Meda Meeda Abbayi (2017) Movie Script

No problem fail in exam..
but life fail when you not come.
Read this formula.
What, it is me to recharge
and you speak to him?
Shut up and hang the phone.
Huh, we have been waiting from
3 hours the he would come and bring.
Hey, phone is switched off.
Maybe his battery is dead.
Then, is my 5000 gone?
Not just yours,
but all here have lost 5000 each.
We did not give for free,
but for the question paper, right?
Stop your nonsense,
time is already 10.
Lost both mood and interest
to read by waiting.
Darn..plan was failed.
Hey, these exams are
more important to him than us.
Because, he may be poor in studies
but perfect in matters like this.
He would definitely bring.
What happened, did you bring?
Hey, Gauss theorem is given.
Where? Show it dude.
Oh no, it is not in this...
See in the other.
Hey, this looks
like out of syllabus.
Idiot, it is from the syllabus.
See fast.
Hey, I know these two questions.
Hey, that is it right?
- No dude, tan theta.
Hey, decide something fast.
Hey, I am feeling hungry. Please,
we will come back and study.
Hey, listen to me guys.
Hey, it is like into dot two,
what is this?
That is not into two dot,
but x square.
Hey, you shut up. You see dude.
Oh no, he is greatly educated...
Hey, did that Priya fall for you?
Is topic of Priya needed
now for you, idiot? You see.
I cannot see the
answer for 8th question.
It may be in the 8th chapter.
Cos theta by two minus sin... Huh!
Hey, I am unable to understand.
Come here.
Cannot understand anything!
Cos theta by sin theta
is equal to one minus...
...tan theta by cosec theta
into x square into x into...
I have a doubt from the day
I joined this college. - What?
Of course, I did not ask anyone till now.
- Come on, say what is that?
What is this theta?
Hey, say this guy dudes.
Maybe that is some filthy word
and thus they are not saying.
Dude, do you know Gauss theorem?
Gas... no.
Ok, at least Starks?
...those worn by
heroines in films right?
Is it sin theta equals cos theta
or is it sin theta by cos theta?
Hey, do not write
answers to all questions.
My dad always used to say write
all questions and do not leave any.
I feel it fun when you are saying
not to write for the first time.
Oh no, all would know that question
paper is leaked if you write so.
Hey, I will not
write Starks theorem.
Do not say names,
all sound the same.
Do one thing, say 2nd question
and 6th question and so on.
Hey, you remember right?
Yes dude, I too will
not write some as he said.
None would get a doubt, move on.
- Move on.
Hey, you remember right?
Write answer to only some.
I will, I will write completely.
See to that all questions
come easily, God.
What is this?
What? Why have you
not filled anything?
My daddy said to keep
the paper clean. Save paper.
I too the same...
I gave when your guy
asked question paper...
...and what will I know
which month and which year?
You are educated and how will
I know when you do not know?
Poor guy says does not know,
let us leave.
You wait, do you take
25000 making him innocent?
How much?
- 25.
Hello, your guy
has given only 10,000.
- Yes.
Go and ask if you want to know.
- Hey, Srinu...
Mom, canteen food is not good here.
Need to pay College fees.
Siddhu met with an accident.
Send 5000 urgently mom,
need to pay condolence fees.
Not condolence but
condonation fees...
Yes condonation fees to be paid and
I am going for tour to Ooty.. money...
Hey, it seems 28 guys from
our class got campus placements... Infosys, Wipro and TCS.
Bro, pass?
We are 1st class bro.
- Super bro.
But, it seems work pressure
is heavy in those right?
Will they not miss
enjoyment in life?
How many do you have finally?
24, and yours?
Thank God,
I too have a guy in company.
Hey, look at these both.
It is been four years and they
are not splitting at all. - Laila Majnu.
Dude, this fake...
I mean the fake certificate...
How much would that cost?
It may be around
two and half lakhs...
Oh no, how would the middle and
lower class guy live if it is so costly?
Government should
do something for them.
Ok, I am going to my village.
We will meet after holidays.
- Bye.
Oh no, all these were in 8th class
when I joined in the college...
...and now these
are going to college.
There, he is come.
- Chicks and girls grow very fast.
Not 1,2 or 3, but should write 24 subjects
at once in B Tech with a strong will...
What Srinu,
it seems 24 subjects are gone?
What dude,
just 24 or any more grown?
Hey Vasu, nothing else
than studies to ask me?
I am already allergic to that.
Still, why not ask a bit slowly?
What is it dude? I said hello
in respect as you are my friend.
You should save my respect
too if that is the case, right?
Still, ask about water problem and power
problem in our village and we shall talk.
But, if you once again ask about my
studies leaving all those, you...
I will bend you and push
in the stove. Uneducated fellow...
See you mom...
What man, came back so fast?
Going for Maths tuition.
Why tuition?
If you prepare a good material,
tuition is not at all needed.
Oh, is it reading that material... are writing
the same paper from 5 years?
Ok, I am leaving. Sanjana is waiting.
- What, has Sanjana come?
Her marriage too is fixed.
- Ask her to be good at least with him.
Srinu, why have
you thinned down so?
Higher studies, right mom.
How did you write the exams son?
Do not be tensed mom,
I wrote all I knew.
Guarantee pass this time...
Oh God!
Will you really pass in the exams?
Mom, you go and prepare breakfast and
I will be back freshening up by then.
Ok, is dad at home?
He is gone to the shop.
Come, Bharat.
It seems Srinu is back, right?
Idiot, he is come
like a dog smelling.
He is just come and is in the room.
Shall I call?
Srinu, Bharat has come...
Mom, I am taking bath.
It seems, he is bathing...
- No problem aunty...
I just saw the flexi at the centre
and came to ask about his exams.
It is like Nero playing
guitar when Rome is burning...
Dear. Have you joined
in any job by the way?
Oh no, I will not do
any job right now aunty.
I need to study a lot more.
What is in doing just
the Engineering these days?
There would be a value
when M Tech or MS adds to that.
Thus I am writing GRE,
Not the cat aunty,
that too is a course.
Has Srinu not said you all these?
What is he thinking to do,
MS or M Tech?
No idea dear,
I do not know and you ask him.
Why about me, idiot?
Ok aunty, it is time for my class.
Students would be waiting.
I teach free classes to the
students lagging behind in studies.
See you aunty.
When would son grow
good like this guy?
This is a new model sir...
No water here dude...
Hey, some guy is gone into trial room
thinking that as toilet. Look into that...
This is no way good.
- Let us see another model.
Hello, is this a textiles shop?
No man, this is a barber shop.
He shaves head, and I shave beard.
What will you get shaved?
Get away fool.
- Why so angry sir?
Idiot, come at will to shops and
do not let watch girls for some time.
Oh Srinu....
Hey Srinu, where are you?
You by keeping such a big hoarding
at bus stand mentioning 24 subjects...
...and made me lose prestige.
That means you will
not pass even this time.
Tough dude,
they said 7 is bad for me.
You mean everything is
in the hands of astrologer?
Maybe the daily soap ends
but not your subjects.
Ok, but what is our Srikanth doing?
He is having great life...
...driving the College bus
full of engineering college girls.
Ok, when do we meet?
- We will meet in the club tonight dude.
Ok, see you.
What is in between Prabhas
and Anushka? - Rana is in between.
Old balance is gone high sir.
- I will give it...
Darn life!
We should remember when
something is done in life sir.
That is why I kept the debts
with you and remember it lifelong.
Will you not change in this life?
The same way, when made to sit in the
shop as is roaming like a vagabond...
...he is ruining my total business.
Will Ganguly and Sachin sit in your
textiles shop, if not a vagabond?
It seems he insulted
a lady customer this morning.
She is come and sat at the shop.
Has she come? I too would have come,
if you had given me one missed call.
She came with his boyfriend.
He is saying to leave
only after hitting this fellow.
Am I any temple bell
for anyone to come and hit?
I asked you to go and bring material from
Bangalore? Did you move at least a step.
I thought to take two steps at once
when you say me... take even the second step.
Silence, my wife!
Hello Mutyam, say.
Why did you hit like
to my friend Anuradha?
Me, when did I dear?
I saw.
- Did you?
Did you see when
I hit like in facebook?
- No dear.
I did not, listen to me.
Added, you put a comment
saying beautiful too.
Me, I never did dear.
I never put the comment beautiful.
You do not like me and trying
as to how you can get rid of me.
No dear, I like you.
I love you dear.
Look, I will not
leave you so easily.
I will file a case
and push you even in jail.
What did you say idiot?
Yes, I will hit like and say
I love you too going to her house.
Do what you can,
I am now going to her house...
Hey, he is Prashant just for name.
But he has no peace in life dude.
Why has he not asked me?
Then, that like...
- Yes, me.
He left the phone at shop,
I opened the FB.
I hit a like as
the girl looked good.
These are a daily routine.
What are your plans dude?
I have a few stories and
am waiting for good producers.
Are you thinking to make a film?
Dude... you remember writing
a poem on our Amani teacher...
...those days inspired by watching
R.N. Murthy film those days?
I thought then itself, you
would one day be a great celebrity.
Thanks dude.
- Your range is different...
Dude, you do not waste time moving
like this with us.
I mean, would get to know
the low class mentality...
...only by moving with
people like you right?
Darn it.
Hi Srinu.
- Hi dude.
After so long...
How are you dude?
- Average and you?
Babji, I bought the phone.
Download the facebook.
Looks like a new phone..
Hi dude.
- Hi.
Hey, give me a Tea.
Hey, is this smart
phone needed for you?
Girls these days are flat for the guys
with smart phone than the smart guys.
Damn! You failed 10th
and have so many girls...
...and I am doing Engineering
but none is down for me.
What dude, colour matching?
What password should I keep?
Keep it as mansion house and
we will not forget that in life.
Super, universal code...
Excuse me.
Phone is dead and will
you give your charger once?
Go, ask someone else.
Come on, such waste phones
are only with you and me here.
You... get out fool.
Here son...
Say dear...
- Give one kilo flour and a packet of salt.
Hey, give a kilo
flour and salt packet.
I need a tablet.
Tablet, what is your disease?
Tablet means not that tablet dad.
Oh, not that tablet?
Samsung tab,
the phone having a big screen.
Big screen TV is at home, right?
Why is this phone again?
This facebook and WhatsApp
does not come in that dad.
All these are
connected to internet.
You do not know much about these.
Ok, I agree I do not
know much about internet.
But say one thing.
You mean, will these facebook and
WhatsApp help for passing your exams?
What dude, we know why
Kattappa killed Bahubali right?
What are you still thinking about?
Not that dude.
Then, are you thinking how did
Nazar break the wall with one hand?
Not that idiot, my dad said
not to buy a tab when I asked.
What will you do now buying a tab?
We can go to YouTube and
see videos how can we grow in life.
We will not see videos
showing how to grow in life...
...but the videos of
girls whom we should try for.
Thus they do not buy.
Why did these fathers become
like speakers in Assembly?
They make us sit saying
silence whatever we talk.
Why do our dads
be friendly with us?
Why would we have this set up here if
so, we would have had it at home right?
He hit me when I was 10 for
going to the film of Pawan Kalyan.
Did he hit for going
to film of Pawan Kalyan?
That is, I went bunking final exam
that day and that is a different matter.
Then nothing wrong.
In Inter, he scolded even
when I wrote the exam well.
This is too much, will anyone scold
when you say to have written well?
He said not to believe
when I said wrote it well...
...and so I showed him
the answer sheet I wrote.
Recently in first year, failing love on
one hand and life on the other hand...
...when I returned back home, he insulted
me in front of all the villagers.
By thinking, I feel the same
you faced are happening to me.
Your dad hit you only till you were 10
and my dad hit even yesterday night.
My dad is the secret behind
the beauty of this skin.
We should do something
and earn money.
I too am thinking the same...
...should I steal purse of
dad or to mortgage my house papers?
Leave money guys,
it comes by hitting a dog too...
That means we get by hitting you.
Hey, my dad looks for a beautiful girl in
two to three years and gets me married.
I will rotate the dowry she gets
for interests and live happily.
Bro, marriage and happiness
never be at one place.
This fellow is...
That is why guys, we should
enjoy and see life by that time.
Get lost!
I am frightened thinking
about your future, son.
What happened to dad, mom?
I did not say about him,
but about you.
Why worry about my future
as long as he is good mom, happy.
You pray that he should be healthy
for lifelong and I too will pray.
Have you thought
about what he said?
He should learn film direction,
same right?
Your son would make a film, ok.
But have you thought about the
trouble of those who watch that?
Making film is an art.
Is there any relation
with that and your son?
Has he at least participated
in one drama at school?
Brother does not know anything dad.
Many papers are already
pending in Engineering.
Who switched on this radio?
He knows that cannot pass
unless he works very hard.
Thus he searched a field where
no qualification is asked for.
He is thinking would get
name and money getting into films.
There are many as such
even in our college, dad.
Nothing so, he has a great talent.
Oh no, is it so?
Hubby, it seems he would do some
direction course for three months at Vizag.
He becomes a director
if he does that, it seems.
Then, are those working for 10 to 15
years at big directors wasting time?
I know nothing about cinema.
But I know that is an art.
To be a great artist,
some experience is required.
Here is the shirt, dad.
Cinema can be made.
Good thoughts come
when there is good heart.
Ask him to meet good people
for those, meet good people...
...and then we shall think
of direction course.
Your dad took a big class
then for asking a small tab.
I think...
...he is planning a great job for you to do
the packing work at the grocery shop.
My dad always asks
to do some useful work.
What exactly is a useful work dude?
Nothing dude, ten people around you
should feel happy when you do some work.
Then, we shall keep
a recording dance in our village.
What just 10,
all here would feel happy.
Hey great people up there!
You should save this fellow...
Hey, stop it now.
- Him too.
Hey, shall we make all
uneducated here into educated?
This idea is really good dude.
Come on, spell uneducated once.
What is there? UNDU...
Not Due or Undue but uneducated...
...cannot spell and wants
to make them educated...
You think whatever...
...but I too will one day do some
useful work and prove myself to my dad.
What, you broke my pot?
Will you never do any
useful work correct in life?
No idea, whom did I see
first and he broke my pot.
Even this fellow saying so...
- He said it correct...
He sleeps the whole morning.
Comes down in the evening,
eats and goes up again.
Light is always on in the room,
no idea what he does?
Suseela said there would be some
bad things in this computer.
Is it true, son?
Is internet at home aunty?
Then, it would be hard disk.
Everything would be in that aunty.
No idea why,
but only he is become so.
At least you say him son.
- Sure aunty.
He does not at least help
a bit at the shop to his dad.
Girl working at my
house is better than him.
Very sad...
No idea, when would he change...
Here he is come.
Hey Srinu, where are you going?
- Srinu, hey Srinu.
You do not be worried aunty,
I will take care.
Hey Srinu, you...
- Hello sir.
Good morning
Srinu, I am calling you.
Why are you doing so?
See how much worried
is your mother.
Listen to me and help
your dad going to his shop.
Debts taken for your studies would
easily be cleared even if you too work.
If needed, I will help in the
pending subjects. You come to me.
Change dude...
- You fool...
...go and say tuition
to your grandma.
My tension started when
you got 1st rank in 3rd class.
Hey, you may study well
but not come up in life.
Still why do you look so
low at those not studying well?
Are we any untouchables,
pressurizing so much to change?
Guys like you are sitting in first bench
as guys like me are sitting in last bench.
Do not show ego to
have got a free seat.
I am a guy doing Engineering
buying a seat royally with money.
You have not spent a
single rupee for the seat...
...and what use does
the country have from you?
Not that dude, what I am saying is...
- Shhh.... Shhh.
Guys like you are studying as middle
class people like me are paying taxes.
Remember that. If you once again
coming saying TOEFL and so on...
Look at our guy and learn. Wash their feet
and sprinkle that water on your head.
I am pissed off listening to GRE,
GMAT and a pen again for you idiot.
If I see you again in this area,
I will kill you.
No Srinu.
Stupid nuisance everyday
in the morning...
I now understood dude...
Like Trump sending away all
our people from America to India...
...we need to send
Bharat away from here.
Right? - Yes, you say
and I will bash up that Bharat.
Correct. - Not manhandling him, but
we should psychologically hit him.
That means, we should grow further.
What, more? Did you get any job
to change bulbs to street lights?
Idiot, growing is not in height.
We should make all in
this village look up to us.
What do you think should I do,
would be good?
Look for a beautiful Pakistani girl..
..and then not just all here
but whole India would look up to you.
Hey, stop it.
Srinu, what are you thinking to do?
I am thinking to learn direction
going to the cinema field.
Which director are
you thinking to join at?
Bro, join at Puri Jagannath.
He makes the whole film in Bangkok.
No dude..
..for me to get famous in international
level, Rajamouli is correct.
But how to meet him?
Hey, if you make a short film with
your creativity and show him... super.
What short film in cheap?
What did you say?
You said short film is cheap?
What a bad verse?
What a bad verse?
Where did Raj Tarun becoming
hero in short cut come from?
It is from short film.
Where did big size Viva Harsha..
..becoming popular with
a small size film? It is from short film.
Why do you make us say?
Tarun Bhaskar, director of Pelli Chupulu...
Run Raja Run director Sujeeth...
Saying many names so...
where did all these come from?
It is from short film. Do you say
such a short film as cheap? You idiot!
Then, we will urgently
do a short film.
Seeing that getting viral,
Rajamouli would call us.
Working with him, let us
narrate story to Cherry or Prabhas.
Then direction, money and life settle...
- Yes.
You are super dude,
you have got the talent in you.
Nobody can stop the guy
with talent and getting toilet...
We need a story now, right?
- I have many of those.
We will pick a Korean film we have,
take that story and do a free make.
Will you put that in YouTube?
Shut up and hang the phone.
The more you pump air,
more would go the likes.
That is not what I meant idiot, Koreans
would see if it is kept in that right?
Hey, they will not be as free as us.
They would be busy in writing new stories.
I will start our story right today.
Let us see the
film of our master...
What son?
Felt like someone has come.
Someone has just come
to the house adjacent on rent.
Baby Sindhu.
- Yes dad.
You go in baby.
- Ok.
I will unload the luggage and come.
- Ok dad.
Sindhu... Bindu in my story...
What is he, writing so much like
Sage Vemana wearing a pant and shirt?
Show me.
Dude, you are super...
What are you thinking?
Nothing dude, just thinking what would
Ramgopal Varma tweet seeing my short film?
What, will Ramgopal Varma
tweet even for short film?
He would even tweet
for that film if you do.
Hey, what would you do if some big
producer comes and offers you direction?
I will plan the same
short film in a grand way.
When a beggar is given
3 crores and asked what he does.. seems he said to
buy a car and beg in that.
Well said.
Why do you again say short film when
said producer come sand gives an offer?
It is ok, but what is this Sindhu
all over? Who is this Sindhu?
My inspiration.
Inspiration... Who is that Sindhu?
The girl in my neighborhood.
Bro, show her once
to us too please.
Difficult dude,
she is already in love with a guy.
What, who is that fellow?
This boy in the top floor...
Story is ready,
but who would invest?
Bro, I will donate
Rs 516 for your short film.
I will give 1116..
Hey, he is not asked donations for
Ganesh Chaturdhi, but money for short film.
Invest whatever it
takes and do as the hero.
No dude, if I play hero then my wife would bite
me like a dog with a feel that..
..I have a link with heroine.
Oh no!
Bro, I will produce
if you have no objection.
But, one condition.
What is that condition?
Hey, what are you doing?
Give a look first and then a smile
and then is running. Ok?
I will take care of that bro.
- Action!
Hey, listen everything I say, come here.
- Cool.
Remember... Smile.
Go to your position.
Start camera... Action...
Run, come on run... cut cut...
Hey, what is that running?
Come on, come...
Oh no, I cannot dude...
Look, you got turn
after he come here, ok?
Keep it like this... Oh no!
Hey, come here once.
Dude, money is over.
Mother of heroine
is saying to take her.
What is that dude,
have you not paid her?
What do I know? I thought she came to
act for free knowing that I am the hero.
But, all money I got is already
spent on everything else right?
What is viral, son?
I will upload the short
film I made over the internet.
All would watch it crazily
and that means it is a big hit.
They call that as viral.
Then internet people
would pay us in return.
Would they pay in return?
Yes, they would give a lot.
Hey, wait then. Your dad
gave money for household expenses.
Wait, I will bring that.
Mom... You are super.
Cut it...
Short film over...
Thank you, thank you.
Pack up.
What happened to the face dude?
Why did you cover with the kerchief?
That is, I became the hero right dude.
I do not like all these photos
and identifying me...
What we did is short film..
..did not still upload and
they identify now itself, stupid...
The director to be
should not get angry...
Dudes, all of you look here once.
Say cheese.
Hey, I am putting a post.
What caption should I keep?
Short film over...
Boys in the river
and double over...
Yes, our short film
is a viral now...
Dude, I should say the truth. That
romantic shot you did at that river..
...EVV sir had just
come and gone there.
Your caliber is different dude...
- Thanks dude.
Whatever, yours is up after
Sindhu came into your life.
- That is...
- Yes.
Dude, after this
short films goes viral..
..Rajamouli sir would directly come to your
house and ask whether you work with him.
Hey, police! Hide it all.
Hide it all.
Hey, throw even that.
Throw it.
Do I look decent dude?
Stupid, that is not the
Police jeep, but jeep of Appu.
I expected in advance dude.
There would be an idiot to
say this dialogue in every group.
Damn, total drink is gone waste.
Give that camera here bro,
I will go and edit the video.
Where did you keep?
Beside you
Beside you.
Did we bring it here?
Hey, did you copy that short film?
- No bro.
Dude, camera was in the cover.
Hey, my short film guys.
Catch it, run.
Come on run.. - Oh no,
my heroine and everything is gone.
Come on guys.
- Careful, catch it.
Come on run.
Come on guys.
- Careful, catch it.
Come on guys...
Careful, catch it.
Careful... it
Hey, cut.
Move bro... that is the field.
Bro, we are making a short
film here. Let us work in peace.
Go aside fast bro.
- Short film.... Is short film so cheap?
Why did you get wet so dear?
When would you give the
money taken for short film, son?
Nothing, but that was the money your
dad gave for household expenses.
Your short film gets viral, right?
I am not well and have
work at two places. Accompany me.
Dad, I have a small work.
I did not ask will you come,
I said to come.
Your work is done.
- Ok sir.
You can leave now.
- Thank you sir.
- Hello President sir.
Hello Mr. Venkata Ratnam,
are you fine?
I am fine sir.
- Say.
You anyways are in the bank, put a word
to the Manager about my loan matter.
What is it? Bank manager stays in
the house adjacent to you, right?
Did you not introduce?
He is just come..
..and added it would be good if people
like you put a word about loan matter.
Oh, why not?
Come on, I will introduce.
- Dad.
You fill the form by then.
Come on.
- Move.
What? Damn, how is he
staring without any shame.
How do I fill?
Shall I write the name first?
Did you finish filling the form?
No dad, I am not knowing
how to fill the form.
You studied Engineering, right?
- They did not teach all these there dad.
Oh, I do not know that.
Give the pen sir.
What is he writing?
Hey, you come to the shop
and practice packing from tomorrow.
Not that dad, listen to me...
Do not have any
other ideas and come.
Do not throw a punch dialogue
without knowing my ideas, dad.
I have my own goal and
I am thinking to travel that way.
You cannot fill a form..
..and know to stare like an own at girls
with all vagabond like friends.
You do not know what life
is and how will you make a film?
We made you study Engineering on loan
thinking you would get better..
..and that too as you wished for.
I too was into politics and behaved
as a goon when I was young.
That guy is still within me.
If you do not listen to me,
I will peel your skin.
Your results are out tomorrow, right?
- Yes dad.
Then, your future
will be known tomorrow.
- Dude..
..they upload results in the net
right? Wake me once it is uploaded.
They already uploaded dude...
- Uploaded already?
You have seen right?
You failed, is it?
No, I passed dude.
You passed?
- Yes.
Ok, I too will go
and see my results.
God, somehow look into
that I pass these exams.
Then 100 coconuts for you...
No, will offer 100 fresh coconuts to
you, because they will have more water.
Sandhya, see if power is gone
in the next house It is gone there too.
Your results are
out tomorrow, right?
Then, your future
will be known tomorrow.
Being in this house, my whole
life will be dedicated to the shop.
Is it shop or cinema?
Yes, cinema!
Oh, Sindhu!
What is all this happening just like
the film of my master Rajamouli?
I should use this opportunity.
Excuse me!
You, Sindhu right?
You recognize me?
It is me, your neighbor...
Can I sit here?
Thank you.
- Yes.
Going all alone?
- Yes.
I have a job interview.
- Where?
Max InfoTech, Gachibowli.
Really? You too are
an engineer like me then.
Sorry, my health is not well.
Is it? Shall I bring any tablet or
look for any Doctor in the train?
No need, I have a throat
infection and cannot speak.
She is cutting the scene...
Let me try giving
a romantic look...
Excuse me, this is my seat.
Is this seat yours?
Please do not misunderstand.
Mine is the upper berth.
We both are neighbors
and are wishing to travel together.
Sorry sir, I like window seat.
Oh, you like window seat.
- Ok.
Idiot looks to have been
born in the window seat.
Let me send this
photo to our Babji.
From Gauthami express...
...with Sindhu...
CD. Bahubali CD.
Cold drink. Cold drink.
Brother, you need Bahubali CD?
Cold drink. Cold drink.
Sister, Bahubali CD is just 50.
Do you need?
Brother, Bahubali CD...
- Has Bahubali come so fast?
Yes brother.
How much?
- Just 50 brother.
Here... Hey, come here.
- Yes brother.
One photo of me and that girl...
Click in the center... ready...
Just a bit back....
- Ok.
Bro, just move to a side..
It came super, bro.
Did you sleep so fast?
Good night.
Sir, Secunderabad station is come,
get down sir.
Is it come so fast.
I should meet Producer sir.
- He is inside, go.
Hey, security.
Go.. get out.
Whom do you want?
- Is Rajamouli sir there?
Sir is not here, he is gone out.
I will wait inside till he is back.
- You cannot be so sir, leave.
Not that sir, I came all the
way from Atreyapuram to meet him.
Go back there.
Looks like a shooting.
- Hi.
- Sorry, sir. Don't push me.
Oh sorry.
Give a lemon tea please.
- Okay.
Hello boss.
- Hello.
What, trying in films? - Yes, none is
giving a chance even after hard trials.
From when?
How long, you trying cinema?
Six days.
- What?
Catch, I will say.
Six years.
Oh God!
What dude, said to come for second
show in the night and did not come?
Went out dude.
I even called and you
did not pick up, idiot?
Hi Vasu.
Why has he come back?
No idea dude.
- Come, we shall enquire.
Hey Sankar, come here.
Drop down all tamarind
from the tree.
Hey, clean faster.
What Subbu, fine?
- Fine dude.
You built the house great dude.
What are the matters?
Leave that,
but why has he come back?
Srinu... Srinu.
- Mom.
Why have you done so, son?
I was wrong mom,
I did unknowingly in a small age.
Ok, what are all these?
Do you not know?
Did you not remember your mom, sister
or any before doing such a shameless thing?
I have come back thinking
about you all, mom.
Idiot, did you think about us?
What have you done, idiot?
- What, dad?
How dare are you idiot?
- Hubby, do not hit.
Hey, you go in.
What did you do, idiot?
- Daddy.
No hubby.
How dare are you idiot?
Have you come back again shameless?
Go, get out from here.
- What exactly happened dad?
Where is the girl?
Where is that girl?
- Which girl, dad?
Which girl, idiot?
- No hubby, stop that.
- What happened dad?
Get out idiot.
No hubby, do not hit.
- Dad.
Stop it.
Why are you hitting?
Playing drama before all?
You should not put hands on him.
I will myself chop him down.
Say where my daughter is, say.
- Excuse me sir.
Say you... - Say not to hit hubby.
Say to stop.... Hubby!
What have you done
to my daughter, idiot?
When did he come?
Say not to hit hubby.
Say to stop.... Hubby!
Do not hit.
- Hey, stop it. Stop it.
Hey, stop them.
- Do not hit.
Hey, stop it. Stop it.
You should talk and solve when there is
some problem, but what is this nuisance?
You now need a solution
for this problem, right?
Srinu, where is Sindhu?
What do I know where is Sindhu sir?
Who will know if you do not?
- Hey, stop it Narasimha.
Srinu, I know it all.
You and Sindhu eloped to Hyderabad.
I and Sindhu have
no relation at all sir.
Do you have o relation with Sindhu?
What is this, then?
No shame?
You have no courage to
agree when you eloped so daring?
Dad, I and Sindhu went
to Hyderabad in the same train.
She said to have
some interview there.
I do not know where she
left after getting down dad.
Then, Bandla Babji
has not said this story...
What did he say?
Yes, me...
I got them together. Yes, see.
It was me financially helping these
love birds even to elope to Hyderabad.
If any of you try to separate them
based on caste feeling or others...
You will see the animal in me.
Are you wishing to see?
- No.
Idiot Bandla Babji,
you use me for your publicity?
I will not leave you.
- Do not hit.
Do not unnecessarily increase the issues.
Wait, let us talk and solve the issue.
Who are you to take decision
about my daughter? - Listen to me.
Oh no, I am stuck.
It is better I now
go in their route.
Stop it...
- Stop!
Yes, we both were in love.
We eloped as her
parents would not agree.
Not as per my wish, but that too
as per the wish of his daughter.
We realized it was
wrong after going there.
I thought to come first, talk to
all and then bring back the girl.
Where is that girl now?
In Hyderabad.
- Ok, we shall do one thing now.
We will right away go to
Hyderabad and bring the girl back.
Later, we will discuss before the elders
and decide about doing this marriage.
I will not agree my daughter
to marry this fellow.
That is why, they have eloped.
Entire village knows
about this matter.
There is no other chance now
than to get these both married.
Hey Srinu,
you go in and get ready.
Hey, book tickets
for going to Hyderabad.
President sir, what answer should I
now give to the parents of the groom?
You do not be tensed
at all Narasimha...
What bro?
Hey Babji,
Srinu is back in village.
Is he back?
A big nuisance is taking
place at his house.
He first said not to know
about Sindhu, but agreed later.
President is taking Srinu
to Hyderabad now for the girl.
Ok, where is Srinu now?
President sir,
Srinu has gone missing again.
What missing again?
Hey, it seems he is missed again.
Has he escaped?
- Hang it, I will call again.
Idiot, calling me as dude, bro and...
You made me lick the dust calling dude,
I will kill you idiot.
- I will die, stop.
Hey, are you hitting or raping?
Who is responsible if I die?
Hey, I will kill if you speak about
responsibility and relationship.
Still, why did you tell
all that I eloped that girl?
I said what was there, right?
No dude, I have no relation
with that girl at all.
No! Get down idiot, get down...
You said there was love between you,
right? - I had just said so, then.
You said was Jack and
she was Rose of Titanic film?
Did you drown us both for that?
Then all this is...
A lie.
- A lie!
Wait idiot, it was you saying
to love and you sent the photo.
You went away from house.
Will you push the
whole blame over me now?
All you heroes are the same.
You hide all your mistakes and when
we do, you publicize that all over.
You idiot...
How did all in the village get to
know when I sent that photo to you?
I did not do that wontedly.
- I got trapped.
Were you trapped?
- I had no money to buy the I Phone.
So what..?
- My mother.
Your mom.
Sold both of her bangles
and my dad came to know that.
Do you have no shame to sell bangles
of your mothers, to hell idiot.
Dad... I sold as it was
own mother and her own bangles.
Why, do I not have
that right as own son?
Say dad, say.
I will slipper you stupid, explanation
again for your dirty deeds...
- Dad.
What have you done with that money?
Have you got anybody married?
Say, say idiot!
Yes dad, I sold to let my best
friend Srinu and his lover get along.
Beat me if I was any wrong dad,
beat me.
Come on.. hit me.
Oh no!
You showed your dad, ok. Why
did you show it to all in village?
For your image, right?
Dude... where is he?
- Here.
Are you here?
Ok, but do not hit dude.
Past is past.. bring back Sindhu
at the earliest possible.
I cannot see someone
beating you before me dude.
Why will anyone hit me?
They would hit you.
- Me?
Come on, why do they hit me?
You think, I would come
back going from here now?
No way, whom would
they search for then?
For you! Police keeping you
inside and men of President..
..if you come out and your dad if
you come home would smash you up.
That means, am I booked dude?
Dude, give some water.
- What?
Dude, I too will come
to Hyderabad with you.
For what?
I mean, in a way I too
am a reason behind this problem..
Not in a way, but by all ways.
- Ok...
We are going to Hyderabad
and coming back getting Sindhu.
Hey, where do we search
for Sindhu in Hyderabad?
Dude, have Karnataka
Police not caught Veerappan?
Have Americans
not caught Bin Laden?
Similarly, we are catching Sindhu
wherever she is in Hyderabad.
If the same insulting you are not
going to feel bad coming to you...
...give me your hand...
give the hand.
Dude, look at that building.
Hey, shut up and sit.
We should agree openly,
Budha is very smart.
Wow, great dude.
Can you not sit without falling over?
- I will take just one photo.
You already made it a
mess with the photo I sent.
You idiot.
- Oh no... It is wrong.
What have you thought?
After severe thinking, I feel
better go down and eat than to order.
Idiot, always
thinking about food...
I asked what have you
thought about catching Sindhu?
She is not in any
room adjacent to catch.
Hey, did you see my brush?
No dude.
Brush right in this room is not
found searching from morning...
..will that girl be seen
in Hyderabad so big?
Still, hair lost and girl
eloped is very difficult to catch.
Hey, it was you who said..
..we shall search and find Sindhu
like Americans found Bin Laden..
..and Karnataka Police
catching Veerappan?
Cool dude, I may not find Sindhu but
you can catch because you are different.
In the same way, you pumped
up heavily and made me go waste.
I did that to boost up your
self-confidence, was it my mistake?
Hey, you should openly
say not to have the stuff..
..but should not push from close,
boasting him up.
This should happen to me.
- Yes, it should happen to you.
I too said the same.
They say the small
links turn the story.
What did you say?
Nothing dude. Sindhu might have
said something to you that night.
Remember once.
It is coming, yes coming...
- Hey, you do not come over me.
I have job interview.
- Where?
Max InfoTech.
- Oh, Max InfoTech.
Hey you, why do you not listen..
..when I am saying no interviews
happening here from a year?
Those already here
too have no proper work.
Not that sir.
What no,
I am doing duty here for 24 hours.
Do I not know or what?
Ok sir, how many children have you got?
- Two.
How were they born when you
are doing duty here for 24 hours?
You idiot.
- Hey, move on, move.
Hey, what are you doing?
- Thinking selfie dude.
It is enough for the President to find out
where we are just to see your facebook.
Switch it off and put it inside.
It is not going fast even when
I am pressing accelerator. - I will see.
Hyderabad number...
maybe our fellow.
- Hey Kanth... it is me Srinu.
- What did he say?
Where did you go,
it is all become a mess here.
Eve that Bandla Babji is missing.
He too is with me and we both
together are searching for Sindhu.
Ok, how is it?
Men of President
have been to your shop..
..and made a big mess ruining
prestige of your father.
All are saying that your family
knows about you eloping with that girl.
Your family members are not able
step out of the house because of that.
It is become a Police case and
they are enquiring your family members..
..relatives and those of Babji too.
It has still not come up to me.
Do not either call or text me dude.
- Ok.
I mean, it is a case involving a girl.
It is ok if I was alone, but...
It would get my whole family into
this. Please do not misunderstand.
How are you born so smart?
Who is beside me, smarter than me?
- Dude...Hey dude.
Oh no..where is he?
Hey dude... Sindhu dude.
Hey, catch.
Come on run.
- Run.
Move on.
- Catch dude.
Hey, who are you?
- Katrina Kaif...
..I came thinking may fate turns
marrying you. Open the door first, idiot.
Dude, none followed you right?
- No, close the door.
Hey, case of the girl
Sindhu from Atreyapuram..
..village missing from
a week took a new turn.
Police are saying that Srinu,
..from the same village
is the main accused in that case.
It is known that Srinu
coming back to village..
..has cleverly spoken to
the elders and escaped again.
Police informed to catch hold
of the main accused in 24 hours.
Police doubt that he has links.. the Bangalore sex racket dragging
innocent girls into prostitution.
Thank God, I am not in.
Police are even searching for Bandla Babji,
friend of Srinu missing along with him.
It is heard that Babji is the
main person behind this sex racket.
Police have the concrete
information that..
..Bandla Baji regularly
travelled to Bangalore.
SI Suresh informed that concrete
information can be had about..
..many missing
girls catching these.
Intense search operations
are on to catch..
..hold of the cruel Babji
across Bangalore and Hyderabad.
I used to often travel to
Bangalore for wholesale textiles.
Why did they book me so, dude?
Hey, stop that crying first.
Dude, I have a sister
and I have a mother.
Was I born in any dustbin,
you idiot.
I too have parents at home.
What should I do now?
Oh no, someone has come.
I will run away...
Oh no, we cannot go this way.
We cannot go this way.
Babji, silence and do not be tensed.
- Looks like some Police came.
Do not be tensed.
- Please dude.
Come, I will say.
Oh no, why did this fellow come?
Come on catch.
- Hey!
Who are you idiot,
what is your problem?
Who are you, idiot?
- Who are you to say me idiot?
Do you go blind and dash
all coming across on the road?
What are you lifting hands,
I will bash you up.
Oh no, you bash up?
Come on, let us see to that.
What are you raising, idiot?
Who do you think I am... - Dude,
Hey! Say him, he will be bashed up.
I will kill you idiot.
- What will you do?
You feel this is Hyderabad?
Hey Babji, why with him?
Come on, Sindhu is leaving there.
You said to hit,
if I come having guts?
Come on, let us fight.
You have not thought I would come for a
street fight stopped in between, right?
I will come.. duty is to search
and find criminals like you.
My name is private
detective Yugandhar.
I saw the paper.
Ok, yesterday you said like
kill me and chop me and so on.
Why do you not say anything now?
Will you not say anything today?
I will say.
- What?
Sorry sir.
What is the code name of your sex racket?
- Code name?
Sir, I know about Rocket Raghava
but not about this sex racket sir.
I actually thought of handing
you over to the Police first.
But, I came to see your faces once.
- Do not say so sir..
..looks like the unhappened from
four days would happen right today.
Sir, I will tell everything
that happened sir.
Good, a nice thriller story and say
the same way when Police catches you.
Sir, do not say Police again.
I pray to you sir.
I will not call, but they
would come searching for you..
..or they would catch when
you are out to search for Sindhu.
Sir, you said to be some private detective
and why not help in catching that Sindhu?
Hey, I do not need help of anyone.
I will search myself and catch her.
- What and how will you catch?
Police will catch if you go out and
how will you catch moving inside?
What do you lose?
They show sex racket once per
second when the TV is switched on.
Not that, listen to what I say...
Sir, you should somehow sex...
sorry help us sir.
I will do if you pay the money I ask for.
- How much sir?
I will catch her if
you pay one and half lakh.
One and half lakh?
- So much?
I feel you will have by seeing you.
Sir, maybe you think
our dresses are branded.
Only the looks are rich sir,
nothing other than holes in pockets.
This is my visiting card,
call when the money is ready.
Hello, what if you hand us over to
Police after taking money?
Hello, are you a terrorist
or the one exchanging old currency?
What will I get doing so?
- Give money and I will do the work.
Call if you have the confidence.
You leave sir, I will take care.
Please leave.
Dude, this is the
only help I can do.
What, to give money?
No, closing the door.
- You...
I do not feel like to
believe seeing him, dude.
He looks to have followed
us to make money.
Let us do one thing.
We will ask someone we know and who
does not know anything about us to help.
What do you say?
Then, shall we ask Sunny Leone?
Whole world would have
known about us by now.
Dude, Yugandhar works for money.
The guy who could trace us in
a day, can he not trace out Sindhu?
Give that card here.
Detective Yugandher!
I somehow have the
confidence that he can do.
What about you?
- When you have, it is like I too have.
- Hello Yugnadhar sir, it is Babji here.
Yes, tell me Babji.
We are ready to give
the money you asked for, sir.
Good decision, first you
pack your luggage from there.
Police are searching for you and it
is a risk to be in one place for long.
Is it?
- Yes..
..a vehicle would pick you
up in half an hour, be ready.
Ok sir.
What happened dude?
- It seems Police are searching for us.
What to do now?
- Get up change.
Hey, you said none would identify
with a cap and cooling glasses..
..and what are these looking
at us like animals in the zoo?
Dude, maybe they found the
short film that fell in water then.
They are recognizing,
I am the hero right?
Yes dude..
..that Yugandhar said to send vehicle
and why did he still not send?
Dude, we shall wait
for 10 more minutes and...
After that? - We will wait for
another one hour if he is not come.
Hello, are you Srinu?
- It is me sir.
Detective Yugandhar has sent,
I mean he sent the vehicle.
- Come on.
Hey, great words like vehicle in
English for this stupid auto...
What are you thinking sir, come on.
Oh no!
What dude, dirt would be in the house
and what is a house here in the dirt?
Maybe office of a detective would be so?
- What is this office?
Are you thinking, is he really a private
detective having office at such a place?
No, we are thinking
is he really a human...
Private detective means
not like any normal human.
Public would notice living
in huge house and luxury cars.
They can shadow me, they can
catch me and they can even kill me.
I do not stay at any place
for more than six months.
Why do you think so?
- Is it for not having business?
I do not care much about your talk
because you did not believe me.
Babji, write.
None should follow me,
but I will follow all.
Take your seats.
Say about the subject?
Come on say.
I did BA and only half
the subjects are gone.
He is B Tech and all
24 subjects are gone.
Hey, is it required
now about the 24 subjects?
He asked to say about the subjects,
right dude?
I have not asked
about your subjects..
..but about Sindhu I am
investigating. She is my subject.
I will say sir.
What happened was...
We get information about her asking
classmates or best friends of her..
..but I am giving you a lead.
How did a girl in Atreyapuram..
..get to know about a company
Max InfoTech in Gatchibowli?
Max InfoTech is not
any famous company too.
Added, chance is only 50% for your
village girl to about Gachibowli.
But, Sindhu said adding these
two names when you asked..
..that too without thinking much.
Am I correct?
- Correct boss.
So, there is some relation
between her and that company.
We will start our
search from there.
I think this is the
river of our village.
It is very difficult for
a girl coming from Atreyapuram.. get a house or flat
to say suddenly to stay.
Where is she staying now?
She must be in the house
of relatives or friends.
Her parents would
know if she does so.
If my estimation is correct,
it is ladies hostel.
These are the ladies hostels in and around
Gachibowli, their names and addresses.
Boss is very busy getting
so many ladies hostels.
- You are super, sir.
I did a plan.
As a part of that,
I will wear some get ups.
Some from those may be
difficult and some costly.
Whatever may happen,
but I will catch Sindhu for sure.
So, are you guys ready?
Yes sir.
Show me some money please.
- What?
I should construct some tents,
can you arrange some advance.
Why these again sir?
Excuse me,
does this girl stay in this hostel?
Have you seen this girl anywhere?
No, but you go.
Security... You go first.
Bro, what are you seeing?
Not seeing, but observing.
Bro, can I observe that aunty too?
If you do not give
money by morning..
..I will stop the search
and go to the police.
- Not that.
He said private detective and why does
he collect like private colleges dude?
Give. - You will not leave anything
on my body by the end.
Shall we wait here fasting?
- Correct dude.
We gave the money you asked, right?
Look boss, I have been searching
and not sitting in the shade like you.
My fifth sense said six times that the
girl will be found in the next two days.
You are saying the
same from many days.
Still, shall we get punishment
for hat we have not done?
I need time for some more days.
Understood, this is another get up
you are into for making money from us..
..that is a drama.
Come on, why do you say
like the girl is opposite to me?
It takes some time to catch
the girl in such a big city.
You do not need to catch..
..give our money back and we
will go, surrender to the Police.
Srinu, listen and
do not talk crazy.
Give me 24 hours time and I will somehow
catch that girl. Do not be tensed.
Excuse me.
- One minute..
I said to catch right?
- Excuse me.
One minute.
- I should go to Nampally, it is urgent.
Please be seated.
I'll talk to you later.
Stop the car.
Stop the car, I am saying you.
I said stop the car.
..I am circle inspector
of Police Krishna Manohar.
AP state Police has
given your case to me.
I have come to catch you and I will call
the force if you create a scene.
Now shut up and cooperate.
I think she does not
watch the films more...
Hey, what talking
with this dirty lady?
Hello, respect.
There is no rule that respect is to
be given to ladies and not gents.
Anyone hurt would talk the same.
Cool dude.
Hey, did you forget the troubles
we went through for catching her?
Stop the nonsense and book tickets
for evening train, even for her.
I will not come.
Who are you to decide my life?
Untie me, I need to go.
Oh, we too should go and
we will go taking you along.
Hey, did you book the tickets?
I opened facebook as a habit dude.
- You idiot.
What have I done
wrong for you to tie me?
What wrong? Wait...
Here, see... Come on read.
You know what? My mom and dad
are dying in shame in the village.
I will take you and throw at their feet..
..and say you are everything
behind this to all the villagers.
I do not know all this
happened in the village.
You do not know anything madam..
..but we came to know the
area of Hyderabad because of you.
I never thought to trouble anyone..
..and have not come to
Hyderabad for cheating anyone.
I came to meet Harinanrayan,
whom I loved.
I have been waiting from a week
in this city where I know none for him.
Harinarayan is coming
to Hyderabad today.
I cannot take any decision
without asking him.
Oh, should we open our mouth
and watch when you both elope?
That will not happen
as long as this Srinu is here.
She does not take
any decision it seems...
Will you give my phone?
I should speak to Hari.
Hey, here. You should not give
a hint that you are here, ok?
Hello Hari, where are you now?
People from my village came for me.
Hey, what are you talking?
Hey, who untied?
As she said to make a call..
- You, idiot.
He said it was not possible to come
today and said to come tomorrow.
No way, we are starting
tonight and that is all.
Srinu, one minute... let her talk.
Why, will you take an interview?
Look into your work.
Look, I am not liking your attitude
and I am not liking you too.
Look boss,
you do not need to love me.
I gave you money and
you did the job, that is all.
Look, if you talk so
like Telugu film villain...
Why, will you hit?
I will chop your head,
you filthy scum bag.
Hey, he is scolding
in English dude.
Is your Telugu not useful
even to scold, you spoke English...
Hey dude, that is come back...
What do you think of me?
Even English is there in 24
subjects, you do not mind please.
What if not,
even Jackie Chan and Arnold..
..are speaking in Telugu for us
and this fellow...
I am fine.
- Come on dude, sit - Leave.
It should be either him or me now.
- You wait dude.
What is he shouting like that?
Shouting detective will not bite.
If you too shout in return,
main work would stop.
Let us step ahead with good
nature and solve the problem.
For that...
- I pray to you, do not make it a mess.
Be silent and I will take care.
You took him and so it went well,
if not...
Oh, shall I call again?
No jokes sir, look into
the matter of that girl first.
Sindhu, I feel to help seeing you.
Answer correctly to the questions I ask.
What did you say name of your boyfriend?
Do you know Harinarayan
before you came to Hyderabad?
Why did you not meet
him till now, then?
Hari has kept his land
near Ananthapuram for sales
He is in problems as
that is involved into fights.
He said to come here
and take me once that is sold.
Do you think issue
of land of Hari is true?
Dad is bringing pressure
at home for me to marry.
I came away unable to bear that.
You both belong
to different castes..
..and will family of
Hari agree for your marriage?
Hey Babji, where did
you keep my phone charger?
Are there any friends,
family members supporting him?
If so, did you speak with them?
- No.
Then, with what confidence did
you come leaving the house?
I do not know.
I did not think of anything.
Just speaking with Hari loving me,
but I have not seen him.
Did not see, how did
you both meet without seeing?
We both met, spoke, liked and
everything was only through internet.
Yes, you have not seen
each other but fell in love.
Is it not a crap?
Still, are you not reading in
papers that girls are being cheated..
..and getting pregnant
through internet?
What are you seeing so?
Did you still not understand?
Someone cheated this girl.
Nobody will come to take you.
He will come.
My Hari will definitely come.
Do not try to take
me somehow to village.
It is only my dead body
coming with you to the village.
Oh madam, we are gone if you die.
You do not take such
decisions so fast.
Let us decide what to
do after that Hari comes.
But, one condition.
We will give you to him
only if we believe genuine.
I have no need to
make anyone believe.
There is a need.
They too are into problems
like you and because of you.
Because of you..
All can be out if you cooperate.
Who is Harinarayan and
what do you know about him?
Please tell us everything you know.
Please tell.
I was introduced
to Hari six months back.
The blog he wrote while studying
Engineering came unexpected to my notice.
The affection I first had over his poetry
and writings slowly turned on to him.
We came to know of
each other through e mails.
That turned into friendship.
Later, it turned into
love without our knowledge.
Hari used to work in Max InfoTech
before starting his own business.
Hari is a hard worker
and never spoke much to anyone.
He resigned two years back to start
own business with friends.
Business started by Hari
was not a success as he expected.
Excuse me, Harinarayan
software solutions here...
Go straight, take right
and it will be on that left...
Ok, thank you.
- Okay. - Thank you.
Do you feel we can find him at
least there? - We shall try dude.
Him, I remembered sir. Hari is very
loyal and thus lost in his business.
It is difficult to come up being
so loyal these days, right sir?
I was introduced when he
was thinking to give up business.
He used to speak in courage to
me though he had many problems.
Recently, loans and interests
became a problem for him.
But, he said to definitely
come for me letting all of them go.
Hello Yugandhar sir.
We enquired about what Sindhu said.
All she said about
Harinarayan is correct.
Then, there is a guy with
that name. We can confirm that.
You come immediately without
being noticed by the Police..
..and I too have got some information.
- Okay.
You said some information,
what is that?
Shh, do not shout. One minute.
What, did she agree to stay here?
Why not? Not just like a detective,
but I even know to talk like a brother.
I just gave computer to use when
she asked. She checked the e mails.
You mean to say,
hacked her account?
Why hacking? I saw from back,
when she was entering password.
Say, which should I open?
G mail or FB.
- Gmail.
- Facebook, ok?
Sindhu is not very
active on facebook.
Not many even in the friends list.
See if name of Harinarayan
is in her friends list or not.
Every idiot free
sends a friend request.
Masala videos!
Idiot, do you have sense?
Why did you say so to her?
She too would come
and see if I do not say so.
Shall I call?
- Ok, leave it.
See what did that
Harinarayan chat with Sindhu.
This Harinarayan seems to be good.
We too look the same,
did girls believe us?
We should not decide anything in a hurry.
- Correct.
Sindhu said he would
come tomorrow, right?
Let us wait.
Please open the door.
I have been calling Hari from
morning and it says switched off.
I feel worried,
something may have happened to him.
No net in my phone.
- Ok, use my computer.
Have you come Seetha? Why did you
not bring milk? - Babji, get up.
Oh, dream?
Srinu, get up.
You should get up.
- What happened?
Come, she is crying.
No use waiting here. We shall say
something and take her from here.
Yes dude.
What shall we say?
No, Hari is not of a suicidal type.
I know very well.
I need to see him.
This may become the first
time or even the final look.
I have to listen from him that it
is not possible for us to live together.
Only then, I will come with you.
No use handing her over
to Police or your villagers.
If she gives a complaint that you
kidnapped her in anger, you are dead.
You will go to jail.
- Jail?
We do not have even
any good evidence.
Even if we have, it does not stand
good before statement of a lady.
The what should we do now?
Let us go with her to the village.
We will take photos and videos
when she meets Harinarayan..
..and that is the
useful evidence for you.
Suppose, if we go to village now..
..what if that Harinarayan
commits suicide by then?
Hey, we will see then. Let us go for now
and we have no other way now.
Which village did
you say was of Hari?
Kondaveetipalem about
25 Kms from Ananthapuram.
Hari parents have a land there.
Some person named
Basireddy occupied that.
Then, we shall ask him and know
about where Harinarayan stays.
This fellow..
Hari has no other way out
than to go there and sell that.
Brother, toll gate...
They make us pay road
tax in lakhs when car is bought..
..and toll gate at every step
when it comes on to the road.
See now...
Where are you going this way?
Short cut, who would pay 50 rupees toll?
- What is that sir?
I will not pay and all
these are a practice for me.
At least get into family by tying the knot
as it does not feel good without that.
What are you looking
to both the sides?
I am seeing which way to
go as there are left and right.
You will say if I talk something.. do not know even this route
and what will you clear our route?
Are we going in correct route?
Is this really a shortcut?
Looks like the money saved
at toll gate is burnt on diesel.
Beider comes if you
go straight like this.
He is taking to Beider for 50..
..and would have directly
taken to Pakistan if it was a 1000.
You stay put dude...
What happened?
What happened?
Will it move?
- One minute, I am seeing.
Some repair has come,
if not it would never stop so.
Wow, you identified that
van stopped as something happened.
You are a real detective sir.
Hey, did I not say that
it is difficult with this guy?
You wait dude.
- Shall I go and call a mental Doctor?
Mechanic, right?
For you, man.
We should now not call a mechanic
or a witch man but a scrap guy.
That is correct only for that.
Hey, stop... Hello.
Stop, please stop for a minute.
Is there any mechanic shop nearby?
It is there, going back by 15 Kms.
15 Kilometers?
Go fast, drunk idiots
come here getting dark.
Say drunkards,
idiots are already with me.
Did I say not to listen to her?
Come, let us go back.
You wait dude.
Hey, where is she going?
- What do I know?
It seems there is highway 2 Kms away
from here. We will get transport there.
I am going.
Dude, she is going.
- Let her go.
Oh no, looks like he
forgot about the sex racket.
We are going.
You get it repaired and come.
Come fast.
- Hey, where?
Hey, do you often
go crazy or what? Move on.
I will not come. - They will not us enter
the village if she is not there, move.
Leave my hand first.
Oh no, I cannot any more dude.
- You said and walk now.
Saying to march with
adventure as breathe.
Not marching but looks
like breathe would halt.
Do you need any water?
Hey, did your dad open a cool drink
shop here? Shut up and walk, idiot.
Dude, palm tree.
Just remember once about
Amarendra Bahubali and bend it.
We should fall in house
of Harinarayan jumping from here.
You will fall in our village if
I kick here. Shut everything and move.
Hey, car dude.
Let us stop.
- Hello.. Hello..
Hey Lorry.
- Stop.
Hey, move.
Your sister.
- Yes, to him.
What is she for you then?
If she is a Goddess,
I am the goat for sacrifice.
Oh, wife?
Did he understand like that?
Ok, what do you do?
I do business.
- What business?
It is called mind
your own business.
Oh, I think you are very sarcastic.
I think you use breaks less,
see in front and drive.
I know.
Bro..catch this.
Dude, tractor!
Brother, please stop.
Which way are you going?
- From Godavari district?
You identified great brother,
are you too a detective?
Get in.
Dear, you said Basireddy
who occupied land of Hari right?
He is into many murder cases and added
all in the village are his relatives.
It is not so good to meet him dear.
Dude, it is better to sit in jail
than to lie down in the coffin.
Let us go back to our village.
Hey, you wait.
What shall we do sir?
Wait for a minute.
Come here once.
It seems an elder man
and a boy came two days back.
It seems they even brought the
peon working in registrar office.
He heard them murmuring
about Basireddy.
Matter was the land.
What I think is maybe
that boy who came was Hari.
We may know about that
matter going to registrar office.
Registrar office would
be closed by now, right?
Let us wait till tomorrow morning
by the time registrar office opens.
Look dear....
You do not be worried so.
You should be courageous
in such times, ok.
Oh, I feel hungry dude.
Brother, that is Vontimitta.
Day after is Sri Ramanavami.
Sri Ramanavami?
Hey, shut up and sit.
Come on dude, I listen even to you
saying Babji as Bajji at this time.
You say.
People from all places come
and they go even from our village.
Is it!
- Yes.
They decorate whole city great. They
also do marriage of Sita and Ram great.
My dad takes all to temple, if you are
there tomorrow. We can pray to God then.
Are you feeling hungry?
- A bit.
Come on, wash your hands
and we shall eat.
Dear, go and bring your sister.
Ok dad.
Please do not feel bad,
house is very small.
Even this house is like
a palace in the situation we are.
Sister... Come and have food.
Eat dear.
- Enough dad.
A bit more, here.
Enough dad.
- Babji, shall I serve a bit more
Wow, it is been very long
since I had such a tasty food.
Hey, what is that like eating
for the first time in life?
Brother... eat.
14 times 14... 14 times 14...
14 times 16... Oh no this..
...mathematics does not
get in though I study hard.
Few subjects are so, they never
get in though we study a lot.
Not few, but say all.
Brother, did you study well?
That is...
He studied like even the
Goddess of studies got shocked.
- Is it?
I too study well
and become like you.
Your dress and style are super,
My dad buys new dress for me.
Here, he bought recently for Ugadi.
Is it good?
It is 200 brother.
My dad spends any amount for me.
And your mother?
She is dead brother,
two years back.
I have only my dad.
I growing big would study well..
..and buy shirts for my dad
and even buy bike for my dad.
I will take care
of my dad as a King.
Master at school says right,
every human should have a goal.
This is my goal.
- Mom.
Srinu, how are you dear?
Mom, I want to speak
for once with dad.
Who is it?
Hello, who is it?
- Dad.
Making us die in shame at the village
and how dare are you to call us again?
- Shameless idiot..
..if you step in this
house again I will kill you.
I feel hatred just by listening
to your voice. Cut the phone.
Good that you are
getting enlightened.
But if you call at midnight because
of that, they scold so. Move.
See you sir...
Any information?
Basireddy occupied land of someone
and his name is Narasimhacharyulu.
Do you know who he is, dear?
Yes, dad of Hari.
What happened?
Say whatever happened to me.
Nothing to know dear,
you go back to your village.
No, Whatever but I should know.
Did anything happen to Hari?
Say, I am asking you.
No danger to him dear.
Son of Narasimhacharyulu came
to Kondamuchupalli with his uncle..
..for doing land settlement.
He needs money and not love on you.
He is going to marry daughter
of his relatives for money.
I am not saying that he is cheating
you, dear. I said what I heard.
Maybe he is compelled to marry
depending on his family conditions.
Go to your village
as said by Srinu, dear.
I too feel that is correct,
shall we go?
Where did he go?
Say, his heart would
stop and not for me.
Where did he go?
He belongs to Agraharam near
Madanapalli. Here is the address.
He did a mistake means
we got to search for him.
We will leave from here,
only after catching him.
No, Hari is not of a suicide type.
Busses will not go that
side today as it is a celebration.
That means, we do not
get anything like auto or taxi?
Nothing goes dear,
they closed down the way.
They do not let you go today,
where are you from?
- Huh.
We came from Hyderabad.
You came from so far,
see our Lord Sriram and leave.
Your work will be done well.
Srinu, anything may happen to me.
None of you should get
into problems because of me.
I will come anywhere and say that
news about you in that paper is false.
Why are you thinking about that now?
You come and sleep in peace now.
We should have luck
to sleep in peace.
I do not have that from a few days.
I have no friends
in school and college.
I fear meeting with anyone.
I felt my life would be
good when I was in love with Hari.
That is my wish.
Life is not to
go on as we wish for.
Priest sir, where is the house of
Mr. Narasimhacharyulu here?
There, that house
with a crowd of public.
Driver, take left.
Parvati, I reached Agraharam.
What Sivannarayana, why so late?
- What late, I came in time right?
Ok, is everything ready?
Has the priest come?
Who are you,
I never saw you before.
We came from Hyderabad.
Surya, friends of Harinarayan
have come. Take them inside.
I got to see Hari.
Sir, we have to
see body of Hari once.
Body of Harinarayan?
What is that when the sacred
chants are being read here?
Not that sir, we came from very long.
We will see body o Hari once and leave.
What baby Lakshmi, they are saying
to see dead body of your son?
This is the Harinarayan
you wanted to see, right?
Yes sir.
This is the anniversary of him..
..that means the ritual happening
after a year of death.
No, something is happening here.
These are telling lies.
I spoke to Hari two days back.
How will it be a year dying
if it is so? No, I got to see Hari.
Please ask them to show me Hari.
Look dear, we do not understand..
..what your problem is It is been a
year since this Harinarayan died.
No, I will not believe.
All together are trying
to cheat me and send me away.
I will not move from
here unless I see him.
Srinu, say them to show Hari
just for once and that is enough.
The ritual happening here
takes him to salvation.
It is not good that you
make a mess of this ritual.
Take that girl outside.
Move out, move.
- I will not come.
Listen to her for once.
Please leave me for a minute...
- Please madam.
Madam, you may have
many reasons to separate us.
But, let me see him with
one reason to have loved Hari.
Please, let me see him for once.
I will leave immediately
after I see. Please show me.
Harinarayan resigned two years
back from the job at Max InfoTech.
He to grow in life started
a business along with a friend.
That business went
into great losses.
That was not because
Harinarayan was not capable...
..but because his friend whom
Hari believed a lot has cheated.
He committed suicide and died a
year back not being able bear the debts.
Has the person who chatted
with you on the name Harinarayan..
..ever cross limits with you?
Then for what?
- Has he ever asked you to send money?
He never asked, but only when I forced
few times he then agreed to take money.
How much did you send?
Two lakh rupees.
To which account?
To the account of his friend.
- Uday Bhaskar.
Person who got introduced
to you using name.. account and
IDs of Harinarayan..
..and the person pulling Harinarayan
on the name of friendship..
..and then cheating
is both the same.
He is the cheater
Panyam Uday Bhaskar.
But, Registrar office peon said
to have seen Hari two days back, right?
He said to have seen the son of
Mr. Narasimhacharyulu.
He has two sons.. is Harinarayan and he other
is this Suryanarayana before us.
It was me going that day
to Vontimitta registrar office..
..and the marriage
too is fixed for me.
Then the photos and videos I saw?
Maybe taken by Uday
Bhaskar when Hari was alive.
Have you ever met Harinarayan?
- No.
Have you at least spoken
to him on video chatting?
Uday Bhaskar has not taken money
from you as you forced him.
He knows how to speak with you and
by talking how you would force him.
He came cheating you with
good behavior and sweet talk.
We will take leave.
- See you.
Uncle, you go there and look into
the food arrangements. - Ok son.
That rogue used my son when he was
alive and his name after he died.
I know dear that face of
Hari comes into your thoughts..
..when you think
that you are cheated.
But my son is innocent.
Please never curse about
my son even in your heart.
Srinu, none of you should get
into problems because of me.
Srinu, say them to
show me Hari just for once.
Please madam..
..let me see for once and I will
leave immediately seeing for once.
Life is not to go as we wish for.
It is for me that marriage is fixed...
Has he ever asked to send money?
To which account.
- To account of his friend.
- Uday Bhaskar.
Panyam Uday Bhaskar.
Private detective Yugandhar.
Brother, eat.
If she gives a complaint
in anger that you kidnapped.. are dead and go to jail.
Panyam Uday Bhaskar.
Panyam Uday Bhaskar.
Stop the car... Stop!
Hey, get down.
What happened dude?
You introduced to us all
saying a private detective.
You that day stopped saying no when we
said to hand over Sindhu to the Police.
We travelled so long as per your
plan searching for Harinarayan.
You are getting to
know everything before us.
How are you knowing?
When Suryanarayana at the
house of Hari said Uday Bhaskar.. did you say adding with
surname as Panyam Uday Bhaskar?
Sir as we thought is
not a private detective.
Who are you idiot?
Why did you play with our lives
being with us for so many days?
Will you say or not?
- Dude, you wait.
Your doubt is true Srinu.
I am not a private detective.
The cases which cannot
be solved by our local Police..
..are handed over to crime
investigation department.
That is called as CBCID.
I am the officer in the
economic offenses wing of that.
Financial scam statistics targeting ladies
in our country are slowly increasing.
My higher officials handed over
a suicide case of a girl.. Hyderabad to me.
A criminal looted money from her
cheating through social networking sites.
The name he used for that
is Harinarayan, who is dead.
What I came to know with the help
of Cyber crimes help was that..
..many girls are victims of him.
As he used fake names, cooked stories,
fraud bank accounts and proxy servers.
I could not catch him.
His latest target is Sindhu.
As you were involved with her..
..I came to you as private
detective and moved behind you.
You need Sindhu..
..and I want Panyam Uday Bhaskar
she would meet from her.
When you had doubt on Uday Bhaskar,
why did you not arrest him?
Harinarayan has seven friends in total
and one of them is Uday Bhaskar.
If Sindhu had not deposited
amount in his account..
..I would have still
not got doubt on him.
We cannot arrest with
just that one reason.
Who would roam around the court?
All would let him go
thinking he would die..
..for his sins like the
family of Harinarayan left.
He would freely be moving outside.
- You know all the matters, right?
You should have at least said..
..the death matter
of Harinarayan at least to Sindhu.
If I say so, the first person Sindhu
would share that is Uday Bhaskar.
No girl would believe if anybody says
wrong about the person she loves.
Relationships were formed before between
humans moving in the society.
Now, we are saying those we never
saw as internet friends sitting.. between the four walls.
We are sharing the matter never
shared with anyone now with them.
Though I troubled you,
my opinion was to help you.
See you.
- Ok.
- Yes.
Will you give a complaint
on Uday Bhaskar?
Complaint, for what?
I was not cheated by his talent,
but by my ignorance.
I gave him a chance to cheat.
Mom and dad forgetting
all issues are waiting for me.
That is enough for me.
I will go home.
I will make her agree and
make her give that complaint.
She should, more complaints given
would strengthen this case more.
Yes, no idea how many
girls has he cheated so.
If I get that fellow,
I will break his head.
Ok, it is time for us and see you.
We will meet.
- Ok brother.
Babji, money I took
for this case investigation.
Thank you brother.
First time in life,
money I gave came back to me.
You are something different brother.
- Is this true?
Brother, it is as true
that fake babas share us..
..the ash and share
properties to their families.
Ok brother. Move on dude...
- Move.
You said Yugandhar,
but your real name?
- Naresh.
- Bye.
Dude, selfie.
- What now dude?
Hey, problem is solved and
why are you still dull? Come on.
Dude, I will ask you one thing,
say the truth.
What is that?
- You like Sindhu, right?
Why are you laughing?
What she needs
now is a good friend.
If she had a good friend
to talk and share her feelings..
..such would not
have happened to her.
I have no problem as I have good friends.
I will become a good friend to her.
Dude, you are not knowing but
you became a very good fellow.
By chance, what if Sindhu likes you?
- Let us see then.
Did you get sleep in the journey?
Ok, why did you ask
to come so urgently?
To talk about Uday Bhaskar.
We tried to catch him
in many ways, it did not work out.
He is now trapping a girl named
Gayatri Rao, daughter of a Billionaire.
Uday Bhaskar has not met
any girl he would be cheating.
But every criminal at
a stage overestimates himself.
With the same overconfidence
and greed of money..
..he is now coming
before that girl now.
But what he does not know is that..
..Gayatri Rao he is going
to cheat is not a girl.
We came in his own way and
created fake names and identities.
We created a girl.
That means,
you arrest Uday Bhaskar now?
- When?
Today, here and right here.
Panyam Uday Bhaskar we have been
searching for so long is right behind you.
Police are coming
in the next five minutes.
You said to break his
head if you see him right? Go!
Excuse me.
- Yes.
Panyam Uday Bhaskar?
Give one call to break
head of such criminals.
Shall we go?