of a China model gun.
Let it go.
If this hadn't happened
you would've died
in that cold storage too.
You're right. I got lucky.
Why have you
switched off your phone?
I didn't.
Are you sure?
I had called you up this morning.
Someone stole my phone, okay?
Are the gun results out?
- They should be.
Mr. Jothi will tell us the result.
Is Mr. Jothi coming here?
Right now? - I got to know
just 10 minutes ago.
I don't know
when we'll see him next.
That's how our system works.
He has a good opinion of you.
If the gun results are positive,
Chitti's job is yours.
Wait right here.
There are over 300 henchmen
in the J Company.
Wherever Jothi goes,
he's always alone.
He trusts nobody.
Which is why
he doesn't have bodyguards.
Getting close to him
is a challenge.
But once that's done,
trapping him is easy.
Did you verify his gun?
Yes, it's the same gun.
Were Chitti and Rane shot
by these guns?
- Yes.
Was this gun in Rane's hand?
- Yes, that's what Isaac told me.
One gun was in Rane's hand
and the other was in his brother's.
Hello. Yes, I just got home.
I didn't even enter the house.
I'm standing at the door.
Do you know how we found out?
Do you know whose phone this is?
Sir, check this out.
"Gangam Style.."
She's a prostitute.
And Siva's with her.
He's Chitti's accomplice.
The entire video is
with her in it.
He can shoot with both his hands.
I've seen him practicing.
Whose phone is this?
My friend stole it.
I got it through another friend.
- Give me the phone.
Is this Siva's house?
- No, sir.
His house is near the market.
There's a college student
who lives next door.
She must've taken the video.
- Is she at home?
Nobody's at home.
She's gone on a tour with friends.
Kill them when they're home.
- Okay, sir.
Mr. Jothi asked me to kill you.
And dump you in the sea!
Bharathi and Vas are dead.
Your team is done and dusted.
I actually believed
that you're from Batim.
When she's home, we've to kill
the whole family. - Great, Danny.
If we hadn't found her phone
you would've easily fooled us.
He has asked us to kill her.
Yakub, he said something.
What did he say, Isaac?
He knows everything about Sharma
and the stash.
But he's stubborn about
disclosing it only to you.
Beat him up.
He might die, sir.
They're from Uttar Pradesh.
They haven't even heard of you.
I called them for your safety.
Siva is pretty much
a dead snake.
But just to be relaxed
and on the safer side,
I'd asked them to come.
Now Jothi is too dangerous.
We are insignificant.
Defeating Jothi is impossible.
The battle is over. We have lost.
A gun.
Two knives.
A knuckle duster.
He had hidden all of these.
We've taken everything.
He's weapon-less now.
Where's the 900 kilos of stash?
It's difficult to hide
even 50 kilos of stash.
Someday, somehow..
The information will come out.
Apparently, Sharma has hidden
900 kilos of stash.
Cops don't know where it is.
The Intelligence team doesn't know.
No dealer here knows.
I've asked around.
I couldn't find out.
But you know.
Even if you tell me
where the stash is
you're going to die.
Maybe you'll suffer less.
That's the maximum
courtesy that I can show.
Got it?
Tell me.
Do you want to just die?
Or will you tell me
where the stash is?
I'll tell you.
What do you want?
Carry him.
Let that girl and family go.
They have nothing to do with this.
It's okay if you die.
But we shouldn't harm the girl.
Tell me where the stash is.
If you tell the truth
I'll let her go.
You can trust me.
Will you?
If you lie..
There are things
worse than death.
So, where is it?
I asked Karthik the same question.
Only Sharma knows
where the stash is.
It was supposed to be handed over
in Helsinki.
I don't know
why they brought it here.
I thought about it.
About the ship which was supposed
to reach Helsinki from
Hong Kong but didn't.
During that period
only one ship
didn't reach Helsinki.
There was an engine problem.
It's waiting
at the Gujarat border.
The stash
is still in the ship.
Are you serious?
- Yes.
What's the name of the ship?
What did you say?
Oh, no.
He spat on you, there was something
in his mouth, don't shout.
I'm sure he's dead.
What happened, sir?
Kill him..
- We did Kill him.
We killed him.
He's bleeding from his eye!
Something pierced his eye!
Is he dead?
- Yes, sir!
"Who can stun my waves?"
"Who knows the way
across the obstacles?"
"Ruler of the seas."
"He's the captain of the ship!"
Are you going to kill me?
- No.
Are you going to arrest me?
- Yes.
Are you from the Mumbai police?
- Yes.
This is Goa. This is my kingdom.
The Home Minister and cops
work under me.
You can't cross two kilometres
if you arrest me and take me away.
Even if you confess that you're
Jothi, nobody will believe you.
I can throw you in a lorry too.
There won't be any issues.
Your phone.
How did you find this?
You know what,
before the tour, right here..
Is that pickpocket your friend?
Thank God.
Did you face any problems
because of this?
- No.
Thank God. I was going crazy!
Did you watch any videos
that were in the cell phone?
No, why?
- They were boring anyway.
They're religious videos.
- Bye.
Hold up..
I won the event at the culturals.
- Congrats.
All thanks to you. You helped me
with the spin the other day.
I'm happy you won.
Did you come here just to
return my cell phone?
I love you.
There's a doctor or an engineer
out there somewhere
waiting for you, Usha.
I'm sure about it.
I didn't ask for
a doctor or an engineer.
I like the idea
of the chain of restaurants.
It would fetch us
a lot of revenue.
Do you have any idea
what your life's going to be?
What to wear for friends' weddings
would worry you.
And what jewellery to
wear for family functions.
There's nothing more
for you to worry about.
You'll have two adorable kids.
A husband
who's madly in love with you.
Wouldn't you ever love
me like that?
There's a side to me
that you don't know about.
Violence. Injustice. Insanity.
That's what I witness every day.
Well, that's my job.
Sooner or later
it will latch on to me.
I can't put you through that.
I don't get it.
I've killed 26 men in 10 days.
Was that a dialogue from a movie?
10 years from now, you'll think
of this moment and laugh about it.
You wouldn't even remember me.
- I will.
I'll remember you until I die.
Go, Usha.
Study well.
Take care.
I wish you all the best.
"Who can stun my waves?"
"Who knows a way
across the obstacles?"
"Ruler of the seas."
"He's the captain of the ship!"