Mecava (1977) Movie Script

based on a play
of the same name
lead roles
and for the first time
costume and wardrobe
art direction by:
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lightning technicians:
music recordist:
boom operator:
assistant camera:
still photographer:
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film editing by:
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cinematography by:
executive producer:
directed by
LIKA, year 1927
Here you go. And tell your father
that this is the last one.
I won't give in faith anymore.
He owes a lot.
How will he pay back? Then...
...I can't put it on tab of
your future husband.
Eh, my girl, who knows...
...maybe he married another
one over there in America.
In America they don't know
how to find a girl like this.
Yes, he went very young.
It's been 7 years since then.
Whose girl is that?
You will know her father.
Handful of sorrow.
He was twice in America.
Twice in America,
and he buys on credit?
I thought they were
all rich over there.
Dear God, if it were like that...
And how much of our own
is in America, then here
instead of his shop
a kind of bank would shine.
He's thief!
He stole a lot of our money.
While your father was first time
in America he sent me a lot of money.
And I left everything in his shop.
You can imagine how much money was
spent there during those 14 years.
Besides that...
When Jole came back
for the first time,
he came full of money.
For months in his house,
for a whole day,
coffee ran and schnapps poured.
He wanted to build
a new house, barn, stable...
...but when he was cutting wood
for house in Velebit,
for misfortune, beech fell right
over the head of his son Makica.
And how old was his son?
14 years.
You say...dead?
On the spot.
Afterwards, he sold all that
...cement, nails, bolts.
And all to Lukesha.
And all for half of price.
And he didn't built his house?
The hell he did.
He made this daughter.
And, half a year later,
he went to America.
There he went down the drain.
Started to drink all the way.
Then he invented stories... he was attacked by a wolf.
Then... how he strangled a wolf.
And one, again to him,
took half of his leg.
He is lying, lying.
But some devil did took
part of his leg.
You can see that.
He is telling how
he strangled a wolf.
Canadian one.
Like, he strangled...
But that's when he's drunk.
But... maybe he did?
- Wolf?
He is lying.
To strangle a wolf...
I had a chance like that to
come across a wolf in patrol.
You have to have a steady
hand to kill it with a rifle...
...he strangled it with hand,
he's lying, lying!
All those who come back lie!
They are lying to have money,
lying not to have money.
They are lying how they've been
with all that women, that they...
...have seen the world, beauty.
I don't know what kind of devil
drives them to go to America.
Who want's to do something,
can do it here also.
To me, America is where...
- ...your shop is!
It is! It is!
But if everyone owned shops,
who would buy from whom then?
Well, now...
...about that, some of the people
have to go to America.
Looking for a better life,
can you understand me...
But we are a small country, poor
and everyone is giving birth. birth, my brother.
When here everyone
fucks in 5 or 6 kids.
And there are some
that make up to 12, 15!
Who will feed that?
They have to go to America.
Sergeant has right.
People breed, breed.
Multiplying, on their own shame.
And you could say, on state misery.
And then I go...
I go...
In Australia, America, to devil...
For food...
Like birds that are flying.
Like... rabbits, like hungry beasts.
Sergeant, sir, I've never heard
of a policeman that went to America.
Is it because America has
a lot of it's own policemen?
Or because we need
our own like, how can I say...
They are needed so much,
that we don't let them go.
Father is probably drunk already
since he is singing.
My darling, he is drunk daily.
He will calm while he drains
the one you brought.
If Makica was still alive, he would be
prouder because he would have a son.
He neglected himself like this.
It wouldn't be like this for us
neither if Makica was alive.
House would be full of children.
You would have so many grandchildren.
As it's told,
Marko succeeded in America
over all limits.
He has a shop there.
So he called his son Ivan
to come and help him.
But he sends so much money, Kata is
building a house on two levels... church!
You say, that son... deposited his
girlfriend with his fathers money.
Then lock between legs,
like on the store...
...and let the girl wait.
But it will be worthwhile
to her and her father Jole.
Because what would they be
without his money? Nothing!
Misery, if you feel me.
Misery, misery.
Don't go.
Apart from,
would you hop to Stipurina
to hitch up sleigh
and gives us a ride.
At this hour?
Just before night?
But the snowstorm is
about to become crazy.
I am counting on our arrival
to barracks before dark.
And how will you return Stipurina,
he will get caught in storm?
So you would rather that
two of us get caught? Patrol?
I understand you.
Just like Stipurina, is it?
Such people like Stipurina you have
as much as shit, all over America.
And you are policemen,
snowstorm can't catch policeman.
I'm not the one in
question Toma, my rifle is.
Without uniform and rifle what am I?
Same as you are.
No one and nobody.
Is that clear?
- Clear!
Rifle in the storm?
Left in snow?
What is that?
Dead thing.
But rifle in a trained hand...
Look at her eye!
Come on, say it Toma!
When you look at it like this.
What do you see, ha?
To God...
I see wisdom and power.
You and the rifle.
You see it wrong, Toma.
Rifle and the policeman are one
and you can't see two of them.
You see only power.
Fuck wisdom.
Wisdom isn't important or necessary.
There, you had a smart teacher
in the villlage nearby.
Three years of prison.
Big wisdom...
Then, let me hop to Stipurina.
So you don't waste your time.
And how did you say it...?
Fuck wisdom and the
one who needs it.
Why didn't you go to America too?
- Nobody called me.
People just go there to earn
a lot of money and come back.
And they stay long
and nobody comes back.
Those who are doing well
is sorry to end it and keep thinking,
one more year.
And those doing bad are
waiting for a good job to settle.
And like that waiting, years go by.
At least faster to them than to you
women here, alone like this.
Than it is not your business.
Go, go.
Your Ivan has left,
for 7 years ago.
Well, he is not married to you.
But he engaged you.
It's been dragging on.
Mother, you know, when
there's a storm like this...
...I am sorry that
I refused my suitor.
By now, I would have my children
so it wouldn't be so bleak and empty.
I wouldn't even hear the snowstorm.
That's how I'm feeling,
like a barren heifer.
Oh my, don't say it like that
my daughter. - It's true.
When storm blows like this
and wind howls around the house,
I keep thinking how I hear
the crying of a child.
Just like moment before...
...even now.
Mum, I'm just hearing children cry.
- It will be like that when Ivan comes.
You know...
I wouldn't tell that to nobody,
not even in sacred confession.
It has been... two years now that
I dream about giving birth.
When I lay on my back... back is in pain at once.
And... then I dream I give birth.
I thought he was asleep
when he calmed down.
You know he is restless
when it's a snowstorm.
I'm gonna go to milk sheep, mother.
Why are you standing
there in the dark?
Damned snowstorm...
It's dark like in a mine.
At least now we can see each
other when we are alone.
Put more wood in that fire.
It's winter.
Eh, what I experienced
in the old days...
...that I have to live
in the dark.
You speak like you were born
in some big city.
Your father, grandfather
and great-grandfather...
...they all lived like that.
And I also lived like that
my whole life.
So what.
When man doesn't try anything better,
he is satisfied with what he has.
I lived in America for 34 years.
Wherever you go
everything is in light.
Just press the button...
...and it flares up like bonfire.
If you could just see American
city in the night... would think it's a fire.
Everything is lit, you would
scream: 'Oh people,
help me!'. Seriously.
You smoke too much.
You know that the doctor said
when he examined you in Grachac
that you shouldn't be smoking.
It's from the mine.
All those who work underground...
...more than 10 years...
...they all cough.
Their lungs are full of shit.
To me... there is like in a chimney.
And what can be done anymore.
I need schnapps to wash it
from the inside.
It's stifling today here.
Like in mine... after the explosion.
Can you hear the wolf howling?
When this weather fits them.
Snowstorm and wolfs.
They howl the same.
You don't know who is worse!
I could together with them...
Did Lukesha told that this
is the last one on debt?
He told.
And Ivan
delays his arrival.
He has dollars on pile.
And me...
...I don't have...
...not even a red cent.
And the girl waits.
Girl waits...
You could let her marry
Jozo Kikin or Blazh Prpich.
They are good boys from the
decent families. -Blazh Prpich...
I could let her.
I want for her to go in house
where she will have
even birds milk.
And she can have
that only at Ivan's.
He will be able to buy her
all those fields
from Ronchevich,
down along the railway.
City, you understand? They will
build the city, bar, shop.
But the girl is running out of time.
Masha is a healthy and firm girl.
And, last year when Grgo
got her in the chaff
and started to tease her,
blood pumped into her head.
She was red like an apple.
How could Grgo be
allowed to tease her?
Engaged girl.
- Come on, my Jole.
It's not like before.
Those times passed.
Today is...
- What today?
Masha knows that I would
strangle her if there was
even a bit of reason for
rumors to spread around village.
Ivan is rich and proud man.
He could let her go.
And then he goes.
Even bar perishes.
And the shop,
and hers and our life.
I can't work on land anymore.
You and Masha must know that.
To hell with you both!
You always swear and foul.
For 22 years I was under ground.
In Minnesota, Pennsylvania...
For God's sake do you even
know where that is?
I wandered for 8 years.
And suffered along
the prairies of Texas.
Woods of Sierra Nevada.
For 4 years chased with the beasts.
Districts in Canada...
In the mine my leg was crushed.
In the woods a wolf
bit off a piece of live flesh.
And injured my eye.
My ear got frozen.
Now I fell down to
that I keep my own daughter
for a rich son in law.
So I could have
something to live from.
What devil made me
come back home...
God will punish you Jole
for speaking like that.
What kind of devil chased me
to come back, ha?
Fine, the first time I
came back to build a house.
Because of my son.
Because here was my son.
Because, the second time I came
back, I didn't have a son or money.
You came back to your wife!
You can find a woman
everywhere when you need her.
The daughter belongs
to the one you married.
And son...
Either you have or you don't.
I froze completely.
What did you do for so long?
I feeded animals.
There is some hot water.
You can put your leg in it.
- Great.
Something in it again hurts.
As if you ripped
live flesh with jaw...
Somehow it hurts you more
and stronger this winter.
Maybe you should see a doctor,
so he can take a look at it a bit.
Eh, crazy old lady.
Those American doctors,
were looking at it, healing.
And now some charlatans
from Gospich will do good...
All that is bashed and crushed.
And they clinched it and tied
all together with a golden wire.
And now all those little bones
are held by the golden wire.
Like, for example a rim
holds a barrel.
If you remove the
rim of a barrel,
wood would fall apart
and there goes the barrel.
Just like that is with my bones.
If I die before you,
you cut the skin,
take out the wire
and sell it.
Dear God.
- What kind of evil is in gold?
I sold my health.
My leg, piece of meat.
All for gold.
I'm gonna go prepare the bed.
It's good that you survived back then
when you were burried in a mine.
I don't know how
people dare to enter a mine.
How they dare?
They are people, not old ladies.
Some of them were lucky to find
better jobs out on the open.
Out on the land is hard to live,
without knowing the language.
I wondered.
And found a job.
I ran into fellow countrymen.
They were felling the woods.
It was good to me.
I brought down huge trees.
than any beech in Velebit.
To bring down a tree,
I had to think of my son, on...
...late Makica.
I saw before my eyes,
scattered brain,
I couldn't do it.
Why are you whimpering now?
Wipe my leg.
Wolfs again.
Wolfs, wolfs...
I could bite them.
But why are you going
outside on that snowstorm?!
Jole, wolf!
Wolf behind your back!
Oh my god!
Look out!
Jole, dear God, be aware.
You won't taste my meat.
Let's go.
We did our job.
If there was one rabbit wondering
we would have dinner also.
Wolfs almost had their dinner.
Better go back for
the axe and rifle.
Look at me crazy.
Who is that?
- Wife!
And who are you?
- I'm Perelja.
Perelja who?
- Perelja from Dunes.
Ah, Perelja from Dunes.
Nice, now I know.
But you could strand easily.
So what?
It's nicer to live after this.
Lay out the sheepskin over there.
We will need it.
Let me see.
climb up and find something
to stop the bleeding.
He really nabbed him.
He could've gotten to his vein.
He could've torn your vein!
Yeah, yeah he could've.
The wound is bad.
They attacked me in
Canada just like that.
I'm crippled since.
I called.
But I didn't get any answers.
Suddenly I heard shooting and ran.
That's where two wolfs
attacked me. - Let go dad, I will.
One of them immediately bit my leg.
Bit off a piece of meat
and divulged it.
I took out my knife
and stuffed it up his belly.
That one let me go instantly.
And left, howling.
You never told us how it happened.
- I am telling now to the man.
How did you save yourself?
- At first...
We tumbled on snow.
That's where I lost my knife.
And then we started to bite each
other. He me, I him. He me, I him.
Then he tore my eyebrow.
And I somehow managed to
get him by his throat with my teeth.
He slipped away.
Tore my coat.
Wounded my eye.
But I didn't let him go.
And how did it end?
I strangled him.
But that's horror, my Jole.
Why are you gawking there!
Didn't you see what me and
this man did few moments ago.
I did, but...
...this is a story and in stories
it's always much nicer.
I lost all my savings by the way.
The snowstorm took all,
damned it was.
To me the snowstorm brings luck.
I can see... was realy nice luck
that it brought to you.
Where were you heading to?
I was helping people from the bar
Chuvrilo and Ignjatovich
to drive schnapps from Obrovac.
Went off the road and tipped over.
So I went looking out for people
to help us get up the barrel.
And in the barrel
is schnapps you say?
And the quality of it...
Sweeps you off the feet.
I lost my way in the snowstorm and
instead of turning to church I went here.
So it be...
In me you found a man
who will help you.
Old woman.
Go, get up.
Wrap yourself up we
will save your schnapps.
Masha, give Perelja
something to eat.
You have a piece of bacon.
Go my Masha. And there is
a bit of buttermilk.
Masha just...
Goodbye Masha.
- Bye, bye.
Are you a girl or a woman?
I'm engaged.
Where is your boyfriend?
In America.
It has been 7 years now.
How cheeky you are.
Nobody smart
leaves a girl like that.
We are engaged!
Even if he tied you with chains.
Chains...? He didn't leave
a cow, but a girl.
Girl and a half.
Do you remember me
from Rokova from the fair?
I recognized you from the door
instantly. Do you remember?
You threw rocks.
And threw over Grga.
Did you like it when I
threw him over?
Grga is stronger than you.
I looked for you,
I didn't know who you are.
I was afraid that I would
never see you again.
Like you sank into the earth.
- Yeah, like you were afraid.
To be honest...
...from that day I see you
before my eyes all the time.
Wouldn't you like
to eat something?
Yes, I'd like to bite
something sweet.
Mad boy, you're covered in wounds
and still care about comedy.
Near the fire, like this... look like some fairy
covered with melted gold.
There is no girl like this by far.
- And there is none.
How come your fiance in America,
can live without you?
I would rather plow land with
my fingernails and timber stone
with my teeth than
live without you.
I'm gonna go
check up on the sheep.
What's gotten into you now?
What's wrong?
What's gotten into you?
Here girl, come here.
Leave me alone! Madman,
you will break my arm.
Don't move. - I have to go check
up on the sheep. Let me go!
Don't worry. Wolfs won't eat them
this night. - Let me go!
What's wrong?
Does it hurt?
It hurts. - Hurts?
- It hurts...
Since Rokova it hurts.
I've been looking for you
since Rokova, come here.
Come here...
Let me go!
Perelja, Perelja...
Why didn't the wolfs eat you.
Poor me...
All of the younger people
are going to America.
Nobody want's to live of land.
And they can't.
- To hell they can't.
See, how many houses
don't have smoke.
What does that mean?
That they don't cook in there.
- That they don't cook in there...
That their fireplaces are extinguished
and that there is no one in the house.
My God, even if I baked two potatoes
there will be smoke from my house
as long as me and my children live.
Where are your children?
There is their mother...
and children will come.
Don't joke, Perelja.
You know that that can't be.
Father would never let it happen.
- I don't want your father.
Look at the cloud,
it looks like it's going to rain.
To you it's always most
important to change the topic.
Listen to me...
Dear God, I like you.
And I know you like me too.
Come on, marry me.
We will live somehow.
I'm not offering you a bar or a shop.
-Like I am looking for that, poor me.
What are you looking at?
Looking at the cloud.
Damn the cloud,
look at me too, a bit.
It's gonna rain, it's gonna rain my
Perelja. Here goes the rain.
It looks like it will.
Run to the barn.
Nothing smells better than
a soil after the rain.
Who knows if some other
soil smells like that...
In America, ha?
I don't know, father never
said anything about it.
But he can't even know it.
Our people live there in mines,
underground, in dark, in fear.
There's nothing for them there,
not cloud, not smell, not... nothing.
To foreign man a foreign country
is a bitter place.
And what does your land serve
you when you can't live of it.
Few years ago, as a boy,
I worked in a house in Dalmatia.
To hell I worked.
Carrying stones, labored, drudged.
And on the turf of that house
grew an orange tree.
And that's something much more
fragrant and sweet than any apple.
We stole some, like secretly.
The landlord saw it
and didn't get angry.
Instead he laughed, how we eat
both the skin and the fruit.
And to us, the skin
was the sweetest.
When I headed home
he gave me one seedling.
I planted it just near the house.
In the middle of the best land.
Watered it, looked after it...
- Did it bear fruit?
It died!
But fuck me if my rowan
would bear fruit to him.
Where it grows that is
were it bares fruit.
Everyone is the most healthy
on his own land.
Shut up, you will
wake your father.
Oh my, he barely fell asleep.
Mother walked all over
the house. I couldn't move.
I couldn't wait for you to come.
How much work you have left?
- I'm done tomorrow.
Maybe by lunch.
- And then my Perelja is gone.
- We will go together.
It won't happen and you know it.
Neither I can do without you
anymore. Not anymore.
I'm taking you with me,
may everyone die of misery.
Not from misery, but hunger.
You know my father is in
debth up to his teeth.
If I don't marry Ivan
he will be miserable.
And how will I marry Ivan... will I stand
before him, poor me.
How will I stand before him.
Are you crying for Ivan?
- And for Ivan...
...and for you, for you.
And for father and mother,
for everyone, everyone.
We are all miserable
the same way my Perelja.
Just you cry,
just you cry out...
Cry for all of us.
And I will do what seems
the smartest thing to me.
Oh my, the rooster.
Oh my, Maja will wake up my Perelja.
For how long do I have to fear
the rooster, your father,
mother and God knows who else.
Be silent Perelja, I have to run.
I waited for your father
to fall asleep until midnight,
then three hours pass just
so I can take off your clothes
and then the rooster.
Let's go. I want to marry you
and that's it. - Now?
Who ever proposed to a girl at
dawn? My sorrow, goodbye Perelja.
- Ok.
I will pe patient until the sun rises
but then, tell your father
I'm coming for you.
Poor you if my Perelja gets to you.
Masha, my child.
Where were you?
Why aren't you sleeping?
For a few days now I've been
watching you leaving in the night.
And that you are long gone.
Are you sick?
Why don't you say something?
Did something come up?
- Nothing came up.
I wanted to tell you everything
but there wasn't any chance.
I was with him outside.
Yesterday, and the day before.
And tonight.
I love him mom
and I will marry him.
For Perelja.
- Shut up, unfortunate child.
If Jole hears you he will strangle
you. - Mother, I'm not for Ivan anymore.
I can't. You understand
mother... I can't.
Dear child, you are engaged.
What are you doing?
Are you crazy?
My Masha, are you...
I am.
I am, mom.
I'm guilty and I'm not guilty.
I lost my reason and strenght,
I couldn't fight it anymore.
So I didn't scramble.
I'm not for Ivan anymore mother.
Unfortunate child, how could you?
If you wanted to get married
by force why didn't you say so.
Because he bastard said to Jole
as it is order and custom.
But like this...
Outlaw who came to unhappy.
- He is not outlaw, he is an honest man.
He has loved me still from Rokova,
when he saw me at the fair.
Especially from last winter.
And he want's us to marry.
He wants,
he wants...
Couldn't he come to the house
during the day, as it is proper.
Runing from the sun like a dog.
By night around the house.
An honest man
doesn't run from light.
What will Jole do when he finds out.
He promised you!
I think that love is more important than
engagements and promises that father gave.
Love is for gentlemens
not for peasants.
Much less for peasants
as poor as us.
You could've had love and money
if you met Ivan as an honest girl.
I waited for Ivan for 7 years.
During the night I dreamt
children but never him.
And I dreamt that a raven
was pecking my heart.
I stratled from the dream.
Got up.
And you weren't in your room.
Oh my poor me,
what will become of you.
Oh my.
He will break you in half.
Hey people, are you there?
I said people but
women are here.
Good you are early.
- I'm bringing you news for Jole.
He's certanly still asleep. When
the husband is on honey moon,
then he sleeps
longer in the morning.
Come on, shut up.
- Isn't it like that, ha?
The first time he was barely with you.
The second time, barely for half a year.
And now two years.
So you are still young couple.
Be quiet, don't talk big,
you know he fell asleep late.
Then wake him up so I can
give something to him.
A telegram.
Yes, a telegram.
Don't you know what it is?
A letter like any other,
just fast and short.
Express as they say.
You write it there and send it by wire
and here you transcribe it, from wire.
Here it is.
From where and from who?
I came by clerk yesterday
at municipality
and in the post office
for a little bit.
Here, said the post office girl Mara,
take this and deliver it on your way.
Give one to Jole...
No, no, give one to Jole
and one to old Anka.
I will buy you a nice drink.
Ivan arrived in Zagreb.
He informs us that he is arriving
today in the morning, on station.
Then he already arrived. The train is
pulling into the station before 5AM.
Take it to Jole in his room.
- There will be treat and feast!
Jole! Get up!
Pour schnapps.
Your son in law came from America.
Yours son in law came from America.
My dear God, my dear God.
I waited for that for 7 years
like a frozen man waits for the sun.
Oh my son in law, oh my daughter.
Oh sun, oh Jole.
Oh me.
Masha child, who will tell him that?
He will have a stroke. - Perelja
is working on Lukesha's field.
I'm gonna go to him mother.
Deliver us from evil and temptation.
Only you who were crucified,
only you can understand me.
Go, prepare me water
so I can wash my face.
Start a fire and make polenta,
go ahead.
Let Masha put on
liturgical clothes.
And you also dress up a little bit, too.
- Your son in law made you all fancy up.
He will be amazed
when he sees Masha.
He left a child but will find a girl
and my god fine one.
Go into the town and take
a bottle of wine from Lukesha.
Two litres of schnapps,
2 pounds of sugar.
And tell to that thief,
I will pay him back
everything now.
Let Dane harness cart and his horses
and I will go to station.
And all that as fast as you can.
You know how we Americans say,
And that means time is money.
I could sell to Americans
a lot of my time.
I will go.
I have to go to Anka, too.
So she also knows that her
husband is on the doorstep.
She only slept with him once,
25 years ago.
Marko is done tonight.
I have to shave.
Where is my razor.
Up there on the shelf.
Masha should let the sheep now.
She has to be ready
when Ivan comes.
He isn't a peasant anymore.
If you could see all those
girls he saw in America.
Like you didn't.
- God I did.
The only beautiful thing that
our people can find there
are those girls in saloons.
What's wrong with you?
You aren't happy.
At all.
I have reasons not to be.
What is that in our house again?
Once I get happy.
Once a beatiful day dawns.
Instead all of you singing
and dancing with me, what is it?
What happened?
- You will hear soon enough.
Where is Masha?
To him.
You speak like you come
from the Tower of Babel.
To him who?!
She wants to marry him.
With Perelja?
She won't.
God help me,
she won't!
Wait a little bit then come later.
So you are the one that
woke her up during the night.
Get up, get up!
- Good morning.
Run you fool!
- Get out of my house.
If you want the sun to warm you.
Wait, let's talk as human beings.
You know that
I don't have anything to say.
The snowstorm brought
you in my house.
And it brings only evil.
I came for the girl whom I love.
She isn't the girl for you.
I promised her to another man.
And I will give her.
- Let's sit just a little bit.
I don't want to sit.
I'm in a hurry.
My son in law came
to me from America.
I came to say...
...that Masha and I
love each other.
And that I will send mother
tomorrow for proposal.
The girl has to dress up.
Ivan can come any moment now.
Go son.
And forget what it was.
What do you have against me?
That you are
That you have to go to others
for payment so you could
smoke one cigarette.
That you need to go to Slavonija
and excruciate yourself
just so you could
buy your wife shoes.
That you will have to
sell cows and sheep,
take milk from your children's mouth
so you could pay tax.
That you are shit.
Like all of us!
That's why I won't give you Masha.
She will have anything that
her heart wants with Ivan.
You heard it now.
And now you go.
Even if you would let her choose,
she can't leave me.
What, do I tie her?
Maybe she is tied.
What did you say?
There is nothing more to hide.
It's not the girls fault.
I'm the guilty one. Not her.
But now it's over and...
...and she can't go with Ivan.
She can go only with me.
Son of a bitch!
I will strangle you!
I will strangle you!
- Jole let me go! Jole...
...let go!
- I will kill you.
Son of a bitch!
I will kill him!
- No!
Dear father no, no!
Let him go.
Father let him go.
I will go with Ivan.
I will go,
I swear on God... I will go.
I will go...
My Perelja!
Mom, water!
Fast, water.
Perelja, my life.
My everything in this world, God...
My only God, bring him back.
I swear to you,
I will go with Ivan.
I will go with Ivan...
Get ready.
You should go meet Ivan.
Son, we came home! Son!
Did you make it girls?
- We did.
Which one of you is my Anka?
Have you forgotten me?
I did crossed the ocean but America
is full of old ladies like this.
- Son. My son!
Are you my bride?
- Yes. Yes she is.
Really pretty.
Eh, what is life.
When I went to America
my Anka looked like this.
Left a girl, found an old lady.
Ivan, leave your mother alone.
Masha is here.
Why did I do all this...
Years spent in what...
How did I suffer.
Just now when I saw you,
now I undertsand that
life passed.
Like wind.
Why did I run around that America.
God damn it.
And sank it.
Why do we need all this
when life passed.
We are in grave.
You forgot you have a son.
He doesn't need to go to America
again. You earned for him.
And he will return this to you.
He will give you grandchildren.
You are right.
If life slipped away for us,
we will settle that with Ivan.
Yes. And Masha...
... a real beauty.
Lucky you, spring came
so it's not difficult to bathe.
It's worst to bathe
when it's cold.
Even if it was black winter
Ivan will warm her up.
Let's go!
Let's go!
Hey you?
Come here!
Who are you?
Perelja Zdunich.
Why aren't you in the
wedding feast?
I'm just passing through.
I'm going out for work.
- In America?
No. In Slavonija.
Go, leave, go.
You will work when you give birth,
don't worry. But first, give birth.
The two of us will carry it.
In America it's like this.
The whole modern world
takes a pregnant woman to the doctor.
Come, you have nothing
to be afraid or ashamed of, go in.
Come, go in.
owner Marko Lulich
Good evening.
Oh, good evening.
Go in.
Go in Friends.
Look at all those girls and boys.
Come sit, sit.
We only came to see what is
with Masha? - They'll be here soon.
I guees they will fled from rain.
Why did Ivan take Masha to
see a doctor, what's with her?
Today it's modern for a
pregnant woman to check up.
It's not like in the old times.
Even today I wouldn't take my
clothess off in front of a doctor.
What is it?
Nothing when you can.
When you have to.
- Have to.
In America a pregnant woman
goes to the doctor.
In America that's the way you
know who succeeded in life.
If you can pay the doctor
it means you have enough money.
Wanting to say,
when you are poor it's all the same.
If you are in America or Lika,
you can't get sick.
This paraffin lamp
shines like an electric one.
At our houses those shimmering lamps
simmer so much that you hit wife's bed.
So you don't make a mistake
and lay with young sister in law.
Bite your tongue.
Toma what are you doing on parties?
You're not a bachelor.
I'm a widower.
In some way it's the same.
I also don't have at home
what bachelors have.
May God forgive you, friend
we should go to tavern.
Where are you going?
Stop. Leave that, leave that!
He would drink devil himself.
Are there parties in America?
There's no time for parties.
And how do people have fun there?
Here's Toma, ask him.
He's never been to America.
But he knows how to talk about it
better than anyone who lived there.
Is that true Toma?
- It's not the same to live or tell.
Look, a cow gives milk, has udder
but doesn't know how to make cheese.
But then where do our countrymen
have fun there?
Our countrymen go there
to work and save money.
They don't have
so much fun, it's expensive.
Now and then someone takes
a risk and goes to saloon.
And that is unforgetable
for anyone.
What is a saloon?
I can't say it in front
of people. - Do tell.
There are women here.
- We are not like we used to be.
As you can see today women
here also go to doctors.
Believe it or not,
near the coal mine
there was a little town.
And in it a bar.
Something like a tavern but
better decorated and bigger.
And so many people in it
like bees in a beehive.
Is that right, Jole?
To the word.
People inside like in a station.
One going in, one out.
Go on, go on.
And inside girls my God,
as beautiful as they can be.
And they walk
across the bar like this...
...but, and they tease people
like this.
And they toss some word
to everyone and joke-e...
And they
did to us too, to us.
But we didn't understand them.
- When you look at them it's like
angels descending from the sky,
and you just wait for them
to fly again. - Yes.
Angels indeed, just that they
don't have wings.
What do they do?
Ugh... with nothing.
They walk and have fun.
Saloons are behind that bar.
Saloons, it's like rooms.
But decorated as beautiful
as they can be.
When you sit in an armchair
you sink in up to the throat.
It's softer than any seared clover.
And there is also a bed.
There's a bed in the saloon, too
so you can lay down a little bit.
And you pay on the counter in
the bar, 7 dollars...
Seven, Jole.
Yes, five dollars.
And you won't believe me,
so help me Jole.
Choose anyone you want,
take her to the saloon
and take her as you would
take your lawfully one.
To the word.
- Can it be?
It can!
That is given there to the people
just like any other things.
And, you choose who you want?
What do you think?
It's not like here.
Your father picks one for you and
then do her your whole life.
That's America my Bajko,
saloons, beauty.
If I weren't there I wouldn't
believe it neither.
Quiet uncle, if aunt hears you...
- Oh shut up.
Would our wives believe in that
angels would lie with ones like us.
My God, what is this now?
You whore!
Whore! Whore!
Here you go!
Ivane my child, don't do it.
Don't do it!
- Let him hit her!
What did she do to you, Ivan?!
Let it go son in law.
The house is full of people. Go.
People, do you want
one more glass, ha?
Children let's go home, let's go.
Good night.
- Good night.
- He will kill my child!
She's carrying a child, Marko!
You are right, I could also have
problems with the police.
Ivan, it's enough of it!
Go get inside!
Enough I said!
It happens that a man lifts his arm
on a woman when she's guilty.
But he shouldn't when she's... this condition.
Big thing.
I don't know how we'll do it.
- But what?
Come inside, friend.
Ivan, come here.
Sit friend.
To me it's all the same.
If I can say it like that.
I don't get involved
in Ivan's affairs.
He has to decide for himself.
- But what?
She's pregnant.
Praise the Lord.
Eh, praise the Lord...
The child is not his.
But who's would it be?
We just know it's not Ivan's.
Don't drink so much,
you had it enough even on road.
You'll need a clear head.
I needed it when I got married.
I don't know what you
are talking about.
I married her on Petrovo.
And even if it was from the first
she couldn't give birth
before the end of March.
But the doctor said that she will
give birth as early as January.
Maybe the doctor can be wrong.
It can happen that
the child is born
after seven months.
Let it be born to you.
Not to me.
You cried in America for your
son Makica, you remember?
I remember.
You told me that I have to
name my son Makica.
Now you can have Makica
from seven months.
Don't touch!
Don't touch my dead boy.
- Peace!
Peace! People don't talk like that.
We wonder who's child is it?
And what will happen with
Masha? - She can go where
she came from.
She's no longer my wife.
Don't son. It's not the girls fault.
Calm, calm...
Then why
Masha didn't marry that Perelja?
- Jole didn't approve.
The boy wanted to marry her
but he didn't approve.
I will pay for this shame as well.
- Wait, Jole.
It's not girls fault but yours.
You cheated my son, not her.
You were a man once,
but not anymore.
You got greedy for the money.
Father, what do you have
to say to anyone?
You didn't get greedy?
Didn't my mother
wait for you 25 years?
Didn't you drag me away to America,
too, to get as rich as we can?
Damned money and America.
Goodbye Maja.
God protect you.
Goodbye my child.
We've all wronged you.
Forgive me.
I'll be wrong until death.
Is there anyone?
Toma will bring the midwife even
if he had to carry her on his back.
I'm afraid he'll get stuck
in this crazy weather.
You came as well.
- Is there any news?
Nothing yet.
Is it true that Jole doesn't
allow her to give birth in house?
Does she have to do it
like a cow in the stable?
Won't give, outlaw.
She won't give birth to bastard
inside my house, he said.
Here, over here.
Do you at least know where
we are now, you fool?
In Lika, God.
Where else would man
find such beauty.
Masha has nothing better to do than
give birth on a snowstorm like this?
All evil isn't for evil.
I heard Perelja came back
for her from Slavonija.
If he barges in and see how Jole
chased off Masha in the stable
well, I don't know how
it would end.
Come Manda close to the fire,
warm yourself up.
It's not cold, sheep warmed it. -But
you're on your feet since morning.
We will get it all done
even without midwife.
Not lot of children gets
born without her here.
But not in a stable, poor me.
Oh, I gave birth to my Shime
when I was in the woods.
I brought him in an apron.
Stable is paradise
in comparison to a woods.
Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus in
stable too, and what's wrong with him?
To give birth in a stable...
Where's that Jole so I can tell him.
- Don't use furious words.
The whole day he was growling
like a dog and cursing.
God forgive him, like he went mad.
When there's a snowstorm he loses
his nerves. - What nerves?
In the old times there
weren't any nerves.
Today as soon as somebody
gets angry or crazy
or does something wrong,
doctors say, nerves.
Aren't you going home,
you'll get burried in the snow.
It's okay.
I will wait for the birth.
What's wrong with you,
it can last until morning.
But if you really want it,
go and get some wood, go.
I will, I will.
This way, here's our people.
Devil is probably driving
like this around hell.
Faster, faster. - I can't see or
hear anything because of
this snow and wind.
Take care of the horses. She would
freeze if it wasn't for me.
Poor her, she squeezed
with me like a cat.
You will have to go to
the stable, Masha is there.
What stable?! Bring her into the house.
- Jole doesn't want that. It's no joke.
Don't listen to Jole. This is hers
house as much as his.
Jole didn't make anything on his own.
Where is he so I can talk to him?
To devil, he went outside the day
before yesterday. -In this snowstorm?
My God.
- Is that the midwife? Fast!
Let's go into the stable!
When you ask her
why did they come back?
Why they left there
everything they earned?
They say,
I missed this air,
the cold spring water,
the smell of smoke from fireplace,
bleat of cows and sheep.
Suddenly you miss
everything you mind here.
the karst sinkhole that you
need to shovel,
oaks that need to be pruned.
And then they say
I want to rest in my land.
Everything, my God.
Is the comedy over?
Or do I need...
What are you talking about, Jole?
About Masha.
And her bastard.
You can say,
every man is in
the image of human.
Look, look at the attorney.
Man bring the sheep inside
the house if it's cold.
And you your own
daughter... - A boy!
You're wet
behind ears for me.
You smell of milk.
If I'm young I'm not blind.
I know what's good and
what's not. - Shut up!
I can shut up but the village won't.
- I don't live form the village.
Who can touch me?
I'm not afraid of anybody.
Especially when you have
so much wine in your head.
Go out of my house.
- Go out of my house!
Let him go Jole, when you get
sober you will speak differently.
Everybody out!
Wait for heaven's sake man.
We came for bussines.
Get out!
You stayed the same.
All you know is shout.
Throw people out of the house.
I heard everything from mother.
I'm asking you
what do you wan't from me.
Nothing, coward.
Hit me, if you're a man.
Hit me for fucking hell so you
can see how debts are payed.
You're not her father anymore.
- Water, water! It's boy!
Jole... got a grandson
you animal.
Oh Perelja.
- Mother.
I will bring her in.
Who are you?!
Ah, Perelja.
Go, go.
Don't turn.
Here, take him to the house.
Into the warmth.
Don't look.
Fast, fast.
It's cold.
Oh my God.
He's here, by the fireplace.
Where you also warmed
up for the first time.
And your father.
And your grandpa.
Where we warmed up
Makica for the first time.
Cry, cry.
It's grandpa's.
This is big day, ha?
He shit himself.
Translated for KG,
by Pornindustrie (2018)