Meeku Maathrame Cheptha (2019) Movie Script

Two roads diverge before you,
Oh, traveller!
The one that will take you home for sure
is the one filled with ups and downs
The other is smooth as silk
but will take you to hell for sure
What does one choose, and when should he choose?
This, no school can teach. It's self taught
Look what you've done!
Even a baby could have caught this one!
Do I look like a baby to you?
You're not even as good as that
Can't you just explain to him!?
You couldn't catch such an easy one!
Are you even fit to live???
Absolutely no shame!
Where's my laptop?
Is that thing even a laptop?
It's a damn virus!
It's full of all sorts of things
That's because you visit such questionable sites!
Avoid all unnecessary issues. Is it ready or not?
Yeah it's ready. You can collect it in the evening
Ok. Watch out, he's coming...
He's seen it!!
Who was it? Who was it !!??
Who broke the car windshield!?
I need to send it for a marriage next week!
So why are you looking at me? It wasn't me!!
- It was you!? - Not me! It was the ball!!
I'm going to kill this bald fell-...
- Wait. Don't be angry - What do you mean, 'wait' !?
He's feeling bad that he can't catch...
Let's repair it at his shop, and our man will pay
- Why are you alone? Where are the others? - Nobody's coming!
Look how we've become after marriage, guys
While we were in school,
we used to ignore all rules of the game,
and play with 16-17 players each side!
But now... What a complete shame...
You know Kamesh, right?
Shall I call him?
You mean your customer... From the TV channel...?
- Ask him to come - Right ok
- Hello bro - Hello bro
- How are you bro? - That's a very tough question bro
Tell me... What's up?
The weather is fantastic today
We're playing cricket and we wanted to know if you'd come
- Where are you playing? - Same place as last week
- How many overs? - We're thinking 6
Red ball or yellow ball?
Rell ball, bro!
Oh! In that case, I can't make it
You bat first, bro!
Oh! In that case, I'll be there
Damn miser...
Bring Rakesh also along with you, okay?
Ready sir... A bit to your left...
Guys, waiting to talk to us next is Mr. Niranjan
Yes, Mr. Niranjan! Please pour your heart out to us
Sir, I'd like to tell you a joke
Sure, tell me a joke. You can sing if you want, too!
No, sir. I want to tell you a joke
- Please go ahead - Ok sir
Once, a mouse was caught by a cat
So the mouse told the cat,
'Brother cat, I am the only son to my parents...
I need to care for them in their old age...
So please don't eat me and let me go'...
What do you think the cat said in reply?
- The cat, to the mouse? - Yes!!
I'm not sure. Why don't you tell us?
Please guess once at least!
No, no. I'd like to hear it in your own sweet voice
Oh, come on! I know you can!
Mr. Niranjan, please tell us all yourself
Shall I??
- Tell us, Mr. Niranjan... - I'm going to tell you!!
- The cat said? - The cat said...
said, 'Meow, Meow'!!!!
Are you mad!? Where are you calling from!?
From Ameerpet
Oh so you're the scientist of Ameerpet!
You're a cartoon, man!!!
- Are you even human!? - Sir, respect!
You call early in the day with your lame-ass jokes!
There are people your age becoming scientists at NASA!!
And you're calling the channel with stupid jokes!?
What was it? The mouse and the cat, eh?
You're a dog, man! A mad dog!
Worse than mad! You're a rabid dog, Niranjan!!
You're useless, Niranjan! Cut the damn call!!
Why stress?
This is the tenth lousy joke from the morning
They think we're jobless? "meow, meow", it seems!!
Ok, calm down. You act like this job is worth it...
Let's go play cricket
You've probably got first batting. I'm not playing
Nothing like that! You can bat first if you want to...
Come, the boys from last week called us
The boss is waiting for you
He called you both inside
Just look at where our channel is in the TRP list
Sir, our channel isn't on this list!!
Turn the page and see, Kamu!
Sir we're third from the end...
Why!? Why!? I want to know why!?
Tell me! Tell me what we can do!
The problem is with the content. We're very boring
A guy just called up and Meowed! Bloody idiot!
- What!? - I meant him!
I have some very brilliant ideas, sir
Just tell me your ideas...
I'll tell you if they're brilliant or not...
Imagine this situation, sir. There is an empty seat on a public bus
Now imagine a man and a woman also there. Who would you give the seat to?
To the woman, of course!
The woman is 20, and the man is 60. Now the seat goes to...?
To the 60 year-old man...
Imagine the 20 year old is 8 months pregnant. Who gets the seat?
Obviously to the girl!
Now the man has no legs! Who would the seat go to?
To the legless man, of course!
This is the basic problem, sir!
We ignore the details, we take sides, and we all just become judges!
We should do a show based on this problem
If we do, I'm telling you sir... We can actually-...
Sure sir! Sure sir!!
I'll take a flight to Chennai tomorrow
No sir. I'll take the next flight out sir
We'll come with presentation sir
Let's go!
Am I actually required, sir?
I need someone whom I can share my stress with!
Sir, I have many issues to deal with at home
Do you know what I deal with at home!?
Every house has its issues. Now let's go
Should I join, sir?
Thanks. No thanks please
Get a move on!
Thank God Rakesh had to go with him
Hi, Gundu?
You silly fellow, go bring me the ball
You're the silly fellow! Go bring me the ball!
Shut up! I'm the damn silly fellow. Enough?
Now go and bring the ball
Go! Nobody's serious about the game anymore
- Hi Gundu! - Hi. All good?
Isn't Rakesh coming?
He has no shame. He's at work
Erm... First batting... Is me, right?
- Yes, first batting - Oh, he remembers
- Run, you laz-... - Shh shhh shhhhh
- Hello? - Hello - Where are you?
I'm... As usual, I'm at office, in the middle of an important meeting...
You said you'd come to pick me up, right?
Is that what I told her !?
Oh, yes! I was just thinking about that
What are y'all standing around for? Bring me last month's files now!
Our channel is at an all time TRP low!!
Is this any way to work?
Justify you salaries... the food you eat with one proper day's work!
It's so important! Everything is on me!!
My God! I can't deal with this man!!
Jacqueline, I'm under a lot of stress right now, I'll call you in an hour ok...
Come on. Let's all sit
Why are we sitting down? Let's play!
With what? Let's chill until he brings the ball
- Come, sit - Make room
- You didn't tell your wife the truth? - No
Why not?
I just can't...
She'd never understand
She'd be angry with me for playing while she's hard at work
Telling her would hurt her. She's too sensitive
You'll definitely be caught one day!
I'm just saying. How long can you fool her? You'll be caught
He'll be caught for sure!
But only if he's an idiot like you were!
- Shut up! - Why, what happened?
I'm your best friend, right?
Yes, you're my best friend...
Fine, I won't tell them. You tell them yourself
Tell us!! Tell us!!
- Uh, well... - Tell us!
I'll tell only you guys...
Don't tell anyone. Please...
Sure, sure
It was a beautiful evening...
There was nobody at home that day...
I felt really happy...
Because the climate was so co-operative,
I decided to watch a few 'colourful videos'
I had closed all the doors,
but alas, I made a mistake!!
I forgot the tower locks!
Out of nowhere, my wife opened the doors!!
I couldn't move from the shock
Her eyes conveyed the violence she intended on me
My eyes conveyed how much I begged her forgiveness
She looked at me like she was Godess Kali...
I froze, not knowing what to do...
Hello, hello!! Why are you laughing? Calm down guys
You were caught because of a video that you saw!
My friend was caught because of a video he appeared in, you know
So don't talk big! Oh.....
But what happened?
Tell us! Tell us!
A really shameful video of his leaked 2 days before his wedding
- Oh God!! - Oh God!!
Don't tell that story here, bro! Stop it!
You already know this story?
You've never told me!
- Haven't I? - You haven't!
Fine, tell us now
We came here to play cricket, right? Let's play
Play, it seems. I was the one who called you here
We'll play. There's no rush
When it came to me, all you duffers wanted more!
Playing can wait... Tell us the story
- You tell us - I'll tell them!!
Right, ok
A scandalous video of Rakesh came out
You mean the guy who came with you last week?
- That Rakesh? - Ah yes
So how does he know this story?
- You don't say anything - But why not!?
In my enthusiasm, I've blurted out that it's Rakesh
You all know Rakesh, and if he comes to know, it's a problem
- Do I need any of that? - No no, listen to me
I promise I won't tell anyone
- There's no need. No no no! - Please please please
- No! Definitely no man! - Please bro, please
Tell us, please! How much can we beg?
Ok. I'm telling only you guys
Promise me you'll never tell anyone
Yes yes we promise we won't tell anyone
I couldn't find the ball, guys
What do we do now?
All great stories start with love...
Even I shall start with a love story
He's been complaining of headache and stress
Recently, he's been really tense for some reason
That's why we came. Could you please check him out?
You and I were strangers
Who made us one?
I dreamt while I was asleep last night, doctor
How is that a problem?
No problem. Just that it was a beautiful dream...
So beautiful dream that I fear it might not come true
and I...
a cute little baby...
and a puppy...
under the same roof....
enjoying a wonderful cup of hot, delicious Maggi
Yuck. I don't eat Maggi
You don't eat Maggi!?
Doctor, hot Maggi with some onions and tomatoes is extraordinatry!
I shall prepare it, doctor I'll make it for you...
Listen, I'm not coming with you from tomorrow!!
Got it? Everyday you're just-...
Even if you don't...
I'm going to come here every day!!!
Normally I would never laugh at silly jokes...
I don't know what it is...
The way you say them makes me laugh
Silly joke... yes
Thanks, doctor
I just want to be sure...
You don't smoke, do you?
No no no, not at all!!
- Drinking? - No no no, never!
- Ganja (marijuana) - No, no, no, no!
- Girls - No, no, no
Nothing you said was a lie, was it? it w..wa...wasn't
Even if you gave me 10 million rupees, my tongue would never allow me to lie
Enough. Enough now...
You're all I need
Enough. Enough now...
Your laughter is all I need
Enough. Enough now...
You're all I need
Men always go for 'Dare'
Women always go for 'Truth'
Give me your phone...
Chill !!
Dare. I'm Truth personified.
[Bottoms up, dude!!!]
Without a few endearing fights, Love isn't really Love
It isn't Love...
The mistakes that we make in our love story
shall be set right by you and me
Doctor, my heart is heavy
I lied to the girl I love...
and that made her cry...
and that makes my heart heavy
Fine then...
Are you hiding anything else from me?
If you are, tell me now
Take you time,
but tell me the truth now.
No no, there's nothing like that, doctor... Nothing else!
My life is an open book. If you want, you can read me right now
Uncle, we love each other. Please try to understand
Please, dad...
- Johnson... - My uncle's son
Shall I get you a sprite? 2 minutes...
I can tell by your eyes...
You're a liar
I won't ever come back
If you force me to marry a girl of your choice,
then soon after marriage, you'll have to arrange for a divorce...
Do whatever the hell you want
- How is this, sir? - Nice! But that lifting of the leg...
This would be amazing!
No, no, no, no, no In public? No, no
It's really awkward to kiss like that in public
Look at this sir. Superb!!
I don't want to take off my shirt. I don't have a good body...
Ok boss...
Enough. Enough now...
You're all I need...
Enough. Enough now...
Your laughter is all I need...
Enough. Enough now...
You're all I need... - Sit down, you!!-
Enough. Enough now...
Your laughter is all I need...
Who is it?
- Phone off, sir!! - It's Suniel, man
Enough. Enough now...
You're all I need...
Enough. Enough now...
Your laughter is all I need...
Enough with all the love!
We've all understood
Why don't you... tell us the story about that video?
Ah, correct...
What's this guy's problem?
I'm going to kill him Torturing me
- Who is it? - That Suniel
You didn't give him the pre- wedding shoot. Must be why
He thinks he's PC Sreeram...
Wednesday, Thursday, then Friday's the reception. By the time this all ends...
- Then I can be free - You're overdoing this
Calm the body
By Sai Baba's grace, at least your folks agreed!
- Okay, then - Smile, dude!
- I think I've seen you somewhere - Who, me?
I'm a VJ at L TV
Is that even a TV like that?
No, no... I don't watch much TV...
but I've definitely seen you somewhere else...
And you are...?
Johnson. Steffy's boyfriend
You're the boyfriend!?
And you're marrying her!??
- Who's photos do I take? - I still love her
No. No need. Now isn't the time. Wait
What's your problem, boss?
I'll keep trying until my last breath
What'll you try??
- Because I'm a warrior, bro - Wait
You think there'll be no problems after the wedding?
You think they can't get a divorce?
Problems can come up even before the wedding, right?
They will! They definitely will
- Hold on. Wait - You're getting a call
- It's a good omen - I'll go now
- Get lost! - Hello, boss
- Take good photos - Of you, sir? Sure!
- Ok sir - Not of him
of Steffy
Hey... Just go
Why is he reciting filmy dialogues like an idiot?
He's gone mad with the heat
This morning, a huge tiger
simply started chasing me!
I turned and asked what happened?
The tiger said to me shut up and run!
Even if we say that we dont want problems,
will they ever keep away?
Even if I ask the tiger to not chase me,
will the tiger stop chasing?
Don't ever stop running! You stop, and you're dead!!
Don't ever stop running! You stop, and you're dead!!
Don't ever stop running! You stop, and you're dead!!
Don't ever stop running! You stop, and you're dead!!
- This is you, isn't it? - No it isn't me
It isn't me guys!!
It looks exactly like you!!
stammers, splutters
Why are you overacting?
That isn't me guys
Then who is it? Your twin, perhaps?
Should I call your dad? Should I?
I was confused at first too, but it's someone who looks like me
I couldn't believe it Crazy, right?
You didn't invite me to your wedding...
didn't give me video-photography...
and already you have a honeymoon video?
Who'd you give this order to?
This is a different girl
Oh My God!
One pre-wedding honeymoon with this girl
and a post-wedding honeymoon with your wife
Do either of these women know about the other?
What are you saying, man? Just hold on a minute
Hello Steffy
What happened to you? Where did you go?
Me? Err... That is... A friend had an accident
- What accident? - Oh that...
A head injury
What happened?
Err... ah...
We brought him to hospital... He needs a bypass surgery..
What are you blabbering?
Why would they perform a bypass surgery for a head injury?
Oh that? Basically...
He was born with a hole in his heart
He suddenly suffered a massive heart attack and fell down...
His head was injured in the process, so brought him to the hospital
Come on! I'm a doctor myself!!
Are you hiding something?
Take two minutes. Do not hide anything from me
Whatever it is, tell me the truth right now
I promise there's nothing
Did you smoke?
Steffy, what do they write on the cigarette pack?
'No Smoking' 'Smoking Kills'
'It's injurious to health' and that too in a huge font!
Moreover, you're a doctor. After promising you, would I smoke Steffy?
There's no download option...
- Hello - Bro!!
How's the video, bro?
Are you insane!? Why are you doing this??
Warrior, bro
I'll keep trying to stop this marriage until my last breath
You problematic idiot!!
He's a problematic idiot!
Anyway, look at the amount of effort the girl is putting in...
Aren't you ashamed to have slept off like that?
That really isn't me. Why don't you believe me?
First, remove the video from your phone. Delete it. It isn't safe
Whatever, man...
Listen to me, guys. That really isn't me. Believe me
- Please, guys - Was it really him?
It was him. I promise that it was him
Really... I have a small request...
Is it possible to watch that video?
No, no. That would be wrong. Don't ask
Telling you the story is risky enough. Don't ask for the video
And after that? What happened?
'Rubbish video! Wasted 10 minutes of my life'
'Like here if you think you'll die a virgin'
'Why is he sleeping like that?'
'I also sleep man what's wrong in...'
'I'm disappointed in my life'
'Best wishes from Mahesh Babu fans'
Tell me what happened
Don't judge me, bro
- I'm .... - I won't judge you
- I'm a good guy, bro - I know, bro
Basically, I'm from a good family, bro
I know, bro
- I'm a very ve-.. - I know, bro!!!!!!
It was me in the video, bro
I knew it, bro!
Dude!! Dude, look at me. Look here!!
- You traitor!! - Calm down
We've grown up pissing side-by-side! How could you not tell me and go?
Tell me how you went without telling me!!!
- Tell me why -It was an accident
Accident, my foot
A baby forming is called an accident these days
Did you entice, or were you enticed? Tell me now
I'll tell only you
- I can't hear you - Nothing's coming out, bro
Just tell me, man
I'll tell only you. Promise me you won't tell anyone
Ok, I promise. Tell me
- One year back... - Alright
That's when I met him for the very first time
- My boy - Sir
Have you ever acted in a film before?
No, sir
Nice. Very nice
Fresh face
Do you know for how long I've been searching for the right face?
- No I don't sir - Many, many years
I was flipping channels the other day
and the second I saw you on some channel,
I knew that you were just perfect for this character!!!
Thank you sir
Sir, snacks...
Please eat
- Have some - mannerless fellows... won't thank also...
You need to watch a lot of World Cinema...
A good movie must never feel like a movie at all...
- Shouldn't feel like a movie - It should feel real
After this movie,
you will go to a different level altogether!!!
Sorry, baby. This is your honeymoon surprise
- Comfortable? - Yeah
- Yes, baby? - So...
Finally... Honeymoon
How are you feeling?
I'm feeling very hungry
Shall we start?
Let's start with Biryani
- Huh? - You know...
All that travel has really tired me out
So I just thought we'll eat something light
Why not? Let's eat
You dare sleep on your honeymoon?
You've had it!
Let's play
How could you sleep while she was putting in so much effort?
Trust me, bro. It was all acting
Acting, man!!
Trust me. I haven't done anything until now
How can I trust you?
You hid this from me, after all
It was just one day of shooting
After that, the film ran into problems and was shut down
Please... Trust me...
Whether I trust you or not, Steffy has to trust you
It's a guy's video, after all. Take it easy, man
If this happened to you, would you say the same?
If this happened to me... No, I wouldn't say the same
Why are you talking like this, now?
Ok, do you have the producer's number?
No, I don't
- The director's number? - I don't have it
That girl's number?
- I don't have it - What the hell?
Don't say 'no' for everything! Am I asking you for a loan?
Think straight and tell me
I lost my phone, remember?
I don't have anybody's contact info
Even if we had some other footage, we could've said this is a 'making video'
You're dead, bro. Confirm. You are dead.
Are you actually crying?
Just dust...
Nothing but dust
What do we do now?
Seems to be a new site
Upload and make money... But...
There's no download option
Dude. Here, have a look
Uploaded: 20 hours ago Uploader: kungfupanda007
Who the hell is kungfupanda007??
What would his motive be?
Why would he want my video?
What shall we do now?
What more can you do? You've already done it all
You suggest something
My problem is your problem Your problem is my problem
We're friends, bro
brother from another...
mother from another brother
Don't confuse yourself. I got it
Can we say that the video was morphed with graphics and all?
Do you really think that people can't tell the difference?
First of all, why would anyone want to morph you into a video?
Who are you? Who the hell are you?
You think you're some KA Paul type celebrity?
The old man's laughing
He'll laugh to his grave, not to worry
It was 2338 views just now when we last checked
Stop clicking the damn link yourself
2k views are yours alone
He's laughing again
Just a minute
Chill, it isn't your video
Thank you
You be calm
Go to Steffy and tell her everything
Steffy? If I go tell Steffy this, she'll hang me out to dry
When I proposed to her,
she gave me two minutes, and then asked if I was hiding anything from her
I managed to fake a smile,
but inside a time bomb was going tic tic tic tic...
It exploded, and I told her, 'No, nothing Steffy'
Now if I go tell her that I've acted... not acted, slept, in a questionable film,
she'll break my face with her slipper, and murder me in the middle of the road
She makes me tell her, and then berates me for it
She's too sensitive
I'm feeling scared right to my gut, bro
After the wedding, I'm done for
The wedding itself seems done for
Come, let's go
- What should we do? - There's nothing left to do
We need a hacker
Let's call Paapa
He's not picking up
Yes, I know
- He's not picking... - Do you know where his house is?
- Aren't we always together? - Yes
Do you know where his house is?
- No - Obviously I won't know!
You think he died?
Are you drunk?
No it isn't like that, man...
You remember how he said he was really sick?
We didn't go visit him at the hospital either
Why woud he even hel-... Dude! Stef...Steffy's cutting my call!!!
Things become dangerous when Steffy cuts my call
Is your story of that director and the films shoot even real?
Or did you really go on a honeymoon, and now you want to cover it up!?
Take the call
- Hello, ma? - Where are you?
Right here, ma
Come home right away... Steffy's come over
- So have her father and uncle - Why, ma?
How would I know?
Come and ask them yourself
Steffy and family are at my house, it seems
You think she knows about the video?
You're doomed
You're beyond doomed
Chill out, bro. It's just a phone video...
It's not 'pone' or 'porn'. Say 'phone video' please...
You go on ahead
I'll go on home. I need to do my laundry
- Come with me, I'm scared - Scared!?!?
Why the hell are you scared?
If I come inside with you,
your family will hang me up to dry alongside you, but with more starch
My family won't do all that. It's a very good family.
Steffy is also inside
She'll kill us with one look of her eye
Steffy won't say anything
When she sees me, her eyes will become wells of pure love
You think she knows?
Actually, I have some work at home I'll be back in about a week or so
Sit. Down.
- This is wrong, son - Daddy...
As you please, child. I shall not say anything.
You said you'd provide non-veg food at the reception...
Why have you decided on vegetarian at the last minute?
How can there be a wedding without mutton biryani and chicken 65?
My brother-in-law
Actually we wanted his son Johnson to....
Can there even be a wedding without mutton biryani and chicken 65? How?
We serve only vegetarian at our weddings
And he's my brother-in-law
We're pure vegetarians
There can be no non-veg at our weddings
Let's serve both veg and non veg, but seperately
And where will you eat?
He's always been like this
A teacher's son should study well, but we were in for a shock
He said he'd be a doctor,
but now he's blabbering on TV for a living
So what if he's not a doctor? He brought home a doctor !!
You should be slippered first
You're the reason for everything wrong in his life, right from school
You failed in all subjects. He also failed...
You fell in love... He also fell in love...
And to top it all, both of you fell for Christian girls
Please just get married without any problems,
and then go do whatever the hell it is you want to do
Just don't give me anymore shocks
One more heart attack, and-...
Nothing like that will happen, dad
Right then...
I'd like to ask something when both families are present
Tomorrow when your babies are born, what name will you give them?
Hindu, like us?
Or Christian, like them?
They won't have babies tomorrow, uncle
Not tomorrow literally. In the future...
Excuse me...
Excuse me...
Steffy, they don't know what they're saying. I'm sorry
Are you hiding something from me?
No, no
That was... It was just one cigarette, for the stress. Sorry
Are you hiding something?
- Have you drank, recently? - God, Steffy!!
They've written 'Liquor drinking is injurious to health' all over the place...
Haven't they? I mean... Would I drink despite that, Steffy?
Moreover, you're a doctor...
Consumption of alcohol is injurious to health
How'd that happen? That fellow, again?
I'm a warrior
Oh that wasn't me. Did you think it was me?
You silly girl It wasn't me
Lies, lies, lies Whatever you say is lies
Sorry Steffy it was a mistake because of my friend's accident
So in my stress, I just...
It was just a light drink. I won't do it again I promise
You said, 'I don't smoke or drink'
then it became 'occasionally'
After our love story began, you said you haven't touched them
God knows what else is there
Do you smoke ganja? Are there girls?
Why are you talking about ganja of all things?
- So there are girls - Steffy!
You're hiding something... Tell me right now...
I'm not able to trust you and this is killing me
- Please - I promise on God that...
Take your time, but whatever it may be, tell me only the truth
I promise there's nothing
Steffy... Ste-...
I didn't talk much inside only because Steffy told me not to...
My problem is not whether you drink and smoke at all...
It's that you lie to Steffy!
If you keep lying at this rate,
nobody will believe you even if you tell the truth!
Take care!
- I'll take care uncle! - Hmm!
Uncle! I'll also take care, uncle!
And uncle, I'll take care of your Mutton Biryani & chicken 65 ok?
- Ok, ok - Let's go
You crying?
It's dust!
- Let's go inside - Wait a bit
- I'm damn tensed! - Don't be!
It'll all be fine!
They've left, is it...
Hi bro!
I'm coming!
Hold on. He's had it today!
Wait! Rakesh! Rakesh wait!!
- Hey bro! Hey no no!! - I'm gonna kill-
How's the video, bro?
Did you see it? Clarity was ok??
Hit me... Kill me...
Even then, I'll keep trying till my last dying minute
You're an idiot!!
If you tell me to die for love I gladly will!
- Then die, fool! - I'm a warrior, bro!
Bear this in mind...
If she starts to hate you,
then she'll understand my love for her!
All I need is one more issue...
And I'll finish you!
Who is this?
What're you up to?
We've tied up Johnson...
Who's Johnson?
Obviously the guy we've tied up is Johnson, fool!
That I got! Who is this Johnson!?
He's the villain of Raks' life!
- Huh? No! - What happened?
If he comes to know about our man's video,
- he'll stop the damn wedding! - Wait! That means... It WAS you!
That is... Me... It wasn't me.. It was a guy like me...
- Hey, talk legibly! - Is it even necessary, man!?
We've tied him up, right!?
Just keep him here for a day. If he gets out,
he'll post the video and stop my wedding. Please
Get lost! I won't!
Dude! Please, man!
If Steffy finds out, I'm dead!
- Wedding cancel! - Look...
He's already half-dead...
Please cooperate
Ok I'll keep him
Sorry man. Just hang on for 2 days. Then we'll release you
Sai Baba!
I don't understand...
Take him away from here soon
This is where I live!
I don't want to get into trouble
There won't be any trouble, man. Promise
You should be careful while making such videos, bro...
Careful!! Don't talk like this is a drunken car accident!!
It was acting!
- I don't believe you - It was acting!!
- I don't believe a word! - At first, even I couldn't
But it is all about trust, bro
- What happened, has happened - What do you mean!?!?
"Happened", it seems! Talk decently!!
Whatever happened, happened. Let's talk about the next step
- I'll think as well - Paapa isn't responding!!
- Let's go - Where to?
Police Station
[The police have initiated a cyber-safety programme]
[Many foundations are working together with the police]
[to create public awareness regarding cyber-crimes]
[The idea of the initiative is to protect the public]
[and so the everyone must work together to make this a reality, said the DGP]
[The public can now file complaints without any insecure feeling]
Come, let's file a complaint
Is that a good idea? It'll become official record!
The police are our friends, bro
I'll write the official complaint, ok? Come
What should we tell them it is? Personal or a cinema clip?
We'll tell them it leaked. What say?
In the future, when I'm a celebrity, what if they use this in an investigation?
Sai Baba!!
Sai Ba-... Sai Baba!
If we are reincarnated, make sure we don't become friends!
Make me want to kill him!
Come, please. Come
- Who are you guys? - What do you want?
He's alive after all!
How are you both?
The Goodfellas
How are you able to say 'good' in this situation?
What is it?
- Wedding, eh? - Yeah...
- Yes it is... - I thought so!
When an old friend comes calling after a very long time,
one can easily confirm that it's his wedding!
Did you guys even care if I was alive or not in the last 5 years!?
Hey, hey it isn't like that, bro!
What 'it isn't like that, bro'?
How long will you sleep? Get up now. Come on
I'm not sleeping!
I'm excercising!
Did you know that the human body burns 63 calories per hour while sleeping?
Googe it, bro!
Just you wait...
Th-... There's... There's a problem
What problem?
First promise me you won't tell anyone what I'm about to tell you
- Please. Only for you - You haven't said anything!!
What am I promising to not tell anyone!?
Basically, I'm a good fell-...
This is why your show never gets good ratings!
You keep beating round the bush; the audience sleeps! Just like him!
Dude, take a look at this
Were you able to tell him?
"I'm good! My family's good!"
(Raks) On our friendship!
No friendship, no nothing! You just look at the video!
What's the problem here?
You know this girl. I've to hack the site and remove video, right?
Didn't you look at the guy in the video at all?
I never look at the guy in videos like these!
Take a look at the guy just this once, it's okay
This is you, isn't it!?
What the hell happened, man?
What even is this!?
How did this happen?
Take it easy, bro!
How is a guy's video even a problem?
What is this!?
- This is not fair! - Why??
Gender equality should not be like this!
nor like this. It has to be fair!
Don't look at girls in one way and boys in another!
Can you remove that video, please?
There is nothing which cannot be done, my boy
Anything is possible
Swiggy! You're here!?
Why don't you eat this also while lying down?
Only one link is it?
- Only one, bro! - Or are there many?
Look! There are 2-3 links
Oh God, Oh God Oh God!!
All are copies of copies of copies
If I just remove the source, they'll all go
Oh God! If Steffy finds out I'm done for, bro!
Anyone else sees, and the wedding is off! They'll all laugh!!
Here he goes again!
If my son sees this, it's familial dishonour!!
I have a doubt
How do you know that it is a son who'll be born?
Tell me!
What is this, man??
Stress balls are meant to be squeezed, man
- Sorry - Not shredded to bits!
Sorry, bro!
We tell you to hack, and you play games?
If it's so easy, do it yourself!
Carry on
The Assistant Director lived near the shooting location!
Shall we go ask him? It could have been uploaded by mistake
You know his house?
Not really, but I know the area. Let's go there and ask around.
In this heat!? You want to go ask around!? I'm not coming
Heat!? I'll ki-...
Ignore the heat. Please, man!
This BlackCat is killing me I say!
Who or what is a BlackCat?
BlackCat is a very dangeroud hacker
He and I are always at loggerheads
He just tried to hack me, but I hacked him nice and good...
- It's a war, brother! - What next, brother!?
You don't want, is it?
How long will this take, bro?
1-2 hours
In that time we can go to that ADs place!
- Shall we? - It's too hot. I stay
I'm the one feeling the heat!
How far is the place?
About an hour from here
- Let's go - You guys go ahead
- I'll update you - OK
- Yes, who do you want? - Hold this!!
Who are you?
That's my Akka (elder sister)
Akka! This!
Kamu, my Akka!
Akka, Raks! Raks, Akka!
My college friends
That was my last cigarette!
His wedding is tomorrow!
- Oh. Hi, congrats - Thank you
Your wedding is Monday? What are you here for?
Ah, that... We came to give him the invitation..
- Oh - Here you go
You must come
If it happens!!
Sure. I'll definitely be there
And what do you do?
I teach Math at Prince School
- Where'd you keep the keys? - Akka, I need the car please
I need to go to the hospital!
Anything wrong with you?
You seem to be the disrespectful type!
And you seem to be the strict teacher type!
All I asked was if she's sick!
My student is critically ill
Wow! A teacher visiting sick students in hospital!
My health suffered because of teachers!!
I hate my Maths Teacher!
Where are the keys!?
Is this it?
Yeah my car broke down I'm coming in a different car...
I know, I know I'm coming!
With the wedding tomorrow, where are you guys going?
Erm... That is...
I have to invite another friend
Whoa! You seem to be inviting people until the last minute!!
Not like that! He's a close friend of mine. An AD!
That's why it's important that I give him the invite
You know, Raks has acted in a movie!
Really!? What's the movie's name?
No no nothing like that
That is... erm...
"Arise, sleepyhead, Arise"
- That's it, right? - Yes it is
- When's the release? - It's practically already out!
- Hello - Sir we're raising 9 lakhs for
- a surgery. Will you donate? - Donation!?
Nobody here will donate! Put the phone down!!
How many times will they harrass for donations!?
If you have, why not give?
- I can't give - Excuse me?
Let me explain
Apparently someone needs 9 lakhs for a surgery...
Meaning that the surgery won't happen without that amount
The maximum I can give is about one or two thousand
How much will these pittances add up to?
In the time that they give the money, what if the patient dies?
- I can't believe it - Don't just do whatever you can
Do what's necessary, what is required. That's what I believe
Ah yes... Hello? Tell me
Listen, a small mistake has happened here
What happened!?
Johnson has come to know about the video
What are you saying?? What happened!?
I went to inside to have a bath
I kind of felt shy having him there
So I left him outside, but by the time I finished my bath...
Why the hell did you need to bathe!?
Dammit, is my life a game to you all!?
Whether or not you bathe, you'll still look like a solar eclipse!
Really sorry. This won't happen again
What are you sorry for? Keep your sorries
Don't play games with my life Make sure he's well hidden, please
Yeah I'm on it
What happened?
Johnson has come to know about the video
Johnson has come to know about the video!?!?
-What video? - It's nothing !
Its a... erm...
That is to say...
His fiancee!
He had promised her that he wouldn't drink
Now a video of him drinking has come out
We're trying to get it deleted, with Paapa's help
Have some shame
It's important that she doesn't find out
But isn't it wrong to suppress the truth?
No matter what, the correct thing to do is to tell her the absolute, complete truth
Not telling the truth may be wrong, but suppressing it isn't
They are the same thing!!
You are mistaken, like most teachers !
The thing is... Telling a lie, is telling...
Hiding the truth, is hiding
How can hiding the truth the same as telling a lie?
It's all the same! Absolute cheating, ok!?
Oh! Cheating!?
Thats too strong a word. It isn't cheating
It is cheating! I know!!
I know that feeling
How do you know?
Because I was cheated!
By my husband!
It wasn't feeling right
I knew something was wrong
I even checked his phone!
But, nothing!
But later...
I recovered and read his deleted mails and messages
And my doubts were confirmed
He was cheating on me!
Just pull over, here. My dad's calling. Please stop
- Hello dad? - Where are you!?
I'm on the way!
Tell me exactly where you are!
I'll be there in an hour
I asked where you are! Not when you'll be here!
You haven't even gone for your suit trial! Where exactly are you!?
I... I am...
Bachelor's party! I'm at a bachelor's party!
What!? Have you no brains?
With the wedding so close why do you even need a party?
What to do? Friends! Friends!
So you drink, is it!? Useless fellow!
Let me have a word
Look, we've already had to compromise a lot for your sake
Why are you behaving like a madman at the last minute?
Don't forget your father's heart! He shouldn't be this tense.
- Come home now! - I'm coming!! It's just... This party...
Get your butt here soon!
Answer one question right away, though
What name will you give your babies when they are born?
Hindu? Or Christian!?
What do I even say to this ignoramus!?
If you feel like it, have a good cry
No shame in a man crying
Cry it off
Dust bro, dust
Just dust
Felt hungry. Come in soon! Lets eat.
Eat... Eat well
Whatever the problem, biryani is the solution
The problems will go away, and stress also goes down
If you lie so much, stress is what will come
Why are you making a big deal out of a few drinks that I had?
But that is not all you've hidden
You also hid that honeymoon video, right?
I told her not to tell anyone, bro!
- Listen! - Yes?
- You're not hiding anything from me? - No, nothing like that akka
You're telling me the absolute truth now?
I'll tell you-...
What are you blabbering, man!?
She's a teacher! She knows what to say to to bring out the truth!
People of THIS type will delete their browser history!
They'll delete their call history! And their WhatsApp chats!
And when they're caught, They'll say, 'it isn't cheating'!!
If that's so, isn't looking into our phones cheating as well?
The only correct thing is to tell your fiancee the truth
It's acting, after all! She'll understand...
It looks very real. It was shot on a phone
With the wedding tomorrow, nobody will believe me...
Nobody will believe me... They'll be tough to convince
But if you hide the truth,
you'll only be a cheater
Let me explain
Just consider this...
All of this happened to your fiancee, and not you
A similar real-looking phone video was made
Just... Acting!
It was shooting It was not real
And your girl acted in it. She did nothing else.
She, too, didn't do anything. She just slept through the full video
With 2 days to the wedding, that phone video leaks out...
She comes to you,
plays the video,
and says, 'I never knew,
it was all just acting,
please believe me I am innocent'
At that time, would you accept her story?
Tell her the truth before the wedding
Marrying her otherwise would be very wrong
And if you don't,
I'll tell her at the wedding myself
Be it telling lies, or hiding the truth,
isn't marrying a woman and cheating her wrong?
Raks, man... So sorry
I won't tell anyone ever again
Again!? What the hell do you mean?
"Again" it seems!
You better get on with the deleting
For your own good... I'll kill you otherwise
Yeah I'm on it
Even if he deletes it, his sister said she'll come tell the truth...
All we have to do is kidnap the sister - Hey!
That's my sister!
I just want to disappear!
If only a few days...
could just be skipped, it would be great
If only life had a skip button!
You know what I'm saying? Like a skip button on a video. To skip...
- Dude, life means-... - Shut it, man!
Life means to shut your gob!
Now I've to take his advice also
You know, if you ask me...
I think telling Steffy everything is correct
Fear kills. Rather than die a hundred fearful deaths,
It's better to tell the truth once and for all
Take the phone... Call her, I say
This is unwanted inspiration now!
You decide to tell the truth and make a call now, we'll all be hurt
Don't do it
I've meditated upon fear guys
It creates illusions of what isn't there...
and makes molehills seem like mountains...
I'm telling you, just call her and tell the truth
If you make a call to your folks and tell them the truth,
they're not going to give you the damn Bharat Ratna Award!
They'll cut you up for having hidden it so far
- Don't talk - Hey
Lies bring joy today, but sorrow tomorrow
the truth brings joy today, but sorrow-...
Well, I think I did not say that right,
but you say it right to her. Tell her the truth, please!
- I know women physically... - What the hell!?
Psychol... I mean psychologically
Don't tell. Do not tell.
- I'm telling you as a friend, call - I'm telling you as a friend, don't call!
- Call! - Don't call!
- Don't call! - Call!
I'm telling you not to call!!
I'm getting a call!! She's calling
- is it? - Steffy Steffy
Stop the car! Stop right here!
- Take the call! - Take it, but don't tell the truth
- You have to tell the truth! - No no no!!!
Yes yes yes!! Listen, now!
Rather than die a thousand deaths, face the problem once and for all!!
What the hell are you going in a loop for?
- Enough with your googled philosophies! - You shut up!
Will you listen to me or not? Talk to her!
Will you listen to me or not? Don't talk!
- He'll tell her! - He won't!
- He will!! - He won't!!
- I'll make him!! - I won't let you!!
Where are you?
I'm at the hospital! Friend had an accident right. That's why I'm here
Hello? Hello?
- What happened? - She cut the call! Oh God!
I thought I'd say the old lie-...
I mean the old truth,
but I've created a new lie now!
How does this woman trust even a single word from you?
I've told far better lies than this in grade school!
- I swear! - How does she even?
Hey! She's video- calling me man!
Steffy! Video call!
What do I do? Paapa??
- Kamu? - I dunno
- Don't take the call - Tell her!!
Don't take the call!!
Why didn't she believe him when he said he was where he was ?
Believing in people is Humanity, after all
But if she actually video-calls to check, what can a man even do?
Was he caught?
Was he caught?
Was he caught?
- Why are you in the car? - Steffy, the doc says it's serious!!
I told you that my friend had an accident, right...
I just came out to buy medicines for him
"Move your vehicle sir! Don't you have any common sense? I've got a patient here!"
"How can you sit there yapping oh the phone! Move your vehicle!"
Oh God! There's an ambulance right behind me, Steffy
Being the val-... Being a doctor you'll know the value of a life...
I love you... I'll call you back.. take care!
Dude, Polanski is calling!
Are you insane, man?
What is your problem?? Sir... Sir!!!
Polanski sir, what the hell is happening?
That entire video has leaked...
Please do somthing to help me, sir
Who uploaded it?? Please delete it, sir!
[Where are you right now?]
How does it matter where I am!?
Please understand, sir
Where are you, sir?
Please do something. I'm getting married tomorrow!
[I'll send you a GPS location]
[Come there, and we'll talk...]
Now there's no reception!
Is this where he told us to come?
You saw me calling him. He isn't picking up, man
Dude, a car seems to be approaching...
Sir! Please...
Sir, please don't shoot them yourself
It's election time... We'll face problems
You've only just got a ticket after trying for so many years
Don't spoil you chances
The rest is upto you
Fire when I say ok, ok?
I said 'okay' to check if you had understood! Not to fire!
Fire only when I say, 'Fire'
- Ok sir - Got it?
- Have you understood now? OK? - Ok sir
Sir, it's better you explain with full clarity to him, sir.
It's a matter of life and death
You've ruined my girl's life, haven't you?
She's your daughter, sir?
He's my uncle!
If her father had found out,
I'd be speaking to your dead bodies by now...
Sorry sir
Because I'm generous, I'm talking to you while you are alive
- Shall I finish them sir? - No, hold on!!
I should throw y'all in jail on a harrassment charge!
Sir, I'm the one who was wronged. I slept! I didn't do anything sir...
In a fair world, I should sue him for harrassment!
Why did you do all this?
Sir... erm... ah... This is...
This is a real story, which happened to me, sir!
Cut it! Not like that...
Wait, I'm coming
You eat the biryani, go to the washroom, and wash your hands...
But when you come back and look at him,
you see that he is snoring, deep in sleep like a buffalo
- Ha ha ha - Sir!!!
Sir why are you calling me a buffalo in front of a lady?
This is based on a real story... How else should I shoot it!?
You've ruined our girl's life!
Why are you saying the same thing over and over again?
I didn't do anything, sir! I slept there! Really, sir!
My wedding is tomorrow, sir. Please understand
No wedding, no nothing. First delete the video
If not, she'll be the one you marry tomorrow
Sir, please understand. I'm getting married tomorrow
Sir, please understand. I'm also getting married tomorrow
By 'I', I didn't mean me. I meant him...
Who among you uploaded that damn video, huh?
- Was it you? - Sir!!!
Sir what are you even saying? Please try to understand!!!
I am in the video! I've been running around like a mad dog to delete it. It wasn't me!
- Was it you? - Sir, I'm his friend!
I came to know about this godforsaken video only today!
Why would I upload it!?
- Then it must be you - Sir!!
I'm starving, I'm tired. I've been with them all day, trying to delete this video
What do I know sir? I'm in no way related. I'm a hacker, sir!
What is a hacker?
That means that he's the only guy who can delete the video...
I can't do it this fast... I've sent a link to the uploader
I can access his laptop only if he clicks on it. Otherwise I can't, sir
Delete it before I count to a 100 otherwise you will be deleted...
- Count it down - Backwards or forwards, sir?
Tell me exactly, sir... Otherwise you'll abuse me
No, I got it. I got it
- 99
- 98 - Do something Paapa!!
- 97 - Godfather 1!!
- 96 - Where there is a will,
- 95 - there is a way!!
- 94 - You can do it!!
- 93 - Time and tide wait for none!!
- 92 - Playstation!! Fortune favours the brave!!
- 78 - I'm doing it, sir
- 77... 76 - As a director, I'm telling you!
- panda001 - 75
No, no!!!
- kungfupanda007 - 49
Try your grandpa's birthday!!
- 46 - come on!
- Paapa you can do it - 42
- 10 - type what I say paapa!!
- 9...8...7...6 - Be positive! It's very easy man!
- 5...4 - wrong counting sir! Restart it!!
- Paapa!! - Shut up, guys!!
- 3...
- 2... - OH MY GOD
He's clicked it Sir, I got him!!
Sir, take a look
There's nobody there!
- Buffering, sir - Who is this guy
Sir it's still buffering, sir
IT WAS YOU!?!?!?!?
Yeah... it's me
Why did you do it?
A phone came in for repairs, bro...
I opened it up, and found the video... And I just couldn't stop laughing!!!
I uploaded it just for fun,
but the result ended up like this
You uploaded it for fun!? Fool!
Some money would have also come, right?
- This is a sin, my man - Why? Woudn't you watch it!?
How have you not killed this guy yet?
That's what happened next
Do you know him?
No... No I don't, sir
This looks like some phone repair shop, sir
Do you know him?
- Hello? - Listen!
Remember I gave you my phone to change the display?
- Yes sir - You personally oversaw it, right?
The guy there said it'd take an hour, sir
So I stepped out to have pani puri
You imbecile!!
Which shop was it?
It's in Ameerpet. Smart Service
Hey... You people stay here
- You come with me - As you please, sir
Call the number... CALL!!
Sir, if I call him and he realises the value of the video...
That's why I'm thinking
Are you going to ask him for his review of the damn video?
Let's ask him for the shop's opening time
Yeah 98843..93420
- Hey! Open up!! - Who is it??
Who the hell are you all? What if the shutter breaks!?
Sir, I seem to have seen you somewhere
Sir, could I ask you something?
Could you please hit me after telling me why, sir?
kungfupanda007... Isn't that you?
What are you even talking about?
- You keep deleting! - Yes sir
What are you deleting, sir?
"Arise, sleepyhead, Arise"
Oh, I've got it now!
- It's you in that video, right? - Cool it!!
Hit him, sir! Bash him!
I give up, man
I admit defeat
What happened?
- Tell me the password - I love chota bheem...
$ ... 1, 4, 3
What password is this?
- I love... - Sir!
'i love' in caps...
'bheem' in caps...
'chota' alone in lower case
Chota bheem, and kung fu panda!!!
You look like a mixture of both! You think you're a schoolkid? Hit him sir!!
Sir, I may look rough, but inside, I'm very sensitive sir!
- Ok ok, calm down - Please tell him not to kick me
Link deleted, bro
- Remove the source copy too - Yeah I'm on it
- Delete whatever necessary - Yeah yeah
You blackguard!!
Why do you have so many videos?
Rakesh, some videos here are more comical than yours!
Sorry boss
I saw the video...
With some editing, it looked superb
I uploaded it just for fun... Comedy... Jolly
Please don't stand up, sir. It scares me. I won't do it again
I've called Steffy so many times...
but she isn't picking up... Let's leave soon...
Don't look at me like that. We'll leave only after you eat. Eat fast
Do you think you'll get married tomorrow?
Why would you even say something so inauspicious?
Inauspicious? Me?
Just shut up and eat, please
- He's coming - Hi sir
- There are no other links, right? - No, sir... 100%
I'm looking
Check properly
You're a good man, my boy
That's what I've been telling everyone, sir
That girl, though.
She's really dangerous!!
Why, sir?
Just look at her
You people stay here
You come with me
Why did you do this?
Tell me on your word
Didn't I explain everything to you clearly before the shoot?
Yes, sir
Sir, how will this work out? Let's avoid this portion
Why won't it work out?
It'll definitely work out
We have a strong message!
- Message?? - Don't stress yourself out
Don't be afraid
Why are you afraid?
While acting, one must never ever feel shy...
You should be brave...
No fear, ok
This girl is being so brave...
What's your problem?
Just act with confidence
I'm not the least bit tense about the video, sir
I don't understand why...
my uncle is creating such a scene...
Take it easy
It's all about how you take it
Look at that girl! How brave she is...
and you're literally eating us alive
He's coming here
Have you checked it?
- No other links, right? - No sir
100% not there
I've checked. You can trust me
Your wedding's tomorrow, right?
Yes sir
That's only if all links are gone...
You've written just this story? Or are there others?
Is there just this story or are there others?
If I direct, this will be the story, sir
Lighter, sir...
King Hacker?
A new link has been sent...
to my mail!!!
- Check it out... What is it? - I'm looking
I'm not able to understand
- Unknown number
- Hello? - Hi, I love your video
'Arise, sleepyhead, arise'
Who's this?
King... King Hacker
I want 20 lakhs
20 lakhs!?!?
Arrrange the money...
or go viral...
- Your time starts now - Sir hello! Hello!!
What is it?
He's demanding 20 lakhs
20 lakhs?
Who is this guy?
King Hacker. He's the one who sent me the mail
- Drive!! Go fast - I'm doing it!!
This is really fishy. I think someone is extorting us!!
What do we do now?
- What do we do? - Shut up and wait
King Hacker's calling
- Let me talk to him - No, let me talk to him
- What should I do? - Put the speakerphone on
Talk with authority
- Hello, hacker. This is Kamu - Hi
How're you doing? Hope you're doing-...
Stop daudling and come to the point
Sir, 20 lakhs is too much for this video
I estimate that 1 lakh will be correct
If its worth so little, why are you desperately hacking? 20 lakhs
Sir, we're just trying to learn hacking. That's it
Moreover, sir, this video is of a boy. Is so much cash needed?
- 2 lakhs - Boys are prime targets now. 20 lakhs
Sir no, no
If you look at the video,
our boy has done nothing but slept
- 5 lakhs - laughter
20 lakhs
Tell him 15!! Offer him 15
Final... 10 lakhs
Don't think of it as 10 lakhs The amount will feel small
Look at it as 1 million... The amount will feel right
Ok, final. Rs. 19,40,000/-
Why 19,40,000?
Because it's my choice
Arrange the money, or go viral
I will arrange, sir I will arrange
Tomorrow. 5 pm
I'll share the location
Rs. 19,40,000/- Don't forget
Do you think someone we know is doing this?
- Paapa? - Huh?
- How do they make these untraceable calls? - Forget that, man
Confirmed bro. This is that BlackCat's doing
You didn't do anything, did you?
- Yes, I did it - Why did you do it, traitor!!
Seen through jaundiced eyes, even James Bond will look like the Joker
So you didn't do it?
Tell the truth... It was you again, wasn't it??
On my word! On God!! It wasn't me...
I really think it was that Mandy girl
I think it was Paapa
- Sam, bro. Confirmed! - No, it wasn't Sam
- Then who was it? - Let me...
Hey just hold on!
What happened next?
Ok, bro. All the best... Cya
Come with me, man!!
I'm not coming. They will wring my neck
They won't do any such thing, bro. We're from a good famiy!!
Alrighty then...
when your babies are born...
what names will you give them?
Hindu, like us? or Christian like them?
I'm asking you! Answer me!!
I will name my child 'India'
I don't have religious, or caste affiliations, ok?
I will live and die happily
India is my country. All Indians are my Brothers and Sisters
I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage
I shall continuously strive to be worthy of it.
I give my parents, teachers and elders respect and treat everyone with courtesy
To my people and my country I pledge my devotion
In their well-being and prosperity alone,
lies my happiness!
How much do you have?
I have a lakh
So we need another 18,40,000
How much do you have?
Including mine...
we need another 18,30,000
You try people in your circle,
and I'll try people in my circle
Bye... Bye, bye
How much did you manage?
24 thous...
- What about you? - 6,30,000/-
What the hell? How'd you do that?
I was always first at every single oral competition in school, bro...
It's all about communication skills
What do we do now?
Uncle, I'm sorry
I spoke too much in anger Please don't misunderstand
Tell me...
There's... a problem, uncle...
Tell me what it is
I need to...
borrow some money...
What for?
Tell him
It's a personal problem, uncle
I've seen you without clothes, son...
When you were young... When you were newborn...
What's personal between the two of us?
Tell me
It's a personal video that...
What? What was that?
It isn't mine!! It's Kamu's...
Please just shut up...
Is it 'that' kind of video?
Yes and to remove it, we're in need of cash
I'd happily give you money if it were your video
Why would I pay for his? Not interested...
Please, uncle
My problem is his problem His problem is my problem
We're friends... Brother from another mother
You're great, bro. Thanks...
How much do you need?
- 10 lakhs - WHAT??
5 will do... 5 will do...
That's too much for me
- I can give you 3 - 3 will do, uncle
Thank you so much uncle I love you
- Will you transfer it? - I'll give cash in hand
- All ok, right? - Yeah. Let's go
Here you go. The cash you needed
Take it
- Thanks, uncle - You're welcome
- Thanks, uncle - Welcome
- Alright... - You're not leaving?
I'm in charge of you, my boy
They told me not to leave your side
From here, we'll go to the showroom,
You'll change into your suit there,
and from there, we will all go to the marriage hall.
You start the car
Where's the loo?
That side, sir...
My stomach's feeling uneasy
Just 2 minutes
- I'll be back - Why just 2 minutes, uncle?
Slowly... Spend some time, it's okay...
What do we do, now?
Why are you asking me, huh?
Stop asking me questions, man
You think my parents gave birth to me for this!?!?
In critical situations like these, give me solutions, if any
Don't mess my head up with questions
It's always the same with you
The same!!! Why would you ask??
Your questions are small, but they demand very large answers
Do you know how difficult it is? You concentrate on ideas and give me one!!
The idea was to beg.
We promised our boss that we'd do any kind of show to increase our TRP's
We begged, pleaded, and got the money on loan from him
Why are you this late?
I'll tell you. Insted of coming directly here,
- they went all over-.. - What he means is
- there was heavy traffic - You shut up!!
How can I trust you with my daughter?
Who the hell asked for her?
It was a joke
- Sir! - What is it!? - Call the bride, it's getting late!
Hi, Hi. Hello guys
Hello. All well? How much did you bring?
- 20,000 - Here you go... 30,000
- Nice nice - 15,000
Oh! Good...
A little closer. Smile, sir
Even that, I've to tell him
A little up. Ok
Sir, I've definitely seen you somewhere before.
I told you I'm a VJ at L TV
- VJ at LTV - I told you, as well, right?
I don't watch all that!
Dude! DUDE!!
King Hacker called
He said to take a bus and go to Ambarpet
It's definitely BlackCat. BlackCat, I tell you!
You give him this money,
- and get the link deleted - Me!?
- yeah! - But how can I-...
- How otherwise? - Look, look - Where did you go?
- Please don't shout - Where did you go!?!
- Why is she crying? - Who?
Steffy. Why is she crying?
Oh that... That is...
She's going to miss her parents, right
- I'm sure it's only that. Right, bro? - Right, bro
- Look! That aunty is calling - Who?
She's right there, look! Just go see what she wants
Hey! You want me to make the exchange?
I'm a professional hacker, not a goonda for hire!!
I need to be here!!
- If I leave him alone, he'll die - What about me?
- King Hacker called you, right? - Yes
You go, give him the money, and get a good look at him
After the wedding, we'll track him down and beat him senseless!!
Can I eat and go?
I tell you not to smoke, or drink
Do you know why?
Do you know how much your health could suffer?
I've seen horrors at the hospital
You might think that I'm trying to control you...
but I really care for you...
I love you
- Happy married life!! - Thank bro, thanks
So you slept in the video, eh?
Happy married life, bro!!
So you slept in the video, eh?
Hi bro...
Apparently you're in some video?
What video? What are you saying?
The one in which you slept!
Who the hell told you about the damn video?
Kamu told us, bro
All our boys contributed
Ok... Happy married life
I'll see you guys
What's this about some vide...
Yes, yes. Correct, correct Good boy. Bye!!
Why the hell have you told everyone?
When I asked for money, none of them gave anything
That's why I told them the story. Sympathy ploy worked!
I only told them the story... Didn't send them the link
Making money requires sacrifice, my friend...
- Steffy, I'll be back in 2 minutes - Why?
It's a little urgent...
What is so urgent?
I'll just take a leak and be back in a minute...
Go later
If they see me standing here alone,
it'll look horrible...
Please Steffy, it's urgent. I'll just be right back!!
2 minutes... I'll be back
I had to search 14 wedding halls before I found you here...
I could kill you just for that!!
Shall I !?
Then your wedding and death anniversaries will be the same
Sir!! Put the gun away!!
Not in a public place
Excuse me...
What are y'all doing here?
- Who're these people? - I'll tell you
- They are all Rakesh's schoolteachers - yes schoolteachers!!
He was the Biology teacher,
- he was the biology teacher, - Greetings
and he was the...
Greetings. Hey what are you doing?
and she is his daughter...
- Hi - Hello
You studied computers and biology too?
Biology in his first year...
Computer Science in his second year...
- How'd the college agree? - it's actually a huge process...
Could you be on stage for a bit?
Just stay there. We'll come back, we'll come
- Please eat and then go... - Oh definitely
- Why did you run away? - What is this, boys?
Sorry sir.. It's just...
the new link came in, and we wanted to delete it
we ran away so that we could arrange for money
- Money? - yes sir
Who's asking for money?
Why are you this late?
Stomach upset. It's okay, I'm fine now...
- Hello? - Hello...
- Hello! - Hello!
- What hello? - Not you. To Paapa
- Hello!! - How many times will you say Hello?
You're behaving weirdly!!
What's happening, man?
Nobody's here yet
Whatever needs to be done, just please do it fast
What needs to be done fast?
Er.. Ah... That...
The wedding is happening really fast, right. I meant that
You don't want to be married so soon. Yes?
Nothing of the sort, my dear
What's happening?
I'm still waiting
Next stop, it seems
- Shall I come there? - No, sir...
No need. There's no need for unnecessary confusion
Suniel is on the second call...
Just a minute. I'm adding him
Guys! Johnson has escaped!!
What the hell!? You've got to be kidding me
I promise! on God!
Hey, who's Johnson?
- Oh no!! - What oh no?
Oh no-thing!!
Kids.. small kids are falling down. Control them, aunty!
You've seriously gone mad
Who the hell is Johnson!?
Please give me your phone
Just one call, sir. It's urgent!
Tell me who Johnson is or I will shoot all of you!!
- Uncle he is... - hey!!!
I meant Don.. No... Sir! Sir...
Johnson is the guy who is in love with Steffy
Steffy? isn't she the bride?
Then why is Rakesh marrying her?
Sir let me start from the beginning. You'll understand...
Johnson loves Steffy Steffy loves Rakesh
Rakesh also loves Steffy
Rakesh and Steffy are getting married today, but you already know that
What you don't know is...
Johnson is still in love with Steffy
He's trying all sorts of things to stop the wedding
He's a warrior, sir
If you keep going on about unnecessary things,
I don't know if I'll kill the rest but you, I definitely will
Sorry sir. I only intended for you to understand
That's why I tried
9 8...8 4...4 6... 3 6...3 6...
What's after 3 6???
What 'next stop', 'next stop'?? Do you want your money or not?
I'll just leave now!!
Confirmed? Sure?
Right... Ok
- Paapa? - Hello?
He's incessantly saying 'next stop', 'next stop'
Shall I just hack it myself?
Tell me which stop. I'm coming...
Sir, I'll touch your feet and beg you. Please don't
Paapa, your sister won't come to the wedding right?
She'll be unnecessary stress for us...
- Hi - Hi, hi
- Hi - Oh God
Steffy this is Samyuktha, a friend from college...
Paapa's sister
- Hi - Hi
- Have you told her? - Not yet. Please don't do anything rash
What should he tell me?
Oh look there!!!
It's the family of that kid next door!!
- Please don't say anything - Will you tell her or shall I?
What should he tell me? No issues. Tell me
Don't tell her, please
Actually, I need to organise a general health checkup camp for my students
- I had told him to ask for your help - Sure
- Thank you - Sure, sure!!
Sure, why not? Why not? Sure
I thought about it...
either out of fear, or to not hurt our loved ones,
we may have to tell lies...
Even my ex hid the truth from me out of fear...
Didn't I tell you? I told you that!!
Just do me a favour, and get out of here, bro
- Anyway, happy married life... - Thank you. Thanks a lot...
- See you - yeah. Thank you
Thank you! Thank you...
It was a 6... then...
Aaargh, they took my phone!!
Great escape! You pulled it off!!
Come let's take a photo
If I'm a wrong number to you, you're the same to me. Cut the damn call
Dude, link deleted... 100% confirmed. Deleted
Yes!!! Yes, yes!!
Happy!! Very happy happy...
Happy lights, bulbs, all of us...
Did you see who it was?
I couldn't, bro. He took off before I could...
But I'm 100% sure, bro. It was him. BlackCat. It was BlackCat
Ok then, chuck it. Congrats, Rakesh
Listen, just make sure that Johnson doesn't say anything
Whatever he says, nobody will believe him. Because...
He has absolutely no proof of anything
What is this, brother?
Don't you know you've to recharge?
- Congratulations!! - Thank you sir...
If any other link surfaces, then congratulations will be cancelled
Hi... Congratulations!!
- Congratulations!! - Happy married life
Congrats, ma'am...
School teachers...
Chemistry teacher...
He's our physics teacher, and he's the biology teacher
He's our Headmaster
And who's the girl?
My daugher... Err I mean his daughter
- Photo photo... - Of course... photo
Sure, yeah...
Narrate your story after we're done here. Lets see
Don't sleep on your honeymoon...
Congrats, Happy Married Life, she said...
- Thanks - Super...
Oh.. Sure... yeah...
Sorry boss...
Why the hell have you come here?
Who is this?
My friend!! I told you he had an accident right? It's him
How are you? All ok?
All ok... All ok...
Please forgive me, boss. I'm feeling really bad. Extremely sorry...
Why is he saying sorry?
Oh that... Err... Ah...
I helped him even though today's the wedding, right?
Earlier, I had asked him for a favour, but he didn't help
I helped him despite that, right? So he's feeling very sorry...
- Sorry boss. Please forgive me - It's okay bro... I forgive you...
You're forgiven. OK?
Keep your hand on your heart and tell me, sir...
My hand is on my heart. I've forgiven you.
Now I beg you, please go away from here
Thank you very much sir. I won't do this ever again sir. Promise sir
You promise? Yes that's good Now you please go. Go go...
Give me the camera. Put this on charge. Ready!!
Sir, you both take a selfie,
and I'll capture that pose.
It'll be terrific
Ma'am, you click the snap
- Give me your phone - Yeah let me just...
I hate you
It's okay
I love you
Ok sir...
Have a look, sir
Terrific, right?
- What is this? - What is what?
- This video - What video?
Which one?
You'll sleep on your honeymoon, is it?
I'll get you
Let's play
Oh the video that Suniel sent! The first one!!
That Whatsapp copy?
Yes, that Whatsapp copy...
Oh no
He cleaned the whole world, but not his own house...
If only he had the presence of mind,
he wouln't have been caught because of his own phone...
Phones are very problematic...
Yes. All problems can be traced back to a phone
What happened next?
- One minute!! Phone call!!! - Tell us now! Where are you going?
He stopped right in the middle, man!!
- Tell me, dear - Where are you?
Yeah, I'll be there in half an hour
- Where are you right now? - At office!
Lies. Do not lie to me
No, I'm really at a meeting in office!
I called Rakesh
He told me you're not at office
Really? Is that what he said?
- Rakesh is lying to you - He also told me you're playing cricket
Lies, lies, and more lies. Won't you ever change?
Hello, hello!! One second!!
What were you telling them?
What story were you telling them?
What story were you telling them?
When did you get back from the meeting? Did it go well?
Apparently the meeting was cancelled
Why did you tell Jacqueline that I'm here playing cricket?
Kamu, this is uncontrollable. The game is over...
- What do you mean? I don't-.. - Hey!!
First tell me what you told them
What will I tell them? What can I tell them?
- About the 19,40,000 loan tensions - What was that for?
What was that for?
- Your honeymoon tragedies video... - Oh! My honeymoon tragedy video is it?
Who was in the phone video? Who's story was it really!?!?
- Who got caught!? Tell me!!! - It was me!!! All me!!!
It was all me!!!
You don't smoke, do you?
Would anyone who reads 'Smoking kills' on the packet smoke at all? No no no
- Drinking? - No no no, never!
- Ganja? - Ganja?
- Girls...? - Yes, of course. Girls are...
NO! I mean...
I'm a one-woman man!!
we're playing for the team of love, uncle...
He loves me, and I love him...
If you really expect me to marry the girl you've chosen,
you'd better arrange for an immediate divorce as well...
Do whatever the hell you want!!
You traitor!!!
We've grown up pissing together! How could you not tell me ?
- Talk softly... - Tell me, fool!!!
- I'll tell only you. Promise me... - What are you blabbering?
I'll tell only you. Promise me you won't tell anyone
- So you both are honeymooners - Sir!?
- Sit down... SIT DOWN!! - Sir what do you mean honeymoon?
Sai Baba!!!
If we are reincarnated, make sure we don't become friends!
Make me want to kill him!
Get out!!!
Take it easy, bro...
How is a guy's video even a problem?
This is unfair!!!
Gender equality should not be like this, nor like this...
It has to be fair... Please don't view girls in one way and boys in another!!
It looks very real. It was shot on a phone
Jacqueline is on the line!!
- He'll tell her! - He won't!
- He will! - He won't!!
- I'll make him! - I won't let you!
Hello... Jacqueline?
One doubt... Did the wedding happen or not?
Jackass, you saw him speak to his wife just now... Are you following?
- I don't understand anything - Oh you haven't, have you??
It wasn't Rakesh and Steffy's wedding at all...
It was Kamu and Jacqueline's... Kamu flipped the entire story!
Fraud of the first order, you knew this, didn't you?
I was the uploader
Often times, when I get caught at home,
I always make him the hero in the story I tell...
What happened affterwards?
How many times did I ask you?
- Why hide things from me? - Sorry
I was scared you wouldn't understand my side of things...
Why wouldn't I understand?
Because you're overly sensitive...
Because you're not mature enough
You're the immature one
Look, if you would understand, I would've told you ages ago...
If you had told me the truth, I would have always understood
Fine... Ok...
You're not mature, and I'm not mature...
We're one and the same...
Please... Let's get married...
I love you
My dream remains the same...
If you don't want Maggi, I'll get you Upma, or Pesarattu...
Excuse me...
I don't smoke... I don't drink...
No girls, no videos
Most importantly, I would never ever lie to you
What does he have,
that I don't have?
He makes me laugh... I think that's what it is
There's something that even you don't know, you know?
Who do you think King Hacker is?
Would you like to know who the real King Hacker is?
What happened to whom? Tell me...
Dude... That day... on the bus...
I lied that I hadn't seen King Hacker
- What? - Yes... but
I saw him that very day...
Right here?
Leave the money and go
Right, ok
Let me explain
You remember I came to visit a sick student of mine?
They said, 'she's in a critical condition'
The treatment would cost 20 lakhs, they said
I tried every source I could
Finally I decided on a ransom for that video
I didn't know how to do it, though
Then... Google!!
Hello, this is King Hacker
I anticipated that you might doubt my involvement...
That's why I came for the wedding...
and called him as King Hacker
Not this stop. The next stop...
Don't you think that someday, Kamu would ask me who King Hacker is?
What do I say?
Who? Kamu?
He's an idiot, bro. Show him a photo of whoever you want. He'll believe you...
It's okay...
I'm still paying off the installments
Do you have the video? Can we see it?
Why are you after that video?
Even if the sky falls, all you care about is the video...
Boss, do you have it?
- You have it? - I have it
- Show us, please? - I've already seen it bro
- Show us - Don't show them!!
- You have to show us - There's no need.. No!!
Let's play...
I got a story Listen up
Come, let me tell you a story
Im telling only you
Let me whisper it into your ear
And Im telling only you
Isnt your life in itself a story?
And arent you the hero of that story?
Tell me your story
Make me tell you mine
Yours as mine
Mine as yours
Lets keep swapping stories
just to pass the time
come, come
What is justice, and what is duty?
Who am I to judge?
Who is good, and who is bad?
Everyones a character in the story anyway!
Come, let me tell you a story
Im telling only you
Let me whisper it into your ear
And I'm telling only you
once upon a time in a kingdom of yore
ruled a mad king the maddest in lore
people sang his praises out of the fear he had fed
legend told of a warrior; the Tiger who would behead
in every story ever told
what is poison? and what isn't?
what is wrong? what is right?
what is magic? what is fraud? who is good? who is bad?
who's who in which story? who is pulling the strings?
we won't ever know Will we?
Seen through your eyes
his story seems different
Seen through his eyes
your story looks different
but look at your story through his eyes
and the scales will fall from your own
i'll tell you a story that subverts storytelling
i'm like a pen who's story is the ink that's flowing
this is between you and me you and me, us three
dig deep, and the truth shall set you free
How similar are we? How different are our thoughts?
how diffferent are our stories? are we good or bad in them?
no heroic act, and the story lacks flavour
be fearless, and they will sing about you forever
Once the faade is forced to fall,
your life is a story, after all
Once the faade is forced to fall
your life is...
Isnt your life in itself a story?
And arent you the hero of that story?
1... 2... 3 to the 4
we'll sing a little low to bring back the flow
no matter what may be no matter who says what
even if nobody wants to listen to your stories...
never stop believing
whatever the hell may come to pass
in that story, you're the Alpha
in your story, you're the Hero
in that story, you're the Alpha
in your story, you are the King!