Mediterraneo: The Law of the Sea (2024) Movie Script

Get a haircut.
- Hi.
- What's up?
- Busy day?
- Well...
I had to shower here.
I don't have time at home.
The only action I get
is the baby's bottle,
the baby's bath, the baby's diaper.
- This summer is dragging.
- It is, isn't it?
Shouldn't you forget the tower?
Isn't it time you did more
office stuff?
Like what?
I don't know, boss things,
you're the boss.
I like tower duty.
Bring Nico over for dinner,
we'll have someone to pick on
and I'll get a break
from talking daycare, snot and...
I've got plans.
Oscar Camps has a life.
Come here!
We'll talk after.
See you.
I ordered two super jet skis.
- Another two?
- Yeah.
Nico, we've got 24 jet skis.
Until we get the
Canary Island contract...
That's it, to get good contracts,
we need a proper fleet.
We need them.
Oscar, sign the payment.
That much?
They're jet skis, not bicycles.
What's Esther doing there?
- You gave her a beach?
- She is a lifeguard, isn't she?
- Wasn't she on warehouse duty?
- She's been there for two months.
End of season, let her enjoy the sun.
He isn't coming to dinner.
The harsh images
that we are about to see
reflect the drama
of those fleeing the war.
At least six people,
five of them children.
drowned near the Turkish coast.
Nine more are missing.
Aylan Kurd! should not be lying
lifeless in this bag.
Nor should his brother
Khalid who was five.
or their mother Rehan.
The three bodies are in Turkey.
They did not make it to Greece
or Canada where their family awaits.
His mother died, so did his brother.
Not the father.
I don't get it, there's what,
six miles between Turkey and Lesbos?
The land routes are cut off,
they come to Europe by sea.
How could the Coast Guards
of two countries so close
together let them die?
They never reached open waters,
they died ten yards out.
Right where lifeguards are working.
Nico, turn it off.
Turn that off.
Are you okay?
Let's go.
Right, let's get going,
we've got the Canary Islands deal.
No, to Lesbos.
We must go to Lesbos.
To Lesbos?
I'm going.
What do you mean, you're going?
We have to help the Greek lifeguards.
Hang on, Oscar, this is a company.
- The company can't...
- No, no, no.
The company is one thing,
we'll pay for our own expenses.
Dreadlocks, what's his name?
He's always asking for more shifts,
give him mine.
You wanted me to act like a boss?
Well, I am.
How about it?
I don't think so. Oscar.
- It's...
- You don't think so?
- I don't.
- Why not?
Why don't you think so,
why can't you?
I can. but I don't want to.
- Come on, Gerard.
- I don't want to.
Everybody's got problems
- So do I.
- What problems?
- My problems?
- Yeah, tell me.
I don't know about you,
but I've got a family, all right?
let's calm down, okay?
We'll take a deep breath, cool off.
- We'll see.
- All right.
Let each one act according
to their conscience.
I'm going.
Oscar! Two days, got it?
Two days and you're back!
I'm off to Lesbos.
We've got to help
the Greek lifeguards, who's in?
What's Lesbos?
It's a Greek island.
What do you care?
People are drowning,
we're lifeguards, who's in?
- Me. I'll go.
- You're not ready.
- Yes, I am.
- You've been here two months too many.
So you're going to fire me
for wanting to work?
Dont give me any ideas,
you're not ready to be in the water
- When would we leave?
- Tomorrow.
On a Saturday?
Yeah, on a Saturday.
Nobody move.
This stays here.
Nobody touches it.
I'm going to call home,
rent a decent car.
Any other recommendations?
Let's see...
The local food
are calamari and feta cheese.
Greece is awesome.
Did you know "lesbian"
came from Lesbos?
Sappho of Lesbos, ancient Greek poet.
- You read poetry?
- Sure, poetry...
Wikipedia, the damn thing this long.
These people...
Where are they going?
That's Turkey.
So close.
I'm not surprised they try it.
Come on. let's get to the hotel.
What hotel?
Christ, Oscar.
It's always the same fucking thing.
Someone's out there!
Oscar, there's no one!
Oscar, no one's out here!
- There was no one out there
- That or they're dead.
Or they landed safely
What's wrong?
It's been slashed.
Why would they slash it?
Maybe it got torn on a rock or...
Who knows how long it's been around.
Oscar, there was no one.
There was no one.
That's the problem, there was no one.
Where are the Coast Guards?
Why does a rescue boat
have a water cannon?
Not to help, that's for sure.
We don't want to invade.
Nice guy.
Let's go
Maybe he's right and
they've got it under control.
- There's no point being here.
- What did he say?
You know.
about the immigrants arriving?
If they arrive on their own, by boat,
they're considered illegal immigrants.
If they're rescued, they're
refugees and can stay in Europe.
This seat, man. I'm soaked.
Stop, stop, stop.
Calm down, calm down.
Come on.
Go, go.
To the shore and a back.
Ok, it's Ok.
I'm coming.
Keep calm.
You okay, Gerard?
What is this shit?
It's foam, man.
It sinks.
And this?
They stick it in to make it float?
It's murder.
It's for the children.
- We're leaving tomorrow.
- No, we're not.
- Not on Monday either.
- Oscar.
- You promised, two days.
- I didn't know how bad things were.
We're in a different country,
different beaches.
- We're not wanted here.
- So what?
- Right, who will we work for?
- For them
We're not the Coast Guard,
people are dying out there.
That's where we need to be,
out there.
No one's there, just us.
Oscar, you're losing it.
Come over here,
you want us to work with this?
We'll rescue them on this?
- A piece of rubber with no engine?
- Why not?
Hundreds arrive every day,
we'll find a decent one.
- Or make one out of two.
- Oscar, Oscar.
You said it, hundreds of them arrive
every day, what can we do?
We'll start here, on this beach.
We'll call Nico, they'll come.
He'll bring jet skis, uniforms...
Oscar, Oscar, do you hear yourself?
- Do you?
- Summer season is over.
So what?
We'd need a lifeguard every
270 yards along the beach.
- You taught me that.
- You prefer jellyfish and sunstrokes?
I prefer not talking bullshit
because you saw the picture
of a dead kid on a beach.
This is a humanitarian crisis,
it's too big, we're leaving
The airport is that way.
I'm staying here to do our job.
Weren't you leaving?
You're welcome.
- You speak Spanish?
- No, no.
What's she saying?
They pass the buck between
the Police and the Coast Guard.
- I've lost my appetite.
- Not me.
Cutie pie.
I don't know.
A few more days, I don't know.
It's more complicated than we...
Right, we made quite an
impression, believe me.
Do you want me to call my parents?
They could give you a hand.
Okay. I won't call my parents.
- I'll be outside.
- Okay, fine.
- Relieve me in a few hours.
- Will do.
Nothing, Oscar is on fire
Fucking trunk.
What, busy day?
Regular Sunday on Lesbos
Did you see the message on our car?
I don't think it means "welcome".
I'll take the anchovies,
how much is the octopus?
- It weighs six pounds...
- How much, how much?
- Twelve.
- Too much.
- I spend all day fishing.
- It's too Expensive.
- Okay, fin how about ten?
- No way, it's too much.
- Let's see...
- Calama one, two, three...
- Three, three.
- Three.
What is it?
The ambulance is on its way, take over!
- Gimme a kiss, man!
- What are you doing here?
- Quit playing hard to get!
- What are you doing here, bastard?
What's up?
You two look like castaways.
This isn't an office tan.
You brought her along?
I brought myself along with wetsuits
flippers, lifejackets...
- Christmas in September.
- October, actually.
- What about the jet skis?
- The jet skis?
Customs kept them
We haven't made many friends
- I was afraid of that.
- I bet it was Masouras.
We need them,
we have to get out to sea.
Without the jet skis,
we'll use something else.
- What are you doing?
- Grabbing a box, and you?
- Your mother knows you're here?
- Call her and ask her.
- I'm taking you to the airport.
- Do you own the island?
- I'm your father.
- Shit, it slipped my mind.
What about college?
- Weren't you getting a master's?
- In what?
- A master's.
- In what?
In what?
How very Greek.
Medium size?
We swam, swam. swam..
Then a mile out,
we find the two of them
fucking on a surfboard.
A couple of octogenarians fucking
on a surfboard, one mile away.
And I got the old man's ass right in...
You can't fuck on a surfboard.
What really surprises me
is imagining Nico swimming
for miles on end.
- I taught these two how to swim.
- Yeah. sure.
- A long time ago.
- Yeah, a while back.
Now I take it easy,
nothing wrong with that.
- I thought no press came here.
- What press?
- He's some nut looking for birds.
- Or looking for you.
- It'd be good to have press.
- What's with the press?
Didn't you drop out of college?
- How about a beer?
- Please.
- Yes, ice cold.
- Me too. a Coke Zero.
- Quit picking on her.
- She's just like her mother.
Right, her mother...
Thanks, honey.
- The Cokes are in the fridge
- Wow, that hurt.
- What's with you?
- I'm her godfather, you never lay off.
Try to focus and tell
me when you'll be leaving.
Leaving here?
I don't know, we just started.
- We're getting organized.
- Tell me when
I have no idea, when money runs out,
A month, two months, three...
What's this?
A power of attorney.
Forgive me for not witnessing
this fascinating moment.
You didn't come here
to bring the jet skis...
I came to get your signature because
in Barcelona I've got work.
Deals to sign, wages to pay,
some bank loans to beg for.
Oscar, if you don't sign,
my hands are tied.
The company goes to hell, get it?
Either you sign it or this is
over and you head home.
Oscar, I found a dinghy we can use.
Masouras, can you hear me?
Masouras, Masouras.
- Gerard?
- Don't make things worse.
This sucks.
Meet Santi Palacios,
he's a photographer.
- Weddings and such?
- You've got to see his work.
- I don't have time.
- Don't be absurd.
Show him.
Good pictures,
you should sign up for a contest.
- He'll let us use them.
- What for?
To show what we're doing here.
We're doing?
In a couple of days
everyone will know what's going on.
I'm just doing my job.
I don't matter, they do.
- Take pictures of the refugees.
- Think about it.
Christ, use your head.
- Gerard, what's up?
- We've got to go out now.
Your dad's a real charmer.
One, two, three.
- Open waters, it's too dangerous.
- Oscar, I'm ready.
- No, this serious.
- You had me in the warehouse.
- Esther, get in.
- No way, I'm your father!
A father I haven't seen in four years?
We'll circle a couple times.
Check or children,
for pregnant women.
No one gets on the boat
until everyone calms down.
Ho many, twenty?
Maybe more.
Their engine is busted.
Let's tow them ashore.
- He punctured it!
- Oscar!
One, two and three!
- Jesus Christ. Esther.
- He needs help!
We rescued him.
Play social worker,
the dead will pile up.
Get going!
- They're people, damn it!
- Dead or living?
On land, they're on their own.
- You're such a jerk.
- There are protocols.
Right, protocols...
This is chaos, Oscar.
Number one:
on land, they're on their own.
Sure, fine.
- Did you ask Esther to come?
- Get off my back.
Get a job.
- Take pictures of them!
- Leave the kid alone!
Do you know how much
they pay to come over?
We rescue them
What they do on land is their problem.
- I see two boats.
- Not boats, "dinghies".
Jesus, Turkey is so close.
On a really clear day,
you can see them get off the busses.
Up to how many can
cross everyday day?
Up to 3.000
You've never done anything like this.
As if you'd know what I've done.
- They were left behind.
- On land they're on their own.
You're pigheaded.
I'll take them a little ahead.
We can't leave the beach for long.
Someone will take them to Moria.
- What's Moria?
- That's where they all go.
There's a sandwich
in the glove compartment.
I swear I won't tell anyone
you have a heart.
I don't have a heart. I'm hungry.
What are you doing?
I'm joking.
No way, fucking hell!
- Cool it. Oscar.
- Shit
- Why did I listen to you?
- Just cool it.
- I told you so.
- I'll handle it.
I'll handle it.
How's the old man?
We're bosom buddies.
- She's fine, if you were wondering.
- I'm so glad.
I'll sleep better now.
What's Frontex?
The riot police of the sea.
It was high time someone
gave you a good slap.
You've got a gift for
pissing people off, man.
And I mean everybody.
How about focusing and
pissing the right people off?
Like putting a tie over
my wetsuit and going
to the European Parliament?
No. it's always empty.
But you could give an interview
and it might go viral.
- That's your pal's job, right?
- I'll take the pictures.
- You do the talking.
- What for?
What for?
A picture brought you here.
Let's take a deep breath.
We're not here to lose our
jobs or the deals we signed.
No. Esther. I don't want
to get involved in politics.
- Right, we do our thing.
- Our thing.
But you got involved the minute
you decided to come here.
If we tell it from a European
point of view, it'll get traction.
Poverty is scary,
nobody wants to see it.
But some Barcelona lifeguards
who came here to save people
who drown in a 7-mile
wide strait, that's different
Or is this just a personal
experience for you?
You've got a chance
to explain what's going on.
I mean...
She's pregnant!
Inside, inside!
She doesn't look well.
Call an ambulance!
What is she saying?
Up, up. up.
- Oscar, we have to go out!
- No way.
- We have to get her husband
- We can't right now.
We have to!
Well, gentlemen,
after our first birth...
- Thanks, kid.
- You're welcome.
I already drank everything.
How long have you been here?
Well, I came for a week
and I've been here five months.
You haven't been back?
No need, I'm fine right here.
I'd like to toast
to the newborn baby girl,
may life be kind to her.
- And to this island.
- I don't toast with water
Who cares?
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Cheers, cheers
You'll toast now.
The Coast Guard.
Hopefully we'll see the whole
elephant one of these days.
How's your foot?
Not much better, actually.
- The doctor should check it out.
- We have a doctor?
They say seawater cures all.
This is a really good group,
three lifeguards,
a Greek cook.
an out of shape accountant...
Out of shape?
You guys are obsessed
Nora's dolmadakia and moussaka
are the best I've ever tasted.
You guys are the best
lifeguards I've ever seen,
I'm not a bad photographer
and I bet you're great on tax returns.
to be honest.
we're not up to solving all this.
That's the way it is.
Maybe you should do that interview.
This has to be told.
It has to be known.
I know a journalist
who'd love to interview you.
Is that Esther?
What are you doing?
- You went out alone?
- Oscar, not now.
I don't need a scolding.
I didn't find him.
It pisses me off.
but I'm becoming more like you.
It pisses me off too.
I don't want you to be like me.
Great, we're both fucked.
Know the one about the elephant?
Well, there were three blind Indians
Three blind Indians and an elephant.
The Indians don't know
it's an elephant, they're blind
- I'm not telling it right.
- Telling stones never was...
You get it,
I'm going to do the interview.
Audiovisual communications,
that's your master's.
I was always there. Esther.
I never left you.
But I wasn't well.
That was before rehab, before I quit.
It's okay. Oscar, lets drop it.
When a dinghy arrives,
to get people out, never here.
If the wind is coming from here,
never stand over here.
The dinghy tends to go like this,
you can get trapped
If there are waves, stand behind,
it's chaotic and it can be dangerous.
When you're in the water,
children first, and their families.
Hand the child to the mother,
fathers sometimes...
Always remember that in a rescue,
the most important piece
is you.
- Do you feel the cable, is it pulling?
- No.
- No, it's just the... the...
- Bodypack.
Everything's fine, just sit down.
- We do it all in one go?
- Yes, I'll ask questions and you...
Okay, try to be direct,
offer clear ideas.
Don't worry, it's not complicated.
Shall we?
Oscar Camps.
You and your team
are lifeguards from Badalona.
You came to Lesbos months ago.
No one hired you,
no one is paying you.
How long will you stay?
We'll leave when
we're no longer needed.
We'll go if someone takes over for us,
If the European Union brought resources
and managed maritime rescues,
we'd leave
Or when I run out of money, we'll leave
suppose you are used
to rescuing swimmers
on tourist beaches.
But this...
I mean, there has never been
a rescue mission so huge
and continued before.
Do you fear for your life in the water?
What scares me most is the seabed.
And thinking that these
people we're pulling out
could be watching a series,
going to college.
looking for a daycare center.
I'm scared that the next person
I pull out may look like my daughter.
By rescuing these people,
maybe more will follow.
You could create a pull factor,
couldn't you?
The pull factor is created
by the EU selling arms to Syria.
The people we pull out of
the sea are fleeing from war.
But you have problems
with the authorities.
- You have troubles with the law.
- The law...
We're the only ones obeying the law.
Maritime Law dictates
that life must be protected.
No castaway can be left behind.
That's what we do,
no more, no less.
Europe has said nothing so far.
At first Germany accepted refugees
until it fulfilled its needs for
a young and qualified population.
Now several countries
are constructing border walls.
- The passivity of the EU is...
- The EU does not exist.
It's still the Common Market.
If you can reach out a hand
to pull them out of the water
and you don't do it.
it's not passivity,
that's deliberate inaction
It's homicide.
Can Europe everyone in?
- What's your proposal?
- I'm no politician
I'm just a lifeguard.
Letting a person die at sea is a crime.
What's more important than life?
We're turning the Mediterranean
Sea into a mass grave.
What about those
who disagree with you?
What would I tell them?
Have you seen her?
Her name is Haya.
Have you see her?
Her name is Haya
Look, have you seen her?
Her name is Haya.
Her name is Haya.
What's up.
Where have you been?
I've done five dinghies today.
- Christ, Oscar, where were you?
- We were in Moria.
You can't leave me alone
all morning, man.
Fucking bastard!
- You come here, son of a bitch!
- Gerard!
Why are you here, bastard?
Okay, okay, okay
- Let him go.
- Fuck!
He's just a kid.
- Know what the cops will do to him?
- Anything else I should know, boss?
In case you take off to
do the fuck knows what?
- What's with you?
- I can't take it anymore.
I've been limping and wet for weeks.
I'm wet when I sleep, when I eat,
even when I take a shit...
I put on a wetsuit at 5 a.m.
and I'm soaking wet.
Let's get out of here.
You're going to lose your company,
your money, your family.
I 'm losing my fucking mind,
this is a black hole, man.
- Like you.
- This isn't on me.
No, but you love it.
- We stand between them and death.
- Yeah.
You get hooked on anything.
You're hooked on this.
What's going on, Gerard?
You 're free leave,
I won't beg you to stay.
- You can tell me off.
- Maybe
saying "thanks"
would have been enough.
It's them you're helping, not me.
I came here to help you, asshole.
To help you.
- To protect you.
- From what?
From yourself.
Without you,
I couldn't have helped them.
And yes, you're right.
I dragged you here.
That's the way I am.
Go home.
I just want
to hug my wife and my kid.
That doesn't make me a bad guy.
Good job, sweetheart, come on!
Come on, take another one.
you're doing great!
Very good!
Go on, tell Daddy.
Tell him: "Look. Daddy, I can walk".
Are you there. Gerard?
Gerard. I need you. Gerard.
Asshole, fucking asshole!
Gerard, Gerard!
That's it. that's it. enough, enough.
Enough, just stop it, all right?
Where are you going?
It's over, Esther, that's it.
It's pointless.
Lots of people are seeing the interview
It's a good thing, Oscar,
they want to help.
- We can't leave, they want to help.
- People don't count.
Trust me. go home.
Finish your studies,
have a good life.
Don't fuck up.
Good evening
I bet you like spray-painting cars.
This is a dump.
Masouras is your boss?
What a jerk
Santi, can you hear me?
Loud and dear.
At last!
It's finally working.
On days like this,
this island is unbeatable.
I mean, this morning I walked along
some unpaved roads,
there were flowers everywhere.
It was spectacular, beautiful,
you should have seen it.
And the peace coming from the sea.
Oscar, where are you?
Oscar, answer me!
Where are you?
They need us, hurry over here!
They're returned our jet-skis.
Nico, are you sure?
With me here that's one
more lifeguard in the water.
Oscar, you look like hell.
The stern Nikos!
Nico, back to port!
I'm going to the Coast Guards.
Nico, Nico, back to port, let's go.
- Let's go.
- Nico, we'll capsize.
- Okay, let's go back.
- Come on.
A child.
Back to port, to port.
- Nico, she's drowning, I'm going in!
- Esther!
Come on, kid!
Come on!
Quick, throw the nets!
Yanis, Yanis!
Throw the nets!
There's got to be more.
There's got to be more.
It's over, okay?
Let's go.
I knew you were all right,
I knew it all along.
- What happened to your hair?
- I had to look like a boy.
My darling.
It hasn't rained for a long time, mom.
Since May, not since May.
- You should quite smoking.
- Let me be, Nora!
Don't boss me around,
I'll smoke if I want to.
Smoke away.
What can I say?
Keep on smoking,
We'll be back.
242 people were rescued
in the shipwreck of October 28.2015.
How many died
will forever remain unknown.
Oscar Camps and his team
founded the NGO "Open Arms"
to rescue people
who try to reach Europe.
Esther Camps joined
the Open Arms team
and is now a mission leader.
Gerard Canals brought his
family to Lesbos
and continued running
the rescue operations.
Santi Palacios won the prestigious
World Press Photo award.
He still participates
in many of the Open Arms missions.
The To Kyma tavern became
Open Arms' operation center.
symbolizing the solidarity
shown by the Greek people.
Rasha's character is
inspired on dozens of people
who reached Lesbos
in the Fall of 2015.
Between 2015 and 2020,
Open Arms rescued
over 60.000 women, men and children.
They keep on rescuing
people in the sea.
This film is dedicated to
all those who made it across
and to those who
lost their lives trying.