Meant to Be (2010) Movie Script

Time to get up, sleepyhead.
Do not.
This stupid thing does not work ever.
Yes, you have to get up.
--I will arise.
Hey miss, do you want a ride?
--I already have a ride.
Do you expect a boyfriend?
--It is not like that.
About a beautiful girl? Remember
Camaro you sleep and carries the current.
Is he a twit?
--What does it mean?
That now have a good time.
You are wonderful.
I've missed you, Gigi.
What a fine.
How many shopping bags do you have?
You could clothe an entire country.
You can borrow them. You should be.
I see that your taste has changed.
Thanks a lot, and you do not.
What clothes have a fault?
Stop it! See the way.
Relax. I have mojitos
waiting for you.
Do not use kirkollani first?
I want to see it.
Wait, Gigi.
That is my my project.
Please wait for five minutes. --Do not hold
Take your time. I come after one hour.
--What have I started?
Now this is fine.
This is the future.
It is for you ... Really.
Sometimes I wish
that you will not miss me.
What are you doing here?
--Must be a reason for it?
No, but I have a
time for a great rush.
Let's go for a walk.
--Why? What about him?
He'll be fine.
Shall we go?
--I do not mind it.
What are you doing here?
--I optional.
I was in need of a holiday.
I wish I could like you to help
people and save lives.
But the reason I'm here,
shall, the fact that I came to to tell --
You have received a promotion.
--Received a promotion?
You make the boss's view, a great job.
Perhaps a little too protective.
After all, I'm the guardian angel.
And you had to protect.
The new job is difficult.
Wait and see. After all, it's great
but it came as a surprise.
Surprisingly? It is a good step
forward in their careers.
I thought you'd feel satisfied.
Wait, this I have always wanted to do.
It's so beautiful when the sun
is shining and the temperature is right.
More like heaven than
Are you happy?
The time is just wrong. Amanda has
so much to do now.
We have a new project,
We are in Puerto Rico.
It will have been treated with already been. It's an order
directly to the boss.
What did he say?
--Forget it, it's over.
Take a vacation.
--Why? I am in Puerto Rico.
Tell me why.
--I can not.
Tell someone you know now.
Hey, do you remember Teresa?
He was a cute angel.
Ah ... Were you ...
--We do not.
Great wings.
Anyway, I have the right
get to know.
Listen. I vahtinut him
and protected him.
How does he know that Amanda required
me? --Amanda falls in love soon.
Sorry, it slipped out. --What to do
love is with it?
Archie, wait!
--I have said too much already.
You need my help more.
--Need help?
Not from you.
Good sketches.
Yeah. Thank you.
Are you from America?
Of England.
I do not like of that type.
Do you know that this is the
The Americas' oldest church?
The second oldest. The oldest is
Santo Domingo.
But it is a rare example of a new
the world of architecture.
Are you a student?
--Is he in? -- Thank you.
I have to go to work.
Call if you need anything.
I could show in Puerto Rico. Here is a
of more than 400 the historic seats.
You do not even know what that guy is doing.
My name is Benjamin. What do you want?
Que bella. Amanda.
Hello ago.
You go now.
Back to the nut factory.
Shall we go?
Here we are.
--You are crazy.
This shopping.
I left you in an hour and risks at once
the son of the Church.
And I do not. People are
friendly here.
So, friendly pervoja.
What has happened to my friend ujolle?
--Am I shy?
Welcome to the wonderful home.
I'll show you places.
Do you remember that?
--I remember. Amazing.
This is a arise, you are. I could not remember
how talented you are.
Do not try to steer clear of it imartelemalla.
Is he handsome?
In a way. Such a tourist guide to the type
who tried their luck.
I do not have time to do that.
That church is so beautiful.
I want the task. I have to prove
I am the right person to the task.
Tell me all.
Drink this one.
Are you planning more clothes?
--When you do not have anything else to do.
Luxury Life can be a chore.
Are you going to call her?
--I do not think that we'll play him.
Of course not. --You just think about it
work and you do not at all fun.
Yes, I have fun I think.
--When you think about the last man?
I Kynhn date.
--When did you last?
It does not seem to belong to you.
--It's got you covered.
Well said.
--All right, give it to me.
--Phone number.
A good idea.
--Said the note that he is cute?
Just an ordinary guy.
--The number here. I like such.
Give it Gigille.
--You have not changed an ounce.
Give it Gigille.
You like him! --Could be.
I'll call him, then when you feel like it.
Did you see? Wind took it.
It's been a breeze.
It was an angry spirit.
I am not angry!
Do not start talking again spirits.
For life.
--Puerto Rico.
Hi, William.
--Hey, sir.
I'm sorry to say this, but not small
a flurry of other things.
Did you see it?
--Not so angelic.
And you were almost to reveal yourself
his roommate.
Be careful.
Gigi is sensitive.
I do not know what went on me.
I appreciate the dedication are doing
but the time has come to continue.
William, let him be.
You can not change fate.
Enjoy your holiday.
Relax. Read.
Take just about anything, but keep in mind
when, after you're done.
I do not want to fine you.
'' Experiences of human life''
Is this possible?
It is possible.
Do not leave me.
I will not leave you.
I will not leave you.
And a bit of snow crystals. Thank you.
Are you ready? Now!
--Well done, Archie.
Thank you.
--Archie, Archie!
I need your help.
--What the heck is wrong with you?
He does not want to leave with him.
--You can not affect his fate.
So pomokin said.
--And he is always right.
Archie ... What if it's me?
What do you mean?
--What if it's me?
No, do not. Angels do not have
such a fate.
Listen -- you are the guardian angel
and he is a human being. That's it.
It will read in this book.
Hold on there.
'' Experience'' of human life?
Where did you did you get this?
Pomo's library.
Archie, I love him.
Do you know what can happen if someone
hear about this? You will be reduced.
You can indulge.
--I have already fallen on him.
If he loves me, I can
According to this book to become a man.
How could he love you? After all,
he even know that you exist.
There was nothing.
Archie, I have to show themselves.
It may only cause of death
at the time, and when faith wavers.
The indication of your financial behavior mentioned by reason
It is strictly prohibited.
And above all -- guardian angel
shall not be to fall in love.
Then it's fate. No other
explanation can not not exist.
The debate is officially over.
Let's meet in a quiet place.
According to the rules you will lose your wings
If embodies.
All right. Everyone has a car in Puerto Rico.
--You will not tell you that you are an angel.
Then they see that you are actually
an angel, and it is not allowed.
Do you really want to do it?
This card will change to whatever
into existence a card.
It works anywhere in the world.
EBITDA is unlimited.
This is really important. You need to be
to go back after a week.
How do I get him to fall on me
in seven days?
The boss created the universe in the
period of time. --Do you believe it word for word?
If you do not return back in time ...
I was condemned to wander forever
on earth.
It mentioned in the book.
--Are you really sure about this now?
This is the latest widget.
've Made the best of all.
The human body is the angel of the forces
but no flight skills.
It is fully in the intuitive
And it smells good. It works so
long as it smells.
Seven days. It is available only to
be used in extreme emergency.
Archie, I will call you
an angel of the century.
This is important: if for some reason
drives in need --
you have to give up your figure.
Once you've done it --
you will never get it back.
Are you ready?
Name? --Archie. --Your Name?
Do not mess around.
The motive?
A good. Good luck.
Amanda! Are you sleeping more?
Miss the first meeting.
The clock is 9.15.
--You have been sleeping bomb.
I do not ever sleep bomb.
Now that you have been sleeping.
It is Boston's time!
Why did not raise at?
It was successful.
Why the hell did you do about you?
--I wanted to know how it feels.
Or did you want to.
From that, it feels like.
Are you all right?
Can you see me?
--I saw that you are beating a villain.
Can you get your feet?
--I think I.
Sorry. I'm not used
the traction force.
Are you all right?
--Better than ever.
Have we ever met?
--Could be.
In another life
or dimension.
Are you from England?
--Sort of.
If we're all right
I have to go to work.
I Will. What do you do in Puerto Rico?
--Work. What about you?
I came because of you. Come on. From
Had I known that you're here?
I'm just staying.
I need to go to the meeting.
What is your name?
Goodwill. Maybe we'll meet again somewhere
in another dimension
It was nice to meet you.
Hello ago.
You saved my life!
--It is my job.
You go now. You're late.
You need to go.
You are heavier than what you look like.
No. A good.
Even if we go for coffee?
--At eight in the evening?
A good.
Bye, Will.
--Yep. Thank you.
Buenos dias. I am Amanda.
--I know. You're late.
Amanda ...
Benjamin. What are you doing here?
On--going project.
Do you remember the Iglesia de San Jose?
--I too am part of it.
Seor Miro to receive you now.
--Are you the architect of Boston?
--Seor Mirolla not all day
--Are you trying to steal from me my projects?
Or do you project?
--It is a misunderstanding occurred.
You're a girl.
--Good, did you notice.
Just plain rude. She takes my projects.
Yes, it is outrageous!
Sorry. What did you say?
He said,'' just plain rude. They sent
a girl to steal my projects.''
Then he said:
'' Yes, it is outrageous.''
I graduated from Yale at the highest
grades because --
that I should not humiliate
snooty macho pig.
Miro mamita.
--Gold, gold.
Gold, the project was and is mine.
Enjoy a break here. Here are some great
beaches, and you can go shopping.
It was nice to meet you.
Hope you have fun.
No, I have come here
project due.
If the fit, I have to go
to present themselves.
El amor.
New stuff. Did we get introductions
so poorly?
It was horrible.
--Is not no shopping therapy helped?
Introductions went very wrong.
--Expensive. Worse than I feared.
The same guy that I saw in the church.
--The handsome? A good.
I ran into one of the first British
which had just been beaten.
Then he saved literally
my life.
I have missed the 20 minutes of meeting of
and the guy came to the church.
He is an architect.
He is sovinistinen, sniffy.
He told me niaksi.
--How does he dare?
Now I have to go back to Boston
entirely a failure.
Why is the universe haunts me?
--It's just harassment.
It makes life more interesting.
How sad it would be otherwise?
Does not of its really easy need to be in, but the
whether it be hard?
I go to the coffee its hero a friend
I swear, that have not seen him before.
He smelled so good.
Am I in that I am?
I can see it, it shall be in my body.
And that is my mirror my photos.
It's me. --Archie, you were given
a newer model.
It's not so terrible.
What happened? --We need to stop
to meet this law.
Did not you see the door?
The. I'm used to walk
straight through.
You coming?
--The route is clear.
What you do for here in of its, furthermore, that
save lives and go through walls?
Are you a superhero?
--I really do not.
I can fly. No, I'm here
to acquire experience.
I want to enjoy life.
A wild adventure?
--So, ferocious.
Sorry. Here is seems to be
confusion to drink with the money.
Did we get it wrong? I do not
accustomed to credit cards.
You wrote a hundred.
--Yes. Was it wrong?
Do you want to pay so much?
--Yes. The Si.
Thank you. Sinp, it rokkaat.
So are you. Out my rocking omitted.
Do you want to impress me?
--Did I do the effect?
Do you have a traveling companion?
--No, I'm alone.
It is a bold ...
'' What the hell, I live
own terms.''
So, that's what I mean.
'' What the hell.''
--Why is Puerto Rico?
Why is Puerto Rico?
I love the architecture.
Here is the church that I want to see.
Elder ...
America's oldest church.
Iglesia de San Jose?
So. Do you know that?
--I know. I am an architect.
What a coincidence. I intend to start
renovated by it.
What a superb job.
--It is.
It's a good job, but people can
be a so--are wretched.
Drink brings frappucino
before the than those it melts as a.
Was it good? --I have not before
tasted anything like that.
Froze in the brain?
That is what's happened to me?
The brain freeze?
It will pass.
--Excuse me.
Can someone let me
back inside?
Cambronne! Give me your wallet.
--It is not the wallet.
You do not understand.
Wallet here.
The boys, when no attack.
Believe me.
You do not want to quarrel with me.
Now it is the wallet.
Why do people always tryttvt nose?
It is the blood. There is blood in me!
Wallet here now!
Oh! It is a hot.
Listen up. Ricardo, I said that
Do not challenge a dispute with me.
Now I have to pull you head
go and give it to the dogs.
And you also.
I know where you live.
I've always wanted to say about.
Archie, I am going to have a date.
--You know how it is to be unobtrusive.
You will be remembered rules.
--There is no time -- a date.
Whether you reveal yourself.
Do--it was my fault.
Being human is
more difficult than I thought.
Be careful. If the boss finds out
here, we both are in trouble.
Then you can say forever
bye your girl.
Thanks for your help, advised by your
and good timing.
You could take me to a cafe.
'' Say good--bye your girl.''
All right, I say good--bye
my girlfriend.
I love my girlfriend.
Such, therefore, love is.
Such, therefore, love is.
Such, therefore, love is.
Valentina ...
Gigi, what a fuss about here?
What time is it?
Almost twelve.
--With so much? Creator.
What happened yesterday?
You have the guacamole on the face.
--It's is an organic avokadonaamio.
You did not answer. What happened?
He left me.
He just disappeared.
He did not say anything. I have met
two sons, two days --
and I lost both at once.
I too have the talent.
I've probably cursed.
--Do not say so.
Now the curse is gone.
See how beautiful kukkasi is.
I'll get it. Dress. --If the it is a doorway--
merchant, this blow his top.
What is it?
--It gets rid of the interloper.
Why you can not say'' no thanks''?
--It's not fun.
Oops. What happened yesterday?
You just disappeared.
You have spilled blood.
--I was robbed yesterday.
I was robbed.
--Did you call the police?
I do not. They did not take anything.
--Sit down.
Is it painful?
--Quite frankly, yes.
Who is hurt?
--Gigi, get dressed.
That's what I'm trying. --Are those mine?
Do not confuse them.
I'm going to eat lunch banker
with. I need something constructive.
I like that.
--Who are you?
He is Will. The caf.
He was robbed. That's why he disappeared
and that's good. I mean ....
Flowers in drugs work.
What's that smell so good?
Flowers, of course.
Are they for me?
Thank you.
I'm going to open up.
--Unexpected guests.
I'll be peace in my mind. --You?
--Wait, Amanda.
Do I know that it did not gone to correctly.
Use this.
--He will not stay here.
No, no, I just want to talk about.
I had to bribe the secretary
to get the address.
I have a very bad feeling.
--The reason should be.
I just wanted to say ...
Do you have a pajama top?
It is.
I just wanted to ... I want to talk about the Church.
I ask ...
I'll come to a coffee.
--Coffee? -- Hello.
Thank you.
And sugar. Well?
Behaved like an idiot yesterday.
I was terribly embarrassed.
I thought the project to me.
I learned yesterday that the bids
others to view. Also from you.
It was a time--sensitive and react to
poorly. I apologize.
Now ... I think I have an idea.
He has good ideas.
He sees that he has
inherently good thoughts.
Hnesthn find no other
that he is a smart woman.
Who are you?
--Will. He is ...
Seurusteletteko you?
Damn it!
--Excuse me.
It goes away. Did the pants?
--Messed myself.
Wow, here is the party?
He poured the coffee on top of Benjamin's.
--No, he spat coffee on me!
I like you. You are nice.
--Thank you.
Gigi, what have you done jakulleni?
--I changed it a little bit.
Very well. Congratulations on a date.
--It is needed here.
I wish I could stay here.
It was nice to meet you.
I think you have to leave now.
You have a laundry to wash.
I assume if you go to eat in the evening.
Do you have to eat. I ...
I want to replace everything.
Even if the your business dinner, if the suits.
I could tell from my thoughts.
Very well.
Well done. A good. I ...
Source of this particular hotel.
Will be questioned.
Get in here.
--Thank you.
Bring flowers in your hair ...
It is very beautiful.
I was just about to say the same thing.
See you. -- Bye.
It was a waste of time. Boring
Not imagination. He was
boring. He did not listen to me.
Why then did you go there?
--I had to. He is the elected official.
He must sign the
the next installment.
I do not understand at all what you're talking.
The basis for its own trademark.
Not before time. Wonderful!
Are these all yours?
--Being. He is a bad idea.
Let's talk about you. My first date
require something special.
They do not have a date. It is part of the work.
--Oh, and dinner with spliinin
Here is it is. Perfect.
I did it a month ago.
What do I like it over?
--Chanel N 5 perfume.
Fit it.
Where are we going?
--There it is.
An English girl here. Why
According to this project?
I fell in love as soon as the church
I saw it.
After all, yes it is considered to be projects
most valuable.
But I've long been looking for
something similar.
It is a powerful and a simple, of which
I -- as a perfect haiku.
I agree. For me, it is important
and prestigious project.
I come here. This is a on my life.
It is the island's oldest church.
It is the country's history and culture.
It is a personal thing.
Yeah me too.
--Entisin own my home.
Its architecture reflects the cultural
identity. It's about people.
Those who believe the church
and will meet there --
are equally important
the church building materials.
Well, I can not it be better to say.
You may be able to imagine that
puertoricolaisiin influences, --
this culture Cauldron --
may apply toistakin point of view,
Indeed, my.
That's right.
--What do you mean?
To follow up on one project.
It would have the opportunity to participate in
one unique.
Could you show me some saartasi?
Yes. Tomorrow?
--Fits very well.
Do you know that you are
a very interesting girl?
I am a woman, I'm Nina.
Had a good dinner?
Alive and Kicking. What do you think?
You look great.
--Please do not take offense that I came?
I just wanted to show it to you.
--I did not know you.
I've been waiting for you to view and powders
catalyst. They are quite different from the island.
It feels like to touch
the whole universe.
Have you ever seen around many?
--I do not for a long time.
Than it would be the whole of life.
Did you know that right now Venus is closer to
referred to as the country as there have been 100 years?
I'm thinking
that we could go on the roof --
what shall a lot of be better than views of the.
Let's go then.
What a beauty.
My father knew all the constellations.
Trip when we mirror
always falling stars.
He said that it was
flash me an angel.
This time of year they are
is probably not see.
You know what?
Sometimes what you hope--
is closer than the guess what the at all.
If you look properly.
Did you see? It was over there.
Right there.
Are you all right?
Yes. There was only so--
a strange feeling in the stomach.
Can you seriously?
As if it would turn inside out.
Must be one of the stomach?
You do not have a fever.
--No, I do not think ...
Maybe you're just tired. Superhero
may, also be peg out.
Do you believe in angels?
--You know -- those stories.
The sky, the angels.
I do not.
An accident changed everything.
What you really are to me?
Random hero of nicotine?
Is any chance?
--Yes, it is just so.
AVAILABLE ON the subject?
--Yes, but I ...
Very well.
--I have to get up early.
Benjamin takes me to an architectural
It is a job.
--How is the work of architecture can be?
It is an art.
Architecture is an art.
It must be shared.
Great work of the architect
does not not have a brain the work of.
It is a culturally--enriched
of the heart of the product.
Frank Lloyd White said so.
It is a lempilainaukseni.
Do you want to get involved?
--Is it for you?
What's more, the more fun.
Thank you.
Are you ready to go?
Not a moment too soon.
I asked him to come by.
--Hey, Will.
Today is
Noche de San Juan--day Eve.
It's the year with the spiritual Date of.
Living and the dead meet each other.
When the spirits hover
around people --
we find out who we are
and we make peace with ourselves --
and with the world.
That's Gigi.
I want to show you something.
Just a little more. A good.
I have to find the right angle.
Open your eyes.
What do you think?
What is this place?
This is creative, a little of our district.
What magical things happen.
A spontaneous ceremony, which leads us to
San Juan overnight.
You look like a pirate.
It will be magical.
What is that?
Small surprise.
It should be sanded a little bit.
If you come with me tomorrow
I own it for you.
It is a kind of victim.
I'm sorry, I think it is due.
You are nice, but ...
I am a little confused.
See you tomorrow.
It's okay, buddy?
--I know you. What are you doing here?
I like fun.
You know -- the girls dance.
I live close by. Loizassa.
What are you doing here?
--No idea.
Do not think you can not very well.
You should go home.
I can not. Got to go rannalle.Amanda
will be there with Benjamin.
Why is this stupid body does not work?
You are drunk. Go to sleep
that'll be.
That's it.
But I have a little time.
You would not understand.
What am I doing?
Living for without the risk of
involves the risk that pension.
Who said so?
Somewhere on the label--reading it.
I do not remember.
--How do I tell it?
If you can not tell it to him
you have a severe problem.
Do you know how the existence of
treated with Loizassa?
We santeron visiting.
They show us the way.
Think about it.
Someone would fall madly in love yesterday.
--I can not move.
The air is heavy. I think it
problem with gravity.
On a bed of it.
--Am I dead?
Just wish to be.
Drink this and you can then better.
Are you trying to curse me?
--You have a hangover. Drink now.
Very well. How did I get here?
--Benjamin brought when you were gone.
Gone out? Did Amanda me?
What is it? --Have to leave
before he sees me.
Gold, he has gone already.
Where to?
--Back to the beach.
Tonight, the whole of Puerto Rico
is on the beach.
I guess he wants to see her boyfriend
the big story.
Her boyfriend?
No game is not even past.
Get up.
--If you crash, you may want to get up.
Tonight we jump into the sea
and wash away all the problems.
Misfortune. Will you come with me?
Maybe you need just that.
You go. I will later.
Have to do something first.
Where can I find santeron?
Thank you for allowing me to come.
I usually can thus
but now are in a hurry --
and things will not go
as I had expected.
On the road stands a man.
He has cleared the way.
Is that all? Is it made of?
I've done in my power.
The end is up to you.
Thank you.
What you have gone?
Whether you scare me to death.
--What do you santeroa you needed?
I do what I do!
Listen to yourself. You need to
to win his heart, does not steal!
Benjamin steals his heart.
Every time I try to approach Amanda
this guy should be --
viiksineen and hypnotizes her.
If he gets used to perform stunts
so why can not I get one?
The time will soon dry.
--You are going to the dark side.
Do not want to win this
santeron magic?
Name of the boss, who's that?
Where have you been?
I've been looking for you.
Gigi ...
Go. -- I did not mean for you.
Does that fly?
Out of it! A good.
Are you all right?
--Amanda kissed him.
That is wrong. I love Amanda. My
he should be kissing.
Why do not you kiss? Fight
hnest.Anna his choice.
Let's go look for others.
Now celebrated.
Come and sit down.
How does it feel when the two men chasing?
I do not know.
This is the first time.
You will now need to choose the right one.
Either. Does not neither of the.
It is so difficult.
I came here to work, but now it came
Builder. It's pretty crazy.
Consider the matter.
Benjamin ...
He challenges you. Your heart flutter
every time you see him.
And then Will. He is so cute.
I feel like I
always known him.
He is truly our own kind.
You have to decide now.
You do not want to offend anyone.
One of them will.
I'll leave you two.
You look beautiful. You are more beautiful
like an angel.
Would you like to drink?
May I sit down?
--Of course.
I danced.
It's harder than you think.
Are you all right?
--Yes ... I do not.
Or, it depends.
--Where to?
About you.
--Why do I think?
Amanda, what I mean to you?
I do not know, Will.
What you do not know?
--I do not know anything about you.
Of course, you know.
--What's your surname?
I do not know where you are facing,
what do you do for a living.
You know a lot about me. From
did you know that I love the architecture?
Lempikukkani, shooting stars.
Amanda, I love you.
I love you.
I've always loved.
Every time?
You do not know it, but I've always
was just for you --
and always will be.
What are you talking about?
You have drunk too much. You do not even
kunnolla.Anna know me I have to be.
This is wonderful.
--So, is it fun.
Amanda, why some depressed?
Now it is a happy day.
I do not dejected.
The sea change tonight holy water
a jet off the source of all evil.
I've been looking for you, because I want to talk about
with you in private --
without ... varjoasi.
He is a good person, but he knows
always exactly what you want.
He knows the answers to your questions
until you have had time to ask.
Do you understand how hard it is to compete with the
kind of against it?
I have only this to say:
You are beautiful, intelligent and well--
stubborn, and I like it.
I have not known you a long time.
Only about four days.
But I know what I feel
I will not give up.
I want the restoration of the Church together,
and the following its ... who knows.
I can learn everything you can Will.
You can teach me.
For me, it is most important, what can not be
to learn. The thing that just is.
There is something between us.
Destiny, you know.
It only to have, and it it is more important than the
know what is lempihedelmsi.
Are you ready?
Just as soon as is noon.
Jump back into the sea three times as
you get to live a happy year.
Amanda, gift!
Why do we walk backwards?
--To show respect for the sea.
Will, come on!
You all go ahead. See you then.
Have you made your choice?
--It's him. Of course he did.
I am happy if you are.
--How is your wish?
It is already happening. I present a new
my collection fashion show.
Funding has been treated.
It is the beginning of a new era!
You have handled this wonderfully fast.
--I have been ready for this for a long time.
I knew that we would be a good team.
Nobody is not able to in almost Nor to this.
Looks pretty good.
And do not forget that yesterday we received a good
good luck for the year ahead.
How I could I forget it?
Let's take these in the car. I want to be ready
to leave in the morning when I apply for you.
Has anyone seen Willia?
I feel guilty.
He is so sensitive.
His heart is broken.
He needs time.
He has been invited to the show.
Do I take I will bring?
I love her. --I know.
--I love indeed.
I just want to say thank you.
The joy has been on my side.
--Let that be now.
A good.
Where is he? The time is 8.45.
--No answer. He'll be here soon.
I can not wait any longer.
Take me there.
Seor Mirolla is an important meeting.
--Benjamin Morales has agreed to time.
Yeah, but Miroa
does not be allowed to disturb now, It.
Did you go to meet without me?
--En.Anna my ...
How could you?
Wait, Amanda!
Oh, love ...
You have to at least listen to him.
--Do not have to.
Not Willia and you're not.
I want to return to Boston --
if I have a job anymore either.
I can not believe that I thought
I think that this would be.
I am an idiot.
I imagine I'm just a.
Would you go until tomorrow.
Come to the show in the evening.
I need you out there.
Very well. As long as they are only going to be.
--I will not come.
Hola, Benjamin. What's up
this fine day?
Will, someone stole my car yesterday.
All material was in the car. Work,
Amanda's beautiful creations.
I called the police. I would have played the
Amanda, but I was seized by panic
I went to the Ministry to explain the
what had happened.
Agree on a new appointment.
Amanda was just then.
He thinks that the peaks of her.
He does not want to even talk to me!
He hates me.
I can not explain what happened.
Everything is gone.
Maybe he needs more time.
Time to think about it.
It's not his fault.
I saw it in his face. He
really loves Amanda.
After all, there have been such a visit. Does it?
I love him.
If you need to lie and
fool ... Is it when the fate?
I was overcome by panic, the time was
little, I did not know what to do.
Minunhan should help people --
and now they are suffering because of me.
I had so much fun
and I would get excited about too much.
Was it really so much fun?
--More fun is not never been.
I've ruined everything.
--So are you.
I've still got time.
I'll take care of this.
If you come a moment too late ...
Thank you, buddy. Thank you for everything.
Hear. Happens, then
what you any time ...
You are my hero.
You did it. You lived.
A little. For a while.
Do you think that ...
I do not know how to say it.
Do you think that a woman like Gigin
could keep a guy like me?
No, not under any circumstances.
Of course! Why not?
Why not?
Go. Do not be late.
--Will, nice to see you.
Are you all right?
--Very well.
Is it a good party?
--Wonderful. All are here.
Is Amanda there?
--Yes, but I can not let you inside
--He does not want to see you.
But ...
--Do. I promised him.
He needs time to recover from.
Yes, that's it. Do not ask me how I know.
I just know.
Take care of yourself. I'm sorry.
It was not the fault of Benjamin!
--What did you say?
It was not the fault of Benjamin.
I cursed him.
It will approach did not work
because of the holy water.
Then stole his car. Kuulos--
Thn it crazy, but the fault is mine
What are you doing?
I do not have the last name. I'm just
Will so--than the the Prince, or Madonna.
And I'm a liar and a trickster.
And it's my fault that you're unhappy.
Want to know more about me?
I'll tell you.
My favorite color shall your eyes Color.
Green, blue and gray as
sea ??on a cloudy day.
It's wonderful that you want to eat
Ben & Jerry ice cream in bed --
the kitchen, and tap--dance
when no one sees.
Favorite movie is
'' The Secret of NIMH'' --
because I want to hug you when you cry
when you see a light brick--sinking.
When did you go to school, you gave my goldfish
named Mrs. Brisby.
How do you know about all that?
--I have always been present.
I have always been present in
but you have not seen me.
Your father's death was a heavy blow for you.
They were worried about you.
I'm not who you think keneksi me.
I am guardian angel.
Then I got a new job and I realized
I could not leave you.
I love you.
I gave up siivistni, I came here
and I was trying to win your heart.
This is a one of the a sick practical joke, in order to
I would go even more perplexed.
Do you remember the angel of the church?
Ones were drawn of its. It had not he.
That was me.
He showed you.
I am guardian angel.
I can prove it.
Hi ...
I know that you are trying to steal him.
I will not let you do it.
Take it easy. Take it easy.
Think about what you do.
--Do not tell me what to do.
I'll show you. You are in size of a period
wanted to get rid of me.
I know, and I know have done wrong.
I know that I have been selfish.
True love is not selfish.
--What do you know about true love?
You will not only stand the fact that ...
It's you. Are you the whole time.
Do you really want this?
Is there a choice?
The fate of relationship is a 's funny, the fact that
some things are intended to happen
But you get to choose
if you agree.
You decide whether you are willing to
to accept your own destiny --
or stand in front of his fate.
It was he, is not it?
But you were here and did you know
all what I did.
Why do not you stop me?
--You have always been a good angel.
But you had to find
the truth of love.
Then you will become great.
The biggest love of his life is
the sacrifice of a friend's why.
Does it read also somewhere on the label?
You are what you have reason. When Amanda
to know who you are, he sees you.
You know it, is not it?
--My wings, I ask.
After this, you do not see Amanda longer
ever. I guess you know it?
A good choice.
William, do not forget to
return the book.
No, sir.
I think this might be for you.
Thank you.
Benjamin ... Thank God
that you're okay.
So, I'm fine. There is little
feeling confused, but not embarrassed.
What happened?
--I was stupid. I slipped on ...
Amanda saved me in some way.
Where is Will?
--Who is Will?
Where is he?
Did you have a friend with me?
Who are you talking about?
Amanda, are you okay?
--Wait a bit.
I am here.
If you hear me ...
I'm sorry if you hurt.
I did not understand.
I want you to know that I think
Always tienneeni.
I always knew sisimmissni
for someone to protect me.
Thank you.
If you see my father ...
Say you miss her ... Every day.
Say I'm fine now.
You are suppose to go already.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you for everything.
Good catch.
Do you see me?
--Of course. Always something happens to him.
So you're his ...
--I. In recent weeks.
A beautiful evening.
When your job starts again?
Same to you. You do feel like you ...
Tynsik his knife toaster?
--In here.
Did he forget watch pages
before you crossed the street?
A good party.
--Thank you.
Have we ever met?
--We do not officially.
I am Archie.
Of course.
You smell good to you.
Just like an angel.