Mechanic: Resurrection (2016) Movie Script

Sr. Santos, so good to see you.
We saved you usual table Mr Santos
Thank you-
- My pleasure
Welcome sir-
5 Months in Brazil
You're a hard man to find
You do have the accent.right?
(In Spanish)
I do say, sir
The Principal I represent has an offer for you
He'd like 3 men killed
Each death must look like an accident
Your specialty.. I believe
Seems like the reports of your demise
have been greatly Exaggerated
My principal can make that known
to certain interested parties
Which means your new life here
would rather end quickly
Or you can do the job
and go back to being Dead.
What's your pleasure Senior Otto Santos?
Very good!
What are you doing?
Tell your principal
to stay the fuck away
Get down
Get the fuck down on the ground!
Mechanic: Resurrection
Subscene @ mr master
- Bishop.
- Hello Mae
You're different
- Older
- something more than that
I need time to find someone
before they find me
And I'll be moving on
Who's in here?
No one
Diving season's over. come
I was waiting for you
- How was your trip?
- It was OK
It was a busy season.
- Nothing has changed
- Get some rest.
Match found
(Good morning)
This way?
Thank you!
Hi, how can I help you?
Great you speak English
I'm really low on first aid
I'm staying on the Boat.
This is all I have
If I don't have what you need,
I can call our supply boat
It will take you back to Phuket to get them.
No, this is great
Thank you very much!
Get away from me!
The fight, it's bad
Just met her.she has a backboat
women like that can be killed in situations like that
It's domestic struggling [!]
not my business
you helped me once. help her!
Help her!
Or i would do that!
take this!
Greg, get the fuck away from me!
let her go-
- who the fuck are you?
please help me
I said let her go. last chance
I can't breathe
you don't wanna do that
who the fuck are you?
Is he dead?
oh shit!
take her to shore
I deal with the boat
- Bishop.
- Where is she?
Sleeping .. in your bumble (room)
what's going on?
Gina Thorne, American
- Is she ? right?
- yeah
And the second woman whose picture was on my phone
first, She's working for a guy called Craine
name ring any bell?
- The only thing you got right was my name
so someone must has sent ya
Or you're on your own?
Or you're on your own?
What was the message?
- I already told you
- tell me about Craine
what You were supposed to do for him?
where is he?
Fine. I'll talk!
Look, I don't work for Crain.
That's the truth. but he did send me
where is he?
- I don't know
- Why you're here?
He has something on me
- I had no choice
- right
- any of his men are nearby?
- He didn't say or ask
What about the frank?
- PArt of the setup
- explain
He was supposed to get me
in a escape to this island
it wasn't meant to be real
but Frank got drunk and attacked me
And Crain wanted me to look like a victim
to get next to me.
so Frank took his path too far
so we meet. what next?
I used the cell and called the pre-program number
let it ring once.
after that i don't know
A new girl gets kidnapped
- Guess what?
- what?
- so it didn't cross your mind?
so you fall for me. and Crain thinks
He has leverage on you
- To force me do what i don't wanna do
what is it that you do?
I make the call, not you. I'll let you know
when they come. And I take the Crain out.
No! Not gonna help you kill anyone.
Do you really believe that Crain
has the people He blackmails and help but in vein?
I spend my whole life settin' people up to die
Let's set you up to live.
My father was a doctor
of eastern medicine.
He was a healer.
I shall used to study with him
To learn how to heal?
Men like him?
I thought so too, but my father understood.
That Those who were hurt the most
often have the greatest ability to heal.
18 months ago a special military operative,
Gina Thorne, went to War zone in Afghanistan
to offer humanitarian assistance to Cambodia.
After my last trip things have changed
There are innocent people that are caught
in line of Fire.
Those who were engaged
were headed to the hospital
.. and Then i wanted to came and do it on pen
it just felt right, right here
We can not afford any surprises.
So tell me What Crain has on you?
I ran a shelter for victims of
human trafficking in Cambodia.
There were always been issues, but we managed them.
A few weeks ago
one of my staff members
was kidnapped.
After two days He's thrown in my front door
Beaten..He died within an hour.
Crain sent this asshole, Jeremy.
He said it was just a taste of what he will do
to everyone at the shelter
Including children.
They are my weaknesses.
All the leverage Crain needed.
So you see that I didn't have a choice.
I had to do what Crain want me do
- What are you doing?
- Come on, These are Crain's people.
They're watching
Two men in the Zodiac
In ocean.
There you are.
c'mon you 2 . you missed the best part.
We could just get a drink
No you will not
stay right there. thank you very much!
What are you doing?
All Couples have to be tied together.
We are not a couple.
You sure looked like in the beach!
So.. Do you got bettings [?] a lot?
Not my idea of a good time.
We're supposed to drink it?
No, put your fingertips in it
and place cream [?] on each other's forehead for good luck.
- Enjoy.
- I could use some luck.
My turn!
let's just get a drink
and leave it there.
A moment.
It looks like perfect for you
You missed a spot.
hard to clean.
Next time use your shoe.
I know this song.
This Thai song?
It's so good.
You want to dance?
Not. don't worry. I don't want to...
I don't want to dance with you.
you really think I'm a bad dancer?
You look like you are a terrible dancer.
I just wanted to thank you.
For everything?
And I wanted to apologize for ...
getting you into this mess
Those kids are everything to me.
If they get trafficked or killed ...
I couldn't bear it..
I understand.
I was an orphan too.
I was sold to an eastern gangster
specialized in training child soldiers.
Crain was there too.
What happened?
I escaped, he didn't.
They blamed him.
To get out for blood!
And now he blames you.
This is payback!
God, I'm sorry.
It's not your fault.
What are we gonna do?
I've worked it out.
There's a boat [?] to pick you up south of the island out of view.
By Tomorrow night you'll be out of the danger.
And your kids too
It's all arranged.
And what about Crain?
I'm gonna do his three kills.
When you're just saved
There's only gonna be one.
But they'll never let you near him.
You never know I was there.
I want you to hold on something for me.
Until I come back.
Father gave this to me.
It's the only memory that I have of him.
I'll keep it safe.
That's Jeremy .. Crain's guy.
Look at me. I will help you.
Believe me.
Mr. Craine, I got it.
Tell me how to find you face to face.
-Are you done?
Follow me.
seat down.
Please don't move.
I would listen to her if I were you, Arthur.
No need for guards or guns when the mant you want
is sitting on a pan of Semtex.
How did you find me, Riah?
Well . hello nice to see you
after all these years.
How old were we??12?
But then you were always well
on getting out of business.
How did I find you?
You should know
better than anybody, Arthur.
There's no privacy anymore.
With wonderful things like facial recognition,,sattelite tracking
I'm gonna give you something
I've never given to anyone
The chance to walk way.
Give me the girl and walk away.
I think that after so many years,
Have you developed a sense of humor.
But if it's all the same? No
No. I need you.
You are the best.
Open it.
I need you
to eliminate three people.
And this is the first.
His name is Krill.
Mass murderer and warlord.
He's also the highest profile arms dealer in Africa.
He's in prison on Penjara Keday in Malaysia.
His imprisonment is what keeps him in secure.
It's impossible for his enemies
to get to him.
And this?
Tracking device.
It's important that you swallow it
after the kill... [?] with the grade and we'll never find you
Where is Gina?
Do the three kills, Arthur.
Get the girl back.
Even if you don't love her,
you still owe her. right?
I mean she's in this shit because of you.
How do I know you will keep her alive?
after you finish your kill,
you'll get a video call.
After the last one, you will receive instructions
where to find her.
And your words are good as in(trustworthy)?
To heavens absolutely not?
But I do have a very kin sense of self-preservation
I know that cheating you will only make me your target.
And since I conclude our businesses
for the moment..
I wish you "bonne chance' "
(luck in french)
let's go
The prison is 70miles off the sea.
setted on cliffs more than a hundred meters high.
Surrounded by shark-infested waters.
So basically impossible to get in.
And nobody has ever gotten out.
It's even harder to get your man.
He's surrounded all the times
by his team of loyal soldiers.
Getting him alone will be your main challenge.
Martin Basmane has a tattoo on his face.
These are powerful stuff.
I hope you know what you're doing.
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
You're under arrest!
Line up!
Keep going!
Bishop, remember.
It has to look like an accident.
If he dies with a knife in his back
no one will come to pick you up
Good luck.
- Who's that?
- Krill.
He was an executioner for people like
Charles Taylor in the shootings in a militia.
People say that he ate the hearts of the victims.
Some have relatives who want revenge (avenge).
Like that guy over there.
He used to be Krill's best Assassin
Now all he wants is to kill him.
But He has his guards constantly protecting him .
You're a good man.
Why don't you join us for dinner?
I'm not sure I like the company.
Then they are not invited.
Hey, come in. Come in my friend.
There are six murders and23 stab wounds
every week in this shit hole.
Most of them pointed at me.
That guy that you stopped
He used to work for me.
Maybe he was still upset
That I killed his brother.
Loyalty is a scarce commodity in my line of business.
Oh yes!How did you know he would want to kill me?
I know things.
But You don't tell me
everything that I need to hear?
Maybe you weren't listening hard enough.
Do You know who I am?
Krill. You run this place.
Exact. And when I get out of this place
I'm going to run all over africa
There could be a job
for a man like you.
- I already have a job.
- What job?
Le the man pray.
There he comes.
He's right below us, bring up the net.
What the fuck'?
You'r looking for someone?
give me my call.
Bishop survived.
- Hello, Arthur.
- happy now?
Nice work on Krill
Do something I wouldn't kill you
Put Gina on
- Here's your boyfriend
- Hi.
- How are you holding up?
- Okay.
Crain wanted me to let you know
That you have36 hours to eliminate the
next target or they will eliminate me.
Well, these is all very sweet, Arthur.
But you heard what she said.
You need to pick up the pace.
This is your next kill, Adrian Cook.
Did Bishop tell you where he got this?
It belonged to his father.
I never saw him take it off..never
You know, I wasn't sure there's anything in the world
that could break Arthur untill I saw you wear his watch
Now I know that He will do anything for you.
In the heart of Downtown Sydney at the top of
a 58 story highrise .
Is a penthouse suite run by Adrian Cook
In miling with nimble [?] millionaires.
Few people know that he originally made his fortune
in human trafficking.
Specialized in under-age sex workers.
He has plenty of man-power to protect him, Of course.
But that's the least of it.
There you go. Sydney Opera House
In Harbor bridge.
Cook's Paranoia is only trumped by his ego.
Exhibit A. His cantilever pool.
The walls and floors are all concrete
3 feet thick.
Every door is made of 6inch
nickel-chromium steel.
That's like 12 armor plates
And the biometric sensors
and RENDnet access points are impossible to hack.
It's a fortress in the sky.
Mr. Clark. I'm glad to meet you,
shall we?
so each room
has over300 square meters.
From this one you get to see the sunset.
Specifications are all in the brochure.
Let me tell you the details.
Excuse me. Hello?
Sorry about that, so where were we?
- You were about to tell me about the floor
- Yes.
It's not good (mumbles)
Now, I gotta go.
Billionaire Adrian Cook felt a [?] 76 floors death
this morning
when the gloves pool of his sydney penthouse collapsed.
- Give him his call.
- Good.
Police spoken of His death as a tragic accident
effectingly felt wide
Hi. Your watch has stopped.
I think it's a sign.
Maybe it just needs a mend.
- Hello?
- It's the harbor master's office?
- Yes, it is.
- My name is Tom Silver.
Some bastard in a bloody grave yard just screwed my vessel.
I have the home number
but my Insurance needs the owner's details .
- Okay, Go on.
- WRX-489-674-22-39.
one moment. Yes, I have the details.
The vessle's permanent biers (?) is in sydney harbour
on pier 7
Sorry, the batch of horness [?].
There's your boat.very good.It's a big one too.
Head out to the harbor.
seems you're maddy [?], boss.
Follow the sun
so He can't see you.
Drop it down to 60feet
and hold it steady.
You know your problem Bishop?
You just can't help yourself.
I knew you'd come back for her.
That's your weakness.
Now do the third kill or the girl's dead.
Take him down below.
Give him a proper send-off.
Bishop, I'm warning you.
If you put another stunt like that
our deal's off.
And you'll never see your girlfriend again.
Now, playtime is over .
Go to the port town of Varna on the Black Sea.
That's where you'll find
your third kill
His name is Max Adams
a wealthy American arms dealer.
On the north side of Varna
there lies a true memorial of Bulgarian Communism.
Adam spent a fortune re-storing it
and putting in the most comprehend security system
The interesting part is what you don't see.
Hidden in the mountains side below is a submarine.
Adams stocks his U-boats
for intercontinental ballestic missles
No body gets in or out.
Many have died trying.
So needless to say this would be the hardest site to penetrate,
By far.
on top of that, Krill and Cook's death
may have Adam on the defense.
He may suspects
that someone's coming for him
So you have to be quick.
You have24 hours.
You're using me to take out the competition.
Hospital St. Augustino
St. Augustino. Hospital
Emergency Ward.
Dispatching a Helicopter Immediately.
we're touching down.
Once you reach the compound
You'll have several cases of security.
Check the northern part of the building.
The building has its own power system
oxygen supply.
And a safe panic room.
Good luck.
Open the god damn door.
Call me when you know something.
There is no sign of the intruder, Mr. Adams.
That's because standing in front of me
here in the safe room , Jack-off.
Even if you have all stolen and looted.
keylock features and Tatalian [?]curtains
Of course it's magnificent.
- Like Dinosaur bones
- sadly
Who the fuck are you?
I'm here to talk.
Where's your cellphone?
I should've hired
those guys in Houston.
What is it you want to talk about?
I want to help you avoid an accident.
so Krill and Cook, that was you?
I warned those guys that someday
Crain will come after all of us.
Cappuccino, Espresso?
Espresso .. no sugar.
Krill was a Warlord,
an so as the number one arms dealer in Africa.
could use his mining empire which cover the control
of Asian franchise
For Europe, and most of south America.
North America too,
if you count Mexicans.
No deal much for Crain
So I have a deal for you.
I'm a dealer
We can talk about it.
I have been called a lot of ugly names
over the years.
Communist, socialist, rascist
Neither one of them was true.
Of course...
Certainly not a communist.
- You just admire their architecture.
- I believe in fair play.
I saw The David and Goliath story
play out in frontlines ofVietnam.
And the Soviets in Afghanistan.
Ethnic cleansing in Bosnia,
and chemical weapons in the Kurds.
The little guy will always gonna need a slingshot.
And somebody to always gonna pay for it.
An arms dealer with moral cause.
Let's talk about Crain.
We Both need him gone.
The question is how do we accomplish that?
He got an army around him.
When You've got something tempting enough
Crain uses his men to go out there and do it.
What do you have in mind?
A small impend.[?]
In search of weapons and treasure.
Your corpse.
You have to die.
That's easy.
Although it will cost a tremendous amount of money.
You can afford it.
All goods are secured?
Yes, sir.
The batteries are charged?
Yes, sir.
- fully provisioned?
- Yes, sir.
You get those washing girls
last night in here for the crew?
well... we're ready to go
Yes, sir.
stay here.
It was a explosive
and Mr Adams stumbled into the water.
His security .. They tried to reach him
But the rocks came down
and he was burried under the water.
I never imagined dying would be so
god damn invigorating.
stay out of sight for a few days
After that you can reinvigorate all you want.
You call your driver?
Make dinner reservations?
checking in with your mother?
I'm calling Crain to make sure he takes the bait.
You do know how to put on a show.
there's a pier few miles north of Varna.
Be there tomorrow.
Not until I see dam's body.
You'll find him with his most priced posessions
In his submarine.
get over there
find Adam's body
secure everything inside the pad.
and what about Bishop?
Kill him.
Jeremy, pull the camera forward so i can se.
- Anything?
- No sign of him, Mr. Crain.
Stay sharp. Bishop's coming.
you can count on it.
- What is going on?
- Your boy friend is coming to die.
You're the bait. Move.
Come on, Bishop.
I know you're not gonna let her die.
Bring her out of the bridge.
Let's go.
Let's go.
We got three minutes before it blows.
- You are allright?
- I'll be fine.
Let me see. Damn.
You'll be Okay.
I saw Crain doing something on the console.
- What is going on?
-He's Trying to kill us.
Let's go.
move the shell in the boat now!
- Stay. What are you doing?
- I make sure you'll live.
No! Come with me!
Here he is!
Find him now!roger let's keep going
- You never asked why ?
- I know why.
I get out and you didn't.
And here we are again.
You deserted me.
It's time you pay for that.
No chance.
You're gonna get your third call.
But this won't look like an accident.
You're a dead man, Bishop.
You might get off the boat but you'll never
swim far enough before she blows.
Who said I would swim?
were there any survivors?
That's the anchor compartment.
Nothing more out there.
So Bishop never made it.
Even legends die.
Dear Mei,
I'm back in Cambodia.
with the kids. the water's filter is working.
Thank you so much for your generous gift.
You have to come here someday.
I think you'll like it a lot.
see you soon. I hope.
lots of love. Gina.
Take this for me.
Self-contained secured reinforced chamber
to house the anchor chain of any ship
Steel chamber containing trapped air
allowing divers to breath while submerged underwater
Clever son of a bitch!
sneaky bastard!
Bang, you're dead.
Created & subtitled by hearing : Ali Emjay
subscene @ mr master