Meat Grinder (2009) Movie Script

Why are you gambling?
We almost have nothing
You need to help me work
I'm so tired of you!
Hurry up open your mouth
Open your mouth, Hurry up!
and eat
Fine Don't eat!
You gamble every day
All the money we have are gone
Don't you see we almost have nothing to eat
Don't you know how to think?
I don't care
I have nothing to do with her
Shut up!
You went to drink with Mr. Vong again?
Just a few drinks
Oh yeah, A few drinks
You burn all the money
Why are you not sleeping?
You're not feeling well, Aren't you?
I'm scared, I don't want to be alone
If you don't pay me
I will take your home
Get ready to move out.
You can't do that
Why can't I do it
Here's the agreement
Don't you see
It's your husband's signature
Can't help it
He's so crazy about it
everybody knows
you will win and you will lose on
or you want to pay the interest first
I can't pay for somebody's debt
Ok, if my husband did that
I'll find the way to pay you back
Let's eat
Why we eat only vegetables?
Hey you, it's dangerous
come this way
Hurry hurry
Why are you here?
How many times I've told you
you never listen
Don't go outside when I'm not home
I'm sorry
I'm supposed to say sorry to you
don't be mad at me OK?
Hurry hurry
Is Mr. Chard with you?
No one seen him?
Have you seen chard?
Call me if you hear anything
Thank you
Where did he go...
His mother is looking for him
Please call me if you hear anything
about him
Thank you
Are you sure you don't want to join us?
I'm sorry
I will help you as much as I can
I think you should see the doctor
It's not good to take this medicine often
I'll be alright
it should be fine after this time
Hey you!
Please wait...wait...
I'm looking for Oy
I need to take her home
are you Oy's boss?
Oy told me about you and your sister
the one who is a baby sitter
don't talk about her
take this thing with you
she ran away with my husband already
I'm thinking of opening a
A noodle soup restaurant, what our mom use to do
How is it today?
Would you like some?
Large noodle please
What are you looking for?
Bood, Where do want me to put this?
Ugh... Over there is fine
He's a friend of mine
His name is Chard
he disappeared since that strike
I don't know how he is
What are you doing down here?
You feel better now
Just wait, I'm almost done
I can't wait any longer
I heard you opened a new restaurant
full of customers?
It's time to pay me back
I need some more time
I gave you enough time already
why are you doing this to me
If you don't want trouble
go get your husband
smell so good
Here Chopsticks
you try first
She might give us dog meat
you eat first!
just tell me
very tasty. Boss!
Drink some tea first, don't worry
Phong is looking for Chard, he should
be back soon
Phong is here
Have you found Chard?
don't you know that his mother is here
Dad, I'm lucky to be alive
did you find Chard?
Have you seen chard?
I have been looking for chard for
many days without luck
and today I was chased by a cop
It makes me think that I know
where Chard is at now
Hey boy
Don't be scared
Are you a cop
What do you mean
I don't understand
They will not let us live
We will never find the body
We will die if we don't escape
They will find us
Who wants to come with us?
If Chard is still alive
someone gotta find him
It's me, Open the door!
What's going on Bood?
Who did this to you?
Don't be scared
I'm here with you
I told you, it tastes really good
I'm not afraid of you
I will protect you from now on
Promise me OK?
Yes, I promise
Promise me OK?
Promise, I told you...
Bua... Bua!
I'm home
Hey, What are you doing?
It's not good to take this medicine often
I'll be alright
It should be fine after this time
Hurry up!
Come here!
don't scream
Don't fight
Help me Please!
What are we gonna do?
she's not dead
Yeah, That's it
where are you going
you don't know what to do
Hold her legs
is she dead?
She's dead.
Who's there
Hey, what are you doing?
Out of my way!
What is that?
who's body is that?
Bua is sick
you're crazy, It's a dead body
Bua is not dead
You're sick
many times already
we will be together from now on
How many times have I told you
why don't you listen
I just knew her
She's just a normal person
no sign of trouble
no sign of mental illness
except for grinding meat everyday
Cause, she sells noodle
But why...
why you didn't report this before
and now...
where is Mr. Travit and the baby sitter Oy?
Can you answer any of my question?
If we don't have any evidence. we have to
let her go
She's mental
You sure that Bua was killed by your
husband and the baby sitter
Ok, we may need your help again
Until we capture both of the suspects
you're late today
Hurry up, I'll tell you later
I will find her a husband
any body...
Who's gonna take her
find one for her
You're not open today?
no meat for the shop
where's Ard?
He'll be here soon
is Nith home?
Nith isn't home
where did she go?
She went out with the noodle seller
She told me that you want her to pick
up Nith
I'm looking for Oy
She ran away with my husband already
not true!
Oy promised me to go home
We will get married
Where are you?
You're lying, Where's Oy
you want to see her
Found the one you're looking for?
Help me!
Anybody. Help me!
Help me!
Please help me
Anybody. Help me
Help me!
Anybody. Help me
Help me!
Help me!
Help me!
Help me!
Bood! I know you're inside
if you don't open, I'll break the door
Where's Nith?
Where is Nith?
all men are the same., nothings change
I'm sorry
Bood! What are you doing?
Tida, Nith... Nith...
What are you gonna do?
Don't be scared
I'm here
Get away Ard, you're with her
I'm not
you misunderstood me
she did it all, it's her!
They are bad, kill them!
Kill them!
kill them...
Kill them, they are bad
kill them all!
kill them all!
kill them all....
is it the daughter of...?
hey... check her out first
do you want her?
you know...
I'm pregnant
the taste of revenge
is no different from the taste of
good food
it's the circle of life
almost, almost
Bua, my baby...
I'm sorry
believe me Bood
He is bad
Kill him!
bad boy!
Bad boy...
you're a bad boy
Kill him!
Bood, I'm sorry
kill him!
Bad boy...
Bood! What's happening to you?
Kill him!
Turn yourself in Bood
Bad boy
it's over
believe in me Bood
He is lying
I'm ready to stand by you
He is lying
Believe in me Bood
Kill him!
I will protect you from now on
What are you gonna do?
Take it easy... Bood
No one will hurt you
Go home...
Let's go home...
Go Home...
Let's go home!
Once you choose to be a part
of our family
you know...
you can't change your mind later
from now on...
everything is up to me
the suspect jumped into the river
bring the divers
The suspect is in the water
We need more help
I think the body got washed away
we've been ordered to stop searching
she might be nearby
Please come to the station with us
I've been following you
until we get enough evidence to tie you
they deceived me
the wanted to kill me
from the latest victim
and all other things
we believe you are part of the massive murder
Ard is linked to the murders
Just one woman
she couldn't do much
That house, there's only her
and you
who can get in and get out
I'm a victim
I knew you're looking for your friend
why haven't you noticed
there are a bunch of skeletons under the garden
your friend's body was there too
if we can't find her
it's hard to clear you
I hope she's still alive
It begins with...
the family problem
children and women always being the problem
if we still keep on doing this
all the bad things will come to us
for real...