Meenakshi Sundareshwar (2021) Movie Script

Welcome. You all are waiting
for the film to begin
and this bride is waiting
for the groom to arrive.
The groom's relatives are coming.
Come on, let's go.
Look, there they are.
You'll find numerous couples here.
Some are with their families
and some have eloped.
There are examples of love
at first sight and arranged marriages.
So, ladies and gents,
please remove your slippers.
Bow down, please.
This is
the Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple.
As the legend goes
Sundareswarar, also known as Shiv.
Meenakshi, also known as Parvati.
Shiv came all the way
to Madurai to marry Her.
The entire world
came together for this wedding.
In short, Meenakshi Sundareswarar
is a very ancient
and significant temple of Madurai.
And this is me, Sundareshwar.
And that's my wife, Meenakshi.
They say every marriage
needs one divine intervention.
Ours needed two.
One was of God's and the second was
Actually, Thalaiva is considered
no less than God.
Forget temples,
memes have been made on him.
He's here, there, and everywhere.
In short, Omnipresent.
And me, I'm his antithesis.
Totally opposite!
So come
Let's see how these divine interventions
made our marriage possible and special.
Meenakshi, what is this?
The groom's family is coming to see you.
Why are you getting Rajinikanth ready
instead of yourself?
Mom, I'm all ready.
But it's also important
to get the room ready.
When you say it's time
for us to talk in private,
we'll come to this room, right?
My room should reflect my personality.
Okay. Shall we go?
Anyway, who is coming?
I had sent you his bio-data, didn't I?
You send me so many!
How will I remember all of them?
Is it Krishnan or Shrinivasan?
Oh, God! Now I have forgotten it too!
Don't make weird faces
in front of the Goddess.
Pray to Her so this alliance works out.
Just leave it, dear.
Hello.Yes, Prasu?
I'm just leaving, give me five minutes.
Shalini! No, regular spot.
-Thirteen ones are?
-Thirteen twos are?
Thirteen threes are?
Thirteen threes are?
I'll answer after this game.
Is Rasu prepared for tomorrows exam?
Is Rasu prepared for tomorrows exam?
I'm trying but
Rasu, focus on your studies.
Sundar, done praying?
Your brother is calling you.
Hey, Selva. Keep those flowers
and come upstairs.
Poojitha, please give me
that coin from the cupboard.
Looking nice. Blue shirt. Very nice!
Listen, keep this carefully
in your wallet.
When Dad had gone to see Mom,
all he had in his pocket was this coin.
He didn't have a stable job back then
and Moms standards
were way higher than our family.
Still, she chose our dad.
And they got married.
When I went to see Poojitha--
Yeah, you also carried this coin.
I got it.
Let it be.
Imagine, I accepted him.
There must be something about this coin.
I'm hungry.
Did you speak
with the marriage bureau person?
Yes, Dad, I'll just call him.
-Poojitha, no Payasam left?
-No. Rasu ate it all up!
Rasu, go sit in the car.
Sir, just five minutes.
Once hes memorized the 13 table
Get it memorized in the car.
In the car? What will I do in the car?
You're a tutor, right?
-Your judgment will be accurate. Come!
Yes, Dad?
If they ask about your job,
what will you say?
I'll say that I finished
my engineering degree a year ago.
I've been searching for a job ever since.
-That's what you'll tell them?
You'll say that you havent
got a job for a year?
Theyll think you are a fool.
Which you are,
but they don't need to know that.
Say that you
finished engineering a year ago.
That you're waiting
for a good opportunity.
Meanwhile, you're helping
in the family's saree business, okay?
But, Dad, if they ask something
about sarees in detail--
Tell them the truth that you
are ashamed of the family business.
No respect for what you have.
You pursue what you don't.
-Rasu. Two and two?
-Five twos are? Thirteen sevens are?
Who would know what thirteen sevens are?
Mom, thirteen sevens are?
Rasu, your father is better at math.
I am better at geography.
Im driving, dont distract me.
Dad, you answer it, please.
Why did I spend so much money
to make him an engineer?
Sundar, answer it.
Whats the connection between the two?
It should be here somewhere.
What do you mean?
Where is the fellow from the bureau?
The number you have dialed
is currently busy. Please try again later.
He must have given an address.
A number?
How will we locate the house?
-Something like 36.
-Three and six make 36! Right?
He cant control himself around Rasmalai.
These are very tasty.
Made from yellow banana, right?
May I suggest something?
Next time, use a red banana
instead of a yellow banana.
You see, a red banana
is less sweet than a yellow banana.
It also has a slight lemon flavor to it.
You should try it from Hari Mess.
Our saree shop is also there, since 1967.
Oh, is it?
Sorry, Dad, I was bored inside.
I think we should
let them talk in private for a while.
Take him to your room.
See, sitting awkwardly like this
will not result in anything.
Lets toss.
Whoever wins, asks the first question.
Oh, shit!
We forgot to decide the heads and tails.
You go first.
Gents first.
I know that you are nervous.
I love making nervous people more nervous.
Remove your coat.
Remove your coat.
Marriage is an institution.
An institution of relationship,
belonging, trust, companionship, and love.
Why should we consider you?
Ma'am, because I'm an engineer.
Engineers make the best husbands.
We don't give up that easily.
Be it engineering or relationships
Once decided, we always complete it.
We're great problem solvers.
Once we have an answer,
we'll figure out a way to reach there.
We're experts in time management.
Whether it's studying overnight
for exams or impressing a girl on a date.
No one can do better than an engineer.
Lets move ahead in the interview, judge
your personality and observational skills.
You get three questions to ask.
Oh, okay.
I would like to know the qualifications
and ambitions of my interviewer.
I recently completed my BBA.
Now, I want to work at a small firm
where I can make a big difference
rather than working at a big firm
where I make no difference.
You are a Rajinikanth fan?
Not just Rajinikanth.
It is Superstar Rajinikanth.
I always watch his films
first day, first show.
You also like him?
Actually, I dont like movies.
They put me to sleep.
Is blue your favorite color?
It's a safe color.
People won't praise or criticize it.
Uvamai Kavignar.
You like reading books?
Yes, I read something every day
before I go to sleep.
What do you like to read?
I like playing book-cricket.
I have a bad habit.
I need sweet after spice, and vice-versa.
And all over again.
This is why his sugar level
crosses 200 sometimes.
Actually, I teach all subjects,
but math is my specialty.
I coached Sundareshwar for his IIT exams.
It's a different story
that he didn't get through.
My son, Sundareshwar.
-But Meenakshi
-Meenakshi? We've come for Sagarika
Four means four runs.
Two is two runs.
And zero is out.
Sorry, I'm clueless
when it comes to books.
No problem. Tell me about sarees.
The truth is that we lied.
I have no interest
in my family's saree business.
I love coding.
But Im not able to find a job.
You wont believe,
Dad still gives me pocket money.
Hes given me a deadline of six months.
If Im unable to find a job,
I'll have to join the family business.
I will make a call.
The marriage bureau people called.
His phone battery was dead.
I think theres some misunderstanding.
He's waiting near house 76
for half an hour now.
Seven and six make 76, right?
I like cactus a lot.
They improve the air quality of the room.
Super cool attitude.
Tough from the outside, soft inside.
No need to water it daily.
No stress about someone's evil eye.
Youll never be possessive or insecure.
-The best relationship.
-The best relationship.
Uncle, come on let's go.
This is the wrong house!
Thanks to my son, Vaman,
we had this confusion.
Both my sons are idiots.
Lets leave now.
We spoke so much
but never introduced ourselves.
Nice to meet you. My name is Meenakshi.
Sundareshwar. Nice to meet you too.
Sundar, let's leave.
Forgive us, Mr. Ganpathy.
-It's all right, sir.
-Sorry, sir.
Lord Sundareswarar Himself has come
to seek the hand of Meenakshi.
This is nobodys fault.
This is the wish of God.
Let's quickly look for an auspicious day
and get them married
in the Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple.
But, Father--
We shouldn't refuse the Almighty.
The boy is good.
The family is also good.
The rest is up to you.
Go to house No. 76, after three lanes.
There's a nice girl there too.
My thoughts smell like saffron
With a velvet touch
My heart blooms like flowers
Knotted in a ribbon
Listen! O' beloved
Listen! O' beloved
The wedding bells ring aloud
Your dark eyes
Behold my dreams
Your laughter echoes all around
Glorifying the ambiance
Her face is like a glowing moon
I realized that she is my everything
They're married. Years ago.
This is the meeting
of their current birth.
The moment I saw Meenakshi,
I knew we were going to get along.
You know, she's a Rajinikanth fan
and I am a Dhanush fan.
We're always meant to be family.
I don't really believe in marriage.
But Uncle doesn't have many friends,
so we should support him.
Meenakshi is cool and sweet,
just like this Jigarthanda.
Get yourself a glass, it's good.
Sundar is a visionary.
He's different from all of us.
He's different.
My thoughts smell like saffron
With a velvet touch
My heart blooms like flowers
Knotted in a ribbon
My eyes
Search for you all the time
I have treasured all my love in these eyes
I wish the wind
Blows through my veil
And takes me to my beloved
My beloved
My beloved
A little dream is budding in my mind
My heart beats to the tune of this evening
The fragrance of sandalwood
The fragrance of sandalwood
Has embraced all our nights
Your dark eyes
Behold my dreams
Your laughter echoes all around
Glorifying the ambiance
Her face is like a glowing moon
I realized that she is my everything
Your laughter echoes all around
Glorifying the ambiance
I was going to get Chetan Bhagat
but Mukai advised me
to get Murakami for you.
Your sister is smart.
-She's a doctor.
-A dentist.
Why do people drink turmeric milk
on their first night?
The thing we need
to be doing right now, but we aren't.
This thing is given
to do that thing properly.
So I should have it too, right?
I mean, for a scooter to run smoothly,
both tires should have equal air
or there might be an accident.
Of course. You should also drink it.
Let's try.
Let's see whether it works or not.
What happened?
There's a job interview tomorrow morning.
I just received a mail.
Delta Plus Technologies.
They are looking for fresh trainees.
Aren't trainees always fresh?
No! Nowadays, even trainees
come with experience.
But thankfully, they are not asking
for any work experience.
I should prepare for this.
Actually, there are five hours
for the interview.
So Ill study for two hours,
come to you for three hours.
Or Ill study for three hours,
come to you for two hours.
Whatever you prefer.
Focus on what is important.
You're right.
Look at this.
This had happened
at Poojitha and Vamans wedding too.
How difficult is it to write a name?
What happened?
Look. SM is written instead of MS.
These vessels are from Meenakshis house
so her name should be first.
What does it matter, Aunty?
It's just a vessel.
Be it Meenakshi Sundareshwar
or Sundareshwar Meenakshi,
just because my name comes after doesnt
mean I wont make coffee for you in it.
Come here.
Suhasini, your daughter-in-law is a star.
Shes not a star, shes a superstar.
The topic of today's group discussion is,
"Why are there cockroaches in my kitchen?"
-In my opinion--
-Cockroaches are the hatred
-we are creating within our country.
-I agree.
-The corrupt system is to be blamed.
We've a lot of other deserving candidates.
Why should we consider you?
Maam, I dont know about them,
but all my qualifications
are in front of you.
One should always start with honesty.
Are you okay, Mr. Sundareshwar?
Why are you smiling so much?
This is for you. Found it in the trash.
Seems to be from another company.
Is the sugar fine?
You wont ask me how my first day was?
Youve never stayed
in a joint family before, right?
Always wanted to. But never got a chance.
Actually, the best part about staying
in a joint family is you are never alone.
What happened?
I got a job in Bangalore!
Sundar, what's the hurry?
Why can't you join after a week?
Mom, I haven't got the job yet.
Tomorrow is the orientation
and then an internship for six months.
What is this company? What do they do?
Have you done your research?
Are you going to some random place
to avoid joining the family business?
It's a very good company, Dad.
I have the bachelor's degree they want.
Sundar, if I find anything
fishy about this company,
Ill pull your ears
and drag you back here.
For one year, you will only
be matching sarees with falls.
I'm warning you.
That's too confusing.
I still haven't cracked it.
Come on!
Sundar, the elastic
of all your undies is loosening.
Please let me pack in peace.
If I miss out on something here,
itll be a problem for me there.
Meenakshi. You stay.
This is for you.
I know the color is not safe but
this is there for safety.
What purpose will it serve?
You get it along when you come.
What's its use here?
How much time do we have now?
There are five hours for the train.
So ideally I should pack for two hours
and come to you for three hours.
Its our first time,
so we should give it extra time, right?
Or I should pack for three hours
and come to you for two hours.
Actually, Im not doing
what Im supposed to.
What happened? Don't you like to kiss?
Take your hands off the suitcase.
Have you kissed before?
But I have practiced it well. And you?
I haven't.
But the first kiss
should be memorable.
Like those in movies.
It was too good for the first time.
You are quite talented.
The pipe on the terrace has broken.
Water's leaking into Dads room.
Anna's calling.
Dad! S2.
-Yes, it's this.
-Give it to me, Sundar.
-Where are you going? Let him go!
Are you carrying water?
Dad, wear your glasses.
Go! Keep your bag!
I love standing at the door
in moving trains and listening to music.
-Bye. Inform us.
-Eat on time. Let us know. Bye.
-Inform me when you reach.
-Bye, Uncle.
Your focus defines your reality.
Syspace Technologies only prefers
single men and women and that's because
Thats my preference.
It's not legally right.
But this is my company.
Twenty-seven minutes late!
-And it's not even the first day yet!
-Sorry, sir.
I got married just two days ago.
The very next day,
my wife found your letter.
As soon as I read it,
I boarded the 6 a.m. Bangalore Express.
Ive come straight from the station.
Haven't even brushed my teeth yet.
-What's your name?
You either dont know how to lie
or you have a good sense of humor.
I like both! Please.
So carrying on
I did not start this company
for making profits.
This company
is meant to extract raw talent.
What's raw talent?
There is a glass kept in front of you all.
Take a sip from that.
-What's it?
It's raw talent.
Juice, without the bullshit.
No ice, no sugar.
I firmly believe,
employees perform best
when they're single.
Minus the bullshit.
I know.
In this age of swipe right, swipe left,
it is hard to stay single for too long.
I keep my employees only for a year.
You give me your one year uninterrupted,
-and I'll give you the rest of your life.
-Excuse me.
-Opportunities like this
-Excuse me. Sorry but it's urgent.
What is he saying?
He prefers only bachelors!
Must take
Excuse me.
You, next to the Sundar boy.
I'm sorry, sir.
Apology accepted.
Now, please
Get out! I don't like being disturbed.
We offer you a future
that is unmatched and unparalleled.
So you are the fourth one.
-Sai Kumar.
Did someone die?
-Guys, Dil Chahta Hai reference.
-I don't like watching movies.
They put me to sleep.
Tea, coffee? Filter coffee?
I think you should've bought the blue one.
It would've suited Mom.
Kari Dosai?
Mukai, you can order
if you eat non-veg. I wont tell mom.
No, I do not.
You can order if you want to eat.
I also won't tell mom.
-No, you order.
-But I don't eat it. You do it.
-No, I also don't eat.
-Go for it!
Go for it!
How about this?
Ill get one for each.
Nobody will say anything to anybody.
Hey, Meenakshi!
How are you?
Hi, Ananthan.
Youve changed a lot.
No Jigarthanda with Kari Dosai?
How can that be possible?
Who eats that combo?
Weird combination.
Sit down.
-Hi, Ananthan.
-Hi. Nice to meet you.
So whats this Jigarthanda story?
Nothing. We used to come here
regularly during our college days.
Kari Dosai and Jigarthanda
were our usual orders.
Our usual order was very unusual.
Hello. Shalini. Reaching in ten.
Shalini is waiting for me.
-Carry on. Bye, Ananthan.
I'm just leaving.
You can also leave if you want to.
I totally understand.
Sorry. I was a bit awkward.
-And I am sorry for the time before also.
-It's okay. I understand.
You not answering my calls
was an answer enough.
You tell me.
How's married life? Sundar, right?
How is he?
Sundar is beautiful.
-You still crack bad jokes.
-But he is!
I'm happy.
You know the best thing about Sundar?
He wants to prove his mettle.
What about you?
Ive joined Dads tea business.
It's keeping me busy.
What about pottery?
You were very passionate about it then.
I wanted to do a lot of things, Meenakshi,
but nothing happened.
If youre free, shall we go watch a film?
Just like old times.
Ive just got married.
Why do you want me divorced already?
If not a movie,
then Rajinikanths famous dialogue.
Its been a while. Come on!
"Nobody knows when and how I'll come."
"But when the time is right
I'll be there."
This film used to be our textbook
during engineering college.
Hey dude, you just got
one quarter amongst the four of us?
I have a solution.
You guys can have the alcohol.
Ill be fine with the solution.
Diganta, I wasnt talking
about that solution.
I meant a solution to the problem.
Engineering might not train you for jobs
but it definitely trains you
to have fun when the times are rough.
Sip and shake.
Then see the stars.
One 6ml sip will give you a 60ml high.
Hold it.
Now, sip and shake.
Look at the stars.
Awesome, brother.
Dude, Im already tripping.
Don't you have a guitar?
Please play something.
Im that dude from the Northeast
who does not know how to play the guitar.
But mind you, I still have a girlfriend.
I see a bug.
I am sure this guy doesn't drink.
You've got to be kidding me.
You dont drink, you dont watch movies.
Do you at least smoke?
I'm sure this guy doesn't even smoke.
I'm tensed about you!
What will you do here?
-Coding won't impress girls.
Look at our films,
if an engineer remains an engineer,
he's high and dry.
The moment he leaves
his job and becomes an artist
it's all fun and games.
And a lot of money!
Coding is also an art.
My mother's calling.
Wow, Sundar!
Dressed to kill.
Today, when I woke up,
I had this realization.
Clarity is inversely proportional
to clutter.
Why do we need hair?
It's just another clutter.
Keep reducing clutter to increase clarity.
That's what we will also
be doing eventually.
In the next six months,
you all will be making an application.
The top five apps will be funded.
The top five candidates will be a part
of this empire with six-figure salaries
and I myself will shave their heads.
This is not just an internship, guys!
This is a competition.
Welcome to the rat race.
Listen, Im taking the 7:50 p.m. train.
I should reach Bangalore by 5 a.m.
Cancel the reservation.
This company only hires bachelors.
I swear I had no idea about this clause.
The fact is that I can't come
to Madurai nor can I call you here.
If you do come,
we won't be able to live together.
And if you stay somewhere else,
you don't know my family members,
they'll visit us unannounced.
I dont have any option.
If I leave this job, then it's back
to the saree business back home.
It's just a matter of time.
One year of struggle
and then life-long happiness.
I didn't marry you just because our names
form the name
of a famous temple in Madurai.
You always wanted
to do something of your own.
Something different
from your family, on your own.
I really appreciate it.
So don't give up on your dreams.
Sundar, if it's better for you,
it's better for us.
I just need a small favor from you.
Sundars boss is really happy with him.
So happy that
he makes Sundar do all the work.
Its Bangalore,
there's a lot of competition, so
So I thought that I won't go just yet.
I'll go a few months later.
Good call, Meenakshi. Let him focus.
Mom, you remember my CA exams
that were to happen
a week before my wedding,
had we pushed the wedding
by a week, I wouldn't have failed.
Big deal!
Had that not happened,
he'd be a qualified CA.
Why just CA? CS, MBA, and MBBS!
He would've done it all!
You are right in the corner of my eyes
I wake up and sleep watching you
You are right here to upset me
You are right here to appease me
This distance is just an illusion
You are with me all the time
You are right here even in your absence
You are right here
When you are lost in my thoughts
Diganta, why isnt
your phone vibrating today?
Is your phones battery low
or your girlfriends?
We broke up, man!
Long-distance never works.
I am sorry.
Long-distance has a lot
of communication-related complications.
I have a simple theory.
Never let your girlfriend know
that you're having fun without her.
The sadder you sound,
the happier she will feel.
Im feeling really sad lately.
Go out with your friends.
Youll feel better then.
No one is anyone's friend here.
Everyone in this company
is busy in their own world.
Is it?
I thought life in Bangalore
would be very happening.
Meenakshi you know,
Ive never had a girlfriend.
I always wanted to take my wife
to all the places in Madurai
that my college friends
used to visit with their girlfriends.
From the time the sun rises
We wait for the sun to set
To share our stories of the day
During the restful hours of the night
We stayed awake all night
Like fireflies
Everything seems dreamy
For the eyes that haven't slept
Rub your eyes and see
The star is laughing
Did it hear our funny conversation?
We'll secretly meet somewhere
Where the night meets the day
You are right
In the corner of my eyes
I wake up and sleep watching you
This distance is just an illusion
You are with me all the time
Ive always wondered what couples
talk about for hours over the phone.
Its not about talking,
its about staying together.
Want to hear a joke?
Three people, a Computer Engineer,
a System Analyst, and a Programmer.
The Computer Engineer
tells the System Analyst
No, actually there were only two people.
The Computer Engineer tells
the System Analyst
the button on his shirt is loose.
I had practiced the joke
but now I forgot the flow.
This is how I'd laugh
if you had got it right.
What happened?
You laugh more than you smile.
Because you smile more than you laugh.
So it balances it out.
The button of your shirt is also loose.
Not that one, below that.
Not that one, the one below it.
Have you shaved your chest
along with your face?
This is all I get here.
The button of your kurti also seems loose.
Lets count till 30 and meet again.
Let me go! Rescue me!
Where are you?
Let me go! Help!
-Let me go! Help!
Won't you help me?
-Where are you?
What happened, Poojitha?
Sundar? Sundar got kidnapped!
I knew things would get ominous
when the lamp went off today.
See what happened now.
Sundar got kidnapped!
Somebody call the police, please!
Police! Somebody call the police! Police!
Oh, no. Sundar got kidnapped!
Nothing happened.
These two were playing police-thief.
Remember we used
to role-play doctor-doctor?
Nowadays they play police-thief.
It's midnight.
Why is everyone yelling?
These people were playing police-thief.
Remember how we used
to role-play house-house.
Nowadays, they play police-thief!
Dont tell anyone at home
about the interview. Let it be a surprise.
Throwing a lot of surprises, arent you?
You have some surprises too, don't you?
I know all about your
"cavity assignments" with Shalini.
Prasad, right?
I'll let it be a surprise.
Please follow suit.
Sure. Im going to give my surprise today.
You decide when you want to give yours.
Siri, play some Carnatic classical music.
Sorry, I didn't catch that.
Don't know. Okay, tell me,
where is Meenakshi Sundareshwar theatre?
-Sorry, I didn't catch that.
-You don't know that too?
You are of no use.
I should throw you in the ocean.
The fan here is not working properly.
It may fall anytime. Hence, him.
You are over-qualified for this position.
There are many consultancy firms
in Madurai now.
Why KY Consultancy?
Sir, because I know I can
make a big difference if I work here.
Rather than working at a big firm,
where I make no difference.
What happened?
Sundar, call back quickly.
I have a surprise for you!
Stop it, Rasu. Don't behave like this.
I won't teach him.
I won't teach him!
He makes me play cricket,
kho-kho, and kabaddi!
Even as a child,
Ive never played so much. Am I a fool?
My IQ is dropping because of Rasu.
No one offers me coffee either.
Rasus exams are round the corner.
Who will teach him?
-Thank you
Rasus exams are round the corner.
Who will teach him?
Listen, I'll pay you the fees if you want.
But please, save me from this child.
I'm waiting for the last
half an hour, and he's bathing!
Tell me, who bathes at 4 p.m.?
Does anyone?
Let him go.
And dont worry about exams,
-Mukai will teach him.
I can't teach him.
My practicals are approaching too.
My assignment with Shalini is pending.
Meenakshi will tutor him.
She has also done her BBA and is
way more qualified than this Ramanujan.
I won't be able to.
Im joining KY Consultancy.
Thank you.
So soon! And Sundar
It took him two years to get a job.
But what will you do joining now?
You said you'd go
to Bangalore in a few days.
So instead of leaving
the job midway, teach Rasu now.
Im very tense for Rasu.
I dont want another Sundar in this house.
Make him like yourself, please.
Confident and smart.
Congratulations on your new job.
Thanks for the coffee. Bye.
Actually, whenever Im sad,
I tend to eat a lot.
I was trying to save myself
but ended up putting you in a mess.
It's okay.
So what's the plan for October 2?
-Gandhiji's birthday!
-Sundar's birthday?
Hes told me not to do anything.
No gifts or surprises.
That's not true.
Everyone likes gifts and surprises.
Guys dont say anything
and girls just say it out loud.
I should do something, right?
No friends, constantly working.
His life has got really boring there.
Why did you call so many people?
Sundar, it's going to be your birthday!
Sure, but I don't even know anyone.
It's a dry day too, right?
-Happy birthday, Abhishek.
Oh, sorry. Happy birthday, Sundar.
There are five days in a week
And the youth is at its peak
I am indeed reciting a poetry
But my language is binary
Zero-one, zero-one, zero-one
This is my life
Come on, dude!
Friends, let's party
Come on, dude!
Friends, let's party
Why should we burden ourselves?
Why should we bother?
This heart is carefree
Don't kill this heart
Bro, take a chill pill
Come on, dude!
Friends, let's party
Come on, dude!
Friends, let's party
The weather is wild
We too are wild
Let's become carefree
Dancing on these wild tunes
With all the crazy ideas
We will make a plan
With all the crazy ideas
I said, "I'm all right."
Would you please pull up?
I feel like dancing.
Come on, dude!
Friends, let's party
Come on, dude!
Friends, let's party
Why should we burden ourselves?
Why should we bother?
This heart is carefree
Don't kill this heart
Bro, take a chill pill
Come on, dude!
Friends, let's party
Come on, dude!
Friends, let's party
Happy birthday, Sundar!
At this moment
I didn't know
if this was my happiest or saddest day.
It was so hard to hold back
upon seeing Meenakshi.
I was so happy!
All I wanted to do was hug her tightly.
But I was also scared about Meenakshi
being in front of all these people.
I just felt like fleeing the scene.
In short, I had no idea what to do.
Hi, I'm Meenakshi.
Sundar's cousin from Madurai.
Yes, she's my cousin,
from Madurai, Meenakshi.
Happy birthday, Sundar.
Wow! A pineapple cake!
Meenakshi, I know what youre thinking.
But trust me its nothing like that.
And what about the things that Im seeing?
I'll explain everything.
Come to Sai Anna guest house and explain.
We are staying there.
Not we, say "I am staying there."
No, we are staying there.
Meenakshi, why are you talking
in the UP-accent? Its "I", not "we".
Dad and Rasu have also come with me.
I wanted to surprise you so I came
here without telling them anything.
Dad is also here? Shit!
Dont answer the call, Meenakshi, please.
Okay. I'll be there.
What is he doing here?
I dont know. Would have followed me here.
Dad is looking for him, go take him.
Did you find Rasu?
No. Hes not outside.
Let's check under the bed.
Rasu, all good?
Rasu has the habit
of sleeping under the bed.
Rasu has the habit
of sleeping under the bed.
I told you!
-Where is everyone?
-Wellness center.
Wellness centers are the official
chill-out zones for IT companies.
People say theyre sick
during hangovers and chill there.
You didn't go?
Beetroot, honey, ginger,
cinnamon, coconut oil,
banana, spinach, blueberries,
and a bit of Ayurvedic toothpaste.
My hangover remedy.
You see me now
and see me after five minutes.
We talk so much!
Speak more and listen less.
From today, I'm giving myself
10,000 words of worth pocket money.
-I've already used up 61 words.
-Now, 67 70.
-Sir, 71. You forgot the apostrophe.
Anyway, don't forget,
the presentation deadline is close.
If your app sells,
you stay in the company.
Pass the message to all those
chilling in the wellness center.
Are you okay?
Perfectly fine, sir.
Yes, Dad?
Sundar, Dad and I
are at your office reception. Surprise!
Why did you two come here?
He came. I just tagged along.
Please make sure Dad doesnt meet my boss.
Sir, Ive come from Madurai.
My son works here.
Shes not allowing me to go inside.
Tell her, please!
For security reasons,
visitors are not allowed.
Please cooperate.
Warning. Word count, 787.
Word count, 787.
Warning. Please slow down.
-Would you get me some water?
Dad, when will you
come to Bangalore again?
I think you should see the office once.
Right! I'll leave only
after seeing Sundar's office.
I want to see what he does here.
Sundar, Dad's got lost in the office.
Dad is already in the office?
You check on the 7th floor,
Ill check on the 8th floor.
Ive checked on the 7th floor.
Dad is not here.
Have you seen a man in a lungi here?
Have you seen a man in a lungi here? Sure?
Hey, birthday boy!
Go home. Party.
Sir, we have deadlines to meet.
Every second counts.
Sundar, you remind me of my younger days.
Honest and hardworking!
-You'll make this company very proud.
-Thank you.
Come, lets have lunch.
Sir, I have some work.
Sorry, Dad, I got late.
The boss had given me some work.
Sorry, Dad, I got late.
The boss had given me some work.
How could I think
of making you match saree with falls?
You are doing great.
You have done it by yourself.
Meenakshi insisted that
I see your office today. It felt so good.
Thanks, Meenakshi.
Meenakshi our coaches are different.
We'll see you.
Come, Rasu.
Bye, Sundar.
Meenakshi, Ive been trying
to call you for a while.
"No one is anyone's friend here."
"Everyone in this company
is busy in their own world."
"Never let your girlfriend know
that you're having fun without her."
"The sadder you sound,
the happier she will feel."
P.V.R. keeps telling. Its his theory.
-Who the hell is P.V.R.?
-Prashanth Vishwanathan Ramachandran.
That is the stupidest theory ever!
Sundar, in Bangalore,
I felt like I dont know you at all.
Or maybe never got to know you.
Meenakshi, please dont say that.
I know we havent been
together for long in real life
but we've had
long telephonic conversations, right?
Thats the problem, Sundar.
I know I did wrong
by not telling you the truth.
But my intentions were right.
Right or wrong,
whatever your intentions were today,
it all worked out in the end.
Now, we are even, right?
You were right.
Tell the answer to an engineer,
theyll figure out a way to reach there.
Sundar, Im not in the mood right now.
Lets talk later.
Meenakshi, I am sorry.
-So does this mean you're drinking now?
It means that I am stressed.
I got an idea for the app!
I'm in the mood for a sad song
but theres no network coverage.
Theres no wind blowing,
no rain, and this door also won't open.
I feel like my feelings are being wasted.
Sad song?
Heart is mean
It says yes
It says no
It says yes
It says no
It is mean
My heart is shattered
Due to love, funny troubles
Sweet-bitter tragedy
I saw him on a dating app
And found him cute
I said, he was super
Oh! My goodness!
I thought he would be young at heart
But he turned out to be older
Oh! My goodness!
My heart is shattered
Due to love, funny troubles
Sweet-bitter tragedy
-Where to?
-To a sad place, please.
She was a twinkling star
She used to laugh out loud
She used to keep to herself
She used to love me a lot
I wonder where she is
I really don't know
If you ever find her, do let me know
She liked me
She befriended me
Why did she break our friendship
And abandon me?
She liked me
She befriended me
Why did she break our friendship
And abandon me?
This is the saddest place you'll find!
-Chachung Chachung chung
-Rung rung rung rung
-Chachung Chachung chung
-Rung rung rung rung
She was a bit stern, older than me
I had fallen for her green eyes
I was a player
She was a player
Our egos clashed amidst the game
My love!
Look upon me sometime
My love!
Come and see me sometime
She grabbed the bat and told me
The bat belongs to her
And wants to bat first
I bowled a yorker
She didn't notice
Furious, she ran to me
And punched me in the face
I got out.
Heer-Ranjha, Sassi-Punnu
Dessert and my husband
Used to meet secretly
Dessert and my husband too!
One fine day, the doctor said
He should stop having sweets
His blood sugar levels shot up
I was heartbroken
You already know about me
What should I tell you?
I am enjoying my life
I didn't face any heartbreak yet
My world has enough gloss
It's sweet as candy floss
Don't overthink
Life is beautiful
Let go of all worries
A heart is mean
It says yes, it says no
It says no, it says yes
It is mean
He was the hero of my debut movie
I was very glad to have him close
Oh! My goodness!
All dreams went down crashing
The movie was a flop
Next Friday
My heart is shattered
Due to love, funny troubles
Sweet-bitter tragedy
My heart is shattered
Due to love, funny troubles
Sweet-bitter tragedy
My heart is shattered
Due to love, funny troubles
Sweet-bitter tragedy
Serve coffee to table number six.
Who ordered this?
Its your regular order.
Is this a vada or a stone?
If I throw this
on someone's face, they'll bleed.
Women should carry this in their purses
instead of pepper spray for safety.
So much salt!
Am I supposed to do Dandi March on this?
So should I change the vada or the dosa?
Actually, well change the caf.
Lets leave, Ananthan.
Sir, I'll call you back in a minute.
Please go now. You sit down.
Meenakshi, whats happening with Sundar?
The "Tell me more" phase.
We talk for the sake of it
but theres nothing to talk about.
I feel like I am stuck.
Give it some more time.
Understanding each other
takes time in an arranged marriage.
And before you got to know each other,
it became long-distance.
Just talk to Sundar.
Im sure hell understand.
Guys, I'll be back in two minutes.
should I also come to Bangalore?
I know youre stressed
about family but well manage.
I'm sorry. I can't take that risk.
Just a month left for the presentation.
And if Im not able
to give you time, Ill feel bad.
Half a year has gone by,
Its just a matter of some more time.
It's not just about us.
It's also about me, Sundar.
I know. I can't even imagine
what you are going through.
But I promise, we'll make this work.
Do you know how it is
to feel homeless in your own house?
You're telling me?
Do you know who's
the first refugee in this world?
The daughter-in-law.
Everyone is being dramatic. Me too!
Aunt is coming over for the festival.
So my room's been taken away from me.
When is she coming?
If you didn't want me to come,
you could have just told me.
Why, Anni, what happened? Where's Vaman?
How do I know?
He's not picking up my calls.
Please take a seat.
We have a new saree collection.
Let me show you.
I don't want to see anything.
This is the same saree
that Nayanthara wore in Bigil, right?
Mani, this will look good on me, right?
This saree has already
been sold to that gentleman.
So what? Get another piece.
This was the last piece.
All of them were sold last month.
Sir, please make it fast.
-I am getting late.
I really like this saree.
Could you please look for another piece?
So sorry, Aunty.
This is a gift for someone.
Could you please look for another piece?
Son, I am requesting you.
Vaman, Attai is already here.
Where are you?
Dad, I overdosed on Rasmalais
and have an upset stomach.
Anni, I'll be back soon. Please wait.
Listen, we own this shop.
We won't sell this.
Why are you creating a ruckus?
Look at this color,
it wont even suit you.
You could choose any other saree.
Oh! Look at this one!
This will look great on you!
Wow! Nice shirt!
What would you like?
Kari Dosai and Jigarthanda.
What's the occasion?
Why did you call me so urgently?
I have sad news.
Welcome to the club.
My dad didn't take care of his health
and I didn't take care of his business.
If the business doesn't pick up
in the coming months,
we might have to shut down.
I really need your help.
I won't be able to do it alone.
Welcome to Madurai
Tea Estate Private Limited.
Please don't say no!
Mani, Ive never been late
for the pooja in the last 50 years.
Ive never been late
for the pooja in the last 50 years.
You will be on time today also, Anni.
Suhasini, Poojitha, Mukai, Meenakshi!
Where is everyone?
This medicine has
completely screwed my system.
When I go in, nothing comes out.
And when I come out, I need to go back in.
I have just got him ready.
He already looks too unkempt.
Ill take care of him.
Take care of the lamps.
I'm sure he would have put them off.
Your mother is too strict, right?
Shall we change her?
What have you done to your hair?
You're looking nice.
Tell everyone to hurry up.
Anni's been waiting for a while.
They are ready.
Mukai. Where is Meenakshi?
She's getting ready.
Tell her to hurry up!
Dont worry, Ill go and talk to Anni.
Anni, all of us are ready.
As soon as Meenakshi comes, well leave.
Meenakshi, you look stunning!
Thank you.
Isn't this the saree
that Nayanthara wore in Bigil?
Yes, my friend, Ananthan,
has gifted it to me.
When did he give it to you?
His dads business is at loss
and he needs my help.
He gave me this saree
and employed me, very smart of him.
Meenakshi, you will not work there.
Why? Rasus exams are also over.
Who do I have to teach now?
Take some time
and teach some manners to your friend.
He's very arrogant.
Doesnt know how to speak with elders.
It must've been a misunderstanding.
Ananthan would never do that.
Wow. She trusts him more than us.
Looks like hes really special to you.
Does Sundar know
about this special friend?
Hes just gifted me a saree.
Look carefully, the mangalsutra
Look carefully, the mangalsutra
that Im wearing still belongs to Sundar.
It's been 50 long years
and you are still the same!
Instead of going to the temple on time,
it'll be better to go with time.
Meenakshi! Apologize to Attai.
Is this how you talk to your elders?
Should the elders talk
to their children in such a manner?
Give respect and take respect.
What happened?
I just got a call from Dad.
What did he say?
He said that you argued
with him and Attai.
Didn't he say why I did that?
Meenakshi, who's Ananthan?
Ananthan is my friend.
Do you also have a problem with it?
Can you please calm down?
Why calm me down?
Ask your family to calm down.
But why would you care,
your life is sorted in Bangalore already.
I asked Dad too
but he didn't tell me anything properly.
So I'm asking you. What happened?
You think everything
is going on smoothly between us?
Should I come there?
You don't worry, I'll sort this out.
Sundar, I am done with this!
To hell with you and your family.
If you wish to leave
I have nothing to say
If you wish to leave
I have nothing to say
I can't believe
I can't believe
Were we destined to part our ways?
What should we say?
What should we fight about?
There is no love left between us anymore
Let me know if you need something.
Take back everything
That belongs to you
Your memories, your sweet words
The days and nights we spent together
Take back everything
That belongs to you
Your memories, your sweet words
The days and nights we spent together
If you wish to leave
I have nothing to say
If you wish to leave
I have nothing to say
This is amazing!
I always nail my presentations
but am terrible at presenting them.
Don't worry, you'll kill it!
Lets organize
tea-tasting festivals every month.
People can participate, each experience
will be unique and so will the taste.
What should I do
To forget you quickly?
So that I don't recall
The evenings we spent together
What should I do
To forget you quickly?
So that I don't recall
The evenings we spent together
Why should we be stuck
In a string of memories?
Why should we wander
Down the memory lane?
Everything is ruined
What is left to mend?
If there is still any affection
Let it go
Take back everything
That belongs to you
Your memories, your sweet words
The days and nights we spent together
Take back everything
That belongs to you
Your memories, your sweet words
The days and nights we spent together
If you wish to leave
I have nothing to say
If you wish to leave
I have nothing to say
I'm leaving.
Im leaving the house.
No one respects me in this house.
Did someone say something to you?
Your mother scolded me yesterday
way more than my mother ever did.
What did she say?
She said this is all my fault.
I am the reason Meenakshi married Sundar.
I am the reason Meenakshi is unhappy now.
I caused everything!
I told her that Meenakshi
must've liked something in him
or felt something for him.
She wouldn't have said yes
just because their names
are Meenakshi Sundareshwar.
Grandpa, I tried everything.
I don't know what is the solution.
People say sit together
and discuss all your problems,
you will find a solution.
But nobody will tell you that
sometimes there are no solutions.
Stop running behind solving every problem.
Firstly, I'd like to thank Senthil sir
and the team jury for inviting me here.
It's like a dating app
for nail lovers.
I know a lot of people
who have a fetish for nails.
These goth nails,
batke nails, nail art, long nails
I could just go on and on.
Depending on your preference,
you swipe right!
If she likes my nails
and I like hers, then we can match.
Are you okay?
Its just a presentation, not an exam.
You're up in five.
Put your phone on silent. Come.
Delay my spot a bit.
Meenakshi, what are you doing here?
I didn't want to enter directly
as they might have not allowed me.
Are you mad?
Ive left my presentation
in the middle to come here.
But you were the one to call me here.
Why will I call you here
where my whole office is present?
Look! Does that ring a bell?
You see, wheres the message?
-See. Its right here.
Look, Sundar.
You can continue your discussion later.
You need to rush
right now for your presentation.
-Sir, this is my cousin--
-Shut up!
Just shut up.
Stop embarrassing me,
my company, and yourself.
I am amazed!
You'd been lying to us
all this while and we had no clue.
I had high hopes from you, Sundar.
Give your presentation as a formality.
The jury is waiting for you.
Warning! Word limit exceeded.
Sorry, Sundar.
-Had you not messaged me--
-What message, Meenakshi?
Sundar. I came all the way from Madurai.
To meet you, to talk to you about us.
Meenakshi, there's nothing
to talk about anymore.
Your app was embarrassing.
I cant believe that it took you
six months to develop this.
All I saw were bugs!
Senthil sir, please. Can we work it out?
Just because you exposed Sundareshwar
doesn't mean you get brownie points.
Together. That's the name of my app.
An app that tells you
the other persons mood
before you approach them.
For example,
if I want to discuss my
promotion with the boss,
I would use this app
to check his mood first.
So how does this work?
This app studies every moment
of the user in the last 24 hours.
Pulse rate,
call duration, talking experiences,
words, and emojis
used in emails and messages.
And after studying everything,
it tells you the mood of the person.
Happy, sad, alright
Angry, horny,
or just plain bored. Obviously!
You can choose who can see your mood.
So know the mood
and start the conversation accordingly.
Long-distance relationships are hard.
But at the same time,
they're special also.
There are lots of reasons to fight,
but there are lots of ways to make up too.
Through this app,
you can understand your loved ones,
stay connected with them.
Communication is like oxygen
for relationships.
Communication gaps cause misunderstanding
which can end a relationship.
Senthil sir, I can't do it.
Guys, I can't be part
of this company anymore.
I'm married.
I made this app
to understand my wife better.
She's my inspiration.
She's the reason I am here,
and so is the app.
Youve already helped me so much.
Do me one more favor.
Come here and show
the prototype to everyone.
Meenakshi, I am sorry.
I haven't expressed this enough,
but I miss you a lot.
I'm far away but I want to be near you.
When you came to me, I pushed you away.
Please don't feel bad.
Think of me
as a loss-making company in Madurai
seeking your patience and support.
Thanks for the pineapple cake.
Thanks, Prasad.
It was finally nice to meet Shalini.
Meenakshi isn't answering calls.
Well let her know when shes back.
Not just Rajinikanth.
It is Superstar Rajinikanth.
I always watch his films
first day, first show.
You also like him?
Blast the crackers!
Blast the crackers!
You are the only leader
For Tamilnadu
The leader!
Hes the only star for the people
The leader!
All he wants is our love
-His one word means a lot
-For all of us
-His way is unique
-As said in Padaiyappa
-He already said it
-That the lion always hunts alone
-Look at him smiling
-As the great Sivaji
You are the only leader
For Tamilnadu
The leader!
-Hes the only star for the people
-The leader!
All he wants is our love
The leader!
The leader!
Oh, Dear Superstar!
Oh, Dear Superstar!
The leader!
His arrival always brings a celebration
His movie release itself is a festival
The leader!
The leader!
Move away!
Take your sides, please!
Hey, you!
Please take your side
and show me the ticket.
Okay, you can go.
The others, show me the tickets.
Okay, go.
Hey, what are you doing?
Why have you come here?
I want to say
what you wanted to, the other day.
Long-distance has a lot
of complications in communication.
And I am sorry
for all the complications so far.
I know it doesn't help much but I just
want to be with you. It's as simple--
So this is how our bond was
made by God and executed by Rajinikanth.
Quite talented!
I finally found
the bug in our relationship.
So at this moment,
I'm focusing on what is important.
After all, she's the Thalaiva of my life.
If she's there, everything will be sorted.