Mechanic, The (2011) Movie Script

For what I do is a certain
thinking is needed.
I run commands.
Designated targets.
Some commands have
of accidents appear.
Others need someone else
Few have a selective
a clear message is needed.
An easy pull the trigger.
The best assignments are those
where nobody knows you're there.
A fairy brought me yesterday
a visit.
Gave me an old bottle of Scotch.
He knows the good stuff.
Goodbye, Henry.
Why did you bring me
rotplek brought to this?
You're a snob.
There are 1100 people each day through.
Two people in transit
are difficult to remember.
Of course, those people
will remember.
Defeats that your goal a little bit?
I'm not going anywhere without them.
Let them do something about their costume,
they do not look.
Everything went well?
It's done.
I am better than you.
Why they give you those commands.
It may be a little rough ...
if they are rough and you trade it off ...
and to give them no more.
Served, no loose ends.
Fait accompli.
You're a machine.
You see things,
you watch people ...
different from me or anyone else does.
But you have a problem.
You do need friendship.
- I got you, Harry.
You're in bigger trouble
than I thought.
How's Steve?
- Did I say I'm kept a job?
They fired him last month.
He hit a man half dead.
Damn disappointment.
It always will.
Call him.
- I call him?
- He wants to adopt to hear from you.
We're going to get money.
Come dance with me.
Come on, please.
Are you hungry?
I gotta go.
Will you still say your name?
Nice try, but you
Arthur does not look like one.
No, more like a David.
Or Brad.
Yes, must have been a Brad.
(09/11/1947 -)
Global Engineering.
- I'm calling for the ad.
There must be a mistake.
- One moment.
The information of the advertisement is correct.
I want an appointment.
We call you back.
Mr. Bishop, Mr. Dean agree
for an appointment.
A private plane within one hour to remove
and bring you to an area he chooses.
You get fifteen minutes.
The plane will take you back.
As we say around ten hours
home should be, is not half past ten.
I do not care, baby. Your mother
was afraid. Two weeks under house arrest.
One moment.
That's not my problem.
Ten days and you will voluntarily
two Saturdays working at the shelter.
Eight days and three times seven hours.
Beautiful ring.
- Agreed.
So I want one as well.
- Do not.
Unless you are a world champion.
- Say that he is making.
We go.
I just lost a bargaining
and with sixteen.
Let's take a walk.
Six months ago we asked
the largest contract ever to adopt.
The target had a higher priority
than we are used.
The assignment was too lush.
- The target was South African?
Target fled to South Africa
and when we turned to.
Setting up lasted six months.
A team of five agents
to the mission work.
All five were slain them.
Someone knew everything.
You knew, someone from that team.
- This. Sebastian.
You know how this business works.
Only two partners know
the details of a contract.
Two people knew this
details. Me and Harry McKenna.
Harry has betrayed us.
We have examined his finances,
Look at that international transfers.
One two weeks ago
for $ 20,000,000.
He is old, weak.
Countless dead, divorced,
a son with problems.
That made him vulnerable.
And the past 13 years I have him
been faithful. Much respect for him.
But Harry McKenna
poisoned the well. He has to go.
- Let me talk to him.
I appreciate your connection,
but there is no going back.
He has gone outside his book.
As long as he remains alive,
He is a danger of this company.
We prefer
that you handle this ...
view your relationship with him.
Thus, fast and discreet.
I want him to be honest
unnecessary suffering.
We do not want an outsider to go.
But we will if necessary.
Excuse me.
The negotiations are closed, sorry.
I'm in a meeting.
Once the expression
"Stop your advantage if you" heard?
Roosevelt was truly my hero.
The way he dealt with it.
That damn chair.
Pull your pants up.
These costumes are you not so good.
CONTRARY TO informant
- Get out of the building, Harry.
- They come to you tonight.
Who is coming?
- Dean.
Take what you can use against them
and leave.
Got a pair of scissors?
Go to the lift hall.
- Way.
The electricity is away on the 18th floor.
You have 15 seconds to get to the service lift
for the emergency is concerned.
There is a keyboard.
- Press the number of 's building.
The electricity is still out?
- Service lifts have a separate power supply.
I am inside.
Press the basement.
The lift will do about 18 seconds.
That floor is empty and unused.
Take the ramp.
This is a connection to the building next door
which leads to an underground car park.
The security cameras are not yet
associated with this building. They are blind.
You should now be in the parking lot.
My bus is here.
- I left it there.
You gave me my own security
dropped off.
No one sees me leave.
What is this?
Cape Town is not it?
What's the story here?
Car theft?
They find my bus at least
somewhere in a corrupt place in town.
Stripped and on blocks.
It's funny, auditoriale a review.
You do not mind it?
I fired a few shots,
There is a struggle ...
they take my gun.
That is life.
I go at least not down
like a sissy.
I already 33 years.
A gift of Admiral Beasly, sixth fleet.
This is the first time
I fired it.
Why did you kill me?
They send somebody else.
I'd rather it was you.
I have to live with it.
Arthur Bishop, fucking.
- Condolences.
It's more a loss for you
than me, pal.
It was long ago.
Give me a lift to
my father's house?
Your father talked a lot about you.
About spend time with you.
Make it right.
Let it go.
He was always talking about you.
He repented of things.
- He always had to call.
I want to show you something.
I thought it was great here as a child.
Pretty impressive, huh?
They each had their country.
I suppose I
it can try to recover.
They proud.
I love with you.
I do not know if a picture
of my father have?
If you want one.
You seem to not stay?
Why yes?
He left behind no will.
The accounts are empty.
The banks can take home.
Against a lawyer in this state
nothing is left.
Where you going?
- A nice place.
Do you need money?
- No, thanks.
A man comes along
and will look to the car.
I go there for a while to do.
And the weapons?
I wanted a couple tonight
Car thieves shoot.
Just a random car thief?
Who knows, I am the murderer
my father's still disappointing.
If you feel better.
Damned if I would know.
I'll find out.
Let it go, Steve.
Bishop ...
what kind of n-person shooters
Moreover, someone in a wheelchair down?
Need help?
No, I got it.
I would meet a friend,
but I may be wrong address.
Yeah, maybe.
Maybe my address wrong.
Nice car, man.
- Thanks.
Will I?
- What?
I hold you to your transport.
Get out of the car.
- Yes.
Jesus. Good.
Car Thief.
You shoot this?
Is this the weapon you used?
Bad move.
You thought you had this thought, eh?
It looks like not,
but tonight is your lucky night.
Stand up.
You just fell down.
Otherwise we will find you.
Go away.
You're stupid to kill someone
If you have a motive.
You might as well be a
bulls eye sign on your back.
It fascinates me nothing.
I realize it.
Get out of here.
I thought about what you said last night.
I want to know what you know.
Go online.
Everything on the Internet.
I would not read it.
I want to do.
What to do?
- Take me taking the piss.
I know about you.
And him.
He was your mentor. He chose you above me.
Now you owe him something.
Now he is dead, you have nothing.
You now owe me anything.
Go home, Steve.
Still for sale.
I know you want it.
No life like this.
Want some advice?
Find out what you say this.
He's trying to say something.
He says you have to nostalgia
something you've never been before.
Elboranostreet 8600.
Where can I be of service?
What is this place?
- An animal shelter.
I know, but why are we here?
- I look for a dog.
Not even a year old. If possible.
- I thought you loved cats.
You know what a Mechanic,
at least the definition?
A boy who makes things right.
Problems, contracts.
An assassin.
- I do commissions.
Designated targets.
- I can do.
I have seen it.
- No, you do not.
You know nothing about me.
Steven Jackson McKenna.
Born in Baltimore, Maryland.
Your mother died when you were 12.
Addicted to painkillers and vodka.
You went to three different schools.
Grunt, the Parc and Munro.
Well received in four sports
a scholarship from Miami ...
which was rejected for conviction of
drug possession with intent to distribute.
Four convictions for assault
and threats to three different friends.
Broke your kneecap in a fight. You told
that no one so you let it heal so.
When it rains, you run short.
I want to do X-rays show.
A friend would adopt this little boy.
Good boy.
What I waste requires
a special way of thinking.
Revenge is an emotion which
You can be killed.
So no stupid stunts
like last night.
Walk it, feel it, make it your best friend.
Tomorrow, eleven hours, Fisher Square.
Take the dog to the coffee shop
in Riverdale.
Order coffee.
Go to the table by the window.
And make the sudoku puzzle in the newspaper.
Make love to your dog.
How long? One hour.
Every day, three weeks long.
This is yours.
Practice some of this.
The insurance companies know
all about how someone dies.
They have books with insurance experts.
List of every conceivable cause of death.
Why let me see all this?
Good analytical ability comes from experience
and that comes from poor judgment.
The bed is under the boxes.
Help yourself.
How long have you been to?
Two years.
- It's beautiful.
When are we going for a ride?
- We? Never.
It is time for your training
the next level.
Who is that?
- He's fine.
I have only you checked.
I can come back.
Better to remain here.
I have the nerves.
Do not know if this is a good time
for me to do something.
There is too much going on.
I have the list and the money charged.
Now is the right time.
Let me see that list again.
All for where?
- As soon as possible.
I have one day for that.
Give me the money.
Auto Sexuality fixation?
- Yes.
I thought you had to see one up close.
Never Touch this.
Follow me.
Who was he?
- A job. Nothing more or less.
If you you feel better, he was
an illegal arms dealer.
Sold weapons to anyone.
Police murderers, gangs,
He does not discriminate.
Here is the file.
The guy from the coffee shop?
All yours.
You would not tell him, but
He is a Mechanic for a different group.
His only routine is coffee
from nine to ten.
He comes twice nowhere, except here.
He is isolated and protected.
No way in without being seen.
He has two weaknesses.
- May I sit?
Go ahead.
- And boys.
Young boys.
- Coffee, black.
He checked up,
but found no connection.
All he sees is a lost boy.
Would you hold it?
- Yes.
He loves it.
- Come here, baby.
If he is interested, he asks you ...
Do you live around here Steve?
Your answer should be.
- I'm everywhere and nowhere.
Which means you're broke
and open to suggestions.
Who is my buddy.
Then he asks if you ...
- You want some drink with me?
Your answer should be.
- Yes.
That's great, right?
You have a paralysis agent.
- Novice.
I have to murder him not to rape you?
Two or three drops and he is dizzy.
Five or six, he's brain.
And his heart stops in 20 minutes.
Do it in the bar.
Keep it clean.
These luxury tents are always concerned ...
Therefore as soon as they close.
They do not worry so.
- It is very tasty.
You know it?
- Yes.
Jameson, right?
- Yes, two please.
Not playing with this guy.
Do it in the bar, clean and tidy.
I want to know what you know.
I want to do.
What's funny?
I think I have too much.
- No, come on.
I drink it up and then I ...
I really need to go to bed ...
But it was funny.
Yeah, how are you?
- Good.
Can I give you a lift?
The car is here.
Come, I want to show you something.
- 1.90, 136 kg and deadly.
Make this man angry.
Whatever you do,
Never step into his car.
What do you think?
It's beautiful.
- Just drink suits.
Do you paint?
- It's more like a hobby.
Serious hobby.
That is the sitting area and fireplace.
The relax room.
- This area I'm really proud of.
This is good.
- This is the 14th-century Buddha.
That was hard to get into the country.
Well good to have friends.
Friends who make a difference.
Do you have good friends?
I mean really good friends.
You're shaking like a leaf.
Slow down, cowboy.
I said you should do nicely.
See you later.
Was it work or pleasure?
I wish someone hurt me so.
Thank you.
- I call him Arthur.
Press 1
You sent an outsider
your job to do.
That is a violation of our agreement.
My appointment was with Harry.
You and I have none.
Only one prize.
Who is valuable to you.
- Harry McKenna's son.
He knows that you have murdered his father?
This must happen immediately.
Customers pay in good shape.
I do not think it's too fast.
I feel by your behavior and others
me very uncomfortable.
You're on a short line with this.
The file has priority.
I'll look into it.
I am one with God.
God touches me and I touch his people.
Andrew Vaughn, 45 years old.
Calls himself the new Messiah.
Reverend Vaughn.
- Just Vaughn.
I'm not a preacher.
Not endorsed by the secular religion.
I'm beyond them, I'm Vaughn.
He funneled millions to his churches, ministries ...
to television programs.
In fact, he leads a cult.
An adrenaline shot to the heart,
Adrenaline is unreliable.
Soon he survives a heart attack.
When the paramedics come,
first thing they do is administer epinephrine.
It is toxic when combined.
- It's adrenaline.
What is the probability that adrenaline did not kill him?
Than does the trauma staff though.
One evening he had a dedicated
from behind a bible study group.
They found her body until two weeks later.
The autopsy indicates abortion.
She told friends that it was his.
Cost him 22 million to silence her.
Let us put it round.
Be blessed, following.
Come here, sit down.
You're new, how long are you here?
- Two weeks now.
How old are you?
- 18.
You could have an attractive person
can find.
He still eats.
Soup, salad and bread.
And chocolate cake.
Bishop, I'm hungry.
That guy in the shop,
had regard to all his fingers.
If you find link in your bread,
It was not me.
It's safe.
How do you feel Vaughn?
- How do you think.
He may be here any minute.
If you say the devil.
Give me something special,
I've been meaning to celebrate.
I have spiritual work to do.
The spirits are not favorable.
He's a junkie.
- He gives him ketamine.
Ketamine counteracts adrenaline.
This is not working.
I am on my shoulder tapped by God.
What do you do?
I did not request.
My shoulder was hit by
the sword of a king.
He told me to take off.
We have to pack.
- He comes here so returned.
Put on your gloves.
Yes, that's it.
Come on.
You want to do this anyway.
This is Vaughn, his throat. Strangle him.
If they think I'm paying full price
for a bedroom they love.
How can I change the world?
How can I be a better man
for my followers.
Get out.
- Sometimes I wonder.
Sometimes I wonder,
whether I have the strength and courage.
I look in the mirror and think ...
Ralph, come here.
What is it?
- What is.
Is he dead?
- Yes, he's dead.
Stupid bastard.
I knew this would happen.
Over everything, it should begin as soon as possible.
Try to pick him up.
Go look.
Remove it from the wall.
On the wall.
Follow him.
Blocking the exit.
Two people on the roof, now.
There he is.
Stay calm.
They are looking for two men.
A connected flight from Midway.
I fly from O'Hara and see you tomorrow at home.
This way.
Andrew Vaughn controversial
and religious person ...
is dead.
The police is investigating the shooting,
The perpetrators have not yet been found.
All five have been killed.
You probably know people from that team.
Terminal B.
- At the end, leaving about 15 minutes.
When does this?
- About 15 minutes.
That does not give us much time then.
What do you want?
I want to know why you're alive.
Last time I saw you
you had a bullet in your head.
What really happened in Cape Town?
Where's the rest of your team?
- They're dead.
Dean has paid me a lot
the other murder.
Said I had to put my death scene
and disappear.
Know what he told me more?
Harry was suspicious
over a ruined surgery.
He was about to betray.
It had to be processed.
Did the right man for the job.
Someone she could take.
It is not the fact that you
They've killed it?
But they were playing up so easily.
That is bothering you.
Am I right?
- Not so good for your side.
Those were my two best teams.
I think I should send more.
You save fuel.
I come to you.
When are you coming home?
I'm starving.
- Where are you?
I'm in the living room.
Sit on the bench.
- Okay.
I assume you are not alone.
There is a gun under the pillow left.
Loaded and the safety catch is off.
But I'm not left.
- Then you will die.
Well, if I see you're here.
I'm about five minutes.
Who sent these guys?
- My employer.
Grab the stuff from the top shelf,
and put it in the boat.
Are we ready?
Do you ever think about the
people you killed?
Have you ever killed someone you knew?
Did it feel different?
Not at that time.
A warning?
Time to prepare?
I have time to ...
There is no peace.
So it is best that they do not know
you're coming.
It does not matter
until they are dead and not you, right?
Hello, Finch.
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
I want you to listen to me.
It does not matter who I hurt
do or die, you know?
Please, no.
You're gonna tell me what I want to know.
Where's Dean?
It's up to you how far I go.
- Tell him what he wants to know.
Okay, 300 Golden Plaza.
I swear there he is.
You're going to miss a good dinner.
- What was Harry's life worth?
I'm going to do.
Ten million to one's own choice,
within 24 hours.
That's a good deal, it would take.
- Not interested.
A murderer gets a conscience.
This is a professional handicap,
Mr. Bishop.
Harry dead things.
Pure and simple.
Now is not that simple.
No, because now I put a big price on your head.
That if you look in the mirror,
your reflection you want to shoot.
As long as you survive.
- You're a fool.
You think you're with me earlier
than I do for you?
I al
Where E is meeting?
- Up, sir.
He is inside, get me the hell out of here.
Have they found Bishop?
- Nothing yet.
Get out of that bus.
Walk, go by bus.
Fuck you.
What is the plan?
New identity, new profession.
- Together?
That's up to you.
What we do in bunk beds?
Camping in a wigwam?
Want some water?
I always ...
had an anger in me.
Now you feel like ...
I could give one place.
I would miss if I would quit.
Many people out there who would pay ...
and I think you wrong.
Revenge is the problem.
You want something?
- No.
Last chance.
I do not want.
I'm sorry about what happened.
You know me, it fascinates me.
Victory loves preparation
Look number two.