Mean Guns (1997) Movie Script

Here I sit alone and wait...
Surrounded by broken tablets
and new tablets
half-covered with writing.
When will my hour come?
The hour of my going down
and going under,
for I want to go
among men once more.
For I am waiting now...
For I am waiting now...
For first of the signs
that my hour has come.
Meanwhile, I talk to myself
this one last time.
Nobody tells me
anything new.
So I tell myself...
You want to see me?
Commissioner gil...
You play chess?
What's going on?
We got the dedication ceremony
in the morning at 10:00 sharp.
I think you'd
better leave.
We got just enough time
for a game.
Perez prado...
The original
mambo king.
The music.
I'm not sure I understand
your strategy, Mr. moon.
Separates the wheat
from the shaft.
And I do understand
Outward-bound passage
leaves in 5 minutes.
Outward-bound passage
leaves in 5 minutes.
Outward-bound passage
leaves in one minute.
Last call.
Outward-bound passage
leaves in one minute.
Last call.
Next passage of track 666
in 15 minutes.
Next passage of track 666
in 15 minutes.
Good to see you,
When I say I don't
want feds, I mean it.
Got the photos?
Walk with me, cam.
Where are you taking me?
Commissioner giltner's
turning state's evidence.
Moon's in trouble with
us and the syndicate.
He's desperate, cam.
He's trying to
clean out the problems.
Clean out?
Everybody who even looks
like a problem, clean.
Lord knows it's
his only chance.
I need those photos
in case moon
gets to giltner.
You want out, cam?
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.
Now, that's more evidence
than any D.A. Could ask for.
Don't ask me to testify.
I'm leaving tonight
without the escort.
I gave you
what you wanted.
You don't need me!
Just let go!
Oh, shit!
Shut up.
I want 15 grand
for those negatives.
Getting cam
wasn't gonna be...
Getting you...
Is what Mr. moon
wants, Jerry.
And thank you.
We've already
got the negative.
Purgatory systems
is checking your clearance.
Stand by.
What is this place?
It's one of the syndicate's
construction projects,
a new correctional
It's a prison, Ricky.
Now, how in the world
would the syndicate
get to build a prison?
Payoff, stupid.
It's opening tomorrow,
ribbon-cutting and everything.
Moon has got
a twisted sense of humor.
Why does he
want us up here?
This is spooky.
Because he's here.
Looks like the workers
cleaned out fast.
What's this
damned thing
all about,
Hey, don't do that.
I hate that.
Do what?
Swear when you
don't have to.
What the hell are you
talking about, boy?
Ha ha!
I'll say "hell" whenever
I wanna say "hell," asshole.
You shut up!
Man's trying
to make
a damn cultural
point, right?
What are you, my God-almighty
father, all of a sudden?
Are we there yet?
Ok, my space...
Your space.
Look at that, Marcus.
Strange, isn't it?
Us here and now.
Why are we all
together on this?
We're together because
we were told to be.
Yeah, yeah.
And moments later,
we'll be picked up
by a damned limo
at the corner of
fifth and Broadway.
So why don't you
crawl up his ass
for saying that, Ricky?
For saying what?
"Damned limo."
Jesus. Are we
back on this?
Direct quote.
Doesn't count.
Is "damn" even
a swear word?
Who cares,
for Christ's sake?
Hey look d, I got a healthy respect
for profanity, ok?
It's just that
they're not happy words,
and it don't make me
happy to hear them.
Use something over and over
and over again, you know,
it ceases
to have any meaning.
Hell, hell, hell, hell.
You know what I mean?
So what do you care
if I use it
if it doesn't
mean anything?
Look, all I'm saying is,
maybe you use them
a little less,
they mean a little more.
in the movies.
Well, that's why
I use them, Ricky,
because they don't
mean a damn thing.
Purgatory requests
all weapons be checked in
with cerebus
at the portal gateway.
Just take the girl.
The other one's dead.
Hey, Ricky, I'm not
gonna carry that bitch.
I'll get her.
Oh! Uhh!
What the hell is this?
None of our
business, darlin'.
How about
the other one?
he's not Lazarus,
and Jesus ain't
showin' up today,
so lock it
and leave it, Bob.
You are now in the purgatory
security network.
and visual surveillance
is constant
by Lucifer command.
Purgatory requests
all weapons be checked in
with cerebus
at the portal gateway.
Let's see
your weapons, boys.
What's up?
What is this?
Mr. moon doesn't want
any heat at the meeting.
You're dead.
It's green eggs and ham.
Let's see
your weapons.
You are now in the purgatory
security network.
and visual surveillance
is constant
by Lucifer command.
What the fuck is this?
Take it easy.
Never seen you
before, man.
From out of town.
Who are you,
Dr. fuckin' Seuss?
Ooh. Check
everywhere, sugar.
You never know
what I'm hiding.
Come on.
Come on.
That's gotta be you.
Get goin'.
Long time, d.
Double "d."
I'm dickhead.
I'm buttface.
Don't forget.
She wants us.
Lucifer command
is recording audio
and visual surveillance
of your visit.
I'm taking care of it.
I'll turn the prison back
over to the city tonight.
It'll be ready.
Hey, moon...
Nothing else
will go wrong.
What the fuck is this?
I know the deal.
What is this?
I don't get it.
Marcus, what's up, stud?
How's the world?
Spinning right along.
Jesus, I told you bring her,
not rip her head off.
She's got a lot of balls
for an accountant.
Yes, she does.
Your boys are
kind of fresh, boss.
I'll make sure to tell 'em.
Come here, slut.
Aw, sweet pea, I didn't
expect you to be here.
This is like
a members only thing.
Big Bob said
it would be ok.
Did he?
Best laid plans
of moon and men.
I'm sorry, boss.
Marcus, you keep your head
about you, ok, man?
The original mambo king.
Makes you want to dance.
You have all
betrayed the syndicate.
Maybe in little ways
over a long period of time.
Maybe once.
Maybe one big time.
Maybe something in-between.
You blabbed, you stole,
you plotted,
you saw too much,
maybe you did too little.
Now, your individual sins
are written
right on the cards
right in front of you.
But I'm sure you know,
and we all know,
what happens to those
that betray the syndicate.
Our first intention was just
to murder you motherfuckers.
Throw your punk asses
in a big-ass hole,
cover it up with lime.
That'd be the easiest way.
But that ain't
the most interesting, nah.
So I convinced them,
why don't you let me give
out prizes to the winners?
Let the syndicate watch?
This shit's gonna be
better than pay-TV.
So look at all you
tough motherfuckers...
Who is the best killer in here?
I don't know.
Oh, shit.
Best backstabber...
Step up, claim your prize.
Gold, bronze, silver...
To the losers...
Who gives a fuck?
We are gonna find out
who the coldest 3 motherfuckers
in this building are.
Better believe that shit.
What's the prize?
Obviously, loyalty means nothing
to anybody in this room.
The prize
is $10 million cash.
Split 3 ways.
That comes up to
$3.3 million dollars each
for the coldest motherfuckers
in this building.
But every good game has to have
good, tough losers, too.
So, who are the losers?
So, what's the rules?
Just like life...
Survival of the fittest.
To win, you eliminate
the competition.
All competition!
Except 3.
This whole prison has been
vacated and cordoned off.
That's the ballpark.
Elevators and gates
are cut off and locked.
Everything else is open.
Deep inside the ballpark
is a briefcase filled
to the top with cash.
That's the prize.
Now, once everybody
gets spread out,
why don't you killers
give a guy a call?
Let me know what's going on,
who got took out.
That way I'll know
when my game's over.
The number's
on the back of your card
right in front of you.
There's phones
all over this joint.
If any one of you
gets a bright idea
and tries to leave
this ballpark,
you'll be disqualified
It's the deadliest game.
The true test of your skills,
whether real or imagined.
No more bragging,
you fucking rats.
got to show and prove now.
Let the deadliest survive.
What the hell
you talking about, man?
Yeah. Is there a predetermined
length for this game?
Good question.
After 6 hours, you all die.
After all, they dedicating
this place tomorrow.
Yeah. What if we
don't want to play?
Then don't!
Any other questions?
Where can I get this cd?
You like prado?
Yes. Makes you
want to dance.
Are there
any other questions?
All of you are more or less
professionals in here,
so I expect you to act
with some form of dignity.
We're not civilians,
so I know
you understand the world.
Life is not fuckin' perfect.
What's going on?
Shut up!
I'll see you later.
Get out of me
it's going!
It's going!
It's gone!
Get her!
Go! Go!
Come on, punk.
Let's see if I'm really
as bad as I say I am.
Well, that's just
too damn bad, Ricky.
No! No! No!
No! Aah!
I'm enjoying this!
Come on, man.
Hey, there
goes the bitch.
Hey, man! Hey, man!
Come on, curly.
That the best you can do?
Oh, fell down!
Let me get the rules
We kill everybody else
before they kill us,
and we get $10 million dollars?
That's it 10 millions
10 millions simple enough.
But it's only...
The last 3 alive
who get the money.
Last three, what if it's only 2?
He wasn't
that specific.
He wasn't
that specific?
Yeah, he wasn't
that specific, he didn't say.
He didn't say.
Hey, Joey,
you up there?
I don't think
this is so damn funny.
You think you scare me?
I would have thrown
that knife by now.
Even when you were good,
you were shit.
Yeah, but I would have
thrown that knife already.
I mean,
why take the chance?
First, I want an answer.
No answers.
Nothing. Zero. Nada.
No way outta here.
No way you can
get off the hook.
Then you're no use to me.
I told you.
Don't hold the knife.
Throw the fucking knife.
Like the old days.
Like the old days.
You be good.
You be bad.
He be uglified.
Get her!
Damn! Don't shoot!
Put the gun down.
She's with me d.
There's room
for all of us.
Come on, lady,
if you wanna live.
Ok, room for 3.
But you better know how
to take care of business
when the time comes,
This ain't
the junior league.
I know how
to cover my ass.
You better learn
how to cover mine.
You stinking bitch.
How do we know
we can trust her?
'Cause I say so.
I got shot.
But you got out.
We're not out yet,
and there's a lot
of problems
in here with us.
Why'd they all
just go along with it?
Because when you drop
a pile of guns and bats
into a room of killers
and tell them to go,
they're gonna go.
I'm not
part of this.
Look, lady,
reality is a cold,
hard thing
when it comes up
and bites you
in the ass.
You're telling me.
So what's the plan,
big man?
Check the perimeter
and see how secure it is.
You'll need this.
No! Please!
No! Don't!
No! Wait!
Where's your father,
little bitch?
Now we're having fun,
You ok?
Get down, Lucy.
We're really having fun now.
Oh, man.
Take somebody out.
That's right.
Come on. Yeah.
Ok. I got one.
I got one.
It's Lenny.
Whose idea was this
What does yours say?
It's not your concern.
What about you,
Been skimming the cream
off the top?
Let's see.
What's that...
A camera?
What the hell
were you doing,
taking pictures
of big man's wife?
Don't get comfortable.
He's getting ready to run,
isn't he?
Maybe I could
get over there,
and I could throw my jacket
over the fence.
So running is out.
He can't.
He is Vincent moon.
He can do what he likes.
Hello, Marcus.
We all do as we like.
I truly hate this man.
I know what
you're thinking.
And you're right.
4 is too many.
Should I make it 3?
Three, three, three?
No. 4 is good, Lou.
Would you like to hear
what it sounds like
to have a bullet
rattle around
inside that thick skull
of yours, d?
Room for 3 at the end
of the game, Lou.
You heard the rules.
Rattle, rattle.
4's good, Lou.
4 is good.
I'll put you down.
You put her down,
and we're down to 2.
I'll give you 5
to put down the gun,
or I'll spray you
all over her.
Countdown to destiny.
You know I would.
I like you, d.
Don't get me wrong.
I just knew
this would be the best way
to get my point across.
You know, me...
Everything's fine.
4 is good.
Please, Marcus.
I want you to know
if I miss, I'm sorry.
4 is good.
4 is good.
Just like my good friend
d is saying here.
Because there can only be
3 in the crow's nest.
But 4's got a better chance
than 3, Marc-o.
But 4 is too many.
That's not a problem,
at least one of us
is sure to buy it
along the way.
So we start with 4...
One as ballast
through the game
and if we're the only 4
left at the end,
We'll burn that bridge
when we come to it.
But 4 is better than 3.
And much, much better
than 2.
We're agreed then.
Logic prevails.
Come on.
We're settled,
Put it up.
You're a crazy man.
I knew you'd hold up, d.
You always do.
Don't push me, Lou.
Don't push me.
You always back up.
Why not push?
I'm killing everybody.
I'm killing moon.
I'm killing moon's mama.
I'm killing
any little moons.
I don't care who...
No warning next time,
Let's go call in, huh?
Forgot about that.
The asshole.
Yeah, the boss gave us
those cards...
Want me to call in?
To keep track.
Keep track,
who killed who.
Good to see you again,
big man.
You know him?
Political job
back in '92.
He knows me.
Who's the squeak?
She's with me.
Isn't it romantic?
I don't see where
you fit in here, Lou.
You're not one
of moon's regulars.
Well, I was in town
on another...
Rather more
personal matter.
Heard about this little
party beforehand,
asked moon
if I could pull up
and play along with all you
fine, fine people.
You wanted to be here?
I was absolutely dying
to be here, d.
Stop. Stop!
What are
we gonna do?
I don't feel like dodging
sniper fire
and spending the next 10 years
looking over my shoulder.
D's right.
4's better than 3.
We'll play the game...
And finish it.
Minus one of us.
Right now let's
eliminate the enemy.
What I figure is,
everybody's going
after the milk.
I would. 10 million
of moon's money.
got the cash
has got
the position.
Which is exactly what
everyone else is planning.
What they forget
is that it doesn't matter
who's got the money first.
What matters is who's got
the money last.
Marcus: Let's get on
with shaving the odds.
This is good for you.
I can tell.
Builds your character.
Age before beauty.
You're happy to see me.
I can tell.
You and I...
We speak the same language.
No, we do not.
What's yours say?
Picture of a moneybag
with wings.
Mine, too.
They caught us
How do you think
he found out?
He found out.
It doesn't matter now.
No, not one iota.
Good word, "iota."
Call in?
And see who's dead?
Yeah. Add ours
to the tally.
6, maybe 6.
I don't know.
I got 2
in the warehouse.
I got one.
Polite guy.
Bad hair guy.
Staircase guy.
This guy.
Is that all?
No, no.
There was 3
in the warehouse.
Blackie, bad hair guy,
big guy,
uh, staircase guy,
this guy, and, uh...
The screamer.
Screamer. Bingo, 9.
Rat trap.
I am not an animal.
I am not an animal.
So, we call in.
Moon will have
a fit.
Shit fit when he finds out
how many we tagged.
Let's find a phone.
Let's go.
Are we gonna call in
and listen to the messages?
It would be nice to know
who's still out there.
What's the difference?
We have to kill
them all!
Can we do that?
Sure, we can.
Better to keep off
the line for now.
Oh, the element
of surprise.
Shut up, Lou.
What is that?
Valium, Prozac,
and ritalin.
of champions.
So, how'd you get
in the business?
It's the only thing
I ever wanted to do.
And what I didn't know,
your government
taught me.
That was very nasty.
don't even try it.
What do we do now, boys?
Hi there.
You idiot.
She's quick.
Thanks, blondie.
Help me.
Help me.
Would you
shut him up?
No. Save your bullets.
Use that.
Beat him to death?
Get away from me, bitch!
Get away!
Get out of here!
Go away!
He's a mad dog
who needs to be put down.
ritalin, valium.
The man is a toilet.
Get away from me bitch!
No, no, no, no, no.
I thought I told you
to shut him up.
I can't.
I just can't.
No, no, no!
I can't.
I can't!
Please stop.
How about
I shut you up?
I can't.
Did he get her?
Just shut up.
Oh, shit!
Shut up.
Shut up!
Shut up.
On the count of 3,
one of you
is gonna be dead.
I can't!
I'm sorry.
I couldn't help it.
Just too much fun.
You do know
how to use this, right?
Little trigger
under the heavy part.
We can do this.
What's wrong with you?
It's them or us.
Ok, that's enough.
No, not ok.
I need to know that
this babe can do it.
You were thinking,
"let's get somebody else
"to take care
of the problem.
I'll be over here
You're an old woman,
my friend.
I don't know
whether to screw you
or kill you.
You've made
your point.
She's got to pull
her weight.
I'm not like you guys.
I didn't ask for this.
Pull the weight
or lighten the load.
Like this?
How about
I just lighten you?
Like this.
What are you,
her mother?
Gonna take a lifetime
to win this.
I'm depressed now.
Got an idea how we can
speed things up.
We just have to find
a way out of here.
You can't.
It's a goddamn prison.
Hey, she's got you
there, d.
Well, let's
say once upon a time
there were 3 bears.
God, not another story.
Yeah Marcus,
just spit it out.
The bears went out
one day looking for food,
which was other bears.
Ah, cannibalistic
And when these 3 bears
got back to their house,
they found
little goldilocks
sleeping in their bed.
Just before
they could eat her,
papa bear said,
"no, just wait.
cannibalistic bears."
Yes, yes, we are.
I want to be
mama bear.
3 bears.
"Ahh," thought the bears.
is tasty to us,
"so goldilocks is tasty
to other bears.
"And what we really like
to eat is other bears,
"so why don't we use
goldilocks as a trap
for the other bears?"
And all the bears
nodded their heads,
and they said that
it was good, so they did.
And goldilocks was a very good
trap for the other bears.
And the 3 bears went back
to their nice homes that night
simply stuffed
to the gills with bear.
Yum yum.
The end.
So who do we use for bait?
Not goldilocks.
Not who,
but what.
I'm lost.
Of course you are.
You're stupid.
You're pushing
the limit, Lou.
All right, we tell everyone
we found the money
and invite all the bears
to try and take it from us.
So how do we set up
the trap?
There's got to be
a p.A. System around this joint somewhere.
All we've got to do
is find a guard station.
Provided we can find
a good spot to do it
and not get whacked
Already spotted a place.
Why is everybody
saying you're stupid?
You do know
how to use that, right?
I mean, squeeze
your finger and all?
We've already been
through this, Lou.
Not to my satisfaction.
So she's goldilocks?
And you are an idiot.
So what?
I've had just about
enough of you, Lou.
Don't even joke
about it, d.
You're a player in this.
No choice.
The sooner
we get it over with,
the sooner we can
go back to our lives
or go back
to killing each other.
Right now we've got a lot
of problems to take care of.
You'll stick with this bunch,
or I'll end it now.
All but one of us
gets out, isn't it right.
That's moon's rules.
And rules are made
to be broken.
At least some are.
Let's go.
Ho, man.
Getting hungry.
For competition.
Yeah. What should we do?
Meat loaf.
What have you guys
got up your sleeves?
Oh, that's twisted.
Twisted, but fun.
Ah, yes.
Mmm, popsicle.
Whoa, hello, Betty.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God!
Oh, my God! They're dead!
They're dead!
You saved my life!
Thank you!
Thank you!
They were hunting me!
You saved my life.
You don't
Whoa! Let me
get out of the way!
If you had the chance, you would
have killed us dead as dickens.
I don't belong here!
I don't belong here!
I was with a friend!
Yeah with a friend huh? She's cute.
Can we keep her?
Neither one of us
can afford to go soft
for a nice pair of tits.
Not today.
I won't be any trouble.
I won't, you guys.
I can help.
I'll be a decoy.
I'll do anything
you want.
She's your pet.
You feed it, you clean it,
you kill it.
Hey, I really
appreciate this I really do.
A hundred percent.
You can count on me.
Can I have a gun?
Get this straight,
This ain't the girl scouts
or Melrose place.
Cute doesn't cut it all
the way to the tree line.
You do what we say
when we say it
and maybe make it
out of here alive.
Get in our way
or cross us,
we'll put you down.
You're built like
there's no tomorrow,
but I'll put you
down just the same.
If you think for one minute
we trust you,
you better think
a little harder.
This is no time for
slutty games, get me?
Yes, sir.
All right, I'm sick of this.
I'm calling you guys out.
I'm taking all comers
in 15 minutes
back in the place
where this all started,
and I will personally
put holes in all of you.
Anyone who wants a face-off,
bring it on.
And by the way,
I found the 10 million,
but I don't figure moon's
gonna let me leave with it
you're all taken out.
Goody. Prime time.
Let's go.
gonna be there.
Easiest way
to clean up this mess.
Should have thought
of it, hoss.
Need some
more bullets.
A lot more.
Your name's hoss?
Hoss. Hoss and crow.
Ever read
Sam Shepard?
Tooth of crime?
Fantastic stuff.
And who are you?
Like the doll?
Like bonanza?
I'm crow, this is hoss, you're Barbie.
Can we go now?
Nice bottom.
Tight bottom.
About the money...
I was just wondering
if they even have it,
or is it just a trick?
Beg pardon?
Well, the money's the whole
point of this thing, right?
I don't think she gets it.
Look, honey...
The money doesn't matter.
The 3 that walk out of here
are gonna the 3 with the money.
You're putting the cart
before the horse.
What if it's a trap?
Of course
it's a trap.
We kill people.
We're killers.
We set traps for a living.
Of course it's a trap.
Do you think
it's smart?
I don't remember asking
your opinion, pissflaps.
Need a gun.
Got one...
Got 2...Got 3.
Meant her.
that idea right now.
You lead.
I do.
You do what?
I do need a gun.
If somebody takes a crack
at me, I'm toast.
How I can help you?
How can you hurt us?
Bro, huh?
I think
I've been clear.
I do need a gun.
They're gonna
blow my brains out.
Then keep your head down
until you grow one.
Let's move. Come on.
What if they don't come?
They know it's a trap
then we'll just have
to kill each other.
This is warped.
Warped? Watch mtv.
That's warped, man.
What's the world coming to?
How many flies and maggots
can you work into
the shot here?
You got lesbian
leather dykes on one hand,
piss and b.M. In somebody's
mouth on the other.
It's oglethorpe's playground
to a madness.
And you'd know
all about that.
What was that, d?
Forget it.
I didn't catch
your remark, d.
You said it.
Must want somebody
to hear it.
I said...
Like always...Hot air.
All talk, no walk.
You're gonna
buy it today, Lou.
I just got a feeling
about it.
We're all gonna
buy it today, d.
Haven't you
figured it out yet?
Shut up.
Everyone, chill out.
This rabbi and this priest,
they walk into a bar...
A rabbi?
Hey, d, rattle, rattle.
I swear to Christ, Lou,
if you don't shut up...
I didn't mean to you.
I think I'm going to have
to kill you, d.
Don't threaten me, Lou.
You're not the stud
you used to be.
In fact, people
say you're through.
You just don't know it yet.
You remember
the first one, d?
I mean, the first real one.
I do.
It felt like freedom.
Knowing what you can do
to the world.
The next time...
You didn't feel a thing.
No guilt, pain,
remorse, fear.
We can change the world
with what we do.
There is nothing
to be afraid of, is there
the devil won't come.
There is nothing
to stop you.
Till you lose it.
Until you lose it.
And when that happens, d...
You feel everything.
Remember me?
Your stepfather and mother
discussed it with me.
Get out of here!
We've decided this is
a bad place for you.
You don't like it here,
do you, Lucy?
You can't come in!
What the hell do you
think you're doing?
You never gave
a shit before!
I do now, Stan.
Listen, Lucy, I get off
hurting bad people.
You don't have a problem
with that, do you?
After this, neither of us
will have to worry, ok?
Where the hell
are you going?
I gotta piss, Lou.
Sit down.
Lou, let her go.
What do you want
me to do, Lou?
Go right here?
I said, sit down.
No one's going nowhere
until this is over.
Piss in your mouth
for all I care.
So, what time is it?
Piss off!
This is wrong, man.
This is just wrong.
I can't be here for this.
This is wrong.
Wrong time, wrong place.
Wrong life.
Wrong life.
I gotta get out of here.
I'm not waiting here to die.
The fourth person.
Barbie, you bitch.
I'm out!
Shut up, bitch!
Bobby, no!
One hour left,
then all the cows
come home.
Forget it. I'm taking
my own chances now.
Just kill me,
you goddamn freak.
We're the only ones left.
We're the only ones left,
moon, goddamn it!
There's more, asshole,
and you got
one hour left
before I clean up
all of you.
Ollie, Ollie, oxen
You goddamn snitch.
All right, we're closing in
on the winners.
What do you say I speed up
the action in this ballpark?
The money's in the third floor
locker room.
That's 15 minutes, tops.
Go get it.
Hey, moon,
how do you like it?
Where's Lou?
Is Lou your daddy now?
And is he a good daddy?
We're partners, right?
You and me.
We've got to get
out of this joint.
There's a lot of nasty
guys out there,
so we'll be
very, very quiet, yeah?
Take my hand.
Yucky fuckin' yuck.
Probably some novice
to get that messed up.
Some high-school punk
who thinks he's tough.
Happens all the time.
Yeah, maybe
in your world.
Are we there yet?
We're on the third.
Split up?
You've got 2,
and you've got 3.
I've got none.
You guys, you're not
gonna leave me
out on my own to die.
So we stick.
Give me a gun!
Give me a gun!
You tried to kill me,
you son of a bitch!
You just wanted the money
like everyone else.
You thought he was special?
Drop the gun, Barb.
Hold still a sec.
She can keep it.
My gun.
You want to reconsider
that thought?
Just don't shoot me.
We're not done
yet, crow.
Think she'll shoot you?
Just cap her
and call it over.
I can't.
Because I'm between her
and the bullet.
All damn day.
I like her.
She doesn't
get the gun.
She doesn't get the gun,
she's dead.
Doing fine
so far.
So far?
So far.
Shoot her.
Shoot her right now.
Damn it, hoss.
Don't make this harder
than it has to be.
Look, you gave us
this third leg,
and now I've gotta deal
with your emotional life?
I've been playing buddy
because I'm supposed to play
buddy, and so are you,
and I'm sick of playing
You shoot her,
and you shoot me.
You hear me, crow
she gets the gun,
she kills both of us.
Can't you see that?
Look, you're not
thinking straight.
I don't want to have
to shoot you, crow.
How do we settle this?
at o.K. Corral.
Don't play.
You draw first,
she dies.
I draw first, she
gets the gun.
Ok, partner, you there
behind the wall,
you yellow-bellied
let the little lady have
what she wants.
Ok, crow.
I call draw.
You slap leather.
Stop it.
Ready, partner?
You're gonna shoot me
dead as dickens, aren't you?
Dead as dickens.
And bingo
was his name, oh!
I'm rich.
I want you to stay here
and guard these cases,
partner. Ok?
How you doing?
Well, tooth fairy
won't be far away now.
Come on, let's go.
I'm not part of this.
I don't belong here.
I didn't do anything.
I'm going. I'm...
I'm getting out.
She didn't shoot at us.
That's a lot of silver.
They're platinum.
Like 'em?
You having a good time,
little girl?
Yeah. Me, too.
Only gonna get better.
You can't get them all.
But what if I'm
really, really good?
You'll see.
It's not gonna be
that easy.
Well, then what
do you want?
What happened
to those pictures?
They're in my pocket.
Do you want to see?
Better than I expected.
You want to see
the best of show?
Councilman graves.
That would have done it.
Would have.
All this work
just to get out.
Just out is plenty.
I didn't know I was
laundering blood money.
I didn't know
who I was working for.
Not until you told me.
Just out.
That's all I wanted.
Yeah, just out.
Is that the money?
You didn't take these.
Who did?
They were sent
to me.
with a big grudge.
Who took this one?
Who knew you'd be there?
I just killed his wife.
It was a contract.
How did Bob find out
about that?
He didn't.
You got these pictures
because Bob wanted
to expose Vincent moon.
So, then what does moon
have against you?
Let me ask you
a question.
There's a man
who's killed 26 people,
some innocent,
some not.
Yeah, 26,
not including today.
And if when you ask
why he did what he did,
he's got reasons
he can tell you,
would that
make it all right?
I didn't think so.
Don't make any calls.
I'll call you
when it's over.
Stay out of sight.
I never asked you why.
Why you helped me.
Doesn't matter anymore.
All right, Louie,
there's only 3 left.
Come see me
in the meeting room.
Gather for the grand finale.
How was your day?
I'm cold, Lou.
I'll be just
a little longer.
Then we'll go
to a hotel.
Then we'll get you
a nice, hot bath, ok?
You can call me daddy.
I'm doing good for us.
Kill that creep,
will ya, Marcus?
That's it.
Game's over. We win.
They're all dead?
What about d?
Just you, me, and Lou.
Can you come to where
we first all met?
Yeah. Yeah, all right.
Focus. You can do this.
And baby
makes 3.
Purgatory preset
time lock is released.
Personnel transfer...
Si, si.
I am an asshole,
but everybody
in here understands
how these things work,
or else you wouldn't
have made it this far.
So where do we go from here?
Well, I'll tell you
where we go from here.
We know.
Damn it, Vincent.
I'm so excited
about this.
You and Marcus...
2 of the best.
What a challenge.
You haven't
lost your skill
since you went into
management, have you?
No. I've been practicing.
We don't want 3 left.
We want one.
The last little Indian
that could.
It's so bent and twisted.
I know exactly where
you're coming from, Vincent.
This is beautiful.
I am so glad
that we all agree.
We're all gonna
kill each other? Why?
I thought we won.
But we won!
Very classy, Vincent.
Final stage.
This is the good part.
And to the lady.
Redemption time, people.
Time for some good
old-fashioned redemption.
Winner takes all.
I don't belong here.
You're the first one
down, lady.
Let's do this.
Oh, Lou...
Did I forget
to put bullets in your gun?
Rat-fucking ass.
It's not fair, Vincent.
You know, Lou,
nobody can ever blame you
for wanting to kill somebody
that raped your daughter,
but, man, you always been
a little bit too bloody,
way too bloody.
To tell you the truth,
you scare us.
That's what I do...
Scare bad people.
Syndicate feels
you're an issue now.
You know, you've developed
this problem, you know?
Parental responsibilities,
stuff like that.
None of your
goddamned business.
It's all our business.
So you knew.
When you passed out
the guns, I knew.
Lou was too dangerous.
Definitely needed the edge.
All gone.
There's still
you and me.
Yeah, you and me, amigo.
Just one of us
walks away.
Is that it?
Or is it none?
I get it. Yeah.
Syndicate wanted
us all to disappear,
didn't they?
'Fraid so, Marcus.
You know, maybe they
don't kill us all today,
but sooner or later...
So I say, hey...
Why wait?
Let's just go out in a blast
right fuckin' now.
Come on, Marcus.
Let's get down.
Your call.
Fuckin' Marcus
I used to be
way quicker than that.
I'm getting slow.
I gotta practice.
Yeah, I gotta practice more.
It's a bit late,
old fella.
Oh, what a tangled
web we weave
when first we
practice to deceive.
You still...
You still don't
mean shit, Vincent.
What a pathetic way
to go out...
For a couple of studs
like us.
Gimme your gun.
I'll do you in.
Suicide is a sin,
you know?
Oh, don't worry
about me.
I can't go yet.
I've got my little girl
to look after.
She's been
taken care of, Lou.
You didn't.
She was my daughter.
She was my
real daughter, Marcus.
Tell me
you didn't kill her,
even if it's
a goddamned lie.
I didn't know
she was your kid.
I was making good
for us.
And you killed her.
Make good now, Lou.
Make good now.
Gladly, Marcus.
The man said to come in
when all the shooting was done.
He said he wasn't really
going to kill you,
just make you look dead.
He said he was going to shoot
you here, not here or here.
What man?
Are you all right?
I will be.
I will be.
Said this was for you, too.
Are you my new mommy?
I suppose I am, sweetie.
Buckle up.
Do you like that?
I love mambo, don't you?