Mean Dreams (2016) Movie Script

Hey boy.
Where'd you
come from?
There you are.
Come on.
Hi there.
Thanks for finding him.
Yeah, no.
He kinda found me.
We just moved in.
Right back there.
Is that yours?
Yeah, that's mine.
I suppose that
makes us neighbors.
Alright, well.
We oughta head home.
Come on Blaze.
Hey, I'm Jonas.
I'm Casey caraway.
Where'd you go?
Just found a
buzztail in the barn.
Just walked out to
the woods a bit.
I'll deal with this.
The check valve on
the hose is leakin'.
We'll need to use
the kitchen pipes for today.
Well, mom's not
gonna like that.
Yeah well,
let's see how she likes it
when we can't
afford her rum
and smokes cause
we're too backed up.
You remember
how I showed you.
Shut off that water supply
and let the pressure out.
And Jonas.
When that snake finds
it's way back, you kill it.
Hey boy.
Sleep okay?
That coffee
I'm smelling?
Got some toast too.
There's nothin'
to put on it though.
I'll leave you
some cash.
Why don't you go into town
today and get us a few things.
How's that sound?
You out did
yourself, baby girl.
Are you nervous?
Nervous about what?
New station, new town.
Catching bad guys
is your daddy's trade.
He can
take it anywhere.
Do I look nervous?
Come here.
Come on.
Come on.
Let me
have your hand.
You feel it?
Can't get any
calmer than that.
I'm sorry
we had to move.
I'm proud of ya for
making the best of it.
I'll get us out of
here as quick as I can.
Before you know it.
Blaze, come here.
Hi ma'am.
My name's
Casey caraway.
My daddy and I just moved
into the house down the road.
Umm, I met your son
Jonas this morning.
Is he home
by any chance?
What's your
business with him?
No business.
I was just
about to head into town--
no Jonas,
he don't go to town.
So he can't
show you nothin'
that you wouldn't
see for yourself.
I guess I just mean the way
to get to know him a little--
hey cowboy.
I was
lookin' for you.
I know.
Your mom--
yeah, she--
she gets--
sad sometimes.
You gonna
be in trouble?
I don't care.
Where you goin'?
Nowhere really.
Do you wanna come?
Blaze. Come on.
Come on.
so, how's
the school here?
I start on Monday.
Oh, it's good.
But I don't
really go anymore.
And your parents
are okay with that?
I hope so,
it was their idea.
And here I thought I'd
have someone to cheat off of.
Probably doing you
a favor in that case.
And your family?
Why'd y'all
move here?
Actually my daddy grew
up the next county over.
He says they need a lot
eyes and ears
because all of the dirty
trading coming through town.
And your ma?
She okay
with the move?
My mom's dead.
When I was a baby.
Can't miss
what you never had.
that smell
alright to you?
there you are,
baby girl.
Was beginning to
worry about you a bit.
Hi daddy.
This is our
neighbor Jonas.
Mr. caraway.
So that's your old
ranch down the road is it?
Yes sir.
Not many
ranchers around here
still see worth it
to stick it out.
to admire there.
Can't be easy living.
It ain't
so bad, sir.
I hope you're hungry.
Got some steaks.
Let me take
that bag off ya.
I'll go 'round back,
fire up the grill.
I take it your
momma's got a nice dinner
waiting for
you, that right?
Yes sir.
Call me Wayne.
Casey you
come in soon now.
Come on, Blaze.
Well, thanks for
showing me around.
Sorry if I might've spoiled
any other things you--
Nah you--
you didn't
spoil nothin'.
Where the hell you been?
Just showing Casey
around town, being friendly.
That's what neighbors
oughta be, don't they?
You tuck
in that lip.
And you are not to just run
on out of here without notice.
I wouldn't
have had to
if ma didn't slam
the door on her face.
Hey, you left me
high and dry today, son.
I fell behind a great deal
cause of your selfishness.
I ain't
selfish, okay?
I work just as hard as
any ranch hand that gets paid
and I don't complain
or ask for nothing.
I'm sorry for
runnin' out on you.
I'm gonna finish chopping the
wood I rounded up this morning
and then reinforce the pen
all like I was s'pose to.
Forget the pen.
It'll be
there tomorrow.
I know.
But I got
plans tomorrow.
do you know people can see
for three miles on flat land?
That's pretty far.
It's not far enough.
it's always been my dream
to see the ocean one day.
my mom used to say how
beautiful the coast is.
Said she felt
trapped by the land.
Told me the
ocean is freedom.
thought you said your mom
died when you were a baby.
That was a lie.
I guess it just hurts
too much to remember her.
You uhh--
you lie a lot?
All the time.
You don't think about--
god or--
I think
god's also a lie.
It's just something
someone made up
to keep people
from being bad.
Like Santa claus
for grown ups.
But I don't need to lie
with you, not anymore.
Ask me anything
and I'll tell you the truth.
Well uhh--
you wanna
be my girlfriend?
I got you somethin'.
There's two of them, the
other one's back at my house.
Now if we need to talk
to each other, we can.
I love it.
So I was thinking
maybe tomorrow--
she's busy.
Why are you
hidin' daddy?
I ain't hidin',
I'm waitin'.
It's my fault she's late sir,
i took us down--
head on home.
It's my time with
my daughter now.
I guess I'll
come by tomorrow, probably--
you got shit
in your ears boy?
Come on, Blaze.
Wanted to celebrate
with my baby girl tonight.
I made
spaghetti bolognese.
Your favorite.
I'm not hungry.
Good thing
i tossed it then.
I wouldn't get too
attached to that boy.
Looks like we're
getting out of this shit hole
sooner than
i thought.
That's too bad.
Cause I was
starting to like it here.
Come down.
You look like her.
You talk like her.
Look at me.
Don't be like her.
You're my blood.
You're a caraway.
It's you
and me Casey.
Say it.
It's you and me.
I said wait,
Daddy, stop it!
stop it please!
Daddy stop!
Daddy please stop it,
that's enough now!
That's enough now!
Stop it! Stop!
It's you
and me, dad!
It's you and me!
please stop it!
Next time I see you 'round my
house, 'round my daughter,
I'll hold you
under for good.
get in the house!
I said,
get in the house!
Casey: Jonas?
Jonas, you there?
Yeah I'm here.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm so sorry.
You didn't
do nothin'.
You shouldn't
be there with him.
It ain't right.
No Jonas.
You don't
understand, my dad--
I ain't afraid of him.
You should be.
Didn't see you in
there today, mr.Ford.
Quite a sermon
you missed.
I need to talk to you 'bout
one of your officers, sir.
Mr. caraway.
Well go on then.
He's no good sir.
Gonna need
more than that.
No good, how?
It's how
he treats his daughter.
I understand you two have become
pretty close, am I correct?
Yes sir.
And this complaint of yours;
Wouldn't have anything to do
with a potential complaint
of his about you spending
all day and night
with her, would it?
But he has made
such an objection?
I saw
him beat her.
And he went on afterward
to drown me half to death.
Well that doesn't
sound quite right.
But what puzzles
me about this, you see,
is that kids are
a product of their parents.
Now Casey's bout the
sweetest, happiest little girl
these old eyes
ever seen.
And considerin' her momma ain't
been around for some time,
I credit
sergeant caraway
with the type of young
lady she's become.
Now, regardin' all this
hitting and drowning,
I'll surely look into it,
cause that's my job,
but I will tell you this:
You ain't Casey's family.
You might
share spit and secrets,
but the two of you's
don't share blood.
And the only business
you have with her,
is what her
father says so.
You go on now.
Well, hell boy.
I was on
the fence 'bout you.
But it's official now.
I like you.
Got a
pretty good pair
considerin' they
ain't dropped yet.
Course that being said,
get off my property.
You ain't welcome.
You're a bad man.
Oh, is that so?
And what's your idea of
a good man, your daddy?
Some hard bum who keeps his
family locked up on his ranch
like it's a damn tomb.
He don't
beat on us.
Never laid a finger.
That's cause
he's a coward.
You don't know
nothin' about him.
That's where
you're wrong, son.
You see there are two
kinds of men in this world:
Your daddy and me.
Now, way I see it, you've got
two options and I'm sorry to say
not either of 'em involves
you having a friendship
with my baby girl.
Option number one: We be civil,
as all neighbors oughta be.
We see each other
in town, we nod, smile,
be on our
respective ways.
Option number two: I make life
for your family a living hell.
One little phone call
'bout violated regulations
and I'll have land inspectors
so far up your daddy's ass
the cattle will be
impressed how hard he shits.
You keep coming over here,
doing what you do--
and I'll know which option
you've chosen for yourself.
And your family.
Don't shush me.
Well damn it elbert I'm right
in the middle of this thing.
You're always
right in the middle--
Can I talk to you?
It's Mr. caraway sir.
Casey's daddy.
What about him?
I saw
him hit Casey.
And when I tried to protect her,
he dragged me outside
and held
my head in a basin.
What do you mean--
when you
tried to protect her?
I ran
inside the house.
I tried to protect her.
Well that was a pretty
damn foolish thing to do
now wasn't it?
What the hell was
i s'posed to do, pa?
Just watch
him beat on her?
Now it probably
wasn't like that.
He's a
man of the law.
I ain't sayin' that
makes him a Saint,
I'm sayin' it ain't up
to us to judge.
You need to be smart
in this life, son.
Think before you act.
You don't go running into
a man's house uninvited
and start
attacking him.
And a
police officer no less.
You have any idea
the reign of shit
that man can bring down
on this family!
She needs help.
Gotta do something.
Like what?
Run over
there throwin' punches?
The only thing that'll do is
wind me up in the drunk tank
with a court date.
You are a coward.
You know,
you and your momma
oughta take a little
trip sometime.
Cause this world
will eat you up whole.
And I'll tell you something else
you ever talk to me like this--
Jonas: Copy Casey?
Casey? You there?
Jonas: Casey?
are you there?
I know damn
well you're awake.
We just got here.
I'll tell you what.
You sit your bag down in between
us and I'll throw mine over.
something was taken from
my truck while I was here.
This was the only place
it could've been taken.
There was a boy.
A boy?
I saw a boy.
He was--
he was hiding outside.
He had a--
he had a bag with him.
Come back!
What's in the bag?
You took
this from my dad?
he take it from?
I don't know.
But he killed
'em for it.
What were
you thinking?
That home
ain't safe for you.
We had to
get you outta there.
And now cause of
this money we can.
Where we gonna go?
Jonas, you there?
You can still get
out of this, son.
I'll make
a deal with you.
Bring my daughter and my bag
and that'll be the end of it.
No harm, no foul.
But Jonas, if you
don't return what's mine,
if you
make me chase you,
it's gonna get mean and you're
gonna wish I drowned your ass.
You praying?
Now might
be a good time.
come on Jonas,
hurry up.
Come on.
Let's go, Jonas.
Go. Go. Go.
Blaze, come here,
Sunday school.
The best place to be,
every Sunday morning.
I lost
count twice,
but I think I got around four
hundred and thirty thousand.
I've got almost five
hundred and fifty thousand.
So that's nine hundred
and eighty total.
That's almost
a million dollars.
Do you know
what that means?
Means we're rich.
No Jonas.
This is
not our money.
Hey, well it ain't
your pa's neither.
I stole from him just
like he stole from them,
so we got as much right
to it as he does.
We deserve it
cause we're good.
It's only half.
And it's
just a back up.
So, if we ever need more money,
we'll come back and dig it up.
So where
do you wanna go?
The ocean.
Help you
with something?
I want a gun.
And I wanna retire.
Not old enough.
Maybe I can
help with that.
Where'd you get that?
Does it matter?
Single action Colt.
It's an antique.
What's wrong
with those?
These are
on the books.
It's this
one or nothing.
Does it work?
It works.
I'll take it then.
Some bullets too.
The hell you want
with this anyway?
Protect my family.
All of it.
You get the other half when
you show me how to use it.
Won't be
much longer.
It doesn't
hurt now, Jonas.
Stop worrying.
He's mean as hell.
Ain't he.
He never used to
lay a hand on me.
But my mom--
he wasn't too
concerned with beating her up.
He used to say
she could take it.
I tried, you know,
I tried convincing her
to run
away with me.
She wouldn't
leave him.
This one time he
came to pick us up.
We were at the movies,
me and my mom.
He had
been drinking.
So, she got on his case
about it and started yelling.
He lost control
and the car crashed.
I watched her die.
And then the cops came
but they were his friends.
They made sure nothing
bad would happen to him.
And then
after that, I guess,
I guess, I was the only
one around to get angry at.
he'd always feel bad the day
after, so he'd buy me a present.
A dress,
some shoes--
a puppy.
And every time he promised
he wouldn't lose control again.
But he's a liar.
Just like me.
God made a mistake
giving you to him.
You're good.
That's something
you can trust.
Something else
you can trust,
you ain't never
gonna see him again.
Come on.
so clean.
I kinda got--
got used to the fact
of you smelling bad.
I thought that was
you the whole time.
You're freezing!
How about this one?
That's even worse.
Is this better
than the tarp?
Have you ever
kissed a girl, Jonas?
What's out there?
I don't see anything.
Blaze quiet.
I don't know
what's wrong with him.
We gotta go, Casey.
We gotta go, now.
Go. Go.
last time you hopped
in the back of somebody's car
without them knowing, it got you
into some trouble, Mr. Ford.
Give me your gun.
Don't carry one.
Put your hands
on the wheel.
How'd you find us?
Got word of a report from
a pawnshop owner in town.
Said a young boy tried to
sell him an old pistol.
Says the boy was with a pretty
little blonde and a dog too.
That got my attention even
if the rest didn't quite add up.
Motel must've been
mighty hard to resist
after a
storm like that.
Havin' fun
spendin' our money?
It ain't your money.
you're gonna get
that poor girl killed,
you know that,
don't you?
I'm saving her.
You're chin deep
in shit here, son.
The longer you play this
out, the worse off you'll be.
So let's just
put the gun down,
go get Casey and the money
and be done with all this.
The money's gone.
We got mugged by
a bum in crow lake.
You expect me to
believe that?
Believe what you want,
just keep driving.
What's in
your head boy?
How can you possibly think
you're gonna get away from this?
We just will.
We deserve to.
I hate to break the news to you
mr.Ford, but who deserves what
don't mean diddily
in the real world.
One thing's
for sure,
you two sure left a nice trail
of bread crumbs behind ya.
Slow down.
Couple runaways with travel
packs and a dopey ol' dog,
that's an image that tends
to linger in people's minds.
I said slow down!
You stole a lot
of money Mr. Ford.
When you steal from a man,
he doesn't stop looking for you.
He doesn't just, one day,
decide to let it go.
Slow down!
God forgives
so we don't have to.
Look what you're
making an old man do.
You should be
ashamed of yourself.
Give me your
wallet and phone.
Son, you should
get that checked.
You got
shit in your ears?!
your hat too.
you think
I'm a bad man, Jonas?
I'm the tooth fairy
compared to what's comin'.
I ain't
scared of him.
What happened?!
What happened?
How does it look?
This is bad.
You need to
go to the hospital.
No, no hospital.
They'll be
waiting for us.
Just hold it there!
Hold it there!
I need
some things.
Nothing back here I'm allowed
to sell you without a parent
and a
prescription, hun.
I need disinfectant
and stuff to numb pain.
Someone you
know hurting?
Here just--
take it.
Just give me
what I need.
He's my friend--
he's bleeding
and it's really bad.
Then you better
get them to a hospital.
We can't!
I want to help but I can't just
give you what you're asking.
I'm not asking.
Jonas, come on,
help me out.
Owh, I'm sorry!
Hold me, hold me.
keep pressing!
Open, open, open.
Just eat it.
You're gonna need
to keep still, okay.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry!
Jonas please,
you gotta stop.
You gotta
stop moving.
You're doing
really good.
I'm, I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!
Hey cowboy.
How you feelin'?
You saved me.
What do you think?
It's no ocean.
But it's ours.
We need to
rethink a few things.
I know.
We just need to
figure out a way to
cover a lot
of ground quickly.
That'll be
tough with Blaze.
You looking
for the gun?
It's gone.
I got rid of it
this morning.
While you
were passed out.
why would you do that?
Because it scares me.
It scares me
more to think about
what we're s'pose
to do without it.
Okay, that gun keeps us
safe and you know it.
I don't want to be
those kind of people.
What kind of people?
The kind that sticks
a gun in someone's face
to get
what they want.
Yeah, well I don't
want to be
those kind of people
either, Casey.
But we have to be
realistic about this.
It's only a matter of time
before someone else sees us
with Blaze and
puts it together.
He's gonna
get us caught again
and when he does
we need to be ready for it.
Where is it?
I'm not saying.
We need it, Casey.
It's just in case
someone stronger than me
tries to hurt you.
No one's stronger
than you, Jonas.
hi there.
Hi sir.
What can
I help you with?
Where'd you go?
Where's Blaze?
He's gone!
I gave him up just
like you wanted.
Hey, Casey!
He was my only
friend before you.
And I abandoned him
to keep you safe!
Keep me safe?
What are you
talking about?
This has all been
to protect you.
That's the reason
for my whole plan!
What plan?
You didn't
have a plan!
You barely
gave it a thought!
There wasn't time
for that, Casey!
I had to get you
out of that house!
Why couldn't you just
leave me right where I was?
You stole the money.
You had to leave.
Not me.
Not Blaze!
So why are you
still here then?
Why did you
even come?
Because you
weren't leaving without me,
and he was
coming after you.
That's why I left.
To get
you out of there.
To protect you.
And I still am.
If my
daddy finds us,
he'll beat me
two inches from death, but you--
he'll go
all the way.
Let's go get Blaze.
we can make it work--
it's done!
Let's pack.
We're already behind.
Jonas: You hate me?
Casey: No.
I love you.
Jonas: I love you too.
just uhh--
just wait one sec.
Is that you?
Thank god.
Are you alright?
Yeah, I'm alright.
Where are you?
Whatever we've done
to make you abandon us, i--
you didn't do nothin'.
Casey's dad
is after us.
He's dangerous, pa.
He's a
thief and a killer.
The chief too.
Well, come home.
You'll be safe here.
Casey won't be.
He'll come after us,
take her away
and there won't be
anything we can do about it.
Well then,
we'll go to the police
and tell them
what you're telling--
they are
the police, pa.
My word won't hold
up against theirs.
listen to me--
tell ma I love her and
I'll be home in a little while.
I sent something in the
post for you.
Jonas, don't you
hang up now--
there's more comin'.
bus driver: Sorry folks.
Looks like we're
being pulled over.
Oh my god, Jonas.
Get the bags ready.
Son, I'm going to need
you to take your seat.
I'll pay you, okay?
I got
a lot of money!
Listen, sir--
no, no, don't open
the door, please!
Afternoon officers!
Well, hey boy.
Sure am
glad to see you.
Step off
the bus, Mr. Ford.
there's my angel.
fine folks.
Police matter.
Casey, let's go.
god damn girl.
Don't let
him take us!
It's time to
go home, honey.
that'll be all.
where's the rest of it?
I told the sheriff.
We got
mugged in crow lake.
all that's left.
The truth!
Right now.
We buried it!
that's a little vague.
Back north.
Just in case
we'd wanna come back.
Get your ass up.
Get back in the car!
you did
pretty good considering.
You even let my daughter
give up the thing she loves most
in the
whole world.
Cause you thought
it set you free.
Pretty cold, Mr. Ford.
Funny thing is, abandoning
the dog is what got you caught.
I got a call from a
vet in hodgeville.
Someone brought him
in to check his ID.
He had a
microchip under his ear.
When you scan it
our info comes up.
We figured the only
reason to ditch the pup
is you was aiming
to take a bus.
Blaze is
our dog, Casey.
Not everything's as simple as
it seems when you're a kid.
It's a mean world and the angels
left us to fend for ourselves.
You gotta fight for what's
yours, however you know how.
You wouldn't know an angel
if you were beatin' on one.
That's what
you do ain't it?
You beat on angels?
How we on gas?
Not in the red yet.
Take the
next stop anyway.
These kids
are probably hungry.
Why don't you
let me take over?
These patties
take two hands to eat.
If you insist.
What's happening?
He's alright.
A couple of crushed
valium never hurt anybody.
What the
hell you doing?
This is
as far as I go.
I'm taking my
half of the money.
Your half, wherever it
is, is your problem.
Your fault.
I'm done
with this nonsense.
You fuck!
Sweet dreams,
That's the
least you deserve.
You really fucked me
on this one, Wayne.
god damnit! Fuck!
How much
further Casey?
Fifty miles.
Maybe less.
up ahead,
through that clearing.
I'd be sure
if I were you.
Come on boy.
Come on!
There ya go!
what are you doing?
Casey, please.
Casey, please!
Come on now,
baby girl.
Please don't.
Let's get this done.
All you had to do was
mind your own business.
let's go.
it's under here
What are you
waiting for then?
I'll try that way.
No use stalling.
Baby girl.
I'll kill you before
i let you kill him.
killin' anybody.
Put the gun down
Casey and we'll--
you shut up!
You're scaring me.
I admit it.
I know
I've failed you.
I lost my heart,
i lost my way.
But I swear on my soul, on your
mama's grave I'll let him go.
I don't believe you.
You know what happens if you
pull that trigger, don't you?
You'll be alone.
I know
you're with Jonas now.
Pretty soon he's gonna get tired
and he's gonna wanna go home.
You'll see, one day he'll
quit on you quick as light.
It's coming,
i guarantee it.
you're my angel.
Baby girl, please.
It's you
and me, right?
Say it.
Shut up.
It's you and--
I'm sorry.